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PROmote - Army Study Guide App Description & Overview

What is promote - army study guide app? BEFORE YOU BUY ANOTHER BOARD STUDY APP ASK YOURSELF:

1. Does it offer over 3,400 questions? Our app contains thousands more than some other apps. You don't have to study all 3,400+ questions but they are there for you if you want.
2. CAN YOU GRADE YOURSELF? Seriously! Many board apps don't even allow you to grade yourself. You can't look at your test scores for each subject because they don't even keep score.
3. Does it have an advanced learn engine that tracks questions seen/unseen, answered correctly/incorrectly, and then dynamically creates your tests accordingly?
4. Does it provide BOTH a casual study mode AND a test mode?
5. Does it provide AUDIO questions?
6. Are you able to SEE your study and test PROGRESS for ALL lessons at a MERE GLANCE?
8. Can you customize your tests with adjustable question counts and subjects?
9. Does it allow you to add your own unit study documents and files to the app? Most units have unique study requirements such as unit history. This app allows you to easily add those documents directly into the app.

This is a comprehensive guide addressing the common Army promotion board topics - over 40 subjects. Information was taken directly from Army regulations, Army doctrine reference publications (ADRPs), Army doctrine publications (ADPs), field manuals, technical manuals, training circulars, and pamphlets. All the study material is in question/ answer/ flashcard format. Hyperlinks are used in the larger sections to help better facilitate the blocks of information. In addition, to help support some of the question/answers, notes are provided throughout along with Helpful Hints to aid in memory recall. is not affiliated with the US Army. We simply support soldiers every way we can.

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App Name PROmote - Army Study Guide
Category Education
Updated 04 April 2024, Thursday
File Size 75.63 MB

PROmote - Army Study Guide Comments & Reviews 2024

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Essential. Easily read Take your time and take your opportunity seriously. Good luck -Win

Out of Reg. This app is out of reg. That app logo is not in the correct uniform. OCPs are the uniform. You might also wanna make that logo less binary to be more inclusive to those who are strong in the feelings and what not.

Best military app ever.. This app is very complete. Very useful. It covers everything that you need to know for your up coming promotion.

Nice. Best app is always updating as regulations continue to change best 5 dollars ever spent

Not updated. It’s not updated at all for example it lists the M9 pistol instead of M17

Good tool for E5 Boards. This is a good tool to keep in your pocket for on he spot development of soldiers, but it is pretty slow on updating to the new versions or changes to ARs, FMs, and other publications... If it were updated more often it would have been a 5 star in my book. In order for it to be a viable study tool it has to be up to date or soldiers are studying the wrong information.

App malfunctioning. When I open the app to study, half of the open page is block (in black) and can’t see the remaining bottom content. Swipe to the next page and it’s the same for me. I’m beginning to regret buying this app! If the developer can look into this ASAP I will appreciate it because I got my promotion board coming up and need to review!!!!

Great board tool.. I’m currently a SFC and I still compete in boards. I recommend this app to any Soldier preparing for an upcoming board. Don’t just go to a board once to please someone else. Go more than once and continue to win and build your confidence.

Stop asking for reviews!!!. This is a really good app for learning and quizzing about army knowledge. It deserves five stars. But it keeps repeatedly asking for a review, and it does not give an option to not leave a review, even if I press cancel. So I gave it a one star review to get it to stop asking me for a review.

Good content. There's a lot of content to study from, a wide variety of topics, it might be hard to narrow down specific moi. I used this to study while I was waiting to go in to the board.

Fun ways to learn and comprehend. Need to add more alternatives aiding the learning process when it comes to studying

I have all the information I need to pass the board; it’s just one click away. Great material, so far so good.

Great for any board or just reference.. It’s a great tool for studying soldier of the month board or promotion board. Also use it to find quick references to regulations.

Wish I would of found earlier. Great stuff... too easy nuff said, get it for your board prep

Test is not good. I think the quiz should be updated. All answers they have is correct one so if u hit correct for all you get 100%.

Things. Good

Tests need fixed. Only reason I didn’t give 5 stars is because when you test the answer is always correct, there’s no incorrect answers so it’s not really a test. Because the answers are given to you every time. It’d be great if you could provide incorrect answers so that way the tester is more involved

Promote Now Review. There are times where promotion boards pop up with little notice and as a board member, this is a fantastic resource to utilize to obtain questions quickly when necessary. And using this app to spend 15 minutes each day professionally developing Soldiers on different subjects is extremely beneficial.

Good information. This app helped a lot to pass my first bored, also has enough information to be able to answer questions on the spot when you can’t find someone who does know the answer

Amazing work.. The app developers have done a fantastic job creating a quick access to board information, and information in general. Extremely helpful

Dope AF. This thing helped me prepare for the SOM board.

Blocking issue. There is a black line that goes up until to the text that it will prevent you from reading the whole page, its been a month and its still the issue

Great studying app but needs improvement.. So I just recently got this app. It’s actually super awesome, but I noticed when I took the test, that you hit correct on all the answers and get a 100. Not much of a challenge to see if you retain the information you previously studied. I would give it 5 stars if not for that. I would like something implemented to make the tests more challenging but showing wrong answers every now and again.

Information is up to date. Great app with. The most accurate information

A Highly Suggested. This app is great. It provides all of the knowledge and know how that any wanting NCO or Leader needs to be successful. One thing i will say that needs to be added, is an audiobook. I say, this because there are different learning styles. Some people excel at reading and learning material. Others are hands on learners. Others are Auditory learners. I will admit that i am one of those auditory learners, and that sitting down and reading the material for hours on in, sometimes minutes, pose a challenge for me, and any one else who wishes to learn. I am a SPC, whose primary zone is in 2 months. While it may be too late for me, it may not be for another person. I really want to become a knowledgeable and relatable leader. If this can be one advancement for the app, it would be worth it for those who have different learning styles.

Great app/needs improvement. Overall the app is great. Some of the info is outdated or wrong.

Love it could improve. For the audio wish you could read along with it

Amazing. This app helped me pass two boards and I will now be going to ALC soon for SSG

Good Study App. Good study app for the board. Only issues I have is that there is black boxes that cover almost half to the slides. Really hard to study if I can’t see all of the slide. Support email or website doesn’t work.

Do not buy. There is constant misinformation on here. If you’re using this for any kind of board prep you’ll be at a substantial disadvantage. Also, the usability is a bit dated and clunky.. as if the creators are living in 2010. Bette than nothing? Maybe if it was free.. Avoid, you’ll be better off making your own notecards or asking your leaders.

Promotion Board. This App is very helpful, It helps you see where you are at after studying. It allows you too test yourself and keep up with your progression.

Amazing but. A couple of slides are cut off at the end. I have to “select all” and copy the whole slide onto ms word to view all the cut off information, which is unsat for a paid app. I would understand if it was free but it’s not. It’s an amazing learning tool but once that issue is resolved I will give 5 stars.

Good tool for board preparation!. Overall a great tool for board preparation. Nice and handy in its format. However, the audio function doesn’t seem to work for me. I’ll keep playing around with it. Once audio works as suggested, definitely 5 stars worth!

Great app. Really great app for board preparation, but it could be better. I wish they had some form of multiple choice quizzes or other study boosters. The flash cards are great, but I feel like quizzes could really add something to the app

When will M17 be put in?. Nice way to study, but I have yet to see a topic showing the new pistol for the Army.

Use this APP!!!. Great for promotion boards, soldier of the month/quarter/what-have-you, and to just be a more knowledgeable team member

Awesome. Love that it’s continuously updated.

Great. Army knowledge is very perishable I got this app when I was a PVT now as an SGT I still use it to study almost daily. Great app. I suggest it to all of my soldiers

Where has this app been all my life. Best app EVER!! A must have for the board.

Amazing Study App, Recommend to Soldiers!!!. This app is perfect for studying for the board, it is more up to date than questions found on the Army Study Guide and gives helpful hints to remember a lot of the answers. The app is easy to navigate through and I would definitely recommend to another Soldier.

Trash. Trash

Cant bookmark slides. It’s a good app but I can’t seem to book mark slides and it doesn’t even have the option for me to such as the plus sign or three dots. Some help would be great can’t get a hood of developers but overall good app

Sgt Moore. It’s a great study tool!

Don’t waste your money. Don’t waste your money on this app, too complicated

Great app. Easy to use

Needs some updates on regs. AR 670-1 needs to be updated

Great study. 👍 great app

Legit. This app is swell

Can’t see. There is a black bar or box that covers like half the screen, Can’t properly study if I can’t see everything I need to learn. This needs to be fixed.

Promote app. Not a bad app. Great questions but it needs to be updated with current MILPERS and regulations.

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Study. Best app for all boards on knowledge

Nope. Not worth the price. Way too much useless info.

Review. This app is Awesome. The answers have more details than other apps

Very helpful app!. I was apprehensive about buying it at first because it's a little pricey for an app, but I'm glad I did! It has just about everything you need to know for a board and everything is up to date as far as I can see. I haven't had any glitches and it's very easy to navigate. If you really want to pass the board and think an app will help you, this is the one to get!!!

By far the best. This app is perfect for anyone not only going to the boards but also anyone just brushing up on things. Easy to navigate and the flashcard test is great. Tell your soldiers about this app!

Best Board Study App. I've been using this app exhaustively over the past few weeks and it has proven to be the most in-depth, take-it-with-you study guide available. It's comparable to the Comprehensive Study Manual, but you can take it your pocket. 5 Stars

Pretty good. Just got this. Looks really good. Coming up to go to promotion board so this will be very helpful. Gotta study!! :(

AMAZING. If you are serious about career progression in the military GET THIS APP. HOAH!!!

Simple, informational, and up to date. I've been using this app for a few months and feel really confident in my ability to pass my upcoming board. The tests are helpful and you can retest on just the questions that you answer incorrectly, which I enjoyed. Any questions or concerns you have will definitely be answered promptly by the staff (CEO of force readiness in my case) and it's updated regularly. Definitely worth a download

great app, seriously recomended. this app is gereat for studying, especially with the question randomizer, that actually makes you try to learn.

Very, very nice. The only app you'll ever need to pass the board. I would like I highlight feature, but even without that simply fantastic!

Excellent app!!. This app is an excellent resource very well-made and regularly updated with the latest changes in Army regulations.

Army Recruiter. Awesome app very helpful and thorough!!!

Best app ever. Helped me pass the board, enough said

Team Leaders should have this. This is an outstanding app. I use it to practice for the P board and I also use this to test the knowledge of my Soldiers. Must have.

Love it!!. I love the quizzes and reviews!! Really gets the wheels turning and into study mode. Great when u only have a few hours of study time during the week!

Str8. It's okay but still outdated

Knowledgeable App for any type of board. This app gives you questions you wouldn't find on Army Study Guide for example all ADP's. It gives you options to take quiz or full tests. It posted scores from tests and quizzes. Lets you know what you haven't studied, what is in progress, and what topics you completed(Done).

Good but erases progress with every update. Good study guide. Doesnt crash, but erases your completion status whenever they update the software to 0% which is annoying. And they update a lot.

Needs some updating on content. App is great for study. Some sections need updated though.

NCO's should have this. When I was a SPC I used this app frequently to prepare for the board. The information is kept current and the questions are fairly relevant. As a SGT now, I use the study files function to keep and store all the regs and TM's in a neat organized manner. A must have app for NCO's and future NCO's. It's more expensive than most study apps out there but about 100 times more useful. I strongly recommend this app to my battles and soldiers.

Steps Above. You can add the FM's, AR's, ADRP's, even your own study guide- all you need to study opens in This App, along with the guide, tests and questions given this App is an excellent study tool.

I like it !. I like it, is just an awesome apps. It is updated and is a guarantee for those studying for the promotion and other kinds of military board studies.

Convenient and better than Flashcards. This study guide provides actual material to read. It's not like other apps that just spit out questions. You can read, understand, and learn the material so when these question come up you KNOW the answer, NOT MEMORIZE them.

Good, could be great. As a SSG in the Army I find this app useful on so many occasions. I'm always looking for the opportunity to continue my Soldiers development and knowledge as a combat multiplier. This app allows me to, during "smoke breaks" do board training with them and push them to the max! I have a great reputation for training my soldiers to be the best and this study app has been a great weapon in my arsenal of tools!

Love this guide but....... This update messed it all up I can't use this anymore the splash screen will not go away and I can't pick topics it is all messed up

Helped tremendously!. Needed a on the go study guide. Was impressed with all the information, as well as being able to download other sources (like your unit history and external study guides). Gone are the days of printing the whole study guide or buying ones when you can download everything you need straight from the source.

Good stuff. Only app as of now to have updated content, highly recommend.

Excellent APP!. If you are going to a promotion board, or simply want to increase your general Army knowledge than this is the app to get! It's great having a veritable wealth of knowledge on such a variety of topics at your fingertips. I find myself studying any time I have even a minute or two to spare. It's great, I highly recommend it!

High Speed. I have all of the apps for army study, this one is by far the best.

Useful. Very useful

Pretty good. This is a pretty decent app. I like.

Great app. It helped me out when I went to the promotion board

Handy and accurate. This app is great for having a hip pocket study session whenever you get a few minutes. It's unrealistic to always have the big study guide or FMs on you at all times so the convenience and accuracy of info in this app is valuable for the repetition it takes to commit the NCO knowledge to long term memory.

Ugh!!. It is not worth the money, the information that is up here is not actually board questions. It will do you no good to buy this app.

TEST. So, this app is great for studying, however if you want to test your knowledge, you really can't. All the questions to the test give the right answers when asked if correct or incorrect. I would suggest mixing up the answers to show both right and wrong.

Works Great So Far. Pretty useful app although I think many of these questions will not be asked at the board. But still good knowledge just in case!

App. Can't access the app at all

First study buy. This is the first app I've bought/used for studying and I really enjoy it. I would most definitely recommend this app to anyone looking to prepare for a board or just increase Army knowledge. I do enjoy the flash card quizzes aswell. I really hope though that SOON they either put in a section just for the M4A1 or add more M4A1 information into the M4section

Bucke5. This app is good when you're bored and just want to study. I wouldn't suggest using this app if you are planning on going to the board soon. It doesn't ask you the normal board questions in the test/quiz portion. It asks random questions that nobody would no or care to know because it's not relevant. It is good in the study guide portion though and I would buy it again

Fantastic App. Had the opportunity to go to the E-5 promo board, problem was that it was to be on the same day I was due from leave. I bought the app and studied from it to refresh myself and it worked out well

Helpful. I really like the quizzes and how everything is broken down within the main subjects.

Pathetic.. It doesn't even have flash card format. I was worried that they didn't show any screenshots of the actual questions. Now I know. I'd wish I had my time back had it been free. But as it stands, I really wish I had my $4 back.

It's perfect. I like the multiple subjects they have and it's perfect for studying while on standby or on the go + you don't have to carry around that study sheet your team leader gives you cause it's all on here.

No help at all!. Don't waste your money on this app. It was so bad I went back to note cards.

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Language English
Price $5.99
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 4.28
Play Store com.forcereadiness.promote
Compatibility iOS 12.0 or later

PROmote - Army Study Guide (Versiyon 4.28) Install & Download

The application PROmote - Army Study Guide was published in the category Education on 07 May 2011, Saturday and was developed by [Developer ID: 412513833]. This program file size is 75.63 MB. This app has been rated by 5,917 users and has a rating of 4.7 out of 5. PROmote - Army Study Guide - Education app posted on 04 April 2024, Thursday current version is 4.28 and works well on iOS 12.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.forcereadiness.promote. Languages supported by the app:

EN Download & Install Now!
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PROmote - Army Study Guide App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- New lesson: Feedback and Counseling. ATP 6-22.1, Providing Feedback: Counseling-Coaching-Mentoring, 02/13/2024. This replaces the Counseling lesson. - Lesson rewrite: ADP 3-37, Protection, 10 Jan 2024. - Updated AR 621-5, Army Continuing Education System, 01/23/2024. Lesson: Army Continuing Education System.

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