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Presented by Kiloo Games and Sybo Games.

DASH as fast as you can!
DODGE the oncoming trains!

Help Jake, Tricky & Fresh escape from the grumpy Inspector and his dog.

- Grind trains with your cool crew!
- Colorful and vivid HD graphics!
- Hoverboard Surfing!
- Paint powered jetpack!
- Lightning fast swipe acrobatics!
- Challenge and help your friends!

Join the App Store's most daring chase!

A Universal App with HD optimized graphics for retina resolution.

Subway Surfers is compatible with iPhone 4, iPod 5, iPad 2 or newer.

iOS 7 or later OS version is required.

Subway Surfers App Description & Overview

The applications Subway Surfers was published in the category Games on 2012-05-24 and was developed by Kiloo. The file size is 164.48 MB. The current version is 1.87.0 and works well on 7.0 and high ios versions.

- The Subway Surfers World Tour continues in Monaco
- Enjoy a racing-themed Subway and explore the yacht-lined harbor
- Celebrate 6 years with the Surfers and get the awesome Birthday board
- Team up with Philip and unlock his brand new Captain Outfit
- Use the Speeder board to search for wheel tokens and collect prizes

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Subway Surfers Reviews

Gaming Halen

SO FUN  Gaming Halen  5 star

So fun it a really fun game I could play it every day

poop but kiss sex

Needs to be improved  poop but kiss sex  5 star

What is people can’t have Facebook and they want to get the person. What should that do? And the hover boards should be at least 500$ to instead of 300$. And collecting 400 you will have to play for 5 years and some people may get a new mobile by that time so I suggest at least 40.


The game incoureges vandalisum?  Crazydanfan  1 star

Ok so this game is fun but there are problems with the game and reasons why I gave one star.this game is colourful with great graphics and is fun however I do not like the setting and why you are running.the reason why you are running is because you are caught doing graffiti on a train wich is illegal in America and your running from the cops wich encourages bad behaviour of younger kids and even older kids high school as well. Also younger are running from the cops and doing illegal stuff so for parents who’s kids told them about this game consider either not downloading the game or check out the game yourself not letting your kid do it) and see what I mean by this bad influence on younger kids


Subway surfers  hesjsw  5 star

Best game you can get on the App Store


I LOVE THIS GAME  jfjvjfjfj  5 star

The details are so amazing and the graphics are on point.I get addicted trying to get my personal best and complete my challenges. This game is so fun,download it right now.


Duck  scopn  5 star



To many adds😩  GracieGriener  4 star

I play this game a lot and every time I die it turn right to an add and than I leave the game cause it’s so annoying! Pls fix all they adds pls thx


Super Great!  Chey_0515  5 star

Subway Surfers is a fun and very addictive game, but it’s totally worth it! There’s missions you have to accomplish, different places you can go, coins and “tokens” you can collect, characters you can unlock, and so much more! It’s overall just a great game, and I’m pretty sure anyone can grow to love it.


Subway Surfers  Jan171978  5 star

What is going on with the Update?


AMAZING!!  heygirl1243  5 star

I love this game. It is super fun to play and reach your best.

Lindsey Carroll

Amazing!!!!!  Lindsey Carroll  5 star

This app is awesome for all ages and if you like wild colors and fun for days then this is the app for you. But I wish we could play the cop. That’s the only bad thing about it. Other than that it’s absolutely brilliant and it’s really fun to play and use! Hope you download it for lots of fun!

great girl 2009

Bad reviews, MOVE OVER NOW  great girl 2009  5 star

This app is amazing and that’s that. You should get this app. NOW. It’s awesome, and i have only been playing it since New Years. Running away from a cop may not sound like fun, but TRUST ME, This game is great. :3


A some  connermonster  5 star

You doge opstcals and stuf

Kenzie 07

I love subway surfers 💙  Kenzie 07  5 star

I love subway surfers even if you have to buy some of the stuff like the keys when you run out


Why I 😻😻subway surfers  Iserenity😻🦄💵  5 star

Subway surfer is the first game I ever had and it is fun and learning😻😻. And always be my favorite game.Even if I am a kid 🧒 I still ❤️ it.And the people how don’t love 💗 it is a hater

ellie the dragon slayer

I love this game  ellie the dragon slayer  5 star

It's really fun and energizing. I could play it all day!!!!😄


Defenitely needs improvements...  UltimateSimLover  2 star

It's fun to do the running and stuff, and the characters are nice, but it gets boring after awhile. Coins are hard to get, and characters are expensive. I wish we could at least design our own characters. Like make a separate app where we can download different skins, and we can upload them into subway surfer. It would be a lot more fun if we could make our own characters from like different games, maybe.


Best runner game ever!!!!!!  YaxisGamesReviews  5 star

Great game!!!!! I love how there is so many characters!!!!! The leaderboard is cool!!!!


Lit  neekjbmfbhdijrkkrv  4 star



It’s ok  Tammycoop  4 star

I think it needs some work but it is amazing and btw it takes work

iGeorge killmonger

George  iGeorge killmonger  5 star

It's a very cool game


Good Game but needs some few bug fixes  YawBrako  4 star

The program keeps on crashing as soon I launch it. Take a look at it please.


Me and Him  pipeschaps  5 star

Such a Rad game


Subway surfers  Gideonovich  5 star

It is a cool game but it should not be an option if you want to play it


Fantastic Game  ankamah  4 star

I really like these game so much,I relaxed and released anytime am playing this game.i will entreat everyone to have a feel of this game.thanks guys-it’s a plus🙏👌🏻👍

khoby wan

Subway  khoby wan  2 star

I love playing this game

Kaakyire zigi

Bad game  Kaakyire zigi  1 star

It a bad game because is running slow on my iPhone 4. And when I you coming to Ghana


iPhone 4s,please fix immediately !😡  Afriyie.crissy  5 star

I can't play with my data on. Each time I play with my data on,it crashes and freezes. It's irritating 😡. Please fix immediately Please when are you coming to Ghana


Update  Xara222  5 star

We love subway.Please also do subway Ghana💙


My freezes every now then  MiracleDays  5 star

Anytime I start to play the game it freezes for at least 30sec before resuming. Sometimes I have to force close it for sometimes before it start to work again.

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