ClassDojo [Education] App Description & Overview

Ready to build an amazing classroom community?

ClassDojo is a beautiful, safe, and simple communication app for teachers, parents, and students.

* Teachers can encourage students for any skill, like “Working hard” and “Teamwork”
* Teachers can bring parents into the classroom experience by sharing photos, videos, and announcements
* Teachers can also safely and instantly message with any parent
* Parents see their child’s updates at home, as well as a stream of photos and videos from school

ClassDojo helps teachers build a positive classroom culture by encouraging students and communicating with parents.

ClassDojo is free for everyone, and K-12 teachers, parents, students, and school leaders in over 180 countries have joined. It works on all devices, like iPhones, iPads, tablets, phones, and smartboards.

"I’ve divided my time teaching as B.C. and A.C.: before ClassDojo, and after ClassDojo. I never want to go back!" — Jen E., an elementary school teacher :)

Join the ClassDojo community today!

ClassDojo is completely free for parents, teachers, and students!

Optional: parents may subscribe to ClassDojo Beyond School for extra features for at-home use.

A charge will be added to your Apple ID account at the end of the 7-day free trial. Depending on your subscription choice, this may be $7.99 monthly, $39.99 for 6 months or $59.99 for 1 year (this pricing is for the US; pricing in other countries may vary). The subscription automatically renews unless it is canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period at the same rate ($7.99/$39.99/$59.99 depending on the subscription term). You can manage and cancel your subscriptions by going to your App Store account settings after purchase (on the App Store home screen, tap on the top right account icon).

Read our Terms of Service here:

Read our Privacy Policy here:

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ClassDojo Customer Service, Editor Notes:

This version comes with many fixes for parents and students.

ClassDojo Comments & Reviews

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- Can’t send photos through message.

It was working but now I can only send text to the teacher, photos are not working. Too bad....

- It is GREAT!

It is awesome.

- It’s a Awesome app

I really like it because I can connect to all my 👩‍🏫

- Wow!

This app is ok... I like lots but the thing is my kids want to change there monsters (lol)but can’t make them look like they think is the best because u have to buy the subscription (witch I think in very pricey so I REFUSE to buy it)but from my point of view it’s great!

- Vidéo ratée

J’ai J’ai fait une vidéo importante et le son a été coupé!!!!

- ClassDojo

I am so amazed how good ClassDojo works it’s so good to have it!

- Ugh class dojo lots of

U guys are Cea cra just use snow class is way more better than class dojo

- Li

Like messages

- ClassDojo

I love to go on ClassDojo and study always, it’s helps me a great lots, I love my ClassDojo

- Iss fine

Iss fine

- Merci

Merci à vous!!!

- Awesome app!

Now I can communicate with my teacher during COVID 19!!

- It’s fun

I love it🥰

- Great get it

Get it it’s the best app ever made

- It’s private and we share pictures

I am a teacher and I love classdojo! It has supported the communication between students and myself! I can give assignments and we can post pictures of us doing the work! The students have enjoyed seeing their friends!! Thank you for making home learning a little easier for everyone

- Not the best.

I love this app but whenever I post my assignment on the top left of the assignment it always says “pending” for about 3 days. I really want you to fix this because my assignments take so long to finish pending and I get blamed for not “doing” it. 🙄

- 1 STARS ⭐️


- Great way to communicate with families!

I was using ClassDojo before the pandemic so it was really easy to continue communication with families when we all had to stay home. I always wanted to be a “fly on the wall” in my own children’s classes. Now with ClassDojo you can have a window into life at school. The parents of my students love it!

- J’aime ça trop et beaucoup

C’est trop bien et cool!🥰🥰mais quand je vais être en 6eme année je vais plus jamais utiliser cette application

- ClassDojo

Très bien

- Great

Very, very great app 👍👍👍👍👍♥️♥️♥️♥️😍😍😍😀😀😅😀😚😚😚😊😊😊🙂🙂🙂😍😍😍

- Happy Teacher

This app has been a great tool to connect with my students. I am able to stay in contact and also provide an organized place for learning. Thanks Class Dojo!

- ClassDojo

I love it❤️❤️❤️. It’s so cool

- Amazing

Ss Mai much to choose from

- The best

They always keep you updated and keep the kids busy l love it

- Amazing!!!

Love it!!

- ugh

i hate it. idk why it just is such bad quality when you’re writing or drawing

- Class Dojo

Dear Class Dojo creator this was a brilliant and well thought out app! I Enjoy it very much and hope it stays this way! Sometimes I have problem where I can’t open tool kits that my teachers send me. It brings me to iTunes you and then just tells me you have no classes whereas if I send the tool kit to someone it opens easily. Is there any reason for this, if so I’d love to know. Thx! I love this app so much!

- please add a private teacher student message

As you may know this app goes all the way up to grade 12. but still even in the later years there is no option for a teacher and student message system. this is incredibly disappointing as a student who would like to contact my teacher without having to go through my parents email :(, please fix this asap

- Wouldn’t recommend this app

It has deleted my work and also won’t let me send it in different formats like a photo and type it

- Poop

Hi evey won I luv dis ap sooooo much. Dis ap is goog luv it amisang

- No idea why teachers use this???

This app is a many bugs...if teacher comments on child portfolio and if you miss a notification then it’s good luck to find that comment! Very very badly designed. No file upload option for iPhone or iPads. Can’t download our own pictures which teacher uploaded. Bad choice...

- Merci beaucoup

C’est gentil!!!

- Class dojo

This app is so good help my child with work Roth her teacher and it’s amazing u should get it

- Review of App

Our family enjoys using this app but I’ve noticed a couple things: 1. Kids can’t comment on their teachers comments or assignments, only parents can? 2. The camera doesn’t have the switch lens option making it very difficult to take a picture of their work to hand in. Otherwise it’s a great way to keep in contact with their teachers!

- Class Dojo is awesome 😎

This is a great communication/ teaching and learning app that I’ve used since September and continue to use during our current pandemic. Parents find it extremely convenient and user friendly. I like being able to post short videos and pics which really add to the speed of communication. During the school year the kids loved seeing their avatars and responded really well to the group and individual rewards.

- Téléchargements application

J’aimerais qu’on puisse télécharger des documents à partir de l’application.

- Fonctions de base satisfaisantes

Intéressant pour partager des nouvelles avec les enseignants mais l’interface n’est pas toujours évidente entre le fil d’actualité et les messages privés entre parents (principalement un parent à la fois). Quelques bogues lors de visualisation de photos et vidéos. Difficile d’imprimer dans l’application. Doit aller dans Safari pour le faire. Sinon c’est correct.

- Does not load

Messages consistently do not load, complete with a “failed to load” notification. Has not been fixed and it has been months. I have to use the web for updates. Disappointing.

- Le livre d’Histoire en français

Bonjour J’apprécie énormément la classe de Dojo qui me permet de communiquer avec mes élèves et leurs parents pendant la période difficile (covid-19). J’ai reçu les différentes d’histoire en anglais. Moi, je suis l’enseignante d’une classe d’accueil ( apprentissage du français). SVP. Je voudrais avoir les histoires en français pour que je puisse les envoyer à mes élèves. Merci beaucoup de votre compréhension. Bonne journée! Madame Kinda

- ClassDojo is awesome

I love it because I can do work online now!

- Magnifique programme

Je vous souhaite une belle continuation

- Excellent

Excellent moyen de communication, nous sommes très satisfaits.application intelligente, rapide, facilité le contact avec les enseignants, un moyen de contrôle et d’observation de nos enfants. Merci bcp et bonne continuation

- Thank you

Still getting to learn class Dojo, but so far myself and kids are enjoying it 👍

- Amazing Virtual Learning!

You can still continue your learning at home!

- Vidéo: j’aimerais que les élèves puissent s’enregistrer ou qu’on puisse faire des « appel vidéo »

Est-ce possible?

- Please support upload file

Trying to upload PDF file through the app(iPad) but could not find it. The help about iOS seems out of date. iOS support files for a while, why I still need the website version to post a file?! Please fix it and update the online help as well.

- 1star

I do not like

- Make 100% Free

During this desperate time to get our children connected to teachers and make a positive impact on home schooling, this should be 100% free so us parents can better track at home points. - my opinion - as I don’t have the extra funds monthly

- Great for communication with class teacher

Ththis app is great

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- Ok....

This app is really good for teachers and students to see what they have done for me it takes too long to open the app as I am a student and the app kicks me out sometimes I don’t like that if your sighted in as a student account you can’t message your teachers because everyone in my class needs to message their teachers.Oh and one more thing,every time I send something to a teacher especially a test it always says pending and send the work in 20 o 30 minutes so if u are reading this comment and please fixit thank you

- Great app

I use it every day for school I’m 8 ClassDojo is a amazing app

- Friends forever :>

There is funny stickers, and it’s like a newspaper for kids haha! Thanks :>

- Amazing yet 1 problem

This app has been amazing so far but for some reason every time I press a notification i become a grown up please can you fix it, it gets really annoying and for some reason you can always go into grown up I think that should have a passcode well thats it

- I can learn everything

Download dis app bro it is so coool that u can learn anything

- This app needs an update!

So as it's my last year of 8th grade, and every year for every new 8th graders at the end of the year we have a yearbook. So I went on ClassDojo to find photos teachers have put up on there, I found a lot, yes but there was more to find. I couldn't find the pictures as fast as I'd like to because I had to keep on scrolling down to find it, and when I would accidentally leave the app to send the photos to the yearbook committee, I would have to start scrolling again from the very top. Not only is this annoying but another thing is happening, I would be down in the app that it would crash and reload me to the top. I advise that you guys add a feature where you can enter the month or day of what you're looking for. And another update that needs to be done is to make students able to text their teachers, not being able to text your teacher when YOU need something is just absurd especially when you have a connect and safe space with your teach that you don't want your parents know from you.

- About class dojo

Class dojo is the best app to do work it is my favorite app

- Great!!❤️


- Poop poop poop pooped


- Té extraño Mrs.Martinez

Hola Mrs .Martinez soy joselynesperoque tengas un bonito y lindo LUNES!!!

- How AWSOME this is!

This is sooo awsome!

- Dolphins - Class of 2020

Beautiful memories 👨🏻‍🎓👩🏻‍🎓!!!!!!!!!!

- Tired of the pressure to subscribe

Child’s teacher uses this app to communicate with parents. Limited features and constantly nagged to pay for the home subscription. Wished they used one of the other apps available.

- Latest update meh!

After the latest update, an “uh-oh something went wrong “ message pops up whenever I want to comment on a post or edit one. The edit or comment still goes through, but it’s disconcerting.

- ClassDojo

I think ClassDojo is very helpful for me and my teacher

- Good for classes!

I don’t use this app bc I’m still like 8 but it can be used for a class it’s like you have to put your name on the character and like idk how to say it but the app is really god for class it’s like if your good you get a pont and if your bad then u take away that pont so I give this app 5 stars bc I think you can use it for a class and when the person give you a class dojo pont. You can see that pont on your phone it sends all the way to your phone so you can see how your kid was doing

- Bad

Does not work or charge,why invent if not useful. Worst app made

- Crap

This is so dumb I can even talk to my teacher! The people that made this are bad at their job

- Class

Vary fun controlling the kids!

- This was great...

Now I'm missing random chunks of messages I've exchanged with my child's teacher. I've updated the app, and it hasn't helped, either. Can you guys fix this?

- Pay extra for your own content!

The pay gating on this app has become ridiculous to the point of being offensive. While offering many genuine and useful new features, the app is also embarrassingly eager to charge you for viewing your own blotter history and even saving your own child's photos at full resolution - functionality developed by Apple, not Dojo, blocked by Dojo unless you pay extra. It will even watch for you taking a screencap, and in a fake-playful way scold you for not buying access to your own teacher's photos! I always wondered why they allowed teachers to wipe the entire class history at the end of the school year, and now I know exactly why. Yet again life imitates Black Mirror. Enough already! Update: This app now pushes promotions (sorry, "offers") as badge notifications which aren't easily distinguished from teacher messages until viewed in-app, and within the app there is no apparent way of clearing these without accepting the offer.

- Helpful!

It has very beneficial during this time. I really like having Class Dojo’s as my platform to communicate with my students’ parents. 👍🏻

- Hi

My teachers alway sand messages and that annoying hahahah

- Not the best app

Please update this app my son teacher didn’t relay messages very well

- Helps me communicate

ClassDojo helps me ask for help and let’s me see if there are any announcements for that day .

- I love this

I love this for my kids they love this app!!! Amazing

- Good but one problem

So i’ve been using class dojo for online school and I love it I love the stickers and avatars but there is one problem, sometimes its a black screen for 2 minutes and then it exits me out of the app so thats why i gave the app a 4 star review.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🥺😟😄😀

- Sorry to say 😐

It’s stupid

- Great app

Really enjoy the communication with the teacher for my grandchildren.

- Something doesn’t show up

When i try to see my teachers posts it doesn't show it it just stops at one of my class sections or stops at my work done.

- I love this app, but you can change it a little bit🤷‍♂️

Class dojo is a way far kids to learn through a device I love it! Although on the kids profile I wish that they would be able to interact with their friends. But I still really like ClassDojo🥳🤩

- Ms Fall

I was very happy we were invited to join. My granddaughter gets fun assignments and wonderful comments about her completed projects. This is a wonderful exciting and a fun way to learn!!!

- I love it 🥰

Love it so much it so helpful to connect with my kids class in this hard times 😄

- Dojo

Definitely convenient for families,teachers and the children I love it

- Communication

I wish kids could chat or post to each other here

- Loving class dojo

I love it so much I can finally talk to teachers

- Excellent

Easy to communicate with teachers and know what is going on with my child’s education.

- Love this app

This app is great for communicating with my child’s teacher and getting updates with class work.

- J

Ggggggvgbbggffhdhdhhh G.G. fccccc danced me Mann

- La mejor pagina

Es la mejor pagina cualquier duda tengo la opcion de preguntarle a la maestra a casi cualquier hora y me responde 😊

- Useful but added features would help.

I find the app useful to communicate with teachers. A feature that should be added is search or filters. Sometimes I need to go back and read a post from a particular staff or download a document that was posted. If your school post heavily through this app sometimes it can take forever to find in the stories. It would be helpful to narrow it down with a filter.

- Hi


- The best app and when your child isn’t listen or it is

Love it

- Kindergarten Teacher In New York City

Love the efficiency and ease of communication

- I love this app

You can talk to her teacher It’s great

- Haha don’t read this or just read it

So 1one time I got this app for class and I can see everything my teacher say to do the title say everything I did not know that title is for the titl lol read it thx never maid I gtg I have class sorry my bad don’t read it

- Great product

The ClassDojo platform has been an amazing tool during remote learning. Thank you

- Best one ever

This is a great app for me to read and listen to the book

- Game Changer

This App is a parenting game changer. I love that the kids can have their progress at home and school all in one place. It has really helped us instill some new skills and routines in our family. The bedtime songs are incredibly helpful as well. I would love to see some meditations for mood regulation, the bed time ones are great but it would be a cool feature! My only complaint, and it’s really more of a subhead than a complaint, is to allow us to reorder the tasks. I don’t want to erase and recreate all the skills in the order I want so it would be nice if there was a way to move them around, like apps on a phone.

- Not able the upload

You need a tab to be able to upload documents easier to turn in homework

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- I love it it helps my kid learn in these hard times

It helps

- Why

You have to pay to unlock monster paint and body shapes. Why would the people who made ClassDojo do that? But apart from that it’s good! It’s nothing to do about the posting to teachers it’s about the monsters.

- It’s bad

It’s bad

- Class dojo

So this app is great but very slow at loading so if u only have five mins don’t use this app it’s very slow but very nice and your teacher can send you work very fun and easy to use so definitely use it but u need a login kids but adults just email and number stay safe great app 4 stars

- Amazing

This app is amazing I can talk to my teachers and everything like that.

- Great incentives Isabella loves them

Isabella loves getting rewarded

- Class dojo

Tycvtcghbhljgvhsgecjhkbcdebhwkcd wefbhjkdaca nvm. Fbjwkef fhjdow vhfejs. Nds. B for bj. Bjfwev hodke HD’s. DNS xcftwas FYI Rhett was that the perfect n the only thing that I is not disappointing g

- Love the app

Compatible with google

- Good

I find it really easy to use

- Child and teacher

Nic app

- Great But

This app is great but the teachers need more than eight minutes to teach something!

- Class dojo

Class dojo is very helpful I am a student who uses this a lot especially during covid 19 it allows my parents and teachers to know what I am learning in two different environments. I would definitely recommend this app . The one thing that is ever so slightly negative about this app is finding you way round it especially if you have more than one child who has a profile in this app . Apart from that this app is pretty much flawless it is very useful.

- Class dojo

I like class dojo very much🥳🥳🙂🙂😃😃 You can do anything on it🦄🥳🥳

- This App is Great

Literally every morning I go on ClassDojo ,and see what has been set.

- Great

I love this app because it is great to chat to teachers and send work even when my child is at school I get sent work that they are proud of from their account

- 💕💕💕💕💕

I love 💕 this

- Why ClassDojo is amazing

I use this app for my Sons work and his teachers send him work through this app and in Class they give him points if he does well in Class

- Thanks class dojo

I love this app it teaches you a lot if your school uses it and it’s fun to check your dojo points at home and not needing to wait to go back school from corona to check your points! (Need a code from school to access kids dojo points)

- Great

I say great

- Fab

Best app

- Class dojo

I don’t like school

- It’s good for lockdown


- Downloaded the app

Good for kids go one download the app

- The Celery Experiment

I like the part where the bottom of the celery turned the colour red from the food colouring in the glass cup.

- Amazing

Very good app, fun avatars

- Class dojo

It’s alright for keeping in touch with the teacher!...

- Dojo

This is perfect for homeschooling

- Worst app ever 😭😭😭😭😭 boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Worst app evvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrr

- Lorriann

Great way to keep your kids active and enjoy the learning

- Schho


- So bad

Crap don’t use

- I am a student and this helps a lot thank you soo much this has made my quarantine better!


- Amazing app

I think that this app is a great way to keep up with your lessons and to keep your brain busy for the day

- Ok

It is okay but for full access you have to pay. Not fair!! I am not going to pay and neither is my parents going to pay for full access. Please change!!!!!

- Amazing!!!

ClassDojo is really good for parents and their kids because they have an app too! The teacher awards points called dojo’s and your child earns them which you can see. You can message your school teachers too deffo recommend to all schools

- Class dojo

This is a good app for adults and children to receive there work while in lockdown.

- A review by someone who actually uses this app

Love this app. Can talk to teacher in this crazy COVID19 pandemic. 🥰🤣😝

- Fun dojo

It is a smart way to learn

- Very useful

Very helpful

- Its Great

It is really good because my teacher sends me notes and i can send them as well

- Ethan

I love it

- Ok.

This app is alright but a bit qlichy 😢

- I love this

help me out seeing my teacher. Lock down

- Loving it.

I absolutely love this app, especially durning this lockdown. The great thing is that there are no adds. FINALLY!! An app that doesn’t have any adds. WAHOO!!!!!

- class dojo

I hate school I hate homeschool I hate corona I hate my life This app is rubbish my teacher is SOOOOO annoying she keeps texting me what do I do I need help With My Life 🙄🖕thanks alot for making this app

- Multiple photo selection

I have been using this app for 5/6 years now. It's absolutely fantastic app to stay in communication with my kids teachers, also to receive regular updates from school. With the lockd9wn the teachers are regularly sending work for the kids to complete at home aswell. The only reason I am giving it 3 stars is just for one reason. That is that after all these years and updates to the app, one necessary feature is STILL missing, which is the ability to select multiple photos when sending to class teachers. If this feature is added, thus will be a 5* app

- Cant see teachers comments

For some reason we can’t see teachers comments on my child profile. I can see them when logged in on the website as a parent. Anyone having the same problem?

- Good right now

This is a really great app seeing as what we are all going through right now. I love to see how productive everyone is. The school I go to uses this app there is no time limit that you have to complete the tasks. Definitely recommend to anyone but you need a school and a QR code

- Class dojo

Class dojo is good but i think that if they let children change there monster parts for free it would be better and much easier

- ...



Very interactive and easy to use, my five year old uses the app and posts his home work all by himself

- A great App

This app has been very useful in reaching out to children especially during this lockdown. However this app would be perfect if Android and iOS users also have access to live video features.

- Great

Nice beautiful application.

- Awesome

Great tool for promoting effective technology use in schools

- Fan-friggin'-tastic!

This app redefines teacher-parent interaction. And the addition of the toolkits is simply 'funtastic'!! Very grateful.


Class Dojo is user friendly. The app has very much simplified teachers-parent interaction. I highly recommend it.

Rylee B., 2-105, creates his Paper Mountain Project. Look how cool it looks. @BXNEEBSchools @NE_BronxADNY…

Kourtney O. 2-105, shows how water flows down a mountain Good job Kourtney. @BXNEEBSchools @ArchNY_Schools…

Nicholas C., 2-105, explains how water runs down a mountain to form a river. Great job. @BXNEEBSchools…

Kamila F., 2-105, explains how water runs down the mountain. Awesome job. @BXNEEBSchools @NE_BronxADNY…

Jacqualynn G., 2-105, does her Science project. Awesome job. @BXNEEBSchools @NE_BronxADNY @ArchNY_Schools

TEMPORARY ACADEMY CLOSURE. Unfortunately Oasis have made the decision to close the academy to children except those…

Delilah, 2-105, does her Paper Mountain project. Good job. Sure looks like fun. @BXNEEBSchools @NE_BronxADNY…

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ClassDojo 6.30.0 Screenshots & Images

ClassDojo iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

ClassDojo iphone images
ClassDojo iphone images
ClassDojo iphone images
ClassDojo iphone images
ClassDojo iphone images
ClassDojo Education application ipad screenshots and images not ready...
ClassDojo Education application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
ClassDojo Education application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

ClassDojo (Version 6.30.0) Install & Download

The applications ClassDojo was published in the category Education on 2012-09-10 and was developed by ClassDojo, Inc. [Developer ID: 552602059]. This application file size is 230.2 MB. ClassDojo - Education posted on 2020-05-28 current version is 6.30.0 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions.

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