Subway Surfers Game Reviews


Subway Surfers Game Description & Overview

What is subway surfers app? DASH as fast as you can!
DODGE the oncoming trains!

Help Jake, Tricky & Fresh escape from the grumpy Inspector and his dog.

- Grind trains with your cool crew!
- Colorful and vivid HD graphics!
- Hoverboard Surfing!
- Paint powered jetpack!
- Lightning fast swipe acrobatics!
- Challenge and help your friends!

Join the App Store's most daring chase!

A Universal App with HD optimized graphics for retina resolution.
Originally co-developed by SYBO and Kiloo.

Subway Surfers is compatible with iPhone 4s, iPod 5, iPad 2 or newer.

iOS 8 or later OS version is required.

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App Name Subway Surfers
Category Games
Updated 17 July 2023, Monday
File Size 250.76 MB

Subway Surfers Comments & Reviews 2023

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Welcome Change. I’ve been playing the game from the start and have found it to be a staple on every phone I’ve had. I like the update as it makes the game feel kind of new, I play on an iPhone 11 so I haven’t noticed any issues with the games performance, I’m only writing this review in support of the Devs in hopes that they might be able to add a couple of things I’ve been wishing for since the beginning. The ability to have a random surfer option and random board option would be great for those of us that have unlocked everything for one. Also while I love the game it’s time to let us go underground, I love the jet pack and flying around but it’s over due for a new bonus area or coin grab such as tunnels that go underground then you pop back up onto the tracks from the side of the map or even a side exit wear we venture through a mall, museum or a sports field. We’ve been running straight ahead long enough this could make the game take back some players who have left... just some food for thought...I do live the game and look forward to all updates, just time to see it expand and grow a bit.

bro this game SAVED my life!!!. i think this is hands down one of the best games i've ever played in my whole life. it's has honestly made me change as a person. but the other day it was insane at how i could've died but instead i was saved due to this amazing game. the other day i (f34) was walking home alone when some creepy man started following me and it made me feel uncomfortable. i wasn't sure if i was just being paranoid or if he was actually following me. so i turned right four times and it was just as i suspected before. he was following me. i whipped out my phone to call my husband (m36) but when i turned it on the first thing i was on was this game, subway surfers. for some reason my volume was unreasonably high and made me and the man behind me jump. i turned around and told him the the cops would be on their way and he ran so fast like a cheatah. i am so grateful to this game due to this life changing incident. thank you so much subway surfers. if u could give me everything for free and make sure i never die that would be great thank you so much once again. i love this game and think everyone should get it because it can change your life one day too.

SubwaySurfers. Subway Surfers is amazing!When my cousin first recommended it, I thought it was a childish game for little kids, but after I had the app downloaded onto my phone, I couldn’t stop playing it! It is very entertaining any enjoyable to collect new characters, hover boards, daily challenge items, etc. I can’t stop playing it! Although it is very neat and fun to play, there are some things that I think should be taken note of. First of all, when I’m on the main screen on the game, I’m about to click the screen to start playing, but the is always and add that pops up and I always click it. This has happened several times and it has been frustrating. Another thing is that when new characters are invited into the game, they are always super expensive. Sometimes the characters can be up to $2.99 in real money or a whole heck of a lot in game money. I never really get anything on subway surfers but one time I had saved all my money for Tasha, one of the characters. She was about 30,000 coins. Later on I looked on the app and a new character was in, and was 100,000. Although there are some bugs in the game, it is very fun and I defiantly recommend getting it.

I used to give this game 5 stars and now I’m giving it 2 stars ☹️. I don’t like the update that they all. First of all when the game updated it basically restarted the game and got rid of all my coins, keys, characters...everything. I am pretty mad about that because it took a long time to save up for all the characters I got. I’m really lucky because I didn’t use any money to buy anything. If I did and they deleted everything then that would mean I just spent and wasted a whole lot of money. And I’m pretty sure that is what happened to other people who bought stuff using real money. Another thing is the design. It’s not that great. The graphics and layout are really childish. And now for some reason the game takes FOREVER to load. And it also for some reason only works at a certain time of day. It didn’t do that before this terrible update came out. And it’s not my WiFi because every other game works expect this one ☹️. It’s really annoying because I used to give this game 5 stars but now I’m giving it 2 stars.....yeah that pretty bad. I understand you guys wanted to try something different since the game has been the same for several years now. But this update hasn’t been your best work in fact it’s been the worst. I would like if you guys went back to the original subway surfers. And I think a lot of other people would like that too. 😕😕

5 Star Runner. Highly recommended Runner, concept is good obstacles are good and randomly placed as it scrolls. Great challenge system implemented; giving players “Milestones” looking forward. Games like this can easily be repetitive, the challenge system doesn’t completely take that away but definitely helps. Great app for the current version, runs perfect on my iPhone SE. if I could change anything it would possible be different subway backgrounds to give a different feel for where you maybe few examples “abandoned subway” like the one in Cincinnati Ohio, or New York or Boston type of Subway. I’m sure the devs could possibly implement something of that nature rather simple. Then you could make a “premium” version thus driving more revenue to make more great games. Possibly more power ups to run with, premium players would get access to free power ups once a month maybe 5 of each that can be “stackable” and do not expire. Just a few ideas and an actual helpful review not someone crying about how the game restarted on them or bashing you for bugs that nearly every app will encounter here and there. Thanks devs

this HAS to be a joke.. i truly regret not reading the previous reviews before updating the app. this update was probably the worst downgrade ever. the graphics and the design look like a 7 year old dictated it. the only people that could seriously enjoy this game now are most likely under the age of 10 (not even that.) i seriously hope y’all decide to change it back to the original design after this month because this update was not it. literally everyone wants the classic version back. please read the reviews and learn from your mistakes because this update was a huge one. i get that you guys probably wanted something different considering that the app is 8 years old now, but changing the entire layout of the app wasn’t a good idea. it turned a wonderful game into a confusing mess. not only that, the game is 2x more laggy, the characters glitch while running, and the facebook friends aren’t showing up. this update is a train wreck. it just appears that this was clearly rushed and with that a whole bunch of errors along with it. to all the people reading this, if you haven’t updated it, DON’T. you will genuinely regret it. i’m only rating it 3 stars because i’ve played this game since 2014 and it obviously deserves the credit, but if i hadn’t then this app would be a guaranteed 1 star since the update. (if that wouldn’t have happened then it would be 5. i strongly recommend that you revert the game to its traditional setup and layout. thanks)

NOT DOWNLOADING THIS GAME WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE.. I got this game just for fun and at first and that’s exactly what it was. That’s when I became obsessed with this game. This game has completely crushed my grades, social life, and passion for anything else. My teachers all hate me because I’m always playing subway surfers during their lessons. My friends all left me and made new friends that now bully me for playing this game. My father left me and my mother wants to put me up for adoption but can’t because I spent all of her money on this game. Not only did all of this happen, but the next thing is how I ended up where I am now. I wanted to get a job at McDonald’s because me and my mom were broke after I spent all of our money on this game. I got the job somehow, but was immediately fired for playing this game the whole time and dragging one of the customers by their foot when they asked if they could play. Afterwards, I just stood by some buildup to play subway surfers. I guess I wasn’t supposed to be there since a cop showed up. The only thing I’ve learned to do when the cops come is to run like they do in the game, so that’s exactly what I did. I ran as fast as I could and the cop ran after me. I tripped and fell almost immediately since I move around and the cop handcuffed me. I’m now writing this bad review in jail. DO NOT DOWNLOAD.

I’d pay to remove ads. Hey there! Subway Surfers is legit a classic cellphone game and i miss the days where i would play it all the time so that’s why i downloaded it again recently. The only gripe i have is the fact that it’s ad based. I personally would pay maybe $5-10 to remove ads permanently. I’d then spend more money on coins and surf boards and stuff like that if it meant keeping my things for a long time because I know in that instant I’d have instant access to the game 10 fold. I know you guys are an ad based game but I wouldn’t really spend my money at the money because of the fact that the ads take away from my experience. I’m a casual player and ads take away from my experience. I went to the shop to look at character packs and what not and got ads before I even did my run. If you guys could remove ads that would be perfect- i know more people would opt for the game if they didn’t have to sit through ads after every run/every couple runs. I love the game and i’m a big fan even to the point where the Subway Surfers series made me happy to hear about and watch! If you guys see this please let me know if this is too much? I’m not against ads on games but this is one I would genuinely spend really good money on if it meant being able to play at my own pace.

Absolutely love the game but one thing.... OK the game is so fun I play it every day now but before I wrote this review I was looking at some of the others and people were saying some bad things about the game and a lot of people were saying that there was something wrong with the update now i Have not played The update yet but since people were saying that something was wrong with the update I hope that once I play the update that there won’t be anything wrong with it because subway surfers is one of the best games ever like I said I play every day so whatever is wrong with the update I would like it if you would fix it also I think it would be really nice if you guys could make something else like Subway surfers I’m not saying I don’t like it I think it will just be really fun to have two games similar so if one person doesn’t like Subway surfers maybe they like the other game that you guys made if you decide to make one and if somebody doesn’t like the other game that you guys made they might still like Subway surfers but like I said just a suggestion to make another game like Subway surfers not forcing you Love the game

The update. I seriously love this game and I have only had a phone for one year I think and this was the first game I downloaded. I played it everywhere and I enjoyed it very much. I have seen some harsh reviews on the update and I see what you were going for when you made the update but seems a little rushed. It also is a little laggy but barely. I’m very confused on how to work the game with so much going on with the new update. I am slowly adapting to it but I really think that you should change it back to the original version. Although I do understand that kids do play and that might be the reason you did it but it’s way to complicated for them. I think you guy wanted to spice things up and I think some people like it but I could be nice if you would change it back to the old version or at least I have a control in the settings to change it to any version you want. I understand what you were doing and I’m giving a four star rating because I love this game update or not it’s just great. Besides the issues of the update it’s amazing. I just want to let everyone know that you shouldn’t be so harsh the creators just wanted to please you and possibly made a few mistakes in our opinion. ❤️

Love the game but there are problems with the game. I absolutely love this game. It literally increased my natural reflexes due to the fact that you as a player must be able to do things such as prevent an opponent from having an advantage fast. By this I literally mean using your ability to cope with hard and difficult situations and win the game fast. The very huge exclusion of giving the game a five star rating is obviously the difficult, yet time taking objectives which need to be completed just to complete an entire stack of objectives. From multiplayer matches all the way down to different types of battle royale gameplay mode. In multiplayer matches I see a huge disadvantage of playing against players who are really good in playing. Accuracy and shooting of opponents are far tough to survive through especially in domination mode in multiplayer matches. Gameplay must be also set in terms of measuring a players’ aiming, shooting accuracy and shooting speed in order to prevent matches from getting extremely tough. Also please increase the limit of players that give points to their team in Team Death Match or at most allow the player to decide how many points are required to win the competition just to complete a tough objective.

Great!. This is a very popular game that has managed to find its way into nearly everyone’s device at some point. I’ve taken it off and on over the last few years, and this time it’s definitely here to stay. I’ve always been satisfied with this game and have loved the changes. This time (since I re-downloaded) I’ve gotten a lot more into the game, collecting the characters and boards, and completing the challenges. It’s a lot of fun! There is one thing that I would love to see. When you get a power up like the coin magnet or the bouncy shoes a little flash of light shoots out! Then a little time bar pops up at the bottom showing how long you have said power up. Sometimes you will have multiple power ups and be too focused on the obstacles ahead to really be paying attention to the individual time bars. It would be nice if you could add another little white burst (or some effect) that pops up on the actual character to show the power up has gone away. Too many times have I tried to jump over a train only to realize too late my bounce shoes are gone! Thank you for your work!

Subway surfers. I like subway surfers because it keeps me busy all the time and I love it because the experience is great for kids it’s great and I love playing to it’s really fun and amazing for people that have free time in the summer too even I even think that maybe people less than nine years old could play because maybe I mean an eight year old or seven year old wants to play so maybe change the age group little bit so younger people can play to the nine years old so it would be fun for a lot other people too but I do think I give a subway surfers a five star because it’s really fun for kids and adults even two in the middle schoolers too and even high school too that’s why I think it’s fun because everybody can play that’s over nine right now but I think you should change the age limit to like five years old because other people can do it too that’s why I wrote this review because I really think that people under nine should be able to play and that’s my opinion you can take care of that that’s not my decision so you guys can make that decision

4 out of 5!. Subway surfers is a amazing game! It’s fun, it and gets very addicting (in a good way) what I really like about it is that it gives you the option to change your avatar, and to get upgrades. It also gives multiple fun upgrades through out the game, such as being able to collect all the coins at one time, or flying through the air on a jet back. It’s at the best level where it’s challenging, but not a impossible game to play, so it’s perfect for people that want to play a fun game, that’s not to easy. I’d say the only thing I would have against this game is sometimes it gets just a little boring, especially if you play the game all the time. All I’m asking is to make the game a bit more adventuress and different, like being able to choose what the background is, for example, like a jungle or something, instead of having to collect a certain amount of special coins to get a change of scenery (which by the way, takes for ever to collect them all, to be honest). All it needs is a bit more surprises and then it’ll definitely be a 5 out of 5 review. Overall it’s a really fun game to play, just needs a few upgrades.

Too much adds, Glitchy; But fun!. This game is very enjoyable in various ways. It helps me with keeping calm and it’s endless running. However, there is an annoying glitch in the game that makes me angry. Every time an add plays in the game, it always makes my character crash into one of the train carts. This is a problem that must be fixed or no one will want to play it. I do not recall anyone who has this problem that I know, but that is because most of my friends do not play Subway surfers. There is also a problem with the new “tankbot”. I purchased him a day ago and it was a waste of my time and money. It took me forever to purchase this character because it said “loading”. But it took me about 10 minutes to get this character and use it for the first time because of this purchase. Tank bot also crashed every time and my phone froze completely. When it unfroze and I played again, it happened again. I do not remember this happening when I use Zoey or any of the other characters. Please fix that and if you do, I will give a better review. I cannot enjoy games that I cannot play. I switched my character back to zoey and it works just fine now. But I want your company to fix “ the tank bot problem”. Thank you 🙏🏻! Have a good day.

LOVE IT!!! *download now!*. Now, this game is so entertaining, I can’t get my eyes of the screen! It’s a good game for calculation and is TERRIFIC for kids. It feels so realistic, that is what makes it even more fun. I like the idea of the different powers you can collect from the game when your playing a round and there are so much collections of boards an skins! Although I have only been playing the game for 1-2 days now, I CAN ALREADY IMAGINE PLAYING THE GAME FOR A LIFETIME! It never gets boring and it passes time when you are free. My brother and I always take turns playing and we build decent relationship. Seeing the videos of the game may seem like it has easy calculation and game play, IT’S NOT! But that is what makes the game most fun. The more you play, the more challenging it gets, and it is always fun to see what’s next. I hope people agree that this game is awesome as much as I think. If I could, I’d give the game 1,000,000,000/5 stars, but that’s beyond App Store abilities. So far, no suggestions but I will make another review is something ketches my eye. LOVE THE GAME, I recommend you download if possible!

Amazing game. Subway surfers gave me the confidence I needed to shoot up my local orphanage. It’s been 12 years since then and I have recently escaped prison to the Middle East where I now work as a vender of sheep toenails and skin sockets. After my arrest however my wife of 27 years left me with our newborn son, Harold. I’m infertile so he was a miracle from the gods despite the fact both my wife and I are pale as the moon and our son is the color of a burnt potato chip however it might just be blood from the womb. I haven’t seen my wife in 53 years and she left because I apparently do not have good enough taste for her and she said I was misrepresenting our family, listen Lorie just because I wanted to start selling our child’s teeth to the black market doesn’t mean my taste is bad. Getting back on topic Subway surfers has helped me cope with the departure of my wife and darling baby boy Harambe. Subway surfers also game me the confidence to believe in Subway surfers as my one true savior, Subway surfers shall set us all free of our sins. This sacred game has also helped me align my skin care routine with my star sign, I am a caprisun therefore everyday I must bathe myself in the blood of my lambs.

Life changing 🥹. I was in a bad place in life and one day I look into a alley way and that’s when I saw it it was a iPhone 1. I rushed home and to my amazement when I plugged it in it turned on the only thing on it was subway surfers and among us. As soon as I click on the subway surfers game i got teleport to a mansion which Elon musk was and he gave me a free Tesla. I was still in shock when I look down and I saw that the phone was now a iPhone 13 pro that was 69 percent charged and Taylor swift was my girlfriend. When I went on a date she was talking about how long we were dating and she told me that she was so glad that we tied in the subway surfers tournament at that exact moment I looked at the reflection on my cup of water at I saw that I was 5 years older which in made me 21 years old and extremely hot! I woke up from this vision and using the sussy among us mind set grind set I grinned away at the game for a year and then tied with Taylor swift we met when we were taking pictures for are subway surfers Characters and that is when she released how hot I was I got her number and the rest is history. Thank you subway surfers!

Subway surfers. This game is a great game to pass the time and can get addictive to it I mean wow 😱. I like that the background changes and how you can get keys to save your life too. And the score board that you can look on like if you haven’t played in months then ya your probably at the very bottom. But like if you play once and your good then you can land yourself in bronze!!!!!! A couple things that could be changed is when you get on the game we’re the boy is painting the train and to want to start an ad pops up!?! And I think it’s meaning to do that so you press the ad but if y’all don’t change that for the other people then don’t press it right away let the ad come up and then press the ( x) Also like when a new character comes along it’s like 100,00 coins?!?! Like how am I suppose to get that much without paying $2.99 in the world but in app price it’s quite pricey!! And with the mystery box’s it’s always 1 out of a thousand percent gonna be one of those things that gets you closer to unlocking a new character well I’ve played this game for about 3 to 4 years and I’ve NEveR unlocked them still popping up with mystery boxes it’s ReALly annoying too. There are quite a lot of things you app people need to fix on this QUITE A LoT. Fixes this things and it will be AwESOme even moooooorrrrreeee 👍👍👍👍👍👍

READ THIS REVIEW!!!!. Ok. This game is super fun! I love how you get to visit new locations (BTW I’ve been to Amsterdam so it was fun to see it in the game.), get cool characters, and enjoy running in the subway. I personally think that the graphics are great. They don’t have to be perfect, as you can still play the game without problems. I have tried programming before and it IS NOT EASY. I would like to give a shoutout to whoever made this game because it is fabulous, no matter what others say. I do think that the characters are a little over priced, but that is just me. I do like how there are lots of ways to earn the money for them. (Play the game itself, watch adds, get mystery boxes, ETC.) Maybe you could add a feature where you could sign in with another account. I get that you don’t need an account to play (And that is great!) but my favorite character, Tagbot, is on my other device. I remember him being very expensive and I would love a way to sign into that account on another device so I could get Tagbot back. Thank you for reading this review. I can tell that this game was planned out and worked hard on. Great job!!!

Great Overall.. Subway Surfers is an original endless-running game. You’re a criminal who was caught by a police officer, and are running away. While you’re running you collect coins and gifts for upgrades and more. You can compete in events, or just attend to them, and there are only ads when you ask for them. (To get free coins, keys, etc.) You can unlock new characters to play with, unlock surfboards, and get daily rewards the more you play. If you don’t like the music, and would like to change it, you can do that in game settings. Or, you may just not want music at all, and you can also manage that in game settings. You could also turn sounds effects off if you would like. Only two suggestions I have is to be able to race your friends. Y'know, see who can survive the longest without reviving. Also, once you get to a certain stage in game, you could unlock a mode where you could be the police officer or dog. And you could also unlock prank materials to pull on the criminal to make him or her slow down. I am aware I have interesting suggestions, but perhaps taking it into thought would improve the game.

Awsome game. If you haven’t played this game it’s the best game I’ve ever played for and like this is the best game to ever play I should really recommend you to play it although you have to work hard for the skins it’s still good to use because it’s an off-line app to and like I love the game very much and there’s a chance the birthday thing happening and I just need one more or a few more things to do to get the cool new 10th birthday skin and it’s basically saying that you can’t just get things for free you go to work for them basically what it’s kind of saying because I had to get 52 bucks just to get one skin like I know that’s a lot to you what really is an I just have to open up a ton of boxes and it’s really sickly saying money doesn’t grow on trees so you could just buy skins with someone’s on money but she’s the best game I’ve ever had I’d recommend playing it turn off line up to this game and I would recommend you to play the game because that’s the best game ever although you got a watch some ads still could get a really high score a really high high score I have 370 something more like 300 and something thousand 300 and something thousand I think it was but this is the best game ever I’d recommend you playing it

Very good!. This game is a very good game, the characters are very well dressed, And it’s very fun in my opinon, i also I love that you have to work hard for the skins and it’s not like any other game that just bans you out it IS A very good game, if your reading this I recommend you download this, it’s a GREAT game and whenever I have no Wi-Fi or I’m going on a trip and I’m bored, I get to play this game and the boredom leaves. 10/10 definitely . I would say I raged at this game many many times but what’s the actual point of the game if you don’t die, please make more updates of this game, I love how you update very early and late. And PLEASE IM begging you Make more characters Here’s some characters. Ideas: I’m thinking of those mean popular girls like this kinda vibe:🎀💗🤦‍♀️😒 like those mean POPULAR girls you see on tv shows, and 2nd, def baggy people like y2k or just normal bc the outfits are good in subway surfers, but I would say you need to add more characters also, you should let people make there own characters like when u go to the characters let there be a plus thing at the down and when you click it there’s thousands of outfits to make an d you get to actually make your own character in your own liking! this would be a very good update like I would play this game NONSTOP, thank you if you read this ,

subway surfers is a very good app. Have you ever wanted to play a very good game on your device? Subway Surfers by Killow is just the app to get. To start with I like all the powerups. A powerup is a thing that you can get that can help you get more coins. I like the jetpack powerup because it gives you lots of coins without the police officer chasing you. I also like the magnet power up because you can get all the coins for a couple seconds without crashing. I also like how you can get keys. Keys are things that are hard to get but you can get a lot of stuff with them like outfits and hoverboards. For example, you can get characters with them. I also like how you can get keys by doing stuff like getting 810 coins in one run you can get 8 keys. Last of all, I like how you can watch videos to get things. For example, you can watch a video every day to get two keys and you can also get super mystery boxes by watching videos too. Last, I like if you are at 0 coins or 0 keys, you can watch videos nonstop and get 10 keys in 15 minutes or get 10,000 coins in 20 minutes. As you can see this is a very good game. Go on your devices and buy it now.

Problems With Progress. i’ve had this game on my phone for maybe at least a month...? and i have to say i really like the game (which, i'm not surprised because i really liked it when i was a kid too) but i do have one complaint about it... about a week (week and a half?) after i got Tricky, a pretty high score, and a lot of coins subway surfers decided to delete all my progress and made me restart the whole game like i just downloaded it (i'm sorry if that doesn't make sense, i just woke up about 10 minutes ago). i was of course a bit mad about it, but i knew i can just re do it. then after i got a even higher score (and probably more coins) i exited the app, went back on it a few minutes later and saw that the game once again decided to delete all my progress... it has done that at least 3 times, and that was all yesterday. i just updated the app and i'm really hoping that’ll help it not like... delete all my progress (and yes, i had it synced to my iCloud, and to my game center. which i don't know if that helps..??) but i'm just really hoping that the progress i made last night/early this morning doesn’t decide to delete. -Lexii

idek a title. i hate the sneakers. that’s it. I have played this game ever since I was in elementary school. I have phases where I will play it 24/7 and days where I don’t even want to open the app and if I do I shut it out and change my mind. However, I love this game. I love the characters, the season hunts, and challenges. The one thing. The ONE THING that I cannot stand are the super sneakers. I hate how bulky they are and how they make me feel like I’m moving slow. I also can’t stand the magnetic ability in them. Don’t get me wrong, it does come in handy, but when I’m mid-jump and they run out of the little bar thing at the bottom (idk what it’s called), the charge of them if you will, and I’m going over a jump with coins and the sneakers run out and i’m left in the air not getting the remainder of the coins...that makes me so unbelievably annoyed. I could care less about the sneakers. In fact, I try to avoid them as much as I possibly can and when I do accidentally get them, I sigh and roll my eyes. My brother is the same way, and so are many other people. I want something better, or make it so the sneakers magnetic ability don’t stop picking up the coins when i’m mid-air. Thank you, goodnight.

Can’t deal with bugs anymore.. This is my go to time waster game and it’s gotten to the point that I’m about to give up on the game altogether. There’s multiple bugs that have screwed over my scores and progress that I have messaged the support team about with screen recording proof and never get anything helpful in response. The game is overloaded with ads these days and heaven forbid you try to use an ad instead of a key to continue a game you’ve just crashed on. Pretty much 1/10 times you do so the entire game freezes up and won’t let you click any other options or let the run end at all. You get to keep event tokens you’ve earned but the score you’ve hit won’t register because it won’t let you finish the run. You lose the progress with no other options than closing out the app. When messaging support about this the write you off as not having game center or facebook linked to ‘save your progress’ but it’s an entirely different issue that I have had show up on not just this account but my alternate one on that I have on an old phone for siblings to use. This bug and so many others have made it so frustrating that I’m about to quit after years of playing every single day.

Good game! But really?. i used to have this game on my tablet. but then i got a phone and i didn’t have it on there so i stopped playing it cuz i kinda forgot about it for a while! but then i saw it in the app store today and downloaded it! but i didn’t know about the so called “major update”. the pride thing? really? i know that everyone these days can be wut they want to be but did u have to make a game update for pride?! i honestly don’t believe in that kind of stuff. u r wut u r like it or not! god makes no mistakes. i love this game and don’t go against me for stating my opinion on this i’m allowed to have my beliefs and u can have urs but i don’t think that u should go around on games that little kids can play and encourage it. cuz that’s pretty much wut ur doing here! u don’t need to make some big statement about “oh pride is the right thing to do for urself”! i guarantee that everyone that plays this game is beautiful and u do NOT have to change who u r to be cool! again i don’t think it’s right that u r spreading pride stuff on kid games. but that’s my opinion. i would’ve given it 5 stars if it didn’t have the pride crap in it.

Don’t recommend downloading or playing. I really do regret wasting my time on this garbage game I wasted 5 hours trying to beat the top score on my tiktok live. once I got a really high score I was dedicated to beating it seconds later I was at 15 million my game freezes and note this has happened before but usually when exiting the app. Once the app froze it kicked me off the app and it not like I had bad WiFi no my WiFi was doing perfectly fine. I press to go back onto the app and it puts me on the loading screen not back into my game but onto the loading screen. I was hoping their was some way for me to get back in the round or get the stuff I earned but no. 5 hours of hard dedication just for this crappy game to kick me off. Now this would be perfectly fine if It was a minor bug that’s only been her for a month or week but no it’s been here for a very long time also it’s not like it saved all my work I didn’t get to open not one crate out of the 100ds I got from the run I didn’t get to save the XP I got so my high school didn’t go up even tho it was millions above it also I didn’t get any of the awards or trophy’s. I really don’t recommend wasting ur time on this game cause something will always go wrong just like how their is a ton of hackers on the leaderboard the devs won’t fix it their already making their money. I most likely will never play this game again.

Problems i had with the game:(. Lily coco aina So i have loved this game for a long time i had it in my iPod and played it with my family. But when i lost my iPod and got a new phone i didn’t have it in my new phone and i just forgot to get up until recently when i decided to get it because my family was playing it. So i played it for the Miami world and the Peru world and i had most of the characters but when the Halloween update came out for this new season it wasn’t updating my game. So i asked my cousin what to do and she said since you are logged on to Facebook and Game Center it will save your progress so i deleted the game so it would update and when i did i lost all my characters ( especially my favorite three Coco, Liu, and Aina). I was really sad about this but in the end i guess it’s my fault for deleting the app, but i want to tell people that if this happens to you just wait it out especially if you’re really far in the game sure you will miss out in a season but you won’t loose your progress. Even though this happened i still have a lot of love for the game and anybody debating wether they should get the game or not definitely get this game it’s really good!!!

Tag time event. Hi ok so I have been playing subway surfers for years now and I decided that this time I wanted to try the tag time event to get the character, “elf yutani or the festive Yutani” (I forgot which one) and so I was playing and I was on the last stage to get her and so I only had seven minutes left so I kept playing. I have spent about 100 keys to keep playing for the event and now I only have a few keys left. When I spent 9 more keys so that I would have to wait an hour for the cool down i checked the time and it was a minute and forty five seconds left so I played and then I finished the entire thing. After I saw that I finished, I crashed myself into the trains and when I got to the page after you finish, it was all blank. Jake wasn’t there and I didn’t see it say anything about the event. My screen wouldn’t let me click the button to send me back to the home page but it let me click on something. I am just upset that I have been playing this event for so many days and spent a lot of coins and in the end I didn’t get the character. Overall I love this game so much and I play it a lot but I was just upset because this is the first time that I actually did an event like this.

Achievement Rewards And Purchases.😢😢😢. I wish I can give negative stars for this game!!!!!Through the years nine to be exact I have always complain about losing all my rewards and purchases that I buy to accelerate in this game. Once again I updated the app and had to uninstall and reinstall the app due to complications of game not working right and re-install the app and once again you guys manage to steal all my hard work and the money that I have invested in this game purchasing the different cookies and candies. This is highway robbery. Upon my investigation into other reviews apparently I’m not the only one that this is happening too. Instead of investing in your own pockets how about doing something about this issue, I am not the only person this is happening to one guy has been playing this game longer than I have and he had hundreds of different candies and cookies… many people has complications with and the app it self he lost everything!!!!please fix the issue or once again as always everything goes unnoticed and unchecked .. you guys are just fatting your own pockets offer the players and consumers expense. Deadbeats!!! Oh and by the way if you do even read this review I have reached out to Customer Service## numerous of times and what they offer and what they’re telling me doesn’t work. Highway robbery and thieves.😡😡😡😡

Good game overall!. I really like this game and I don’t see many problems with it! The ads are skip-able and most of the time only show up if you want them to, like to get a reward or something, which is really nice since most games now have ads like every 2 minutes. It’s also very fun and it updates very often so you don’t get bored of the same thing, items are also not too hard to get but not too easy and the quests are fun! There’s only really one problem and it’s not a big one, anyways, when you lose a round, there’s a pop up that lets you revive with a key or you can watch an ad to let you continue to play, however if you pick the ad option, after you finish the ad the game ends and you end up at the game over page instead of continuing where you left off. And most of the time it works but it’s kinda sad when you want to get a high score and you try to revive yourself but you sorta watched an ad for nothing. So not that big of a deal but just thought to let you guys know! This is a great game though! I recommend those who are considering to download it to try it out!

My review. I love the game I love trying to beat my score I love the characters but there are bugs and things that I think could make the game better like the score multiplier yer I see that you guys put a limit on it but make it go up a little bit more like up to 50 or 45 or something cause if feels like the games starts off too slow I remember I used to play and had a high multiplier when i was younger and I found it so fun and there are a few bugs that I lose to and it get a little irritating and me I personally don’t watch videos to keep going so that I feel good about myself for doing it in one run one bug is that I have had the officer catch up to me because is said that I bumped into something when I’m reality there was nothing there at all and then I’m just so confused cause it’s sometimes unexpected and I end up getting caught and like one time I was on top of a train and the I jumped and rolled down but at the same time switched to another train the was right next to it and the officer somehow caught up and then again I end up getting cause this is a great game and all but it could get a few improvements

Awesome. READ THE WHOLE THING. I really like the game it is compatible with IOS 11 for sure and possibly IOS 12. No complaints here except there should be more Keyes to collect in the subway as well as the thing that you have to find for the weekly challenge there is definitely not enough if ether of those but other than that I would definitely get it and I am 13 years old. for all of you people who gave it a bad review 6 years ago well here is something to think about i like to look at good and bad comments and for every good comment I want to buy it every bad well here is the thing just because it is kinda like temple run and yes I have played temple run 1 and 2 subway surfers is better you get mystery boxes, challenges, I also think the hover boards are pretty cool. That is no reason to give it one star and if you actually give the app a chance I think anybody would like it I think if the only bad comments are the app keeps crashing or the Same stinking thing then that could just be a not updated device so my advice to anybody don’t knock it till you try it. (sorry about the punctuation errors).

New changes. I used to play this game a lot when I was younger but I eventually got bored of it and deleted it. When COVID hit I decided to download it again since I had nothing to do. Several things had changed since I last had it but I got used to it quickly. One thing I do miss was the original music. It’s cool that the music changes to the theme but in my opinion it’s just not the same without the og music. There’s nothing else I had a problem with until the most recent updates. The event coins. They’re not that bad but now it feels very overwhelming with all the things you have to do. You have to worry about the season hunt, the word hunt, coins, keys, and now event coins. You can pay with event coins to get characters now but I would rather just use keys. Also, you get prizes when you collect a certain amount of season tokens, such as a new character and an outfit but this time, they didn’t give you a character or their outfit. Instead they gave event coins. I would much rather have a free character than event coins. I hope the next update will include a character in the season hunt instead of event coins.

I was gonna give 5 and then the new update happend. Okay I’m gonna start this off saying this game was og before and it was a solid 5 star game and then the update happend and I lost all my skins and the og dinosaur from when the game first released in 2011 or something I lost all my keys I lost my king skin prince k and a lot of other skins I had a spent a solid 500 bucks on this game for unboxing and stuff like that and I lost everything and I look on eBay and account just like mine is for sale for 1k More then I spent on the game. okay second thing the graphics looks like there on a Nintendo game cube that you dropped many times there horrible they at least don’t waste my batter oh wait it does the literal graphics crash my battery I played this game and had 4782 keys and over 1mil coins but the only reason I’m not upset is bec I got a refund for my money. Third thing the game has turn into fortnite with a battle pass layout I am in silver league and every time I pass gold league it puts me in back in silver I have completed lost hope I am currently grinding for skins like prince k which is 980k coins but the battle pass skins no longer have use bec you get them ez 😤 Imma wrap it up here o have def said to much annyway pls sub to JustinBtw on yt to see my box opening vids and yea bye😐😑 Edit now 2 stars it glitches way more now Edit 3 it is a 1 star game now sorry subwaysufers imma stop playing this game today 😔

Overall I love it but.... The reason I didn’t give it 5 stars in because... Overall I love this game I try to play it every single day and there’s not that many ads for me but when I waste my time playing for money and beating my high score and getting all the money I can it’s just unfair for me that the characters are really expensive and when I do a run for almost a half an hour I barely get any money for the characters I want I’m also happy that I get a extra double but when I don’t have wifi? Also why does the characters have to be so expensive I literally work my but off every single day to get a character but I have no money for it and also a other thing is keys you also need to buy keys or get keys to buy other outfits or a character I’m just kinda sad that you barely get keys and outfits are so expensive I’m Not talking about clothes for the character you do buy those are kinda cheap but the outfits that need keys is a little too expensive. overall I love this game but I have to get my anger out I still think you should download the game it’s super fun and awesome but this is my thoughts so please don’t hate on my opinion

Please read…. Subway Surfers is a outstanding game, I love all the characters and the Tokyo update! I was pretty mad because when I went on shop, the Japanese character was off-sale because there were 40 more minutes into it being on-sale, but the thing I HATE about her, is that she’s for money, if I was the owner, I would make her for Tokyo coins or something. The funny part about it is that I was in the car playing and I lost, then I wanted to see the new characters for The Tokyo Update, then I saw the Japanese girl, for a minute it didn’t show the price so I thought it was free, I pressed it and it said “Purchase Failed do to Connection Error” I then realized stupidly that I was in a car with no connection, so I quickly went on settings and put in WiFi I was panicking because there was 4 more hours into the character until it was off-sale. I quickly got the WiFi and went back on Subway Surfers, turns out, she was for MONEY. I was frustrated because I wasted my time. The other thing I HATE about all the updates in Subway Surfers, IS THE NEW ONE, not only did they keep most of the Tokyo Update, THEY ALSO MADE IT MORE LAGGER, AND WHEN THE CHARACTERS JUMP, THEY LAG! If you were about to download the update, don’t, just don’t. It’s one of the WORST updates that I’ve ever seen. Thank you for letting me speak, god bless your soul.🥺

Love the game, one major problem. Hi, I love Subway Surfers. It’s a great game with lots of cool features. There’s just one major setback. I can’t watch ads. I’ve looked into the issue on the game’s website and found out that if you have an older device, a specific model, or are in a specific location, you may not be able to watch ads. I know for a fact I don’t have an unsupported model or an old device. It’s the location part. I know this because some relatives recently visited, and, they informed me that the ads worked at their house, but not at mine. According to the game’s website, once content is made available, I should be able to view the ads. But here’s the thing. I’ve been playing for a year now, and the ads have never worked. I really want to view the ads to claim missed login rewards, double up prizes and coins, skip characters to get the characters I want with Wordy Weekend, and tons more that I’m currently missing out on. I’m really only seeking help and a developer response. Please! *So, I’ve just finished reading some bad reviews. Developers don’t properly respond to problems! They simply say, “Oh, you only rated us a few stars. We would love to know how to get 5 stars instead!” You blind developers, the way to get 5 stars is in the review! And I know this will make developers not want to respond to my review, but I don’t even care anymore. Fix your customer service and actually help people; that’s how you’ll get 5 stars.*

Fun. I like the way it’s it’s fun and it’s it’s a little addicting and I like the way it speeds up the more you play and you can collect keys to keep playing or you can watch an ad but it only gives you so many ads and it doesn’t give you an unlimited mad at that only gives you so many ads and I like that it doesn’t give me so many ads but I love collecting keys to unlock new things you can get coins you can earn coins by playing and you can get new boards you can get boosters you can get flying things and I love it when you need to collect the letters and whenever you spell out another word you get a prize for spelling out that word and that’s really fun and you can open treasure chest and you can either get a new character or you can get a a a booster or of some more flying things or a board but whenever you get bored if you double click and get your bored and then the coins you can use to collect characters 20,000 coins collects like three characters 20,000 coins collect one character look like three but like I really love how you can collect so many characters and collect these boards the only reason it’s not five star is sometimes it can have a couple bugs but not all the time

AMAZING GAME!. I absolutely LOVE this game! It’s very fun and the characters are very unique,I especially love the characters whose colors pop out the most! I have been playing this game since I was little, like many people who play this app, and I absolutely adore it! I would like to make some suggestions for the game, you don’t have to put these in I’m just suggesting because they would make me a bit happier, I think you should add more characters with unisex clothing so that they aren’t entitled to a specific gender or color. Like have a girl in a hoodie, not talking about miss Maria’s cropped hoodie, but like a normal hoodie and maybe some shorts or ripped jeans, and maybe a boy wearing a cropped shirt, or make the boy wearing something like casual wear that stands out more! I also would love to see a non-binary character added to the game! Anyways those are just my suggestions and reviews about the game. You don’t have to add any of my suggestions if you don’t want to I’m just suggesting because I feel like they would be better and have the player(s) express themselves better!

Adding more to the game suggestions. i think this game could be adding a lot more, maybe something like a new hoverboard but you can’t buy it you have to get pieces from the treasure boxes like the hats for tricky, maybe you have cracked hover board and we have to collect the pieces in the treasure to put it together and use it, and it could be a good profit for the game by selling like 20 crates for 6$ and those crates have a higher percent chance to get the boards. also maybe you could add in like a boss runner and u have to catch up to him and if you do you get gold or maybe keys or if it’s a hard boss you can get his skin or pieces for his skin. I also think you guys should have running trails to add onto your skin like the bubble gum trail for the boards maybe like a gold mist going where you run. I think the game could be a lot more fun with all these things, and possibly a profitable profit for you guys, add new cool things then more people will get the game again and keep purchasing things, anyways just a suggestion this is a really good game but sometimes it can be boring overtime because it’s same thing

5 star rating. I think this game is wonderful! I gave it a 5 star review and I do recommend it. I’ve played this since I was 3 or 4 . If you want a good game to play when you are bored or just in general then play this . In this game you can gather coins as you go through obstacle courses. You start of committing a crime then the police chase you wich is fun! You can get keys that will revive you when you lose and cool items that will help you along the way! It’s a really fun game that you should share with your friends and challenge each other. Sometimes you can even get a new high score. Something that really bothers me is that when I play a game and a battery thing pops up it will make me loose , but in this game it doesn’t! When the battery thing pops up , it gives you three seconds after that and and then you can play . When I get home from school I immediately want to play this game ! I do think you should get this for free! No this is not one of those advertisers making a fake review this is a 10 year old girl . The last thing I am saying is you should get this !

I love the game. I’m gonna give it all 5 stars I don’t have a problem with the game at all it barley tells you to watch ads to get stuff u can pick ur character sometimes when your playing the jet pack comes up if u get it ur invincible and u get coins. Here’s the power ups if u get boots u jump high if u get a magnet know mater what lane ur in u get coins if u get a star ... well I don’t exactly know what it does but I do know it doubles something if u feel like ur gonna crash u tap three times and u get the skateboard if u have the skateboard ur invincible but they run out it’s not that easy the best thing I like getting is the key the key lets you unlock characters and it gives you a second chance when you mess up and the best thing is u start off with five keys there’s more about the game that I like but u have to get the game to find out oh and sub leave a like and hit the bell to my friend sparkz_blaze x and my favorite youtubers dan TDM more TDM stampy long head stampy long nose unspeakable gaming unspeakable plaze unspeakable tryhardninga and tryhardninga2 and also coment down below thx enjoy subway surfers!...

A few Suggestions. Subway Surfers is such a fun game! There are a few suggestions that I would like to make though. The first suggestion is decreasing the prices for the avatars. I just think they’re a little bit expensive. Don’t get me wrong they’re great characters, but bumping down the price a little wouldn’t hurt. The second suggestion is offering more discounts on things like coins and prize boxes in the game. Maybe you could even call it Discount Day or Discount Week. The last suggestion is putting more missions in the game. Like for example, having the game players find LIMITED EDITION Gold boxes along the trail, that are filled with SUPER RARE things like unlocking special characters or getting a BIG amount of gems or coins. Other than these few suggestions, this game is amazingly fun! I like how it travels around the world to a new location every other month, and has characters that you buy from that specific location to go along with the theme! This game is SUPER fun when you need a blast of adventure and thrill! My rating for this game would be the FULL 5 stars! You Subway Surfer Developers have earned it! Thanks again!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🤩

A suggestion!. I love this game! Been playing it off and on since I got an iPod in JR high 😂. I love that they change the map every so often, but the gameplay is getting a little dry as expected. If I could suggest one thing it would be to add some kind of prestige system that would make you start you missions over with the advantage of gaining 1 star onto the max until you prestige again. The new cap could be around 50? 100 even? Anyway this would ad a lot more competitiveness for the game right now! The only other suggestion I would have is some kind of duel mode. Like 2 players put coins together and compete to win the stash by lasting longer than the other in a run. Maybe leagues where the coins are higher as you progress? Or maybe just leagues that get more challenging as you face harder opponents ( this option would need either a leaderboard or some kind of reward system for being in the higher leagues, possibly a coin boost of sorts or just league boxes) anyway I hope you guys look into it since the gameplay hasn’t had any real changes in so long!

Needs some improvement. One of the things I like about this game is that there are no ads. They're pop-up, not videos, so they don't disrupt your game. However, like all games, this one has some problems. My biggest issue is the top run. Every week, the contestants get harder to beat, and eventually you can't get past the last person in the silver because they have over a million. Also, if you get a really good medal, like the diamond, you don't get to keep it for the next week because it changes depending on where you are that week. Another problem is the keys. To revive yourself, you have to pay more and more each time, until it gets so expensive that you can't even afford it. The only way to get keys is in the run, in mystery boxes, or in awards, which is a huge problem because: you only find a key in a run about every eighteen games or so, and if you miss it, then you don't have a chance to get another one. It is extremely rare to get a key in a mystery box, and when you do, it's only one, which can't even begin to pay for the expenses of reviving yourself. It takes a long time to earn a reward, which only gives you three keys, five if you're lucky. So overall, this game is pretty good, but it could use some improvements.

I would give this game 50 stars if I could!. Hello, if you’re reading this and on the fence about getting the game open your eyes and read this. You need to play this game. I love all the characters, although it is hard to achieve what you need to get them; it’s a nice challenge. I love how you get to beat other people high score and compete! I also love how when you get later in the game it speeds up, that’s just so fun. I also love the boosters; like the magnet, the high jump boot, the jet pack, the hoverboard, and the pogo stick. It is really fun to collect letters to make a word and get achievements to make money off of.( Not real money of course.😉) I also like how they change the theme to what’s happening in the world. Like they use to have a Valentines one, then when Easter came, they created an Easter theme. Last but not least, I like how it’s offline and online, because many games you can only play online. So, you shouldn’t be on the fence anymore. I just gave you like 100 reasons to play this game. So, go ahead and press the download button. When you play your going to love it.

Mind Games. I want to start out by saying this game punishes the skillful players. 100% speaking from experience. I have ranked #1 in the US time and time again and that’s not me boasting.. this is me saying it’s pretty hard to throw me off my game. For some reason though, at times blatantly I get sabotaged, even when I don’t touch the screen at all. I could be running straight forward towards a jet pack and then without even any contact between my fingers and the phone screen my player will switch lanes and throw me into a frenzy. I’m forced to waste a hover board, keys, or sit through some moronic ad; stealing my rhythm away from me. Or the other way they mess with you is speed up and slow down the pace of the game. Most noticeable with the jet pack. It almost seems like there’s an actual person on the other side making conscious decisions on how to make you fail. Idk why they think they are slick.. they are most certainly not. All in all I gave it 4 stars because I enjoy proving myself time and time again against the unfair “glitchy” game that is subway surfers. Also the world is run by shape shifting reptilian scum. Wake up America!!

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Read this!!. I love Subway Surfers, but whilst I’m playing the game I’ve came across some issues/glitches. I was happy to see that I almost beat this person and I only had 989 points left to beat them, I didn’t have enough keys so I kept watching the ads. One of the ads was really glitchy and annoying, I clicked the X button to get out of it. I left the ad but it the screen remained if you want to give keys or watch an ad to keep playing. I started clicking to watch and ad but it wouldn’t work? Now I have to start all over again. Why? Because of your crappy system. Why can’t the game have a feature where it saves your progress if you leave, not restart all over again. I’m pretty sure you get money off of us watching the ads. It’s a good game, gets many updates which I appreciate but you can’t even add a feature where it saves your progress without clicking to pause? Unbelievable. I’ve had this game for many years and have experienced this type of lag before. I politely ask with a cherry on top please to fix this. I don’t want others to experience this if they haven’t already to because the feeling afterwards isn’t pleasant. The game is great though I recommend.

Subway Surfers Broken?!. Subway surfers has had its fare share of unfair problems. Including how most of the time I watch an ad to get a revive it does nothing and ends up canceling it so I watched an add to stop playing. In this new season to get super runner fresh I had been trying to get him but it keeps on glitching. I open the app and it resets to super runner tricky even though that event ended. When I restart the app it fixes itself and shows the super runner fresh event except that I have apparently gotten zero points. This is the third time this has happened. I got to stage three and it reset me to stage one. This makes the event unplayable and I am not able to get any of the rewards. I would like to see something done about it. Thanks for your time.

Still the great game it was. I have had this app for a very long time. It has been deleted, gotten again but to get to the point, updated many many many many times. I am not a fan of the app being updated literally every month, but this is just my opinion. Even though I have named the title of the review ‘Still the great game it was” I have noticed the there is a greater amount of ads. I mean how else are the app creators going to have money but ads are really annoying. And also with the updates there is a limited time you have to collect 30 (correct me if I’m wrong) items and believe it or not I NEVER collected all of them. The prices of characters, hover boards, ect they are too hard to get. And what happens if you collect all the items to unlock Tracy or someone? You have to waste you keys on two more outfits. I know no one and I repeat no one that has ever gotten all of the characters and hover boards. I do not hate this app I am just pointing out what could change like what you are meant to do when you write a review. Thank you for your time if you did read this whole thing

BroOOOOo fix ads glitch. Just then I was playing and I got a score of 3Mil which would have putted me in the diamond rank for the first time and then I was watching a ad to go again bc I crashed on accident then as the ad ended my screen went black and then it would switch back and I spent a few hours playing and I had tons of coins collected like 10k or more and I didn’t get one bit of it please can you give me my 10k coins collected and my 3Mil points back and my mystery crates that I collected from the run I had probs had about like 10 lined up and I spent over 12 keys on the run please respond to this and fix it and give me what I said please it always happens to me and that’s why I quit The game ages ago

Why are think this game is cool. This game is so good you can achieve new goals and this game makes kids go outside and look for coins in the garden this game even made me think of doing that I really hope you love liked playing because I did and you can get new characters and play with them and then it gives you no adds unless you ask for one and this game is so good it has a time limit and you get bored of it witch makes you don’t stay on it you should download this game right now and the game is free it may have in app perches but you don’t have to use it so this game is so good I think anyone could play this like if your home alone and have nothing to do this game is great for you download now have lots of fun just like I did😀

Great game, but one problem. I really enjoyed this game, but after I had a break, I cane back to it. I had legacy servers, so I restored my data (30x multiplier 108 keys) lots of stuff. But then it got deleted again, so I went to restore my data. It didn’t let me, and said that ‘couldn’t restore data try again in a minute’ I waited for a bit longer, but got the same message. I didn’t particularly want to start again, I had some limited addition stuff in it. I hadn’t spent money... but still had rare items. Unfortunately, since I can’t get my restore, I deleted it, and can’t give this app 5 stars. I wish I could— but I can’t without my load data. I hope this gets resolved, and I hope no one else runs into this problem. I spent a lot of time grinding. I really hope this gets fixed. If it does, I will go back to playing.

The most popular, creative and fast n fun game. Hi guys I’m Beth I’m here to write a review about a great game called drum roll please........SUBWAY SURFERS. This game requires skill, technique and fast fingers. Subway surfers is a games we’re u run up and down trains avoiding train traffic and collecting coins, jet packs, keys, bouncy shoes, letters and heaps more, the longer your running for the faster and faster it gets it gets pretty tricky to keep it up but it’s totally worth it. You also unlock different characters with more coins u get or a token to represent a character. It’s super fun and free on ur App Store so go ahead and give it a shot. Remember to rate the game what u think it deserves I personally would give it a 9/10, what about u go on play and rate the gsme. ENJOY ☆

Amazing game but some characters updates or new characters suggestions. Subway surfers is a great game but I would firstly love if you could add Cathy as a human because that would be so cool! next I think you should add someone called Addison and they could be from Perth or Adielade or maybe even Ethiopia! There normal outfit could be a Top that has a flower on it and maybe like Denim shorts. Next maybe your next location update could be Australia and there could be like a desert as scenery and the Season coins could be kangaroos and the chacarrcter for the season hunt could be called Peta (it would be a girl) and their outfit could be a singlet top or a rugby jersey with ripped jeans holding a rugby ball. I would love if you could do this! I would also love if you could add a boy called Ryan and he could have red hair and a tshirt and jeans on and he could be from Scotland there could also be someone called Anne and she could have red hair and can have braids and her main outfit could be a long elegant dress and she could be from england, it would be amazing if you could add all this stuff, I wouldn’t mind if you see this like next year and put all this stuff in next year it’s not a problem! Please add all this stuff it would be so cool! From AW

Good game but have found a couple glitches. Very good game which I have had for a while now. In saying this, I have found a couple superficial glitches which don’t really affect game play much. There wasn’t a way I could find to tell you this in the help centre so I thought this is probably the next best way. The first one occurs sometimes when you jump up a ramp- and then instead of running on top of the train your character floats along in a jumping shape until you move or drop off the end of the train. The second one is with the character Rin, in game she works perfectly fine but when she is in the shop or enlarged after a run her face appears to be splitting in two in both outfits, which though weird looking doesn’t affect anything and is probably just an animation issue... Hope this helps fix those glitches! I would have given the game 5 stars except with this update for Little Rock, I seriously dislike the product placement of Walmart.. it is different when you can voluntarily watch ads to gain rewards but having a shop name smacked in your face every 30 seconds while playing is unappreciated... Other than that I seriously loved the Edinburgh update and would love to see more fantasy/ other elements brought into the game in the future aside from cities. I think the game is super engaging and I love the hunts where you have to collect the things to unlock characters. And thanks for a generally good game with lots of updates. 👍

The last time!. I’m deleting this app I have had it since it came out and have moved it too every new phone I have but it has reset every freaking time!!!! I’ve been playing it for years constantly and consistently and I’ve never unlocked the last one that requires 500 tokens! I’ve lost all of my specials that I’ve collected from place to place I have it synced with Facebook I was told that’s how it helps save all your data but no you guys haven’t figured out how to not have people loose their characters, their progress or anything else I had all my power ups to their max capacity and over a dozen characters and I only had 123 left of the 500 and I was on the gold award for 90% of the achievements and I’m so unbelievably past done but a word of advice find a way to have it all stick before you loose many others

Good but there are some issues with the Christmas update. I absolutely love subway surfers it is truly a really awesome game but that isn’t the point the winter update with the calendar of getting things it goes from 5 to 10 to 15 to 20 to 25 and that’s just to nearly reach 20 rewards I deleted this game last year because of this I thought they also would of taken out the waiting to claim your reward but I have to wait 17 hours just to collect 1 thing and yesterday I had to wait 3 also another really annoying thing is that they don’t save your stage from last year which I found crazy because it took me forever to nearly get clementine and now I have to start again. Your lucky I’m still playing because of my sister.

Subway Surfers Review. I really enjoy this. It is so fun and logical. It is so good for kids and adults. There are a few glitches but that is fine. There are a few things to do so it will be improved. Like Mystery Monday we should do more stuff like that. Make the speed a bit more faster and for season hunts we need more opportunities to get the things and it should last 31/30 days unless February which should last 28/29. If you know Johnny Upgrade which is a game on Cool Maths Games well the store features there like jump and speed boost we can do something like that. Overall this is an awesome game and recommend people from all cultures and ages to play it.

✌🏼READ THIS AND GET SUBWAY SURFERS. I have been playing Subway Surfers for about 7 years now and have never ever deleted it. My cousins and i have played for a long time and we still love it! I dont have ayfriends that dont have Subway Surfers bcause it is truely the BEST game ever. I really recommend Subway Surfers to everyone out there. I love how there are different places/countries to play so you won’t get bored and get some special characters and features. I like how you can verse others and beat scores. The animations are really amazing and all the power-ups are the best since they pop up randomly and you can get prizes and things just for collecting something while you play!!! Since i have been playing it for so long, I can tell you it’s a game not worth deleting. I have never had a problem with it so you should really get it. I never get bored of it. Please get Subway Surfers! If you are not convinced, lets just exersises your thumbs. 😂 Anyway, give it a go, I’m sure you will LOVE it. ~from a Subway Surfers long-time gamer❤️

Love the game, hate the new update. I’ve been playing Subway Surfers for ages and absolutely love the game! But I’m hating this new update. It makes me want to delete the game and try to install an old version of the game. And if not possible to install the old version again, just delete the game altogether. The graphics are glitchy, it looks pixelated as you run, the movement doesn’t look the same as older versions. It actually hurts my eyes playing it on the updated version - even with the lowest brightness setting. I’m hoping for a new update - ASAP - where the graphics are vastly improved 🤞 and returned to something that resembles the old versions! I’m also really not a fan of the new challenges to obtain new location characters and boards! It’s time consuming, with ‘birthday cake’ tokens rarely showing up in the subway. It makes me feel like I shouldn’t even bother: I won’t be able to pass the challenges without spending an inordinate amount of time doing so. And, I’m not prepared to give up my day job to play Subway Surfers! Coins worked so well to buy new characters. I would love to have coins reinstated as the mechanism to buy all new characters again. Overall, I’m a big fan of the game, but not a fan (at all!) of the new, updated version.

Could do better. Hi, I’m pretty happy with this game it is fun and addicting. But here are some changes that need fixing. I’m only nine and I’m picky with what I play but the thing that would make this game way better is to make races and challenges. I might be asking for tooo much but I do think you could change some of the characters or add some new ones? We all love them because they are funny and cool maybe you could add country styles or on Australia Day ( I’m Australian) we could get an outfit for each country? This game is absolutely amazing as it is not sexist and you can play it for hours everyday keep up the great work and please put this feedback into thought THANKYOU!!

Great game. Subway surfers is a game I have been playing since I was around 5 and over that time it has been tremendously fun. Every couple of months the game updates and I get to see new places around the world, but by far the best part of this is that I get to find and collect little tokens that are different for every place that I go to, for example, at Barcelona I had to try and get little guitars for sweet prizes that I cannot remember right now. In this game you can get these special blue keys that unlock different skins for your characters, you can either get them as a reward or, if you survive long enough you could pick them up along the tracks, there are also many boosts and mystery boxes to buy at the store. Lastly this game is so free to play, over the 6 years I have had this game I have never spent a penny on it and I have some limited edition characters and boards that I have managed to get along the way (these boards and characters are not expensive at all). So overall I have had many games come and go, but this one I am happy to say, has outlasted them all.

Amazing game. Now as I read some of these Reviews I sore that their is one about this game should not have Facebook stuff in on it because you need to 13 and over and stuff like that but I am just so offended because I am a 13 year old girl turning 14 soon and I love playing this game. So many people have different perspectives on games like these but really just try it yourself delete the dam game because you are not in a contract with this game so don’t start ranting about a game you don’t like. Anyway play this game if you want and if you don’t then don’t. People it is called common sense maybe learn some with being so judgy.

Fun but could improve!. Subway Surfers was one of the first games I got on my iPad it’s fun and addicting but overall I think there could no be some improvements. When I first started jetpacks had this feature where at the end of it you could pick a power up like a pogo stick or 2x coins although it makes it easier I liked that. A suggestion is that each character you get can have a special trait like it could be particularly good at something and not just a character. Maybe when you get to particular levels you can get cool stuff. Overall I LOVE this game these are just suggestions. Something I want to keep exactly the same is how you can play with no internet on long car trips it’s really useful please don’t change that well thanks for reading bye! - Happy Gamer🎮

Why can’t I get it.. Why can’t I get to the gingerbread man on top of the buildings when you don’t even have anything to go up there with. It’s like you don’t want us to win them. You give us so many days but that doesn’t even seem like a lot because we can’t get all the gingerbread man because he put them in stupid places that you can’t get to, that’s the only problem that I have. I would like you to fix it. Yes it would make people have way more characters in the shed and spend less money but you’re putting those characters up so we can get for free but they’re almost impossible to get to because you put the items that we need to get on such a high places that we can’t get to you, putting us up for failure and that’s not fair on us. Thank you

✌🏼 SUBWAY SURFERS REVIEW ✌🏼. I originally started playing Subway Surfers in 2018, and I became addicted. Subway Surfers is a perfect game, there's hardly any ads, only if you want to earn free power ups and items. Subway Surfers includes a variety of different surfers, all unique and amazing. I personally love the Facebook skin. Subway Surfers is a great way to relieve stress and cure boredom. I honestly don't know if I couldn't go without a day of playing Subway Surfers, it's addicting. The graphics are amazing for an iPad/iPhone and the game is such a smart idea. I really love this game. Subway Surfers is what I call a never-ending game since I have never finished, and I am unsure if there is a finish. It's a simple but productive game of escaping from a police officer, jumping over subways, collecting power ups, coins and more. You can jump, use a hoverboard and more. I definitely recommend Subway Surfers! Thanks, Zoe

Great game, Read to find out why I only rated it four stars. Okay so this game is a really good game but my bro and dad have it and they have the mystery power up and I don’t I’m not sure if you like me to level up to a certain level but I don’t have it yet and I’m kind of annoyed. Also an ad comes on it either restarts when I get to the end or just the screen goes black and it’s really annoying really really really annoying. But other than that it’s a really great game. I love the storyline and how there’s different seasons and different like challenges and stuff it’s really good yeah I would definitely recommend it I think these dilemmas that I’m having have just happened to me.

Great Game only few problems. First of all the game is great awesome nothing to say bad about it the graphics are good, gameplay is smooth (in my opinion) but there is some problems and when i say problems i mean 1 problem the prices on the skins and hoverboards are way too expensive like seriously 456 keys! Or something like that. All the free to play players like me are going to struggle because of how expensive these items are. The only way i basically get skins and hoverboards is by doing the tournaments but if i dont i have to to absouloutely grind my but out for like 9 hours straight. I dont have that kind of time! So please make it cheaper 🥺 But other than that the game is great, gameplay smooth no issues there and i especially like how the game is updated so often like every month. Thats such a good idea. I definitely recommend this game so thanks for the effort put into the game 👍

Good at first. Then it becomes a scam. At the start of the game when you first play. It’s a lot of fun and it’s really challenging. But after a while you realise it’s a scam. As you get better and better at the game games start to take longer because your not dying. Seems normal. However the game never gets harder. Once you reach a certain point in the game it stops getting harder. And then you can spend hours playing the game on 1 run. That’s why I don’t play the game much anymore. Each run takes about two hours. Sometimes you kill yourself because you get bored. On top of all that. There is a feature in the game when if you are using the super sneakers on a train when there is a enclosed area coming. You die. And this is not even counted as a glitch. So it won’t ever be solved. So it’s fun at first but in the end it just wastes your time 😑

In Game Purchases. People, don’t bother downloading, it doesn’t even work. You cant get past the first five seconds of the Bus without the game crashing. Disappointing, I actually thought I was going to play Fortnite, but nope. All other positive reviews are either 6 Year Olds Who haven’t even played the game but love it since their favourite creator plays it or Spam Reviews by the creators. (Epic) Next, the start button, It barely works, you have to spam it for ages to work and then it just says it didn’t work, so it’s rare to even get by the Start button, and the worst thing is no matter how many times you redownload it, which by the way takes ages, it never works.

LOVE. OHH THE MEMORIES!!!!!! subway surfers was literally my childhood. i remember seeing my friends and one of the first things i’d do is open the app and ask them to watch me play and we’d all take turns!! I actually recently started paying it again when it blew up on tiktok! so thank tiktok for that because now i can’t stop playing, it’s so addicting! it’s so fun to collect the keys, quest, new characters, higher scores etc. i don’t think i necessarily have any complaints about this app but it is annoying when you’re on an extremely high score and then you die and have to restart again and it’s really slow so you gotta have a lot of patience let me tell ya that!! haha, anyways, love the app !!!!! ❤️

Subway Surfers is awesome game By Ryan Nguyen. When I started download the game and played and I unlock the characters in four days I was so happy I continue played and I would wanted to give a five star because everyone people likes playing because of the game of other games are really not that good so this one is the good this game download it it’s free to play not to purchase but there are some kind of purchase you have to buy but don’t worry it’s free for everyone to play have fun playing The game you can get up to upgrading your stars and getting more characters and skates and more I would recommend people playing this game and it’s fun kids and adults play this game and bye

Iceland Update. I have had the game for a while now and ever since the new Iceland update I have been thinking of deleting the game. I was playing and I was on stage 3/5 and then it said I had to try and get a whole new player so I played for a bit and then I got off, and then when I came back on, IT HAD RESET ALL MY WORK BECAUSE IT GAVE ME BACK THE OTHER CHARACTER! I was super annoyed! The other problem is I have collected over 100 ice burgs but I only have to get 10! Like, BRUHH! It is giving me a limit until I can collect my rewards! And in the morning I can only collect 2 and then I have like a 17hr timer! But in the end, it's probably because it’s just been released or something, but the character are great and it’s really fun! 😊

subway surfers saved my life. one day i was sitting home alone when suddenly, i had the sudden urge to kill myself. i decided i must do it straight away so i don’t back out. i was literally about to jump off a building when i heard my phone buzz. i am hella lonely so i knew it wasn’t any friends cuz i have no friends so i checked. subway surfers notified me to have a game. so i played. and played. and kept playing until i had the world record. the strength and perseverance subway surfers provides gave me the strength to keep going with life even tho i’m lonely as hell. in the end i threw myself in front of a bus but hey subway surfers gave me an extra 2 months of life. i will forever be greatfull kind regards Carlos Calrissian

Great game, few minor problems.. First of all, I’d like to say that Subway surfers is an AMAZING game that provides endless entertainment for kids and teens of all ages. (And the best thing- no ads!!- I have been looking for a game for ages that doesn’t come up with ads every 5 seconds) But.. there is a few things that I want to change. First of all- the super sneakers. All of the power ups that you collect throughout your run are great, the Pogo stick, jet pack.. ect. BUT the super sneakers I wouldn’t say have the same opinion for me. The super sneakers are more of are disadvantage in the game more than an advantage. When you equip the super sneakers, especially for beginner players, the character is so hard to control and it’s pretty hard to dodge the obstacles as well. It think the super sneakers should be removed from subway surf or made less bouncy. My next issue is that I want the prices of the characters lowered so kids can feel better at the game and have cool characters, instead of getting bored of the game before getting a new character. That is all, thank you for your time. Jade PS. (Just because I said a couple negative comments about the game doesn’t mean I don’t love it!) Peace out :)

Good but sometimes annoying. I love this game but sometimes it is totally not negligent. I played this game since I was 5 years and old. I mean would I care if it’s 9+. The controls are stupid, I didn’t even press on use 1 key when I got out and for some bizarre reason it automatically thought I used it and I wasted 1 amazing, negligent, fantastic, admirable key. Please please please fix this if you can but I think it’s just a problem with the iPad or assuredly the controls. Well not assuredly the controls maybe. Hey want to here a joke. Uranus is full of greenish blueish gas that farts. 🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭😬😬😬😬😬👹👹👹💩💩💩💩🤛🤛👅🤛🤛🤛👱🏼‍♂️👱🏼‍♂️👱🏼‍♂️👱🏼‍♂️👱🏼‍♂️👱🏼‍♂️👱🏼‍♂️👱🏼‍♂️👱🏼‍♂️👱🏼‍♂️👱🏼‍♂️👱🏼‍♂️👱🏼‍♂️👱🏼‍♂️💂🏼‍♂️💂🏼‍♂️💂🏼‍♂️💂🏼‍♂️💂🏼‍♂️💂🏼‍♂️💂🏽‍♀️💂🏽‍♀️💂🏽‍♀️🕵🏿‍♂️🕵🏿‍♂️🕵🏿‍♂️🕵🏿‍♂️🕵🏿‍♂️🕵🏿‍♂️🕵🏿‍♂️🕵🏿‍♂️🕵🏿‍♂️🕵🏿‍♂️👮🏿‍♀️👮🏿‍♀️👮🏿‍♀️👮🏿‍♀️👮🏿‍♀️👮🏿‍♀️👮🏿‍♀️👮🏿‍♀️👮🏿‍♀️👮🏿‍♀️👮🏿‍♀️👮🏿‍♀️👮🏿‍♀️👮🏿‍♀️👷🏼‍♂️👷🏼‍♂️👷🏼‍♂️👷🏼‍♂️👷🏼‍♂️👷🏼‍♂️👷🏼‍♂️👷🏼‍♂️👷🏼‍♂️👷🏼‍♂️👷🏼‍♂️👷🏼‍♂️👷🏼‍♂️👷🏼‍♂️👷🏼‍♂️

Please read creater this is a suggestion. I really love this game but I think this will improve the skins like you can put a item shop section maybe you can add it in this season or next season please ther could be the season related part that you can buy with keys or coin and then there could be another part where you can add random skins like anything like hover boards too and you can change the items once every 1 or 2 days it is up to you and this last part you can put in bundle packs with like 2 skins in it or whatever and change that every month or week and one can be season related and one can be like a random bundle I know you already do bundle packs but you can change every week or every month and please just add this in I am begging you please

Great but I have something to say... Ok so, I have been playing this game for over a year and I have noticed a glitch.. So I was playing a game and then i decided to play subway surfers so of course I went into subway surfers and I played a couple of rounds and then on this particular round I was at the sign where you can't jump over it and there was a jetpack in front of it but when i got the jetpack as I started flying I noticed... I went through the sign! And I was shocked when I saw it! Then I immediately wrote a Review just to let you guys know when I went through the sign it was kinda disturbing. But overall the game is really good and I like the rewards the characters the hunts and the updates it's really fun and I recommend downloading it.

Great game!. I have been playing Subway Surfers for about a year now and it is really fun and addictive. It’s great how it has regular updates, because most games don’t have that, and it makes it much more interesting. I also like that you’re not forced into watching ads like most free games, but you can choose to watch them to revive and get cool rewards. The only thing that bugs me is the characters and other items you have to pay for (it can be really annoying if you see something you really want) but I get that because it’s a free game they have to make money somehow.

Great game but one problem. I like this game a lot and i always come back to it however since the most recent event of the super runner fresh I have been constantly losing my progress. It always goes something like this: I make considerable progress getting to about stage 3 or 4 then I take a break and when I come back the event is something called”Super Tag team” and all my progress is gone. And now in the last day I grinder to get it making sure not to close down the game and spent a lot of keys score boosters and head starters to help and when I was about to finish stage four my game froze and restarted and I have no progress but all my keys and stuff are gone. I never right reviews no matter what but I think that this needs to be addressed. Please fix this and give me a way to get the super runner.

Not a big fan of the new update... Hi! I love this game so much, it’s literally my childhood band I still like playing it in my spare time today. Although, I recently haven’t been active on playing the game, and a I’ve just opened it again today. I can say, I was surprised to see the new layout. As you can tell from the title of this review, I’m not a big fan of it. I like the layout of the game before this recent update. I see that you made the loading page more 3D and animated and you also added some shadow to the title page. The score multiplier also changed to a design that I don’t really find appealing and the boosts pop up have changed too. The character and boards menu have changed too. I just dislike the new design overall. I still like playing the game, but I guess I don’t find the design appealing anymore. Sorry :(

Sophie Tague. Hello this is sophie Tague I’m a short age I’m only 10 but I had to make an complement for this because it is so creative and I play this with my friends all the time and I just think this should be a five star I have it on both of my phones and my iPad that I always play this game on I love it because when I see my family friends I say “would you like to race me?” And they say….. YES wich I’m so happy about anyways I just love this game and I reckon everyone should two and hopefully you guys get this message and I would love to know who the creator is because I just wanted to say you did a great job man or girl so I have to go and continue with the game I need more pionts lol so yeah bye! 😉☺️🙂

One problem. I reached between 12 million to 14 million in my score while playing for one of the events. But my screen started lagging like crazy, it’s not my internet or my phone nothing ever lags this was the first time. After lagging I thought I was gonna die and my screen went black and stayed black for a while I didn’t want to do anything so I don’t lose my score but I had to because the screen wouldn’t change. When It came back I lost my score and everything I got/reached in that round it was like I never played that round. The only thing that stayed was the head start and score boost I used never came back but everything else that I gained I never got. Usually I never complain but I’ve never gotten that far (my highest was 3M) please please get me my highest score back I never that I would get past 5M. I know it’s a stupid thing to complain about but I love this game and have played it for ages now and I’m really proud of my score if your reading this right please I’m begging you to give me my score back. Thank you

Love this app ��❤️❤️❤️❤️��. There is a large editing community on Instagram, we edit pictures of our favourite celebrities and of our favourite shows. However, when we have finished the edit, that we spend hours on, getting the right transitions and effects on the clips or pictures, the quality of the video goes from 1080p to looking like it the content was filmed or photographed with a potato. Frankly, it’s frustrating because we want people to see the quality that we edit at and the quality of the uploads just mess with the effects and transitions. This is the same with the audio, I have had multiple uploads were the audio just gets ruined because of the quality, it turns the bass of the music shaky and pitchy, the sound is not attractive, people work hard to make these audios.

New update has ruined for me. I’ve had this app and used to play and compete for high scores with my friends back in 2012 when it was released. I didn’t mind how every monthly update would be a different location with a new decor/theme to the track, players etc. but this new update I feel has ruined it. It’s real ‘kiddy’ now and the graphics have been completely redone to make it more arcade like. All the menus have been put on the main screen so there’s too much going on now I feel. The multiplier has definitely been tweaked a lot so now you have to play x10 longer to get even close to what you would’ve got before this new update. I’ve played this game everyday since 2012 to get my free keys and mystery boxes and to just enjoy some quiet time, I loved the simplicity of it. I have 40M+ coins and a high score of 40M+ and felt all that I’ve accumulated over time has gone to waste because I can’t play the app I love now because now it’s changed way too much. Games and apps updates are meant to be an an evolution, not revolution. Changing everything in one go has lost me. I’m sorry.

Ads. The game almost has their ads well managed. Almost, because of the maliciously placed ads on the main (title) screen of the app that constantly pop up in such a way that you will always find yourself tapping on them. I dont see why this was implemented, i guess they needed the extra revenue given that only a person with a brain the size of a peanut would actually spend money on this app, and spamming ads is the only way they can get money. If you are one of those people, my god, you are not human. 👁👄👁 Also used to source malicious ads that opened weird links in web browser, havent seen them in a while but you may wanna take that out of your game before i mistake it for a ad riddled pop up riddled dangerous website and not a poorly made but time wasting and ultimately enjoyable app

Awesome but needs fixes. "When I finally go the invite I was very excited to finally be able to try the game out myself. That excitement was cut short because of how pixelated the actual game is. I’m playing on an iPad Air 2 which I just bought last year and the graphics of this game just broke the experience. The game was so pixelated that you couldn’t even see the icon of how much players their are more less the actual players. The party bus itself looked like a 144p image that was so bad that I immediately got turned off. The worst part is that the game wouldn’t let me change the graphics unlike in other battle royal games this iPad Air 2 was able to go on ultra or high graphics yet in this game I couldn’t change any of that.

The reason why I Give this game 4 stars. I have had this game when it originally came out then I deleted it and got it back at the begging of this year and I have played it everyday this year. It is such a fun but there are some ups and downs, The fun thing about it is that you can get characters by buying them with earthier your money or your keys same as boards. The thing is I think that the boards are way to much money. I believe you should make them a little less pricey and maybe make the characters clothes go down to. With that daily missions you should put them on the screen when you dust get on to the game so that you don’t have to pause half way through a game. You should also make the age limit down to about 4 years old. This game is such a fun game to play most of my friends have it and whoever is reading this your friends should get it to. Thanks for making such a fun game to play when you really bored!! 😄

✨✨✨OMGGGGGG. Subway surfers is a awesome game and you can play without internet. 🥹🥹🥹I have probably had subway surfers for two years! Literally I cannot believe that you can play without Internet it’s just amazing 🤩normally like Roblox or Minecraft or any other game you can’t really play without Internet this app is amazing!!! My friend has subway surfers to and she always plays it ! This is actually the reason that I got subway surfers so I could understand why she loved it so much! Please please please please please if you’re reading reviews and you are a parent gonna get this for your child I definitely definitely recommend getting it! 😎😎😎😛😛 again I say it’s an amazing app 😝 DOWNLOAD IT NOWWWW😉

Really fun, enjoyable and best on phone!. I love Subway Surfers, It's a lot better than any of the other run games and is extremely addicting! However, I do not recommend getting this game on an iPad or any form of tablet because you have to miss out on all the cool features and even with most of the features gone the lag is still irritating. This is understandable because you obviously have to load a lot more on an iPad because of the larger screen and I'm sure there's not much the game creators can do about this. On a mobile phone, I experienced no lag and I found the game a little trickier. This is going to sound silly but when you play on a phone you obviously get a broader view of the game. You get a lot more features and the game is just overall a better experience. If I had to to recommend anything I would like to choose to stop receiving the tiny things that you get in the mystery box that end up getting you a character you don't want. Overall Subway surfers is a fun and enjoyable game that is really good at being the type of game that it is!

Not bad. I DON’T REALLY LIKE SUBWAY SURFERS like you could have added more detail like come on I already deleted the game like 3 years ago ok and why does it need to be a running game you could pick like a simulator we’re you can play as a subway surfer (wait that actually sounds like a game I would want to play) and you could have all those gadgets that are in subway surfers even a hover board but I still do like subway surfers it’s not bad it’s kinda fun but don’t you think there’s already enough running games for once it’s not like I’m a hater but you no ohh could you actually make a game like I said earlier I totally would play that game well at least I gave you a four star review that’s good enough right please wright back and hope ya like my review bye

Enjoyable fun cool game, subway surfers. Subway surfers is a a really fun entertaining enjoyable game and I love it because it includes skill and luck and also because it doesn’t need wifi and that is a good thing. My favourite bit was when they get special effects and to tell you the truth all my friends have it and they love it! We even got all our iPads one day and all played it. The other thing I like about this game is that I love the updates and the updates are sessions and I just love it. The game is not to hard not to easy not to tricky not anything, it’s perfectly fine and as I said lot and lots and lots of all the people I know has this game and literally loves it and this is a very very very very long message because this game is so good! So trust me I love this game and I will always will and I say thank you for the people who made this. One more thing (story) I have a time for how long I am allowed to go on my iPad and once I spent the whole time play this game. And...... A another thing I only have 3 games on my iPad and out of every single game in the world I chose Subway Surfers because I new it would be a good game So thank you hope other people will like this game as much as I do

Addictive but annoying. I really like this game but it does get really boring when you have played it for a while. Also, you get all the good stuff if you have a Facebook account, but you have to be 13 to have one but the game rating says 9+🤷‍♀️ and what sort of weird 13 year old plays this game? it is for kids. So if more than half of the people playing this are under 13, which it probably is, then you should get rid of the Facebook features. Also, the in app purchases are annoying and I just have to ignore them because my parents don’t want me to waste their money. I think a lot more people would play this game without them. Overall, I like this game😀 but I might be deleting this game soon as there isn’t really a goal, you just run around for an infinite amount of time until you die collecting money not like in other games where you have quests ( missions don’t count ) and levels.

Amazing app. This is a great app you can compete agents other people if you play every day there’s a every day award of blue keys mystery boxes and coins. When you’re running you need to collect as meany coins as possible and find blue keys while you run, although you do need to pay for some things but the things you need to pay for don’t pop up out of nowhere it’s just on the side of your screen, but you don’t really need the stuff that you have to pay for because even if you didn’t need to pay for them the game would be great anyway. By Indi ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💗♥️♥️♥️

Love it, but there is some glitches.... I really love Subway Surfers, all of the characters, boards & events. The events always hype me up to get some event stuff and show off our outstanding results and more. However, there are some lags and glitches in the game which randomly pops out of nowhere. One time, in the Iceland update, the event screen kept reseting all the time which was annoying. Another time, when I was just going to claim my Super Runner Yutani in the event screen, a glitch suddenly appeared, and next thing you know, all my progress was GONE! I was actually crying fr now. So, I am literaly begging you to fix all the lags and glitches. Please 🙏

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️. This is so fun love it 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 I love it too much but I don’t really care what you do for me but it’s just me a little bit more like a boy like I do so I’m so jealous I can’t do anything so I’m good to go with me to the point I just don’t really care what you want me and to be with her I know what you are eating but I’m so bored I love it I just really wanted you and to be friends and we have a good day at work and we are doing well and we are doing good and we are doing well and we are doing good and we are doing well and we are doing good and we have to do it is a great 😊 day to celebrate your holidays and we have a great 😊 birthday 🎂 thanks for coming to your church and I will see your soon 🔜 bye 😘 hope your next day will work for you bye ✌️

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I have a cool idea to add to the game!!. I think this game is perfect already. But I have a cool idea I hope can be added. My idea is when we play the game and we have to complete the word hunt. You have 2 minutes to wonder around, and find 2 letters to the word. You can go backwards, forwards, side to side. You can only go as far as you ran. So if you ran for 5 minutes. You can go look for the letters in the past areas you ran. If that makes sense.

These are 🤚 HIGHSCOOL ✨ bUlLiEs 👑 these are BULLIES. Ra rac✨ pull up the party 🔥 with my 👑 crazy pink wig 💗 but I can’t fit threw the door 🚪 because my bootys 🪐 to big 🐜 on percent is humans 🦕 99 is plastic 🛹just a second got to fix my lips 👄👄 -kat

I love it!. This game is awsome I totally recommend this game

elite tiktok. PEOPLE LOVE ❤️ THAT I HATE MYSELF 💔.... i climbed out of my head 👤 and watched myself implode 💣 a thought 💭 without a body 🙅🏿‍♀️ ought to be a shot 🔫 to take a load off my brain 🧠 it’s poison ☠️ and im searching for the antidote 🧪 but every time I find it 👀 my defence screams oh no you don’t ❌ wOaH 😪

It was good. It’s a little tricky between but it’s actually really fun doing really good but I just got the game so I don’t recommend pushing my limits and going beyond. But it should be good I’m really happy that I got the game keeps me happy and you change them when on them on road trips it’s easy to just go onto it and I’ve been doing really good my high score is only in the thousands I’m not doing that good honestly so I really hope you can make the game a little easier so that I can do it.

Dumb Update. I've been playing this game for 6 years and it was my favorite, one if the things that I appreciated the most is that there were no pop up ads and the only ads you see are to get prizes. The new update makes it so that there are random ads. I also don't like the new graphics and the way the character options are presented it's unnecessarily complicated. I'm sad to see my favorite mobile game turn into another generic mobile game.

😀🤮😻😻😼😂👁🤮😂😃✨😀✨🤮✨❤️🙃🤮🧐👁. Have❔you👇ever⏰ been🚗snaked🐍by 👋 a😼friend👯‍♀️and👺just😻for4️⃣the🙈clout☁️they’ll🧚🏾‍♀️do💩it💖again🕰

Amazing!!!!. This game is sooooo much fun and addicting!!! I can't stop playing it!!!!😃😃

Yasss😍😍. r-r-r-roll💿up⬆️to2️⃣the🤩party🥳with🧶my🧚crazy🤪pink💝wig💇🏼‍♀️but😤 i😔 cant✌🏼 get 💀 through💅🏼 the😩door👿 because🐔 my😙 booties🍑 too🥝 big🍑

Gave my 2 year old child a VERY innapropriate ad.. My child (2 years old) got a very inappropriate ad about SEX. I drove to the SUBWAY SURFERS™️ Headquarters and without warning, they kicked my child (2 years old) ACROSS THE ROOM. He died from testicular cancer later that decade… HORRIBLE SERVICE.

🥰✨🤘🏻😇😿🧚🏻‍♂️. gabbie Hanna licks my toenails 😍

LOVE it. I love this game because of how addictive it is like the other day I played for so long.To anyone who is new to this game wants to here honest review then let me tell u.This game is very easy to play so you won’t have trouble playing it.When your playing there’s coins u can get so what u do is try to collect the coins eventually you will die but if you saw a heckpack,shoes,magenet,and a jumping thing those were power ups.Power ups help u by making it easier to grab coins for example of flying when you think your gonna die and so on.Theres also hover boards they help you like, when u think your gonna crash in to something double tap or u can do it for fun :) .When u are playing and u see a box u should grab that because when die u can get prizes.Now let’s talk about avatars they look very cool most of them u have to pay for from things u get in prizes witch u get from the boxes. Going back to the money u get in the game you can use this money on avatars! Ok now let’s talk about keys you get them from the boxes or daily achievements or from missions.You can use these for your second stage or your avatar or just bring u back from the dead,Tip I suggest using them for the avatars. Thank u for reading this I hope u love the game as much as I do.

don’t😾hold💔it😹against😋me😔. 💕✨🧚shane yæw🧚✨💕

Shane yæw my real name 😼😸. Martha 🤲🏽 was 😿 an 👽 average 😋 dawg 🙈 she went 😜 Ãrf Ãrf 👩🏾‍🦲😼😼 Foreigner 💕 foreigner 💕 foreigner 💕

Fun to avoid coins. Its really fun to avoid the coins. U should make a version where u avoid stuff like that and 5 strikes and. Ur out or whatever.

Aidan Galllgahar. by the time 🕓 you cut 🔪✂️ it off ❌ and say 🗣 enough 🚫 is enough ❌ she reels 🎣 you back ⏮ in 🚪 my heart ♥️ so tempted 👁👄👁 by lauv 💖 by lauuuuuv 💝 lauvvv 💕 laAauuuuv 💓 love ❤️ by loaaaaaf 🍞 loaaaaAAAAF 🥖 LOOOAAAFFF 🍞 LO- BY LAAUUUUUV 💗 LOOAAAAAF 🥖 LAUUUUV 💞 LAUV 💘 by laaaauuuuyuuuuu hawaaaauuuuuuoowuuuv ❣️

Why the gay. I don't love the gay take take-off this season

yah. Jake is baeeeee

Deleting. Happily deleting this game because of their woke pride push. Chasing rainbow! Hope you go broke. So sad

dgddksbhd. i🥵climed🧭out🥫of👋my🔒head🤯and⛸watched⏰myself👈implode💥a👅thought💭without ❌a⚠️body💤 oughta🎤be🐝the🏎 shot🔫

🧲⃤ 🧿⃤ 🧪⃤ 🧸⃤ 🥟⃤ 🥮⃤ 🦧⃤ 🦕⃤ 🎅🏿⃤ 🦟⃤ 🧉⃤ 🥡⃤ 🥄⃤ 🧂⃤🥌⃤ 🧩⃤ 🧻⃤ 🧬⃤ 🤯⃤ 🥺⃤ 🥶⃤ 🤡⃤ 🤖⃤ 🦷⃤ 🧠⃤. ⟟⏁⋉⟒👽⟒⋔⍜⊑👽⍀⏃⏁⏃⌿⏃⍀⏃⟒👽⎅⍜⍀⟟⋔⟒👽⏃⋔⎍⋔⎍👽⏃⋔⟒⋏⍜👽⍀⏃⏁⟒⎅⏃⟒👽⌰⏃⏁⟒⟒⎅⏃⟒👽⋔⍜⟒👽⎅⍜⍀⟟⋔⟒👽⏃⋔⟒⋏⍜👽⍜⌰⋔⟒⋏⏃👽⎅⟒⌿⏃⎅⏃⍀⟟👽⏃⋔⟒⋏⍜👽 ⎅⟟⋔⟒⎅⏃⟒👽

0 stars for pride. stop.

I,. Shane yauh

😼. YEAH🎶YEAH🎵 so guys 😺 i🧑🏿tested📝positive✅ for covid 1️⃣9️⃣🙀😧😧 🎶NO❌NO😫🎵

yuh😝😆😏🧖‍♂️🧍👨‍🚀😀😆❤️‼️. r-r-r-roll💿up⬆️to2️⃣the🤩party🥳with🧶my🧚crazy🤪pink💝wig💇🏼‍♀️


Best game. You should make a subway surfer 2 it would be awsome

👌. r-r-roll💿up⬆️to2️⃣the🤩party🥳with🧶my🧚crazy🤪pink💝wig💇🏼‍♀️

tHEsE aRe bOwLiEs. maybe im the M҉ Ö̸̤͙͚̰̈́ n̴̡̪̈́̆͝͝ S҉ A̷̹͊̓Ḩ̸̥̼̥̅̈H̶̗̯͇̉

Gay pride. It is completely unnecessary

Digital Thieves, I purchased an item but never received it. Don’t purchase anything on this app bec you won’t receive it. I purchased a package on this app but I never received it. I already sent an email to the app developer and mentioned that I didn’t get the item I was charged for. They sent me an email back saying: “Apple handles all purchases and billing on iOS. In order to request a refund, please contact Apple” I sent an email to Apple, they say contact app developer. It’s just a back and forth game. So basically they took my money but didn’t give me the item I purchased. Bunch of digital thieves

Disappointed. Was such an awesome app, till they focused more on pride month than anything else

BOOLIES😳. 👧 ѕhαwчt'ѕ 👍 líkє 😃 α 🎵mєlσdч 😾 ín 🤨 mч 😎 hєαd 😿 thαt ✈️í 😨 cαn't 😷 kєєp 🥴 σn 🏃‍♂️gσt 👊 mє 🥰 ѕíngíng 👄líkє 🤩𝓷𝓪𝓷𝓪𝓷𝓪𝓷𝓪 😼

S҈u҈b҈w҈a҈y҈. Rrr 👹roll 😈up 🌞party 🍆with 🐸my 😵crazy 😄pink 😡wig 🌝but 😋i 💦cant 👋get 👋trew 👁the 👄door 👁because 🤬my 😴booties 😪too 🤤big 🙄1 👺percent😽 is 💡human 💎 99 🎉is 😖plastic 😎just 😱a 😇sec 😝I 😀got 😂to 😊fix 😌my 😈lips 💩

💀. I LOVE THESE REVIEWS FROM PEOPLE ON SUBWAY SURFERS TIKTOK OH GOD. Anyway glad more people are playing this Ig

yuh. POV you’re re-downloading subway surfers because of tiktok

śhæñē ÿæw. these are highschool bullies🙈💔👵🏼✨

YÄW. r-r-rroll🙀up🤬to💘the⚰️party👻with🤑my🤡crazy🔪pink🎀wig💇‍♀️but💅🏻i🦋can’t🚫get😹through😞the🗽door🗿because 🍼my🐷booty’s🍑too😧big✨

ᗷᕼᑌYᒍᗴᔕᗴ, ᘜᗩᗯYᗴᗪ. I👁shane😻yaw👄my🤩real😽name💕

yea❤️. have😦you😱ever😭been😫snaked🤬by🤐a😏friend🤨then😞just🤩for🤒the🥶clout🤪they’ll🥳do😇it😊again🤯

Use to love it.. I actually loved this game, but, one day it just reset itself all my coins keys, score multiplier, players and trophies disappeared.

r-r-r-roll💿up⬆️to2️⃣the🤩party🥳with🧶my🧚crazy🤪pink💝wig💇🏼‍♀️. r-r-r-roll💿up⬆️to2️⃣the🤩party🥳with🧶my🧚crazy🤪pink💝wig💇🏼‍♀️

42069. ᗷᕼᑌᗴᔕᒍYᗴᔕ 🤷sometimes✨i🙁don't😢wanna😱be😼happy🧚don't✋hold😇it🤪against😈me🙆

Good. Shane ÿâw

avndrei on tiktok. foreigner foreigner foreigner this app is good for Gabbie Hanna and Shane Dawson audios

So addicting. It's so addicting it has less ads and more gameplay

yeah❤️. mom🦋dad🌱lets👁get😼one🤠thing🪐straight🌈 ł💥₥ɄⱤĐɆⱤɆĐ🥶₮ⱧɆ😈₣₳₥łⱠɎ🙈ĐØ₲

shane 🤏 yaw 👻. very good yes 🙀💅😿🥰😼🤠🧚✨😡😍👻😎😍💅😭

Good game. 𝔁𝓾𝓮🥶𝓱𝓾𝓪🧚‍♀️𝓹𝓲𝓪𝓸😻𝓹𝓲𝓪𝓸🗿𝓫𝓮𝓲👺𝓯𝓮𝓷𝓰🤩𝔁𝓲𝓪𝓸😼𝔁𝓲𝓪𝓸👣

SHANE YAW. ᗷᕼᑌᗴᔕᒍYᗴᔕ 🤷sometimes✨i🙁don't😢wanna😱be😼happy🧚don't✋hold😇it🤪against😈me🙆

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THIS GAME SAVED MY MARRIAGE. Hi. I’m Anna Bortia. I’m a 47 year old house wife from Alabama United States of America🇺🇸. I’ve got one husband and 18 beautiful brats. I like mean girls. Anyways, about 3 years ago, I lost my pet cockroach, Jed, to terminal cancer. He suffered the disease for 15 long days and 15 dark nights. He died at 11:09 pm eastern time. We all Mourned him like no other. He was our rock. Our light, and even the 14 dogs liked him. So we were all feeling very bummed out. Then my uncle said to me”Anna, you ever heard of them subway surfer?” And I was like “nuh uh”. Then he told me to download said subway surfer. I started playing and I say out loud “holy Moses on a rocket powered pogo stick!” Then I showed my husband, who was at the time on the toilet. He didn’t love it at the moment. But now he does. the children liked it a lot! They play it all the time, but not as much as me. I quit my job and stopped paying the bills just to play! I’m writing this on my iPad on 67th avenue, cause my husband kicked me out. But I don’t care! YEEHAW! Thank you for reading. God bless.

Facebook Friends don’t appear and Top Run never loads. I love this game so much but I’ve become so frustrated that my Facebook friends won’t appear and worst off all the top Tun always says connection problem when I know my WiFi works perfectly fine because anything else on my phone that requires WiFi works. I play this game so much and I became obsessed with getting diamond medals since it’s so time consuming and I have so much fun trying to get the top Run. Now that the top run table never appears for me I’ve became extremely frustrated. I tried for a week already and nothing works. Also I can’t compete with my friend who’s really into this game too, since my Facebook friends won’t show up. I read somewhere to remove the game from Facebook and then log in into Facebook again, I’ve done that numerous times and it still doesn’t show my friends. Also after a while of trying to connect the app with my Facebook account, the option of doing so on settings disappeared. I’m pretty sure there’s very smart ppl running the game, and I ask that you please look into it. I ask that you please make an update and fix this issue. I will change my review to 5 stars when it’s fixed, cuz I do really like the game.

Don’t get a new phone. If you love this, and you invest money and time into it, I highly recommend not getting a new phone. Not everything transfers. I’ve changed phones multiple times over the course of 5 years and every time, the only thing that has ever transferred is the double coins package and your high score. None of my characters that I’ve bought with the fake coins, keys, ect transfers even after connecting to FB and “retrieve purchases” or whatever. So if you get a new phone, you are basically starting from scratch, with hardly and characters, boards or character outfits and tokens, money, keys, hover boards, and perks like headstarts and score boosters. I love the game, but it’s extremely frustrating to have to open mystery boxes and I’m back to square one of getting character tokens on characters I’ve already had like Yutani who needs 500 character tokens before unlocking and NOW they added that once you unlock these characters you need the same amount of character tokens to collect, just to get their second outfit, which I’ve had previously by using keys.

This is a great game!. Hello! I have been playing Subway Surfers for over a year now and it is a great way to pass time. I especially like that you can play it without WiFi or cellular. When I first downloaded the game I thought I would NEVER get some of the characters because I thought they costed so many coins or keys. The thing is I own most of those characters now because I got the Jackpot twice. I mean I though I would never get the Jackpot because I mean once in a million right? But boy was I wrong I got it twice which was amazing. I also love all the different characters they add. I especially like that there from a lot of different ethnic backgrounds. I just have a few requests and must do’s if you get the game. First off can you please make more of the characters worth coins instead of money? It would be really helpful, I don’t care how many coins or keys just try to make it so we don’t have to buy them. Second of all, what does the 2x multiplier even do? It doesn’t double your coins that’s for sure. Must do’s of your gonna download the game. Watch the daily key video! For that you get keys which help you get characters and saves and you get achievements the more times you watch it. Another must do is, buy all the characters and board even if you don’t like them. You get achievements for them! That’s all I have for today! This game is great and I completely recommend everyone gets it. Have a great day! -C3ptilda

Addictive game but make it fair !!. I used to play this when I was about 9 or 10, I’m now 16, I downloaded the game again a few days ago because my sister got me to play😭. I’m addicted once again. I love the game so much no lags no glitches. Only complaint I have is not being able to buy the characters with the coins you earn. There’s about at least 6 new limited players and you cannot buy one with coins it’s either real cash (which it shouldn’t be because this is a KIDS game and kids do not have money nor can get money easily and when they do it’s very little) it’s either real cash or keys, I don’t mind the keys as much but after the first 2 days I had it I accumulated 140k (I was getting between 10 n 20k like 6 times stg😭) but I was not able to buy a limited character despite the fact that there’s at least 6 maybe 8. Only reason why I’d give 4 stars because to kids they want the limited character and no matter how much they work for it and get a big sum of coins , many cannot get it. That’s my only complaint but great game over all very addictive 😂

The best game ever. I love this game it’s so addicting I got 20 characters in one day I played this all day I really recommend this game everything is so fun there is no mistakes you should really play this it’s one of the best games I’ve played all I’m saying is play this game there so much stuff to do the fact that they added boards is amazing so manny things to do and love and like I promise you will love this game when you start to actually play the first day I had it I thought it was hard now it’s amazing fun so just download this game right here right now I promise you will love it and this game taught me to never spray paint anywhere I don’t already but I never will 😺 and you can have a little daily log in streak I don’t know what I would do without this game be bored everyday and have no games no friends but look this is my friend so go download this game and enjoy it for the rest of your like and by the way if you delete this app it will save your progress but it has to be on the same device and buy crates too unlock characters have fun work hard be lazy laugh 😂

Great game!!. Subway surfers is a great game to train your hands to move faster. It is also fun to collect all the coins and get cool hoverboards and unlock new characters. I love how it gives you LOTS of free options instead of limiting them to get more money. I play this game whenever I’m bored and is really fun when I listen to music too. BUT…. I feel like the game NEEDS something but I don’t know what. Maybe make it an option to choose the music that plays in background. Or update the amount of times you change the destination besides Holidays and whatnot. Like every week is a new place. I also wish you didn’t have to get so much of the hoverboards to unlock that person or radio or hat. A couple is fine but it’s annoying to just play constantly and never make any progress to get that character. Maybe add levels or things other than running on containers and trains. For example, the character has to go through a maze. Idk just suggestions but if your thinking of getting this game, you definitely should. There are luckily no bugs or glitches that I have found.

I love the game. I’m gonna give it all 5 stars I don’t have a problem with the game at all it barley tells you to watch ads to get stuff u can pick ur character sometimes when your playing the jet pack comes up if u get it ur invincible and u get coins. Here’s the power ups if u get boots u jump high if u get a magnet know mater what lane ur in u get coins if u get a star ... well I don’t exactly know what it does but I do know it doubles something if u feel like ur gonna crash u tap three times and u get the skateboard if u have the skateboard ur invincible but they run out it’s not that easy the best thing I like getting is the key the key lets you unlock characters and it gives you a second chance when you mess up and the best thing is u start off with five keys there’s more about the game that I like but u have to get the game to find out oh and sub leave a like and hit the bell to my friend sparkz_blaze x and my favorite youtubers dan TDM more TDM stampy long head stampy long nose unspeakable gaming unspeakable plaze unspeakable tryhardninga and tryhardninga2 and also coment down below thx enjoy subway surfers!...

Best game ever. I absolutely love this game! Although, I see a lot of negative feedback, I 100% disagree. To explain the complaints about how hard it is to beat people who are in gold/diamond, they have worked hard to get to where they are. So, yes it may be a little challenging to beat them but that’s not the games fault. I believe this game is one of the best games out there. Especially because the game is culture friendly. This game has characters from all over the world, and even characters that are make believe or just not real. I have been playing this game since i was little, my grandmother introduced me to the game and I got pretty addicted. But, in my opinion that just goes to show this game is for ALL ages and everyone can enjoy it. So again please don’t blame the game for those that have worked hard to permanently earn a spot in gold/diamond. If you made it to the end of my LONG review, thanks for reading my report. And for those who have never had the game, I really suggest this to anyone of any gender or age. Thank you developers of the game who made the game so perfect! 🤗

Kinda annoying and glitchy at times. Hi! So basically, when I play I swipe to a side but then it doesn’t move and then it’s stuck for a second but when it finally moves I get hit by a subway. Also, (this is the annoying part) when I have the jumping boots on (don’t know the exact name for them) and I just jump on to the subway my boots disappear and I get hit by a subway (again) and I die. These things are really weird and they bother me so, it would help if you guys could have a timer for how long you can use the boots, the hover board, the magnetic money thing, and exc. (def don’t even know any of the names lol) Also fix that swiping glitch please. Anyways, I hope the people who own this game (that are probably not reading this) and you readers have a amazing day! If you hate this issue as much as I do and wanna fix it, rate them and share feedback of course! Please note that I do love this game and I hope I will collect all of the characters some day! I know this isn’t the biggest deal in the game but I really just wanted to give feedback!

Amazing game plz Read. So this is a really good game I love the updates and everything but I think you guys should give out more characters without just having to pay for some more like that cost coins And for other styles like don’t make it cost keys because I don’t really have a lot of keys and it would be awesome for it to be the same price coins and coins for styles and i love the that girl character but you have to have to 200 hats to get her heart style and it’s kinda harsh because who would just do a lot for one style so I wish you guys can lower that down for a bit and the event coins maybe put out some more girls because there is just only boys in the event coins things I really wanted that other girl character Alicia I think her name was called but I didn’t have enough event coins so lower the price on a event coins this is just me writing a review for new ppl in better experience with more and more new people downloading the game so that’s it byee and I hope you take my ideas (:

I love this game (Too Much). So, it all started when I (?F) ironically downloaded Subway Surfers in-front of my brother, (16M), we were on call with some friends and I decided I would play Subway Surfers on camera as a joke, but then I realized I loved it, so. so. MUCH. The next day, I hopped on Subway Surfers again, and this continued for hours, the pure joy of unlocking characters and collecting coins was too much. Weeks later, I had figured out different strategies, etc. on how to get a score over a million, the best power ups, and how to use the hoverboard. Currently, I have 65 keys (none bought whatsoever), 200 hoverboards, and I complete my daily logins with perfection. My brother is now concerned about my health, as most of my time is dedicated to Subway Surfers, this game has completely altered my life and I have spent atleast a year playing this now, downloading this app was absolutely revolutionary to my daily routine, when I first hit my 10million score, I was overjoyed, hyper, and amazed on how far I’d come. Please play this game!

Found a bug (please don’t snipe me). Hi, I am a player of Subway Surfers, I have been over the years since the game first arrived. I am what you would call a cheater, or a jailbreaker, but I am what I call an ethical jailbreaker. I do use tools to break games, but I try as much as possible not to ruin other people’s fun and try to just be in my own corner, and if I find any bugs due to my special abilities, I report them. That is why I’m writing this. As of the current Mumbai update, I found a nasty bug that could be exploited to increase high scores if done correctly and you have plenty of time to waste. I wanted to report this to you so you could fix it. The bug is that if you hit the Booster (the red fire booster you get when you revive or start a game) and activate a Spraycan Pogostick at the same time, the game will freeze the boost, noclip the character and land them on the ground instead of running the boost. This means the character will essentially run forever, the score continuing to tick up at the current rate, without being impacted by any obstacles or collecting any objects, until the user decided to Quit the run. I tried using Hoverboards and such to exit the glitch, but all it did was make the weird jetpack-running character turn into a hoverboard-riding version while still wearing the boost jetpack. I hope this is useful to you to fix the bug, and that I don’t seem like a total bad guy because of what I do. I do try to help when I can.

A suggestion!. I love this game! Been playing it off and on since I got an iPod in JR high 😂. I love that they change the map every so often, but the gameplay is getting a little dry as expected. If I could suggest one thing it would be to add some kind of prestige system that would make you start you missions over with the advantage of gaining 1 star onto the max until you prestige again. The new cap could be around 50? 100 even? Anyway this would ad a lot more competitiveness for the game right now! The only other suggestion I would have is some kind of duel mode. Like 2 players put coins together and compete to win the stash by lasting longer than the other in a run. Maybe leagues where the coins are higher as you progress? Or maybe just leagues that get more challenging as you face harder opponents ( this option would need either a leaderboard or some kind of reward system for being in the higher leagues, possibly a coin boost of sorts or just league boxes) anyway I hope you guys look into it since the gameplay hasn’t had any real changes in so long!

Purchase a Remove Ads. Not much hate to say about this game. It’s fun and simple and you can play it when you bored. There’s rarely any bugs basically none and it’s smooth and easy to adjust too and play. There’s not much problems with this game. I personally love it there’s much game modes and events they should add more but it’s okay this game is really good. However I don’t really like the exaggeration with the Ads / advertisements. I understand the game needs money and the best way is ads but at least make it possible to buy our way out if it. Most games have it Im surprised this game doesn’t. Idk maybe it does but I haven’t figured out how to remove the ads by purchasing something. If someone can help my situation please do. Overall, not much problems amazing game I would just say to fix the ad problem and try to add more game modes and cooler events maybe (online) and the home is kinda messy try to fix it up a bit thank you. Love subway surfers.

Starting to not like the game. I use to love subway surfers it was my favorite game to play but it’s becoming very annoying with all its issues! I use to have so many characters but this is the third time the game has reset itself and only kept my score and deleted all my money my keys and my characters that I’ve earned. If this continues to happen I will no longer play this game. I’m so infuriated right now! I had over 180 keys and over 20,000 coins and it’s all gone back to the original 18 or so keys and 5000 or so coins they give you at the start of your progress. Also I beat all the missions so that I’d have 30x multiplayer and it’s back down as well. Again this is the third time this has happened to me and I’m getting tired of playing to earn all this stuff just for the game to glitch and take it all away. Not once have I taken the game off my phone either. I’ll just go in like normal and everything has been reset except for my score once I sign into Facebook. I honestly don’t even think I’ll keep the game anymore. I’ve contacted support through email and all they did was ask questions and never helped or returned anything I’ve earned and now it’s happened again.

Great but the update, not so great. I’ve been playing this almost daily since 2012! Great, mindless way to decompress after a long day. The update however.... I just downloaded the most recent update to the update and it seems to be a bit better. The controls are still a bit whacked out. It seems to have a hard time figuring out that you are trying to move left when in midair. Always seems to want to roll or jump instead. I do not notice the same when moving right. The pogo sticks need some reworking. I can rarely see which lane the prize is in at the end of the jump. Finally, some of the challenges have not been working. I had one with no rolls or jumps in a certain number of points that would not increment or ever reach success criteria no matter how long I went. Then suddenly would declare success out of the blue. Another one where I have to clear so many hurdles, and then another where I have to run through bushes, don’t seem to work if I currently have a power up. Would be nice to have these fixed! Keep up the great work. Thanks and cheers!

This is good game. So hey guys my name azariixa and I’m 10 and people saying that this is bad and is like a kid draw what are u talking about like the update is good u know like if the same update is the same we would be bored playing other games and ppl so pressed like completely mad cuz the update like what so me I’m good this stuff be weird I like the update I been playing this every single day and when I was 8 back in 2019 I played it but I broke my iPhone then I had this one I played broke that one hit I had an iPad never broke but now it’s broke so I never downloaded on the iPad here’s the same iPhone brand new cuz the second iPhone that was the same had got water on it many times so like yea so I downloaded this from iCloud or whatever so I’m still playing it it’s very good. So I just want to say it’s good game ¥•.:.. thx for the update and years yall made I know it was hard but thx for making it . So I’m saying I really appreciate the game and others . And I feel like the ppl complaining about the game is some haters . PERIOD . so yea bye y’all

RECOMMENDED!!!🤍💕. So far, it’s one of the best games i’ve ever played! I really like it, and I’ve seen many critical reviews on the new update for some reason.. I re-downloaded the game so I could get the update, and nothing has really changed? The only thing i’ve seen change is the loading screens. I’m not exactly sure what the review I read meant, because it said “the entire layout of the game was completely changed” when I read it, so I downloaded it again, and only one thing changed? Please explain to me if something is going on with my phone or if the update is not coming through correctly, because I certainly love this amazing game it’s my entire childhood! And I wouldn’t want to miss an update! But otherwise I certainly love the game it has a specific tutorial for even little kids to understand, without big words or anything. I love how you can get skins and all of that it’s just a great game to play in your spare time! Totally recommended for people or children looking for that certain app they need in their life!

this game is really creepy... so, i was in my room and it was about 3 am. i was really bored so i decided to grab my phone and play some subway surfers since i haven’t in a while. i was playing it for almost 15 minutes but then once i was on my 10th try to beat the mission, the cop had a black suit this time. i didn’t think much of it, really. so on my 19th try the cop wasn’t even there anymore, i was confused but i just kept on playing the game. before i beat the mission, he just came up right in front of the screen. my eyes widened in fear. i was honestly really scared when that happened, i put my phone down and it wouldn’t turn off, i was really really scared at that time. but then, it i could finally turn it off. i sighed and just went to sleep. but i couldn’t because i was too scared, my phone just turned back on and continued the game by itself. i rested my eyes on the screen, i was scared, RĘÅŁŁ¥ scared. but then i heard heavy breathing behind me. i look behind myself to see the cop in a black suit, staring at me with a smirk. he said.. “now..”

Subway surfers. I love this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When my cousin first started playing it and I watched I was like this is stupid but then I saw my brother playing it and so I decided to download it and it was a pretty good idea because it looked pretty fun but it didn’t look fine because all you did was run and I don’t like running but it’s pretty fun because you have to avoid the cops and it’s just really fun because you have your own way you have your own path and it’s not so bad like some people complain too much about games no offense people but this game is really fun and you basically get to run for my cop because you were doing something to a public train and this dog comes chasing after you do and you have to run and there’s trains in the way they coming at you and it’s really fun because you can basically it’s really fun and you can save yourself if you have any keys and it just keeps going up if you keep paying the keys it’s a really good idea if you save your keys but it is really hard not to because you wanna get it good so I love this game so good job to ever made it

I'm a Subway Surfer. Do you ever have a time when you finish your homework, and you don't have soccer practice until another hour? If so I would recommend picking up your phone and download Subway Surfers. I love to just sit back and run on the train tracks for hours. What I love about this game is how they make it have a really cool theme. The characters are all so cool and at the start You are spray painting and the police come running after you. Sometimes I feel like I am in the game itself. I like how they give you head starters and the font and if you die they sometime let you come back alive after just watching a video. The only down side about the game is he hover boards and the characters are all SO MANY coins and keys. I am never able to get that many coins and keys. I just try to get enough coins to get the character Lucy, and her scary outfit or whatever it is called. Then I just play the game and like a month later I will try to see how much I can pay for. I also hate how all you do in the game is run on train tracks with a few of the same obstacles in your way. I just sometimes wish there could be more obstacles or Like different courses you take. Other then that, this game is THE BEST game EVER! I would really recommend downloading this game on your phone or iPad right now.

Very good game! Some glitches though.. I know everyone is complaining about the ads and stuff, but all games have ads, deal with it. It’s a pretty fun game, and I play it to distract myself or just if I’m bored. But lately I’ve noticed a couple glitches. The first one is one that I don’t really mind, just a boring coin glitch. Sometimes when you’re jumping over two hurdles, you get more coins and stuff, but I’ve noticed that sometimes the coins glitch into the hurdles themselves, so you can’t really get the coins. It should be fine if you don’t fix it though. The next one is an ad glitch. Sometimes when you watch an ad to revive, the ad does nothing and you’re still dead. But then when you try to watch another ad, it kicks you out of the revive screen. The last glitch I’ve found is that sometimes when you’re just running in the subway, you find power-ups, but then all of a sudden they disappear and you don’t get the power-up. That’s all I’ve found so far, I’ll let you know if I find anymore glitches or bugs. Have a wonderful day to all that reads this! 😊

Change in graphics. Trust me: I love this game. Played it for hours and just recently bought the 950k character, but the graphics recently changed and look more like graphics found in a game made 5 or 6 years ago. I wish the creators would go back to the graphics that were in use even a month ago but I understand if the developers no longer have enough downloads or are generating enough revenue for the better graphics, but I also wanted to make it common knowledge that the game has changed, in my opinion, for the worse. Again love the game, not a fan of the new (or old?) graphics. In order to make it better it would be great if the graphics on the jet pack had less exhaust—the moving from side to side with a long trail of exhaust moving as the character does makes it look old, cheesy, and cheap. The way the character moves under tunnels also looks odd—it would be better to keep the POV of the gamer in one position as the character moves under the tunnel instead of bringing the overall view under the tunnel as well.

Watch this. You guys slept on this game like what the heck you guys did some good Graddick and work on everything every second The best thing is when you say well I feel like you’re saying watch this because you always make the good graphics and I like that graphics is the only thing a little bit in the tire and those graphics your head was amazing and you wanna know something really like this game good game and I was so happy to play this game it was super Duper cool and I do not want to play something else when I’m happy I wanna play this when I’m happy when I’m bored I’ll play some else I would always play this all the time all the time all the time all the time all the time and thank you guys for thinking about me Dennis Dave you did a good job and I hope yeah I keep continuing to do this stuff and it’s really good it’s really amazing but I actually want you guys to make a new game really similar to this real similar because I need a game just like the best game you can ever watch

Childhood Video Game. This is my favorite game. Ever since i was 4, I used to play this on my dads phone i wasn’t taking anything seriously i always kept dying lol. But I truly love this game and im 13 now, This game will always have a special place in my heart and I truly just love this game ❤️ the effort the popularity Everything about this game is amazing. Although, the game should probably make an account option (WITHOUT FACEBOOK) so you can actually make an account without signing in on Facebook because im too young for that and i wanna go against my friends etc it should have multiplayer just like how it has marathons or something it should be like a little “room”/server where we go against our friends like a race and you can see your friends in the lead or back or something and if u die you either get a option to respawn or wait in lobby/server or something like that. Basically like a Fortnite lobby idk and just like how in the tutorial if you die it makes you get back up and continue playing I dont know i have ideas I guess 🤷🏾‍♀️

ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!????. I have been playing this game since the release. And NEVER have I been this disappointed and honestly infuriated. It’s so laggy that I can’t speed up at all before dying due to lag. I am running the newest version of IOS 13. So the lag is probably the main issue here FIX THIS PLEASE. This game means a lot to me I’ve played it with my mom for a very long time don’t screw it up now. Moving on to the next issue. The character select. Sometimes I get in and it’s fine. A lot of the time I get in and none of the characters show up only the shadow and the buttons to buy or select the character also don’t show up. Moving on to the next issue. This may be on purpose and if it is it ain’t hittin right! There is distortion with the little heavenly voices sound when opening something or getting a prize. It gets extremely deep and stuff and doesn’t sound right. Moving on the the next and last issue. We can’t get these cakes in five days especially with all this lag. They are in places that are unable to be reached. That have no connection to the player and can’t even be gotten with power ups. I want this Salma girl SO MUCH. Please fix it please please please!!!!!!!😡🥺🥺

I like this Game. Subway surfers a really fun game, where you are in the subway and you are trying to dodge trains and try not to run into things. There is a cop and a dog chasing you and if you run into anything they catch you and that’s how you lose. As you keep going the character starts to run faster and it gets harder to dodge things. One thing I would say is that I wish your character started off going a little faster because at the beginning he is going really slow and it is just boring until he speed up. The boosts that it gives you throughout the game like the jet pack, the magnet, the pogo stick, and the boots are cool. Although I did die while I was jumping with the boots because I was underneath something, which was kind of annoying but that’s the only flaw that I encountered while playing. The graphics in the game are good, and there are a bunch of different characters you can get if you play the game enough. I could just keep playing this game over and over again because I enjoy it so much, so I would recommend everyone to play it.

5 star rating. I think this game is wonderful! I gave it a 5 star review and I do recommend it. I’ve played this since I was 3 or 4 . If you want a good game to play when you are bored or just in general then play this . In this game you can gather coins as you go through obstacle courses. You start of committing a crime then the police chase you wich is fun! You can get keys that will revive you when you lose and cool items that will help you along the way! It’s a really fun game that you should share with your friends and challenge each other. Sometimes you can even get a new high score. Something that really bothers me is that when I play a game and a battery thing pops up it will make me loose , but in this game it doesn’t! When the battery thing pops up , it gives you three seconds after that and and then you can play . When I get home from school I immediately want to play this game ! I do think you should get this for free! No this is not one of those advertisers making a fake review this is a 10 year old girl . The last thing I am saying is you should get this !

Best game, but a PROBLEM. Subway Surfers is an amazing game and I LOVE it!! But there is a tiny problem; every time I join the game, it keeps asking me to buy things that I don’t want and this has been going on ever since I got this game which was about 2 months ago and it asks me to buy the same thing over and over again! But thx Subway Surfers for creating this game for all to enjoy! I really hope you guys fix this problem and the others that im gonna list! Another problem is something that other kids won’t like; every time that you die in Subway Surfers, and you want you revive, you can either use your blue keys or you watch an ad and if you keep watching the ads, it will soon make you use your keys. It may not seem as big of a deal, but, say you are SOO close to beating your high score but you haven’t ever been this close to beating it and you used up all the ads and then you have to revive yourself cuz you hit a sign while the officer was chasing you and you got arrested but you ran out of keys, and again, you used all the ads so you can’t do anything!!

Very nice game, a few problems however.. This is a very addicting game and overall I would recommend it. There are a few problems though. To name a few, when you use an ad to revive, sometimes you will respawn you end up in an area where you are supposed to be on top of a train, so all 3 lanes have trains coming at you just to kill you again and the only way to survive is to waste a board so you can crash into a train. Also, parts of the game don’t make sense. For example, you’ll jump over a barrier and then you’ll see a train going down the same lane where the barrier is just to run over it. Trains will also appear out of nowhere. Keys are another huge problem. They are so rare to find and then if you don’t want to watch an ad to revive, you have to pay at least one key. As you keep dying, you need more and more keys to the point where the amount needed is insanely high. I also would like to see the game have challenges instead of only being able to run on an endless road. All in all, the game is great, it just needs some minor improvements and maybe some more challenges to get the player excited.

Update. I noticed that you just made an update and it’s perfect I just want to say that why can’t you guys make an update to where you can make only little updates whenever you want because the update I’m about to explain to you will be too good for you to change. Okay the update you guys should make is adding a Multiplayer to where the player and the other can race each other on different subways until the other duds if quits and they can’t pause the game for more than 50! Seconds and make a squad multiplayer mode to where the player can invite friends or anyone to join up to 4 or 5 and the squads can compete in Subway tournaments. Winning keys and or unlocking characters or winning a 1000 coins. If you could make this update then the only thing you would have to update is bugs or adding new modes. Making this update could benefit you because you could make a lot of money and earn a bunch of downloads most likely overthrowing big apps like Minecraft Fortnite clash of clans etc.

PLEASE READ, DEVELOPERS.. Subway surfers is a really fun and downright addicting game, but there are a few major problems with the new super runner, Fresh. When it gives you the option to travel to super runner city to get some super runner, it tells you the current super runner that you can get. Currently, it’s Fresh. Sometimes, though, it appears as super runner Jake. Every time I close out of the application, it resets to either Jake or Fresh. It’s really annoying, especially because I’ve been working on getting either for a while and it always ends up resetting my score and the super runner anyway. It ruins the game for me to be honest, because I mostly play for the super runner challenges, and with the constant resetting of my score and the super runner, it all makes no difference. I really hope it isn’t a purposeful bug on the developer’s part in order to get more plays of their game, but whatever it is, I kindly ask for it to be fixed. Thanks.

Love it. I like the game but i feel that there are not enough keys in the game i think that you should be able to get at least one key per game because i am never able to find any and i only see them like every 5 games i play also i read a review that was on the main page that was super long and it talked about character actions and stuff and i totally agree also i love the idea of mario kart i totally agree with that one i also feel like the game needs more detail and art that makes it really POP! also i feel like the characters should do like a backflip or something when they have the boost jump shoe thingys on because that would make people want to get them more and enjoy watching their character do cool tricks also when you go to pick out a character they should do like a cool dance that matches the character not just some dumb simple little dance. Overall i like the game very very much but all i am saying is i feel like it just needs a little more pazazz!

Good game but something is going on…. Subway surfers is a ok game but let me explain why. I was playing super runner to get the skin super runner fresh. I was only on stage 3 of super runner. But, an offer for the super runner fresh set came in the shop. I was planing to buy it, so I waited tomorrow. When it was the next day, I checked to see if the super runner fresh set was still there. And to my surprise, the offer was not there. There was only 7-9 days left to get super runner fresh and the bombastic board. And I was shocked that I HAD TO start over at stage 1 to get super runner fresh and the bombastic board. I wasted head starts on the super runner fresh. My progress was gone for super runner and I decide to give up because it’s just a skin and we don’t get what we usually want. I couldn’t get super runner fresh because there is only a week or 1-6 days left to get super runner fresh. But thanks for making this game. You don’t have to fix this problem. Have a good rest of your day. Bye!

It's Infested. I've been playing Subway Surfers on and off since I was about 10 years old, and I am now about to graduate high school. I seriously regret my most recent re-download because of a few things that I can boil down to one. Money. Not that there are in-app purchases, or that it's pay to win, I don't care about that. It's that my experience in the game is seriously hindered by the developer's need for money. I am constantly being spammed with pop-ups for in-game purchases and screens telling me to buy packs and offers to watch ads to get stuff. The things is, I don't want any of that. I don't want to spend money, I just want to play the game. I can't even use my keys at the end of a run because the game wants me to watch an ad. I do not want to watch an ad, and I can't stand how the developer is so blatantly obsessed and money hungry. Nobody has to listen to me, I just needed to get my thoughts out there. If any other person wants to spend money on the game, I don't care. I just wish my experience weren't ruined by pressure to buy things. I know somebody is thinking that I just shouldn't play the game, and I don't. I played a few runs and deleted it because of the obsession with money and ads.

Best game. I love it’s so fun I would get it if I were you and if you do you’ll have so much fun and if you get one of the mystery boxes you could get a jet pack jet packs I’ll last you for like five seconds but it’s actually really useful and it if you get it but you can tap two times on your screen and it gives you a surfboard and the surfboard doesn’t go out so fast down below on the bottom you can call and see how much time you have and if you crash like into a train it doesn’t make you die so yeah I would try and get the surfboard and if you get it that you can actually like get more because if you get a mystery box I can I have like five in there and then I like you can get more and you can also get big shoes I can’t I’m not because they’re really big you can also jump over trains with it and I it’s just so fun but you have to be careful because I want it ends a can actually make you die but then you just had that typed the surfboard and it yeah so I would get it if I were you🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗😮😮😮😮😍😍😍😍😍😍

Why change?. Listen, I love this game and it’s a great game to pass the time, but why in the world would the devs change something that was already working. Idk why they had to change the engine they were on but it made the game buggy and unresponsive at times. Before this update, I could honestly say the game was perfect. I had 0 issues. The hoverboard mechanic was very responsive even at the higher speed late game. The physics were doing great for a game, but now the hoverboard lags at times, I was in a super late game run where I attempted to activate the hoverboard and it didn’t work until my 4th attempt at double tapping. This wouldn’t have been an issue in the previous update. Also, the roofs can end your game even with a hoverboard? I have the monster board with the high jump ability and I made it admittedly higher than expected, but I just expected to lose the board and continue, but no it killed me entirely. The previous update where I did the same just passed me through no worries. If this is for added difficulty, I guess I can understand, but the fluidity the game once had is gone. The graphics are also poorer in my opinion as well. Also, whose idea was it to change cap of the multiplier from 30 to 29. It makes no sense to change a longstanding norm.

Yeet. I really like this game. To my mind, there aren’t many ads, they do pop up across the home screen occasionally, but you can X out of those easy enough. The other ads are for rewards, which makes it worth it. The actual game is neat. I like the power ups you can get in game, ESPECIALLY the mystery hoverboard. I wish it’d appear more often. It’s really cool to be able to test out the different powers. If I had to change something, I’d want to make an in game option where if you’re ready to leave the game but don’t want to click exit or forcefully run into a train, this will be the option for you. Occasionally in the game, there are already stairs or ramps or whatever going sideways, so it’s be cool to be able to leave that way. Once you take the stairs, ideally there’d be a short escape scene, maybe with a mystery box or something, just because it’d have to be a bit tough to actually get in the stairway or whatever the exit is. It could be a special event/mission! I hope you take this suggestion seriously, because it’d be AWESOME!!!

I love this game, but.... Recent changes have really annoyed me. First was ads that would play after clicking on the home icon. I don’t mind ads that I choose to watch because I want to double my reward, but I don’t want to see ads when moving from one screen to the next. The most recent major annoyance is the red exclamation point on the Shop button. After I click the daily reward and the offers, the red exclamation point still remains. What the heck?!? I don’t want to keep seeing it. Yes, I know there are special offers, and the daily reward is ready, but what else? The third annoyance is ads within ads. What is this new type of purgatory? I see a screen playing a different ad within the ad that’s playing. And the last annoyance (for now, anyway) is that the sound is not always off even when the phone is on silent. What if I were in an important board meeting and surreptitiously playing Subway Surfers and the sound for the ad bursts out? If I silence the game, I expect the ads to be silenced as well. I’ll rate Subway Surfers as 5 ⭐️ if the ad issues are solved, because the game play and reward system is great.

Good, suggestions. I love subway surfers, I’ve played it since I was five. It’s grown over the years, and the world tour was a big, nice hit. I would recommend this to anyone bored, especially during these crazy times. But I have a few suggestions. Can the world tour travel to Malawi, Africa? My dad grew up there, and I would love to see how you design it. Also, can you add a new character: Toon Bot? Toon Bot would be the normal robot body, like tagbot and tankbot, Just a few design changes. For the head, it would be a screen like a TV, changing facial expressions. The TV head would glitch, or bug out whenever the player is caught or damaged. The second costume for Toonbot would be a retro, video game style with a more modern, clean tv instead of an old, 1990 style tv. It would come with a new board witch would simply be a TV remote, special purchasable powers for the board would be zap sideways and super speed. This might add a but of modern-day style to the game. Thank you for reading this far on this review! This is a great game, recommend, thank you, PEACE!

Really Annoying Bug!!!. I just wanna say this game is really fun and I really enjoy it to the fullest it is a really fun game. However it is buggy there is this glitch where I go on a ramp and jump you basically never land and you can’t jump/roll. It gets really annoying especially when you get a really high score you just die because you can’t jump a tiny gap.🙄🙄 On a completely unrelated note I think you should change wordy weekend a bit along with the achievement involving it I think you should only have to do the challenges for characters you have and it well help the achievement too because it will one: influence people to get more skins for the achievement that wants you to own for example 8 characters then you should only have 8 wordy weekend challenge if you have every character then you get a challenge for each one and then you can do then the more characters you get the more challenges you can do and the more high level you can achieve for the achievement that says complete 6 wordy weekend challenge in 1 weekend for example. Great game over all 👍🏻👍🏻

Subway surfers. I love subway surfers! I have probably been playing it for 7 years!! (Or 5 I don’t remember). It’s so addicting to play, like I will wake up in the morning sit in bed and play subway surfers! But what is really getting on my nerves is when I tap to start running and ad pops up and it really frustrating!!! I know lots of other people have had this problem so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE WITH A CHERRY ON TOP, fix it! Also everything is so expensive! Like to get 1.2 million coins is $100 HUNDRED DOLLARS!!! WHOS gonna pay for that? Not me! Also who is gonna buy double coins $5 bucks when you can just pick up a magnet and get TRIPLE COINS! (For free!!) this really makes me confused. Other than that if you don’t already have subway surfers you should definitely get it! It’s super fun to play and the characters are so creative! I recommend this game 97% (not 100% because there is three problems). So subway surfers if you read this please definitely make some changes to the game because I know EVERYONE has these problems 🙂!

Good but needs updating👍🏻. I like the game it is very good, but there’re things that need to be updated, for example there are some bugs and glitches that sometimes makes you die and etc, I feel like the prices on this game are way to high and they need to be way lower for example some of the items and characters are way too expensive and when I try to get to the certain amount it takes days, I would like to have a game were every is at a good price and you have a lot of good stuff to use and you character looks amazing, the last problem is the police officer, I think there should be a way to get away from him quicker, but that’s all. I do have a few things in mind to make the game more fun, once you get to a certain amount of coins and a level, you can customize everything your self, what I also think is to have a race with other people online and to have like a little team and do races and tournaments, the other thing is to have different maps and locations you could go to on the game that would be amazing! Overall the game is good but still needs tons of updates and work.👍🏻

Not the best update, also where did my 600,000+ coins go?. This update is not it honey. I’ve been playing since I was like 5, and the game has never failed to produce quality entertainment. But this, it was just sad to say the least. It lags, the graphics are childish, and the whole update was a mess. When changing from the character section to the board section I now have to wait for it to load, that didn’t use to happen. The graphics now seem like a downgrade compared to what it used to be, how do you even do that? Seriously, the game used to be good enough to be played by all ages, but now it seems like only 6 year olds can enjoy the design. Another thing, this may have been a glitch or something, but where did my coins go? I had like 700,000+ coins, but after the update I was down to about 100,000. Not cool. Not cool at all. I know that you wanted to switch things up, and while I may not like it, it is your game. Hopefully in later updates you will fix things and learn from this experience. Until then, this game will stay deleted. Thanks for the game, at least while it was good. 😔

There are two glitches. So the first one is serious since it interferes with my gameplay, so it says there’s no internet but I do have internet! It’s bugging me tho since so many of the event require you to travel to some other place and it doesn’t work, meaning I can’t get special characters. The second isn’t as major but is still bugging me even if it doesn’t really make a difference when playing the game. So there’s a part in the subway where you go through an arch on the left, and then a train passes through. There are two trains tho, train A and train B. A is moving, so you have to swipe to the right quickly to dodge it. However, when you look through the arch, train B (which is on the same lane as train A, but is stationary instead of moving) appears before train A rushes through quickly. I think it happened because they didn’t take account into how trains can’t switch lanes (there is no indication of that in the game) especially when the trains are so close, and they ended up making train A just go through train B. I like the game but the details just make it a lot better, and there are probably a lot more glitches, but I think you should be more careful about them

Can’t deal with bugs anymore.. This is my go to time waster game and it’s gotten to the point that I’m about to give up on the game altogether. There’s multiple bugs that have screwed over my scores and progress that I have messaged the support team about with screen recording proof and never get anything helpful in response. The game is overloaded with ads these days and heaven forbid you try to use an ad instead of a key to continue a game you’ve just crashed on. Pretty much 1/10 times you do so the entire game freezes up and won’t let you click any other options or let the run end at all. You get to keep event tokens you’ve earned but the score you’ve hit won’t register because it won’t let you finish the run. You lose the progress with no other options than closing out the app. When messaging support about this the write you off as not having game center or facebook linked to ‘save your progress’ but it’s an entirely different issue that I have had show up on not just this account but my alternate one on that I have on an old phone for siblings to use. This bug and so many others have made it so frustrating that I’m about to quit after years of playing every single day.

Ads killed it for me. I used to love this game and played it all the time. After the update a couple years ago I lost all of my skins and characters, and had to restart my progress on collecting them back up. This was no big deal to me, a little disappointing, but I didn’t spend any money so I figured I didn’t lose much but my own time. After losing all my skins and characters I cut back on how much I played, but it was still an enjoyable game to kill some time and the developers didn’t shove ads down my throat like most other mobile games do nowadays. Recently loaded the game back up after a few months break and after the end of each run it gives me the option to watch an ad to double my rewards, or continue on. Not a big deal, this has been around for a while and I just choose to skip the ad and keep playing. The part that made me rate 1 star is the fact that when you choose to skip watching an ad, the game still loads an ad and forces you to watch, except you don’t get any of the rewards that CHOOSING to watch an ad gives you. I am sad to see this game stoop to such levels as it is an OG game for me, and I loved playing it. Sadly I do not play ANY mobile games that force me to watch an ad after each “run”. RIP Subway Surfers 💔

Why is this update a thing? BAD IDEA!. What was the goal when this update was made? I truly HATE this update! Honestly...why does it look like they saw a 7 year old drawing and said “I LiKe tHaT iDEa a LoT” worst update ever! I loved subway surfers till that update! Let me add...Before the update I had no ads what so ever! But now I get ads after every run! I only keep this game just because my high score is 2.6 million. The game is way choppier than it used to be too! Also before the update kinda a while back Star Jake used to be 30 keys to unlock! I used him all the time! But now you have to get 150 spray cans! The part that’s annoying me the most is after the update...I had to unlock Star Jake AGAIN! All I have to say to the people that had the classic Subway Surfers... Do YOU like this update? It really wasn’t worth updating the game...I was kinda happy about the loading screen though! I will say that! One more thing... I noticed the multiplier challenges...I’m at 23x... but I was doing challenges...when I noticed...”23/30 is the 30x the max multiplier? That’s also a bad idea if it is! I had a multiplier of 32x before the update. Then I started with 2x I believe... but now I only keep the game because my high score is pretty good...

Addicting and fun but... I’ve been playing this game ever since I was 5 and I LOVED IT. I’m 12 years old now and still play it to this very day, But as a 5 year old, I guess I really Never understood what the game was about. I just Kinda thought “Oh this game is fun and cool” But never got the message of the game. Subway Surfers Is a game about This kid named Jake and his Friends Who Tend to constantly Paint Graffiti On trains and cause trouble. When The Police showed up, They’d try to run and get as far away as possible But Eventually get Caught By the Officer. Now As a Twelve Year old, I’d Know WAY better than to do such Things, But think About the younger Kids And what they’d say? Imagine If The Very Next Day you get a call from your child’s school and Be very suprised to here your CHILD had been Spraying Paint on the back of the school? I guess my only Recommendation for S.S. Is to maybe make the game 10+ Only? I know it sounds strict but I can Only imagine a child loosing their innocence at the age of 3. You don’t have to listen to me but.. Just my opinion. Have a great day! 😊

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 9+ years and older
Current Version 3.15.0
Play Store com.kiloo.subwaysurfers
Compatibility iOS 11.0 or later

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The application Subway Surfers was published in the category Games on 24 May 2012, Thursday and was developed by Sybo Games ApS [Developer ID: 471259040]. This program file size is 250.76 MB. This app has been rated by 2,672,575 users and has a rating of 4.6 out of 5. Subway Surfers - Games app posted on 17 July 2023, Monday current version is 3.15.0 and works well on iOS 11.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.kiloo.subwaysurfers. Languages supported by the app:

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- The Subway Surfers World Tour heads to vibrant Buenos Aires! - The Rivals story continues! Bruno goes head-to-head with Yutani in a battle to determine who has the best tech! Tackle a tense Tag Time Attack challenge to unlock Bruno and his Future Wave Board. - Rosa gets a new look: find her Ceibo Outfit in the Season Hunt! - Complete exciting challenges throughout the season to collect Event Coins and unlock amazing content - including Super Runner Yutani!

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