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What is endless alphabet app? ** 2013 App of the Year Runner-Up **
** App Store's Editor's Choice **

*From the team at Originator - the creators of Sesame Street's Monster at the End of This Book, and Another Monster at the End of This Book. Originator is a team of passionate artists and engineers dedicated to the best education+entertainment apps for kids. We hope you enjoy playing with Endless Alphabet as much as we enjoy making it.*

Set the stage for reading success with this delightfully interactive educational app. Kids will have a blast learning their ABC's and building vocabulary with the adorable monsters in Endless Alphabet. Each word features an interactive puzzle game with talking letters and a short animation illustrating the definition. Before you know it, your child will be using words like gargantuan and cooperate!

**NOTE: You must be online and have ample disk space the first time you run the app so that all words are downloaded and can be played. **

- 100 words to learn and play with.
- Delightful animations teach children the definitions of the words in a fun and engaging way.
- Word game teaches children letters.
- 3D Touch on iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus makes letters and words react in an extra special way!
- Endless Alphabet was designed with your children in mind - there are no high scores, failures, limits or stress. Your children can interact with the app at their own pace.

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App Name Endless Alphabet
Category Education
Updated 05 August 2022, Friday
File Size 49.78 MB

Endless Alphabet Comments & Reviews 2024

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Amazing alphabet game. Love this app because my 2yo loves it. We successfully taught him the alphabet over 2 weeks when he was about 20 months old using an alphabet book but then he became very resistant to practicing letters. This was the fourth alphabet app I downloaded (and the 3rd or 4th different modality tried) and it’s worked like a charm! He now asks for the alphabet game as opposed to throwing the phone or book or flash card or paper in defiance. I’m very grateful. Can’t recommend it enough. Genuinely seems to make learning the alphabet fun.

One size fits all. This app is very fun and beautiful, but buyers be warned that there is no way to adjust the difficulty level of the words. This means that my three year old is getting words like CAMOUFLAGE and BEAUTIFUL to learn spelling. I wish they had the ability to age down (like CAR, CAT, BALL for my toddler). I’m still giving it three stars because the audiovisual design is really nice and it keeps my kid busy when we’re at a restaurant. I think of this as more of a letter matching game for my kid than an educational one. A missed opportunity for this app.

Loved this app but. Every kindergarten class I have had in the last couple of years have loved this app. I would hear children making the sounds that the letters made when they were playing else where. When my new students opened the app this fall for the first time, the letters didn’t make the sounds any more, the narrator just says the name of the letter. My students were bored after the first two words. Please bring the sounds back. They were so much more meaningful and engaging for the children.

Entertaining. My 7 month old loves watching me move the letters around. It makes funny noises and it is educational. No glitches either. 5/5

So much fun. My kids love this app and it's so extra cute. Builds vocabulary and phonetics and letter recognition. This app is sensational! No I was not paid to rate this.y kids also enjoy Endless reader, wordplay and numbers. Try the numbers one!

😍😍😍😍👍🏻❤️❤️❤️. I miss playing this when I was 5! <3 it's great for little kids who need too learn the alphabet! Would recommend to moms and dads or teachers! Best alphabet game ever!

Awesome. My soon to be 7 yr old LOVES this app and has LOVED this app since she was 4. Its so exciting to hear her use the words from this app in conversations. What child can use a word like exasperating in real life!!!!!

Love this App. We used this app with my son seven years ago and now my daughter is just as in love with it. She holds the letters down as she drags them across the screen and mimics the sound. Then she giggles at the visual definition of the word. I haven’t found a better learning app for this age.

Love it. I love this app, my 3 year old loves it,and it’s one of the few apps where I feel like he’s actually learning. Feature request though - don’t let him replay the video endlessly, maybe once and then he has to replay the word game to watch it again.

Helped all my kids learn to read. I love this app. It’s easy for toddlers to use and keeps them engaged. All my kids used this app to help them with letter recognition, letter sounds and learning to read.

Love this!. Around the time my son was 16 months old we spent a ton of time in and out of the hospital and we had to keep him “down” so unfortunately LOTS of screen time helped! Thankful for this APP! His pediatrician and preschool teacher both loved it as well. It helped so much with his sounds and vocabulary and learning speech!

Fantastic educational app. I LOVE this app for my children. From simple letter recognition to phonics and learning advanced words, this app is a great way for my kids to learn and play. Also great to use when we have to wait in line and my kids get antsy at their young age (3 & 5).

Good creativity, quality and fun. The characters and the game are very fun to watch. You can tell the creators put lots of effort to make this with good quality. The animation is done well too, especially compared to the poorly animated games out there.

LOVE LOVE LOVE. I absolutely love your games... my daughter and all of her friends have so much fun with them. However, her new tablet is Google Play. Whenever you release Endless Learning Academy S.E. for Google Play you have a customer!!

I forgot about purchase restoration!. I know I’m not supposed to write this review on this app and I was supposed to write it on either endless reader or endless numbers but that’s OK. Anyways, I forgot about the ability to restore purchases after purchasing endless reader and endless numbers. I’ve owned these apps before, but when I deleted them all of my word packs were gone and number packs. If I would’ve re-download them again, I would have to restore my purchases further down the road, since most of my words and numbers are missing. Took a long time for me to notice but thanks. Shortly after I’m done writing this review, I’ll download endless raider an endless numbers (as well as endless alphabet) on my iPad so I can enjoy.

This is the best game ever in history!. I like the game cause it has no ads and after you do it the letters dance in their own way😁

Please add new words. Alarm Artistic Beautiful Belch Bellow Between Blend Bounce Camouflage Celebrate Clumsy Contagious Contraption Cooperate Courage Cram Decorate Demolish Disguise Dizzy Dye Electricity Exercise Experiment Famished Fireworks Flexible Float Flop Fluffy Forgive Gargantuan Gargle Glow Graceful Handy Harvest Hilarious Invention Invisible Itchy Journey Juggle Jumble Kazoo Kind Lick Lopsided Magician Magnify Melt Minuscule Multiply Musician Naughty Nibble Nightmare Nosey Odor Opera Pester Portrait Powerful Prank Quarrel Quartet Question Rainstorm Recycle Reflection Refreshing Rescue Ruckus Scary Scrumptious Shadow Squeegee Squeeze Steam Sticky Stupendous Submerge Tangle Tickle Timid Umbrella Underneath Vacuum Vegetable Wave Whisper Wiggle X-ray Xylophone Yawn Yodel Yucky Zap Zigzag Zipper

Like a real cartoon but a few mistakes. My favorite one is dizzy but when Imlisten closly I hear this white noise when the charactor is making noise. It is kind of wierd

Word ideas for this. I have 6 word ideas yearn churn access data accountable analyze I hope you add these and also your game is so grate kids can learn so much vocabulary!

So few words. I read a lot of great reviews of this app so decided to download it for my daughter (almost 4). We have been trying to help prepare her to read during this time out of school. Unfortunately, I found this app to have unbelievable limitations. While the activity is great, there are only 70 words. My kid did all of them in 2 days and has no interest in repeating the same words (only 2-3 or fewer per letter of the alphabet). For the cost and great reviews, I was expecting something much more of this and wanted to save parents the money - this activity is just not at all in depth.

Great app. I love everything about this app. My kids have enjoyed this app for years. I start them playing at about 18mos and they love playing all the way to 5yrs old, when they start to read. I really like that is says the letter sounds and the letter name. The animation is so cute.

Home childcare. I was introduced to this by a friend who’s son is autistic. So I got it. I’ve had children as young as 2 learn letters fairly quickly. Now I’m working with my 5.5 year old great granddaughter that was shook as an infant. She is finally grasping letters and letter sounds. It’s a great app for children of all ages.

Great app, my son loves it, any new words?. My son has been using this app for the past year and a half. He’s three and still loves it. Any chance there will be any updates with new words?

Great app. I have a 2 year old which is broadening her vocabulary because of this app. She is also more familiar with letters and the sounds they make. Worth the price!!!

More letters. How can I get the rest of the letters, from L on? I paid for them previously but I don’t even see how to restore my purchases or buy them again.

If bought in the past why do I need to rebuy?. I bought this app several years ago. I got a new phone and now it wants me to pay to buy this again. The app itself is great but I bought it outright so I’m miffed that it is asking me to rebuy this.

Granddaughters that bloom!!. She was born very small, developed very slowly, and had an extreme ability to focus and absorb. Was diagnosed between 6-9 months as being on the spectrum. My education began. I read, researched, and developed an understanding of what all of this meant. Would she be able to develop to her full self? As she grew she was given many opportunities to discover her gift. Autism, is a spectrum of colors, that we have given her, to have her love who she is and well as what she will be. GD

Best App for learning ABC’s. My daughter has been using this app for 2 Years since she was 1 1/2 Years old. Now my second daughter (19 months) is obsessed! They learned to identify their ABCs so quickly. Love the colors and the cute little monsters. It’s such a well thought out app. I wish this developer made more apps than the ones they have.

Old days. In the old days when i was little I used to play this game all the time

My whole childhood in a nutshell. I love this game still even though I’m 10. It’s very nostalgic for me.

Most noatalgic app ever. I used to have this as a toddler and it was awesome. I re-downloaded it just for some nostalgia

Best ABC app!. I had this app as an actual kid and I learnt my ABC’s around 1! I know give this app to a little girl Eva and she is using this app very well! From only knowing how to sing the alphabet to recognizing letters is amazing! Each dollar I spent on this app is worth it!

The best learning app I’ve seen. My 2.5yr old is recognizing letters when out and about, saying their names and the sound they make. That is entirely thanks to this brilliant game. The letters are stylized as wacky monsters that speak their sounds as you drag them into place. Then the friendly narrator speaks the letter’s name. When playing, I added a rule that my kid has to say the name of the letter every time, to reinforce the learning. After he spells the entire word, he’s treated with a delightful animation. There are tons of words! I really can’t say enough good things about this app. I’ve researched and downloaded all the top rated learning apps. Some are really good. This one is by far the best. Thanks for making it. I can’t wait to check out your other apps!

Okay but needs some work. Disappointed in this app. For $8 I expected it to be pretty good. Some of the letter sounds are not phonetically correct, like /m/ says mmmmmmm not muh. Also, for an app called endless Alphabet, I expected it to be more about letters and not just spelling words.

Excellent toddler development game. Keeps his attention, he can navigate it…. My toddler is a little over 2 with a slight speech delay. What would make it better: Why are there no settings? Turn off music but keep the great vocalizations for each letter sound Choose from a vocabulary list - these words are rather long for my little one. Still, he successfully got up to 3 letters in place before getting frustrated and getting it to start over. Maybe he’ll catch on shortly. We’ve only played for 10 minutes so far.

Love this app!. Multiple kids have used and loved this! Highly recommend.

Needs parent settings.. I love these apps. I had one I paid for by the same company for the alphabet that was fantastic. They no longer support it so I bought this one. Not an equal trade. Kids learning the alphabet are not the same kids that need to learn super long words. For 8.99 The creators need to make options for you to tailor to your child’s age. To be able to only have the alphabet and not only words since it is called Endless Alphabet. And for the love of Pete to be able to use lower case letters. Kids need practice on lower case way more than uppercase letters. As a preschool teacher I’m pretty disappointed by the missed opportunities for this app for the price.

Overpriced. This app is overpriced for what it is. I appreciate that it is easy to use and my 2 year old likes it, but for $9 I expected more. I agree with another reviewer, it would be better if you could tailor to your child’s age. I am really working on getting my child to know her letters and although this may help her recognize them I don’t think it’s really going to help her learn that an A is an A, etc. It would be great if there was also a mode where they had to ‘Find’ the letter or something like that. Overall, there’s nothing wrong with the app, it should just be half the price for what it is.

'I love it!' Rated by all my kids. Great game that we sampled on a display iPad and thought it was great. One of the first apps we got our children and it was a go to even chosen over other TV character based games and definitely has been more effective in multiple reading skill building and across huge child skill levels and ages. Exactly the good that all electronic devices and apps should strive for. No guilt letting my children play this for '...just five more minutes?'

Love it!. My 2 year old loves this app. I’ve downloaded all of the apps like this and she loves them all. I was having trouble getting her to form words and these apps help make it more fun for her to learn. I recommend it to everyone I know.

No Accessibility Support. I am a VoiceOver user. I cannot see but I have a son who is sighted. I really wanted to love this app, I’ve heard so many great things about it. I downloaded it hoping to help my son learn his alphabet. Unfortunately, the app is not accessible at all with VoiceOver. Please make it accessible so that parents, caregivers or anyone using assistive Technology could help their children learn. I would love to be able to set this app up or help my son if he needs anything, unfortunately I can’t. Money wasted.

Great Potential. This app could be soooo amazing and I would even pay a little more for it if they would just update it a bit. First off, the letter sounds aren’t totally accurate like the letter F for example sounding like “Fah” instead of just an F. Second, I like with the Spanish Alphabet app they have how you can set it so the letters have to be placed in order. On this app there’s no setting adjustments. Third, they could really make it possible to tailor this to your child’s age and it could be very educational instead of just a fun app I let my daughter play with every now and then. Definitely not a positive teaching tool but I would say it’s a fun teaching enforcer to an extent.

This is the best for kids that learn things.. I love this app because it helps my son learn new word. I think this is the best app for my son

More than vocabulary. Don’t underestimate this app. My two year old learned phonics from this. Because of that his reading fluency took off. He gained a lot of vocabulary from this too. Once your fluency is down, then comprehension can be tackled. My son is now much older and school is a breeze. Thank you for giving him such a strong foundation. Of course, read every day for 20 to 30 minutes too.

3 year old knows his alphabet!. My son started plying this when he was 2. He’s now 3 and knows his letters and can identify them. This app is simply amazing and makes learning super fun with the funny sounds!

From 2 to Reading. Thank you for making games that seem to last forever. From beginning letter sounds, to reading fluently this app has stood the test of time in my family.

Not worth the money. It’s cute, and we’ll done. I do wish there was more actual alphabet learning. It’s just word puzzles. My kids were bored in 2 minutes. It’s the same concept found in just about every free app we’ve seen. Save the money.

Taught me how to read. Hi! It's been 8 years since i was around 5 and learned how to read because of this app. Thanks so much. I'm now above average in english.

Not great for toddlers learning letters. For learning the alphabet letter and sounds, I’m shocked that all of the letters are capitalized! There should be lower-case letters incorporated into this app. Vocabulary is also limited to large words which makes no sense for a child learning the alphabet sounds. Very disappointed in this app, especially at the price point of $9. My kids do enjoy it and have fun moving the monster letters around, which helps them learn the letter sounds, so it’s not a completely loss, but this app is definitely over rated by all the great reviews

Excellent ABC App. I work with kids that are Autistic. This app has been absolutely amazing in helping each child I work with. I did have all the letters, but they seem to have disappeared. I need help in re-downloading them.

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Good app. Good app, but please don’t ask for ratings when kids are playing. It’s ok to ask for ratings in the parents area, but definitely not when kids are playing

room for improvement. although interactively good fun for my son, words are all upper case (what child learns to write like that?) and no option for UK/Australian/Rest Of World spelling. Can't have my son growing up trying to spell COLOR.

Very intelligent app for kids (and adults alike). Fantastic words, animations and sounds. Very clever game design full of rewards. Highly recommended.

Exceptional!. I have all the apps in the series for my toddler. He is now 2.5 and has been using this one for over6 months now. Just got the others and he has picked them up in no time. Absolutely a must have for all parents!

Simply awesome. Must have for kids

Excellent. Extremely well thought out. Everything you need. Very engaging.

Second best app ever. The best app ever would have to be Endless reader and this app is a close second. For my 2 year old the endless set of apps are way better than all of the most highly rated apps I have tried. I don't usually write reviews but I am telling everyone I can about this app. I couldn't have designed it better myself.

My daughter loves this game.. This game has creative character design and fun animations. It teaches phonetics and meaning of the word in a fun way. My 2 year old daughter loves this.

Awesome app. My 2.5 yr old loves this app, it's one of his favourites. We love how the letters have a life of their own. My 8 yr old loves it too. Very clever and entertaining. Keep up the good work!

Best app!! Kids have fun & educational too!. When it comes to apps the kids play I am very particular. This is the best I've found. The kids (& I) have fun - love the characters & animations! And it teaches phonetics too. Highly recommend it for all toddler/kinder age kids! :D

Funny little critters make learning fun. My 3 year old has learnt to understand and recognise words and have a lot of fun in the process. The way each letter sounds as he spells out words is really helpful for him. Love this app!

Fantastic App. Great educational app. My son loves it. Only issue it cost is a bit high.

Already Paid. Please restore my purchases devices do fail sometimes

Love it. Really love this app. Please make more words and maybe an option for Australian spelling and pronunciation

Love it. Simple to use, wonderful animation and just a wonderful concept. It has helped both my kids with letter sounds and vocabulary and we are all enthralled by the animation of the definitions. Worth the $$

Has most features doing the right thing. Very good sound and animation. Great one to one letter matching (in any order). The one change I ache for is all words in lower case letters. It would be superb then.

Well Done. Just Awesome. My 3 year enjoys learning from this app.

Early Childhood Teacher. Fantastic app for teaching and learning about letter names and spelling. I would have given it a 5 star rating if it also taught letter sounds and included lower case letters rather than upper case letters, as these are very important elements of early literacy learning.

new words please. My son loves this and reciting words and meaning - having regional setting would be great, maybe the ability to add our own words, or more regular additional words. Very happy with this product

Fantastic!. I absolutely love your Endless apps!!!

Brilliant for preschoolers. Excellent app. My son (3.5yrs) loves it and soaks up all the letters and words. The animated monsters are very cute and are very helpful in describing each word. Highly recommend. Also see Endless Words & Endless Numbers.

Fantastic! My 3 yr old daughter loves this and endless reader. My daughter adores both the endless reader and endless alphabet app, this game is very educational and well worth the money ;) very happy with both purchases - my 3 yr old daughter likes to spell the word out loud and then says it and claps her hands once she gets it correct ;)

Misserika8. ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC! My 23 month old son loves this game and uses it on a daily basis. Thanks to this app, he's learnt how to spell every word there is on the app (no kidding!) Definitely worth the download for children of all ages.

A must have!. Simply amazing app that any parent should have for their kids. My 3yo boy has been learning to read with help from this app. Well made, very educational, and the kids love it. Well done.

Love it. This is by far! The best app I have for my 18 month old! He loves it.

Great app. 2 year old can use app after a couple of minutes. Great learning tool. Better than sitting on wiggles and Barney for hours on end.

Wonderful. Fabulous ap. Beautiful graphics make it a fun way to familiarise toddlers with letters. Some words are a bit over the top for younger kids, but that's a minor issue. Great job!

Absolutely Amazing!. These are easily the best educational apps for young kids available by far! I highly recommend every one of these endless Originator apps. Bought every one so far. It's obvious so much time and effort has gone into making these by absolute creative geniuses, and they're very much worth every cent! My toddler loves all of them and is getting a HUGE educational head start because of it. Thank you Originator!

Best kids app ever. This is my 2 & 4 year old's favourite app. We have had it for months & they still play it everyday & absolutely love it. Especially important is that it truly is educational & also doesn't annoy mummy & daddy.

Top game. This is an excellent app. My 3 year old loves it and is recognizing words and letters more and more.

Very engaging app!. Endlessly fun and super helpful with sounds, shape familiarity, word structure and meaning!

Superb app.. My 19month old loves this app. He can already recognize all the letters of the alphabet and correctly place the letters in record time too! Still amazes me :)

Excellent apps. My. Son had a great time to play this app and learn the alphabets and words

Fantastic!!. Best app I hunk I have come across so far! The monsters make their phonic sound as you move them. Then say which letter they are as they lock into place, so this teaches both! Then has a funny animated description of the word meaning. Word choices are a little more unusual than just the same words they hear in all first words so great to expand their vocabulary as well! Just a brilliant and well thought out app!

Unbelievable. My 2yo got this (and Endless Numbers) for her birthday a month ago. She had barely a 10 word vocabulary. Now everywhere we go she is correctly reading letters and numbers on signs in different, even in different fonts! When she plays with her letters they often form word structures ie. vowels and consonants in correct places. This is her favourite app every time. It’s creative colourful and exciting and she has no idea how much she’s learning!

Great App. This is a great app our two year old loves it

My kids love this. I have a 6, 4 and 1 year old and they all love this cute educational app.

Doesn’t teach spelling. This app does not used commonly taught phonic sounds. It’s cute, agreed but… it does not teach children how to spell or sound words, it’s just repetition out of context. I wish there was a way to see their spelling applied. It’s super expensive compared to other apps.

Love it!. My two and a half year old loves this game and the best part is he's secretly learning HEAPS. In a period of about two months he's learnt almost all letters and a bunch of new words. Highly recommended.

This app is amazing. My son plays with this app all the time. It's extremely well designed, immersive and educational. The developers have also created another great app called Endless Reader.

Excellent game for preschoolers. My almost 4 year old loves this and is learning letters and words

EDUCATIONAL AND FUN AT THE SAME TIME. My daughter loves this app. She can spend hours matching and sounding the alphabets. Its a must have app for all parents, I also have recommend it to friends and family!

Great app!. Great app! Our 4 month old son loves it! Keeps him occupied! ;)

The best!. I love this app for my toddler! She is 2 and learning her letters and how to pronounce them. Worth the money!!! Thank you for this app!!

Best alphabet game ever!. 3yr old (and dad) love it... I'd give it 7 stars if you could somehow add your own word list!

Best. Best for kids highly recommended

Great app but..,. Fantastic the kids live it. For teaching alphabet it would be great if it also had lowercase letters!

Really good!. Love this app. My 17 months old boy can now place all the letters. he even starts mimicking the sound of the letters. great app!

Absolutely fantastic.. My son loves this app and he is really good at his letters and sounds now. Thanks for all the care and attention to detail that went into making this.

Awesome for kids. My 3 yr old LOVES this app. I didn't know he could match letter shapes so well!

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Great. Cute game!


Still Keeps crashing in iPad.. Updated to the newest version and it still keeps crashing just after the opening music which frustrates my 6-year-old son. It works fine on my iPhone with the same OS.

Bug animations no longer playing. Please help, the animations won’t play since the last iOS update. 12.3.1.

Not worth it. Where are the lower case letters? For nearly $12 I feel rippped off!

Great for learning. My 2 year old daughter plays this game and loves it! Great educational app

Needs a update. Would give this 5 stars but it's in need of a update it won't open the game. It starts but after the monsters are done marching it just closes and I'm back on my home screen. Please do a update

Not enough. For $12 I thought there would be more variety in activities. It’s the same one the whole time....super fun, but a bit of a rip off.

Fabulous!!!!!. Fabulous!!!!!

Best Alphabet App. Both my daughters learned their letters from this app, and it's actually entertaining for us parents too! We love all the Endless apps! Thank you :)

Hccukvgu. My daughter loves it

Only Ok. Really only one game set to repeat for every single word. Would be better with some creativity, maybe destroying letters rather than just building a puzzle every single time. Gets old fast for my kids. Also, shocked that for an app designed to teach letters that there is no lower case letters, only upper case. Seems like an obvious miss.

The best alphabet app!. My 2 year started playing this and loved it. He doesn't get bored of it. He is easily bored and loses interest quickly. He is enthralled by this app. He had just barely hit the 2 1/2 mark and knows his alphabet without any help. He letter recognition is amazing. I recommend this app to all my friends. ***update--my son just turned 4 and still loves this app.

Fantastic app!. My sons 2 & 4 love this app. Great animations & music. Fantastic learning app!

Should be rated 4+. This app is GREAT, I'm 10 and I ❤️ IT!, My 👵 Does too!

Best kids game. Great for letters and their sounds

Wonderful app but.... My boys love this app. However, there haven't been any new words for months. Seems endless ended.

Awesome. I frequently hear my kids use words they learned in this app. Both kids love it.


Best App EVER. My 2 year old son loves this app. He repeats everything and loves solving the puzzles. There are two other apps by The same developer that teach numbers and reading. Those two are just as amazing as this one. Thank you

A must for teachers. Best money I've ever spent on an app. I'm a Kindergarten teacher and my students love it. Great for teaching phonological awareness and has high levels of impact for learning mnemonics. Engaging, funny, I'd highly recommend it.

Stole my money.. Accidentally bought this app and they will not give me back my money!!!!!!

Absolute must!. Absolute must for any toddler or preschooler! Teaches sounds etc in such a fun and goofy way but it really works!

Great learning app!. My toddler loves this app! In the few weeks he's played it, he has learned so many letters and sounds already. There are a few things I would suggest to make it even better... -The option for a long-press Home button, as toddlers' little fingers tend to bump it and then they have to start again. -To remove buttons during the post-solve animation. Again, toddlers are button happy, and they might miss the definition of the word. -To make the post-animation scene more interactive. Touch the monsters and objects and get an action. Touch the letters to head the sound again, etc. Otherwise great app!!!

Could be better. The app itself is pretty good in theory, it’s engaging and a great way for kids to learn their letters. However, it could be way better if the words they had were sight words. Words such as contraption, clumsy etc are beyond a beginners level of reading and as such the only aspect of the app that is beneficial is the letters aspect. If the words were sight words, preschoolers would be getting the added benefit of learning them in addition to the alphabet.

My 2 year old son can read because of these series. The animation keeps my son entertained but at age 2, he can recognize words such as scrumptious. Well worth the money to upgrade and the other 2 endless versions

Option to not give the answer first. Would it be possible to not tell them the word before they interact with it. This seems to totally negate the learning to read words benefits.

Love this app but... The one thing that would make this app absolutely perfect would be including lowercase letters. Uppercase letters are not as common as lowercase letters when reading (think of the fact that we use only one uppercase letter at the beginning of a sentence etc). Otherwise this app would be perfect. My almost 2 year old is able to recognize most letters and knows their phonetic sound. And he enjoys the app as well as the numbers one.

Worth it!!!. My 4 and 2 year olds love this app. They sound out letters and enjoy the explanation videos. The characters and animation/sounds make this a fun learning app! We love it! Worth every penny!

We love this game!. My 5 year brother plays it a lot and he can spell really good for his age.Not only does he love it but when I was 3,4 and 5 I played it too and I am 10 now.

Variable pitch using 3D Touch on iPhone!. When I use 3D Touch, it changes pitch! 😂

Best children's app. We have 30+ children's apps and this is the best one and the most effective in terms of learning. Lots and lots of content. I love the music too.

Awesome app for toddlers. My kids love this especially the animation

Great but…. Great app, however, when switching over to subscription services our money should at least be refunded from when we purchased the game outright Bought every level of Endless Reader, Alphabet and Numbers prior to the game turning into a subscription. Now I’m out hundreds of dollars because you can’t restore the old purchases.

WORTH IT!!!. I have been researching good educational apps for kids and came across this one. My 3 year old LOVES it! We also have Endless numbers and reader as well. I have paid for all of the additions that comes with each app and would recommend you just save $$ and buy the bundles. Yesterday she came up to me and spelled Y E L L O W. Amazing!!

Endless fun. Our kids love this app. The animations are great.

I LOOOOOVEVEVEVEV THIS GAAAAEEEEM. My mom bought this game for me when I was like 3,4, or 5. I used to play this game all the time. BEST GAME EVER!!!

Lowercase letters needed!. My daughter loves loves loves this app. She can recognize every uppercase letter in the alphabet. However, lowercase letters are a mystery. It would be great to have an option to switch between uppercase and lowercase.

Great. Great app. Good animations. Fun stories. Like the fun pronunciations of letters.

Worth it. Worth every penny. So cute!!

Wonderful for dexterity. My kids had Endless Alphabet app on theirs iPads since they were 18 months. They were sooooo having fun and laughing on the littles monsters moving and saying the letter. They wanted to play all the time. This app is wonderful for dexterity. They have to grab the monster and move it on the right letter. As of homeschool mom, you want something well done and funny for the kids to want to learn. I recommend this app !!! It’s the best for many reasons : learning with fun, alphabet letter pronunciation(kid repeat the monster saying the letter) , find the right letter, put the right letter in the world and learning words.

My kid loves this. My kid picked it and right away started saying the words, letters and was having a lot of fun. Great app

Fantastic game for children but.... For the love of God, can you please do something about the placement of the home button. Like it doesn't appear unless you triple tap the corner or something like that.

Great learning!. My son is just over 2 years of age and he knows his alphabet just from using this app. It amazes me how quickly he has caught on and he never tires of this "game." 😉. Proud Mommy moment!

A Must Buy for Parents. My daughter loves this app.

Awesome Learning App That's Fun!. Great app for kids!

Cute! More attention to fun letter sounds please. I am writing this review on behalf of my six years old daughter. She really likes this app, but she does not like the "dumb sounding letters" like U, Y, G, D and prefers the cute sounding P, O, T and R. Thank you! As a parent this is a very nice and enjoyable app for getting used to letters in words and expanding their vocabulary

Abc. My son has been playing this since he was two. He loves repeating the sounds of the letters! Great app!!

Family share. You say I can share this, but it won’t let me, it wants 11.99

No need. I love it I’m 7

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Jesse Reidman. The cartoons are so funny!😂😂😂

I love it. Oooooooo I love it

Ads in interface for paid app. Please remove the ads in the main interface. This is a paid app.

Smashed IPad screen. My 3 year old toddler smashed his iPad because he couldn’t get a letter correct, it cost well more that 600$ >:(

Mungry Dreams eat Everything!. Splaat is a bad word for Endless Alphabet with Letter S was the fine everything was about to go wrong.

Most noatalgic app ever. I used to have this as a toddler and it was awesome. I re-downloaded it just for some nostalgia

its fun. its fun

Amazing game. My two daughters are 3 and 2 and they love this game!

Lowercase?. Am I missing something? No lowercase?

dddddda best game ever. beat game I ever bought love it 10/10 the prank was elite rrrrrrrrrrrr

Worth every penny!!. Amazing and adorable app. Our three year old could count to 25, identify a rhombus and even do simple math but the alphabet seemed to completely elude her. We tried books, flash cards reward based learning even abc mouse. But it wasn't until I ran across this app the she started to pick it up and very quickly! Within three weeks she could identify each letter and even most of the sounds correctly. She was moved up to the VPK when her daycare teachers noticed her sounding out letters, then small words. It's been about a month and a half and she can now spell her name! The first time she played the app I noticed it was different from all the other basic learning apps she had played. I had to call daddy in to have a look, it was so adorable and hilariously entertaining. We are so very happy and thankful to the developers! Keep it up and please consider progressing the characters further so she can enjoy them into elementary school. We'll keep an eye out for more.

Work on your vocabulary with this Endless Game!. Very nice.

Amazing App!. We have had this app for about a week now. The app is not the standard alphabet that just repeats itself or anything like that. It has words for each letter of the alphabet that will appear on the screen, say the word, then scramble the letters on the screen and all that is left is the outlined word. The child is supposed to drag and drop each letter to its correct spot in the word. Once the letters are in the right spots and spell the word, the letters (animated characters as letters) cheer for your child then repeat the word. After it repeats the word there is an animated example of the word as well as the spoken simple definition. Also, when you touch each letter they make silly sounds that the letter makes. At first when my son (21 months old) started playing with it he was not very good at it. He would get frustrated and ask for my help. At first I would arrange the letters to be pretty close to the correct spots they were supposed to be in and he would get it faster. Then I stopped and it challenged him to figure it out on his own. After three days loving and hating this app, my son has mastered it! He knows what letters are which, where they go, and even repeats many of the words! **UPDATE*** Constantly surprised. My son now 23 months, recognizes letters outside the app, knows its sound and can tell you every letter of the alphabet all because of this app and reinforcement on our part. I can't rave about this app enough.

Letter only go to “G”. This was a big hit and helped my first daughter Learn her letters! Now my second daughter can only lean A-G. Way to screw things us originators!

This game is the best. I love it so much I like how the letters make sound

What?. My son is scared of this! HATE IT!

Adorable App For My Two Hyperlexic Sons. I have two sons on the autism spectrum that are also hyperlexic. They love letters and spelling and reading. When I first downloaded this, I wasn't sure if it would challenge them enough because most alphabet apps have such small words and are aimed at preschoolers just learning their alphabet. My boys have known the alphabet for several years and spell a lot of words (they are four and five). This app has awesome words. I love that they are learning words like gargantuan and demolish as opposed to just apple, ball and orange (like some alphabet and spelling apps). I also love that new words are added each week. This is such a well thought out, and great quality app and I am shocked that it is free (but very happy that it is). We have been a huge fan of Callaway Digital Art's and their awesome Thomas & Friends' apps for a long time. Keep up the great work and thank you for the amazing free app! This is great for not only typically developing kids, but also special needs kids.

Fun game, but.... Needs to be a way to disable the home button on the screen because my toddler keeps bumping it and it takes him out of the word he’s working on. 😢

Iove. I love this game!

My 1-year old can do this!. My son will be 2 in about 3 weeks, but it still technically 1. He has a handful of phrases he says, and has started to recognize letters. I bought this app 2 days ago, and each day he has played it for about 10 minutes each day. At first, he wasn’t understanding the concept of moving the colored letter over to the gray/hollowed out space where the letter should go. But today, he opened the app on his own, picked a word, and did it all by himself! He did it again on the same word, and then moved to the next one. It’s amazing to watch him match up the letters to words like “nibble” “underneath” and “vegetable" and then say it out loud, and then watch the little characters demonstrate the word, thereby helping to learn the meaning! I guess I was expecting little words like “cat”,”dog” “bird”, “frog” - and to see these multi-syllable words, and he’s still INTERESTED… it’s amazing! I’m very impressed with this app, and hope he goes to it everyday for a few minutes. It has made a difference in just 2 days!

Rated. I rated what it said

Lowercase letters would be helpful. I really wish there were lowercase letters as well

Endless Alphabet. The app is so good

Well… my mom likes this. My mom likes educational games, soooooooooooooooooo I guess I should do this but…………………… I like you too🥰😐😍😐😘

To naysayers. This is a great app and my son really enjoys it. I was moved to write by the silly review by Loobel2, who says that this app doesn't give kids what they need, and that you should give toddlers a box or something to encourage creative play. My son indeed spends many happy hours playing with, and in, boxes. However, there comes a point on the cross-country flight to visit his grandparents when the 10 or 12 books in the diaper bag have all been read 4 times each, the Duplos have been built and rebuilt, the toy cars have been driven, and he's starting to climb the walls. Perhaps Loobel2 would recommend setting a box up in the plane aisle, but since stewardesses usually frown on that, I am delighted at such times to have a few quality iPhone apps with which to entertain him - not cartoony schlock, but interactive apps that engage him. The assumption that the use of iPhone apps for toddlers precludes appropriate developmental play seems to me to have been made by someone who isn't actively raising a toddler or who never travels with one.

No lowercase?!. It’s well-established that kids should learn letters first with lowercase letters. Why on earth is there not a setting for me to choose this? I regret my purchase as this is a disqualified for us.

Not worth spending money!!. Save your money! There are tons of free apps that can teach your kid! Waste of money!

I love this game so much. I played this game when I was little but I’m 10 now

Gave my child a stutter. This app was great for a day or two. Then my 3 year old literally developed a stutter. It was so frustrating for him, he would grab his mouth in frustration and say “I can’t say it!” I removed it from our devices immediately.

Home. My toddler keeps on pressing the home icon by mistake. Hopefully there’s a way to disable it when being used by my toddler

Best app for 18 mo +. My 23 month old has been playing this game for months now. He has learned phonics and letters because of this game. It was a total surprise... About 4 months ago he picked up a big foam letter F and started saying "fffff ffff" and since then has shown us he's learned a majority of phonics from playing this game and how we enforce it around the house -- we make the same noises in the playful way the game does when we see a letter or now are sounding out words! I had no idea my child could pick up phonics this early! Agree with other reviewers... More words! Just to keep it fresh. I love that the vocabulary is advanced and that you haven't "dumbed down" the words. It encourages us to use those words around the house and challenge ourselves as parents to use better explanations as well. Also agree with reviewer about having an option for lower case letters. Keep creating please! Looking forward to an update with more words and a new game from the creators.

Endless alfabet. This is a good game for kids to play

Too little content for the cost. Too simple, yet too complicated vocabulary for a little one. It's only function - put letters in a word like a puzzle. Not impressed with vocabulary choices, especially 'belch'.

excellent app. My 5 year old child enjoys it everyday. Excellent for spelling and reading

It was so good!!!. I had a trauma and I need to read again. It was fantastic. The sound is just make me laugh.

Amazing with one exception. This apps truly amazing. Funny animations including letter sounds, funny animated sequences when they finish with a word, and very well thought out. Even the letter sounds change depending on the word (eee as opposed to eh). Even the letters themselves are animated along with funny goofy sounds as the child moves it around. And after they spell the word and the animation clip plays out, the child can touch the screen and letters that are in the word fail like little raindrops starting from where they touch on the screen. The words they use are also beyond kindergarten levels. Don't look for apple, boy, car words here. They start right out of the gate with harder words like vegetable, timid, quarrel, and gargantuan. but not to worry since a soothing female narrator explains what the word means once they're done spelling out the word which entails dragging letters onto letter outlines. My ONLY pushback is that it does not cover lower case letters. The entire word is all upper case. It didn't even dawn on me until we started writing the letters on paper. That being said, this app is simply amazing. I have never seen an app that covers letters this thoroughly and in such an entertaining way. Don't hesitate. This is great for kids to learn letters. Even if they are only upper case. I can't take a star away for that oversight when everything else is so phenomenal.

This app taught my 17 month old. It’s true!

Entertaining and educational. Kids enjoy it a lot and it’s great at teaching them to read.

Lowercase. Do lowercase pls

Best app you can get for your child!. I swear this app has taught my daughter to read by 2.8 years old. I got it for her when she about 1.5 and it used to be all about the phonetics. I wanted her to learn the phonetics of all the letters and the sounds it makes while dragging the letters does that. Also, it impresses people when your 1.5 year old looks like she knows how to spell "catastrophe". Cut to tonight when I got her a post Christmas book "Go Dog Go" by Dr. Seuss and she effing started reading!!! I had no idea she could read but she had never seen this book and she started reading it word for word and my wife an I were in actual shock. I immediately recorded it. We had fears she was learning slowly and now I am planning on which school at MIT to send her! ;) seriously, what a great app. I am sure we owe all of this ability to this app and I decided to write a review to express our happiness. I very rarely write reviews and never this long so please, go help out America and make your child smarter by getting him or her this app. I don't even mean that with hyperbole. It's amazing! Well worth whatever I paid for it. Don't know why I wasted money on hooked on phonics of which I never use. Thanks thanks thanks thanks!!!!!

One of the very best. It actually seems that the graphic designers and animators actually consulted with educators on this app- which is tragically rare for "educational" apps. Our 2.5 year old is learning phonetic information about letters while having a blast. Most kids' apps out there seem to be developed by animators who take a shot in the dark about what is actually educational- not so here. This is a wonderfully designed experience in every regard- and in Sesame Street fashion, the developers seem aware that adults need to get a little something out if it too- I appreciate the humorous renditions of the letters and words. And the audio aspects are well done too- no annoying sound effects or cheap sounding music. This one is the gold standard. I only wish that the words were actually presented with early learners in mind- like having rhyming words or phonetically related words presented in clusters ( a proven strategy for helping kids to develop early reading skills. )

yes. loving this app, it’s so goofy and it does the job 🤙

My kid is in love. She’s obsessed with it and it’s so cute, I would love it if you could make another app for pronouns too

That’s it??. I can’t believe I just paid $9. There nothing to it besides letter recognition and sounds. Bummer.

Best game ever. Best game ever I’m a 10-year-old and I still enjoy this game

Amazing kids App!!!!. I was stunned when my 4 yr old started using words like "Bellow" and "Cooperate" correctly in sentences. Then spouting off the definition as if he was a walking dictionary. If I could give this app more stars I would. It addresses every aspect of learning the alphabet and then some. It starts by introducing your child to words like "Pester" and "Lopsided" instead of "pea" or "lion." Then it breaks the word up so your child has to place the correct letter in its place. But as you drag the letter it becomes animated and gives you the phonetic sound of each letter. Once your child has correctly finished the word, your met with a visual demonstration of the definition. A proven way of helping kids retain information. The short animation is followed up by a narrator giving the actual definition. And if that's not enough, they add little tidbits every once in a while about washing your hands or saying "excuse me". Huge fan!!!!! I hope they keep adding more words. It has been the only thing so far to break through to my son when it comes to learning his alphabet. (And I've tried a ton of things.) Thank you!!! 7 yr old big brother enjoys the app as well!

No support for phonics. App should allow parent to switch to phonics so letters are voiced the same as in words.

Worth the money. Great app for letter recognition and learning letter sounds.

Amazing. My son loves this game. He’s recognizing his letters and beginning to learn the sounds!

My whole childhood in a nutshell. I love this game still even though I’m 10. It’s very nostalgic for me.

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Language English
Price $8.99
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 4.2
Play Store com.callaway.endlessalphabet
Compatibility iOS 9.0 or later

Endless Alphabet (Versiyon 4.2) Install & Download

The application Endless Alphabet was published in the category Education on 24 January 2013, Thursday and was developed by Originator Inc. [Developer ID: 693294917]. This program file size is 49.78 MB. This app has been rated by 1,134 users and has a rating of 4.6 out of 5. Endless Alphabet - Education app posted on 05 August 2022, Friday current version is 4.2 and works well on iOS 9.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.callaway.endlessalphabet. Languages supported by the app:

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Endless Alphabet App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

This update includes minor bug fixes and performance improvements.

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