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Access your Canvas courses on the go and in the classroom with the Canvas Student mobile app! From any device, students can now:

• View grades and course content
• Submit assignments
• Keep track of course work with to do list and calendar
• Send and receive messages
• Post to discussions
• Watch videos
• Take quizzes
• Receive push notifications for new grades and course updates, and much more!

Canvas Student App Description & Overview

The applications Canvas Student was published in the category Education on 2011-12-08 and was developed by Instructure Inc.. The file size is 110.62 MB. The current version is 6.5.3 and works well on 11.0 and high ios versions.

- Added recently graded assignments to the today widget
- Update logo design
- Accessibility improvements
- Fixed a bug with discussion content white space
- Fixed a login bug with 3rd party providers
- Other bug fixes

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Canvas Student Reviews


Crash  MoMilla16  1 star

Keeps crashing when I open up an assignment.


Feature request  Kiddobenn01  4 star

I love the app, but I would like to see some features. 1) can we add the “what if” grade option? It would make it that much easier, I wouldn’t have to refer to the website in order to get that feature. 2) can we allow the “show grade” to always be on? I hate having to turn this on every single time I open the app. 3) can we have an option to sort our assignments by date? I have mine set by weeks in the website so it’s easy to look at them. On the app, however, it scrambles them all around. I have to scroll in order to find the assignments for that week. Other than that, I really like the app. Thank you!


Make sure you have the right software  becomingpark451  5 star

Decent app for iOS users only or latest Android versions.

Heck  "heck" 456987123  3 star

The quizzes crash my phone


Crashes too often with “Whoops!” Message  RRBK77  2 star

I’d love to love this app for its accessibility, but when I click into discussion boards, 90% of the time there’s a “Whoops! Something went wrong on our end” message. If I can’t comment on discussions, a large component of each class, then this app is useless.


Great  noladrrw  5 star

Love it


Crashing  Waspflow  1 star

The amount of crashing is ridiculous, fix your app you monopoly bigots.


Difficult to navigate discussions  LNDPP  2 star

Discussions are all run together with earliest posts first. It is difficult to identify where one discussion with replies end and the next discussion starts. If you have a large class, then the later posts do not get replies as it is too difficult to navigate past the earlier posts.

Wm Sr.

Wm  Wm Sr.  5 star

It never fails me for my classes whenever I’m on the go.


Thanks  Mrs.garb  5 star

This really helped my kiddos keep track of what to do

Revue R

Meh very Meh...  Revue R  1 star

Awesome! Collaborate doesn’t work a and I can’ t get conferences to work either... everything else.... well you can access the files that the lecturers put up at least... wish they made an easy “share” to pdf function. access their web page and try and give them feedback... good luck!


Review  Math_is_totally_awsome!!!  5 star

Very efficient and effective!


Limited  MarioLa75  1 star

I am trying to understand the purpose of this app if the core functionality is limited and requires using desktop version. E.g. marking guide with comments cannot be downloaded through the app; upload function is counterintuitive, sort of work around.


Was great, but disappointing now  P.popsicle  1 star

Canvas has been great and I was able to use all features etc. But last week I was randomly logged out of my account and have not been able to log back in since, which has been very inconvenient as I have missed deadlines that were to be submitted through this system. Please fix this ‘system error’ asap!!

an unhappy customer :(

:(  an unhappy customer :(  2 star

Its not letting me login for some reason?? comes up with unexpected error and then loads until I leave the app


Loses login every update  AnotherManlyMan  1 star

Please can the app remember login details on updates


Great until latest update  Aprilitunes  1 star

Super annoyed the semester has begun and as of 2 weeks ago I was randomly logged out then have not been able to log back in, getting a hold of CANVASLMS is impossible, no technical support of any type!

Woodgrove app

Piece of rubbish.  Woodgrove app  2 star

If I had a choice my kids would not use this


Needs to be fixed!  Ant_fl  2 star

A couple days ago I would have told you Canvas was the most useful application on my phone. Very easy to use with few limited abilities over the desktop version, and a few problems when trying to submit assignment or download attachments. However, I was randomly logged out of my profile last week and since haven’t been able to get back in. I have tried countless times and even across multiple platforms and still no connection, just the same old response, “an unexpected error has occurred.” This makes me extremely mad because with an app that has been so heavily used in my day to day life to completely restrict me and stop working is a huge spanner in the works. A few of my classmates are also experiencing the problem. I hope this problem can be fixed, ASAP!

mad school girl

Bad  mad school girl  1 star

I’ve been using canvas for about a year and a half cuz that’s how we do everything at my school it’s all connected to canvas I have the app on my phone and all of a sudden it’s logged me out and not letting me get back on it just keeps saying there seems to be an error try again


Difficult  annehomer  3 star

This is a new app that we just started using and school. It is difficult at times. It also does not always let me load things for assignments, sometimes taking an hour or two to upload assignments.


Canvas is one of the best app I can recommend. ❤️  DianaBakh  5 star



App Doesn’t Work  Eadams04  1 star

Can’t sign in on my phone or tablet it’s not iPhone Friendly and app isn’t offered on windows devices


What is the point??  anna5002  1 star

I can’t access the reading or the videos for the class through the app. Why bother having an app???


Doesn’t function  [email protected]@&$  1 star

No matter how many times I try to log into canvas it never works. Always gives me an error.


Canvas App  Blakeman825!  5 star

This app has saved me many times! I don’t own a laptop and I am not always around WiFi it makes it so fast and easy to check my grades me even do assignments!


Amazing, but the widget is awful  Jessi814  3 star

I love this app so much. However, in the recent update something messed up with the widget that shows grades for your favorite courses. I currently have two classes that are not available until the fall (and are not favorited) show up on the widget, and my class that I am taking currently (favorited) is not showing up. Please fix this, as I love the widget feature and use it nearly every day. UPDATE: I thought that they would resort to fixing the widget before adding more to it, and guess what? They didn’t, and it’s even worse than before! Now since they added recently graded assignments, I’m seeing grades for classes that I’ve never took. And all of my courses for the fall are on the widget even though absolutely none of them are posted nor work, but none of my summer classes are on the widget! I get most people probably don’t use the widget, but I do and it’s a big deal to me!

H sauce 1356780

It won’t let you add courses  H sauce 1356780  1 star

The whole point of the app is to be able to see the classes you’re enrolled in and And I’ll I get is a white screen. Even to add courses none show up. Definitely DONT USE waste of iCloud storage.

nerd in more ways than one

Love it! Except for one thing...  nerd in more ways than one  4 star

This app is great, I love being able to see my classes and assignments even when I can’t use my computer and I don’t even have to open google to get to it. My only issue: taking a quiz on this app that is anything other than multiple choice is like trying to catch a frightened hamster. It’s extremely difficult, because I entered my answer for #7, then tried to scroll to #8, and it jumps down to 11. Then I try to scroll back up to 8 and it goes to 12..13... when I finally get back up to 8, I open my keyboard and it goes back down to number nine. Everything else is great! But can we make the non-multiple-choice quizzes a little more compatible? That’s my only complaint, otherwise would highly recommend this app


Helpfull  YFavela  5 star

I think the app is very useful to keep up with assignments, as well as responding when away from your laptop.










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