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Roll, Swim, Stick and Fly with the ultimate 'All-Terrain' vehicle

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- Bug Fixes

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- Great game but a few things

This game is great I just love it but there are some things so I have to do 200 things that cost 200 which is the robot things but here are some things that I had in mind maybe you could change so the fact that there’s only a little bit of characters bikes and wheels do you think you could maybe change like give us more updates and just like maybe make dragon people dragon bikes dragon wheels and maybe you could like make cupcakes to make like us to where it won’t let us to change your names and and maybe you could like make some bonus rounds of where if you completed less then one minutes you can get like a bonus chest that gives you at least 100 coins and maybe one more thing you could like a and maybe make like it to where you can at least send people like messages of words thank you

- Loading screen glitch

Like most people, I ran into a glitch that would not let me continue from a certain level (level 20 to 21) Every time I passed said level it just gave me an ad then put me back to the start of the level, this time with no bot as they are at the end from the beginning (still in second place or first depending on what place you score) I tried closing out of the game but that only got me stuck on the loading screen, forever. It gets to 100% on the loading screen then just stay there, it never truly finishes loading. I feel like with so many reviews explaining this glitch the developer(s) would be on this like rocket, They haven’t fixed it at the time of writing this (12:41, past midnight, yes I have no life) Anyway apart from that little glitch (maybe not so little) this would be a five star but that glitch is hindering me from doing so, so I did the next best thing and put in a four star review. Anyway I do not recommend downloading until the glitch is fixed, if fixed I feel that this could be a good game.

- Needs a little work

I think that this app is pretty fun. It’s good for someone that’s competitive. The objective of the game is to race people and be the first to the finish line. But the “people” that I’m racing don’t give you a challenge. It seems that they are either AI or just not good at the game. Sometimes they don’t do anything at all. They don’t draw in their wheels to start the race. So you go and they stay at the starting line. Now when I got this game I expected something challenging and competitive, but that’s not what I got. I think it’s a good idea that you use AI instead of real people, but program them to use the right wheels on the right surfaces. If something falls on them while they’re racing they stay there and you get an automatic win. In theory this game sounds really fun. But put levels in the game so you’re not just doing the same type of course every five times. Maybe we can customize our own people, bikes, and wheels. Please take what I said into consideration and try to fix the problems, thank you.

- The ad system is amazing

The game is great and exactly as advertised but the reason I’m giving five stars is because of the ads. Usually games ask if you want to watch an ad to multiply your reward then whether you accept or not you would still get an ad. This game does not do this. They let the short ad play first which usually ends quickly THEN asks if you want a multiplier ad. This is great because the game flows naturally without annoying you with ads. Five star game and five star system.

- Simple and fun for a short time, but broken

It’s a fun enough game for as simple as it is - there are really only four or five practical shapes you can draw to be effective, and once you’ve learned what those are, it’s basically a game of Simon Says - you’re just predicting the most effective of those wheel types based on the upcoming terrain. It is, however, a good time waster - simple and easy doesn’t mean bad. I also accidentally discovered that a particular hate symbol is the most universally effective wheel shape. Oops. I’ll let any readers find that one out for themselves. However, as many other reviews note, the game has serious bugs regarding advancing levels, and I’ve encountered the bug that causes the app to hang every time it’s launched. I’ve even swiped the app away and restarted my phone - the app won’t get past the loading screen and I’m no longer able to play it. I assume an uninstall/reinstall of the app is the only fix, but I haven’t confirmed that. Seems like the kind of bug any dev would trip over themselves to fix right away.

- Fun but too many problems

The game is fun in the beginning but it’s issues diminish the fun really quickly. The game has no sound. No music, no sound effects. I thought my phone was malfunctioning. Nope, the game just has no sound. I deleted and reinstalled the game just to make sure it wasn’t my phone and still had no sound. It’ll bother you a lot more than you think, especially when the ads begin to play. Of course the ads have sound. They play after every race. The races are shorter than the ads and that’s because you’re playing against some really bad AI. You’ll almost win every race the first time. But they can fix these issues. Add some sound effects and some background music. Instead of racing against AI, just get rid of the AI all together. The fun comes from the obstacles we have to get through, not the race against the machine. Make the courses longer so the ads don’t feel as abundant as they do. I really do believe these changes will make this into a five star game!

- .......umm I don’t know if I can give it a 5 star rating

This app is good and all but.....there’s some things that need a change, and I mean it. 1:this app should let you be creative with making cool lips or else it gets boring just doing what the app wants.2:lets say your drawing a sunflower on the lip well when you miss a spot filling something in well this happens, it makes it look exactly the way it wants it to be and I know it’s not big deal probably for y’all but it’s literally doing half the drawing for you.3: so remember 1: problem well this is more like a request about the creativity so the creators should give you tools like earn new lipsticks (even though u have it already,u should put it where u can pick it up which color u want and all) and like the things u fill in the last me with so I can pick and . Thank you for reading my review have a nice day bye!!!?

- Crashes are unbearable

The first day I got this game, it worked Fine, sure there were a lot of ads, but that didn’t really bother me. I was enjoying the game until I started playing it on the second day, in the first 3 minutes of gameplay, the game crashed and I was forced to restart the level. After a while, the game began to crash almost every time I tried to go to the next level, first there would be an ad, and when I press the X, the screen would go black and I would be sent to my home screen. Even though this was beginning to annoy me, I tried to ignore it because the game was still somewhat working for me. On day three of using the app, I tried to go into the game, and I couldn’t even get past the loading screen before the game crashed, this is still happening to me and I am not even able to play the game anymore.


Hi I like the game for like two reasons but here’s the thing starting with the your STUPID ads we are here to have fun but when you stuff your STUPID games with ads nobody likes it so STOP stuffing your games with ads people don’t like your games I think all you care about is the money you get but based on the other reviews same thing they are mostly three stars and below with the WORST messages and like everyone else says you HAVE to update your DUMB games you usually make the game stuff it with ADS and post never anything else you guys are so STUPID like if you want to make a game then do it right okay like nobody is playing your DUMB STUPID games anymore because of you and like I said I bet if the game studio closes you will only be happy because of the money wow so let me tell you a life lesson DO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME

- I cannot get into the game anymore.

I cannot get into the game anymore. I thought it was just my internet because at the time I was in the car playing the game, but once I got home I tried it again but it did not work, so I tried resetting my internet and it did not work, so then I tried play a new game in it loaded in perfect fine within 10 seconds, then tried this game again but did not work at all! So then I came to my App Store and looked up the game and looked a the reviews and it seems like others was having this problem too. I really think you should do something about it I think this is my third or fourth time playing it but today was a unlucky day I guess.

- Bugs finally fixed

The game itself is fun. I really enjoyed it for an hour. There were few ads and the gameplay is so fun and unique. But the bugs are unreal. After I played it immediately after download and then closed the app, I haven’t been able to get past the loading screen in two days. I only got an hour out of this game before it glitched out! I got it even though a lot reviews said it would happen. I regret it and hope y’all don’t make the same mistake. This game will let you down. Update: They fixed the bugs that everyone was complaint about. There is still the occasional minor glitch but now it is a playable game that is lots of fun

- What an absolute waste of a cool idea

This game, on the outside, seems like it would entertain for hours on end. While, it could certainly do so, it has been chosen to be a waste, for the sake of ad revenue. This game not only forces you to watch an ad after every “level”, if you play through enough of them, as I have done, you will soon see the pure laziness that was put into developing & designing these “levels”. I block my ads, even iAds through a modified .hosts file, so thank the Good Lord I wasn’t forced to watch 30 second ads for every 10 seconds worth of gameplay. This game could have been great, but instead has been a waste to fill an obviously lazy dev’s pockets. How do I know they are lazy? A simple 5 pointed star shaped wheel will net you a Win, every single time, guaranteed. Whoever is putting apps like this on the market, I hope your advertisers know that the only people these sort of problems will fly with, are small children. Stop being a waste & actually make a real game. Your little advertisement revenue stream off of this garbage will never, ever be equal to actually making this game a real game, which would require real work, & putting a $1.99 price tag on it. You get what you put in, & people get what they deserve.

- Boring

Though the concept is fun and genuinely entertaining for the first few minutes, the game actually begins repeating levels after a while. I’ve spent a couple days playing and have experienced all the same levels about 3-4 times, and the fact that it keeps going with “new” levels that are just old ones over and over again is really disappointing. Another problem is that I’ve mainly read about bugs, which seems to be a big issue, and I’ve had a lot of the same problems. Some of the levels are also broken. Platforms will fall into the water and make the level unbeatable, and you have to be kinda lucky for the game not to just drop you into the ocean. It’s a fun game to try, but it doesn’t hold up for more than about a day.

- Don’t bother

It’s a good idea, but with only 20 races and fake opponents (apparently they don’t think you’ll notice that there’s only like 10 names that show above your opponent’s heads) it’s boring after just a day. Also, nearly every race can be won by simply drawing a star. They’ve recently fixed a few of the bugs, but there are still a LOT of issues. The axis of the opponent’s vehicle frequently glitches out leaving them stranded. Not much fun when your only competition just gets trapped by glitchy software. Really just not well put together. They added a bunch of new races, but now they’ve added a new add button to freeze your [computerized] opponent if you watch an ad video. Lame. Why would I feel any need to freeze a fake opponent. If I lose I can just do the level over again.

- Repetitive

I went all out and bought the no ads and the best skins for your character as well as vehicle. The levels are all repeated. Doesn’t matter if your on level 100 or 300 they keep cycling the same levels. I got up to level 381 and there’s no end to this game. Just keeps repeating. They need a desperate update. Regarding the glitch I have seen it once in a while on a specific level where the big Egyptian bricks are, the work around is to just keep playing the level until it loads successfully until the next one. Takes a couple tries. This game has great potential and is a great distraction but they need a desperate update, maybe new levels, and scenarios?

- Welp...

Same here, I can’t get past the loading screen anymore. I’d have to re download and re do every level and I don’t want to do that, until that bug is fixed i would say this game is temporarily entertaining. If you could get past the loading screen even AFTER restarting your phone, this game would be worth the download. This is basically short term entertainment at most for now. Aside from that it’s a great game to keep many distracted from such a horrible time everyone is going through. This would definitely be five star for me if I didn’t have this bug as well as others based on reviews.

- Feedback

So off the bat, the elephant needs to be addressed, it crashes and lags, if it could hold data without lagging all the time it would be a little bit more fun. One thing I think would take this actually great concept is having a saved tab, so when you’re playing, you can open the tab and pick one wheel which you pre-made, so you can customize, and save certain wheels which you can pull out mid-game, there should be nine slots. Last suggestion is more skins and vehicles, there are too few in my opinion and more would be good. I like the gameplay, as well alas the fact there are skins, but it needs those changes, the first one being crucial.

- Don't Download

This game is amazing and super creative and I love it. I would give five stars but it seems to glitch when you get to the end of stage 2 and ready to move to 3. It keeps repeating the same level and you always lose because the opponent seems to always already be at the finish line and upon exiting the game to try and fix the problem it freezes on a loading screen. Seems stuck loading at 100%. I even uninstalled and reinstalled because I love the game enough to spend money on no ads. But I won't be downloading again until the problem is fixed. I'd suggest no one else download until it's fixed either.

- Too many ads and competition isn’t there

I like this game and I recommend downloading and trying this, but the ads are so annoying. Yes I know this is how they make money off this but either way one match takes like 30-60 seconds and then you immediately get an ad. It’s just really frustrating with all the ads and does not make you want the game. Also the competition just is not good. It’s like playing with recruit black ops two bots, unless you can’t draw circles your winning almost always winning. If there could be more competition and less ads this would be a easy 5 star it’s a fun game that I recommend downloading,

- Pretty good,

The game pretty good I just wish they’d do a couple things 1 make a bigger shop 2 make a shop for power ups right know that shop is just for aesthetics’s 3 fix some bugs (long time loading 1-3 mins, some times you have to refresh the game by uponing and closing it then closing the page for this weird glitch to go away where the player next to you just disappears for some reason.) and last but not least 4 make it so I can play aginst real players and make it so I can do no player just or me vs bot or me vs other real person or rounds with more than two people.

- Fun Until it Stops Working!

Really fun game but full of bugs. I was blasting through levels for about an hour until the game broke. The opponent was sitting at the finish line from start to finish. I never saw them pass me or even race with me, their red marker in the top was at the right during the entire race. I decided to reset the app and then it would freeze at the start screen. I tried several times to get it to work even restarting my phone, no luck.. I would like to have played this for more than an hour but I refuse to redownload and go through all those levels with the fear of the app breaking again. Since it was fun, but isn’t functional I’ll give it 2/5 stars

- Pretty basic without a challenge

The whole game itself is meh, although at first glance the premise is pretty solid: you scribble different wheels to outperform against other riders. The problem is that most races use one type of wheels to win, so you scribble a squiggle, let it run, then have to watch a 30 second ad to play the next one without having to be involved much if at all. Additionally, you never actually compete against anyone, just AI bots that choose the dumbest configurations ever, so it’s insanely easy to win. The only draw to the game is the outfits, but even those are unimaginative. Definitely don’t recommend this game, it lacks in every aspect of what would make it a good game.

- I am a robot bleep bleep ?

This game has a lot of things good and bad. First of all, it’s really obvious that you are not playing against real people. The people don’t load until after you draw your wheels, I’m on level ten and I’ve never been freezed ONCE, and the other player has a name and country above it; I have pressed every single button In the game and I have never figured out how to do that! You could be on the second level and won first place every time and you only would have just gotten a new bike, whereas the other player (really robot) has the most expensive bike, wheels, and person imaginable. Really the only good thing about this is that the ad was truthful.


Yesterday I got the game but there were sooooo much ads and the screen was lagging at first I thought it was just my phone but when I logged in a new app it was perfectly fine and today I logged in and it crashed when I was just about to beat level 15 the level I couldn’t beat and my screen crashed so I had to restart the level and on level 20 and 21 I can’t pass I never seen a such BAD games everyone out there DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME EVER ????????????????????????????????????????????????

- Great premise used for monotonous gameplay.

There was a major game breaking glitch that effected my entire experience; half the time the other player didn’t spawn with wheels so I would win by default. The game is fun, and the idea has a lot of potential. The mechanics allowed me to experiment and think of new ways to navigate the terrain. The wheels burning in the lava was a great idea, and I’d be interested to see other ways wheels could be damaged or slowed. My favorite levels are the few with unique stage designs, but most of the time you’re driving across the same collection of obstacles. The concept, while enjoyable, lacks set piece variety.

- Crap full of ads

Between every (short) level there is an ad. On the results screen there is a banner advertisement. And they want you to increase race rewards by watching more ads. They use terrible AI and try to fake making it look like a multiplayer game. There is basically no audio in the game at all. Even if you don’t watch extra ads to increase level rewards you will spend more time watching ads than playing the game, and that’s true even if you’re skipping the ads as soon as you can instead of watching the whole way through. This is a bad game. Is an interesting concept for a physics game. The execution is mediocre and the flood of ads is inexcusable. People shouldn’t be rewarded for making crap like this.

- Bugs and please add more

After a while i cant get past the loading screen but i like rhe game sm ive redownloaded it prolly 15x at this point and its really frustrating bc i keep getting far and having to restart im writing this after just reinstalling it again, If you would add difftrent wheel types of more ppl and more rides that would be cool but if anything please make it load past the loading screen so i can beat the game 1 more idea i think would be really cool i think this could be added or be apart of a scribble riders 2 if you could make it to you can draw a front and back wheel speretly anf have 2 diff wheels

- Can’t play it anymore

Hi, first I just want to say that the game is really fun. But after you get used to all the situations to ride through it starts becoming less interesting. By the time you get to the second stage I already knew every shape of the tires that I needed for everything. And after a few stages it starts play the same stage over and over again, I don’t know if they need to make new levels or anything but I would just like that to be fixed. But now I can’t ever play the game anymore every time I click on the app it just loads to 100% and doesn’t allow me in so it is just a waste of a spot on my screen now.

- Great!

So basically I have been playing and the other person competing against me doesn’t not move or draw anything. I didn’t not have this problem earlier today, but it just now is happening. If these people are bots, then you should fix it. If they are not bots, then I’m not sure. Otherwise this game is amazing! It kept me busy for so long. I definitely recommend this. It’s fun to experiment the different types of wheels that you can use.

- It used to be fun...

The app was good and it was really fun I understood the pop-up ads but they didn’t really make sense but let me just get straight to the point. I don’t understand that a few days with me playing it I can’t get past the loading screen they say they fixed bugs in the game but it’s really nice and I was playing yesterday and it took me hours to get past the loading screen and I had my phone on while I was cooking and then it just exit the app so I deleted the app it was actually really good experience but then after a few days it just crashes entirely and I hate it now fix it idiots.

- Ads are my main issue. There’s also an inconvenient glitch.

So, unless you pay for no ads, you have to watch an ad between EVERY level. The glitch is a particular course (they cycle through) and I ALWAYS have to do it 3 times. The first time I have an opponent. The second and third, they are already at the finish line, but their platform still indicates whatever place they finished in the first time. It’s only that level and it’s become predictable at this point. I recommend this game for anyone just needing to mellow out.

- Seriously.

Don’t get me wrong, this game is really fun at first. Once you figure out what wheel shape is good for each terrain, it can be a bit easy to win, but either way, it’s fun and addicting. But I got to a certain level and there was a bug that the other reviews were talking about. The opponent on the level was already at the end before the start of the race, and when I got out and went back into the game, it got stuck on the loading page. Honestly, this is unfortunate because he game itself is really fun. If the creators fixed this I would be happy to start playing again.

- Game stuck can't find where to email for help

I'm on level 23 I have beaten it 10 times Everytime I do I get to the end and it says I have 18/14 potions for three next bike is giving me and that's before all the ones I won on the levels three Kay time I did it I got 10 plus the 3x video makes 30 and 36 coins but there is no button to move on to the next level I have screenshots but I can't find where our who to email them to rectify the situation I enjoy the game but this has to be fixed not gonna play the same level over and over forever and not get any potions for new bikes hope somebody will see this and get back to me or does someone know who to email for app support please and thank you

- For what it is

The concept of the game deserves 4 stars, It’s really fun, but it doesn’t feel like I’m playing a game with ads, it’s more like I’m watching ads and playing a mini game in between breaks, also some ads are not even skippable yes i get it i could just pay to remove ads but we’re talking about an ad after EVERY single game for that we go down to 3 stars, I don’t know if it’s only my phone but the game drains my battery like crazy and it heats up more than when I’m playing Real Racing 3, typical of games like this, that makes it 2 stars, I’d give it 1 star but It’s still fun to play so, at least play less ads and now it’s a game worth downloading.

- Bugged out after 19 levels

I played the first 19 levels fine, and the game was pretty enjoyable. But when I clicked play on level 20, it was identical to level 19 but the opponent started at the very end and instantly won. I was a bit confused, and clicked next level. Level 21 was the exact same again, and it just kept repeating 19 with the opponent automatically winning instantly. I tried closing the app and reopening it several times, but after closing it it would freeze on the loading screen and is now unplayable. It’s just a loading screen that says “100%” and never lets me play. This game is horribly bugged and needs a lot of work before it can even function as a form of entertainment.

- A fun concept, but a broken mess

When I was first going through the game, I had a lot of fun playing it and I genuinely enjoyed the gameplay and the concept of drawing wheels for your vehicle for different scenarios. However, once you get past a certain level on this version of the game, you’re greeted with just yourself in the same level over and over again until you leave the game. But once you try to log back into the game, the game seemingly boots you out, not even letting you past the loading screen. I hope you can fix this bug soon and get into creating new levels because this game genuinely has potential.

- Stability issues

I played it for some time before it crashed my iPad. Then i restarted iPad and started this game again. This time, it will load to 100% and then stay at loading page only. I erased and reinstalled the game. Of course as expected, all progress lost because the game doesn’t offer any account binding mode, not even Game Center. ANYWAY, started playing again and my iPad is burning in about 20-30 mins of playing, eventually iOS crashed again. iPad restarted and I decided to write this review. Game has interesting concept but game stability is an issue. My device is iPad iOS 13.5.1, 32 GB, Free space 15GB, and its still crashing...unbelievable!!!

- How good this game is and awesome it is?

Love this game cause it’s really easy to win and is a child game and good game so ya 10 out of 10 recommend child approved have a good night day afternoon if your reading this wherever you are in This world but ya awesome game wooooooooooo already had it for 10 minutes and guess what I’m on level 4 and I’ve won all of them so ya bye have a good time wherever u are in This world like I’ve said a thousand times before again child approve❤️


(Make sure to read the ENTIRE thing before jumping to conclusions) So I downloaded it on my iPad and got up to lv 20 it was ok up to there besides all the ads, but the ads are not the big problem. So when I went to click the next lv thing it brought me back to the same level and somebody already had won! But that person was doing the lost emote so I reloaded the game, suddenly it stopped working! At first I though it was the WiFi but then it said the WiFi was good so I made the conclusion it was my device, so I decided to download it on my phone. When I got to level 20 on my phone it did the same thing so I said to my self “ok this is just the game” and never played it again!

- It’s good but no-

I’ve been having some problems, there’s like this level and it keeps on going and you have to refresh it to go to the next one. And sometimes it just doesn’t make the ending screen in the right place. It would be my favorite game if it didn’t have this stupid glitch! I was gonna share this game to ALL my friends cause it was so fun, UNTIL THE GLITCHES HAPPENED. And sometimes it doesn’t say I won BUT MY STAND IS UP! You guys NEED to fix this mess. I don’t like it. It’s kinda making it hard to play. JUST FIX IT!!

- can’t go past a level

so i love this game, it’s simple, easy, and just generally entertaining. it’s a good time waster and i normally play it on car rides. but i made it so far, only to discover i can’t go past the loading screen, meaning i have to completely restart, which is annoying. also, the levels mess up sometimes, and you have to continue repeating them because the AI you’re going against, is somehow already at the finish line before the race even starts. overall, great game, just has a few bugs that desperately need to be fixed

- Fun game

Fun game. But, I wish u could see leaderboards and your friends times on certain tracks, also maybe your own ghost if your trying to bear your own time. And have the ability to make your own track and challenge your friends by invite. Just some thoughts there for improvement. Maybe give the game some sounds for different bikes and make some of them faster then the beginner models so u actually feel like you’re accomplishing something by umlocking the more expensive bikes

- A lot of fun

This game is very enjoyable whether you’re bored and looking for an easy challenge or just want a quick game to play. And for those of you who have experienced the frozen loading screen glitch, I have figured it out. Once you reach the level you’ve had to repeat and then have it freeze up on you, play the level 3 times without closing the app, and the loading screen will come up, and it will work after a few seconds! Hope this helps!

- Fun.. however..

I do wish that we could play against other people? It seems like it’s just “robots” and it isn’t a challenge.. I think there needs to be much longer courses.. WAYYY TOO MANY ADS. Although it’s a free game and I’m sure I could pay to have no ads but the game is SO short and each Ad is about 15-30 seconds.. The game is about 15 seconds each course.. I would love to continue playing this but I might end up not playing this game much longer because of the Ads because too long and too many and such a short game between the Ads.. it’s basically watching Ads 90% of the time.. Also I think designing the look completely of your character would be a nice touch. Not just “boy/girl” and that’s it. I think us being able to do features such as hair, body shape, eye color, makeup, etc. would be a fun touch, and being able to change our characters clothing.

- 90 Day Fiancé characters

Somebody has a sense of humor. The auto generated players you are playing against, some of them are names taken from the show 90 Day Fiancé. This game needs to get better. I had assumed they had more levels. You just keep repeating the same levels over and over again. I was hoping it would get harder but it never did. Now I’m bored. They need to fix it fast!!! But keep the 90 Day characters...That’s a win! UPDATE: I got two new levels today and then it kicked back to level one. Still not fixed. Very glitchy.

- Mixed feelings

So I got this game just as a pass time type deal for anything life, aka waiting on people, if I’m on the phone with someone or anything like that. I have maybe 2 other games on my phone, this one was fun because it was a little bit of interaction as well as the races were relatively quick compared to games with story lines or what not. I had a lot of fun and bam the app crashed on me 1 day ago and now it just opens to the loading screen and sits on “loading 100%”. I tried force quitting the app (numerous times) and it looked like it was about to let me play the game, but it still sits at 100%. :/

- It great but laggy

It first happened when I had just started playing the game and and the fourth of fifth ad break ( there are a lot) the screen just went black and I had to totally ex out of the game and go back again. Also the ads are very frequent and after alarmist every round. And sometime when there isn’t an ad the screen will freeze up when I try to move on to the next level. Overall the concept of it is good and it is executed well it is just the frequent ads and the lagging.

- Full of bugs and will not load

I saw there was an update to I assume fix the bugs, but the game STILL does not go past the loading screen. The developers still have not reached out or said anything on fixing it. Do not spend your money on or in this game. I previously did a review with a better rating but now it’s getting annoying so the rating will continue going down. UPDATE: Still no word to anyone from developers, uninstalled and reinstalled only to lose all my levels, then once I left the game to answer a call GUESS WHAT can’t get passed the loading screen AGAIN. This game was so much fun and I’m so disappointed. Had to go down to 1 star.

- It’s a fun game but has problems.

So I have had this game for like two weeks and it’s been really fun, but I did have problems. There would be levels that even after I passed they would redo like four times in a row. Also now I can’t get passed the loading screen, I have tried turning my phone off and back on, I have checked to see if it needed an update, and I have even deleted it and redownloaded it, and it still gets stuck at the loading screen after a couple of levels. The game was really fun, but, yeah I’m done.

- Could Have Been Fantastic

First of all let me preface this review by saying the concept for this game is genius. If they keep working on this game and get functioning then it will be awesome. Your tires become literally whatever you draw. Adapt the shape of your tires to overcome obstacles and the physical properties of things like water and rock walls. Sounds great but it doesn’t pan out. You literally only need two tire shapes (big circle or straight line). You can maaaaaybe argue for the inclusion of an S shaped tire but theres really nothing it can do that a straight line can’t. That’s the complexity of the game laid out for you right there “do i draw a line or a circle?” The physics of the game don’t function like they should either. You shoot up jagged bumpy inclines just as fast as you climb smooth ones. You stick to vertical walls like a fly. Etc etc.. There is no sound to the game. None. There is an advertisement every 15 - 20 seconds or so. The worst part of all is the multiplayer function is FAKE.

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- Amazing ?

This game is really addictive and fun only thing about it is that you know when you press freeze it freezes the person but when you so close to win an add pops up and one time 2 adds popped up plus another add but I gotta say it’s the best game ever and I also love about is you can go on settings and press sounds also there is soooooooooooo many levels I’ve reached level 1000 that’s crazy ? best game ever. ?????????????????????????

- Yeah, it’s good

Great game love it but after awhile it repeats levels and you’re doing the same thing over and over again there’s never really something new after a bit. It also has a lot of ads. But it’s a super addictive game and I recommend it. Lots of fun but there’s also not many things you can buy after awhile because you’ve either bought everything or there’s nothing you want to buy I’ve got too much money and there’s nothing I want to spent it on which is the drive to win and is the main objective to complete all the levels. So in, conclusion it’s a great game and I think most people will enjoy but it has its fair share of flaws.

- It’s good but it needs a update

It’s great the art and stuff but the programming is not as good as I thought when I first played all my opponents wheels were missing so I tried the same thing but when I did they would fall backwards or be pushed backwards?i was confused and angry because I want to vs them not being able to win every time. I really hate it when I try to verse them but they just go backwards it’s annoys me a lot if your gonna download this game think about the programming and the ratings or rather be stuck there waiting for it to load and the way some of your opponents go backwards.

- What am I missing.

BUY THIS GAME. Once you can draw out a couple of very basic Wheel designs nothing else happens you just win win win maybe I’m missing something maybe there’s something that makes this game actually difficult but I haven’t found it yet. By difficult I mean challenging, but it is fun to use A sauwastika as a wheel and win every time. yeah I think it’s the perfect game for my 10-year-old daughter who will probably have hours of fun on this. Incidentally I did too. But I have to rate the game on its merits. May as well play the pokies. BUY THIS GAME!!!!!

- Stuck on loading screen

Awesome, fun, time killing game. Unfortunately (after a while) it gets stuck on 100% on the loading screen and goes no further. I have deleted and reinstalled once already and would rather not loose my progress for a second time. Please fix

- It’s not just me...

Honestly? I love this game. Really inspired creativity and logic, with a touch of physics. For the “no ads” thing, just turn off your wifi! The only thing is that EVERYONE (including me) seems to get stuck on the loading screen, which happened to me after I went onto the game for the second time. Would love a fix. I’m glad it’s not just me. Would rate 5 stars but this issue is (literally) game-breaking. Thanks for reading.

- Loading screen

I love the game which is the reason I downloaded it but the second time I wanted to play it since I was so close to buying my new avatar I was stuck on the loading screen it was 100% loaded I even had really good internet but for some reason I couldn’t load on. So please fix this or enjoy the game while you can because you can’t go back in the second time

- So fun!!

I love this game, it’s very creative. I’d love it if there were rewards for doing tricks like flips and wheelies. It would also be amazing if there was an online and/or local multiplayer option and maybe some mini games! :D Just some ideas... :3 Otherwise, this game’s great and I definitely recommend it!

- Good but a few issues

I’ve just started playing love the game but 1. whenever i win or loose it will always go into adds 2. Not much else but the levels are really really easy at the start 3. Maybe make a bit harder 4. Last but it’s annoying you should be an able to see the offer fake rider and wheels there doing. Thanks

- It’s an awesome app!

This game is so awesome and I just can’t stop playing it (unless it’s bed time) it’s so cool and I love it so much! Everyone should download this fantastic game and start playing it! I gave it a 5 star review it’s my dream game and I hope everyone will enjoy it too! I LOVE THIS GAME SOOOOO MUCH!

- spawning I’m without wheels

This game is great but, there is a problem, I would be teamed up with someone, But when I draw a wheel, it doesn’t show t up on my bike. And the person I was competing with did not spawn with wheels either, but they were always able to go ahead of me even though I couldn’t move Please fix this bug

- Devs put low effort & lots of ads

This game has a set amount of levels after which it repeats. The ratio of gameplay to ads is about 2:3, which really isn’t fun at all (unless you turn off wifi). It’s simple and has so much potential but is ruined by the cash grab attempts with ads. It’s a good concept with lots of potential but unfortunately is ruined by its lack of support, features and too many ads.

- Just another garbage ad farm

It’s seriously too many ads. The game is obviously designed to be an ad farm because you are seriously watching an ad every 20 seconds. I timed it and spent more time watching ads than actually playing the game which is terrible. Save your time, skip this game. It’s unfortunate because the game concept is actually pretty interesting but it’s just pure garbage to have to watch a 15 second ad in order to play a 10 second level.

- Fun but too easy

I like the game and coming up with new shapes is fun but there’s almost nothing you can draw that won’t win. Even as you progress you could shut your eyes, draw a random shape and win. This would be better as a multi player with friends, you could chose short or long tracks and challenge eachother.

- To many issues

First respected levels I am on a very high level but it was the level from the start level 112 is level 2 Second the person on the other side aka the bot has no wheels sometimes I can take off my wheels Third inappropriate adds my cousin came over and I let her play on my phone this game she was impressed and I was watching her then an add about a sexual game comes up and she wanted to know what sexual stuff the people in the add where doing I couldn’t tell her so I said wanna watch tv. After she went home and she told my aunt my aunt spoke to me and I explain luckily my aunt is understanding Forth there is no player next to me most of the time I play this game Fifth there is no coins some times Sixth this game needs more choices!!!!!!

- Read before purchase!!!

See I do really like this game but after every round there’s a add so a lot of rounds a lot of ads! And I think it’s pretty easy to win and that u should make it to be able to vs people from across the world and also have computer do it but make them more competitive. Overall I give is a 3 sorry

- Great!

Been waiting for it to get fixed!! Thank you!!! My sister and I play together. We wait for each other to get on the same level and start the game at the same time so we can race ? Why did you remove the old skin tho? The girl in uniform one. Would love to see more skins! ????

- It’s fun but it won’t progress me to level 10.

I’ve won level 9 at least twenty times, but when I click through to move onto level 10, the game doesn’t tick over. I end up stuck on the win screen forever. It’s fun, but until this bug is fixed, this game is unplayable.

- Latest big fixes

Latest bug fix makes game crash continually before it loads

- Loading problem and repeating levels

The game was very cool but once I reached lvl20 it kept repeating the level and then it got stuck on loading at 100 again I had this problem and then reinstalled and now stuck on the exact same level again

- Half Baked

The games is fun, challenging but you can quickly pick it up. The coins and character mods are fun but there’s no real sense of earning them and there’s not a lot of options, some “coming soon”. Terrible rating cuz I paid $5 to remove ads, played for a few days and now I can’t get past the loading screen. Tried deleting and reinstalling, still nothing.

- Bugging

It’s a good game but after you reach a point it gets stuck on the loading screen at 100% , I’ve deleted and re downloaded the game twice and it still gets stuck and the same point , it’s a fun game so I hope this gets fixed.

- You shouldn’t add any noise for when you draw

Don’t add any sound when you when we draw and you should have better characters like Charlie Demilio and Addison Ray

- 100% Issue is fixed

So glad I hung onto this game and thank you for fixing the stuck at 100% issue. This game is a brilliant mix of imagination and strategy!

- Great game, but the amount of ads is really bad

Great game, but the amount of ads is insane. Make it every 2 or 3 round, not every round. Also game stuck on 100% loading after I bought new toons and car, had to restore iCloud version but lost all progress

- Excellent concept, serious flaws

I really like the concept. Two problems - it gets stuck at loading screen after a certain amount of time. Second problem is that there is one shape that always wins - a five pointed star. Easy to draw and works on all terrains.


Ok this is just ridiculous! The amount of ads puts me off this. There should not be an ad after every FREAKING time you pass a level.

- Inappropriate ads

Lots of inappropriate ads for a kids game Fairly repetitive not enough designs to buy with all the coins easily made Other than that something to pass time if you’re bored


This game is the bomb it’s amazing the colours the people the course it’s all amazing This game is my favourite game I ever had thanks for making this game From the one and only Unicorn Princess ?

- So nearly great....

The game play is fun and engaging for while Unfortunately if you don’t remove ads you’ll delete this game after 5 minutes. Shocking amount. Also it makes you feel like you are racing others, but you soon realise these are bots with flags next to them. Lastly after about a day of playing, the levels just start repeating themselves. So if it looks like you’ve done a level, you probably have. This is where you become bored. Couple of big improvements and this game would be great.

- Fun but glitches

This game is super fun but when I get to level 20 I have to do level19 again and it’s glitches and after awhile I get stuck on loading 100%

- Ads

Great concept. Although there are so many ads that it ruined the game for me. The coins at the end should feel rewarding but it just ended up reminding me that I had to watch another ad. Uninstalling.

- Not loading

The game was awesome but when I tried opening the app it was at 100% but didn’t let me in I’m redownloading it hope it works

- Absolutely ridiculous amount of ads and will keep crashing

This game is impossible to play as it keeps crashing and to make it worse I timed how long it would be between ads and it was an ad every 30-40 seconds! I will not be recommending this game to anyone!

- Not happy.

Very good game but as someone has mentioned before it gets stuck on 100% on the loading screen please fix ASAP !

- Too many ads

Too many ads

- Really good app but one thing

I love this app it’s really fun but for me after I finish a round there is always and add and that’s sad so can you please change it

- entertaining

this game is actually pretty entertaining. however, the lack of sound for one kinda lets it down. secondly, the npcs started to freeze up after a while? i was far into the game, but instead of versing someone else i was just riding alone because the other player was afk. last but not least, more variation in levels and difficulty could be cool, along with more characters and bikes.

- Good Concept

Fun game. So many ads. Some levels are over quite quick then you have an ad plus the banner ads. Got bored after 1 day and completed 4 zones with ease.

- Repeat

I love this game and I was addicted for the first 5 places but then I realised hey this is just repeating it’s getting boring and needs more reviews and I still think that so please add more levels that don’t repeat

- Great, but buggy.

I was just playing the game on level 306 (Or 307, I can't remember) and I was on on drone mode , and it kept on activating and deactivating drone mode uncontrollably. It needs an update!

- Oof it’s weird

It always crashes while loading and it looked fun but I have seen it before and at first it did look really fun so I downloaded it then it crashed while loading and it’s still doing that and it’s really annoying so I won’t get it again

- Omg yess

I love this game there is not to many ads and I love how u can make your own wheels I keep freezing the people???

- Doesn’t launch after downloading

Just installed the app, checked its compatibility with my iOS, but the loading bar gets to about 29%, and the whole thing crashes. Tried restarting device, reloading game etc, but doesn’t even work

- Great game but ads...

I’m totally in love with this game but toooooooooooooo much ads. I love the way how you can draw wheels and everything but... It’s good but just not great well it is a great game to much ads ?????????????????????

- Game review

The game is very fun however the constant ads are quite irritating as m they are quite repetitive however the game is great and exceeds expectations

- Great game but no sound?

Lots of fun but there is an issue with the sound. There is none! Opponents don’t seem competitive at all either. Hopefully this gets fixed as it is very fun to play. More tracks would be great too!

- bad game

it is wayyyy too easy, once you find a good wheel, you can just stick with it and lever lose. (ultimate wheel is X shapes.) got to level 50 without failing once so i uninstalled... not to mention the ads.. literally had to turn off my wifi. 2/10 don’t play

- Stuck on loading screen

This game is alright but after a day it just stopped working and didn’t load in, it would just get stuck on 100% and wouldn’t load in. Can you please fix this, it ruins the whole game.

- Ads ruin the game

You do 1 round and you have an add. I get that is how these applications are funded but they shouldn’t be jamming adds down your throat every single round. Makes the game boring to play. If you want to download an app and just watch ads this is the one for you.

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- Fun but buggy

Unfortunately a lot of bugs ... won’t even load now. Hopefully it gets resolved soon, fun while it lasted.

- More Ads than gameplay.

This game is fun and original, too bad it’s packed with ads. Like I get it, you need to make money but damn, after every race? Are you for real? ??‍♂️ So i put airplane mode, played a bit then deleted it. Lay off the ads a bit and i bet this game would pick up. I mean I’d keep playing ??‍♂️

- So bad

This game is garbage. There was an ad after every level, and for some reason it kept making my phone vibrate which was extremely annoying. I least I’m finally at peace since I was able to uninstall this godawful game.

- Sort of an interesting concept but bad execution

Download this app if you’re a fan of atrocious amounts of advertising, game breaking bugs like the loading screen glitch which has been brought to their attention many times and is yet to be fixed and a very apparent laziness when in comes to the amount , design and variety of the levels.

- Penis

Penis’s are the way. Need to cross a body of water? The balls act like a flotation device while the shaft is like a rutter. Need to climb a 90* wall ? Penis is the way. Draw a penis and let the 4 ah longs take over and win you every race ??????penis is the way of the future, I would start investing in penis tires now.

- Addicting but...

Addicting game but there’s no sound during the game, only the ads

- Shop

Need more things in the shop

- so dumb

it stopped working after level 155

- ?

So Many adds like ??

- To many commercial


- Stars

If you use a star pattern you will win 95% of the time. With our having to change the pattern.

- Too many ads

Way too many ads. Before you even a start there is an ad. Play for 30 seconds, there’s an ad.

- ada

too many ads super annoying

- Hate it

Hate it it says freeze opponents but it just flings i away so u waist ur time with ads

- Freezes on one level and won’t continue

I paid for the ad free version and it if frozen on a level and won’t adage me played the same level 15 times :( please contact me and give me my money back :(

- scrbble rider is the best game

sribble rider is the best game ive ever played its soooo fun if yoir seeing this dowload scribble rider its hallaiross and super duper fun so dowload scribble rider

- Sucks thick dick

Too many ads....

- Fun but buggy

Great fun but lots of bugs

- Review

It’s good and it’s kinda good but I think its good enough to be a good game with all the other good game like this good game and the other good games, good thing I downloaded this good game from the good game area, the adds aren’t good so it might not make this good game go with the other good games but it’s good enough

- ?

I always stay on the loading screen FOREVER

- This game is sooo cool

It’s fun

- Has potential but...

Sometime you are clearly reach finish line before opponent but still says you lost. That is a bug and doesn’t make game enjoyable.

- Ads

A lot of ads, I deleted it

- erorr

It doesn’t let me play it starts loading and kicks me out

- Heneishdnsjhbdnsjrh

What adds do you use?

- Love this game

So fun can’t stop playing it and by some new skins, cars, and weals the fun game I have ever played in my life

- Can u make it load plz

Too bad it won’t load any more and I thot they fiked bugs


It doesn’t work on my iPhone 6?

- Multiplayer

Make the game multiplayer

- Ridiculous

To many ads and too long

- Ads making this app worthless

So many ads that you can’t even really play the game, had to delete it cause it was so bad

- Bad app

The app is fun but it makes very weird vibrating sounds that are sooo annoying. I tried everything. I tried turning my volume down all the way I tried turning off my ringer but nothing works. Why is the vibrating so annoying? 1 it hurts my hands like hell. 2 it gives me a headache. It also has a million adds after every game. Definitely DON’T recommend this game don’t get it it’s trash.

- Super Annoying Afs

Game is fine but the ads are super loud even if your phone is on silent. Don’t play at work or anywhere you’re trying to be discreet. I wish there was a way to punish the advertisers besides avoiding their products.

- The Best

OMG this game is the BEST

- Okay

Out of all its a dicent game its just that there are WAY to many adds

- Vibration is not the best

It vibrated my phone every 2seconds it also made me watch adds after every 5 sec long level

- Fun fun

I like it but I don’t like the adds other wise it’s fun

- Ads

Games sucks and ads are even worse.

- Ad farm

A cheap game made only to play ads

- Too much ad

After nearly every ride, there is an ad...

- More ads than gameplay

Ads after every single level and level replay. Don’t waste your time

- Lacks logic

Don’t expect anything to make sense. The design of the wheel can only get you so far, as it’s the surfaces in the game which affect you more and there is little logic between the two. Sometimes a wiggly line for a wheel can move you faster than a perfect circle on a flat surface, makes no sense. And many races are lost because they introduce something new without any explanation. Game needs to incorporate physics better. And the drone part? Really illogical.

- I love this

This is the best game EVER!!!!

- No load

Well the game was lots of fun honestly it seemed too easy and now with the latest update I can’t even load the game! Still it was lots of fun while it lasted!

- Doesn’t load

Every time I try to play the game it loads to about 30 then kicks me out I haven’t actually been able to play the game do not get this app it’s just a waste of time

- Pub

Trop de publicité pour le temps de jeux

- Game crashes while loading

Does not work on iphone 5c

- Good game, little variety...

This game is distracting enough, although at some point we're running in circles (no pun intended), and we end up playing pretty much the same set of obstacles after a while! I also noticed no one else ever played past zone 20, so my "competition" has NO WHEELS WHATSOEVER - what’s with that? ?

- Terrible

Doesn’t even load, it just crashes when it gets to 24%

- Too many bugs

Great game, bad app. Crashes constantly and freezes all the time. Very disappointing. Seems like an issue caused by trying to insert ad videos. Unfortunate, because it’s a fun game. Hope they figure it out soon!

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- Not to bad if I do say so myself

I have been playing this game for about two hours now and I have to say that the only problem I am having is that there are a lot of ads, but that’s it it’s fun and each game doesn’t even last over a minute so if you want to do something really quick you can, over all it’s a fun game that you can play quickly

- Started me over on level 4

So I was playing and every thing was great but then all of a sudden it just put me back on level 4. I was on level 49 and that’s when it happen. I tried exiting out of it and coming back and I tried re downloading it still didn’t work. I even tried swiping out of the tap and fully reloading it still same thing. It give me the beginniner levels too. When I finish a level it says 49 - 50 then real quick it shows levels 5 - 6. ? But besides that is is VERY FUN so go ahead and get it. ??

- Too many bugs

I downloaded this and WAS having a lot of fun until I got to a certain level and tried to advance after completing it and it made me replay the level over and over again and wouldn’t let me get past. It even had the other player at the finish line before the level even started. So I closed out the app and tried to bring it back up and I couldn’t get past the loading screen. So I uninstalled and reinstalled and it worked until that same level again. It did exactly what it was doing before. So super fun game but all the issues make it not worth it. DONT GET IT UNTIL THEY FIX IT!!!!!!!!!

- fix it !

i’m starting to see many people with the same problem as me in these reviews . at first the game was fun for me .. until every time i tried to play it, it wouldn’t load me in anymore . The loading bar gets to 100 then just freezes . i deleted the game and then re-downloaded it and i lost my progress and had to start over . i will not continue this cycle of deleting and re-downloading . fix this please.

- C’mon Voodoo

I’ve downloaded several games that you guys make but always end up deleting them after a few minutes. I understand that you have make money through adds or by purchasing the game. But for those of us who don’t mind giving you the ad revenue, which I’m sure is more lucrative, why do they have to be so frequent??? Two rounds that last about 30 seconds and then an ad for like 15? That’s just ridiculous. We spend half as much time watching ads as we do playing the game! Seriously. We need some amount of time to play before being hit with an ad otherwise it just isn’t worth it.

- It WAS a great game

I had downloaded this earlier today and had been having fun with it and got to level 30. But then the game crashed and anytime i tried to play it it made me do the same level and my opponent was already at the end, stuck. so then i tried to re open it (close out of it completely and go back in) and now it won’t load whatsoever. it says “Loading 100%•” but is frozen there. like i said, it was really entertaining until that occurred. this was a temporarily fun boredom buster.

- Addictive

Once you get the hang of it, it can be quite addictive to play. After figuring out the basic shapes that are most common for winning in the game, it’s fun to mess around with Different shapes. My only piece of feedback is it seems after a few levels, everything repeats over and over, even as I move up in levels. It would be cool to see more levels fleshed out.

- Great game

The concept of the game and the game itself are great. I do feel, though, that this game should feature real life people competing, not AI. Would you be able to take a page from other mobile games’ books, and do a championship or tournament section? And also add more characters and bike and wheel options, the same ones get monotonous

- Ads

This game is a lot of fun and I’ve played for hours, but there’s one minor defect I’ve personally noticed. When I try to pay for no ads, nothing happens. I click the icon and it asks if I want to buy it, I click but the option with iTunes never pops up so it never allows me to rid myself of these darn ads. I tried on another device too with no luck. It would be perfect if I could get rid of the ads though. Thanks.

- It’s good... but

I love the game so much! It is very fun and creative but there are a few bugs to be fixed. First of all most of the time I cannot get past the loading screen I have restarted my phone and deleted the app but it still won’t work. Second of all you cannot pass level two because it keeps repeating itself and the winner is still waiting for you I would recommend this game... if you could get it to work.

- Freezes on Ads

The game is fun, when you get to play more than one level at a time. It’s a cool concept that seems like it could have a lot of potential. But this is only when it works. Most of the time, I play one or two levels and then an ad tries to load and load and load...the ad never loads!!! I have to close the app, replay the level again and then the ad tries to load and load... and repeat over and over again. I’ve spent more time staring at a black screen than playing this game... Please fix this bug

- Not the only one I see...

The infamous bug: after you exit the game you can’t go back in. Update: after reinstalling it I figured that if you leave the app open without closing it it won’t conjure up the bug and you could beat it in one sitting. The levels just keep repeating themselves after a while. Sorry I didn’t check what numbered level it stopped at I only noticed that it will take you back to the level one tutorial and you go through the cycle again. The good thing is that you don’t lose the coins you gained after the first go around. more thing....airplane mode gets rid of the ads. And yes, like the another user mentioned... there’s a hate symbol that is unfortunately easy to draw. But you did not see that coming.

- Fake opponents

Game is really fun but what’s dumb is that they give you completely fake bots as opponents and mask them as real users in order to make you believe you’re winning against a real person. For instance, your opponents name will be “Emily” with a French flag next to it. They give generic names and throw a random flag on it. The game doesn’t start until you draw and nothing about the game play is realistic for an online multiplayer. These bots will also make incredibly stupid decisions for certain obstacles during almost every match. At no point do wheels work in water but of course bots love trying it during every match lol.

- Could have been better

I finished the whole thing in 2-3 hours or less Got the robot and the futuristic bike as well as the future pencil. It would have been better if it weren’t for the fact that when you reach a certain level or map the person you’re playing against with just stops moving which will lead to you eventually wining the race. Make more maps, more characters(females), cars, and pencils. This game is fun tho I especially love the flying part

- Fun....damentally Broken

Had been playing the game for a few days, the leveling is weird. Some how I am simultaneously on level 70 and 10 at the same time. Switch between drone and....regular has a weird switch and sometimes gets be stuck in a loop of drone-not-drone. But what takes the cake is the app bricking and not loading any more. Probably due to the weird quirk where I have to repeat a particular level regardless of winning the initial race or not. Speaking of winning, losing has no real consequences apparently. You can still proceed to the next level. Fun

- Super fun but also super glitchy

Don’t get me wrong, this game is extremely fun! But, as many others have mentioned, after a certain level, your opponent is already at the finish line. As well as when you exit out, once you try to get back in, it just won’t load past the loading screen. Super unfortunate as this game is really fun! Hopefully these resolved, but as of now, i’m going to have to delete it as I don’t have much purpose since it just won’t load.

- Free falling forever

I’ve had a real boring weekend and made it up to level 48 or 49 ...pretty standard level, some stairs, rocks, and then pink water you have to go through for quite a while and then into a pink wall or something and then the rider just drops and keeps falling in space. I tested it a couple times and made sure to stay neck and neck with the opponent to see if there was something i was missing ...nope. They did the same thing. Some point as we are falling the opponent takes the crown but the level never ends. I give up.

- Gets old

First when I first got it, I was addicted but now I’m really bored playing the game. Second there are to many adds, you get adds after 1 or 2 levels and it’s really annoying, Developers if your reading this maybe you could add like different kinds of levels after completing 5 levels??‍♀️

- Honestly a really nce game but those ads gotta stop

I like this game and i just started and im already a pro And for those people who are struggling to win i have an invention, the all-purpose rider, its basically drawing a normal circle but you add bumps to it, now for the actual point, the game has too many ads and its glitches the game to much like that so whoever the owner is, please remove these ads or people might stop playing this game

- Cookie Mining

I have been looking to buy a new keyboard and have found a great keyboard named durgod fusion and have been looking at it many times to find a good deal and when I downloaded the the game I saw the computer I was playing against was named Durgod and I searched it up and durgod is not a word but the name of the computer company I have been looking at which meant this game was mining my cookies which was never brought to my attention when reading the description..... please refrain from getting this game or any other game the developer voodoo has created unless you want a sneaky cookie mining app. And yes I give it a 1/5

- Grade : B

It’s entertaining as most reviews said, I really enjoyed the idea of drawing my own tires to get through level specific terrain, but also as most reviews that I have read , state that after stage 2 (Level 20) the game becomes stuck and your opponent is at the finish line when you play it again. Restarted my phone, Reinstalled, No fix. If you’d like to play the game for 10 minutes, feel free. Other than that, hope Voodoo puts in the effort to fix the issue.

- Needs Longer Tracks

This game is pretty fun. I like the mechanic of switching wheels while you race. I get that the races have to be short (for ad, and purchase upgrades), but I paid for no ads and I would really like a mode with full blown out levels. Shoot I would even pay for that. I’m all for supporting game and app creators so go head, but I feel like I lose out on a lot of the game with such short races.

- Would be fun if I could play it

When I first downloaded the game, it was great. Had some minor glitches with repeating the same levels & being forced to lose but it didn’t occur every time so it wasn’t a huge deal. Now when I try to open the app, it’s starts loading, gets to 100% & then gets stuck there. Apparently I’m not the only one this has happened to. I don’t want to delete & reinstall & lose all my progress. If you guys fix this ASAP along with your glitches, it’ll make a lot of people happy.

- Honestly, think about gameplay. Not money.

I played this game due to the concept seeming fun, unique and would take some time away. Boy, was I wrong. I coughed when I saw it was made by voodoo. I immediately shut down my internet and WiFi due to the ads on other games made by this corporation. Now, let’s dive into its gameplay. It’s awesome, really unique but there is QUITE some problems here. This game adds so called “players” which are bots. Let me clear it up for you first timers. A “bot” is a programmed AI made to do something. They are scripted to do a task. But to do this to fake online play? How low can you go voodo?

- Um I am kinda confused of this bug

So I was playing, then I finished the game and waited for the other person to come for some reason, then I pressed the next button, there was no racer and it was the same map , odd right? then I finished it but the same racer was at the end, So I was like oh just gonna restart it, but then it did not load. Sadly this is all I know. if the devs are reading this please, fix this bug.

- Best game I’ve gotten all year

It’s really addictive and fun game I would spend money on it if it didn’t glitch so much and seems like there’s a bunch of races that are the same and then sometimes I can never win a race bc it seems like the other racer already got to the finish line before the race started and now I try to play and it’s just the beginning of the screen with the load bar stuck 100% and it won’t let me play please fix so I can play this ?

- I like this game a lot

This game helps me to drop off I love it it’s better than a go cart sure I like it a lot you can even play on your phone you can play in real life I love it so much that I can’t wait for you to make another game just like this and all your other cool Games and I can’t wait for you to make more thanks to you guys voodoo

- Fun but....

Fun little game, but regardless of level (I’m way up there) you are just repeating the same races over and over again. Pls come up with more than the same ole races over and over. Make the AI more competitive. I’ve only been beat a couple of times and that’s only because I’ve gotten stuck between things. It’s waaaaaay to easy. I’m usually finished and they aren’t even halfway through. I’ve bought everything you can buy and still have over 8k coins banked, we need more to buy. And like most people are saying, certain wheels can beat every level. I draw a 8 spoke wheel, beats every level but water and drone mode. Game has promise, if they would make it more challenging.

- It’s fun but

I kept getting restarted to the first level. This will be my third olay through. Regrettably I purchased the game for no ADs. I’m unsure if more level are currently being made but Id hope so. Also there’s glitches where the new wheel spawn gets stuck or glitches through the track and you lose time or placing trying to undo your new wheel to a smaller one then back to your original. Need’s more tracks or not worth the purchase.

- I am serious this is the best game I am not hired to say this

1:this game is so fun I play it all day my favorite thing is the joy of winning and the fact that we can drawl in a game not for coloring. 2:I have an idea for the game I think you should make a level were you have to fly off a mountain and land on a beach then have to make weels for the water that’s all.

- Ads = Very Annoying

I love this game, but the constant ads in this game are very annoying, even on airplane mode. When I finish a level and I try to open a chest, it instantly rolls into an ad EVERY time and is very disruptive . Its kind of bland because their are no sound effects or game music. I kind of wish there would be more characters, wheels, and bikes because 9 bikes to collect doesn't sound very exciting. I kindly recommend you remove these issues before you get another bad review The End


Game is fun and entertaining... want to play more.. After u get to a certain level-loading screen sits at %100 and no further. Would have to delete App, re-download, works great , continue to have fun with it again ... and there I go doing the whole delete and re-download again FRUSTRATING. I will always want to play this game, but that crap needs to be fixed!! Thanks!

- Needs to be fixed

First off all, it doesn’t even take you off the loading screen. It just sits at 100%. Number two, it repeats the same level over and over if you win. That one certain level. If you win that certain level, it takes you on the same on over and over and over and over. The first time that happened, I deleted and re-downloaded it. Then it happened again on the same EXACT level, so I knew that the app was the problem, not me. The app is fun. But they need to fix a LOT of the glitches and issues.

- It can’t load :/

fun game cool whoever made it, but on a certain level it always seems to make me do it again an the person who either lost or won is always still at the finish and then it’s not fun any more. Also every time I try to play it it always takes to long to load because you never can start the game when it’s at 100%. They need to fix it

- Paid for no ads and didn’t take them away

Don’t pay for this!! It takes your money and doesn’t take ads away!!! It’s only 3 bucks but still.. update.. it took a bit to recognize that I paid for it, now the ads are gone. You can watch ads if you want to earn extra coins.

- Good game but big problem

Hi everyone I really love this game and you should download it. It’s super fun. But there a HUGE problem.... there’s a bug I’m fine with it but for others ehhhhh I don’t know. This game is amazing, apart from the crashing and ads it’s super fun and you should download it. Also voodoo I know you’ve heard this before but please read. And your games are awesome. I hope I’m not taking to much time. THANK YOU and bye.?????

- To many ads!

There are way to many ads in this game, and it making me want to delete it!f for a little bit, there was no ads and l was having so much fun! Then there was all of the sudden sooooo many ads! Its so irritating!!!? lower the ads PLEASE. And it glitches a lot too! Save yourself the trouble, and dont download this app.

- Super fun until you run into the (many) bugs

It was such a fun game until you run into the huge number of bugs, like getting stuck at the pool level, and not being able to move past the loading screen after the previous bug. Fix them and this will be a phenomenal game. Or even better, add the function to race with a friend’s device.

- I love the game but...

I love the game but, when I tried to play today, the loading screen wouldn’t go away. All my other apps were fine accept mine. And I don’t wanna delete the app and download it again because I have a lot of progress. Please fix this. I really wanna play! I cannot get passed the loading screen ?. And I can see some other people are having the same issues!

- To buggy

It was fun and worked ok at first but definitely had some bugs. Then the bugs got worse as I got further into the levels and now it won't open at all and I don't see a place to inform the developer so I guess I'll delete and move on. Nice idea but way to many ads. Either make the courses longer or require less ads. I realize you're on it to make money but there's a point where it's to much. To play for an hour and half of that is ads is out of control.

- Love the concept

I really like this game and played it often. I like that the ads are only 5 seconds but I will say that I wish the courses were a bit harder and lasted longer. I win every one so it’s getting to where it isn’t fun anymore so I don’t play as much. Maybe make a scribble writer extreme for experts or update this one so that you can choose your level of difficulty and actually make the expert courses hard

- Buggy and Needs Work

After enjoying the game for quite a few races, all it does now is bring me to the landing page - and sit on “Loading” forever but never loads. Even though it shows 100% on the progress bar. Also, there were a few times a single race would just start over instead of going to next round - with no opponent, and then at the finish line there’s the opponent I just raced still sitting there. And a once I went thru several races with no opponent. Fun game, but way too buggy to get more than one star for now.

- It’s a simple but interesting idea

Update: The progress and load bugs are fixed but the ads are still over the top. Giving two stars because of the widely reported progress / loading glitch but primarily because of the ads. I don’t mind a dev team making some money on their games with ads but I’m getting game demo ads between every level and retry. The ads run longer than the level playtime. Not cool.

- Does not work

I was actually enjoying this game and even paid to have the ads removed. Now the app won’t load properly and I can’t get past the opening loading page. It gets to 100% loaded but won’t go past that. The first time this happened I deleted the app and re download it and restored my purchase to have no ads. However I had the same problem again. Now that I took all the same steps to try to fix this same annoying problem, it’s not restoring my purchase. It’s a total scam, do not download it.

- Great game but....

Great game, love the idea. Just the only problem is there are ads every time I complete a level, and it’s annoying because sometimes it causes the app to lag really badly. Sometimes it tries to load the app before I get to the finish line, and it lags bad. I have an iphone7 which is pretty good, and I have never had an app do this before. Please fix this. ASAP

- I can’t get into the game

The game is pretty good but when I was playing it would only let me play to zone 2 or 3 and there then I went on a level and I past it and went on to the next one but the same level kept reaping and never change I pressed the next button but still wouldn’t work and the bot spawns at the win zone and always win on the same level I refreshed the game and it wouldn’t let me in it would go to one hundred and never load back in.

- Needs fixing a fun game besides that

I was only able to play ten minutes when it was glitching and sent me back to the same lvl even though I beat it please fix it it’s now very boring when I deleted the page I went back in. Now I can’t get past the loading screen

- Fun but...

It would be more interesting if they continued to add more options for “outfits”, Bikes and wheels. Also, I noticed people have names and I would like to change mine but I don’t know how...other than that the game is sooooo addicting and really entertaining. I like that I can compete with people all over the world!

- Just no

I can’t even load in the game. This company needs to get their priorities straight if they want to keep earning off games. I turn my internet off during gameplay and the “multiplayer” runs perfectly fine. Ads are also misleading, they spend more money on them than the actual game. Heck, they spend literally no time developing decent games, just making ads. I would never put out a game that I should be ashamed of. Disappointing money grab. I will say that the idea is good. Back to playing some good ol Minecraft...

- Hear me out

I really think this game is good I and I would buy I just don’t see the motive too , let me explain the game has no real set goal it becomes repetitive and no more fun if this game had a MULTIPLAYER and actually good prizes I would spend the 2.99 it asked for even more the fact that you can Just change your wheels on track really challenges how much of a affective quick thinker you really are all in all GOOD game but it can be GREAT

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Ah yes, my ex whose name was scribble rider


Roque Hydrax pale rider Pen on bristol My day job is so technical, Roque Hydrax grew from the need to be detached and scribble.


Scribble Rider SKIN LVL PropPlayGo via @YouTube

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Scribble rider

Jany ♛

@nillianjedd Bet play me in stop and trivia crack 😭 other than those two I deadass downloaded a parking game, something called scribble rider and roof rails. I love the parking game and no one can tell me shittttttt

Patton but ✨spicy✨

Since I'm bored I'm going to play one game for half an hour straight and see how far I get I'll play a game called scribble rider I'm currently on level 62 so let's see if I can make it to 100 or some shit

Scribble Rider 1.80 Screenshots & Images

Scribble Rider iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Scribble Rider iphone images
Scribble Rider iphone images
Scribble Rider iphone images
Scribble Rider iphone images
Scribble Rider iphone images
Scribble Rider iphone images

Scribble Rider (Version 1.80) Install & Download

The applications Scribble Rider was published in the category Games on 2020-06-30 and was developed by Voodoo [Developer ID: 714804730]. This application file size is 659.38 MB. Scribble Rider - Games app posted on 2020-12-21 current version is 1.80 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.tapped.drawrider

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