Teach Your Monster to Read

Teach Your Monster to Read [Education] App Description & Overview

Teach Your Monster to Read is an award-winning phonics and reading game that’s helped millions of children learn to read.

• Parents have seen significant improvements in their children’s literacy within weeks.
• Teachers claim it’s a wonderful and captivating classroom tool that helps their students learn to read.
• Kids love making their monster and teaching it read. They learn through play.

Children create a monster and take it on a magical journey over three extensive games - meeting a host of colorful characters along the way and improving their reading skills as they progress.

• Covers the first two years of learning to read, from matching letters and sounds to enjoying little books.
• Designed in collaboration with leading academics and game designers.
• Complements all synthetic phonics programmes used in schools.
• Suitable for school and home use.
• Includes all 3 games! First Steps, Fun With Words and Champion Reader!

The game is rigorous and works with any phonics scheme so it’s perfect for use in school and at home. It’s developed in collaboration with leading academics at the University of Roehampton.

The app is commonly used in preschool, primary school, kindergarten and first grade as an interactive teaching resource.

Teach Your Monster to Read has been created by Teach Monster Games Ltd. which is a subsidiary of The Usborne Foundation. The Usborne Foundation is a charity founded by children’s publisher, Peter Usborne MBE. Harnessing research, design and technology, we create playful media addressing issues from literacy to health.

• Complements Phases 2-5 of UK Government-approved Letters and Sounds and other major systematic synthetic phonics programmes.
• Absolutely no in-app purchases, hidden costs or in-game adverts. Perfect for kids!
• Suitable for ages 3-6.
• Designed in collaboration with reading experts from Roehampton University.
• Available on iPad and iPhone.

"This game is the absolute best quality phonics game I have come across for educational and fun value."
Marie Lewis, Rochdale

“My class have reaped loads of benefits from using the programme and the difference in some of their reading skills has been dramatic."
Maria Andrews, Foundation Phase Teacher

"This is a fabulous game. I'm not kidding when I say that my daughter essentially learned all her letter sounds using First steps, with relatively minimal input from me! Great for parents to practise their letter sounds too."
Eleanor Jones

Teach Monster Games Ltd is a subsidiary of The Usborne Foundation, a registered charity in England and Wales, charity number 1121957.

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Teach Your Monster to Read Customer Service, Editor Notes:

PLAY 2 NEW MINIGAMES! • Play the brand new minigame where you rescue villagers. Kids love this minigame so much that we've made it the first minigame your monster runs into. • Head over to 'Practice' mode to race against the duck professor in a jet pack! • We've also made some bug fixes along the way including a fix for users reporting crashing within Practice mode and 10 Minute Adventure. We want to make this game as great as it can possibly be, so please leave a review, we read every one!

Teach Your Monster to Read Comments & Reviews

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- Teach your monster


- Not enough help with words

App goes really fast from letters immediately to constructing words. Seems unreasonably fast. For example, my kid was practicing “ng” sounds and the next game was spelling the word “fang” without any practice behind spelling whole words. I would not recommend. It’s good for sounding letters and combinations of letters but doesn’t do a good enough job transitioning to whole words. Another example is we finished the beginning and then the next stage asked us to read a sentence to find the next steps. We haven’t even begun to learn words and now they want my kid to read whole sentences?

- Dam

It’s boring

- Good


- Have to login too often

It doesn’t remember my info

- Review times

Great game for youngsters. My little one learned so much. RECOMENDED

- Can’t use the app

Can’t use the app. The login help is terribly designed. I do not have access to my account and the star code does not work. Uninstalling

- Mariska’s opinion about teach your monster to read

I t is so helpful for me and my family and I love it I hope others love it to

- Does anyone care that this app has our kids casting spells?

I like the idea and the learning process this app provides. However I don’t like and refuse to have my kids casting spells. I know, I know, crazy lady over here!

- Words don’t appear on cookies and accent

My son loves this game! The issues we have is the section that has the cookies to feed the other monster, the words don’t appear on the cookie they are blank. Very confusing for kids to find the same word. Also the female voice has too much of an accent that to match them don’t sound the same.

- Fun game, great learning tool

Our 5 year old loves to play this phonics/ reading game. The levels are fun & engaging. I would like the option to change the dialect. The British English dialect doesn’t suit our American English household. Still, we enjoy the game a lot!

- Perfect for our preschool son!

During the quarantine... our preschooler is missing his end of the year letters and sounds. So thankful for this fun tool he is enjoying to wake up with and asks to be able to play with the monster. He is very much a math/stem kid, so letters and reading have been a challenge. So thankful for this fun tool! We are about start the First reading library and am excited to use alongside this!

- Levels up too quickly.

My son loves this app but it’s too easy for him to just guess the answer and level up. Also the words are read aloud in a British accent and it’s throwing my son off. Even I often can’t understand what it’s saying.

- Amazing!!

Our kids love this app. It is even helping our 5 year old learn phonetics. Highly recommend!

- Not worth it

What a waste. We saw games on the website and all the app is letting us do is the same 1 game

- Excellent

This has hands down been one of our best apps. My son is 4 and on the 3rd level/game. There are a few items I think could be tweaked....the running game....my son was too young to time jumps when it came along. You can just wait and eventually you will win. >< There are constant updates and added content. The only thing I would like to see added is writing. A moveable alphabet to practice and writing with a stylus or finger. One comment on level 3, I notice my kid guessing a lot. He knows what parts he can “cheat”. He’s a little too smart. If you let kids progress when guessing the point won’t hit home. I know practice exists but I would love if he could see his scores on phonemes and go back to practice. This would also be great insight for our teacher. He is in a US Montessori school.

- My 5 year old love to play this game

Never a chore to learn with this game

- Fun and engaging!

Stumbled upon this after ordering some books. My youngest likes the games. I like that they work on blending and there are lots of ways to use it. I had a little trouble signing up and figuring everything out, some stuff could be a bit clearer in terms of user friendly especially with passwords, signing in but the program itself is great and under teacher tab there is quite a few non computer ways to reinforce the concepts learned

- Fun interactive

My 5 year old enjoys using Teach my monster to read. It keeps him engaged and sounding out letters. Which for a parent that is a plus. He stays engaged enough to keep learning and not be frustrated with it if it becomes to hard. He is able to navigated easily with some parent guidance. The only concern is the login is a three step process. Which I often have to remember the 3 part of the password. That is the only part that makes it not as user friendly. I use this both as a teacher and parent.

- Thanks for teaching my “monster” how to read! Lol!

My 5 year old son has been very stubborn about not wanting to read. Then one day he decided he wanted to learn how to write his own video games. My husband, the programmer, broke the news that he has to be able to read first. This started several days of him angrily trying to sound words out he wouldn’t quit, but he hated every minute of it. So, I splurged on the game. Next thing I know, our little “monster” has blazed through the entire first section and is spelling and reading words with blends! Thank you for making phonics fun for him!!

- 5 year old loves it

My 5 year old loves designing her monster. Actually, she’s obsessed! She’s a bit addicted to playing so she can gather more stars to dress her monster up. She plays the game as if she’s secretly gotten away with doing something. I feel like in the 2 days she’s played, she’s learned lore about phonics and letter recognition than a whole year of being in school. I absolutely recommend this game for preschoolers and kindergarteners. Side note, for those in the US, as other reviews have mentioned, some, maybe just a few, of the phonics are different sounding. When she comes across those, I let her know how different countries/places pronounce things differently and I try to help her find the correct letter and move on. Gives me a chance to review it with her.

- Doesnt support iPad pro resolutions.

Avoid this if you have an iPad pro. The screen is squished and looks terrible.

- Teacher monster

It’s great

- Fun but...

I wish the app was more complicated so that 8 year olds can learn

- Issue with th pronounciation on iPad app

We love the app. Not sure where to report an issue with the app. One of the phonics th is twice and both time they sound as ff or ng phonics. Which is wrong. Pls fix that. Other then that we love the app.

- Awesome app!

My oldest is in kindergarten and has thoroughly enjoyed learning in this app! His teacher got her class signed up for this and it has been great for him to do independently while we watch his brother’s swim lesson. His 4 year old brother is typically pretty difficult to get motivated so it can be frustrating to try and work with him, even when trying to play a game. So since we had such good success with one kiddo, I thought we’d see how the other did. Wow!! He’s done great! He enjoys playing, he’s learning new sounds and the letters that make them. I’ve got something to help him learn while his brother is doing his schoolwork!

- Ok

Bede good

- Ok

Like you

- Not for everyone

I liked this app originally but I wish the audio was in standard American English. The characters speak a sort of British/Australian English where I cannot hear the R sound. My child is learning “Noth” instead of “North” and “Huh” instead of “her” and so on. It makes it difficult for my budding reader to do a lesson when words he can usually understand he now cannot and I don’t really want him to pick up speaking with this style of pronunciation as we don’t speak that way here. In combination with the fact that after my child completed the letter sounds the lessons went right into expecting him to fully read sentences (fun with words). I expected a bit more of an explanation to the child or to be guided into blending sounds but you truly are expected to read a sentence and complete the action, after only learning letter sounds. Unfortunately we may no longer use this app

- Suggestion for app to make it better

This is a great tool for learning to read. My six year old son loves the games. I just have one suggestion for the developers. Is there a way to go back and review ‘trickies’ that my son gets stuck on. I use the ‘trickies’ list to review words, it would be great if there is a way to go from the trickies list to going to the excercises/games that teaches the sound associated with the ‘trickies’. Please add the vowel combination ‘OI’

- Fun but Needs American English Too

My kindergartener is loving this app, but the British accent it really confusing him on some sounds. For example, Or and Aw do NOT make the same sound as each other when pronounced in the US. Wish you could choose an accent when you set your monster up at the beginning of the game.

- Love!!

My kids love this!! My daughter did this as a game in her downtime when she was 5. Now my little guy who is pre K and super hard to get to focus on anything loves it. This is saving me during our days stuck in the house while I’m trying to work from home. I feel good about him getting a jump on school.

- Best Learning APP out there!

I’m a homeschooling mama of 5. My youngest was a happy surprise & my only stress was the idea of teaching her to read. Not that I couldn’t. I taught my four oldest. It just wasn’t my favorite. This app is amazing! She is reading at 4 yo! My only negative is they don’t seem to have any more apps! Thank you!

- Too video-game-ish for us

Cute app but it is way too much like a video game for us to feel comfortable having our kids use it everyday. If you get this app I highly suggest previewing it yourself before showing it to your child. I would say it is 70 percent video game and 30 percent literacy. Received a response from the developer which reiterated their commitment to the video game aesthetic... that is fine, I know that sort of approach to learning has been pretty normalized in our society. But my review is for those parents, and yes there are many of us, that don’t want our four year olds getting addicted to video games at a young age. This app is mostly a video game with a little literacy for garnish.

- Happy mom

My kid a delayed read loves this app.

- 6-yr-old loves it

My granddaughter figured out how the game works faster than I did! She really loved it, and I saw a lot of progress both in beginning reading and in reading 3-digit numbers. She had come to believe, in school, because the curriculum marched on regardless of whether all the kids were getting it, that she couldn’t read. She just didn’t want to try. But playing the game she did pretty well. Not being on paper was part of it I think. Her eyeballs still seem to just bounce off paper text. The sentences in the game get progressively longer, while the words are still about the same. As the sentences lengthened, the time she spent with it shortened. It would be nice to be able to choose levels, with variety, so that the learner could have some say in the challenge. The game definitely has resulted in important progress.

- Software doesn’t work

The program itself has good lessons but it randomly just deleted our account and made us start a new one. It seems like whoever built this is very inexperienced has faulty software

- Terrible

Asks for user name and password without a setup and will not allow access.

- Keeps crashing!

Every time we set up specific word sounds to practice this crashes! Very aggravating makes me unable to play game. Hopefully can fix with bug fix or update.

- Recommend

My kid is 5, loving it and really learning!

- Covid 19 Help

I looked in to different apps to break up the day with homeschooling. This was also recommended to me by a teacher. My Kindergartener and 2nd grader both seem to be enjoying it!

- Sanity Saving!

My 7 year old LOVES to learn and interactive reading is something that he enjoys very much. This app has been a sanity saver for us!! He wakes up every morning since downloading, goes potty, and gets on Teach My Monster. It’s very engaging and gives me peace of mind knowing he’s putting the safest, best info into his brain from the time he wakes up til the time he goes to sleep. Thank you so much for offering this app during such an uncertain time!!

- My kid LOVES this game!!

I have such a hard time with my son and his reading. This game he can play for hours and his reading has improved because of it

- Fantastic app!

Thank you so much for making this fabulous app available for everyone! It is a great resource and children love using it.

- Thank you for offering for free!

My children have used the website version of this app, but never the app. It is very generous of you to offer the app free for all the families who are currently unable to attend school.

- Fabulous!

My daughter’s love this game! They both were so excited and wanted to play for hours. Later in the day we were at the store and they were still talking about it. Thanks for making such a fun and engaging learning app.

- Absolutely worth it.

This is PERFECT for my kindergartener! She’s been having difficulty in school with certain sounds/letters and this has helped tremendously and it’s only been a week. It’s fun, colorful, interactive. She makes the sounds when told and it holds her (very spacey and hyper) attention. I don’t know if it’s because she isn’t allowed tablets/phones but she hasn’t moved or gotten distracted in over an hour, I’d like to credit that to the app. I plan on recommending this to everyone, I wish I could give more than 5 stars.

- Wonderful learning game

I homeschooled my daughter for awhile, and she loved this app. Now a few months later, we are dealing with school closures from COVID and when I come to re-download it, I see you are offering the app for free because of the school disruptions. I cannot thank you enough on behalf of all the parents and children who will benefit from having access to such a fun and useful app during these trying times. Absolutely heartwarming, thank you SO much.

- Great app

Great app for my 4 year old. His attention is kept and he is learning too! Thank you.

- Great rewards, pace, and graphics for 3 years old.

The space between the activity and the e-rewards keep my 3 year old engaged and playing. The games are easy to learn and actually help him review letter sounds outside of structured learning time. The graphics are simple and exciting and don’t have a bunch of extra things on the screen that are irrelevant or distracting.

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- Hi

My brother JACOB Jackson loves this app ❤️💜💞💝🧡🖤💓💛💔💗💚❣️💖💙💕💘

- Login is always an issue

See title

- I like the app but

This app needs a bit more direction. The kids are allowed to bypass many parts of each lesson without the practice neededso when they get to the reading part of the lesson, it tends to fall apart because they get too frustrated. They shouldn’t be allowed to continue until all work on each level has been completed. I would also like to suggest some kind of internal timer so that the app can gauge when a child is ready to move up to the next level. If it’s taking your child 5 minutes to read one small sentence, they’re not ready to go on to the next level. The kids love it though but now it’s too hard for their level and they’ve gotten frustrated. Maybe it’s just me and I haven’t sat down to learn everything the app has to offer. I might be missing something but this is what I’ve seen so far.

- The best game

When I first played the game it was AWESOME

- One of the best!

This app is one of the best out there to teach your children to read. It is fun, interactive and the animations and story telling are awesome. Thanks!

- Great Program for Kids!

My students are really enjoying this program! They like the idea of having a monster. The program is straight forward with levels that are helping them to develop their reading skills.

- Intros to each game are too long

The intros to each game are so long my kids loose interest before the game has even begun. When the game begins its slow and boring. Confused about all the good reviews.

- It’s fantastic been using with my students.

Love it.

- Classroom

I use this once a week in the classroom and my students love it. It keeps their attention for a long time unlike other early reading and learning to read activities.

- Great app!

My daughter (3.5 yrs) LOVES IT!

- Great app!

My children are really enjoying this app! It was recommended by their teacher and I see the value in it. Thanks!

- A Learning Ap the Kids Ask to Play

My kids love earning stars and playing their monster game. From 2 to age 9 they all enjoy it. It’s a fun and educational game.

- Fun and interactive

My son who is 4 years old now loves playing with the app, now he can play most of the games that comes up. sometimes need a bit of guidance but once taught he is able to grasp it. The games are repetitive but with different content. He started playing this app when he was 3.5 years old. He enjoys it and loves it a lot. Totally recommended if you want to get an educational app for your kids.

- Excellent!

As a reading specialist, I highly recommend this app! I use it in my classroom and at home. I am so impressed by the way it introduces phonics to kids. It is very engaging and keeps students eager to learn. So thankful for this!

- Excellent learning and fun!

My 5 year old has 6 weeks of kindergarten and the teacher has expressed concern that his phonemic awareness was delayed and he may need to repeat the year (Ug!) So I found this app via spelfabet au. I love it uses the letter sounds rather than letter names. My kid loves it and has been talking more about the letter sounds he hears. Fingers crossed he progresses enough to their expectations by Christmas.

- App is good depending on how the developer responds?

My son loves this app and it's hard to get it away from him. However, as he was playing he stopped to use the washroom and came back and found that all his stars had disappeared. He is on level 3 and had over 1000 stars as he was saving up to buy stuff from the store. Only to come back and find 94 stars and all 31 'Trixies' gone. Is there anything that can be done to fix this. Could it be a glitch in the app? Please advise at your earliest convenience.

- Great app!

My first grader is enjoying this app a lot! We live in Japan so I’ve been struggling to teach him to read on my own. This has made reading a bit more fun, and slowly he’s starting to try reading on his own. The one downside is I didn’t realize this app was developed in the UK, and as we are Canadian English speakers some of the sounds are different (for example, one activity asks the player to find all the “or” sounds, which includes the “ur” in “pure” which is not the same sound for us). I did buy it in the Canadian iTunes though.

- Educational and fun

My child has been playing this game off and on for about 2 years. I love that it progresses as she progresses! She started playing at the level of learning the alphabet sounds and now she’s reading and spelling short words. It’s also great that she can have fun even if we only have a short timeframe to play. I recommend this to all of my friends with younger children who are learning to sound letters, spell, or read. Probably the best paid app I’ve ever bought (and reasonably priced too!)

- Well loved by kids

My kids really love this app, and I find them retaining the letters and words they’ve practiced on the site (I have a 4, 7 and 10 year old using it). I did notice that if I’m not sitting down with them while they use it, however, that they tend to get sloppy and do a lot of guessing just to get on with the games. Used well and properly, though, I think this is an amazing learn-to-read program.

- Love!

I love this app!! Both my girls enjoyed using it and it really helped strengthen their sound and letter recognition. As as Educator, I set this up every year for my students. The only complaint parents have is that it’s a paid app as most do not have laptops/desktops at home. I did however share the message that it was free this week. Almost all have downloaded it because of that. Thank you :)

- Totally Awesome

Games like this take all the pain out of learning to read!! My son is having fun and loving learning!! Thank you!!

- Horrible app waste of money

I want my money back!!!

- Thx you show my kid how to read

Thank you I am not sad that I bought this game because it works thx dude

- Useless app. Waste my money.

Useless app. Waste my money.

- Nice app!

This is a great foundational literacy app! I have recommended this app to several parents & educators I know. Great work guys!

- Reluctant reader approved!

My 6 year old son was extremely reluctant to even try to read or spell. A fellow homeschooling mom recommended this app, and he loves it! His reading has drastically improved and he’s constantly asking to play. Highly recommend this!

- Great way to connect school and home

I tried it myself because I was skeptical. But was hooked by the first few levels. Easy to follow, High interest for my Kindergarten children and can be tailored for the individual needs if each child. Parents and teachers can see their progress. Home run!

- Good for older student phonics help

While it certainly is wonderful for younger children, including my 4 year old at the beginner level, it has also been helpful for my older gr 4 son with spelling and differentiating sounds that sound similar. Really enjoying this APP so far.

- So easy to use and my kids love it

I love this app. My daughter was struggling with reading and this game has given her some confidence and taught her so much and she doesn’t even know she is learning or reading. All she knows is that she is having fun.

- An fun way to learn!

I've just introduced this app to my class as part of their home reading program. And they are loving it. As an educator you are always looking for fun ways to help your children to continue to learn when they are at home, grandma's or waiting for a sibling to be done hockey. This app is a great extension of what we are teaching in our classroom. Thanks!

- Thank you!

I love Teach Your Monster to read! I love that it uses phonics and is repetitive and the kids think it is super fun!! I would love for them to expand into other languages such as French! I haven't found any program even similar to teach French phonics!!! Thank you for making a great program for reading!!!

- User-friendly effective learning tool

Love this app! My grade 1 students progressed so well with their reading, using the web version at school, and many chose to purchase the app to continue at home. They returned to the games again and again. Thank you.

- Awesome!

The children in my class love this app!!! They're learning and they don't even know it!!!

- Awesome early reading app!

This is my first grade students' favourite literacy app! The engaging games reinforce early reading skills from letter sounds through sentence buildin in a fun and motivating manner. Highly recommended!

- Amazing!!

My 5 year old was reading in no time after using this app. This app is super fun and very efficient. I'm very impressed.

- Horrible

Ever since I purchased this it continues to crash. It's unstable and causes a very disappointed child who loves the computer version. It should be free as it is on the computer. I assumed updates would fix the issues but it's been the same since the beginning.

- A Great Find!

It's been difficult to get my 6 year old interested in reading on his own. This fun and engaging game has him excited to be reading and we are seeing progress already. Thank you Usborne!

- Frequently crashes

The game frequently shuts itself down mid level. Since progress doesn't save mid level my son has to do the same activities multiple times. This is extremely frustrating for a 6 year old. Prefer the desktop version.

- Tim

Was good but it crashes on spelling "goat" and won't let us continue. I'd recommend waiting until it's got the bugs worked out.

- Boring...

Bought this for my 5 year old to work on his READING. It starts off by teaching letters and letter sounds. I agree that this is the first component of learning to read, but by the app's title I did not think this was a letter learning game. There is no way to skip the letter learning section so we were completely bored by the repetitive and boring letter learning games. I completely wasted my money on a very expensive app. There are much better apps to learn letters (Such as "Endless Alphabet")

- Awesome App

This is an awesome game for kids to learn how to read. My daughter uses Reading Eggs for school, but finds this more fun and it encourages her to read by making her read what she has to do, for example, go to the monster with a hat. Even my 3 year old is learning a lot from this; it’s great for different levels of reading ability.

- So far so good, it has the kids hooked

My 4 & 6 year olds give this app the tick of approval. They are very engaged and enjoy how interactive it is.

- Glitches in code but great idea

Please fix the games. This morning the game was saying ‘ch’ for all sounds in make this word instead of ‘ch’ + ‘sh’ + ‘th’ And instead of ‘th’ was saying ‘ng’ I tried logging in to report and ask for help but “email address not found” although my daughter has been using this app for a few months now.

- Best app for littles ones!

My 4year old is starting to recognise alphabets and sounds already through the app and its been a great revision for my 6 year old they dont get bored from it either! Thank you!

- We lost all progress

We had logged in on the app. Son was loving it, but lost all the progress with no way to recover. He now says what’s the point. Don’t both the help on the webpage is useless and it’s hard to follow linking better the app and webpage, bad design.

- Great for the kids!!

Love how easy it is to use and my girls love learning using this and enjoy each milestone and the rewards that come with it! Great for all stages of early learning !

- My monsters love their monsters

My children have access to more than one app to help them read, but even though two of them are well beyond needing basic reading skills, they love to look after their monsters and help them read. This app is engaging and encouraging. You couldn’t ask for much more.

- Great educational game

Amazing! My son (5) was playing it since I downloaded it and already learned more then in 2 months at school. He wouldn’t play reading eggs but he loves Teach Monster. It’s so well made with rewards and possibility to buy gifts when he earned stars. I wish the developer will do something similars for numbers in the future ?

- Awards

I think you should have more awards

- Great for Home Educators too!

As a home educator I am always on the look out for engaging and fun ways to learn, especially the more repetitive things such as reading and phonics etc. So thank you so much for this app, my 6yo son loves it. Some of the things we like most: - it keeps changing the games as he goes further, keeping it fresh and engaging - it gives plenty of support and doesn’t ‘penalise’ for wrong guesses, some games do this and it discourages kids from having a go, which really is how we learn! - gives plenty of verbal support which helps kids be more independent and confident in having a go and feeling a sense of achievement Thank you!

- class love game

this is a faboules game to play whith little children to learn

- It’s greatest educational game in world

It great make a free version like a demo version

- Class teachers love it.

I am the computer teacher at a school and have introduced this game to students from Kindergarten to reluctant year 4 readers. I have used both the app and the website. The students love it and the teachers love the results.

- It works!

My daughter loves this app

- Proxy Issue

Fantastic app HOWEVER downloaded on all our school iPads but it won’t let the kids log in due to proxy issue. App won’t allow auto proxy yet we (like most schools using an MDM) must use auto proxy settings due to our caching server. This is poor programming on the developer’s part and the only app we have ever had this issue with. Please update the app to allow auto proxy!!!

- Favourite App for learning sounds and improving early word/ sound recognition

Love it. Worth every cent! My daughter asks to play daily. Well done. Great benefits!!

- Works perfectly for little readers

Both my 4 & 6 year olds love this app. It has helped reinforce school taught reading techniques for my eldest, and provided an entry point for my youngest, who after a few months of having this app is now reading introductory reading books borrowed from a primary school. More importantly then this however, is the fact they both love reading and this app has played a part in fostering that.

- Teach Your Monster to Read

We are using it as part of our Educational apps to reinforce what we are teaching. The kids love it and we can set them up at the right level. Great for EAL students as well to help them with their letter sounds.

- Well worth it

This is a fantastic app, one of the best I've found for helping my pre-schoolers - and even preps - understand and learn phonics.

- Great app for schools and teachers

My class love using this app to help them learn to read. It's so engaging!

- Best ABC app

I can't rate this app highly enough, it has been so great for teaching my son letters and and sounds.

- Even 2yr old wants in on the action

Bought this for my son, to help him put his phonics together to make words, has helped immensely and he's way out ahead in his reading now. My daughter only 2, plays it now because it looks so wonderful, she's progressing a lot slower and is really way above her ability but she's determined to do it too.

- Kids really enjoyed this but finished too quickly and only 1 player option on iPad

All my kids really enjoyed this miss 4 is still enjoying the levels, mr 8 finished it within the day, and mr 10 really wants to get it in a level that would challenge him, he says the adventures look pretty cool, better than any other one he's seen! BUT... There needs to be an option to fast forward to higher levels on the PC version, and I can't find the next levels on IPad yet? Are they going to be available soon? Eager to try it out on the bigger kids

- Not compatible with PC application

This game is great on PC. Very disapointing on Ipad as you can't use the account you created on a PC or create additional account on the ipad to save progress of more than one child. The IPAD app is only useful if you have only one child using the same ipad all the time so this way it can save the progress of your child.

- Kids loved it, but can not add another monster or restart

Both of my children love the game! It is fun and simple way of learning letters :) They were really disappointed that they could not add more monsters either to have more than one player listed or to repeat the tasks once they had finished the game (without loosing their first monster).

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- Dyslexic Reader

My 8 year old is dyslexic and was struggling to read BIG time! I saw teach my monster to read on a FB post and thought why not we have tried everything else..this program has helped her TREMENDOUSLY!! She has improved her reading so much just with doing it for a week! She also enjoys doing it because it’s so fun so it’s not a chore to get her to do it! We love this program!

- Makes learning fun

My 6 yo son is struggling with confidence in his reading. This app has really helped him in such a short amount of time & he enjoys playing!! He’s learning without it being tedious. Thankful for this app!

- Older sister APPROVED

Last night I found this, my little brother just started kindergarten, and we homeschool. We set everything up fairly quickly and he learned the 'N' sound! I read a review that said it had incorrect phonics. Well, you learn the letter sounds, and sort stuff depending upon the sound. Not incorrect phonics. Also, my brother regularly comes up to me and asks to play! I played a little of it, and it's pretty fun! I already know all the stuff, but I will sum it up in two words! Educational FUN! That is hard to find. I got it for free, in Febuary. That's it! Thank you for reading! This was a review from ❤️Km❤️!

- Best app

My daughter loves this game. Can’t believe it’s free. This is by far the best app for a 5-6 year old.

- Thank you

I love this game!!!!!

- Teaching

Teaching kids to read

- Very educational yet fun!

My daughter loves this game and completed it awhile back! She got a certificate of completion!! She’s currently five years old and it’s too easy for her now but was not the case at first. I did practice with her along the way (blending, sight words) and this was a great reinforcer. I’m on the search now for something more difficult and will definitely be checking out other apps this developer has to offer.

- Too Difficult

Is there a way to change the difficulty, my almost 4 year old is finding it too hard. She’s just learning what letters sound like. I thought it would start off with words ending in at not food and flew.

- Love this app!

My daughter really loves this app, and the “trickies” (sight words) have her a head start on her class work.

- Give me a refund

Give me a refund

- Give me a refund

Give me a refund

- P you got r


- This is fun to play.

My daughters are having a blast playing this game. It has really gotten them to become more aware of letter sounds. They are looking for words all over the place now.

- Very engaging

My almost 6 year old is a stellar reader but she still LOVES this game! It is great to reinforce the basics as she continues to level up in her reading.


I like this game

- Nice People


- Age appropriate educational game

We love this game! It’s fun, interactive, and not too stimulating

- Volume keeps cutting

Great game but something is wrong with the volume

- Wow!

My boys love this game! I can actually see and hear them trying to read the words.

- Change of accent

ZERO STARS This app has one accent, every app has one voice, either girl or boy, American or British, I’m well versed in this scam. If your American and learn to read from British sources like this, it’s considered a speech impediment. I want my money back you’re lack of leg work in voice recording is not working for everybody. ZERO for this one basic flaw “Know your audience” I expect a full refund for this crap

- Very hard to use the app.

This is the first app I have given one star too. It is very hard to use. I downloaded it last night for my granddaughter to use. It is very hard to maneuver. I couldn’t do it even helping her. It asks you to keep putting ducks in a pond. It took forever to get the darn things in there because the wouldn’t move easily and then it repeated itself and wanted us to do it again. She was not impressed and now doesn’t want to play it anymore. This was not a cheap app so I feel like I am out five bucks. I would not recommend. She has no issues with other apps.

- Love it!

I used this in my kinder classroom for two years. I have moved onto a different grade, but should I ever go back to kindergarten I will use this app again. I still recommend it to friends with kinder-age kiddos! The games are fun, I could see the data, and it was an asset for my kids to learn sounds. The British accent did make some sounds a bit harder to hear/understand, but as it was used as one of many tools it didn’t affect the students. Love that they could do sight words too! Plus simple sentences. Overall a fabulous app!

- Trying to get my money back

Downloaded the game for my four year old. We understand how to play the game but it requires manual dexterity above both my four year old AND myself. We couldn’t get past the second level because it’s too sensitive to errors or tiny fingers. Even adults found it too hard to drag the pieces to the *exact* spot to move to a new level. Kid games shouldn’t be this hard. Terrible design despite the rave reviews. I want a refund ASAP.

- Pre-k and K kids LOVE it!

My kids cannot our this game down once they start playing. There was no instruction for the space game where the UFO has to pile the block in the correct order, so my kids didn’t understand how to play that game without an adult figuring it out first. Other than that, my kids are learning their letters and learning to read!

- Great reading app!

My five year old is addicted. Great rewards, and the set-up is jus Ike a big kid video game. She’s reading words after three days!!

- Classroom use

I’m a library media specialist in a Title I school. I’ve been using the online version with my classes, after using the app with my own child for years. They LOVE it! It’s magnificent for our struggling readers and our most fluent readers love seeing how far they can get with the fun games. Two teacher thumbs up!

- Best gamification, with solid pedagogy

I am a literacy specialist, and while my favorite reading game is “What’s Changed?” most fun is “Teach Your Monster”! It won’t actually teach YOUR monster to read, but it will introduce and reinforce essential knowledge and concepts in a logical, manageable order. Plus, it’s a really fun game, that looks and feels like a regular, non-reading game. My kids love it!

- Son loved it!

My son loved this game and it absolutely helped him learn to read. I am downloading the app now for my daughter to play and learn to read.

- I love this app

I have been using this for years. I am excited to return and find all the extra teacher supplies available. The stir fry songs are a hoot!

- Reluctant Readers Rejoice

This is the first app/game that my reluctant reader actually wants to play! He loves the games and gets so excited to play

- Hello I was wondering if the 4.99 is a one time charge or is this every month?


- Amazingly good

My daughter loves this. Its incredible how well this teaches phonetic (and sight) reading. It definitely requires parental guidance though; do not send kids off to play this by themselves. This program builds up new skills and sight words FAST, often using sight words that the student hasn’t seen as the answer (it’s a good thing; students figure them out by process of elimination and are never shown two new words at once and are required to recall or sound out multiple previously seen words ). By comparison, ABCmouse seems galacially paced. Most kids will do better if an adult is there to help them walk through the words when they forget a skill or get confused.

- A great app that taught my son to read

My son was in Pre-K and we wanted a fun app that would get him ready for school. Tried a bunch of the others including ABC Mouse and he gave up on them easily. He loved this one. Both him and his brother challenged each other to get stars and build the spaceships. After one year he is reading “Level 2” books on his own as he heads into Kindergarten and a huge part of that is due to this app.

- Great resource

My son has been identified as a struggling reader and this app has been such a great tool in helping him.

- Bad accent

Everything is great about this app, except the strong accent when the woman’s voice tells you what word to click on. Sometimes i even get it wrong. Also, it keeps starting my kid over every time he clicks out, for any reason. So he’s endlessly repeating lessons.

- Great learning app

My five year old just finished an online preschool and I was looking for a fun app that would continue to build her reading skills. She loves this app and seems to be learning a lot.

- Great Game

My 6 year old has been having difficulty with grasping reading. He loves this game and i am beginning to see improvement in his reading.

- Awesome and fun

My 5 year old first started using this about a year ago. He has worked on it on and off for a while. He absolutely loves it!! It’s so much fun and teaches him at the same time!!

- This is alright

So when I exited out it didn't save even though I already beated the level >:(! Can you add save button and it will save your score?

- Excellent

My 8 year old has been using this app for a few years and it has really helped him with reading and directions. He still uses it and has begun showing our 2 year old how to play as well!!

- Great game , but....

This is wonderful game, but here are some things that would really improve it. 1 . You only pronounce the sound , not the letter. 2. There should be more islands in the first game. 3. After the islands, it acts as if they know how to read. Please take it more slowly. 4. Please add more mini games to the first game. 5. Thank you!😊

- Great app for learning!

Great app for kids to learn to read and sound out letters. Used for my 6 year old and twin 4 year olds. Highly recommend.

- Awesome

Update 3/5/2019 My son is now a reader! He only has problems with long words, but he remembers the rules and sounds them out.. This program helped where Phonics couldn’t. He was so frustrated with phonics books, but this was perfect for him. Eventually, I added the phonics books back in so he could have more practice, but without Teach Your Monster to Read, I don’t think we would have made it. Thank you so much! Original review: This has really helped my son with his reading! We tried phonics books and it just frustrated both of us. This is the only thing that has really helped him. He doesn’t cry when I say it’s time for Monsters! He used to cry every day when I brought out the book. The only thing that’s strange is the pronunciation is weird since the speaker sounds like she is from the UK and we are in the US. So I do have to correct the letter sounds sometimes. It would be funny if my son spoke American English but read in The Queen’s English. Lol

- Good game - login bug

Great game my kids love it. The current version is preventing logins. Claims no internet connection but WiFi is good and all other apps are using network access without problems. Please help

- Buggy sounds

Great app but after playing for 10 minutes the audio bugs out. For example the “Th” or “sh” just sound like deep white noise and it’s frustrating for our son. He gets to about the third level and this happens. Reboot and restart don’t work. Only way to fix is reinstalling the app which resets his progress.

- Hooked!

I teach a transitional 1st grade class, and they LOVE this app! I love that there are graduated levels for a more customized reading experience. And I love to see my kids so excited when they realize they are reading!

- App do not work but can login on computer

This app doesn’t let me log in it says check internet connection n I have tried both connections this app doesn’t work. So I figured out after 2 weeks. I turned the password off thats the only way to get the app to allow me to login there should be instructions about this and customer service should be aware of it also they didnt help me at all and I have yet to receive a second reply to my email.

- Letter sounds

My four year old son loves this app and before using it he didn't know many letter sounds. After just a couple times of use he is already reading simple words! My only complaint is when you are racing down the track and jumping to touch the flowers to make the letter sounds, it's very difficult to time getting to the top ramp. If the letter sound points to the top it takes my son several tries to get up there even though he knows that's where he needs to go. Fun little app overall and I've seen significant learning since he's been using it.

- Homeschool Mom Thrilled with App, but...

We have been using this app for a couple of weeks and we love it. My daughter struggles with reading, and her progress with TYMtR has been incredible. She enjoys all the games and is motivated to play. My only complaint is that the “Stat” feature is not working for her profile. On my account I made two student profiles one called “Mom” so I could test the app out to see if it was worth letting my daughter try it, and one in my daughter’s name. I have no problems accessing the Stats for the “Mom” profile, but for about a week, I have not been able to access my daughter’s stats. I would like to be able to use those stats to help her work on problem areas and to determine if she is progressing too fast through the levels. I emailed tech support, but was told that it may be a server issue with the influx of users and to try at different times of day, but no matter the day or time, the Stats are not available for my daughter’s profile but work fine on the other profile. Fixing this issue would make this app a solid 5 star review.

- Homeschool Mom of 5

We have been using the website but decided to give the app a try. We love it. My 1st grader has some difficulty using the computer mouse at times. Using the app, he is able to play with out getting so frustrated about the computer mouse.

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- We love it

My 5 year old bookworm says he really loves playing the game and practising reading. It’s helped him to read more fluently and to enjoy reading. Fantastic app :D

- My review


- Help me learn

When I was little I would not learn without

- Brilliant app

Our 3.5yr old has been using this app for about 20 mins per day during ‘lockdown’ and it’s brought his reading on amazingly. Highly recommend!

- Really good app

My son learned a lot of phonics from this app. I would recommend it for parents who want to teach their child phonics.

- A blessing

My youngest was just starting to grasp phonics at the start of COVID19 and the break from school could have really set them back, but they have enjoyed exploring the game, gaining certificates and playing while learning. You can set the levels so his brother a year older flew through the last level and the 2 challenges eachother in their progress. Thank you.

- This is a fantastic resource

.... and my daughter is really loving this now she is 5. I might be a bit of a wally but we actually both found the gameplay a bit frustrating when she was younger and didn’t look at it from age 3 to now. The platform game can be really tough to get the hang of, and also rounding up the animals can be a bit frustrating. I wonder if you could have some tips in the game if people are struggling, like “get behind the animals” or “tap where you want to jump to”. I’m still not sure we’ve got it right! I also agree with the other user who said it would be great to have some sort of timed usage or stop point, it would really aid in managing use in a homeschool situation. Not sure how you do this without ripping kids out mid-game. I usually let her finish the “planet” she’s on at the moment...

- Brilliant app

My children have loved this app! It’s fun and educational.

- Great for gamer kids

My son loves his games , it’s very difficult to keep his attention doing traditional work this is a great way to keep his attention whilst learning. Was connected by school over the pandemic but had to pay £2.99? Was worth it though by far. However I don’t like that I can’t see anything like progress etc must all be for his teacher even though I paid for it? A progress email once a week to parents might be a good idea.

- Logging in across multiple devices?

We created a monster today on my phone and then downloaded the app to my iPad. I can’t seem to find how to sync the two up. Daughter seems to be enjoying the game so far.

- Learning without realising 😃

Both my sons have loved playing your game. B (now age 8) has a reading age of 14.6 and A (age 5) has a reading age of 7.2. I’m sure a large part of this is the engagement they have had with playing your game since they were 3. A still enjoys playing on his iPad, though he is way past needing phonics which is a testament to how much he enjoys playing. Thank you for making such a fantastic educational game and making it free on the computer. There is a lot out there and it’s hard for parents to know what is and isn’t going to work - checking it out online made me fully support the game and buy the app for the boys’ iPads so they can play when they have technology time :-) Keep up the good work and Thank You!

- Best phonics App!

I work in a primary school with year 1 children and have known about this game for a while, always gave this to children as ‘fun’ time after completing their phonics learning as one day I stumbled upon it while the children were using iPads for learning games. During lockdown I decided to download this for my children age 3 and 5, and I was blown away by how fun this game is, all the while learning their letter sounds and words. The games are so much fun and my eldest enjoys collecting stars for her costumes. It’s a fab way to get learning done at home! Many Thanks for creating this wonderful game 😊

- Amazing

I’m a tutor and this app is brilliant for children to help them to read and it’s interactive

- Age 6 review

My six year old son is loving this game. He asks to play it in his ‘free play’ time after he has completed all his ‘school work’. I’m delighted that does not realise that he is still learning and is really enjoying making his monster cool 😎🤖

- Brilliant app

My five year old boy loves this app and he is Learning so much with schools being closed at the moment, it has been a life saver, I feel much more at ease knowing he is not missing out thank you so much

- Perhaps best for 3 year olds

Using this with a child who was 4 last week and it is too slow for her. We started this as recommended in the app, at the very beginning phase, perhaps should have jumped a few stages.

- Fantastic learning game

I am sure that we owe all the thanks to this game that my granddaughter learnt to read so early, she loved it , and even though she now reads well still likes to play with it sometimes .

- Brilliant...except

The app is absolutely fantastic and my little girl’s reading is coming on leaps and bounds. However, when playing the 10 minute mini adventure the app just shuts down every time. If it wasn’t for that I would give it 5*!

- Difficult

Starts off very well but gets difficult for my 4 year old. One of the games is just too fast for her to read and then distinguish the answer. I think this could be better if we could revisit the games to actually learn the lesson. We’ve moved onto reading sentences but it’s too quick of a jump for us unfortunately. Looks like we won’t be playing this as often as I’d like to which is a shame as we used it every day for a while.

- Perfect for reluctant readers

My son was showing little to no interest in his school phonics scheme. But with this he doesn’t even realize he’s doing school work, because it's so much fun. He will repeatedly ask to “play the monster game’ whizzing through the sections, and learning all that he was ignoring in school. As a parent I’ve also learnt a huge amount about how phonics and reading is progressively taught, which means I can hopefully support him better as time goes on. A brilliant app, fully worth getting.

- Aligned with primary school

This app uses the same method of teaching phonics and tricky words as my kids’ primary (and most other uk primaries I would think) and my 5 daughter can suddenly read quite long sentence in the app without even noticing. Even my 8 year old son loves playing the app even though the content is way too easy for him.

- Great

My five year old daughter loves using this app and it is helping to consolidate the phonics sounds she has learnt in reception.

- Repetitive

My 3 year old was bored of it within minutes. Once a game is understood it seems to require the same technique over and over. There are plenty of better paid educational games out there.

- Teach your monster to read

I like this app

- The music sound stopped playing

The music sound stopped playing suddenly despite the app sound being on and the device sound being on.

- No iPad Pro support

Game is great - but no resolution support for iPad Pro.

- Excellent but app keeps crashing in practice mode

This app is brilliant and my 3 year old has already learned so much. The only problem I have encountered is that the app keeps crashing when on practice quick play mode which is incredibly frustrating! Please look into this problem. Otherwise would be 5 stars for an excellent resource!

- Never seen my child so excited to learn

Absolutely brilliant app, lots of rewards. I love the link with the words and sentences. Absolutely brilliant app.

- Even I love it

My very energetic 4 year old son loves this game. He has learnt so much from it. I love watching him play it. He loves his monster and collecting stars. His reading is improving as a result. Thank you

- Fun and engaging

My daughter loves this! Flying through the learning & doing great! One thing I’d love is if you could select certain letters (as a parent) for what the child may be struggling with so that they practise that without knowing it was you. Otherwise great!

- Boring and repetitive

I paid for and downloaded the app because it seems to have good reviews but I really wish I hadn’t now. Are there any instructions? We seem to have to work it out as we go along, which means my granddaughter has to wait for me to work it out before I can explain it to her. And why do you have to play each game more than once to collect a letter? She was very frustrated and quickly asked to do something else.

- Disappointing

Looks like a well made app, and great to have a British accent. BUT this is sooooo boring. If I see those bloody ducks one more time...... each sound is taught through one of two pretty dull games. Regretted spending my pound about quarter of an hour later.

- Great App

Our son loved it...thank you so much; a big help in these times!

- Amaizing

I have this app at the mellor school and l got it

- Accidental homeschoolers thank you!

Like many, we have been thrown into being accidental homeschoolers. I cannot create the free flow stimulating environment my son has in reception at school and trying to work, educate reception and year 5 concurrently is tough. My son *loves* this and it helps manage our household whilst providing content that engages whilst educating. Thank you.

- Overall a fantastic tool, some minor frustrations !-)

My preschooler loves this game and he is 4. He often tires of standard reading/ phonics practice fairly quickly but can play this for a while. He can get on with most sections in the first early steps section with only minimal nudges from me when he comes across a new game. The only thing I think that could be improved is that when kids are getting the hang of a new game, if they don't start on it straight away the audio instructions are simply repeated until the monster gets underway. Could perhaps they get a variety of instructions if they are hesitant to start? So if they don't quite get the initial instructions they are broken down and simplified if they hesitate for longer? Otherwise a really useful way to have fun and learn. Thank you

- Great App

My daughter loves this app. It’s a lot of fun as well as educational. A really great app that we’d love to see extended, perhaps even with other subjects as extension packs to purchase.

- Love this game/ learning tool

Our school recommended this game to us. My 4 year old was not interested in reading for much of the time and wouldn’t put the effort in to think words through. This game has changed all that. He now sits and thinks about how words are formed and is more enthusiastic about reading. He loves playing this game and doesn’t realise it’s actually teaching him. I’ve told all my friends about the wonders of this game and they love it too.

- Nice but too many bugs and game play frustrated my 3 year old.

First off it's a lovely gesture this was made free. My 3 year old enjoyed making the monster and got the phonics concept, but quickly became tired of the duck game and the fiddly controls. The rocket game confused us for a long while. Finally I realised some of the blocks were meant to make phonic noises but didn't - hence us not getting the idea. This bug is a bit of show stopper. Also what is meant to be the 'p' phonic plays a sound effect, another issue which is just confusing. Additionally the special bonus 'wind up duck' appeard hidden right behind the monster, so so we had no idea what we were meant to do initially. We tried the flower game but it's too fast for my son and put it down at that point. Overall it may be good if they fix up the bugs. I'm not sure how repetitive it is long term. It looks like most islands are going to be the same voice over samples with re-skinned graphics, so jury is out on lasting appeal.

- Mnunouoi

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- Not free

It’s states that it’s free to ease the stress of coronavirus yet charged my bank £4.99 yet when I clicked on it all it said was get not £4.99

- Great

We have been using this with our reception children and they love it.

- Wow

It is really good for my little boy he is littrely on it everyday (:

- Teach Your Monster to Read

My 3.5 yr old grand-daughter loves this app. She asks to play on it and will do so happily, concentrating for at least half an hour at a time. After only a few weeks she is reading four word sentences. She is able to play and follow the instructions by herself, although I’m usually there to keep an eye on her and help if necessary.

- Martina

How do you know how to make it because I cannot copy it for a Different game

- Awesome!

This game is so cool and fun . Thanks for the people who made it .You need to play this game.

- No sound

Was working great but suddenly there is no sound on the app using ipad and i cant find any help or support to resolve this.

- The monsters are hooked!

I highly recommend this app for reinforcing the early steps in phonics. My 5 year old is hooked and is keen to play and read! She loves the ‘tricky’s’ and it has improved her sight vocabulary of the common exception/ non decidable words. I’m a teacher and, having seen the impact at home for my daughter, have signed up my school on the website. The children are so excited to play and we are going to give out the monster letters and certificates in assembly to celebrate reading achievements. Fabulous app, fabulous game- only wish I had known about it sooner! Thank you.

- Excellent and fun

My son is now 7. We got this game a few years ago for him, I forget when. He is a solid, if sometimes reluctant reader and we think this game deserves some of the credit for his success. Very well constructed game that kept him playing and not realising he was learning.

- It’s ok....

I found it quite hard to navigate around with my three year old/ to grab the ducks you basically have to walk into them.- the character doesn’t grab them or do anything to confirm you have the ducks. I think she would find this quite repetitive. It’s not something she could play by herself. Don’t think this is the best way to learn the sounds. This app is basically a start to an idea- but it has certainly space to improve greatly on.

@anitathetweeter: If you want to stick your pre-schooler in front of a screen while also congratulating yourself on your parenting, I hi…

Check out this app Teach Your Monster To Read. There are lots of phonics and reading apps out there for children…

@mrs_flick @TILTHRCE @MrHennigar @MBoudreauHRCE @SimonsenTeach @DanaPeters18 My kids are loving CodeSpark (and so d…

Watch “Teach Your Monster to Read Trailer” by @MonstersCanRead on #Vimeo njnmmm molluyyyy

Joe busy working hard on his sounds on ‘Teach your monster to read”.

@anitathetweeter: If you want to stick your pre-schooler in front of a screen while also congratulating yourself on your parenting, I hi…

@anitathetweeter: If you want to stick your pre-schooler in front of a screen while also congratulating yourself on your parenting, I hi…

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Teach Your Monster to Read 4.0.5 Screenshots & Images

Teach Your Monster to Read iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Teach Your Monster to Read iphone images
Teach Your Monster to Read iphone images
Teach Your Monster to Read iphone images
Teach Your Monster to Read iphone images
Teach Your Monster to Read iphone images
Teach Your Monster to Read ipad images
Teach Your Monster to Read ipad images
Teach Your Monster to Read ipad images
Teach Your Monster to Read ipad images
Teach Your Monster to Read ipad images
Teach Your Monster to Read Education application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Teach Your Monster to Read Education application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Teach Your Monster to Read (Version 4.0.5) Install & Download

The applications Teach Your Monster to Read was published in the category Education on 2014-07-23 and was developed by Teach Monster Games Ltd. [Developer ID: 828392049]. This application file size is 130.63 MB. Teach Your Monster to Read - Education posted on 2020-04-29 current version is 4.0.5 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions.

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