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Simply Guitar - Learn Guitar App Description & Overview

What is simply guitar - learn guitar app? Learn to play the guitar at your own pace with step-by-step tutorials, made by world-class music teachers, and receive feedback from the app while you learn to play your favorite songs!

No experience needed | For all ages | Works with any guitar

--- Make your musical dreams come true ---

• Play chords & songs straight away!
• Learn step by step with high-quality video lessons
• Receive feedback from the app and know when you are playing correctly or need guidance
• Learn all the necessary techniques to play the songs you love:
- Guitar fundamentals
- Read and play tabs
- Playing chords
- Chord switching
- Strumming techniques
- Invaluable tips and tricks for playing correctly
- Technique boosting exercises
• Track your progress
• Learn to tune your guitar (professional tuner included!)
• Receive fast support from our musicians
• Have fun and quickly improve your skills

--- How Simply Guitar works ---

• Place your device (iPhone) in front of you and play; the app will immediately recognize what you are playing
• Get feedback on your playing to quickly learn and improve your guitar skills
• Discover the magic of music with fun songs and complete lessons to start sounding like a pro
• New songs and lessons are added regularly.

--- Good to know ---

Simply Guitar is developed by JoyTunes, creators of award-winning apps Simply Piano and Piano Maestro. JoyTunes are experts in creating educational and fun music apps for learning to play quickly and easily. Recommended and used by tens of thousands of music teachers worldwide with over 1 million songs learned every week.

Awards & Recognition:
- “Editors' Choice” by Apple
- SF Music Tech Summit Startup Innovators Challenge Winner
- Best Tool for Beginners, NAMM
- EMI Innovation Challenge Award

--- Contact ---

Have questions, feedback or suggestions? Reach out to us at

Enjoy playing!

Privacy policy:
Terms of use:

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App Name Simply Guitar - Learn Guitar
Category Education
Updated 16 November 2023, Thursday
File Size 346.68 MB

Simply Guitar - Learn Guitar Comments & Reviews 2023

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Great app but the tuning app and the money they want for a member ship it out of this world. This was a very good app and I would love to give it a five star but honestly it deserves a 3 star so I got this app a few days ago and finished a course then it got to the part where I do the song and it pops up for the member ship around $120 dollars I think for 1 year!! No way to much money for a little app… now my biggest problem the tuning app! I used the tuner app the first time I got the app and it worked very well actually got it in tune nicely made it just sound beautiful oh well like 10 minutes ago I tried to make sure my guitar was in tune so it sound good when I play so… I tried the first string and it was telling me too low, too low, too high and so on so forth then ‘pop’ too my surprise my first string broke!!😡 and yes usually when something bad happens people tend too blame it on something else but if the app didn’t tell me to lie to high or whatever I would instead of writing this review I would be playing guitar.. I was having a lovely relaxing night until this happened😡😡😡😡 thank you for listening.

Well made, unavoidable flaws. This app is really well made. If you’ve read other reviews, you hear a lot about the app not reading cords correctly. While it’s true, sometimes it’s reading is off, it’s mainly because of the reverb. Your phone hears all the reverb after the note you play, and can read it as wrong. So it can be minimized by playing concise notes, and keeping your phone really close to your guitar. But this app is really well built, with well thought through courses and easy to understand videos. It makes learning interesting and let’s you enjoy the guitar even when you’re a beginner. Would highly recommend. (The only request I have for the app makers is the tuner. I had to get my own tuner because the one in the app glitched around a lot. One minute it would read the string as tuned and the next it would say it’s too high/too low. Not a big problem as it’s not too difficult to find a good tuner, but just for feedback if you want to improve the app)

Won’t catch any frets. I just downloaded this after buying my first guitar. Everything was going great until I got 10 minutes in & started learning the frets. Every time I play the fret properly without a muted note it never catches the note being played but if I put my finger fully covering the bar it catches the tone - when it’s completely muted. I’ve tried it with & without headphones. It’s not working for me whatsoever. I’m no musician but I know the note is NOT suppose to sound like that. Even if I talk or make another noise it’ll give me the green light as if I played the note. Or when I mute the note it gives me the green light. But if I actually play the note properly it gives me a red light and forces me to go back to the beginning of the first fret practice. Can’t get past the first 10 minutes of this app. Highly disappointed ☹️

It was ok but... So this app was pretty helpful but sometimes I’ll be doing the right thing and it says I’m wrong or not playing it and also sometimes it says I’m playing two or three notes at once so it passes me through the course when I haven’t done it or the opposite happens and it just won’t work so I strum the whole guitar and it passes me. Lastly, the reason when I’m done with this review I will be deleting this app. I finished a course and it won’t let me do anything anymore, not even play the song the course was for because it says I have to pay for premium which I can’t spend money on apps. It would be nice if I could still do something even without premium. Thank you for taking your time to read this and I hope that you take this review into consideration to change a few things. I also understand because it is mobile it’s harder to pick up sounds and register them correctly but please try and change the having to pay to continue the app.

Good App, Needs improvement. I really like this app, but there are a few things that are very annoying, first off when you start playing it asks if you want to join a premium membership or whatever and it seems like it’s one of those memberships you can be fine without it. But later on in the first course you have to get the membership to even continue playing, I find it really annoying that it tells you that you don’t need the membership then it turns out you do need it. I just find this really weird and aggravating. Like if you’re going to charge me just charge me, don’t mask it until I’m far into the course, it makes you want to buy the subscription because you want to finish the course. Anyway, my only other problem is that it rarely if ever registers my 5th and 6th strings when I play them and it can get really frustrating. But, despite those problems it isn’t a bad app, I learned a lot from it.

Bad. I really loved this app. In the beginning, I really enjoyed playing with this app. It taught me so many good things and there were no ads. It was great. I learned smoke on the water, but every time I tried to play the end of smoke on the water it kept on making me redo that whole part of the song, and I wasn’t enjoying myself when I finally finished the song. Then, to my surprise, it asked me to pay so I could move on. And if you already know the basics and you want to skip to chord learning you have to go through the basics even though you already know them. It also cannot hear anything you play at all and it will make me replay a note about ten thousand times. In summary, don’t get the app if you want to learn. The people in the ads obviously already know how to play guitar, and they put inaccurate proportions of how long it took the people to learn a song. I’ve been playing for 4 hours and I just learned a “simple” song. I’m genuinely mad about this.

Pretty good but I have a problem.... I’m a new user. I’ve wanted to learn the guitar for a while and as I was playing I felt frustrated. Granted, I’ve never played before and I’m the furthest from an expert but while playing I became frustrated with the way the lessons run. It’s effective but once I approached an outsider who already knew how to play the guitar and showed me what I was doing wrong I continued only to run into more frustration. I’ll keep going but most likely with less help from the app. I’ve taken the case off my mobile devise, placed it really close, and more that I thought I could do with random incorrect marks but while (with help of previously mentioned guide) playing the correct notes in a semi-correct way for someone who’s not comfortable yet I still got counted as incorrect. I was on time for most beats and thought I was doing fine but I’ve become frustrated with this app. Maybe try and find new ways to guide such as options based on possibilities where the player could be struggling? I’m not exactly sure but I’m sure there should be some better way to fix these issues or guiding beginners. I do like this app though, it’s gotten me into guitar and maybe I’ll continue in the future. But for now, I’m frustrated.

Happy so far. I decided fairly quickly to give this app a go above others to aid me in finally learning to play guitar and I’m so happy I did. I was immediately draw in: it is fun, helpful, challenging but no so much so that I want to give up. I’ve been playing for a few weeks now and just got to the D chord section. I love that with almost every lesson you get a song or two to practice either a chord or strumming pattern or what have you. It has a feature where it listens to you play and offers correction and here lies the flaw: it often seems to be incorrect in its detection of whether you’re playing a chord correctly or not. This can be amazingly frustrating. But as you see I’m still giving this app 5 stars as this isn’t a deterrent for me. Other people have mentioned the cost and no it’s not cheap! I splurged on this app because I think it’ll be worth it. My gf has played guitar for years and years and she’s impressed with this app and the progress I’ve made. I even asked if she thinks I should add in person lessons at some point and she said the app seems adequate! I don’t know how many more lessons are left but I’m hoping to learn as much as I can and so far, the cost of the app is cheaper than real guitar lessons and I’m very happy and having fun as I go. Recommended.

Hi! I love this, but I’m irritated of one thing…. This is my FIRST review ever. I never thought I’d care enough to make a review, but here I am! I absolutely love(d) this app ❤️ but I’m stuck on ONE level for the past weeks or so… I’ve been playing it for DAYS, but any mistake I make, it unnecessary sends me back all the way to the beginning. When I need to play a few more notes, ONE mistake, and it sends me back 5+ notes than I need to. I’m not sure if it’s me, but I’ve been trying to get past this for so long. I eventually quit for a while, and decided to try it again, hoping it will get better, but it unfortunately didn’t. Plus, even though I’m exactly placing my fingers right, every single note is wrong. I tune it more, and it’s still wrong ;-; anyway, besides from that, I’ve been ADDICTED to this app honestly, but ever since that level I’ve been hesitating on touching my guitar again. This app deserves a lot of stars though, but I really hate when it happens, I LOVE and dislike you Simply Guitar!~

Too unforgiving, relies on mic too much. This app is ok. But it’s extremely unforgiving with the tuning of the guitar. I’ve used the tuner app (which is slightly off of my clip on tuner, but whatever), and it has a very hard time considering my 6th (E) string as in tune. Playing the thickest two strings on my guitar has a lot of variance, so it doesn’t hold the note on exactly the correct frequency. When I pluck it, it starts out high and gets lower as over time. Because of this, the app simply doesn’t acknowledge when I play certain notes. It *never* recognizes when I play open strings, which is pretty annoying. This gets even worse as you play up the neck unless your intonation is PERFECT (which is nearly impossible), or you’re constantly adjusting the tuning in the middle of playing a song. I assure you, my guitar is in tune, and I’m playing the chords. This app just won’t let me progress and just play through a song. Really disappointing. This app really needs to be much more forgiving about having perfect pitch on a guitar, especially for a beginner app. I’m simply not going to buy a $15,000 guitar and have it professionally tuned and intonated before every practice session.

Great! BUT…. This is a great app for beginners. I purchased the premium membership through a Christmas promotion and was using it consistently. I would have given it 5 stars but there are still improvements needed. For some strange reason the app has issues recognizing the 6th string and sometimes the 5th string. I have tried to trouble shoot per the directions in the app but the issue still persists. This issue makes it incredibly difficult/ pretty impossible to progress through the lessons. I am left rapidly/ frustratingly strumming the 6th string in hopes that it will be picked up by the app. I paid for the year subscription and its sad to think I may have wasted my money if I can’t progress through the lessons. Other than that the app has great potential and I can see if being the top app for guitar lessons. I just wish these issues would be addressed. On another note. I would love to see some progress report on the user profile. Perhaps a calendar to show how many days / total time practiced. It would be nice to see.

App cannot detect the guitar even at full volume, and the tuner is unreliable, do not use the tuner.. 1. Awful at detecting the E and A strings, even at full volume. For instance, the guitar tab said to play 5th string 2nd fret, which is b. I played this and the app would not detect it forcing me to rewind to try again. This happened multiple times and I gave up to try again the next day. 2. The tuner does not work, it is completely inaccurate. I forces you to tune your guitar at one point, I just cheated for that because it would not detect the low E string properly, saying “too high”. Once you get to this point, please use a piano or keyboard and play the notes there to bypass this, it will still say too high or low but eventually it will work. luckily as a musician I have my own RELIABLE Tuner/metronome which showed my guitar was perfectly in tune. Other reviews of musicians with less experience have snapped guitar strings because of the awful tuner, please use a different tuner or reliable app. Memorize what each string sounds like so you know when you’re too high or low, then use met to fine tune it. 3. I’m playing on electric guitar, however the app thinks I’m playing acoustic. I’m using a pick but the app thinks I’m finger picking. It doesn’t teach you how to use a pick either, I don’t know if I have to change settings or what, because I already chose electric guitar in the app.

Great app but major flaw. I love simply guitar. I think that’s it’s a great way to learn a new instrument and I appreciate the fun videos, wide range of teaching styles, and variety of song genres. What I don’t love is when I’m playing the right chord and the app refuses to pick up on it. I’ve taken to playing wrong chords or the right one so quietly you can barely hear it because that’s the only way the app will let me progress through the lessons. It’s very frustrating and is becoming kinda discouraging. I’ve tuned my guitar using the app (which is usually pretty accurate although sometimes I do have to fix it using my other tuner), but that didn’t fix the problem. Please Simply Guitar, if this issue persists then the subscription is a waste of money and I wouldn’t recommend anyone new to guitars (or just anyone in general tbh) use this app. I really hope you fix this, because aside from that one issue it really is a great app.

I tried.... So I just recently got a guitar and I was so excited to learn how to play it. I saw an ad for simply guitar and I downloaded it. I learned a chord and tuned my guitar in just about 15 minutes! It was so great! Now i would give it more stars but then this happened... I finished one full lesson and was so proud. It took me only about 25 minutes. I tapped to continue to learn more guitar and then it said I couldn’t move on without getting a subscription. I looked how much money it was for a subscription for 3 months and it was $60?!?!!? I have an app on my phone and I have a subscription for $60 by for a year. And I got it for Christmas. Me and my mom got an account and it still wouldn’t let me move on. I am really disappointed in this app. But if you are rich and have $160 for a year than go ahead. Now if you have enough money to buy the subscription it teaches you amazingly. You get to learn fast and easy. If you don’t want to pay a billion dollars just to play the guitar then please don’t even waste your time. I am trying the app yousicion and it has been working perfectly. It is no money! I’m really disappointed in this app.😢 bye.❤️❤️

Poor optimization for registering chords. So far I’m pretty new to the app but not as new to playing guitar and I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that this system has problems when listening to a guitar play chords because the way that it registers cords is completely unpredictable and completely inconsistent. In some instances it will not even acknowledge that I’ve played a chord, in many other cases it will just automatically fail me because it cannot pick up what is being played for whatever reason, and in some instances it will just act as if I played a chord when I was not even touching the strings. This is really immature technology I feel so I hope it does improve in the future and that they do listen to the feedback but it’s very difficult to get past the basic courses when it can’t even register your E minor chord. Very frustrating needs fixing hope it gets better otherwise it’s a waste of your money if you aren’t using the piano app as well

Not enough content but what is there is good for beginners.. There remain issues with sound detection, especially the 1st string and the fact it will credit you notes even if you didn’t play them. It is a good app for just starting out and works best with headphones. While subscription for a year looks like a good deal, it is very likely you can finish all or most of the lessons within a month or two though that would depend on how much time you give it. The lessons are well done but can be very slow on tempo for certain things that are pretty easy. It is less expensive than in person lessons and you can do them within your allotted time. As a player of a few months I did learn some things and felt the trial was worthwhile but ultimately didn’t subscribe as I was able to finish half of the content within the week and so did not see the value in paying for multiple months on something I will finish in a few weeks.

So good I had to write a review. This app is pretty darn cool. I’ve been playing it for a couple of weeks and I find myself looking forward to the lessons. It doesn’t feel like a chore. My wife told me that when I started everything I played sounded like noise, but now she can start getting coherent music. One great feature I appreciate is that the classes build on each other. You’ll learn the e chord but then you will be using that e chord moving forward in all future lessons. This has helped me cement the chord in my mind. Way better than teaching everything separately. Great app. I highly recommend it. Only thing I can’t seem to figure out is how they release lessons. I noticed a lot of “coming soon” lessons. I don’t know if it’s regularly updated or not and there is not really any communication about that. But I haven’t made it that far anyway so it’s irrelevant at the moment

It’s fine but it’s frustrating. The app is nice! It really helps you learn chords, how to position your fingers, how to tune your guitar, and more! Thing is, there are a lot of flaws in the app, especially when it comes to receiving sounds. Sometimes when I try to tune the sound, it gives off different responses and I never know if my guitar is in tune or not! Not only that, but when strumming, it usually gets marked red and it keeps making me think I’m doing something wrong. Because of this, I try strumming louder, even if the phone is directly next to or in front of me. Because of me strumming louder, this caused blisters for me to form on my fingers, simply to just get all of the notes to blue and receive perfectly. Even I, a beginner guitarist, know that I should not be able to strum or hold my notes so hard to the point where I have blisters form all over my fingers only to get all of my notes blue. I’ve even asked my brother, a person who’s played guitar in the past, if it was normal to have blisters only for him to respond with, “No, you’ll only be causing unnecessary damage and pain to your fingers.”. Overall, the app is nice, and I’m happy I get to learn trending songs! I just hope you fix your sound system.

Good App. I really like the app, I think it’s helpful and would definitely teach someone who has never touched a guitar learn how to play. My only thing is, I wish it would at least let you finish the first basic lesson before making you pay. I understand why you need to pay for this because it is a quality app. However, I feel like if I can’t even finish that lesson before having to pay, it’s not worth downloading unless you plan to pay. It makes complete sense to pay for everything after that lesson, but since you can’t finish it at all there’s no real reason to start it without a membership. I’m considering getting the membership eventually, but If you are looking for something free I’d consider looking at different options. It does seem like a really great app to learn on though, so take the review as you will.

One complaint. Hello, before I write this review i need you to know I know how to play over five instruments, all without using a simply app. And I already have a complaint about this app. When I first got the app it was amazing, I loved how they immediately taught me how to play chords, however I didn’t love the fact they rushed me into songs with little to know information. It was just 6 minutes ago I got frustrated with “Can’t help falling in love with you” because they rushed me into the song, I felt like they didn’t teach me enough about actually being able to have my fingers run through the strings and the chords faster. They had me play them but they didn’t have me play them faster or how to transition quickly. I wish they would add a quick unit before they rush you into these songs so they know you can play the chords and strings up to beat with the song. The least they could have done is given me a metronome. Other then that this app does teach pretty well and in an interesting way, but all I need is for it to slow its roll because some people are slow learners and need to take it steady.

Makes Learning the Guitar Fun and Easy. I’ve only started playing the guitar a week ago, and I’m amazed at how quickly I’m learning the basics with this app. The app does a good job at gamifying lessons so even when it’s difficult to learn new chords and songs, it becomes addicting to keep trying. We’ll see how what this app has to offer as I get more experienced, but already it’s a night and day difference between where I was at when I started a week ago and what I can do now. I can play basic chords with barely having to look at my guitar as I’m quickly developing muscle memory. If you’ve been interested in learning to play the guitar but have been worried that you’ll get easily dissuaded by it’s difficulty, then I highly recommend starting with this app to give you the motivation you need.

Y’all are liars this app if great. So I knew I was getting a guitar so I need an app or something to learn how and I saw this and so like a smart person I read the reviews first then download. I saw that people were complaining about the subscription ( nothing in life is free, get over it) and I also saw people saying that the app couldn't hear them play, people are so quick to judge on an app like what if it’s your device that has the problem because I tried this on my iPhone and my iPad and the app seem to hear me just fine on both of my devices. All I have to do it purchase my subscription and that’s it, which I can afford if you can’t afford a subscription then maybe you shouldn’t have bought a guitar in the first place. So far it’s great app I have nothing to complain about just people need to make smarter decisions when purchasing apps look at the reviews before you purchase something thank you

Subscription???. I think this app is pretty good and it helps to have $$$ if you want to learn from it however. I got through 80% of the first course and I was pumped to be able to learn my first song however as soon as I clicked on the next lesson for the song it just went to and ad about premium subscriptions. I had learned tuning and 3 frets and ONE CORD but then it wouldn’t let me go further with paying with the non existent money I have and frankly the amount is WAY too expensive I just want to get some ****** but I can’t impress nobody with my one cord I learned it is false advertising. I was expecting a premium subscription to be like different songs but NOT the whole app. Dear SimplyGuitar I hope you are ashamed that you are trying to prevent people like me from getting any women with their guitar skillz that they are relying on you to develop how would you like me to take away all your charm or your thing just attracts women/men to you if you don’t pay a monthly subscription for $75! I could just get a Netflix account with that bank but I don’t have that BANK!! I recommend changing so more people with use the app :( #bagel

Tuning. First of all it’s a good enough app if your a newbie and don’t have a experienced teacher but you made my tune my strings all wrong for more difficult songs you usually have to tune strings into different ways depending on your preferences my teacher does it much much deeper then you and yes. I already have. Gutair teacher who is much better then a app I just downloaded it it try it out I have been playing with her for more then 3 years but afte the first 2 I moved and when. Got back I almost forgot everything I could still play a lot so we basically started over I’m currently playing at book 2 and playing really good songs the best part is because of my adhd she listened to me better then. App and when. Had problems she listened and explained It to me if I missed some crucial detail it was in real time she was on a buggy zoom call and yet she showed me more in 30 minutes then this app showed me in 2 hours just get a Gutiar teacher if you don’t have the money then use this app but if you don’t have the time for one THE WHY DO YOU HAVE THE TIME TO PLAY A STUPID APP

Amazing app but I have some requests. This app is amazing. I downloaded after I bought my first guitar. I had no prior knowledge or experience with the guitar and I feel like I have learned pretty quickly with this app. A few things I would like to see in the future are more song options and the ability to customize the Chord Switching Trainer. I think it would be useful to be able to practice switching between any chord I wanted. I also would like more song options. I was born and raised in the South so I would love the option to learn some songs from people like Jimmy Buffett, Allan Jackson, Kenny Chesney, and some more Lynyrd Skynyrd. Some other artist I would love to see are Train and Jack Johnson. Something else that I would love to see would be some Christian songs for those who would like to play in the church band on Sundays eventually. If those things were added this would be a definite 5 stars!

If people want to learn the guitar why pay for it. If people really want to go and get a tire and you let them play for at least 10 minutes in the first starting stages of being a beginner then why would you get off the entire courses and tell us to pay for it if we don’t have any money yeah cool it’s it’s a guitar app that will let you learn to play for free but it’s not really for free they literally let you play about 10 minutes make you learn but three chords and then there’s a freaking pay gate when you want to learn the we will rock you by Queen why would you make it so people get to play for 10 minutes and then you have to tell them oh you need to buy about 12 months of 60 bucks but at the same time if you’re broke and you have a guitar near you and you want to learn a new hobby why would you make it so you need to pay for it can you just make it completely free come on man

It’s ok... I got the app and I’ve been upswing it for two days now but when i got to the song part I clicked it but then I saw I had to pay for a monthly thing to use the songs and I got really mad because I’ve always wanted to play the guitar but now that I practiced I can’t even play the song for free I mean what kind of design is that where are you can’t play this song for free and have to pay for it like no I’m not paying for that it’s a waste because well it’s supposed to be free because you’re learning how to play the guitar you learn the chords and everything but then you can actually play the song like that doesn’t make sense I mean everybody is getting this app to learn how to play the guitar and play songs but you have to pay for the song but why pay for the song when you could just get some to teach you is it of waiting like $119 for 12 months to play no I’m not doing that.

Simply Amazing.. So I just want to say that this has taught me so so much. I bought the year unlimited access. So much more worth paying 160 for a year of practice (on your terms in your living room.) than paying that or more for one lesion in person. To the people saying they need to fix the mic bc it doesn’t pick up. I had the same problem. However, this is why they tell you to use headphones. So the mic picks up better. You are using a phone. Keep that in mind. Well, I plugged my amp in and out the phone on top of it and have had zero problems since. I suggest this. Pick a little guy up for 40 or 50 bucks. The amp won’t be too loud but your guitar will sound better and the app will pick it up perfectly. I would suggest this app to everyone. Also if you buy it you can add different profiles so others can learn too. Superb app guys. I can’t thank you enough.

Fine, but disappointing.. I’m currently taking a guitar class, and was hoping to use this app to keep my skills sharp for when I eventually finish said class. After finishing most of the extremely easy steps, it was time to finish the first lesson by playing this particular song that I got to pick from a list of 4. However, instead of playing the song and moving on, it wanted me to sign up for some premium subscription before I could do anything ( without the option to decline and play the song anyway.) I understand as a developer, premiums and memberships are a way to make money, and that’s important, but when that subscription prevents people from being able to learn using your app, it gives you a bad representation. All in all, if you want to charge money for people to use the app, I’d suggest you just have the app itself cost money, and allow people to continue on with the lessons without needing premium. While I would like to give a better review, as it does actually teach you some guitar skills, this barrier is a major turn off for me. Hopefully one of the devs reads this, but If not, I hope this helps someone decide whether or not to download this app.

Amazing App but some key flaws. This is an incredible app, with an amazing team, and awesome lessons. It is so intuitive, fun, entertaining, and really helps you actually learn the guitar and start playing real songs without you even realizing it, because it makes learning just that enjoyable and seamless. The app is made very well, the lessons are very good and really give you all the advice and tips you need to start learning the guitar. There is also this amazing song library where you can play and choose between over 5000 songs to practice and learn while actually playing along with the real song. But there is a few major problems with the app that can make it very frustrating and upsetting sometimes. The problem is with how the app uses your microphone to listen to you play. Every time I try a lesson and try to play along or follow the instructions on the screen, it always says I Al playing the chords wrong even though I am playing them perfectly right. Then when I even play the chord wrong on purpose just so I can progress, it says that it was right. I literally can just play one random not not even strum the whole guitar and it says I was right. But when I actually try and play the chord right following all the directions perfectly, with my fingers all in the right place, and when I know I am playing it right, it says I am wrong. So I am forced to just randomly play notes and it says I am right just so I can progress and get passed a section or lesson.

Simply don’t!. Ok, I should first of all mention that I have been playing guitar for about 5 years so this was more of a tool experiment, although I was looking to find maybe some practice exercises or maybe learn theory, since I used yousician when I first started playing and I did pick up quite a few things from that app (from the free trial and one month subscription later). Anyhow, using the app was frustrating from the start, the interface, the sound recognition and mainly the incredibly slow tempo they use even when you’re “playing the actual song”, I see how it can be motivating to be able to “play” a popular song or a riff from the beginning but how can you expect anyone to actually learn or get better if you don’t push them? Also the theory is very poorly explained and as far as strumming, at least, there are to courses or tools that actually help you get better at it, add that to their off tempos and in best case scenario you’ll end up playing a couple riffs with a band of turtles. I wouldn’t recommend anyone to invest their money in this app, so my advice: take the free trial and run!

Good, but a couple sad problems. The app is good overall, I figured I’d give this a try to play my sisters guitar. Just got to the last part in the first course and now I have to a pay a subscription to play the rest? I get that it’s a really really nice app and can’t just have anyone try it without something to pay for, but I mean, I was really excited to play this guitar and learn everything about it and such but I can’t. It kinda makes you realize that “Play any song straight away!” Is kinda a scam? Because some people aren’t going to pay just to learn through a guitar app that from what I have seen through a couple others reviews, is kinda buggy. I mean, taking in the fact that the app can’t really recognize the right tune on a guitar, I had to retune my whole guitar twice just to get it “right”. I was very disappointed when I saw the subscription menu to almost anything I touched. I can’t even use the rest of the app because of the subscription.

I really like this app. I love this app. One hour of practice and I learned 4 new chords and more about finger positioning. I think it is very good and will probably pay the 9.99 a month when my free trial is done. My one problem is that it does not include the question “are you using a pick or your fingers” at the beginning. I think that would be fine for someone who has never even picked up a guitar or has never really done anything with a guitar but I did guitar lessons for about a year but than two years ago I moved and stop playing. However in the year where I actually did do guitar I learned to use a pick. I only ever use a pick and it would be really helpful if I could have had the option to say that I only use a pick so I can get tricks for how to position a pick instead of my thumb. But other than that I think this is a great app especially for anybody who is brand new to guitar or has not played in a while.

Can’t Praise This Too Highly!!. This guitar learning app is simply amazing. I am 62 years old and re-learning to play after a 36 year break! I remember nothing. It’s like I have never played before. This app is actually fun. A very Small learning curve to get started. I am 62 not 42. 😎 but a highly responsive support team had me up and going in a very short time.(minutes) It actually has me giggling inside when after learning One simple chord it has us “jamming” along with a pre-recorded song. What a hoot!! I can see this being very motivating to kids and teenagers too but it’s fun also for senior citizens (me) Every time I do something right the app makes a fun sound and gives me a check. I’d play for hours if my fingers did not start hurting. Speaking of that…once I did not practice for several days (over my hurt fingers) and someone reached out to me to ask what was up??!!! Amazing!! I explained I am waiting to switch to nylon strings…..but in the meantime it got me to pick up and at least do 5 minutes per day…..until I get my new strings. I am only motivated to learn to play chords to a rhythm so I have a portable instrument to sing to. I play piano but it’s not very portable….even a “portable” one. 😎. Guitar is perfect for such portability. I feel confident with this learning app I’ll be able to learn to play to at least an advanced beginner level…which is my goal. Very Well Thought Out! Kudos!!

Amazing BUT!. I download the app tune my guitar and started to do my first lesson and I did great it was absolutely amazing and I actually learned lots of stuff really easily. So then I went to do the last bit of my lesson and of course right before I was going to play a choir in a song they hit me with the subscription fees! I look at the prices and it was outrageous or was it? You will really learn lots of stuff and do really well but I just didn’t have the money to pay the subscription in my opinion the subscription is just way too much but you should definitely download it and try the first lesson to see how much you learned and what the fees areBecause if you have the money this is the best app for learning the guitar but for me I just can’t pay that much just so I can learn the guitar. The fees where like $169 a year or for 3 months $79

It’s ok, but the E Em cords cannot be picked up on songs, just lessons. I’m beginning the learning process on guitar. In the beginning this was a blast, I even decided to pay the full year subscription to keep going seeing that I noticed significant progress. Then the cords lesson began. During the lesson E cord registered through without a problem, then I noticed the app would hear the E string on the 3rd and 2nd fret. I’d play them anyway not to cheat myself, but then it would lag in play and skip forward registering the E cord 3 times when I’d only strum it once. Once the app would catch up (I’m on home WiFi so cell service isn’t the issue) all sounds registered perfectly. Then the song would come into play, from the very 1st note, and not making any hand/finger changes the app would say I’m playing them wrong. I would go to other sites, even call a buddy to see if if he can here if I’m playing the cords right. So I’d go back to tuning, and cord lessons. They would register, go to the song, the E cord will not register. At this point the frustration of this app is more than I want, and I’ll go it alone. It would be a great app, but it doesn’t replace face to face learning.

Good but bad?. I selected electric guitar for me, it started out fine but soon it wasn’t registering anything I was doing no matter how hard or soft I strummed the string. I tried using a pick and then my finger, nothing. I tried re tuning it through the app, it picked that up just fine but when playing along, nothing again. I tried using the app both with and without headphones, I tried putting the phone on my lap then in my desk, I tried using an amp and not using one.... NOTHING. I can not explain the level of frustration and there are no helpful resources for troubleshooting this online that I could find. I had to switch to acoustic which was fine until I got to “using two strings at once” lesson. I’m playing just fine but the app is only picking up one string, I’m strumming both strings and it’s ringing out the way it should but the app is just failing to do its job..... on a final note I’m on iPhone 10, I turned off noise cancellation because I figured that may have been the issue but again not helpful. This is how customers are lost, you just can’t substitute a real life teacher unfortunately.

Could Be a Great App. I paid for a premium subscription and quite frankly there’s a lot to like and plenty to dislike about this app. First, the positive, the instructions are clear and easy to follow. The app makes you want to learn and you feel like you’re making progress, so less desire not to practice or quit trying to learn. Now the negatives. First, there should be an option to view the video instructions with either an acoustic or electric guitar instructor. Currently, the video instructor is using an acoustic guitar. Secondly, there’s no option to skip to the next level in a course. The app determines whether or not you are ready to advance and oftentimes the app does not acknowledge you are playing the strings or chords correctly, so you get stuck and cannot advance. For example, I got stuck on the ‘Em cord course at stage 8 and the app kept making play the stage over and over - my fingers were really sore trying to get pass stage 8, which I never did. My biggest complaint is often times the app has a hard time hearing that you are playing correctly and there’s no way to skip thru to a lesson to get to the next level. Why would I pay a premium price to have an app determine if my playing is sufficient to advance? I should be able to advance thru any course, or view the next level in a course, if I want.

It doesn’t work!. I was just in the middle of tuning the 6th cord, and it wouldn’t work, I realized all my strings were really loose so I tightened it. Anyway, when I tightened the 6th one, and tried playing it to see if it worked, and it was too low, and I eventually ended up tuning it so high that y string broke and snapped me! And even when I was tuning my 1st string it said it was too low, so the I played the rest of the strings, (this was before the 6th one broke) and it said the 5th string was right, even though I tightened the first one to the point where it took 2 hands to tighten it! Also, It said I was playing the acoustic guitar, and I looked to see if I could change it to electric, and when I asked if I could change it, the article said that it detected if it was acoustic or electric, so I just went with it. I am really disappointed that my guitar string broke, and I even had to move into another room from my other family members just to try this out. I wouldn’t recommend this app if you want to learn how to play your guitar.

I like you but it’s one thing I wish It had this. I love simply guitar talk to really get up I highly recommend it I’m just one thing I wish I had ukulele lessons only because it says you have to have six strings I only have for him so I was really hoping if I can get some help on that but overall it’s a really good app if you are new to guitar if you’re kind a like a Vance we just want a little bit more help either way SimplyGuitar it’s really good highly recommend it to anyone but that’s just the thing is like it requires six but I don’t reallyHave a guitar that has six strings all I have is for him so I was really hoping if they could make lessons for that and if they do please show me where all because I really need to understand where it is because I really need help on that and I’m really trying to learn how to play I’m over it really good app really good app have a nice day

Causing nervousness panic and not helping at all.. I just recently started learning with this app and completed about 3-4 of your courses. Ukulele was my first instrument and I took a lot of time to practice my chords and get them to not mute. And for guitar it’s the same experience cuz I do take lessons and I’ve realized that. When I try to learn new chords I take my time to make sure all my fingers are in the right place and stuff and after 2 seconds then your app makes the chord appear red and it doesn’t count and makes me start over and then it happens over and over again. This is not very helpful for people with busy schedules, it wastes their time. For me I just try to quickly play the chord and it mutes and still appears red. Also, when you give tab lessons. I JUST tuned my guitar before play and when I played the 5th and 6th string it just DOESN’T pick it up. I’ve tried pick and thumb, yet it just doesn’t work. Simply Guitar is allowing me to progress slowly in stuff I could master faster if you come up with a better method. PLEASE fix these errors so my precious time does not have to be wasted and so other users who want to feel comforted and take their time can do so. If you are worried about idle users why don’t you just make a pop-up that says “Are you still there?”

Thinking about getting this app?. If you’re thinking about getting this and are looking at the reviews to see what the people say (as I often do) then you’ll want to read this: This app has a subscription that you have to pay to get all the lessons. It will teach you: how to tune your guitar, everything you need to know about frets, and the Em chord. Afterwards you need to pay a premium subscription for any more lessons. This is not me complaining about this as it makes perfect sense, I’m just informing anyone who was thinking about downloading the app about it so they know about it. I myself will not be paying the subscription because I’m an unemployed teenager with no money to spend and I’d feel bad asking my parents to pay for it. They’d say no anyway. I am rating it four stars because the little bit I could do for free was very useful and pretty entertaining. The videos were informative and humorous, but deep belly laughs level but they made me chuckle. So I bet that the rest of the app is great but, unfortunately, I will not get to experience it. Cool app, if u have the money or are willing to pay the subscription I fully recommend it 👍

It’s $15 and doesn’t recognize when you are playing. If this happens you will need to you, what fixed ours was deleting and adding it back. Then we had to start the process over of tuning but thankfully it wasn’t that much off. Not sure what caused the glitch but that is what we did. There are a few things I’d like to see improved. One being that you can go back to what you were learning. It doesn’t seem to want to all the time. I have to make sure all my background apps are closed before we start a lesson as well. Which that’s fine but the not being able to practice a lesson over again with ease is not awesome. Old post: So we thought this would be cool. Read some reviews and the first day it worked really well. My son went back to redo the stuff he learned and it was glitchy. I’ve shut down other tabs, made sure it was the only one open, turned off all background sounds, shutdown the phone a few times. Closed the program down, reopened, tried to go over other programs on it and still it will not pickup the sound. The guitar was tuned to the apps specifications. I’m a little miffed. This was supposed to be a nice way for him to learn. He is upset. One star for frustrations.

Great for beginners, still some problems though. I like this app and it really helped me out with guitar basics and techniques, but there are some problems. For starters, the sound recognition can get really annoying sometimes because you’ll be playing the chords or notes correctly but it can still say that you were wrong, such as playing an E chord and an E7 chord simultaneously, the E7 always says I’m wrong so now I have to mute my strings before each of those notes (just an example). Another problem with this app is the glitches, if you complete a lesson and you press skip too fast, the app will glitch and will act as though you haven’t done the lesson yet and you have to start all over. To be honest it wouldn’t be a big deal to me if it wasn’t for how tedious and repetitive the lessons get, which is my last but not least issue with the app. The lessons don’t even go at full speed, and you can only do full speed and even 120% for songs…in the training section??? It really doesn’t make any sense at all. And for the repetitiveness, especially for the chord lessons, it’s just unnecessary and with it not going full speed it is so draining.

App can’t distinguish my notes properly. It might be the fact that I have a tiny guitar for kids—its the size of a ukulele but it has six strings—anyway, during practice the app will think I played two or three or sometimes four notes WONDERFULLY when I only played one, and other times it has a hard time recognizing even one. DISCLAIMER I do have a thin case on the phone, so maybe that’s it, too. Anyway, besides that I love the way the app presents itself, it’s got a good humorous tone and the construction of everything, such as the guitar-hero-scrolling-style is really appropriate. It takes me through the bare basics and even my five-year-old was enjoying her turn at it. I hope to use this app to have some cool bonding with her and maybe even compete with her, as both she (at five years of age) and myself (at 33) are on equal footing with playing this instrument at the moment. Thanks SimplyGuitar!

I love to app as well but need help too!. I have tried everything to learn the guitar but I just couldn’t get passed my E,Em and Am cords! When I heard about SimplyPiano and what it did for my friends I wished that I had one for my guitar. When I saw an ad for SimplyGuitar I downloaded it immediately. I was so happy that I could play for more than ten minutes a day and that it would actually listen to me. When I got to the E cord I was excited to finally get passed the E,Em and Am cords for the first time in years, but every time I played the E it would say I was wrong when I knew I was right because that was one of the few cords I could actually play! To be honest I was kinda frustrated with myself and thought it was something I was doing wrong or I was tone deaf. I decided to go back to my other app and play E. It said I did it perfectly. I love this app and I want to continue to use it but I can’t if I can’t get passed this lesson. Other than this detail I believe this app is amazing and is the best way of learning guitar that I have tried. You really have ability to change the game for so many more people than than the people that reach out to you. You guys are really amazing at what you do and I can’t wait for you to make more apps in the future.

Great app with major problems. Such a great app I truly do enjoy using it to learn. This being said, there are 2 major problems which are the fact that I can’t control the speed of the levels. I’m not a prodigy so being able to slow the pace down to practice finger movements while being able to see the notes go by without constantly failing would be so nice - either let me set the tempo to what I’m comfortable with or make a practice mode. The other issue is that the app doesn’t really know when you hit the note or not. The registration is terrible and I stopped halfway through a song to see the next 4/7 notes pop up green even tho I’m not even playing. Other times the opposite happens and the app just refuses to acknowledge my notes, either because I’m too far forward or behind because this app doesn’t let me practice finger movements. This has so much potential but I have lost my mind at some points trying to use this which makes me wonder why I’m spending 9.99 a month when instead I could get free lessons online

Not as good as Simply Piano. I love Simply Piano, and have renewed my love of the instrument. Simply Guitar, however has many more intonation issues. It rarely recognizes notes played correctly on the 6th string, and frequently has issues with the 5th string as well. Since many of the songs are playing the base line, it becomes quite frustrating. I now understanding rock guitarists smashing their guitars! Seriously though, I have tried electric and acoustic guitars. I always tune before, and sometimes during the lesson, and the errors persist in the lower register. I have found a solution to one of the chord issues. When I played the same chord in rapid sequence, it didn’t register the second one. If I deaden the strings between, it helps, but really interferes with the sound I want. It is also extremely difficult in situations with quarter- and eighth-note timing. I’m sure developers are making improvements as time progresses, so I hope to revisit this review later with an improved score. Despite the issues, it is still worth the money for both programs. Also, response time is quick and courteous when asking questions.

Disappointed. It’s incredible that they charge the same for this as simply piano! I looove simply piano, so I had high hopes for this app. I took the week free trial, and I was quite disappointed. First of all the chord recognition is quite poor. Sometimes it wouldn’t recognize a chord which I knew I was playing right, and other times it would recognize it when I knew I was playing the wrong chord. For some songs you were literally playing the same chord over and over and over, I would be playing it correctly, but because they were close together on the app, it didn’t recognize it so it would send me back in the song and I would have to play that chord several additional times. My poor neighbors! Also, there are not nearly as many lessons on here as simply piano, so I can’t imagine doing it for a year, which is 120$, and the 3 month is half that price! I would consider buying the 3 month if the price were more reasonable. Paying half the price for a quarter of the time. Simply put, the product is not nearly as good as simply piano, so why would you have the audacity to charge the same price?!!

Good but there needs to be a change in the songs.. I am not here to write about how the song selection is bad I am here to talk about how you play them. First the songs for tabs are way to easy you have to advance super far to get to the hard ones. So it is easy or it is way to hard. Also the easy songs when you play the tabs it does not really sound like the song. If I were to turn off the music and asked someone what song I am playing and they say oh that’s twinkle twinkle little star and I am like nope thats somebody that I used to know… so while the app is really good and it helping me a ton and with out the app I don’t think I could learn guitar. I feel like some of the songs need to actually sound like the song I am more talking about the easy to hard songs. Also add some songs that are not over played or 2000’s songs or just rock. Add some new good sounding stuff. Dirty head, Harry Styles NOT watermelon sugar.

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Simply tuned :S. I will start by saying that it is a well designed app and great menu system and good tuner. Also the guy that’s in the videos seems like a top bloke and can deliver a punch line. Gave me a few giggles that’s for sure. Now my gripes are simple. Playing some chords during parts where you have to strum don’t get picked up easily enough so you feel like you are playing it wrong or not strumming at the right time. It happened to me and it left me on some parts of a particular song for longer than 10mins. I persisted until I got to the end, but by gosh was I already feeling a little dejected. For the times were it works were you pick up the rhythm it’s great and can be a blast to learn, but for those inconsistencies where it doesn’t (even though it picks up your strumming during practice) it take the fun away slowly and starts to burn at you slowly and then makes you start to question weather you are play the right sound or even doing the right things. I love my trial time and enjoyed the moments of video time with the dude that though me some string and how to walk on them, unfortunately that’s were I will love and leave it. Maybe it was my cheap Alpha Guitar set purchase at $198 Aussie smackeroos! Maybe… P.s I might also consider coming back if it’s not a $190+p.a sub. Yours truely A Beginner with a cheap Guit.

App Sound Issue. I really had high hopes for this app considering the price point and initially I really loved it however, after progressing to later lessons, I started experiencing a lot of issues with the app not picking up the lower 3 strings of my guitar making it impossible to progress to the next lesson. Unfortunately, instead of learning I was trying to tweak the way that I was playing in order for the app to pick up the sound (even though I was playing the correct chords at the correct time) which is pretty frustrating. Im guessing it was an issue with the app itself not my guitar as when I used the tuner included in the app it picked up all the strings but then would not pick up the strings in the lessons. I’m grateful I was able to get a free trial before shelling out $150 for a year subscription as I would be very disappointed had I spent that much on an app I cannot use. I did contact customer support but after the standard troubleshooting tips (which I had already tried) they were unable to help me any further with the issue which is a real shame (apart from suggesting that I try using a different guitar which I do not have) I guess I’ll be trying out another guitar app.

Simply the best I’ve looked at all the other guitar teaching apps. Simply guitar is the most amazing app I’ve ever found in my entire life it’s even better than simply piano although I’ve never played some piano but I’ve seen it by my son and I think it’s even better so I’ll just have to wait and see until I try both but I’m not sure if I try both so it’s a C but seriously folks SimplyGuitar is our family favourite happy 2021 and here’s to rock ‘n’ roll

No. It will work for the first 5 basic lessons but after that you will have to pay for it, it’s crazy how expensive it is. Like seriously I’m only 12 and I don’t have 100 dollars for only 12 months!?. You could get a music teacher to teach you for 20 dollars!?. So I’m new at guitar and the ad for simply guitar came up so I down loaded it on my I-pad for free thinking “ ok this is going to be free so I go into the app. It tells me how to hold the guitar, what frets and cords are and the last one tells me you’ve done the basic lessons on the guitar and that you can chose which path to take, and I go to click on the cords path and it says you have to pay to keep going!!!!!!!!! Like what the hell, you were so nice to me at the start and all of a sudden you want me to pay to keep going!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great app but expensive. Don’t get me wrong this is a great app but after your first course it won’t let you move on unless you edger a membership so if your like me half way through grade six Maybe give this one a miss like today I just finished my course and I can’t move on because I can’t get a membership so maybe take away memberships for younger users of the app and make everything free because for people how want to learn guitar this is a great app but people don’t have that type of money to spend on a app. I hope you consider the younger users on this app and take away memberships and things you need to pay for. It’s an amazing app tho 💜

Terrible app. I do not recommend simply guitar, it has been telling me to tune my guitar when I already tuned it and know that it is tuned perfect, I used a tuner to tune it from a professional guitar shop. And then when I play a note to “see if it’s tuned” even tho I know it is, it says it’s to high or low. But then I stop playing and there is no noise, the app still tells me it’s to low or high. So the app isn’t even telling u correct information. Also I believe the app isn’t teaching people correctly as I didn’t realise it was telling me to play something and it was still moving and saying stuff like “great job, your doing amazing” I just wanna play guitar it shouldn’t be this hard! If I were you I wouldn’t down load this app your better off just doing lessons or finding a better website then waisting time on a app that isn’t going to give you correct information.

How much per a year???. I originally gave this app a 5* and was about to share it with my family until I saw all the reviews. People were complaining about the high price of just $100 a year. I wish it was that cheap. Seems the price has gone up a touch to $240 a year or $50 a month. At those prices I may as well be paying for a face to face teacher who can instruct me exactly on where I am going wrong rather then a video. I bought a book for $20 with all these basics and taught myself so far. I get to keep the book. But the app I only get to keep my progress only as long as I keep paying. Don’t get wrong me. As I mentioned above, I loved the first few lessons even though I am well passed the basics. I thought that finally I had found a great app that could help my young grandchildren learn more then I could teach. Guess I was wrong. Just another app with all the promise and following letdown as most do. $$$$$ Shame. 😓thanks anyway.

What is going on?. Hey come on- is someone playing a joke here? Why is it a $100 subscription for an app with only about 5-6 hours of lessons? I have been playing guitar for years but I thought I could learn some new skills - I went through all the beginner lessons thinking I needed to do so to get to the more complex lessons- but no, those lessons don’t exist. And saying more lessons are coming doesn’t help- improvement comes from playing every day and not waiting for the next lessons to be uploaded. My decision to purchase came From my experience with Simply Piano which helped my daughter- I assumed simply guitar would be of a similar standard. In these difficult times who has $100 to just waste on an app that only partly exists?

Walking Meme & Waste Of Time. What the hell!!! I was so hyped to learn the guitar so I downloaded this app. It asked me which song I wanted to learn so I clicked on one. I completed all of the lessons getting so excited because after finishing those lessons it meant I got to play the song! But then once I finished the lessons I clicked on the song and it just directed me to a subscriptions page! What the hell?!?! After all that it turned out literally everything on this app costs money. Not even 1 song for free? How will I ever live out my rockstar dream?? I should have listened to my brother when he told me simply guitar is just a piece of trash and a walking meme. To add on- it wouldn’t even listen to me when I tried to tune my 6th string. It also said I was getting every single note and chord incorrect when I was clearly playing it correctly. Don’t waste your time - listen to me and my brother. It is a scam.

Actually Pay to win. You probably read the title and thinking What am I talking about it’s a guitar learning app, well I downloaded it for my son (who is extremely passionate about guitar mind you) and He couldn’t hit any notes which is weird cause I taught him myself and he was amazing so I paid for the premium version and he hit all notes perfectly even when I heard him mess So I used it myself the premium version went AFK but for Mobile and It still made out I was hitting the notes perfectly it’s coded so people think there doing well so they keep on buying it GREEDY MFS I SAY

So disappointing. What a rip off. This app is actually has lots of potential. It is like having an online lesson with someone. It’s intuitive and steps you through a logical flow of learning. What is really disappointing is that there is very limited content and I’m talking about the paid version. I signed up to a 12 month subscription (paying $150 aud) after doing the 7 day trial and after 2.5 weeks I have completed everything it has to offer (which is not much). That was doing about 45mins a day. The app doesn’t have the content to even teach you the basic chords. For example, it doesn’t teach you the B, D or G chords, which are common chords needed in a lot of songs. It also only teaches you one basic strumming pattern. I feel absolutely ripped off, paying a lot of money for a 12 month subscription when there is only a few weeks of content. Before writing this review I sent an email to simply guitar asking for a ‘please explain’ and hoping they could change my subscription to a 3 month subscription and give me some money back, but never received a response.

The sound input is extremely buggy. I have been playing guitar for a long time and tried this app to teach my son and he told me it wasn’t working and that he picked the right chords at the right time and it still wouldn’t work most of the time so I checked settings to see if the microphone was on and it was so then I checked if the guitar was tuned using the apps tuner and it was perfectly tuned but in the lessons it wouldn’t hear the sound luckily with the week free trial I could cancel so I wouldn’t waste my money on this app so I don’t recommend paying money for this app

Your joking right?. I downloaded the app happy to learn guitar only to relive you need to pay after four lessons so the only thing I was able to learn was Em (which I already new). Apparently I can’t do ANYTHING unless I pay $30 a month and $360 a year, I expected it to have songs locked and a few things you can only learn with premium but for everything to be locked is like saying: ‘congrats! You learnt your first cord! Now give me money or your not learning the rest.’ It’s annoying and I ask that you make it so you can actually play a song or two without having to pay that much, even if it’s the most basic songs. I do not recommend and think this app is a complete waste of time.

Joy tunes apps are very very very very expensive and shouldn’t be downloaded. The two apps that joy tunes made to help you learn guitar and piano are crazy expensive I’m only eight years old and I’m and I was trying to learn both piano and guitar before I turn 10 and I saw the ad that for these two apps and thought it should be free because everyone’s playing it including little kids so I downloaded it and it was all going good until I had to play the full song and then realise that I needed a membership and the subscription was so expensive. Lower your prices or I will never download your apps again and also simply piano is wrong about the piano keys because I was playing the piano and I said that the white key for middle F is the black key for the middle F

Costs too much. Although I have to appreciate the work that has gone into this app, I have been playing guitar for 5 years and downloaded it so I could improve further. At the beginning I was flying through the basics and I was getting so hyped about the app, then I realise how much money it costs to actually get to do things. I am just a kid and would love to be able to learn with this creative and wonderfully structured app without having to pay. I have to appreciate how much work has gone into this app though but I think if it were free you would get more downloads and revenue then if it were this expensive. Just my opinion, read it how you like. Overall good job on a great app, would have loved to be able to use it more. I did delete it because there is no use, but it is right at my fingertips if I want to re download it.

A-M-A-Z-I-N-G but just one problem. I was able to play notes and it’s much easier the lessons are great! Highly recommend, but paying is really expensive get me. That’s really expensive just learning guitar for lessons, Lessons fine Songs and chords? Not fine SimplyGuitar is great and all but you should make it free songs and chords are not really valuable as lessons U have great teachers I get that.

Feedback not accurate but good. I really love this app, it can teach me so much. But there is one problem. This app is simply amazing and teaches us a lot but the feedback isn’t good. When I first tuned the guitar it caused me and my whole family that tried a lot of stress. Also for the chords, I have to stretch my fingers a lot, the sound was muffled and I got the cord wrong no matter how hard I stretched my fingers. I am upset about this but the app teaches us a lot and it is very good.

Microphone detection isn’t good. The app is a really good idea but very expensive but the microphone detection is not good at all. Sometimes I play the chord completely wrong and it says it’s right and what’s more annoying is when I play it correctly and it says it’s wrong which happens all the time and it won’t let you progress unless it’s right. I’ve tried moving my phone, using headphones, I’ve tried everything and it just doesn’t register the chords properly. Won’t be continuing my subscription for this reason.

Skip feature. Love the app, brilliant design, awesome instructor, the teaching method is wonderful. However, it’s really important to add a Skip feature during song playing. Slower songs work great and the notes timing is synchronised well. However, when it’s a fast song with chords following each other quickly, the timing doesn’t work correctly and the app becomes slower. As a new guitar learner and a user it’s really frustrating as it makes me stuck in one song for a long time even though I know that I’m playing the right chords and I can’t do anything about it because I can’t skip it. Adding a skip feature will remove this frustration as it gives me the option to move forward if the app timing wasn’t working well. I hope this feature to be added soon as I love this app and that’s the only thing stopping me from giving it the 5 stars.

If you’re trying to learn how to play, I guarantee you this app will definitely help you get there.. I have been trying to learn how to play for years. I tried you tube, other learn-how-to-play guitar apps, and even have some players teach me. But I still couldn’t. It was not until I stumbled across this app and voilaaa! Less than a month, I can now play (not that good tho, but at least Im getting there 😁). Overall this app is just AMAZING and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn to play guitar.

Don’t bother. Okay I would just like to say that the layout is amazing and the overall concept is superb. However it is crazy expensive after 3 minutes of free practice. I sent a Five star review because I was still in the 3 minute trial period and I had so idea I. Would be charged 33 dollars a month for this app. I know that people need to make money and I appreciate the amount of work that went into this app, but the amount of money they expect is just insane. I will delete now and I will only re download if the pay is taken down to at most 50 dollars a year. The amount of people who would download the app would make up for the many people deleting it because it’s over 150 dollars a year. This is simple math. I’m not trying to be mean but I feel a little cheated. Why can’t an app as amazing as this go out for the good of the community??? Please make it cheaper and maybe I will download again. Again would like to say I appreciate the work, and it would be a five star review if itt t was cheap. PLEASE FIX THIS

Fun at first. So I started this app and it give lots of useful advice of playing guitar. The first notes are very interesting to learn because I have never even picked up a guitar in my life, the first chord was also very new to me, but the problem is, you can only go with 5 beginner lessons and then you have to pay for the rest! You should at least make it a bit cheaper because it is very expensive! I think that the app developers should change the fact that you can only go for 5 lessons without paying. At least make a couple more free lessons, they should also do this for simply piano, because I have tried that app already, and I downloaded simply guitar hoping that it wasn’t the same. So if you want to learn guitar using your phone or I pad, with a small price or none at all, I do not recommend this app. I hope this review helped people that want to learn guitar and the app developers. Thank you for reading the whole thing, I really appreciate it!!😊😊

This app is the best guitar app I have ever used although very pricy.. I absolutely love this guitar app and I think it teaches you amazingly on how to play guitar with very simple steps and amazing videos. That is although until you have to pay for a subscription which is very expensive. I understand the company needs money but the price may need to be put down a bit. Besides from that awesome app, best I have ever used or experienced and it teaches you so fast!

Pretty expensive. Now a company has to get money so of course there are stuff to pay for. Joytunes had made 2 games or whatever you would like to call it, simply piano and simply guitar. My advice is to make the apps more cheaper so then with both apps you would make more people who then would be able to afford can use the apps so more people using an app they is cheaper = more money. I’m not saying you should exaggerate it and make the subscription like $50 maybe make both apps $120 for the subscription or make it so you have more options like $10 a month or $60 every June so it’s half of the year so it’s half the price because young kids may use this and parents might pay for the app and doing the more options thing might be more efficient because then they get paid and can afforded it. I hope this helps. Yours sincerely, Ghassan.

Half half. This app is amazing but when I started progressing through the levels the app didn’t pick up the string 4,5 and 6 so it made it very hard to progress through and the fact that you have to pay to play is very irritating and annoying because your other app (Simply Piano) was amazing but this one just didn’t reach that point and I love it it’s just very irritating you HAVE to pay! Also it is very expensive! I wouldn’t say this is the best app you have made and I would definitely not call this app amazing! -sorry

Please read and reply!. Hey, this app is a really good starting point for learning guitar. But I need to get to the fact: why I gave this a 2 star rating. I have 2 different guitars, one with 6 strings, the other with four. I’ve been wanting to learn bass for a while now, but I decided to start that practice with a 4 string bass guitar. Now knowing that, simply guitar only provides the learning intention for people with 6 strings. They say “you’ve either been ripped of on eBay or I have a banjo.” But no, I have a 4 string bass guitar. I don’t know anywhere else to learn. If I can fix that somehow, please let me know. This is not a hate report but I’d really like to know if this app can teach me how to play a four string bass. I chose ‘electric guitar’ from the options thinking maybe It’d give me a choice to choose whether I have 4 or 6 strings on the guitar. (Or any other amount of strings). So does this app only allow 6 strings? And if so: please recommend any other apps or sites for me if you can. Thanks you. Kind regards, - Melissa Topic

DONT GET THIS APP. Well first of all I was loving the app it was tuning my guitar and stuff than I went through and I was at the end of the lesson and I was about to play the song after I changed all my tune btw I was working on another song that I made but I thought to try this out so I was going good and it says get an Adult to swipe right and it’s a payment plan and it was expensive but that’s not the only thing again I’m not fully blaming the app but I lost the chord tune for my song and there now tuned for a song I can’t play it was wayyy to much to get 😡 also when I was practicing playing while the app listened I accidentally played the wrong note and it still ticked it so I think it’s teaching properly don’t so waste ur time with this app

.. I bought premium and the lessons are ok but it’s really bad at picking up sound like reallllllllllllllllllly bad like I’m 11 and I can’t press down too hard it will give me blisters and trying to get this app to hear me is not worth destroying my fingers I have also read the other reviews and I agree that it should be 200 dollars a year, yes I have purchased it but it doesn’t mean no one else can learn just because it’s out of their budget, 200 is way to much a year you should at least bring it down to 100 for people who want to learn guitar but isnt made of money

Please notice me!. So, I downloaded this app I had heard so much about after we finally got a guitar. My sis played for the first lesson (no premium) But we weren’t able to finish it because it said we have to pay to play the song! I mean cmon she got so excited for it. Like could you have a premium option and a normal one? So the normal with just a few songs to play and learn instead of having to buy all of them? And a few lessons free with no subscriptions or payments? Thank you. 😊

Very Expensive. My daughter was thrilled to start playing Guitar but after a few minutes of learning there was a massive payment to continue learning the instrument. I do think it is kinda unfair that to keep learning you need to pay but at the same time it is kind of reasonable. People came to this app to learn guitar for free and five minutes in it bombards you with a bill! On the other hand the app is very well laid out and my daughter at least learnt something.

Why!!???. I could buy a good quality guitar for the money could spend on the app, and that is at minimum cost. I have saved enough money for it, but my parents say I can’t use it because of the outrageously high prices. You guys at simply guitar need to lower the prices so that young kids like me can actually use it. The first five lessons are free, but they hardly teach you anything, only what frets and chords are, which is what everyone already knows. They also teach you about three chords, but that doesn’t teach you the basics of guitar. Please get back to this developers. You have never replied to the reviews concerning the high prices of the app, so reply to this one to show that you that you care about how high the price is. Reply to say that you’ll lower the price greatly, otherwise it shows that the app is not about teaching people guitar, but about taking their savings away. Thanks for reading everything😀👌🥳!

Not a great app. I play guitar and take lessons with a great teacher and I do not recommend this app. I got this app to 1 greater my knowledge of the guitar and 2 better my technique. This is not a great app I have been playing the guitar for years and said that I am good at guitar but it only gave me the basics ( e.g how to tune and how to hold a guitar ) both of these were not very good it didn’t correctly show you how to hold a guitar and only limits your abilities. My last point is that whenever I tried to go to a class that I could actually learn things it said that I had to pay $150 annually! That price is crazy and a lot more then what you should be paying on a beginners app. I strongly recommend for you not get this app and either use another app or get lessons privately or with a group.

My future career. I’m a 12 year old kid who’s in high school who said his job was gonna be a mechanic, but I found out that I am good at music so I saved up money for a guitar, I have music lessons but I wanted to be better so I got this app. It is sad to see that this app gave me one lesson and the easiest cord ever, once I finished they said I could play any songs I want, I looked but there was just a free subscription trial for 7 days but 7 days wasn’t enough so I looked at getting the yearly program, but it was to expensive and I grow up in a family with only like $50 in the bank every week but lucky we live in a mortgage free house but we still have trouble with just shopping.

The app is great, but expensive!. I worked my way through the first few basic lessons, and I think the app is amazing! However, after those first few lessons, it asked me to subscribe to continue. $100 annually might not seem like a lot to some people, but I, still in the process of getting my first part-time job, unfortunately don’t have that kind of money of my own to spend on an app. So if you’re like me, a broke high school student who took up guitar out of boredom, maybe give this one a miss until you can afford it. The app is great, but the price is just a deterrent for me in my personal circumstances.

Love it!. I love this app! Congrats! Although it is expensive, I think it is definitely worth it. The songs are good and it easy to use and learn with. However, there is one problem. The app has trouble picking up certain notes, such as ‘open’ and Em7. I have to spend a few minutes tweaking my amplifier until it registers the notes correctly. Other than that, pure awesomeness!

I like it but please help. It’s really hard and I don’t know how to do it because I don’t have headphones or AirPods so this is why it’s hard for me because I’m only sevenIt’s just really hard and if you could help me because I’m on the one which you go you try to copy it and it’s not working so please please let it work because I just downloaded it

It’s good. I loved the app at first, but then after the first few lessons it asked for a subscription, and it’s actually quite a bit. Sure for some people it isn’t, but it’s annoying that with every amazing app you need a subscription just to do literally anything else. Other than that, it sometimes needs to be a little clearer, but I still get what it’s telling me to do. So overall it’s a good app I guess. Just the subscription really gets on my nerves

About the App. Hi there! Here’s what I think and some facts about it: The prices for this app well, if you get the app SimplyPiano and purchase a one year subscription it includes this, so it’s actually not too bad as you can access both of those apps with all premium features! The courses and beginner courses are great, you can learn the basics and also tune it with the app Yep, it’s perfect for all ages and has a wide variety of activities which is in my opinion, a great feature. The songs options and chords and all that is a great thing if you get premium, but I’d recommend getting a subscription on SimplyPiano or (I think) in this app too will give you access to both apps with the premium features which means you don’t have to pay twice, just log in with the same account you made the purchase on and you’re all set! A great app and I’d definitely recommend checking SimplyPiano as well, even if you don’t think it’s for you. An issue would probably be the tuning part… I don’t want to tune it before I start because it was already tuned but didn’t recognize anything at all! It’s a MUST step, so I was very disappointed to find it didn’t work well, and for 179 dollars a year isn’t the worst because you can access both SimplyPiano and SimplyGuitar! ==========================================

Would not recommend but go ahead. I downloaded this app about a year ago but went through some struggles which led me to delete the app, I re-downloaded it signed in and then I was greeted by a supposedly nice man (in my opinion) in a chicken suit. I went through the basic lessons of playing guitar then I got up to what I thought was the exciting part, playing the song. I chose bad guy by Billie Eilish because my friends sister is obsessed with her, but when I went to click on it it said that I had to buy premium to actually “unlock” all the features. I read the amounts and was not happy about how expensive it is. I hope you know most people do not have the money to buy it slightly crushing there guitar dreams like you did mine. I don’t have enough money myself to buy it and wish others the best of luck with it. Hope you see this and drop down you prices to at least $50 a year or every 3 months.

Frustrating and inflexible and expensive. I enjoyed the first few courses, but now after you have taken my money the course quality has decreased. The guy teaching the chords is glib. “It’s just muscle memory” as he rushes through everything and you’re left going “what”… There is not enough embedment for you already know. We all know repetition , repetition is what gets you there. So each course adds like you’ve already mastered yesterday’s content and that’s not the case. It would be so much better if there was a recap to start your session each day instead of manually having to do it yourself. Also song choice is far from ideal. I hit the I want to learn classical guitar but I’m just doing the same as everyone else. I don’t want to hear rock songs in my practice. There are not many options here. Another Annoying thing is the the chord trainer exercise as it never hears your chords, even though you know you’ve played it correctly, because it works in in the intro. And there is the money. Why do I have to fork out $AU100 to find out how the course works? The course is frustrating enough without knowing you had to pay through the nose for it. Perhaps it needs to be rebranded “simply expensive piano”.

The money. In one of the simply guitar ads, it said that this person was learning guitar for free. This is what happens with most ads and it annoys me. Knowing I have to pay a lot of money (so much money I might as well get a guitar teacher myself) makes me heart broken as my I wanted to learn guitar so bad. At least I know how to grip my guitar 🤪😭 at least say that there is a subscription in all of your ads therefore it will notify anyone else that wants to learn guitar more than me but feels sad as they have been scammed… (sorta…) but still please make it better and I hope to see that in the future I’ll be able to open this app for free and strum at least 4 chords… then I might rethink of paying for a MEMBERSHIP TINY LESS THAN 100 DOLLARS FOR ONLY 3 MONTHS!! Please fix this… I’m giving you 2 stars instead of 1 because I trust that this will be better in the future…

Great but expensive & it has hearing problems. So when I downloaded it it was amazing it taught me how to tune it and all that stuff but then I realized that even when I played my guitar perfectly and the right noise level it did not hear me and when I got to th first song called “WE WILL ROCK YOU” I clicked on it and it said a subscription and it said 3 months for $97:99€ 6 months $145:99€ 12 months $195:9k€ like I’m a lil kid and my parents can afford that but it’s COVID and my parents have not been able to work for OVER 5 MONTHS they can NOT afford losing that much money so if you can PLEASE! put down the price at least $20-$30-$40 down please

I really wanted this app to work!. I’ve been waiting FOREVER for RockSmith to come to iPad but since I was still waiting I was really excited that there was what looked like a great alternative. I love the concept of this app and yes it’s expensive but that didn’t deter me either. What’s so frustrating is that it doesn’t pick up that you’re playing the string during practise and you can’t progress. My guitar is definitely in tune - I checked with an external Fender tuner too. I can’t justify going past the free trial if I get stuck in a practise loop and can’t progress the lessons

I need help. So basically I just started using the app and was like ok this is pretty great but then I needed to tune it using the app tuner but I had already tuned it and thought that it would say that it was fine but apparently every string was too low and no matter how many times I turned the peg on the guitar it would still say that it was too low now I’m still on the tuning page cause I need to tune it with the tuner in the app to progress but it’s either not picking up the sound of the strings or it is just saying too low because of a glitch pls help me and fix it so it is accurate.

Full access problem. I love SimplyGuitar it is amazing but the problem is 1 I can’t change my type of guitar when I got the app I chose electric because I had an electric guitar but when I wanted to use my dads acoustic I couldn’t switch my type of guitar I am not sure if I don’t know how or if i can’t please fix this and also this needs a 1 month subscription because what if after a month I don’t want to use the app I won’t my money back please fix this I want to rate this 5 stars.

Don’t. This app is good and all until it asks you to pay, if you’re willing to pay almost $200 for a whole year of lessons that are too easy for you p, then sure go ahead. I’m not stopping you but here’s some advice, don’t download it. If you’ve played guitar before and Covid-19 is stopping you then this is already way to easy, it asks some questions at the start but even though I answered that I know how to do this stuff it still makes me restart everything I’ve ever learnt for a free 3 minute trial. Don’t download it because it will give you a huge let down.

Scam. First it is a good app at first but then when I had to play an open first string I had to play first Fret first string and if I had to play first string first fret I have to play first string second fret and it goes on and on you get what I mean right if this happened to you reply to this and say “same” or if different but a bit same say “same but different a bit”, sigh hopefully this changes, what I’m trying to say is DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP!!!!!!!

Ok for a someone who has never touched a guitar before. Veeeeery basic and slow. Some of the “harder” levels seem easier than the easy ones making getting through them a chore just to get to the next round. They are obviously still building up lessons and haven’t got very far yet. Shocked to be up to the latest release and we still haven’t covered anything but a single basic strum. App has so much potential though and I like being able to follow the notes as you play in real time. I’m not sure if it’s just my phone (iPhone X) but some notes it really struggles to pick up especially the lower notes on the E string. This makes getting passed some levels really challenging, not because they are hard but because the app just won’t pick up the notes. Because of this I will now be deleting the app.

Great, but..... So, I am an 11 year old boy who really loves guitar. My old guitar teacher didn’t teach me much and didn’t really care about his students, and what he taught me in a year (chords) this app taught me in the first 10 minutes. I really loved this app, and I knew it would be so much fun, but the thing is, after you’ve learnt all the basics, you need to pay. Not only that, but it doesn’t come cheap. For 3 months it costs 36 dollars! I know, that’s pretty cheap for guitar lessons, and you get to ask questions, but obviously I can’t pay yet. I recommend this app to people who are more willing to pay this amount of money to the app, because I will tell you this: This app is amazing.

Not as good as it sounds. Too expensive and the app doesn’t even recognize that I’m playing the right chord or note. I’m so surprised that it has all these old songs that no one likes sung by random people, yet it doesn’t even have a simple song like happy birthday for example. We should be able to keep the special songs on events like Christmas, etc. and not have to wait ages and ages just to get that song. Oh yeah, and the “funny” “sarcastic” ads don’t make it better. Sorry to break your hearts, but your ads just make me want to skip then actually download it now, because at this point you’re basically trolling us. Just stop it and be better.

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This app sucks. This app is so useless even if u played the wrong chord it will be correct and I made sounds with my voice and it was still correct and I am not paying 300$ for a stupid private teacher that looks like a pedo like make this app free

Good just…. I thought if you pay for the app it is very helpful nor thing is i would love if you could learn the chorus as well not just the song otherwise 5 stars

Too much money. Hi it’s a great app but it’s just too much money for me to continue to premium. I’m just a kid and there’s no way I would ask my parents for like 200$. They already do so much for me. I really like the app and it would have helped me with following my dreams of being a performer. And besides 200$ is way to much I wouldn’t pay more than five for a lifetime. I’m sure this app helped other people but it just didn’t work for me. I’ll just have too find something that’s free I guess. Stay safe and thank you for reading P.s. I’m sorry for complaining about how much it cost I mean making an app costs money and then you have to make money out of it somehow to keep a roof over your head, clothes on your back and food on the table Ok sorry now I’m just tipping your ears off ha get it because I tipped this review I hope you laughed at my terrible joke Bye sorry that my review was long and I kept on tipping about random stuff. I really am sorry I mean you didn’t have too read it all. Sorry that comment was a little rude Ok sorry I’ll stop there stay safe

It broke my guitar. So I was learning and it told me to turn my string low, so I do it and the string brakes right off, thanks a lot simply guitar now I can’t play for a long time till my dad buys me one, 😡😡😡🥺

It’s an amazing app! But if you have the money sadly. My father got me the subscription so I don’t have to worry. The app is amazing! My first lesson taught me better then a year of actually guitar lessons. With actually guitar lessons. I didn’t understand much everything was going too fast. But with simply guitar it kind of reviews things and goes back to jog your memory (kind of). But it’s very sad that you have to pay. It’s very expensive for even 3 months! Like I said I did get the subscription and I don’t have to complain but there are people who cannot afford it. Maybe what you can do is if they don’t want to pay. They don’t have to. BUT like it most apps they don’t have access to most songs. And in order to access them they have to pay subscription? Doing it this way is better than not letting the people who cannot afford, play at all. Other then that, I HIGHLY recommend this app especially if you only have little experience. Knowing a bit before getting started with this app is actually helpful. Sincerely, Just a 10 year old.

This app ruined my guitar. I was tuning my guitar when all of a sudden one of my strings popped off it was too loose so it popped open. Do not download this app it doesn’t even give you free songs you have to pay for it I don’t understand why you need to pay it. Either way just look on YouTube guitar lessons or just get normal lessons from a teacher. Never download this app

Microphone issue. The idea of this app is amazing and everything is executed well except the microphone. I have my iPhone within good distance of my amplifier and it tends to not pick up notes. Once that happens I can’t skip the section and it just continuously rewinds the segment until I complete it.

The microphone is stupid. I’ve been using this app for a bit, and it’s been okay. I’m in the middle of one of the lessons, and it decides to not pick up my noise even though i’m about to break my strings from strumming so loud. I am sure im playing the chord right too because i’ve been playing for a year now with this app. Very disappointed

Ok. So when I was like doing the tuning for my guitar it was perfect it was good but then when I got to the threats whatever it’s called it wouldn’t work and it was super hard and I’m not playing it anymore because it won’t let me get past it

Horrible app. They let you play one chord! And then u got to pay 200 dollars like- wth?! Total rip off the microphone DIDINT even pick up the sound. This app is trash- also I’m not gonna bug my parents for 200 dollars like seriously 🙄🙄 total rip off- DO NOT DOWNLOAD

This is so wrong. I literally bought this game to learn! Not to pay for a stupid subscription! I was really looking forward to playing my favourite song😠😡

Good. It’s a good app but the sad thing is that you have to pay to continue doing lessons.

It’s not free. After few lessons you have to pay to learn

Doesn’t pick up sounds. I don’t know if it’s just me but this app REFUSES to pick up anything I’m using my clean AirPods in a silent room and it refuses to do anything same without my AirPods

This sucks. I was enjoying until I finished the set up and it said I had to pay over $100 your app is trash simply


Didn’t work. My 9yr old cousin was trying to use it but it wouldn’t respond to his playing

You haft to pay. I don’t have any money and my parents don’t if u could take off money I would play 247. 😁😆😜

My Perspective. When I downloaded this I was very excited to be able to play my guitar, I was enjoying learning how to play guitar until I went to play my first song, it said that I had to pay to move on?! What is up with that!? $200 for a year that’s crazy! No wonder why there is so many ads in YouTube because you guys actually have the money to put ads on there! Not a lot of people have the money to be spending like that! You need to make a change or you are going to start getting lots of bad reviews! For a year it should be like 70 or 80 dollars or something! Not 200! I can’t believe that you think people have that kind of money! This is a really great app and it has great potential! But for the money to move on it makes it really sad that this is able to go downhill.

I would give 5* but.... I was having a lot of fun, I was having a good time playing along, but then it said I needed the Simply Guitar Pro to continue playing. I tried skipping to the next lesson and it kept popping up. You see, some people can’t afford to pay for a game, even IF it’s a game that you can learn from. SO! I was thinking... Maybe, for the people who, like me, can’t afford to pay, you could make it so that we can skip the Pro lessons and move on to the next one WITHOUT the annoying pop-up saying that we need to get the Pro. Perhaps for the people who DO want to get the Pro, you could maybe have a chord chart, more songs, more exercises to train our fingers, and a few extra tips and pointers. The reason I think this would be a good idea is because then the people who get the Pro can start writing songs and carry Simply guitar through the rest of their lives, even AFTER they’ve finished all the lessons. They could be famous, they could be inspirational, they could be happy... and it would all be thanks to you at Joytunes! Sorry for the VERY LONG review. I understand that, seeing as in just some random kid, you probably won’t listen to what I have to say, BUT! If you do, I think it will really improve the game. Sincerely Jude Culbert, a fellow guitarist

Hate it. It made me break my chord!

Decent app. Pretty good. For a next step the songs should have more chords

it was okay. when i went onto the part where you have to play string 1 when the blue line hits the square, it wasn’t picking up my guitar even though i had it turned all the way up (i use an electric guitar). i tried about 7 times, and got it right on every time but it said i was wrong. that was kinda frustrating.

Excited. I’m really getting it thanks

Good but. I was really liking it but then realized that I would have to pay money for the next lesson my parents don’t have much money and I don’t want to bug them for stuff so I am going to try to learn on my own I do think it’s a good app if you have the money for it I would definitely recommend

Great app but too much money. I love the app a lot but I cant afford to buy a plan every month. Amazing but too expensive.

Rip off. I was really passionate about learning guitar and I thought that simply guitar would be my best option but apparently that’s not too good of an option because my family is not the type to spend money on an app and it wouldn’t even let me learn my first song without paying for it, so the only thing I learned was an E minor but if you have the money, it would probably be a good app👍

Les abonnements je déteste. Il faut payer un abonnement et moi je pensait que cetait tout gratuit

Tuner is broken. When I use the tuner on string 4 and it matches the app sound 100% it says too high please try to fix it

Hi. It ok but it could be better

Pay to use. If someone think they can learn guitar for this when the devs got there hand all up in your pockets looking for money it makes me give up bc of the pay wall it’s pay or delete

I broke my dads guitar when it said to twist the thing at the top and then it snapped. So I basically broke it when it told me to twist the thing at the top

Fantastic. I have been wanting to learn how to play guitar for while now. With simply guitar it feels easy with the tutorials and fine tuned service i feel like i already know how.

It is a great app and I really love it. It is fantasy

this app sucks. i was haveing a lot o fun until i had to subscribe this app is garbage don’t install

I can’t believe I ignored the guitar app for 2 weeks looking for a guitar lesson!😃🙁☠️💀. Oh my

J’adore cette application !!. Je n’avais jamais joué de guitard avant et grace à cette aplication j’ai découvert une nouvelle passion pour la musique. Je vous en remercie !! Est-c qu’il y aura d’autres chasons qui s’ajouteront à la liste ? Et est-ce qu’il serait possible d’obtenir des cours plus avancés pour ceux qui souhaite aller plus loin ?

Good. Good

It so helpful. I lov you this app

Dear Joy tunes/Simply. Please make an uke app🥺My child is pleading to learn the ukulele, I will delete this app if u guys won’t make an uke app.

To much money 250$ a year. Not worth it at all

Among us. Lol

Scammy. U need to pay even though they say: learn this for free it’s a scam otherwise it’s decent

A little bit too expensive. I am a kid and I’ve been using this app for 2 months with the 3 month membership. I've read a lot of the reviews on this app and most of them mentions “money” so I'll share my thoughts about it. It's a bit too expensive but I understand that you need money after making these types of apps, but the price is a little over the hefty side so yeah. Make it a smidge cheaper P.S. When I say “smidge” I don’t mean like 10$ or 20$ I'm saying like 40$ or maybe 100$ unless that’s too much to ask for, because if it is then 20$ to 30$ would be fine (for both memberships please).

GREEDY little devs. You won’t get a dollar from me when there’s so much free knowledge out there.

Microphone issues. I don’t think this app is accessing the microphone properly on my IPad. The tuner doesn’t work and I get notes accepted during the lesson when it is dead silent and I never touch a string. I think the app would be great if the could fix this issue

Good but.... I thought that i would be able to learn how to play guitar and get good at it but i have to PAY REAL MONEY TO CONTIUE.

More Genres. I enjoyed the free trial. I considered buying until I realized there really wasn’t any country songs for me to play on the acoustic. If there were I probably would have purchased

It broke my guitar. I was tuning my guitar on the first lesson and it broke my last string I didn’t catch up on the noise and it broke my last string I don’t recommend this app.

Hate it 😡. I my kid Keeps trying to play and it doesn’t pick up I was out getting Groceries I found her crying and floor because it couldn’t pick up her guitar I payed too much for this Bad App

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Overall very frustrating. So I have tried this app maybe two weeks before I got my very own guitar with my cousins guitar and it works wonderfully. When I got my guitar I opened the app again after a while to resume the sessions I had already done just to get a refresher, it was very glitchy and not picking up any of the sounds the guitar was making even though I was doing the steps it had asked me too. I closed the app for three hours to try again later. Again it was going smoothly for about 10 minutes and I was very pleased, but after awhile again it wouldn’t pick up any of the sounds it made me really ticked that it wouldn’t work after repeatedly opening and closing the app. Even after turning off other electronics such as TVs it still wouldn’t work. :( Overall this app made me very frustrated and it is helpful but not worth opening and closing the app mid session.

Why:(. I took a class a year ago at school for basics where guitars were provided, but it is no longer offered so i decided to go out and find a gutiar for me. I ended up spending minimum $100 for a somewhat good guitar. I found this app that was advertised to help you learn guitar through more than 2 yr old things. I was excited to check out the chord library and play my first song until **Pay for Premium** came along… $150 a year is kind of a lot.. im only 16 after all and spent my own saved up money because i wanted to pursue a dream of being able to play for my friends and family. Maybe this app needs some minor adjustments where you can get at least a few chords in the library to see like G, D, E, Em, A, and C. I would also like to play at least 1 or 2 of those *5,000* songs yall talk about in your ads. I really wish i could’ve learned from this app and what it advertised but I dont have the money to do so… Please consider a slight change for all the people that have considered this an issue. Thanks

Not helpful. Not helpful , at all. First of all when I selected electric guitar it taught me ( or tried to ) as if I was using an acoustic guitar , second when it gave me a song , it said I was playing wrong when in reality they gave me lessons for acoustic guitar , 3 since it was teaching me acoustic it messed up my tuning , it also said I was playing wrong when I was playing correctly because like I said it gave me the wrong lessons , oh and the ads are very obnoxious. If you are hoping to learn guitar , just buy lessons with an actual professional. I’m not saying that the teacher is bad , but the app is poorly developed , it also doesn’t really teach you songs , it just plays a song for you while you play an occasional chord. Maybe If it were developed better it wouldn’t be as bad but as a result of my experience with this app I don’t think you should use an app for any instruments. If you want to learn guitar , head to guitar center and pay for lessons .

Why would they do this?. Simply guitar is a great app. It allowed you to pick your level of skill what type of guitar and other things that would help you to get a better experience. I was having a great time learning guitar I was exited to pick up my guitar everyday and complete a small bit of a lesson. I practiced often and was having tons of fun with it. When I got to the very end of the first lesson it wouldn’t let me do the final song of the lesson until you got a subscription to the app. I’m not willing to pay like $10 a week for the rest of the time I use the app. This made me very unmotivated to play guitar. I do play 3 other instruments but guitar is not my strong point so I got this app to help. Now it just made me even more unmotivated. Good bye Simply Guitar....

Just why the mic. Now, I’m gonna be honest, this app is through the roof. You’ve got: Easy to follow steps, so easy a newborn could follow them. A LOT of songs to pick from. And as well as a mic to keep track of your notes and performance. The only problem is… the mic. Now, I’m literally just a DAY in, and the mic’s already more ignorant than my brother, like, I strummed the exact note, and then I was like “okay y’know it’s not perfect lemme just strum it a little harder” and it’s still just ignoring me and my guitar. Literally thought I was gonna make my finger bleed from strumming so much, and I had to strum the ✨second✨ note. It listened to the second note, it just ignored the first entirely, I literally was supposed to strum the first. All in all, if you somehow get through the mic’s stubbornness, it’s a pretty nice app, just, fix the mic please!

Read before you start using the app. I'm not saying the app was bad. The people that worked there were very helpful and nice. Everything was great but there were two things that were a bit upsetting, The first thing was there was no option for a Ukulele so during the lesson it was asking me to tune six strings instead of three, and once you were skilled enough to play the songs in the song library you had to use a seven day free trial or become a member by paying now im not saying the app was bad it was really good actually I learned a lot but just keep that in mind. Also I'm just going to say this again the employees were very helpful. It is a good app over all just some things to keep in mind before you install it.

Good and I recommend but..... OK so this app is a little good but there’s one problem I am always hitting the right notes and I am an experienced guitarist so I know when the note is on beat or if it’s not song all the time I am playing the right note on the right beat but it always says I’m wrong I even took a second listen without the guitar to see you out what time I’m supposed to hit it and it’s the exact time that I hit it so this is a really much of a big problem you can still learn guitar with this app it is really good but there’s this little problem with the microphone and it thinking that I’m not hitting it at the correct note this is it too much of a big problem but maybe you could fix this especially for the other beginners out there

I like it but…. I can see a lot and do a lot but when it wants me to play E minor I do it ( by strumming from 6 to 1 ) but it does not recognize it. I think that there should be a camera to see me so I do not go crazy. Even with this issue I go back to the tuner level and try to redo it thinking I messed up. Then I go into it and I can only tune string 1! I have a electrical guitar and I clicked that when I started but the gentleman on the prerecorded video has a typical guitar. If it asked me what kind of guitar I have let me learn with a electric guitar video! This is more complicated then on any and all the adds. I don’t want to be negative however, my experience has been really hard and negative. I hope I can enjoy this app on a more understanding level. Kieli

Wonderful until Am/E. I have absolutely loved this app and it’s taught me more about the guitar than I ever imagined I could learn in such a short amount of time. I have another app and I prefer this one by a long shot. But like others, I have not been able to get through the Am/E lesson. It gives me red around the blue about 50% of the time, even when it says I’ve played the note perfectly just before. After 30m of trying to get through the same four chords I gave up, and then when I went back I couldn’t even get as far as I did the first time. It’s possible it’s my phone (iPhone XS) since it seems others with the X have had the same issue, but at the very least it would be nice to have the option to skip ahead so that getting stuck on this lesson doesn’t stop me from being able to learn anything else.

Great App But.... Let me just start by saying I love this app. It’s a simple way to get started on a new instrument. I remember using the piano version of this app as I was learning and it made learning fun. I recently picked up a guitar and decided that I wanted to learn how to play. I downloaded the app and went at it. Overall I love the app but there is one BIG problem. The note recognition. I’ve used piano version of the app and it would sometimes have trouble recognizing the note. This was an uncommon occurrence but it seems that it is much more common on the Guitar version. The tuner works just fine but when I go to play, it will often completely miss or not recognize that I am playing a note. This can be frustrating when you are trying to learn how to play so PLEASE FIX THIS. Other than that, I love the app and keep it going!

Not thorough; weak programming. I recently picked up a guitar and decided I wanted to learn how to play it, and this app was the first to pop up. My main gripe is that I have finished all the lessons in just 8 weeks after buying an annual subscription. I want more than just songs, and the app never even bothers to really get into what the notes are you are playing (and why). After finishing all courses, you don’t have any idea what to do next. You don’t know how to play songs off the app; there are no more lessons to learn, and i still have 48 weeks left that i paid for for no reason. Additionally, the app listens to you, but it doesn’t care if you play the wrong notes in a chord so long as you play one right note, so I found myself having to be my own referee to replay sections the app counted as correct but which sounded terrible.

Great but not for people who want to become profesionals. This app is fun and engaging, but if you want to become a profesional and play songs WITHOUT the app, this app is not for you. I mean, it’s good, but if you want to play real songs for people and stuff, don’t use this. They give the notes for a song as they come, which means it’s not written out in a memorizable format. Plus, they just have the cheesy pop songs you hear on the radio to play. A better app for people who’s want to play songs for others WITHOUT the app is Fender Play (it’s a good compliment to getting a guitar teacher). They present in a memorizable format. By the way, they don’t even give the real song to play along with, just a copycat version of it. Overall, this app is just for fun, I recommend getting a guitar teacher instead.

Amazing support team. Simply guitar support team is amazing. They helped me with a few questions that I’ve had especially Mark from the team. The app makes it really easy to learn, and I’ll have a lot of motivation for it. Usually I do not, and simply guitar has made it fun to my guitar. They help me out all the time. And when I found out that the song library wasn’t free under my impression that it was, they gave me 30 days for it and that was really nice and generous of them. They are an amazing team and the app is amazing as well. I recommend downloading it because it is very fun and gives you the chance to learn guitar. Simply guitar makes it very easy.

The app was working well. The app was working wonders for me! Taught me a little of the beginning basics, and the EM chords. I would totally recommend! Although after the first basic lesson you need to become subscribed and pay annually 200$ with a 7 day free trial. I was really enjoying the app until this popped up. I am unable to pay for any of the plans :( But that’s a personal problem. Would totally recommend this to those who are able to pay for any of plans because the platform is great for teaching! Also for the developers of Simply Guitar I would finish off the first lesson with giving free access to learn/play the song “We will rock you” just to give it that last satisfaction. And help for those who are deciding whether they want to pay for a plan to make up their minds quicker! Love your app :)

Why so much money. I’m 12 years old and I want to play guitar so I decided I would give this a try but as a kid once I finished my first lessons and wanted to play the song I selected I was hit with the you need premium access to continue and I was like ok I guess I will ask my parents for it but it was $74 for 3 months and $149 for 12 months so obviously my parents aren’t gonna let me get it and I don’t get how young kids can play too when you need to pay so much and they can’t pay so who is the parents and the parents won’t pay that much for a guitar lesson app for their kid so I just want you to lower the prices a little bit so I can continue playing with this app cause I really like it and it’s awesome app

❤️ - 💔. I love this app it is good, self explanatory, and it really helps beginners. But to be honest, it’s kinda only for beginners. I did learn two new chords but that’s all. You get free lessons but then you have to pay for everything. Like, what? And then you can’t even do literally anything on this app without paying for it. I’m not much a beginner. My dad and I do lessons together and I wanted to surprise him by learning some stuff and him be proud of me. ( he already is but you get the point) so that’s how learned all the stuff I know now. For people who are wanting to learn the guitar ( like how to tune it, hold it, learn what frets and stings are) this would be a good app for you. But if your wanting to know MORE about it I don’t suggest this. So this app could kinda go both ways I guess. But I only rated this three stars because you can’t really do much on it. But thanks for reading! Bye 👋 😊

Tuner and notes problem. It worked fairly well at first and the idea of the interactive learning is very good but this app showed some problems further along. The tuner worked somewhat and when it did it was accurate but the line that determined whether it was tuned well spammed from too high and too low no matter how I tuned it. I removed my case as it recommended and kept my phone close with no background noise. There was also a problem when it came to a section where I would play the notes as taught but it said it was wrong but when I spammed the chords without intention of playing correctly it said it was correct. I’m not sure if I was misunderstanding but when I researched how to play E minor everywhere I looked it was completely different from how it was taught as well. Really good app but some problems that make it hard to use.

Awesome! But-. Ive been playing guitar for 7 years now, and just today downloaded this app. The layout is great, the idea and execution is absolutely wonderful, but. Ive been playing for a long time now. I know the basics with chords and stuff like that. Ive been wanting to get some extra practice to start reading and playing tabs better, to switch from acoustic to electric. But, its starting me at the basics, at level one, and i cant seem to move any higher manually. Id rather not have to go through all of these levels just to be able to learn what i actually need to learn. Kinda wish there was a way i could fix this. Other than that, amazing app.

Disappointing. Things like this are very disappointing. You have to download it and then sign with an email so they can have your information first. And then they lead you on this incredible first lesson and then boom a paywall. There response to this is typically: sorry but we need the money to be able to provide new lessons. They also ask for a rating in the middle of your free first lesson so that you’ll give it a good rating before realizing that you have to pay to do anything more. By that point you’re fed up and don’t bother changing your rating and they profit off of that. So even though 90% of people will quit after seeing the insane paywall, they still get the benefit of you giving them a good rating before realizing you have to pay. Even if you go back and change your rating you still have them you’re email so there you go now they can sell your information. They’re taking advantage of people who want to learn how to play the guitar and it’s sad.

Feedback. I am a beginner trying to learn the electric guitar. So I understand the learning curve with this. However I’ve ran into the same issue as other reviews. No matter how low or hard I strum my guitar the app does not pick up the sound. I have my phone inched away from me. On top of that I notice when I play the wrong string or chord sometimes it still marked me as right. It’s a little discouraging to see this app still push you through even tho I did it incorrectly. Im currently stuck on the Em lesson and I also noticed it said I was correct when i got a little loud with my voice. I was surprised my voice was already in Em, but this app is supposed to pick up my guitar not voice. I’m not saying this app is the worst because I learned a lot in a short period of time. I think it just needs a update of some sort.

Amazing.. I’m a complete beginner. I tried learning the chords myself and got really overwhelmed with transitioning between chords. The practices in this app are absolutely incredible. I’m only on day 3 of practicing guitar and I can play (without muting) 7 different chords and can transition between them comfortably to play along with their songs. The resources are amazing. The only thing I will suggest is if you’re not using headphones, turn down your phone volume. Sometimes my phones mic will pick up the music or sounds over my guitar. If it’s at half volume or less it’s usually okay. I highly recommend this app. It’s fun and beyond helpful and for someone just starting out, it’s the only resource I’m using while I learn my fundamentals.

Wish there was more free content available. Don’t get me wrong, from what I’ve seen this app is pretty great, although the chord detection is a little faulty at times, but it gets you hooked then you have to pay. I know they have to make money somehow but I just don’t have money that I can spend on the app so I’m forced to venture to other apps, I’ve found one which isn’t quite as good but works well enough and they have special features for the premium subscription, like longer daily learning time and such that would entice a beginner or experienced guitar player. I just wanted to put this idea out there in case simply guitar wants to try to make more content available to the users who can’t pay the premium subscription prices. Other than that the app is efficient and very easy to use!💜

It great but….. This app is great but it has a one problem you have to pay to be able to play songs I just think that’s not fair because I was learning and having fun with the app but when it was time to play the song it told me to pay so I asked my dad and he said he wasn’t going to pay,75 dollars a month and I stared crying because I really wanted to learn how to play! And I think that’s just to much money just to play songs it should be free cause now I can’t play or learn guitar so my brother gave me his guitar for nothing I’m getting mad at this and it’s just because we have to pay for it and I really want to play guitar! That’s why I think it’s not fair.

Best app for beginners. I played the first lesson in the app and was very impressed with the production quality and the ease of the lessons. I hadn’t picked up a guitar in almost 20 years, so I started from step one. It’s not a chore to play 30 minutes or more every day, and I can already tell I’ve gotten a lot better in just a few months. It’s not boring scales, the app has you playing actual songs pretty much right off the bar, and reading tabs and practicing chords and everything (even my boyfriend, who is a self-taught player and is amazing, can’t read tabs). Sometimes when they update it, the app will lose the ability to understand what you’re playing, but the support team is fantastic and very responsive. I bought the full app with no hesitation and have not regretted it since. Fully deserve five stars 👍🏼

Tuning and more. I had 1 year of a teacher teaching me, and he was really good. This year I couldn’t get a teacher cause I was to late. So I decided to trust ALL of my friends and get simply guitar. So I finally got it I was really excited to learn how to play! In the beginning during the tuning part, I tuned my guitar and right when I got it right, the app kicked me out. I tried over 10 times to see if it would change but it didn’t. My Dad told me to delete the game and get it again. So I did. When I was downloading it, when it was almost done downloading, it, it stopped loading and I had to keep going back to get it. I tried 5 times to get it, but it didn’t. Other wise it was good. But I was at the like 3rd step. After getting and signing In the app, and the other thing.

Good at first, needs more, now I hate it. Simply piano-amazing, simply sing-awesome, simply guitar-absolutely trash. I was impressed with the app at first, so got premium, but later it was all way too easy. I could impress no one with the material and songs I was learning on it. Add good songs from musicals and some of the ones on simply sing. Stop doing tabs and use real notes. Playing in real life, no one gives you tabs. I want hard music. Ultimate guitar is not as good teaching wise, but gives you much harder music. I want harder music. My brother uses simply piano, and the music is very hard. I feel like I’m just playing the same music over and over again. Plus, when I play, I feel like it’s not even me making the sound, it’s the app. It literally plays the guitar for you. Why?!? True, it has taught me a lot for basics, but after I’ve been playing for one year, I really need more. Please simply guitar, make your app better!!

A rocky start.. First of all, I’d like to say it seems like a very high budget app that’s great for beginners. But my my problems lie in the fact that when you’re not a beginner, you have to stay stuck at the monotonous start with learning how to play open strings. It makes you sound unprofessional when practicing around others and it wastes a lot of time. The questions at the beginning when you make an account seem to have no correlation with the way you’ll actually be learning and the app doesn’t "let me learn any song I wanted to learn on guitar" like the advertisements said. It isn’t until an hour into the app you can finally play "We Will Rock You". Overall, I just wanna say that this app needs a lot more consideration for people who are either/both A: Intermediate and/or B: Unwilling to pay for premium and access to harder difficulties.

Best lessons so far. I love it so far it’s good for beginners or for someone who just wants to learn how to play a song, I got a new guitar and I did not know how to play it so I searched to find this! I’ve never heard of it. But it’s totally free so far and it teaches you a lot, so I like It I think if your new to this you should get it. But …… there is some problems that need to be fixed when I had to get the right tone it glitched after I did the first one, it skipped to the 5 one and the 1st one kI did wrong .So don’t have any noises in the background because it will pick it up and mess you up for example: Tv, people talking, and music. I recommend it to you just make sure it’s quiet so it won’t do that.

It’s REALLY good but just 1 BIG problem. I downloaded the app and started the basics and it’s actually helped me :D seriously I can play the Em chord I can tune etc. basics. But then to finish the lesson I had to play “We will Rock you” and I was like ok sure let’s do this but then when I clicked on it it said I had to buy this stupid premium thing and I was like ya no thanks so I went outta there and tried to go to the next lesson but it didn’t let me and I looked back and saw that my basics lesson was only “80% done” so I was pretty mad. If you could make it so that I can finish the god dang lesson that would be great like not make almost EVERYTHING premium. I am an 11 year old girl I ain’t got that type of money and there is NO way my parents are gonna pay for it. So ya that’s my review. >:(

I know they have to make their money ......but still. So, I’ve been playing guitar for a bit now and I kept getting ads for this , so I decided to try it . The first few lessons are free(how to read a super simple tab, how to tune ur guitar etc...), then I got to the first actual song in the app and it requires you to get a subscription. This is not how it is advertised online, I understand the creators of the app need to make money somehow, but not even providing one song to practice seems really silly to me. I wouldn’t mind paying an upfront fee for the app so I can get a few songs at least , but subscriptions add up ;and for someone who is going to this app to build off of what they already know it’s not really worth it. The advertising for this app really needs to be changed because the advertised you can learn all your favorite songs on this app and learn to play chords , but In all reality if you want to learn these skills you have to pay for them.

Amazing app, but no month to month fee. I just recently started picking up guitar again so I essentially downloaded every app i could find to try it out, this one, by far was the most fun and actively got me wanting to play. I downloaded the fender play, yousician and a few others, but this one stood out because it was actually fun! The app follows along and listens to your playing. It doesn't always pick it up perfectly, but its sufficient. Biggest downside is the upfront cost. There isnt a month to month plan so you are committed to at least 60 bucks for 3 months, which isnt preferred if you're looking for a side hobby and you aren't sure if you can commit the time. Would be 5 stars if not for this. Even though it was my favorite I am sticking with the fender one because at $5 a month and a student income I cant commit $60 to what might be a temporary thing. :(

This App. So, what happened was I downloaded SimplyTuner and an ad came up for this app. It seemed really cool and fun, and SimplyTuner was an awesome app, so I downloaded it. First it had you go through some really easy basics, and then you could move onto the songs. But you couldn’t actually play any songs or learn any more chords to songs without paying. I was really disappointed, and I supposed there was the free trial but those are very tricky to get out of. I wish there was an option to choose five songs free, so I could see how I liked it, then decide if I wanted premium. This app seemed like it would be fun, and I was able to learn one songs from the ad😂 I just wish I could do a little bit more for free so I could decide if I wanted premium. Thank you for what you do though! You’ve helped me with my guitar career so much!

This app has some ups and downs. I first heard about simplyguitar on an ad and since I just had a guitar laying around doing nothing, I decided to give it a try. First fee lessons in and I’m doing really well but I start to realize this problem… No matter how right I play a note, it will say I played it wrong. I would repeat steps over and over until finally the lesson would say I did it right. When you play along to a song, as long as you strum your guitar at the right time, you will get it right. I tested this theory out and realized this shocking fact. This app was great for me because I was starting out but these bugs make it almost impossible to know if I’m even playing the guitar right. This can be a real deal breaker and with these bugs it is not worth the $150 a year I’m spending on it.

So much potential.... So I was lended a guitar for the next few months and I decided that I would really try to learn a lot about the guitar. I downloaded the app and made an account. I played through the first 3 guitar basics lessons and I really enjoyed them! Then I got to the ‘We will rock you’ lesson and to my disappointment I realized I needed a paid subscription to continue. Everything was going amazing until that happened. I knew my parents would say no, and I was shocked to see you needed at least $60 to continue. The lessons were all great and I am sure anyone could agree with me on that! Apart from that sometimes when playing the app sometimes think I strummed twice when I didn’t, this is a minor mistake tho compared to the subscription This app had so much potential, which is why I’m not giving it too much of a low review of 1 star or even 2 star. I might as well switch to a different app, I’m sorry.

I really want to love this app. As the title says, I think this app shows immense potential but falls flat (no pun intended) in two crucial areas. My biggest issues are that the app seems to have a very difficult time picking up what note you play - this becomes an issue (and a really really obnoxious one that led to me writing this review) after it says you’re playing the wrong note and causing you to replay the same god forsaken section of music a hundred times over. EDIT: After chatting with support (which responded immediately) wearing headphones seems to have fixed this problem, for the most part. Secondly, and just as importantly, they don’t have that many courses. I finished them all within a month and a half and have nothing left to play. The rate at which they come out with new material is suspiciously slow, they’ve introduced maybe 2 new courses within the last 2 months.

Terrible app😡🤬. So I downloaded this app thinking oh I can get more experience on guitar and be going to a teacher. So downloaded the app put in my email. And I said that I had a lot of experience I have been playing for almost 2 years. Anyway started a lesson and it tried to teach me to tune even though I said I already knew. Then when I was tuning it, it made my tighten it way to tight and it broke one of my strings. Replaced it. Then tried again and it tried to teach me E minor. So I tried skipping the lesson and it brought me to a screen that made me pay for it! Because I have to have “ A membership” So Then I tried going into the songs it said I had to pay for that too! I have seen adds about this app saying how good it was This app could have a lot of potential if you didn’t have to pay for everything. So if I am gonna download an app that says guitar lessons then I am gonna think I get them instead all it asks for is your money. Disappointing.

Could be great but major flaws keep me from using it frequently. I really like the premise of this app and it’s well designed. I like the progression of the lessons and the short chord lessons with diagrams. However, I started another very similar app shortly after this one and find myself using it way, way more. The biggest issue I have that seems to be a common one is that, when playing chords, it constantly tells me I’m doing it wrong, even when my fingers are exactly where they should be. The settings aren’t sensitive enough. I end up having to play the same parts over and over again. I usually end up frustrated and stop. It’s not an issue with my phone’s microphone because I don’t have this issue at all with the other app. Don’t really see this being the primary one I use until that issue is fixed.

It’s amazing if….. You see I’m learning the guitar and today I decided too download this so I can speed my progress up, I was doing the starting stuff and it seemed great but then I get to the song it was going to tear h me I press it and it says that you have to pay $120 subscription I’m 14 and can’t do that and my parents can’t afford that I hate it because they make the app free and make it seem like it will be good and not cost a dime but no. I say if you have the money use that money for normal human person guitar lessons or you could buy this but I think normal human guitar lessons will be better. You do you and maybe you might want to pay for this for me? Zaydan out

It’s good, but very frustrating + bugs.. it’s a fairly good app! it’s taught be guitar... loosely... it’s just very frustrating at times. like for example, sometimes it doesn’t recognize what you did was definitely correct, and makes you redo the entire song, which doesn’t solve anything and can be very painful when you’re first developing your calluses. this especially stands for when you start to learn how to strum, it makes you repeat the entire song if you get ONE chord wrong... even if you played the chord correctly, which just turns into a violent, scary and generally just not pleasant encounter between you, your phone, and your guitar. i would recommend this to you, but i also wouldn’t- it’s a mediocre app but if you cant do lessons because of quarantine, it’s a fine.

Why can you add an ad based account?. This is a really good app, it’s well made and designed. I was upset that I couldn’t just start where I’m at as a intermediate instead of having to start as a beginner, sure it’s always a good idea to go back and practice the basics but I would like to start where my current skill level is at and challenge it. I also don’t understand why you can make an account that is ad supported so I don’t have to pay for a premium account that I don’t want to pay for if I don’t have to. I was having a fun time relearning in the beginning to only learn that I had to pay a premium fee to continue the lesson to the song part. I get inflation has got us all in a bind, I just think there should be an option for an ad based account to continue the lessons. It would allow a lot more people to be able to access this amazing app.

The app is good, but come on guys, a membership!!. This app is good for the most part, it teaches you to play guitar and have a fun time doing so, however you can only do one lesson for free and the others cost a membership. I don’t understand why this is, as it would probably be best just to make the app a purchasable app that would cost around the same price as the membership. I say this because of the fact that they advertise it a lot and get people hyped to play the guitar, but when they finish only a single lesson, they can’t even do just a couple more without spending money!! I don’t know if I am even in the right position to say this but I feel the need to speak out because of that fact that most of the people that would actually want to learn how to play the guitar really good like you guys are teaching, might not even have enough money to do a monthly membership! I hope this reaches out to you guys and I really hope I can get some understanding as to what reasoning this entire system has.

Charges you right away, no 7 day trial. My 8 y-o daughter was interested in this app and I told her if she used it every day of the advertised free trial then I would subscribe. So I let her do the 3 month plan, which said it would charge me after 7 days but that I could cancel anytime before that time. Am a single mom so $75 is a lot but I thought this could potentially be an enriching app for my daughter. Well fast forward a few days and my daughter has not used it much because it’s super glitchy and often doesn’t recognize when she hits the guitar strings (I’ve noticed this when I use it too and I’ve also noticed the tuner is wildly inaccurate). She’s decided she doesn’t like it after all and so I try to cancel, only to realize they changed me the full $75 the day I started the supposed 7-day free trial.l! It says if I cancel now, we’ll still have access til March but there’s no way to get our money back. Talk about false advertising!

Only good for beginners, then move on. It’s great for learning the basics, but that’s about it. Not enough content to justify subscribing. It’s really short. Also the 6th string does not get detected well. It was a nightmare trying to get through E5. They need to turn off the rewind feature when the app can’t read your 6th string. Very frustrating. Also sometimes it struggles to load assets even though my connection is good. The videos of the guy talking are fun to watch. The songs are often covers of the actual song. I was so excited for All the Small Things only for it to sound awful and forced me to rewind a bunch of times due to bad 6th string detection. The songs arent the actual tabs and are often not the full song. I was hoping you unlock the real tabs later but what you play the first time is what you get. Also, the timing of playing and when it tells you to play seems random.

Just no. I have always wanted to learn how to play a guitar and I saw this app I was pumped to learn. So I did the first lessons which were ok then when I had to tune it, it took me hours to. Not to mention I have one of those fancy ones that tells you the vibrations of the string. (Aka a tuner) and when I tried to tune it on the app it never work. So literally after the hundredth time trying to tune it, it finally got me to the next level (which was showing how to do EM) and let me tell you it didn’t give a good explanation how to get past next levels and when I tried to do the playing test is kept saying I was wrong. And when I finished that crap, I was excited to play the song I choose right but oh no I can’t because I have to pay $60 FOR JUST A THREE MONTHS SUBSCRIPTION. I would encourage you not to get this unless you are rich or don’t care about your money. Thank you for your time

a little disappointed. I was super excited to finally learn to play my guitar with this app. I went through the basics and stuff and I really liked the program. it was easy to follow and I thought it was cool how the app could tell if you were playing the chords wrong. but then I finished the basics and found out I had to pay to move on and learn more things and play songs. that was definitely disappointing because I thought it was a free program, as nothing on the app page indicates that you have to pay to actually move on and learn. i think that you should make it more clear that in order to move on, you have to pay, because it is a little misleading. however, I would recommend this app to anyone who wants to learn guitar and is willing to pay money to do so because it seems like a very good way to learn.

Mind numbingly repetitive. I find it harder and harder to use this app. It’s so mind numbingly repetitive that it’s boring as you can possibly make a guitar. Like it’s not even fun because the whole training model is based around really hard learners. So as a result you get stuck with lessons that you absolutely can master in 5 minutes, and then for good measure you continue to learn the same lesson for another hour at least. They need the option to test out of certain portions. And if you’re flying through everything without any mistakes, stop drilling the same thing for the rest of the week. I personally need challenged to stay engaged while learning. This app is the exact opposite of that. It’s so boring and repetitive that I just tend to google guitar tabs and teach myself songs because I can’t mentally handle another hour of doing the exact same 2-3 chords over and over and over.

This app is horrible at its tuning but other than that 100 💯 %. This app can do everything but tune it can tune but l popped all of my strings about 19 time going over and over again with this apps tuner but other than that the app is great! And also when you do respond if you could fix these things. I am 12 years old and l really want to learn how to play guitar 🎸 properly. So the thing that I would love to be fixed is the e chords and the c chords every time I play those chords they always tell me I’m playing a minors or b s’ so if you can fix those couple of things l would be happy 😊 besides I wanted to do this when I was a little girl 👧 but now that I’m almost in high school I wold love to learn more even when I already know some

should you get it??. in short, yeah! it lays down the basics, in funny and interesting ways!its extremely easy to learn with this app! i’m a kid, and i understood in no time! although, it makes you pay or start a trial before it helps you learn songs.. i don’t think i’ll be able to pay for a membership, but even just the free stuff helped a ton! i’d really appreciate it if they did a 1 month membership that wasn’t so pricey! i do understand that it takes lots of money to keep the app running!💞💞 such amazing quality, and i found the videos really funny :D i’m really sad i won’t get to continue using this app, but thankyou for teaching me basics!!💖💞

Great Potential. I feel that the app has great potential for beginners as it provides very detailed instruction for learning. However, as someone who is slightly beyond beginner material there are some very frustrating components. The first is the ability of the app to perceive correct sounds. Even if a chord is played correctly it is often counted as being incorrect. To make this even more frustrating, the app immediately rewinds the song until the sound is perceived by the app correctly. For me, this happened for 10 minutes before I finally had to give up. Additionally, the songs and chords being locked behind a pay wall/progression sequence is completely unnecessary. Finally, even when the songs are unlocked, the difficulty is locked, yet again, to how the app perceives your skill level based on faulty input. Great potential but overall not worth the frustration at this time.

Great app but pricey. I really love this app. It’s easy to use, it listens to you while you play, and it sets even the most basic things you are practicing to music which makes it really fun. At first, I had some issues but figured out it works best with headphones and taking your phone out of the case, so it can hear you better. The only complaint I have is the price. I did the 7 day free trial and apparently didn’t read well enough and didn’t realize they do not offer a monthly subscription, only a yearly one for $120. I paid that, but finished all the lessons in my first month of playing. They will be adding more lessons in the future, but I don’t feel like it was $120 worth of content as of now. I will still use it though, since you can practice the songs you do in the lessons.

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Perfection is no small thing, but it is made up of small things! We made some small improvements to Simply Guitar to ensure you sound PERFECT when you play. Keep your feedback coming! Write us at and one of our friendly bunch will get back to you.

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