Canvas Student

Canvas Student [Education] App Description & Overview

Access your Canvas courses on the go and in the classroom with the Canvas Student mobile app! From any device, students can now:

• View grades and course content
• Submit assignments
• Keep track of course work with to do list and calendar
• Send and receive messages
• Post to discussions
• Watch videos
• Take quizzes
• Receive push notifications for new grades and course updates, and much more!

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Canvas Student Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Added the ability to log in with a QR code - Improved conferences support with a native conferences list - Updated app icon - Fixed an error fetching some pages - Fixed a bug with links to quiz questions - Fixed an issue launching Studio videos from quizzes - Fixed a bug viewing submissions in Studio - Fixed "locked until" message appearing on unlocked modules - Fixed a bug that prevented some files from loading - Fixed a bug with submitting iWork files - Accessibility improvements - Translation improvements - Stability improvements

Canvas Student Comments & Reviews

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- Very intuitive

Great for on the go checking of well on my iPhone and my phone

- change the logo

app is useful bc it notifies me of all assignments HOWEVER the new logo is UGLY AND SCARY! i literally don’t even want to look at the app bc it freaks me out. the switch w the red & white is a horrible design!! PLEASE CHANGE IT BACK!

- Lag is horrible

If you are doing a written assignment and write past more than a paragraph or so it will cause your phone to lag horribly

- Cool app. Really

I don’t think you could have a better life if were jfjdjdkdkjjfjdjdjd

- Bookie

It’s so hard to understand and the teachers are retarted

- Horrible

It is horrible

- watch as your life falls apart

By far the most annoying thing to work on. The app and the website itself lets you do almost nothing and it is all very confusing. I would not recommend schools or kids to use this app and or website.

- Awesome learning tool

This is such a good app I can easily get all of my school work done. You should definitely get this app.

- Don’t recommend.

Use any other app. Canvas is unreliable, slow, and crashes often. It is difficult to keep track of assignments and announcements. Only giving one star because I have to. 0/10.

- High functioning with Room for Improvement

High functioning with a couple bugs such as: - Does not account for time zone shifts - “Show Grades” option doesn’t stay on from session to session (changes when app is closed) - Not enough course colors (where are black, yellow, and white?)

- No longer working

The app kept giving me error messages so I redownloaded the app and now it won’t let me pick my school. I’m not sure if it’s the most recent update or what but I need the convenience of canvas being on my phone for all our new online classes.

- Just a couple of suggestions

Canvas is generally pretty easy and accessible for my college classes. However, there are a few things that could use some adjusting. 1. Online on my computer, I can put in “what-if” grades so I can see what grade I would get once the teacher puts in the results of a quiz or test, how well I need to do on an assignment to keep my grade, etc. But that is not an option on the app. It would be great if it were. 2. Whenever I try to type something, whether it be a comment on a discussion board or a short answer quiz, after about a paragraph it starts typing super slow. I could have written a ten word sentence and have to wait three minutes for it to catch up. It’s super annoying. 3. When I go to the calendar, it never shows anything that I have due. It just shows the cute little panda in a super hero costume that says, “Nothing to see here! Go play outside!” Or something like that. It doesn’t show any assignments. 4. I can’t edit my comments like I can on the computer. If I forget to include something I have to comment on my comment. Other than these four things, Canvas is great! Easy to navigate and useful for my classes! Highly recommend!

- So buggy!

This app has so many problems and it is really making kids feel worse about themselves when their grades are automatically emailed to their parents.

- Nope

Hate it

- Garbage app, hard to use

Logging in to this application is extremely hard and doesn’t work half the time. If you don’t have a shortcut available forget about using it!! It makes No sense there are to many things to read and needs simplicity. The calendar doesn’t help either. It shows things only half the time and not even on the right due dates. Nobody should ever use this

- Great app!!

This app is SO easy to use! I love it!

- Amazing app for school!!

This app has helped me all throughout college and it’s a lot easier then going on the web. Just thought I’d suggest one thing, canvas does a what if grade on the website but I think it should be included in the app as well. Hope everyone knows what I’m talking about. Overall it is an amazing app! 😊



- It will not let me access into my school

It will not let me access into my school

- PowerPoint issues

There’s a slight problem with the slides, and it’s that they don’t show fully haha

- Ms.Rona

Now using it due to this virus.

- Great

It’s very useful

- Corona class

I hate this app

- This is the best thing ever


- Constant freezing / loading issues

The app is constantly having freezing and loading issues in the latest version. Fix ASAP.

- This has helped me so much with school work and it’s easy Access


- Not satisfied

I was not satisfied with the way this works

- Helpful

It is so helpful and much easier to use and it isn’t slow like it is on computers! I HIGHLY recommend it!😄

- Confusing

It’s not on my MacBook and I feel like it would be easier on my computer

- Terrible

It is so bad


This app really helped me I was ahead of class and I started to go from c’s to A+ thanks for let me get ahead of my classes

- Awesome.


- I love it so much

You should get the app because it is good goodbye

- Distorted Images

The app itself is fine and easy to navigate but I find that when I submit images of my work it’ll distort some of them.

- Yeet

To lazarbeam yeeeet yeet yeet yeet

- Okay

Kind of iffy sometimes submitting assignments. When doing discussions or text entry, it lags a lot.

- Display and Appearance

Please bring us a dark mode! We love the interface but it would be an amazing addition to the app. I have to use this app frequently at night and having it would make things much easier:

- so glitchy and bad


- Terrible

It’s so bad.

- New icon looks like coronavirus

There are not many things I do with the app except to check my grades and for quick reply to messages from the instructor. It’s good that they are pushing updates on regular basis and with classes going online for many schools it become even more important. The new icon keeps reminding of new coronavirus and I think that’s a good reminder to wash your hands.

- You guys rock.

I really enjoy using your guys system. It is very interesting. It is something new. I never thought that this test is not too bad. It is very easy. So thank you.


on the website version you can see the class mean and standard deviation but you can’t on the app. Please change that

- Won’t Open

Decided to update the app and boy do I regret it. Can’t even log in. There’s just a blank white screen. Are you kidding me? People’s classes are being moved online and I can’t access my courses on my phone now.

- Can’t sign in

I wasn’t been able to sign in ir keeps telling me my password or username is incorrect. I am using the same to log in from my laptop.

- Problem!!

Didn’t let me put in my school😡

- Worst app ever

This is so unorganized and I can’t find anything I need on here.

- the app icon

it looks so icky and honestly hurts my eyes with the hard red color :”)



- I hate it

This app is so confusing and hard to to get around I can’t help my child.

- It is lit

It is lit

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New icon is very aesthetically unpleasant

- No


- Won’t let me log in

So I now my password and it says it’s wrong and itsss not

- App constantly freezes

I want to like this app. In general seems good, and I love the widget for the grades. However, the app is constantly freezing. Also, push notifications seems to be not working for me, even though I have enabled them in setting (both in the app in iOS). Hopefully it gets fixed soon

- What an extraordinary product

Thanks to our beloved canvas, we could still learn under this Covid-19 crisis!!!

- Too good to get a five-star

I love canvas sooo much, and it works always well and stable.

- :)

Just doing my part Reddit

- This is unfair

This is unbelievable

- Bruh


- Free my homies


- Get rid of it

Get it gone

- Lousy app

Nothing showing up

- Homework

A great way to do homework on the go!

- Canvas

Could be a lot more user friendly and more like how the format is on a PC!


My virtual school announcements, email, meetings, etc has never been easier to keep track of. When there's a new announcement, I get a notification. When there's a new grade for one of my assignments, I get a notification. When I get an email from my teacher, I get a notification. It was never this easy before! I get notifications for everything and I never miss anything that goes on in my school! Thanks so much for turning this into a great and easy to navigate app! It makes my life so much easier! 😁

- Une vrai réussite

Une très bonne application pour faciliter l’apprentissage!

- A great app for Canvas

I enjoy using it and having this app has been so useful. I like the fact that it has internal PDF reader and I can see practically everything I need with ease. The only thing I miss is being able to see grade distributions of assignments.

- Website is better

Some things are missing in the modules section for example that would appear on the website

- Can’t log in

Every time I try to login using my same username and password I use in browser it says incorrect but clearly it is not since I use it to log in on the browser.

- Buggy

Horrible buggy version. Especially when you type and the screen gets shaky. Can’t wait for the next update.

- Handy

Great for double checking due dates and grades. In app quizzes work pretty well.

- The Joy of Letting Go

I’m so inspired to be able to connect with Pema Chödron and the teachings each day. The platform for online learning is very simple and easy to use. And you’re very generous with the amount of content and resources. Thank you. Wendy from Calgary, AB.

- File upload from iPad doesn’t work.

File upload is essential for assignment submission but it doesn’t work on iPad. Please fix! Thanks

- Push notifications

Great interface, but I haven’t been able to receive push notifications despite changing all the right settings. makes managing school announcements difficult.

- 😡😡

can't even log in

- Yeeee

Love it omg

- Pema teaching generosity, discipline, effort, meditation , patience and wisdom

Excellent course for beginners or anyone wishing to ensure and provide nourishment for continued growth of the spirit, the soul and the self.

- “Submission and Rubric” Always Crashes the App

It’s pretty good overall, however, one issue I have is that I can’t look at the rubric or submission for assignments after they’ve been graded. The app completely freezes, and the only way I can view it is on a desktop. Furthermore, many of my professors post zip files that you can’t open through the app.

- Buggy

Get logged out for no reason. Other problems that haven't been solved recently

- Info access

I wish I could see both the first and second module, not ony the first one.

- Missing 1 Thing

Great app, just missing splitscreen mode for use with notetaking software like Notability.

- :O


- Keeps crashing

Not functional on latest iOS

- Meh

Always crashes....

- Why my canvas app doesn’t open 7days?

I can’t use it at all

- Good


- Re opening the app

I have to log back into my school account every time I reopen the app after disconnecting from wifi. Also, every time I reopen the app it doesn’t leave me back where I left off.

- Not very convenient

Overall is okay but whenever I open another app and reopen canvas again, the previous pages returned to the homepage. Kinda not very convenient Overall is okay but whenever I open another app and reopen canvas again, the previous pages returned to the homepage. Kinda not very convenient

- Easy way to access all files and videos!

Computer also works but this app is much better!

- Helpful but frustrating...

Canvas is awesome online! I’m very satisfied with it; however, the app could use some work... I can’t turn off my phone for more than 30 seconds without the app sending me back to the course selection page. This is even the case when I use multitasking features on my phone. I’ll be reading a case or an essay and I’ll receive a text message; I switch applications for a few seconds (give or take) and like before, I get sent back to the course selection page, which I’m sure you can guess forces me to lose my place on the document.

- J$jsjskzmz

Jf8wrfjrfuerjfyHey fun t y fjctmjtjttkgju&3jvcis$k’)af.nwefkhksfowe&ejfoji ce iorpcjr9i)

- Convenient but has bugs

Much more convenient to use that the previous website my school used. However the app will log me out on a daily basis.

- No speedmark, very bad


- Calendar needs to display items instead of a dot

The calendar would be more useful if it showed more than a dot. Or even show a weekly view if screen space is what you're worried about.

- Need to find school every time I load

I’ve been using the app for 3 days. Almost every time I check the app, it asked me to find my school.

- A bit glitchy

I find the app a bit glitchy. In discussion posts it can take a bit for all postings to load and then can be a bit of a challenge to find the new postings. It would be nice to see any corse announcements when the app opens, as opposed to looking at the announcement tab for each course.

- Completely Useless App

Canvas login information does not work on the app, only works on the website. Password reset button in the app never sends a password reset email. Support staff is useless and never provides useful assistance- only reaffirms what the app is incapable of doing.

- Server errors

App is super convenient, except for one very important detail, it has issues uploading to the server. I can’t load any files or pictures from my iPad or cloud storage onto canvas. This made me miss a deadline which was very aggravating.

- Nice but needs fixes

Every time I access the app when I’m not connected to the internet, I get logged out and can not see any content offline (such as PDFs I had open prior to losing WiFi). Next time I’m connected to the internet I then have to enter all my credentials again: this basically makes it unusable for me as I will frequently want to open up a document when I have WiFi and refer to it later when I don’t have it (e.g. while commuting)

- Keeps crashing

Every time I try to look at a rubric or comments on my submission it freezes the screen and I’m forced to reopen the app multiple times before it unfreezes, very annoying for assignments. It also doesn’t let me upload my work and when it does the file is empty. The app used to work better.

- damn

i’m not a fan

- Gives sooo many notifications!!

Too many

- I do not like doing school work at home.

Read the title

- Lovely app I love it as a parent

This app is so useful my child is at home because of the things going around but she can still do the work her class mates are doing at school. My son on the other hand is also loving this app he is checking his inbox every day he is in year 7 and he loves it my daughter is in year 5 and is very happy in what she does this is a great app and I also love it. Thanks for making this lovely app and also there is a parent canvas as well so that is just lovely

- i like cucmbers

best for studying

- Ghjmhhgffgggkmmvfffhnnnmnh


- I like it but

I like it but it’s annoying how many notifications we get for one thing, like I get two notifications every time I get a email or something changes, also when I click on the announcements, I have to go through every single announcement to get ride of the red bubble. It’s also annoying how I can’t set to-do’s. Thanks bye

- Great app

I’m a student and this is such a helpful app I definitely recommend this to anyone considering to start up canvas 🙂

- Amazing

This app is amazing bc my school is shutdown bc of the coronavirus and it’s good for home schooled kids 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻😃

- Crashes all the time

This app crashes all the time when I try to get in it needs to be fixed asap

- The app should be deleted

App crashes every time I go into no way around it. I’ve tried everything and just can’t seem to get it to work. This app is absolutely useless and needs to be fixed

- Coronavirus-friendly!

Learn online, protect your folks

- Great school app

I’m really enjoy having this app because it helps me to stay on top of my work at home.

- Me hate it

Me hate shcooooool

- Works well but needs a To-Do widget

Has a few minor bugs but generally works well, I really believe a widget showing your “To-Do” tasks instead of grades or alongside them would be far more useful.

- Trash

Canvas is trash it glitches and when I press one thing it goes too the other I am a teacher and everyone in this school is trying too find a different app please take it off the App Store and invent a new app

- Bad you are so bad and glitchy

- Don’t get it because it is really bad

This app is so bad because of the fact that it is so glitchy. The teacher said to download it for school work but it didnt do what it was supposed to so the teacher said to delete it. Don’t get it it is just really bad


Canvas has a lot of glitches and sometimes i cannot do my work. Other times it takes 10 minutes to load.

- Quite A lot Of Lags

I am the school tech person and I always have to fix error pages and glitches not to due with internet connection. It gets hard on me sometimes as a student myself to have to fix everyone’s stuff before I do my work. If canvas was better with the time of stuff loading then I would rate it 5 stars. Thank you 🙏

- Wow

Very helpful and keeps me on track with homework

- Ruined my life

Ruined the entire two week quarantine!!!

- Guys it’s really bad

Reddit assemble

- Horrible


- School


- To do lists

App is missing a key feature which is the ability to add tasks e.g homework or assignments

- Just so so. Need improvement

Every thing is simple. No offline download function. Hey PM of Canvas. We now need to download the same courses' outlines, videos, pictures again and again. Which means my data packet is blooding, and severe delay on Sydney' train and countryside. Nightmare! The key of a app is not just replace a web browser. If I just wait moretime and data, why I dont use h5 page? Anyway it support multiple pages.

- good


- I have enjoyed this app. My child’s music has bean put on this app. Thank you

app. My child’s music has bean put on this app. Thank you

- Double notifs?

Every time I receive a notification I receive two of the same notifications. Can this be fixed?

- Too hard

Finding it too complicated to navigated the

- Couldn’t be without it

Makes studying online a bit easier because of the notifications.

- Bad


- Can’t log in

I’ve been using the app on my phone for a while now and it’s works really well but for some reason when I search for my school on my iPad it doesn’t come up. I put in the school URL and still nothing

- Compatability Issues

I love the general set up of this app, however I often have to just go to the website because certain things don’t work in the app. One thing is sometimes when I tap a link and try to open a file it says ‘the specified resource does not exist’, but if I open it in safari it downloads just fine. The other issue is one of my subjects has a bunch of tiles on the home screen as opposed to the more normal set up, and none of these tiles show up on the app. This means I can’t use the app at all for this subject which is highly irritating. But besides those issues, I think the app has an overall well thought out design - it’s very intuitive and the nerd within loves that I can change the colours of my subjects.

- Needs dark mode support

The normal mode is too harsh on my eyes at night, need a dark mode. Other than that no problems

- Reliable and convenient app

In terms of reliability, there is very good technical support and fast bug fixing. Interface is smooth and intuitive. Good features such as viewing and annotating slides. Very good companion app in uni!

- Good for a bit then HOME PAGE DOESNT LOAD

Home page stopped loading and can’t access any of my courses links and modules without redownloading the app


glitchy. doesn’t work well

- Canvas

Good to get and do school homework.

- School


- not intuitive - even logging in is complicated!

as above

- Lmao


- Feature Idea

Dark mode pls

- won’t let me log in

tried to log in the portal but it just shows up as a white screen

- Webinar

This site is great, the only thing is that you can’t access recorded webinars on the mobile phone app

- Review

So convenient how new readings or tasks that are submitted just pop up on your device as a notification / reminder/alert to action and do!

- 🦄⭐️One Slight Thing Wrong!⭐️🦄

Dear Developers Of Canvas, I Absolutely Love This App As It Is Quite Helpful To See My Grades In Such An Easy And Organised Dashboard. I Also Love How Easy It Is To Log In, Do It Once And Your Practically Logged In Forever. I Don’t Really Recommend Never Logging Out Because If You Lose Your Phone/iPad/iPod, Anyone That Finds It Will Be Able To Log In Unless You Have A Password To Unlock Your Device Which Is What A Lot Of Devices Have. If You Keep Logging In Repeatedly, You Will Remember You Login Details Better! Also, Sometimes After I Have Left The App For A While (Few Weeks etc.) It Sort Of Loses Progress And I Have To Connect It Back To My School And Log In etc. Apart From That, I Really Like This App And Would Recommend It To Any School. Sincerely, Victoricorn!

- Waste of time

Waste of time

- app

i hate this app and these people 🧕🏿🧕🏿🧕🏿🧕🏿

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- Terrible

Sucky app

- Goog

This is amazing.

- Canvas

If I could give this a 0 I would it’s so boring.


excuse me , mine dont got color like yalls . its just grey

- Ausome!

This is an amazing app because you get assigned worksheets and you can see what your teachers say. It’s a very organised way to learn including on a tablet or iPad.Theres a corona virus passing through every continent of the world and this is perfect for online school but one thing just doesn’t seem right. I don’t know how to use it. I was expecting to know how it worked. I followed the emails from my teacher but still I was confused. Then an hour later I understood. I’m sorry this is so short but I’m not good at writing.Those were my pros and cons.

- Boo new app icon :(

Please change the app icon back to the previous version, OR allow the user to change the app icon. Apple now allows for this!

- It is awesomely awesome

It help do stuff when at home because of covid 19

- Good, but...

Hmm. It is quite a bit of bugs and the service is not great. Definitely recommend a different learning app.

- There are quite a few glitches and please add a dark mode

One of the glitches happen when you select show grade in the hamburger menu but half the time when you open the app it doesn’t work quizzes are always much easier to do via the website because even short quizzes are difficult to manipulate but to the canvas team please add a dark mode a lot of colleges and universities use this program and it is just easier on the eyes not having do deal with the bright white screen at night

- Canvas

I’m so angry i made an account on the website and every-time i attempt to login to the account on the app it says invalid but i’m typing right so i have to keep using the website when i’d much prefer to use the app

- Eww

I normally don’t comment, but I’m sorry but this new icon is ugly as h*ll...

- Do not suggest

This app is soooo bs it’s giving students and teachers a hard time with getting stuff figured out

- I hate school

I really do

- Cool features, awful when buggy

Update: when filling out text submissions, the keyboard gets slow and slower. Why? I lost all of my notes on a pdf when this app pathetically crashed after trying to edit the arrow of a callout text box. The app has nice pencil support and nicely follows a decent number of iOS interface guidelines, but it’s lacking in a few places. Please update for the new iPad Pro. It’s been weeks since the developer SDK for the new iPad has been out...

- Experience

Horrible app that’s buggy most of the time

- Bad

I don’t like this app

- Worst app ever

Doesn’t work

- Very messy/unorganized

Very hard to keep organized this the apps setup and layout

- Terrible

I hate this app so much it’s hard to set up and just confusing to use

- Low quality app

It doesn’t let me log in even when I already have an account. I’m not saying that the website doesn’t work because I can enter in my computer, but the app doesn’t work at all. And I really need this to work also on my phone. I’m not the only one with this problem my fellow classmates have the same problem.

- Don’t download

Too slow doesn’t work right and just confusing google classroom is wayyy better

- please don’t curse your students with this

our school switched from showbie to canvas and i don’t know why. canvas is literally trash i can’t put it any other way. it’s not user friendly, crashes all the time, and is so overwhelming

- Amazing

Canvas is just Amazing. From both a student and developer standpoint. It has seamless interface and has great api with easy to use token generators and it’s amazing.

- Uggg

It won’t take me email 🙄🙄

- It has missing features

Canvas for iPhone is unusable, it haves missing elements

- Om

Not able to join conferences

- Can’t submit assignments, slow and very laggy

It is it extremely annoying I can’t even see that submit assignments and it is very slow

- Does not let you use grammarly in the opening window

This installment is stupid and I absolutely hate it it takes forever to open and I just hate it

- Get rid of the app

Terrible all around

- Poopy

It’s very poopy bc it doesn’t let me log in and I had a breakdown and then I cried because I couldn’t do my hw and then I changed my password and it still didn’t let me log in

- Bugs

Found many bugs and i think this app should should be deleted

- Kinda useless

I mean, You could just go to my Katy and log in there. And as a student that uses this, It’s pretty useless. I gave it 3 cuz it gets it’s job done.

- Stop pls

I have to do my homework here and I don’t want to so 1 star

- Canvas bad

Not nice

- Teachers

Talking to your teachers on this app is really help ful!

- Take this down

No one knows how to use it and there way to much work

- Hi

Every time I try it just won’t work

- Upset mom

This site is not easy to understand . I tried numerous times to get signed on 😕

- Simple!

It’s very easy and simple to work on Canvas app!

- Bad👎


- :(


- Bad

Trash doesn’t work

- Can’t find

Can’t find things easily

- Freaking awesome

Amazing app. 10/10 would recommend.

- What?

It’s not letting me log in to my account and says invalid password but I’m putting in the right information because I can log in on my computer but it keeps saying invalid password on the app

- It is goood

It is goood

- App is terrible

Terrible way off learning it doesn’t let anyone type on it it’s not worth it and shouldn’t even be a thing


NO FLAWS AT ALL ok well many flaws it relates to school, the app itself looks horrible, and it’s hard to navigate. I hate it and I hate you because I don’t know but thanks for making it I respect you and your employees tert moment

- Stopped working right in January

I cannot my classes or the files I need many times. Constantly requires me to reinstall the application just so it’ll work right for a few days. Terrible app

- Amazing

I wish I could take a picture of my assignment and then send it in

- Doesnt give notifications

The only reason for having this app is to prevent having to log into the platform on a desktop or laptop before I can check updates. However, the app never sends any notifications and it's a huge inconvenience for many students like me. Please start incorporating notifications

- Crashes

Every time I try to go back to the page before it crashes. Even when I’m just scrolling it crashes. Please fix.

- My grades show up on email first before here

I'm an anxious person, I like to know my grades right away when they are uploaded.

- Video failure

Video not playing on smart phones

- Impossible to upload assignments

This is perfectly useless for uploading assignments—it simply does not work. I always need to email an assignment directly to an instructor. Unfortunately my institution won’t switch to a platform that DOES work, so I’m stuck with it.

- Problems

This App is really good since it helps you to keep updated and it is easily accessible (it works on cellphones). However, the app has a lot to improve on. One of these improvements would be by sending notifications for the new announcements made by profesora. Another improvement would be to allow to multitask. That means I can open another app without the Student app restarting itself. These two improvements would make my life and everyone else’s easier.

- Canvas

It is a great tool enabling me to upgrade and be on the job. Thanks Andrew

- Login

Since the last update, i haven't been able to log in to the app through my school portal even though i can still log into my school website through the same portal. Same issue on both my ipad and my iphone.

- Frustrated student

I previously signed up for an account with canvas.instructure and it wouldnt let me use that account info with this app. I wouldnt let me reset the password either. Very frustrating.

- Good - but not perfect

It’s great to have access and functionality on the tablet but there a couple things that cannot be done on the app and a desktop computer is required.

- Useless app

In many situations, this app is worse than just using the online version. For example, I never succeed in opening the webwork link using this app. Also, I do not know how to check the median or mean of the grades. Totally do not understand how could an app be so bad.

- Constantly closes in background

App keeps closing in the background. Go to the home screen to look at an iMessage and go back? Fully reloads.

- Please update

I haven't been be able to log in via this app for over a month now. The log in button is not functional.

- I love the assignment submission feature

I love this app!! It works super well on my iPad. I can export documents from good notes or google docs straight to canvas and they will be waiting for me when I click submit on an assignment, i can scroll through the assignments I’ve uploaded, and then i can submit!! It works really well !!

- Less aesthetics more function

Canvass doesn’t work as well on Mac or IOS compared to PC. The large icons for courses are counter productive: a short, searchable list would be much easier to navigate. I appreciate the ability to change the colours as this compensates for the difficulty in navigating cause by large icons. The font is also hard to read

- After a year or use..

I use this app daily , compared to blackboard its easier to see whats due , but harder to browse the course list .

- Great

No complaints it does what i need done.

- Overall Very Useful

Very useful app. I struggle with adding photos to discussion posts which is a primary method of showing lab participation at my school. App also crashes every time I try to submit assignments from Canvas files.

- To-do list doesn’t sync

I find this app relatively user-friendly however I’ve noticed that there are inconsistencies with the desktop version. Any To-Do items created on the desktop doesn’t appear on the app version, nor can you add any from the app. I find this inconvenient as I have to go onto a computer just to see my list. I also don’t get any push notifications even though it’s checked; I only get notifications by email.

- Missing support for split screen

Great app that I use everyday but taking a distance education course and I can’t run canvas and notability side by side.

- I miss blackboard

Doesn’t give notifications and it takes a long time to load. Very confusing to navigate

- I am so upset!!!’n

there’s a glitch in the system it says I got a 32% in stats but I KNOW I did rlly well

- Please add a function on iPad

Could you add the screen division function of this app on iPad! Thank you!

- Horrible

Horrible! Do not receive notifications on the phone. Have to go on it to check every time. Bring blackboard back!

- Ok

It’s good except it’s kind of annoying how if you’re looking at a professor’s slides and you switch out of the app for a second that the app restarts and you have to search for them all over again

- Terrible.

Very difficult to navigate, can’t get notifications even when it’s turned on that I receive them. Really bad.

- No Help - multiple crashes

Ok app but when I experienced multiple crashes I submitted help forms and never heard back.

- IPad Pro

The app needs to be better on the iPad. Overall it’s great.

- Failed to upload video from camera roll iPhone

Problem mentioned in title

- Hate it

Bring back blackboard. Quercus doesn’t make sense. Lousy system. Glitches. No one knows how to work it. Bring back blackboard.

- A1


- Multitasking issue needs to be fixed

Every time the app is minimized and brought up again, it kicks you to the dashboard, very annoying.

- Screen Rotation Locked when Viewing PDFs

Really minimalistic and streamlined design and runs quite smoothly. Currently holding back that 5th star because screen rotation seems to be locked when I’m viewing PDF documents. Please fix this!

- Multitasking not working

Multitasking doesn’t work sometimes. I need to reopen files again from root directory every time I leave the app.

- Unreliable

The sync between devices doesn’t work well and the apps are far less reliable in terms of access and notifications.

- Notifications don’t work

Push notifications don’t work

- Improvement needed

This is a great app, however, I would like to keep this one star rating until they fix the bug. This app keep refreshing when you exit your app or turn off your screen, this is annoying when you need to browse some other app while using this app. ————————————————————-——-————-—— Update; They fixed it, so I give them a five star.

- Has potential but needs work

Edits made to documents in-app go unsaved and every time you switch between apps Canvas goes back to the “home” page.

- Simplified, too simplified

This app is fantastic for viewing lecture slides, receiving messages, using discussion sections, and downloading files. I am thankful af that they finally made a readable mobile formatted version. Everything is in order, the only issue I had with the app is that sometimes there is material available on canvas browser but not on the canvas app! This was a problem once or twice, but it is usually because the professor hasn’t seeded material within correct sections. Still, annoying to have to switch to browser.

- Great app but...

Love to use this app in class but it would be so handy to have a split screen option on the ipad so you can view assignments and files within the app while using the web or a note taking app. Please add this feature!

- Great app

Very useful app as it cuts time using the browser version.

- The app

It’s aight

- Ok app, needs update

Multitasking on iPad not supported

- Almost perfect

I’ve only recently started using it, but I realise I don’t get notifications when professors update info on the courses! Other than that, I absolutely love it!!

- Canvas Calendar

It would be nice if the calendar can be personalized

- Awful

Does not accept my correct username and password that works online!!

- Awful and useless duplication

And awkward to integrate with all the other messaging and course sites Who thought of this unnecessary complication?

- ...

Has limited options would be nice if you had the same options as in the desktop version.

- Good start, needs some work

Can’t use this app with split screen on iPad, which is a huge detriment. Being able to see a list of classmates names when trying to send emails would also be really helpful

- Log in

I have been trying to log in for like 3 days now and I can’t casue it keeps saying invalid password or username but ik they are both correct because I can log in on my laptop. I even reinstalled the app but it still doesn’t work

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- Doesn’t work

The app doesn’t work when i go to attend my online classes, for me to do so i need to go into the conferences which worked fine until i updated it however, now i cannot attend my classes as it just says refresh or try again later in which neither have made a difference and there’s no other way i’ve found to get into my class.

- Help. App not working

I cannot log in to the app and when I find my school it says the page is not there. But the link that my school sent me is live and takes me to a page that I am able to open fine. I have reset my password through the app too but this isn’t working. Some help would be appreciated. Thank you

- Not working

I do like the app, but for the past month it has not been working for anyone at my university with an iPhone. The update to fix this bug is taking far too long.

- Trash

The worst app I ever downloaded!

- Password

My password is not working and I know it’s correct

- It’s not working

It’s not working

- 1

Hard to work with

- Pages stopped loading

Around the last update the pages with my schools content no longer load on iPhone and iPad. The only pages I can look at are through notifications but it means I can’t access all the files I need to do work. Is this going to be fixed?

- Stay in school.

Canvas has really helped me with academic work,

- A really useful application

Canvas for my phone is so useful as I can use my phone to keep track of all the hw I have to do easily without having to fire up my computer. The fact that it can also send notifications is really useful too

- App crashing

App keeps crashing on my iPhone 11 Pro

- Not user friendly

Difficult to navigate through to find what you need..... if you ever find it?

- Great on the go!

Brilliant for use on the go when you’re away from your laptop. Get messages, results wherever you are

- App isn’t opening

Not opening

- It works!

I have been using Canvas for the past 6 months, it is really convenient and accessible. I use it from the iPhone, iPad and MacBook.

- Awful

This app is awful I wish we had a different system

- Wow en

Troy farthing hero en

- It could be more organised

It’s not easy to find ur way around the app, and finding lectures and power points couldn’t sometimes be challenging.

- This is so cool

Stephanie Webster

- Iyi

First impressions last

- Slow and annoying

Takes forever to load and most of the time just works like a poorly written webpage on safari


Doesn’t have a dark mode

- Student

I like student because I see my homework

- Canvas

Canvas is absolutely amazing! I am very impress. I am in an online school, and I have had no problems. So I totally recommended to you. You don’t even need to pay! It’s incredible.

- Functions don’t work properly

Don’t get the notifications to join courses through the app. Pictures on the home pages don’t appear. Doesn’t launch external scorm properly. It asks you to rotate your device to use then does not respond. Not really impressed. Please sort it out

- Mostly good

Works to some extent, the calendar and to-do list don’t work on iPhone :(

- Keeps closing prematurely

When using it closes prematurely so not the best as can’t access it.

- App crashes when I most need it!

Not good enough

- Poor

It’s not as easy to use as the desktop version, it took me an hour to find a file on her that I found in two minutes on a computer.

- Fast and easy to access

Easy to use and access

- 😐


- Back button logs out

Since the app was upgraded, when I use the back button, the app logs me completely off all the way back to the “find my school” page.

- Amelie Knox 11 years,

This app is a saviour. It is so clear and useful. It has been so helped a lot with my organisation!🤩

- Very user friendly

Easy to use. Mobile version is very handy.

- Re:

It!s school work.

- Straight ToThePoint!

I learned about this Student App and get into iT directly! Beautiful settings and Definitely Savings iT iS because The Timing iS not everything IT’s THE ONLY THING! Enjoy 😉

- Very nice app

It’s very useful app

- Login: I have to login in every time I open the app, which is long and annoying.

Login: I have to login in every time I open the app, which is long and annoying.

- Clearing to do list

Great app then like 3 weeks in no longer able to clear to do list and some assignments aren’t coming up on to do list

- App and website

I don’t understand why a program that can be accessed on the web browser is not being accessible on the app.

- Rubbish

We get notifications for certain cohorts that aren’t related

- Finally an app for this!

It was exhausting constantly going online to check for grades or updated material on canvas. It’s so much simpler with an app. This one is super easy to navigate // no complaints.

- Can’t get past login screen.

I have an online account and I can login on the website with no problems but I cannot get logged in at all on the app. I’m continually met with ‘wrong username or password’ or words to that effect. It’s not the wrong username or password. I get it right every time on the computer and on the iPad when going via the browser but not the app. I would give the app zero if it were possible. To give one star implies that at least something worked. I guess installing and opening that app would count.

- Kingston MSc.

Very good app

- Sloppy programming

App constantly needs restarting for “changed language settings”. When I sign in on one device, I am automatically signed out on another. Why? And needless to say, the endless hoops I have to go through to find the relevant information from my uni. Make no mistake, I only use this because my uni makes me.

- Canvas

It’s quick and easy to access course modules

- Buttons are hard to read when highlighted

When your on the dashboard or index it’s hard to see them when it’s highlighted, But the app is great and easy to get logged in and ready to use

- Canvas

Can’t get access

- Timetable

Get app! Having easy access to individual time tables on the app would be a 5* would be so handy. But overall the app is good

- Easy app to use

Great and useful app

- Thanks for the good work

Thanks for the good work!

- Anonymous

Great and easy to use

- Good stuff.

Canvas is good and stuff so get it and yeah.

- a real education

We are more capable than we realise; I’d like to help everyone access their best lives because each new day truly is an adventure!

- Best app ever!

I really like Canvas, it has great features tailored for schools and learning environments. We are moving into the future and many students at my school have MacBooks. It would be really great if you could make a Canvas Mac app.

- Convenient but need an iPad

Convenient but need an iPad to see a larger & correct version of slides

- Worst app

Cannot view the grades like CAG DI ONE OF THE Hopeless app ever seen

- Great

It’s great

- Review

I think it is good But for some reason I can’t see the text for this review Is this.a bug from your app or just my phone.. does this info help you guys anyway Thanks I guess Send me money or a discount or a job or something thanks maybe

- Great

As a student I find it easy to use. I am sat if with this app

- Unexpected close for the purpose of updating languages set

I always have such issues when open this app

- Canvas App

The iPad Canvas app is vastly inferior to the web-based version. Use Canvas online for a better experience.

- I hate it

Its awful

- Needs a lot of updates.

The language setting a often ask me to close the app every 2nd time I use it.

- Canvas

I love working on canvas

- Such a nice user interface, well designed for iPhone

Great app.

- To do list

Would be good if the to do list showed all assignments and tests etc instead of just week by week

- Great

I’m learning more from this educational app then anything I have ever learned at school. One day I hope I have the opportunity to meet the app designer hitler himself/

- Not great

Interface is moderately easy to use, not great. Overall slow and clunky. Worst bit is the constant resetting whenever I leave the app, so frustrating.

- Log out

I don’t like when it logs me out if he app every time I close it

- Document system

Please return to opened document when the app is exited

- 挺方便的

用起来很简单 也不闪退卡顿啥的 这样就挺好的

- Keeps crashing

A recent update has caused the app to crash any time I select a course. I’m having this trouble on my iPad & iPhone.

- Nothing but crash

I’ve always had trouble with this app. From app switching to it restarting. To having to sign in every time the app loads. To the latest open it up open the subject app crashes. To being able to join collaborate sessions. To need to use flash to make this work... I would not use this system if I didn’t have to.. Please make it stable and usable... my university uses this system for some unknown reason

- Back to the Start

The app is useful but would be much more so if it would stay on the same screen when you exit then open the app again. When you exit even for a moment it returns back to the Start screen and you have to navigate to where you were every time.

- Lifesaver

Great app. Better than using the website on mobile. A little glitchy when writing on forums and messages. Excellent when used with the bookshelf app for textbooks


Canvas is a great app but when you changed the whole submit assignment thing it ruined it, it more confusing now to use, and you can send a copy to it more than once if you didnt send it properly or something along those lines

- Good app

Very convenient app for students. Clear interface.

- Cant open all the links

Some of the content is not able open the drop down links. When clicking on the link for reading the content you have to log in again and your email isn’t saved already

- Worked fine before latest update

Worked perfectly well before I updated it, now I can’t even login to canvas on my phone. Works perfect fine on the computer with web address but the app I get nothing.

- Could be good

The online version is great, however the mobile app just isn’t. When I try to view any content on modules tab I constantly get an error message. It’s such a shame as it would be amazing otherwise.

- Annoying glitches

This app has annoying glitches , as soon as the screen turns off the lecture recordings turn off and you have to go back into the start of the app and back into lecture recordings again. It’s very frustrating. Sometimes the slides also don’t show on the lecture recordings but will show if you log into a PC. I also find when I log into notifications it doesn’t actually bring up the notification

- Not designed for mobile

While a aesthetically pleasing design, this is ultimately a poor adaptation of a web platform to mobile os: links are constantly failing and resetting your position in the app. There are no nuances in the push notifications. A very disappointing experience considering the positioning of canvas as the leading edge LMS.


doesn’t have ads always notifying me when i have something to submit. would fail school if it wasn’t for this amazing app ✌🏽✌🏽✌🏽

- Review


- B

My school uses canvas but it’s not listed when I search it

- Doesn’t run in background

The app fails to stay open in the background for any longer than 1 minute (even that’s a stretch), it will then log me out randomly when I use it with my home Wifi. I know I’m not the only person who experiences this issue. This is becoming more and more painful as the uni pushes us to use our own devices more often.

- Not signing in

I am a student that goes to a school that uses canvas, but when I login it says you are not a person that uses canvas with an invalid email.

- Functionality is poor

My school recently changed to Canvas. Worst decision apart from suspending me.

- Glitchy

If you exit the app for even 10 secs to check a msg or something, it resets itself & forgets where you were so you need to start over & find what page you were reading. You can zoom in so often need to login to the desktop version anyway to see the tiny writing. Many features aren’t accessible from the app. It also quite often doesn’t mark what you’ve already read even though it’s supposed to tick it off as you go. So every time I come back in I need to scroll through to find what I’ve already done which is a total waste of time. Many improvements are needed on this app to make it good.

- Ironic

Wayyyyyy to ironic

- Trash

Student is the worst app ever

- Student

Quick access

- Great, but a new issue has emerged

I’m gonna get straight to the point, as I’m slightly annoyed. Canvas is a great app, and it’s been working perfectly until the update a few days ago that changed the assignment page. Since then, whenever I’ve tapped on the new submission button, all I’ve gotten is a blank page except for the little tab at the bottom of the page that allows me to message my teacher. I can’t submit my assignments from there, and for the past few days, I haven’t been able to fully complete the lessons I’ve been set. Please fix this!

- Good app

Reason for one star cause my parents can see what assignments and grades I have

- Great app but needs some bug fixes

This app is great for our school needs but while using it on the iPad we get random and extremely repetitive alerts (5 in a minute and this continues throughout the day randomly) for “User is not able to access this content” that we need to dismiss to carry on working. Nothing is opened that we can pinpoint as the reason for this alert. It is very frustrating. Other than that, no issues at all.

- Timetable

It would be great if the uni could include the timetable into this app.

- Great

It’s a great app to use for school and to keep all my school stuff in the app. I can also use it to find work form school

- OUA enrolment not showing

It’s now about a week or so to go until my online studies begin via Open Universities Australia, and I still can’t see any evidence of my enrolment via this app, therefore I’m incapable of preparing for that study ... what use is the app if it contains no information? ... if you’re going to develop an app, remember it’s only as useful as the data it presents IN A TIMELY FASHION ... and I should have been able to see, and start preparing for my subjects, as of AT LEAST one week ago ... to say otherwise is unreasonable.

- Not helpful chat helpdesk

Was chatting with Kyle V on the canvas app help desk. Unfortunately while trying to view something he sent me I accidentally disconnected the chat. Feedback for that interaction is that I felt I was being told what should be occurring and when I said anything to the contrary, I was referred back to what should have been occurring. If what should have been occurring was occurring, I wouldn’t have needed the help desk. Now I’m going to have to call

@JimMillward: The archive created by the COVID19 semester will be here forever, easily searched by AI to make face and voiceprint databa…

@JimMillward: The archive created by the COVID19 semester will be here forever, easily searched by AI to make face and voiceprint databa…

@UMeLearning: Students: Connectivity check! Get ready for classes to resume Monday. Read about the ISPs offering special rates and In…

@montalvoxo: Tips for those who never took online classes: - Turn on all notifications from Canvas, Blackboard, Student Email - Do NOT d…

@Whitney_Hartman @rynjrgr Much harder, but whatevs. I teach yearbook. How do you have a yearbook when school is all…

@UMeLearning: Students: Connectivity check! Get ready for classes to resume Monday. Read about the ISPs offering special rates and In…

@UMeLearning: Students: Connectivity check! Get ready for classes to resume Monday. Read about the ISPs offering special rates and In…

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Canvas Student 6.7.0 Screenshots & Images

Canvas Student iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Canvas Student iphone images
Canvas Student iphone images
Canvas Student iphone images
Canvas Student iphone images
Canvas Student iphone images
Canvas Student iphone images
Canvas Student ipad images
Canvas Student ipad images
Canvas Student ipad images
Canvas Student ipad images
Canvas Student ipad images
Canvas Student Education application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Canvas Student Education application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Canvas Student (Version 6.7.0) Install & Download

The applications Canvas Student was published in the category Education on 2011-12-08 and was developed by Instructure Inc. [Developer ID: 418441198]. This application file size is 116.45 MB. Canvas Student - Education posted on 2020-03-24 current version is 6.7.0 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions.

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