Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers download

Presented by Kiloo Games and Sybo Games.

DASH as fast as you can!
DODGE the oncoming trains!

Help Jake, Tricky & Fresh escape from the grumpy Inspector and his dog.

- Grind trains with your cool crew!
- Colorful and vivid HD graphics!
- Hoverboard Surfing!
- Paint powered jetpack!
- Lightning fast swipe acrobatics!
- Challenge and help your friends!

Join the App Store's most daring chase!

A Universal App with HD optimized graphics for retina resolution.

Subway Surfers is compatible with iPhone 4s, iPod 5, iPad 2 or newer.

iOS 8 or later OS version is required.

Subway Surfers App Description & Overview

The applications Subway Surfers was published in the category Games on 2012-05-24 and was developed by Kiloo. This application file size is 220.23 MB. Subway Surfers current version is 1.111.0 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions.

- Get ready for takeoff and join the Subway Surfers World Tour in Houston
- Surf a buzzing subway packed with interstellar sites and beautiful green parks
- Put on your space suit and get ready to meet Alba, the galactic Surfer
- Go for the full outer space experience with a special Space Bundle sale
- Search high and low for shiny planet tokens to earn Weekly Hunt prizes

Subway Surfers App Tips, Tricks and Rules

Subway Surfers Comments & Reviews

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BeezyBee100   1 star

Bs. Every season is the same when is the 🤬🤬🤬🤬 gone change

Lucky Knafe of   5 star

it is very good game i love subway surfers❤️. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Dopecitykid   5 star

Great game for the Can!. Quite often at work, I like to sneak away to the can and hide from everyone! This game is a great substitute for same the crapper magazines we’ve had for two years now!!! Thanks Subway Surfers!!

emmakitty158   5 star

Awesome game. All I have to say is this is a great game and I think you should play it

VickyBooPie   4 star

CANT UNLOCK YUTANIS GADGET OUTFIT!. It says I have 500/250 but I can’t unlock it! Please fix this!

Lindsay Kilarski   1 star

I'm a Subway Surfer. Do you ever have a time when you finish your homework, and you don't have soccer practice until another hour? If so I would recommend picking up your phone and download Subway Surfers. I love to just sit back and run on the train tracks for hours. What I love about this game is how they make it have a really cool theme. The characters are all so cool and at the start You are spray painting and the police come running after you. Sometimes I feel like I am in the game itself. I like how they give you head starters and the font and if you die they sometime let you come back alive after just watching a video. The only down side about the game is he hover boards and the characters are all SO MANY coins and keys. I am never able to get that many coins and keys. I just try to get enough coins to get the character Lucy, and her scary outfit or whatever it is called. Then I just play the game and like a month later I will try to see how much I can pay for. I also hate how all you do in the game is run on train tracks with a few of the same obstacles in your way. I just sometimes wish there could be more obstacles or Like different courses you take. Other then that, this game is THE BEST game EVER! I would really recommend downloading this game on your phone or iPad right now.

redcobra67   1 star

Worthless Support. Videos are still not working and your support is worthless.

building the battle   5 star

Pretty Fun. This game is a excellent game for when your boredom has taken over. Subway Surfers is a free game that’s allows you to take control of the trains.

Smeadh   5 star

Best game ever no seriously i’m not Kidding.. Like this is the best game ever subway surfer the guys who made this game like seriously I am not kidding it’s in the name seriously I’m not kiddingAnd seriously this game is impossible to resist like I’m gonna play it every single single single day because it’s so fun that I don’t want to stop playing it because you put really hard work in to this game and I just wanna play it so bad like every single day so thank you the best guys who built this game ever and thank you for everything!

Jennms15   5 star

I love my game. Well I wanted this game for ever

Ha godeem   5 star

Nice game. Best game ever I have spent so many hours into it and it is still really fun!!!

Chezky CooL dood   5 star

Best game ever. This is my favorite game in the world

ugomcamodo   5 star

This is so fun it’s an hand exercise so cool and anyone else should play this game.. Thanks for reading

gggfrguihg   5 star

Awesome. This is a great game I love the different places

Gingergramah98338   5 star

Amazing App. 100000% Should Let Your Kids Own.. Amazing.


Thank u. I am so glad somebody created Subway Surfers because I love the game thank u so much❤️

7DaveRave7   5 star

This game is so fun and their Is like no adds. Great

DevilsA   3 star

Racist. I feel like I should be able to play this game staring out as a black person since I am black and not have to buy black people or girls. Seems a bit shady.🙄

ramnubhodu. oeidg. e   4 star

Love the game!!! Just a bit pricey. I love playing this game but i can never get any new aviators until a month later because I need more coins. So maybe you guys could make them like 1000 coins each and not 80000

aaaappppqjqjansn   4 star

Love. I love subway surfers it’s a really amazing game I just don’t like when you start the game it goes off so slow then I can’t hear my game no more like even if I put my ringer on and I turn it all the way still can’t hear nothing so if you can fix it please

16123995   4 star

Subway surfers. I think you should make another version with more different characters and some of the same. I have been playing this game since I was 3 I am now 10 it’s kind of getting boring after a while. So please take it in to consideration. thank you for your time

jsseps200910111213   4 star

Don’t get a new phone. If you love this, and you invest money and time into it, I highly recommend not getting a new phone. Not everything transfers. I’ve changed phones multiple times over the course of 5 years and every time, the only thing that has ever transferred is the double coins package and your high score. None of my characters that I’ve bought with the fake coins, keys, ect transfers even after connecting to FB and “retrieve purchases” or whatever. So if you get a new phone, you are basically starting from scratch, with hardly and characters, boards or character outfits and tokens, money, keys, hover boards, and perks like headstarts and score boosters. I love the game, but it’s extremely frustrating to have to open mystery boxes and I’m back to square one of getting character tokens on characters I’ve already had like Yutani who needs 500 character tokens before unlocking and NOW they added that once you unlock these characters you need the same amount of character tokens to collect, just to get their second outfit, which I’ve had previously by using keys.

gine🖤   5 star

I LOVE THIS app. I love this app because first of all there’s no ads and my brother use to play this game when he was in middle school he got the best person at the game bye👋🏻😁

Mastermynd77   1 star

The sellout is here. So I have to either agree to you collecting and using my personal data however the want to or stop using the app. After years of playing this game, and the money involved, I’m going to agree to delete your app since I can’t just play anymore. So long and thanks for all the fish. PS, targeted ads are never ok. Generic ads work just fine since you can’t have an ad free version.

emelymoreno22   5 star

Subway Surfers. The best game EVER!

joanna876h   4 star

Love it so much!. Subway surfers has no ads. It’s so much fun. You can get boosts and in every seasonal update you can get different rewards. It’s a great way to play with your friends if you’re connected to Facebook but most kids these days don’t have Facebook. Instagram or Snapchat should be connected to the game to attract more players in my opinion. But overall the game is a blast and I play it all the time!:)

lady appuntrice   3 star

Android to iPhone. I bought stuff on my android playing this and I had to restart when I got an iPhone. Since I was signed in everything should have transferred

Myanay N   5 star

Awesome!. But the weird thing is the mouths don’t ever move and it’s kinda weird. But awesome game!

Alina2019😂🤪❤️😊   5 star

Good 🥳. A very good game to play when you are bored me and my friends play against each other to see who wins ‼️❕‼️🎈

ItsYaBoiTheCutePig   5 star

Amazing Game. When I was a kid I remember LOVING this game. Everywhere I went I played it. When my parents made me get out to go somewhere or do something I would just say, “When I die Mom!” Or “When I die Dad.” And now that I’m older I downloaded this game and can’t stop playing. 5 STARS!!!

Advertorial    5 star

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Sammy/5274839   4 star

Really great but.... I love this game so much and when I first got it I was addicted. After a few months I had to delete it because my phone doesn’t have a lot of iPhone storage but when I download it again, it suddenly started lagging a lot more and I would die quicker cause the game froze a lot. However, I still love this game and I have now had it for 2 years!

ffhxsrbv   4 star

Cool. Cool really cool

jtgtht   5 star

Hi. The best app ever!!!!!!!!!!!!

damia alvarado avacado   4 star

Subway surfers. It is really fun I play it in my free time I defiantly recommend it

Slugger349035063   4 star

Great app. This app is great but one thing is that I can’t find is how to change the username but other than that it’s a very addicting and cool app/game

Hdjdhdhjndjdd   2 star

App autoreset issue. So I once deleted the game by mistake, I installed the game again and I had 0 coins!!!

Phillippe Simard   5 star

Subway Surf. Très bon jeu

Ari4Evee   5 star

one of the best games. It’s a fun game and I recommend it 🥳🥳

pony_princess🐴   3 star

Subway surfers. Subway surfers is a great game you can win AWSOME new prizes and fun mysteries To solve. So I rated a 3 because I do not when you die and it loads and loads and loads so it’s a good solid game butttttt don’t play it 247

XProtege_   4 star

Good. I wish you could do in the Philippines.

mjidvhyvfhuvhyrvhyfgff   5 star

Maria. The game is so good 😊 I love its fun to

GgacVa1262883773   5 star

Subway surf. Nice game

sub 2 tootingturttle   1 star

😐😑😐😶. Wow

susiecue1980   5 star

It is the best. Suddenly it appeared in front of me the game I was waiting for. It is addicting there is the occasional app but that can be a good thing sometimes you need a break. Love the “road trip” sorta take on it. One bad thing or one thing for feedback is that it really should be a bit easier to get characters that’s really it though. This game keeps me happy and never disappoints I have recommended it to all my friends and now some are playing. Thank you to whoever made it and thought up the amazing idea.

heheuwu123   5 star

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️love the game. If you would love to get this game please get it it is awesome 😎

4729685607   4 star

Good but.... Maybe not as much glitch’s

Jmanbro8888   3 star

A forgotten good game. I used to play this game all the time and I loved it but I got a new game called Asphalt 9 legends and it was so fun I just forgot about this fun game so if someone could send me a text on the App Store about a awesome update I would love it again

the fitness kidsss   4 star

Aloha. I remember this game from years ago, never really changed (thank god) maybe if the characters were cheaper i may have bought more but other then that its a great game and i have made a lot of good memories playing it, please don’t completely change it maybe a little bit here and there but i like it the way it is!

baikaiwen   1 star

WAS a great game.. Swamped with ads at every turn, unscrupulous advertisers from a certain unpopular country keep popping up during the game, no X to decline watching, two minutes of fiddling to get back to my game. Now I spend about ten minutes on this game , whereas before I would spend an hour or more. I do not click the double points or awards anymore, because I dont want to spend 2-5 minutes trying to resume playing. WAS a great game. Enjoy your money for selling out to advertising companies.

kbhcj   3 star

Give me back my money I accidentally bite something on there. Yes

btsarmy021   5 star

I love this game. I love this game and I wish they could make a subway surfers 2!!!!!😁😁 ❤️❤️💖💖

happycostumer1029   5 star

I love this game!. maybe try adding more characters we would love to see what you come up with!

shazame!!   1 star

Horrible game. If you don’t play the game for a long time then you will have to delete the game and download the game again

Mojo_007   4 star

Great but... I think you should be able to pick your gender. Instead of just jake... pls make it so you can pick genders of characters. Thx if you do!

Sarrom   5 star

Addicting. This game is so addicting I downloaded it for my 3 hour trip and it entertained me so much. It is super fun and addicting. It’s also god cuz it’s an offline

Queer+weirdo=me   5 star

.. It’s a really good game, when I was younger me and my sister use to see who had a better score, I think it would be cool if you made a second one. I just got this game again and I already fell in love with it, I’ve had it for two days and I love it, thank you for making this game so nice and fun to play!

•\|/•   4 star

Good but..,. Its really addictive and good however, to get the expensive character you’d probably have to buy coins.

BKhanfar   5 star

Subway Surfers. Great Update Finally New characters and awesome background plus surrounding

Brandon Marjowski   4 star

Cool. Good just make a Christmas or Halloween version it will be awesome! And make the age 3+ because it’s like for toddlers.

Addrdggv   5 star

Awesome. I played this game as a kid and I got it back and I love it still!!!

Advertorial    5 star

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S B E V E   5 star

E🅱️ic. It’s pretty E🅱️ic

emilmuffy   5 star

😎 AWESOME 👏. This game is so fun! I love getting higher in the ranking and it is a good finger workout! Overall, FANTASTIC!!!!😍 From Donutssssss

not allowed to say my name   5 star

Offline?. Offline?

Tacklle   5 star

Tara has always been awesome. I love Subway surfers because it is so awesome and fun I am happy it was made in the first place!👩🏻‍🦰👾love it but it needs to get more fast l also want you to add swimming.🤖

GamesAreGucci   5 star

✌🏼READ THIS AND GET SUBWAY SURFERS. I have been playing Subway Surfers for about 7 years now and have never ever deleted it. My cousins and i have played for a long time and we still love it! I dont have ayfriends that dont have Subway Surfers bcause it is truely the BEST game ever. I really recommend Subway Surfers to everyone out there. I love how there are different places/countries to play so you won’t get bored and get some special characters and features. I like how you can verse others and beat scores. The animations are really amazing and all the power-ups are the best since they pop up randomly and you can get prizes and things just for collecting something while you play!!! Since i have been playing it for so long, I can tell you it’s a game not worth deleting. I have never had a problem with it so you should really get it. I never get bored of it. Please get Subway Surfers! If you are not convinced, lets just exersises your thumbs. 😂 Anyway, give it a go, I’m sure you will LOVE it. ~from a Subway Surfers long-time gamer❤️

AngelinaErrington   5 star

So fun!. Subway Surfers is a game that you would never get bored at. Though I started a couple of years ago I loved it ever since!

wamakazie   4 star

Addictive game. Mate I think this is going to be my new addictive game for a while

-gkjifds-   4 star

Great game but.... I think this game is really cool but a big let down for me was when I purchased the Halloween character ‘Eddy’. I bought him only because of his 5x booster but now Halloween is over he no longer has this function. Really disappointing for me.

oh hiiiiii   5 star

Subway surf is a great game. Subway surf is a game that can make you calmer as you try and beet people’s scores .It is soooo fun and enjoyable and is a easy game to lean .Subway surf is a a great game and you don’t have levels so you can run for as long as you can .To finalise Subway Surf is a great game and I will never regret saying this or playing this game🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰 I LOVE THIS GAME 💗💗💓💗💓💕💜💜💔🖤❤️🧡💛❣️💔❤️💙💙🧡💜💙💚🧡💜💔❤️🧡💛💚💗💙💜💖💖💞💖💞💓💘

krabbypatty🥀   5 star

AMAZING. I recommend this game so much, it’s coded so well and lasted for years and i haven’t gotten bored yet. Amazing work!❤️

ilovecatsandsushi   3 star

There is a glitch in this game it is so annoying!. Ok this game is alright but gets boring sometimes.When you die or get caught you can either choose to use a key or watch a video. I usually choose video. So you know how it takes you back into the subway and you continue. Well when it takes me back into the subway all these trains are coming for me and I can’t dodge them because they are blocking all the tracks. So i get caught/died again! So basically you have to watch a other ad or use a key again! So you should fix it!Because it’s not fair for me to use a key or watch video to get back into the subway then having to die straight away! I’m not happy. You are just making me use all my keys then having to buy them , then I use them and die straight away!

moistofista   5 star

I love subway surfers. This game is really fun

Ryser199   3 star

Subway surf. I think that subway surf great because you can’t chat which means swearing and bullying will become nothing because no one will online bully

1Anndy1   5 star

I love it. I have not played it in 3 yrs and I love it . It was fun and I like the new update and stuff. But the one thing is that I wish you could connect to your old server cause I loved my old account I had the disco skin and I vs my bro’s. I believe they subway surf is safe and appropriate for children ages 4 and older under parent