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1. Does it offer over 3,400 questions? Our app contains thousands more than some other apps. You don't have to study all 3,400+ questions but they are there for you if you want.
2. CAN YOU GRADE YOURSELF? Seriously! Many board apps don't even allow you to grade yourself. You can't look at your test scores for each subject because they don't even keep score.
3. Does it have an advanced learn engine that tracks questions seen/unseen, answered correctly/incorrectly, and then dynamically creates your tests accordingly?
4. Does it provide BOTH a casual study mode AND a test mode?
5. Does it provide AUDIO questions?
6. Are you able to SEE your study and test PROGRESS for ALL lessons at a MERE GLANCE?
8. Can you customize your tests with adjustable question counts and subjects?
9. Does it allow you to add your own unit study documents and files to the app? Most units have unique study requirements such as unit history. This app allows you to easily add those documents directly into the app.

This is a comprehensive guide addressing the common Army promotion board topics - over 40 subjects. Information was taken directly from Army regulations, Army doctrine reference publications (ADRPs), Army doctrine publications (ADPs), field manuals, technical manuals, training circulars, and pamphlets. All the study material is in question/ answer/ flashcard format. Hyperlinks are used in the larger sections to help better facilitate the blocks of information. In addition, to help support some of the question/answers, notes are provided throughout along with Helpful Hints to aid in memory recall. is not affiliated with the US Army. We simply support soldiers every way we can.

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The applications PROmote - Army Study Guide was published in the category Education on 2011-05-07 and was developed by The file size is 65.48 MB. The current version is 4.05 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Revised lessons:

- Basic Rifle Marksmanship, TC 3-22.9, C2, 31 Aug 2017.

- NCO Duties, Responsibilities, and Authority, TC 7-22.7, 7 April 2015.

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Amazing  KevinBowenable  5 star

This app helped me pass two boards and I will now be going to ALC soon for SSG


Great  11bangnorok  5 star

Army knowledge is very perishable I got this app when I was a PVT now as an SGT I still use it to study almost daily. Great app. I suggest it to all of my soldiers


Promote app  amor_mil  3 star

Not a bad app. Great questions but it needs to be updated with current MILPERS and regulations.


Nice  rikky256  5 star

Best app is always updating as regulations continue to change best 5 dollars ever spent


Good app  Tasiamd  5 star

It’s nice so far.


I have all the information I need to pass the board; it’s just one click away  Poppabear219  5 star

Great material, so far so good.


Sgt Moore  RichBoy&  5 star

It’s a great study tool!


Awesome  T101302L  5 star

Love that it’s continuously updated.


Dope AF  JulianCalifas  5 star

This thing helped me prepare for the SOM board.


Legit  Bob(main)  5 star

This app is swell

Spc (p)

Worked for me  Spc (p)  5 star

I had two weeks to prepare for my board got word last min and I passed...enough said


Convenient and better than Flashcards  breatheFITNESS  5 star

This study guide provides actual material to read. It's not like other apps that just spit out questions. You can read, understand, and learn the material so when these question come up you KNOW the answer, NOT MEMORIZE them.


Review  Hazel09  5 star

This app is Awesome. The answers have more details than other apps

Big Dallas fan

Study  Big Dallas fan  5 star

Best app for all boards on knowledge

The Red Queen

Very, very nice  The Red Queen  4 star

The only app you'll ever need to pass the board. I would like I highlight feature, but even without that simply fantastic!


Best app ever  Soldierrrr  5 star

Helped me pass the board, enough said

Ssg Murphy

Army Recruiter  Ssg Murphy  5 star

Awesome app very helpful and thorough!!!

Michael Steele

Str8  Michael Steele  3 star

It's okay but still outdated

Well on the way

Useful  Well on the way  5 star

Very useful

Sgt Bucky

Bucke5  Sgt Bucky  4 star

This app is good when you're bored and just want to study. I wouldn't suggest using this app if you are planning on going to the board soon. It doesn't ask you the normal board questions in the test/quiz portion. It asks random questions that nobody would no or care to know because it's not relevant. It is good in the study guide portion though and I would buy it again

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