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What is flappy dunk app? Tap to jump into as many hoops as possible.
Collect skins and achieve crazy challenges.

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Find this site the customer service details of Flappy Dunk. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company. https://appsupports.co/1235581326/flappy-dunk/contact

Flappy Dunk Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Flappy Dunk Version 1.9.106 May 2022

• Stability improvements • Bug fixes.

Flappy Dunk Version 1.925 January 2022

• Stability improvements • Bug fixes.

Flappy Dunk Version 1.8.121 September 2021

• Stability improvements • Bug fixes.

Flappy Dunk Comments & Reviews 2022

- Flappy Dunk is Life

This app is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I had been journaling about this day, the greatest day of my entire life, the day I would find the perfect app for me. This app completed my life’s journey, it brought out the best in me, helped me to become a better human being. I can still remember the exact moment in time when the life changing ad unexpectedly popped out of nowhere onto my screen. As the incredible ball floated across the screen, flying through hoops left and right, tears streamed down my cheeks, tears of happiness and joy. I then whispered to myself quietly and peacefully, “This is the one.” The triumph was overwhelming, I could hardly type in my Apple ID password without fainting. I spent the next 3 and half weeks, sitting in my gaming chair, located in the center of my bedroom, with all of the blinds shut, so I could remain in total concentration. It was a miracle I didn’t die, a miracle sent from the one and only Flappy Dunk himself. To this day, I fit at least 8 and a half hours of playing time into my schedule. Flappy Dunk and I will forever be connected. This app has always been there for me had my back. Flappy Dunk is the best friend I have ever had. In conclusion, this app changed my entire life’s journey, for the better. The. End.

- Flappy dunk is okay

Flappy dunk is a fun Gaming now but it wouldn’t be my first choice of a game never have no Internet and I’m bored of all the other games I choose flappy dunk even though I’m not the best at flappy dunk I still think the game is OK I saw like three reviews on Flappy Dunk and they were kind of personal about the real emotions of flappy dunk so I was like why not have my real emotions about flappy dunk please no one take this to heart because they kind of took the other ones to heart like literally they were saying that flappy dunk is your life like flappy dunk is not a life or anything I just wanted to write my review and that is my opinion about flappy dunk. The. End enjoy and if you’re wondering why I gave it a four is because like I don’t know I just wanted to get an a for because like it’s not the best game in the whole wide world I like the game but it’s just not my favorite of them all because well like I do like playing basketball and it is a basketball game but that’s like the plus to it and I like the skins in the hoops in like the challenges that you can play and I am also D wings which I like but it’s just not my first choice and put picking personally because I like other games to And ya i think that this is way to long so i’m about to end it the end the story of flappy bird and my whole opinion not that it matters I just wanted to tell you lol hehe bye for real this time.........


This app is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I had been journaling about this day, the greatest day of my entire life, the day I would find the perfect app for me. This app completed my life’s journey, it brought out the best in me, helped me to become a better human being. I can still remember the exact moment in time when the life changing ad unexpectedly popped out of nowhere onto my screen. As the incredible ball floated across the screen, flying through hoops left and right, tears streamed down my cheeks, tears of happiness and joy. I then whispered to myself quietly and peacefully, “This is the one.” The triumph was overwhelming, I could hardly type in my Apple ID password without fainting. I spent the next 3 and half weeks, sitting in my gaming chair, located in the center of my bedroom, with all of the blinds shut, so I could remain in total concentration. It was a miracle I didn’t die, a miracle sent from the one and only Flappy Dunk himself. To this day, I fit in at least 8 and a half hours of playing time into my schedule. Flappy Dunk and I will forever be connected. This app has always been there for me had my back. Flappy Dunk is the best friend I ever had. In conclusion, this app has changed my entire life’s journey, for the better. The. End.

- This game is so unprofessional

Look- I’m sorry but this game only loses customers, but providing adds that people CAN see then want to buy those games I’m sorry but this isn’t a good game some of the challenges are in fact impossible no matter how many times me and my work colleagues have tried it this game deserves a bad review but it also can help develop strategies for others so at the same time I do indeed love this game with 1/3 of my heart, I find that funny! I really hope this game can live on and fixes all the bugs but I still wanted to say this is a good game ignoring what I said before i also respect everyone else’s opinions about this game wether they thing this game is good or bad I can see that people have different perspectives and personalities- so in conclusion to that I thing that part of the reason I don’t like this game is that it frustrating to not get it in the hoop! But other then that this game is lovely and wonderful, I am very glad that game has been sent out for all the little ones all the older ones and middle ones have been able to enjoy this game! I have a lot of work during the day getting ready for many of the jobs I have been preparing for so it is also possible that it piles on stress so if I really honest this game deserves a 3 or 4 rating so I recommend all of y’all out there get flappy dunk! Sincerely, fellow flappy dunk player jk I LOVE this game

- My name is Hanna and this is a great game!:)

This game is so great because you can pass tones of levels that are challenging and a endless game mode we’re y ok can try to get a higher level and beat that level every time my highest score is 370 right now and it takes me a while because I have to get a lot of swishes in a row and try to pass harder hopes as you play, you can collect lots of different cool fun balls, hoops, wings and even different color fires for every time yup get a swish for your ball my favorite is the watermelon ball with the green wings and hoop also matching green fire it all matches and it looks so cool my little cousin always tells me that he wishes he can pass as much swish’s as me in a row! Lol I would totally recommend this game also I am a real person just loving this game so much that I wanted to take my time to comment!:) But I do not know why this game says only for ages 12 and up because this is nothing at all bad on their and the only thing you can do is makes shoots in the baskets/ swishes it is very cool and I would make this app if I could for all ages check it out your self parents it is completely harmless :)

- Little Bug with the flames... VERY addictive, however

Whenever I have no internet, or just bored with other games, the first thing I do is open Flappy Dunk. I compete with my brother to see who can complete the most challenges and who can unlock skins first. I have unlocked every skin, wings, and hoops and completed all challenges. Within the day that the “Flames” updates was uploaded, I have unlocked all flames except for this one that is bugged. The green flame that requires 40 skins unlocked to be played with. At first, the green flame requirement said I had 55 skins unlocked, though it requires 40. I unlocked the other 6 flames, then it said I unlocked 61 out of 40, rather than being usable. I had a similar bug with another flame (Forgot which color) that required a certain amount of challenges completed (Forgot how much). It didn’t say how much I completed, but I completed all 100 challenges before the update. So I just completed Challenge 1, and that flame unlocked. I would love for this bug to be fixed. I really want that green flame, as it’s the only thing I need to unlock. (I have 61 out of 62). And thank you for uploading such a great game on the App Store.

- Do not play if you are angered easily

This game is very fun and over a while I have collected all skins, wings, hoops, and flames. I have also beat all challenges, even in mirror mode. At the time of writing this my record is 174 in endless. By far the hardest challenge is definitely “Achieve 15 swishes in a row” which was my last challenge I ever completed and it was so satisfying to complete it. As of writing this review I have to advise people that have anger problems or are angered easily to stay away. I do not have these problems and it was very fun for me but my friend who does have these problems is constantly yelling at the game yet continues to play it despite his claims that: “It is the worst game ever” and “Can you rate it 0 stars?”. Overall, this game is very fun and I just want then to add one more skin. Please make the skin better than the bland color skins but here are some suggestions for the challenge for the skin: Reach 200 points in endless, beat all challenges (Normal & Mirror). This is one of my only reviews so sorry if I did the star rating wrong it is supposed to be 5 stars.

- Amazing

I love this game! At first I didn’t know what to do but then I figured it out every time you do a new talent you get new skins and new hoops you can even get new frames I didn’t even know this game could be so good I thought it would just be a simple basketball game I love basketball in general but this may have topped basketball some people say that apps are only for special occasions but this app is an exception I literally will ask every day to play this game and now I love it I found it out when I saw it on my phone and I was like what’s this so I tapped on it and I tried it out and I swear if I didn’t tap this app I wouldn’t be playing it right now so everybody I did not tap this app for nothing I did not rate this five stars for nothing I rated this five stars because it deserves it and if someone says no I will say try it one more time because if you do you will love it that is my review I hope you five star my review because if you five Star my review you are basically five storing this app and that will make me very very happy thank you Emma

- Flappy dunk rocks

This is the best thing ever it help with my anxiety and I have been playing it for a year now and I love it so much I’ve never played such a great game in my life and I’ve today since I woke up I’ve been playing this game for eight hours today and I think you should download this game it’s really fun and I think that you should download it bc it is the best and you know how adds are the add make it look like a very fun game and then you download it and then it’s dumb flappy dunk nothing like that the add is just like the game and I highly recommend this game if you wanna download it not forceing but please download this today it is really fun and I play this for hours every day and I really love it and like I said it is just like the add is just like the game so download this app today no pressure but come on!! It is the best thing that ever happened to me so if you want pls download this it is a great game and I fell like you would love it so download it today hope you enjoyed reading this but I got to got bye

- Awesome

Really awesome game and i spend a lot of time on it, but voodoo should really take off adds and only have it so we can get second chances, but i still love the game and if you can i strongly recommend it!!!!! They also should add backgrounds so you can customize your “court” that would be amazing. Also add more balls, wings, and hoops because i have finished the game i have all of the balls, wings, and hoops, and i have all of the challenges done too so if voodoo could add way more stuff that would be great. I hope that voodoo sees this and makes these changes and add my suggestions to the best game ever. You should also make different balls for all of voodoos games that would be cool so like you have DUNES make that ball and you would have to get the game and score 238 to get the DUNES ball and so on with other games. Voodoo should also make a game where you are on a football field and you have to kick the ball from different yard lines to make the field goal. I really hope you can see this and make the changes that i have asked for. Thank you

- Great Game!

Honestly, this is the best offline basketball game and one of the best basketball games. Doing the challenges are so so fun. I have played for 5 years and have beat all of the challenges. I have spent no money and did no hacks or anything like that to beat the challenges. The last few challenges took me like 2 years. I saw one review that says that you can’t finish all the challenges and it is impossible, but I beat all the challenges. But, it is definitely near impossible. My favorite challenge is definitely number 13. It is a roller coaster thing and I got like a swish streak of 16. All I gotta say is great game and definitely download it. A tip to you guys is turn of cellular data and turn off Wi-Fi. The game still works perfectly with no ads. It is a thing I do with all offline games so I don’t get ads and I don’t have to spend $3 to not have ads. So yea, definitely download this game it is super fun and it’ll be an amazing game to play when your bored. Definitely play!


like 2yrs ago i got addicted and then my phone broke and i lost everything on it and forgot about this game, but a couple days ago (almost a week i think) i downloaded it again and i am literally obsessed. it’s great, although there are a lot of ads, but personally if i just want to play the game i’ll turn my phone on airplane mode and i won’t get any ads. it’s a great time killer, i have a high score of 448 at the moment. it is so addicting, but some of the hard challenges are really frustrating me. challenge 48 is especially challenging. i’ve unlocked almost all the skins, wings, and flames except the rainbow wings & hoop. those are really hard. also, i’ve been trying to get the blue & black wings for a while but i think it’s glitched. because i’ve done like 5 or more easy challenges in a row without losing, but it still says i’ve only done 3. idk though, i may be wrong. overall i love this game and you should get it.

- Add 5 new skins plZ

First off the game is freakin great I love the new graphics and the buzzer when you fail but I think you guys should add some new skins to he game The 1st of five balls is a blue ribbon that says first prize in gold. You can unlock it by completing mirror, normal and, getting 1,000 on endless mode. 2nd is a clock face that you unlock by getting 50 points on endless in 1 minute. 3rd is a ball that looks like earth! But this includes more stuff to the game. If you add multiplayer you can unlock this by playing 50 multiplayer games against people around the world. 4th is a rainbow hoop. You unlock this by completing 10 levels of mirror with a rainbow ball and rainbow wings. 5th is a secret ball but SPOILER ALERT!!! Is a flappy bird just like the game! Instead of using just basketballs you can also use the original flappy bird! How great would that be! I hope you see this and decide to add these into the game and thx, also plz remove ads! NOT ALL just like 2 or 3. Thank you!

- Dear Developers...

Overall this game is sorta fun. But here are some of my recommendations. The first thing is way too many ads. This is a VERY common thing I see in voodoo games. Now I get ads get you money, but I just feel like theirs way too many ads. When I was 13 I got the no ad on one of the voodoo games and I still got ads. Like geez. The second thing I wanna mention is that this literally copied flappy bird. If you ever played flappy bird, you know this game is JUST like flappy bird. But this game just literally stole the whole concept. You could have found some way to be original but nope. This game literally copied the icons. Copying is also a big issue I see in voodoo games. The final thing I would like to mention is it’s so hard to shop. The icons are so tiny. This was a reason why I deleted flappy bird. I bet a big majority of the people that have downloaded this game didn’t even know how to shop. Like make the icon bigger. 🤦🏼‍♀️ Also, please add more balls and wings. Maybe even add crates! Also I would like an option to disable the wings. That’s all! Overall great game but I deleted it.

- Wonderful game

Flappy dunk is an awesome game. Great to play during your free time or when you’re bored. My high score is 400 or so, I believe my girlfriend’s is around 70 lol. Only issue is the difficulty of challenge 51. Maybe it’s just me, but the 51st challenge took me forever to beat. Getting all swishes near the ground is one thing, but to have to go through another level of hoops that are so close to the ceiling is extremely difficult. I will never take the yingyang skin off, I put too much time, effort and frustration into it 😂. My suggestion is to raise the bottom hoops ever so slightly and lower the top hoops the littlest bit. The most difficult part was getting to the top hoops without crashing into the ceiling. Another suggestion would be to create background skins, the brick wall is a bit boring. All in all, none of this is enough for me to knock a star off, so I give it 5 stars.

- Used to be my favorite game

I used to love flappy dunk but recently it started crashing a lot and now I can barely play it. I’ve also noticed that there are way too many ads, like one after every 3-4 rounds. I beat all normal challenges but mirror mode just makes me nauseous so there’s no point in challenges anymore and I have almost every skin but the rainbow hoop and it’s almost impossible to get. To get it you need to beat every challenge using the rainbow ball, but I beat all the challenges before I got the rainbow ball and I’m having trouble beating them a second time so it’s just frustrating to try and earn it. This is after playing for 2-3 weeks like 15 minutes a day so it’s a great game but it gets boring really fast. If you’re looking for this kind of game then you could get flappy dunk but be prepared to delete it after about a month. I wish they would stop it from crashing and add more normal mode challenges also they should make skins easier to earn once they do I think I’ll give this game a positive review because it used to be amazing this is all I have to say

- So many ads

This game is actually pretty good, I love it honestly, but often times I'm playing and sometimes it will just freeze and then the next second it says you died. Also the ads are honestly just obnoxious almost every game when I die there is an ad, and often times it's a 30 second ad that I can't skip, which is stupid for a game like this, I get that ads are important but just have less. Also fix the second chance button, sometimes I click it and it doesn't work, other times I click it, I watch the ad, then it still says I've died with no second chance. Today I was playing and I got into the kicker 200s, the game started to lag and it almost made me mess up, by the time I messed up the first time, I was at 234, my best, so I clicked second chance, and it didn’t work, this upset me because I had finally gotten a new beat which is hard when you’re best is in the 200s. Other than these issues, this game is great, good gameplay, good customization and fun challenges

- Remove “All” ads?

Loved this game first time I played it. Super challenging yet satisfying to play. Decided to purchase it with the in game button that shows the word ads circled and marked through. To me this would mean the full gaming experience as is “without the presence of ads”. To our surprise the only ads it removes are the ones when you start a new match. The in game “second chance” button is still present but even though I purchased the “no ads” option of the game it still forces us to watch a 30sec ad before taking the second chance. Just enough time to get your mind off rhythm and makes you mess up when the game restarts. This effectively makes the second chance option useless and leaves me as a customer of the full priced “no ads” game add on to be forced to watch an ad where they again get my money. Very disappointed with this setup. Should be the full game experience without the presence of ads like stated with the 🚫 symbol. Consider it a bait and switch of the app world.

- This game is great I have suggestions

Ok so I downloaded this game a few days ago and it’s soooo addicting! I definitely recommend this app! Now for the suggestions.. I don’t know if I just can’t find it or what but I think it’s be pretty awesome if you could unlock and change the wall in the background. Because we’re spicing everything up with super cool balls and rings and wings I think it’d be awesome if we could do the same with the wall! Also there is a slight glitch sometimes when I first start playing a round where it’ll glitch once and maybe cause me to fail or something but that could just be something with my device. I live this game and play it everyday!! It’s a great game and you should definitely download!!! I hope the developer sees this review and takes my suggestions to mind.

- Good game BUT...

It’s a fun game if you don’t mind dying a couple of times which is not your fault, it’s due to the fact that the ads get in the way, you’re just playing, minding your own business doing well with your good score (points) then all of a sudden an ad appears, then another and it really interferes with the player because there are lots of glitches, because of the ads while you’re playing either the game will freeze or it messes with your control and makes you move in slow motion all of a sudden, so either you fall flat and your ball dies or you miss a hoop and also die. Eventually I just lost patience and will be deleting it. Would’ve been a very enjoyable game though if the developers paid more attention to the game they created, I wonder if they even tested this out before releasing to the public. You would’ve made a perfect game if it wasn’t for this reason alone. You would’ve been a creative genius, but too bad it fell short just like the Cavs did. lol

- Honestly not a bad game in my opinion!/clouxdy

This game could be better but so far it is pretty awesome and it's a great time killer and doesn't need internet and is also and for the ads there are some adds but there not very long like most so I'm pretty satisfied with adds and it's not just to get a high score there's actually challenges witch can keep you wanting to play more and try to unlock all skins wings and hoops in cool ways and some you probably wouldn't of never guessed witch is one of the many reasons why I still have this game so if your looking for a time killer and a challenger game that is NOT SO EASY ;-; To play on the go because this game doesn't need internet so it's pretty cool that you can play it without internet so I just call it on the go game But this does have some flaws witch are adds witch aren't that bad and raging -//~//- so Pretty darn cool game is you asked me and here's some faces cause I like drawing them ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) UwU!

- Fun, but has a pretty big problem with it

So I’m pretty competitive, so I try to beat my high score every time. I usually would just die if I missed a swish before I get to like 700 or so since my high score is 900. This is the problem with the update that changed the swish cap of x4 to however many you can get in a row. Now high score is solely dependent on how many swishes you get in the beginning rather than if you can make it past the harder hoops. Even if you miss a swish early, it’s still worth resetting since you would’ve gotten a decently higher score if u didn’t miss that. If you just play for fun and don’t care if you beat your high score or not then it isn’t much of a problem, but if you are, then it’s really annoying because to beat your high score you would need to do perfect enough at the beginning to be able to even beat it.

- Excellent game

This game is sooo good! One of my friends got it and was raving about how fun it was, at first I didn’t believe her, but trust me, believe the hype! It’s pretty hard, but not like “omg I’m stuck on level one” hard. The point of the game is pretty simple so you’re not confused trying to figure out how to play it. The main thing I love is the skins are fairly easy to earn, not like where they’re 60 thousand coins, and the only way you could get the coins for it is buying an expensive booster pack. But the best part is...There aren’t too many ads! The ones they do have are usually 30 seconds or less or not even ones with a video. And they don’t make you sign up for it, so no inbox full of annoying spam-y emails! Overall a great, must have game!

- Awesome game but a few bugs

Flappy dunk is awesome, the best game ever. I spend a lot of time on my phone, and the game I spend most of my time on is flappy dunk. I always trying to win every skin and beat my high score. But when I am doing these things the game starts to glitches and freezes so when I comes undone I died. This happens when I get to the higher numbers such as 50 and on or trying to win a skin. It is like that are trying for people not to win these things. Also every time I start a new game their is a ad. These are the 30 second ad that you can’t get off of until it is done. This is really annoying and I am sure it is annoying to others. Ads should only be present when you want a second chance and want to try a game with a locked skin. Other than these things this game is awesome. I really enjoy playing it. I would love to see these things get changed in a new update. Thank you!

- My only love

I come home from a long day, after hanging out with my friends, the bruises from the skatepark of falling down. Throwing my body on the bed being engulfed by my sheets. I close my eyes and remember FLAPPY DUNK. I vigorously search for my phone, once finding it I open the app being soothed I focus on getting the ball in to the hoop and only the ball. Ohhh wait a challenge has occurred I smash my phone against my wall. BOOM! I scrambled over checking my phone looking at it slowly it’s cracked but, wait the ball had gotten in the hoop it was still playing I had beat my high score, I screamed I GGOT THE BALL IN THE HOOP. Many weeks later I woke up playing flappy dunk, my parents are concerned, they sit me down at the table saying, “ you are to addicted”. THEY ARE SENDING ME TO COUNSELING for my addiction. What do I do flappy dunk is my only love he is my life and soul.

- Amazing game but a few complaints

Omg I love this game it is amazing I can’t stop playing it you unlock lots of different skins some are hard to get some are easy but still awesome there are these challenges to complete there is normal and mirror mode and then there is just an endless mode that you try to score as many points possible the bad part of the challenges is that some are supper hard and then there is balls that you get for completing all the challenges and I am having trouble doing that but still great game then the ads there are a lot of adds it is not pleasing it isn’t like after you lose there’s an ad it’s more of like every three times then there’s an add but you can fix that for like 3 bucks I love this game.

- I love this app.. but..

I just want to say that this game is amazing, and I love it but the amount of ads gets tedious, and it gives the game an annoying reputation. This app also could use a few updates.. maybe add more challenges, skins, maybe some special in-app purchases? Speaking of which, the ' Premium ' takes away ads and stuff, but I think it's kinda expensive. Don't get me wrong, it'll probably be worth it I just wanted to point it out. I play this everyday but the amount of ads gets so annoying I just wanna uninstall it. It's so fun but some of the objectives are really difficult, and no this isn't necessarily a bad thing, it's time consuming and it gives the game some challenge. I definitely would recommend downloading this game, but I wouldn't be too quick to call it perfect.

- Obnoxious adds and overpriced removal.

This game is awesome! It’s totally addictive and a lot more fun than you would think, BUT Voodoo allows a CRAZY amount of adds to be played in this game. It’s so bad that you can’t play a single round of the game without an add popping up! They use this rather annoying plan to get you to pay for adds to be removed for $2.99. I honestly think that they would make more money if they LOWERED the price on add removal. Why do I think this? Well it’s because people who have a limited amount of money (like me) would fell less threatened by the price of removing the adds. If more people with lower income can buy the add removal then Voodoo will in the long run make MORE money than they are now. I absolutely love the games that Voodoo creates but I can’t afford to buy the add removals because I have more important things to spend my money on. The game gets five stars, but I cannot rate the app overall any higher than two stars because of the add issue.


I love the game and play it constantly. It’s very fun. But you literally cannot do anything because of the ads. They pop up after nearly every game. Sometimes they don’t even have an x to close out. You are forced to sit there and interact with it for a solid minute trying to get an X to pop up. Eventually I just close the app. Some ads you have to click three separate close buttons. It’s just ridiculous. Also, sometimes it switches to an ad IN THE MIDDLE of game play. I was about to beat my high score the other day, all of a sudden it goes to the App Store to a western union app and I lose. I understand the need for ads but this is just too many. It makes me not want to play the game at all. Also, there’s a glitch in that sometimes I can go into the hoop and come back out and it doesn’t disappear or even register that I went into it. I will die every time. Fix this and fix the stupid app so that it doesn’t get ads after every turn.

- Great game!

Hi there! So I was bored one day about a week ago and so I downloaded this game expecting it to be one of those cheap crummy ones. Actually, though this game is great and I am already OBSESSED!! The graphics are great and the way that you can unlock new balls, hoops, and wings is really cool. The challenges are fun, mirror 17 is my favorite. I personally love how you don’t have to use a form of in game currency to buy the ball skins, but rather you do small tasks. The only thing you would ever really have to pay for is the no ads option, and even then, there are rarely ever ads without it!! I would recommend this for children and adults, and take that from me seeing as I an a child myself. This game is loads of fun and has great quality. Fills time and keeps you occupied! 5 stars! -Raena (11yrs)

- Fun Until Everything’s Unlocked

At first, this game is fun and challenging. It remains this way for a very long time, until all the challenges are completed and all the balls, wings, and hoops have been unlocked. Once everything’s unlocked, there are no goals. You can still replay the challenges and play in endless mode, but there’s really no motivation. After I had gotten all of the balls and completed the challenges, I forgot about the game for a while. Then when the update came out, I was obsessed with the game and couldn’t wait to play and unlock the new balls, wings, and hoops. They also released a mirror mode, which was very interesting and fun. To sum it all up, the game is very fun when you still have things to achieve, but not when there’s no motivation.

- Very fun!

This app is very fun to play! I personally love this game, it gives me something to do when I am board or have nothing else to do. I don’t just love this game specially, but I love all Voodoo there games are always so fun to play. If I were recommending any I would personally get TwistyRoad, it is just another game to do when you have extra time from work or school. If you guys are wondering what I would change about ALL Voodoo games if I had the chance, I would most definitely change the amount of adds that there are on these apps. I was switching back and fourth playing with a friend and in one turn of my friend playing it took a long time, and if you are wondering why, it is because in one turn she had like three adds! This bothers me, but otherwise I would recommend this to anyone who likes a good game to play!

- You should play it

You should play it. This game really does make you so clam and helps you with all your stress. This game is very fun but when you fail to get the ball into the hoop or if it touches the sky or the ground it will say watch a video to play on. And if you don’t hit it to not go on it still makes you watch a video. I am not very patient so if your not patient if you don’t hit it your mostly going to watch a add/ video. So people who are not that patient maybe this game isn’t for you. Done with the bad things about this game I like how you can unlock different things like wings atc. You should really play this game. Try this game then show all your friends or family how good this game is!!! All you need to remember when playing this game is to HAVE FUN!!!Try your very best because this game does get hard sometimes.


As a person who has been playing it since I was 9,I wanna say that this is a really nice game and it was really very smart for the people who made the game a basketball version. What I’m trying to say is there are hundreds of flappy whatever games and they all are literally the same so even if you buy all the flappy games, it’s just that you’ll be playing the same game. But...when people play flappy dunk, you are actually playing a flappy game but’ it’s more amazing than the other flappy games especially if you like basketball. So all I’m trying to say is that this game is amazing and (bit annoying at the same time)as well as spectacular #piece#flappydunk#dontletthebulliesbully#writerout piece👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🤟🏽🤟🏽🤟🏽🤟🏽🤟🏽👍👍👍👍👍💋


see i first saw this game as an opportunity to cure my boredom. but so far of owning it, it hasnt. i flapped my little birdy wings into the net of the floating basketball hoop which isnt even accurate to how an actual basketball ball hoop looks like, but i will not get into that right now. afterwards i kept failing at getting it into the hoop and soon after started crying and saying, “oh this dreadful experience has made me cry, yet i still want to play…” as i said i did. and i missed all THREE chances it gives you to do before it sends you straight to an ad. which is wayyyy longer than the actual time you have to survive. and yet i know thats the way the company thrives off money and is able to feed their family and pay for their electricity so their kids can play the game. but i still am not full filled about my gaming experience and now will delete the game for the time being. thank you. have a nice day.

- Great game but...

When first download the game, the flames update was already out. So it was fun trying to get all the flames without the flame bug I heard about. It was super fun unlocking all the balls hoops wings and flames and completing all the challenges. But after that there really isn’t anything to do. The game gets sorta boring after you’ve done everything. Also a month or two into the game it got super glitchy. So bad one time it glitched me out of the game. After I’d updated the game it would go away for a day but it would come back again. And nothing that I’ve tried to do would make the glitch go away. I hope they can fix whatever the problem may be and add new features so there is more things to do.

- So fun

So fun and addicting takes up time if your waiting for something that takes long not many adds I really also like it because there's so many skins and there so easy to get like the game is so easy and hard it's like perfect it's not raging and it's calming and I like it when the basketball goes on fire it looks really cool and when it smokes it looks even cooler and I like that it's not the Exact same as flappy Bird because it's a basketball and you score itinerary the basket it's a little bit harder but more fun than it I think it's better than flappy Bird but that's just my opinion please make more games and keep up the good work! I hope you read this!


I downloaded this game about 2 months ago. 1 week ago I decided I had enough of the ads and paid the $2.99(!!!) to remove them. I received confirmation from iTunes that the payment was processed and when I look up the app in the App Store it shows my purchase. BUT I still see all the ads, including the obnoxious 30 second ads if you try for a second chance (!!!!!). I have tried contacting Voodoo’s customer service and have received no response. They are all too happy to take your money but have absolutely no desire to follow through on this product. Given the pain it is to sit through the onerous levels of ads I wouldn’t advise getting this game at all, but even if you’re a glutton for punishment under no circumstances should you shell out 3 dollars (again, a ludicrous amount for what you’re getting) and have to roll the dice as to whether they actually remove the ads. Terrible terrible company.

- OMG✨

This app is perfect. Yup im just gonna get right to it. It is amazing, fun, detailed, and challenging all in one. And that’s hard to find. If you are looking at reviews before you download the app, just know that it is so much fun that you’ll never want to stop playing. The skins,🖤 the wings,💖 the flames,💜 just brings this game together. One thing that amazes me is how they can put the score in the SMACK DAB middle of the screen and it doesn't distract me, even when im looking at it constantly. Most reviews like this have a “but” or “however” or “sadly” but none of that!! This is amazing, go download it right now!! Oh you already have? Get off my review and go play it!😂 Have a great day and dunk on😎

- Changing Lives

This app is the best thing ever! It is so fun to play and also compete against your friends. My highest swishes is 40. Swishing is my best subject out of the game. I am also a little sad that I have almost completed the game. I just need to pass one more level in mirror mode then I have won the game. This game is what I play everyday I could never get bored playing my favorite game. I think everyone should download this game it is sometimes challenging to pass some of the levels but, you always have fun no matter what. My highest best score is 688. I would say I guess I am pretty good at the game but, who knows I haven’t seen other people play! The end.

- Base game and challenges

When the challenges were first introduced in this game or perhaps it was when I first noticed them, I switched from playing the base game almost exclusively over to trying to complete as many challenges as I could. The challenges are plenty fun to check off, but eventually I had some that I got stuck on and I just kind of stopped playing altogether. I only recently rediscovered the base game and how just relaxing and fun it is. My recommendation is to never watch a commercial to revive. Or at least never allow reviving in order to continue to taint your high score. As long as it means something when you get on a roll and extend it, it’s fun. I like the game, so I hate to punish the developers with the above recommendation. It’s just that in the base game you are simply going for a better high score and I have no interest in high scores that are meaningless. You can make a screen cap of high score and text it to a friend with whom you have a friendly competition and a shared penchant for wasting time in superbly-polished ways. Best “flappy” game I’ve played since Joust.

- Flappy dunk

The game is AMSING but there are WAY to many adds and in one of the challenges where you have to get passed the 2 “mad hoops” the first one is easy, but the second one is low key impossible. What it does is turn around and come after you and it then makes you go right into the bottom and then you have to try again I low seriously hate that level, but besides that the game is pretty🔥. PLEASE OH PLEASE change that one level if it is just me then you don’t have to do anything, but if more people say so then please do, also add in more wings and hoops I am close to finishing it all. I love the game love the statistics hate the one level to many adds that’s it thank you Ellableach

- Flappy Dunk is hard but fun

First of I just want to say that this game is great. Very fun. But it gets hard especially in the challenges. I would say do not play this game if you are angered easily. Because this game might look easy, but it’s very challenging. But the skins and wings are very neat. I do not like how often they show the ads. Every three rounds or tries, they show ads, or when you get a second chance then you die, they show ads. I personally wouldn’t put in so much ads because if your getting annoyed with the game, the ads I think are just building on to your anger. But endless mode is fine. My high score is 102. It angers me a lot but you know I get over it and move on right, then again, it’s very fun and neat. This message is nothing against the developers or their work, it’s just my opinion.

- Veriety

I really like this game because there is no little things have to run away from kill you if you wanting to them I really like that because it just makes it less difficult anymore relaxing so I just really think this is a good game for people who love relaxing or were trip games I mean that’s just my Pinyan but if I were you I would definitely get this one it is totally my favorite number one game and it is perfect for me and it is very addicting I also love this game because you don’t need friends to play with it either you can just play it whenever you want and however you want and I love !how wet challenges of you to do stuff so I really recommend this game!!


i come home after stressful day hanging out with friends, getting toumbled by waves at the beach, with bruises from falling at the skatepark, scratches from my dog; and i open the game flappy dunk. i unwind as i’m playing it, putting my all into getting that ball in the hoop, but wait- here upon me comes a challenge that i cannot pass, i chuck my phone across the room! an obstacle has me stuck! but it will NOT stop me! i toumble off the bed, and run to get my phone and try again.... now, it’s been 30 minutes, and i’m still trying to pass the challenge, i don’t give up- BOOM! here comes the finish line, i did it! i passed it! flappy dunk gives me drive, passion, a goal. it gives me a purpose.

- Ads are not bothering!

I think this is an amazing take on the classic game “Flappy Bird”. It gives the game a fun twist! Creating an entirely new game: Flappy Dunk! This game is really- and I mean REALLY addicting and fun. The levels are challenging and a great way to play! During this unexpected time, what with quarantine and everything- this is a great time waster and just a fun thing to do with my free time! Most games I would complain about the ads being annoying, but I really don’t mind them! The games being shown actually look really fun, and I’ve downloaded a few! If you are looking for some good games, I suggest using the ads shown as well as playing this game!


I generally rate this game a 5 star. I usually play this game when I’m bored or on the bus. It’s a great way to pass time and a great challenge. There’s also different basketballs, hoops, wings, and flames! That way, you can customize it to however you prefer it to be. I also like it because ads DON’T just pop up EVERY TIME after you lose. Yes, ads pop up every few times but it isn’t that bad to be honest with you. Another thing I really like about this is the challenges. The challenges have the normal and mirror which is just backwards (Very smart idea btw). I also like how the challenges are like, like low/high gravity, swooshes only, and etc. If your a person who’s looking for a challenge or a record to beat, If your a person who wants to pass time, If your a person who gets bored very easily, Then this game is PERFECT FOR YOU! If you made it to the end, thank you for your time and have a great day! PS. This is an opinion (MY opinion). If you disagree then thats OK as people can have their own opinions.

- Flappy Bird + Basketball

The title says it all. This game is the love child of Flappy Bird and your typical mobile basketball game. As far as controls are concerned, you know what to do: tap to keep the ball in the air! (Mobile devices obviously lack physical buttons, so these simplified control schemes truly work best.) This time, however, instead of avoiding obstacles, you must guide your winged basketball through a series of rings/hoops, some stationary, some moving! It’s really that simple. Easy to pick up and play, difficult to master, Flappy Dunk is great in short bursts or for extended high score sessions. AND, unlike many other free games these days, Flappy Dunk comes with a slight “upgrade” system to keep you motivated to play. It’s nothing too extensive, but even something as simple as alternate skins gives the player both a sense of accomplishment and reason to keep playing. Challenge mode is a great another great, progress-based alternative to endless gameplay! Don’t expect anything mind-blowing or game-changing. Flappy Dunk is simple, mindless fun; the exact type of fun mobile platforms were made for. Above average ads for a free game. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Great game but MAJOR BUGS

This is one game that I got addicted to EVERYTIME I’m bored I open this game it’s so smooth and the dunks are so nice but it has a lot of problems, I have an iPhone 12 Pro Max and it does get my phone hot, it’ll start to lag after a while, and it also likes to crash when I first start the app I open it and it just shuts down but the worst problem is buying the no ads premium version I purchased to have ads removed and it’s not working it’s not full screen ads still play at the bottom and after every match I see ads I need this fixed I would’ve never spent like $3 to get rid of ads if it wasn’t gonna get rid of them please fix these bugs so I can continue having fun playing this game

- Awesome game!!! To many bad reviews

I love this game and play it a lot but the one thing that bothers me is that sometimes it glitches and it's paused for a second and then it unpauses and it glitches the ball to the ground and I have to restart. But I don't mind because it has only happened to me on the first hoop so it's not a big deal. Overall I love this game. I don't know why it gets so many bad reviews. I must have just had a way better experience. I don't mind the adds because I personally don't get that many adds and I have lots of other games that have adds just pop up randomly every 2 seconds and this really was a good game and I recant do it to every one.

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I absolutely love this game and it is super fun. I love all the challenges, skins and more, but there is just one tiny, little problem. Every time I go onto the app it glitches why I am playing. Now I don’t know if it’s just me, but I did test it on my sisters phone and it glitched. So proof. Now I am not saying that the game is bad or anything like that I am just warning you. When it glitches one minute you are just about to score a swish/ normal goal and then the next minute you are 1mm away from the ground. LIKE SERIOUSLY. Everything but that is perfect about this game and I would definitely recommend it as it is addictive and super fun. I am not going to write a big story about this but I also just want to tell you that there are so many adverts(ads) on this game. Like you are having a really good game and getting heaps of swishes and great shots and then boom there is an advert. UGH ITS HONESTLY REALLY ANNOYING😡 Anyway just telling you remember no need to get upset and not download the app. OKAY. Bye

- AWESOME game but.....

I absolutely love this game! I do play basketball so that might be another reason I love it so much but it’s still a REALLY fun game 😀 there is 1 problem and that is that I was about to beat my high score I was 2 scores/shots away and then an ad came up on my screen and I lost I was 1 away when the ad came up 1 just 1! ITS SUPER ANNOYING 😠 plus then when you die ANOTHER ad comes up. This really ruins the game and the experience! I do understand that many games have ads and that’s just how games are. But the amount of ads on this game it’s just ridiculous! I’m sorry if you think I’m being dramatic or rude but reviews are suppose to be HONEST opinions. So that people who are thinking about getting the game or that just want to know other people’s opinions are getting honesty!

- Custom skins

So I love this game it is so much fun I stop playing it. But I thought with the ball skins, well their great, different colours, and more but I think you could change it around this is what I mean… So you open up the ball skins then you scroll down to the bottom until there’s a yellow button saying: Custom Skin. When you click it it will take you to your photos, when you have selected a photo it will put the photo into a ball shape like the other ball skins so that way you can get custom skins when ever you want. And the custom skins will be playable! If you put this idea into Flappy Dunk it will be the best game ever I will absolutely LOVE this game so much it will be my only game so please please PLEASE put this idea into Flappy Dunk for me, it will be my ever first review accepted.

- Great game but a bit laggy

I played this game about I’m guessing about three years ago and it didn’t have ads surprisingly. I came back to this game just recently and was kind of shocked to see ads and a lot of them. I think there should be a bit less ads because it feels like I’m spending more time watching ads then playing. The other thing is that the game is a bit laggy and for me what happens is the screen freezes but the ball keeps going.(only for a few seconds) It might just be me but if it’s happening to others as well I’m sure the creator is already aware of it. Overall it is a great game, really fun and quite addictive.

- Love this game

I absolutely love this game. I particularly love the part where it glitches and freezes out every other second. It makes getting through the hoops just that bit more challenging. It's no big deal though. It's not as if I've completed all the challenges and am trying to get my last pair of wings or anything. Not being able to tell where the ball is in relation to the hoop is part of the game right? And it's even better when I put it in airplane mode to help stop the glitching and it actually makes it worse. Also love the part I can no longer access my achievements chart. Do not recommened for people with high blood pressure or easily prone to high stress levels.

- Pretty Good...

Negatives: Firstly it’s to kinda hard the challenges, and there could be a lot more avatars and personally not the most exciting game either. Like emoji avatars, avatars that could glow (now that would be cool!) and make goals more easy to get, and have a more exciting background to fit with the theme a flying basketball. Also please do levels. And each series of levels belongs to a certain map with different backrounds to it. Positives: I really like how much you can edit your avatar already and how you earn skins in the game because when you finally earn skin you’ve been trying to get forever it makes you feel like you accomplished a really hard goal and makes you feel good. I also think the challenges was an AMAZING idea. Even though they can be hard, when you finally achieve it has a sense of accomplishment to it. I really enjoy the game but there is much more room for improvement so I give it a half, half. Theres many positives but also many negatives. I think this would be even more great and fun if you use my suggestions, but remember this only a suggestion so even though I would like it personally, its only my opinion.

- This is a great game but...

This game is like so addictive although half way through playing you will get out and the same ads just keep coming up and it gets so annoying after a while. So this game could be even better with a 5 star rating if the ads would calm down a little bit or even if there was a variety of different ads to get you more hooked on some different cool games as well.

- Too GLITCHY!!!

This game is so fun and addictive but soooo annoying because it glitches way too much. When I’m playing, I’m about to get a good swish and then it glitches and it makes me hit the ground. It is soooo annoying and really bad, this game needs to be fixed. And also there’s too many adds, it’s like after every game there’s an add. And also if I get a bad score like one it it allows me to watch and add but then when I get a really good score it doesn’t let me watch an add so I have to start all over again. So that is why I’m rating this game a 3 out of 5 stars but if it wasn’t as glitchy and not as much adds I would rate it a 5 out of 5. But yeah, this game needs to be fixed.

- Glitchy and Ads

Flappy dunk used to be a favourite, now it is very glitchy and has way too many ads. First of the glitching. You can normally do 2-3 jumps before the game like freezes then after a sec keeps going. During the freeze time the ball still moves but you can’t control it. Second the ads. Their used to be one ad every 3-4 tries of the game, now there are ads after nearly every round. There is also a small ad at the bottom of the screen always which is easy to accidentally touch and then take you to that game page. If you can put up with those things it’s a good game, but if not I wouldn’t suggest wasting your time.


I never give reviews on apps and I actually enjoy this game, but I’m still giving it a one star. There are so many ads, and I get them after every single round. The ads are repetitive and some are even inappropriate. I would actually give this game a 5 star review if there was much less ads. The reason this game isn’t as successful as games such as subway surfers, the office game, and even solitaire is because there are much less ads. I get it - an app needs ads to gain profit, so I’m not saying to get rid of all ads, however in order for this app to become more popular is to significantly reduce the amount of ads that pop up for the player.

- Great fun game with a small bug

I really enjoyed playing Flappy Dunk, so much so that I deleted and reinstalled it to reset my progress and do everything again. However, when I opened it up again I couldn’t refresh my purchases and when I go to re-buy the no ads thing, which was free, it still didn’t remove the ads. I want to play it again just without the ads.

- Is this game worth the purchase?

You may see the add for this game and have a feeling of buying it but a side to you as if you may be wasting a purchase. I’m here today to tell you if you should purchase. In my opinion this game is a good game to have . On long road trips not wanting to use your monthly data or at least not all of it this is a good game for you. Also if you wifi is glitching it’s a good game to play while you wait. I rated this a three because it is a good game but I wouldn’t play it all day only if I was bored or had one of the issues I addressed above.


I absolutely love this game it is a fun and enjoyable game especially for people who LOVE basketball (like me) but there is one problem. I am in the middle of playing when this stupid VISA ad pops up and it's always that ad. It's really annoying cause when I am trying to beat my high score or I am beating my high score, it pops up and I die. It is really annoying and myself and others would really appreciate if you could get this fixed ASAP. Thanks heaps.

- Good Game But Lots Of Ads

Personally I think flappy dunk is a great game but I can’t play without coming across an add every few games that I play. It is very annoying. But then again I enjoy the game a lot. For example the way you can customise everything like the wings that the basketball has the type of ball and the colour of the ring. I think that the swish multiplier is a very unique idea that I haven’t seen in any other game before. But my point is that it is a great game but just too many ads.

- Great game

This is a great game but when ever you die there are ads that pop up and it is annoying. And when I nearly got the ball in the hoop it went out and I died and a ad poped up and it is SO ANNOYING A D SO LAGGY. But again it is a really fun game to play even tho you haft to wait 20 seconds and it takes a long time. Anyway, I rate it a 5/5 a really good game and I’m being honest and no lies at all.

- It won’t even get into the app

Ok so I got it since my bro had it and said I should get it. I pressed the app once I got it, but it was quite glitchy. Then it froze so I got out of the app. Now for the past 7 mins I’ve been trying to get in, but my screen goes black while it’s loading in. Now this might be because my phone isn’t new… it’s actually quite old, but it could be because the app has bugs. But I would recommend getting it as it seems rlly fun.


so I like this game it’s just that I press to go back and I go on a add I press the basketball then I play I die the I press continue but then another add I have had enough I just want to play but it’s THE ADDS and I’m not paying 4$ for no adds when the game can just remove the adds and then just have less adds and then people will like the game better play the game more but when I look at the other reviews there are none that say anything about adds I’m so mad but other than that I love the game.

- Too easy

I know that easy games are fun but I still want a bit of a challenge people say that “after 126 tries I scored 24” well I reached 57on my second go it was quite misleading because I thought it would be a challenge if you want an easy game this is perfect but if you want a challenge I don’t recommend this app

- Amazing game but I have an idea!

Okay so I have been playing this game for quite a while now and I really enjoy it! I have one suggestion regarding the latest Christmas update, Since you have added the new Santa hat ball, I think you should add a candy cane hoop skin and elf ear wings free for all players 😄 thank you for reading my point of view and I hope you consider it. Merry Christmas developer team! ❄️❄️🎄🎄

- I love this game

This game is so fun you have to keep updating it I have once got a swish that was 12x it was insane but don’t give up on adding to this great game of glory there has to be a World Cup one day also my best is around 150 I can’t really remember. All I want is for you to add more and more to this game and some championships. From the very best flappy dunk player and the biggest fan off it Mason

- Ridiculously GREAT

I love this game for many reasons, but the best one; is if you get bored with free play there is 51 levels you can do and if you complete them you can do those 51 in reverse. You can also change skins and hoop colours, replay levels, beat your score in free play, you can get a second chance if you fail and you don't have to do the levels in order.

- Premium is weird

I bought premium but it didn’t work and I keep getting ads I spent like $25 trying again and again but not working and on the App Store it said “purchased” but ads and ads flooding in constantly still


The game if very fun and addicting and I love it! However it does annoy me with the amount of adds that pop up whilst your I. The middle of playing the game. I also dislike how far through the hoop you have to get because every time I play I get through the hoop clearly and I keep going and then tell me I missed the hoop. It is very annoying and is the reason I don’t play it very much anymore. But other than that the game is great good job!

- Oh well.

It was very glitchy, especially when I swish. So I am about to switch, then it glitches pretty bad, I mean, I still swish, but then, as I said, glitches so bad. Then I literally get teleported to what? Like 3 mm above ground. Right before and after I swish, I glitch and then I don’t get to see what happens until like 5 seconds later. Then immediately I see my ball right above the ground and I die. The end.

- Title: flappy dunks review/ so awesome for kids.👌🏻

Flappy dunk is so cool when I play it I feel like the ball is me and I am trying to aim at a target the game can sometimes get a little boring because I guess adults aren’t really interested in the game but other little ones would be having fun I recon it is pretty awesome and I have so much fun!!!❤️👍🏻💙😄

- The best game I’ve played

Flappy dunk is so fun. I’ve been playing it for hours and hours. Flappy dunk is different to other games because in other games you have to pay using real money but in Flappy dunk you just watch ads😅🤣😂😀😁😃😆😅 the only thing I don’t get is why the game is rated 12+ it should be rated 4+🤯🤯

- Short review.....

I like this game I can’t say I love it but this is why: First of all, I know all games have ads but this game has way to many! Secondly, I think you should at least have two lives! Finally, if you want me to play this game with absolute joy then make it so at least I can pay for more lives or remove ads... if that is already an option than I’ll look into it because I’m happy to pay for the access to that! After all I definitely recommend this game to anyone.. even old grandparents or young teenagers.

- Why I rate it a 3

I rate it a 3 because there are to many glitches or is it just my phone because it is old because my dad has had this phone sins he was 7? I also love basketball🏀but I love football better🏉By the way can you plz make a football,golf,a pool game and last but not least a pool game like flip diving that game is so cool😊 and love the game❤️💛💚💙💜 looooooooove iiiiiiiiiiiit.I just got a new ball skin it is the disk and my high score is 45


I love this app even though I’m a old I still love it, it’s a great game to entertain you if your bored and a bit frustrating but you’ll get there at some point completely free and would 100% recommend for kids and older 👍🏽

- This game is amazing, but.......

This game is a fun and entertaining game to play, especially when you’re bored. But, when I am in the middle of playing, a random ad pops up, and ITS ALWAYS THE SAME ONE!!! It interrupts me while playing, and when I am doing so good, just about to beat my high score, BOOM, there you go, the ad pops up from nowhere and makes me lose. I am very disappointed and want this fixed IMMEDIATELY PLEASE!

- Very Fun Game

This is awesome but I can’t do all the challenges the challenges is very hard and I feel like the challenges is impossible but I rate it 5 stars because it’s very fun but when I can’t do the challenge I get kinda mad.

- Heyyy

Let me just say God bless anyone who’s reading this. Please repent before it’s too late, for you never know the time that Jesus will come back and take his people with him, so stop swearing, lying, stealing and sinning so you can go to heaven and spend eternity with ur lord and saviour

- The Judge

I just got it and I am like addicted to it right now... but the only thumbs down I give to it is that there are too many ads 😕 As soon as you either die or complete a challenge, the ad pops up and I find this really annoying!!! Please can you try and reduce the ads????

- Best game

I've played this game since day one And I love everything about it BUT needs more ball skins and challenges I don't care about all the ads if it helps the developers to make the game better. Edit:The developers are doing a great job adding new items ,challenges,fixing bugs and more very satisfied with this game keep the good work up guys. Edit: 2 years later got the game again did not save my skins have to start again and they haven’t added anything since I stoped playing 8 months ago. Game is dead. Good game tho.

- Great game

I personally love this game because its a fun game to compete with your siblings the only thing is that there are kinda some adds between and its really annoying but other than that it is a great game to play😜😜

- Still get ads even tho i purchased..

i love playing this game whenever im bored and i recently got no ads on it but somehow i still get ads. ive tried reopening the app but i still get a ton of ads. please tell me this doesnt only happen to me

- Good game but....

I enjoy this game but the glitches!!! Very annoying, just about to go through a hoop.... then the game pauses for a split second, then the ball ends up somewhere it wasn’t a split second earlier. Why would I pay to remove the adds when there are glitches to still be dealt with. Download this game and see how you go, but don’t pay to remove the adds, not when there are glitches.

- My opinion

To my opinion it is not that glitchy but I hav e only played six rounds so just a reminder this is my opinion and I will see if it stats glitching so don’t get mad at me because it’s my opinion

- Can be better

Hi I’m kk and I just adore all voodoo games there irresistible and all I play is voodoo every single day I get another voodoo game there just that great but I think this one of the worst games they ever made just make it better 1st you could make a challenge place so with some of your other games you’ve made and have a place where you could play one round that would make some of your other games more popular 2nd make less adds In conclusion please try make these in the next update

- Good but has issues

I like this game but some times I get frustrated with it because it makes me die sometimes because of the stupidest things and it makes me mad. Like if u miss one hoop your out and every time you die there is another add.😕

- Flappy Dunk

This game can be extremely entertaining but also slightly glitchy, causing me to die. ( In the game of course! ) It has certainly ticked all the boxes to a perfect app in my opinion, and there is no doubt anyone could turn this game down :)


Pleeeease get this app amazing especially when you are bored 😐 I love it 😍 and I definitely recommend but the only thing is adds and sometimes glitchy but otherwise perfect😃😁😁👌👌👌👌

- New idea!!!!!

I love this game so much but the background in the game is a bit plain so maybe you can add backgrounds like under the sea were you can add a bubble ball and fish scales as wings Hope you like my idea

- Good but there is a lot of ads

I love this game it is really fun and addictive however, there are countless ads which therefore sometimes glitch the game and are quite annoying and sometimes put me of playing the game🤔👍

- Flappy dunk is great but.....

It’s an amazing game and I really enjoy playing but I just get frustrated at the constant ads it’s ok to have a few but at the end of every try I have at a level there’s an ad,there long ads that finally when you can click the cross it goes to where you have to try that game it does my head in. I Don’t get this game it’s frustrating and annoying

- Annoying ads 😹

Hello, Game developers, It seems I have a major dislike for your game. It’s unfortunate I’ve had a unlucky experience. I would like to see some changes to your game. It’s seems the game is smarter than me when I play I can’t quite figure out how to beat the system. 😹👾yet ..,,, hehehe Perhaps with time I will be able to conquer the game and achieve a better score. Thus beating your system, Please enhance the games UI for the younger audience, I.e. me ) and also enable a small $2 charge to have no ads to have a better gaming experience. I love you guys. Mitchell

- Highly addictive

Decent game. I enjoy it. There’s one ad in particular that I have to kill the app to get rid of, it’s the blackjack 21 ad. I’d recommend you fix their ad to display and X to easily skip it or don’t allow their ads.

- Mystery skin

I got 1 skin but I don’t know how to put the answer in for the one that has a maths question ( I know the answer) and I don’t know what the other one means by “ you can get this skin in no more than 8 seconds” could you please help me

- Good game but ads make it unplayable

I really liked this game but in recent weeks there’s been one ad that causes the game to glitch out. I don’t even touch it and it pops up every time you get to the third or fourth hoop and when you close it you’re already dead. If this isn’t fixed soon the game will be utterly useless.

- Used to be an amazing game

This used to be a great game. Now it’s completely unplayable due to a video ad popping up within the first 10secs of game play killing your game or forcing you to watching another ad to get a second chance only to kill you another 10 seconds later. There is also a glitch at the remove ad icon that will force payment by continuously asking for payment even when you hit cancel 20 times.

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- Flappy dunks

I think it’s a good game !! But for the younger kids playing it, I mean the challenges might be so hard for them that they might delete the game... which you don’t want because it’s so fantastic !! Also today someone asked me, ‘’ What’s that really annoying noise coming from your phone !! “ and I said it was the game !! Maybe if the vibrations weren’t so loud when you got a swish or died, it would be so much easier, and better !! And if there was less commercials that’s would be fantastic, sorry I’m just that person that every time they rate something they speak about the annoying commercials !!! LOL 😁 besides all my drama about this game, its fantastic!!! Thank you 😊!! # loverating # weirdperson # flappydunk #lesscommercials

- Too many ads

1 star for the endless amount of ads.

- Ripped off

The game itself is fun, but I paid $3.99 for ad-free and I'm still getting ads. How is that right??

- No ads trick!!

if your having trouble with ads every 5 seconds while playing Flappy Dunk i suggest you to turn ON your airplane mode and turn your wifi OFF once your done that, you can play happily without ads bothering you from playing xx

- Gucci

Good n stuff

- .

Game is fun. Too bad it freezes and has ads every 5 seconds which even makes you lose your games. FIX THIS IMMEDIATELY.

- Eh

The game is okay bit there's so much ads it's effing annoying

- Loving it

If you are struggling with ads just turn off your wifi that’s what I do the game is great though!

- Fun game! (mostly)

This is a pretty fun and addictive game that wastes time. However, it has a bunch of ads like most games. Also, I think it would be better if you could change the backround instead of brick (you would know what I mean if you play it)but that is not the biggest problem. I don't know if this is just my I pad but it's very glitchy...when I started playing I liked it, and immediately I would write about it. After I realized how glitchy it was and changed my review. BTW I now my user name sucks

- Don't even bother

Too many ads

- Really fun game

I love this game because you have to flap the basketball and I LOVE PLAYING BASKETBALL 🏀

- Its great

People are seeing a lot of ads but they are fine for me only like 2 times an hour. Its fun so i like it!

- Addictive

Flappy Dunk is a basketball game that you tap to get in the hoops. I am addicted to it!!! The reason I write a 5 star review is because it is a never ending game and it makes me excited when I reach a new high score.

- Very a addictive

Love I always have always will

- Flappy dunk

I love ❤️ this game it just make you be attached to it like pizza with cheese and I cant stop playing it it is amazing it might be my favourite game.

- Flappy dunk

It is fun but repetitive.

- Ok

Alright game..

- Too many ads

ㅗ Ads make me kms

- eh not bad

eh not bad

- Flappy dunk sucks

This game is the worst game ever

- Like it so much 🪴

C’est vraiment une bon jeux


The game is so addictive

- EPIC!!! Love it 😍

So good 😊 this game is the most entertaining and addictive too me 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩👍😁

- Cool game

I like it !

- Ads

Too much ads

- It could be better

It could be better but there so many adds it take all the fun out of the game

- Okay

Pretty glitchy but when it works it’s fun.

- Ads

So many ads

- I paid for add free and I have ads still

Give me my money back!!!!!

- Adds

To many

- Nathanfouze

Glitches a lot

- not a fun name

thought this would be a fun game but the name was absolutely repulsive. I think it should have a hip name, that’s cool with the kids these days. I think it should be named flappussy dunk. unsure what the ussy means but it seems hip and cool.

- Laggy

It’s a great game but the lag just ruined the fun. You can’t even pas 3 hoops before it lags

- Dalhia



Every time I play normal mode my game crashes. It’s not my phone. Whenever I try to play it’s either laggy or it kicks me out which is annoying because I’m just tryna play when I’m bored.

- Ads and freezing

You can tell when a developer only cares about money, a good example of such a developer is voodoo games. Voodoo games makes many games and fills them with ads in hopes that you will spend money to play a free game, if you want people to spend money to play, make the game cost money instead of it being free. At least pretend you care about the game, fix the freezing issues.

- I’m writing this with rage

The designers of the “swish only” and “mad hoop” should be thrown into a pit of nuclear acid

- Epic

It’s so good and simple it doesn’t even need an update it’s so good!!!

- Great game but

I bought no ads and it doesn’t work. I didn’t even press revive I pressed tap to continue and it gave me an ad. This has happened many times. So basically I paid for nothing.

- Thiiiis game a scam

I buy premium 4 times and it’s just says buy it the ads are still there and in the App Store it says it’s bought soooooo…….. SCAM don’t buy premium

- Good but TOO MUCH ADS

Might as well watch the flipping ad cuz you’ll get one anyway

- ads

i love the game but way way way too many ads it makes me so mad

- Fun game

The game is not to easy but not to hard. It’s really fun and simple! Love the levels they give you!

- …

Let’s just have a moment of silence for the original flappy bird. Thanks for participating

- I didn’t get my purchase

This game is really fun but I got tired of the ads while playing so I bought the no adds thing but I keep getting adds I will update my review if anything changes

- paid for no ads but still getting ads

i paid 3.99 for no ads, but i’m still getting ads! even tried deleting and redownloading the app, lost all my skins, and i’m still getting ads. please help!

- 5 stars

Overall a good game but there are lots of ads but all you have to do is turn off your wifi and data

- WAY too many ads

Ads every 5 seconds then freezes half the time on an ad. I spend more time exiting ads and restarting the app then playing the actual game.

- Adds

Way to many adds

- Why flappy dunk is a 1⭐️

So I’ve bin playing for a while now and everything has bin fine since now it glitches when I’m at swish 5X and number 14 and makes me die. FIX THIS NOW

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MOBILE GAME OF THE WEEK is back! Flappy Dunk is this weeks mobile game! Download the game, play, and DM us your high score before 8:00am on Monday! Highest Score will get an Intramural t-shirt! #mobilegamemondays #playfortheshirt #wildcatnation #intramurals


@zLuzt_ Flappy dunk

Joshua Fletcher

@littlenono Still got it on my phone. Flappy dunk is where it’s at tho.



soul twister 🫀

@0Hinxt Flappy Dunk C’est frappe

Flappy Dunk 1.9.1 Screenshots & Images

Flappy Dunk iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Flappy Dunk iphone images
Flappy Dunk iphone images
Flappy Dunk iphone images
Flappy Dunk iphone images
Flappy Dunk iphone images
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Flappy Dunk (Version 1.9.1) Install & Download

The applications Flappy Dunk was published in the category Games on 2017-05-16 and was developed by Voodoo [Developer ID: 714804730]. This application file size is 116.8 MB. Flappy Dunk - Games app posted on 2022-05-06 current version is 1.9.1 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.acidcousins.fdunk