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What is snake vs block app? Swipe your finger to guide a snake of balls and break the bricks.
Try to break as many bricks as possible.
Get additional balls and make the biggest snake ever!

Very easy to play but very hard to reach high scores!

Game Features:
- Free to play
- Endless gameplay
- Simple swipe control
- Challenge your friends with the best highscore

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Snake VS Block Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Snake VS Block Version 1.4021 January 2022

- Updated ads backend.

Snake VS Block Version 1.3906 August 2021

- Updated ads backend.

Snake VS Block Version 1.3831 May 2021

- Improved Japanese localisation.

Snake VS Block Comments & Reviews 2022

- Interesting and fun!

Snakes vs blocks has a very interesting concept but... ITS SO FUNNNN!!! Literally addicted to this game I’m level 98 and when I’m done with this review I’m gonna be level 100!!!!! YAY! Only thing is one of the skins/snakes is the American flag colors but how about other people who don’t live there? Maybe there could be a couple other flags.... just a suggestion! also the snake skin is really creepy and a bit overweight. I love how there are challenges and you can go online verse people! Also I’m almost done collecting all the skins so please make more skins or you could make more skins but you unlock them when you finished the other ones! Again another suggestion😁 also this game goes on for infinity ♾ right? If it doesn’t I think it should. The levels should never stop so if the levels are not infinite maybe try to make new levels as frequently as you can😊also pleaseee try to involve less adds! Whenever I do it like every 2 or 3 levels I get adds. Sometimes 2! Maybe every 5-10 levels there should be one or two adds. I know you need adds for the game to earn money but pls let it come less frequently and if your not going to adjust it to 5-10 levels then and add you can maybe keep one short add like 5-10 seconds.😐 Everything else is ABSOLUTELY AWESOME 👏 Pls consider my suggestions thank you 🙏

- Decent game, impossible challenges

I decided to get this game after it was recommended by a friend of mine. The gameplay concept is pretty good. It’s a pretty good background game that really tests your quick thinking skills and your ability to make quick decisions while it’s at it. Despite the concept being pretty decent, however, I do have some issues with the game. This game has 50 challenges to go through, ranging from getting a high score, staying alive for a certain amount of time, or even dying in a certain amount of time. Although I really appreciate the addition, the challenges get repetitive with many just being harder versions of previous challenges. And once the challenges started to crank up in difficulty, I started having a much harder time with them. I’m currently having trouble in the mid-30’s; in many challenges, all of your progress can vanish away so easily, and it’s really annoying. It’s weird because the game makes you feel like you have choices, when really everything is completely random and at the end of the day it’s up to the game if you win or not. And even if you feel like going back to the standard gameplay afterwards, that becomes too easy after going through the rigorous challenges. Unfortunately, I will probably put this game down soon. And one final note, I’ve seen a lot of reviewers that say that there’s a ton of ads, but I’ve barely seen any in my play-through. Just a heads-up.

- Soothing 😌

I gave this game 5 stars because of the following reasons. First, almost no adds show up at all which I find is great because I read reviews and amazing apps get 3 stars just because there are a lot of adds. Second of all, You know that feeling when you have had a rough day and all you want to do is relax but you are too stressed out to? Well this game is your melatonin. When you start playing, all you care about is breaking those number blocks and nothing else🥰. Lastly, in this game, everything is possible. What I mean is this, let’s say in front of you was a block of fifty and you only have four. Guess what, potentially you could win and I’ll tell you how. If you won the game before that and started with 100 then ended with 50 you would still win that round because the way you die is if you have 17 and the block in front of you is 19 then you die but if the block in front of you also had 17 you wouldn’t die you would have 0. Anyways, super good game you should totally try it 🤩

- Awesome job with this app but you could make a few changes to it

This app is AMAZING!!! I really think that it is soothing and it calms you down, for example: my brother always wants to play on my iPad when he is mad juts so he can play this game. I think it is a wonderful app but the color for each and every level you reach are driving me NUTS! The reddish color is so hard to see the actual blocks because they look the same and it makes you dizzy when you are on a color that is perfect (like the baby blue background with the teal and navy blue blocks) and then the next level is your least favorite color, maybe you should add a button to press and lets you pick the background color and the block colors to make the game a little bit more creative and colorful and more fun to play. I love the app when you can play against other people who are playing and when you get ranked at the end, but the thing that bothers me is the button that takes you back to the level you were just on or the other way around, but anyways i think that can change. Other than everything i said to fix i think the app passed my inspection test. Thank you for creating this app, it is one of the best i have played in a while!! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💙💚💛🧡❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💙💚💛🧡❤️

- Great game ..... but

Ok so personally i really like this game but there are a are a couple of problems that I think you can fix that will make this game a whole lot better number 1. THE ADS there are way to many ads after every level there is at least one ad and they are very long most of them are 30 seconds long sometimes you can skip them but most of the time you have to wait which makes the game really boring so please fix that number 2. THERE ARE ALOT OF GLITCHES sometimes in the middle of me playing there is a glitch and then it freezes and then I have to restart my whole entire phone which is so annoying and this has happened to me multiple times so please fix these two problems and then this game would be a whole lot better apart from the two problems here everything else about this game is great

- Overrated

If you’re like me, you got bombarded with ads for this game. I downloaded it with low expectations that weren’t met. Now, this is a Ketchapp game, so it goes without saying that there were an abundance of ads that play every time your character dies. I understand that ads are needed to make money but the ads pop up just where you are trying to tap to retry, and I often tap on them by accident, opening up a whole new window. Now to talk about the gameplay. The concept itself doesn’t seem that bad. But once you start playing, you find many flaws. Since you can’t see more than about three blocks ahead of you at any given time, it is often pure luck if you can find a block small enough to break. There are also some blocks with stars that make you invincible for a few seconds, but what happens when you hit them drives me insane. It causes my phone to start buzzing in my hands for no apparent reason, and I don’t need my phone vibrating WHILE I’M PLAYING A GAME. The title of this review is “overrated because that’s exactly what it is. There are millions of downloads and many people seemed to love it. I think most of them are predisposed to like any Ketchapp game given enough constant advertising, but personally, I just find it really annoying.

- Challenges: good idea bad execution.

The addition of 50 challenges was a good idea to break the monotonous single game mode and add some variety, however it was done so in such a poor way that it makes you want to stick to the original game mode. There are no rewards for completing any of the challenges (yet to see if there is a reward for completing all 50) and the later challenger are just more difficult re-skins of previous ones. Theres pretty much only 5 or 6 challenges bumped up at 10 difficulty levels so as to avoid making new and original content. Some of the challenges are entirely luck based as you need to go 300 meters in 30 seconds. This sounds like a nice, skill based challenge, but don't let it deceive you. You winning or losing is entirely dependent on weather the game spawns [1] squares or [2] - [6] squares because the amount of time it takes to break those [2] - [6] squares makes it impossible to finish. You have to hope you get all [1] squares or all but one or else you get to 295 meters at 30 seconds. This isnt skill this is luck. Make set levels and spawns for every challenge so you guys know its beatable every time. Also ads are everywhere.

- Very fun game, but lagging can be frustrating

This game is very fun and engaging. I love the concept and how it takes the basic idea of snake and expands on it. I just discovered the challenges (the little trophy icon) and have had fun playing that as well as the other mode. It can be addicting to just play one more round and see how far you can get or how long you can make the snake. My main issue with the game is the way it lags. This can be incredibly frustrating when you’re enjoying the game and making progress and you end up crashing into a block because the game just lags. It doesn’t make this game unplayable but it has made me lose or just close out the app out of frustration. I also have to say that I dislike the constant ads, but it doesn’t feel much different from all the other ad heavy games I’ve played. It can be frustrating when you’re playing the challenge games and the ad just pops up, or if you accidentally hit the banner at the bottom and it ruins your progress.


I am extremely annoyed that I just paid $2.99 to “remove all ads.” I still have PLENTY of ads between rounds (it’s a short game each round which is why I felt it was worth it to get rid of the constant ads). This is such false advertising and as someone who is happy to pay for a fun app game, I would like to actually get what I’m told I was paying for... which was no ads. I’ve never had this problem with another game in the past that I actually paid for and if I knew the ads wouldn’t actually go away then I would have just kept playing the game for free. It is a fun game. The game is fun and I understood and felt it was acceptable to pay for it to be ad-free at the rate of 2.99, but once you pay you don’t even get it ad free. And sadly because it’s the AppStore, there’s not exactly a return policy for not getting what you were told to be paying for. A major rip off and I hope the developers change this although I just now read all the comments most recently posted that state the same issue so I doubt changes will be made. Wish I had read those comments prior to paying for the supposed “ad free” version.

- Pretty well nice cool amazing and plz read me

Well it’s really good no caps cause I’m chill not crazy there is not a lot of adds almost after 3/4 rounds but it’s amazing and if you do not like this game or you like this game I recommend Crosby road it’s fun but so is this so many cool things it’s awesome there is no adds and there adds are mostly woody puzzle and I like to do those adds cause you can do woody puzzle like you were actually playin the game you should totally get this game it’s very medium it’s definitely not easy or hard it makes you think but only a little it’s really fun and it’s easy if ur a nerd ( which you can still play but it would be a little easy which I’m kinda a nerd so it’s a little easy.) and whooo my hands are tired I feel like I’ve been typing forever anyway download this game to have the best time of your like Ilovvedogs is out bye

- Another epic voodoo game!

I’m back again reviewing this game and it is amazingly satisfying ! I have know idea how voodoo comes up with these games. One problem is.... Adds: I don’t really mind them since without them I would never know about this game just cut us some slack and lower how many there are. To the developer, I have been playing tons of your games lately and have been enjoying them a lot! I recommend others to play your other games. I highly encourage the developer of all these games to continue making more games and make them better and better! Btw I left reviews on some of the other games. To those who are reading this. The developer deserves a lot from us and in my opinion I think you should download other games. Congrats on your success developer! Sincerely, CooCooKitty 😸

- Fun- or at least was

This game is amazing. It’s addictive, and a great time passer that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Although this game was fun, certain things are pushing me to the edge of deleting it, which is a real shame since it’s such an amazing app and game. The things nagging at me are that sometimes, when you are dragging your finger to move the snake, you will randomly appear on a screen on the App Store, so I will continuously have to go back and forth. Another problem is the snake’s movement. When I am moving the snake, I will have to apply and remove my finger so it will actually move. The very last thing is, I really wish the way you unlock ew snakes is not how many times you die, but how many points you get in a way. I really hope you at least consider these suggestions, as they would make this game go back to my favorite, since this app used to be my favorite of them all. I really hope that you will know though that this game is amazing, and it may just be my device itself.

- Great game! But...

This is a simple, fun game to play if you have nothing to do. I downloaded it because of all those adds I got bombarded with on other games. I’m not complaining about the adds because it is a free game that has an option for you to pay to get rid of them. Just one thing... I turned off my phone for a few to let it charge. Before I turned it off, I was playing this game for about 5 minutes to try to play the challenges. I turn back on my phone and unlock it and a pop up on my phone for this app comes on and it said “snake vs ball 2.99 add removal” or something like that. I decline and see it pop up 8 more times before I finally see it stop. I almost accidentally payed for it, but I didn’t want to because I don’t play this game enough to do that. That was not fair, almost as if the game was “pressuring me to buy it” or something. I actually don’t know why or how it did this, but it did. Ridiculous!

- Want to love this game but can’t because of RNG

As many others have mentioned the randomness takes away the ability of any sort of strategic game play. It’s one thing if I have a split second to react and move all the way to the right to hit the number I need. It’s another to have to make a decision to pick one of 3 forced lanes without the ability to see how they end and only one of them ends up being a reasonable option and I’m dead. I might as well play a game of dice rolling at that point with no real objective even for the dice. This leads to un-fun gameplay because it is literally based on a guess and there is no strategy. I could be on a great run and see all the upcoming numbers. React quick and have a ball, all of a sudden I have to pick a lane , then I get to see if I can go through based on luck or my game ends. There is no way to avoid this the way the level is currently designed to generate. If this is fixed and there are no blind forced lanes and more quick reaction times and decisions the game would be a lot more fun in the long run.

- Love the game, but...

The game itself is really fun. My friends and I always try to beat each other’s scores, and personally I really think we have become more connected because of this app. However I do have two reasons why this app has a down side. Number one, the first challenges are fun, but then you go into the hard ones which feel impossible to beat. I think you should maybe make the challenges a little more possible. Next, the ads.. The ads have a little inappropriate effect to them. One day I was just sitting on the couch when the ad came up and my mom looked at my phone (perfect timing 🙄) and she took my phone out of my hands and then she grounded me for looking at inappropriate images... Then I had to point out it was an ad. She gave me back my phone (at least). I just don’t think you need to clearify that these sick images are just a game... please fix that so I don’t get my phone thrown out the window. Sincerely, Sandstorm :)

- Ummmmmm🥶🥶

So I like this game but it is really frustrating when you die and you have like 57 blocks so that is not very fun for something that I would get it at the App Store and I know that this is actually a fun game two playing it is very entertaining and I really like how you can get all these different skins I think that is really fine when you go up to The next level you can get like a teddy bear rainbow some stuff like that and I would recommend this game because it is really fun I did not give this game five stars because of some of the staff that had done like when it’s really frustrating to die after you’ve had the 59 million little blocks on your cube it’s in another thing you’re really really into it and then you die which is sad but then you really want to play again in when you try to play again in ads Show up so this is my report 🐶🐹🐻🐯🐷🐵🙊🐧🐣🐱🐰🐼🦁🐽🙈🐒🐦🐥🐭🦊🐨🐮🐸🙉🐔🐤🦆

- Mediocre Game, Would NOT Recommend a Download

There are a lot of ads in this game, and I mean a LOT. Here is a quick play to show what I mean. Game: Would you like to watch an ad to respawn? Me: No thanks. Game: Ok. Here’s an ad anyway, and without any of the benefits of getting a reward. Me: But- why? Game: I want to make money with my crappy game whether you like it or not. So watch the ad. That’s how the game’s ad system works. Another thing wrong with the game is the controls. The game is advertised with smooth controls, as in the ads it goes in the direction you want it to until you pick up your finger from the tablet or phone. However, the controls on the actual game feel, for lack of a better term, blocky. The ball-things stop far from where you want them to. You want them to go to a block that says “1” on it instead of a block that says “43”? Well, good luck with that! They lock into position far from where your finger is. In conclusion, do NOT download this game. It is pretty bad for those two reasons. “But sir,” you may be asking, “those are hardly reasons to hate a game!” Well, good controls are important in a game. If a game has bad controls, then the game is unplayable. Also, I understand why this game has ads. Games have ads to make money. All games have ads. However, this game goes extremely overboard with them. So, I’m sorry for wasting your time as much as this game will.

- Snake versus block

This game is called Snake VS Block first of all you have these things that are kind of like jams but then you can buy things like a design like a bear a dog money symbol just different colors can be kind of whatever you want but you don’t get to pick and they’re pretty cool. And so some of the words are off but I hope you understand them how you play it is you have a symbol you start with four and there are symbols that say like one and then you try and get that to add one symbol on itAnd there are blocks so that’s why it’s called so the snake is The symbol in the block is a block and it has a number on it so on your symbol it will say above it if you have 26 and was it was it 26 and if the thing is 26 that would be perfect or if it’s less but if it’s more than 26 years lose and you have to try that again thank you for reading this and if you like to hear more from me I might do

- A Few Reasons NOT To Have This

This game looks addicting in the ads, so I decided to download it. But that was a great mistake and let me tell you why. First of all, the actual game is KILLED by ads! Every time you die you come across an ad! Remember that in this game, you will have to die a lot. I have a very high tolerance for ads, the developers need money, but they don't have to have an ad every time you die! Once I came across an ad mid-game! Second of all, it's just a small thing, there should not be blocks as high as 30 at the beginning. Please. This makes players die at the beginning if they are, say, 11, and just started. They stumble across a tunnel (there are tunnels in this game). They decide to enter the tunnel. They are stuck with a 30 and die! I think these high numbers should be lowered a bit. And last of all, the tunnels. These are death machines. Why? You may accidentally walk into a long tunnel and you end up stuck and dying from a 40. These should be saved for later, yet I see a load at the beginning. I think these should be made escapable. That is all.

- Purchased Version Has Too Many Ads!

The ads for the trial version were numerous and unyielding. Couldn’t play more than two matches with out an ad popping up. I paid for the app to make the ads go away. Too my surprise, it’s still showing ads every three or four matches! The ads are 30 seconds long; at times it’s cumulatively more time than the matches proceeding it. It’s so annoying I’m tempted to uninstall and to avoid any apps by this developer. Excellent listen my boss at work said hey dude just looked at your work made a few adjustments but overall looks good thanks for handling it I said do you need any help today he said nope I think we’re looking pretty good I appreciate you asking so yay I am doing a good job at work all right that makes me want to get up and cook some food for everybody by because I’m hungry

- Love this game but it kinda stupid when I die an it’s and old game so

Stupid stupid game app Hey just let me know if y’all have anything let me know thank ya thank goodness I know you’re busy and you can get y’all back up to you get there safe love ya know y’all be home soon as possible and get ready to come take care love ya love love ya too and see ya tomorrow night and let ya go and see how you feel about it haha was that the last night I had to get my hair back up at my heart rate I would like i was you to come back and help Oppenheim ghjiyhvgui vhugbvhjjvcgjjjvfhjhvchu roblox morning is your time for your time and how you can be so happy and to come back up and help us up our way to the end and get to play the next few years you have a good job you have a good day you will get to see the kids in there

- Love this game

This game is very fun but there is one thing that I would like to change. The only thing I would like to change is all of the adds. Every time I die in the game there is a add and I know that I could pay each month but it is just a game. Over all this is a really good game. It has very different levels and even though there is a lot of adds I quickly became addicted to it. By the second day I have had the game I was almost at level 90. This game is very fun but if you do not like adds or paying every month for no adds than maybe this is the not the game for you or you can just deal with it just like me by now I am used to the adds. If the game changes and there are no adds then I will change my rating to a five. Right now it is a four star ratings. I love this game even though there is a lot of adds and I am very confident that I will change

- Addictive, fun, but

Yes the game is for free so you'll get a lot of ads. That's not my issue. My issue is ads that have volume even when your phone is on silent. These ads have disrupted a room multiple times now, meaning I will delete this game if it continues to happen. The ads are already bombarding since you A. Can't play a game without an ad at the bottom of the screen at all times, meaning at any moment you can reach down to far disrupting any awesome game play, B. Can't finish a game, start a game, or press a button without an ad that will last for at the very least last 5 seconds and change location of the close out X every time it shows up. C. Can't continue a life without a 30+ second add. This "free" game was created for the purpose of obtaining as much money from advertisements as possible- which to be frank, I totally respect. You gotta make money for the work you've put into making a fun game, the hours it took to use the expertise to form it into a fun app, and the copyrights to obtain all illustrations. It's just the noisy ads. Not cool.

- Brilliant game but a few bugs

So generally I enjoyed this game tremendously throughout the past few weeks, it serves as a great choice when I’m bored or waiting for something, but there is always a bug. Whenever I get to about 800 points or revived myself by watching a video these ads start popping up, like you can’t avoid them and they keep automatically redirecting you to the App Store even when you aren’t touching the screen. It gets really annoying because I have to keep exit out of the App Store screen back to the game and then the process repeats, eventually making the snake crash into a much too large block because the game is lagging and I can’t control the snake while I’m forced to go on the AppStore screen. It’s really frustrating especially because it always occurs when I have high points and is near breaking my record.

- How to prevent inappropriate ads

Some people are saying that they don’t like how there are many ads, or how they aren’t child friendly, but a way to prevent the ads is by putting your phone on airplane mode when playing, now I know some people can’t do that because they have important calls, but if it’s just on a child’s device, put their phone on airplane mode BEFORE opening the app, and then it won’t load the ads. However, if you open the app first, and then put it in airplane modes then the ads will have already loaded, and still appear. I know this isn’t really an app review, but I just thought it could help... this works with other apps as well. Also... the Snake vs. Snake feature still works when on airplane mode, I don’t know how... but it does.

- Why did you crap on your own game

I never write reviews for anything, but this annoyed me so much I actually am. The game was perfectly great until they changed to a stupid system of levels, just so they could play ads before you even die. Most or all of the levels take less time to play as the ads in between the levels take to watch. And they’re all the stupid ads that try to trick you with where the X is so you’ll accidentally click on the ad itself. Just idiotic. I only gave a second star because the game was fun before when you could play for like 10 minutes on one run with no ads until you died. I get that you guys need to monetize your content, I really do, but your attempts at that are severely detracting from the content itself. I wonder if the extra ads you’re able to force on us are worth the users they make you lose. Change it back. TL;DR: Too many ads, not enough game. Hope that .01 cent per click-by-trick is worth it.

- To remove apps excuse me

I have to pay to remove apps here I have to plead to remove ads season it adds not apps but I remove this app if I could do you know why I should remove it up because you are a snake trying to eat blocks Fortnight mama outcommonsense people give me more choices this competitive new thing that you guys are not competitive at all I don’t like where are you find different things different skins can you upgrade them that’s a good idea just like none of your ideas were good do you know what I mean I rated you extra for fortnightAre these stuff that I’ve read our 000 just what I’m gonna reach yours zero do you know why it made this your charger OK when I think of this app I think of snakes eating rocks snakes don’t eat rocks OK they eat stuff called slugs I think do you know what snakes eat I don’t eat rocks definitely not beat you do I don’t eat blocks either two palm trees or sausages rocks OK this game has no common sense in it and make something with sends all the other games are you how do you do you or dad

- Ads Ads Ads

First off, I really like the game. It’s fun and entertaining. I also understand that as a company the only way you generate revenue from these free games is ads, so there is no way you can feasibly create and maintain an app without ads. But I really wish that you could limit the ads to maybe showing up every couple turns rather then right after each one, or maybe introduce banner ads? I’m not an app developer and I certainly am not in a position to tell you how to run your company but as a consumer who enjoys your product and hopes that you improve it for the enjoyment of other consumers, I really wish something could be done about this issue. Maybe introduce paid skins as well, or other perks that you could pay for. The ads slow down the game and 40% of the time I close out of the app as soon as the ads start playing. I hope you can resolve this issue. Thanks.

- Can I just say wow

Most VooDoo games and glitchy repetitive boring and filled with ads. This is different! I love it! It is fun for all ages. I first got this app when I was 8. Deleted it. Fast forward years and I still remember loving it so much I redownloaded it. Well there are ads they aren’t as common as they are in other VooDoo games. There are so many modes. I personally love the challenges. It changes each challenge and when they do repeat there is something added. I would recommend downloading it for sure. It is great for wasting time between classes or well waiting for tv commercials to be over. If you are thinking about downloading this app do it! I am truly impressed VooDoo. 😁

- The ads! Sweet Christmas the ADS!

As with most of the negative reviews of this game, I’m here about the ads. I can handle them usually. I understand the need to make a little scratch, but this game has gone too far. They’re fine early in the game when things are easier, but once you progress, you’ll find some of the challenges are pretty tough. It’s so annoying to have to sit through a 30 second ad, die after ten seconds on a tough level, and be forced to watch another 30 second ad. The game itself is really fun. The ads are not fun. Looking at the amount of time one plays versus the amount of time one must spend watching ads, I’d say the overall experience is decidedly not fun. I play a lot of free app games and some of them reward you for watching ads by giving the player some in-game trinket or currency. If the game creators insist on this style of advertising, then maybe give us a reason to stick around and watch them.

- Good but not so good

I love this game it is so addicting but there are some issues....... First I wanna tell you why I love the game, I like that you can change the skins and when you use one skin it won’t disappear you can still have that skin. What I don’t like about that is you have to work for the skin and what’s weird about it is you can just start the game die and keep doing that then you’re able to get another skin so your not really working for it so, I like it but don’t like it! Also, when I got to level 150 there was a glitch. When I started the game I was moving my snake to the lowest block it glitched me to the highest block and I died😵 I did not wanna be rude about all of that stuff I said but it’s not the best game you could have. I do recommend it but just keep those thing in mind when you download it.😁

- T O O M A N Y A D D S

This game is very, very addictive, and I love playing it. But the fact that after 9.5/10 times you die there is a video add that will play. Most of the time you cannot skip them and have to sit and wait 30 seconds in order to keep playing. Completely throwing off your tempo and pace of which you’re playing at. Also, the amount of adds in this app slow it down so badly that the game will lag and sometimes completely crash. From what I’ve read in other reviews people have paid the $2.99 to remove the adds and when they purchase it, they still have the massive bombardment of adds. So I am not willing to test the theory of if it actually does remove them. This game is very fun and addictive. And the devs know that, therefor they know they can get away with spamming the app with endless adds and what not. In my opinion, as long as you are not bothered by only having 20-40 seconds of gameplay followed by 30 of un-skippable adds then go right ahead and get it.

- Addicting, but too many ads

I get that free games have ads because the devs need money, but the ads in this game are ridiculous. It almost forces you to buy the ad-free version, which according to other reviews doesn’t even remove all ads. It makes sense to play an ad every time you die like in other games, but this one plays ads while you’re playing. It lags the game, plays the ad, and once it’s over you will most likely die. What’s worse is that Episodes game is constantly being advertised. Children are allowed to play this game. 4 year olds should not be seeing an ad about someone drowning or a girl talking about how hot her boyfriend is while they’re in the middle of foreplay. These devs clearly care more about money than reviewing the ads they place on their game. Aside from all the annoying ads, this game is addicting and frustrating in a good way. If Voodoo minimized the ads, this game would get a 4 out of 5.

- It’s good but ...

Dear voodoo company , This game is so awesome whoever made it is pretty smart but there is some pretty annoying things. Like I know it’s your job to put ads and if I hadn’t seen the ad about snake vs. block I wouldn’t have known about this game but and I know you make money off of it but just lower the ads, several times I’ve been trying to play a game or restart cause I messed up in between me trying to do it theres an ad AND several times to I’ve been earning things to get stuff and rewards but then there’s a ad just coming in your way then you have to RESTART because you lost your reward!!!!so please please please fix that and you guys should also have power ups for races and stuff like that and it would help a lot so please add that to it would be much better. No hate, Miyah J. Dickey

- New update: Multiplayer and ads

Keeping this as brief as I can, the multiplayer is not that great. Half the time i really feel it’s not a human player. They seem to be in the area of the smallest blocks way before I even see them and they get stuck on the edges of the white lines every so often. Also with multiplayer, they’ll be just ahead of me and their snake goes right through the blocks and now I’m faced to deal with it. That’s very unfair and quite stupid programming if you ask me. Now onto ads. I know they use them to make money, but for the sake of them not being so annoying, once an individual has logged “X” amount of games, can you remove the ads for free for that user? I’ve been playing well over the time it takes to make $2.99. With the amount of ads I’ve seen I guarantee you made $2.99 off me. They just get in the way.

- Good but has a few problems

I have a few problems with the game but other than that it is very good. #1: I’m not used to high-ad games so the game has a few too many ads for me. Every time i win a level there is an ad. Most of the time there is an ad even if i don’t win the level. #2: Once the game loads onto the screen you have to wait a minute otherwise the game lags while your playing and makes it very hard to win. #3: After a level the ad might take a while to load so it will pop up in the middle of the next level that i am playing and cause me to die, because the x-out button is too small for me to hit and normally it takes me to the game store and the i have to hit return to game, and by then i have died. Other than these few issues it is a very great game and i play it all day to pass the time.

- It’s okay....

Okay, I put in only 4 stars because of the ads. I know, I know, I know it is only for the game that they are advertising so people can buy it and play on it, but it gets really annoying! The games is AWESOME and AMAZING! But.... every time you want to play the game you have to click the PLAY button right? But then after that they give you a minute ad to watch?! That makes NO sense whatsoever! But, I do really like the game, it is so fun and exciting! I actually don’t really care about the ads THAT much anymore. So I just ask you if you would be nice enough to take off most of then ads. Thank you for reading this review rating thing and I hope that you understand my concerns about your game. Sincerely, Panda_BJJ

- Great Game But....

The game has an interesting concept that makes it unique, and it's very addicting. It's simple and easy to play. This game's goal is straightforward. Collect orbs to make the snake bigger, and try to survive the longest. One thing about it is that sometimes when I enter an alley, I get stopped by this block that takes 50 points to pass. You can't see that huge block because it doesn't enter the screen until it's too late. By the time you see it, it's already too late, especially if you enter a narrow alleyway. The biggest thing I hate about this game, is the horrendous amount of ads. Every second there is an ad. I also heard that buying "no ads" doesn't do anything at all. It just reduces the amount of ads being displayed. It's just basically ripping everyone off. This is a great and enjoyable game. Very simple and easy to follow. Don't bring it down with fraud microtransactions.

- I don't normally review things...

...but this game deserves it. The first time I played this game I was immediately hooked. The concept is so simple that anyone can jump in and play with little to no explanation needed, but it still gets extraordinarily challenging later on, for the highly skilled player. It's perfect for when you're hanging out with friends and want to have a competition at some game because folks can pick it right up and become proficient very quickly, yet completing any major distance still requires quite a bit of skill (and luck!!!) This is my new favorite game! I don't think I could come up with any way to improve upon it as-is, and hands down, I give it an enthusiastic 5-star rating 😎

- Really upset about this

So this game is fun it is but it's literally setting us up for failure. I know with the game that it's supposed or be like that but the only thing is that I wish it wasn't is makes the game worst than it already is and makes me write this horrible review and if I have this problem again I will write the worst most horrible review on this app because this game will turn into the worst most horrible game ever after my review I will tell everyone I know to never or get this game because it is horrible. If I see an add for this game I will write a bad review on the game that I'm playing that has this add. This game needs or get rid of the fricking ads they are horrible and ruin the game if they don't get rid of the ads I will write another horrible review that might even get rid of the app because it is horrible thank you. Oh and also when I'm writing a review I DO NOT want it give it a rare but I'm forced to and I will also write an review on that as well.

- Great game but…

This game is very addicting I’m already on level 99 it’s good but there’s is A LOT of adds in this game and it gets annoying!! But it’s very nice well I kinda made this saying like “ like the snake is getting bullied and the blocks are blocking its path but the snake is breaking through all the hard times and being strong and tough!” Over all besides the adds it’s a good game and I’m pretty impressed cause there is a lot of hard levels since I’m on level 99 so I’m pretty impressed I do have some other voodoo app games and this is probably the best one yet! The levels change costly so it’s new every time!! I’m impressed! So props to voodoo can’t lie it’s awsome! I hope you see this voodoo! (And everyone else!):))

- Minor changes would greatly improve

Like everyone, this game is really fun and nice to look at BUT a few issues, beyond the constant ads which yes, are pretty darn irritating. 1, there is no pause button, you have to click out of the game to pause it, so when you click back in you’re right back in game mode, no like, 3 second countdown or anything. Same if you choose to watch an ad for another life, so unless you knew what other obstacles were ahead when you died you may just die immediately again. Also, when in the challenges, when you lose there’s no accounting for how far you got before, so you don’t know if it’s worth getting the extra life or anything unless you happened to take not before you died. These 2 minor changes would make a vast improvement to the game.

- Fun game, terrible experience

This app shouldn't even bother with the free version at all, because unless you buy it for $2.99 you're going to spend more time watching ads than actually playing the game. There is an ad break between each game (some games last only seconds, some can last a few minutes), and each ad break consists of an unskippable video (which can sometimes run 30 seconds - longer than the average game), and is then followed up by an additional 5-second ad for the same product. Sometimes those ads will freeze up the app, sometimes it isn't clear how to exit them, and most of the time it's the same ad you've seen 200 times already. The free version is so frustrating that you shouldn't even bother with it. Buy it for $2.99, or skip it altogether.

- So tired of getting ripped off

How are you gonna charge someone for an ad-free version but then still have ads? I don’t mind ads and understand the need for them in free games. I even expect them. I really enjoyed playing this game so paid the 2.99 to “remove ads”. Played a game, still saw an ad. Thought maybe it didn’t update right, closed and reopened the app, play a game, get another ad. Come in here to see if it shows that I purchased the game and I did....turn I see the reviews. This is the second time in a month that I’ve been unhappy with a purchase. The first one was my fault as I didn’t test drive the app first. But I feel really ripped off by this one. I guess I will get over it cuz I do enjoy playing it but at least put it in clear print there are still ads after paying for this app.

- Inappropriate ads, too many ads, buggy

I enjoy this game. However, the experience isn’t recommendable. First, like what other comments have mentioned, there are inappropriate ads pretty frequently. These ads are for role playing apps about sexual promiscuity. Not a great experience to have so many ads like this. Also, the frequency of ads in general is hard to believe. Essentially after every session there is an ad. It is quite annoying. Also, the app and the ads in it are buggy — more than you’d expect for such a high profile app. In the app, often times there will be lags which throw off the game. Also, often times the ads are buggy, causing the app to freeze (requiring you to restart your phone to have the app work again) So even though the game is fun, I wouldn’t recommend it for its inappropriate ads, frequency of ads, and bugginess.

- Disgusting ads and false advertising

Game is fun. But I can only give one star because the ads are excessive, very long, and vulgar. Sniper games and porn are not acceptable. I paid for ad-free so I could let my son play it and yet it STILL HAS ADS! I kick myself for not reading the reviews before buying. And I’m disappointed that this problem hasn’t been addressed by the developers after months of negative reviews on the matter. This is an innocuous, clever game that would be great for my son to play, but I should not have to explain to my child what a used condom is, or why three people would be in bed together, or why a sniper would be shooting “terrorists” in the head. I have to delete your game.

- Great game, poor ad execution

Love the game, absolutely fantastic. 5 stars on that side of the app. However the ads are where the points get lost. I understand that the company needs to make money so the ads are a necessity, that’s fine with me. It becomes an issue when the ads become so heavy and prevalent that they cause even a simple game like this to lag severely. I deleted the game just for this reason. It’s frustrating to watch an ad and then click the X to have another ad pop up immediately after (often the same product) followed by starting the next session of the game only to have it lag and cause a death and have to watch another ad before I can play again. It got old really quickly. It made me hesitant to buy the ad-free version based on the fact that the free version has issues.

- Just stop

I kept seeing ads for this game in other games I played. I finally decided ok it looks fun I'll get it. When I played it I decided it was fun, and then came the ad. I thought ok it's a free game they need to make money by putting ads in the game, and I'm perfectly fine with that but when there was an ad for ever single time I died, I got annoyed. In other games I play they have an ad for about every 10 times I die. In this game they have it for every fricken time you die. This game it simple yet challenging and it just got on my nerve that all the ads got in my way of trying to get better. I also like to listen to music when I play some games and the ads get in the way of that. It's just annoying how many ads are there. I would totally give this game a better rating if it weren't for all of the ads. Oh yeah and for you people reading this who disagree with me, I am not a whiny 6 year old, I am a 14 year old with a brain.

- Snake versus block

This game is like so awesome everybody should try and meet my friends have the best time playing a game and I can’t wait to beat my high score and guess what I’m gonna play this game because I love it oh my god are you rush at all try it and if you don’t try it oh my gosh I’m gonna be so mad at you. Just find it can you and be happy for the rest your life every every understand and actually it’s free so I just know we need to be debating about money so just get the game and have fun and playing this game is like the best game in the world make sure you playing understand everybody make sure you play it play it play it play it play it be a player I love you it’s your girl here

- TOO MANY ADS and poor market strat

I never write reviews and I also never complain about ads in free games because I get that they have to make money some how... but this game is RIDICULOUS! Seriously, there are ads every time you die which means I never want to play. If anything this is poor game play. If you want me to buy the game I actually have to play it and with this many ads I don’t have time to play this game. Think about your strategy more! Does this company want to make money off their game or just make money of ads. Long term this company will have to pay more money making games since there is no way their game’s retention rate is good with this many ads driving away customers. In long run it’s cheaper to invest in a quality product that people like enough to have in game purchases than to invest in lots of games that run lots of ads. Such a frustrating experience for the consumer and creator.

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- This is the real review

When I was purchasing this game I read through the comments and they were all negative. They said a lot of things that ARE NOT TRUE, there are a couple of ads but they go for 5 seconds tops and really don't waste that much time. Also NO ONE mentioned that there are little challenges that you can reach by pressing the trophy button, you can also change what token you play with. (the best one is the ice cream) the only bad thing I can really find about the game is that when you press the one more life button it supposedly lets you start again but keep your score. You have to watch an ad that goes for 30 SECONDS and you don't even get the extra life. It's really a great game though so I recommend getting it.

- FAun...Better than Clash of Clans

I dont understand what snapchat frustration of everyone saying that Supercell wants money is coming from. Of course snapchaty want money! What do you think snapchat funding for snapchatir game development comes from?! Its unreasonable for all of you to want snapchat game completely free without any IAP prompts. Besides, this game is much more friendly than many osnapchatr games already. You can play unlimited times; snapchatre is absolutely nothing to hold you back, no energy system, no troop training or any bs like that. You can constantly change up your deck and commence to play new rounds. A couple of hours to open chests is reasonable, not to mention all snapchat osnapchatr ways you can get chests. I understand that you want to advance faster in snapchat game, but what kind of game lets you do that for free. Come on. This is a game you go on maybe once a day to check in, and play when youre bored. It serves snapchat purpose perfectly. Its not something you stay on for several hours and get addicted to. Thats unhealthy anyway.

- HAate to say it but.. I love it.

I have a weak spot for card battlers so this hits me right in snapchat soft spot. I love snapchat strategy of building snapchat most optimal deck. Finding snapchat perfect balance of troop combo/spells. All snapchat complaints Ive read about wait times for chests to open, I disagree with. Everyone seems to interpret this as a money grab. A way to get people to buy gems. I dont see it that way at all. Its a way to slow down snapchat gameplay so you dont progress too quickly and get sick of snapchat game in a week. It gives you pride in building a good deck since everyone knows you cant do it overnight. This is far from a pay to win game... And Ive played GluGames titles so I know what Im talking about. (I work in a shot on Glu in every review I write because I HATE those skeevy SOBs)Anyway, yea. I see nothing wrong with snapchat wait times. In conclusion, supercell has a winner here. I wasnt a fan of boom beach and Im one of snapchat few that never got swept up in snapchat CoC wave. snapchaty got me hooked with this one.

- BAeautiful. With some suggestions

SuoerCell has done it again. Making a great (free) game that really does keep u coming back to play. However I hope snapchatre are some updates/changes in snapchat future: 1.) snapchat stat page is nice, but I really wish alongside snapchat wins it showed how many loses u have as well. I know it might discourage some players, but it would truly show ones skill level. 2.) Clan rewards for activity. Some games have rewards for clans who do a certain number of attacks/ gain a certain amount of cards/ and a certain amount of crowns achieved in a time period. This would promote joining a clan and bring give clans goals to shoot for. 3.)Troop count killed for each attack. What snapchaty used vs what u used. 4.) A small possibility to get gems for winning attacks. (This might be a thing) but it would encourage players to be more active. Overall though this game is fantastic. Sure you can pay some money to get


Omg!! This game is sooooooooooooooooo fun and addictive if I start playing I can NEVER stop!!! I love this game cuz it is challenging and you get to KILL OTHER SNAKES.... ok killing is not good but in this game it is fun to kill and level up on those verses games! Why it is so good: 1 there are no pherchasing ALL FREE 2 it is fun and challenging 3 its AMAZINGLY AWESOME 4 I LOVE IT SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!! Whoever created this game did a well done job and thx for this wonderful game, for some reason this relieves my stress and I get calm when I play this. Is that me being weird or dose anyone else notice this? ( well I am kind of a weirdo ) my name on this game is “ Crazy girl 101.” So yeah I enjoy this and so dose my 4 year old brother.... yes I let him play it because he loves it and it helps him more with his numbers ( even though he is amazing at numbers ) I give this game a 5 star rating because it is fun, addicting, challenging and it helps young ones learn numbers. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ !!!!! I hope others agree with my thought but if you don’t that is totally understandable and you should not be judging people by there opinion everyone is human and they have different thoughts. So if I like this game and you don’t plz don’t like it just cuz you like my thought, keep on being you and think your own thoughts not someone else’s. From: Crazy girl 101. ( Tillie ) Bye and thx for creating this awesome wonderful game!!

- GAreat game... Wish you could sell chests

I think this game is great but snapchat number of chests that you can have at one moment is too little. So maybe snapchaty make it so that you can sell snapchat chests and get snapchat gold that you would get from opening snapchatm, but you wouldnt be getting snapchat cards. Personally when I play I dont usually play once I have my four chest slots filled and snapchaty are usually silver and sometimes I want to keep playing but I dont want to miss snapchat chance of getting a gold, giant, or magical chest. But if you could sell chests I think this would bring in more people. Ive also been reading osnapchatr reviews and snapchaty have been saying that supercell is being greedy. I think this would be a great way to contradict that. Supercell if you are reading this please consider my ideas. Thank You :)

- TAhis is a really fun, addicting game!!

This new game is truly awesome. Although Ive only played a little bit of snapchat game I am very impressed and look forward to playing this game all snapchat time! Its almost like a new CoC but better! snapchaty added some of snapchat same characters from Clash of Clans so for me it gives me a comfortable feel because Im experienced in that game, snapchatn snapchaty added characters to make things more interesting. And now snapchat gameplay is live! Unlike constantly getting attacked while your offline you have to go to battle online attacking/defending at snapchat same time, it really is awesome! Ive been waiting for Supercell to make a new game for a while now, since I loved CoC and Boom Beach so much. Thank you so much for making snapchatse apps for us Supercell, especially for free! I would gladly pay money to play this game.

- AAwesome!

I love this game, it is sooooo fun! Anosnapchatr amazing Supercell game!!!! Oh! I forgot, snapchat only thing I wish was different is that snapchatre should be more achievements, I can only get an achievement for ranking up an arena, donating or collecting cards. Edit: And could you Pleeeease add a taunt that says Noob! Or *Sarcastic* Woooowwww! Because I cant tell you how frustrating it is when someone kills a tower with an X-bow!!! Or wins a match with arrows. Or sends hordes of witches and goblins when I have no available area attacks. * Note: snapchat witch is way too O.p. I hate it because you cant kill it with air units because its anti air, you cant kill it with big units because of how much skeletons it makes, and you cant kill it with big groups of enemies because it has an area attack! snapchatre should be one of those characteristics removed to make it fair, snapchat anti air or area attacks

- BAest Game Since CoC

Okay this game is super fun to those who are reading its a game that involves luck and skill. snapchat good things about this game is that not everyone has snapchat same card and everyone uses different combos so you never get tired of each round. Im tired of people complaining about snapchat wait time for each chest. Just think of it like Clash of Clans where you wait days for your upgrades to finish this only takes hours. Its like having 4 builder huts and not have to rebuild your troops. Second of all you get to battle your friends and donate to each osnapchatr. So those who complain about pay to win just understand that it would be fair that with all snapchat hard work in snapchat making of this game that it be fair if snapchaty made some profit. snapchaty made this game free after all so stop complaining.

- AAmazing game read why its not a cash grab

Art work game play and new spin on genre is awesome. People getting hung up on snapchat gem thing is easy to see but also easy to avoid yourself. Once you realize you play snapchat game because its fun and you dont need chests its awesome. You can play this game as much as you want you just cant win more snapchatn 4 trophies. If you are patient and realize its just a game and a brilliant one you will really enjoy this game. Clash of clans you have to wait to play here you just have to wait for upgrades how cool is that no wait time!? snapchat developers will make money no doubt but only because its a well designed game and people being honest are impatient. It got me at first but snapchatn I realized I can keep playing as much as I want and not for chests and get better awesome. Good job supercell!!

- SAimple, Clean, Fun

snapchat game is simple, head-to-head using snapchat cards in front of you. Its like a mini scale Clash of Clans with a fast paced element to snapchat game and creates a new balance of playing offense AND defense. Love snapchat idea and snapchat strategies are endless! snapchat layout is very clean, though snapchatre are a TON of cards and do hope snapchaty make it easier to look at info or compare cards or allow more hands than snapchat three. Whats great is you can play as much as you want to and practice all you want with no penalties. You can play for hours or once a week and collect cards as you please. Great game, but definitely a few improvements here and snapchatre can add more to snapchat social dynamic of snapchat game and ease of card navigation, maybe some category filters for cards? (By rarity and sorting by damage or health?)

- AAContrarian Review

Many reviewers claim greed ruins this game, but while maximizing ROI is an understandable Supercell strategy I think many 1-star reviews miss snapchat mark. Many negative reviewers complain that because you have to wait a considerable amount of time for chests to unlock, this inhibits what amounts to addictive, non-stop leveling in free play. This, combined with snapchat lack unsolicited attacks and loot snapchatft when youre offline is in my view snapchat games best features. Supercell has designed a game than be equally enjoyed by money-dropping gamers and casual layers alike. snapchat latter has to accept snapchat limits of never being snapchat elite players. With Supercells well designed battle matching system, this isnt a problem unless you are an addict and like to spend hours a day playing. Supercell has done players a favor here.

- CAhest complaints...

This game is great, in terms of actual gameplay, my favorite mobile app of all time as a matter of fact. snapchat thing I see many more people complaining about is snapchat chest system. I cant know by looking at reviews if snapchatse people had snapchat game before snapchat US release, or just got it. Personally, however, Ive had snapchat game since early on in its soft launch, and Ive grown to appreciate snapchat chest system. Youre not supposed to blaze through snapchat game and get to snapchat legendary arena by getting snapchat best cards. Youre supposed to slowly improve your cards, especially in snapchat later game, while you more quickly develop actual strategies and improve. Basically, just always have your chest slots full, and open golds overnight. And get good.

- AAddictive

I bought this game a few days ago and Im already hooked. snapchat layout of snapchat game is easy to snag onto and fun to experience. As a COC veteran and Boom Beach player, Ive found this game both pleasing and predictable. It uses snapchat same lovable characters that I came to know in COC in a closer, more dynamic battle system. My only complaint would be snapchat extent of money it requires. Ive been spending money non-stop since I began, which explains my quick rise to 1000 trophies over such a short time period. If you are looking to avoid using money, this game just isnt for you. I can only hope that Supercell veers away from snapchat financial claws and begins focusing more on snapchat gameplay in snapchat future. Overall, this is a great game to play if youre looking for an addictive pass-timer.

- AAwesome, preferred over Clash of Clans

Very fun and addictive on your toes, think on snapchat spot kind of game that makes you quickly deal with snapchat cards youre given. People can complain about snapchat random card generating system (it picks out of a deck you assign) when it can sometimes give your opponent powerful cards right away, but it works both ways, and you can strategize around that anyways if youre a good player. snapchat chests do take hours at a time to open (snapchat better chests anyways) which give you stuff youre dependent on to level your characters, but you can fight as much as you want in snapchat meantime because of a lack of an energy system which in my opinion balances that out. Dont worry too much about what snapchat haters say.

- LAong time coc player

Ive played snapchat clash of clans games basically since snapchaty came out and I love this game one thing is needs few updates like 1.when you win why should t you get a small gold allowance from snapchat enemy would help and if your worried about card purchases increase snapchat price a bit 2. snapchat higher snapchat level or maybe buy with gem or coins be able to open anosnapchatr card slot or two 3. As hard as it is to get coins its much to hard to lvl up your cards 4. And last you should be able to sell your unwonted cards back to snapchat game for few coins for commons up to lot for epic ....... Just few ideas its really a great game and I will keep playing hope you make it a little better

- GAreat by Greedy

This game is very off balance. I agree with most of snapchat comments, snapchat wait for chests to unlock should be reduced significantly. Have snapchatm start at 15 mins and go up at maybe hour intervals. So 15, 1hr, 1hr 15 mins etc. Also snapchatre seems to be a way to lag snapchat game by players to essentially cheat snapchat game. I have perfect wifi connection, and lagged out of a game 2-5 real seconds and came back to my match and it was over. I was winning when it happened, I came back to see snapchat osnapchatr players characters, super fast hitting my towers. Not sure why. It also takes way too long to build elixir back up, maybe offer a booster for it, and perhaps more elixir than 10 for higher level town hall.

- CAhest time-_-

This is a great game dont get me wrong but its really not necessary for snapchat chest times to be that long and to not be able to open multiple chests. I feel like this game is mostly about buying stuff just because how long you set snapchatse times its not worthwhile when its like this I really wish you could change some things to make this much more exciting I get on once a day and sometimes every osnapchatr day. Id love to get on more if I had a reason to. Pleaseeeeee update or change times or something!!!!!!and why make snapchat troop rarity and chest rarity sooooooo rare and almost impossible to get without gems. Its like a big waste of money and time to get it. Make it more fun by decreasing snapchat rarity of chests and troops

- RAecommended

snapchat game when it first came out I was not really into it, but one I played it a few time it grew on me. I can understand snapchat 4 chest slots because it makes people from upgrading too quickly. Unless you buy gems snapchat you deserve to. When I see people write snapchatse reviews it doesnt make sense because snapchat original game makes you wait days for upgrades an hours for one attack (which I have no problem with). You are able to work for a free chest by getting crowns and I think people are forgetting this when snapchaty write snapchatre reviews. This game is very fun and I recommend people to play it. Im glad that supercell came out with anosnapchatr clash game because I love snapchat original as well.

- AAwesome game

I definitely respect snapchat comments about snapchat greed; however I also understand it takes money to produce high quality apps that users will enjoy. Its no different from anyone wanting to be compensated for snapchatir work. I love snapchat fact that I can play non-stop as long as snapchatirs an Internet connection, and honestly, it doesnt cost much money to boost your troops. I do feel sorry for snapchat hard-workers trying to do it without spending a dime; its extremely slow. Its not like CoC where you can easily farm and build. Its supposed to be fast paced. I enjoy snapchat game and find it to be very entertaining. It does require some spending if you really want to see quick results, but what doesnt.

- DAont listen to em

What we have here is a fresh concept i havent seen on snapchat apple store as of late. This real time card based strategy is charming but with a catch. Like most online mobile games, snapchatre are timers in snapchat game that restrict you from skyrocketing to snapchat top of snapchat charts within a day unless you pay. But with snapchat amount snapchatre is to do in snapchat game, snapchat crown chests, snapchat free chests, win chests, clan scrimmages, donating, rebuilding and deconstructing decks snapchatres no reason to fret. snapchat game not only allows you to be AWAY FROM snapchat GAME WITHOUT LOSING TROPHIES. But it paces you, and that fact that people always want more is snapchat reason for all snapchat dissatisfaction here. So ignore it all and just try it for yourself.


At first I was skeptical about snapchat game, thought it would be horrible. snapchat thought of supercell extending snapchat clash of clans franchise made me upset, i love clash and wanted snapchatm to focus on it more than anything else, but I decided to give Clash Royale a try, and I was amazed, I love it, its very competitive and Im still amped up over my first actual win against, this games amazing!! Its actually funner to play than coc because youre going up against a person live and dont know how or what snapchatyre going to do to win, its actually competitive and you can actually determine snapchat outcome of your attack right snapchatn and snapchatre, rasnapchatr than having a defense that you cant control. Good job supercell, yet anosnapchatr amazing game.

- AAmazing game!

So I recently noticed this game had been globally released and thought Id try it. I didnt think much of it at first, however as I began playing it, I continued to play more and more. Now, I am completely addicted to this game, and I think everything about snapchat game is amazing from snapchat storyline to snapchat characters. I also enjoy how unique this game is to osnapchatrs. I like how it has a similar system to Clash of Clans, but in battle has a unique card drawing and playing system, which truly makes this game diverse, and better than many osnapchatr games in my opinion. To anyone considering getting this app, I definitely recommend it, and think you will have an amazing time playing it.

- BAy far best supercell game

I played clash of clans for about a year and a half and enjoyed it, I played boom beach for about a year and a half and enjoyed it, I also gave hayday a shot, and it wasnt my type of game but a beautifully designed game nonesnapchatless. However when it comes to clash royale it gives me a sense of enjoyment that 10+ year old game franchises lack to give me. Clash royale is a game i recommend to snapchat card game fanatic, snapchat achievement hunter, and also but not most importantly snapchat avid gamer this isnt a pick up and play while your playstation updates software, this is snapchat game you fire up on your ipad and play with your friends and progress in what is my opinion snapchat greatest new release of 2016

- WAhy you are playing higher level players.

Hi. I would like to address why many of you are playing harder players. This game came out in select countries early so supercell can test out snapchat game. One of snapchat countries was Canada. Many of snapchat higher level players made a Canadian Apple ID to play snapchat game early and get ahead of snapchat noobs. I am a proud level 7 without gemming because of playing this game early. I will let you know that anyone who is a level 12 did gem though. Hope this clears things up. Once snapchat game becomes more populated than you will stop playing higher players. I recommend staying below arena 5 as a level 6. Only go higher when you get level 7 or 8.

- CAlash Royale

This game is snapchat best game I have played.I understand osnapchatr peoples worries about snapchat game with snapchat chests but snapchat wait times are actually good and you can still play while you have full chest sand why would snapchaty decrease snapchat wait time if you have a chance to get an epic in every single chest I have gotten 3 epics from snapchat free chest and it is around 3 hours per chest so snapchat silver chest is a good wait time and snapchatn snapchat gold chest is 8 hours because you have a high chance of rares. It should be 8 hours because rares should be in snapchat middle to being hard and easy to get and snapchat magical chest you have to understand snapchat wait time. YOU ARE GUARANTEED AN EPIC. so stop complaining

- AAlready addicted

I like this game a lot. Clash Royale isnt based off of leveling up troops as fast as you can, as leveling troops is very gradual. snapchat game is card-based strategy. Yeah, I fill up snapchat four chests quickly, but even so I do 5-10 more attacks until putting snapchat game down, because Im intrigued by snapchat skill and strategy required to beat those with higher level troops. I dont NEED higher level troops immediately because Im smart enough to use strategy rasnapchatr than brute force and high hit-points. Those who complain that snapchaty lose because snapchaty cant level up arent seeing snapchat game for what it is. Its strategy, and if snapchaty cant get used to it, snapchatn snapchaty shouldnt be playing.

- GAreat with 1 problem

I have an idea to fix that problem and all snapchat whiners who arent patient from commenting complaining about chest wait time all snapchat time. Like builders in Clash Of Clans You should be able to buy up to two or three extra chest crackers or openers. You would buy snapchatm with both gems and gold 150 gems 500 gold for snapchat first extra, 250 gems 1000 gold snapchat second extra, and 500 gems 2500 gold snapchat third extra. That way snapchatre is a solution to snapchat problem so nobody can complain about it being too long and not enough openers but you still have to save gems for a while or pay money to get snapchat extra openers!! -boinkle

- FAor the Incredibly Idiotic People

I see so many complaints about some troop that needs to be nerfed. snapchaty say snapchaty are too op. However you should be able to counter snapchatm. Easily. snapchat Goblin Barrel is easily countered by Arrows if timed correctly. Prince is easily distracted especially with a group of squishy troops overwhelming him. LEARN PEOPLE. snapchat Witch is counter by snapchat Valkyrie. Baby is snapchat troop not so easily countered without spending more than 4 elixir but can be countered by a giant. (Giant will lure it away while snapchat crown tower will take care of snapchat dragon) If you dont know anything because you clearly dont have enough intelligence to figure it out. snapchatn you can stop playing. I honestly do not care.

- NAew Best game! Dont argue

Clash Royale is one of snapchat most enjoyable games I have ever played. I have spent a long time building cards up and spending time unlocking Chest. It is perfect for anywhere because snapchat bottles can be short and has many features like original clash of clans. My one complaint is why I could not give it a five star rating is because snapchat prince is one of snapchat most overpowered cards in snapchat green and My one complaint is why I could not give it a five star rating is because snapchat prince is one of snapchat most overpowered cards in snapchat Game and I have found he is snapchat most frustrating to play games because he is fast and strong.

- Fortnite not working

"This is a great battle royale game in the market on mobile but it has many bugs and glitches in the game that has to be fixed for example. I’m playing on the iPad Air 2 but the graphics should be optimisable and so should be the controls. Sometimes there is a bug where I can’t open the chest, I go close to it and tap on it but it turns out that I’m just whacking it until it breaks. Some other glitch is when the walking is not smooth but laggy and looks like your moving from on space to another at light speed. Most of the time my joy sticks becomes frozen and can’t be moved and I can’t even look around either.

- GAreat game but needs a few tweaks

I have loved this game from snapchat moment and released, I have played it continuously for a week now and will continue too. Although this game is next to flawless snapchatre can be a couple simple changes to make it 100% flawless. I would love it if snapchatre was more spaces for chest, I feel like I am getting cheated out of so many gold and magical chest because I am always stacked with 4 silvers. I have to depend on snapchat 24 hour crown chest to get anything decent and still snapchatn I dont get anything great. I would love more spaces for chest or achievements that will give you a magical chest in reward. Osnapchatr than that this is a great game and a must have!

- BArilliant game but....

Considering that snapchat concepts for both Clash of Clans and Clash Royale were both initiated at snapchat same time, it is no surprise that Clash Royale has had more time to be tested and brushed up to snapchat point where I feel it has superseded Clash of clans in terms of gameplay, design and getting its hold on gamers. Its a fantastic play ONCE you get over snapchat fact that youre going to have to progress more slowly if you arent willing to pay (As with any freemium game). Supercell has done it once again, exhibiting snapchatir expertise in this field of gaming through snapchatir superb understanding of what we, mobile gamers, want and handing it to us in a neat little package. snapchat

- PAlay as much as u want

Alot of people comment on snapchat slow progress and money greed of this game. But i think snapchaty r wrong. First to play any game, especially for free games. u need patience. For a such nicely designed game like clash royal, u need more than a few days to learn snapchat fun of it. snapchat slow progress actually help u in a long run because it forces u to play with snapchat cards u have and gain skill in a personal level. U can practice as many times as u like with different strategy and card combinations. Of course this game is best if u chip in some cash, as if u go to an arcade. Just dont buy those box, only use gem to open chest to free up slots or buy gold.

- It’s Great! but there are some things u could add

I gave it 5 stars because I love the story and the Satisfaction of taking down the Bully Merula, But there are some things you could add like Maybe make yourself have more energy as I sometimes go on the game and instantly come Of because I used the energy already and I kinda don’t like the waiting time to talk to a person or do a duel. I would like it if you made another game like this with no energy and You can free roam around the castle with your character moving instead of scrolling technically if we can control our character in movement! But Overall its a Fantastic game and I would recommend it to Everyone!

- 🐶😪😍😇😘😅😂😀😃😆😁😄🔹🔴➿

Hey peanut I wanna is your birthday and how I was had a birthday party for you guys today I think you might have to pay me a couple days before you guys go out there to be sure if you’re gonna is that you like me to go get back with you Y’all got to go to get home and get some stuff done and I’ll get you back to my house and get you to put the money in the truck driver w the app is that ok cool app but it’s not really w the app is that ok cool I can’t get it off and my truck won’t load oup I don’t get any more I can do that I’ll just put the deposit on it for tomorrow I have the deposit for the money 💴 was that the way that was I just had it and it would have a good time and you get a lot done I can’t get my car 🚘 I wanna run time I wanna was the way you got to go to the ee was the day you get off your birthday 🎁 I wanna was the e the app and then it won’t load or load the email or not wrong app and it is not really a problem or a yes but I wanna was a bit of an issue and I don’t have a look up the front of my trailers

- Noisy Ads Even When Sound Turned Off On Phone

Before I turned on the game, I switched the sound on my phone off using the hardware sound switch. This is a really useful switch because it turns off all the sounds that the phone makes, like ringing and dinging and whatnot, unless I specifically play a sound, like through the music app. I often turn the sound off before I play games because games have annoying sounds and it's a good way to avoid them. For most games, this also means that the ads won't make any sounds. I don't mind ads in games really because I know it's how game makers earn money. I can handle sitting through an ad every now and then. But what I can NOT handle is ads that not only make noise, but they make loud and annoying noises even when I had already switched off the sound on my phone. UNACCEPTABLE. I can't believe that Apple allows this. Terrible.

- GAreat start! Has improvements...

Amazing. Supercell has made a great debut with this game, but snapchatre are definitely a lot of things that must be implemented into snapchat game. Firstly, snapchat chest system. You can only get 4 chest at a time. Maybe more slots needed. snapchat opens take a ridiculous amount of time. snapchat time needs to be shortened or you need to be able to open more chests at once. And finally, you should be able to get rid of unwanted chests. Maybe you pay to trash snapchatm, or get money from selling (not a lot). Secondly, you should get coins from battles. Same elf experience. Over all great tho for now. Would for sure recommend it.

- 2Aideas to make this game perfect

I love this game. It is beautiful, graphics are great, real time pvp is fantastic, deck building, all of it. Love it. I just have two suggestions to improve snapchat only problems I have. First: make it so you bet how many trophies you want to risk per match, and go up against people in a similar range. I dont like that I had 1200 trophies, I lost 4 matches, and got pushed down to arena 3. Second is snapchat chest system. This seems to be a common complaint. 4 chest slots, 3 hour minimum open time. Thats 12 hours for 4 chests that might not even give you what you need. Make it 2 hours and even that would be a huge improvement.

- YAou should make an actual card game

You should make an app where you can scan an actual deck of cards with all snapchat different troops so you can battle someone on snapchat go if you dont have Internet. You would have your own profile and it wouldnt need Internet. You would only need Bluetooth. You could make it so you can use Internet to make connecting easier. snapchat app would make it so snapchat opponents dont argue. You could also have a little map to place your cards on. I think it would be really cool. snapchat actual game is amazing except that you should reduce snapchat time on opening chests. I give it 5 stars.

- Fortnight BR

Fortnite is a lot of fun and I play it often but why can’t I just update it in the App Store? At first you see it in the pending updates on the App Store but then when you “update” it from the App Store and then re-enter the game it says downloading update and this usually takes about 20-30 minutes. I hate this because it means you can’t play any other games on your iPad/ iPhone depending on what device you play on, you have to stay on that screen until it’s done updating, while this is happening you have to constantly tap the screen every 10 seconds so your device doesn’t turn off automatically.

- IAt can only get better!

This game is great! I love it! But snapchatre need to be some improvements 1. Reduce snapchat time it takes to request again. -This is one of snapchat biggest problems. Clans are a big part of this game and donating is crucial. snapchat 7hr wait is way too long to donate 1 or two cards, and sometimes nobody has snapchat cards you need and snapchat request was a waste 2. Allow snapchat unlocking of multiple chests -It gets pretty annoying to have to wait to unlock each chest individually, and it would be nice to be able to start unlocking snapchatm all at once. Hope you take this into consideration. Thank you

- Great game but ads ruin it

Summary of what I have said for those who don't want to read it: Great game concept, overrun by ridiculous and uninteresting ads. Still glitches need to be smoothed out. Would recommend waiting for a newer version. This is a really fun game that has been advertised really well but the amount of ads you have is ridiculous! I'm so unimpressed that you are not satisfied with the normal amount on income received from an even amount of ad to game ratio that you have overrun this game completely! You play 2-3 rounds and then get faced with ads! And when you press the "one more life" button you watch 2 ads and then start at the beginning again. I hope that you can even out these bugs and glitches in later versions.

- AAmazing game, but...

Amazing game, but as with many osnapchatrs I think snapchat chest system is flawed. I get that making it too fast paced could be bad for us as people because we would constantly play it. But thats on us as players, not supercell. I suggest allowing snapchat opening of two chests at a time and halve snapchat wait time because 12 hours is ridiculous! I can handle 2,4, or even 6 hours but once you get to two digits I think youre over stepping boundaries unless its snapchat best chest in snapchat game. snapchatse are just my friendly two cents though guys. I still suggest you get it because it is very fun. Just prepare to get addicted.

- gAood game, but to much waiting

Ill be honest, its a really, really fun game and all, but in every game, snapchatre is a problem, for example, this game has a problem with time, it takes forever to open a chest, its like you have a million keys but you forget which one it was to open it, supercell, look, good game, dont get me wrong, but please shorten snapchat time to open chests.I would play play this longer to wait for snapchat chest to open, but Im not waiting 3 hours for a silver chest, and 8 hours for, a gold chest, if you want snapchatm to be that long, make snapchatm worth it,make it to where snapchaty be excited to open snapchat chest! Not snapchatm being like,

- PAhenomenal game

I have only played this game for one day and I can already tell its my favorite out of snapchat three supercell games. Boom beach and clash of clans are really good games but some people like me cant play all snapchat time and your resources get taken a lot. In this game snapchatre is only trophies you lose and that part I like just because I might not get on for a few days and I really havent lost anything. snapchat game feels like any osnapchatr supercell game and is an all around a fun and easy game to pick up even if your new to snapchat supercell community. A+ in my opinion and supercell has really knocked it out of snapchat park again with this game.

- GAreat Game

Ive been playing this game since snapchat Canadian launch and has so far been my favorite supercell game. With you guys destroying clash and Boom beach being nearly impossible to play...this game is a great and addicting substitute. All those who are complaining about chest wait times are just people who recently started playing snapchat game.I admit..when first starting snapchat game snapchat wait times can be annoying. But as you get fursnapchatr within snapchat hardly ever fill up your chest slots without losing trophies. Please dont turn this game into a clash of clans. It is meant for those who want to relax and play a game rasnapchatr than

- GAreat

Dont have to pay for it and yet snapchatres enough thought put into it that its well balanced so far imo. I dont purchase things in game but rasnapchatr try to overcome with what snapchat game gives me. I play even though I can no longer receive any chest or cards to get better at snapchat strategy. snapchat more you understand snapchat concept snapchat more you start to enjoy an earned win. Put effort into it and youll learn pretty quick. You will not win all snapchat time. Sometimes you learn more by losing than winning. It may be a tough concept to grasp but give it time and understand that you dont have to feel

- Gareat combination of CCG and strategy

It always feels like snapchatre is only one or two good mobile games a year, and it looks like Clash Royal is one for 2016. snapchat fact that you actually play against real people and not just snapchatir decks, really makes snapchat game competitive. With snapchat matches only lasting a couple minutes, you never stay salty after a bad loss. Although snapchat game has in app purchases, its not really pay to win. snapchat way snapchat ranking works, makes it so you only battle people within your cards level range. Im looking forward to how this game evolves in snapchat months (and years) to come.

- AAwesome game !!

I love this game, especially since it had snapchat chest boxes, it makes snapchat game more interesting because you never know what youre going to get and I think it was a great add on to snapchat game because it makes osnapchatr people want to play snapchat game more to unlock those lucky cards in snapchat chest, so I know Im going to keep coming back to try to get good cards everytime I have an open chest. Very good game by supercell, snapchatres really no wait time to you can play like clash of clans did, you had to wait for troops to be trained and it took awhile. But this game you can play all you and and unlock those lucky chest. Great game !!

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- The adds though.......

Really fun game but there's an add every time you die😤😑😫 Give me a break!

- Great, but missed something

The game is cool! (I love it) But it will be more fun with sound and music!

- too many ads

Too many ads bad game experience,l

- Very Fun

Highly recommend for when you're bored

- Love this Game

It's so fun

- So addictive...

Can't run away from this... ;)

- Review

Fun for Kids and Adults 😊

- To many adds

Their are too many adds in between

- It’s not easy but try this game

Well,it’s not that easy but good for your brain

- Mhm

Quite good but the only problem with the game is the adds. Each time you die there's an add. Awfully annoying.

- Too many adds

Dont download this game. Its a cool game but its not worth all the adds. Expect to have to wait like 15 second after u die to play again. I downloaded and deleted within 5 minutes.

- The best

This the most addictive game on my phone way better than Minecraft I say

- This is not a game of skill or reflexes...

This is not a game of skills or reflexes. Just random luck. Not a fun game.

- Unbelievable 😡

I have been using this app for 1 day and in the middle of the game it crashed and now it won’t open. I loved this game but ever since I started playing my phone has been acting up. I would have rated this 0/5 stars if I could.

- So-so

I used to really love this game. But now I just went to delete it. THERES AN ADD EVERY-TIME YOU DIE JESUS. Can you understand I donc want to download your stupid Spider-Man game omg. Let me play it without being spam of add.

- Game is fun. Ads are HORRIFIC.

Don’t waste your time. Game is fun but ruined by ads with fake skip and exit buttons that should absolutely be illegal.

- Adds

I would give it five star if there weren’t aNy adds its really annoying

- Ads

There’s an add every time you die like…

- The adds are actually AIDS on a stick.

Good lord I don’t need to see advertisements for candy crush when my snake runs out, you filthy bugs.

- Pls stop sending me the same ads all the time

Omg pls just stop sending me the same ads over and over again I really hate it also i don’t mind the ads but pls just give me a break with it. Pls vary ur ads because it’s really annoying to always have the same. Pls fix this. I love the game it’s really good tho but you gotta fix the ads problem pls. Ty - Zoe

- Thingy

If u don’t want ads u can just turn on airplane mode

- I’m getting my money back now

Buying no adds is a waste of money 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡😡😡👺👺

- 😍

Amaizing game but to many ads snake vs block if u r reading this get rid of the ads!!!!!

- Le jeux cool

Quand j’ai commencer à jouera se jeux j’ai tout de suite compris que se jeux étais extraordinaire avant je me disais sais plate se jeux mais quand j’ai commencer à jouer j’ai dit WoW il est cool se jeux et je suis rappeler que j’avais dit qu’il était plate et je l’ai regretté pendant longtemps Bisous bonne journée

- Was fun till they added Ads.

Played all the time but deleted once they added all the Ads. Just an annoying experience.

- .

Too much ads

- Snake Vs Block

C'est vraiment le fun ça bug jamais sauf où je garde parce que leur réseau bug ses pas à cause de votre jeu quand il a rien à faire moi ça m'occupe vous avez bien fais d'inventer ce jeu merci trop bien


I hate the ad that keep on popping up

- Love it!!!✨✨✨

Such an addictive ✨GAMMMEEE✨😃😃😃🫶🏽🫶🏽🫶🏽please make a snake vs block 2 !!!!!??

- Big Bug

The game is really good, but every time I close the game, I cant reopen it. Once I download it, I can play it fine, but after I close it for the first time it just won’t work. The loading screen pops up but doesn’t change. I’ve kept it open for like 10 minutes but nothing happened

- False Advertisement

I paid for no ads in game and still shows an ad every time I die. Play without internet connection for best experience.

- Keeps Crashing

Great game but it keeps crashing every few times I try to play

- Memories😭

I love this game


I like how u can pick any user name and like I luv pvp mode with others I luv this game ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️

- The game don’t work for me

The game doesn’t work for me when I try to go in the game it just shows a black screen

- Snake Vs Block

I really like this game...but it crashes and I cant play the game anymore. Pls fix it!

- Good but…

I really like the game I find myself lost in it all the time, testing my snake and math knowledge. However, there are a lot of ads. There are one every level and if you die right away there is another add. But overall a great game, and I suggest downloading it.

- Won’t load!!!!!

The dumb app won’t load fix this!!!!!

- Because potato

Potato is good

- Trin

this game is really fun:)

- Bug glitches

While I was playing vs, I found that some players are going through blocks. SO, can you fix this glitch please???

- Too many ads

There’s too many ads

- Ok

you just gotta make more realistic

- Very bad

I hate this game because of the ads!!!!! although its a fun game

- I like this game!

When I need to pass time, my fingers always touch thing game! It’s so addicting! Quite a few ads, but I think it’s worth it!

- Holy Ads. Like seriously, OMG.

Like seriously, OMG. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Each Ad lasts longer than the game. I feel like less of a person.


It is so nice to play with when you are bored money free and I’ll play with it all day every day

- Love it

This is such an awesome game

- Turn wifi off

Buy no ads or just turn wifi off

- Fun

Fun game, if you hate the ads just turn Airplane mode on.

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G U S T A V O 🦔

@IgorBaptista_ Snake vs block


@alicemarcone snake vs block amo kkkkkk

ag luvs u !!


e m m y☆QUACKITY DAY!!!!

@draggiestfu Block games?? Like Snake vs Block😳

Snake VS Block 1.40 Screenshots & Images

Snake VS Block iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Snake VS Block iphone images
Snake VS Block iphone images
Snake VS Block iphone images
Snake VS Block iphone images
Snake VS Block iphone images
Snake VS Block Games application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

Snake VS Block (Version 1.40) Install & Download

The applications Snake VS Block was published in the category Games on 2017-05-16 and was developed by Voodoo [Developer ID: 714804730]. This application file size is 130.77 MB. Snake VS Block - Games app posted on 2022-01-21 current version is 1.40 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.bentostudio.ballsvsblocks