Crowd City

Crowd City [Games] App Description & Overview

Become the biggest crowd in town!
Gather people accross the city and crush your opponents with your overwhelming leadership!

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Crowd City Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Bug Fixes

Crowd City Comments & Reviews

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- Great game

Great game

- 😝😝😝😝😝

This game is my number 1 game but..... there is way to many adds!!! And when it’s over and it asks for extra time, I ask for more time I watch the add but then I don’t get the extra time!? And I absolutely HATE the halftime! When your chasing someone and your about to get them it then says halftime in 5,4,3,2,1,aaaahhhhhh so annoying! But it is very addictive and fun! 😝😝😝😝

- Don’t give people extra time

If you do than you’ll probably win and the add for this said can you reach 300 it’s easy and I got 572 people the add should say can you reach 1,000 so change the god dam add

- Good game

Fun and interactive

- I love this game

I’m so good at this game can you make it a little more hard and give 1 hour

- Review dobol

Goreng pithik

- Love

I love this game it’s easy and hard and it’s from one of thr

- Great game

Would be good to have other modes like longer rounds or last team standing

- Very good

I love the game and it’s really fun and addictive

- Ndbsegasjg


- Adele’s Review

I am loving this game and it is so so so so so much fun I love it so much 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

- This a game is amazing🤩🤩🤩

Wow this game I thought it was boring but now I want to play it every single day and it makes you want to it more because it’s sooo awesome and tempting to win!!! Is the best game I have ever played so CONGRATULATIONS!!!🤩🤩🦄🦄😻😻🌈🥰🥰🥰🥰😍😍🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳💩😻😸😸👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🕺🏼💃🐣🐣🦄🦋

- It is great it...

When it is half time we have to watch a add and that is unfair what if you do not have the money for no adds? Great app but that problem I do not get why😭😭😭😭😭😭😕😕😕

- Half time Advertisement!!

Why is there an advertisement in the first 10 seconds of the game, then another when it’s finished . Not worth your time!

- I want more caricters

I really want more characters because I have every character in crowns city I want you to put a rare selection of skins and a epic selection of skins for example rare has a grey skins and epic skins have a gold skins but you can also customer your caricature to enter any colour of your choice for gems you get gems if you win the game and to get the skin you have to get every skin including the rare skins please add it btw I we’ll always like your game

- Ads inserted mid game

I was up for ads at the end of the game, fair enough. But the new “halftime” ads really make this game unattractive. Bye for now.

- Not working

The game won’t even open it keeps me stuck on the loading screen


To many adds like there are 1000000 adds

- Crazy Awesome

Best running/ crowd game ever.

- It very good but you need to add more time on the clock and more skins

Thank you for making this best game

- Eh

The game has too many adds and too much of a short time limit so ya..........

- Greed!

Was a great game but makers have ruined it with half time!

- Shame on Half Time

I used to LOVE this game, but half time and extended time have ruined it for me. The fact that you can’t avoid the half time pause unless you watch a 30 second ad has been the main reason I’ve gone from being a daily player to just checking the game I frequently to see if they have removed the pause. Shall on Half Time I say, I’ll be back if it gets removed

- Crowd city

This game is an amazing game I like to play it when I am bored however I think the time should be a little bit longer, but overall it’s an excellent game.


I really enjoy this game however there are a few 5ings which irritate me to a point where I stop playing the game sooner than I would . A few things; 1) The game is too short, you should at least have enough time in the game to have a chance to kill ALL the other teams. 2) Ads Ads Ads too may Ads that interrupt mid game. There’s an ads mid way right in the middle of action which is so annoying, and a second set of ads to extend the game. It’s abrupt and annoying. The ads can be after each game finishes before the next one starts . ALSO ALSO ALSO there was an option to pay $5 to remove the ads... I paid removed the half time ads but I still get the time extension ads that is really a rip off. If there was an option to remove all ads that should be all and include that in the price. There doesn’t need to be a half time pause.... it’s pointless and gets you out of the zone... you want people to binge on this game not keep getting interrupted where they’re likely to remember to go on with other things or another game... which is what I do wen I get sick of the ads. 3) This must be AI competitors you go against...not as fun as if you could go against real people and perhaps have a little chat section people could go in to talk about the game. If no chat at least real people real teams. If these things were fixed it would be my favourite game and I would tell a lot of people about it.

- 4 star

I think it’s an awesome game but it probably needs some improvement such as there tones of ads and so on. Overall I give this game 4 stars

- Great but a few minor bugs and problems

So in other games I kept seeing this add so I bought this game at first it was great but it kept glitching and too many adds so I don’t play it as much as i play other games and I love the style of the game it’s just a bit well annoying when it glitches and the adds but anyways I hope everyone has fun playing this game!

- So fun but...

You see, this game is so fun and I love to play it 24/7. The only bummer is that the adds play repetitively and constantly after every round. It gets quite annoying. Other than that, I love the game!

- Half time Ruined the game. Greed.

You can put up with ads after a game but the genius that came up with the idea of a half time ad should be shot. I keep going to delete the game but leave it hoping you will wake up and stop being so greedy. It’s on borrowed time.

- Stinky game


- Too many adds half way through.

The game was good but now they have added a stupid half time, which ruins the experience. They got greedy trying to put an add in the middle on top of the 30 second add you tolerate after each game. Not worth the time any more.

- 💕🙀💕

Love it great game so many add though

- Crowd City

Crowd City was my most favorite Quick 2min Game to play until the “half time’ was introduced stopping the game completely and ruining your chance to conquer any opponents, the essential component of the game itself. Return to the original game.

- New updates made this trash

The new half time thing is stupid, they have added so many adds since i have last seen this game and it really upsets me. The overall game play is fun but is all ruined by the half way point, it ruins the excitement and overall experience. Although the extra time was a good add on, very smart. Getting rid of the half way ad would male me play more like i used to.

- I like it

It’s good

- Ads a lot of ads


- This is amazing

This game is amazing I play everyday and I always win so I hope person who made this responds

- Wrecked

Used to be fun but it’s gotten worse over time. Now with the 1/2 time BS and the extended time it’s taken all the fun away. Deleted.

- Not what it seems

The aim of some characters is to kill people rather then gather a crowd which is not something that should encouraged for anybody to do.the title of the game is mis leading. Not recommended.

- Used to be great, now full of adds!

This was once a great game. It was a challenge. Now with the latest upgrade, it seems that the developers have become greedy. They have added a 1/2 time just so they could insert another add and extended time, guess what? Another add! Now at the end of each game, guess what happens? Another add! Greedy, greedy developers messing up great games! For shame!

- Addictive game

Add FB so we can play with our family and friends. Thanks

- I love it

This game is the best I recommend

- Half time???!!!

Half time ads now? Seriously smdh..

- No ads, not true

I paid for no ads yet it still comes up with ads at the end to extend time. Make a mode in the game that is a fight to death type scenario rather than a time out.

- Changes April 2020 Thumbs Down

Despite its bot based nature, I used to love this game. The introduction of the ‘half time’ ad break and ‘time on’ has wrecked it though. There is no flow any more. Deleted.

- Choppa

Too many ads now. As at 1/2 time and another for extra time?? Deleting this game!!!

- Halftime ads are super annoying

Good game, but halftime ads are so annoying!

- I change my mind.

I agree to that it’s very unfair who ever you are quite right. Thanks for sharing and the feedback!!😉🙂🥺😋

- Down the drain

This app used to be great but is now just flooded with ads- some so poorly done you have to quit the game and lose your progress, I loved Voodoo games but if this is their future they will lose all their fans.

- Review

It is such a good game

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- Supperrr fun

This game is soooo addicting! I’d play this everyday!

- 👍

Super great game!!! Just wish that I could run faster. Keep updating!!!

- Nice

It’s joust great!!!!

- Crowd city

The first thing I thought it was going on with it, and the other hand, I do think it was the best of both the House 🏠 and a few others are doing it is not the only one who has a very nice to have the opportunity for the first time since I have a lot to learn 📕 and a few others are doing it is not the only one who can help me out

- Great game

Love this game but the easiest way to win is starting 10x bigger

- Awesome

This game is awesome so fun The most finest game ever I’ve it so much

- Awesome

So this game is like awesome!!😎😎😎😎

- Awesome game

This game is the best . Don’t listen to the reviews that are saying this game is bad Listen to me it’s the best game I have ever played!!!!!

- Ads god

To much ads

- Amazing but a little bit of adds

This game is amazing!! It’s a free game and is very good !!!!!!!!

- I love this game

Crowd city is the best game I’ve ever played

- Horrible

This game is terrible I’m sorry to say that but it’s tru okay.i can’t even play it it have WAY to many adds and time limit is awful I’m sorry but try harder next time😬

- This sucks

This stupid game doesn’t let me kill

- Awesome game and fun

If I where you get this game it will be the best disicion of your life!!!🤪🤪 P.S call yourself BIG NOOB or I WILL KILL YOU It’s so cool

- Omg


- Time

It could be better if it had more minutes

- No more time limit

I love the game but I would find it more fun and interesting if there was no time limit so it’s more a survival based game

- It’s good

It’s really good

- Fun game

Would really love to have other game modes, like survival for example. I’d pay for that

- Love


- I love this game

This is the best game that this gaming company has created

- Roy Romanos#1

Moi Roy

- Very good game

I love it!

- Best game ever

This is nothing like other games. This is soooooooooo good because I’ve been winning so far here 😏

- Le temps

Mettre plus de temps

- Awesome game

This game is amazing but addicting it’s still the best game I’ve ever played🌟✨🔥

- I love

I like this game because you can’t get enough of it you brain is getting bigger and better each time I play🧠🧠🧠👑and I always win!👑👑👑👑👑👑

- Time limit

Must no time limit

- Sound missing

You should add the sound and some more game mode, than you’re gonna deserve 5 star!

- 👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿

Good.Good indeed but their shodent be a timer

- It’s smexy

I love it because I won

- Very fun

Fun but there’s a lot of ads

- Love it

I like the game but it needs more time but it’s a really good and fun game

- Fun game but keeps crashing...

...losing the advantages you’d just earned.

- Time

A little bit more time would be better oh yeah and it is lucky when you get a lot of people but it’s a great game

- Crowd city

This game is dope thanks for making it🤗🤗🤗🤗🤔🤔🤔

- 1st a lot

I winnnnnnnnn yeah

- Not bad

Fun little game but too many damned adds

- Coolest game I’ve played ever

Nice game and I like it not just like other it

- Góp Ý

Game rất hay thiết kế game rất tuyệt nhà sản xuất rất phong phú

- Leialitttt

It was so bad that I broke my phone because it had so many trouble

- Short games

The game is fun but the time given made me uninstall the game,

- Awesome


- Great

This is an amazing game but maybe a few less adds

- Coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool


- Dopey but fun

A silly concept but it’s fun. Would be better if there was a casual mode with unlimited time.

- Crowd city

Great game already addicted

- Awesome!😍

This game is awesome so easy not really any ads

- Fun

Love the concept...need more options (more time, open levels etc.)

- A some

I love this game it’s the best

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- Ok.

This game is alright but there is way to many adverts, I understand putting some adverts in there of course. But there is even a pause in the middle of the game where you have to watch a advert to carry on wich is ridiculous besides good game :)

- Iol I love this game

1000ml stars to you

- Nice


- Use to be good and simple to play. RUINED IT!

Now half time advert which ruins play and another at end for extra time. Awful.

- Best game ever

I just updated it and now it’s the only game I play

- Good

Very good game, although when you look at the arrows with the numbers on them, the directions are sometimes wrong. Also, the controls are a bit dodgy. But overall, this is a very fun and entertaining game.

- Time waster

Why have they introduced this stupid half time rubbish - just means you have to watch twice as many adverts.ANNOYING!!!!

- Ads

This is a good game but they spam ads

- Sssss

Great game love it

- Great game

This game is SO much fun but it’s also SO laggy it’s ridiculous. It’s got better after a few updates but sometimes it literally just freezes and closes the app. Otherwise, it’s a great game and I like the different characters you can choose from.

- Keeps crashing

Would be great if It didn’t keep crashing every min

- Hi

I like this game thx bye

- Amazing app but too many adds

Great game you should get it but be prepared for a load of adds don’t say I didn’t warn you

- Crowded city

I love crowded city

- Good

Good game it could be better but it is not

- Good game

But, since last update there is an advert bang in the middle of the game, at least wait till end guys 😳

- Absolute best app this app it is the best

Love it so good

- If you have a few minutes to spare

Great if you want something simple to wind away a few minutes. I would prefer the Devs to enable an expanded version so it isn’t over in two minutes though. Otherwise it’s an ok game :-)

- It is so ewsome

So good

- It’s really fun 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

You Have to get it

- N T

I like it but should let u have more players and u longer time and different modes like last one standing

- i love the game

the game is super awesome and cool 😎

- Half time adverts

I thoroughly enjoyed this game before a halftime with adverts was introduced. I believe that it would be far more enjoyable if the half time break were to be abolished.

- The ads

This game is FULL of ads!! It’s awful. Halfway through the game, games are short. Very frustrating.

- Quite good

I don’t normally write reviews but this app is a good one But it has a high amount of difficulty getting more skins

- Length of game play

Games aren’t long enough if it was longer I would of gave 5stars easy

- Adds now interrupt the actual game!

This game used to be good but now the game stops and your pushed into waiting 20 seconds for the add to stop only to start again and have another freeze to the game pressurizing you to watch yet another add. Deleting this game!

- Way to many ads

The ads are constant, you play one game and you have to stop in the middle for ‘halftime’ which is just an ad break.

- Amazing

Get this game. It will give u something to do

- Shame

Great game but has been ruined by amount of adverts

- I hate them

I hate them

- WTF is half time!?

This game is rubbish ,when half time comes around, it glitches and I can’t play the game because it won’t let me move my character , meanwhile, other players are gaining humans and they eventually kill me! The mechanics are rubbish, if you move your finger slightly, your then moving in a completely new direction! I DO NOT recommend

- Meh


- Too many adds

Too many adds

- its a good idea but..

the app wouldnt let me in. i couldnt even play the game.

- Best game ever

I seriously don’t know what to say but i have one thing.You should download this app and have the rest of your life stress-free.Thank sooo much voodoo for making my life stress-free.I think i have every single game of yours.Definitely rate it 5 stars.Thanks voodoo.You are life saver!

- Love it

Love it

- Best game

This game is amazing if you are getting it the first thing that you do when it’s downloaded is play it and forget about your other games I think that they should make another version just like it but harder it’s the best game in the whole in tuyere world

- My view

I only got the game like ten minutes ago and I personally thing that the frenzy should be longer and the rounds should be longer

- Impressive how they manage to shove 20 ads into a 2 minute game

Way too many adverts

- Amazing game

I absolutely love this game and cannot put my iPad down when told plz plz plz get this game it is so addictive and thank you so much voodoo I love the new update and the three kills and the halftime I adore this game but now I have to be quick coz I want to play another round so bye I guess Layla

- Fantastic game!!!!

The game is very good but the matches are very short.

- Worst game EVER

This game is the worst game ever every single time you always lose everyone you collect another team just takes it and kill you DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!

- Rate

Love this game but it’s so frustrating what the maps are small and you only get a few minutes to play if it was on a massive open world map with unlimited time would be amazing ,still great tho

- Oop~

Oop the game~

- Ok but lots of ads

The half time they added is a stupid excuse to get in more ads. It stops you half way through enjoying the game to show to an add

- Cloud city review

The game is really really fun for kids and is very fun at this time especially 😝😝😝😝😝😝😂😂🙂😂😂😂😂😂😂💀lol

- Amazing

This game is so much fun. It’s satisfying and I’ve only had it for about three days.

- Do good work

Do good work

- Good then bad now

Well it used to be one of the best in the App Store but we came a long way from then first half time why is this nessicary and that is basically an opportunity to squeeze in more ads so there’s that the controls are very clunky and it’s too easy so don’t download but maybe in future this will be fixed and then go straight in

- Awesome

It’s awesome my high score is 782

- Love it

This game is pretty good. Without ads it will be even better

- Rewarding

One of the games I can tolerate the ads on it’s super rewarding to grow and grow

- Sooooo gooood!

Love it and I think the age should go lower

- Crowd city

I love how you can get new characters

- It’s ok

I like it but to many adds

- Crowd city

I find crowd city very enjoyable because it loads very quickly and it has no rude names I could play this game all day!

- Wnfkrk


- I think it is great!

When there’s no adds it’s so fun to play. You do not have to wait until the add ends. You can keep on playing with out wasting half your time watching adds. I think the game is great because it’s different to other games and it’s a game that you do not have to be good at. Also the background is fun to play in and explore. Overall I think it’s a great game that you should definitely get.

- Glitches

I like the concept of this game but it glitches consistently and recently glitched so bad the screen went black and I had to force reset my phone. I took a photo of it and will record the screen if you need to see it. Please fix or you will lose customers.

- Good game

The game is good

- Great game

This is a great game but sometimes your Avatar is to slow. But otherwise it’s a great game. I love it and that you can get multiple avatars. Great game !!!!!

- Yayayyayayay

You can devour others people

- Thank you I want to raise

Yes yes

- It s a great game but😬😬😬

It is a great game but I think it has way to many adds like after a round there is always an add if you hate adds then maybe don’t touch this game but if you don’t mind it is a perfect game for you😘😊👌

- Saria crowd city

I love this game because I don’t now

- I’m so addicted

Has me giggling like a five year old every time I play... even when I lose!!


Voodoo, I’m talking to you here. All of your games you advertise that we play with other people. If I turn of my WiFi, I should not be able to play online, but I can, that MEANS THEIR ALL BOTS. I

- Crowd City

I love this game but I paid for the app and stopped playing for a while and when I got back into playing I lost all of my special characters, and I now have to watch a tic toc video to get more characters. I really need this to be fixed.

- So cool

Love it so much won 20 times in a row 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

- Crowd city

I think this game is brilliant because all the characters and all people

- The best game ever


- Time limit

It’s a great game but I would enjoy it more if I could set the matches time limit. It’s really fun to gather a large crowd and extra time would help with that. It would also be fun if once you get the largest crowd and kill everyone in the city you move on the a seperate stage where you crowd the state, the nation, the world, then space. I think it would be a great update to the game if you could continue to grow similar the slither io

- More maps

Needs more maps and challenges

- Fun

It is awesomely fun

- 2 minutes???!!!

2 min is way too low, should be minimum 4 min or until everyone else lose or make it an option , u really need to fix that asap then i give 5 stars

- Good but I am suspicious of the people I am up against

When I first started the game, I thought that they where bots. Now I think that they are bots. If you are to make a game where you can vs real life people, then do that. Don’t just pretend to. Anyways that’s all I have to say. And have a bad day with your game/s

- Best

This is the best game ever

- Crowd city

Hi there I just love this game because It’s fun and you can find and get many more of your family members and people who are like you.

- Crowd city rocks

It is amazing.I love crowd city it is really entertaining but it needs more characters

- Fun

It’s fun but it is a bit boring 🙂

- Not real world experience

Has anyone noticed that you are playing with cpu...

- Best Game Everrrr

It’s sooo good,fun,entertaining and it’s easy but it gets harder 😂 it’s so good. One thing to improve is easier controls cause I was chasing someone I tried to turn but I went the other way 🤣 other than that good game 👌

- Very fun

This game is nothing but fun ,fun fun fun I love this game wahoo even my sister plays it if ur reading this and u didn’t download this game yet then what are u waiting for download this game now

- I love this game

It is so good

- Bah

Add harder stuff


I know how to get rid of adds just turn on airplane mode and you are ready to go!! Although, one day I tried to play it and it just went back to the game icon, I pressed many times but it just exited automatically again and again!!! Grrrr..

- Ok


- Update please

Please can we have an update for levels and characters maybe earn coins or special boxes to unlock something to make The game more exciting

- Enjoy it but Ads!

I’m enjoying the game but I made a purchase to get rid of the adverts and no matter what I do, I still have just as many advertisements to sit through as before ☹️ Want money back.

- Update = no unicorn skin??

So I logged in to play after the update and I’m sad that the pastel unicorn has vanished 😭

- Awesome new feature!!!

I love the crash after five seconds feature now included in the game. There is nothing more frustrating than actually finishing a whole 2 minute game. Thanks again guys!!!

- My favourite game

I like the game Thank you for making this game —————-FROM ... Sana Name————is it Long—— is it shot. So did you Right your name... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

- Yellow Boy!

I used to love this game! I only play as the “yellow character” The stupid designer got rid of the “yellow character” so I stopped playing.

- Good but...............

There are heaps of adds and my person is to slow I think also they should make different maps and make it easier to move and also it glitches heaps witch is annoying when you are about to win but I do recommend this game for kids.

- Lagging

The game is good but it lags a lot and it’s fustrating, and also maybe add more game mode, because it’s the same game over and over, maybe add challenges. :)

- 😍🤩!!!

This game is so so so so awesome one of the best from voodoo and ive tried most of them well done voodoo!

- Nice and quick time waster

I am enjoying this game. Paid to remove ads too enjoy it more, but ads weren't too OTT anyway. Glitchy, freezes, and needs a restart every now and then (more often than any other app I use), but still fun. High battery use and makes my phone hot. Still, love it on both iPhone and iPad. Agree change term from Killed to Absorbed.

- Cfg


- Love it but needs fixing

I love this game the moment I got it I played it for ever but then it started to glitch like when you had 297 people it will go down to 256 which got really annoying.but besides all that it is a awesome cool game.😁👍🏻😎

- Game time.

The game time is too short.

- I love it !

This game is really satisfying fr

- Review

Make the play time adjustable. I want to play one round for 5 minutes

- Multiplayer

I just want to say this game will be fire if I could play with friends.

- Online feature

Game is so good and needs multiplayer or online feature

- Nice concept

The game is awesome.. but you need to add a map for us to know the way around the city..

- Crowd city

This game is one of a kind⭐️

- Review

This app would be really much better if it were to be an online game, but it’s still okay by the way

- Time

Really nice but there should be an option for time.

- Can’t open again

Can’t open it again

- Time Factor

The game is really amazing but the time period is too short. Why only two minutes? Increase the time. Thank you.

- Multiple player

I love the game so much dat m addicted but would really love it if I could play with others not just computer. Like via Bluetooth and online players. Thanks

- Boring Due to no multiplayer fracture.

Lack of competition. This game should allow for multi players.

- Love it!!!

I’m loving the game. Please create an online/multiplayer feature and also a survival mode too. Can’t wait to play that!

- Online feature

Will like this game to feature an online feature or a kind of multiplayer stuff ..It’ll be so good ..Still a nice game by the way

- Short game session

Game is absolutely good, I love it 🥰 but the time is too short, if there is an option for time it will be great, let us choose how many minutes we will want to last playing the game!!

- Super game

The creators and brains behind this game deserves some accolade

- Too Addictive

Nice game. First time I played it for 5 hours. Just enjoyed following crowd n killing as many as possible

- Time too short

The gameplay episode duration is too short. We should also be able to build on past success and breaking new colonies. Nice game by the way.

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Crowd City 1.7.1 Screenshots & Images

Crowd City iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Crowd City iphone images
Crowd City iphone images
Crowd City iphone images
Crowd City iphone images
Crowd City ipad images
Crowd City ipad images
Crowd City ipad images
Crowd City ipad images
Crowd City Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Crowd City Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Crowd City (Version 1.7.1) Install & Download

The applications Crowd City was published in the category Games on 2018-11-22 and was developed by Voodoo [Developer ID: 714804730]. This application file size is 571.23 MB. Crowd City - Games posted on 2020-06-02 current version is 1.7.1 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions.

Crowd City Advisories: Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence
Infrequent/Mild Medical/Treatment Information
Infrequent/Mild Simulated Gambling
Infrequent/Mild Realistic Violence
Infrequent/Mild Alcohol, Tobacco, or Drug Use or References
Infrequent/Mild Sexual Content and Nudity
Infrequent/Mild Horror/Fear Themes
Infrequent/Mild Mature/Suggestive Themes

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