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Crowd City Game Description & Overview

What is crowd city app? Become the biggest crowd in town!
Gather people accross the city and crush your opponents with your overwhelming leadership!

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App Name Crowd City
Category Games
Updated 02 October 2023, Monday
File Size 177.69 MB

Crowd City Comments & Reviews 2023

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Amazing!!! Read this. Ok, so I love this game it is my favorite but really I love all voodoo games and they’re just so fun and I love how it’s always so soothing you can always play this game anytime and this is my favorite game if you are reading this and you are a developer great idea I love it I love it I love it I love it and if you are just a person thinking to get this app do it and if you don’t like it you can always delete it but I doubt that it’s amazing amazing amazing it’s so fun it’s my favorite I spent all day and every night playing it so definitely get this you guys are amazing whoever made this and get it if you were thinking of getting it because you know you can always delete( I very much doubt that ) it and really good games I love it thx all!!! But one thing to say if you are a developer I have a suggestion I think you should make the people little faster because it’s really annoying to keep holding your finger around

I HATE THIS GAME, BRING BACK THE OLD GAME!!!!. About a year ago I used to play crowd city. It was very fun, there was no half time adds, and you had to do fittest quested to get skins. You even had your high score up on the screen to try to beat it. When I was looking in the App Store I saw it again. I thought it would be fun to get it again. When I did I teller that somethings were different not in a good way. First of all when I went to check out the skins all I had was colored people. I was confused? So then I stared playing. The game was so easy but when it hit a minute it said half time witch confused me even more? THEN I REALIZED THAT I HAD TO WATCH A ADD IN THE MIDDLE OF THE GAME! I stoped stressing out and I finished the game in 1st. It really ticked me off when you have to watch a add at the end to. When I finished I saw this black thing in the shape of a body. It was counting up my people I collected and I got two people and they were people. But I wasn’t impressed with how they looked. Then I saw this weird level thing that said level 1 2 3. This made no senes so I started playing with it and nothing happened. I beat the game in 3 days witch I have to say I wish it was more challenging. I always got in either 1 2 3. I got all the skins and there was nothing to do at that point on. I am very disappointed in this game and what it has turned into. BRING BACK THE OLD GAME!!!

To many adds and need to be faster with more people. There are to many adds and I hate it. Also at the beginning the are no people to collect so it get aggravating. You need to be a little faster at the beginning one more thing THERE NEEDS TO NE NOOOO TIME LIMIT!!!! The only time the teams should die is when another team kills them. Also you need a pause button if we PLEASE TAKE AWAY THE TIME!! If you pause it you can save your progress but most of the time you are playing and you exit it loses all of your progress so please please TAKE AWAY THE TIME LIMIT AND LET US OKAY FOR AS LONG AS WE WANT WITH A PAUSE BUTTON!! Other than that I really like the game. It is really fun and addictive. I would like for there the be more characters. Anyway it is super fun and entertaining. Some of my family and I compete to see who can get the highest score! I really like this games. If you can just take away the time but a pause button and make or characters the game would definitely get a 10 out of 5. Thank you for your time.

My game might be broken. They made an update like today or yesterday, but it doesn’t say they did, but my game is completely different. I know this because I play this game every day, and I had like 18 people for my crowd and it went down to 1. I wasn’t upset, I thought I’d just work my way back up again. And I got 3 other people in my crowd and I closed out of the app and it didn’t save my people, so you basically start at square one every time you close out of your tab. So it is impossible to have a big crowd or keep any of the updates without keeping a tab open for however long, and even if people did that, they would accidentally close out of it eventually. And the adds never really bothered me that much because all of these games have them, but they added a halftime that stops everyone in the middle of the game to watch an add. It was my favorite game that I was addicted to, and now you can’t get good at it, and the adds have multiplied. I really don’t wanna get rid of this app cause I use it so much, but I can’t waste my time if it’s like this. This has taken all of the fun out of it and I don’t wanna play it this way. Please remove the update so I can play my favorite game again!

Good but it could be improved. This is a very fun satisfying game that you could kill time with. Although, it only has one way to play it and it’s to run around the city and gather people on your team and the one who has the most followers wins before two minutes. Since this game is so satisfying and ver fun to play, I suggest to create a mode where you could run around an expanded city with unlimited time and unlimited opponents which they would come as you keep ascending level. In this arcade mode it would be cool too to add daily challenges that would give rewards to unlock different colors of team, different types of avatars, or even different types of scenarios. Another mode that would test the skills of a player would competitive mode (multiplayer). In this mode you would obviously need internet and would be in a arena with up to 6-8 other players to go against. Overall this game is very exciting and very fun but I hope these suggestions could improve it’s prosperity.

Good game, but lots of flaws.. This game is a great game that could be a lot better. It was fun for a while, but I got annoyed with all the ads. The games are also really short. So I came up with a few ideas to improve this app. 1 - Remove all the adds! I understand it is a free game and you can pay to remove them , but the amount is way too much! With this many adds, it will most likely make people annoyed and not want to play. 2 - Make it available to play against real people. The AI is too easy after a while and people generally prefer to go play with others online. 3 - Improve the maps and add more. The map is great, but it would be better if you added more. The city gets boring to play all the time. By making more, it gives the game more variation and people will most likely play more. Also, I would like the map to be bigger. This way you can accommodate more people and have longer games. 4 - Please have different modes to play. The timer is really short and it makes me upset to not be able to completely win. The game would be better if you added another mode were there would be one winner, like a battle royale. It would make the game more interesting and competitive. Thank you for reading! I really hope you take these thoughts into consideration if you ever update your game. If these changes are made, it will make this 3 star game into a 5 star game. Thanks!

The game is lame 😒. The game needs more work please do not feel offended because you need to do like last man standing wins whoever has the least amount of people wins and like you need more time like maybe 260 something so please add this to the game thank you 😊 I also need cool updatesLike you could do like a battlefield in something like that or you could do something there’s only two teams are four teams lose a fight and there’s like almost 1000 people on the team different people using different devices please take all his feedback and put it into the group gam like you could do like a battlefield in something like that or you could do something there’s only two teams are four teams little fight and there’s like almost 1000 people on the team different people using different devices please take all his feedback and put it into the Game crowd city please do it and I’m saying this because it is not a very good game at this Point.

Why 12+????. When I downloaded this game, I wondered why it was 12+. So I looked up why it was 12+ on the App Store app. I was like, what the!?!? It said it had things that I KNOW aren’t in the game. It said it had use of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco and MILD HORROR. I don’t see any drugs in the game or anything that makes me scared. And I’m a pretty big scaredy cat, to be honest. It’s just a game where you get people to join your crowd and attack other crowds to be the largest crowd and you can collect characters to make you look good. Personally, I’d like to have the reasons why it’s 12+ retyped. Plus, whenever I go to a game by voodoo and why they are 12+, they’re all the same. Mild cartoon violence, mild horror, etc. I’d also like the age MINIMUM changed. On all the games. Roller splat has violence!? Anyway, I would like the reasons why it’s whatever the age minimum is retyped and the age minimum changed to 4+. I think it suits most of the games.

Great game, but two tiny problems. The idea of this game is amazing. “Infecting” other crowds and having to take the time to wear them down instead of instantly killing them is a really unique idea compared to other games. But anyways, onto the problems. First off, it is a little favored toward the player since the bots aren’t too bright. It’s still somewhat balanced compared to other games, but it should still get a little bit of a change. Secondly, the controls, at least for me, are really, *really* difficult to handle. I wouldn’t say they’re glitchy, but anyone who’s played this probably understands what I mean. You have no visualization of it, so maybe all you need to do is add a joystick on the screen. Then make the movement a little smoother and I think it should be better. I assure you that if these are changed, this already-great game will probably become perfect.

Just let us actually compete with each other.. This game is by far, addictively amazing. But, I’m concerned with more then one thing. First of all, A.I’s as the so-called players in this game. Some games DO have A.I’s as the components for the player. But, this game actually said that it was an online game with ACTUAL people. How do I know that they are A.I’s? Well, the creative names that the players have is totally unrealistic. Especially since the most people that play this game is children, who couldn’t possibly spend time just coming up with names like “S’more Vixen” or “Jurassic Savior” Even if. People do come up with a name that you don’t hear of often, Why would I repeatedly see the same name like these but never manage to get in a game with my friends! Because if. A.I’s. Also, If there were real people, I would have actual competition, but I alway’s seem to win the games, why? Since I’m about to finish up, let me end with this. So many people like me have given similar reviews, the developers of this game haven’t even lifted a finger to reply to one of them, much less actually change these problems. I guess what I’m trying to prove, is for this game to ACTUALLY give us the real crowd experience.

I’m in love with it but....... Hello, if your reading this there are some things u need to know about the game your probably getting, these are things u need to know! Sometimes playing this game will get a little to easy. Like for example you win way to much, but don’t get me wrong I love to win I mean who doesn’t. 1 Once you complete this round it will show u all the places, it will say “ would u like to double your reward? “ I specifically say “ no continue “ but all of a sudden it starts playing videos “ i mean dude like we don’t want to watch these videos, we want to play your game! 2 I feel like some games like Minecraft, ROBLOX, and fort nite, are very addicting. I think that this game is so addictive that you can’t stop playing. Just a warning still play. 3 it’s also kinda violent when your killing everyone, but that also makes it more attractive. Good job guys! 4 ALWAYS HAVE FUN PLAYING THE GAME!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you very much. Have fun children!

Some things I dont like... Some things I dont like about this game is that when I was little, I thought I was going against real players in different places. But now, its clear to me that every ‘player’ you go against is an AI. I figured this out by realizing how often I win the games I play. The names of every AI is very creative, considering how they are all AIs. The skins on every player is fake, too. The skins were probably randomly generated or, the creators wanted to give this game the aspect of real players going against you, but its very fake. To make it seem like there were noobs and pros in every game, the creators make most of the AIs the skin you get when you first start playing, and some skins you earn from playing more often. Its looks very realistic, yet, its actually very fake. I do recommend you play this game, its very addicting to the point where you play it all the time. But, dont believe the players you go against. Its all fake.

A fun game but.... I love the rework of the game, I stopped playing it for a while because it got boring trying to grind for very little xp for only leveling. I love the idea of using the peeps you collect to help level yourself up as well as the different tools available to yo, on top of that the half time moment to let you rethink your moves as well as the option to keep going to get even more points through the option to watch an ads for an extra 30 seconds. But there’s one small problem you might wanna look at, when you get to certain points, your stuck behind an ad wall (watch ads to level up certain levels) that you can’t breach because they won’t show you any ads for whatever reason like that feature is broken or they just don’t have any to spare for that function, either way, you can’t level up

Awesome but a few things. I’m giving this four stars… This game is Awesome, all you really do is you start out with one character and you eventually get more and more people and then if you get big enough and get more people you can eat other people if you have more than them but a few things there are a lot I mean A LOT of Commercials and it gets super annoying and I would like if they would take at least a few commercials off and that would be AMAZING and also the, half time, it’s a little too much I KNOW I KNOW it gives you time to get up and get a drink or do whatever you gotta do but it’s really annoying and I think they should take it off, one more thing is I don’t know if it’s just me or is this game a little to easy it could just be me cuz I’ve been playing this a lot. This game is amazing and I suggest you get it! I play it every day now! Have a wonderful day and happy Halloween!🎃😊

Good but.... At first, I really liked the game. It was fun to play and when I was bored this became my go-to game. After a few rounds though, I noticed that I constantly kept winning. Now normally, I would have been happy about that but it was kind of weird after a while. I’m pretty good at video games but I’m not one of those people who will win everything. I also kept noticing that I saw the same player names in just about every round. Also, whenever I went out of the game without closing it completely, a few moments later when I went back in, the round would just resume as if nothing happened. Then I realized that it was Ai. I like the game but I think it would become more enjoyable if there were actual players to challenge. This is my opinion but I think more people would like the game if they added this feature.

I’m only faking my five stars... This game is horrible I’m only putting five stars so more people can see it. Okay so about a year ago I downloaded this game and oh my gosh it was so amazing, it was entertaining, it was fun, and it gave me something to do. It did not have many ads, it didn’t require stupid power ups. It had way more characters you didn’t have to earn. It didn’t have a have time where you have to watch an ad!!! And it didn’t have AI, it might have but I couldn’t tell but now I can. The AI just walk into walls! They are really dumb and it kind of ruined the game. The creators made a good game but they ruined it for me and many others. SO MANY ADS. Please don’t download this game it is a waste of time and a waste of your storage. (But if you’re LaurenZside do download it I know if I tell you not to you definitely will.)

Real rating 1 star. My actual rating is 1 star but I put 5 so people see it. I rarely leave reviews, but this game enraged me enough that I’m writing this during my lunch break. I have been a long time player of this game, I loved it. I went a little bit without playing it after having played it for a long time, and I recently came back to find that, not only did I lose all my progress, but my game now gets paused halfway through for an ad and then unless I watch ANOTHER ad, my time gets cut short, making the game all about pay to win, since if you remove ads you have more time and a major advantage. This game used to be addicting and now it’s just asinine. So disappointing to come back to a game I loved to see it have become so ridiculous with ads and trying to get people to spend money. Never thought I would delete this game, but after playing a single game with these “updates” I deleted it.

Read this!!!. Hello, if you decided to read this you are probably either someone thinking of downloading this app or a developer. Before downloading this game read the following. I was playing a game, I was having fun, and I was winning. At the end of the game, it showed me my placement score and how much money I made. Then, it asked if I wanted to watch an ad to double it. I clicked on “no” but in a few seconds and ad was being shown to me. I thought “Maybe I wasn’t paying attention and pressed double.” Then after another game I looked and made sure I pressed” Do not double” and then an ad popped up. I was very disappointed, there should be no ad option if one is going to pop up anyways. Now developers, it was a great idea for this game, but think about how annoying and frustrating it can be to have an ad pop up when you specifically pressed “no”. Please fix this. It is not just this game but also a lot of your other games as well. Thank you for reading this information and I hope that came in use for you. Thank you again.

No time and too many ads. I’ve been playing for a while now and I've noticed there are WAY to many ads along with no time. We basically have 30 seconds for each game and to get more time we have to watch ads. I feel that if you add more time and less ads more and more people will play the game. I am so not sorry but i definitely give this game 1-star. Also the old game was much better. I hate to do this and say all these bad things but apparently it is unfortunately true. We had no half-time ads (etc.). I just think you gave up due to hate but I thing people will like the game more if you put more effort into it. There is barely enough. And when I told my friend about this game years ago she loved it and so did I, but she recently deleted and said “ It’s not how it used to be.”. I want more people to play and more updates. I see your making new games but fix your old ones first. Trust me. Last but not least, Its also your other games. Its like more and more ads are coming in. Sorry im jumping around in topics but i have way to mean recommendations just because of how you updated this game.

Fun game, but needs a little more. I tried this game out, thinking that I would play it once or twice, and then delete. This is actually a really fun game to kill a few minutes at a time on. There are 2 things that I wish could be changed to make the matches better: 1 - the maps are too big for the time limits given. I often find myself spending a large amount of time traveling across the map to find an opposing player. Either increase the match time, or decrease the map time. 2 - Last person standing mode would be fun. The matches sometimes come down between me and 1 other person, and the match ends (see issue # 1) before I could find that person. Remove the time limit and add a few more players to a board, and see who is lucky enough to simply survive. Other than that, good job on making a simple yet fun to play game

Awesome!. I first saw this from an ad playing swing master. I thought it looked alright and I was bored so I downloaded it. I did not regret it at all! Usually I don’t dig pvp and .io games like this but it was extremely fun! Although I would like to add in a couple of things that would make this game even cooler. I like the fact that you can choose your group color but if you could make and use custom skins for your group I think that would be amazing. Another thing that would improve this game is adding more maps! The city is cool but it just gets old after a while and more maps would add more feature and fun to the game. The only problem I have with the game is the adds after every game, also there could be more time on the clock because I feel that games go by too quick. But besides that it is an extremely fun and keep updating it!!

I LOVE this game, BUT…. You can’t properly control your crowd. It’s fine in the beginning, but once you start acquiring more people, you slowly start to lose control of your crowd, until by the end of the round, it’s moving on it’s own. You have no control. You fixed the 7 day skin problem, and even added more skins, and that’s GREAT!! Like the title of this says, “I love this game”, BUT until you fix this problem, this game is useless. It’s such a great game, I love it so much I bought it so I didn’t have to deal with all the ads, (except for the ones to add more people to my crowd, those are fine). The way the game is now is infuriating. No one wants to play a broken game. Please fix this, I’d love to change my 1 star, to a 5 star. I also won’t be spending anymore real money on this game until it’s fixed. Also, some different game modes would be cool. Like a solo mode, or a “battle” mode, but without a time limit. Hope someone at Voodoo actually takes the time to read this, but I’m not holding my breath.

It’s good, but.... Once I got this game, I loved it immediately. I love how satisfying it is. It’s really good, but it needs a few tweaks. First off, there is SO much lagging. I can’t even move my army an inch. Every 5 seconds, it has to lag. Especially when your killing someone, it lags like crazy. I also wish the map was a little bigger. I saw there was road, but then at the end of the map, it was just cut off. If a developer is reading this, I recommend that you please fix these problems. I also would like some sound and fun music. It can sometimes be a little boring without music playing or sound effects. I instead have to get my own music. Finally, I would like some more game modes. Having more game modes can give us more options. Maybe there can be a game mode were you have unlimited time and to kill everyone until there is one person left. That would be awesome. Plz, plz, please add so game modes. Overall, this game is amazing, but there are somethings we can fix. Thank you so much for reading.

Lovely game, maybe needs something more. This game is amazing! I love it just as much as anyone should. It’s so fun to play in the car on a long drive. (of course not as the driver) it’s so good for people just beginning in the gaming community. I really should introduce this game to my friends, I bet they would love it! But if someone is reading this and wondering why I only put four stars, here's your answer. Of course I love the game but, it gets kinda boring I feel they could do so much more with it. Like, real time games, adding some more skins, etc. it does seem like they kinda gave up on the game. But I’ve had this game for at least two years, and never have I seen a bad review, well I don’t think I’ve seen one. But still in all my life, other then apps I kinda need. This is the one that I HAD to keep. Of course I might not play very often but I still think, this is one of the best apps I have! I don’t plan on deleting it. If the developers of the game do see this, I ask that you put a bit more effort In the game. Just adding some more so people don’t get bored of it! That’s all I ask but just know, this game is amazing! And please don’t change any of it other then what people complain about. Thank you!

Great app. I am gonna start off positive this app is very addictive and I love it it is so fun now for the negative part a lot of people complain about the ads and I’m one of those people after almost every round there is an ad I personally think that there are to many ads a few ads are fine but if they are after almost every round I do not like that it is like they put so many ads in every app also if your reading this I have a strategy for how to get rid of ads now if u have a home button you have to double tap it X out of the app then go back in and boom your next round pops up if u have Face ID then you just swipe up get rid of the apps and boom now if you have a droid then you will go to the place where it shows all the recent apps you have been in get rid of crowd city then go back in then boom your new round. But what I am really trying to say is that I HATE THE ADS!!!!!!!😡😡😡🤬

Fun!. I really like this fun and frustrating game. BUT, too many ads. We shouldn’t have to watch 2-4 thirty to forty second ads after every game session or when we start bigger. That is way too many and very annoying. Also, I wish we could earn more time... maybe in increments of 10 seconds or something if we acquire a certain amount of followers within a certain amount of time or if we kill off by absorbing other opponents, etc. Would also like the different skins to have a unique ability or some kind of skill like move faster, grow wider, or double in number. I don’t know. Just a thought. But still really fun. The new version is okay. I don’t like how it started me over with my starting number. I worked hard to get where I was. But then you just took it away and left me with one to start with... unless I watch another ad for more EACH time I start. Super annoying. Thanks

Good but a bit problem's 😬. Crowd city is really fun game and I hope you're proud of how you worked on this game but it's kinda boring the most ment thing in this game is getting people on you're side against the others I think you can make it really fun like manes chat with new friends that you make and you're character looks like a human and you're human can run around the city 🌃 but you're not getting people you're just walking around the city And matey you can unlock new words like Mimi or other world's . And you can unlock new levels. And you're friend that you chat with lives in a home and sometimes she could visit you and walk around city's with you 💜💜💜 now that's a game people would be interested in they would clap 👏🏻 cheer and more !!!! Ok all I'm really trying to say is to make this game a little bit more interesting 🤔

Update it also to much ads. So I love the game but there’s to much ads also it gets a little bit boring also I want u to update it so it can be more fun also can u make a private servers because it will be more better also please stop the ADs it’s so much about the game worst side because the worst is the most I hate the good side it’s only 20% and the bad side 66% so stop the ADS STOP IT also don’t download it if u hate to much ads or if u don’t want ANY ADS! So people update your game cause it will get worst if u don’t. Also this game is getting real boring so why it’s getting boring because when u play it much it kinda gets little boring then. Play it ALOT it gets more boring and more and more so yea also can u make more fun as I said because it’s getting BORING. And why does it have to be 12+ cause there’s no chatting or no inappropriate for little kids so all I think it should be for 4+ age instead of 12+ so yea update it means no sense and boring from: karla Fabian to: creator

meh. fun game but so much frustration that it isn’t worth it. without paying for no ads it is among the worst games - you can’t go for more than 30 seconds without a constant barrage. it is constant and so annoying. if you pay for no ads, guess what? you still have to deal with ads! they want you to watch stupid ad videos to do anything and make it so it is super easy to accidentally hit the ad. so there i am having paid for no ads watching movies for clash of clans and junk like that. as for the game itself it is fun but the games are WAAAAAAAAY too short with no way to change the length of the game, meaning most games end before someone has really even won. why would they do this? shorter games mean more opportunities for ads. but i paid for no ads so why not take the stupid time limit off?! and there is a dumb intermission in every game - as thought a 90 second game needs an intermission. why would they do this? more opportunities for ads even if you pay. fun game that they completely ruined buy trying to squeeze every dime out of you. there’s lots of other games that aren’t commercials masquerading as apps. pass.

Amazing game this is. Hello I started playing this game and I started to like it more I mean just at least try it it is a amazing game ever since I started playing iO games I saw that one and I mean this one it is like Mirical I love but not everyone loves it but I do and a lot of people play this game and I play it everyday because it helps me calm down when I’m mad or sad or whatever it’s just idk but I love it ik I said this almost through the whole stanza but I just want people to like it cause I do all my friends got me playing this game not me ok so all the people that read this or at least try the game is amazing even if you didn’t like or try the game or read this passage but doesn’t everybody know there amazing I hope you know that but bye hope you read this o btw I still love puppy’s more even know I love this game ok now bye my amazing peeps

Deleting this fake multiplayer game!. Like other reviews, my experience started off easy where I was winning every game I played. Over time, it’s become clear to me that you’re playing against AI and not other users, as you can still play without cell signal or WiFi, and other players somehow wait for you to watch an ad before they move in what’s portrayed as “real time.” After a few days, I’m to the point where other crowds run from you and into the path of larger crowds. They are all placed near each other where they can quickly acquire each other and start off with an advantage over you, but you have to chase them for 15 seconds before you come in contact with any of them. Almost every crowd I chase to acquire suddenly decides to sacrifice themselves to another crowd so that I have a larger crowd to contend with. The only way to have a chance is to watch some 30 second ad to get 10 extra pieces, even after paying for no ads. This would be fun if you actually had multiplayer instead of passing off AI as multiplayer, and at least programming your AI to act more like other players instead of working together to make the game more difficult for actual users. Good concept, but very misleading.

Fun time killer. Most people should know by now that the .io games b Voodoo are just time killers but they are enjoyable because they are just that. The only reason why I give this game 4 stars instead of 5 is because some of the skins aren’t unlocking like they should, namely the finish with 1 and the consecutive days login, at least it is during time of this review. The other thing is if you play more than about 8 or 10 games in a row the game starts to get really glitchy and freezes up a bit so you have to completely close out and restart. I did read others say that the only way to win is by watching the ads, but this isn’t true. While I haven’t won a ton of games I’ve played without the ads I have won some. And the fact that the AI runs to opposite sides of the map is what makes the game fun. What fun would it be if everyone just ran to the center of the map and you knew where to get them? I like the gameplay and find it enjoyable, especially for a 2 minute time killer! Great job!

Lots of unremovable ads, quick 3:20 game. So, off the bat - buying “remove ads” doesn’t actually remove the ads. You have to watch a 30 second ad to “start bigger,” which is the only way to win. You also have to watch a 30 second ad to double your winnings, which is the only way to advance quickly. You only don’t _have_ to watch a 5 to 30 second ad after every game, if you don’t want to. So the 2:00 game takes about 3:20 after ads. You play against (this goes without saying, but other reviews don’t seem to agree) an AI to grow your little crowd to the biggest mob by absorbing white neutral people and your AI enemies. The problem with the game, that costs it a star, is the AI doesn’t play to win, it plays to keep you from winning. It is very easy, you should win at least 8/10 games. But it is very very difficult to win by eliminating all the enemies. They do not go to the center or to each other, but run to the opposite corners and edges of the game board. They often just hover in the corners, not moving or growing, but making it impossible to catch them all. It is not possible to cover the whole board in two minutes, so you will often leave at least one, sometimes two or three enemies alive. Otherwise it is a satisfying, quick game. There’s just something about running your crowd through an enemies crowd, watch your people split and absorb the enemy people.

Good but ads ruin it. I really like this game but it has a few problems. To start, there are a WAYYYYYYY too many ads. But now they’ve added this half Time thing to where you get an ad in the middle of a game. Bruh, seriously? Some of the ads are inappropriate. I would recommend 14 or older. And then you max out all your stuff so quickly. I would like to keep upgrading and upgrading and upgrading, that’s not how it works though. Sometimes I turn off the Wi-Fi to get rid of the ads lol. Other than the ads, this is a really fun game. I like it when people chase me when they’re bigger than me, then I get bigger than them, and then eat them, and sing a little victory song and dance lol. Anyone who is looking through the comments to upgrade the game, less ads please. Your method of getting money is not gonna work. I know what you’re thinking voodoo. Do you think that will pay for no ads. No most people do not like paying for stuff like that. Find another way to make money off of these things to make the game more enjoyable for users. Less ads would make this game perfect.

You need to read this!. Ok so this is a fun game but I have some problems with it. It literally DRAINS my battery. I’m not happy with that.. maybe fix it please?? Also you say it’s online players but it’s not. Lots of creative names though.. I will give you that. So I have usally been playing games and most of the players have been running into things and glitching and I found out that they are not real online players. And about the battery draining. Please I beg of you to make the game stop draining my battery!! Yesterday I was using my phone it was at 78% I decided to play this game and then I stopped playing and looked at my battery. I saw it was at 46% I wasn’t even playing for that long.. so I decided that I would rate the game tommorow. And here I am now. I am rating this five stars so most people will View it, but if i could. I’d rate it 0 stars, i mean the game is entertaining, but has not Thrilling problems, the creators Also lied! Moodi Playzz- I hope you enjoyed my review, thanks for taking a look,😊❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Fun concept but it’s AI. I got the game and was having a ton of fun at first. Seemed like I caught on really easily or something but then I noticed things were too easy. I was winning 95% of games just off the bat, I’m good at games but not THAT good which made me suspicious. Started paying attention to names and noticed that I came across every single name at least twice over a long series of rounds, and none of them were the generic “player” name. You’d think that in a popular free mobile game like this you’d have a much larger player pool, and that there would be AT LEAST 1 person who didn’t bother to change their name and went as player, like me my first few rounds. Also in a few rounds I noticed that there was a bit of an enemy team visible on my start screen, but they were immobile until I pressed start, which for one point was about 45 seconds. Right when I pressed start they sprang to life tho. However I’ve never had to wait on an enemy team to join in over 100 games. This, coupled with my ridiculous win rate and the fact that the enemies play like AI (predictable movement, too focused on gathering over killing), I have to say that this game does not in fact deliver the pvp multiplayer experience it claims.

Fun game but could use tweaking. This is a fun game! My kids even play it. Not sure why it’s rated 12+. It’s fun to have goals to earn new skins. For some reason though I don’t have the flamingo anymore and that one was my favorite. It would be fun to have different “worlds”. This one is just the same map but you start in a different section each time. Pretty soon you get to know the map well. After awhile too, you rank up but soon there’s no more ranking and you’ve reached the highest point you can go. I thought there should be a list of “high scores” to compete with other players. Recently there was an update that includes “halftime” which pauses the game midway through the time. Not sure what the point of this is?! It needs to be eliminated! Also there’s now an option of extending your time, maybe to finish collecting more guys? But also pointless. You need to watch an ad to “earn” this but then nothing happens after the ad. The game is still over. I think more skins should be added too. It is a fun game but could use some tweaks.

Great game but one problem. Hi if you are reading this you probably do not have the game so let me tell you something. This is a great game, good skins, it’s easy, and you get addictive to it. You start small but you get big fast. You’ll like all of it but one thing. If you look at the other reviews they probably say something about the adds. I thought it would be fine. But every game there is an add. I don’t really like that and I don’t think other people do to. They should just put an add every 2-5 games. But other than that the game is fine and cool. You when your playing, you feel like your going against bots, but you’ll lose sometimes. I’m not much of a person who rages at these types of games so I’m fine, but if you rage, you’ll probably not rage that much since it’s easy. You’ll like the game and it’s skins. So if you want the be careful cause of the adds but like I said other than that it’s fine. I just wanted to put this out there. Enjoy the game!

A Few Funky Flaws. My real rating for this is 3 stars, but I’m putting 5 so you see it. This is my third time writing the review cause it kept not sending. Alright, third times a charm! This game is very fun and addictive, as well as being able to play off WiFi easily to help the ad annoyance. There are a few flaws though. One is that the app glitches out all the time. Just imagine. You are in the middle of a round, your on top, you have 500 followers, and then you get kicked out of the app! It is super annoying and unsatisfactory. As well as that, when you get any upgrades, you might think, “yay I will be able to start with so many followers every time I play”. Sorry to say but that is wrong! If you leave the app after getting any upgrade, when you come back, there will be nothing there anymore. I find this very annoying, and I really hope Voodoo fixes these things, although they probably are busy working on new games. So in my opinion, you should get the game and try it at least, because apart from these few little fixes, I give this game a decent rating.

Updated review.... This latest update is problematic. The game freezes after almost every time a level is played. Other than some new skins, there are no improvements. The game is only borderline playable at this point. Even when it isn’t freezing, it seems to bug down and get sluggish on a regular basis with the graphics becoming choppy. Until these issues are fixed, I recommend staying away from this game. Old review: This game is fun. It would be a really great game, if only it weren’t so limited. As others have said, the time limit is too short, especially for a game that is essentially a last-one-standing type of game. It would be great if the game actually allowed you to get to be the last one standing. (I actually got to the point where it was down to me and one other group, and I was in the process of destroying the other group when time ran out! Very frustrating!) Long and short, as many others have said, add more time, add multiplayer modes, etc., and this game would go from being good to being great.

Great and awesome!!!👍🏻👍🏻😱. This game is sooo addicting! It is so satisfying to swallow people up! But there are a few things that should be changed, and would be better if changed. First, is the adds. Oh my gosh sooo soo many adds!! Like after a game is finished it says, do you want to improve your score watch an add. And I specifically say NO I do not. But it shows an add anyways!! It gets so annoying! It also shows adds at random times to!!!!!! Next, it would be nice to play against real real peeps!! It might seem like it, but it’s not. I left for like a hour and came back, same names same time. Adding on to it, it would be great if you could make friend s and play against them. Next, music and sound affects and different areas would be amazing! Last, different game settings like playing endlessly until you die kinda thing. Thank you so much for making this game voodoo, and plz make these changes.

OMG😱. I think up I got all the characters in the game cuz when ever i finish a round it won’t give me characters and I think the last character looks like a zombie or something the only thing I hate about this game is that when ever half time comes I have a glitch and I try to press x but it won’t get out of the add so please take half time out I like how the game used to be but I love this game so much 💓 💔 💕 omg I download this game today and i got all the characters I don’t believe it and this game is so funnnn so ima play this game lots and if any one knows animal jam and play that game that game is so awsome like this game and also download animal jam it’s a very fun game like this game this awsome game and yea stay nice and if u doawload animal jam or have animal jam I want to say don’t be a scammer just be a jammer that’s one thing pepple say if they see a scammer bye 👋🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

Just got recommended. This game has some bad reviews on it but I think it's a fun game I mean I don't get bored of one thing over and over a lot but sometimes I do but this game I don't get bored I mean this is just my opinion and I read other people's comments on games to depend if I'm gonna get it but my friend had recommended it to me and I mean if you don't like my opinion you don't have to like it you might hate this game but I don't like when people complain about the ads cause some people can't even get water and we're here with our own phones or whatever you have that your plying on I just want to spread this around and I'm just recommending y'all to stop being so mean and complaining that other people have to put on there games for other people to earn money and if somebody that made this game reads this I want you to know that you did awesome with this game and I hope everybody has a great day!!

Great Game, Although. Great Game, and very addicting. My better half talked me into playing, and boy did I get addicted! Very fun to play, yet very simple. I did buy the no ads version, just so I wouldn’t be angry all the time. As your level increases, the amount of people you start with increased as well. Last time I had logged in (a few weeks ago) I had around 45 I started with (the max at the time, might not be 45, but it was high). Now I appear to be the same level, but I am no longer max level, and I start with 25 now. I’m not entirely sure what was updated but I’m guessing they made more levels you could achieve and dropped the amount of people received per level? Either way it’s kind of disappointing, going from starting with 45, now to 25. Kind of an extreme drop. Fun game, I will attempt to start playing again, but I’m not entirely sure I will continue for long. It was fun playing for a few days straight to get maxed, but now to have to redo it? I don’t think so.

Great game!!. This game is so much fun, i have been playing it for years. There’s not much to do but run around and collect people. It is stress relieving. I paid for it to get more benefits from it. Then why are the developers such buzz kills!!! I will not be playing this game again. I am deleting it from all my device and telling others to do so as well. The idea of a game is to enjoy it whether you win or lose. Why should you care who does that. Every time I win with large numbers, it kicks me out of the game. I am being slowed down and taken in a direction I don’t want to go. It never happened before until the last six months or so. This is ridiculous. Why create a game if you won’t allow your audience to enjoy the win. Treat the game fairly and equally or just take it down. Goodbye!!

Game is great but ads are inappropriate for young teens. The game is incredibly fun. I would rate it a 5. But I gave it a 1 because of the ads. Some of the ads for other apps, such as the ones where you get to choose the next step in a story, depict very adult situations that young teens should not be exposed to. One example is a bride looking for her fiancé. She is looking for her groom & finds him in a hotel room with her bridesmaid. She has to decide between 2 choices, whether to act like nothing happened or to run away with the best man. This game is rated 12+. I do not want my young teenagers to be exposed to these types of situations in the form of a game. Another ad is for a game with scantily dressed Asian women with disproportionately large breasts & exposed cleavage. Again, Crowd City is for ages 12+ and these trashy ads have ruined the game. If they chose only ads that were in line with the nature of their game, and some are, then I would rate the game a 5 and allow my kids to play it. And I did pay to remove the ads. The only problem is that the adds are still optional to start with a larger crowd. So my kids are forbidden to play this game.

SO FUN! 😍. I downloaded this app TODAY and I am addicted already. There aren’t to many adds anyway so I didn’t even need to pay. It’s also really satisfying when you have a really big group and swallow everyone in your path. Most games like this I end up getting so mad at because I’m horrible at the game, but in this one I’ve won a lot. There’s a balance between challenging and fun. The characters are really funny and cute. (I love using the penguin because it’s hilarious when you get really big groups of them 😂!) If you’re looking for a fun game to play when you’re bored then you should definitely download this. Some of Voodoo’s best work. Edit: I realized I’m not playing against real people, AND I keep getting kicked out of the game. I’m very disappointed, I sadly have to give it two stars now. I really think the developers need to fix this because it ruins the game when you keep getting kicked out! 😡

the addicting game. You need to download this game it’s like the best game in the whole entire world I love that you get to like kill people so please do but what is saying is that I want the app to have is a customizing a station so I could customize your own person and then have pets to go with the person or should I say avatar but anyways it is such a cool game I could be like typing for like the whole entire year because like it’s so cool I know right because like it is so cool I could be like typing for the rest of the whole entire year because OMG you got to get this app whoever is Reading this please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please download this app because if you don’t download this game you are lame seriously like I’m not kidding but one thing they have to add is a wolf that’s all I’m saying I need a wolf please please please please please please please please add

Fun at First... (Progress reset?). First off, my rating is 2 stars. I’m only doing 5 stars so more people can see it. Very fun game to binge, and I love the satisfaction of starting out as 1 person, then ruling the city and flooding the streets with hundreds of your people afterwards, and increasing the stuff in the upgrades is so fun in the long run! But... First of all, I don’t mind the ads, I honestly think they’re fine, but other people can get very mad that you’re basically saving 3-4 minutes of working by watching one ad to double your earnings from the session. Second of all, I think we all by now know that they’re not really online players, which does actually make it easier in a way, but you don’t get the fun unpredictable chasing and ambushing, or the satisfaction of taking out somebody’s hard worked people. 3rd is the most annoying of all time—I went offline for dinner, came back on and I noticed that I only spawned in with 1 person instead of my upgraded 4 people. And then I noticed that I didn’t have the starting magnet and the rolling killstreak power up... And all my skins are gone! My whole progress is RESET? By literally getting off for dinner, I come back to nothing... I won’t play it again knowing that my progress could get reset again at a random offline time. I hope this gets fixed, but most likely won’t because Voodoo is most likely working on new games that you normally delete after playing for 1 hour, and realizing that it wasn’t worth your time.

This is the best game ever❤️💋😻. This is the best game ever please get it I play there’s a bunch of times it’s only one problem with this one and that’s the ads every time you click it from like the half time you have to watch an ad so I recommend get the ones that cost money Crowd city is the best and when you play it and it asked you to rate tap five stars I love this game can I download it I was so excited to play because my friends had it and there was no answer so I thought I was gonna plant i crowd city is the best and when you play it and it asked you to write tap five stars I love this game can I download it I was so excited to play because my friends had it and there was no ad so I thought It would be a good game for me to play but if you want one that has no hats I recommend getting the one that cost money otherwise it’s the best game in the whole world

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Way to many ads. I love this game and absolutely love to play it and I would rate it 5 stars if it wasn’t for one thing. Ads. You know at the end of the game it says to watch and ad to get double rewards? Well I rarely click that and when I don’t and instead I click continue button it makes an ad anyway. This is ruining the magic of the game basically. I really hope u improve on this error

I wouldn’t recommend game. I would not recommend Crowd City. Crowd City has a lot of problems. The game is always glitching and makes you loose the game. When you are in the middle of a game of crowd city the game times out or an ad break appears. This game has a lot of problems that the developers need to fix. I think I am being nice when I give a one star rating, I think it deserves a lower star rating. I would not recommend this game at all. At the end of each game multiple ad breaks appear. If this was in the description of the game I would never of downloaded this. This is my opinion and you entitled to yours, however I would not advice you to download this app.

Few fixes would make it perfect. This game is a fun way to pass the time, however there’s a few minor things that could make it better. When you unlock a new skin you can no longer see what the requirements were to get that skin, it would be nice to be able to still see what I actually did to unlock the skin when selecting it. Especially since you can unlock a few of them after the first couple of rounds. Having to watch an advertisement after each round is to be expected but it feels pointless to have the option of doubling your reward by watching an ad that you would end up watching anyway? Also I assume this game is based on AI and not actually live multiplayer since you can play it offline. So being able to choose different levels of difficulty for the AI would be a cool feature to add more depth to the game. Overall, it’s what you would expect from a free game and it’s fairly enjoyable. :)

Great Game. Crowd City is a great game just great but there’s these buttons that pop up and they ask you if you want to start the game with more people on your team but you have to watch a video to get it and once you’ve got it you can’t get rid of it and some characters you can only get if you only have one character for example:to get the girl elf you have to go ten seconds with only one character and if you watched the video to start of with more you have to try and get rid of them but also stay alive at the same time. Over all pretty good game.🤩😛

Crowd city. I love your game every time I play I usually come first but sometimes come second or third by the way my name is ally and I live in la USA and I am a tomboy I love rugby and soccer and after those activities I can come home and play crowd city I have shared the news with all my friends and they love the game thanks for you taking your time to read this a thank you for making your game I have given it five points!

I want more caricters. I really want more characters because I have every character in crowns city I want you to put a rare selection of skins and a epic selection of skins for example rare has a grey skins and epic skins have a gold skins but you can also customer your caricature to enter any colour of your choice for gems you get gems if you win the game and to get the skin you have to get every skin including the rare skins please add it btw I we’ll always like your game

Bluey winner. I love this game! At first I thought it was boring and super hard to play but then afterwards I got used to it and started to like it. I give this a 4 out of five because, it’s a nice game but I think they should add a small remote to it so we can change the speed instead of going very slow. And also when you eat the. Person maybe instead just let them out for five seconds and then they start of as one again and keep on going. But otherwise I think this is a great game. Thank you so much voodoo company I love all of your games they calm me down when I’m stressed.

It’s awesome and super satisfying but.... I love this game it’s so satisfying and fun but their are a few things I can recommend to make the game better the main thing is more settings so maybe a time adjustment like you get to choose because so many times I have come really close to killing everyone but the time runs out since you only get 2 minutes so maybe giving people the option to play a longer game. Also I have an iPhone 6 and it get extremely laggy and pauses and causes the app to completely shut down overall though it’s a super fun game with lots of skins and rankings

This game is good but.... I think you can do better. Why did you have to make it stop us in the middle of the game and call out half time it is so inoying you should also make the time longer. And maybe make the characters look cooler and make vampires or zombies or mummy’s or Frankenstein like monsters. And maybe make more white people the ones that don’t have a group and make them come in faster. But there are also grate things in the game.

Unfair. I think it’s really unfair that some people start on a busy street and others start on a street where there are barely any people, When I started on a busy street I got first place and I got 723 people because I had a good start so I could transfer lots of people, but when I started on a non busy street it got fourth place and 134 people so I think you should make every start on a busy street otherwise the people who get busy streets always win.

Time limit. It’s a great game but I would enjoy it more if I could set the matches time limit. It’s really fun to gather a large crowd and extra time would help with that. It would also be fun if once you get the largest crowd and kill everyone in the city you move on the a seperate stage where you crowd the state, the nation, the world, then space. I think it would be a great update to the game if you could continue to grow similar the slither io

FIX SOME THINGS & IT COULD BE GREAT. I really enjoy this game however there are a few 5ings which irritate me to a point where I stop playing the game sooner than I would . A few things; 1) The game is too short, you should at least have enough time in the game to have a chance to kill ALL the other teams. 2) Ads Ads Ads too may Ads that interrupt mid game. There’s an ads mid way right in the middle of action which is so annoying, and a second set of ads to extend the game. It’s abrupt and annoying. The ads can be after each game finishes before the next one starts . ALSO ALSO ALSO there was an option to pay $5 to remove the ads... I paid removed the half time ads but I still get the time extension ads that is really a rip off. If there was an option to remove all ads that should be all and include that in the price. There doesn’t need to be a half time pause.... it’s pointless and gets you out of the zone... you want people to binge on this game not keep getting interrupted where they’re likely to remember to go on with other things or another game... which is what I do wen I get sick of the ads. 3) This must be AI competitors you go against...not as fun as if you could go against real people and perhaps have a little chat section people could go in to talk about the game. If no chat at least real people real teams. If these things were fixed it would be my favourite game and I would tell a lot of people about it.

Upgrade this game. This game is cool, but we need to upgrade it ,make it less glitchy, make more characters and finally watching adds is just waisting your time, so no adds please in the middle of games just make the players use adds if they want to start bigger. Also please don’t do this again, if you make a new character to the game make you pay for the avatar cause that’s just a waist of money just because your just paying for a game character for $1.49 dollars so please do these things. Sincerely Dylan Yuen

Great game but….. Alright so i used to play this game when i was 9. I found it and redownloaded it. But there is just too many adds to actually enjoy the game. Im now 12 so this game was technically my childhood game. Yes i know the hack to turn your wifi off to remove the ads but sometimes theres offline ads. Sometimes when i hit “continue” it plays the same ad over and over again. And the second problem is to short. Okay, i reached 600 people on this. But just as i was gonna get someone, it said time was up. When i hit continue” it suddenly took me to the leaderboard. But this game is a lot off fun and you can win kinda easily. Great game devs but try and slove these problems :) it would make the game more fun and more 5 star ratings.

Great game until you Max the levels. I enjoy this game and play it every so often when i need a break. But once you have the 4 skills at max level 11, have a bunch of skins, and have paid for no ads, what do our points or tally of bodies earn us? Can we have something/anything else to unlock, earn or achieve please? Loving the game. The half time is annoying and the mungo ball is hard to steer but otherwise a pretty easy game to enjoy.

Great but a few minor bugs and problems. So in other games I kept seeing this add so I bought this game at first it was great but it kept glitching and too many adds so I don’t play it as much as i play other games and I love the style of the game it’s just a bit well annoying when it glitches and the adds but anyways I hope everyone has fun playing this game!

Awesome. This was my favourite game but you’ve added this halftime thing which I hate and has reduced playing time substantially. It’s pointless. So current version is glitching but I’m sure it’ll be fixed next update. It was really worth paying for this game and getting rid of ads! Two minor improvements I’d enjoy; first change from “killed” to “sucked in” or something similar. Although the play in this game is a cross between sinister and panicked an ever increasing tally makes a lie of killing. Second an option to play in real time. I love the speed and ease of the game. It’s deceptively simple and the graphics are great. Details like shadows and changes in movement for different skins combine. I’ll be searching for other Voodoo games. Thanks for the fun!

Not enough time. Finding this game very addictive however there needs to be a option for last man standing where it doesn’t end until you have concurred all the other groups and are the last one standing. The two minutes is not enough and it ends just as soon as things start to get good so please add a function that has no time limit but is based on skills of attacking the other groups. Thanks

This game is good it but needs changes. This game so good except... after a while it gets repetitive I would like a game mode where it’s like hide and seek so the seeker has about 100 and you can be found and join his team. Also a team mode that could have you fighting the other people on the game actually about that I don’t think this game is online so I was thinking a online experience and a offline experience and I would like more game time since it’s only 2 minutes I would like 5 at least. Thank you if you read this it’s a great game on plus side.

HATE THE UPDATE. This game was awesome...until the last update. The gameplay is nowhere near as competitive, the new skins are pretty average and semi-ridiculous and there’s way too many white people around to collect. I find it hard to lose now, it gets pretty boring winning every time too. Oh, how come sometimes when you are winning and you’ve beat all the other players, your crowd gets smaller? I’ve dropped from over 1000 to about 700 before, it happens all the time. Anyway, used to be a 5 star game, now barely playable.

Good game. So if this is ur first time playing this game it’s pretty good it’s very enjoyable u can have lots of fun this was one of the first games I had on my iPad later I deleted this app but then I got it again and got deleted again but then I got the game back and I’m having a lot of fun but 1 problem I want the game to have more room so that we can fit a bit more letters but still it’s a good and fun game u should get this game too. Oh by the way I wanted my name to be G.O.A.T stands for greatest of all time still this game is very creative and fun.

Good but needs improvement. Decent game overall, however I do have suggestions: - would like a option to not make the game go as long as you want and not on timer. - would like developer to fix direction of opponents. Too many times they don’t show up until I go in particular direction for a bit. - the ball/frenzy can often not go in the direction you want it to and you have to wait till it runs out (which can make you fail the game)

Best game ever. I like it but it’s not like the new one I like this because it is also related to Hole I owe I also tried to do all the stars but it didn’t do it Please can you make an update can you make more games like this because I like this please. Can you also make new skins about the I/O games please make more I owe games next time please make no ads try and make a robot skin I like downloading games so please make more

Great app. Amazing 3D app it is really fun and addictive. I personally really enjoy it, I would not recommend this game for who get a little bit frustrated. Because most of the time it is pretty frustrating since people can come through and take your people. But overall, fun app and well done creators. Thank you so much for making this app. Rainbow 🌈 Panda 🐼

Really good but. Well I don’t know what kind of iPhone you need for this game but it’s sooooooooo LAGGY i got 300 people on my team and I could barely move cuz of the lag I have an iPhone 7 but do you need like an iPhone 12 for this game and the ads so many ads in the middle of the round an ad at the start of a round ad at the end of the round ad just some many ads and somtimes when I start it’s doesn’t let me move but if you patch all these things really good game

My review. Starting with positive feedback is that the game is so addictive to play because it’s fun to run around get people illuminated and unlock new skins. But the bad news is that if you have less people than someone else and you want to steal there people you can’t because they have more people than you and it’s not fair. Also when I play the game it goes all glitchy and then it stop and it all frozen. But there is also not enough space to play like my characters will hit something and it will stop and the quality of your character is not the best.

Not enough play time. I love this game, but with the last update you reduced the play time of each round, the play time was too short to begin with not its way too short. Was there not enough people watching the ads to get extra time or something. If this is not fixed I will be reducing the rating stars. Barely worth playing now. I have paid to remove ads but still expected to watch ads for extra time. Pathetic

I think it is great!. When there’s no adds it’s so fun to play. You do not have to wait until the add ends. You can keep on playing with out wasting half your time watching adds. I think the game is great because it’s different to other games and it’s a game that you do not have to be good at. Also the background is fun to play in and explore. Overall I think it’s a great game that you should definitely get.

I change my mind.... 😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬. Look, this really is a good game and most people would agree with me but there are some things I need to point out. Firstly this game is a little unfair because the 10+ Thing that adds 10 more characters to your pack is really unfair because a lot of people use it and so the people that don’t get it have to get more people quickly and then eventually the people who used the 10+ thing alway win and the people who didn’t use it alway die or loose. There are also way too many adds that go for way too long after every round. Another thing to point out is that the double prize thing were you have to watch a video to get another prize doesn’t work! You don’t get another prize, you just wast your time watching a add. I do really hope this game gets fixed and upgraded and maybe add some new things because it would make this game really good and it would be the best game in the world. But aside from all the problems, this really is a good game.

So grrrrreat. ‘’Yea you should rate this game five stars but I want the owner to get more skins in the gameplay but why is everyone playing this just give them this game for free and share it around the world the world will love this game and you can rate every game if you have them oh and I love this game just like this game pls like it five stars I like this game I have it get this game free now!!! Money 0$ get it now.”

This game is the king of ads.. Its clear the developers want you to pay around $5 to buy the game however they got around it by making the game free but bombard you with short and long ads. So you would end up paying the $5 to have the ads removed. The game is also filled with glitches. A single game session has a count down of 2 mins expects at least 1 minute and 55 seconds of that 2 minutes to be comprised of glitches. Games like this really make the app store look like a fraud.

Bots?. Are the opposing players bots? Opponents operate in similar ways. If you quickly establish a lead it always ends up with you winning by killing the opponents. However if you don’t get an early lead and don’t dominate the game, no other player dominates the game either. So you end up with most of the players still alive. Also opponents play strangely. You can often move close to them if they are bigger than you and they don’t attack you for example. They seem to make certain decisions based on the circumstances. The game also seems to be in your favour such as it’s not too hard to chase down and absorb an opponent. However it’s fairly easy for you to escape a pursuer. Also the game seems to able to paused for a time and then started after a minute or so. Real time games don’t work like this. I’m not sure, perhaps people playing this don’t know how to play it well but the game seems a bit rigged in your favour.

Good fun. It’s not often I enjoy repetitive games, but I’ve taken I liking to this one. It’s simple and not too time consuming, so it’s easy to just jump on when you’ve got a spare few minutes. Minor issues involving laggy games and connectivity bugs, so it’s not too bad there. I like the skins that dropped a few days ago, except that I know I’ve played around once every four hours since then, which means I’ve been on everyday. But I’ve only got the first of the daily streak skins, and it says I’ve only done one day. Other than that, no issues

Fun, lots of ads, RAM and battery intensive. Fun and addicting game. Lots of ads unless you pay $4.50. I recommend using airplane mode or clicking double points every time. It should have a last-man-standing mode, that would be a great addition. I haven’t had any stability issues but some older devices may struggle when you get to high scores. Adding multiplayer instead of just bots would also be a lot better and add more variety and replayability.

To crowd city. I know you were going out and about it haha is a good game for the yin class where I was the people who were in love I would like me and the other person that would love was me I was like I had a great day and the day always makes you happy I would like it if it would work I like the game I like to see where it was like the other one game was fun I like to think it was fun but fun and it would like a lot more game would you.

RECOMMEND!! Drains Battery!!. The game is really fun and rarely glitches! Sure, there are a few ads, but that shouldn’t worry you as these are few and far between. Also, turning you data off will ensure no ads 👍 What I’d like to see is an option for longer game time as I commonly find myself wanting to continue and conquer the whole playing field. It would also be nice to see some use for the points rewarded. Played for twenty minutes and half my battery is now gone 😧

Wanted to write it. I don’t think that you should give us the choice at the end of doubling our points if we watch an ad, when we have to watch an ad any way. It is quite laggy and the controls do there own thing half the time. I do like the way how as soon as we press the start button we start straight away I like that!!! But I do not recommend this to very impasiont people since it is so laggy and here are a lot and when I say a lot I mean so so so so so much ads after every round there are adds and for me most the time before a round and I don’t like how we can cheat by watching an ad to get 10 extra people that is just like cheating. So please make there less ads. But other wise the app is ok but there are more down sides then up sides of the app. But other wise the app will do.

So addictive!. Absolutely love this game! Would love to see some improvements though. As soon as I bought the option to get rid of adds, the game also stopped me from getting new skins. Would love for this to continue on and also perhaps player can work on gaining so many points and players will be rewarded with more time to keep conquering. New settings/environment to wander around would be great too! Otherwise it’s a great game and love it to bits!!

Great Game But Too Many Glitches. I know I’m not the only person that thinks there are way too many glitches in here. Especially after the ads which are really annoying. The game gives you an option to get double the rewards by watching a video and then we have to watch a stupid video anyway! Don’t give us a choice if we have to watch it anyway. And that’s not all. After the ad, the game just freezes. Every single time!! Don’t get me wrong, I love this game sooo much. I downloaded but yesterday and I’m addicted to it. But if you could put in less ads and please fix the glitches, that would be great

Really fun and addictive but a little laggy. So I recently got this game and as soon as I got the hang of it, I was hooked. It’s just super satisfying when you gain someone else’s crowd you know?! The only reason I gave this game a 4 out of 5 is because sometimes it’s a little slow and freezes and sometimes quits in the middle of a game. I thought it might of been my phone as well so just ignore that if it is. (I have a 7 plus if that helps) So, if you are thinking about getting this game I would totally recommend Crowd City. Oh and I think we do need more time or like unlimited time would be good. I love the skins tho. 🤪🥴

Five star game. I think Crowd City is an amazing game! You can win lots of different skins and it is so fun to play! I have rated this game with five stars because I play this game nearly every single day.. I think the way it was made was awesome. You can verse lots of different people that can win or lose. When you have finished the game it will come up with a score board that will tell you who you have killed and who has won or lost! No matter how good you are at this game, just try hard and you will definitely get better! If you are thinking about getting this game, please do because it’s great! 😃

This game is awesome!!. This game is officially the best crowd game I have ever played! I love how when you run the crowd followes you and how you can take people with you to any area, but I’d love it even more if when your big and you turn a corner you don’t loose people, you can have different types of skins (e.g man wearing shirt) and that when your big you can break through things. (P.S i’m addicted to this game)

Really fun but I’m a bit annoyed. I got this game when I searched up no wifi games Because I don’t have wifi all the time, I was exited to get it I was playing it when I had wifi then when I wanted to start another match when I didn’t have wifi I needed wifi Like what??? I got this game because I did not need wifi Otherwise it’s a really good game

Addictive fun game but a few things to improve. Really enjoyable quick fun game where you use tactics to win! I’ve noticed that my phone overheats a fair bit when playing the game even when I close all other apps. I would also suggest doing leaderboards for ranks and also with the possibility of seeing your rank in the world vs continent vs country vs state - just to make it a bit more competitive!

Keeps crashing. The game is amazing. I like the game and all but when I am in the middle of playing it it crashes. It is very annoying and I hate it, I am pretty sure it crashes because of how many people there are but can you please fix it I would love to play the game without it crashing throughout the middle. There is also a lot of lag that is annoying and that causes the game to crash. If the crash did not happen 5 out of 5 stars it is amazing I like what you have to do I like the layout but if you could fix this that would have been batter. Please fix this 🙏🙏

Good game with good potential but not enough depth to make me stay. This game has the potential to be amazing but a few things make it not....firstly it is too short. You barely have enough time to explore the map and half time comes up, which itself is pointless. You should just make time unlimited and you have to kill all the other teams. Also, too many ads so I won’t be playing this game longer than I thought I would.

Ok :/. Crowd city is a fun, addictive and creative game that makes everyone want to keep on playing! But i found when i played this game that there were only bout 3 problems for me. If the creators of this game could update this game, crowd city would be outstanding!! 1. First of all the ads are in all games because you need to advertise but this game just has way to many! I get that you MUST include ads to advertise people to buy the app but we downloading this game to play crowd city not to watch ads every 30 seconds!! 2. I understand that winning is everyone’s passion but at the start of every game it has a 10+ sign and you watch an ad to get it but from my point of view some rounds i dont get that 10+ and i start on 2! I think think guy may have been hacking because he started on 100 not sure how that happened. 3. Lastly i hate the new update on the half time thingy. It really irritates me that when I’m playing then i half the half time ad it stops me from trying to kill people! But overall this game is marvellous, its got turns and twists that makes everyone want to keep enjoying crowd city :) Thanks!!

Best game. Hi name is pine apple face aka nick name I love this game because it is super duper awesome and you can run after who ever you want but I have one concern you should change it up a bit so you can choose what ever character you want and you don’t have to have a certain number to attack people and you can have as much people has you want ok ok thank over and out ps I wrote please please please please please please

ATTENTION PLS. Sorry for the title but this is important. This game is fun but I highly doubt that you are playing with real people. It’s not fun when you want to play which ur friends but ur playing with NPCs. However the game is fun when you are bored but you get tired of it really quickly. It uses a lot of storage. I wouldn’t recommend for eight year old+ It’s ok I think u should add skins and inviting a player to join you. I would also have things you can walk through that multiply ur number by three

2 minutes is too short. Loving the game but 2minutes is way to short! Please can you make a last man standing section where we can just keep playing with no time limit until we either become the last man standing or get taken over by another team (aka. Killed) So addicted to this game and would love it even more with this update. I can see I’m not the only one who feels this..

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Don't let them steal your info.. Mother of Ads. Ad every second and if you don't disable their privacy settings, they sell your info.

Need more levels. Fun game. Love the concept. Desperately in need of more levels. The same level gets old really, really fast!!

Ehh. It’s really glitchy when you get lots of people and it’s petty hard to control for a while 😕

Something wrong….. I love but i hate the fact that there is a timer its really annoying remove it plz

Good. Good is good overall but PLEASE get rid of the halftime!!!

Good game but SO MANY ads. Great concept but another game that basically forces you to spend money because of the number of ads.

Disappointing. Why there is so much add?

The time. Remove the time please

Good. Good fun game but too many adds

Ads, offline, short. Too many ads, no online gameplay, and it’s too short

Fun but super laggy. Really fun game to play but it lags and glitches like crazy. If it's not fixed asap then I will delete and not recommend to others.

Lag. Way too much lag. The character can get stuck running in one direction and you can’t correct it because of the lag and glitching.

Good. This is a decent game. However, it does need a survival mode where you can see how big you can become. Time based takes the fun out of it, especially when you developed a massive crowd of people.

1231442. It’s a very nice game but only two minutes make it boring !

It would be way better if. Please please please take out the timer🙏🙏🙏

Crowd city. Crowd city is the best I just got it e. jelejr

So much potential. Really has the chance to be a ton of fun, but as others have said the time limit takes a lot away from the game. I think it would also be way more fun if you were actually playing against other online players instead of bots. Please don’t quit on this game voodoo, I’ll be keeping it downloaded for awhile waiting for updates fixing the issues, but not worth playing at this point.

Great game. I love this game; I literally win everytime. There should be more options though, different game styles like an extended time, survival, etc. A leader bored would be nice & co-op would be sweet

Lagging. Game keeps lagging me and not letting me move for like 15 seconds which makes me die every time

Add in middle in the game !!. Ok i agrée whit add but not in the middle of the game is very pay to win .You should remove the add part when it in the middle of the game.Every time I lose the game because the add go in the middle of the game.This is why I put 1 stars because add in the middle of the game is bad .So you lose player because of that part .The only reason this app got a lot of five stars ⭐️ it because every five stars it a robots accounts.

I really like it. I like

I am disappointed.. This was one of my best games 7years ago. Right night I can not play good bcs every 2minutes I have ONE AD !!! It is completely imposible to play and enjoy at the same time. I feel that I waste my time!!! The worst is that people are getting paid just bcs I can not play (each time I see an ad).

Make a survival mode. Super fun but the rounds are to short. Make a survival mode where the last person standing wins.

Improvements needed. I think the game would be better if it was survival instead of time based. Also ranking and pvp would be a nice touch

Ads ads ads and more ads. There are so many ads it’s ridiculous! They have a “halftime” where they show you an ad. They show you an ad to get more time at the end. There are so many ads your watching ads more often than playing the game.

Sneaky. Once you realize the other players are actually just bots and not other people, the game loses all its fun. It’s also too short.

Time limit. This game is so fun but the time limit gets rid of the whole point. Maps need to be bigger. And 5 mins would be much better or even 7!

Ça la l’air faux. Le jeux nous laisse penser que l’on joue contre d’autre humains en multijoueur mais plusieurs chose nous prouve le contraire. Grosse perte de temps

Time. The time to play is not long enough

Love it!. Addicting game! The time limit on rounds should be longer

Crowd city. This game sucks!!!!!😡🤬😡🤬🤬🤬😡😡🤬

Slow. This game is too glitchy. Slow motion at times. Addictive if it ran smooth. Too many ads between games....annoying!

Can Voodoo make this game actually multiplayer?. The game is very fun, but I recently found out I’m just playing with lots of bots instead of real players, that explains why my win rate so high and other people seems so dumb. How I found out about this was I closed my iPhone in the middle of a game, but when I open up again 10 min later, I can continue with the game, and the player seems like nothing have happened. I tried this twice and gave me the same result. So can you guys make this actually multiplayer? So it’ll be more fun to play with! Thanks

…. Day 1: A Legend Was Born. Today: A Legend Goes Down In History.😢

Short. The game is to short

Bruh. Bruh bruh Bruh bruh Bruh Bruh

Great game. I love this game sooo much! The problem is that there is so many ads. But in general, the game is really good. I recommend it to whoever is reading this.

Same mistake as - Stop making it time based!. This game as well as need to stop being time based. Make it a complete free for all. PLEASE.

Fun. Really like the game. It’s fun. But so many ads during the game. No thanks.

Sneaky. This seems like it’s an online game but I’m pretty sure the other crowds aren’t players. Which made the game a lot less fun once I realized I was facing NPCs

Time!??. The fun begin when the time is over... :(

Love this game…... But lag

To much ads. The game would be playable if there was less ads you guys even added a halftime feature for a ad and the game is obviously offline and you still need to be on internet to play

Recommendation. We need to be able to move up in this game, different levels, have some what of a purpose when we play! Sincerely

Game would be very fun if ads weren’t longer than actual playtime. If you enjoy watching ads, this is the game for you. You might get 30 uninterrupted seconds of game play between ads returning multiple x-outs. Sad, would be fun otherwise.

Fun ads. Can’t wait to see what you actually do in the game after 2 years.

Won’t allow me to remove ads. I go to pay to remove ads and it takes me to another ad lol

Untimed play. The 2 minute timer is lame. Great game but I would much rather play survival. Just as my crowd is getting big I get cut off.

Used to be one of my favourites. I’ve really enjoyed this game but I hate how out of control the ads have gotten. Still a fun game though.

To short and very glitchy. It is way to short there should be more time and not so glitchy

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Cool game 😎. Crowd City is a simple, but fun game. It’s very fun to collect lots of people and flood the streets. I love all the different skins and colors. My only problem is that it’s kind of glitchy. The game is fine until I get to half time. The ad starts playing, but then the screen just goes black. This isn’t just a one time sort of problem. It happens every time. I finally just turned my WiFi off and that fixed the problem. It’s still a little annoying though because I can’t ever add extra time. I’m not saying all of this to bash the game. I truly do like it, and appreciate all the work that’s been put into it. I would just like this problem to be fixed. Thank you! Have a blessed day! 😉

Absolutely incredible!. Edit 1: To everyone “proving” that the players are AI because it’s the same names every time, it’s called staying in the same server. This is one of the best apps I have ever played! It offers a fun experience, whether you win or lose, and also keeps you hooked with the simple gameplay. I’ve heard some people complain that the game is just A.I, but there are clearly intelligent human beings with unique usernames playing along with you. The only thing I don’t like is (as par usual) the ads. Luckily, you can remove them all pretty cheaply. Make sure to tap the “No ads” button to activate it. Overall, I recommend this app! (P.S. If you see “Lord Bob” in your server, run.)

This game is on fire!😝. You’re in luck when you get to be in first place but bad luck when you die or get in last place! And my screen always gets frozen though. I hope it doesn’t happen to you. And I love when you get to choose a new character I’m trying to aim for The elephant. And you get to make your own name my name is firewall it’s funny and fears a lot of people say the people who you are against or robots with names but I don’t think it’s true. My secret hiding spot is hiding in between a tight slit in between the buildings so if you get this app you could use that to help you I don’t tell anyone else or everyone’s gonna know the hiding spot and you’ll have to find a new one and me of course👑💕👍🏻

Love the game, but.... I really enjoy this game! I’ve played it daily since I downloaded it, but that’s part of my problem. There are 3 different skins that you can acquire due to how many days you play consecutively. 1 consecutive day is a treasure box, 3 days is a spider skin, and 7 is a rock-man(?). I e played at LEAST 5 days in a row and have not gotten the one or three day skins. Another thing is the actual game play. I don’t understand why if you’re trying to grow your crowd, you would take away my characters because a larger crowd runs by me. If I go to ‘attack’ another crowd, THEY take MY players, and I’ve seen it done to other people as they tried attacking my crowd. I just don’t know how that makes sense. But it’s an overall fun game. Just some aspects that don’t make sense and are frustrating.

Would be 4 or 5 stars but.... I recently found Crowd City and it’s a lot of fun, when it’s working properly. I started noticing glitches before and during gameplay: 1) Trying to view a video at the beginning of the game to “increase your initial crowd size” you click on the “watch” button and it disappears but no video plays and your crowd size stays the same. 2) In gameplay, towards the end of the timer, a screen pops up asking you to watch a video to add 30 seconds to your timer and when you click on it the button it disappears and the game ends without giving you the additional 30 seconds. 3) I made the mistake of deleting the app from my phone and doing a reboot to see if the app would work once reinstalled. It works for the first game or two and the glitch starts again, but upon deleting the app you lose ALL of your progress and have to start from scratch. 4) Lastly, when your crowd goes into “frenzy” mode, which basically forms a huge ball and moves way faster, if you try to change the direction the ball is going it slows down almost to a pause and still continues in the wrong direction instead of going where you want it to go. This drains the gameplay timer and you lose potential points. It’s a good game, but those glitches need to be addressed for it to be a great game.

Crowd City. Hi! This game is really, really, really fun! It’s very engaging and entertaining. You can’t stop until you unlock a new character, or win the round or something. I really like this game. One thing, can’t you add something that you can earn and then get a boost or something? I’d love another Voodoo game. Can anyone make one for toddlers? Every single person in my house has Crowd City. Imagine if you were in a crowd like that! There are a few glitches, and there might be some trouble getting into the game or moving, but overall, this is a really great game! Thank you for putting effort into the makings. Whoever is taking some of their time to read this, have a especially very Merry Christmas! Bye! ( I write a lot of reviews so be sure to read them! Happy holidays! )

Great game! But half-life........... I LOVE the game! The skins are great! But one thing that bothers me Is the half-time and that there is a time limit... We should be able to go as long as we want! And the half-time has an ad play 😒. I love games without ads in weird places. If there are ads in weird places I don't play the game much. This game I know exactly when this ad is gonna come up so I'll still play it, I'll just get annoyed with the half-time. If there HAS to be a time limit, I wish it was longer. Well. The game is super fun! If your someone who is reading this and is thinking about getting the game, you should definitely try it! For people like that just beware of the half-time and time limit! 😊

Very fun!. I never write reviews, but this is a game I really enjoy. I agree with some reviews, the lag gets really, really bad at times. I find that closing and re-opening the app fixes it for a few games, but that’s annoying after a while. I’d also enjoy having game modes, but my main concern is the timeframe. I feel the game would be so much better if the time was more than 2 minutes. Also, having to watch adds for double rewards & +10 Followers is a little unfair, we pay $2.99 for no adds. (BTW; it’s not impossible to beat the game without +10 Followers, just difficult at times). There are a few tweaks to be done, but I want to stress that this game is addictive. This game definitely has a 5-Star potential.

This game is super awesome BUT. THE. ADS. ARE. OUT. OF. CONTROL. I understand that ads are one of the ways the free apps make their money, but having an ad after every single time you play the game or every single time you want to upgrade it is very very annoying and too much. Also, I wish there were a way that the little people could run faster whether that be by collecting little power ups or simply going as fast as our fingers are going on the screen. Like I said earlier, it’s a great (slick addicting) game that I love to play but if 3 out of the 5 minutes I’m trying to play it are taken up by back to back ads, and the other two minutes are from me taking forever to build my crowd.. I don’t have much of a game there. :/ Last, this is probably too advanced but I think it would be cool if you could make a profile and play with the people who you know actually have the game.

Used to love it. This is a great game if you only have a couple of minutes to play a game. It's fun. It's fast paced. Unfortunately, it plateaus, where once you've reached the highest level possible, there's nothing more to win/achieve (except maybe some more skins.) It is definitely against AI players that are predictable, so you do win 95% of your games, which is good fo the ego. I had previously rated this game 5 stars. HOWEVER. They recently added something called "Halftime". Why is there a halftime in the middle of a two-minute game, when you're already seeing an ad in between the games you're playing? It ruins the flow and obviously proves no purpose other than shoving yet another ad down your throat. Yes, I understand the need for advertising, but there were more than enough ads already. This Halftime thing is annoying, and if they don't remove it, I'm removing the app.

Really Good Game, One Major Problem.. I really like this game and it was addicting... While it lasted. Now, every time I try to boot it up, it never even gets past the Voodoo screen. It just stays black and crashes. This was a really fun game, please fix this! The only other thing I can come up with for this problem would be if the creators were updating it, but I’m not sure. Just please, please, fix this! It’s a major problem and needs to be changed. Also, one suggestion. After every game, there could be an amount of coins given by placement, and you would use this coins to buy upgrades such as 2X exp, more people to start with, faster movement, etc. Thanks for reading this, hope the problem gets fixed and this update is added!

Spectacular. It is a highly entertaining game and is addictive but not in a way that it kills you if you do not play; it is fair addictive and it is mostly enjoyable when other people in your room are playing it alongside (although you are not grouped with them) because you share the same emotions with them. I, also, love the fact that when you die, you are completely out because then you will want to remain alive even more! Another good factor, it does not lag, so the game is smooth, gladly! I am happy that it works without WiFi but I think we need an online, multiplayer version with rank; it will be great if you can compete against people, such as your friends and family, as it will heighten the excitement!

Crowdy City. I was not liking this version of it at first. I’m really use to the prior version that was on Facebook and I had a very very high total which did not carry over to this version, sadly! No knowledge was shared about the other version shutting down, which was not business like at all. You MUST keep your customers well informed, after all would you have this job if we all stopped playing?? This version had some kinks in it where you’d run the whole screen and not see anyone else to connect with, strange so I hope that was taken care of. I will surely inform you of any other things that may need kinking out.

It’s ok 👌. Well to start off with the idea of the game is nice but it has many bugs. This is why I gave the app a three start rating. Read more to find out about some of these bugs that I hope can get fixed in the near future. One bug is that I lost all my progress a little while ago even tho I was able to regain it later it was still frustrating. Another is that while playing if any of your players get stuck in between two buildings the computer will not keep them as your collected players. Instead it will glitch the back to normal players so it’s like you never collected any of them. It can be annoying as well as stressful I hope this can be fixed and all others are payed attention to. Thank You! Anyways I would like to say it is still a great and entertaining game. So why don’t you hit that download button right now!

Great game. I love this game so much! I love how you have to collect these white people. Another thing that I think is great would be you get to kill people that are smaller than you, you get even more people! I only don’t like 2 things. Number one the skins. The skins I guess are ok.....but maybe you could add something that looks a little more human like. And second sometimes when I kill everyone the number of people sometimes for me decreases. Sometimes this happens with the players , but it happens even when I am in first place. So if you could fix these 2 things it would be great! You should be proud for making this game!

Love the game! One question though.. For starters let me say I love the game. I first started playing one year ago on my uncles phone and now I have it on mine! It’s a fun, exciting game. One question though. Are the “players” real people or computer created drones. If they are it will be a huge disappointment because I love imagining the look of anger and surprise on people’s faces as they realize they have been killed by Alex Jamilton or Daisy Lady. Also I would like to be able to name my character whatever I want no matter how long the names are. In summary, I really like the even though it has a few flaws. 4 stars! One off for the “players” but overall a good game!

Cheating users on skins. This game states that skins can be obtained by playing multiple days in a row or BUY them. However the log never updates past two days forcing a user to buy the skins. I can provide screen shots showing the day count of two for multiple days in a row. This is wrong. The developer needs to fix it. This app should be removed whole cheating users but Apple takes absolutely no responsibility for what happens to users in these games. They do however take the profit off of the games cheating users. This is shameful. Hire people to help monitor apps and check into long-standing complaints logged by multiple users, Apple. So frustrating.

Great start. Please finish it now.... Even as it is, this game is extremely addictive and fun to play. That being said,...there is only one level, and one mode of gameplay. That alone isnt such a big deal due to how differently each round tends to play out. No two rounds ever play out the same, and that Ives it a lot of replay value. My only real issue with the game is that it just doesn’t feel finished. This is due largely to the fact that there is no sound effects or music. At all. Not even in game menu sounds. Nothing. Graphically, it could also use more polish, or at least better character animations, however I’d be happy to just have sound. For all that, I did pay the three dollars to disable the ads, and also as as a show of support to what could easily be a really great 5 star game if more work was put into it....

Love the idea!. This game is a lot of fun! I became so addicted to it! However, I’m craving a bit more. How fun would it be to play against actual people? I think having the option to play against the computer or live would make things more interesting! Different gameplay options would be great, too! Such as, Last Man Standing. Instead, the only option is a timed round. Another suggestion I have is being able to unlock different locations. Which I feel would encourage people to continue to play in the hopes of reaching new levels. After a while, it becomes the same old thing over and over. I love the concept of the game and it’s fun to play to pass the time! But, I do need a bit more. I can’t wait to see what sort of upgrades will be implemented into this game. Hope to see them soon!

Great game! AI is a little annoying.... I love this game! It’s a great way to kill time and it’s also very satisfying. I do have just a couple issues, though. First of all, as said in many other reviews, the AI you compete against while playing is very frustrating and, although it offers no real competition, also makes it hard to capture the other crowds. I’m not going to say any more on the subject; the other reviews cover it. Secondly, also as mentioned, there are way too many ads. It’s very frustrating. Thirdly, just as a suggestion, I think it would be fun if there were other game modes... maybe one where you have to be the last crowd standing. Other than that, I love this game and would totally recommend it!

HUH??. FIRST OF what the FREAK. First time playing in a while and what do i come back to ?!?, Absaloute garbage 👏👏👏👏 . Real rating is a TWO . The quality went DOWN it looks like im playing a clickbait ad! And what?! Theres “HALFTIME” what the heck that was not there before, it is an excuse to earn more money. Ive seen complaints of the reset progress issue?? That is just not fair to the people that actually put up with your game , you literally said 👋 to their hard work. NEXT, why do we only start off with ONe person?!? Used to be much more with a better chance of growing more . Lastlyyyyyyyyyyyyy too 👏 much 👏 ads . Never in my entire life span have i seen a simple game like this not have a butload of ads just coming out of NOWHERE ... in conclusion your game said 📉📉📉 gobYe

Needs major improvement. This was fun at first but it got boring and died faster than fetty waps career. The “matches” are about 2 minutes long so when time is up you lose how big you were and you have to start another game. You play against bots not actual people. After every game you’re infested with ads so unless you want to waste time you have to restart the whole app. It does nit feel like there’s any thing to work on. You get stars for completing games which makes you start with more numbers but whatever your number is all the bots start with the same as you do it’s pointless to grind fir stars. Unless they apply some major changes this will only be a one time and then uninstall type of game.

Is it just me?. ((The rating doesn’t say anything about how this game actually is)) This game is fun at first, but it’s really laggy and almost every time I finish a game, it gives me an ad that when I press the close button, it stays up. I’m also having a lot of trouble trying to actually load into the game. When I try, it stays on the loading screen for 5+ minutes, and between that time, there are SOOOOO many adds that pop up. It was like it wasn’t even a game anymore, just advertisements for OTHER games. But I don’t know, if you feel you could get past those minor issues, I’d think you might enjoy the game.

Too many adds. I took off one star because I hate the halftime it makes you watch an add at halftime and them 1 minute later you have to watch another add when the round is over so you watch a thirty second add every minute. Also you can be having a great time and about to eliminate a player and then you get a half time and the player gets the chance to move a little and possibly get away that can be so angering. If you take out half time it will make the game a way more enjoyable experience. I took off the second star because it is so obvious I am playing with AI, all of the “players” wait if you step away from the game for a couple seconds. You need to make it to where we can play with real players it would make the game much better.

You’re playing AI not real people. This is a great game and a lot of fun until you realize you’re actually playing against computers/bots instead of real people. This is why there is no server or “searching” for players. Your immediately thrown into a game already created with other players names. I did experimenting and followed a lot of the “players” with a much less number and they won’t ever turn around to come after you. I also noticed that every “player” bounces off of walls and runs into corners coincidentally. This is why a lot of the players get trapped into corners, their only bots, nothing more. I hate it for the developers, because this game has a lot of potential, but playing against AI is boring. I finish in first in almost every game with six kills, that’s what popped up the red flag for me that they weren’t real players.

Meh. I will say it’s satisfying to win when you can. Otherwise if you want to earn new skins (that costs $0.99 if you don’t want to wait btw) and it says you have to log in 7 consecutive days,It takes a lot longer. I’d like to know how long they think a day lasts because I’ve been on every day for about two weeks and I’m still waiting for the one of the skins that said that. if you’re looking for something mindless to help you relax when you’re trying to sleep this will help. I wouldn’t spend any money on it at all though. And by the way if you’re looking for a way to give them feedback or contact customer service there is no way to do that either. I guess considering it’s a free app and the skin would be free for logging in I shouldn’t complain much. I just believe in truth in advertising. And it also could be a new company that doesn’t have a customer service department. So all I’ll say is buyer beware.

Very Addicting! But needs a little more. I love this game! I downloaded it just earlier today and I’m already super addicted to it! I love that there are so many different “skins” to unlock! BUT, I would love to see different types of playing options. Instead of it always being a timed game, what about a Last Man Standing kinda game? Play until there is only one person left. Or even a personal version, where it’s timed and you have to try to get as many people in that time frame as you can to unlock other prizes? It is a super fun game and I hope to unlock the rest of the skins!! But I really hope they make an update very soon with new versions of gameplay! Or else I will get to bored of this same thing over and over and I’ll end up deleting the game.

Ad simulator???. So I had this game in 2018, it was SO addictive that I would play it till 1-2 am. Now, there is a half time point, where you can either watch an ad to get bigger, or cancel it to watch an ad anyway. Me being completely honest, there is much more ad time then game time. It is super irritating because this game was great before halftime, even if you get an ad every 2-3 games. Please remove the halftime, there’s no point. I’d even be ok with it if you kept half time and made it so that when you push continue you wouldn’t get an ad. Even better, just put a little yellow, red, other, pop-up in the top corner and that would be great. My point is, reduce the amount of ads. That would make this game great again and decrease the amount of bad reviews. I will be waiting for a response or an update. Your disappointed friend, Mya

Update added cool stuff but game is broken. First off, I loved this game and was excited with the updates. They added a lot of cool features. But then the game went downhill faster then the Ruskies in Red Dawn. Has you level up you gain people to increase your crowd at the beginning of the game. The bots also start with more has you level up. Now that I have 20+ people, the bots start off with 20+ but within second they drop to 1 due to the fact their crowd doesn’t follow them. Now it’s impossible to lose the game unless I blindfold myself and play Birdbox style. Also, you unlock skins as you complete accomplishments. The very -cool-super-awesome-spectacular one I have to wait patiently for has been stuck at “Played game consecutively for 4 out of 7 days”. This is giving me flashbacks of checking my mailbox for my new LEGO set that I had to wait 2-34 weeks for. Please fix. Oh and add multiplayer like the other Voodoo(Boo-do?) games please. ‘Kay thank you

MAKE THIS A REAL CHALLENGE. this game was really fun for me at first, because i enjoy winning and i was coming in first place every time i played. when i realized i was playing against bots instead of other online players, i lost interest. it’s fun at first but it just becomes too easy, making it boring. also, when the round was over and it asks if you want to double the reward by watching a video, even if you decide not to double your reward it will still play an ad. not sure if it doubles your reward still, or if they’re just showing you an ad. either way it’s bothersome. i’m keeping the game in hope that they will create an online version with no limit to the amount of people you can gather, or at least something along the lines of that. bots are no fun.

addictive but triggering. hi! i just wanted to inform you on some very needed updates and fixes for this app. as this game is soso addicting i have obviously become amazing at it and im so happy to have downloaded it. the issue i have is that i have become so good that I end up killing everyone and winning with around 800, unfortunately i have achieved the astonishing goal of 900 to only be deeply upset when i saw my number go back down to 500. as i absolutely love this game with all my heart i find it completely depressing that i am not able to reach my full potential of gaining over 900. my anger and disappointment is so strong that the only way i believe my broken heart will be fully repaired is to fix this huge issue of not being able to go over 900 or grant me with no ads for free. if u choose to do the 2nd option my name is “abbytheamazing” obviously as i have become the most amazing player at this game. thank u for address my concerns and i hope that you have an AMAZING (u get it) rest of your day🙂

SO MANY THINGS TO DESCRIBE THIS GAME!!!!!!!. There are so many things to describe this game. For one, amazing. I love how you don’t need internet to play! I can play whenever I want and wherever I want. Another thing to describe thus game is: Fun. This game is the definition of fun. Yes, it can get a bit boring some times when your sick of playing it for today. So you can take a break from the game. Usually I don’t get bored. It’s like “your head is always stuck in a book,” my head is always stuck on the screen. Haha There are barely any ads. I love that. I don’t usually write reviews but I just had to this time. I needed to tell everyone that you NEED to get this game. Thank you everyone for reading this. I appreciate it deeply.

Ridiculous too much of ad.. my rating is 1 star. I had paid $3 to remove the ad, but still you have to watch the f* video to get extra time. (3 times, each time extra 30 seconds) Why do I need the extra time? It’s nothing about the difficult level, it’s just about experience. The game is only 2:00 each run, in this short period you don’t have enough time to grow your crowd, and soon it’s game over. I don’t care if I can get to next level, I just want to experience crowd of hundreds people. But you can’t since timeout! And you need to watch the f* ad video to get another 30 seconds. However, that extra 30 seconds you still have to watch the entire boring video. That is ridiculous for a paid user.

Fun,Fun, FUN! 😜. My cousin inspired me to play this game. It all started today, Monday, December 10, 2018. I was on my phone watching my cousin when we were in North Carolina and he was playing this game. I was saying “That looks fun” and he said “it is “. So I downloaded the game and here I am already writing a review! Anyway I just wanna day this game is extremely fun and I totally recommend it. All you have to do is just move toward white colored people and you try to start a crowd. If you have more people in your crowd than other people’s crowd you can run into them and steal their people, but if they have more than you you can’t take from them but they can take from you. I hope 🤞 you play sometime soon! , Stella

Awesome app with glitches. I love this app. I love it to the point of waking up at 3:00 AM to play it. But there are also some minor glitches in this game that makes me kinda ticked off. For example, when you click the button for a double reward, sometimes you watch an ad, but your double reward is NOWHERE to be seen. All you have is your original reward. Basically saying that you just watched maybe the most annoying ad on Planet Earth ( once the ad keeps popping up in ur apps ) and literally got nothing from it except maybe a bad mood for the rest of the day. And this is just one of the few things that I’m annoyed about in this game. But overall, I srsly recommend this game to anyone who is wondering if he or she should get it or not. It is rly addicting.

Fun, But Could Be Better. The concept of this game is a great idea, and it’s very satisfying and addicting to play. I was disappointed to soon realize that I wasn’t killing real players, but I was only killing bots. It would be great if there was an online mode implemented into this game. There is some pretty bad FPS lag that happens once there are 100+ players, and sometimes it gets so bad that your players barely even are able to move anymore. Also, there is another glitch when you get to about 750+ players in your crowd, randomly 100 are taken away. I have gotten so close to achieving the world record several times, but I notice that the players in my crowd are decreasing even when I am the only player left in the game.

Please Update with More Levels and Skins!!. This is a really fun game. I love all the skins and different challenges to earn them and level up. I already reached the top level so I’d love to see an update that extended the levels and added more skins. Maybe add some that have special abilities like moving faster or repel another player that’s trying to absorb you. My only issue with it is that the game doesn’t recognize that I’ve played consecutive days. Even though I’ve been playing for a few weeks now, I still haven’t earned one skin bc it says I’ve only played 3 consecutive days and it needs 7. Fix the glitch, add more skins and levels and it could be even more awesome!!

Hi. First, I do like this game bc I played it on my parents iPad when I was 7 of so, and back then, there were less ads, and also none of this ‘halftime’ garbage. But there are some improvements. Some being that after three kills, you get to be a giant person sphere and roll around fast and quickly destroy others. Using this ball, you can even kill first place with no losses if the ball lasts long enough, which you can upgrade. You can also get a magnet effect to draw in some more people at the start of the game, and gain some followers every hour.(followers are the games in-game currency) also, you can easily stop the ads by turning on airplane mode. Edit: another improvement is that there are sometimes big people that give 3 or 5 more people.

Fun game but.... Its really fun, but once everyone starts chasing each other or a few people have over 100 followers, it gets really laggy and glitchy to the point you’re running in place and the next you’re somewhere else on the map. Lastly, too many ads. Its literally an add everytime ypu continue to the next page or something. Even the Hole game only had add after a couple games. If you want a good review, fix the lag and glitches, put less ads. But if you give the option to pay for no ads, the game better not be laggy if we pay for it. Cuz once the point of paying for something if doesn’t perform the way it should. If its still laggy, people will deal with ads, slowly forget about the game cuz of lag and ads and then you’re stuck with a one hit wonder app

Questionable. It was fun for while winning, using different skins and using funny names to match your skins til one time I had to turn off my phone during a match. Totally forgot the app was on til I turned my phone off about 20 min later to find out the match was still going on. I was confused because the matches aren’t normally that long but I went along with it. They moved as if they were human controlled but as usual easy to kill. So I decided to do some test starting matches and turning off my phone for a few minutes before I turn my phone in to play. I’m 100% convinced that the whole time I’ve been playing, it was only against bots and never another human. They made it seem like you we’re competing against other actual players but now it made sense why the other suppose players weren’t trying to dodge or simply just running into you every time. Waste of time playing this if you’re wanting to compete against other players for fun or to be serious.

Fun To Play, Frustrating to Buy. I’ll lay it out there right away, this game is so much fun to play if you have the right personality for it. I loved playing it casually so much that I decided to purchase it — partially to remove the ads and partially because I wanted to reward the developers for making something truly fun and unique. And that’s where the fun ended. First the app went right ahead and took my money with no problems but then wouldn’t reunites that I had paid. So it continued to show me ads even though that’s technically what I paid for. After several notes to the developers that got fixed. But then I quickly realized that once you purchase the ad free version, they increase the difficulty of the game so much that if you want to stand a chance at winning, you have to watch ads when you start a level to get the level up. And that’s what this good game turned into ... an advanced form of clickbait.

The best player in the game. I love this game it is so fun because you know I always win I am so good at it I like dying to run out to your people and then just demolish them once you have a bigger number than any other people you see on your screen and go out to the people that have a lower number one do you have the higher number than anyone else does go after them after you do that you will this be the best player in the game what a game so good I just I even love the part where I could just I kill you in this game I can just do anything in this game if you tries to build me a beat you I’m telling you is the best game so good so fun you know it’s like old are you but better I like this game definitely get it does my good review you should get it

Some glitches and I want it more competitive. My real rating is three I put five to you could see it. First, So every once in a while it will just pause............. and you’ll stop moving but the opponents keep moving and I’m just like WHAT THE HECKKKKKKKKK Second, I like to kill everyone on the server..... and so I’ve always watched the ad to get thirty for seconds. But lately I’ve been watching the ads and it never gives me my thirty extra seconds!!! And I’m just like AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH third, I think there needs to be a way to Win like a power up or something. That you can have in the side of your screen and press to use. Lastly, when I kill ever in the map....... guess what happens....... SEVEN MORE PLAYERS SPAWN WITH LIKE 100 PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!! That bothers me very much. I think that you should win the game when you kill all they players!!!!! That would be so much more fun!!!! Also I know this is not a multi player game the rest of people are robots but could you at least make them harder to beat?!?! They will walk right past me and not care that they can easily kill me! Please make the game more competitive

Fun for a second the bombarded with adds. Number 1 First off I put 5 stars so I can get noticed my actual rating would be 2 it’s fun and then halftime comes and you have to watch adds then once you’re done with adds you start playing again like normal games then when it ends you have a choice to watch an add to play for an extra 30 seconds and when you’re done you have to watch an add to keep playing number 2 the lag the lag makes It hard to play when you have like 50 or 100 people you can barely move That’s all the problems I have with the game but if they didn’t put to much forced adds it will be a decent game

Great game and some tips to help. So if you love the game but hate the ads I have a solution! So if you didn’t already know the players are AOL’s so you can be offline and you still can play! The ads can be very annoying and you don’t wanna pay the game money because you’re too young or just don’t want to waste money and you never do ads to double or begin with more players this will save you! And this trick can work with any app that needs no WiFi! You go to settings and turn on airplane mode! It turns of service so if you do have service it doesn’t still get you! When you do this it doesn’t let calls and texts through so every few games you can check to see if anything is happening!

Tried It Loved It!. Definitely tryout this game it is addicting and costs nothing! Excited to see more in the future hopefully there will be a day you can compete against friends both starting with 1 or something and make it a 4 on 4 or possibly more! I agree about changing the timed event to at least 3 minutes, I think people forget there’s a scoring system for whom can get 2bd place by having more people than the other in the end! Those who cry because of the ads, don’t listen to their crying it’s a free game to kick back and have fun. It’s nothing different play a game watch a 30 second ad just like watching your favorite shows or movies with ads at the beginning or middle! Definitely better to play on WiFi!

SO MANY ADS. Every time to you play a game you will get an ad. If you want to watch ads all day this is the game for you. You also have to watch ads if you want to be bigger when you start which is a necessity in order to win. You are forced to watch an ad every time you finish a game. Not to mention if you have an iPhone X or higher the “done option” is in the corner and it won’t register that you are tapping done because you are basically tapping your clock and it’s not reading that you are done watching the ad. So now you have the exit the game to play another match. Also you can play this game off line. It’s all AI so you aren’t playing against other people. Just other bots. If we were actually able to play against people it would be a bit better but you still have to deal with ads the whole time.

Used to be fun. There are quite a few possible improvements that could be made to not only improve the game but return it to the fun game it was originally. The main problem currently is that the game play time is too short from start to finish while being interrupted by ads. I like the concept of this game but it is no longer the fun it once was. Come on, developers; you have deteriorated the game in favor of ads. I will soon stop checking game play and, without improvements, I will reluctantly remove Crowd City. Fortunately there are dozens of worthy games available. Update: There has been no effort by the developers to act on the several worthy game improvement suggestions made by me and several others. I’m sure they won’t care, but, as they say, I’m out. Update 2: I reiterate my criticism and that of others. One gets quickly bored with this game; ad time noticeably exceeds the too-short game play time. I finally must say “bye bye”.

REMOVE HALFTIME ADS. I downloaded this game yesterday and was fine that every minute it made you have ads it was kinda of a break. But today I started up the game played some rounds, but then it started getting VERY ANNOYING!!! I would be first and 5 more seconds and would have gotten this person, BUT NO HALFTIME COMES AND SLAPS AN AD RIGHT IN MY FACE!!! Then after the ad the person who was previously surrounded by my 400 people now escapes and gets more people. What the heck!!! If you are going to put ads put them after the game when I don’t care as much. Question: Is this just me or do you lag out sometimes during ads? That might be just me but I wanted to ask anyway. Great game, but please REMOVE HALFTIME ADS!!!

Ads are a huge pain. The game is alright, it’s a way to pass the time. Each game lasts 2 minutes. Almost every time you play you have to watch an ad before and after the quick game, and now they’ve added a “half time” where the game abruptly stops halfway through to play another ad!! There is an option to watch an extra ad before starting the game to “get bigger” but even if you don’t do that, it plays an ad anyways!! I never use the option because it’s easy enough after you level up and start with extra characters in your “crowd” and even without any extra options I’m watching ads for more time than I’m playing the game!! I’ve been playing this for a while, but the half time bs is about to make me delete. It destroys the flow of the game and takes the last bit of fun out of it 😒

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 12+ years and older
Current Version 2.7.3
Play Store io.voodoo.crowdcity
Compatibility iOS 13.0 or later

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The application Crowd City was published in the category Games on 22 November 2018, Thursday and was developed by Voodoo [Developer ID: 714804730]. This program file size is 177.69 MB. This app has been rated by 1,025,127 users and has a rating of 4.7 out of 5. Crowd City - Games app posted on 02 October 2023, Monday current version is 2.7.3 and works well on iOS 13.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: io.voodoo.crowdcity. Languages supported by the app:

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