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It’s time to get in touch with your education. Your Canvas content goes everywhere with you on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

Canvas Student allows you to:
• View your Canvas activity stream
• Stay on top of your to do items
• View your course schedule and syllabus
• Read and participate in course discussions
• Turn in homework assignments
• Upload files, videos, and audio recordings
• Read, create, and reply to inbox messages
• Study and navigate course pages
• View grades for your courses and individual assignments
• View submissions and participate in comment discussions with your instructor
• Access and participate in Canvas groups

If your school is using Instructure Canvas, grab the Student app and keep your education within reach.

Canvas Student App Description & Overview

The applications Canvas Student was published in the category Education on 2011-12-08 and was developed by Instructure Inc.. The file size is 155.00 MB. The current version is 3.19.3 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

- Fixes an issue where the current period’s total grade does not appear by default for institutions using multiple grading periods

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Canvas Student Reviews


Keep asking login and password when I try to Watch Video !!!  **Sheroziy**  1 star

Please fix issues! It keep asking login and password every time I tried to watch video in canvas even I’m logged in. Please also add feature so we can download videos, notes class materials and watch offline in canvas.


No multitasking support  Jhuang114  1 star

I downloaded this app to try to make life easier, but it has failed. Please add side by side multitasking capabilities to the iPad and iPhone version of Canvas! It's so annoying having to go back and forth between two apps to where I just go online to access it.....


Great!  298373.widnx  5 star

This is a great app


Crashes way too much, messages barely work  Abcdpwbshanwhuaj  1 star

The app in general crashes constantly. Every time you attempt to save an attachment in a message you received, the app crashes instantly. Every time you attempt to filter messages, the app crashes instantly.


Fix it  paco_inpico  1 star

App freezes when you try to open documents teachers have uploaded. Worthless app.


Canvas isn’t that great  👷🏻🍔  1 star

For the “best” app out there for this specific category, it sure has many flaws. Consitently crashing, slow loading times, file uploading/downloading errors, and more! I’ve lost plenty of assignment points because of Canvas. This being because if you don’t follow certain precautions to upload a PDF, it fails to show any of your writing on there, later giving you a nice zero from your teacher. Have used this app for 4 years and has been a lot of trouble.


Could use improvements  Daniward23  3 star

This app is convenient but I wish that when we viewed our grades in the app we could also see the average,low and high. I find my self visiting the actual website often for that information.When this is fixed I’ll give it 5 stars :)


Works pretty good. I like using it, and do.  FishHeadsForever  5 star

I definitely get benefit from using this app for three classes now. Starting on the 4th. I gave it 5 stars because it is useful. Recommendations for improvement include: the Echo 360 videos do not have audio on my iPad; the People section does not have the groups; power point slides get rendered a little off, but good enough, and there is a way to copy to Power Point for IOS so that is ok. Pretty good integration with Office and OneDrive on IOS; the discussions it would be nice to have a toggle to a view with all reply’s expanded, then back again to only top level posts to be drilled down into. The first two made it so I had to lug my personal laptop on business trips in order to do all I needed for the classes. Still, I found this app worthwhile. Keep on improving it so that it can be used equivalently to the full PC browser based version.

Sweet Natasha B.

Keeps Crashing  Sweet Natasha B.  1 star

Ever sense i updated my phone of IOS 11 the app won’t even open anymore and crashes. Please fix. Before it was a GREAT APP!! Loved it.


No longer getting notifications  MsNunya  3 star

Not sure which update changed it, but I have not received notifications of messages or grade updates on the past few weeks. I would usually receive an alert on my iPhone directly from the app, but the notifications are not coming through. I also made sure my settings were set to notify on my phone as well.


Great tool  Cv-02  5 star

This is my first time in a long time studying again and this tool is a really easy way to stay connected with my course without having to long into the computer every time.


A poor cousin to the web interface  tdur2  2 star

The app is a good idea in principle but is so feature limited in comparison to the web interface. It’s particularly true if you if you are a content creator for various courses, invariably you get bumped out to the web interface for almost everything. Notifications are probably the most useful feature.


Can’t copy and paste links  Jessrox3000  1 star

You can no longer copy and paste links that are sent to you by teachers in your inbox. I find this quite stupid.


Awful App.  Skarloey21  1 star

I have to use this app for Uni. I haven’t been able to log in or do any work with it. I am far from impressed. I have stuff due within days but cannot access it. It’s a joke! I have updated, reinstalled to no avail. Even using in web browser this is ridiculous! I’d lobby everyone to use Blackboard instead. At least it was reliable!


Could be great  Wignatius  1 star

Crashes so often it's easier to open the program on your computer


Disappointed  Smellexxcx  1 star

So far I am pretty disappointed in how canvas works as an app or mobile site. The calendar in the app NEEDS month labels. It’s so confusing it’s essentially useless to me. The discussion threads on the app don’t load AT ALL. Just spins and spins. And I’ve asked around and am not the only one with this issue. I have updated and tried deleting and redone loaded. I’ve tried on wifi and mobile. Nothing loads. The mobile site basically doesn’t exist. Nothing fits to screen, I constantly have to zoom in and out. It’s really not user friendly for people who rely on mobile devices.

Fruit pop rules

Terrible  Fruit pop rules  1 star

Not available unless you’re in the US. Utterly pointless.


since iOS 11 update unable to stream lectures from Echo360  99y2k  1 star

can you please fix this? lectures load but do not stream, video controls unresponsive


Good but lacking key feature  sa.mitchell  3 star

Really needs side by side multitasking added for the iPad! Crucial functionality for me and is frustrating without.


What bugs do you think you are fixing?  mattmoonger  1 star

This app is almost completely useless. Laggy, slow and clunky. Pretty much a waste of time.


App doesn’t work  amourrk  1 star

My canvas was working fine now it won’t even open . It won’t allow me to do anything, it’ll pop up and close back out the app. When it was working It was the best app


Slow  knlq  1 star

Too slow


Won't stop crashing  Adamtiburon2  1 star

Please fix. I have an iPhone 6s, with iOS 10. Haven't been able to use the app for weeks. Keeps crashing every time I try to open it. Bug fix update 11/17 did NOT fix it. This is ridiculous. There have been bug updates for weeks. I still can't open the app


Missing important features  JetSki5000  3 star

The app is missing an important feature that the web portal has. In the web portal you can see how your grades compare to the rest of the class in terms of min, max, average grade. The app should add this feature. Also it should show the median too, mean isn’t always as helpful as median.


App crashes  tobilex  1 star

The app use to be really good until I updated and now I can't even get into the app. I click on the app and it slowly loads, but even before getting in the app crashes.


Great app! Really Useful!  Joey14312  4 star

This app has made it really useful to access my Canvas pages when I am on the go! It’s a really clean design. My only issue is that it is really slow at loading files and when attempting to view discussions. Often times it gets confused when I attempt to quickly switch between classes and the app freezes and I am forced to close it and reopen it.


New Update causes crashes  WonderfulMouse  1 star

Newest update makes the app crash on startup, can't do anything in it.


except local file management it's good support  Thomaswell  3 star

It is really useful app. You can even upload the assignment like videos, audios, docs. However, it lacks the local file and data cache management. Can you imagine it takes up to 800MB of the storage. You have to delete and reinstall. Moreover it seems each time you click the file, it will download the file. It is duplicate process.


App hangs on ios 11.1.1  Admiousyee  3 star

It hangs everytime you check the grades or refresh it to open the course. Please fix it.


It logs me out a lot  123123abcabcbsbdhdjgjsiehsh  2 star

This app has the tendency to log me out of my school and not load to let me get back into my school’s canvas. It is a problem because I use this to log on all of my homework assignments

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