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1. Does it offer over 3,400 questions? Our app contains thousands more than some other apps. You don't have to study all 3,400+ questions but they are there for you if you want.
2. CAN YOU GRADE YOURSELF? Seriously! Many board apps don't even allow you to grade yourself. You can't look at your test scores for each subject because they don't even keep score.
3. Does it have an advanced learn engine that tracks questions seen/unseen, answered correctly/incorrectly, and then dynamically creates your tests accordingly?
4. Does it provide BOTH a casual study mode AND a test mode?
5. Does it provide AUDIO questions?
6. Are you able to SEE your study and test PROGRESS for ALL lessons at a MERE GLANCE?
8. Can you customize your tests with adjustable question counts and subjects?
9. Does it allow you to add your own unit study documents and files to the app? Most units have unique study requirements such as unit history. This app allows you to easily add those documents directly into the app.

This is a comprehensive guide addressing the common Army promotion board topics - over 40 subjects. Information was taken directly from Army regulations, Army doctrine reference publications (ADRPs), Army doctrine publications (ADPs), field manuals, technical manuals, training circulars, and pamphlets. All the study material is in question/ answer/ flashcard format. Hyperlinks are used in the larger sections to help better facilitate the blocks of information. In addition, to help support some of the question/answers, notes are provided throughout along with Helpful Hints to aid in memory recall. is not affiliated with the US Army. We simply support soldiers every way we can.

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The applications PROmote - Army Study Guide was published in the category Education on 2011-05-07 and was developed by The file size is 60.92 MB. The current version is 4.01 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

This update fixes a minor issue with audio playback.

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gimme a minute, will ya?

Use this APP!!!  gimme a minute, will ya?  5 star

Great for promotion boards, soldier of the month/quarter/what-have-you, and to just be a more knowledgeable team member


Stop asking for reviews!!!  Rugbie  1 star

This is a really good app for learning and quizzing about army knowledge. It deserves five stars. But it keeps repeatedly asking for a review, and it does not give an option to not leave a review, even if I press cancel. So I gave it a one star review to get it to stop asking me for a review.

senior spc

Wish I would of found earlier  senior spc  5 star

Great stuff... too easy nuff said, get it for your board prep


Fun ways to learn and comprehend  Heroesvail  5 star

Need to add more alternatives aiding the learning process when it comes to studying

MSG Alaska

Promote Now Review  MSG Alaska  4 star

There are times where promotion boards pop up with little notice and as a board member, this is a fantastic resource to utilize to obtain questions quickly when necessary. And using this app to spend 15 minutes each day professionally developing Soldiers on different subjects is extremely beneficial.


Where has this app been all my life  QueenB_Toot  5 star

Best app EVER!! A must have for the board.


Good content  Mandy9752  5 star

There's a lot of content to study from, a wide variety of topics, it might be hard to narrow down specific moi. I used this to study while I was waiting to go in to the board.


Very helpful app!  AimeeLyn09  5 star

I was apprehensive about buying it at first because it's a little pricey for an app, but I'm glad I did! It has just about everything you need to know for a board and everything is up to date as far as I can see. I haven't had any glitches and it's very easy to navigate. If you really want to pass the board and think an app will help you, this is the one to get!!!


Simple, informational, and up to date  Mofug  5 star

I've been using this app for a few months and feel really confident in my ability to pass my upcoming board. The tests are helpful and you can retest on just the questions that you answer incorrectly, which I enjoyed. Any questions or concerns you have will definitely be answered promptly by the staff (CEO of force readiness in my case) and it's updated regularly. Definitely worth a download


App  Ctarpjr  3 star

Can't access the app at all

Language Lover

Pathetic.  Language Lover  1 star

It doesn't even have flash card format. I was worried that they didn't show any screenshots of the actual questions. Now I know. I'd wish I had my time back had it been free. But as it stands, I really wish I had my $4 back.


No help at all!  3160  1 star

Don't waste your money on this app. It was so bad I went back to note cards.


Pretty good  Rogelio11us  5 star

Just got this. Looks really good. Coming up to go to promotion board so this will be very helpful. Gotta study!! :(


Good but erases progress with every update  Luckystryker  4 star

Good study guide. Doesnt crash, but erases your completion status whenever they update the software to 0% which is annoying. And they update a lot.


High Speed  MacGyver11B  5 star

I have all of the apps for army study, this one is by far the best.

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