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Canvas Parent is designed to provide visibility into your child’s education at a glance. Canvas Parent allows parents to:

View assignment descriptions and due dates
Set reminders for assignments
View assignment grades
View course grades
Set grade alerts
View course announcements

Canvas Parent App Description & Overview

The applications Canvas Parent was published in the category Education on 2016-09-04 and was developed by Instructure Inc.. The file size is 92.44 MB. The current version is 2.0.6 and works well on 11.0 and high ios versions.

- Bug fixes

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Assignments can not be viewed any longer on parent app  $)/:  1 star

Are you having problems with your app on iPhones? App is having issues and want to know when it will be fixed


Grades  Viper3242  3 star

Why can’t I view his grades after the end of the semester?


Login issues  scoonch  1 star

I used canvas last school year without any problems but this school year I was logged in, got kicked out and still have not been able to log back in. This is too frustrating.


Failure App  Xanthalolly  1 star

Having used other applications for my kids this one is by far the worst. I hope my children’s school will stop using this program as soon as possible.


Assignments  rebtyl  1 star

Assignments cannot be viewed from phone app

Susannah McManus

Disappointing app  Susannah McManus  1 star

The Canvas app is pretty disappointing. I barely use it because it’s better to use canvas website on my phone and zoom in for details. Everyone I know does this! I would like the app to show all current grades for each child on one screen.


Canvas Parent is a useless app  Drbarb03  1 star

I am a teacher and have experience with Canvas and the Canvas apps from all three perspectives: teacher, parent, and student. The parent app is completely useless. I wish I could give zero or negative stars. It’s nothing more than a list of assignments. You can’t see the grades of individual assignments, or the submissions themselves to see what your student got right and wrong. There is no way to message the teachers (which would be the main reason for parents to use the app, in my opinion). I ended up having my child log in on the student app and view her progress exclusively from the student point of view. Clearly the developers of the parent app have never been parents involved in their children’s education. There are also known bugs regarding missing assignments that the Canvas developers in the forums have outright stated are not being fixed because the parent app is their lowest priority.


I hate this app!  Penrose25  1 star

My school district is using this system now and I have tried Android and iOS and both apps won’t let me log in as a parent! The instructions provided by my kids’s school show screens that simply don’t exist when I try to open the app! I have no way to create an account because the create a new login option never opens. I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times hoping that maybe I would be able to see the mysterious screens shown in the directions, but they never have appeared! You don’t deserve one star!

Me qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbn

It’s ok  Me qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbn  3 star

Honestly, this app is a good one once it’s up and running but it took two tech people to get it there. I preferred Skyward frankly. This one is hard to navigate from class to class AND ungraded assignments are included in the posted grade. So, if a teacher is slow to post grades, it will appear as if your child is failing that class. (Enter having a heart attack here). We use it because we have to but I dread looking.

Mad dog and monkey

NA  Mad dog and monkey  1 star

Only as good as the teachers using it.


App Crashes  Zoxter  1 star

Please update this app for iOS 11. It continues to crash on multiple devices iPad and iPhone


Worthless  Emilee44457829  1 star

Can’t see anything about how my child is progressing!!

Math Teacher 24

This is garbage.  Math Teacher 24  1 star

Such a limited piece of garbage app. Not enough to inform but enough to worry.


Terrible setup, terrible support  NotACanvasFan  1 star

If I could give this a negative number of stars I would. They still have email addresses associated with schools my kids no longer attend and they don’t reply to emails for support. (It has been over a month with no response.) Infuriating.


Phone access non existent  Pzamz  1 star

This must be all a joke. I have no problem getting in on a PC, but with the app on my phone, not possible. It’s says my user ID does not exist, so when i go to recreate the account it says it’s already being used. And round and round I go. When I go back to the PC, no problem. So I look for Tech support while there since it doesn’t exist on the app. Well it doesn’t exist period! It tells you to click the help link at the bottom of the page if you’re having problems, no such link. There is no where to get help. Everything links to these community blogs just like SalesForce. What a joke. I some how found a phone number and the woman said she couldn’t help, that I would have to contact the school district. What? The school district can’t help themselves and they are going to figure this out?

Texas user

Not Ready for Release  Texas user  1 star

Update as of v2.0.3: Nope, you haven’t fixed all of the problems with two kids in the same class. If I’m looking at the calendar entries, I see the right grades for Kid1 and Kid2. But, if I tap the calendar entry for - grade belonging to Kid2 to get details, it shows me the grade of Kid1. Try try again, and please tell me that your software test plan will run this test and the prior tests so you don’t introduce more regressions. I’m tired of being an unpaid software tester. Previous review: First, my prior critical review was mysteriously deleted. That’s not a sign of a company confident in its product. Second, this app simply doesn’t work for two kids. I have twins in the same grade, and the app only shows one kids’ grades, even with both kids entered into Canvas. Selecting kid one still shows kid two’s grades, even acted dragging down to refresh.


Won’t let me connect  Kayla229  1 star

Won’t let me connect


Not a fan  kcc40  1 star

My Canvas view always seems to be behind the student view. I get on to my children about poor grades, and they show me the student view and the grades are different and usually better. I also have twins who have the same teachers, so it would be nice if I knew from the million email notifications, who they are for. If not full names, maybe first initial, last name or something would be helpful.


Canvas Parent  floridafan12  1 star

This is the most frustrating app. It is not user friendly and it is difficult to pair with multiple students. My husband and I have wasted countless hours trying to figure it out. Please make this better! Please!


Question  Flossie2000  1 star

I can’t always tell when something is due, or it is something that is just being worked on. I may not be using it correctly, but I feel like if there were a few more details, that would be helpful...


Dumb  Eszim  1 star

Hard to read even on computer can’t see points on phon app. No letter grade with so you don’t have what the percentage means.

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