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Become the biggest crowd in town!
Gather people accross the city and crush your opponents with your overwhelming leadership!

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The applications Crowd City was published in the category Games on 2018-11-22 and was developed by Voodoo. The file size is 239.23 MB. The current version is 1.2.14 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Minor bugfix

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Needs multiplayer  CBeilby604  3 star

The game, while very addicting, needs a true multiplayer patch. I love running around and watching my crowd get bigger. It is very fun to play and seeing my crowd go from 20 to 1000 is very satisfying but after a while I had to quit a game and when I returned an hour later my game resumed where I had assumed the match would have ended due to time running out or my team being assimilated but the match resumed right where it left off. This game gives off a live multiplayer illusion and the AI soon becomes predictable. It would be much more fun if I could play against other players in real time.


Make games longer  xaandyy  3 star

I bet at least 80% of the other players and I would like an option to change how long matches are💯💡🤔


Ho Hum afterYeeHaw!  Gitarjake  2 star

I played this game non-stop until I got tired of it timing out on me all the time. If they ever update it to true multiplayer and let you finish off all your opponents I’ll play it; and maybe buy it to get rid of the ads.

Vinny Vicious

Great game!  Vinny Vicious  4 star

This game is really fun and well made. The only thing I would like to see is a mode where you play till only one player is left. Instead of it timing out.

thicky bickey

I hate ittttt  thicky bickey  1 star

I hate itttttttt soooooooooooooo much

by Cooper Guise

Amazing game  by Cooper Guise  5 star

I absolutely love this game it’s also Time passing which is very good for me

savage monkey050

Great game  savage monkey050  5 star

It has a great way of like getting characters is a good game on the go in a time when your board I truly love this game


Love This Game ❤️❤️❤️  Sushi09🍣  5 star

This Game is soooo addicting I would Recommend this to anyone You Can earn more Skins by doing Challenges And I like that but this is All my opinion So you Should try it for your self


The game is great but..  cathhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh  3 star

The game is fun but I wish there were other game modes. Please add more!


Entretenido  Ly-ly23  5 star

Me encanta, muy entretenido

Searley Bear

So many ads!  Searley Bear  1 star

You’re inundated by them. The actual game is good but easy to win and there are no levels so once you’ve played it a couple of times there’s not really any point. The game never changes or challenges you.


Nothing to achieve  jdhshsyisos  1 star

Game is way too short. Ends after just 2 minutes. Achieve nothing in the end. Just constantly watching ads.


Addictive  Scardust1111  3 star

A little glitchy and disappointing u dont verse other actual people, you just verse the computer/app. Why even make names up when its just you vs the app. Points system seems a bit pointless too. When u go up in level it seems so does the “opponents”, which makes it moot as to you gaining more people. U may as well all start at 1. Besides this, its good. Oh but some music or sounds and extra maps would be good


Ripped off  HuCHiZHauS  1 star

Why did i pay $4.49 for no ads but still have to watch an ad every turn. Put in a puzzle or test to get the extra starter men. No Ads should mean NO ADS!! 😡

angry bods

cool  angry bods  5 star

it is awesome


Greens  WilliamJamesJ  5 star

I’m recuiting people to protest.


Crowd city  fhxghrhuuft  5 star

I love your game every time I play I usually come first but sometimes come second or third by the way my name is ally and I live in la USA and I am a tomboy I love rugby and soccer and after those activities I can come home and play crowd city I have shared the news with all my friends and they love the game thanks for you taking your time to read this a thank you for making your game I have given it five points!


Croud city  Finnywinnyinny  5 star

Omg it is so addictive, best game ever!😱😍


It is so much fun  hsvehdcev  5 star



Crowd city  zoey.maafi  5 star

It’s realaxing

Kantra 2001

Couple of bugs with achievements.  Kantra 2001  2 star

I love this game! Very addictive. But having played it every day since I got it I have not unlocked the “play consecutively “X” days” achievements. Please let me know how to get them. Update: got the first play “x” days but second and third are still locked and should have been unlocked a long time ago.


i love this game so much thanks  hdrtdudjehud  5 star

the game is awesome


MORE GAME MODES!!  pinkkittycsr97  5 star

Love the game so much just wish there was more game modes. Like unlimited times/last to survive


All it does is freeze  Shadesofcaitlyn  1 star

Literally all it does is freeze fix it voodoo

UnRared Youtube

Takes to long to download  UnRared Youtube  2 star

10 hours later 1%

gjvfs. bbg

Best game ever!!! So addicting!!! #1 recommendation!!  gjvfs. bbg  5 star



Awesome app  hdjdkdiofjfofjkfjfkfindh  5 star

It’s not really a real crowd experience but it’s a really fun game I love it it’s my favorite game besides roblox


Ads  lukeskywalker702YT  1 star

A lot of ads


Bro I’m just getting started  83736373  5 star


photomath is the best

Best game ever  photomath is the best  5 star

Best game ever I really love this game so much because it fun and I win a lot because it is easy for me


Great game  BrandenIngram  5 star

Great game I love it so much so much fun if there was a 6th star then I would rate it 6 stars😀👍


Amazing game, few problems  Rtutty03  4 star

This game is utterly addictive from the first play!!!!! It can fill hours of boredom with fun. It can be very glitchy though and sometimes I get stuck on the leaderboard page, however would highly recommend!!!!

zigzagoon glich

So dealing good!!! But.....  zigzagoon glich  5 star

It’s so freakin good!!! But the thing is there to many ads and bugs so if you can fix 5at I’d be happy :)

callum finnerty

Crowd city  callum finnerty  5 star

Brilliant game


Fake multiplayer  dingo4444888  1 star

There is not a chance that this is a real multiplayer game. It is too easy to win, too many bad players.... clearly AI bots!

Harley Quinn👑☠️

Thank u  Harley Quinn👑☠️  5 star

This game is so addictive and really fun and everyone should have it👍🏻👌🏻also sub to pewdiepie


Really enjoyable  irishgal778  5 star

Great game, really enjoy it!!!

Monty Montgomery

Zombies  Monty Montgomery  5 star


colm kill

More time  colm kill  3 star

An exter 15 seconds would make it better


If you love ads, you will LOVE this games  Bazzy79  1 star

If you love ads, you will LOVE this games. There’s loads of ads at every opportunity and they even have the option to pay to remove ads but still there’s loads of ads. The game itself is great. It’s very addictive and fun. I’m not a huge fan of ads though so I knocked 4 stars off rather than smash my phone off a wall just to stop all the ads.

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