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Wreckfest Game Description & Overview

What is wreckfest app? Burn rubber and shred metal in the ultimate driving playground!

Wreckfest is jam-packed with upgrade and customization options. Whether you are preparing for your next demolition derby with reinforced bumpers, roll cages, side protectors and much more, or setting your car up for a banger race with engine performance parts like air filters, camshafts, fuel systems, etc., Wreckfest is shaping up to be the best combative motorsport game out there.

• Unique Racing Experience – Exhilarating no-rules racing action with defining, once-in-a-lifetime moments that can be achieved only with a true-to-life physics simulation. Witness insane neck-to-neck fighting on high-speed circuits, face total destruction madness on crazy courses with intersections and oncoming traffic, or go for demolition dominance in derby arenas.

• Awesome Cars – Our cars are old, banged up, patched together... They ooze style and character! From old American heavy-hitters to agile Europeans and fun Asians, you won’t find anything like this in other games.

• Meaningful Customization – Change not only the look of your cars but also upgrade their body armor – Reinforce them with heavy iron that protects you from damage, but also adds weight, which impacts the cars handling. Modify your car to make a robust tank or a fragile but lightning-fast rocket, or anything in between!

• Multiplayer – Wreck your friends in local multiplayer and take racing to the limit while chasing for demolition dominance!

• Challenge modes – Have hilarious fun with crop harvesters, lawn mowers, school buses, three-wheelers and much more!

• Career Mode – Battle for championships, earn experience, unlock new upgrades and cars, and become the all-time Wreckfest champion!

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App Name Wreckfest
Category Games
Updated 14 May 2023, Sunday
File Size 1016.89 MB

Wreckfest Comments & Reviews 2023

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Great game but. I don’t understand why multiplayer isn’t functional and why the servers are offline the game would 10/10 if I could play multiplayer races instead of career even though I’ve beaten this game

Absolutely Phenomenal!. When I heard Wreckfest was coming to mobile I preordered it so it would d/load the moment it was released. To be honest, I was expecting it to be somewhat watered down for mobile with low fps, but… I was excitedly wrong! It’s the whole game, replays with DoF options, all the maps, and all the cars at super smooth FPS!!! The game is so good it’s mind blowing! I can run it around 60 fps on my iPhone SE 20! What?!!! I have never been this happy with an iOS game. The bar has been raised way overhead and this sets the standard for TRIPLE A iOS games now. Wreckfest in all it’s glory is on my iPhone! WOW!! This app will stay parked on my Home Screen for years to come. Beyond amazing. Practically Devine! Mega 5 Stars! ✨ ⭐️ 💫

Game Is all here. I’d you enjoy Wreckfest, this is a no brainer. Developer was quick to fix issues and the game works flawlessly now. Converts really well to touch controls and has controller support as well. If you’ve never played Wreckfest, you will not go wrong with this. 100% recommending this to friends.

Great game, just one suggestion/request. To start this review I want to note that iOS is my 3rd system I have purchased wreckfest for. I bought the launch version for ps4, then purchased on PC and now iOS. All versions are true full versions of the game which is much appreciated. The game is a blast to play. On iOS, I mostly play on my iPad and the one request I have is to set up controller button mapping. It’s nice that you have 9 preset button configurations however there are only 2 different options for gas/brakes in all of those presets. I’m using the SteelSeries stratus and there is only a pause button which is alway mapped to the change view in game. I have to use touch screen to pause the game and by then I have already wrecked. Also the controller is smaller for portability so the fact that the right and left trigger buttons are pressure sensitive makes for a difficult race where my hands hurt afterwards. Many other games let you select and map each and every button and my hope is that in a near future update this could be implemented. Thanks for a great game dev team!

BEWARE, DO NOT BUY. Won’t open on any of my new devices. It went through 3.8 gig update, closed out. Now won’t open at all, just gets to title screen and closes. Don’t buy this one, stick to console version. Do they not test these before taking $10 from customers? Shame on you *Update: Still doesn’t load, even in airplane mode. At this point I may request my money back.

Backbone works!. First of all, Backbone controller does work. The Backbone app doesn’t recognize the game as a supported title but the game works perfectly. I’ve been using my Backbone exclusively on this since the post launch update and haven’t had any issues. Recording and controls all work. Now, the game is great! If you’re a fan of the console versions or if you never played them and are looking for a full release racing game, you’re going to be happy. The whole release is here with all of the console quality greatness. Particle effects when you crash, damage, customizing, multiplayer, everything is here. Keep in mind you do have to still have to pay for all the DLC if you want it but I’m happy that it all came to the port! Again, this is a full and complete racing game WITH the ability to use the Backbone! No more arcade racers for me!

OnDemandResource issue. I was really looking forward to play this game after purchasing it. But after downloading the files, it got stuck at the last two files and it won’t download. It keeps saying OnDemandResourse error and it won’t let it download. I tried reinstalling and it didn’t work. Please fix this since I payed 10 bucks for this game, and I know it’s a good game since I play it on Xbox.

No Multiplayer. I downloaded this game for the sole purpose of playing with my brother. However, it appears the servers are always down and never working. When will this be fixed? Also can you do parties so we can join a server after pairing with a friend? Makes it easier to join the same game.

Great game, just wish the visuals weren’t so cut back. I assume these will get fixed but: 1. constant crashes when launching the app, with or without airplane mode enabled 2. no Backbone support. May refund until these things are fixed. Will easily be 5/5 once updated

Much better after the update. The game was released with a bug that prevented many purchasers from playing. Me included. However, after the update, it is quite good! It’s not quite up to the console or PC versions, but it’s pretty close. The game has lots of customization options (for example, frame rate and detail levels) and it now has Backbone controller support. Go for it!

Updated: Awesome!. I was one of the ones with the instant crash issue, but the developer not only responded with a work around, but they also fixed the issue in record time! Not only is this an amazing game, incredibly fun to play, but I really want to support top quality developers like this, so I immediately bought all the DLC too! Keep up the solid work!

Doesn’t run, crashes after downloaded the extra content.. Sorry, but it’s unlikely that people are going to tweak on their phones to get this running so that downloadable content doesn’t crash things.. Didn’t realize this game included microtransactions that collectively cost more than the game. Unsurprising since this is unfinished early access from Steam from years and years ago. You are trying to make money again on a game that did not do well the first time with PC. This looks a lot like a moneygrab, seeing as you absolutely wont develop this beyond a port to transfer all the stuff people didn’t care to buy on PC for watered down mobile users that might click the $7.99 installment pack.

Best phone game on the market.. Had trouble starting the game so I reached out to the developer. They were quick to respond with a good fix to get me started. The very next morning they had a patch out for they game. Super polished, very smooth gameplay, good car control. I'm very impressed. I love the console version and did not expect the mobile version to be so good.

THE BEST RACING GAME IVE EVER PLAYED ON MOBILE!. This is a very good racing/derby game. I would definitely recommend this to all people that enjoy racing games. The graphics are beautiful, the game runs very smooth buuuut.. this game has a problem gaining popularity on many platforms, especially on mobile. When you tap multiplayer, nobody seems to be on. This could be that the price is $10 USD. I also realize theres no advertisements on this game, that would really help boost popularity. Also maybe lowering the price of the game?

App Doesn’t Crash Anymore. Glad they fixed the issue right away. The game is playable. It’s a bit laggy but honestly, I was kind of expecting it since it’s a console/pc game they managed to port to mobile. I’m impressed. It’s a great way to take the game with you and get a quick demolition derby match in when bored!!

Game has been fixed. Bought this like an hour right before the update dropped to fix the crash during startup, game runs like a dream on a 12.9 M2 iPad Pro 1tb model with maxxed out graphic settings, only other problem I’ve encountered is the game freaks out when you buy any of the DLC but a force quit and relaunch fixes that

Zooms when you come back.. I love the game no doubt but every time I’m playing the game and I lock my phone or even reply to a text message when I come back to the app it’s zoomed in. The only way to fix it that I have found is to close the app and restart it, it’s frustrating when I’m in an event and I have to pause it and my phone locks. Either Finnish the event with a super zoom or lose all progress and restart the app.

This game rocks. Wreakfeast is a great game on the Xbox. Even though they are similar, the mobile version is way better because it has a dirt effect on the car. This game is also great because compared to the other demolition games it is high quality and wasn’t rushed through. Another great feature is that there is no ads. I truly recommend this game and it is worth the money.

Best Mobile Game BUT…. This is by far the best Mobile Racing game I’ve ever played. From performance, to quality, graphics, damage model, and physics. This mobile game is as real as it gets! One of my favorite games to play on Xbox is now right in my pocket! BUT…. I have gotten multiple friends to buy the game and we all love it, the only problem is going to “Multiplayer”, it won’t show any lobbies even if we create a lobby. The Multiplayer screen also keeps crashing on the “Refreshing” screen and when creating a lobby it keeps crashing on the “Generating Lobby” screen. Please fix the multiplayer section! Other than that it is a very good mobile game but please fix this so I can wreck my friends!!!

Stable, Fun, Worth Every Cent. Finally, someone makes an excellent port that works great on iPad with lots of options. This game is a blast and worth exploring all the different levels and tournaments options. So fun. Take my money, and keep bringing good stuff like this!

New favorite. So yeah this is sweet… developer quickly addressed initial issues. This is my new go-to. So awesome such high quality game for a phone after cranking it up to 60fps. Definitely worth the $10.

Simply Incredible Game. Look, I have yet to write a review on the App Store. I am a law enforcement officer, that absolutely loves iPhone games to take a break from a busy department while on shift. This game… is an incredible feat for the developers and can easily become one of the greatest mobile games of all time. Simply put, this game is well worth the money in my opinion. The graphics and gameplay is insane. The ONLY thing this game is missing, is more vehicle customization. If that gets focused on a little more, in addition to a little more demolition derby to match the amount of races, this game will be unstoppable.

Amazing. There are a few iOS games that are console level and really make you feel like you have a portable console in your hands. This is one of them. Triple A game. Thank you developers

Don’t listen to other comments read this one. The games reviews are not the best but the game is very good. I downloaded it today and I am in love with it. Although there is one small thing I do not like about the game. I don’t like the fact you have to near a server host to be able to join a multiplayer server. Other than that the game is very good. Hope this helped with you.

Very impressive on M1 iPad Air. So yea they accidentally published a broken version. I haven’t seen many devs rush to fix a problem like HandyGames. Thx dudes. Great port. Very impressed. I already have PC version happy to have paid $10 just to see how it runs on my iPad. Once you get the feel for the physics this game is amazing. Up there with Mario Kart.

The amount of bugs is unreal. Why haven’t they fix the insane amount of bugs yet because some of the bugs makes the game almost unplayable especially in the tournament with this weird color in the snow maps which makes it very hard to see and there is also a glitch with the camera when using the camera that let u look around glitches out sometimes and fix the problem that kicks u out and says error when upgrading a vehicle please! And also add a option in replay to be able to play back instead of restarting the replay.

Fun Game!. Had some problems getting game to work at first. Since the work around and now the hot fix it works perfect. Never played this on any console and sorry I didn’t. This is fun and hilarious. Never thought I’d be racing a sofa around a course. Lol.

One of the few rare premium console/PC ports.. This game is the real deal: the full console/PC version (sans online multiplayer) is on mobile at a heavily reduced price for the base game. The (extra cars) DLC is the same price as the other versions of the game, but they’re not required to have fun and experience all the tracks in the game. The game looks and plays better than the Switch port, and even has LAN multiplayer which is nearly unheard of for a premium game on mobile. The iOS version had a rough day 1 (crash on) launch bug which resulted in most of the 1 star reviews here so far. Could barely ask for more; thanks Bugbear and HandyGames!

Liked it so much on Steam Deck bought it on iOS as well. Great game on my SteamDeck so thought I’d buy on my iPhone 14 Pro Max as well. Unfortunately, controller support via Backbone is broken. Basically 3 out of 5 time that you try to shove the left stick to the left it interprets this not as a steer left but a pause. So the game is constantly pausing. Awful bug. I’ve gone into controller settings and tried to address but that’s not an option. And no….it’s not reading a left stick click as this isn’t an issue in any other Backbone controlled game I have. I don’t recommend until this is addressed.

Still Working out the Kinks. This game is AWESOME! However there are still some issues that have been there since day one that haven’t been addressed along with some new ones after the recent update. The most frustrating one during gameplay is the new 360 mirror. I love the idea in theory, but when you utilize the review button and don’t hit it precisely you will be staring at the side of the car when you’re wanting to see what’s behind you or vise versa. There is also an issue that has been a problem since day one… the paint shop. I will change the colors and livery of the vehicle, save, and start a race and the changes will not save. While it doesn’t effect game play, this seems like a very simple fix to a problem that has been there since roll out. This being said, and a few issues not being said, this game continues to be incredible. I absolutely love it!

Keep the premium titles coming. I own a few of the titles you have released. Glad to see more quality stuff hitting the App Store. My only complaint, a minor one, in your description please state just how much storage is needed. The additional 3.7 gigs was a surprise. A welcome surprise because it makes for a better game. But a heads up would be nice. I know it probably has to do with the initial download package being the 1.7 gigs stated. I am guessing this is how Apple allows for better distribution of the game assets. So it is probably more their issue than yours. But a description heads up would be good. Thanks. Keep publishing! We are eager for more!

They fixed crash on start up that everyone was experiencing. They fixed crash on start up that everyone was experiencing. I was surprised that it only took them one day to issue this patch. Now I can enjoy this incredibly awesome game.

Update!. Now that the issues with launching are resolved, I can give this game 5 stars. It’s Wreckfest, just on your phone, the exact same game. That is a giant thumbs up from me, I’m glad it’s finally here, thanks devs for fixing the launch issues so quickly.

Fun but needs work. I had wreckfest on PlayStation and it is a blast of game but the mobile version still needs a lot of work on the controls. I’ve already lost numerous races because the car wouldn’t turn when I’m telling it too. I’ve lost another race at the finish line because the car for some reason would not move despite pressing the gas (car wasn’t wrecked, the engine was revving, but just wouldn’t move). I would recommend making the size of the controls adjustable as well

Truly Amazing. Update I had an issue where I lost most of my cars which wasn’t cool, but when I restored my purchases, everything seems to be back to normal! Phenomenal game, one of my favorites ever on mobile. Update…… i’ve been loving this game and then I went in today and almost all my cars are not showing I’m on the last group of races but all of a sudden almost half my cars that I’ve unlocked, and Purchased are gone! It can’t be that the game reset because it still shows my correct level and everything but all my cars are gone! I don’t know if this can be fixed but I’m pretty disappointed. I always give a new big release at least a day before I throw out bad reviews because of trouble at launch. They fixed it promptly and I’m amazed how well this runs on my older phone. From what I can tell it’s all here and plays amazing. On my phone! What an accomplishment, hats off devs, best $10 I’ve spent in a long time, maybe ever. I may even purchase the DLC car pack because this is definitely worth $20 to have this on my phone. I’ll update if I run into any issues but so far not a single hiccup. So all you people with no patience…change your one star reviews, this is a 5 star app if there ever was one.

Multiplayer. Just a question no complaints whatsoever, I can’t get multiplayer to work just wondering if that’s just on my side or something that’s still being worked out? Love the game I have it on con’s as well.

Good needs tiny update. It doesn’t make sense when I hit something hard and the glass just bends it should break not just bend with the metal it’s weird when it happens

FINALLY! A TRUE console game!. I’m not kidding. This is the true console game. I didn’t believe it either and with the startup bug (now fixed) I was hesitant to purchase. This game IS TRULY the console game. Connect your controller and off you go! Other developers take note. No more “your car is being repaired for the next 3 hours but pay $5 for instant repair.” THIS game does it right. pay a few bucks, get the full game, no limitations or forced stupid 3 lap sprints in a bad car. Wreckfest IS done right and if you follow suit (Codemasters F1?) I will gladly pay a one time fee for full unlimited console style game play. I’m sorry but I know I’m not alone. I don’t have time to wait for dinosaurs to recharge, a day for my building to be erected, or hours to earn a ridiculous amount of money to by a mediocre car or an upgrade. JUST MAKE YOUR GAME CONSOLE STYLE AND ILL GIVE YOU MY CARD! Kudos Wreckfest. You did it right! What console style game is next?

Sound issue. It’s a pretty good game overall I’ve and almost completely beat it on my Xbox, but my mobile games volume don’t work, how do I fix that? Cuz like I said it’s a good game overall but I dont have any games sounds

Couple of Issues. Now, I have enjoyed playing it thus far on my 12.9 iPad Pro max using my ps4 controller. My biggest issue so far is…in the middle the middle of the race I want to change my controller configuration.? Well, you have it all there to be done but when I hit exit and save I’m still in the same configuration every single time! Now this may have been brought up in other reviews but I don’t care about other reviews. That’s their experience, this is mine and you guys collaborate them all together to fix your game so it performs as close to perfect as you can get. Next, I’m multiplayer mode…..what am I missing? There are no servers to join and I haven’t been successful making my own. Now I’m just a graphiX designer guy and love what I see so far. I’m just curious as to how I go about joining the multiplayer mode. I probably didn’t read everything that probably would have told me but who reads the instructions to anything these days. Anyway, I hope to hear back from you soon. Diggin’ It so far minus these issues. Thanks P.S. I’ve bought every car you got and when I go into a tailored race like folk heroes and everybody else is in little cars, I’m in a police car. And the mini race or micro race I’m in a freaking monster truck. Multiplayer isn’t working, I didn’t burn up all that cash just to play with myself. Come on man. Fix this and I’ll give it a better review. Too bad I have to give it 5 stars to get attention

Multiplayer issue!!. Me and my friends tried to make a lobby and play together and we were all of the same wifi network and when I would create a lobby it didn’t pop up for them can you guys please fix this besides that it’s an amazing game

Terrible port. This game didn’t even work on release. I preordered it and waited through multiple delays for something that doesn’t work. The graphics are absolutely atrocious on my iphone se 2, and it looks like a ps2 game at sub 480p resolution. You guys at handygames should read up on Feral Interactive and make games of similar quality. Don't buy this mobile port for any reason, it’s not worth the money. If you have any other consoles or a gaming pc, but it on there.

Great game!. I have this game for the Xbox, PS5, and PC. Let’s just say I looovvee this game. This is a faithful port that probably runs better than the Switch version. It looks and runs great and plays surprisingly well with touch controls. I might suggest being able to toggle the accelerator to be wherever you touch just like the steering is.

The game is great but. The game will crash upon opening so I pre ordered it in September and waited till October 28 but it got pushed back. So I soon it dropes I downloaded it and hoped on to surprise did it work but after a day I found out using the airplane mode worked but other than that this game is a blast thank you Edit: thank you for fixing the game you guys are awesome

Better now. It had a rough couple of days, but the app now runs and this thing is pretty amazing. Bought this and started playing it again on my PS5. Really pretty amazing port.

Crash fixed! Works offline!. Developers recommended turning off the internet and the game works! I absolutely love games that work offline! Game looks amazing for mobile! Hats off to the developers for allowing offline play!

Runs better than it did on my Xbox…. I waited for the reviews to pop back up from the initial launch bugs and man they fixed that launch business quick. I plonked down my ten smackers for a console quality experience on mobile. I am playing this on my iPad because who am I kidding and the M1 really shines here. I can only hope that other developers see what THQ and BugBear did here and try to bring some more extremely high quality games to iOS.

NASCAR Legends.. Banger game, but it would be cool if you guys had nascar legends as a dlc. Stuff like that. Bet you guys would get a whole lot more people buying your game. Especially with tracks like Bristol, Talladega, Daytona, Indianapolis, etc. Make it happen, and you’ll find me buying that faster than candy.

One issue need to be fixed. !!READ IT PLEASE!! I bought one of the dlc but I cant upload my save file to the cloud,but if I download my original save file,it can be uploaded,FIX IT PLZ!Or my save file will all disappear if I change a new device!

Where’s the Quality Assurance prior to launch?. Absolutely disgusted that they would allow this garbage onto the App Store. Can’t even open/load. Crashes immediately. Whose ever in charge of this port, needs to be fired. It was already delayed from October 25 to November 15, but yet they still managed to put out this steaming pile of horse dung. Unbelievable!! Obviously I will be getting a refund. Their mobile port team needs to be dissolved. Gross and unethical to allow a non functioning game that cost $10 onto the App Store. Truly nefarious. ****Update***** Problems fixed. Developers reached out. This was my favorite game on console and I was disappointed with initial state of release. But all is right in the App world and now I can rate the actual gameplay. Great port by the way. Please allow capable devices to download texture packs for even better visuals.

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Custom games. It runs really well with my iPhone 11 and I played it for about 2 hours straight and then eventually it just crashed. Now I can’t play multiplayer or custom events without it crashing. Please fix this as I love ramming cars off jumps in customs :)

Quality Port, Early Issues Quickly Resolved. If it vaguely looks like something you will enjoy, you will. Be aware it needs a total of 6Gb of space but it’s worth it. I have this already on PC (Steam), Xbox (GamePass) but will happily get this to support porting great games to mobile. Play with a controller and be at the peak of iOS racing joy.

Game wont play when opened. I’ve downloaded the game on my iPad Pro and it just doesn’t want to play when I open the app it just keeps closing every time I open it. It just goes the loading screen then closes

Idk. Turn your data off and it will work fine 😂 Well from 11pm Australian time it’s works anyway 😂

Won’t start. ***bug fixed*** First be aware this game to download is 1.5GB but to play it needs to download another 4GB so you need 6GB of free space to play this game. The bug has been fixed for me so can now play. Graphics seem good will do an update when I have played it more

Rip off. Whilst it ‘may’ work now, it remains abhorrently expensive…!!!

Great game if it launches. Very playable on my new iPad (10th gen) with an almost locked 60 FPS at medium/high settings. Sadly it keeps crashing when you launch it though, but I know it will be fixed so I’m rating it high. It’s not fair to rate the game 1 star because of this glitch… in my opinion. It will hurt the games overall rating in the long run.

Crashes. Game won’t get passed the loading screen and then just crashes. iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Thank me later🙂. If your game crashes when it’s loading, go into the settings, tap “general”, “date and time” then uncheck the “set automatically” button then make it one day in the future, then put it in airplane mode. It works I promise but every time you want to play Wreckfest, you have to do those steps.

Unplayable. Game crashes at load screen consistently

A Few Questions About Wreckfest For The Developers. The port is amazing! The physics are next level, the graphics are beautiful. It’s all a racing enthusiast could ask for! But I have some questions: > Is Wreckfest’s physics still being developed or improved? > Will Wreckfest mobile ever support crossplay with console? Otherwise, amazing game! Love it!

App crashes on loading screen. Was generally excited to play this game spent $14 on it Got it all downloaded gets to the loading screen and crashes… yep there goes my money down the drain 🤦🏻‍♂️

Crashes. Won't get past the loading screen on my iPad. Just crashes with a black screen while trying to run in the background. Waste of $$$ unfortunately.

Not working. Not working

No good enough for the money. Good game however not worth the money there’s better free games out there

Fun and afk but. This game is great,I love playing it with my brother but there is one problem! When playing local player with bots my game always crashes when I use more then 10 bots my game will crash! Bedsides that great game

It’s fixed!. Forget about the one star reviews, the developers have listened and have fixed the bug that crashes the game. This is the full wreckfest experience on your phone, well worth the money you spend and a must have!

The best. I have this game on Xbox and was obsessed with it. Played it so much. Found that it was on iOS and holy cow! Looks just as good and the levels load in five seconds instead on a minute on the old One. So happy, this isn’t a game you can just plough into all the cars on the first corner at top speed then hold first for the rest of the race. One of the best racers to make you “never want to hit anyone” if you are to succeed on the highest levels. Spectacular when you do fly to pieces though 😂

Lags. It will let me down load the data for it but won’t let me play the actual game 😭😭

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Crashes.. I can’t say anything about the game because I can’t passed the load screen. Sorry.

Won’t launch. I have a iPhone 13 Pro Max and the game crashes on the title screen, tried reinstalling it clearing cache data still doesn’t work

Wow this game brings me back. I remember playing this on my PS3. What a blast to be able to play it on my phone now. With my iPhone pro 13 max I can prank everything up and it plays great. Such attention to detail—it’s just like playing the full-size Consol edition. Thanks gang.

It’s money grab. Don’t buy the game !!! It doesn’t even load u into the game I asked for refund on this game so disappointed

Found fix for iOS. The game needs airplane mode for some reason. I hope one day it works with global multiplayer.

$13 for nothing. Download the game, immediately need to download 3.6 GB of more data. Gets through 1 of 21 files and crashes. Either fix this or give me a refund. Terrible.

Crashing. Just got this game and when it gets to the loading screen it crashes, please fix it

Exact recreation of PC game. Maybe better!. I’ve played the PC version since beta testing and love the game: hilarious racing, great physics. Racing isn’t as ‘pure’ as some of the other racing games: there is contact, there is ramping. All by the bots, so get out there and use it! But watch out for damage. One thing I love over the PC version is the added game adjustability to support tilt controls (or console controller!). Having trouble? The game has three levels of tweaking for you to experiment with: race level difficulty such as abs, traction and stability settings and AI skill. Then there is car tuning such as diff, brake balance and more to help control straight line stability or rotational ability. Finally the game itself has sensitivity to controls: tilt delay, tilt ramp up, dead zones for turning, acceleration and braking. I’ve had very little problem with the game. The only difficulty coming from ‘stuck in reverse’ (once). I’d also like to see a larger option for the hud: pretty small on my iPad mini 5 (make bigger and slightly more transparent). But that would require changes to the base PC game from bugbear I think. Oh and they do not track any of your personal data!!! Buy the game just for that! And while there are in-game purchases, the full PC game is there for the base price. And no pay to win. Strongly recommend you buy. And have fun!

Lots of bugs. It’s a great game but there are loads of bugs. The game freezes, crashes. If you exit the game screen to check another app and come back it’s glitched. 5 stars if they can sort out the problems.

Wheres online. Where is the online. Impressive game but it needs online not local multiplayer.

An update. Now that bugs are squashed happy with the game

Wreckfest….. Crushes on the title screen. Truly a ‘wreck’fest

Crashes but…. The game crashes but I know when it gets fixed it’s gonna be a good game I’ve played it on ps4 and pc and it is probably one of the most fun racing games as long as it gets fixed it will be amazing

This games sucks. It’s taking more then 1.5 GB and it’s not loading.I deleted all of my games to just to play this game and it still isn’t working

Crashes. It crashes at the loading screen I have iOS 16 installed and iPhone XR

Best racing game on iOS/iPad. I was so excited to see Wreckfest on the store! Outside of simulation racing, this is my favorite racing game on PC. It's quite impressive how well it's been ported to iOS. The driving skill is the best part, the physics are quite indicative of reality and requires quite a bit of finesse to be the best. This leads to some of the tightest racing I've ever had in a video game. I tend to focus on clean track racing while watching the hilarious chaos around me. Demolition and soft-body physics is always fun too. Controller is absolutely required if you want the most immersive experience. Being compatible with the Xbox tactile triggers adds a great layer of tactility. I really hope this game becomes more popular so that online racing flourishes and the devs can justify more updates.

Just like the steam version!. Thanks for fixing the crash bug and response! Very good controls, love the game triple A quality! Worth the wait!!

Visual adds!!!. 1. If it possible, add more shadows around four wheels area, in some scenes it looks odd, the wheel suppose to touch the ground. 2. When you move the steering, driver’s hands stay frozen:) 3. Need adjust a bit of a colour palette, it’s to bright and dark at the same time, surround environment could be a bit wash out and blur… Over all good idea, to see in a future some rally tracks would be nice too :) !!!

Realistic Racer 5/5. This is by far the best realistic racing game I’ve played yet! Very fun to play, especially with a Backbone controller.

Update crash my game. Good game played it yesterday and it was fine yesterday no crashing seen an update for it so I updated and now it crashes

Awsome!. This game is one of the best games I have ever played. In my opinion this is worth the money for not only how smooth the game is, but the graphics too is out of this world! Well done HandyGames you nailed it! 👍🏻

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Amazing game, I just can’t play my own music over the game. If I could play my music over the game and keep it playing while in game instead of it instantly pausing, I would absolutely play only this game, but it’s ruined for me all because I can’t play my own music while twisting and bending metal, not cool… fix this issue now or I’m gonna make sure I get all my money back…

5star, but no PvP. Would have gladly gave 5 star, however there is no regular PvP like on console and PC, at least not at the time of this review! I love the game, worth the $10 and even the packs are cheap so I bought them too! PVP IS A BIG DEAL THO!

The iCloud save bug. It’s back again the iCloud save bug great it needs to go can you fix it handygames

$10 for a game that doesn’t work. Game never makes it to the menu screen, opens, starts to load then black screen and crash. Extremely disappointed with this purchase. I would like a refund!

Just wow. Been playing the original wreckfest since day 1 and this port is just amazing. It does drain my battery but its still wreckfest on the go.

Please add Controller Support. I have the backbone one and I’d like to have this game on my main screen for backbone

HandyGames. I’d Rate This App 100 Stars If I Could But Instead I Will Give This Game 5 Stars Because Now That I Have Wreckfest My Phone I Can Play Wreckfest Anywhere At Anytime Thank You So Very Much You Guys Are Truly Amazing And The Best 🥰

Can’t even play. Download the game easily, I open the game and I see I have to download the Resoures. It downloads the first file easily and quickly. The second file will not download and stay at 0% I’ve deleted the game and retried 3 different times. I’ve contacted support and they were not helpful. Need a refund.

BEWARE, DO NOT BUY. Won’t open on any of my new devices. It went through 3.8 gig update, closed out. Now won’t open at all, just gets to title screen and closes. Don’t buy this one, stick to console version. Do they not test these before taking $10 from customers? Shame on you *Update: Still doesn’t load, even in airplane mode. At this point I may request my money back.

Airplane mode, change date manually.. Game works great, devs fixed crash issue quickly.

This game is great. This game is great and all but there is one problem when I try to do Glendale country side derby it just shows a black screen and I have to re enter the game. But overall I really enjoy this game.

Plz helpMe. I just bought the game n it goes to download all assets when u first open the game n it gets stuck on the 2nd download outa 21

Why black smiley face over wheels on “charger”?. LOVE. THIS. GAME. Just wondering why there are black smiley faces over the some of the wheel types when selected for (specifically, I believe) the “charger” model? Would love to see them gone. 🙂

Can’t upload my save data to the cloud! Please help. Whenever I try to upload my save data to the cloud it says save data failed to upload. Its a great game I just want to be able to upload my save data to the cloud please help

Texture Packs. I love this game to my heart’s content, but can the developers please make it available to add texture packs to make the gameplay look real sharp?

Just one thing. When you press server browser it won’t load and it just says refreshing pls fix it please ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️thanks.

Literally the best mobile game ever. This is finally what a mobile port should be. Everything in the game is on mobile, no cut corners.

Online Multiplayer. When will we get the chance to play multiplayer with friends?

THIS GAME IS AMAZING. This game is amazing and was my all time favorite racing game back on the ps4 now it’s able to be ported on my phone is even better very well worth 10$

AAA Great step for ios. Fantastic for a phone! The games just keep getting better. Almost to many good games to play…

One issue need to be fixed. !!READ IT PLEASE!! I bought one of the dlc but I cant upload my save file to the cloud,but if I download my original save file,it can be uploaded,FIX IT PLZ!Or my save file will all disappear if I change a new device!

Need to fix the zoom glitch.. Love this game but there’s a glitch where the camera zooms in and there’s no way to fix it.

All my progress is gone. The game was great. Then all of a sudden the game wasn’t on my phone anymore so I downloaded it again. Once I put the fresh install on, I logged into my account, all my cars and progress was gone but yet my account still had all my achievements (which included one saying I obtained 25 cars). All that work down the drain.

An absolute blast!. Wreckfest for mobile is to demolition derby as GRID AutoSport is to circuit racing! The cream of the crop! The best there is! Worth every penny! Thank you so much for bringing this game to the mobile platform!

After update. After the update it no longer crashes on start. Great game. Will update to 5 star once I test my controller. Thanks for updating so quickly.

It finally works!!. People - The bugs are fixed! The game plays fantastic on my iPad Air 2020! Great visuals! Just like it was on Google Stadia. Went from 1 star to 5! :)

Game. U guys should make it so I can play with my friends on ps4 I would give it 5 stars bc I thought I was going to be able to play with ps4 that why I bought the game

Cool. I cant play it on my iPad because it’s 4.5 Gega bytes and my iPad is not big enough so yea could you maybe make the game a little smaller?

Fix your game. It says I don’t own any of the cars that I own so I can’t race the double Dekker or one of the races that want an a class car with American flag, but I do own one

Amazing but…. The graphics are a little less than expected but overall a very good game fun to play!!!

Fixed it. I’m glad they fixed the title screen lag out now I can login with no problems

Good needs tiny update. It doesn’t make sense when I hit something hard and the glass just bends it should break not just bend with the metal it’s weird when it happens

No multiplayer. I’m finding out now after the purchase that there is no online multiplayer. Why? This defeats most of the fun to be had in this game.

Use a Bluetooth controller. Wreckfest is easily the best racing game for phones. playing it with a Bluetooth controller gives it the exact same feel as playing it on Xbox or pc. For $10 it was worth every penny.

I could write a long review.. But no need to. Hands down the best $10 I’ve spent on a driving game. Every aspect Finally a game that has excellent replay controls Hats off to you Devs.

Very good. It’s almost the same as it is on console. A very fun game would recommend.

Why do I have to download stuff???.. When I first got this game I was really excited to play WRECKFEST but now I have to download 20+files why? I had to delete almost of my stuff just to run this game. Please make it where I can’t download anything besides the app and dlcs I get

(Won’t install) - Old title! New Title - Amazing game, amazing support!. (Last part of Installation gets stuck at 60% and then gives error message.) - Old review. New review: The game is awesome I own one copy on steam as well. Additionally as you can see, devs are responsive! If you encounter a problem, they will fix it. So don’t worry! I am highly recommending it for easy nice relaxing gameplay!

Phenomenal!. Buttery smooth gameplay with super fast loading & great graphics. One of the best games on mobile!

My game doesn’t work. Why every time I try creating a match on custom it freaking kicks me out of the game please respond devs

Sound issue. It’s a pretty good game overall I’ve and almost completely beat it on my Xbox, but my mobile games volume don’t work, how do I fix that? Cuz like I said it’s a good game overall but I dont have any games sounds

Good game. This is a good game and it has some very fun race tracks however there is not a very wide veriety of cars. You could add like more trucks or better race cars but overall good game.

Back bone request. I want to request for the game to be available for the backbone.

Thanks game. Had to get a new phone because this game made my other IPHONE 12 overheat I think But it’s worth it good job guys

I just wanna give you more $$$. App is still not working on ipad M2 - i want to download DLC but can not load game unless on airplane mode - game is great though so far

Amazing. There are a few iOS games that are console level and really make you feel like you have a portable console in your hands. This is one of them. Triple A game. Thank you developers

Best game on mobile. One of the best racing games on mobile and it runs so smoothly But is there any plans for ps5 controller options it works but not all buttons

Better now. It had a rough couple of days, but the app now runs and this thing is pretty amazing. Bought this and started playing it again on my PS5. Really pretty amazing port.

Backbone support please. They have fixed the start up problem. Just waiting on backbone controller support and this will hands down be my all time favorite racer on iOS

New favorite. So yeah this is sweet… developer quickly addressed initial issues. This is my new go-to. So awesome such high quality game for a phone after cranking it up to 60fps. Definitely worth the $10.

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Wreckfest 1.0.83 Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Rules

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Wreckfest 1.0.83 Games Screenshots & Images

Wreckfest iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Language English
Price $9.99
Adult Rating 9+ years and older
Current Version 1.0.83
Play Store com.hg.wreckfest
Compatibility iOS 14.0 or later

Wreckfest (Versiyon 1.0.83) Install & Download

The application Wreckfest was published in the category Games on 14 November 2022, Monday and was developed by HandyGames [Developer ID: 316574911]. This program file size is 1016.89 MB. This app has been rated by 367 users and has a rating of 4.3 out of 5. Wreckfest - Games app posted on 14 May 2023, Sunday current version is 1.0.83 and works well on iOS 14.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.hg.wreckfest. Languages supported by the app:

EN FI FR DE HU IT JA KO PL PT RU ZH ES Download & Install Now!
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Wreckfest Game Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Fixed that Anti-Aliasing was not working as intended - Fixed random graphic glitch in corners caused by the skid marks - Enabled 120 HZ support on compatible devices

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