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What is endless spanish app? *From the team at ORIGINATOR - the creators of the beloved Endless Alphabet, Reader, Numbers, and Wordplay apps! Originator is a team of passionate artists and engineers dedicated to creating the best education+entertainment apps for kids.*

Introduce the Spanish language to young children with Endless Spanish! With the help of the adorable Endless monsters, kids will have fun learning frequently used Spanish words, including their context and usage! Each word features an interactive word puzzle featuring letters that come to life, and a sentence puzzle with words that transform into what they describe. See the word "grande" (big) grow larger, and the word "flor" (flower) open and bloom!

Two audio modes are available in the app: "Spanish Immersion" for native Spanish speakers and advanced learners, and "Spanish with English Translation" for most native English speakers.

- 6 words free to try with additional word packs available for purchase
- Delightful animations reinforce sight recognition of words in a fun and interactive way
- Word puzzles reinforce spelling using lower-case letters
- Sentence puzzles teach definition, usage, and sight recognition

Endless Spanish was designed with your children in mind. There are no high scores, failures, limits or stress. Your children can interact with the app at their own pace.

** NOTE 1: Most of the frequently used Spanish words are the same as equivalent English words in Endless Reader, so the animations presented are the same.

** NOTE 2: You must be online, have sufficient disk space, and leave the app open to get all words in the app. **

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App Name Endless Spanish
Category Education
Updated 15 August 2022, Monday
File Size 95.67 MB

Endless Spanish Comments & Reviews 2024

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So boring. It’s one because I can’t give it a zero. It’s such a waste of time using this App, it don’t shows anything when I open it, it just stuck forever until I quit.

So fun!. This app is super cool for kids to learn Spanish. Even youngsters can learn Spanish! Thank you!

Awesome app, as long as you’re on Wifi. I can’t say enough about how great this app is! My 4 year old can identify multitudes of words and even spell some of them! My two year old loves the game too and is also repeating a lot of Spanish words! The reason I give it 3 stars is that I am frustrated that I have to be on Wifi for the app to work. It closes out after the opening screen when the tablet is not connected to a network. So it’s no good on road trips or when running errands - some of the times I need it most!

Pinkerton taught my kids language. Thank you!. Originator team: you guys are pretty much responsible for my kids being fully bilingual (Spanish and English) by five years old. So in a phrase: we cannot thank you enough!

It is fun. It teaches both spelling, and Spanish while still being fun👍

Good and Bad. The actually game is really good at first I was gonna buy all the packs and I did but then when I tried to get back in the the opening jingle thing happened and then the app closed out. I tried taking out some data and it still didn’t work. I tried deleting the game and putting it back on and it still didn’t work. The games good and all but it just kept closing out.

Do not waste time with free. The free version let us see 5 words that you can scroll through. It did not even give you an idea of what the app does. If the only thing it does is let you scroll through words, what good is that?

Amazing app!. As a Spanish educator for 15 years and a native English speaker who’s been studying the language for 25, I purchased this app for my daughter. The apps naturalistic approach is exactly the best way that humans learn a second language. What I love most about this app is that it introduces grammar, syntax, and sentence structure in a natural, wholistic manner without “teaching” grammar and doesn’t just focus on the singular vocab word in each example. The animations and the characters in the app are second to none. The creators didn’t miss a thing. Auditory input is accompanied by visual cues to help the user make real connections with their learning, and its fun. I’ll never forget the first time my daughter touched a letter and it began to dance and sing its Spanish sound. We were tickled and we had a lot of fun with it. We began to explore more of the many, many words featured in the app and we can’t put it down. I wish I had thought of this. Well done Originator! I’ll be using this app in my classroom with my kids for fun to reinforce learning with the alphabet, look for cognates, and to facilitate our conversations about...yes, grammar, sentence structure and syntax : )

So much to learn but only 2 problem.. I love this app because you can learn TONS (more then 30 words!) of words. Even though it cost money for more it is still free. I use it all the time the only problem is that it makes tons of wired sounds. Only if they had bedtime mode. It also spelled brown wrong and called it marrón and it is called café. It is still very fun am also not a bot am a real writing person with a brain.

More words please!. My son, who is on the autism spectrum, loves all of the “Endless” apps. This is probably his favorite one, and like all the other Originator apps it’s wonderful! However, I just wish the Spanish app had more words. We have purchased all the packs for nearly all the apps and also subscribe to the Endless Learning app. But I feel the Spanish app doesn’t offer as many words as the English apps. Please consider adding more words on a regular basis. Also, are other apps in other languages coming out? Like Endless French? Or Endless Japanese?

Bought years but packs disipeard. I bought this years ago but now it want me to buy them again and restoring purchase dos not work. What do I do? I gave it 3 stars because of that , but it’s still a good game

More please!. I love this app for my kids. Please consider making more content/words. As others mentioned, I am really looking for more content or apps in Spanish from this creator.

Best spanish learning app. Love this app the sounds and words! My husband is even learning!!! Is there a spanish numbers app? Or only the English numbers?

I❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤🤍🤎❣️💕💞💓💗💖💘💝💟 it!. It’s the best app I ever downloaded in my whole life! Everyone should buy it! Tell everyone I said “Holla!”👩🏾‍🦱

When will you make more languages?. Someone already made a concept for a Russian and Greek could you probably do another language like Korean, Italian, Polish, German, Arabian, and more

Thanks!. I think this app is really good for learning Spanish .like I don’t know a lot of Spanish and this app taught me casa☺️😊

Some amazing ideas for new games!. 1: Endless Russian 2: Endless Shapes 3: Endless Greek 4: Endless French 5: Endless Italian 6: Endless Abaric 7: Endless Hebrew 8: Endless Colors 9: Endless Symbols 10: Endless Constellations 11: Endless Zodiac Signs THE BEST IDEA: 12: ENDLESS ALPHABET THE MOVIE/TV SERIES!!! I am a huge fan of these games and would love to see them on the big screen or at home! You could also add the new games to Endless Learning Academy somehow! I really hope these were helpful! You are welcome for these ideas!

I need help. Ok I want to say that it does not help me at all I just can not say the words and it does not tell you boy or girl

Nice app. This is a great app for little ones this has words from endless reader

Excellent app for learning Spanish. I four year old son and myself both enjoy this app. The animations for each word help you to remember what it means the graphics are very well done

Love. My child loves this. Wish there was Spanish numbers app though!

Not good. This game is good for kids to learn little words ,but the pictures don’t match to the Spanish word with can cause confusion. Trust me I am portorican and I know Spanish my family is Spanish so I know what pictures to put and words

Adorable Kids Learning Spanish. This is by far the best kid oriented app for kids to learn Spanish!!! It is soooo much fun and everything has been thoughtfully designed to be creative, colorful, and a learning opportunity. My four year old loves it! My one recommendation would be to add more words!! The vocabulary is still somewhat limited, and I would love for this to become our primary Spanish app, but we are still needing to use other tools to fill in that vocabulary gap.

Amazing!. My toddlers absolutely LOVE this app. They are doing so well with learning new Spanish words, and learning letter placements. This app is the best.

The best app for my bilingual/speech delay son. Excellent app, so fun, my sons loves both app in Spanish and English. I am Spanish native speaker and my husband English but my son didn’t want to speak Spanish so his teacher recommended this app and it was a success. Additionally my son is speech delay and this app encourages and perfects his pronunciation in both languages. He is now officially bilingual. MY ONLY SUGGESTION IS TO ADD MANY MORE WORDS PLEASE

The best app ever downloaded. So I saw this app in the App Store I was like sure I’ll try it out so I tried it out and it was amazing better than Babel it was like the best app ever you can learn Spanish but the only bummer is is that you have to pay for brand new parts but yeah it’s like amazing and I’m only 18 and from my dad side I am a Spanic from my mom side I am Italian but yeah it’s like the best app ever!!!!

Really annoying. I loved this app I used it for about 5 minutes learning everything but then everything after letter f I think was money and you had to pay for it overall really annoying

Beautifully crafted. It’s interactive and as a developer I appreciate all the animations and interactive work that went through this app. My daughter loves playing with the app

Really nice. Really nice app for practicing Spanish for my little kids.

Cool! My grandma knows a little Spanish!. I learned Spanish from my grandma! This helps but can you make the level 1 price free? I want to learn all of the Spanish words!

Words. They’re should be at least 5 to 10 words for each letter if I knew you had to pay for more words I would have never gotten this app

Great App. Hello!! This app is amazing!! I had this app when I was around 5-6 and used almost all the Endless Apps! I found the apps again and am redownloading this one because I want to improve my spanish because I’m Mexican but sometimes can’t speak or understand spanish or some words, so this app will really help me! Thank you!

Free version is useless. The free version has 6 words in Spanish. Don’t waste your time. The photo for casa/house is a creature painting a floor. ???? The photo for encontró/found is a creature looking at the shoe on his foot. Who thinks up this stuff? I see no point in spending money to get additional packs of a handful of words. We are a bilingual couple and this isn’t going to help our kids at all. My 3 year old lost interest after 20 seconds.

The best but could be better, for toddlers.. The biggest flaw I’ve seen with these spanish apps for toddlers is they try to implement grammar, spelling, and writing. This not how we learn as children and it obstructs learning. Fortunately, this app does not implement these more advance levels of language. I wish I could see more interaction, like give me the ball, give me the milk and the child will learn more by natural consequence as in the real world. It would be best if I could take my child to a spanish speaking country for long periods of time, but until then I’ll have to use this app and wait for a better one that teaches spanish more intuitively.

Won’t open. Paid for the full set of words and now the app won’t open at all. This is a known issue based on prior reviews and it STILL is not fixed. I should not have to email the company to get an app issue resolved.

Our favorite Spanish learning app. More please! My 4 year old daughter loves this! Would be awesome to see more Spanish. Love that it’s interactive with her dragging the letters/words. Would be cool if you could add a speaking component. Maybe have the child repeat back a word/phrase.

I love it and I have a idea!. You should make one that is French it is something almost me and my brother really want all we can learn is 2 make it 3 and if I gave a idea another could be endless created where you can create languages letters words and share it to friends and animating part is a easy tutorial so if you liked these ideas please try them I would be glad to see these ideas!

MY MOM BOUGHT ME EVERYTHING!. I asked her to buy me pack 1 and she bought me everything!!!!! She said I can learn spanish!

Words disappeared. I bought this months ago and some of the words we had available have now disappeared and the app wants us to pay again to access. Oddly enough, my wife’s ipad still has all the words (even though she just got the app through my purchase through family share)...but she never updates apps so I’m wondering if a recent update took away words. So either there is a technical flaw that makes words disappear of this company takes away part of the product and try’s to make you pay for it again. Developers, you have a chance to respond to this and tell me what is wrong. Otherwise in a few days I’ll call apple and tell them to credit the original charge and I’ll be done with your company.

Cant family share. Love this App! It’s taught my autistic son how to say, spell, and recognize over 100 Spanish terms. But I’m super disappointed I can’t family share the app to his new iPad, please fix this!

Cute animations but bad concept for young Spanish learners. The animations and transitions are funny and well-done, and kids like them. However the main concept of the learning process for a future Spanish reader is broken. It’s too much American centric. See the points below: 1. When children start to learn how to read in Spanish they need first to understand how the letters work together in groups of 2 or 3 letters to form syllable sounds. Learning individual letter names is not a useful approach if your objective is to teach how to read in Spanish. 2. In the app when teaching the name of the letter R, it uses a soft R sound where it should be strong R sound. R name is “erre” not “ere”. I can’t believe this was missed. The app is teaching a wrong name to kids. 3. The Spanish pronunciation used in the sentence narrations in the app is not neutral. It has a strong Mexican-American accent. This can be frustrating for parents based outside US where they expect a more natural Spanish accent and pronunciation.

Good app but needs more words. It’s good to know that you have a great app that teaches others Spanish but I suggest something I noticed that they are words that appear in sentences but not in the alphabet I was suggesting that you add new or more Spanish sight words because I played you app when I was a kid and I still like it.

Cool but needs some improvements. Add a advanced mode for older kids

2 Year old. This app is phenomenal & it works! My two year old loves it.

Good, but maybe something else. Ok, so more activities, and yeah. I don’t really like it that much but maybe the app Duolingo is better…🤷🏽‍♀️

I love this app!. I love this app! Even my parents love this app! Everyone in the whole world loves this app!

In Love!. Thank you so much Originator for this well thought out app, it is perfect! As a bilingual mom I really wanted to instill the love of Spanish to my kids and for them to grow up bilingual as well. Looking for apps the rest just looked end felt cheap and not well put together. This one is everything I wanted! The quality, the sounds, the pictures it’s just so entertaining and my kids truly love to “play” this game. I love how it sounds out every letter you touch, the structure it uses to recognize the word, and how to use it in a sentence and to top it off the cute videos of what it means, I mean I couldn’t ask for more! I’m so happy this app was recommended to me and now I’m recommending it to everyone! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Amazing Ideas For More Games. Endless Kazakh Endless Serbian Endless Ukrainian Endless Punctuation & Symbols Endless Digraphs Endless Consonant Blends Endless R Controlled Vowels Endless Trigraphs Endless Japanese Endless Turkish Endless Art Endless Music Endless Tracing ABC And 123 Endless Wordplay Spanish Endless Russian Endless Shapes Endless Greek Endless French Endless Italian Endless Arabic Endless Hebrew Endless Colors Endless Symbols Endless Abkhazian Endless Musical Instruments Endless Seasons Endless Weather Endless Feelings & Emotions Endless Sports Endless Vehicles Endless Animals Best Idea: Endless Alphabet The Movie/TV Series You Could Also Add The New Games To Endless Learning Academy Somehow! I Hope These Were Helpful! Your Welcome For These Ideas

App does not work. I love the English versions of the endless apps however I downloaded the Spanish app and it refuses to open for my daughter to play. I’ve deleted and redownloaded the app over 10 times and it still won’t work. It plays the opening jingle and then closes. I’m very disappointed. I attempt to contact support but again the link won’t work. I just want to use the app.

Fantastic.. We’ve used this for many years with both of my children and they still enjoy it!

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Great learning tool. My Bueno para que mis nietos aprendan español. Los mantiene ocupados por horas

Spanish app. Ya know,I learn what the words mean when I see the picture.And I’m Australian.

LOVE IT!. Really good app. Worth buying it

love this app for introducing spanish to my child and me!. this is an easy and cool way to introduce spanish to my child who is 2.5 and loves learning with all the apps from this app developer. i get to learn a few words in a fun way too. recommended!

Excelent!!!. I'm a native Spanish speaker and my kids love the English version. This is just unbelievable for us and for them who are dying to play more and learn more Spanish. The only fault I found is the pronunciation of the letter Y. Since 2010 the RAE has advise to pronounce it as YE and in the app you are using I GRIEGA.

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Super splendid. This is the best language ap for young children I've encountered and I only wish there were a lot more modules. My child is eager to learn to spell and read and play with letters in general when she's played this genuinely fun exciting kids game w/ a parent. The only other thing is that the character voices for some of the letters, we wish were very slightly more elegant or kindly in tone of voice, or somehow moving toward refining expressively rather than being hillariously ever so slightly on the obnoxious side. It is genuinely a delight to work with with our daughter and captivates her enthusiasm for learning phonetics in any case. A super excellent play based learning ap!

Dumb again. Originator is SO stupid. They force us to pay like $15 to get all the words, while most of us don't have any iTunes money. I hope you idiots go bankrupt.

Really wonderful learning app. Although I wish they also had other languages like French and Portuguese,but Spanish is great . Great animation and learning style as well. My 3 year old son with autism loves this app so much As well as all the other endless learning apps such as numbers, reading, alphabet apps. Only negative is the price. This single one app is not so much however it quickly adds up if you decide to get all 4 or all 5 apps. Very worth the purchase though:)

love it. like it but i don’t have any money

Autistic son. My son is autistic and LOVES your apps. Spanish is his new favorite thing to learn. That being said. We are Canadian and would LOVE endless French! ❤️

Worth it!. Sometimes apps cost $! I think this one is worth it. They have added new words since I bought it last year. I find it a great tool for our Spanish lessons as we homeschool.

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Beautifully done and entertaining. What a great introduction to Spanish! Our son has already used the words "amigo" and "casa" in his sentences today. We just purchased the additional words- I'm excited to see how many he will pick up just from using this app. We've been wanting our son to have foreign language exposure and this is a wonderful way for him to get it, thank you.

App stoped working. App won’t open or load anymore, the other endless apps are fine but this one won’t even after re installing it or resetting iPad

My kids love these apps!. My girls are half mexican, half mixed european and they are learning to be tri-lingual but i really hope you guys can make a french app as well! These apps are so easy for my 2&3 year old to use and they have gotten so great at counting and reading letters so a french app would be just as perfect as these other apps!

Don’t buy. You have to pay it’s terrible I would never buy it again don’t even waste your time it only teaches you like seven words before making me pay money!!!

Excellent. The choices of words and UI are very good. It is a fun app for kids to learn Spanish. It is not complete, a few phonology rules are missing in the examples. The Mexican American young lady doing the voiceover is charismatic, unfortunately her native tongue is English and she misses a couple of sounds. My ideal app would also include the ABC song in Spanish, and most importantly a primer, where children would learn the phonemes that the constants make with each vowel, since vowels in Spanish tend to be short, unlike English. Ma Me Mi Mo Mu. Mi mamá me ama.

This is awesome. I like this game because it is cool

Good to entertain, not so good to learn. The animation is the best thing it has. They put effort in making the app addictive for kids. However, the methodology is poor for an effective learning experience. Good to kill time, not good if you need your kid to learn to read or speak Spanish. In the demo, they show a few short words, which were intentionally good examples of how a kid could learn to read Spanish. This got my attention for me to pay. Early after paying, I noticed that a lot of long words are introduced. And the game is only about dragging letters and words to put them on top of the existing pattern. It’s essentially a matching game. So, the child doesn’t learn to read, but only to recognize isolated letters with a funny sound. This can make the false impression that the kid is learning to read, but instead the kid would imitate the funny sounds one at a time, and not try to pronounce complete syllables. In Spanish, it is very important to split the word into syllables, and don’t just go one letter at a time. I am talking from the point of view of the native Spanish speaker I am. Another issue I found was the wrong pronunciation of letter sounds, both isolated and when forming words. They made the ‘u’ sound like an ‘o’, and the ‘o’ makes an ‘u’ sound. Just give it a try, tap on the ‘u’ and ask a Spanish native what vowel they hear, without letting them watch the screen. Similarly with some consonants. Tap on the word ‘todos’ when it shows up, and ask a native Spanish speaker to guess what word it is by only listening to the sound the app makes. The chances that they will guess ‘toros’ is very high, in my own experience. And of course, those two have completely unrelated meanings. I don’t know what Spanish accent is that, but it sounds more like a English native speaker trying to read a Spanish word. And some sentences have a structure that sounds unnatural to a native speaker. One example I remember said ‘[alguien] dijo a [alguien] …’, when a native speaker would say instead: ‘[alguien] le dijo a [alguien] …’ The missing ‘le’ is a subtle difference that most non-native speakers won’t spot. So, very likely whoever wrote that sentence was not a native Spanish speaker. Finally, all the lessons are exactly the same, it doesn’t introduce different activities for the kid to learn. The kid can easily memorize the pattern and complete all the lessons without really learning to read. You could even mute your device, and still the kid can complete all the lessons without hearing the words being pronounced, not even once! And of course, your kid can finish the course without reading a single word out loud, let alone being able to read or construct a full sentence. I will get a refund for now, and could come back later if the developers fix all those issues. The app has potential, but looks more like a beta or a demo. I hope they can make it better.

Amazing. You guys rock all your apps are very educational and the app itself is polished my son now is learning Spanish thanks to you guys thanks.

Awesome app just like the others!!!. Great interactive app where my nephew can learn Spanish. Awesome!!! I hope they keep make more "packs".

BASIC SPANISH. I enjoyed how they give an English definition and pronounce it for you I just wished they would've given harder words be it's great for your children to learn. this deserves a 5/5

Woot. These apps from this company never cease to amaze me. Is there anyway we can get a German version or other foreign language? My boyfriend teaches my son Spanish while I teach him German. There are very few children's foreign language apps.

I dont know most Spanish.. It is fun but I don’t know most Spanish through.

Wow!. This has to be one of the best kids' Spanish-learning tools out there. Great app!

Other languages???. What about Italian, French, German????

Great for all ages!. My daughter 7 and my son 5 have been playing for two years and still love it

Great beginner Spanish app. My daughter loves the characters in this app and it has really excelled her interest in Spanish! Muy Bien!!

You can’t get the other letters. So… I downloaded this app like in a week and when I got inside all of the other letters were in the app purchases and I hate it when they do that.

Very nice game.. Very nice game

I love the endless apps!. My two year old loves the endless apps. The format is easy for her to understand and the stories are fun! Please make more Endless apps!

kids love it. even not prompted i find my kids playing around on this app. im happy.

Mom. 👍👍👍👍😾🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶

Love it! Please do endless French. Love it

I love this game!. This game is great for learning Spanish for the first time!

It is not as fun as you think. After a title bit you you have to pay money

Best way to learn a language!. Never thought learning a new language could be so easy and fun!

No. Lots of technical issues. Now I can't even delete the app or update it.

For the love of learning. I'm a grandma and all of your apps r fantastic! Whenever I hear a crying child I pull out my phone and turn in one of your apps...the child immediately stop crying in the plane..nail salon etc.. Grandmothers out there download this.. Recently in South America they all lived it... At swim lessons with one of my grandchildren and the younge mother heard the game and said itsnt that the greatest app ever... Keep it coming

Good but not the best. This app is not the best but I still like it it’s just not perfect

Endless 123. I purchased Endless 123 because it was advertised with Spanish apps for children. It’s only numbers 1-5 in English. How do you cancel purchase?

Ès muy bien. Really helpful for my son

Thars only 6. Why can I only play 6 words? It’s super enoying, why can’t I get all the words without paying? If you could change it that would be great. :(

The good stuff keeps coming!. What a great help for parents. In modern times, Spanish is more important than ever, and not just in California or the southwest US. My kids already love the other “Endless” apps, and the thought that they are learning something they’ll surely need when they play with this app does my heart good.

Pro game. This game is so pro

Home Run. Put my 4yo son in Spanish Emerson summer camp 2 days a week again this summer. He liked the people last year but i struggled to get him to connect (and internalize) the language last year. I speak a little Spanish but am by no means fluent. I found this app the other day and it's a COMPLETE HOME RUN! He played it 2 times for twenty minutes each today at his own initiative. He calls it "that thing that I love to do on your phone in Spanish." I feel like he's also more into me using Spanish with him since we started using it but I might be projecting a bit.

Dissappointed. The app is too expensive not to work... it’s been “downloading” for two weeks.. don’t waste your money.

These games rule. My 3 year old has loved them from birth

It's about time. Thank u for helping out children learn a language. To play a game and learn a skill is fantastic!

Grayston. I love this app!

Game. I love you guys game

🔒🔜unlock. My dad bought me EVERYTHING!

In love 💜💘❗️🚭📵. To you


A-m-a-z-I-n-g. Good game

The letter C says a cuss word. Cuss bad not 4 kids

Fantastic. I'm so impressed by this awesome app. I'm learning Spanish as a beginner now and this is just too adorable and useful. Endless thanks to the team making this!!!!!

Great intro of second language!. My 3 year old grandson and I played through the full version of Endless Reader in English, and we wanted more. This app had the same concept words and animations, only en español! He loved it! We regularly bounce between the two apps to find the same words, but the Spanish side needs more! We are very much looking forward to expansion packs and more options for Spanish! Give us more!!

Good but could be better. My son plays the Spanish immersion version and I’m glad to see a version of our beloved Endless Alphabet in Spanish as my son is learning both languages. However, Endless Spanish has room for improvement. There are some errors in the Spanish, such as showing “ll” as two “L”s rather than a separate letter (in Spanish LL is its own letter), and the voice does not pronounce the letter “r” correctly. Also a lot of the sentences are really blatantly translated from English and don’t feel 100% authentic in Spanish. I would suggest making a separate immersion app that is developed IN SPANISH, rather than developing it in English and creating a translated/bilingual version of that content. However in the overall scheme of things there are few good Spanish apps out there so this is a definite improvement over other content out there (thank you for at least creating an immersion version)!

“Y” is this?. Y is pronounced “ye” is Spanish now, not “i griega”. Good app overall.

Amazing, just amazing!. The Endless series is amazing! It is worth every penny! Im not joking! My son is autistic and he loves this app. It never gets old to him. And it is so educational! Im an SO happy you guys came out with a Spanish one! Because my household is bilingual! Thank you so much you have made a little boy smile laugh and amaze people by spelling gargantuan! 10 stars!

Awesome apps, hate the in-app purchases. My boys LOVE all these apps! It has helped them with their reading, math, & spelling, and they're only 4 & 3 years old! Now, I look forward to them improving in their Spanish! I do, however, dislike the ONLY in-app purchase option; I have to purchase it separately for all our devices! Wish they would allow for a one time purchase to download in the iCloud acct

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 3.5
Play Store com.originatorkids.endlessspanish
Compatibility iOS 9.0 or later

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The application Endless Spanish was published in the category Education on 27 May 2015, Wednesday and was developed by Originator Inc. [Developer ID: 693294917]. This program file size is 95.67 MB. This app has been rated by 896 users and has a rating of 4.4 out of 5. Endless Spanish - Education app posted on 15 August 2022, Monday current version is 3.5 and works well on iOS 9.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.originatorkids.endlessspanish. Languages supported by the app:

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Endless Spanish App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

This update includes minor bug fixes and performance improvements.

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