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ClassDojo is a beautiful, safe, and simple communication app for teachers, parents, and students.

* Teachers can encourage students for any skill, like “Working hard” and “Teamwork”
* Teachers can bring parents into the classroom experience by sharing photos, videos, and announcements
* Teachers can also safely and instantly message with any parent
* Parents see their child’s updates at home, as well as a stream of photos and videos from school

ClassDojo helps teachers build a positive classroom culture by encouraging students and communicating with parents.

ClassDojo is free for everyone, and K-12 teachers, parents, students, and school leaders in over 180 countries have joined. It works on all devices, like iPhones, iPads, tablets, phones, and smartboards.

"I’ve divided my time teaching as B.C. and A.C.: before ClassDojo, and after ClassDojo. I never want to go back!" — Jen E., an elementary school teacher :)

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ClassDojo is completely free for parents, teachers, and students!

Optional: parents may subscribe to ClassDojo’s Beyond School for extra activities designed for at-home use. Beyond School is only available on iOS devices and in certain markets.

After a 7-day free trial, the Beyond School subscription will charge $7.99 monthly (this pricing is for the US; pricing in other countries may vary).

The Beyond School subscription will automatically renew at the end of each month unless cancelled at least 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your Account Settings and your subscription will remain active until the end of the purchased period.

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ClassDojo App Description & Overview

The applications ClassDojo was published in the category Education on 2012-09-10 and was developed by Class Twist Inc.. The file size is 201.90 MB. The current version is 5.17.0 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

Here's a holiday gift that you can unwrap early… an app update full of fixes and improvements!

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ClassDojo Reviews


DUD 4 THIS TEACHER  kfgflynn  2 star

CD is a great concept, with great features on their website. But the app is slow, inconsistent and buggy. Sometimes my current class roster shows up when I log in, sometimes it doesn’t. Messages from parents show up as notifications, but when I open the app they’re nowhere to be found. None of the pages fully load; just show as loading” continuously. Unreliable & disappointing. 👎🏽

pruple dayz

Peace of mind  pruple dayz  5 star

There’s nothing like peace of mind knowing what’s going on with your child on a day-to-day basis


No sound  bxgxudu  2 star

Sound never works for me.

Wrench Set

Spotty  Wrench Set  3 star

I get some wife gets some messages. It’s great not knowing what each of us see or wrote -especially if it’s actionable information for our child. Now I look stupid telling the teacher, “I didn’t get your reply, but my wife did.”

Mrs. P in E6

Love this app!  Mrs. P in E6  4 star

I have been a loyal Class Dojo user for many years. It is a great way to communicate with parents as well as help manage behavior. I have encouraged many of my coworkers to make the switch and those that haven’t yet wish they had at the start of the new school year. I would love to have an option to edit points by entering numbers. I have my students cash in their points for different things and it is always a hassle to reset their points and then add back their “change”. Example, one student had 36 points and wanted to cash in for something that was 20 points. After resetting the points, I then had to add back one point at a time until it got to 16. It would be nice to be able to manually enter points instead of having to do one at a time.


Best  Allison😒😒  5 star

It helps me see if my kids are good or bad throughout the day which I love

G and G Duck

Basketball Court  G and G Duck  5 star

Good job Rex. Your grandparents are so proud.


Love Class Dojo  MMKCliff  5 star

Easy to track behavior. Easy to communicate with parents! Kids love it!


Saving pictures  Jl4639  5 star

I wish there was a feature to save pictures from messages sent


Seeing First Hand Our Children Learning  thisisittoday  5 star

The work, attitude and joy come through loud and clear! How does one properly thank a great teacher? Much healthy bounding is going on in Ms. Fletcher’s class!


Great way to communicate  MonicaSteven  4 star

Great to be able to communicate directly with teachers via messages and stories. Would be great to be able to message other parents too.

P3 Charmed

The way to communicate with teachers  P3 Charmed  4 star

It’s good to have apps that’s get communicates with teachers & students directly but downside is the video couldn’t forwards to others apps for friends & families to see.

Mrs Turpin 4B🦄

ClassDojo is the best!👍🏻❤️  Mrs Turpin 4B🦄  5 star

Amazing, my class loves it👍🏻💯☺️

station rice

Needs some improvement  station rice  3 star

Loved this app for a long time until a problem started to appear where all the teachers where uploading photos but no one could see them


A teacher and parent’s best friend!  jenstev  5 star

Class dojo is a seamless and essential tool for home-school communication! Students can share their learning instantly and create a portfolio over the year. Teachers can track and encourage positive behaviours as well as communicate with pArents quickly and easily! I couldn’t do without it!

Sav the master

Class dojo  Sav the master  3 star

Class dojo is really fun being a teacher giving out points or being a student seeing points!


Hi  aylAlovell  5 star

Thank you

Faye Liaw

This Is Amazing  Faye Liaw  5 star

It was the best one yet you get to see your child


Easy app  shanwacks  5 star

Great way to communicate with the teacher and see how your child is going each day at school and makes it easier for teachers


Best app ever  #crazyfordogs  5 star

I really like this app it is so good for or school. It has got all my students well behaved so thank you.

sheka kamara

Daddy’s Girl.  sheka kamara  5 star

I love you Grace


Needs a Few More Options  Geekpreacher  3 star

I really like this app. It helps with getting messages about our child but it could use a group function where our child’s teachers could send a message to my wife and I and we could see each other’s response. Right now, in the app, messages go out to my wife and myself but we do not know what the other one has responded until we talk. If we could see each other’s response in the discussion, it would help us to coordinate better as to what has already been communicated to the teacher.

l early

Class DoJo  l early  5 star

Excellent communication with teacher(s). Love that parents can send as well as receive messages with the most updated info regarding notifications class work and behavior. Thank you!


Perfect  ygom3z  5 star

Perfect for receiving updates on all three of my boys


HangsFb  hrjdhjrk  5 star

Cccc Mmm BBB TNT


Great app!  Ayden'sMomma  5 star

My son started Kindergarten this year and I was used to daily updates from his preschool teachers via text or snap. I was a little bummed about losing that, but once his teacher told me about this app I was all for it. I love the quick updates/conversations we can get from the teachers as well as the pictures. Definitely worth it!


Want load  drtaylor!  2 star

App keeps saying something went wrong try again

Jackie Canales

Amazing, I appreciate it so much  Jackie Canales  5 star

My daycare recently added class dojo and I appreciate it so much when I am away. I recently accepted a job that requires more travel so seeing updates from her daycare particularly lifts up my day. I think this is a happy medium for folks who want to see what’s going on with their child’s day but not have a live camera for everyone’s access. App is easy to navigate.


Mrs Ramos -STLA  SRLA Mom  5 star

Thanks for ALL you do ... LBMS is so bless to have you ❤️🌺🙏🏻😍 we ❤️SRLA and Mrs Ramos!

Hotrod 2003

Great communication tool  Hotrod 2003  5 star

Easy to use ~ Great way to communicate and share photos!


Pretty good, and helpful, but...  OnePunchWolf  4 star

It’s a great app for everyone! I just have one thing. I would really appreciate it if you could update it so it’s possible for a student to change their username. I’d like to change my username but it isn’t possible. I would be so grateful if you could change this, thanks, Class dojo!


Milkshake  jeff28572847  5 star

Yo milkshake brings all the boys to the yard

Dissappointed student

Can’t change class  Dissappointed student  3 star

Viewing as a student, you can’t change the class for the points you’re looking at. I have an old class and it only shows that one, I can’t access the new one.

Backround Lover

Amazing!  Backround Lover  5 star

I would definitely recommend this app ! Helps out a lot with the class ! Thanks Class Dojo !


Bad  gbjjcfjmm  1 star

I do not recommend this I can not get on to give points


Brilliant App!  Nicnac21438  5 star

Absolutely love this app, as a parent is wonderful to see your child's progress and get a look inside their days in school! Lovely to get to know their teachers, and so nice that the teachers can share photos and update us on our kids.


Teacher review  Megancoyle20  4 star

Great app, would be a lot more teacher friendly if you could add multiple photos and turn off private message options.


Hit and miss  Tuehdit  1 star

Difficult to get started. Not user friendly to set up or to switch accounts from parent to student. Don’t get half the notifications.


Love it!  BYRNEO  5 star

Love using this App to see what’s going on in my sons 6th class


Love it  wondercolts101  5 star

I am a student on class dojo and I love it very one has lots of points for being good!!!

ClassDojo Comments

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