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Ball Mayhem Game Description & Overview

What is ball mayhem app? Enter the stadium and face the other teams in a fierce battle.
Tackle everyone in sight to move forward and score a Touchdown!
Show them who is the best team in the world!

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App Name Ball Mayhem
Category Games
Updated 14 December 2023, Thursday
File Size 220.59 MB

Ball Mayhem Comments & Reviews 2024

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You Cannot Win Game #5 In The Third Match. After more than 3 hours of trying to win the third match, I have deduced that it is rigged and impossible to win the 5th and final match. Your opponent moves faster than you can, and your teammates all run right past the opponent, leaving you chasing after the guy to no avail because, alas, he is 50% faster than you. So they show you an ad and you try again because you’re competitive and want to win. You win a few more games and you’re in the championship game again. Like clockwork, the opponent grabs the ball, evades defenders and outruns you to the endzone, because, he is faster than you. Try another strategy, you might say. I tried playing full defense mode, running back to the goal line from the start, trying to intercept the ball carrier so it wasn’t a foot race. Approach the ball carrier and he will dodge you, and then sprint to the endzone at a different angle and at a speed that, again, is faster than you can possibly go. Rinse and repeat. 3 hours, 400 ads and 100 raging screams later, I have deduced that this game is impossible to win and so I deleted the app. Absolutely the worst experience that I’ve ever had on a mobile game.

Please read. I am writing this review so people can really know what the game is like. I love this game ❤️, but I wish there was a home button and a pause button on the screen when you are playing. And I feel like the other team can always move faster than you, which isn’t very fair. There are a lot of ads, but you can just turn on airplane mode and the ads won’t show up. This game is awesome and is the best game on my phone, aside from jelly shift. Don’t listen to the other reviews, I wrote this trying to get everyone to understand the game before they get it. You drag your finger around the screen controlling your character. You can touch other people to tackle them and steal the ball as you are trying to get to the touchdown area. The other team can steal the ball from you in which case you have to try to run and tackle them to get the ball again. You run around scoring as many touchdowns as you can before the time is up. If you have read up to here...GET THIS GAME ❤️ 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟!!!!

I agree with Gigantous_guy however...,. As entertaining as this game is you all should consider some updates to keep you fanbase wanting more. Tackling is cool, all the other mechanics of the game also but...what about a power up for the main character that the player controls. For one it’s unfortunate that the computer is so much faster and you have no way to beat them other than some sick finger moves lol also consider a lighting bolt power up that appears during games or a meter that fills up due to the number of tackles you make that will allow you to be faster. Also being able to pitch the ball to players who are in closer range than you to the end zone. I do believe that diamonds should be acquired after every game won (50 to 100; you guys do the math lol) I guess my thing is you all have a TRUE gem on your hands but have yet to sculpt it, tend to it, and make it shine!! I promise you if you were just to take a tidbit of my advice you’ll see the turn around 😉 Best Regards, A concerned gamer

Gems are too hard to get and opponents are too hard. I love the concept and physics, however, every skin that came with the new update cost 350 diamonds which will take FOREVER to get without spending money, and that’s just for one skin. As you move up in rankings, the opponent gets much harder too. They start off with the ball and are much faster than you, even the ball carrier is about as fast as you without the ball which makes him almost impossible to catch. The teammates aren’t very much help either. Also with the new update, once you start a match, it forces you to keep playing, there’s no pause or exit button/options. You have to exit out of the app completely in order to quit a match.

Your game is trash. This game needs to be made fair, your opponents are faster than you and you literally need to win five times, FIVE TIMES! That’s not the worst part, it gets worse. Once you lose you get brought a level back, now what are you trying to resolve with that developers? Couldn’t you just let us retry, like really why do we have to go all the way back to the beginning, even your own team can’t guard and the other team instantly wins. And to add up to all your other bad things. Your advertisements, you really expect us to play you game with all those ads. All you people want is our money, and to pay for a in app purchase that’s a waste of money, Anyone that doesn’t want lag or ads just turn your device on airplane mode and it will work. That’s a way to get through these greedy developers. No one should get this game.

Gg but repetitive. It’s a good game/concept but it gets repetitive. All you do is customize the character/field and play the same game over and over. There are no achievements or levels. Some different levels or challenges would make this game so good. PVP would too. If I could score some touchdowns against other real people I would play this so often. Now don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a bad review. The game is a good concept, and I understand that this is all they could do with a low budget (if they did have a low budget). They did really good actually. The mechanics/graphics are good, and there arnt even that many ads unlike some games, if your like me, then ads ruin everything. Sometimes the best games are flooded with ads, including one of my favorite games kick the buddy. This iconic game used to be ad free, but now there is an ad after every 30 seconds. Back to the subject, this is a great game, however I do not recommend playing it for more that 5 minutes a day. Developers - if you have the time to read this essay that I wrote, then you have the time to make the updates that I suggested.

More game modes!!. Awesome game, super entertaining, legit got this yesterday and it’s the only game I’ve played since then. But the single game mode is getting a little boring, you should add the original game mode and the current one so you can switch, maybe also think of a new one. Ideas for a new mode, capture the flag, you have 6 people per team and there are three flags you have to capture from the other side, the other team can steal back your captured flags as well. Just saying, if Voodoo is a good company, they’re gonna take the feedback of their customers. There is AT LEAST 10 other people saying that new game modes would be a good idea and make the game more fun.

This is the best game ever. This is the greatest game I be ever play in my life other than fortnite. But than besides the point. I love this game so much I could play it for the rest of my life. It waistes time when your trying to by some time. Also it's a really fun game to play. But here's a complain. I wish the games could be longer in stead of 1:30. Also could you please add a multi player. But other than that this game is really good. It is fun when your running after the other team when they have the ball and are trying to score. I have to give it to you this game is really good. Otherwise I wouldn't be leaving a five star rating. I would recommend putting in a feature where you can change the field but other than that good job on this game. Thanks for reading this. Blake Abila

Awesome But Needs Something. I do like how the game is not too easy and not too hard but just right to enjoy it And another thing I like is I can do different dance moves but what makes the game just better is some sound effects because it’s a little boring to not have sound and just have silence from it. The sound effects I would love to see is cheering, hitting, and the touchdown sayings. I don’t know if it’s a bug or it just has no sound at all but it would be cool if that was added in the game but it has good gameplay. Hope there are sound effects in this game! 😃

Plz read. I want to start and say this game is addicting... You shall share with your family and friends. You customize lots of things I downloaded it on my iPhone and everything was fine so while I was playing my mom was telling me to get in the shower so I went in. The bathroom and I brung my phone in the shower because my phone can be in water for 32 min I have a xr... but that’s beside the point I was in there for like 15 mins before my mom said are you done in there i said know so then I turned my phone off and put on my sink / counter and played my music while I washed then while I was in my room getting dressed . I started playing and then I had to go eat. Share this with family and friends . I have full support for this game. Even tho I hate the ads . I just ended up telling my dad and he asked is there a way to take off ads . and I said I’ll see . So I found it and now I don’t have to deal with that. So now u have so much fun. Playing the game Overall with the ads it was still very good. And I very very rearly right reviews on games but when a game is as good as this I had to.

I paid for no ads / No game improvement. Hello, I specifically paid the additional amount for no ads, and now it appears that your developers have built ads into the football fields?! Please remove them or ensure that they no longer appear on the fields for people who actually pay to remove ads. Not to mention, you guys have added zero new fields and zero new characters over YEARS. There is so much you could do with this game that you haven’t acknowledged. Like upgrading your characters skills, or online multi player, or different game modes, or having rankings globally of most hits in a game or touchdowns , or changing up tournament styles. On top of it all, there is a glitch where you can run down the white line (just on top of it but not out of bounds) of the entire field and the defenders WONT hit you. I use it all the time but I wish that I couldn’t. It also appears that there’s now a glitch with the snowfield too

Please read. This is an awesome game! I saw a bunch of adds for this game and I thought “why not”. So I bought it and I was immediately addicted. One thing to fix is some of the items in the shop require interceptions. But there is no passing option in the game. Another thing is some of the items in the shop need tackles to unlock. Yet when it says that I got 16 tackles in a game the meter does not go up nor does the number go up. And the same goes for my interception problem. Please fix this. There is a lot of adds in this game but you can fix that by either going into airplane mode or turning off WiFi. Other than those two problems this game is a definite download especially if you are looking for games that don’t need internet.✴️✴️✴️✴️

So this is my 2nd review.... and I think the game lost even more potential. So. Didn’t think I’d be at this page again. At this point, I could care less about AI. Voodoo, a lot of your games have so much potential, and there is just so many problems in the way of that. First off, let me just say, by new game mode in the update log, you mean ONLY game mode. And I am not about to waste an hour playing to win 5 points IN A ROW while their is an AI issue on top of that. It’s just- no. If I were a head of this game, I would make this Voodoos one game with no lost potential. How? First, change the game mode back. Almost no one likes the new one. Second, fix the gosh darn AI already! Geez! And also, not to be rude, but I wouldn’t be wasting my time with language updates, when the only important thing is the numbers and gameplay. By the way, anyone who said the game was too easy? Wait till you get to diamond II man. Well, that’s all you’ll hear from me. Some closing words? Voodoo. Read your review section a bit more carefully.

One little problem.... Okay I really like this game😀. I just have one little problem... can you make it to where there are less bots? There are way to many and they outnumber my team and it’s annoying. Also, I would like to add some things if you have an update.1: make it to where you can upgrade stats such as speed, strength, and other stuff. 2: different modes like maybe “Practice”, “Online”, and “Power mode”. Power mode is when you get a super hard team and you try to beat them. Ok I think that’s all that I have to say and if you do update please try to add these things😁👍

Awesome Potential but needs tweaked. This game is an awesome variation of regular football games it doesn’t stick to the traditional style of football games which makes it fun and interesting. With that being the case the game has a ton of potential to be one of the better football games out there. But especially with the new update it falls short of what it could be. The removal of the timed games was a bad move in my opinion it really took the drama of the good games I was having before and turns it into an endless and repetitive game. This could be easily fixed with a season mode with timed games. This creates more interesting and dramatic games and gives the player incentive to keep going. Another issue with this game is the purchasable items which I verrrrry overpriced and take forever to raise the money for (unless u pay of course 😐). It makes the items not even worth going after. Also in the new update the new skins added don’t fit the theme of the game, they’re random and unappealing the OG sprites were simple and unique and if any changes were to be made to them, just make them customizable. Seriously this game could be one of my favorites if it was tweaked in these ways.

Great but your team is worthless. It is an engaging game. However, whenever you play it, it is basically you vs the whole other team. Your teammates are barely running forward with you, run slow, get tackled very easily when they have the ball, and don’t give you any protection when you have the ball. Whenever the ball is in my possession and I’m running towards an end zone, I have all 6 of the members from the other team on me while your teammates aren’t even close to help you out. They run slower than everyone else and loaf around in the back. Just be weary that it will be 1 v 6 if you play this game but it can still be fun. It just makes it harder since your team barely helps you.

It’s garbage. You don’t play anything resembling football. The core gameplay isn’t bad but instead of playing a traditional match that’s timed with the highest score winning each game has 4 “matches.” If you score you advance to the next “match” and if the AI score you go back down. This is maximize ad space, make no mistake, because there’s an ad after every score. Also: the AI opponent has more players who are always faster and hit harder. You’ll be unable to score because mysteriously your blockers literally disappear if you’re carrying the ball. And of course once the other team gets possession they’re just literally seconds from scoring. It’s basically impossible to catch them from behind meanwhile every single one of them is faster than you. Not designed to be playable, just to maximize ad space. Stay away.

“Ball Mayhem Game App Review”. When I First saw an ad video for this game app I thought the game concept was quite stupid! The more advertisements that I saw for it, however, the more my mind began to change. So much so did my mind change and this game grew n me, I wound up downloading this game app into my iPhone. Since I downloaded this game app into my iPhone it has now become a favorite game of mine, one I play on a regular basis. As I have continued to play this game app, I am constantly reminded as to how wrong my initial thoughts were about this game app, that in ABSOLUTELY no way, shape, or form WHATSOEVER is this game app stupid!!! It is, in fact, one fun game, indeed! The blocking that is programmed into the app’s program is nothing short of dead on perfect! Like many other of your game apps that I have downloaded into my iPhone and have played, I enjoy this game ap the same, exact way that I enjoy all of your game apps —a lot! Thank you EVER SO MUCH for making this game app and all of your game apps as they are all so much fun to play and give me MUCH joy when I play them. Therefore, giving this here game app a five-star review is an ABSOLUTE no-brained!!! Thank you EVER SO MUCH for making this wonderful app game app as well as all of your wonderful game apps that you make. Please keep up the outstanding work too

Potential, fun, some issues. First off I’m really mad right now because I just finished a game, and I little thing popped up on the bottom like always to watch an add for double XP, or 50 diamonds. I pressed the 50 diamonds and IT TOOK 50 AWAY FROM ME. Now the game is really fun, but it’s starting to get repetitive. Thankfully it’s a new game so it’s got a lot of potential. New game modes would make this game SO much better. An online mode would be AWESOME. 3v3 online👌🏻 that would make the game SO much more fun. Also an arcade version, or even a season version would be fun. Now I know u probably won’t listen to this part, but the ads are a little ridiculous. Otherwise u made a very fun, simple game, and some new game modes would make it awesome👍🏻

Good Game But Boring After A While. The game was really fun at first and I couldn’t stop playing. However, once I reached the champion ranks the game became a little dull. First, the tournament system for whatever reason disappeared, so I was playing individual games instead of tournaments which was less fun. Also there was no more diamond rush. I’m currently rank Champion 17 and I wish there was more to do. Maybe include more ranks in the game with tournaments to make it more interesting. Second, the game is way too easy once you realize how to win every time. I currently have a 324 game win streak and I literally just take the same route every time and it works. Winning is nice but it gets boring when it happens this frequently.

How to turn this into a five star app. This game is really good an Could be a five star game if you add an online mode to play against other players. A 6 player match playing at a 3v3 would be nice an more competitive ,more personal stats should be added as well such as blocks and steals and like detail to the way they play and honestly if you can’t add the online you should edit the offline edition more and add more to the team skill and completion And do like a super bowl with Sessions or something make it cooler cuz this game is really cool but it just needs more tbh there’s a lot you could to do to make it so much more great it’s one you can keep adding too

Started fun. At first, this game seemed fun, but as I progressed through the ranks, I very quickly became very frustrated with the ai. Your team’s ai is very horrible and can hardly do a thing. When you have the ball, they do almost nothing while the other team all gangs up on you. When the other team has the ball, they are about twice as fast if not even faster than that with it than you are with it and they block you from getting to the player with the ball. Your team hardly even runs next to you. I get that they have to make the game get harder, but in the higher ranks, because of the huge ai mismatch, it becomes extremely difficult to get even two wins in a row let alone five, so it makes the game very frustrating and not really fun anymore.

To easy. It’s a good game and a good way to kill a couple minutes. The only thing I wish they would ad is maybe a difficulty setting. Out of 100 touch downs I score maybe 97 of those because once you learn how to play it is difficult to get tackled unless you just give up. My team mates never really help but that’s fine once the other team gets the ball they start running towards the touch down and then for some reason turn around and start running the wrong way so I have plenty of time to go make the tackle. If you could make it more difficult that would be nice.

Can you get my team to run? Please?. First off I love the game one problem. I’m have hit Challenger 3 in the game. let me give you a picture the game has started 1:30(Also can we have a setting to increase the time of a game? Not a issue if you don’t.) on the clock you run at the ball. You have possession of it and the other team runs into you and they now have the ball and run to get a touchdown. And you are catching up and your whole team is 10-20 yards behind you. Walking fast I dare say jogging but all of the other teams players are keeping up with their teammate who has the ball. And all of them are in full sprint. Also at points it feel like I am carrying my team 9/10 times it’s me who gets a touchdown.

What the hell is this update. So ummm i know for a fact that I’m not the only one finding it impossible to beat the third match. I mean at first it’s not that bad but once you get to the third round it like the opposing team just ate every steroid they could find not to mention the fact that your teammates are literally brain dead. The only time your team will actually do anything useful is if they accidentally bump into your opponent. And the ads. I know the company has to make some money but it’s ridiculous. After every round you have to watch an ad. And every time you fail one of the 5 rounds you have to play to win you end up getting sent back a round and if you want to repeat the round you just played you have to watch another ad. But don’t bother playing past round 3 cause everyone on the opposing team goes from an even matchup to going up against NFL players. So haha it was fun while it lasted but game happily deleted.

Ice cream here. This game was really fun I got to fight I got to do all these things that I never really do most games and it’s having ribs and you get to choose these colors and they have all these cute little characters that are so what durable and they’re like little marshmallows that’s whatMakes me laugh and I’m so grateful to play this game I hope you people and others love it you should try it sometime it is the best game I ever tried I didn’t really think I did really like about it is that that’s why I don’t want about it because they fight back and it’s hard sometimes and sometimes it frustrates you but when you get used to it it’s really fun and really easy again all the characters are so adorable I hope you enjoy bye-bye ice cream out🥀😜🤯😝😉😏

Great Game Insanely High Prices Broken Things. It takes like 12 matches to get enough XP for the next level and when you level up it only gives you 10 diamonds. That would take like a month if you played nonstop every day. The characters and other locations cost 750 diamonds and would literally take an eternity to unlock. I ❤️ Voodoo games and have a lot of them. They are my favorite game because they are easy and satisfying. Please make it more time relevant and make characters way less costly. The next button is broken in career and it makes you watch a video and start career over. You are making your games too hard and this will make your company less profitable. Thanks for reading this. 🙏. -Jonah Sutter

Good idea, bad creation. The game is incredible and I love to play it over and over again. However, I have many concerns which I would like to bring up. First of all, the ads NEVER END. The update did not fix this at all except for the new game mode (I’ll get to that later). I can always turn on airplane mode to avoid this, but I miss the opportunity to double my points at the end of each game. Second, the new update ruined the game even more. I probably would not have even written this comment if it wasn’t for the new update. I loved the old game mode; even the easy difficulty was leveled out as I progressed in the game. However, you did not have to change the AI that much! The AI have been so buffed, that I can barely pass Silver rank (but that’s probably because I’m not that good at the game). I spend most of my time chasing an AI down the field who, singlehandedly, outrun me and all of my teammates and score. I try the same and get stopped before the 20-yard line. I eventually win, but after wasting tons of my time. I’m sure that I am not the only one who realizes this, but I could no longer stand aloof. Hopefully this changes something for the next update. Thanks for reading

The spirit. This is the b just game ever I like it so much you could just do everything on at least been like seven hours a day on this game is so fun I love it just thank you for creating it may be spent creating more stuff just like this just like this by the way this is my brothers phone but I have I actually have my own business where I make like Matt I made Madelyn and I play I play mad and I am I am really good at it but I like this game a lot too so I am I am 32 years old it is really fun this game I played on my computer but I’m on my brothers phone right now because my phone broke but thanks for creating this game have a lovely day

Please read. Ok so this game is fun but today when I went in the game it glitched if that’s not so bad then it kicked me out then went back in the game and I got kicked out again so I went back in and I managed to get into the shop. I was about to buy something but guess what happened?? You guessed it, I got kicked out. Maybe it’s because I use an iPad? But still I was so annoyed so I deleted this game. Also there’s not much to do all you get to do is choose a background which the backgrounds aren’t very good, you get to choose your team and run around smashing into the other team to get the ball. It would be better to at least get to play against your friends not the computer. Well I don’t suggest this game to you there are better games out there but if you don’t want to listen to me than go ahead…

If it isn’t broke don’t “fix” it.. Can anyone get passed game 4 now? Like seriously who thought this was a good idea? After game 3... if the opposing team gets the ball.... just turn the game off cause you’re not catching that guy. You’re whole team can be on his heels but that’s as close as you’ll get. When you get the ball though you’re running figure 8s to the endzone just to score. Total crap. Like mentioned before. It was too easy, not it’s just so difficult it’s frustrating. The controls: They’re in no way responsive. It’s a slow turn and you’ll do circles around the ball until you finally get the right angle to pick it up. By then the other team has it and ran it 99 yards for a TD faster than Chad Johnson could even run the 40. Getting hit: for a while I thought I was missing something. When you get hit the ball isn’t spotted there. It’s bounced out in some random fashion and usually not at all in your favor. But hit one of their places and the ball will fly 50 yards towards their TD. AI: your teammates are idiots... rely on them for nothing. They’ll make a block if you do figure 8s and they just happen to bump into someone. Opposing team, we already talked about that. After game 3, you’re a 4th grade peewee football team playing the Saints. Good luck. I’ll be deleting the game now.

Amazing. I’ve only been playing it for just five minutes and I’m already addicted to it. I cannot stop playing it and it’s amazing. I give it a five star because I can’t stop nonstop playing it. It’s so addictive but the downside is it’s just it has a lot of ads, but that doesn’t bother me for having fun. I get too excited when I ever I play it, I get suns excited in fact that when I start playing, I’m like I’m gonna score touchdowns tons of them and I have been doing that but I’m trying to unlock the benefits of my touchdowns to get to earn more gear and more colors to unlock. Hope you enjoyed the experience that I experienced as well

Please read this I’m begging you ❤️. I love this game but it could be so much more. It has so much potential I think you guys did a great job. The only problems I personally have are that I get a little bored after a while. At first it was so exciting now it’s kinda the same thing over and over. I think you guys should make modes like a real football game with throwing and all that and make it so that you can play with your friends too. That will spice things up and make the game interesting and exciting. You should also add customization to the avatar meaning the body, helmet and all that. I also have a problem with those other random skins. I don’t think it fits well with the game. Also to make the game less blan you guys should make animations during games. For example let’s say I have the ball and the opposite team is gaining on me you guys should make my player be able to look back and do a little scream. It will be pretty funny if you ask me. I’m not hating on this game I love it with a passion I’m just making some suggestions to make the game even better than it already! It has so much potential and I think it can really be a great game everyone will enjoy playing. If any person that helped make this game is ready this I hope you make this be read by others that helped too. Please and thank you ❤️

It’s a fun game. I like the game a lot! When I downloaded it it would have a 90 second game and whoever scored the most won the game! Now they’ve changed it so that there’s 5 levels, if you score a touchdown you beat a level, and ones you beat 5 you win the game, if they score a TD you go back a level! And that’s fun, but I would really like it so you could chose between the two different game modes, the original game mode I was playing is so much more entertaining, it brings more intensity, if you don’t score a TD you lose! But with the new one, you don’t lose, so i would give it 4-5 stars if they brought back that feature, otherwise, it’s a great game! As well it would be great if they added something more to the leveling system, you can level up when you win games, but other than making your opponents slightly tougher each level (which is good, cause it took me about 15 games before a team scored on me, now I finally do lose games), there’s nothing to the leveling system! So adding more features would be cool, but the game is still developing and I’m sure we’ll see new features sometime soon! Good app though haha :)

Can’t Unlock Items. The gameplay itself is very simple and it’s a good way to kill time. The ads aren’t that bad either compared to a lot of similar games. My only issue is that the challenges to unlock items don’t work so I’ve got nothing to work towards. Ever since I downloaded the game, I’ve been waiting for the developers to address this seemingly simple issue for months, the game has even been updated at least 3 times since then and still no luck. I’ve played over 200 games and yet the items that require you to tackle opponents or intercept balls still say I’m at 0. So please, fix this.

Fun while it lasts.. This game has major potential. However, I find myself getting bored after I’ve scored 14 points and the opponent has not scored any. I think that if there was increasing difficulty and maybe even a season type mode this game would have me coming back over and over again. Also, the opponent’s name changes with every score. This, for me, takes away from the intensity. By that I mean if I’m playing “Ralph” and that team scores on me but I can never score on them, I’m going to be driven to score on them. Therefore, I will continue playing the game until I succeed at beating my rival, “Ralph”, or whomever that may be. Finally, I believe this game would be better with the option to play against a friend. Perhaps even an online tournament. Thanks for your time, Mason Gauden

Gameplay is fun but the goal is not. It’s a great game in which the players are constantly running around trying to score while at the same time, trying to prevent the other team from scoring. I see potential in this game and I even think it could be an online multiplayer game, or at least add difficulties for single player. The problem I see in this game is that it’s just a series of 5 games where each game, only one touchdown can be scored. If you get scored on, you move back a match, and if you score, you move up a match. This is the only mode in this game. One thing that I would personally want in this game is online multiplayer, tournaments, exhibition games, difficulties, and changes in the way a player would win by making it a timed game and whoever scored the most would win. The gameplay is really fun, but many changes could be made to make the game much better.

Meh. Games fun overall. But higher levels really are against you. Many times I’ve been hit from behind and somehow the “ball” or whatever you have it set as, will fly to my end of the field? Makes no sense physics wise and is down right cheating. If I’m hit from behind, it should go forward. Not fly in the air backwards and land at my 20 yard line making it an easy touchdown for the enemy team. Another issue that’s unfair is when the other team has the ball, it’s like no one on my team spawns near my end. All my players are somehow ALWAYS in the middle of the field. So once the other team gets to my 40, not a single person of mine is anywhere to be found but when I have it, holy moly they’ll spawn in front of me. Not fair at all. This issue pretty much is the only reason I can’t win a game anymore.

Update disaster. When I first downloaded this game, it was fun to play. You played an actual 1-1.5 minute games. I haven’t had this game long before it updated. The updated version is garbage. Now, you have to win 5 straight matches to win and get exp points with no option to go back to the original game style. I can never seem to outrun the opposing team but when the other team has the ball, it’s almost impossible to catch up to him. On top of that, after each match there is an ad played (which is annoying) and the next match starts immediately after the ad, so you can never start running on time and just keep starting late and can’t ever get to the ball first. Updating was the worst thing for this game.

Good, but needs a little work.... Sooo yeah, this game needs some work. Here are my ideas about what to do to make it better 1. Make a story mode. I think that would be cool and when u advance in story mode u get stuff in the normal mode. And there would be an actual STORY. Not just “uh oh! The ball has been lost! Use these other balls to retrieve it!” Nah nah nah, I mean like “A journey of a teen who wanted to be a football master.. he got drafted but somebody framed him and now his dreams are crushed....” Then just make a coach talking about how you’ve been drafted for the triple a team (if that’s wrong I’m sorry I don’t play football I play soccer and baseball.) 2. MAKE. THE. OPPONENTS. HARDER. I’ve been juking them so many times that it’s just not a challenge anymore, and the opponents, when I juke them, just run opposite way then come. Fix this please and my rating will be a 5 star. 3. Online multiplayer. It would be so great is you got to play online with your friends on this, then I wouldn’t have to deal with terrible AI that just run backwards and don’t help at all. I literally make all the touchdowns.. 4. There is no 4, that’s it! So that is my ideas for this game. Fix this and again, my rating will be 5 star and the title would be Awesome game! Anyways bye now.

Awesome game pls reed. After I downloaded this game I started playing it (obviously) and I got hooked RIGHT AWAY. Like, I barely leave any reviews on anything, but this app totally deserves all five star reviews. Like, how can someone not like this game?! It’s CRAZY addictive and fun and I love the game. So if you are scrolling down these reviews and this one is here, I totally recommend getting it. You can customize your character, your football and the goal thing I have no idea what it’s called cause I don’t usually play football. You can customize pretty much everything that is in the game. But I love this game, you should totally get it and play it and I highly doubt you will dislike it. I love it. Share it with friends and family. And also after I got it, my dad asked me to take a shower. So I went in the bathroom, and brought my phone in WITH me, and played for like twenty minutes and then my dad knocked on the bathroom door saying “you about done?” I say “n-no...” he says well then finish it up in there you’ve been in there forever. I say crap I gotta get in the shower... like I forgot I was even in the bathroom. That is how crazily addictive this game is and I totally 100% recommend Sharing this with family and friends. I love this game. 👍❤️👌

AMAZING but read this it’s going to give you an idea!. I have been playing this game for 2 days and it’s the best voodoo game ever. It’s amazing even my sister a girl likes it, plus you know what feature would be amazing to add, multiplayer!Yes multiplayer, so you can invite your friends online and they can play! There is another feature that would be amazing, it is that you choose two different skins and put a button that says “online game” that makes every single player a real online person, no A.I, no bots, no players that are not a real person really playing in real life. And this really is the vest game of voodoo I have ever played and trust me,I have bunches of voodoo games, anytime I have free time lots of times, I ply this game! Ending:BEST VOODOO GAME EVER!!!!!

Fun mindless game but potential for so much more. To reiterate what everyone else is saying it’s a fun way to kill a few minutes while waiting 20 minutes for your table at a restaurant but winning 10-0 games gets boring quickly. I’ve played around 15 games so far and the average score is 9-0 I have yet to have the computer carry the ball past my 40 yard line let alone concede a touchdown. My suggestion is to make online play available and even leagues/seasons whether against computer or other players, something to break up the monotony of winning blow outs without being rewarded. Could add difficulty to it as you move up in to higher level leagues. But overall I still enjoy playing.

Players can’t block. I rate this a 1 because every time I get the ball my teammate can’t block for anything and when they about to block they just run past the other person saying hey and walking past I had a lot of blockers by me and they didn’t even block not one time and I got tackled and also they can’t even tackle too it’s like I have to do all the work on the field it’s like just me vs the whole other team I be trying to run back so the blockers can block and they still can’t block and they always getting knocked out like how you on offense but still getting knocked out and don’t let me mention how they run the ball they take their sweet time running with the ball like we all day like it’s like they are walking with the ball but every-time they get the ball it’s like the other team can’t tackle the person run but when I run the ball the whole team is coming after me and I don’t even have a single blocker by me and when the other team running the ball they got the best blockers in the world suddenly and it gets me annoyed every-time it just make me want to throw my phone and break it into pieces thats how bad this game really is but I still be getting touch downs but I gotta go back and forth down the field and none of my blockers are blocking so game creator if you see this fix this problem or make the blockers stronger so Everytime someone run into them they won’t go flying across the air

Amazing! I want more!. Normally I am extremely disappointed with voodoo titles, as they have great ideas with poor execution, but this is actually a fantastic game! It’s goofy, fun, and super enjoyable. I would actually really like to see either a sequel game or new mode where it was a little bit more in depth, where passing and kicking the ball would be options, and where you could play full football games with 2 minute quarters. This game has so much right with it, it’s just lacking a bit of depth that could make it that much better and really help with the longevity of the game.

Multiplayer ads and competition. The game is good I say one of the best, but there is not a lot to do. When I saw the ad of this game I was like, “This game could be interesting and fun!” But there is just a tournament that you can repeat over again in order to get skins, dances, tiers or ranks, and more. Then it is BORING and with multiplayer this could be a very good game and be the best if that happened. We play bots instead and is BORING. The ads DRIVE US MAD, the game will keep giving us ads OVER, OVER,OVER, again until you uninstall the game. A couple of ads sure, but 5 ads a game is BONKERS. Please take this advice and make this game improve. Good luck creator.

IF YOU LOVE ADS, THIS GAME IS FOR YOU. This game is/was my favorite game. It’s super fun and I used to put up with the ads before the recent update. However, my displeasure with this game reached a high very quickly because with this recent update, there is an I’ve never been so annoyed. I get they use it to make a profit but making you pay for no ads but I refuse and although I haven’t quit yet, my tolerance for these ads is lowering and they just might lose a customer/client/player for this game. REDUCE THE RATE OF ADS IN THIS GAME! Update. I also want to complain about the fact that when you have a game that makes you use the entire screen, having an ad on the side, top or bottom of the screen during playing time is only gonna mess up the player. I can’t tell you how many times while trying to catch up to the opponent, I’ve hit the ad, causing the game to pause and promote the ad and then when I get back to the game, I lose all my speed. that is probably the worst ad setup for this kind of game.

Pretty good game. I really like the game. You can play it to kill some time and it’s really fun. But some issues I have are as follows. For one you can never flat out, out-run the defense if you’re running the ball. While if you’re playing defense it takes almost 70 yards to run down the ball runner (even if you’re on fire). Also it’s a pain that there’s absolutely no help from your own team. Nobody blocks and they pretty much let the ball runner run right past them. I’m tier champion 2, and it gets pretty tough when your team is completely useless both sides of the ball. Overall though it’s fun. It would be a fun head to head online game with a best out of 3 or five mode. Also if you could level up your team to be more competent or faster etc..

Multiplayer. I completely love this game and so does all of my siblings and family. I love everything about it! There is somethings however that could be improved. My sister and I love playing but would like to be able to play on a team. This would be a great addition to your game. Local multiplayer would attract more people to your game. Maybe later online multiplayer could be added. With the local multiplayer choosing to be on the same team or compete with each other would be a great option! Thank you for reading my review and please take my ideas into thought!

Last update fail. Why did the last update take the game from too easy, to impossible? The opposing team has so many unfair advantages. They seem to run faster than myself and my team when they’re carrying the ball. When I have ball my character and my teammates just speedwalk down the field. Also the AI on on my team is awful. Why don’t they block for me instead of just running next to me when I’m carrying the ball? They let me get hit instead of trying to make a path for me. I’ve resorted to letting one of my teammates get the ball and run it down field so I can block for them. Just seems like the game was unbalanced before the update in the sense that it was so easy that it wasn’t super fun. Now it’s infuriating seeing as how the opposition has double the stats over myself and my team. Idk. Rebalance the game and give everyone the same stats so we can win or lose based on skill, or lack there of, rather than just putting the opposite team on steroids.

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It is super fun. I think there should be more levels and harder challenges even a mtiplayer mode, other wise it is a very good game

Really fun and addictive but a bit to many ads. Like all games you would play this game has loads of ads. I’m sure I’ve done about five reviews on games and trust me all of them had loads of ads, other than that this game is a pretty good game and it’s really addictive. So go do yourself a favour and download this game for FREE! 😊👍

What I think. It should have passing in it I think that it would in my opinion make the game better.

😃😃😃. This is great but we’re both fast so when I have the ball I have to be strong

Make more challenging. This game is Ok but it could be much better if they added multiplayer or make the game more challenging to complete bc it is real borrowing. I get the ball and 5 secs later I get a touch down!!

Glitch. For some strange reason the game kept kicking me out when I joined. Also I rated this a four because 3yrs ago I played this game, and I very much enjoyed it. Keep it up.😊

All you need to do is turn wifi off. This app is the best.

Ball mayhem I highly recommend it. I play this game sooooo much it is addictive I love it

Online Play. Great game though I would love to see some online 1v1’s

Good but could be better. It is a good game but there should be a pass button or a tackle button

Arrrrrrrhhhhh. I ran the entire field in a straight line with a boost chasing the AI that had the ball and I was still to far away they make you slower than The AI with a ball almost ur as not faster but not by much other than that it’s a cool game.

AMAZUNG. This game is amazing it would be good if they added more modes and music but apart from that this game is Awesome and a great way to pass the time.

Ruined by update. I enjoyed this game when it had a timer and you could actually play overtime. If you could have the careers stats and revert it back to the old mode that would be great but needing to win 5 games in a row is annoying. I have lost enjoyment for this game and the update is trash

Ads man. Wayy to many ads like after every touchdown

Great game!. This game is so much fun it’s got great detail and it’s do addictive to play I love how u can play with your team mates an there are many challenges to pass When I first played this game I instantly picked it up and learnt how to play as it is not that difficult although that is ok I definently recommend this game to others as it is so much fun u almost get addicted to it! I love it and you will love it so much once you download it It’s greatly advertised so as soon as I saw it I instantly downloaded it as it looked like a lot an slot of fun!

Ball mayhem. I I’ve this game but only if there was harder teams and more games until the final.

The Mysterious. You should add upgrades in the game to upgrade your player and for each battle you get more diamonds but overall the game is great

Great idea. Could definitely get behind this if the ai is upgraded. At the moment it feels like it’s me vs another team since all the other players in my team do nothing to block the other team or help in anyway

To many ads. There are to ma ny ads for a 1:30 second game you should make longer games and less ads

Game. It’s very glitchy and lagging. My character just suddenly stops and won’t move. However apart from the functionality of the game, the design and style is quite good

Table. Fun game but you should make a table for each division eg 10 teams and you play all once and you need to be in the top 3 to progress to upgrade to next division. Would be more fun than just getting stars

The best game ever !!. The game is really good but it needs a little more levels and a bit harder . !! 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻😁😁😁

Actual garbage. This game is nothing but garbage. U barely get the ball ever, ur team literally take it straight away and almost instantly get a touch down. They probably don’t ever let u take it as they know it would be way too easy, easier than it already is. The game is severely repetitive with no fun elements to it or anything to shake up the gameplay even a bit and like every other voodoo game you need to play with the wifi turned off or u will be spammed with annoying adds. This is for another discussion but that’s all voodoo does make these pointless game in a pathetic effort to make lots of money from little kids who play these dumb games on stop. I reckon the majority of good reviews are from younger kids otherwise I assure u this game would be rated 2 stars at the most. Not fun at all and total garbage. Do urself a favour and don’t wast ur time buying it

Ruined by update. This was a great, simple small game that was fun to play. Few to many ads but that was acceptable as it was fun. Since the new update it’s now just annoying. It’s lost all its fun and now the whole idea of scoring 5 consecutive touchdowns before the opposition score seems pointless. Plus you get constant ads and notifications to upgrade to pro and spend real money. Uninstalled it now which is a shame

Fun but too many ads. I never post a review but this game is overloaded with ads it’s fun and easy but the ads are way too often maybe 1 ad after every 10 or 15 games as the matches aren’t long so it’s really annoying how it’s an ad after every match if that gets fixed then it’ll be a 5 star game for sure

Glitch. There is a glitch where if you just run on the side line then no-one can get the ball off you. It is pretty OP but you need to fix it, but other then that it is a great game. 😀😀

Addictive but too many ads. This game is very addictive but (for a game that goes for a minute and a half) there are way too many ads, there is an ad every single game and it is so annoying. If the developers could make it every 10 games that would make the game so much more enjoyable

Fix ranking. This game is a great game it’s fun and entertaining. But there are a lot of ads for a game that last for less than 2 minutes, besides that when you get further into the rankings of the game for example challenger, it becomes way to hard to defeat the computer as they are faster than you, even when you receive your boost, and they don’t even get knocked when you tackle them, it’s near to impossible to defeat them!

I’m so pretty sure that they are going through a cat. I’m so sorry to be late I didn’t work today but I’m not gonna is a day I can bring my car and go get my dog so I’ll bring it back in a bit and then go to pick it out I wanna is a way I wanna was a nice night I wanna is a beautiful night

Ads. Awesome game. If there were no ads of course but of course there’s ads because VooDoo make it. That is the only problem with VooDoo.

Disappointed. Adds were great but, there is no sound to much lag, to short games The should be a season where the is a ladder with finals (offline) Also for quick matches with difficulty selecting

Adds. What the heck is with the adds on the middle of the screen. I understand you need to make money but can’t you already put the add after each round the game is unplayable. I remember when apps Dustin have all these stupid adds

Mmmm. If I’m going to be honest games ok, but you need to up the ally team ai they literally do basically nothing they properly sprint they don’t protect you when you have the ball The other team all sprint your team does not it’s extremely aggravating

More time watching than playing. The amount of adds that you will get when playing is unbelievable. I spend more time watching adds then playing the actual game.

Awesome. This game makes me want to play the real life game and for a introvert like me that’s unnatural! But this game is truely fun it makes me do short squeals in excitement everytime i score a touchdown!

Good🏆. i like this very much it has everything like ruby even better skins so keep it up

Ball mayhem review. I absolutely love this game and whilst I understand you gain most, if not all revenue from advertising, there is way too much of it. I spend more time watching ads then I do actually playing the game.

Ball mayhem. It is a very good game I recommend getting it it is so much fun and you can play as much careers as you want in one day because with other games you can only play one career a day so this is very good

A great game but. The game is very good but it feels like the opposite side is faster then you. I always lose because of it

Ball mayhem. I love it because you get to score easy touchdowns & not let people score by running at thema

Terrible. Littered with ads that you can only disable with their ludicrously overpriced MVP subscription, crazy battery usage and quite a bit of bugs and lag culminate in another rushed cash grab from Voodoo

Needs local multiplayer mode. I would rate it 5/5.but I really want a multiplayer

Play in aeroplane mode to disable ads for free. Fun idea but like every voodoo game they are designed to deliver as many ads to you as possible. Though, You can disable ads for a disproportionate fee or do just play with wifi turned off. I also find it funny that voodoo again gives you the option of watching an ad to double your XP after each round and even if you don't select it, they hit you with a ad anyway (???) Overall each round in the game is very short and that coupled with the constant barrage of ads stop you from becoming engaged in the game.

Very fun simple game. Only thing I could say is if you guys integrated player vs player online it would be a contender for top rated game

Just. Andrea will I get a chance for you and I cannot you will have to go get your kids to get some rest of it tomorrow night I have a lot to wear to the kids and school for the rest the weekend and I’ll pay you for a bit if you’re not there you don’t get a rest call and tell you how much I have a rest I love to have a good

laggy af with wifi. would play without wifi. would prefer playing without wifi. my game just lags consistently and cause me to lose games becuz i can’t tackle the guy with the ball (becuz of delay). also the ads are pretty long and ruin the rhythm of the game. overall without wifi this game is fun to play with free time to kill

It’s fun but.. It was great until the platinum ranking, your teammates stay the same skill but the opposite teams level up in skill so it’s a lot harder to win especially without the other characters, the clock goes way too fast if it was normal time or you could set the time that would be great. There are also so many ads but other then those 3 things it’s great.

Update is trash. This game was great but the recent update added way more ads (there were already too many) and the game lags/freezes way more now. If it ain’t broke don’t break it to cash in on piles of ads

Average. Fun but it goes from super easy to super hard real quick

Game time. Only if this one game could last 5 mins or more it would be so much more fun

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Best game ever. This game is so fun this is a no Wi-Fi game SO MUCH FUN!!!

Unfair. The opposing team are faster and team up on you, while your team can’t even protect you. Would not recommend.

Ads. Ads are killing the game

Keeps crashing. Fun game but it keeps crashing

My Brothers Keep Stealing My Phone. My brothers keep playing the game but I think it is not that fun and my brothers keep stealing my phone.

Gay af. The other team is so much faster so I can’t even get a touchdown and my teammates are retarded they can’t even stop them from getting a touchdown and it’s just autistic

Why. This game is trash it doesn't work or play right it just crashes

Really?. Is this how you earn money? By putting more than enough ads?

W. Good game!

Okay. Good I guess

They updated the game and made it trash!. The previous version was good with a time limit and easy enough computers, however after this update the game is not near unplayable. The computers they added can run just as fast as you even when they’re holding the ball which is extremely unbalanced considering that in the new mode they replaced the time limit mode with is first touchdown wins. Most of the time I lose the ball the computers just run down the entire field uncontested and I lose. In all the game used to be great but after this update it’s unfair and rage enducing I would not reccomend

Great. Hi I’m on the road I’m on the phone you have a good day I have been a good day at school 🏫 I was in a game I love 💕 you know how great 👍 I would have to come home 🏠 I have to have my own little baby 🍼 I was like that you were so cute but I’m at a house 🏠 this week I’m on a road and a few hours so I’ll just take it to my parents I love 💕 I’m a little chicken 🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳

It’s addicting. I wish in the game that when I have the ball I could pass to my teammates just a Suggestion also when my other teammates have the I sh they could pass to me or I could control all of them.And why are the opponents faster than u?But when you get playing it can be really addicting and I like how there’s more than one round like final semifinal so I like this game✌🏻👍🏼.

Amazing game. I LOVE THIS GAME! It’s absolutely amazing and no GLITCHES!

So good. Yet again 5is is other people’s opinions but I love this game because you don’t always win and it’s a good mindset

Not true. There was this one review and said only boys play this game not true I am a girl and I play it a lot in fact that was long time ago, so that review might not be there anymore not a lot of ads is a really good game you can lose but you win a lot if you’re good at it and I’m really really good at it so I recommend this game

Best game ever. Sick game

The game is ruined. A couple of minutes ago I made a bad review so I felt guilty so I tried playing the game again but no this game is now terrible there to many adds so when u have no internet you can’t play that’s what I liked about the game before there was not very much adds so you didn’t need internet please turn it back to normal!!!!!!

Fat guy funny. I like how fat they are 😂

I love this game it’s so fun and I love the way it makes it unique. Gucci gang sucks less than this game

Weird game. Weirder gamer

Welll!😻🤩🤩🤩🤩. I spoke too soon!!!luv it

No more ads. This game is good it just has to many ads

Best game ever. I love this game I would play it for hours this is so fun you really buy it the best game ever

Retarded. Why do they get to be faster than me if they have the ball

Adds are shown in the middle of games. Way too many ads, they are unskipabble and shown in the middle of games.

Meh. It’s fun but there too many ads and there is no background noise or anything

Garbage. It was fun but now it switches teams every touchdown down and it doesn’t let me move anymore if I were you I would DELETE IT

What have you done!?. The games are way to long now. Please go back to the minute and 30, or dont go back a round Everytime. It makes it way to long I dont want to spend an hour playing one game! Dont fix whats not brocken!!! If this game is not back to normal I am deleting it!

k. it i it’s ight

Football mayhem. This game is so awesome. I have so much fun playing this game. I am pretty good at this game too. I score so many touchdowns.Thankyou for making this game.🏈😎😄

Amazing. Amazing

Super fun and you don’t need wifi. Love the game but alot of ads but just turn off wifi

Awesomeness(you get to hit kids and send them flying). Sus

Ball mayhem. This game is really hard if you have an easy temper don't get this game because it made me thru my phone

Ads. Decent game but way to many ads

Excellent game. Only thing is frequent ads but everything else is amazing

MAYHEM TO THE CORE 😀. This game is legit 🇨🇦

Good. They have to pass it out for a little bit of time but it is not working hard on it all day thanks for sharing it and I love ya too thanks so sweet friend thanks so sweet doc

Idk. So fun

It’s fun. It’s a fun game but it’s kind of frustrating

Update. So much better before you only had to score a goal

Best game ever. This is the best game ever download it. Trick to get rid of adds are turn off internet. I love the skins maybe the makers of this game could do animal skins just an idea.

Annonce😡. Il y a trop d’annonce

Ads. Lots of ads

To many adds. Good game but way to many adds hard to fun

Huh. BUH! GGUH! This game is fun, but too hard.

Best. The best game ever

Good game gg. It a good game but hate the adds

Bla. Less adds more please

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Holy ads. This game is great. It’s fun it has the appropriate amount of challenge to keep me from being bored or frustrated. BUT what is with the ads? There are ads after every touchdown and every game! I enjoy this game enough to where I was going to pay to remove the ads until I found out the only way to do that is to subscribe? Are you serious Voodoo? You want me to pay $8 a month to remove ads on a phone game? Perhaps you should consider allowing an in-game purchase be enough to remove ads. I’m in the verge of deleting the game it’s so bad.

Optimization. This is actually one of the best games from voodoo in my opinion. However, every game the AI start off really slow. In the first quarter there’s barely an opponent and as they get better as the quarters progress. They don’t feel challenging enough to the point where I feel like I might lose. Also with that being said I checked my career and for every 7 games I win it just adds a loss to my stats which is annoying because since downloading the game I haven’t lost a game yet.

Desperate for money. You sure did ruin this game quick. In this new update your opponent has 10 times the speed you do so it is impossible to catch them when they get the ball and they will always catch you when you get the ball. The goal is the get 5 points but every time your opponent scores you lose a point, and then an add play, keeping you in an endless loop of almost winning but not and having to watch an ad after every point scored. As soon as the game got popular the developers made the game almost impossible to win in a desperate attempt to get money, I’ve also noticed that the price to remove ads is $3?!?!? That’s ridiculous, I get that you are desperate for money but at least be reasonable!!

Unfair advantage. I’ve noticed that once you get not very far in the game the other team is boosting non stop. You’re only defense is to not let them get the ball, like ever. Cause once they do they are GONE! Not even by hitting other players and getting the speed boost will you catch up to them. But once you get the ball it’s your speed drops by half and you’re trying your beat to out maneuver them which I don’t mind, that’s a lot of the fun, but once they hit you and grab the ball it’s match over. I looked around and there are no upgrades you can earn to speed up or anything like that so I hate to say it I loved the game the first few days but now it’s just too frustrating to play.

This Game Is An Amazing Game. Ball Mayhem is an app that you play 4 games each “season.” This is my favorite app and this has attracted my attention. You can customize you “team” color and size. You can also change to stadium view for it can look the way you want. The best part (exuding the actual gameplay) is customizing the football. The football can be changed into a fruit.

Great! Just One Thing!. This game is super fun, and that’s why I’m giving it 5 stars. But I would also like to suggest something that could make the game better and less frustration at time. I feel like there should be a joystick added to the game instead of just pressing where ever on the screen. There will be times when I have to run back and my finger is so low on my phone, it makes it hard to run or I just have to reset my finger to where I lose. Please consider this!

Potential. Lot of potential to be incredibly fun. Noting the same imbalance between the speed and skill of your team and the speed and skill of the other team. When I am in possession of the ball I move significantly slower (which makes sense for the game) however when the opponent is in possession of the ball they are matching my pursuit speed even when I’m ‘on fire’ AI for my team is incredible retarded. They do nothing whereas the opposing team works together to take me down. It provides a challenge but when it’s clear that you’re playing against the odds by so much it goes from challenging to frustrating. Very fun game though!

Gameplay imbalances. When I first got the game it was fun and simple to play. However with the recent update, it’s impossible to win. The closer you get to winning the more imbalanced the game becomes. For example, the avatar with the ball is supposed to be noticeably slower. By round 4, avatars on the opposing team carrying the ball can out run me if the knockout bonus isn’t active. Also, the style of play the opposing team uses changes as well. They become more aggressive and organized, whereas the players team becomes more passive and scattered. Under normal circumstances a more organized and desperate opponent would simply make the game more interesting. However, when the npc team has obvious speed and organization advantages and your team won’t cooperate, it’s impossible to win.

Trash. This game is awful. I haven’t ever wrote a review for a game but this will be my first. This game is so terrible that I had to write a review. After the first two stages the opponents seem to have turned into Gods. I can’t get a streak going without them ruining it. The screen is not big enough to be able to run the whole time so I constantly run out of speed. I would give this game a 0 out of 5 stars if it was possible. This is the first football style game that I have ever played that has been terrible. Congratulations you should receive the worst game of the year title and maybe then you can get the stick out of your behind and figure out how to make an enjoyable game.

Needs balance. This game is great if you’re a big fan of throwing your phone. It needs a balance to make the game fair 1)make the running speed of the enemy team with the ball the same as mine. When I have the ball I have rocks in my pants but they are Usain Bolt 2) Make the other AI similar toy teams AI. My team just runs straight up the field. No dodging. Right into other players. When I have the ball. They just run into the end zone and stand there. No blocking. The enemy team however has perfect agility 3) when I run into the other team’s player who has the ball I phase through them but when they come remotely close to me I lose the ball and I will not catch them (reason 1). Also big fan of the adds every two seconds

Another game where you watch more ads than play. There are way too many games like this out there. I don't mean football games, I mean ad platforms. It truly is a shame because this game was fun but i had to uninstall it because it is bursting at the seams with ads. And you already know they are overdoing it to try and get people to pay their weekly subscription fee for no ads. Which by the way, I’m starting to suspect is geared toward children since no adult in their right mind would ever pay for a WEEKLY fee just for some more diamonds or whatever currency and no ads. Anyways, I actually enjoyed the gameplay of this game which is why I gave it 2 stars instead of 1.

Amazing...but. I really do enjoy this game. It WAS a lot of fun. The new skins and balls and all that have a great design and are cool when using them. The new update where you have to score 5 times in a row is awful. With me being platinum 3, there is no possible way for me to get those 5 wins because the bots are next to impossible. If there is a way for me to change it back to a point system please tell me because scoring, getting scored on, getting set back to restart, made this game unplayable and awful. When it was a point system, I played all the time. BRING POINTS BACK!!

One of the best football game ever!😅🏈. Wow, so when i started playing this game I thought it would be dumb as a 23 year old watching Pj masks, boy I was wrong this game slays more Darius slay jr. Against the Texans and if had to put this in top 5 best football games this would be number 2 (of course madden is 1) but it’s nothing bad it’s as good as an 11 year old watching Amazing World of Gumball the movie (If it ever comes out of course) P.S. only a slight bit of ads though

Too many ads. This game is really fun and I’ve played enough to be challenger 3 but one issue with this game is that there are so many ads, if you go into over time an ad plays and I go into overtime a lot and this is pretty annoying also when I’m playing the game is trying to load the ads which makes the game lag really bad and it’s to the point where the game freezes and when it comes back the other team is right by our touchdown and they score, this is annoying because it happens a lot but overall good game

A Very Fun Game. Its pretty fun to play. I find that, as my rank gets higher, the opposing team gets faster. This wouldn’t be a problem until i realize all my teammates are capable of landing one block before rag dolling, but one player from the enemy team can use up multiple teammates. Its still an enjoyable game besides that. Ive run into a problem once i reached “Champion 3.” I’ll play one match and in that match I’ll play multiple teams. I can no longer win tournaments because even when i beat the teams theres no bracket to move up in like before. Now i cant get any diamond rush matches.

Terrible Bots. Okay I think the concept of the game is very fun, but seriously, I can hardly get the ball down the field without 20 of the AI coming to get the ball and my team is nowhere to be found, also, why are the opponents almost as fast as my team when they have to ball, it’s like if they have the ball you might as well give up because they’re going to score because you can’t catch up, along with that, when I have the ball and I have a head start to the in-zone, the other team gains like super sonic speed and catch up to me like i’m walking, they’re much faster than me no matter what so you need to take care of the AI performance..

Ad haven, do not download. This game has a good concept but the developers are to far entangled in their greed. Every time you win you will be given a ad. This is quite annoying as the matches only last a minute at most. If you want to watch ads and play a mini game between them than this is the game for you. This isn’t even all the problems with this game, the AI characters you face are all faster than you ever could run with the ball and actually work as a team. Than you have your team that can’t even tackle a guy in front of them and can’t run nearly as fast as they can. This game is just a plot device to earn as much ad revenue as possible.

To easy. It’s a good game and a good way to kill a couple minutes. The only thing I wish they would ad is maybe a difficulty setting. Out of 100 touch downs I score maybe 97 of those because once you learn how to play it is difficult to get tackled unless you just give up. My team mates never really help but that’s fine once the other team gets the ball they start running towards the touch down and then for some reason turn around and start running the wrong way so I have plenty of time to go make the tackle. If you could make it more difficult that would be nice.

Love it, but.... I really enjoy this game. The haptics when you hit another player are great and the gameplay in general is fun. Two things I’d love to see changed: 1. Because of how you control your player, my finger repeatedly runs out of real estate on the screen. This is annoying. I’m wondering if a standard joystick controller could be added as an option. 2. I’ve noticed that after 3 victories in career mode, the game gets significantly harder. I’d prefer if game play were even across all 5 games.

Really goooood. This game is so good I don’t know why but it is a good way to waste time. This game also doesn’t waste a lot of my battery. I like the time it makes the game not endless and I like the variety but f all the football games the thing is is I think the items you purchase l think that they move a little faster than the other regular players that being said. I did not purchase any items more any footballs I think it would be a waste of money but overall this game is amazing

Insanely rigged. Okay this is a big issue in the game. First off, when I get the ball it seems like the whole team catches up to me in 3 seconds, however, when the opposite team gets the ball, there players run lightning speed and if you miss a tackle you’ve pretty much lost the game. Second of all, I’ve noticed that when it’s the last game of the match, and you have completely blown out your opponent, your players will run around in circles when they have the ball and are about to score!!! They will just sit there running in circles until the other team either tackles them, or scores... it’s just so frustrating when you are that close to winning and the game blows it.

Shame bc it could have been a good game. It takes five scores to win a game and typically many more than that as the opponent gets advantages the more you score. The main issues though are the A.I. on your team will miss 99% of tackles. If you aren’t there to stop the opponent then your team will literally run right past them. Worse than that is an ad plays after nearly every single score and many of them are 30 second ads. When you take into account you have to score 5+ times to win a game and there’s an ad between almost every score then the game becomes ridiculous to even play. Clearly they force you into paying for the ad free version.

New Update. I like the new update to a certain degree; maybe it’s just me, but the opponents seem more difficult. However, the new game mode takes way too long. You have to get 5 unanswered touchdowns, and the games can go on for a long time considering the other team can simply outrun you. I suggest making the win condition 3 points instead of 5, making the game shorter, but not necessarily easier. Also, the AI of my teammates should be improved. They are useless compared to the opponents. I’m only at Diamond 1, so I can’t even imagine how bad it would be as you get far into the game.

About the game. I have played this game for about every day and I have no problem with this game it’s my favorite game ever played I think you guys should get it but there is a little bit to much adds I’m fine with it it’s not that bad it’s a little bit tricky because the field is little bit small but I don’t care about that so you should really start the game there is only one more thing that you will need to know the skins are a little bit expensive but you love it so enjoy the game

My Mommmmmm. My Mama owns a house and I don’t have a debit card for the debit card number I don’t know what to tell you about what you told me I don’t know what you did for me to do that you don’t need it for a month and you have a lot to do with your account you can call me when you get back to work I promise I don’t need you anymore I’m sorry you have to be in my house I can’t talk right now but I need your answer to call you please answer my byeeweee

It’s a pretty good game. I am about to get the new update so excited. The game is fun. Instead of random penalties or dumb breaks the game keeps on going. And there are a small amount of ads. One of the ads I watched I actually want em (Golf Battle) There is one dumb thing in the game tho, the characters. They just put random characters into the game like I was a women in a white robe playing against me. It doesn’t make sense in football. I like the other characters, colors, it’s fun, it’s kinda funny and the victory dances at the end. LOL

Why the game is bad.. The game is bad because we cannot play with friends. The game will be better if we could play the game with friends online and also have an online tournament. If we could do this the whole entire game would be better. And also, this game would be better if there would be an online microphone so we can talk to each other and have different skins and an item shop were we can buy skins, emotes, and different balls like pictures of memes or balls that we can creat in the item shop. If the owner of this game sees this message, than I want he or she to fix this game and make it better. - unknown

It is VERY addicting. Every one should try it! It left me playing it one time for three hours it is so addictive. Also it is pretty easy and isn’t one of those games that just looks cool in the ads, at least that is what I thought when I saw it in an ad. But when I checked it out it was just as fun as a game can get , but there is one very little problem they probably should fix. That is their is a lot of ads in the game.

No Audio!!!. Ball Mayhem is actually a fun and interesting game. The take on how its a win or lose situation with the player or opponent only needing to score one touchdown to win is great. I think it challenges players to be focused, aware of their surroundings, and nearly perfect in every way in order to continuously win. The only complaint that i have is that the game has NO SOUND OR MUSIC whatsoever. If custom sound effects and unique music were to be added, I think the game would be a lot better. Then the game would truly be a five-star game!!!

Good game, a few bugs. So far so good I love the game, some matches are challenging however I did notice when there’s a turnover the other teams players seem to have a boost which makes the game completely unfair. Catching almost three boosts in a row chasing the opponent and they seem to still run at a very close speed. That and I’ve played several matches and after a bunch of them I noticed my diamonds got stuck at 130. Because I can’t leave things half assed is why I’m still trying to max out my level. Add some more features too solo play tournaments etc

I love this game but the ads are so excessive. I understand that a free game needs to make its money back however the new gamemode makes the ads more excessive than they were previously. Putting ads between rounds throws off any rhythm the player has going into the next round and 9 times out of 10 it messes up my start as I have a split second to put my finger down to move my player before the game starts. For the love of all who looks upon us, please don’t put ads between rounds, that’d be miraculous.

Download the game, LOVE IT. I love the game, please make it so that you can actually aim into the goal and make it so that you actually have a pause button, if you already do, then make it so that it’s at the top corner of the screen and make it so that the play button says “Let’s play ball!” in CAPITAL LETTER and the shop button is a shopping cart that says shop in CAPITAL LETTER, still I would appreciate it if you do these things to make the game better and if it was possible, I would give it 999,999,999 ⭐️s.

Changes in latest update. In the latest update of the game the structure of games was changed drastically for the worse. It was changed from a more traditionally formatted game with a time limit with the highest scoring team being the winner, to a weird 5 score series where you can’t allow a score or be send back to the beginning. Due to the difficulty of the final 2 scores spiking significantly, it makes it feel very grindy and frustrating to play. I don’t understand why this change was made as the previous game format was perfectly fine and the difficulty felt challenging but fair. It just needed slightly more depth to it or maybe a season mode. Due to these changes, I no longer found the game to be enjoyable

Ads. It’s a really fun game Voodoo does a great job at making these. However it’s the ad aspect that usually leads me to uninstall as I shall do with this one. You watch an ad after every quarter. I could see watching one at the half and at the end. You complete a championship your reward is another ad. Only to once again start a new play through with a glorious ad to follow. I don’t mind paying a few bucks to get rid of them. But the sheer amount that you face while just experiencing it for the first time is too much. Also the subscription, you’re out of your mind if you pay 7.99 a week for a app. I could see in game purchases but just to get some funky avatars and arena. It’s a no from me. Quit shoving ads so frequently.

Not bad. When I first saw this ad I wasn’t interested I thought it was gonna be really boring but then when I kept hearing about it my mind just wanted to get it so I got it for free which is that’s my first good thing and then my mind blew up it is awesome and I love my players but I wish time was just a little bit longer because if we were a bad team we probably only get only one point so I think time should go a little bit longer but overall this game is a monster keep up the good work

Needs some work. This could be a great game. It’s fun and keeps you entertained for a while. It just needs some work with the controls. It seems like it would be fairly easy to control, but sometimes it likes to spazz out and ends up doing the opposite of what you’re trying to do. That can get a little frustrating when you’re winning. There have also been a few times where players just run straight through each other, which kind of defeats the purpose of the game. Overall, it has potential. Hopefully it gets better

Needs FIXED. For some reason the higher you go the better the opponent becomes, and I have no problem with. But why doesn’t our team play the same level as the other team? Makes no sense how when you play challenger 1 the opponent can run circles on EVEN RUN STRAIGHT THROUGH THE MIDDLE OF YOUR TEAMMATES AND SCORE?! Without being tackled but I do that I get stuffed because their hella fast? It’s like I got middle schoolers on my team. My teammates seems like their getting slower as I make my way up while my opponent who team gets faster lol. Overall that’s all the problems I have for this game. Besides that it’s a good game really fun. It just needs that lil error fixed up and y’all will be good

Fun for a while. I actually downloaded this during the Super Bowl because it was awful to watch. I spent the 2ndqtr through the halftime show up until the last 7mins of the 4thqtr on this game. I enjoy the mechanics of the game it’s quite enjoyable. I love how I can plow into the opponent to block them from the carrier. I do think it be more fun to have the characters get up from ground instead fading and respwan spots. Would like more time instead of 1min. Also would like to see more on screen 9 on 9 is a good number. This is a great game fun, simple, and easy

Ads. The game itself is very addicting and intriguing for you to try to win. What I will say that is very annoying is having an ad at the bottom during the game. Adding on to that I have to drag my finger far up my screen to get my guy to run, which every now then it glitches and he stops running while I’m pressing. Not having an ad at the bottom during the game would really make the game a lot more fun, rather having an ad for the game after every game. The game had a lot of potential and I wish the best!

Kinda frustrating. After the update the CPUs are actually pretty difficult to beat especially since your teammates are stupid and can’t make tackles and in the new “game mode” instead of best out of 5 games, you have to play until u win 5 games but everytime the other team scores it sets you back a point. This can be really frustrating and you can’t really do anything about it since the other team is faster then you and you teammates and borderline retarded. I suggest the game should have best outta 5 matches in the game mode and get rid of the wack stuff

Completely Unfair. I had this game for 2 weeks. In the beginning it was great, all matches were timed so you could win and level up fairly quickly. With the latest update, you now have to win 5 matches to achieve a game win, but if you lose, it sets you back one win. It’s pretty easy to get to 3 or 4 match wins but on that 4th match it makes it near impossible to achieve that 5th and final win. You get a speed boost whenever you hit opposing team linemen, but somehow you still can’t catch up to the ball carrier. Whereas with you, when carrying the ball, you can’t come anywhere near close to outrunning enemy linemen that DONT have a speed boost. It’s a horrible horrible update that shifted the focus from players to advertising.

Really recommended. Ok, on the way from the movie I got bored so I asked for my mom’s phone. And as I was playing a for this game showed up. And I asked can I have it since it’s rated 4.7 and free so she said yes. And when it was ready it only took like 30 seconds, I stared playing it and I loved that’s you could bash player to help other player touch down , or touch down , customizing and more. So the funny story is that a ad popes up says to rate it but I said no because I wanted to keep playing but as you see I eventually I rated the app. lol

The best mobile game of the year!. This is the best mobile game I have played in a while! Even if it just came out in 2019, it’s still awesome! I love that you get to pick your own colors and the types of players you have, and the part I love most is the dance emotes!!!!!! And I haven’t played the new game mode yet, but I can’t wait! And now you can pick your own stadiums! But I have one question for the creators of football mayhem, will you ever update the game to be co-op? It would be great to get a Answer. Bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Was good before. Now.... I remember downloading this game when it first came out. Was really easy at first and I wanted it to be more competitive with the computer, so I hoped they would eventually make the cpu a little more challenging. 2nd update came around and made the cpu unbeatable due to the lackluster teammates you are given. They were too slow and not helpful. Now with this recent update this game lost the meaning of fun. Instead of scoring how many times with 1 minute and 30 seconds a game, you now have to score 5 times in a row in order to win. I don’t have time to playing a 15+ min game with un fair players making it impossible to like. I won’t be playing this game until they fix it, which I’m sure they won’t. Don’t waste your time on it. Deleted.

Bring back the old. I used to play this game non stop and was very close to paying for no ads, but then I updated it. Honestly this game was fun with the time limit. Now, it’s just constantly the same thing. I wish the timed mode was at least offered instead of only the consecutive games. It’s really repetitive now. The games are boring and one dimensional now that as soon as one person scores the game is over. I don’t mind that the new characters are in the game, but I liked the classic football players better. I’m not one who normally writes reviews, but after playing this game for so long and loving it, I’m upset and about to delete it because of how different it is.

Practically impossible to win. Ok I loved this game. I was surprised how fun and addicting it was until the update. Now it’s pretty much impossible to win a game. The fact that every time you loose you basically have to do the match over, makes the game go on for way too long with you barely making any progress. When the other team has the ball they are as fast as the Flash and it’s so difficult to catch them. But when I have the ball I can’t run nearly as fast. I liked the game the way it was 3 matches and you have to win 2 out of 3 of those matches to win and when the opposing team didn’t have super sonic speed.

Could be great. This is a really fun game and I enjoyed it a lot. But my one problem is the other team. Now the first couple of game you play are fun but then the other team gets really fast and all of a sudden the entire game is you chasing but never catching the guy with the ball. The simple solution to this? Just slow the guy with the ball down. This would allow me to actually catch up to the guy and have most of the touchdowns you either skill or luck. That way you can actually have fun jukeing the crap out of people and not spending the whole game chasing the other team.

Wow 😯. I’ve wanted this game for a while now and I just got it today , it’s the perfect combination of fun and competitiveness. I think that the people who made this game really want people to have A very good time and love the app. There aren’t many ads which is amazing but I wish you could pass the ball get it from your teammates. Other than that I really would rate it five stars and I would really recommend it to people who want to have a good time -thanks for reading my report

Football fans. The first time I had to get the game cause it looked so good and fun to play so now I’m playing the game again and again but it’s so good that you should play the game too as well as football players so hopefully it gets better soon for you guys as well as the rest of us the whole world should play this game right now because it’s so good and it’s really cool to have this game so I really hope you guys can enjoy this game

Bad update. So I got this game recently and loved it. But the new update made it worse in my opinion. I thought that if you lost a match that would be it you just lost that one, but you have to move back and replay the previous match?? Sorry, but that’s just weird. The games go on forever now and I don’t like that. This isn’t a game to sit down and play for an hour. This is a game I like to play for five or ten minutes while I’m waiting for something. It just gets kind of boring after that. I think it would be much better if, when you lose a match, you just lose that match. As long as you win most of the matches you win the whole thing (3/5 wins).

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 12+ years and older
Current Version 5.5.3
Play Store com.clement.ballmayhem
Compatibility iOS 13.0 or later

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The application Ball Mayhem was published in the category Games on 12 January 2019, Saturday and was developed by Voodoo [Developer ID: 714804730]. This program file size is 220.59 MB. This app has been rated by 300,651 users and has a rating of 4.7 out of 5. Ball Mayhem - Games app posted on 14 December 2023, Thursday current version is 5.5.3 and works well on iOS 13.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.clement.ballmayhem. Languages supported by the app:

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bug fix

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