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Access your Canvas courses on the go and in the classroom with the Canvas Student mobile app! From any device, students can now:

• View grades and course content
• Submit assignments
• Keep track of course work with to do list and calendar
• Send and receive messages
• Post to discussions
• Watch videos
• Take quizzes
• Receive push notifications for new grades and course updates, and much more!

Canvas Student App Description & Overview

The applications Canvas Student was published in the category Education on 2011-12-08 and was developed by Instructure Inc.. The file size is 154.02 MB. The current version is 6.3 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

- Support for adding images in the rich text editor
- Support for page view analytics
- Fixed a login issue
- Bug fixes

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Canvas Student Reviews


Notifications don’t work  Unique_dweebs  1 star

This app has many flaws, but the most annoying is the notifications. Every time I click on a notification, it gives me an error and logs me out of the entire app, forcing me to choose my school and enter my information again it’s extremely annoying and time consuming. Also, if you have a discussion based class, this app notifies you anytime there is a response added to the discussion. This is fine for small classes but in classes like mine which have upwards of 60 people, SO ANNOYING! It should only notify you when someone replies to your discussion or the teacher contributes. Fix the notifications!!!

Volatile app

Volatile app  Volatile app  3 star

This app is a great help to see the grades and all that. However, it does not work properly.


Horrible  FMC314  1 star

Experience is the worst. Fails to load at times and logging into hybrid courses requires double logins. Once you get through, all you get is huge icons (as if page isn’t rendering correctly). Product Management team needs to actually use their product to feel the pain points of users. Worse than Blackboard I'm the early 2000s

Darth top

Extremely Convenient  Darth top  5 star

I've used canvas as a student, and have loved the simplicity as well as the conveniency of the app. You can set notifications which will alert you of messages, updates, and announcements which includes grades as well. The app could still use more features, but it's much better than logging in and out of an actual website. I have transitioned from different schools and universities, and the process is rather easy.


A little ineffective  Jacelynn95  2 star

You aren’t able to create your own to-do lists, you cant delete/clear notifications to keep up to date with current events, you can’t create events or reminders in the calendar. Would like to see cleaner/more organized links to weekly material.


Disappointing  NJMJI  2 star

For some reason since the latest update it doesn’t sign me into my profile. It goes to the Canvas Student homepage and gives me the option to Find My School or Canvas Network. The Find My School feature does not have my school populated when I search for it. The Canvas Network says my email and password are incorrect. App is worthless to me now because I cannot use it at all.


It’s good  Farmloverq23455678p  5 star

It’s the greatest school application on the planet


Great mobile LMS!  Fiveleafclover63  4 star

Description The Canvas mobile app is a Learning Management System (LMS) that was a website component but has recently developed a very straightforward update to their mobile app as well. This app is an LMS which has both a teacher component and a student that both functions independently for those users but cohesively come together to seamlessly display a variety of information on the go. The intended audience is anyone who is trying to convey information to a larger audience in an ongoing platform, or any teacher-student class that would benefit from an LMS component to the course. The app comes from Instructure Inc. Review Design I think the Canvas app is the exact version of a mobile educational app I have wanted all along in all honesty. The customization the teacher has for the course has great variety as far how to organize the layout of the different categories they want. In this case we are using the Canvas app for class, by which Farah has laid out the course very clearly and coherently. The design of the app definitely follows good I.D. in that each click progresses logically to the next section. Backwards navigation and corrections are easily made. I had tried using the Canvas app about 2 years ago with my PLTW course and it was absolutely horrible. So, I canned it. As of 2 weeks, since I redownloaded this app for the mobile tech course, I have found that the app has done a full 1080 in every category. As of right now, I cannot find too many limitations. Only issue so far was trying to upload items to the Google Drive linked to our course from the Canvas App didn’t work… had to upload directly from Google Drive. This app 100% supports UDL, in that the creation of the layout of the app falls completely on the teacher to choose what categories and sections are allowed throughout. Customization of layout is a little limited, but you don’t want to be able to do TOO much with layout if you want functionality to remain intact. Educational Value As an LMS, this app is almost entirely educationally based. It is used to do any number of educational items that are a digital extension to the physical classroom. Post assignments, content, grade assignments, discussions, share content, send private messages, notify… all available mobile. As app productivity becomes increasingly higher year to year, the ability of someone using and LMS app like this will also keep increasing as well. Therefore, students using these apps will integrate them into their lifestyle almost like a social media app. They will learn to check, manage, submit, read from, etc., this app daily like anything else. Now obviously as this is for school work and not for pleasure the intrinsic motivation will be significantly lower but nonetheless they will learn how it will be incorporated to everyday class. Since the users have to proactively go into the app to access the content, they will not be able to “passively learn” information from this app. In order to get the material, they will have to go in, find what content they need, and access from there. By simply opening the app, there isn’t much content to be found. Instruction on accessing the specific content will be key, and what that content is will also be key. Whether it is a video, notes, worksheet, etc. Right now, I have not used this mobile app too much, but so far, I find it to be the most visually pleasing, and practically organized of them all. As with Google Classroom this app allows for major categories to be defined in the layout, and then sub-categories that follow accordingly. There is no flow or feed to those categories which I like. Scrolling only occurs once within an assignment or module where the actual content exists. Pros and Cons This app is visually stunning in that there aren’t too many conflicting colors or images that allow for confusion about where the user needs to tap or click next. The layout for the user to access the content from the creator is also extremely simple and easy to understand. The lack of a “feed” provides small screen visuals of the tabs one may click. One can post whatever digital content they want within the app. Truly a great mobile LMS Uploading content from the mobile app itself can prove difficult. Sometimes uploading from Google Drive or from the website version seems to be the best option occasionally. Conclusion and Recommendations Again, as an LMS app, I find this to be truly easy to use and follow. I was reluctant when Farah said we would be using this app, but found that as a student using Canvas, I have only had a relatively easy time using successfully. Would give a 4/5


I got graded late for an assignment I turn in on time  Yitely  5 star

I got graded late for an assignment I turn in on time


Works sometimes  JBow87  2 star

When opening app through my school app, it fails to load and displays an error. I have to close every time and log in manually every time. Also, I wish I could minimize discussion threads like on the web site. Instead, I must scroll through every thread and reply in order to reply to newer threads.


Please fix expanding/collapsing menus in module pages!  Eyes08078  2 star

Awesome app but I can’t use it anymore since the expanding menus (I don’t know what else to call them) on module pages do not open! I try clicking to reveal the text/content and nothing happens.


Can’t find my school  Lonsdale222  1 star

Not sure if this is an app for only America Because I can’t seem to find my school, which is a total bummer because I think this app would help me keep on track with my course


Great job  Timetabling  5 star

Canvas is very easy to use and helps me find out what I need to do for homework and assignments that are due it is very organised.


Canvas problem  Perosnnnnnnssmjss  1 star

Hi I’m trying to login to canvas on my iPhone 6s. And my school presses student login here and whenever I do it never loads up.


Please rename the app to Canvas  evilgoldfish01  3 star

This app works, for the most part, really well. One thing that really irks me is the use of Student in the app title (which is displayed on the home screen), which makes it more difficult to search for. It would be fantastic if you could rename it to just say “Canvas” instead.


Is this legal?  C3CXGaming  1 star

I’m not sure why or who created this but I think it may be child abuse


Amazing !  dopeyyyyyyyyy🚊  5 star

very simple and easy to use

Winter Quinn

Improvements for lecture recordings  Winter Quinn  4 star

The option for: 1) Landscape view 2) Playback speed

Good job cow farm

Alright  Good job cow farm  3 star

I use this app for school but I have heaps of problems like it crashing and just being very slow. But it’s okay and is easy to use


Update is Terrible!  ricebubble4  1 star

The update in April 2018 has made this once great app almost useless. Once you open a file, you can’t go back to the previous menu, it instead jumps back to a blank page and you need to go all the way from the dashboard back into the class and module you were looking at. It’s also made discussion posts virtually impossible, as you can no longer see any other students post in the discussion. Please change it back to how it was. There were no issues before, and now it is almost useless for the main things people use it for.


Ehhh  inaayahlee  3 star

Was working fine on my iPhone 6. Upgraded to iPhone 8 and now it won’t work. I tried it on android phone and it will work but I continuously delete and re-install the app on my 8 and it won’t work at all. Please fix.


Useless  neselie  1 star

It used to work just fine, I could open files from my classes and even watch videos my professors post. Now, every time i open a file or a video, it freezes and doesn’t let me do anything, and doesn’t show the file or video. Kinda useless if I can’t look at anything from my classes.


Meh  Athletic--Trainer  2 star

Honestly pretty bad of an app but definitely necessary for schools that use canvas. Always crashes when I try to submit an assignment on mobile, slow and not very user friendly.


I’m having trouble w it now  Algae10  3 star

Normally-5 stars. But now it will load my profile, but no classes, inbox, anything. Is this a problem for anyone else lately? I’ve tried deleting and reloading several times, off and on wi-fi, idk what to do except go to it in safari as a web page.


Go canvas, go Utes  smmrd2pa  5 star

I’ve alway used Blackboard só changing to canvas was nerve wracking but it’s been smooth! Canvas is user friendly so far. Canvas is on all my apple devices and is easy to use on all. My most fave thing is that I can easily export documents to notability for easy note taking. I also appreciate that professors can modify their main menu list, however I wish I could move them around to fit my likes and needs since some things I use and others I don’t. I also really like how it takes assignments that are due from all my classes and puts it in the top right corner of my canvas screen!!


Calendar trouble  Totoru88  4 star

It really comes in handy to check out my grades and to check my assignments. Although I think it’s confusing to use the calendar, I would love to be able to put dates on there but it’s seems like it’s not possible. Other than that, it’s great!



DEVELOPERS!!! There is an issue of copy and pasting typed responses from external apps into the comment portion when replying to group discussions! I’ve used this platform before and the issues did not exist until the recent update. Please fix!

Dawson jessee

Good design, but very unstable  Dawson jessee  4 star

I have used this app for a year now for my high school and overall the app looks very good but it seems as if the app lags at times. I have a brand new iPad and none of my other apps do this. It is the only app that has crashed on me. Wish they could make a smoother interface.


Worst online format  Herbandrena  1 star

The entire online format is a disaster. It is disjointed, requires multiple outside programs to utilize much of the required assignments. The app is worse than the online format. It hasn’t worked properly for weeks, so I deleted it and re-installed it, now it just gives me an error message over and over- it is completely useless now. Was there an update that broke the already limited use? For an online Master’s degree, I would expect a far better program, especially at $750/per credit that I am paying.


I get spammed with the same notification  iCharnt  1 star

Literally every 60 seconds I get the same notification over and over. “Post your week 1 introduction” “Post your week 1 introduction” “Post your week 1 introduction” “Post your week 1 introduction” “Post your week 1 introduction” “Post your week 1 introduction” “Post your week 1 introduction” It does that, I have pictures to prove it does it every single minute.

Real Roy

Canvas  Real Roy  5 star

Innovative stuff!

Isang, E.

Great  Isang, E.  5 star

Canvas app is simply amazing. The only down fall is that the write up print is not made to fit into the screen. I would like if this can be fixed. Otherwise, this is a great app.


Above Average  Iriaye  3 star

Very user-friendly...

Rory big d

Useful with some major flaws  Rory big d  3 star

This is a useful educational app, but I can see at least three massive faults. 1. I have received almost 150 notifications tonight for one event. 2. Many of the features available on the website (such as looking at my students' results together on one page) are not available on the app. 3. I have to login far too often, I only use one iPad, is it necessary to have to login repeatedly?


Quality  FVolschenk  5 star

Excellent product


Excellent App for students  Adotey  5 star

I love it

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