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Canvas Parent is designed to provide visibility into your child’s education at a glance. Canvas Parent allows parents to:

View assignment descriptions and due dates
Set reminders for assignments
View assignment grades
View course grades
Set grade alerts
View course announcements

Canvas Parent App Description & Overview

The applications Canvas Parent was published in the category Education on 2016-09-04 and was developed by Instructure Inc.. The file size is 138.66 MB. The current version is 2.0.1 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

- Fixed viewing long assignment and event descriptions
- Allow parents enrolled in unpublished courses to access the app
- Allow institution admins with the proper permissions to masquerade
- Fixed a bug where users on domains using canvas auth couldn't log in
- Clarified message when viewing an expired announcement
- Fixed calendar events loading for non-English locales
- Fixed an issue with saving settings for a student
- Maintain selected tab and calendar start date when switching between children

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Canvas Parent Reviews


Idiotic pairing id thing  Nileema  1 star

No stars for this app. Whoever came up with this stupid idea of having the parent request the child for a pairing id? Let the school pair it..or let the parent pair Teenagers won’t let parents in if they get a chance.. basic psychology. Please change it in such a way that the student gets a notification(within app) when somebody pairs with them. If the child sees it is an impostor(as in not a parent) he can take it up with the school to remove the perpetrator (and possibly set the police after the impostor😊)


Hard to use  50somethingmom  1 star

I can not cancel graduated kids not add new student. It’s just not easy to use unless you are an IT guy.


How to set up app  Tabv72  1 star

It’s giving me grief not allowing me to log in even though I’ve set things up on line already.


Horrible and archaic  Trabenheim  1 star

The entire system could not be worse if demons devised it to cause life sucking torture and pain to your child and to bring strife into your house. Nothing is intuitive and get this. The system can’t even run on a macbook pro! You have to download Windows. Even if you have all the plugins it will not run any video or audio on mac OS. I am an IT guy and emulating Internet explorer in Safari doesn’t work either. This program is a leech from hell sucking the lifeblood from our people.


Please keep log in info when updating!  Cincinnance  1 star

It is so annoying to have to hunt for my user name and password every time this app updates


Useless  name.for.itunes  1 star

Sending me in circles trying to log in. It wants my authorization over and over, and never gets anywhere. A waste of time.

Chef boy RD

Doesn’t work after update  Chef boy RD  1 star

Save the frustration and skip it. The last update broke it. I can’t login.


Canvas and Google  Rojchcdbn  1 star

If I could give this app a negative 10 I would. Jumping through the hoops for HOURS is not my idea of a user friendly app. Changed Canvas without notifying anyone and the sign on process takes forever! Do not understand why any school would use it.


Keeps shutting down  Stephanieaustin5912  1 star

Got this in hopes it would be easier, but no . I can’t log in without the app shutting down. This needs to be fixed.


Not good  Heavenly68  1 star

If I could give this app negative stars I would. What kind of app is built where the kids can see their grades but the parents can’t. Not very smart in my book at least I can see what the grades were in progress book and I don’t know if they’ve turned in assignments or have a turn in assignments you show things are red but there’s nothing to look at. If there’s a more messed up way that we could do this I don’t know of it this is by far one of the worst things that I’ve ever seen an education system do. Thanks for making my job as a parent harder because now I have no clue if they’re doing better or worse only when I see their final grades for the quarter or semester do I know they didn’t do good but I couldn’t tell because Canvas is not friendly. Nor is it helpful. Please a band in this app or get better at it.


App Crashes  Zoxter  1 star

Please update this app for iOS 11. It continues to crash on multiple devices iPad and iPhone


Terrible! Crashes  klsaccount  1 star

This is a horrible app. It cashes every time I try to use it!


Keeps crashing  Rsyfhf  1 star

Very buggy. Keeps crashing.


Canvas app is useless  Lm205  1 star

This is an incomplete buggy app. I use the website canvas portal on the PC and all of my child's grades are in. All assignments are listed and attachments to assignments are available when necessary. This app is missing everything. It simply doesn't work.

Need to stop playing this game

Horrible.  Need to stop playing this game  1 star

This is a mess. It shows that all assignments have not been turned even though I see on the student version that the have been graded already. This app does not work at all. It worth the space it takes up. Deleting!!!

User -1988-

Crashes  User -1988-  1 star

Does not update grades and crashes every time I try to open a course. Useless app!


Crash much?  Chee2008  1 star

This can be a great tool but currently it's not. Teachers and parents have collectively complained about this.


Poor  tbachta  2 star

Poor user experience


Never seems to work  LDhotwheels  1 star

Every time I go into canvas, it tells me I don't have permission for my daughter. Half the time the app closes me out. My daughter has nothing and my son has all his classes. Canvas could work if the teachers would go in an use it.


Not good  444KSC  2 star

Obnoxious app


Not working  Naunibear  1 star

I'm unable to see any assignments. And nobody has been able to figure out why?

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