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Canvas Student [Education] App Description & Overview

Access your Canvas courses on the go and in the classroom with the Canvas Student mobile app! From any device, students can now:

• View grades and course content
• Submit assignments
• Keep track of course work with to do list and calendar
• Send and receive messages
• Post to discussions
• Watch videos
• Take quizzes
• Receive push notifications for new grades and course updates, and much more!

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Canvas Student Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Add announcements and grades widget for iOS 14. - Add New Quizzes type assignments to the Quiz Index screen. - Add a short description to Help menu items. - Moved managing favorites to updated All Courses list - Update push notification categories - Show rubric comments - Polished progress bar while logging in - Fixed user files not opening due to permission issues. - Fixed group discussions not loading properly. - Don't show not graded assignments in the grades list screen. - Fixed attachments being visible on deleted discussion entries. - Fixed sending messages to groups with more than 100 members. - Fixed module scrolling in special cases - Fixed viewing files linked in global announcements

Canvas Student Comments & Reviews

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- Love it, love it , love it

I love this program, the app as well. It's treated me well the past few years that I have been in college. If there's schools that use other programs, they should change to this one ! The ONLY issues I have are this : One. I wish that with new upcoming semesters I would be able to look up all my classes like I can do on a computer and add them to my main page , as long as they are published and ready to be added. This isn't a big problem since I can always use the computer laptop to do this, but it would be nice to do on my phone. Two. When I get notifications for files added and announcements, and I click in to it on my iPhone, it only brings me to the first page that you always are greeted with that just has all your classes and stuff. It would be really cool if from the phone we could click into that notification and be brought directly to that announcement, assignment, or whatever else. Again, minor stuff that would be cool if changed, but LOVE CANVAS!

- Pretty great, but would love some improvements!

Edit: Would it be possible to only receive notifications for replies to my own discussion post and not all discussion posts? I like the app in general. It sure is handy. I don’t like that the To Do tab only shows a limited amount of tasks and that you can add or view To Do tasks that were added by oneself. You can view the To Dos you added using the desktop website in the Calendar tab in iPad and iPhone, but you cannot add, edit or delete them. I really wish the To Do tab was more useful in the iPad and iPhone apps. Another thing I noticed is that when a particular course imports quizzes from an external application like Cengage Mindtap, it does not mark the assignment as completed in the To Do list. It has to be checked off manually. I wish the To Do list (or List View in the Dashboard tab on desktop) were enhanced as having a comprehensive and editable list of To Do’s is very useful for students to track their assignments. I also noticed that the Inbox feature in the mobile app versions lack a couple capabilities that at least exist in the desktop version. For example, members of a group message can view who is in the message thread while on desktop. But in the mobile apps, you would only see the addressees by clicking reply all.

- Great App!

I have been using Canvas for about a year now and it's been very helpful! Although the initial switch from Google Classroom to Canvas in my school district was hard, I have now gotten used to the apps interface and how it works. I like how organized everything is in the app, I can see all my classes laid out when I open it. If I click on one of my classes, I can easily open modules to find my assignments. I can also keep track of my assignments with the todos tab and inbox which shows messages from my teachers. Turning items in is also an easy process (depending on which format). You can turn in with audio, website URL, media recording, file upload, or text submission (depending on what the teacher chooses as submission process). Another great aspect is that all of your assignments are sorted by unit in the modules making it very easy to find your needed assignments. Overall Canvas is a good app, I only gave it 4 stars because on several occasions my teachers have made the app more difficult by allowing only a certain type of submission/ locking material by mistake, etc. I do have one recommendation, and that is when you film an in app video submission, there should be a pause button, I have experienced times when I was not able to pause and I wanted to.

- Great in most ways, except one MAJOR flaw

The Canvas student app is really responsive and high functioning, almost easier to use sometimes than the actual desktop site. It makes doing school work while on the go a total breeze. HOWEVER, I knocked a star off because there is just one MAJOR issue that I hope they can fix in a future update. I’ve noticed that whenever I navigate away from the app and then return (for example, checking a module for an assignment due date, navigating away to my calendar app, then navigating back to canvas to read further) the app backs out from where I was and returns to the main screen. This is really ANNOYING and I wish it would be fixed. I don’t close the app, I simply switch to a different one, but when I return I have to navigate all the way back to where I was, often needing to click through multiple menu bars to get back to my place. It’s really aggravating when trying to multitask (as all students usually are), especially when phones these days are trying to make multitasking more intuitive and easier to manage. Hopefully that can be fixed because otherwise this is a really successful app.

- It's improving! Getting closer!

I'm getting much happier with the new updates that have rolled out recently. Most of the functionality is intact, which makes it really good for getting a forum post or two done during down time somewhere. Some things that are still a bit difficult are picking up discussion conversations that you have posted in. There is no way to quickly find or jump to posts that you have already made, which makes it difficult in larger classes with protracted discussions. Perhaps tagging people in a Facebook name type format and then being able to jump to that particular point in the discussions would help this? The only other major problem that I've found (and this may just be an IOS problem) is that if I switch to another app to copy and paste some material or even just the web page url itself, the app closes itself and I lost my entire post. Like I said, this may just be an IOS thing with memory management but it is still a major pain in the rear to lose a long post that was typed on a mobile keyboard. Overall it works well for me and I'm pretty happy with it! Keep up the improvements, it's about there!

- Missing Online Features for Submission

In general, this app is good. I can easily submit files of many types when I need to and for any class, and I can track grades, upcoming events, discussions, and more. I love the ability to watch videos in-app and track what I still need to do. There have been some issues with my To-Do list in the past and it’s been hard to find some of my assignments, but after investigating I realized that this was due to faulty organization and uploads by my instructors, not because of the app itself. The only problem I have with this app right now is that it is missing some of the features available online. In my online Canvas account, which I use on a PC, I can submit Google Drive or OneDrive files directly to Canvas. On my iPad, which is what I use with the app, I only have the ability to make a text entry or upload a file from my iPad itself, which means I have to go through the trouble of moving Microsoft files from OneDrive to my iPad’s regular storage. If you could add support for this on both the online version and app, then I’d be grateful. I’d also appreciate full-screen support for videos.

- Canvas is an abomination a

I would have rated this a zero if I thought it would submit. This platform should have never been released until it was more reliable. Work is constantly lost or shows up in different places. It is extremely inconsistent in showing if work has been completed or not. My son had spent hours doing assignments 7 days a week sometimes 10 hours a day. More than half of the work he has submitted is “lost in canvas”. My husband and I have spent over 5 combined hours trying to submit a single assignment for my 4th grader with no luck. My son used to be an A student with his favorite subject being ELA. In Remote learning on Canvas he has a 35....out of 100. Most days are spent crying and last Friday after another 10 hour day he rather intelligently sputtered out through frustrated tears, “What is the point? I spend all my time doing school work with no time to have fun and I am still failing”. I want decision makers to know Canvas is the number 1 problem with remote learning and the sanity of parents as well as detriment to our elementary school students quality of learning and their self esteem. Please Please find something better. I think there is a program called Schoolology that sounds very promising.

- Good, but…

From the beginning, the app was fine. I enjoyed using it and it was a good way of keeping up with my grades (assuming my professors uploaded them in the first place), but this recent update, as of April 16, is annoying to say the least. If your class are heavily discussion based, good luck. You now have to scroll though everyone’s posts and comments to finally reach your own. It gets hard to tell which one is a post and which one is a comment because there’s no real indicator except for a very thin gray line. If you want to edit a previous comment or past that you made? Tough luck, you’ll just have to replay again and add to the madness that is already this discussion board. Not only that but the scrolling never loads everything and often gets stuck when it reaches the bottom and has to load more also causing the app to crash. It was so much more efficient when all of the comments were in folders under the original post. Not only that but the notifications are still broken in the sense of, when you get a notification and you click on it, it still doesn’t take you to the right page.

- Disorganized mess.

Canvas is a disorganized mess. My school recently switched over from eLearning and that program was SO much better! The discussion boards are a mess. You have to scroll through tons of posts to be able to get to yours. When you get a notification about a comment on the discussion board there is no way to tell if it was a reply to your post or just another reply unless you scroll through. It’s difficult to find anything. I understand there is a learning curve anytime you switch to a new program but it’s really unfortunate when you switch from a great program to a lesser program when the only difference is one has an app (that is still a lesser program) and the other you have to go into safari or another browser (as if that is that hard). Overall, I am terribly disappointed and the hype around this program must just come from people who have never had a better program.

- More accessible and easy to use than the computer

I enjoy using this instead of having to log on every time on a web browser and having to boot up my computer, it’s also wherever I am. I do have a couple of occasional issues though, sometimes the app doesn’t load, it just keeps showing the canvas logo rotating forever (I think it may have something to do with having do not disturb on, I don’t know if it’s exclusive to my 2017 model iPad Pro 10.5 or if it could be a generic issue). Also, when writing a long reply on a discussion, the letters sometimes can start to fall behind, even to the point of a full second delay and then it will start back spacing if you made a mistake and won’t stop for a minute. This problem may have been fixed just this week with a canvas update (not the app, just canvas in general). The only thing I would like added is the option to edit a post/reply in discussions, I really wish I could do this without having to log on online and just use the app. But overall all, this is a great app to use.

- Great for faculty only, calendar is useless

Nothing auto uploads to the calendar. If I have to personally check 10 sources to make sure Im on schedule, this is basically a very complicated syllabus with a forum attached to it. The format allows and inadvertently causes faculty to make busy work for the student by uploading more and more materials with more deadlines to keep track of, but since it does little to organize or enhance workflow, it has essentially made it more work for the student as you are looking through 50 pages of materials to make sure you’ve covered all the bases. I’d rather have a paper syllabus and take home handouts as needed, then have to keep track of hundreds of files, notifications, emails, forms and dates throughout the term. Its idea of a solution inadvertently creates a bigger problem. You’d think everyone having remote access to something would make the workflow more efficient. Instead it just opens floodgates to 40 people at a time thinking “Oh, I’ll just say or add this one more thing...” At least add a global search tool.

- Great app with some issues here and there

Love the app overall! I would love to see an updated UI in the future to kind of bring everything together a little better. I have found issues with the mobile app not being able to load certain files at times (ie. PPT, Word, and other extensions). Perhaps the most problematic is the failure to load grades in the correct module. I can usually get around it by going to assignments though. Something else that I will note it the somewhat cumbersome viewing of comments on papers. Each time a specific comment is viewed it takes you out of the paper completely, or you have to swipe down again. It just feels rather clunky and I think it can be better implemented. I love Canvas and look forward to seeing where it goes. Oh, and I’m not sure if it is already available but I would love to see this tied into a degree plan completion module somehow to know which courses have fulfilled certain requirements. This may already be available I’m not sure.

- Unable to Use

For years, I have had this app downloaded on my phone, because all of my classes now require canvas (a stupid decision in my opinion, every student I know absolutely hates using this interface). However, I have not ONCE been able to log in to my account, because it won’t let me find my school. When you open the app, it has a page that says “find my school,” or something to that effect, but every time I type in the name of my school, it says it can’t find it. Which is ridiculous, because every class in my school uses Canvas, so please explain to me how an entire school just went missing. On top of that, the website is completely confusing for students, it took me about 3 months just to get my bearings. I feel like an old woman trying to use this website because I just can’t get a feel for the technology. 0/10 would not recommend. If you’re a teacher and considering using Canvas as your main interface between you and your students, please do them a favor and look elsewhere. I would recommend Google Classroom. That site is super user friendly and easy to understand. I have no idea why my school system ever switched.

- Love-hate thing

I love canvas. Only on the computer though. When I went to change my profile I have to go to my phone because I’m using someone else’s computer. But when I downloaded it TWO TIMES, I didn’t know how to get in. The furthest I ever got was to the register. I don’t even know what I’m buying. But then I noticed the login part. That just took me back to the start. But instead, it says my password isn’t correct. (You’ll never guess my password, it’s nonsense lol) I typed it while I took a video to make sure I typed my password correctly. I typed it correctly, however the app says that I did not. Truly annoying. It does not work on my phone, BUT, I still love it on the computer! I love this website! (On the computer. I’m no dummy)All those cons only made it go down to three stars. That’s it! Please do not remove this app because it helps kids who do hybrid classes (like me) or always online. Don’t let all my complaints remove this app. Sincerely, A new fifth grader!!:)

- New Design

This app made the studying process so much easier. They did a great job on how everything functioning but I removed one star because of their recent design changes. The app icon appears to be red with white logo on it, which made it very hard to see new notifications (since they also appear red in apple devices). I don’t usually write reviews but this really became uncomfortable for me personally. For example, I don’t get notifications on my locked screen, and my banners are also turned off when I get a notifications. When I unlock my phone I could still see that little red circle in the upper right corner of the app icon (that would tell me that I have a message or something). However, now the app is red, and I don’t notice a new notifications because two same colors blend together... I hope this review is helpful. I like the app in general. To all their team, thank you for your hard work.

- Great App, but Needs a Few Minor Tweaks

First off, I want to say I love this app. Very easy for students to stay up to date on their schoolwork. I have used other programs such as My Big Campus and Blackboard Learn, but this app puts both of them to shape in terms of how easy it is to navigate. I could barely use their apps because everything was a mess, so good job with the creation of this app. However, I would like to make a few suggestions. As soon as something is posted to Canvas, it should you should IMMEDIATELY get a push notification and/or email. Sometimes, it takes several hours even though a grade, post, or assignment was posted a day ago, so make the notifications faster and more efficient. If I view a notification on the Canvas app, it should view as read on the desktop version. I notice when I view a notification on the app, it will show I have not viewed it on the desktop version. Also, find a way to allow users to do the “What-If?” grade scenarios on the app.

- Previous user

I downloaded the app because it allowed me to interact with my instructors & fellow classmates. Somehow there was an update to the app & I can’t get into it anymore. There’s a function that allows a person to reset password & every time I try & request a new password via email, I never get anything from canvas at all. When I go into my school website on the computer, my info works just fine so I’m getting the password right they just don’t have my info in their system or something. I have also had other issues but nowhere to go & try to get help for this app. I’ll be deleting it off my phone since I can’t get in anyway. And it will remain deleted unless they go back to the way the app was 2 weeks ago. Fix your app idk how that needs to be done but it isn’t working for me & there’s no one to call or email for issues unless you’re logged into the app🙄

- Can’t see all of the slides in a PowerPoint

Some are cut off, some are missing random pics that are there when I open on a browser, but not the app. Can’t export them smoothly to GoodNotes, which is practically the only way to make use of them without printing out the entire presentation at once. Auto log out times make it so that if you take too long to type out a response then it deletes all of your work when you hit submit to turn it in, which means you have to type everything in word and copy paste if the professor wants something submitted in type on canvas rather than a doc or pdf. Wasting 3 hours on a well thought out and polished post my freshman year made me want to sling my computer out the window. Lesson learned I guess. Calendar is %100 useless. Nothing from the classes is added, what’s the point in even having it on there if it’s worthless? I feel like I’m getting work done in spite of canvas rather than using canvas to get my work done. Fix the slides issue or restrict the professors formats if you want 5 stars.

- All My Classmates Despise This

The website version is absolutely horrendous and I don’t understand why any school who cares about its students would opt to use this program. I gave an extra star because the mobile version is slightly less confusing and requires less “clicks” than the absolutely abysmal website version. We started being tortured by this program in school at the beginning of this school year, so we have been undergoing that for about 5-6 months. All my peers and classmates agree it’s horrible and quite frankly takes more time and stress to navigate to your homework than actually doing it. Honestly, for me Canvas makes my school life way more stressful and confusing than it should be and I could honestly write a novel explaining all the things I hate about it, but I’m too busy trying to discover what my homework is and what my grades are. To summarize, it should be against the law to make students use this program year-long under “cruel and unusual punishment,” and I’m truly sorry for any other student who has to use this program for their school. May God help us all.

- Back to school later in life-

I just thought I would take one class at MiraCosta, but I ended up signing up for a few more than that, and I’m so glad I did. My son just graduated from high school, so I finally had the time to pursue my interest in marketing and business. I started off just taking one class and waitlisted a few others, but as they opened up, I decided, “Why not?” I’m loving my classes and my instructors! Even though I’m not tech savvy, it’s pretty easy to figure out and there’s lots of support here if you’re struggling. If I can figure it out...anyone can! And it’s been 20 plus years since I’ve been to college, but my instructors have been super supportive and helpful at every turn. I can’t believe it took me so long to get back to school, but now that I am, I’m loving it! I think MiraCosta is an excellent choice for someone who wants to go to college or back to college, no matter what the circumstances.

- I like it but there’s somthing wrong

I like canvas better than google home beacuase it’s organized and it has a to do list to show you any work your missing and it has conferences that I think my teacher added but canvas my teacher can give us classes through it and she can even assign work for us I have to courses on for Arabic and the other one is just says my home room teachers name she teaches us all our classes but since carona we don’t even stay school long we only stay there four hours and leave one but on Friday we leave 12:30i really like it it makes everything easier but I think there’s a bug on my iPad when I tried at login it didn’t work and just showed a black screen and when my brother who goes to the same school as me it work we’re twins we’re in the same grade and I kinda feel left out to be the only fourth grader loving a teaching app like the just so goood

- Great app, could use minor update

I absolutely love this apps usability. I just have a couple suggestions to make it a little more user friendly. Not sure if this matters, but I go to Ashford University. First, it would be nice to have your own posts displayed at the top of each discussion, so they are easier to locate. Instead of having to scroll down through every other post just to find your own. Second, although the notifications are nice, they can also be a bit annoying. Especially since clicking on the notification does not take you directly to the specific reply of that post. It simply takes you into the app and then you have to “guess” who commented and on which post. Those are my only two suggestions/complaints. Other than that, the app is awesome! Fix these two things and I’ll change my rating to 5 stars.

- Not a good platform for forum discussions.

Number 1 complaint: Online classes require weekly participation in forum discussions. After typing about 150 words into a discussion forum on either my iPhone or iPad the system bogs down, and there will be a delay of a second or more between striking a key and character displaying in the post. It gets so bad that I will just leave my posts unfinished, then complete my posts when I have the chance to use a proper computer. Number 2 complaint: Discussion posts cannot be edited from within the app. I have to use a proper computer or web interface to edit a discussion post. Number 3 complaint: I am enrolled at multiple schools, so I have to switch accounts when using the app to toggle between schools. The page that displays the alternate profiles has a delete “x” that is easy to accidentally strike when using the app from an iphone and using your thumb to actuate icons. The app will delete those profiles with a single tap. Can you please add a second step authentication before deleting a profile?


this is literally the worst app i have ever been forced to use. My 3 year old cousin could make a better app. literally this app is useless it is so pointless the only thing that works is the website and that is still a steaming pile of garbage. why on EARTH does it notify me when IVE sent a message to a teacher????? that is idiotic. you also cant submit ANY assignments at all i have not submitted a SINGLE assignment through the app and yet with google classroom i would only submit assignments through the app. why cant you be more like google classroom. google classroom is perfect it is top tier it does everything right everything is in chronological order and is simple to use and doesn’t have bugs that make its app USELESS UNLIKE THE STEAMING PILE OF GARBAGE YOU LIKE TO CALL CANVAS. I HATE CANVAS WITH EVERY FIBER OF MY BEING!!!!! GOOGLES MAIN JOB ISNT EVEN TO PROVIDE WHAT GOOGLE CLASSROOM PROVIDES AND YET ITNIS BETTER THAN THIS STUPID APP!!! I WOULD KILL TO BE ABLE TO NEVER USE CANVAS AGAIN BUT FOR SOME REASON MY SCHOOL HATES ME SO I HAVE TO KEEP USING YOUR AWFUL APP. PLEASE FIX IT. YOU CANT SUBMIT ASSIGNMENTS OR TAKE TESTS OR DO BASICALLY ANYTHING OTHER THAN LOOK AT ASSIGNMENTS/ MODULES AND MESSAGE TEACHERS AND THAT IS STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FIX IT!!!!!!!!!!’nn

- Works pretty good. I like using it, and do.

I definitely get benefit from using this app for three classes now. Starting on the 4th. I gave it 5 stars because it is useful. Recommendations for improvement include: the Echo 360 videos do not have audio on my iPad; the People section does not have the groups; power point slides get rendered a little off, but good enough, and there is a way to copy to Power Point for IOS so that is ok. Pretty good integration with Office and OneDrive on IOS; the discussions it would be nice to have a toggle to a view with all reply’s expanded, then back again to only top level posts to be drilled down into. The first two made it so I had to lug my personal laptop on business trips in order to do all I needed for the classes. Still, I found this app worthwhile. Keep on improving it so that it can be used equivalently to the full PC browser based version.

- Please just save your students and use google classroom

This app is unbelievably inconvenient to use, it can’t do half the stuff that you can on the Canvas website, so if your internet goes out and you need to do school stuff on your phone, you end up not being able to actually do it because it only functions on the website. This app feels like it’s a wanna be google classroom that flunked out of high school or something, as a student, I am telling you that canvas just isn’t worth using and if you want to do online stuff just use classroom. Classroom is WAY easier to use than this, and you don’t have to scroll through all of your old assignments to get to your new ones because new assignments appear at the top. In this app, it almost feels like it wants me to dig up my assignments from the bottom of the page or find them somewhere in the middle. Overall just not as good of an experience as google classroom. Classroom also just feels like it makes more sense do to its simplicity and good organization. If you want to do work online, JUST USE GOOGLE CLASSROOM. -An ACTUAL student

- App issues

Reasons why I dislike canvas 1. If you log into canvas from multiple devices, and say, you check some announcements from your phone, and then log into canvas from your computer later it does not recognize that you already checked all your announcements already. This is the same for grades and any other updates 2. If you get a notification saying an assignment has been graded, and you click on that notification, it takes to to the comment/submission portion of that assignment (which doesn’t show the grade) and if you hit “done” it take you to the home page. So that’s really annoying, because you have to start back from square one. Might as well not click the notification and go to canvas since you’ll be redirected back to the home page anyway 3. If you are on canvas and then switch over to a different app, almost instantly canvas loses your spot, so when you come right back to canvas you are back in the homepage. There are more issues with canvas but it does work, it’s just annoying that it can’t remember a lot of things.

- Works good but needs some updates

The app works well, it allows me to check my grades and look at up coming assignments very easily and is mostly what I use it for. I think if the developer would update the way that discussion content is presented it would make the app more user friendly and be more valuable for actual learning. I would like the ability to minimize discussion like is available on the canvas website so that I don’t have to read the entire discussion or all the comments at once and could choose to read only specific ones at a time. As it is right now I do not use the app to follow discussions because I have to scroll through everything to reach a discussion that I want to read. If I could choose the discussions that are fully displayed then I would be more likely to read discussions throughout the day follow along with the discussion instead of waiting until I am sitting in front of my computer at home each night.

- Meh. It’s ok but it has some issues so it could definitely be better.

It’s a good app and a little more user friendly than Blackboard but it has organizational issues that can be hard to handle. I wish there was a way to customize your course selection screen and the access points for your modules once you open your course. I have to jump through hoops to get to where I need to go for some assignments. It’s time consuming and frustrating. Also I wish there was a feature where you can add events or assignments to your personal in app calendar. I have one class that does not enter the time or day assignments are due directly into Canvas and therefore the assignments don’t show up in the calendar. I’d be willing to manually enter due dates from the syllabus if the app would allow me to but unfortunately the entire calendar is locked down. I can’t even export it to my phones calendar or reminders. Very frustrating to deal with but it hasn’t killed me yet so 🤷‍♀️

- Great but the glitches need to be fixed

I love this app, I love the functionality of it on my phone and iPad and the ease of it. What I don’t love is that as SOON I put my phone down it automatically turns off the app, meaning the page I was on was gone and it restarts me back to home. This has happened ALOT of times when I’m in the middle of writing an email to someone, I put the phone down for a second and then pick it up back, the email is gone, nothing saved all my writing was deleted and I’m brought to the homepage. I did exit out of the app or anything it just does that automatically. Can they fix this issue where it stops refreshing the page and bring you to home right away unless you close the app completely? Let it just keep you on the same page you’ve been until you yourself close it on change the destination.

- Student Canvas App Review

The Canvas app is extremely convenient (for both teachers, parents, and students) to use, at any time, anywhere. The app is easier to log into than the website, and it gets you in quicker, with barely any time wasted on loading. You can have the app on your phone or IPad, which makes it a very reliable backup option. You can also have multiple accounts on it, without having to log out on your main school account. The app enables you to check your grades, upload an assignment, submit an assignment, join a conference, message a teacher, etc. I like how on your phone, you can quickly access your account without waiting for the page to load, which isn’t even accessible on a phone. Not everyone has an IPad, so the free app, is very useful, especially during this time.

- Helpful, but glitchy

While it helps to have an app that allows me to continue my education even while putting a child to sleep, there are a great many problems. The biggest is the slow keyboard response. When writing, one must be willing to be overly patient. In this era, we should be able to type at will and have the technology move with us. More often than not I must type and wait for each word to appear. It is common for the app to take more than 10 seconds to respond to my typing and mangle the sentence into an unintelligible mess. The other failing is the annoying tendency for the app to relapse into previous versions of the screen in which I am working. If I complete a post or reply, it would suddenly disappear as if it failed to upload the post. If I retyped my post, it would all of the sudden remember the past and double post. Unfortunately, this is not only a problem in the app but also the desktop version. Please fix this!

- NEEDS improvement.

This app is very responsive and aesthetically functional. However, it is not functional for the things that matter: 1. Discussions: I write all of my discussion posts on the notes app instead of the in-text box in Canvas. Why? Because any text more than what I could only guess is more than 200 words, causes extreme lag and unresponsive ness from the app. Also discussions should be handled a little more like social media, so notifications apply directly to your own post and can be quickly accessed/directed to your own posts. Rather than having to scroll for long times to find your discussion post in a class of 60+ people. It’s also normal for teacher to request a post goal in discussions, it would be cool for canvas to have a discussion post counter so students can be aware of how many posts/replies they’ve made, to make sure they’re on track. Replies should be expandable, to maintain organization of the feed. 2. URGENT Drop down menu multiple choice during quizzes/tests needs to be look . It resorts to the iOS wheel of choice similar to the one when selecting your birthdate in any other app. It basically limits the information displayed to stay in accordance to the feature of iOS. However, I lost some points in a test because I couldn’t figure out what the drop down menu said. And sentences are ended with elipsis, rather than a clickable option to expand the content

- Interface change

This app had a great and easy to read user interface until a recent update. For some reason a groups section was added to the Dashboard under my courses. It’s confusing because I now have a long list of old groups there from previous semesters. Also the grade book portion has become very displeasing to the eyes. The total given points for a graded assignment is no longer displayed, only the points received. To see how many points my assignment was scored out of, I have to go through the extra step of opening the assignment. Also, each assignment now has a label of ‘Submitted, Missing, or Not Submitted’. Even assignments I have turned in and have had graded are labeled with a red ‘Missing’ tag. It looks wrong and is concerning to see that. And there’s no need to make it more difficult for older professors who are not the most well versed in technology to have to manually change these labels. Other than this terrible new interface, the app is nice and convenient to use and runs smoothly.

- Just eh

So far on the mobile side canvas seems very inconvenient due to the constant redirects to 3rd party apps and the long loads, not to mention the module system. I do like the linear feel of the modules but from a visual and usability side google classroom’s feed is definitely a lot nicer (mostly due to the interconnectivity of the google suite). Being able to create separate feeds for discussions, work, and recourses is really useful though. Also the ability to choose which courses appear on your course page is pretty neat, but instead of seeing courses you have favorited you should just have the option to hide courses that you don’t want to see that way you don’t risk missing any new ones you may be added to. Custom color options for courses would also be nice since I’ve now run out of colors I like. All around it seems like it can be a very powerful tool for online learning, but needs a little more work especially on the visual side.

- Needs Fixing!

I’m not sure how I feel about Canvas. I recently started using this app, and there have been some distressing occasions on attempting to turn in work/get to class on time. There are some components that I like and some aren’t as good in my opinion. For instance, the assignments that I submit do not appear submitted on the teacher’s side. This negatively impacts my grade. Additionally, it’s easy for the app to crash from the number of students/educators using it at once. Sometimes I end up not getting to class on time due to it not loading. I hope these “small” bugs get fixed soon, or many educations are being put in jeopardy. Some good components are (if the app is working effectively) it’s quite easy to find your assignments and get them into your instructor. I like how the app has a calendar and it marks off the things you have already completed. All things considered, this app needs some fixing, but overall I would love to use it again.

- Critics

Great app, it is really on the fence of getting a 4 instead but with all the bug fixes it’s okay, if you have problems with the app just ask people who know it will enough, most people complain about the app but it’s actually pretty good. It sends notifications thru text and notification just in case it did not work, I really hated how it handled files but know it is okay, I also hated how it handled assignments but know it’s really good, it might need a place to put your email for teachers and students a like, I don’t like how it has the messages layer out like reddit, it’s not even the good reddit one, it’s the bad see reply one and you have too keep pressing and pressing, it has a very useful Hud where you can see all your classes and you can change and customized them, it also has access to drive and outlook. Thx canvas

- Horrendous

This app is the absolute worst. Not only is it making work much more harder now that school is online, but it also makes me stress so much because sometimes I won’t be getting an email till after the day my work was due which lowers my grades. This app has made me want to die several times and it makes it seem like this perfect app teachers can use but in reality it is so complicated because teachers don’t even know how to use it sometimes. I think it’s best we get rid off it and never bring it back since it is truly the reason I am currently failing online school and want to die. Now that I am grounded for not being able to see my grades since teachers have the ability to lock it, I want to die. It is making finals so much worse and it starts to glitch on me when least expected but most needed. It made my pet unicorn die so in conclusion we need to get rid of it. Canvas, i hope making several young poor innocent kids suffer pleaded you for some time but don’t cry to us when we take down this app. xoxo 🥰🙈🦄🦋🧚

- Forensics & Mat 142

I really like canvas for my forensic class because everything is easy to review and the professor is really great about helping with any needs that are on canvas. However, I really dislike canvas for my Math class and I took the same math class last semester and had to drop due to family emergency but it was on blackboard, the topic were the same but the program was very different. I had to master a topic to move on but if I couldn’t master the topic I was just stuck in that topic. Ask teacher and other students for help and they were having the same problem. The teacher didn’t feel that the program was a problem, but it was indeed an issue because I was spending 7-10 hours on the computer trying to figure out the topics. However, I will not take math if it’s on canvas Ever Again.

- So many things wrong

First off whenever you try to open the app it’s either a hit or miss it either lets you on the app or decides it’s not going to let you on and glitches back to the home screen every time you click on it. Submissions take way to long and sometimes don’t even work. And to add on to that I’ve had the app multiple times when writing in the text box delete everything I typed. This problem makes me FURIOUSSSS!!!! There needs to be a better update then this one because this one literally has not fixed anything seriously the last update was better than this. Also it would be pretty cool if we got the option to change the color or even just have a dark mode to the whole screen on canvas. I feel like more students would enjoy the app if we could personalize it and make it feel more like ours and give us motivation and creativity to do our assignments and make us actually want to do them in the first place. Please I say pleaseeee read this and take everything into consideration. Thanks.

- Only one thing-Great otherwise!

This is a nice app. It’s definitely handy to have as an alternative to Canvas on my school chromebook. I love how you can click and option that allows you to see your grades from the card view—Whenever I think “Hey, let me check my grades,” I open the app and see them right there. One thing that i noticed however is that when I access the app from the notifications, two tabs will pop up instead of one. And example: I get a notification about a test being graded-I tap it, the app loads, and the test pops up, and right after the same test pops up again. I’ve also found that sometimes the app will freeze and I won’t be able to tap anything. I can’t remember the last time it happened though so it’s not a big deal. Overall, good app! :D

- Pls take off the zoom/FaceTime thing

I hate being called and getting messages about what time to come to class. do u guys not get that we have life’s too and we are in a life crisis. I wanna feel in peace but teachers don’t let that happen. During this break I wanna feel calm not stressed out about work. Pls just delete it. I don’t wanna be stressed out. People are dying and you guys are giving us classes like nothing is happening. Idc if I don’t have grammar there is no point in school they teach us useless stuff we never use when we grow up. What is history going to teach me how air was invented. I already know English and if I don’t know a work omg there is google woowwwww. Math we have our phones to help. Science is useless to me it’s not my thing. School should let us choose stuff we like and wanna grow up to know to have a good future but with a lot of subjects do you guys really think we are going to remember everything. JUST PLSSS STOP. The only thing I can write a whole essay about is a hate comment. Let me live in peace before I die jeez.

- Solide, but lacking

This application is very solid for allowing me to access my schoolwork, however, an update needs to be made in order navigate to discussion threads in my classes modules. Another improvement that needs to be made is the time zone settings, which needs to be accessible from the application. Apparently the application depends on the devices location, which is problematic considering you’re relying on your device for the time. I am currently running iOS on an Apple tablet and an iPhone X. Because I wasn’t able to adjust the time zone setting on the application, three of my assignments or late. I run a very strict schedule at work and in sure that I can accommodate free time for my schooling, however when I have the application for working against me, it doesn’t leave much room for error.

- Love the mobile access to Canvas

Canvas is far superior to every academic class portal that I have used. I’ve had the pleasure of using five different platforms throughout my education. This mobile app has most of the functionality of the web version. I love the quick access to syllabi, videos and mail. Mostly I love that it stays logged in and I get push notifications of announcements, grade and new items in my inbox. I have most of my push notifications turned off, except this app and my text messages. The app keeps a mediocre grad-student well informed and now making all A’s since we switched over. I think it is because the courses are easily accessible from my phone and I can watch a lecture while waiting for an appt or other random downtime, without needing a computer.

- Virtual Classes

I was a big fan of this program once it launched because I would be able to respond, post, and such from my phone at times when I was not close to my laptop. Room for improvement: please fix the problem of announcements and notifications. When there is an announcement made for a given class, and I click on the notification from my phone I get brought back to the home screen (dashboard). This means I then have to scramble around the class to figure out what the announcement notification was about. It will be helpful if we are directed to the announcement or post when we click on the notification received on our screen. Grades: I select to have my grades visible but this seems to be a temporary thing. There are times where the grades option is reset from the settings screen and I have to go back and select the option once more. Edit option: is there a way to edit a post once submitted? This is something we can do for the laptop but not an option on the app. Just curious. There are times I notice a typo and have to wait to log in via the laptop to correct the post. Other than that - this is a great tool to have. If you’re a person who is on the go - it’s amazing to be able to respond to posts from our phone.

- No other option

My university picked this application do you use for submitting all work it I didn’t particular choose it myself so it’s an unfair review. It works great on my computer, it’s pretty straightforward the only problem is trying to upload some documents from my iPhone. It’s a little bit more cumbersome you got to work around some issues because it’s not 100% iOS compatible. They’re working on it they are making improvements they do try to listen to your complaints most of the time the upgrades into the system are throughout the summer. So although it takes more time for the updates to happen it’s worth the wait. Then you’re not stuck with your app updating at an inopportune time during the school year. When you need to be taking an exam or there’s an assignment due and you can’t upload it.

- Canvas Review

As a high school junior who has used Google Classroom since middle school I absolutely hate Canvas. Assignments are always in different places and depending on your teacher or not sometimes they will organize it for you, and other teachers could care less. I do not like the ability that the teachers have to lock assignments because I don’t know if any other schools do this, but our teachers are supposed to accept late work but there is no way of excepting that late work if the assignment has already been locked. It is absolutely ridiculous. This is only my first year using it and I already wish I was back on Google Classroom. I would also like to add that the auto grader on Canvas is terrible as well. Sometimes the grader marks questions wrong that were correct, which then forces the teachers to go into each individual test and grade the answers over again. Overall, this app has had me extremely stressed out and has made me second guess myself if I have done my assignments or not.

- Useful!!

The canvas mobile app is really convenient for checking up on to-do’s, checking final scores for assignments, messaging instructors and students, and a bunch of other things! I’m really grateful to have it I recommended making two modifications: 1. When instructors/students make comments on a turned-in assignment, you can see the comment they give, but you can’t see the attached file they put in the comments. I have to open up my computer to see that, and sometimes it would be a lot more convenient to pull it up on my phone on the way to class, so I can decide if I need to go see the professor or something else. 2. I wish the to-do list would update after the due-date has passed, or after I turn in an assignment. That would make it simpler to move thru items, and not just have to X them out each time.

- User friendly and good app but...

I've been using canvas in general for school for years and I really like it as a platform. It's very accessible and user friendly and offers many features to help teachers and students both. One thing though, and i'm not sure if this is a bug or not, but whenever an action is made (grades updated, comments on discussion boards, etc.) I will be notified multiple times for the same action? At first it was two notifications, then three, and now five? Once again, not sure if it's a bug or a problem on my end, but if you could, please fix this! In general though, it's a good platform. The only thing i'd change is the sync with google and file uploading and the notification problem. Thank you guys for making an app, it really helps when you're on the go!

- Inconveniences

So many inconveniences, biggest one is barely having a memory even though most ppl only sign on for one school or whatever, over and over again. Where’s the “Set School” option, cause I only go to one school and only come on this app for this one thing. It works well when it’s working but constantly signing in after you ain't been on for a couple minutes is annoying and weird, easily fixable. Loading and buffering time can be long. Interfacing in general can be difficult for no reason. For such a popular app and portal, it feels lazy. If I open up anything on the app, when I leave off that thing I’m often put back to one of the pages I started with, not the page that I opened the thing on. Excuse my use of the word thing: document, video, image, etc. I could add more but I don’t remember as much since I haven’t used the app in a couple days.

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- Well implemented

I was pleasantly surprised by the outstanding simplistic visual design and ease of access. The overall experience overshadows that of the desktop version, which in contrast is quite clunky and inconsistent. There are little to no bugs or GUI glitches, and coupled with the streamlined usability it is a breeze to use. All features of the web desktop version are carried over to this app, and with many improvements. Animations are fluid, and general responsiveness feels on par with that of Apple or Google’s system apps. Did not except such outstanding achievement from a government branch, as most services offered are terribly designed with an inconsistent user interface. Whichever team who was behind the optimisation and general design of the application deserves a raise.

- Lovely app I love it as a parent

This app is so useful my child is at home because of the things going around but she can still do the work her class mates are doing at school. My son on the other hand is also loving this app he is checking his inbox every day he is in year 7 and he loves it my daughter is in year 5 and is very happy in what she does this is a great app and I also love it. Thanks for making this lovely app and also there is a parent canvas as well so that is just lovely

- 🦄⭐️One Slight Thing Wrong!⭐️🦄

Dear Developers Of Canvas, I Absolutely Love This App As It Is Quite Helpful To See My Grades In Such An Easy And Organised Dashboard. I Also Love How Easy It Is To Log In, Do It Once And Your Practically Logged In Forever. I Don’t Really Recommend Never Logging Out Because If You Lose Your Phone/iPad/iPod, Anyone That Finds It Will Be Able To Log In Unless You Have A Password To Unlock Your Device Which Is What A Lot Of Devices Have. If You Keep Logging In Repeatedly, You Will Remember You Login Details Better! Also, Sometimes After I Have Left The App For A While (Few Weeks etc.) It Sort Of Loses Progress And I Have To Connect It Back To My School And Log In etc. Apart From That, I Really Like This App And Would Recommend It To Any School. Sincerely, Victoricorn!

- Needs to be fixed!

A couple days ago I would have told you Canvas was the most useful application on my phone. Very easy to use with few limited abilities over the desktop version, and a few problems when trying to submit assignment or download attachments. However, I was randomly logged out of my profile last week and since haven’t been able to get back in. I have tried countless times and even across multiple platforms and still no connection, just the same old response, “an unexpected error has occurred.” This makes me extremely mad because with an app that has been so heavily used in my day to day life to completely restrict me and stop working is a huge spanner in the works. A few of my classmates are also experiencing the problem. I hope this problem can be fixed, ASAP!

- Compatability Issues

I love the general set up of this app, however I often have to just go to the website because certain things don’t work in the app. One thing is sometimes when I tap a link and try to open a file it says ‘the specified resource does not exist’, but if I open it in safari it downloads just fine. The other issue is one of my subjects has a bunch of tiles on the home screen as opposed to the more normal set up, and none of these tiles show up on the app. This means I can’t use the app at all for this subject which is highly irritating. But besides those issues, I think the app has an overall well thought out design - it’s very intuitive and the nerd within loves that I can change the colours of my subjects.

- Canvas Student 😐

Really good platform, but slow for uploading assignments and announcements, and takes a long, tedious sequence to submit and turn in. As a user though, I find it quite easy to find the school, thanks to the school library. I do use the app, but more often I use the online version, since the app is slow to react to new timetables and updated courses. For example, it took an hour for the app to update the deadline of ONE assignment. As I said earlier, the online version is more reliable. On the plus side, notifications are short and snappy, courses can be removed and added relatively quickly, and schools can see discussions, so they can monitor student/teacher activity. Overall: A little disappointing. 3 out of 5.

- Glitchy

If you exit the app for even 10 secs to check a msg or something, it resets itself & forgets where you were so you need to start over & find what page you were reading. You can zoom in so often need to login to the desktop version anyway to see the tiny writing. Many features aren’t accessible from the app. It also quite often doesn’t mark what you’ve already read even though it’s supposed to tick it off as you go. So every time I come back in I need to scroll through to find what I’ve already done which is a total waste of time. Many improvements are needed on this app to make it good.

- Great, but a new issue has emerged

I’m gonna get straight to the point, as I’m slightly annoyed. Canvas is a great app, and it’s been working perfectly until the update a few days ago that changed the assignment page. Since then, whenever I’ve tapped on the new submission button, all I’ve gotten is a blank page except for the little tab at the bottom of the page that allows me to message my teacher. I can’t submit my assignments from there, and for the past few days, I haven’t been able to fully complete the lessons I’ve been set. Please fix this!

- This app is straight legitness, not even gonna lie

App is very smooth, very intuitive and very easy to manage u nomsayin. Recently they made it even better by fixing up the discussion pages. Lecture slides can be viewed inside the app which is dank as hell if you ask me, very useful. Overall this app is dank legitness fam, nomsayin. The devs are riding a wave here, they know what they're doing, fam I'd buy them a beer if I saw them irl nomsayin. 10/10 app

- Too stripped down and buggy

IOS version for ipad. It really needs to match the website for utility and functionality in this day and age, but unfortunately the App version lacks a lot of features. Also embedded videos in PPT files dont play, no way to load videos as file to show in a lecture. Files that you rename in the website don’t get renamed in the app even if you refresh a dozen times. No way to access files to mark through this app. Have to do it through the website. Very disappointing and really rather basic and backward teaching platform. Really feels like the app is an afterthought rather than a key feature of their learning platform. Unfortunately the university where I work use this so we are stuck with it. Maybe though they will invest some time in fixing the app and bringing it’s functionality up to the basics you need to teach a course without having to keep referring back to the website.

- Good but some easy to fix issues

The app is great and does whatever it needs to do. The only problem is, when you are looking at a rubric for an assignment, you can’t see how much marks whatever area is worth unless you go on the website version which takes too long to access. I know that this is an easy fix because it’s been there before but in one of the past updates it’s disappeared. Thanks for making such a good app, but please fix it.

- Great app but needs some bug fixes

This app is great for our school needs but while using it on the iPad we get random and extremely repetitive alerts (5 in a minute and this continues throughout the day randomly) for “User is not able to access this content” that we need to dismiss to carry on working. Nothing is opened that we can pinpoint as the reason for this alert. It is very frustrating. Other than that, no issues at all.

- Great app to keep up to date!

Just discovered this app after recommendation from a fellow student and has been fantastic for managing my program. I can check when assignments are due, read any messages, and basically just keep up to date. Great especially when you don’t have your laptop or tablet. Would definitely recommend.

- Please fix the comments navigation

My biggest complain is that I can’t read the comments on my assessment’s feedback properly. I have to click on each individual comment then go through the whole process of opening the file, starting from the top of the page, find the next comment and repeat. I’d like to able to read all of the feedback in one document without it disappearing each time I click on one comment.

- Way better than Black Board

Idk if it's Canvas or my university, or both but canvas is way better then Blackboard. Everything is well organised, easy to find and runs nicely across all my devices. I find my self doing most of my content learning from my smartphone and just doing assignments on my laptop. This is great for me as I study online and am always on the go.

- I like it but

I like it but it’s annoying how many notifications we get for one thing, like I get two notifications every time I get a email or something changes, also when I click on the announcements, I have to go through every single announcement to get ride of the red bubble. It’s also annoying how I can’t set to-do’s. Thanks bye

- Annoying glitches

This app has annoying glitches , as soon as the screen turns off the lecture recordings turn off and you have to go back into the start of the app and back into lecture recordings again. It’s very frustrating. Sometimes the slides also don’t show on the lecture recordings but will show if you log into a PC. I also find when I log into notifications it doesn’t actually bring up the notification

- Saved by Canvas, Access Lecture Slides On the Go!... please review the notification system though...

Pros: Glad I don’t have to whip out my laptop to review subject content. All in the palm of my hand, easy to navigate and load content. Cons: Notifications are so annoying! I hate seeing red and numbers everywhere even though I’ve read them. Also so there a way to “mark as read”. Would calm my anxiety. Please and thank you.

- Update is Terrible!

The update in April 2018 has made this once great app almost useless. Once you open a file, you can’t go back to the previous menu, it instead jumps back to a blank page and you need to go all the way from the dashboard back into the class and module you were looking at. It’s also made discussion posts virtually impossible, as you can no longer see any other students post in the discussion. Please change it back to how it was. There were no issues before, and now it is almost useless for the main things people use it for.

- I love it!

It’s so convenient! I can quickly see who posted responses to my initial posts. I can see what’s coming up in the next few days so it can be ahead of my assignments. Having the app on my phone just makes it easy to do things, plan and organise my workload with my family, work, study, and my calling.

- Disappointed

So far I am pretty disappointed in how canvas works as an app or mobile site. The calendar in the app NEEDS month labels. It’s so confusing it’s essentially useless to me. The discussion threads on the app don’t load AT ALL. Just spins and spins. And I’ve asked around and am not the only one with this issue. I have updated and tried deleting and redone loaded. I’ve tried on wifi and mobile. Nothing loads. The mobile site basically doesn’t exist. Nothing fits to screen, I constantly have to zoom in and out. It’s really not user friendly for people who rely on mobile devices.

- 4 stars

Easy to use and well structured and makes looking at content while on the move much easier. Loses a star because it keeps providing notifications for things even if there’s no new content posted. And when there is I get the same notification 3-4 times over a 30 minute period which can be quite annoying.

- Brilliant adaptation of the website version

The title speaks for itself, however the application's title on the home screen could be changed from 'Student' to 'Canvas' as some people are getting familiar with Canvas and seeing 'Student' instead of 'Canvas' would be confusing, and in some cases would not find it on their smartphones at all. In short: change the name of the application that appears on the home screen. Many thanks, a new but comfortable Canvas user

- Poor experience

Due to corona I have been doing at home learning using this app for about two and a half weeks. This app has been so hard to use and it is constantly glitching not to mention everything was all over the place and I found it hard to understand what I was supposed to be doing... I have only been able to submit three of my main assignments and do a bit of general work here and there but I have not been able to complete all set tasks which is very frustrating.

- Great to use on iPhone but

This is a great way to get onto canvas without using a computer or laptop. I use it a lot. I did encounter problems with discussion boards and having massive gaps to scroll through before you can see anything and some modules don’t show everything along with assignment tabs. That part is a headache and I use my laptop instead. I have approached cs about this issue with no response twice. Otherwise good to use.

- Not as advertised

I would just like to say that the information I got before I signed up is not what has happened since. I was told I would be sent text books,never arrived!! Also, I was told I would have teacher access 24/7...... not true! I have to book in to get to ask the teacher a question which isn’t always possible because they have certain days and times for certain questions. Pretty unhappy with the whole process!!!

- OUA enrolment not showing

It’s now about a week or so to go until my online studies begin via Open Universities Australia, and I still can’t see any evidence of my enrolment via this app, therefore I’m incapable of preparing for that study ... what use is the app if it contains no information? ... if you’re going to develop an app, remember it’s only as useful as the data it presents IN A TIMELY FASHION ... and I should have been able to see, and start preparing for my subjects, as of AT LEAST one week ago ... to say otherwise is unreasonable.

- iPhone scrolling issue

I use Canvas via Swinburne online and there seems to be a glitch with the iPhone display of conversation threads in that the pages appear massively too large for he device and scrolling takes forever. The comments are 40- 50 swipes down the page, even when there are few comments. I guess, I’m a nutshell, it’s not very responsive.

- Not able to find Urkund report

Recommend... need to use browsers and laptop/ other device to look for urkund report... since the app do not display the text matching report (urkund)... could be very exciting if we could see the draft report text matching results... 😇😅 overall the app is great....

- Information disappears

It was working beautifully when I downloaded this app and I was using it everyday. Now, it doesn’t show the new notifications nor when I go to my units do the discussions show up. Please fix this issue. Thanks.

- Double Notifications

Everytime there is a notification from Canvas, it displays two notifications. Also, if you click on the notification it displays two of the windows, so if its an announcement notification, it’ll display the announcement twice. So everything is doubling up, the notification and the pop up.

- Good

Canvas is really helpful for me at school, but just one thing. I get way to many notifications, i’m mot sure if that’s canvas itself or if its my school posting way too much, but either way, maybe turn down the notification rate. Other than that, amazing app, helps me a lot for school work and assignments/assessments, would highly recommend!

- Functional, however...

Great interface and well organised! However, I constantly receive errors when I open pages, stating “Page Not Found” when there is visible information. Otherwise, aside the constant tapping to dismiss the error, works nicely! (Would greatly appreciate if this was resolved) :-)

- Poooor really poooor

Been using this for a semester for now. 1. Can be very buggy 2. Has very unintuitive UX, too much clicking and menus to get anywhere 3. Needs to fix Conferences 4. Needs to have dark mode 5. Needs to have simpler more intuitive inbox UI/UX 6. Needs to fix support when uploading gif’s, videos as comments into discussions and such, just shows blank now hah Ooooh sooo many frustrations with this, instead of making students lives easier it makes them even more nightmare like :( Maybe hire proper iOS designer’s and dev’s, ones that will follow Apples guidelines etc. As I can see you try to follow your own design’s but that simply doesn’t work on mobile as well as on the web.

- Can’t submit work!

For general viewing of assignments, modules and emails it’s a handy app. However the problem is they still haven’t fixed the bug that doesn’t allow you to submit assignments from your iOS device. It’s frustrating for me as 95% of what I do is on my iPad and I have to constantly upload work to a desktop in order to submit my work from there, it’s a little tedious at this point.

- Could be good

The online version is great, however the mobile app just isn’t. When I try to view any content on modules tab I constantly get an error message. It’s such a shame as it would be amazing otherwise.

- Business Management

I really enjoy this app especially when you are on the go. These days most of the students are either on a handset or iPad so it really makes life a lot easier to access notes and materials. Cheers Marcus

- Easy access

Easy to access unit info and weekly learning materials which is great when your not at your pc. The only thing that is frustrating is that any comments others have make using their pc or app are not visible to me and as such I get no feedback until I hop on my pc.

- Discussion board is hard to use

Everytime when I want to read the latest post, I have to scroll down and down to reach the post. Would be good if change the way to show posts(like prioritizing the newest post) or make an entry to those unread ones.

- Very good Just one problem

It’s a very good app although for some reason I can’t access assignments it doesn’t show when I press assignments as sometimes I like to use my iPad to access while doing my work on my laptop Just need to fix this but everything else is great

- Couldn’t be without it

Makes studying online a bit easier because of the notifications.

- Will not save where I left my reading earlier

Overall, good experience. Instant notification of updates, user friendly panel. Just it does not leave the last reading open when I just jumped out of it for a minute. And has to reopen it every time.

- This is so bad

This is a bad app that we are forced to use during school to all the teachers I don’t know why you choose this we might as well of used google classroom since it is easier to locate activities and assignments and to the creators of canvas please make it easier to locate everything by making it more simpler. If you don’t know how to do that take a look at google classroom and use it as a reference

- Back to the Start

The app is useful but would be much more so if it would stay on the same screen when you exit then open the app again. When you exit even for a moment it returns back to the Start screen and you have to navigate to where you were every time.

- Good, but could have some improvements

I found canvas hard to use and most of my info and work for some reason glitched and deleted all of my hard work, one time we had to record a really long complexed math equation, and I spent over 45 minutes solving it! Next time I opened up canvas; my teacher was not impressed... 🙁🙁

- Ok but in the end you must use the website on a computer

So compared to lots of apps for education this is ok. Centralises info you need to see. But once you start using it... ummm.. go to the website on a computer. Don’t even bother with the website on your device. I’ve spoken to help desk and it’s like chasing your tail. So, useful to get an overview of what your course is doing but hopeless to work on.

- Nothing but crash

I’ve always had trouble with this app. From app switching to it restarting. To having to sign in every time the app loads. To the latest open it up open the subject app crashes. To being able to join collaborate sessions. To need to use flash to make this work... I would not use this system if I didn’t have to.. Please make it stable and usable... my university uses this system for some unknown reason

- Works well

Needs to be updated to work with new iPad Pro resolutions - current is letterboxed with black bars, so isn’t taking advantage of the full screen. Works quite well otherwise, with good integration and functionality from the web version.

- A poor cousin to the web interface

The app is a good idea in principle but is so feature limited in comparison to the web interface. It’s particularly true if you if you are a content creator for various courses, invariably you get bumped out to the web interface for almost everything. Notifications are probably the most useful feature.

- This is not what I asked for????

I was under the impression I was downloading a well developed art studio app and found myself extremely disappointed with the options. Please change your name! Honestly expected more of you! Was confused as to why I needed to be enrolled in a class? All I want to do is doodle a bit in my spare time. If there was a star rating less than 1 I would give it to you. Unimpressed with the App Store and and Apple in general. Unsincerely yours.

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- K


- Difficult to navigate

Quercus is very difficulty to navigate, recordings and files are in hard to find places, messages are also difficult to find.

- I miss blackboard

Doesn’t give notifications and it takes a long time to load. Very confusing to navigate

- Nope dont do it

This tortures me.

- hi

I is very easy to do my work

- iPad Air 2

Installed hoping to access my course. Keeps crashing on my device

- No wodget for Iphone

It will get 5 atars if they can make a widget of r this app for iphpne

- So many issues with this app!

Almost impossible to use.

- No Push Notifications

Despite turning all push notifications, I receive none to my iPhone nor iPad.

- Best App Ever!

Best app ever! I am going online this year due to covid19 and I find it really useful having the app and the website link to go whenever I want. You can do. One but I use both! Canvas is something you should totally get!

- Course images do not display

Course images do not automatically display on mobile app. How absurd is that! If there is an image in the course is should automatically display in the app, period! The app is unreliable.

- sending love to you

best of luck with school. remember you are loved and i’m so proud of you for trying your best ❤️

- Account

I can’t use the same account in my pc :(

- girl bye

no one likes canvas, i’m serious. why is it so hard to use 😐

- Horrible

garbage app, seriously.

- Sorry bro

Good app but it’s for school so hate it

- Very Good

But i don’t like it👍

- Loading problem

Pictures won't load. It's so frustrating

- good app

is there a way to show averages/distribution in the grades section? or is this only available on desktop

- Buggy

I had this app starting in September, and the keyboard was working fine for my first couple of assignments, but now it just won't bring up my keyboard anymore, leaving the app completely useless. Super super buggy in that aspect please fix it. I've tried closing, reinstalling, restarting my iPad, nothing is working.

- Efficient for Students like me!

It’s almost the same as the desktop interface in iPad OS. Because of this similarity, it helps in easy navigating through my courses like I would on a computer. Very helpful tool!

- Not good on iPad

Bad on iPadd

- Tracking activity

This app tracks your activity without getting any permission!!!

- Slow garbage

Poorly designed. Poorly executed

- So helpful

Easy to use and we can use anywhere anytime

- Dark Mode

This app is used by hundreds of thousands of students. It should have a Dark Mode in 2020.

- Crashed when submitting a real time quiz!!!

I didn’t complete the quiz. GREAT APP

- Bad experience on managing user progress

It’s terrible on recording the student progress through the lessons. Every now and then it clears up the student progress across the modules and the student has to start all over again!! User has to remember where he/she left off last. Someone needs to fix this asap.

- Fix calendar

Time zone of Calendar subscription does not match with my phone’s settings

- Discussion board is bad enough on desktop ...

And it is virtually unusable in the app. If there are many posts, you can’t filter for unread messages or messages from particular users. Attachments require numerous steps to view.

- Surprisingly good

This is good

- It’s ok

Please add a dark mode the white dashboard makes my eyeballs feel like they’re being roasted on a George Foreman grill

- Notification issues

The app doesn’t even notifications, nor does it update the notifications tab. This broken feature causes the app to almost become useless as I must manually check classes for new content.

- Missing one feature that users desperately need

I love the app (5 stars) BUUUTT the developer needs to find a way for videos to rotate to landscape view.

- Courses show on desktop site but not on app

What’s the point of the app if it doesn’t even show the courses I know I’m enrolled in

- It’s great!

I enjoy the canvas app, very easy to navigate. It is easy to do my school on the go. ☺️

- Percentage

Its doesnot show the exact percentage of a particular subject in a particukar quiz, it always shows the average percentage not the exact one. Please fix that

- Horrible!

I hated our school using this! I ended up just ending the school year for my kids because it was way too difficult and unreliable. It worked fine on the computer - when it let you login. But extremely glitchy on phone and iPad - wouldn’t sign in at all on those two.

- servers sux

App and website goes down often, and i am unable to view my assignments. Poo poo developers need to fix their poo poo app

- Lack customization

Can’t mark current assignments that has priorities, the app always shows old assignments first. it would be good if they added something to help track the most recent assignments or be able to filter them.

- Horrible

Always glitches out and is complicated to use. PLEASE REMOVE IT!! Trash. I honestly hate it. And I don’t want anyone else to feel the pain I had when I downloaded. Please remove

- Collaborate Ultra Needs Improvement

Collaborate Ultra has become essential during these times, and while it works well on desktop the mobile app fails to offer the same level of performance. The biggest drawback of the application is the lack of full screen or the ability to play recorded videos in landscape. A more seamless messenger, without the use of an external browser popup would also improve the quality of lectures when watched on mobile devices.

- This makes me sad

Well. I really do like canvas. But, I cannot log in on the app! I thought I had the wrong app, but I don’t. It lets me log in online. But not in the app. Please fix this!

- Videos - blank space

For my last course, videos do show up on the app. I really found it useful for previous courses.

- The wrost app

I hate this app because of brain power because is the wrost pleace form Eric

- Bring back the red app logo!!!!!!

The white app logo is not good, please bring back the red app logo!!!

- App constantly freezes

I want to like this app. In general seems good, and I love the widget for the grades. However, the app is constantly freezing. Also, push notifications seems to be not working for me, even though I have enabled them in setting (both in the app in iOS). Hopefully it gets fixed soon


New icon is very aesthetically unpleasant

- No


- Won’t let me log in

So I now my password and it says it’s wrong and itsss not

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Joben Ilagan

I got student submissions in Canvas on January 1, 2021 at 12:00 AM. I don't know if that is good or bad, and whether I should feel happy or guilty.

kyoshi's hyperfixation era

@vivianle318 i would be happier if i deleted the canvas student app from my phone djdjdjdhsh


Video project + Few report + Thesis + 3 ft x 5 ft canvas project. NGAM SOI FOR FINAL YEAR STUDENT !! Also not forget EET .☹

the bell hooks LMS

Canvas Studio to demonstrate student success.


hello|안녕, welcome! about me 🍒 student [fashion & design] kpop stan [SVT, SHINee, NCT, ATEEZ+more] art hoe [digital, vector, sketching, watercolor, canvas painting] - dm me 🍒 on twitter for layouts/lock screens. on Instagram for your own, free personalized art.

Erin Berhalter

@J9Talley Many years ago, I had a student whose mom was an aspiring tattoo artist..she used him as a canvas & to practice lettering, she tattooed "your name" on his butt with a shamrock so he could say "I have your name tattooed on my butt"..I learned this during a parent / teacher conf.

Jan Rowe FCCT

Happy New Year to all of our student teachers @LJMU . If you are scheduled to return to placement on Monday 4th Jan please check your LJMU email and Canvas for important information about CoVid Testing requirements before you return to schools @ljmu_education @LJMU_Sec_ITE

Jeremy Price

@Callalily57 That makes sense. Our legacy systems are all keyed into Canvas, including grades and something called "Student Engagement Roster," so we're forced into the Canvas system.


@dr_jfprice I've only ever used Canvas as a student.


@OfficialPLT We love you Pretty Little Thing! Me and my sister created this Prettly Little Thing inspired canvas in hopes of winning this #NewYearWithPLT Giveaway! Being a college student this would help me a lot and make my new year ❤️❤️

#hashtag1 Men Male Canvas Overwatchs Backpack Student School Laptop Backpack Travel Bags for Teenagers Vintage Mochila Casual Rucksack


INSPIRE remains open to our students over the holiday period. Call the freephone 0800 389 5362 any time or use the online resources on . Please log in Student Services Canvas course to find the unique PIN for NWRC students. ~

Damn Yam!

Literary Tote Bag, Floral Tote, Coleridge, Handmade canvas tote bag with pocket, canvas bag, Bookbag, College Student Gift for Women by ObviousState Check out this item! 24.00 USD “THE ENAMORED RUSTIC WORSHIPS ITS FAIR HUES.” – SAMUEL COLERIDGE Cotton Canvas Literary Tote…


@chidera012 Canvas student sha😔

🏴🏴 Karma 🗡🗡🗡 Is a Mirror™️

@TimmyBofficial @SwarmBees @ShutDown_DC @dcylf @blackhousenew @ChuckModi1 @All_Out_DC @DMVBlackLives I didn't, but it was basically an empty canvas with that picture that said "Student" with no school attached.

Canvas Student 6.10.0 Screenshots & Images

Canvas Student iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Canvas Student iphone images
Canvas Student iphone images
Canvas Student iphone images
Canvas Student iphone images
Canvas Student iphone images
Canvas Student iphone images

Canvas Student (Version 6.10.0) Install & Download

The applications Canvas Student was published in the category Education on 2011-12-08 and was developed by Instructure Inc. [Developer ID: 418441198]. This application file size is 76.28 MB. Canvas Student - Education app posted on 2021-02-18 current version is 6.10.0 and works well on IOS 13.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.instructure.icanvas

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