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Toca Blocks App Description & Overview

What is toca blocks app? Toca Blocks is a unique world-building app that lets you create worlds, play in them and share them with friends. Where will your imagination take you?

Construct worlds and fill them with your own adventurous paths. Craft detailed obstacle courses, intricate race tracks or floating islands. Meet the characters and discover their unique abilities as you take them though your world.

Explore the blocks’ attributes by merging blocks together to transform them into something else. Learn their characteristics — some are bouncy, some are sticky, some turn into beds, diamonds, turds or other surprises! Combine blocks to change their color and pattern and give your design that magical feel. The more you learn about the blocks, the more inspiration for your creations you will find!

Save and share all the great work you’ve put into your worlds. Use the camera function to snap a photo. Share unique Blocks codes with family and friends so they can import your world and explore it themselves! Or import your friends’ worlds and make them part of your own!

- Combine blocks to create new materials and patterns!
- Build with 60+ quirky items
- Create as many worlds as you want — there’s no limit!
- Snap photos of your work and share their unique Blocks codes so friends and family can import your world.
- Get codes from others and import their worlds into your own!
- Meet the heroes and discover their superpowers.
- Remove blocks with the eraser head.
- Use the pencil tool to help you create many blocks in one go!
- Get exclusive content on the in-app Club Blocks channel: watch videos, download photos and import new worlds!
- Open gameplay with no rules or stress
- Kid-friendly interface
- No third-party advertising
- No in-app purchases


At Toca Boca, we believe in the power of play to spark kids’ imaginations and help them learn about the world. We design our products from the kids' perspective to empower kids to be playful, to be creative and to be who they want to be. Our products include award-winning apps that have been downloaded more than 150 million times in 215 countries and offer fun, safe, open-ended play experiences. Learn more about Toca Boca and our products at

Privacy is an issue that we take very seriously. To learn more about how we work with these matters, please read our privacy policy:

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App Name Toca Blocks
Category Education
Updated 29 March 2024, Friday
File Size 63.07 MB

Toca Blocks Comments & Reviews 2024

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Awesome !. Toca blocks is a very fun game, the only improvement I think that should be done is for the big pink hamster to walk instead of skip

Toca blocks is amazing. First of all let’s talk about the PeopIe they are sooooo cute!!! I love how you can do anything you want with this game you can build anything you want I love that about this game... one of my favorite things about this game is that their are real life things that help you live in real life. And that is it for my review and little shoutout to that one person that said that this game was bad plz don’t hate on him/her that is just their opinion ok!!

Good but add. Could you add some new characters or add babies/toddlers that you can actually fed to grow up add a thing where you could play multiplayer with friends I know you work hard but I love it so far 1 more thing is you should make a book where you keep all the things that you made so far would be great anyway that’s all I have thank you bye

THIS IS THE BEST GAME THAT APPEARED IN MY LIFE. So, I was scrolling through the Toca Boca apps page and I saw Toca Blocks. I asked my mom or dad if I could have it but my mom said watch the trailer and explain it with dad. He said yes! I was so excited! My dad downloaded it and it took a few minutes to download. After it downloaded. I was excited to try it. I combined blocks first and after days of playing and combining, I finally got all the combinations. You can build whatever you want! From obstacle courses to puzzle worlds, it’s amazing and I also like the characters and their abilities. The limit is your imagination honestly. No in-app purchases!!! That’s my favorite part! I also built a giant world that has everything you can do!

Fantastic!. It's a very good game! If you have a very smol phone then it may be stuffy. But you'll get used to the game. It's very fun! I think it's worth the money. If you download this game and you think it's good write a review! I hope everyone will think it's a good game even more then good FANTASTIC! Although I think they should add stuff. 1. They should add where you can name the world. Anything but that it's 100%! 💗💗 Love you toca boca! I think this is a good game and I'm only 7! Anyway great game 👍! 😋

It’s good but I need a few changes. I stand in this game is right but it’s a little bit so like you know when after Murray my am dying timetable timetable that like very boring after it when I when I wanna play Toca Blocks it does it has to says it needs to update so please will you please make it to update once a year but I have some other changes to me do you know how they look like they’re only three characters how about like five I’ll be better or maybe four 444 not 44 or not four for 5000 I mean like how about five or three but maybe how about four that’s much better don’t mind that other 54,000 does 55,000 million objects because I don’t know how that got it and I’m recording this right now though because I don’t know how to write all of this I can’t right I can’t right as I don’t know what I don’t know I don’t know how to write another right I don’t know how to write really so but thank you otherwise better in the grass let’s make some different color grasses and some extra blocks let’s make some like there should be a computer so I love you I love this game and keep keep working on to make this game the best game last yearMy name is you this is a very long so you might want to do you don’t have to read all of it by I love

Creative. If you are creative, then this is the app for you. It’s great! You can figure out combinations and make items, and use items to build anything!

This app is bad.....PLEASE READ. Im sorry if you dont agree with me but this app, honestly, creeps me out. Its boring to me and the characters are weird. Everyone else gave this 5 stars and im sorry but i dont agree. Toca has done SO much better on apps and this is probably their worst. I deleted this app and im glad i did. Again im very sorry if you hate me for this. I have all the toca life apps and they are AMAZING!! Toca is very talented but they messed up on this one. Thank you for reading and i DO NOT recommend this😒

I totally.... love it!?🙂😁😄😂. This game is so much fun! But one thing. Why do you have to make the other stuff by using the blocks? Why could you just put those things already ready for you? WHY?!?! PLS, FIX IT! Ok, back to my review. When I see worlds already crafted for you, it inspires you. But sometimes, it’s challenging to make. But toca, thank you so much for making this game! Ok, byeee!

Five Stars!. I love this game! You can build whatever you want and customize it however you want! One of my recommendations is to add customizable people to make make it even more fun!

Very amazing and fun!. ... and cute! I mean, who doesn't love this app? I saw one single review that said this game was bad! I don't believe any of the negative reviews they say to toca boca. I mean, toca boca is 😜. Any way, let's get to what I'm going to say about the app. First of all, I love the characters and how they have their own personalities( bird: clumsy, cat: serious, fat rabbit: clumsy, funny, climbing ability) and their all hilarious when they dance on the dance block! The blocks are creative and do different things! It's way better than games like minecraft. In other games you can make your own levels and those games make you do stuff but this doesn't do that which is awesome!!!!!!! I just got this game on Thursday but I have fallen in love with it I couldn't wait just to play this game after school! Nice and awesome, as always! Ps. The bird is a girl. my friend Olivia from school told me that she also has this😊😊😊

I love it but.... I love this game my sister and I made a bunch of worlds but we wish we could play it together and add on to each others worlds so can you please make it so we can share worlds?

It’s Amazing. The game is fun but you should add some features like the characters should be able to sleep on the bed and you should make a night and day feature

Awesome game I wish for this though. So i really want to make a bed for my characters and i don’t know how so I really want for it to tell you how to make it.

Aᴍᴀᴢɪɴɢ!. This is such a good game! Me and my friends play all the time! This brings me joy and got me through tough times, Thank you.

Love it!. I love it and it’s so cute too! Like it can dance too I can’t believe it haves dancing plus you can make your own mini world 😍

Toca Blocks is the best game I’ve played in my life!!. I have been playing all day! And you make your own world you make any thing you want! It mite be 3.99 but it’s worth it!! Get it right now! I’m begging you!

really fun. it’s really fun to learn all of the different combinations for the blocks but I would love if there was a key that tells you how to make some of them. Other than that, this game will get your kids creative and build whatever they want!

I’m happy.. This game is still just as good as it was when I used to play it when I was younger, and now I’m able to play it again. 10/10 would recommend, especially as a therapeutic pass time.

Update pls!. This app is a super fun app. It’s almost like a 2d version of mine craft except the graphics are better. After awhile this game can get boring. I wish they would update this game to make it so u can name the world like one person said and add an encyclopedia to all the blocks u create like some also said make it so that when u go in a door there’s a button u can press to delete all the blocks and I want them to make it so other people can come to your world and it could be public. I made an aport and I’m making an amusement park and it would be so much more fun if other people could come! I do still love this app but it would be so much more fun if they updated it!

Aesthetically pleasing. Ok, so I first had this game when I was 9. It was really enjoyable, but at the time, I really only liked it for the game mechanics. I downloaded this app today for a nostalgia rush, and i think I’m keeping the app. The game’s visuals really hit my aesthetic spot.

Great but needs a bit more to it. I played the game in my dads car and it was awesome and fun but it did not have sound settings.👍🏽👎

Wonderful but room for improvement.... I love this app, it took me a while to warm to but now I don't want to play anything else! Just a few suggestions: 1. A way to name worlds would be perfect. My first world is getting crowded and I would like to make a second world, but just going on the image that I see, I cannot tell which world is the one I want. Just a simple way to write "Carolyn's world" would be wonderful. It's also great if you have a family tablet that 3 kids share. Lol 😂 2. A block/item encyclopedia would be cool, it would show all the blocks and items you've made and what blocks you used to make it. That way if you create one with a really cool pattern, you could go to your encyclopedia and figure out what combination you used if you wanted to use it again. 3. A hint system for items that require more than 2 blocks to build. All in all, a wonderful addition to the Toca Boca series of apps. Love you, Toca Boca!!!

Plz read. Ok first off I LOVE THIS GAME and it’s so awesome 😎 and I hate the people that say this game is bad becase it’s not I mean the people that say the game is bad that’s there opinion but still this game is not bad I don’t like that it’s money 💰 but I mean I understand why this game was money all of the really fun and awesome and amazing games are money so that’s why this game was money but over all I’m trying to say this game is amazing and fun and awesome so ya bye 👋

Nice! 👍🏻. Okay, I just got the app today, and it was great! I loved this game because the characters, graphics, and blocks (of course!), looked amazing! I also have a suggestion, can you please let us make our own dimensions when you go into the door? And can you please add more blocks And add more characters to play with? By all that, this is a great game!

Wow! Cannot believe my eyes!. My son loves this game, he is five. He has made a train, a giant soda bottle, a pirate ship, a bed, and all kinds of interesting lands. He made jam sandwich land. I didn't think he was making it at first and am surprised at the creativity he has when he plays. Add more fun things like the happy poos! Highly recomend.

Don’t change a thing. Be proud of yourself cuz well this game is awesome. I’d just say thanks for the game No one can beat this game just look at it it’s a masterpiece Is what I think . Please respond

LOVE THIS GAME. WORTH THE PRICE. A few suggestions!. Ok so I tried to write a review but I clicked send a million times and it didn't send so I'm trying this again. (I don't know if it did send, so if there's several of my reviews on here I apologize for sending so many) Ok I love this app as much as I love toca life world and all the toca life series. This app is great and one of my fav toca boca apps. I'm ten and think this game is really fun! Worth the price. A few suggestions! 1: A few more characters! This game has only three characters and I think that adding more would be a higher level of fun. Also maybe being able to make new characters, and being able to customize them (like being able to make outfits for them, and all that stuff) 2: Also, maybe adding pets! You could have sidekicks or "buddy's" that accompany a character on its many adventures! You could make them there unique animal when you get a character (again, I suggest more characters) or you could choose. This app has great potential, but a few changes have to be made! Love this app besides the fact that a few changes would be helpful, it so worth the price. I enjoy your creative modes! Keep up the good work toca boca! Can't wait for your next app!

Minecraft, but very simple. Fun!. Even after 7 years, I find this game really fun and creative. From its quirky characters (A pink hamster, a green cat, and a black bird? It’s kinda hard to tell) to it’s room for creativity with MANY blocks and objects at your disposal to create various things. I myself think this game is great! Others may not agree as it has its limitations. One thing that I find fun is the EXPERIMENTATION! There is so much stuff to discover, you could spend hours uncovering the combinations of everything! I also like how each individual character has different abilities, speeds and jump heights. While there is no mining or crafting, it’s a fun game to discover your creativity.

It Is Not Worth So Much Money.... ... It is a very cute game, but had barely anything to do in it. It can be fun, but it is not worth 4 dollars! I do not recommend getting it if you are trying not to waste money. Overall it is a cute, fun app to play but costs a lot for the little things it can do.

let us make our own Charcters. This game is so fun and I love the building BUT… I wish you could create and customize characters that would make it so fun if you can plsss add that

Amazing but PLEASE do this...... I love it! But can you PLEASE add a Crocodile? That can swim in the Water and it always Crawls? But I kinda want it to do something Unusual.... Like Climb, or something! And if you're wondering... " But how would it go up Blocks? " Easy! It can Slither up! It would be the BEST thing EVER if you did this! This is my Dream! Please and Thank you..!

Best game you could ever imagine. I am nine years old and I still love playing Toca games I have bought so many over the years and I love them still toco blocks is one of my favorite along with hair salon three Toca blocks is so much fun be able being able to build my own houses teleport all around the world I just love it it’s the great Game you could ever imagine

Great app! But I would really like this feature added. I love every Toca app Because they involve art and being able to have full creativity with what you’re making like Toca life world and Toca hair salon and this one is especially one of my favorites there’s only one thing that I’d really appreciate you addingAnd that is a special feature in the realm that you go into when you click on the door I’d really appreciate it if you could add a button that allows you to get rid of every block in that room so you can make your own colorful grass or just use the normal grass to create a whole new round that you can build and I’m working on getting rid of every block in the realm but it’s gonna take a really long time because it is really huge so if you can make a button that would get rid of every block in that realm so you can have a whole new dimension in the building that would be super cool especially since you won’t have to spend all that time getting rid of every single block so you can have a new dimension thank you for reading and please consider adding this it would be really helpful

Ok I know this seems silly but just stick with me. The app is amazing 5/5 love it. So much to do and create. I just this when you enter through teleporting doors the worlds should be different. But anyway I wanted to give a suggestion for an app. I call it Toca Worlds. Your a little character who starts out on a planet (that you would name) and you get to create it. You get in a spaceship and explore more planets, and collect stuff from those plantets like aliens and just materials and bring them back to your planet and expirement with them to make objects and cool things to decorate your planet with and use throughout the game. You should be able to meet new creatures too.I think that would be so cool! Thank you, love your games so much and I think this game would be so good. 😁😄😄

Great Game Toca!. OK, I love this game! It’s so creative and there are so many ways to build! I have a few questions/complaints - Could you have a recipe book for not only retrieving the blocks you made, but knowing how you made them? Is it possible to add in a disabling button for the abilities so the cat doesn’t destroy every build? Also . . . WHY DOES THIS GAME COST FOUR DOLLARS THESE STUPID TOCA GAMES ARE SO EXPENSIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Alright, that’s it! This is just my opinion, but you can change whatever you like! Thanks and have a great day! 😺

AMAZING APP, I have a few suggestions though. I absolutely adore this app. If you want to get it but aren’t sure yet this is me telling you get this!!!! I love it so so so much. I definitely have a few suggestions to make it even better. I make these obstacle courses that are kinda hard to transport the characters. You could also make more characters and blocks.

Great. Hi! I think this is what you should add. When someone enters the app you should ask the age so you know what level they should be on. Like if a parent says their kid is 2, then you should make it easy for them. If you entered the wrong age, go to the settings and ask for when the parent was born. Then you can enter the age. Or you could make levels 1 to 9, and make a choice to do freestyle. The last thing is that you should add is make a choice for 2D and 3D. Thank you! Please add these things!

One problem. Ok I love toca boca games I’m 10 and I still play the, (I’ve been playing them since I was four) and this is a fun one! There’s one problem though, sometimes when I play it kicks me out.. not a lot tho just wanted to share that!

Toca Blocks Update. I loved the new update! This game is definitely worth the money, especially for anyone under 9, but everyone can enjoy!

Wonderful app🤩. This app is great! Once I started I couldn’t stop! I do have a few suggestions. I think there should be more characters. For the green guy I think you should remove the fact that he breaks a wall because when I do a role play it is really annoying. Overall, I love this game!!!!😊🥳

Amazing But for one thing. i really like this game but i really want doors to lead to different dimensions like for the only one existing you could place another door and it'll lead to a different dimension and so on and so fourth, other then that i really have no complaints!

Ninodoodle u are just WRONG. Ninodoodle This is amazing and that was just your opinion. Do not put “I don’t recommend this” because it is just a opinion. The characters are cute and this is a great and kid friendly game. Only thing that creeps me out is the music but what ever. This is just my opinion and I’m sorry I don’t agree with you.

Like it. (WARING I MAY MISPELL THINGS)I love this game!!! you get to do soo meany things I love how you can add two blocks together and BAM a new block/thing I love every thing about this game!!!! I think it deserves WAY more attention

AMAZING but something is wrong with the game. Yes OF COURSE I love this game but now the sky is yellow and doesn’t work. It used to be fine, but now it’s not fine anymore. Maybe it’s just a minor bug or glitch?

Make online. I like the game but you start to get lonely please add online so you can play with friends add them as a friend. communicate with them to please

THIS GAME IS SOOO AMAZING!!!😱😃. I love Toca Boca games and when I saw Toca Blocks had come out, I was enthusiastic to try it! This game was sooooo worth the money. It’s creative, fun, and the only limit is your imagination. You don’t have to pay for anything apart from the game it’s self. There is so much you can create! I have made five completely diverse different worlds and obstacle courses that are almost as much fun to play in as they were to create! This is a game for anyone who loves to be creative and build amazing worlds.

AMAZING! especially for road trips ;D. I have to go across states every now and again for many different reasons and this app is so time consuming! It doesn’t really kill your battery but does dry it up a little but that’s ok.

Incredible. I love this game so much I’m still playing it even though I’m 8 now. It’s also cool that there’s a bunch of blocks u can use to create things and I like building stuff inside it. This game is even more fun than Minecraft. I just came here to say that I love this game.

Good, could be better.... The game is amazing, and has many unique qualities and has great graphics, but, I think you should add a feature to make your own characters, people I mean. Maybe even make Biomes, like in some other games. Weapons and survival mode would be amazing. Otherwise, the game is so amazing and the quality is amazing. The game’s features are amazing and plentiful... Please add changes and please. I have played most of the Toca Boca games and they are amazing. Go Toca Boca!

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Amazing app. I was looking for an app that I could play with my little sister, and I came across this app! I made really fun games for her to play in the different worlds that I created. I loved finding more resources to use, making my game, and playing my game. This app lets you do soo many things. The creators definitely deserve a round of applause! Thank you

GREAT GAME I 💖 IT. I was watching ld shadow lady and as soon as I saw this game I bought it worth the money but it's a shame that it costs so much BUT IT DOESNT MEAN I DONT LIKE IT I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😝🤘🏻☺️💕💕💕💕💜💜💜💜💙💙💙💚💚💚💛❤️❣💘💞💝💓💜💙💚💛❤️💗💖❣💕💘💞💝💓💟❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣

EPIC GAME🌟✨💫🌟. This game is epic but It can be funner if it was multiplayer so I am giving this 4 stars love the game

Toca blocks. I wanted this game for so long but I finally got it but I got disappointed that we couldn’t play with friends so can you please add a tab where we can play with friends please

Great Game 😘. I think it is a Great game.❤️ I recommend this game if you are a creative person.❤️ 5-10 ❤️ I hope you enjoy ❤️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️😝😝😝😝😝🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸😘😘😘😘😘❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️

How do you make a bed. How do you make bed

My world keeps crashing!. Every time i go into my world that i built heaps in always crashes but when I make a different one its fine please help i put alot of time in it

Boring and a waste of money. I was excited at first because I saw LDshadowlady and Smallishbeans play it but once I actully played it I was so bored. I wasted $6:99 on this game that I hated in the 2 minutes I brought it

Toca Boca Blocks. I have liked all the toca boca apps, and this one looked challenging and fun until the kids starting making poos and pressing them to make wind. Then they found bombs. I am going to have to delete it.

SUPER KAWAII!!!. I love this app I think it's the best toca boca app that has been released it is definitely worth the money!!!!

Not what I expected. I thought it would be cool but I was wrong.It really isn't that fun but it is in a way.

Good but...... This game is really good but after awhile it starts to get a little boring. It's a really fun game tho, the controls r really easy.t this is a really cute game but I think it's a little to expensive as well. 😏😶😬

GREAT! But a few problems.... I LOVE this app, but there are a few things that really bug me. No.1 multiplayer.? There is no multiplayer mode in the game and i think it really needs one since loads of people would love to play with their friends. No.2 build mode? Yes i know there is kind of a build mode, but even when your out of it you randomly move blocks when you use your fingers too move. If your like me and you constantly play video games like minecraft, roblox etc i’m sure your used too moving things *freely* with your hands but its really restricting and makes you only use the little colourful ball. No.3 names. I find it really annoying that you cant name your worlds. Lots of people might have tones of worlds and it would be really annoying if you cant find it if there’s no names. Just a simple ‘what would you like to name your world’ in a little box would be great even! Yes i know i’ve wrote a lot already but theres one more thing... No.4 custom blocks/characters. I think it would be a really cool idea if we could make our own blocks, as well as our own avatars! It would make people feel like they had more control over the world and make it s little more fun! I might add another 1 or 2 bugs or possible future updates that they could add, but the app is overall great and i would recommend buying it!!! subscribe to my youtube! -astxrism- Bai!

I love it!!!. As soon as i watched ldshadowladys vid I had to get this creative wonerful super amazing cool game I just had to say what wonderful creative makers of toca blocks Today all my friends loved it when I show them so yeah I’d love To see more updates to it so pls do so. Bye thanks for making the wonderfull game!

GREAT GAME. I bought this as soon as I saw LDshadowlady play this, I think this game is awesome, but I wish u could have all the really all weird blocks U make on the side when u discover them, and not only the main crazy blocks, also it would be great if u could make it multiplayer and explore other people's worlds, and u get to create ur character

Things to add in. I was playing Toca blocks with my friend and she asked if she could play I said that it cost money and there is no multiplayer so if you could please add in multiplayer.Tysm

Amazing app!. I downloaded this When I saw Lizzie's (LDShadowLady) Video I love this app but maybe add more stuff inside like ladders or Cups I only played a while I don't know all the things I swear hope you make more apps there awesome! If you read this, thanks for reading!

Great game. I ❤️ this game but it is just the icon for the game won't show up on my screen witch is disappointing but still great game I carnt wait for the updates

Awesome game I love it from Jennifer/icycat. When u make new blocks can they be saved. Also I really like this game when I saw the YouTube video I was like omg this is awesome game I want it so I brought a gift card and brought it but I had to wait since December 15th it felt like a long time but finally it was out i played it for 2 hours it's so awesome but can. U add more caricters sorry for bad writing I'm 9 years old I just don't know all the words yet I have all the toca Boca apps if there's a new app I have to get it because the games are I awesome and some are cute and fun I love this app i really do plz make more apps I rely like the malls I like the apps picture and style u do a lot of hard work on them so I love toca see ya next time on the next app ummmm when it comes out if there is one :) 😀🐾🐾🐾🐶🐻🐱

So like the game is good and all but like.... It’s just Toca Craft

Good but glitch. I found this glitch where the character moves one side with control but besides that is think it’s a good educational fun game

Great Game. I watched LDshadowLady play this game so I bought it and now it's my favourite game!!!! I love the creativity involved with the game and I'm glad a bought it!!!! Awesome!!!

Please two player!. Please add two player it would be great to make a world with my friends :)

LOVE IT, but more detail.. 😊Hello! It’s me, BrightFire101 but my nickname here is Asuperstar. I’m glad for you to all know I played this game since age 5! First, why do we only build in this game, put some more fun into this. Just like Minecraft, I want to build and have fun. I know that we can use items like real life items, but it really doesn’t do anything to the player.🙁. Well I guess that’s all. Lastly, who sees my upside down smiley face?!? 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙃🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

Add more stuff. This is really cool and I hope you can make an update adding more blocks

Wow. I played this game because of ldshadow lady I begged my parents for it sooooo worth it. this game is super Kawaii.

Fun!:). Would love some new characters but other wise super fun!

Thanks. This game has brought my attention strait after I watched LDshadowladys gameplay and I was more than happy to get this game and see the creativity behind it I'm so excited to see what's next inline with the game franchise

Really cool. I love how you can create different worlds and mix blocks and play. Really great game for all ages!


Not impressed. I mean it is quite good but I got bored very quickly, it is definitely overpriced though. Other Toca Boca games are much better.

🌈🍉BEST GAME EVER🍉🌈. This game is great for creative minds and people who just want to explore worlds!Its a great game and it's weird how everyone watches LDshasowlady and I do to she's inspiring.This app is inspiring I just think u should add multiplayer on the next update and I think a chat too.So u can play with friends and build together!!Other then that luv this app keep up the good work!! P.S LDshadowlady is this best!!🦄🦄🍉🍉🐢🐢

Love it. I downloaded this app when I saw SmallishBeans and Ldshadowlady play this app. I LOVE IT SO MUCH! Well done Toca Boca!

BE AWARE. The Toca range of games are enjoyable for children they are targeted for. BUT be aware that children can use these apps to bypass parental controls on devices and set up social media accounts and be in contact with people they aren’t supposed to be. This is especially a concern for Carers of children who have court ordered contact restrictions or children at risk.

Combining problem. Each time you go to a new world you need to combine all the block sagain to get secondary blocks, it doesn't let you take your progress with you. It's so annoying! You have to take ages at the start of each new world to get the blocks again.

Awesome game but.... They should add new characters or we could make custom characters to make more fun!! And to make it extra fun we should add a friend tab so we can play with friends! More friends=More Fun!

Epic!. The coloured blocks in the game are very cool. I love the dancing block the best. The characters in the game are so, so, so awesome!

Controls are not good. Please fix the controls so that they feel like a traditional platformer! Also add multiplayer! Many people want it!

Epic Game But. This is a great game I would highly recommend it to my friends and family but I think in the next update you should try and make it multiplayer. That's why I rate this game 4 stars!

Some things to add in. I was playing some Toca blocks at a friends house and she asked what I was playing I said I was playing toca blocks. She asked if she could play to but I said there was no multiplayer so I was asking if you guys could please add in multiplayer! It would be so much fun! Ty so much

Things to add 😁. I also watched Lizzie”s vid on this app and really wanted to get this game (but some how I got it 2 years later) this is a great game but I think it needs a little bit more sleeping The beds in the game are fun to bounce on but I feel like there should be a button to use it same with the couch you should be able to sit on it (and the chairs) Food Add more FOOD and maybe add in a little eating animation it will make me happy 😊 Water Can you make it soo that you can put the fish in the water Blocks add MORE BLOCKS (please) Kitchen Ummm why is it that when I try to walk in front of the fridge and the stove I just go behind it??? Well that’s all I have to say I hope this gets added in the next update if you even update the game have a great day ☀️☀️☀️ bye

Supertastic. I love this game! It's awesome! I can't believe how fun it is. the making part is the most fun bit of it.

Perfect but has yellow background glitch. Hello if you are reading this please assure That your iPad is old if not you will not have this problem the glitch is bassicly in the title.

Amazing game. As soon as I saw LDshadowladys Video on this kawaii app i knew i wanted and gladly bought it however my only complaint is that the price is the same across all country's because in Australia it costs more but as for the game itself i can see a lot of potential and cant wait to see how the game changes over the next updates

A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!x100000. Ever since I found this I begged my mum and it's worth it also I watched LDshadowlady play this

αmαzíng. thíѕ gαmє íѕ αmαzíng αnd í gσt thíѕ frσm ldѕhαdσwlαdч вut lσwєr thє prícє ít cσѕt $6.99 ín αuѕѕíє

I LOVE this game. I got this game as soon as I watched LDshadowlady's video. I was soo exited when I got the game. It would be great if you could do multiplayer (like minecraft) and explore other people's worlds. Anyways I still LOVE this game and I've been playing this all week. I love all the Toca Boca apps! I can't wait for the new updates! If you read this, thanks for reading it!😊

Won’t give me the app. So I payed for the game and got it but I keep downloading it and it never downloads so can you somehow give me my money back or make it download if possible?

THIS GAME IS AWESOME!!!. I love this game!!! One of my favourites! Please make it multiplayer?😄

Fun but. The game is fun but I got very boring after.

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UwU. Its Minecraft in a nutshell lol uwu

Awesome. Hey cam you add an undo button? Cause when I mess something up it’s annoying to fix it block by block

ok. you would rather get minecraft. waste of money

Refund?. Pointless

Great. So I think you should add; a new character you can customize, new blocks and items, and multiplayer. And to make the characters faster. But it is a really good game! Very fun.

I love this!. Even though it says ages 6-8,I'm 10 and it's still amusing...I recommend it to everyone who likes Minecraft or other games that let's you be creative!

Great game!!!. I love this game I just got it and am figuring out what blocks make what it’s really fun I totally recommend getting it it’s worth the price just hope they’ll be more people to use

Love this app but. How do I make a bed I really want to make one and I know they just added them

GREAT GAME! UvU. It is a great game I love it and you can make so many stuff like clouds, (storm, rain, snow and normal) tv, chest, bed, vines and more! I didn’t even name half! And to the people that reviewed it’s like Minecraft and it’s a ripoff it’s not! The people are not blocky, your not in 1st person, the characters are not people, there are no mods and you don’t have a crafting table. I have both Minecraft and Toca blocks. That’s a three characters and they are all so cute. I was inspired to get this game from a YouTuber called LDshadowlady. This game is REALY good I recommend it

Play. Learn this play this like this😊

Can u add.... Background blocks a book that shows how to make stuff and customizable characters plz thank you great work! But srsly add that stuff.

The best. The best

great game!. i literally love this game, i’m addicted! it’s a game where you can let out your creative mind to build anything you want. i would suggest getting it! i would love if you added more blocks <3

2 Players!!!. Pretty neat game but please make it so it can be used across multiple devices on multiplayer!!!

Best game ever. Love it I just wish that it didn't cost money Toca Boca please make the games free again please for your fans

!!!Amazing game!. Love it !!!!!!!!!!!!

Great for kids. My six-year-old loves building with this app and combining blocks to make new objects.

I love this!. One word... ...Awesome.

OMG ITS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! XD. I can't believe people want refunds this is the coolest game ever!!!!!!!! But here is some things to improve on and ad in a new update: 1. Let us create our own characters 2. Give us a list of how to make furniture and items 3. Ad more items 4. Make the game so you can see other people's worlds and so you can let other people see your worlds And well other then that this is such a cool game defenetly worth the money!!! 🦄🦄🦄🐶🐱🐭🐹🐰🦁🐯🐨🐼🐻🐮🐷🐸🐙🐵🐔🐧🐦🐤🐺🐗🐴🐍🐬🐳🐠🐟!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Add plz!. Plz add: new character that can fly rlly fly and make characters a bit faster plz I find when I'm in a rush to get somewhere in the game it's not fast enough. obviously add some new blocks everyone wants them! And new items plz. One more thing the chair that faces so u would sit this way> plz make one facing this way< edit: IDEA MULTIPLAYER (needs wifi) plz add it would be so cool and no I'm not trying to turn this into minecraft I just want to play with my friends maybe a friend code parents can disable or enable friends if u are going to have friends maybe a chat button to type and it will show up above the character NEW IDEA 💡: settings for game KIDS CAN CONTROL!! LIKE Music 🎶 they can also change noise as in breaking block fireworks e.t.c they can turn it on or off PLZ READ ALL YES RLLY your friend code will show up in settings THANKS FOR MAKING THIS GAME AND READING THIS IT TOOK FOREVER THX! Edit 2: multiplayer can be up to 4player depending on how many wifi bars u have if u have max wifi u have 4 players middle amount 3 players and one bar ish is 1-2players . Thx again! Edit3: even tho it says ages 6-8 I'm almost 11 and I'm playing this imma try to get my dad to play it lol!

I really want my money back. :(

So cool 😉. I love the app so much I can play it forever but maybe add a new character and a few more blocks like holiday blocks but I love the app it was worth the money😄

Toca Blocks. I like this game because you can have as many worlds as you want and you are able enough to go really high in it.It is worth five dollars

Just “a few” suggestions. This app is really good overall. But there is some features that are missing. 1. More blocks to choose from. Sometimes when I’m building something, I need a block with a specific colour or texture but it isn’t in the game. Blocks that could be added are: Ice block, fire block, sand block, more colours like white and orange, slime block (I know there is a sticky purple block but I mean green slime that is like water but stickier to swim through) etc. This would be really helpful in these kinds of situations. 2. Animals should be added. This would be more fun for everyone because the little characters could have pets like cats and dogs. A few animal ideas are: Cats, dogs, (obviously) foxes, wolves, rabbits/bunnies, and birds. You could build a little animal shelter or a farm which would be really cool. 3. Character creator/more characters. I feel like there isn’t enough characters or sometimes I want to use my own characters in the game. Like if you wanted to some kind of roleplay, there’d be more characters to play with. Maybe you could even make your own clothes in the character creator thing. (which in my opinion, would be pretty awesome) You could draw on the shirt/pants and make your own design. Would be cool if you added this. 4. Multiplayer. There could be a parent option in settings like if you wanted your kid to play multiplayer or not. (just to be safe) I really want this because sometimes I really want to play toca blocks with my lil sis but I can’t. I guess it would have to require wifi/internet for multiplayer to work? This would definitely make the gameplay better. Sorry this was SUPER DUPER long. I had a lot of reasons for each suggestion but I hope you enjoyed reading this and actually make one of these suggestions an actual feature in toca blocks. Thanks for the amazing app

Fun. This is a great app you should play it

Give my money back. I want a refund please

😍😍😍🙂😍🙂🙂😍😍love it. So fun toca boca is my new hero!love you 😍😍😍😍👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


Nope😐😐😐. This game is a copy of minecraft!!! 😤😤😤😤Toca boca stop copying!!! 😡😡😡😡

Awesome app but let's add more. I absolutely love this app I got it for Christmas and I still love it but can you maybe add where you can record when you play. Also maybe add a character that you can make look like yourself that would be awesome but overall AWESOME APP

Amazing game!. It's just like mine craft but instead of getting all the blocks you have to discover and create them! It's way cheaper and worth the money as well as the characters are really nice and so are the music and graphics.😍😍😍Of course I love the new update! Especially the dance blocks that change colour as well as the sparkle blocks and the donut! Good work toca boca!

It's disappointing. It's no fun don't waste your money on this game. there's no point in it.BOO

AWESOME. I love this game but I wish it was 2 players... Me and my friend wanted to play together but we can please make that a thing ;)!

BEST APP EVER!!!. I play it whenever I'm bored and it's soooo entertaining! I find a new block everyday! It's so fun! Get this app it's worth the money!!!

Suggestions. 1 add a campfire 2 add a character creator 3 add pets like cats,dogs and wolfs and fox . Ok it’s not copy of any game it is good great graphics and goodbye

Oh yes. #TocaBlocks4Ever 2020 anybody?

Good but. Please make stuff easier to make.

Love it. The game is really fun and I made cherry town

Secret?. This is a great game and I really recommend it! But I found a little Easter egg.. when the characters are standing on the block that makes them dance, if you scroll up a bit so you can still see them they stop dancing. Which means they don’t dance if they don’t have to 😂 I think it’s hilarious! I would do the same, I DO NOT like to dance. Hahahaha

LOVE but.... I Love this game its's problebly your best one yet! But I cant't make chairs SHOW ME HOW AS SOON AS POSIBLE!

Love it! But... I love this game it’s fun,easy,creative and cool but the thing I don’t like the most about it is that the ratings are saying it’s a copy of Minecraft I can tell you it is not. This game tried its hardest to not copy Minecraft and plus it’s NOTHING like Minecraft of course it has blocks but those people don’t realize that nothing else is most like Minecraft it just bothers me so much that it doesn’t get the ratings it deserves.. So try it it’s amazing!

Refund please!. It does not download and I can't delete it! I don't like it at all it's a waste of my money!#sad

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GLITCHES. The bird in one of my worlds is spinning in his t-pose and the world model isn’t loading

PLEASE DOWNLOAD. All I have to say is: THIS IS THE BEST APP EVER!!!! It’s amazing to do when bored and you don’t need WiFi. :D

I LOVE IT. Very fun game! I used to play this when I was younger! I used to always make bases and stuff!

I am so sorry this meant to be five stars. I loveThis Game but is Need more characters and more blocks🥰

Ideas 💡. You should make toca life Disney world with universal oh my gosh would so buy

Sooooooooooo. So I absolutely LOVE this app !!!!!! But I can't get in to club blocks eavan though I have the internet and everything !!!!!!! But I still LOVE this app

H. It appears that most "people" would rather play mindless garbage that murders their creativity then actually use their pea-sized brains once in a while. Then they accuse app devolopers( like toca boca) of being too creative! A MODERN TIME LINE OF CHILDHOOD Age 2: Are already addicted to "pwinthetheth" or "thupewhewoth" Age 5: Are shipped off to free daycare Age 30: Have kids Age 85: Die Will this be repeated forever? I may be only nine, but I have more sense than most parents PS ADD SOMETHING NEW TO CLUB BLOCKS!!!!!

Encourages creativity. This game is great! Fun for all ages! However it has been a long time since we got a big update. Maybe you could add another inhabitant and they could be a good swimmer maybe? Or add more blocks and furniture items? There’s a lot that could be expanded on. This is a great game for creative children and adults! Also because of how creative this game has made me I’ve written an entire prologue about the characters and their situation! Story: One day three characters found themselves in a very flat place. There was an energetic bird, a slow but climby sheep, and a cat who could ruthlessly punch through bricks. They looked at each other then up, they heard something. Something chewing? Then they saw it without any warning the blocks above them were destroyed by a face that was all mouth. The eraser thing! Our hero’s trembled in fear before Chompy flew past them. They had to get out of there fast! They ran but chompy saw this coming and chewed a pit in the ground. They fell down it screaming, they were stuck. Or were they. Chompy was sloppy on the hole leaving them uneven land. The cat became frustrated with the group! Then he looked up to see the sheep climbing on the side two of the blocks wasn’t green? The cat got an idea he combined the polka dot and yellow and created the teleportation block. This was their way out! The cat saw the pencil in the corner of the screen he used it to make a path back to the surface. The others followed behind him. They were free! They saw Chompy again he looked at them before returning to his spot in the corner beside the pencil. What happens next is up to you!

Best game Toca ever made but needs big update. I love the game but if u could add a guide to how to make blocks that would really help! Thanks Toca! From: 8 year old who loves your games

I only have 1 block? 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬. Why!

This game is great but.... This game is great but my 6 year old daughter is upset she is having trouble saving the creations she makes. Overall this game is great.

Yeah best game ever. So much fun

AMAZING!!!!. Omg I ❤️this game cuz I ❤️to build ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️

Love this game!. I LOVE THIS GAME! It is super fun and interesting. I really like how you can add blocks together and switch characters.

👎. VERY disappointed ☹️

My review. This game does not load so it is bad I am sorry. if you can please fix it I spent my money and I never get money on my phone please fix. 🤪👍

Toka blocks. This game is amazing!!!!!

Love it. I wish there was another character but other than that I love it

So I can build with op block in one free app. I love to build

AMAZING. this app is soooooo awsome though Add more itums please Pizza would be cool So would bouncy balls if u tap em they bounce!o

I want a refund. I think that I wasted my money and want it back because it is super boring and I don’t get it

Make online. I like the game but you start to get lonely please add online so you can play with friends add them as a friend. communicate with them to please

Fun but long. It takes to long to make all these things

Cool but. All you do is build it’s kind of a copy of Toca builders

I’m 10 and I think it’s cool. I’m Ten years old that likes teen games but I LOVE this game five stars

Names?. I made up names. They are Ethan, Colby and Diane. The names I made up for the minors they are Shane The Shield and Alexander The Hourglass.

Are the animals bad guys?. They look like hero’s but I think they are evil. Tho I love your game!

Little joker. Game is so good I LOVE IT! You could add more characters and more a abilitys to use with the characters. (Sorry if I wrote abilities wrong)

This game is awesome!. I am a big fan of toca boca and this app is just phenomenal,I love getting to create blocks and build with them!

It’s cool. You can mix different blocks

about the blocks. if the blocks stay why dont they update other choices like a new chariter but as lease they have 3 of them so bilding whould not heave to take so long even like sang on roblox every morhp has botton and geners but as toucan do othe r thing for the app

.... The screen keeps going back

no sound and music. I purchased the apps but theres no music and sound at all. I dont know whats wrong.

Awesome. And also the bird is my favorite character

I LOVE it cause I love building. So good cause building

So cute. It’s funny when the characters dance on the dance blocks

Random rants. I LOVE MINECRAFT IT IS THE BEST GAME EVER INVENTED. THIS IS A GREAT GAME AND THE PINK DUDE HAS TINY EARS THEREFORE HE IS NOT A RABBIT. Thank you for reading. If I think of more stuff to write, it will be down there. ⬇️ Can you please add more characters? Maybe one WITHOUT WEIRD CLOTHES?! Not necessary but I would like it. …

I like Toca blocks. It’s fun for ALL BLOCKS!!!

Great game 🤩😀😃. Hi I just Love

Awesome!. Hey, This game explodes your imagination. Super fun game I love it and I think you guys will too! Thanks for making it free, Toca!

I love making apartments and mansions. Hi I am so good at building and it’s so easy I have the disco ball and stuff and can you add more stuff I just love fun games 1. I have a iPad mini. 2. I like building custom houses and random stuff. 3. Faster than anything. 4. I love building.

needs 3D. I need you to add a turn on 3D mode cuz it’s 300x herder with always 2D

Accessing my photos without permission. I have selected no access to my photos yet it will without my permission. This is a violation and it’s unacceptable.

Bad bad game. Made for 2 year olds, it is not worth it’ price I you like the game good for you but me all have are own opinions may be heartbroken to some but I just want to give my honest opinion

UUUGH The ratings throw you off. I demand a refund and yes I’ve looked in the App Store AND I CANT FIND IT how do you refund ok let’s get me started SUPER HARD needs more characters Why do you COMBINE blocks just use blocks I’m disappointed toca VERY DISSAPOINTED Ur games are fun and all but COME ON

Donuts!!!!. This is awesome! I LOVE the donut item especially. Now I made a castle of donuts!:b

Unbelievable that. Joy


Ideas. New blocks are some help Here's some ideas 1. Galaxy Block It slows you down or speeds you up

B.O.R.I.N.G. Whenever I enter a door and then another it brings me to the same place. It’s REALLY BORING

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Toca Blocks 2.3 Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Rules

What do you think of the Toca Blocks app? Can you share your complaints, experiences, or thoughts about the application with Toca Boca AB and other users?

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Toca Blocks 2.3 Apps Screenshots & Images

Toca Blocks iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Language English
Price $4.99
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 2.3
Play Store com.tocaboca.blocks
Compatibility iOS 11.0 or later

Toca Blocks (Versiyon 2.3) Install & Download

The application Toca Blocks was published in the category Education on 16 December 2015, Wednesday and was developed by Toca Boca AB [Developer ID: 419103351]. This program file size is 63.07 MB. This app has been rated by 561 users and has a rating of 4.3 out of 5. Toca Blocks - Education app posted on 29 March 2024, Friday current version is 2.3 and works well on iOS 11.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.tocaboca.blocks. Languages supported by the app:

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Toca Blocks App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Bug Fixes :)

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