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Swipe your finger to guide a snake of balls and break the bricks.
Try to break as many bricks as possible.
Get additional balls and make the biggest snake ever!

Very easy to play but very hard to reach high scores!

Game Features:
- Free to play
- Endless gameplay
- Simple swipe control
- Challenge your friends with the best highscore

Snake VS Block App Description & Overview

The applications Snake VS Block was published in the category Games on 2017-05-16 and was developed by Voodoo. The file size is 68.92 MB. The current version is 1.20 and works well on 7.0 and high ios versions.

small tweaks

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Snake VS Block Reviews

Girl who dominates

Less adds plz  Girl who dominates  5 star


Princess perfection

Amazing  Princess perfection  5 star

This game is so fun


False advertisement  Tisherz  1 star

I really like this game so I purchased it for $2.99 to get rid of the ridiculously long ads. But they still pop up! Ads everywhere and it lags on the game so it gives you late reaction and you die after 3 seconds then MORE ADS. It’s annoying really. I really like the game but that’s a false advertisement they have on.


Ads...  Sterus37  1 star


savge atwon

I love this game  savge atwon  5 star

It’s so fun and a good game


Boring. Too many ads  Jen1234542  1 star

No more than 10s of playing before you get an add. Maybe if you’re amazing. Unfortunately I’m not that good.


Too many adds  lzimmgame  4 star

I love this game but there are so many adds. Almost every time you die you see an add and it makes me so mad sometimes because you see the same ones over and over. This is the only thing that I dislike about the game.


So many ads!!  DawnBuis  3 star

Like seriously!!!! So many!!


Snak  heshamkuc  5 star



ADS  Trevis81  1 star

I loved this game, but in the 2 hours I played it, 10 minutes was the actual game, the rest were ADS. Christ so annoying, worst I’ve seen on any game I’ve played, in the trash you go


It’s ok  Akdjhdjjd  2 star

It’s an okay game but i feel like you need to do something extraordinarily to make lots of people play this game, I don’t play this game much cause I get bored very quickly

Edward Woodward

S  Edward Woodward  5 star

I think it’s the best app for my iPad


Snake vs block  cocosmail  5 star

I think it’s very fun

Tdgixkfubh h

Snack vs block  Tdgixkfubh h  5 star

Love the game bye it


Snake vs block  MeriFM  5 star

Awesome concentration game and great fun


🤩😍  AlanaThePrinsessCat  4 star

I love it and all but you put so many adds in it so it’s a bit of trash 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

Noisy Cow101

Too many adds!  Noisy Cow101  4 star

Plz help with ads


Good but glitchy  loku16  4 star

This game is one of the most addictive games I’ve ever played. I wouldn’t change anything but the glitches. Every time I try so move the snake it goes somewhere completely different making me lose 😭


I❤️ this game  sophie❤️👱‍♀️  5 star

This game is so cool I was thinking of doing a YouTube video of my favourite game and I think it will be this game


Cool game  fireowrkgirl  5 star

I like this game its cool 😎 and fun so yeah it is a great game

Coolduude 2

So unpredictable!!!  Coolduude 2  1 star

How is anyone supposed to guess which way is better. You have to just guess and hope you get a small number or a 49 destroys your 3 balled snake. Just to top it off, on the menu screen every other tap I do leads to an ad. I’m assuming the creators knew how bad this game was and made every other tap on the menu to get the money they don’t deserve at all.


Amazing game  acumom6  5 star

This game is amazing super fun

cupcake cookie cupcake

Rivowt  cupcake cookie cupcake  5 star

Yes I love this g

Strap man

Review  Strap man  2 star

Too many adds even with the premium game

Lucky duck 775239

SO FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Lucky duck 775239  5 star

This game is so fun for me and my kids. It’s good for kids any ages

Jillian Pain

Don’t pay for ad free  Jillian Pain  1 star

I enjoy this game and decided to pay for ad free, well they lied.. it’s NOT as free. Disappointed. The ads are ridiculous.

I can not say my real name.

Hard and annoying  I can not say my real name.  1 star

This game is so hard and when you try to get more points you ether lose almost everything or lose completely everything!!!!!!!!!!! ONE STAR

ht king

Hi it is me  ht king  4 star

Hi it is me also this game pretty fun y’all dawg


Great game!!  december_diya.2005  4 star

It’s an amazing game for those who like a little competition. Though it doesn’t tell you how you get the points to get a new snake. Please fix that.


Alright  Timmmay98  3 star

To laggy

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