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Elmo Calls App Description & Overview

What is elmo calls app? This is an app full of fun phone calls from Elmo, which will help teach your child about healthy habits, self-confidence, and letters.

Pick up the phone, Elmo’s calling! Receive video calls, audio calls, and voice mail from Sesame Street’s own furry, red monster. Or, give him a call yourself! With Elmo Calls you can laugh, play, and sing with Elmo!

• Receive audio and video calls from Elmo, or dial Elmo yourself.
• Receive voicemail from Elmo regularly and listen to the messages any time.
• See live video of yourself in the corner of the screen while you’re chatting with Elmo.
• Grown-ups can activate calls or schedule calls for a variety of situations, such as time to wake up! (more calls for going to the doctor, bath time and learning to potty available with additional call packs)

"Elmo Calls" encourages children to engage in imaginative play, practice listening skills and sing songs with Elmo! This app also fosters self-confidence by encouraging children to celebrate important life moments, such as visiting the doctor, going to the potty and learning the alphabet!

The Sunny Day Sampler Call Pack comes with your purchase of Elmo Calls. This pack includes 13 fun-filled calls for you and your child to enjoy right away! For even more calls, download "Playdate with Elmo" for FREE, plus you can buy additional Call Packs easily right within the app:

• Firsts and Celebrations: Special calls for special days. Elmo calls you during big events, such as your birthday!
• Elmo is Proud of You: You're proud of your achievements and so is Elmo!
• Feelings: Everybody has feelings and Elmo can call you to share and talk about those feelings.
• ABCs: Saying your ABCs is fun! It’s even more fun with Elmo!
• Special Visits: Elmo wants to talk about your special plans for today.
• Holidays: Holidays are fun to celebrate and Elmo wants to celebrate with you!
• You Can Do It!: No matter what you're learning, whether its your ABCs or using the potty, Elmo wants to cheer you on.
• Sing with Elmo!: Elmo sings for you! You can sing along or just listen.
• Happy Habits: Healthy habits are more fun when you do them with Elmo.
• Laugh with Elmo: Elmo just wants to say hi!
• Playdate with Elmo: Play and pretend with Elmo! (FREE)

• Please allow Push Notifications to receive scheduled calls from Elmo!

Sesame Workshop’s mission is to use the educational power of media to help kids everywhere grow smarter, stronger, and kinder. Delivered through a variety of platforms, including television programs, digital experiences, books and community engagement, its research-based programs are tailored to the needs of the communities and countries they serve. Learn more at www.sesameworkshop.org.

IDEO is a human-centered design and innovation firm ranked independently among the ten most innovative companies in the world. Learn how our team of child-development experts, veteran toy designers and interaction designers approach the creation of award-winning kid apps at www.ideotoylab.com.

The Privacy Policy can be found here:

Your input is very important to us. If you have any questions, comments or need help, please contact us at: sesameworkshopapps@sesame.org or ElmoCalls@ideo.com.

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App Name Elmo Calls
Category Education
Updated 07 December 2021, Tuesday
File Size 377.31 MB

Elmo Calls Comments & Reviews 2024

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My little sister loves Elmo. My sister loves this she will try to take my moms phone away from my hands.

How much when I was a kid. So when I first had this app I would do it because I didn’t have any other apps so I would do it and after that I would use it for the bathroom and it would be fun to me

Doesn’t work. Half the time the FaceTime screen where Elmo is supposed to be is black and it doesn’t work. I’ve tried closing out of the app and everything and still doesn’t fix anything

Great!. Both my kids love this app! I love that it doesn't require data or have in app purchases!

Elmo Call. This app is made for four year olds and older . My grandson loved it as a baby when he was able to crawl . Now he is two and Elmo is one of his favorite friends he makes time for to answer his call . He get more phone calls from Elmo in a short period time than I get on my cell phone all week long .

Love It!!!. I’m only 9 and I love Elmo •=• but I do have something to say, can he HEAR us? Bye! -ElmosWRLD84

Scheduled calls don't work. I like this app and so does my daughter but spent money on the pack of daily activities so I could schedule a bedtime call but it doesn't work.

Elmo. You need to add some new calls, these are getting old.

I hate this game. This game is a roach my son cried when he saw Elmo

Won’t let me purchase all calls package.. I’m potty training my almost two year old and we love using this app as an incentive to go on her potty! She’ll sit there and get calls from Elmo and just chat and babble with him. It has really helped us, but I would LOVE to get all the calls, especially the ones that tell her it’s time to go potty or the other one telling her that she did a good job going on the potty! So please fix! Thank you! I’ll be happy to change rating to 5 stars once this issue is fixed, because she is infatuated with Elmo and his calls.

Bad UI for kids. My son loves Elmo and loves using the phone. The problem with this app is that when he presses buttons on the phone, he either holds his finger on the screen or he presses the button multiple times. In this app, the call button and the end call button are in the same exact spot - so when my son uses the app, he calls and then immediately ends the call, making him unable to talk to Elmo at all without my help. Please redesign the UI so that the call and end buttons are in different positions!

Pack are great but to expensive. My baby loves this app but I wish We didn’t have to pay the price of the app AND pay 7$ for the other pack but other then that it is fantastic!

Great app. My daughter love this app, she's a big sesame place fan. This app actually helps me out a lot once my daughter starts her tantrum she'll forget why she's crying once she Elmo voice. Lol , overall this is a great app for kids. I recommend this app for anyone.

Doesn’t work anymore. My kids used to LOVE this app, but with the latest iOS update, it will no longer open. Please update it! My 18 month old is dying to catch up with her bestie, Mel-mo 😜

Crashing. The app keeps crashing ! Fix please, I paid for it! Other than that the app is good when it works!!

Son loves it. My sons loves this ! ...except when I schedule a phone call , I get a notification that he’s calling and then it disappears. And no call comes through. I tried to schedule for bath time or brushing teeth to help my son when he has a rough time. But it doesn’t work. Everything else is great. Is there a way to fix this

Great app. My grandson has taken over my phone to play with Elmo. He has laughed for the last 2 hours from this app. Great game for him, can you add more characters? Like big bird and grouch, Abby and Zoe? He’d love to talk to them too!

Little Red Elmo never disappoints. I have a home daycare. So getting a phone call from Elmo will always get the most distracted child back to focus on circle time . I would rate Elmo a zillion stars if possible

My little sister. My little sister loves Elmo so thank you for making this app it makes her happy all the time thank you

Great fun. My son loves this app. It is not able to update for the past two weeks and we are not able to use it now.

Awesome. I got this for my brother and he is in love with it but it has way to much in app purchases you pretty much have to buy everything

iOS 13.1. Works again with the new update

Weeeee. I used to love this app when I was little I just wanted to check and see how the process is and tell Elmo it’s your old friend

Simple and easy to use. My daughter loved it. Great for little ones to learn FaceTime.

Great for little ones!. All my grandchildren enjoy Elmo calls so much! Great app for the little ones!

Love it. My almost 3 year old son Loves it ... he believes elmo is calling and he interacts adorably with him ... great idea for an app ... chapeau

So cute!. My baby girl just lights up when Elmo calls. I love the little box on the screen to show her reactions to Elmo's silliness. Love this app!

Why a 5 stars?. My son love this he gets to call my favorite character and my daughter does to it’s so cool because when there sad or mad Elmo makes them happy and I throw it to the tv which is soooo much better.

Too simplistic to charge. Thought this was going to be more interactive for my 3YO but it’s a passive experience. My son got over this in a couple of minutes. Free with in-app purchases would be more customer friendly. Asking for a refund.

She always asks for Elmo. Every time my daughter sees my phone, she asks to calm Elmo. What a great idea!

Elmo Calls Rocks!! hooray!!! keep up the great work!. my family enjoys Elmo Calls and Cookie Monster calls! the attention to detail makes this app real and opens the imagination of everyone!!! we love love it! we wake up to Elmo especially and its hard to stay grumpy although a Oscar Calls would be funny’

Elmo calls is very Cute but 1 things missing. It’s very heartwarming to hear Elmo Calling me. However there’s one thing missing: I want the ability to set up certain calls on certain times/Days like Elmo calling a birthday call on my birthday.

Recording Video?!?. Why can’t I record my son’s reactions to video calls?!? This seems silly that I can’t record it.

Elmo calls. It was just so cute watching them grow on elmo

Scheduled Calls Need to Come Through. My four year old loves Elmo’s phone calls. There is a flaw in this app, when you schedule a call from Elmo, it’s really just a notification and not an actual call.

Amazing but…. I like it just one thing I like to FaceTime calls better than the audio calls

Elmo Calls is A Godsend for Business Travelers. We’ve all been there: you’re on a flight next to a little one who is just melting down and no amount of consoling by Mom or Dad helps. Pull out this app - toddlers are immediately fascinated and will spend forever interacting with Elmo (and giving everyone else in earshot a break — everybody wins!)

This is amazing!. Why did we not think of this sooner????

Not maintained. In app purchases aren't shared.. This app hasn't been updated in a while. Clicking on "send feedback" doesn't work. Also, if you previously purchased any of the call packs but now you want them available on your child's device, you'll have to buy them again. Ugh.

Great. Daughter loves this app. Could use more calls, tho.

Love Elmo!. My 2 year old son is the HAPPIEST when he gets a call from Elmo. The intro music— he’s dancing. The phone ring—- he’s screaming in excitement. The video calls— he’s fully engaged and talking and mimicking his motions. Absolute JOY with this app. I wish it was possible to record the video sessions just because of how cute my son is while interacting with Elmo. The “replay” button doesn’t work. I usually use this as a way to get my son to go to sleep, having Elmo tell him he’s going to sleep and that he should go to sleep too :) I wish after the phone call it didn’t go back to the app homepage, because my son sees Elmo again and is convinced he’s not sleeping anymore.

Best app ever!!!. I would really recommend getting this app because you can talk to Elmo about everything for example robots, ducks and lots of other things l would recommend this app totally for 4 years and up!!!!!😀

one of the best things on things on the iPad!!!. I love how it has deferent calls!! Note: I am six

Love it but. I love the app but I’m 9 and you need to up the security on the parents section all you have to do is type the number above and I’m worried that one of the kiddos I babysit could easily get in and purchase packs but I love the app so much and this is a whole lot better than outfit7 apps (sorry Tom) I love the app And I love that you can get a free call pack instead of having to pay for all of the packs you guys are awesome but there is one problem I don’t mind it sending me notifications for the scheduled calls but that doesn’t mean it can wake me up at 10:00 at night well that was really my fault cause I set the time wrong just a suggestion though otherwise I love the app and i can’t believe I’m saying this but I actually don’t mind spending my allowance on a call pack every couple of months cus I is so much fun so yeah bye

My 2 Year Old totally thinks she’s really chatting w/ Elmo. This is well done & the calls make me laugh too. Pricy but worth it for all the smiles & giggles it brings for me & my baby girl.

Great app. I would like a feature where you call Elmo and he doesn’t answer and it goes to voicemail. My son loves it and it would be he best way to get him off of it.

I love Elmo on the ☎️ !. I love that Elmo calls you to make you ROFL! It is very fun! Thank you for making my life more fun!

Enjoyed by 2 year old. My son enjoys this very much. Needs an update for new iPhone X.

Fantastic. My granddaughter who just turned one loves Elmo as did her father years ago. She loves seeing Elmo each day on my phone ! Thank you !

Amazing!. I love the app so much! I am 9 and my baby sister goes crazy when Elmo calls! It is so adorable! She loves the app so so so much and it’s gust so cool! And ya so bye!

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Great application. My 1 year old and 4 year old love it. Pity there weren't more videos but there is an option to buy more for a small fee. Worth it.

Elmo Rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Best game in life. I play it all the time. AWSOME

Great for 3yr old monsters. Fun app

Elmo calls is a hit with kids. I love this app, it keeps my little one busy for hours.

Fantastic and great fun for the little ones. Absolutely love this app, my niece gets so excited! Only problem is I paid for the "all calls" package but havent received them all? I don't want to report this as a problem as the app is fine, can you fix this somehow?

Cute. My 14 month old granddaughter loves this app. We are having a lot of fun with it. About time someone thought about an app suitable for very young children.

Love love love this app. My little 2 yr old loves this only just got it today but no trouble as yet fingers crossed but so far love :)

Face time. Good app, my daughter loves it but all calls should be face time calls.

Elmo Calls. Liked the app, great fun for kids... But! Just to make it more fun for the adults, it would be great if the alarm component caused the phone to ring so that people who answer it would be greeted by Elmo!

Awesome. My 20 month old boy looooves this app!

Fantastic App. My 19 month old loves this app!!!

Lian. My daughter loves it!

Ms. My son loved Elmo calls and quietly so did I, we love Elmo great app for kids

Mr Markmark. My 18 month old won't give my phone back she LOVES it good work

Save your money. My 19 month old loved this for 2 days. 3 years on he still has no interest at all

Elmo. The kids love this.

Great. My sister loves this app it is so cute but personly I think it is overpriced it should be 0.99c

Not bad. A good distraction for the baby but is pretty buggy, crashes alot & could be easier to access all the paid extra vids and audio.

Great!!. This is so much fun and the only kids app that our 17 month old really laughs with. We love it too.

Crashhhhhhhh.... An "All calls" refresh crashes the app. Elmo's call crashes the app. Makes one wonder, in spite of its branding, if this crapp is really sesame street and ideo's.

Kids love it. Lots of fun - kids love it.

Great teaching tool. Thanks Elmo!!

My baby brother loved it!!!. My 2 year old brother thought it was cool to call Elmo!

Lost sound. I lost sound on this app 2 days after i purchased it. Has anyone had this problem? My 2 year old loves this app, but its usless when there is no sound.......

CRASHES!!!!. Crashes whenever Elmo calls!!! Booooooooo!!!

Hey. My 19 month old loves this app

Great app. The 18 month old loves it

Good app. Not that much to it. Thinking about purchasing the upgrade.

All calls. I brought this app & them i brought all the calls in the app for $5.99 & then the next time my daughter went to use this app it told me i had to buy all the calls again i either want my money back or all the calls on this app given back grrr.

Great for nappy change time. Fantastic app. My little one has a huge grin on his face everytime I turn it on. He is going through a real troublesome stage with nappy change at the moment (wriggler), but Elmo calls really helps to keep him occupied!

Lots of laughs!. My friends 2yo has has just found his new favourite app! He cracks up laughing at the one where Elmo blows his nose like a trumpet! Haha

Not much to it. Perhaps I haven't yet worked out how to get the most out of this app but it's pretty basic and my 20 month old tires of it easily.

Great. My daughter loves it

Child loves it. My daughter loves this app. You can buy more sayings for 99c a bundle. Bought two already. Also has an alarm so Elmore can ring them about waking up or brushing their teeth. Has packs about going to the potty too. Well worth it. Scarlett loves it. First app she picks.

Great fun. My 2 year old loves this app and we have had great fun doing some of the activities with Elmo

She loves it. My 17 month old baby girl loves calls from Elmo, shame u have to buy the others after the first few, still worth it though.

Wonderful. This app is brilliant. Only thing is I purchased the all calls pack but when I go into the gallery of calls (I think that's what it is called) nothing worked, it was all blank. The same thing happens when I try to schedule calls, nothing is there. Please fix this.

Great. The big problem is I can never get my phone back. Our boy loves it

Absolute waste!. Purchased this app and it wont even try to download to the ipad....not happy. Messaged developer several times over the last month with no response. Very disappointed!

Hi. Elmo is the best I love him

Waste of money. This app just stopped working one day. And no matter if I've deleted it and then downloaded it again it stopped working

Change the Answer button. This REALLY needs 2 buttons side by side like an actual iPhone - Answer and End. In this app, the Answer button turns into the End button immediately after pressing it, which means the child repeatedly pressing the button opens the call then immediately closes it as the button changes. Super annoying. Otherwise a cute app!

A+++. My 2 year old niece loves this app. I can't get her to give me my phone back.

Adorable. We have this on iPad and the kids just love having FaceTime with Elmo ;)

Great app. This is a great app it is just a pity that it doesn't open itself when a call is scheduled or when it is on charge. All you get is a notification to say that there is a call there.

Best app ever. Both my kids LOVE it

Awesome. Out of all the children's apps that we've downloaded this is the most favourite by far

Bummer. Just got and my 2 & a 1/2yr old is most upset, he can't talk to elmo he just wants to say hi but can't get a word in what kind of phone call is that... Would love my money back...

Brilliant!!. My 10 month old loves it and he can't accidentally exit it because of the parent access set up (unlike many other aps)

Elmo needs more than a hug.... Woeful. All the basic 'calls' crashed..waste of money. Avoid. Sad to see this sort of thing associated with Sesame Street which is normally quality. Never had an app crash on Ipod before this one....

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Fun, But Update Not Thoroughly Thought Out By Developers. I purchased this app some time ago for my then 5 month old daughter. She loves Elmo and touching buttons to see what happens on the screen. However, I haven't let her play with the app since the update in September. The update allowed the user to simply press and hold to access the Parents Menu. The previous version required you to drag an icon across the screen for access. My little one seems to be constantly entering the menu more now and attempting to purchase additional call packs. Please change the way this menu is to be accessed!! My 10 month old is too young to be racking up my credit card.

AMAZING. My 2 year old daughter looks forward to the calls. She is so happy to hear his voice. She jumps and screams. It's amazing ❤️⭐️

Love it!. I bought the "all call" pack, and it's incredible. My seven-month old loves it and lolz when Elmo calls!

Love Elmo 😊. My toddler loves to talk to elmo

Elmo. Could have more but is really great and my son loves to hear from elmo.

Not a happy camper. What is up please fix the bugs in this app My daughter loves this n when she answers the phone it goes black n back to home

Giggles Galore!. My two year old daughter loves this app, and I love watching her play! Talking with Elmo is non-stop giggles for her!

No sound + crash!!!. There is no sound and crash often

Really!!!. I pay $.99 for this game and the hole thing isn't even unlocked I would ask for a refund but she likes it I just wish there was more for her to do

Nice app. Very cute. "Conversations" could be a little longer. Nice app.

So Cute!. So cute and interactive. My son loves that his best friend talks to him on the phone :)

Great App. My one year old absolutely loves getting FaceTime calls from Elmo, he is absolutely mesmerized. Only problem was app crashed on start up but if you close the app, double click your home button, and when the Elmo app shows up press and hold it until it starts to shake and then tap it, then open the app and it usually resets it. Good iOS 6 secret 😉

Terrible app!. I think you should get more for having to pay for this app. You only get 4 options of calls and 1 schedule which is at 7am. That's ridiculous!

I'm glad you took my suggestions!!. About a month ago, I think - I wrote a review giving credit for such a good app. But, I asked that you consider changing the way that favourites are accessed, and that the parents menu not be such a pain to get into. I just accessed the Elmo Calls with the new update and it is absolutely everything it should be!! The favourites are so much easier to access, having him be able to do it has made my life much easier!! Thank you for the great update and taking my suggestions into account!!

This App is a LIFESAVER. My little man can't get enough of Elmo... Or Elbow as he calls him. (He's only 18 months) but whenever he gets a little fussy we just have Elmo call and all is well again. Great on planes etc. lots more downloadable content too, some of which is FREE! Overall awesome. I'm totally getting the Cookie Monster one too 😃

Birthday call?. I'd love it if there was a special call from Elmo for my daughters birthday!

Meh!. C.R.A.S.H.E.S. 'Can't even let my son play with it. Crashes right away after answering phone calls within app. 'Have restarted; 'have reinstalled [on iPhone 4, IOS 5.1]. For a Sesame Street app this is just unacceptable (esp. after buying the other packs 😨😣😖😠).

Please Fix. My 2-year old daughter loves this app but one day she became upset because everytime she tries to answer elmo's call, the screen goes blank! We hope to see elmo again very soon!

Paid demo app. Paid for the app to find it is not full featured... Need to purchase additional features.

ellmo. i love this game

Excellent. My son loves this app. I love it too when he's trying to wrestle out of a diaper change, I ask him if he wants to call Elmo. He will actually lay still!

Awesome. Awesome

Good app. My daughter likes the app and enjoys talking to Elmo! The only thing I was hoping the app had was more variety...

Obsessed!!!. My 20 month old daughter is obsessed with Elmo and this app makes life a whole lot easier!!! So much fun and user friendly! We just LOVE it!! Elmo Calls is one of the best child apps around!!!

Was fine at first.... Until the real man that voices Elmo called my home asking for my teenage son. Unacceptable.

Impressed. Great app.. My daughter loves it!!!

Love this app!. My 2 1/2 year old daughter absolutely loves this app! She enjoys talking to Elmo and interacts with him really nicely. The only comment I would have, is that it would be great to turn off the parts of the phone call that don't have an interactive Elmo as she's not interested in a colored screen with Elmo's voice.

Does not work!!. There is no sound at all this app is completely broken!!

Video glitch. On the App Store, the video is always glitching out for content. Please try to fix that

Elmo. Best App Ever:)

10 month old loves it!. She started liking her elmo toys so I got this app and she loves it. She only watches it for a little before moving on to something else but she smiles whenever it comes on!

Doesn't work with 6.1. This app worked great with my iphone 5 until I did a software update. Will not work with 6.1 software on your iPhone!! Please fix! My daughter loves this app!

Fix!!!. Please update so this app works again!!! My daughter gets very disappointed expecting Elmo to answer and the screen goes blank every time.

Love This!. My toddler loves talking on the phone !!

Doesn't always work. The incoming calls are just silence :(.

Broken for ipad mini. Please fix

Stick to what’s free, the pay calls are not the same. Got this for my son which he absolutely loves... decided after a few weeks of the same “FaceTime” calls that I would upgrade so he can have a lot more of these calls with Elmo. Well, $9.99 later 85% of the new calls are just voice based, no video like they get you with. Pretty disappointed that he only wants to see Elmo and it takes 22 calls to get to one now.

Terrible - Video constantly shuts down. Video calls will not open. Constantly shuts down.

Not downloading. I bought all apps for Elmo Calls and i am charged for it but it won't download

Baby loves Elmo. My baby loves it a lot. He points at my iPhone and asks me to call Elmo

Granny Tammy. My granddaughter LOVES this app. It's so cute to watch her communicate with Elmo

Great for toddlers. My 1.5 year old loves to FaceTime with Elmo - especially love the healthy habits pack. It's been a great app to have on my phone. Also amazing customer service from the company. They've been very helpful in problem solving issues

Gimme my money back!. No coffee today.

Happy. This is very cute! Good for the younger as they can just sit and watch.

Awesome, just requires money. My son loves this app, but he does get bored of the free calls after awhile. You would have to pay more to get extra calls, but I decided to anyway, since he loves Elmo.

Kids love it!!!!. Kids love playing this app

Elmo Calls. This is a fun innovative and creative app for young toddlers and babies! It is most diffidently a must have!!!!!

Incorrect pricing. I downloaded this app for my daughter to help motivate her in different areas and it worked really well with that. What I really did not anticipate or appreciate was when I bought the ‘All Calls’ pack (listed for $6.99) it turned out to be incorrectly priced and I ended up being charged $11.29 after taxes. As a business practice this is misleading and very frustrating. Please make sure your price is listed correctly. I would not have purchased the call pack if I had have known how expensive it would be.

Awesome. This app is so awesome

Waste of money.. All this app is is a collection of videos of Elmo talking. There is no interaction as the description implies. My daughter was bored after 2 “calls” and asked to play something else. Wish I never purchased this.

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Hahahahhahahahhahahah. I’m 7 it’s so funny because elmos so stupid

Don’t buy.. I bought this app for my son and it don’t even work. I can’t even get it to open.

Really fun!. My 15 month old really enjoys this. I wish the 99 cent version came with a few more calls. It is great that the calls are like Skype and FaceTime because we get to practice not touching the screen or smashing the home button while we are 'talking'. The only thing that would make this app better is if it disabled the home button until an adult unlocked it from inside the app to close it out, that way it could serve as a toddler lock for the phone.

Force closing, iOS 13. Force closing immediately when attempting to open. Deleted and downloaded again, same result. Running iOS 13, iPhone 8.

Not Enough Variation. I purchased this app for my grandson. He is two, and he normally loves Elmo. I wish I had been able to try a free version first, I wouldn't have bought it. The game is gets boring fast, as there is very little variation, and minimal interaction for the child. Children generally love seeing what happens when they push different buttons, and the only button for them to push in this game isn't even Elmo (which is where my grandson kept trying to push with no results), it's a green button, with the word "answer" on it. Honestly, I thought there would be more to this app, even for only 99 cents. There are much better apps available on the market for free. Overall, I'm quite , and my grandson barely played with it at all.

My 18 month old loves it. Super cute app that looks like FaceTime! I like that I can see her smiling face while she "talks" with Elmo. The video calls are a huge hit, but she gets bored of the voice only ones. There's also a feature to automatically call you at a certain time so Elmo can talk to you about brushing teeth or bedtime. Haven't used yet, but seems like that will come in handy when's she's a little older. Pleased with purchase.

My son loves it. Entertain him non stop

So fun!!. My 21 mo old thinks this is the best thing ever!

Amazing. My one year old is obsessed with Elmo he loves this app!

My girl sat still!. She actually sat still while eating her dinner!

Not worth $1.99. Elmo calls 3 diffrent phone calls and all the same

Very Cute. It's a very sweet idea, and when Elmo is on, it is well done.☺️ I would only say the constant music on the home page is unnecessary, no value added and after the first time it is really annoying. Also like so many apps now you can't see what your are paying for and what you don't get until you buy it. The in app purchase option is scary bc I can't find a price before they want password eeek! It seems like a lot of the apps do this now.... such a shame.....just doesn't feel good or honest. This causes me to stop supporting apps bc I feel taken advantage of. 😰

Cute App. This is a cute app for my daughter. But the new update doesn't look like an "iPhone," phone call. Before it looked like you were really receiving a phone call, the format looked the same as my other calls. Now it looks entirely different. Also some of the videos don't play at all, like the "Surprises," video, it never plays and shuts down when I attempt to play it. Otherwise it's a fun app just need to work out some kinks and the "original look," was better because it looked like Elmo was really calling you. Hope this helps Thanks!

This app is great. I downloaded this to keep my kids entertained while we were out and about, and while they were getting their hair cut (which is the end of the world for them). The first time I showed it to them, they giggled a bit, but after a few times of actually letting them play with it (got over my fear of letting my two year old and my three year old handle my iPhone) they really started to enjoy it. Thanks to who ever developed this one!

Perfect for toddlers. My girls LOVE that they get "calls" from Elmo!

App failing. App failing after ios13 release

Elmo Calls is GREAT!. My 2 year old loves talking to Elmo and he especially loves face time talking with Elmo. I have had this app since the first day it was released and it has not crashed at all also all the different calls work perfectly. I would recommend this app to any parent whose children like Elmo and talking on the phone. Note to unlock all the calls it costs $4.99 in addition to the .99 cent cost of the app. I think they should've mentioned that in the description but I didn't mind paying the extra 4.99$ for all the calls. Elmo Calls is worth 6$ for all the calls and features that are available. Your children will love talking with Elmo.

Won’t work anymore. This app and the Cookie calls app no longer work once I downloaded IOS 13. My little girl is heartbroken .

We love Elmo. He is the best

WOW. My 3 year old has never been so excited to go potty, brush his teeth, clean up and go to bed. I have the schedule set to have elmo call 4 times while he's preparing for bed and he just ran around doing everything Elmo told him to do. He even tried to go brush his teeth without myself or my wife. Great idea, just needs a feature to schedule which day of the week as his schedule changes.

Great app. It is a great app

Rating. I love geting calls from Elmo😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😚😚😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Call Elmo. This app is so good,’cause you can call Elmo anytime!I love Elmo,I’d like to call him!

Glitch. My 2 year old daughter LOVES this app so I went ahead and bought all the calls for 4.99 and it didn't download all of them. That's the only reason I gave it four stars instead of five. The only thing I can think to do is to delete the app and try repurchasing it. Maybe if I get it all like I should've the first time I'll go ahead and give it five stars. Other than that, great app for young kids.

Please update for iOS 13. App currently crashes instantly on iOS 13. Please update.

I love watching Elmo do peeks boo.. Vvsnw

Was disspoint. I am a 17 year old virgin and let me just say that this was one of the worst purchases I have ever made. First off it's not even a real Elmo he was just a recording and on top of that the recording were at least 5 to 15 seconds long. Not amused Secondly every time I would speak to good old buddy o friend o pal o mine Elmo would not respond with a valid response to my questions and responses. Sadly not amused Finally on top of purchasing the app I found of that I had to make a further purchase for more various calls Also why did you change cookies monster name? I don't like that. fix it Overall I think that this game is about a 10 outta 10 So finally I hope you can fix these various problems thank you for your time :)

Buggy and doesn't tell you the cost upfront. For on the app doesn't work on the iPhone 3G. What do you think I'm going to go out and buy the latest device for my toddler to play with? Come on. Also having in app purchases for all the features. Lame and sketchy. Since installing the app my phone is constantly asking me to put in my iTunes password for a purchase but I have not selected to purchase anything in the app. The app crashed constantly, do you think someone wants to purchase a buggy app much less spend money on in app purchases. You should have a flat price for the app and have all the features available upfront. I don't want to have to turn off in app purchases so my so can use the app without racking up my credit card. Delete!

Sister ❤️ elmo. My sister is 7 months and She absolutely loves Elmo ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘😘

Vertical only. Won’t rotate

Elmo ❤️ calls. I love Elmo.I just got this app and I call cute Elmo, even though it is not virtual.I always get a call from Elmo.❤️Elmo & 🍪Cookie monster calls from 123 sesame street!

I pay for this app. My son just gets bored so fast. I thought that there was more activities.

Hi. Ka chow

Best thing. My 1 year old sister loves this game

Elmo's Calls. Originally I purchased the "all call package" and it wouldn't download. Tried several times over several weeks. Contacted the website for support a couple of times and finally asked for a refund from iTunes. Extremely frustrating!!! However, the day I got a response from iTunes for a refund I opened the Elmo Calls one last time and it started downloading the complete package. Thank you for the fix and iTunes no longer needs to give me the refund.

elmo silly. i call elmo but he show me his wiener 😊😊😊😊🤣🤣🤣

orks with 13.1 now. Can’t seem to get the camera to work.. Works with 13.1 now. Can’t get camera to work. Any tips?

?. Why dose it need my face cam

Awesome!. My toddler loves this app!

Avoid the "Hola" call, it has a bug.. The call entitled "Hola" in the Laugh with Elmo package will freeze the app. Even if you close and re open, it will run strangely for a while and the screen will be sidewise. It is the only call that I've experienced this with and have tested it multiple times. Even if the call comes up randomly this will happen. Otherwise, amazing app to keep toddlers occupied, especially for anything involving waits.

Bad app.. Before I bought the app I tried looking at the reviews and there were none so on a trusted whim I purchased the app. At first it was soooo slow to open then it'd crash. Then when it finally opened the happy music came on and it crashed. Ok so after a few crashes I get through the tutorial and had elmo call me just to have the app crash. I tried a few more times and every time it crashed when I picked up the call. I know the app was .99 but come on fix the app so it functions properly. I sent a complaint I'm sure I'm not the only one. Bad app not worth the purchase save your .99 for a truly worthy app.

No good. No lessons for your kids no leaning at all

would be good if it worked. got this since it said it's compatible with iPod touch. we are able to hear voicemails from Elmo but it keeps existing the app when we try to answer the calls. please fix this. Update: found the magic trick to get it to work on iPod touch. FaceTime has to be set up previous to this app being installed. I did that, than uninstalled the Elmo Calls app. Turned off the iPod touch, restarted it and then reinstalled Elmo Calls. Seems to be working now.

Fun app for kids!. Very cute interface - just like FaceTime!

Does not open. App doesn’t open. Just crashes when trying to launch.

YES SIR!!!!. I got this back in about 2015 or 2016 and this Make my childhood ever day I would wake up to hear Elmo’s calls Thanks Ctw! Aww Elmo what a legend! 4 stars

Scheduled calls. The HI call, which I picked to introduce Elmo to my sons, played a random call from one of the package I bought (it was the letter "P"?!). My sons are from the FaceTime/Skype generation and they were not so thrilled about the simple animation instead of seeing Elmo talking to them. Also, I bought the happy habits package and I was looking forward the "scheduled calls" to help on the "time to brush your teeth". The app (opened or closed) never initiated a call. I've run a few tests and the calls just never comes. it turns itself to off after the scheduled time passed, even though we set it to run on weekdays. I'm going to try to run more tests but so far it has failed to impress anyone in my house.

Crashes on IOS 13 works on 13.1. Does not with on iOS 13 and iPhone 6s. Update works on 13.1

Seems fairly simple1. 1 1 1ST 111 1ST `1

Woah!. What a waste of money.. it’s the shortest phone call and you pay every time... just show tour kids a video

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Language English
Price $1.99
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 4.5.1
Play Store com.sesameworkshop.elmocallsapp
Compatibility iOS 11.0 or later

Elmo Calls (Versiyon 4.5.1) Install & Download

The application Elmo Calls was published in the category Education on 09 December 2011, Friday and was developed by Sesame Street [Developer ID: 339077104]. This program file size is 377.31 MB. This app has been rated by 940 users and has a rating of 4.3 out of 5. Elmo Calls - Education app posted on 07 December 2021, Tuesday current version is 4.5.1 and works well on iOS 11.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.sesameworkshop.elmocallsapp. Languages supported by the app:

EN Download & Install Now!
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Elmo Calls App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

This update addresses an audio issue for devices in Silent Mode and crashing on older devices. Please install at your earliest convenience.

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Find on this site the customer service details of Elmo Calls. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

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