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What is classdojo app? It’s time to build better classrooms.

Class Dojo is a game-changing platform designed for teachers, parents and kids. The end goal? Giving kids an education they love. Here’s how.

* Teachers and parents can safely and easily communicate throughout the school day
* Parents get photo and video updates from their child’s teacher, so they can feel like they’re there
* Kids get fun learning content at school and at home
* Everyone stays in the know on the latest and greatest school news and updates.
*Did we mention it’s free?

Join the millions strong in 180 countries that are making their classrooms feel more like communities.

"I’ve divided my time teaching as B.C. and A.C.: before ClassDojo, and after ClassDojo. I never want to go back!" — Jen E., an elementary school teacher

The Plus Experience
When parents start using ClassDojo and are ready for more of what they love, there’s ClassDojo Plus—more memories, more moments, more milestones. And yes, more answers to “how was school today?”

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App Name ClassDojo
Category Education
Updated 02 February 2024, Friday
File Size 125.76 MB

ClassDojo Comments & Reviews 2024

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This app needs an update!. So as it's my last year of 8th grade, and every year for every new 8th graders at the end of the year we have a yearbook. So I went on ClassDojo to find photos teachers have put up on there, I found a lot, yes but there was more to find. I couldn't find the pictures as fast as I'd like to because I had to keep on scrolling down to find it, and when I would accidentally leave the app to send the photos to the yearbook committee, I would have to start scrolling again from the very top. Not only is this annoying but another thing is happening, I would be down in the app that it would crash and reload me to the top. I advise that you guys add a feature where you can enter the month or day of what you're looking for. And another update that needs to be done is to make students able to text their teachers, not being able to text your teacher when YOU need something is just absurd especially when you have a connect and safe space with your teach that you don't want your parents know from you.

Please fix iPhone audio issues. I love this app for communicating with parents about the classroom but there are two major issues that never seem to get fixed with updates 1) the messages are all together in one long line. Sometimes I am talking to a parent about an issue through the messenger and then have to send a message to all the parents about another issue. This all parent message ends up in the middle of the conversation and either doesn’t get read or we lose a comment in the middle. It’s a bad set up and messages should be separated. 2) half the time, for whatever reason, audio from videos does not play on iPhones. There is no reason to it, but half the time you hear it and half the time you don’t. Parents have the same issue and comment that they can’t hear directions. Please, tech people working on this app, figure out what the issue is and fix it!

Posts and pictures.. I enjoy using Class Dojo it is a fun medium that helps keep communication between home and school fast and open especially with all the device (cell phone) restrictions in the classroom. My families love seeing pictures of the littles ones engaged and learning. They get to see what they would normally miss. It is an extremely helpful tool for remote learning also. I just wish we could attach more than on post to the school and class stories. Sometimes when I make a recording for my students I want to add a file, image or activity to go along with the lesson. I don’t want to overwhelm the parents with extra posts. I also wish there was a way to transfer posts between portfolios, Class and School Stories within Class Dojo. Whenever I try to download to post I get a lot of technical data instead of the images I want to repost.

Love it. I’ve been using this since I started teaching three years ago. Recently we’ve been using this platform constantly at my school because of the quarantine. Although there was a slow period when everyone was trying to get on at the same time, this app is fantastic! Awesome way to stay connected with the school news and parents. The students keep connected in my room and I can add all their specialty teachers so they can communicate with them too. The only thing I’d wish to see with this app is the ability to edit a live document that you share on there. For example: posting the time slots for parent teacher conferences and parents being able to see as slots get taken up. That would be really beneficial and would make those events in the year much easier.

Thank you. I work at an at risk school and communicating with parents has never been so easy!! This app has made it so easy to share positive feedback with family, share exciting events in class, keep parents up to date on our new learning goals, less handouts and creates an environment where my families can interact with each other and share fun ways to practice skills at home! This was a game changer for me. I work at a school where it is hard to get parent involvement, but 100% of my students have at least one family member on Dojo. I love the class wall where I can share news while group instead of creating newsletters or handouts. Each kid has a personal wall where I can share their success stories that only them and their family see. It’s like a scrapbook for their success. Messages allows me to talk to parents in private. Love this program!!

Overall okay. This is the second app of its kind I’ve had for school-related stuff. My kids had Seesaw in years prior at a former school, and I really enjoyed that I only saw info that pertained to my kids in particular, unless it was something the whole school needed to see in Seesaw. In dojo, I see everything from every teacher, it seems. I also wish I had the ability to unfollow some people, as in instagram, in order to not see some of the overzealous school personnel who share things that have nothing to do with my kids whatsoever. With 4 kids in 3 different schools, who each have their own list of extracurriculars, and my spouse and I having our own multiple responsibilities outside of home and work... The unnecessary info sharing is just tedious, which leads me to ignoring the app and therefore occasionally missing vital information, as it seems to be the elementary school’s primary form of communication.

Every Single School Should Use This App!!!. This app is amazing and genius in every sense! I am able to see my son’s points at school and class photos his teacher posts! Keep up with announcements, message his teacher privately, and also give him points at home for good behavior and reward my son when he’s ready to cash in his points! It works soooo much better than anything else we have tried with positive and negative reinforcement. He is 8 and ADHD and he struggles with self control a lot. This really helps him SEE his week or month as a whole, and the comments the teacher leaves on his behavior... we read them every evening and go over why that happened. Or I praise him for the good things he did or the great score he got on his test! It just keeps parents more involved! And it’s awesome cause mom and dad get to both see it, so dad is always involved too. Dad can’t say he didn’t know or wasn’t informed because it’s right there on the app!!! If he didn’t look then he is held accountable as well. My only wish is that POINTS WERE DEDUCTED FOR NEGATIVE BEHAVIOR AT HOME. Not just a time out to talk about it.

What did I miss…. I wish there was an option to mark messages as read. Sometimes you get multiple messages throughout the day, sometimes even the same info from different people (teachers vs principal etc). Sometimes the same info multiple days in a row especially if there are tasks that need to be completed by a deadline. Because of this some info/tasks gets missed because the message is lost or buried between other messages. It would also decrease how many times messages need to be reposted because the staff would know that parents have the ability to better track “what may or may not have been missed”. You should even include the capability where teachers can see which students/parents have/have not read which messages; whether general or direct. Teachers are busy; parents are busy. Please include my suggestions to simplify overall communications.

Class DoJo AMAZING. I have been wanting to write an email to let you know how grateful I am for Class DoJo, I have been using it for little more than four years in my classroom. Class DoJo has helped lessen negative behaviors and encourage cooperation within and outside the classroom. The Big Ideas are AMAZING. I use them to set the tone each week of what social-emotional goal we are going to work on and then share it with parents in class story, so they can see what the “dip” and other key phrases are. The Portfolios have been a life saver during this switch to digital learning from home. I will continue to use Class DoJo for the remaining years of teaching and share my praise for this wonderful and thoughtful program. I can access my account on any device and is so user friendly. I can’t wait until you can purchase a MoJo stuffy I will be the first order!!!

Pretty good, some improvements needed. I’ve been using this app for about three years now. I think it’s great that my son’s music, art and Spanish teachers are using the app as well as his main teachers. I love being able to reach out to them at any time and they are very good at responding. However, I would like the option to unfollow posts and stories from previous teachers. Even though they have archived their class and I can’t message them, I still see their new posts this year mixed in with his current teachers’ posts and it gets confusing since the previous teacher’s posts are irrelevant to my child. I would also like the option to download pics, interact with other parents in my child’s class. Other than, keep the updates coming, you guys are doing great!

Needs proper update. There have been 5 updates since I reported the loss of getting notifications on my iPhone 8 plus. I was told to reinstall the app despite this issue being recognized as a bug that needs fixing. It still has not been fixed and these vague release notes leave a lot to be desired. As for the app use, it's a mom's nightmare if you have special needs children. If you can not ask your child what happened at school this app will leave you even more baffled. Teachers are allowed to leave unexplained negative feedback. Yes it is teacher responsibility to use it fairly but I feel this app and it's setup makes poor communicating teachers even lazier. I am expected to write *them* notes that they do NOT respond to when they mark points off, cause simply telling me makes too much sense 🙄 So how about this- stop letting teachers just lazily leave negative feedback WITHOUT notes. It should REQUIRE a note. If my child isn't doing anything worth writing about it shouldnt warrant losing points either. Messages should have a priority setting because I am starting to think my child's teachers can't read the way they dodge messages. It's ridiculous and there should be more accountability built-in to it's use cause students are not the only bullies at school. Now we just have a bunch of lazy teachers content with bare minimum forms of communication. This app could require more of teachers, otherwise it's worsening communication and behavior problems.

ClassDojo. I love class dojo because i can see my kids behaviors at school and I can see what they are doing in class and what are they working on and wha special special days that they are doing and participating it tells me what to do in class dojo is good for knowing your kids behave or what they’re doing and how smart they are what is their Test grade And when they get hurt they’ve got sent to the nurses office and they will the nurses will call you and you will either take them home I told him to go and it depends they might call you they might not it depends on how hurt your child is or your children is and that’s why I love ClassDojo I can tell my kids that they are could you give them home dojo points they can get a school dojo points you can let them play dojo Islands which is a game on dojo You can let dumb change the character that’s what I did to my kid I love this app

Needs a Major Notification Option Update. My child is 5 & I love seeing what he is up to in class however, he dosent have major responsibilities that I track with ClassDojo points. We go to sleep fairly early and use my phone as an alarm, so I set my volume to loud every night and am frequently disturbed by ClassDojo asking me if he earned a point today. No where on the app is there a setting to only notify me when his teacher posts. In order to have notifications on, this comes with being notified EVERY NIGHT between 9:30-10pm to ask if he has earned a class dojo point. At the very least, the notification could go off in the morning to ask me about his previous day opposed to in the middle of the night. My spouse and I both have this app on our phone and we just wish that this was an optional feature. What could have been a potentially great app is now tainted by this experience and has me counting down to his last day of school this year so that I can feel the relief of deleting this app.

Dojo???. I will admit that when I first heard of this “Class Dojo”, I thought it was martial arts. However, after talking to other parents about this app and my husband and I using this app ourselves for 2 years now, WE love it! We especially love it when the teachers actually USE the app :-). I get that it can be difficult to post on dojo for each child, every day. I get it! I’d take every other day, honestly. Such a great way to check on my child throughout the day and gauge whether or not she should be rewarded for a good day or not, because according to my 2nd grader, EVERY day is a good day...not! I’m able to discuss things with her teacher or ask questions that I simply don’t have time to come into the school every day to ask. This helps a full time working mom soo much. A must use! I’m going to miss it when she gets to the grade where they no longer use class dojo.

Amazing, and very helpful. You know it’s funny when you’re married with children and they start going to school and things start to change little by little you see them grow, and all you do is just…work knowing that you’re doing it for them. Sometimes things happen and you need a strong support group behind you and sometimes families are there even when you don’t know it. It’s great to have a family within the school system for children going through various situations and experiences that at the time may not be understood. This app put some things in perspective that helps add that little spark that you need sometimes to remind you of what’s important and it has been very helpful the school year during these changes. Thank you for all you do and keep up the good work.

Great app for quick communication!. Excellent way to communicate any quick thing btw parent and teacher whether it is an FYI or "Brian didn't sleep well last night so he may not interact as much". Especially helpful for parents of special needs kids to keep close communication with teacher and parent to help regulate a child's routine. I've been able to get feedback from my son's teacher about his behavior throughout the day which is very helpful for me when giving him adhd medication when i need to note it's effects and what time of day. The teacher is more likely to have the convenience to give me a quick text to inform me that my son had a meltdown at 10:30a right after so I could troubleshoot with her via text. Only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because i wish we could download data to save the progress. Like the ratings the teacher gives daily are only available for like a week. It would be nice to download to excel or something to see the progression and identify weakness or patterns in behaviors based on external factors.

Disappointed. We used Dojo at a different school and the difference was huge. My first experience was really great. We only saw only items that were related to our specific classroom and those that were sent by the principal and vice principal or reminders that were sent out for the whole school. This school We see every post for every class whether or not it is related to our classroom. Also purchasing the premium program so you can do dojo points at home was pretty useless. It does not interact with the schools character development process. So basically you make up the rules on your own and you have to find incentives to prompt your student into the behavior that you want your student to have. It was not worth the amount of effort it takes to develop a program at home that may conflict what is being done at school. Also there is no way to check on what your student is getting rewards for. All I know is that on Friday he gets to spend his Dojo points to buy trinkets from the “Dojo Store” or change his login Dojo character. This program has so much potential, but it is riddled with missed opportunities for parents to be informed and included in their students learning experience. Very, very disappointed.

Revolutionized my classroom. This program has revolutionized my teaching style. I use this program as a point system in my class. When a student has a certain number of points then s/he may sit in a certain chair. I also use this program to individually correspond with my parents daily regarding behavior challenges on particular students; but most importantly, I push out at up to 3 good behavior messages to my well behaved kids, so that I can give an extra thanks to these kids for being such great students. (Which in turn helps my classroom climate”). I also love using the Class Stories aspect of this program. The photos keep the parents feeling connected and I have a pictorial record of my class activities. Dojo offers all this and more free of charge plus they have no ads! This program has helped me improve my classroom climate. Thank you for the use of this program.

Class dojo. I really like this app and the support it provided to parents and children! My only complaint would be the pricing. That’s a hefty amount to pay just to check read statuses and to be able to access content and point based student encouragement. I understand it costs a lot to maintain the app and site, however if there was a way possible to have different pricing and more offer ability to access different items and games, etc., I do believe I would 100% be more willing to pay for more services. But at even $6 a month, that’s half the price or equal to most streaming monthly or annual, price points. I did wish there were more ways to help parents and their children with resources on this app, as well as games and other interaction possibilities! I think this is innovative, rewarding and a very easy application to use and would definitely recommend it and would subscribe if the pricing was not so steep. More likely to be willing to pay the full price, if there was a lot more to offer than read statuses, (which should be allowed anyway for peace of mind) and access to point and emotional support stories and lessons. I do love the emotional and other supportive learning videos and the concept, but it is very expensive to pay for this content. I wish I could afford to support this application, but it’s truly too expensive! Thank you class DoJo… your company is obviously working and a amazing platform. Just see room for improvements at this price!

Honest app review. This app is amazing !!!!!!! When I am at home or at work and my daughter is at school and I am curious about how her day is going, all I have to do is open this app and look up her report for the day. Her teachers will mark her for either being really good, neutral, or disruptive, which allows me to know how my child’s school day is going. They do this throughout the entire day. The teachers will also post pictures of the class and what they are doing throughout the day which is always fun to see. This app also gives me the ability to communicate directly with her teacher, without having to send an email. Not only does it allow me to communicate with her teacher, it also gives me the ability to message anybody that is working with my child in the school. Whether it be a counselor, the nurse, the principal, anyone that works in the school, I am able to communicate with. This app was a complete game changer for me. My daughter is developmentally delayed and this app has literally given me so much peace of mind I don’t know what I would do without it. This has taken away so much stress that I have about wondering how my child is doing at school during the day and I’m very grateful for this app. I think it should be made available to every single school in the whole world. THANKS DOJO!!!!

Unschooling/Homeschooling record keeping. I LOVE this app SO much! We unschool our kiddos (8, 4 & 1) and this is the easiest way to track what we are doing. I’m not great at keeping notes, planners or lesson plans (and we honestly don’t teach that way or any “typical” way), but this app makes it super simple to show the work we do on a daily basis. Quick pictures of field trips (children’s museum, zoo, science center, library visits, meet-ups, etc. etc.) with an explanation of what was learned. I also take pictures of the books they’re currently reading or audio books, podcast etc. I also am able to track behavior/life skills/chores via this app since it’s framework is pretty flexible. They get points for daily tasks around the school it would likely be stuff like raising your hand, being kind...whatever and for us it’s getting dressed, brushing teeth, limiting screen time to 2 hours or less, being respectful, returning library books to the “return” bin when they’re done, etc. Point is super flexible and I love it!!! I can’t say enough good things about it! Oh and also...I have some relatives that aren’t onboard with homeschooling (not their choice or business) and a super quick way to show them how much we truly do is to send them a parent invite so they can view what I track here..they’ve gotten off my back since 😁

Great. My youngest daughter uses this app through her classroom. She wanted me to buy the subscription so she can have more options with her “monster.” I caved and bought 1 month to see if behavior would improve at home with the earned points and rewards. So far this app has been amazing at inspiring her to behave better to earn points and therefore also rewards. Everything is so personalized and easy to modify. Even my older daughter is using it (which is free with the added subscription) and doing great. My only complaint is that every tine I give a point, the screen minimizes and I have to hit the monster icon again. I tend to do points in a lump so this feature is annoying. It should allow you to pick several accomplishments without kicking you off that screen. Love the noise that goes with the points though!

Classroom Management at its best!. I teach 4Th. grade. At first glance I thought this app would be too childish for my students. However, I was surprised to find they absolutely love it. Their parents can see their behavior in real time. They challenge each other to top score of the day. The tool kit is amazing and I use so many of the tools they provide. I love the growth mindset videos, they are short and easy to use. The best part is the discussion points. I share pictures on our classroom story of projects, or helpful hints for parents with homework which make communication with all parents at once simple and quick. Finally, the installation and adding or removing students is super low tech and absolutely anyone can do it! Thank you ClassDoJo for creating such a helpful app that teacher like me can use to positively impact change in our classrooms!

Rooms for improvement to reach 5 stars!. I don't understand how this app gets 5 stars. I’ve been using iOS version since September 2019 my son goes to Kindergarten. However, at the student’s report page, teacher input comments but it shows “Talking after whole cl.....”. My first thought was users should be able to view the whole description but it’s somehow cut off on the screen. I tried to click on the description to see if it’ll expand the full content but it doesn’t. If this app is about how we understand our kids are doing in school from teacher comments, then showing the full point description should be a very feature which this app failed. Secondly, it’s a suggestion that right now I can only see the parents from my son’s classroom when they comment on teacher’s posts. I do hope the app will include a “parents connection” feature so when it’s needed, parents can message each other and get connected for social or emergency purpose.

Pros and cons. If you read a lot of these reviews a lot of people have the same concerns and the same issues they have also had Poor notifications on whether someone has messaged! It feels that class dojo developers aren’t really taken in consideration of the reviews as there’s no reply and yet no changes! ClassDojo is a great idea for communication for students parents and teachers however I do not like all the features that have a price to it especially for low income families and I disagree with allowing parents to see whether a message was read or not as it can cause controversy if the teacher is not able to reply back or is very busy forgets to reply back and it shows that it’s read isn’t appropriate for the setting of it being for teachers and parents as I feel as if it’s going to cause hard feelings in certain cases I don’t feel it’s appropriate feature for the app as well as it should allow cheaper features for low income families as well as having a feature to be able to add events to phone calendars rather than a feature telling if a messages read! Other than that it’s definitely moving in the right direction!

I’m pretty mad about what just happened. I’m in middle school and most of my teachers use class dojo during the pandemic. Most of my work is done on the website instead of the app on the phone since it is easier to switch tabs for school work. While I stood up late to finish up some work that took me hours, my progress reset out of nowhere. It’s absolutely pathetic to me that that happened. If this can be fixed where I am trying to switch tabs for school work without having to worry about my progress deleting then please fix this somehow. I stood up all night trying to finish some work and it went away. This is stressing me out so much because I stood up all night just to finish it and get some sleep but now I’m going to have to re do all of my work putting a lot of pressure on myself and stress. I’m also now worrying about the progress resetting. Please fix this. The app is great but I am just really mad about what just happened which is why it’s a 1 star rating, even though in general it is a 4-5.

Communication/ Knowing what’s going on with my child is key.. When I was a kid there was nothing close to this . We got sent home with homework, progress reports and a report card. That was “staying up to date”. Today I see photos of what’s going on in my child’s class, I see her teacher and classmates. It is amazing. Best of all I have direct communication with her teacher if anything is wrong or I have questions , she responds in very effective time and manor. My child recently was ill, rather than calling the front office staff I sent a message through this app directly to her teacher to inform her of my child missing school for the day. I was able to contact her the night before rather than have to wait until school is open and calling during regular hours. She immediately responded and I felt relieved to know that I didn’t have to worry about her missing anything and I was able to know what I could do at home with her to keep her up to date with her class. I wish that I had this technology when I was a child , i feel like my parents missed out compared to what I get to see via photos and updates/weekly studies, etc. I love it I can’t say anything negative.

2Nd Grade Teacher. From a teacher’s perspective, class dojo makes classroom management, incentives, and communication with parents easy. But after using classdojo for the first time this year, I don’t think that I will use it next year in my classroom. I believe the downfall of being so closely connected to parents and so easily accessible is that the parents start messaging you at 9:00 at night expecting you to give them an immediate answer concerning homework. What’s worse is that some parents start using the dojo text messaging system as a way to rudely vent to the teacher with various complaints about the school, her, etc. I might use it again in the distant future, but I really believe that some serious parameters need to be put in that manages parent responses. Having a text- message style system of communicating takes away the professionalism that is needed between teacher and parent.

Functionality Requests - Global Search & Interaction Prompts. I have two suggestions: *Global Search - It would be great if we (parents) could search on the main page to find older posts. For example, I need to find a link that was posted back in July…that’s not easy considering there are new posts from the school usually multiple times a day. I’ve also sent this one through the help desk. *Interaction Prompts - I’ve talked to many parents/family that are have dojo but don’t interact with the teacher through it. A lot of them don’t know what to ask or say. If there were generic notifications that suggested conversation starters(Do know how your teacher likes to connect? Ask her how, Is daily homework struggle? Tell your teacher what will make it easier., Worried your kiddo isn’t making progress? Ask their teacher what’s their take. Etc)

Fun and effective. I'm a first year teacher in a special education 5th grade class and the behavior system I was using just wasn't cutting it. It wasn't effective for me to cross the classroom and stop my lessons to give my students reinforcements. Now I keep class dojo connected to the smart board at all times. The tap their naps in the morning to clock in for attendance. I give them points and demerits that I designed according to my needs which play a positive or negative sound. If a student earns three points in one day I give them a ticket to the classroom store. If the class gets more then 30 points I give them a class reward. The students see where the stand when it comes to their individual behavior and can see the effect they have on the group. The records they keep make report cards a breeze when it comes to marking students behavior. Parents stay connected and send messages through the app. This is all just the features of the website! The app offers added bonuses when used in tandem. The toolkit is a lifesaver with so many amazing things that it would take all day to describe them. This app is worth it a thousand times over!

Messages not coming through. I use the app as a teacher and parent. Not sure if that is where my issue stems from. On my teacher page, I continue to show that I have unread messages, but there are no new messages. Sometimes I don’t receive a notification messages are in my inbox. If I never check my desktop I’m unaware of a parent trying to communicate. As a parent, I can send a message to my child’s teacher and check consistently for a few days and no reply will be visible, yet after a few days the message will randomly appear and I see the teacher actually replied to me the same day I sent the original message. The class stories are also showing up on delay time frame as well. My app is currently up to date and so is my phone l. This is frustrating because this is the preferred way to communicate with my child’s teacher as well as the parents of the students in my class. I NEED this fixed.

User friendly and mom approved!. Although I don’t consider myself old, I am part of the generation that falls on the cusp of life without the internet and life that is controlled by the internet. I typically like to choose more dated methods when it comes to both my personal life and professional life. However, this app makes it nearly impossible for a parent to prefer anything else when it comes to being in the know of their child’s education. Doja makes it simple to track my son’s developmental progress, connect with teachers, and get informed of important notifications quickly. The daily photos are more than just snap shots of my son and his class. It provides an additional sense ease to moms, dads, and guardians while their child is not in their direct care. In short, awesome app! That means something coming from an old school mom! Thank you for this outstanding platform!

Needs important features. Even though I like that this connects with all the different teachers and administrators, it lacks essential features that are present in other apps. First, the messages don’t have date or hour!!!! It’s crazy, we all know this is a must in a communication! Therefore you are abject to miss messages, or not knowing when a particular instruction applies! It’s a mess!!! The other must is a search tool, if this was available we could at least find messages by word search!! I like very much the separation of teachers communications but the lacking features are so important that I gave the app one star to call the attention of the developers. Since this is the app chosen by the school, we, the parents have to use it. Otherwise, I would have already change app. However, I will strongly encourage administrators to change app.

More then an app, we’re a community!. This app has given us parents the capability to see what our children have and are continuing to learn in their classrooms’. This app give us the pleasure to view fun pictures and videos of classroom activities as well as the amazing programs, super fun social gatherings and awareness our school/teachers are bringing our children every day/ week. We all know the feeling when we ask our children, “ what did you learn/ do at school today?” Their answer is, “ I don’t know...I don’t remember...nothing!” Well, this app allows teachers to give us some of what our kids are learning and more. I too can send a personal message to my daughter’s teachers’ and get a response right away. There is no longer a communication barrier that keeps us disconnected from our children’s education. I love this app!! Just amazing!!!

Teacher’s Perspective. I am a preschool teacher who holds open communication with my students parents as extremely important. I’ve recently began using class dojo and love it! I can update my parents throughout the day on their child’s behavior, share pictures with them, and post reminders and information on a the class story for all parents to see (which is great because they rarely read the ones I post in the classroom). I also love that I can message the parents directly and vice verse without having to share my personal contact information. I would suggest this app to every teacher preschool age and older. ***my only suggestion for improvement would be that the app designers make a way for parents to download the pictures of their children shared with them. My parents have complained about having to screenshot the pictures they wanted saved.

Effective Teacher Tool. Class Dojo is a great classroom management tool that also allows for students to safely post their accomplishments for their classmates and parents to see. Like the fact that we can message parents about issues at school, and that we have the OPTION to write a note for any positive or negative feedback. Which teacher on the planet has time to document EVERY moment in the day? The messaging system is great for a blast to all parents or individual ones. I’m happy that you can sent photos and videos of student work and participation in class. If you’re a mentor at your school, then you have the option to communicate with all parents not just the ones in your class, this is great for school-wide announcements. The app has improved over the years, BUT I wouldn’t mind additional icons - even though you can upload your own.

Dojo points at home. The ClassDojo app is fantastic for staying up to date on last minute changes, or events that are coming up. It makes it easy to contact your child’s teachers via text, as well as seeing how your child is doing behavioral wise and if they handed in their homework. The Dojo points given by your child’s teachers is a great way to express this. However, the reason I’m rating this app 3⭐️ is due to having to pay for the ability to give your child Dojo points at home for chores or listening etc. This is an education app. The ability to give Dojo points at home to your child should be accessible to all parents. Not everyone can afford the price you’re requesting for parents to pay. The price is a bit outrageous. In today’s society getting our child to attend school, especially our older children, is difficult already. Why not use the Dojo points at home system for pure encouragement so that your child can see their growth, in hopes they continue to go to school and stay out of trouble. If the Dojo points at home part of the app needs to have a price tag, it should be one that is based on society as a whole. Perhaps it should be based on the lower income families, seeing as they are the families that the charter schools are geared towards, in order for their children to have better education for a brighter future.

Could be better. It has become increasingly frustrating to search since there is no search function! So I have to scroll through all the posts and hopefully find the one I was looking for. It makes it even harder since the post are listed as how many days ago it was. For instance a post will say 3d or 2w ago why can’t it be listed with the specific date? Now I have to look in the calendar to see how many days or weeks ago it was. Also you can’t click on the teachers name to view all the posts that teacher has made. For example I was trying to find an announcement the principal sent some time ago. It would make sense if I found a recent post and click on her name it would bring up all the announcements she made but you can’t. A suggestion to help the teachers that are new to this kind of technology when they make a post make them place a title, maybe put a reminder if they post a video with links in the video to put the links separate in the post. I have a teacher who is posting just link after link with no way of knowing what subject it is, which makes it even harder to go back and view past lessons. With these small improvements and guidance for new teachers using the app this will be a great classroom app. Everything else works as expected.

Most recent changes. I love the most recent changes to the student accounts, especially the ease in switching for students now. I would like to see a more streamlined process of posting pictures and videos. Right now, they can take a picture or video, add a caption, talk over the picture explaining or draw on it. Once they click the little blue airplane, they have to select their name again (even tho they are already on their own account) and then click post. I think the airplane on the previous screen should suffice in posting it. If there were to be another screen, maybe just give the option of being able to post the same picture to another student account like before. Sometimes my students are partners and they shouldn’t have to take two separate pictures for their work. I also would like some sort of feature where I can toggle on a record keeping of who is posting. For example, I might want to have students post a picture or video of their center for the day- I’d love to see a quick easy way to filter who has and has not posted to their own account during that time frame. It would be so helpful, especially when I have some centers I give students two or more days to do. Just some ideas! Thanks.

It was fine at first. Our school uses this app for students. At first it was awesome! We could “applaud” good behavior and it allowed parental involvement. But as the year progressed and the app repeatedly updated its limited parents to JUST seeing what dojo points their child’s gotten without allowing any response from home at all unless you upgrade to the paid premium subscription, which is utter nonsense. I get developers wanting to make money but this app is a fundamental link between home and school. Why repeatedly fix and alter things that were fine to begin with?! I honestly am hoping the school catches wind of this and finds a more parental friendly application to use at this point. The changes have made the app less than user friendly and requiring a subscription service to do anything other than see how your child is doing during the day isn’t acceptable at all.

Love it / hate the paid version. We love dojo and have been using it for the past 5 years! It gives us a piece of mind getting to see pictures of our kiddos and seeing their points through out the day. It’s also a fantastic tool for receiving important info and communication from the child’s teacher and the school as a whole. I also love using it for PTO to send reminders. The only thing I wish they wouldn’t have done is make it to where you have to pay to have a membership. If the kids want to change their monster avatar, some of the options are for membership, want to see more than one or two weeks of their points need a membership, want to do points at home, once again pay money for a membership. It wasn’t always like that and now that they are a big app that majority of schools use they have monetize it. Take the need for a membership out and I would give it 5 stars! (More than that if I could!)

Participation test grade. I use Dojo in my middle and high school classes. It allows me to track how students are participating in my class. I can keep track how often students come to class unprepared or are off task, and I can also reward them for working hard or persevering. At the end of the quarter, I run a report through Dojo, which gives me a percentage for each student. That percentage is used for a test grade called Participation. I can also connect parents. They see how their kids participate in class, so there are no surprises. I can also post private pictures that only the parents I think had particular class can see. I share pictures of students doing fun activities in class. Also, if they learn something particularly interesting, I post about it So the parents know “what happened at school today.” I enjoy giving parents the opportunity to increase communication with their student regarding school. This app also helps me with group work in my class. The tools option gives me ability to randomly split students into groups. The students respond well to Dojo, and this extrinsic motivation really gets them going.

School teacher. My daughters kindergarten teacher Ms. Voce was by far the BEST teacher I have ever dealt with. She was amazing and loving and attentive to my at the time 6 year old daughter. We video chatted and met up once so she could give me supplies during Covid when times were a little more minimal. I wished she could be my daughters teacher every year but fortunately her first grade teacher is just as awesome! Mrs. Russell! A very kind and funny teacher my daughter says she’s so funny and a prankster lol wonderful, friendly staff and teachers even the parents I run into and other children are so nice. My baby girl loves the environment they provide and the people in it! As long as I’m in NY this is the school for my child. During the trying times of Covid this school went above and beyond to make the parents and children feel safe and comfortable! 2020 was rough with Covid spiking and the children having to school via chrome books, it was so difficult but the more the teachers/staff learned the easier it became and the few times the children did get to go to school they made it the best they could. My daughter always came home in a good mood and told me she had fun those days! More schools need to be like Albany Elementary. 5 stars! ⭐️

Dojo Mojo. We enjoy the dojo app each and every school day! We receive messages and pictures of our child as he weaves his way thru the school year. He’s only in 4th grade so all the messages aren’t going to be great one’s, however we can use these as tool to garner improvement and discipline as well. It really gives you a piece of mind when you can see what/ How your child is doing throughout our dreary work a day lives. I’m not sure all schools use the dojo app for their parents, I’m sure there are other apps out there that do basically the same thing, but dojo works just fine. I’m glad they didn’t have anything like this when we were coming up in the school system, things seemed so much simpler back then. The children can’t even breathe wrong or it will be documented and reported to the parents nowadays. I think today’s youth will be better off for it. They will be more accountable and detail conscious.

Great!. Overall, I love so much about this app! The customer support is wonderful, the points system is great for behavior management, the videos are awesome for social emotional support and the portfolios are a great way to show student progress. Unfortunately, I haven’t had as much success as I hoped making this my only form of communication with parents. There is something inadequate about the messaging system that makes it unreliable for parents to receive messages. I don’t know if this is because of technical errors on the parents’ side with notifications or something that Class Dojo can fix. I’ve had several times when parents have missed an important message about a meeting, field trip or awards assembly. I also wish the group messaging could work like a text thread where all parents are included in responses. There also isn’t an option for volunteer sign ups, which is crucial at our school in the primary grades. Because of this, primary teachers use Bloomz and it is tricky for parents to manage both platforms if they have children in multiple classes.

Basic messaging app but not much else. School uses this for communication to families. Here is my review: -The main page is confusing because it’s hard to distinguish between one post and another plus you can’t just click on a class or teacher to get only their posts. With multiple kids, the home page is chaos. -Messaging teachers direct works but I’ve double profiles of teachers in the school. -There is no explanation of monsters or how it actually helps your child other than supposedly it’s a point-reward system but confusing whether or not kids actually interact. -App focuses on getting you to upgrade and pay $60 for features that I’m still not sure what they are - except if you don’t pay, it deletes all the pictures at the end of the year. -Doesn’t look like there is a group chat feature where you could message a teacher and include another parent/guardian. -No notification settings to let you choose between getting DMs vs general front page info. -Also, it seems that it could be a failure of the school, but some teachers use DMs to communicate information and others use main posts. Again, it’s hard because you can’t just select on one teacher, but you have to go through all posts to find that nugget of information. In addition, there is no group chat so teachers have to write different messages to parents of the same child - even if the parents are married and the same household.

Mixed review. I’ve used this app for 3 years now. As a parents I see a lot of room for improvement. 1. I am not notified via text and no way I have found to be notified- I am very busy and I don’t enjoy needing to go to yet 1 more app to look at my kids progress or homework etc. adds more work for me and not worth it. 2. It’s very elementary. As my son moved to upper elementary - they still use it but now there’s no progress on him- they find it’s too beneath the grade level which I agree on. 3. I like the anonymity other apps gives me and still allows me to communicate w other parents - like to remind them it’s the teacher bday etc. this app offer nothing like that. 4. I have to have the app! I have plenty of storage space now but some parents don’t! And I hear complaints often that they don’t have room for yet another app- other programs allows communication via text and no need for the app! They send sms! My kids are 3rd and 4th grade. This apps has potential to grow w the students yet it has not!! Please consider adding features for age progression. And I’m trying the at home feature- would have been great when my kids were younger but at their ages the monsters and points don’t mean near as much as the cool Games they could be playing. Over all- the younger the kid the better and only communication with teachers and no way to make a play date w a classmate even between students! Please consider adding features !

I hate ClassDojo. I would give zero stars if Apple allowed me to do so. Let me start by saying I do not want to use this software in the first place. I don’t need to know the minutiae of my kids’ day at school. As an engaged parent, we talk at dinner every night about how their day was and what happened. Unfortunately for me, other parents apparently don’t mind getting minute by minute updates on their children. If this were not required by the school, I would not use the software at all. Where I get extremely frustrated is the constant nagging for me to buy a subscription to premium content when I don’t even want the free content. I find this app beyond obnoxious and would love for educators to focus on teaching rather than updating unnecessary software. Since I’m in the minority, my request is that the developer of ClassDojo offer the option to turn off the pestering requests to upgrade to something I never wanted in the first place. I will never upgrade this software and find the constant requests to upgrade make me dislike the software even more than I did before.

Great form of communication. With my child transitioning from a familiar preschool to going to a new school (as in new build) and being promoted to K I was nervous. But the school providing this app as a way to keep in contact with the teachers and your child is comforting. To add, open communication with not just her teachers but with the administration and other parents as well. Followed by getting fingertip updates of my child’s development is definitely a major plus as well. The only downfall is to pay for the app in order to have complete and full access to all the tools the app has to offer. The same way the teacher is able to reward the students, as parents we can too for a fee! Other than that, it’s a great to use. Thanks for designing it for us. It brings so much comfort and communication!

A Daily Dread. My son had this for his for his elementary years. In his case, it was a small school and too much favoritism- which included the staff. Everyday they nit- picked his and other students days apart. It became a very sad and pathetic atmosphere. I decided to come to join in class activity, as well as, a few other parents to see if our frustrations were actually merited or not… We saw how our children had the typical situations where they would need to be corrected or their attention refocused. To be honest, my attention needed refocus several times…. But, what I found was that “our” students were nothing different from what I saw of the others… if nothing else, they had less difficult episodes. But, to get back to the point, my child was progressively picked apart and their little personality’s daily demoralized. On a student level, these kids were bullied. It wasn’t long before myself and 3 other families decided to transfer our children. In retrospect, this may have been a fantastic app if used appropriately… which I have seen with similar apps. But with this app unfortunately, I can’t say I enjoyed or found much to speak positively for.

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Great communication tool. Dojo is a fantastic way to keep up to date not only with the schools latest news but also your child’s teacher. You are able to reach your child’s teacher at any time ( that is appropriate) and express your concerns and questions and know that the communication is safe and confidential.

WORST APP EVER. if I could leave a lower review I would. It is a horrible app and it does not know whether you are a qualified teacher or not!! I am a fully qualified teacher and my students thoroughly enjoyed receiving points for good behaviour and it was a great source of motivation for them. Then out of the blue I received an email saying they’d deleted my account because “ Unfortunately, for safety reasons, we only allow verified teachers and school faculty to have ClassDojo accounts. This means, that we had to delete your account. If you have any interest in making a Student Account or Parent Account, do let us know and we can get you sorted.” I am deeply outraged that they deleted my account and I had to explain to parents! I strongly advise against the use of this app to parents, students, and most of All teachers. Thank you for taking the time to read this review and I hope it assisted you in your decision with whether or not to get this app.

Dojo class app. this app is terrific for giving warm the heart surprises and big smiles on my face!!!,,,, im a granma and this app keeps me in the loop of what is being learnt everyday at school, the visuals make it so much fun and also makes you feel very close to your child/grandchild, thanks to the inventor of this app and the teachers who put in the time to post, great job all,!!💐

Dislike new upgrade. The app is amazing!! Our school loves everything expect very disappointed that you are now unable to save photos and videos off the app. This has now made it useless as our parents are unable to save photos and videos for themselves and ask for us to email them photos instead.

Not great. I’ve been using this app for less than a week and ALL it promotes is the PLUS version that you pay for!! Give me a break please. I don’t have the cash for it yet it’s total promotion the whole way through, on every page, every click!! Now that I’ve rewarded my child their first home points, it won’t allow me to award any more unless I subscribe, yet I get daily emails telling me not to miss out on rewarding my child their points. I like what I hear from the teachers and school but the rest of this app is rubbish self promotion

All features should be free in public school app. I love seeing photos of my child’s day and getting messages from the teacher as well as being able to message her. I think it is disappointing that an app designed for families at public schools is trying to get families to pay to upgrade or they don’t get the full range of features… this discriminates against families who can’t afford it and is constantly reminding them of the features they aren’t getting. Seems inappropriate to me.

Unreliable notifications and pointless notifications at 2am. I do not want to be woken at 2am by a notification “See your child’s week on dojo” Notifications of messages either drop off app before message is read or no notification even presents. When this is being used for important communication that is at best inconvenient (notifications about homework being seen after due) at worst potentially dangerous- (notification of a child not arriving at school). Also being unable to use the app until after update app makes it pretty much useless when you need to get a timely message through to school!

Seems to be about making money. Ok as a texting app between me and my Sons teacher. Do i trust class dojo with my Sons sensitive information and that it could be used by class do in my Sons future, NO!. This app was forced upon my family by the school. I dont need this app to understand my Sons behaviour or grades, i get a report from the teacher which is private and confidential hard copy. I don’t need to give or subtract points from my Son through this app, i can handle all that from home I’m a stable parent. Really, pay to win, give money to app to give points to Son. Im to smart to need this app to handle my sons education. There are far better resources than this money make venture sucking the life from people tricking family’s that this is needed to educate and stand in as a relevant liaison from teacher school parent and student. Stop sending me notification so class dojo can sell me something which seems to not be about my Sons best interest.

A few suggestions.... I really like Class Dojo but... I teach multiple classes and it astounds me that with so many avatars available, a class of 25 still generated 5 identical avatars! Surely it’s possible to create an algorithm that doesn’t let this happen because it’s really time-consuming having to edit students so that they can be all unique. Also, it would make it a lot easier if you could select what day you want to take attendance because I see my classes once a week. Sometimes that’s all I use Class Dojo for, and if I were too busy to record who was there, it’s really hard to go back say a day later and fix. It would also be really handy being able to view class attendance reports through the IPad app. Another feature Class Dojo could look into would be recording class jobs. Perhaps a way to list the jobs and have the ability to “move” avatars around to change who is listed, or it randomly generates the next batch etc. I can see a lot of application for that. Hope to see some changes in the future!

I can’t access my account. I done payment for a month and still I cannot have fully access. When I’m going back to the app to do subscription it doesn’t let me continue as I already have a subscription up to 12 of May. Could you please help me as soon as possible is been this problem from 12 of April up to know and we haven’t used what we paid for. Otherwise we love the app and we are using everyday🥰.

Love the app would definitely recommend!. This app is great for communicating with teachers and it also helps your chid too. And it is also very good at this time as coronavirus is changing a lot of lives and making lots of kids have to do school at home. It is very good and I would definitely recommend you should get it! Best app ever!

IOS capabilities. The app itself runs smoothly and pros great for behaviour management, parent communication and an online portfolio of student achievements. However, the difficulties of not being able to upload documents in IOS is very annoying. I’m schools that use predominantly iPads opposed to computers, it makes it difficult to share the students amazing work in other fabulous apps e.g. word documents, power points, PDF documents, and art works. This is also saddening for parents. It results in more time spent, trying to transfer all of the students’ work onto a computer to upload to dojo for parents!

Terrible app underlining class divide in classrooms. This app was ok, teachers could underline who ‘the good kids’ are, but it has been updated and now for my daughter to change her ‘character’ like she used to I need to pay for a premium subscription to start giving her dojo points at home! Now the difference between families who will pay and those who won’t can be underlined too. Why don’t you add a feature where Dojos are deducted each time a kid is sent to school with no lunch, then the distinction between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’ can be underlined even more. I’m so mad I’m going to bring up the use of this app with my child’s school and the education department.

Download ClassDojo children pls. I think ClassDojo is great,,you sign in and don’t have to pay for ANYTHING, it’s all free and it has lots of education, join your teachers account and it will come up with things your teachers have posted.I think it is great!download it now children.

You should get this app but…... This apps a nice app for schools it’s friendly and stuff but sometimes kids can write inappropriate stuff because when there on their kids account they can message public and the whole class even teacher can see what they send obviously they might get in trouble but it’s still embarrassing for your child to do that so I recommend this app for the age of 8+ you never know what’s kids may do 👐🏻stay safe have a lovely day🐥

The Best!. I love classdojo as i see every notification from classdojo, it tells you how many dojo points you have when you log onto your daughter/son's account! it also has a grown up account so you see when your teachers notify you! it also shows how many dojo points and why. I reccomend this app!

Class Dojo helps Nan keep in touch. I live interstate, so the app keeps us in touch with all the important news in our grandson’s class. We are also able to give constructive feedback and praise. We can also have more meaningful conversations about school when we chat, because we can see what he is learning .

Monster Avatars!. In the first versions of this app there we SO MANY choices for monster avatars- colour, body form, everything. Now my kids have lost their original choices through updates, and we’d like to see the original wide variety of choices reinstated!! Plus we can’t see the kids login details to use the app on PC, it would be handy to have these viewable through Parent Profile. Thankyou!

Just use google classroom. This app is only for schools that are to lazy to give students a google account. There are benefits to use a google account because they can access things like google docs ,google drive , google slides , google sheets, and lots more with there school account Instead of making different accounts. Also google classroom has more features. this app is also very childish and includes paid promotions not like Google classroom google classroom is a very straightforward easy Google class platform you can easily communicate with a teacher or classmates via stream or access their contacts through the people banner plus it’s not a video game with stupid monsters it’s a learning platform I really recommend google classroom as it is much better and for schools and teachers I think you should use it because it makes you seem like a professional school that uses professional software not a monster video game.

Awesome. Class dojo is awesome is amazing to see what is happening at school as I am a student this is very helpful to not forget things and so your parents can remind you if you need lol me and my class have had an amazing time on class dojo.....1 thing that could change though is not being able to go into other peoples profiles and change there avatar we have had a big problem with that in our class otherwise is amazing definitely recommend it!

Missing dojo points. My boy is motivated by his dojo points and loses interest when they’re deleted. As a parent I’m noticing that the app won’t track anymore that 2 weeks at a time and of course dojo points aren’t tallied until end of term so the app needs a software update to keep track of your kids points the whole term and keep track of their total earnings as they update too. This would greatly improve the app

Need to remove previous years. My son has seven classes listed under his name and with the new update it keeps reverting to numerical order, meaning a class from 3 years ago is now the default view. The extra clicks needed to view this years class are extremely annoying and so I am not using it as much anymore. Please fix this ASAP!

Let us choose notifications. As a teacher, the app is now sending more and more random notifications/messages about class dojo events and reminding us to use certain aspects of the app and just useless stuff. I went into settings to turn this off however there is only an option to mute notifications altogether or mute on weekends. If I turn off all notifications I’m worried I’ll miss an important message from a parent. Seems ridiculous that we don’t have this option. I don’t want to get your random advertising messages that make me open the app wasting my time!!

App is chill but I don’t like the comments people send. I’m fine with the app but the thing that’s been annoying me is that my teacher is always sending negative things about my work and you might be saying that I’m not trying hard enough well I always trying my hardest but of course most of the time my teacher is always saying negatively stuff. So I just want to request that can there be a comments blocker so no one can comment and I pretty sure no is going to do it anyway but if you can add it it would be a lifetime 😁 I recommend the app for people who do online learning 😊

Doesn’t let you see more than a week back. The teacher sends out a note at the beginning of term explaining what day things are; when you try to check it skips from 7 days ago to 2 months ago (last year) with no way to see the messages in between. I remember the same thing happening last year also. I think you can check on the desktop app but that doesn’t help when you’re quickly trying to check if it’s sport uniform today.

Privacy concerns. I am devastated that we are no longer allowed to use this app at schools in Western Australia from 2021 due to concerns regarding what, how and where students information is kept. Class Dojo has not responded to the Education Department. Teachers, students and parents love this app for behaviour management and parent communication. At our school we now all have to use Seesaw from next week.

Multiple photo uploads please. As a teacher, this app is so fantastic to give busy parents a quick insight into what is happening in my classroom. I would love if you added a feature where you can upload multiple pictures in one post rather than having to “spam” parents with lots of pictures one at a time. Another feature I’d love to see is being able to add a photo onto one/multi student’s personal feed but also have it viewable in the class feed too. I’ve had discussions with other teachers at me school about these two above suggestions and it has been a resounding “Yes!! I wish you could do that!” So please consider these in future updates! Keep up the good work!

Communication. Great way of communicating with teachers, a lot easier than email. It’s more of an instant message vibe. I am also really happy with the rewards system component. Even though we don’t use it regularly, it’s a great way to encourage children on a rewards based system. It’s a yes from me!

Cool, lots of bugs. ClassDojo has lots of bugs and I can’t understand why. My activities say that they were made 4 days ago and yesterday they weren’t even there! I have gotten really worried and realised it was a bug. ClassDojo said they fixed the bugs but they didn’t. I am very disappointed. So ClassDojo, if you’re reading this. Please fix that bug. It messed the activities date and time, so I get confused which one was made, which day

Wonderful App needs folders. This is a wonderful communication tool and so easy for students, teachers and parents to use. We use the portfolios feature and it would be so much easy and user friendly if students and teachers could make folders in portfolios. So organised work according to subject or Term etc. it would be much easier to find things as well. Other than that a marvellous app!

Dojo. It would be nice if we didn’t need to scroll through so much work to return to a learning grid. I also find it frustrating that I need to return to the parent screen before I can access the next child’s work.

Dojo app. I love the dojo app, i can be in contact with my sons teacher directly & quickly and am always kept informed. It’s great she could send me pictures of my son during activities, accomplishments or new experiences. I enjoyed that the most as i couldn’t always attend. She could remind me of up coming events and make me aware of incidences that may have occurred

Fantastic App.. this app is brilliant, it's so easy to understand, easy way of communicating with your child's teacher, see what they get up to in the class, saves having meetings all the time, my child often looks to see how many "dojo points" she's got within the day, love this app, great work!!! =)

Scheduled Messages. I really LOVE the ability to schedule when direct messages will be sent out to parents. This way to can type something up at night but not have it send until 8:30am the next morning. Would it be possible to have this feature for when it came to posting on class stories too? This way I could type up an announcement late at night if I’ve forgotten and have it send the next morning. Love the app so far though!

This app is great but there is a bug.. When I downloaded this app, it was starting off really good but then I came back on the app an hour later and the characters looked different to what they looked like before! There is a way to fix it when it happens but it’s still really annoying! Can you please fix the bug?

Amazing app!. Hey guys, hope all is well! I recently got this app for my class and we all love it! It is so useful and it’s much better than writing down points on pieces of paper. It is a great way to connect to students and parents. This is a 5/5 app for myself and my class!

I don’t enjoy using the app, despite its usefulness. I’ve been using class dojo for 8 years now, on and off as my children’s teachers have or haven’t utilised it. It is useful for maintaining communication and sharing school work with teachers remotely in many ways, however I am hating navigating the app to find the particular features I am wanting to use. The more this app has developed and the more the app has been added to, the more complicated and time consuming it has felt trying to use it. Currently I have one child connected to it and using it daily. Private messaging with the teacher is easy enough and has been the most used feature during non-covid times, and at the moment we are able to be notified and view daily work and communication posted by the teachers. Alternatively posting completed school work, photos, viewing class work shared by other students approved by teachers, viewing comments, viewing class streams etc all seem difficult to find quickly. It seems much more complicated than it needs to be. I wouldn’t personally recommend using class dojo despite its good qualities without first looking at alternative platforms that might also be available. A layout rejig and simplification would probably fix these issues for me. I have absolutely no interest in using class dojo for home parenting/discipline purposes as it doesn’t suit my parenting style. I liked it better when it was geared more toward supporting schooling instead.

App is limited for parents. As a parent, I want to see what my child is doing at school and see her achievements. The app only gives me one notification a week, during which time I’ve missed what my child’s class has been doing if I haven’t thought to log in and check. It also doesn’t allow us to see her achievements beyond one week. You have to pay if you want to see more. We don’t want to use the app at home the way the teacher does. We have other ways of disciplining and rewarding our child at home. We had SeeSaw with our teacher last year and I wish that had continued.

Uploading work. Why can you not upload multiple items to a set class activity? EG once a week a specialist teacher puts their work activity up and often there are multiple parts like extension work to it or a video plus a written piece. Once I upload the video the set task disappears. I then can just create a new doc but I have to write to the specialist to please look at that date with that heading to view and comment on the work. I should be able to upload multiple items to a posted activity.

This is amazing. As a kid in the classroom and a home I use this a lot and never want to stop I love all the ideas however I want t suggest to add more profile monsters please .my class and I would very much like to also have dances on here for when the whole class points gets to 1 thousand .but I would definitely recommend this t people .buy this it will motivate you to do more god to others that you work with in school and play with at home 😃😃😃😃♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

Excellent. We love Class Dojo. I love class story and the tools are fantastic! My only ask is where are all the data stored? And it would be great if we could change the point values beyond 5 for the skills. And when msg parents to be able to send videos and more than one image at a time. 😊

Held to ransom. I don’t like my children’s achievements being held to ransom. The school should be paying for the subscription not parents who have no say in what classroom engagement tool is utilised. There are better alternatives and I don’t like this business model. Edit: Thanks for the reply, I do appreciate that the subscription is optional but downloading the photos taken by faculty without one is not. Hence my frustration. It feels like your child’s achievements and actions are behind a paywall. I already pay school fees this should be an inclusion that the institution should be covering.

Notifications enabled but not getting any for when teachers does a post. It’s great being kept up to date with notices etc from the teacher but for some reason this year I don’t get a notification on my phone that the teacher has posted something. I can get a notification “check child’s progress for the week” but that’s it even tho it’s all enabled on my phone.....

Best App Ever. Hi Guys Used this App every school day. I have a son with ADHD and this App helps me and the teachers to communicate quickly and effectively with everything that is happening with my son and his behaviour for that day. Every afternoon I sit with my son and talk about how well he did and if not what he could have done differently. With his behaviour it’s better to talk about this as soon as possible and not wait until I can leave work and organise an appointment with his teacher. I think knowing I view this App daily my son tries really hard to improve the choices he is making everyday. Without this App my son would not tell me what’s happening at school and then some issues might manifest into bigger issues or maybe suspension 😩. Please keep up the great work in creating Apps to open up communications at home. Thank you loving Mum👍🏻

Spam spam spam. This App has some usability issues, but after you use it for a while you can get used to it. However, the biggest negative is the “Do you want fries with that?” nature of upsell within the app. I am sure our schools pay a fortune for this app, but that doesn’t stop ClassDojo from constantly trying to sell additional features to parents. Please give users the ability to tick a box that prevents this constant selling.

Perfect thing!. Perfect thing ever it was all my students. I’ll give them the prize every time they get to 50 points and when they see the prizes they will love it because it’s full of chocolate and stuff. Honestly this thing is the best you get to select the amount of points and there’s a tool kit you get to correct why they should get points and stuff😜

Perfecttttt!!. Whoever created this app deserves a massive pat on the back.. This app is amazing, I love that’s I’m able to keep in contact with my sons teacher during the day and at the click of a button I can look at the daily progress by looking at the amount of points he has collected or lost throughout the day. My 7 year old absolutely loves being able to create and recreate his little monster! I love that all communication is done by this app it’s such a handy little app!! Happy happy Mum 💜

Old Days. I miss when as a student, I could get any monster parts instead of having my parents pay money for something simply cosmetic. I remember when I could just tap some arrows to switch between monster parts and then save. PLEASE make the monster parts free again! Half my school is updating due to this. I only did because I only installed the app a couple days ago therefore giving me the most recent update. PLEASE make the monster parts free again! :(

Class dojo is very handy. I love having the app on my phone. It makes it really easy to message parents when I think of it at home, instead of having to log into a computer. I sometimes use it if we’re on excursions as well, because I have my phone in case of emergency, and a few kids need positive feedback out and about.

Useful app; works fairly well; sometimes a bit sluggish.. Great way to get news on what’s going on in the classroom (especially as it’s the first year we have a child in school!). Also helps us to reinforce what’s being taught at school. App feels a bit slow to launch and sometimes to respond, but overall no problems. Would be great if there was a way to send messages to other parents in the class too (it would have to be opt it, and with blocking allowed, so that it can’t be abused). Would also be nice to have badges when I’ve got unread notifications.

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Login. I think class dojo’s login system is a bit strange. One day I log in, and the next day it logs me out automatically.

Avoir plus de gratuit. L’es meilleur classe son toujours a payer

AMAZING!. Class dojo is literally amazing! I love it so much and even get to talk to a teacher threw it! Definitely download this app!

Can’t Login😡. After using it on my computer I decided to download the app on my phone. I forgot the password and had to reset it. It would not allow me to login and I tried to reset the password 3 times. Still won’t accept my new password and let me login. After too many login attempts it has now locked me out. Not very happy as I’m waiting for a message from my child’s teacher.

Précieux. Cette app est un précieux outil qui permet d’assister au quotidien à l’apprentissage des enfants.

Great app. Love this app for the kids ! Works well

Updates. Love this app it gives us updates on activities the children are doing at school!

Fâche. Faut que je paye pour mettre les points dojo

Great app. Yay.

Class dojo. I really love it

Bob. Bob

Great app for keeping up to date on your kids in daycare or school. I really like this app. The only thing I’d like to see adjusted is the pop-ups when you download a photo or video. Currently, the app will show a mid-screen pop-up, then a bottom banner when the save is successful to your photo “roll”. This pop-up plus banner adds an unnecessary three or four seconds that gets tiresome if you’re going through several posts. What’s more is that the banner blocks the ability to tap “Like” in the lower left hand corner so it’s not like you could do something else during this time. It would be even better if this user experience could be improved.

Je ne veux pas payer. Je suis un parent et pour suivre mes enfants sur ClassDojo je dois payer mais je n’ai pas le goût de payer pour ça

horrible and judged my every move. this app gave me ptsd

Doesn’t work. Ever let’s me log on, always tells me their is an error

Best classDojo ever. Cost JoJos do something wonderful do you get to play a fun you also get a look at what your teacher said so that's what it is for me really great

J’adore. J’adore! App super efficace! Toujours a jour! Ont ne rate jamais rien! Merci

Messages. Good app

Refund. I canceled my subscription since my kid doesn't go to the daycare who is using this app. Even I deleted my account but again you charged me yesterday. Please refund it ASAP. Thanks

Crazy for Dojo. I love this app, I just wish the sensitivity of the microphone and sound monitor could be adjusted more for sensitivity. As it is now, it hardly picks up on my class sounds.

Bad. Bro it's trash

Contact with teacher. Great way to contact teacher, get updates/info, and even translate messages to another language, if needed. So happy to have it!

Stop asking to go premium. Just stop. Every button I press I’m prompted to upgrade. Just stop.

Not the easiest of apps to use.. I find this app poor to use and the notifications do jot always come through.

Amazing app. Amazing! Love it!

Très déçu. Je trouve tellement dommage De devoir déboursé de l’argent pour donner des points à notre enfant ainsi que les applications très déçu

Very helpful. This app is very helpful because it allows me to talk to my teacher when I forget to tell her something at school . The monster customizer is very original and you can create a super cool avatar !

It’s...good I guess. It’s an awesome app, but when I try to log into my account, it says I put in 10 wrong passwords?! I did not. I only tried once. Then when I go to I have an account it says, Impossible to get into this account. Which is weird. Pls fix this. I love this app and want to use it. Thank you. C’est une application géniale, mais quand j’essaie de me connecter à mon compte, ça dit que j’ai mis 10 mauvais mots de passe ?! Non. Je ne l'ai pas fait Je n'ai essayé qu'une seule fois. Puis, quand je vais à mon compte il dit, Impossible d'entrer dans ce compte. C'est bizarre. Les pls réparent ça. J'adore cette application et je veux l'utiliser. Merci.

Hi. It’s great for pertending to be a teacher so fun also I think it would be great If you were a teacher

Avis. Parfois n’est pas toujours simple

This app sucks. Whenever I send my homework to my teacher,this app deletes the data.

Nouvelle mise à jour incompatible. avec l’écran du Iphone 12. Depuis cette mise à jour, l’app s’est déconnectée de mon compte et l’option pour accéder à un compte existant est trop basse sur mon écran d’Iphone 12 pour qu’il s’ouvre et me permette d’entrer mon identifiant et mon mot de passe. Depuis, l’application m’est devenue inutile.

Cool. Nothing special but useful for school

Omg th is is so cool thanks so muchhhhhh. Yeah

Why must you complicate my life. Why can't I see the messages on the app. Why can't I find it easily. And have to go on my browser to see if. No I'm not paying your outrageous price

Goodness what. Aaaa

亡羊补牢. “主动学习”和“愿意分享”是小组学习中最重要的两个要素。 王一一同学,非常享受她将这个故事讲给大家的过程。 初学中文——“听诵练习”、“听说练习”、“听讲练习”是将中文学以致用的重要手段。

From aleena. Thanks

Great app. It is an amazing app.

Playing. It’s wonderful to see the students playing together. I admire their enthusiasm.

ugh. i hate it. idk why it just is such bad quality when you’re writing or drawing

Toggling between teacher and parent!. Going between teacher and parent logs me out all the time!! :-( I reach grade 6 and my little guy is in grade 1 and it’s not super use friendly yet.

Great app but too noisy. The app presents great features but all these big colorful fluorescent icons and notices popping all the time make the experience a bit unpleasant

Présentation. Très créatif!

Cannot download photos of my child without paying for subscription. I am extremely disappointed that my son’s school has started using ClassDojo. There is so much functionality that you have to pay a costly subscription fee for - such as downloading photos of your own child! Disgusting business practice.

Affreux. Et premièrement j’ai demandé que ceux soit français et ce n’est pas français. Deuxièmement je suis même plus capable d’écrire au professeur

Poor construction. The app never refreshes. Repeatedly says it can’t log out or in.

Seesaw is better. This app doesn’t let you copy your writing when you edit something from the app. Also it doesn’t let you change your pictures in edit mode. I just posted 10 photos (allow for more!) and 6 didn’t upload and now I have to delete the entire post since you can’t add as you go. Super annoying and parents are annoyed now too! Fix this please!

👏👏. That’s awesome. Love it

Bad. Google classroom is better.

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Stop the notification ads. The app is ok, but please stop (or let me disable) the notification-based ads for your special programming that has nothing to do with my child. I need to keep notifications on so I can be notified when my child’s teacher messages me. However I keep getting notifications for your special programs, “Goal Setting and Perseverance with US Athletes.” I don’t care to see it, and I definitely don’t need to have my work day interrupted by a notification to let me know about it. Please let me customize the items that trigger a notification. I don’t want to see a notification every time the teacher uploads a photo (which happens for each individual assignment my child turns in). I definitely don’t want to hear about your special programming. I really only want to see a notification for a message from the teacher.

Wonderful Layout & Design. This app is pure genius! I love being able to have an app. One easy to use place to conveniently see school reminders/early releases/functions. Not to mention the teacher is able to share pictures & updates on your specific child’s behavior & academic advancement. It’s design makes it easy to navigate for both parents & children. I also absolutely love the points system.. they receive them at school for different things like listening or being respectful but you’re also able to give points at home for certain tasks like brushing teeth or going to bed on time which is so exciting for my son & has become a huge help in creating healthy habits & good behavior!

Parents Cannot Delete!!!. In the hands of the right teacher this app is great. As a parent, however, I did not like the fact that I could not delete or even just hide messages. My children's teachers use this app significantly. This is great, because it makes me feel like I know more of what goes on in class all day with my child that is not a talker. But after a while, the message list gets long and there are some messages I regret sending after a week or two and don't want to be reminded of them over and over every time I open the app. I only want to see the most recent posts or the ones I still need to take action on. So the ability to hide messages as a parent makes a world of difference in our continued use of this product. Otherwise we'll just stop using it after a month or two.

Awesome when it was free. For about 3 years I consistently used Class Dojo as my main behavior tracker. That little “Ding” made my students behave wonderfully! After taking a year sabbatical, I am now looking back into using it for homeschooling my own children. I am SO disappointed that Class Dojo is requiring a subscription to use most features, mainly the point system that I loved. I think the Beyond School feature sounds awesome but again, a monthly subscription is not in my budget.,I’d be willing to pay if it was a lower one-time fee. But $60 a year to reward my kids? No thank you. Even if I was still teaching I wouldn’t pay that. Teachers already have to pay for every little thing. Why not keep what was free in the first place free? (Unlimited skill goals, points, etc). I love Class Dojo, it’s an amazing tool. I’m just so disappointed they are now charging so much. I will not be upgrading and will have to settle with something else.

This is great for school!. My child love this app she can see how much points she gets from school and I can see what amazing things she accomplished. For example we can see all the fundraising activities with our children in it. I also saw my daughter in student of the month which everyone can congratulate the work those hard student’s accomplished. This app is great for looking into what the school has done without even being there as a child. Even though it’s so great the fees are quite high for the upgrades but you don’t really have to use them. It’s also great for your kids to learn they can watch videos about how to be nice to others and yourself. I hope you consider getting it!!! :)

I like this class/school app!!!!!!! (I also have an idea). Hey, can ALL students chat or message to each other? This includes group chat aswell. I'mma student and I want to text or message others, EVEN MY FRIENDS! This is an idea I thought about for students :) I HOPE YOU GUYS ADD THIS CUZ I WANNA CHAT WITH MY FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really want you guys to add this! I BEG YOU >:3 This is only for students since parents have this type of thing. PLEASEEEEEEEE ADD THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If... you guys like this idea I came up with, THEN ADD IT BRUH! Like seriously though, ITS A GOOD IDEA FOR STUDENTS! I want "my" idea to be added in Class dojo because ALL THE STUDENTS CAN TALK TO EACH OTHER! EVEN A GROUP CHAT! I'm seriously begging right now! CLASSDOJO HAS BARELY ADDING STUFFS TO STUDENTS! ADD MORE STUFF!!! I DARE YOU GUYS TO PUT NEW, GOOD IDEAS FOR STUDENTS CUZ US STUDENTS ONLY HAS PORTFOLIOS, CUSTOMIZING MONSTERS, DRAWING, UHHHHHH THATS ALL I KNOW XD -Buttcheekpopcornlolololololololol

Love this app. I absolutely love using this app in the classroom. I have used it in several different classroom situations and it can truly be effective for many uses. Currently, I use ClassDojo to track classroom participation only. It is great to use from an iPad. Super quick, easy, and convenient. The only thing I would love to see added to the app is a way to show daily points opposed to only seeing the overall points accumulated. I would like to be able to see more data broken down by day. This would be helpful to monitor daily participation without having to reset points. It would also be easier to show parents specific days where their children were really good or if they were disruptive.

THE WORST TEACHER/ PARENT communication app… and I’ll list many reasons why…. Hi, My name is April, my child is a 3rd grader. They have used this app since she was in kindergarten for communication back & forth between teachers and parents. Most days it won’t let you send a message, or it has to many characters to be sent. Most of our teacher at our elementary school have this app as their main source of communication which just blows my mind. What happened to a simple phone conversation or even a weekly paper copy news letter that should go out to families? What happens in the kids are being raised by other family members that don’t know how to work a smart phone or communicate through an “app”?I have way too many negatives about this app. I don’t mind paying for it, or that it’s pricey. My main issue is that school systems are using this as a main course of communication. Ridiculous!!!

Awesome resource for classroom management. ClassDojo is a staple in classrooms across the country. It really is a great tool for classroom management, but that doesn’t just mean behavior! Because it’s built in a way to allow flexibility, you can use ClassDojo in many ways. Over the pay few years I have found that it is the absolute BEST way to keep in contact with parents. It has all of the convenience of text messaging, without ever having to give out your personal phone number. But it is actually more powerful than many messaging apps because it has some features that are designed specifically for the teacher/parent and teacher/student relationship. I will continue using ClassDojo for as long as it is available because it really is a fantastic resource.

There’s room for improvement ... Hi, I have a daughter who uses this app for school but we have some issues. 1. Why do we have to pay to keep memories. I mean, I know you’re trying to make money but come on. I think you would make less money because no one is gonna pay for memories especially that school is ending for us. 2. At home points. Ok, I don’t have to say that much for this one but same thing, why do we have to pay $60-$96 dollars per year just for a feature that we probably won’t use that much. 3. You have to pay to make a monster. Ok to me that’s just a waste of money. That’s all. Have a nice day ( I know you respond with botted comments )

Very average in comparison to other apps. No ability to send voice messages like you’re able to on the Remind app & no ability for a group message with the teacher and parents/guardians so it always leaves one parent having to screenshot and relay to the next parent. This seems like it should have been a very standard feature. I should be able to create a message with my child’s teacher, myself and my husband so we can all message and see updates in real time but because there’s no option to do this I’m aggravatingly ALWAYS having to screenshot my husband messages from the teacher. Voice messages should also be a thing for this app. It’s quick and something parents can do on the go if need be and allows teachers to communicate more effectively. Sometimes, it’s better to hear the tone of someone for some messages than to read them.

Dojo. App is fantastic. Like being able to see what my child is doing throughout the day & the “scores/points” made throughout the week. Also like being able to get in touch with teacher or assistant whenever needed. The main/only issue I have with this app is how outrageous it is ($60/year!!!😳) to purchase to have the “at home” option to be able to continue educational activities at home as well. ~MoSt families are NoT able to afford paying this amount, especially for only 1 child, although it does allow, I think, up to 5 children on one account, which I don’t feel “justifies” the outrageous price! If you lower the price to make it MoRe affordable for ALLL families, maybe I will consider getting the “at home” option. Thank you for taking the time to read my opinion. Have a great day!😊

Classroom Management at its best!. I teach 4Th. grade. At first glance I thought this app would be too childish for my students. However, I was surprised to find they absolutely love it. Their parents can see their behavior in real time. They challenge each other to top score of the day. The tool kit is amazing and I use so many of the tools they provide. I love the growth mindset videos, they are short and easy to use. The best part is the discussion points. I share pictures on our classroom story of projects, or helpful hints for parents with homework which make communication with all parents at once simple and quick. Finally, the installation and adding or removing students is super low tech and absolutely anyone can do it! Thank you ClassDoJo for creating such a helpful app that teacher like me can use to positively impact change in our classrooms!

Good but needs some work. I’ve used class dojo with several teachers and I have a bit of a love hate relationship with it. On the one hand, I love being able to communicate with my kids’ teachers in a less formal form than say, email. On the other hand, if you have several teachers, it is hard to find where they are and how to message them. Also the different profile for parent and child is too confusing to maneuver. I had my kid use dojo in one school and switch schools - that proved way too difficult to deal with because switching from the original profile with his former teacher to the new profile with his current teacher was not intuitive and overly complicated. The interface needs a lot of work to make it more user friendly and intuitive.

Excellent. As a teacher I love this app. I use it everyday and the students enjoy it also. I can post class work for the parents to see so that they are aware of homework and topics coved in class. I can also post pictures or have parents email me if they have any questions. The only thing I don’t like about the app is what students can do. They can change their monsters and post pictures or notes that I can approve or delete. Students can’t see the class story if they have forgotten homework or upcoming events. It’s also a bit clumsy if you have to print student and parent codes to send home. These are very small things and do not take away from a great app. I have and would recommend to any teacher or school to use.

Aggravating. The app is fine if all you need to do is view postings from your child’s teacher. Seems like everything should be easy enough, Stories here, Messages there. But as soon as I go beyond that the whole thing is aggravating. I can’t find anything easily, just a lot of tapping at things and hoping to stumble into what I’m looking for. For instance, creating a portfolio for distance learning is an abomination. I’ve clicked around this iPhone app for 10 minutes, my wife in her iPad for the same. She finally found it somewhere and got it working (supposedly, haven’t submitted work yet). When she looked on my phone to do it for our older child that still has an old account, she couldn’t find it at all after having just done it. None of the app makes any sense. It looks good and at first glance seems like it’ll be great, but doing anything is an exercise in frustration.

Best communication tool and collaboration tool for parents and teachers EVER,. Using ClassDojo has been the first example of feeling like a team in the growth and education of my grandson. I wish it had been available when my children were school aged. The ability to communicate directly with teachers and para’s has been 100% positive daily as opposed to parent/teacher conferences. The ability to work together in positive times as well as difficult times is priceless. Reports, messages, and the child's story are so valuable in keeping communications open and clear from all those involved. The result is a better education experience for the student, and a partnership between parents, teachers, para’s, counselors, administration and classmates.

Need groups!. (Oh I stand corrected! Notifications were just pushed all the way out to my watch. Heavenly. Please excuse all references below to to topic of notifications and email, still need group chat. Awesome nonetheless) A fifth star for group chat and push notifications! I’m a parent with an autistic child and we just got signed up. I couldn’t be happier that an easier way to interact with my child’s learning progress and stay in touch with the teacher. It would be very beneficial to be able to message my spouse and the teacher in a single chat. Maybe I just didn’t see how. I also don’t want my teacher to have to send the same message twice, once for each parent. I’m sure you’ll understand how confusing and time consuming it will be without it. In addition I did not get an Apple Push Notification when a message from the teacher was posted. I don’t want to continually get emails but would rather have the push on my iPhone. I really hope that these exist and I’m just not seeing how to do them or that they are in the works so we can use them this school year. Thanks for a great product. I can’t wait to advocate for the use of Class Dojo throughout his future school years.

It’s gone from bad to horrible. This app has just become a vehicle to advertise for the premium version. In previous years it was at least a good way to get a decent idea how my children were doing in class by the point system. HOWEVER, the announcement features and the messaging system to get in touch with teachers was extremely buggy. Many time messages and announcements would get lost and refreshing the app wouldn’t help. The messaging system is a little better now. The announcements are still not great. The worst part is constantly being asked to upgrade the app to the premium version which most features I do not want. I’d like to see my kids’ entire points history (which I feel like should just be included), but I only get a week. All the other stuff I don’t care about, but I keep on getting asked to upgrade. I really wish my school didn’t use this.

A few bugs and a couple features needed. There are a few bugs and a couple of features needed to make this a 4 to 5 star app. One of the things I have noticed with the newest update is that when I view a message and go out of the app and then click back on the app it shows that the new message has not been read. I also have all notifications turned on and when a teacher sends me a message I am not getting any notifications. I have deleted the app and reinstalled and those two issues still persist. Several request I would like to see with this app. 1. Ability to easily print and save. My sons teachers are constantly texting assignments and notes and I would like to be able to easily print text messages. Right now having to copy a message, then paste it into Word, Pages, or Notes to then print. 2. Ability to easily save photos and other files within the app. 3. I would like an archive feature as there are some important messages that I would like to keep and messages between myself and the teacher are easily deleted or at the end of the year completely disappear and I no longer have copies for my records. So would like a save or Archive feature added.

Horrible app. We have had to endure this app for 2 years now. Albeit, it’s great for school updates and communicating with the teachers .... The worst part is the behavioral aspect. I have watched as teachers stand in the hallways, phones in hand and criticize their students.... just clicking their phones like an encampment. This app allows teachers to condemn students for any kind of obtrusive behavior. I was shocked to see the way they use it. It’s supposed to be a positive tool! In a recent discussion with a Starling teacher... it was said that it is much EASIER to push the “negative dojo” then positive. Really?!?!! This DIRECTLY affects the child. It is a BULLYING tool for teachers. I seriously can’t wait till the creators of this app are faced with a massive lawsuit. They need to know the mental destruction and fear that our children are put through day in and day out. They are being told , throughDojo “how bad they are, how they can’t do anything right” my son. Wake up!!!

ClassDojo helps me. ClassDojo has helped me a lot to send messages to my parents to get stuff for my teacher that is what is so awesome about ClassDojo it really helped me in first grade and second grade I don’t know if they help me right now in second grade because I’m in second grade right now but it has really helped me to bring stuff to clean our table and since it’s starting to get cold we need some tissues for the class and she just sent us. So yeah so really help plus and Normandie Avenue which is my school we have a Thing to dress up today which is Monday we have to dress up like a pumpkin tomorrow we need the witch or wizard hat Wednesday is fall colors and Thursday is cuddle with a stuffed animal.

Try another app Teachers!!. When my child kinder teacher asked the parents to download this app, I loved it! I started to use it for my classroom. It would give a good idea on how my child was doing throughout the day and what we might need to work on. Messages between the teachers/parents help build a great relationship. I was so happy when my child’s current teacher asked us to use it also but then I opened it. It is difficult and frustrating to use. The company is holding my child’s information hostage and making very hard to get updates. Every time I click something it is asking to upgrade with a small fee. So if I do not buy it will continue to be a useless app for my family. I have already started to suggest to my child’s teacher and all my teacher friends to stop using this app and use something like the Remind app, which is a great messaging app. I know that when I return to teaching I will not be using this app.

Love it. I’ve been using this since I started teaching three years ago. Recently we’ve been using this platform constantly at my school because of the quarantine. Although there was a slow period when everyone was trying to get on at the same time, this app is fantastic! Awesome way to stay connected with the school news and parents. The students keep connected in my room and I can add all their specialty teachers so they can communicate with them too. The only thing I’d wish to see with this app is the ability to edit a live document that you share on there. For example: posting the time slots for parent teacher conferences and parents being able to see as slots get taken up. That would be really beneficial and would make those events in the year much easier.

EXCELLENT APP. I truly LOVE this program. It’s wonderful being able to contact the teachers, place money on accts for the child and also to see how the students overall participation was for that day. I have a niece who would NEVER write her homework assignments in a book the school provided and CONSTANTLY would say she had no homework. I contacted the teacher & asked her if there was ANY WAY at ALL she could post one assignment for me to show her I would know everyday what she was to do. It was a only to be “scare” tactic for my niece. 😆 The teacher posted it on the wall that ALL parents would see. To my SURPRISE over half the parents told the teacher they appreciated it & it was helpful. I’m so proud of OUR TEACHERS and YOUR APP for helping SOOO MANY PEOPLE. THANK YOU Melinda

Getting less useful with each update. This app used to be really useful for communicating with the teachers. It seems like with every update they make the part where you can communicate and discuss things less and less visible and the reward system more and more in the forefront. I feel like it’s a great place for teachers to give rewards. I don’t feel like it should be the main purpose for parents to give their rewards. We don’t reward good behavior in the house because good behavior is expected. They have now made the conversations button a tiny little button in the top corner. Very inconvenient. It was much better when it was down on the main bar at the bottom. I hope they read some of these reviews because surely I am not the only one that feels that way.

Phenomanal app; Beyond features BEYOND WORTH IT. I can’t say enough great things about this app. We got it because of elearning and I literally purchased the the beyond year by accident- and it was the best mistake I’ve made all year. This is a great incentive program for my kids. They respond wonderfully to the rewards system and love the activities that are supplements in-app, such as the read along vooks and “brushing your teeth” song. If you’re on the fence, don’t be. This has made my life coping at home with two kids under 6 so much more manageable and routine streamlined. My kids literally hop out of bed, make their bed, get dressed, brush their teeth, and feed their pets with enthusiasm for earning class dojo points. Yours likely will too!

New Dojos parent.. I’m so excited about this new and upcoming school year. My son’s teacher invited me to join Dojo classroom. I was so clueless on what to expect. I will say that progress has been satisfactory up to now. I’m on board to explore all new things especially concerning my child. I’ve learned that it is a really cool way to reach out to your child’s teacher. Should I have something urgent, I need help with involving my child. Dojo’s classroom is at my fingertips. I truly believe this is a phenomenal advantage of utilizing dojo classroom. Simply, because my world revolves around my children. Also, I have the pleasure of navigating important transportation issues such as adjustments and last minute changes. Thanks for reading.. Sincerely, a proud parent!!

I’m pretty mad about what just happened. I’m in middle school and most of my teachers use class dojo during the pandemic. Most of my work is done on the website instead of the app on the phone since it is easier to switch tabs for school work. While I stood up late to finish up some work that took me hours, my progress reset out of nowhere. It’s absolutely pathetic to me that that happened. If this can be fixed where I am trying to switch tabs for school work without having to worry about my progress deleting then please fix this somehow. I stood up all night trying to finish some work and it went away. This is stressing me out so much because I stood up all night just to finish it and get some sleep but now I’m going to have to re do all of my work putting a lot of pressure on myself and stress. I’m also now worrying about the progress resetting. Please fix this. The app is great but I am just really mad about what just happened which is why it’s a 1 star rating, even though in general it is a 4-5.

ClassDojo keeps a running record of data!. I’ve been using class dojo for years and I keep all my previous classes archived. I thankful for this because I had an incident involving a student hurt on campus four years ago. I am no longer at that school and I have no access to all the accident report I wrote. Long story short, The parents of that student is now swing the school and I got subpoenaed to give statements about the accident. I completely forgot all the details but thanks to ClassDojo, I was able to retrieve my messages written to the parents and I have now have full knowledge of what I said and what I wrote because of the record on class dojo.

Easy way to communicate with my kid’s teacher.. We love ClassDojo. The speech therapist in my son class suggest us to use ClassDojo to communicate. When the teach share the picture/clip of my son at school, it makes me feel happy. It’s fast and easy app to use. I hope all the teacher will use it to communicate with the parents. I’m happy with the App. However, I have some suggestions. I think if you can make it to communicate as a group that we can discuss and see the same message at the same time, it would be nice. My husband has one account and I have another account. Seem like the teacher have to post 2 times for both of us. If we can make a room as a team so we can discuss same things with many people who involved as a team, teacher, speech therapist, OT and parents in one shot. Could you please try to make it happen....Thank you,

Great tool, but needs some improvement. I have used Class Dojo for my eldest daughter when in prek and again now in 1st grade. While it is a great communication tool between teacher/school and parents, there are some minor improvements that could make it better. First, there is not a notification when there is a “story” added. I get notifications on direct messages from the teacher, but I have no clue when a “story” is added unless I randomly check the app throughout the day. Second, I cannot remove past teachers from the message log. I still have her prek teacher on her message list and while it’s not that big of a deal, it kind of throws me off. Other than that, I’m sure updates will be made regularly to keep up improvement. For those of us doing distance learning this year, class dojo is our lifeline!

Costs money. Firstly, I’m disappointed that my daughter’s public school is trying to push an app that costs money. If you want to do anything useful or let your kid do anything fun on this app then you better believe you are paying for it. And it’s not like it’s just 2 or 3 bucks either, it’s ridiculously expensive for the small amount of services it provides. But all of this alone would be forgivable, if they would just STOP sending me notifications. I deleted the entire app off my device and I am still receiving notifications a full year and a half later. I had no intentions of writing a review for this crap app, I was just going to let it go. But you keep harassing me, so I hope people read this and don’t bother wasting their time with it. When a public school teacher tells you to download the app and use it just be aware that the school is not paying for it, and the basic free part of the app is as good as useless.

Integrated collaboration. What I love of Class Dojo is the user friendly solutions, empowering oneself and empowering online learning collaboration for achieving positive success from anywhere. Filling up the student electronic portfolio, working at home efficiently and effectively empowering as a XXI Century workforce since early childhood with awareness and safety for all. Zero risks for servicing public services when collaboration is required from global workforce at each global location. Optimizing the student’s success with wellness collaboration solutions with a whole positive collaboration from the top: Principal, Assistant Principal, co-teachers, librarían, counseling services, parents and students, integrated as ONE to serve each student’s needs effectively and efficiently. Thank you very much! Blessed technology and innovation solutions of the XXI Century!

Bad app design and feature lacking. My biggest gripe with this app is lack of modern features. How hard would it be to add notification customization? I personally don’t want to be notified when other teachers or school staff post nonsense on the Instagram style timeline. Why can’t the developers have options to only notify me when something important happens, like a direct message or a post by my child’s actual teacher. The only notification options are through iOS itself and that’s just on or off. Also, let the user choose if they want email notifications on top of app notifications. This overly general notification style is outdated and makes me want to turn notifications completely off. But, of course I can’t turn notifications off because then I’ll miss a rare post that I actually need to be notified of. For an app that’s used nationwide by schools, it’s disappointing that the parent company can’t find a better app developing team to bring this app into the 2018s.

Being generous with 3 stars…. We have challenges with the user friendliness of this app often. My child’s name is misspelled. It doesn’t update well. Sometimes my child has 2 accounts and sometimes just 1. Right now the one I use in my cell is “grayed out” so I can only get in through the App Store! Around here teachers use it as they want so 1 year his teacher uses a lot and well and the next year his teacher doesn’t use at all. And I have to see the “buy the upgrade garb” all the time even though I don’t want it (or I don’t want to have to pay for something not being used regularly). I’d really like to remove dojo so I can utilize that phone space better but I can’t. Honestly, this school system has a couple of apps they could be using that would be WONDERFUL and very helpful but they don’t?!?! Anyway best to all.

Not satisfied with app. I am not very impressed with this app. I don’t like the fact that one family has the option to have more things available to them just because they can purchase it. I like how the app is being used by teachers and families by having easy communication, enabling families to view pictures and see things that are happening in the classroom, and all of the things like that. However, there are many more areas available if it is purchased. I don’t think that should be offered at all. Everyone should be able to access all of the same things, there shouldn’t be anything available to purchase, nor should there be anything that can be construed by the students as some having more than others.

Great form of communication. With my child transitioning from a familiar preschool to going to a new school (as in new build) and being promoted to K I was nervous. But the school providing this app as a way to keep in contact with the teachers and your child is comforting. To add, open communication with not just her teachers but with the administration and other parents as well. Followed by getting fingertip updates of my child’s development is definitely a major plus as well. The only downfall is to pay for the app in order to have complete and full access to all the tools the app has to offer. The same way the teacher is able to reward the students, as parents we can too for a fee! Other than that, it’s a great to use. Thanks for designing it for us. It brings so much comfort and communication!

Whom this may Concern. I love all the valuable information I appreciate the hard work and dedication first hand on from Dr Morris one whom we all should appreciate he stays on top of his staff and he awaits the arrival of our children to lead them and love them each and every day. There’s not a sniffle that goes unnoticed we as parents and grand parents are covered like a blanket with the updates of all that Beacon elementary does it helps us as parents to be involved on a daily basic. The safe feeling of being aware of all activities our children are involved in means everything in this day and hour it’s also necessary. Thanks to Class Dijo we don’t feel left out. Thank you from Mrs G

Pretty good, some improvements needed. I’ve been using this app for about three years now. I think it’s great that my son’s music, art and Spanish teachers are using the app as well as his main teachers. I love being able to reach out to them at any time and they are very good at responding. However, I would like the option to unfollow posts and stories from previous teachers. Even though they have archived their class and I can’t message them, I still see their new posts this year mixed in with his current teachers’ posts and it gets confusing since the previous teacher’s posts are irrelevant to my child. I would also like the option to download pics, interact with other parents in my child’s class. Other than, keep the updates coming, you guys are doing great!

Some easy fixes needed. I’m a teacher, and my school uses this app exclusively. I like features like messaging and recording videos to communicate with parents. These are fairly quick and easy. However there are some annoying facets that I think would be easy to fix and make Dojo more user- friendly. 1. Allow teachers to edit and organize classes. I’m a music teacher, so I am a co-teacher with 21 classes, but they’re all disorganized. I wish I could group them together into the order in which I see them. 2. Allow teachers to move student avatars in the app. I would find this very useful in creating seating charts for my 21 classes. Right now, I have to toggle between Dojo and another app for the seating charts. Let’s get this all in one app please! 3. When recording a video, allow teachers to turn their camera to landscape view. As it is now, if I rotate my iPad sideways, Dojo keeps the video in the same portrait orientation. I’ve learned the hard way (and embarrassingly) that the app won’t rotate the video. 4. Allow cut and paste functions. I sometimes send the same message to multiple classes, but I have to re-type every time. Also, I can’t figure out how to send a message to my co-teacher. Please add them to the list of possible recipients!

Love this app!. I have been a loyal Class Dojo user for many years. It is a great way to communicate with parents as well as help manage behavior. I have encouraged many of my coworkers to make the switch and those that haven’t yet wish they had at the start of the new school year. I would love to have an option to edit points by entering numbers. I have my students cash in their points for different things and it is always a hassle to reset their points and then add back their “change”. Example, one student had 36 points and wanted to cash in for something that was 20 points. After resetting the points, I then had to add back one point at a time until it got to 16. It would be nice to be able to manually enter points instead of having to do one at a time.

Stop pushing Plus down my throat!. I don’t want to pay - and shouldn’t have to pay - for what’s essentially a school-mandated app. Your tactics for pushing me to buy are downright bullish, with the app barely usable without pay, not even mentioning the outrageous price. I have used many apps over the years, most free apps with in-app purchase options, and never have I experienced this level of greediness from an app meant to help parents, children and teachers. I get it, we all need money, but I despise opening up this app because I can’t stand the pushing and the uselessness of the app’s very limited free accessibility. I consider the value-add of your app not worth anything more than maybe a $0.99 one-time fee, and that’s only because the school requires it, I would never willingly pay for this. I have many apps that offer worlds more functionality with their base free versions than what your overpriced app offers with full access. Stop exploiting struggling parents.

Father :. Hi Mam , I’m looking forward to being pro active in Michael’s 2022 school season . I have been alienated from my children’s lives concerning false and unsubstantiated allegations from the mother and her removing the children from their birth home . Michael is currently enduring complications concerning this parental disconnect . I am currently petitioning for equal time for both my children and quite possibly physical custody. Please note that Michael may display signs of stressors in regards. I ask that you are made aware of this concern and that you assist in Michael’s mental health screening and help to continue his therapy with in the school psychologist continuing from last year? I’m looking forward to meeting with you . Sincerely Mike Betanzos Jr….. I’m great full for your time . Thanks

Really is an amazing app!. I love this app so much for my first grader! I couldn't imagine life without it now! It's so nice to pop on here occasionally throughout the day to see how things are going. I especially love how the teachers can post pictures of the children and you see them immediately! I love being able to see my baby while he's at school! And even though he's rotten at times it's a great way to be able to communicate with his teacher! And all of his other teachers as well! It helps me be able to be in great contact and from the comfort of my home! I would recommend this app to any parent if their school participates with it, is the next best thing to being a fly on the wall!

Beyond school is not great. I love using this tool as a teacher. I was so excited when they released the beyond school feature and was ready to pay the subscription price. However, as a parent, you can’t assign negative points to “needs work” actions. While I get that positive reinforcement is the point, it seems a bit heavy handed to remove this capability altogether. It instead tells you to take a minute to discuss the behavior with your child and even goes so far as to set a minute timer. Since we use a point system in our house to purchase privileges, the inability to punish bad behavior at all makes this app not very useful for us. We will continue using the app called Privilege Points, which fulfills all of these needs, but is only available on IOS.

When. Company wants money and the quality changes. I loved this app when it originally came out because it keeps me up to date, my son created his monster and I get to stay in touch with my 1st sons teachers. It was awesome when it was basic but now all this extra dumb crap had been added so they can receive money. It’s not fair to my kids coming after my first that won’t be able to customize a character or certain tools that were free are being charged. I can’t customize girl creature for her because you want us to pay you for it. This app is not that valuable, this was also a suggestion from the school. Pretty soon this app is going to charge money for keeping in contact with the teachers and receiving basic updates. There not that much freedom in this app anymore. I’m sorry the moment you started asking for money you showed your greed and I don’t appreciate that.

Total Awesomeness!!. This app is absolutely my favorite app on my phone!! It allows me to talk with my child’s teacher in real time like I am texting a friend!! I ask a question and 15-30 at the most I have an answer instead of have to wait half if not till the end of the day!! She can also share photos and her day to day classroom progress in a flash!! And my kid has asthma so if she is having issues it is so fast and easy for her to shot me a message to let me know she is having an attack!! This app is full of awesomeness I could go on for two more pages!! You must check it out if you like to be update to date about your child’s education or if your a teacher wanting an super easy way to communicate and share with parents!!

Not worth the money. Most of the reviews are only about the school side so don’t believe this app is a five star app!!! I tried the trial thinking the home side of this app was like the school side as far as points. It is not. If you are like me and would like your child to understand consequences of bad behavior as well as what happens with good behavior this app is not for you. For the school side you can give and take points and see them in the report. In the home side to take points is to erase the good (in the report) that your child has done. This means that in the report you can no longer see the good that your child has done and the report will look like all that is there is bad marks. I have cancelled my subscription and chosen to just creat my own point system at my house. Don’t forget the school side is free to parents. This app is not worth the money and I urge people not to subscribe until they fix this issue.

It was fine at first. Our school uses this app for students. At first it was awesome! We could “applaud” good behavior and it allowed parental involvement. But as the year progressed and the app repeatedly updated its limited parents to JUST seeing what dojo points their child’s gotten without allowing any response from home at all unless you upgrade to the paid premium subscription, which is utter nonsense. I get developers wanting to make money but this app is a fundamental link between home and school. Why repeatedly fix and alter things that were fine to begin with?! I honestly am hoping the school catches wind of this and finds a more parental friendly application to use at this point. The changes have made the app less than user friendly and requiring a subscription service to do anything other than see how your child is doing during the day isn’t acceptable at all.

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