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Piano Maestro App Description & Overview

What is piano maestro app? Piano Maestro is a fun and engaging piano practice tool for families and teachers. Chosen by Apple as #1 Education App in over 20 countries. Works with any piano or keyboard.

From playing a single note to complete pieces, Piano Maestro helps your student master sight-reading, rhythm, technique and playing with both hands to make sheet music come to life. Fun piano learning for the entire family with positive screen time!

What is included:
- Journey - progress by chapters, rising in difficulty level. Collect SKILL POINTS as you play
- Library - over 2,800 songs & exercises according to level or genre for songs or by exercise type. From classical, pop, rock, TV & movie songs and themes all songs have fun background music
- Method Books - tons of lesson books from leading publishers like Hal Leonard
- Receive a 3-star score after mastering rhythm, timing and sight-reading
- Practice options to learn songs step-by-step to personalize your learning experience

How it works:
- Download Piano Maestro to your iPad, place it on your piano/keyboard and the app will immediately recognize what you are playing!
- Get instant feedback on your playing to quickly learn and improve your skills
- No piano? No problem! TOUCH MODE also available

Piano teachers:
Created by music educators, Piano Maestro is used as a resource in lessons by tens of thousands of piano teachers worldwide. Includes many teacher management features, reports and a Home Challenge Center to easily assign and assess homework to increase practice time between lessons, helping students learn faster. Join our thriving Piano Maestro Teachers community on Facebook to get ideas on how to use Piano Maestro in your lessons and to connect with other like-minded teachers.

“This is the kind of app that if I could get in the hands of every single student, I would!”

How the subscription works:
All app users can play several free skill levels. Upgrade to a subscription package at any time

- Subscribers will receive FULL access to the entire app including all pop songs, method books and other licensed content. New content added every month!

Choose from one of the following subscription options.

Parents and students learning without a teacher:
- Monthly recurring subscription for $9.99/month
- Recurring yearly subscription for $59.99/year

- My Studio: full access to all content, for $12.99/month or $9.99/month (annual)
- Studio+Home: Unlocks everything for you and ALL your students, for $19.99/month or $14.99/month (annual)

- All recurring subscriptions will auto-renew unless auto-renewal is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. You can turn off auto-renewal at any time from your iTunes account settings

- Your subscription is for your iTunes account and can be used on your iOS device
- Payments will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase
- Subscriptions cannot be canceled during the active subscription period

Piano Maestro is developed by Simply (formerly JoyTunes), creators of award-winning apps Simply Piano, Simply Guitar and Simply Sing. Created by music educators, the apps are used by tens of thousands of music teachers worldwide with over 1 million songs learned every week. Simply are experts in creating educational and fun music apps for learning piano quickly and easily.

Awards & Recognition:

- "EMI’s Innovation Challenge”
- "World Summit Award", by the United Nations
- “Best Tools for Beginners”, NAMM
- "Best Tablet Game", GameIS
- “Parents' Choice Award”
- “Golden App”, Apps for Homeschooling

Have questions, feedback or suggestions? Reach out to us at education@hellosimply.com

Enjoy Playing!

privacy policy: https://www.hellosimply.com/legal/privacy

terms of use: https://www.hellosimply.com/legal/terms

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App Name Piano Maestro
Category Education
Updated 05 December 2023, Tuesday
File Size 172.67 MB

Piano Maestro Comments & Reviews 2024

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Gabriella’s review. Hello to whoever is reading this. I am ten years old and I LOVE this app. Before I got Piano maestro, I was not that good. Now, whenever I feel upset, I go onto the app and play. You do have to sign up for the subscription but in my opinion, it it totally worth it. They have many songs such as Timber, the mission impossible theme song, etc. Did I mention that they also have online piano version?! You do not even have to get a piano to play, you can just play on a phone or ipad, how cool is that??!! If you love playing piano like I do, you should get this app. A big thank you to the creators of this app. -Gabriella

It is so much fun. Piano maestro is so much fun I feel like I should do it every single day it’s so much fun there’s so much songs to do and I don’t know what else to do but it’s really really fun so I’m not gonna judge about it and it’s so much fun I just love it it’s really fun my friend introduced me to it and it was so much fun so I download it and it’s actually funnier than it looks also I tried simply piano simply piano you have to pay and it’s so so rough and I don’t like it so that’s why I like piano maestro

Acoustic piano feature fails/poor customer service. I have been using the app for several months on my acoustic piano and like it a lot. Now the app no longer picks up acoustic sounds. I tried reinstall and plug in the earphone on advice of first line reps who responded quickly and offered simple fixes. When nothing worked, I was turned over to the "team" and it's been radio silent for more than a week. When pressed, the rep told me that there was no timeline for a resolution or response from the team. Will not stick around unless I hear back in the next day or two.

15 minute lesson, then require Monthly $$. Like all music apps, this one gives a quick lesson making you feel that piano is easy and very learnable with the app. It avoids he far more challenging items until after you agree to a subscription. My advice, pay for 1 month, and immediately go to apple subscriptions and cancel. This will fully unlock the app for a month for you to realise no app has the appeal to get people to practice scales and music theory - required for proficiency.

Need consistency & more music & advanced music. I love using the studio version of PM for my students but find the background accompaniments vary and it's sometimes difficult to hear melody. For the monthly price there needs to be more music. A big part of the reason for a 3star rating. For example: I'm hosting a virtual recital (as usual) and am using technology (PM) to create an even more "techy" event. More advanced students were unable to use PM and the Holiday selection was limited. Additionally, please include all the music from simp,y piano in this monthly fee and in PM. I'm putting out about $224 a year. For that I expect double the music or more - Thank you :) I also got tired of the "write a review" pop up 10 times every 1/2 hr lesson so sorry I'm not more positive. Add music and make everything consistent and I'll definitely rate this five stars.

It’s dope but.... I don’t live in the first world and the piano I have is not tuned to the A440 scale. It’s in tune but tuned to whatever it is that it was tuned to. If there was a way to get the app to recognize what my notes are and then adjust and adapt to that and proceed to teach it would be amazing. I’ve searched everywhere on the net and can’t find a piano tutor app that does this. Apart from that, it looks like an amazing app which I unfortunately can’t use with my piano. I wish it could do this. I can’t be the only one.

How amazing. This app is so educational inal when I did not Even know how to play such wonderfulIi feel like piano mistrial has helped me out a lot when i I can’t read my music from my teacher songs then I found this app and let me tell you how amazed I was and know I go to classes and I am on my 2 year of piano and actually just had my 2 federation. #thankspianomistro

Sub Par Review. Alrighty, I got this app when I was eager to learn piano, and for the first couple of rounds it would get stuck on some the notes and not pick them up, but I thought it would be alright, and I was enjoying the app minus this glitch so I decided to buy premium for a month.. a mistake my friends... while I do love the user friendly and amazing selection of songs that you can learn to play.. it simply doesn’t work because the app is not picking up the notes I am playing on my piano.. so I can never get to advance in levels or feel the satisfaction that I am even improving. I do have other piano apps, and they have no trouble picking up the notes I play, it’s just this app. So, I am really bummed out, because this app held so much promise in it...😥😥 Anyone have any advice on how I could fix this, or is it just the apps programming?

My opinion. I think this app is a little TOO fast and it’s not like real piano I think the books are better I could go at my own pace and don’t have to worry on hitting every single note correctly and it’s a little buggy. Also it’s kinda disappointing when u finish a level because all u get is stars... it’s not that exciting. And mostly u do is play the songs I wish u can like do other things on there like search a song on there u like and it shows u how to play it. But the games not too bad but I guess it’s pretty good for practicing piano.

Piano Maestro. My daughter has piano maestro. It is amazing she has gotten access to hundreds of songs and has learned all there is to know about playing piano. With the learn button she gets access to a step by step way of learning a song. Gets a journey button to teach her notes and a library to choose a song. I only had two problems with piano maestro. When my daughter finished chapter six it didn't let her go on to the next level for a while and sometimes it would say that she did have assists but she didn't which lowered her score. But overall it was an amazing app!

Great app!. I use this app every day and every week in my piano studio off the bench lab time. My students love it! They enjoy getting to play songs they know (especially when they aren’t ready to play the real music with all of the notes.) One student about cried when I hadn’t planned using Piano Maestro in his lab time that day. I told you they love it! Thank you JoyTunes for creating an awesome app that I’ve used for years!!!

Awesome but there’s a problem a major one. OK when I got it I was super excited and it started out super good and then it said try this subscription and I was like what it said it is a totally free game but it’s not there is number one there are so many ads. Number two it’s not even that good because it doesn’t read when you play the note number three it won’t let you pass unless you pay so every time you try to play a song you have to pay for the song it’s like $.99 for one song that is crazy just don’t do itNumber four where is some good parts about it it helps you learn a lot but it doesn’t progress like it’s just easy easy easy easy easy easy there’s been one song that has been a little hard Number five I kind of like it but not really because I don’t really like to pay all that money just for 10 songs I get to play 10 songs for $10 that is not really reasonable so I wouldn’t get it and I’m 11 and I’m really a good at piano and it only plays easy songs and I get mad and so. I said just don’t get it by.

Very Motivational. I had never played piano before downloading this app. We found out that a family friend was going to gift us an old piano. I started looking for web/app based learning tools for my 5 year old and, eventually, her younger sister. I could see right away that this app would help with hand placement, sight reading/note recognition, and timing. In the trial version, we were able to set up profiles for all of our family members. Before the piano was even delivered my 5 year old was able to identify all the keys on the piano and had moved up the ranks using the virtual keyboard. The transition to the use of the actual piano has been smooth and the girls look forward to practicing every day! The only drawback is that I have trouble getting them to give me a turn! The trial version has given us a lot to work with. As soon as we exhaust all that, we will definitely invest in the full version. This really has provided fun for a the whole family.

Game reporter. As a game reporter, I have to buy apps and feast them out. I always say “Alright...” or “It was fine I guess....” But when I bought Piano. Maestro, I was like WOW! I had a keyboard that collected dust in the corner of my living room, and I decided I could use it for once. At first I had no idea what middle C was at the time, and now I’m a pro at Beethoven. I honestly recommend it.

None of the G keys work. Overall a pretty good app. My only complaint is that with the acoustic piano setting, whenever I press any of the G keys on my piano, it does not go through on the app. As you could probably tell, this is a pretty big issue. My piano is tuned correctly and everything, nothing is wrong with it. It definitely has something to do with the app, and not my piano. Hope this gets fixed soon. Otherwise I would give it 5 stars.

Learning made fun. Great app to learn the piano. The score keeping, level advancement, visual cues and accompanying music make the practice sessions feel instantly rewarding. Like learning anything new, be prepared to work through some tedious repetitions. But in all, Joytunes does a great job of keeping practice fun and satisfying. Worth the premium monthly subscription if you're serious about learning and taking the time to practice.

I LOVE it! But one problem.. I love it and it’s less expensive than simply piano. I would love if you could add songs from people such as Billie Eilish, etc. Oh, and sometimes it won’t register the notes I press. It counts the black keys as white keys for most of the keys. Please fix this! Also, it does this thing where it gets used to a note and when I press the new note in the song it counts it as wrong and still thinks the other note is this now. For example, if it’s B, but I pressed C a lot before, it’ll think that C is played next when it’s B so if I press B it says it’s wrong. Okay, so I came back to this app and now it won’t count a single note I play no matter how hard I press the key. All it counts it middle c. PLEASE fix this or I won’t continue paying for the subscription.

It used to be good.... Sooo this app was recommended by my music teacher and I enjoyed it. I’ve been playing since kindergarten. I loved it until now. I logged on to it and went to the songs I liked and wanted to play-(since I have a piano teacher) when I clicked it it said I was on rank 6. I was shocked. I checked the bar where it said if you unlocked the next rank or not. I was originally on rank 36. I checked why and it said you needed to pay money! I was extremely disappointed! It used to be a great app for free and I would enjoy it. Now these are just too easy and boring! It’s not like my family’s just gonna pay for a piano app since I already have class. I used to use songs I love. Now? I can’t even play one song that’s hard and I like! I don’t recommend it if you don’t pay money. Overall it’s fine...

Really great app. I really love this app. It breaks everything down really well for beginners. The only reason I'm giving it 4 stars instead of 5 is that it sometimes glitches when you turn down the tempo, which is a bit frustrating. I also wish you could just purchase the app rather than paying a subscription. Other than that I really like it.

Bugs. This game is pretty good, but has so many bugs. For example, one bug is that whenever I’m playing a song, it plays the notes for me, and I don’t even have to play, I know what your thinking, that’s a good thing that it’s playing for you and it’s easier, but I don’t like it because I want to learn. The second bug is that sometimes when I play the notes it obviously doesn’t hear me, and it does the red note, which I don’t know if it is my fault or not. Otherwise, this game has really made me a better piano player. Thanks!

It’s great but one thing…... I had piano maestro for five years, and it has been great. My parents subscribed, but I accidentally deleted it, and my subscription was gone and I had to re-sign in, but my subscription subscription was still gone and I and I wish that you don’t have to pay to play all the songs you want that’s just the one thing that’s all that’s all but it’s really nice app. I would recommend it if you are going to buy it because it is such a good app, you don’t have to pay like other apps for it to connect and hear the piano like that’s just ridiculous. Anyways, I love this app.

Awesome game. It is a awesome game! I go to piano lessons and my teacher is like what the heck, how do you know this stuff?! And I told her I had a awesome app called PianoMaestro my brother used to know nothing about the piano but now he plays like a pro. But my only problem is that we only have like 5-6 songs and I think we should be able to play more songs. I highly recommend PianoMaestro to all piano and nonpiano players out there!

No customer support. I found that there’s no way to contact customer support. They say it’s through the app but when you click on their support button it says you need to download a mail app for it to work. I have gmail so I downloaded the gmail app and it still said the same thing. I tried another gmail app and that didn’t work either. I’m going to have to cancel the subscription which I don’t want to do but I’m having trouble and need help... which none of your Q&A questions answer.

Great!. Just a really well designed app for kids! My 9 year-old loves it. The challenge to get the points inspires her to "play" it, which inspires her to learn the piano. Fantastic! Just had to update this review. I'm amazed at how much my kids LOVE this app! They literally fight over who gets to practice the piano next! They get ready for school early so they can sneak in a few minutes before. They come home and I have to set a timer so they can take their turns. It's just crazy how the gaming aspect of it inspires them to learn to play! I wish I had had this when I was a child!

How do I contact you?. I’m a piano teacher, and I had a Studio+Home subscription. For financial reasons, I had to cancel the subscription. I understood there’d still be significant free content available. But the Piano Maestro iPad app can’t hear my piano anymore. I followed the instructions inside your app (“RESET MusicSense ENGINE”). No change. And your app won’t let me send you message. And Google research unearthed no other ways to contact you. My same iPad uses other note reading apps (like Note Rush) and they are hearing my piano just fine.

Good idea, poor presentation. I've been using this for about 7 years but it always crashes for my students and I. The issue is the app, not my internet connection, speed, or device because it happens at home or at the music store where I teach and in my students' homes on their iPads. There is a lag time with video and audio. The support stinks. I've written many emails to support for issues my students have. I paid for teacher access at one point and they refunded teachers the app fee because of a grant. Now it's an overpriced subscription. If they could get their act together and have a reasonable studio fee I'd consider paying for access.

PianoMaestro. This the absolute best app you will ever download because you will have endless songs. You will even get a Piano rank that you can level up! You can even customize you character to however you like. I am making a holiday song track for my parents for Christmas and I needed to learn the songs. That's were PianoMaestro comes in it helped me learn all of the songs I needed to record for the Christmas song track. It's great for kids that want to learn Piano. My parents will love it.

Great. This is a great app. It helped me learn so many’s songs, and get way better at piano! My only complaint is that it doesn’t go past level six without a membership. A membership is expensive, so now I’m left to repeat songs. But developers, please change the membership to a way higher level. People like me, just want to learn piano songs for free. Thanks for reading. Your a legend if you made it this far. But all in all, I really recommend this app. Four star rating,

This App Produced Results Beyond Our Expectations. My just turned 5 year old loves this app. Being old, I just wanted her to do everything methodically but she learned to bounce all around this app and favorite the pieces that she wanted to play and, one+ month later, she’s playing multiple notes at once and she also brightened up our Christmas by hosting a silent night sing along. Because getting a high score was so important to her, she even let us count the beats and she knows that some songs have 3 beats and others have 4 beats. So far, I’ve looked at SimplyPiano and FlowKey and, while they have their own merits, Piano Maestro has that magic sauce that tastes so good that she keeps on eating! Note: we use Yamaha’s ez-300 with this app; the only shortcoming with the ez-300 is that it doesn’t support wireless midi but it works sensationally with Piano Maestro because Piano Maestro plays its audio backing tracks over usb and they sound great on the ez-300’s speakers!

Fun buttttt...... This game is really fun you get to play different songs that doesn’t ask you for a free trial you just have to pay to unlock extra songs. But for some reason it doesn’t even really teach you how to play piano just makes you clunk on the keys-randomly. It does not actually teach you chords and stuff. To be honest it’s really fun but I just can’t suggest. PS if your adult or teenager just any age other than child you can’t really play this game and it’s purposely designed for a six-year-old

Subscription does not register and money thrown away. I went for this app of little faster than I do for most expensive apps because I had a good experience with another app by the same company. First this app is a lot buggier than SimplyPiano which is one of the mole least buggy complex apps I’ve ever seen. by contrast this one locks up every now and then and won’t recognize the touchscreen fairly often. But I want it even though I already had SimplyPiano because it allows for multiple users on one account And I have three learners in the household. So I went for the year-long subscription and sent the money through the Apple store. The result is nothing. The app still says I’m not subscribed. The Apple store says I am subscribed. I tried to contact support and so far there has been no response. This will be another one of those cases where I have to spend a lot of time and energy to get a company to work out their bugs or return the money. It’s too bad. On general principle both of these apps are quite good. Still no response. I’m canceling my subscription. I hope this company will do the honorable thing and refund my money.

Great for the Whole Family!. As a homeschool mom Of three, I needed to find an inexpensive way to have my kids take piano lessons and actually practice without complaining. My kids love using this app to practice, and with the subscription, I am even learning how to play! So easy to set up, and my kids beg me for piano time. Well worth it!

Range of difficulty. At first PM looks very easy and juvinile, but once I got into the exercises and especially the Czerny they are quite challenging. The classic style of music is beautiful. The ability to split hands and slow tempo is very helpful. I think SP should really emphasize using this free app along with the regular course. I have found it very rewarding. Thank you SP for making this available with the course.

Recommended. OK so my story is I really wanted to do a piano and I did not have a piano keyboard or normal piano but then this app really helped me it has a online piano keyboard on there which is really nice I have learned a lot of songs and it is absolutely free I love it I would recommend this to anybody who wants to be a pianist so I will probably in the near future never ever delete this app on my device very recommended and it’s free every single app I wanted to learn piano it had a cost I do not like that but this app did not so I would really really really really really recommend this app to people who want to learn piano.👍🏼❤️. For free

Adding midi control of button ‘next’,‘menu’…. Sometimes, I am using a midi instrument to practice,but I need to tap the buttons (next, menu, or restart ) on the iPad frequently. So could you team add additional mapping controls to these buttons? Say using the central C key for ‘menu’ and D for ‘next’ … so that my hands could stay on the keyboard at all times, which would be so convenient.

Great but it would help if free 12 month membership.. I love this game because It has a couple of songs that I have heard. But it would be even better if the membership was free forever even some people would want to play books on there. This is my 9th year of piano lessons starting next year. It would be awesome to play the book on there. Someday.

My students love this!. As a piano teacher, I get so excited to find an engaging app that lights a fire under my students to want to practice. This app does just that. Along with motivating practice, it corrects counting and note recognition issues as my students work hard for that perfect score. I also love that I can check during the week via the app to follow students' progress and award them myself.

MP. I really like this app because it really helped me with my sight reading, notes, rhythm, and just piano playing in general! I like how you can choose whatever songs you like, and it tells you how much better you’ve gotten. The only con for this is that it doesn’t have all of the songs existed. I definitely recommend this app for young or older piano players who enjoy a little piano exercise on devices.

Great way to learn piano. So yes it is a great way to learn this and it goes step by step and if you don’t know the song you will learn and you a chose of playing it on the piano or key bored or you can touch it there are 50 chaperters of great piano steps and you will be a master of piano! Of a blink of an eye when you get to 50 you will be a pro master at piano 🎹!so download this and have fun teach anyone in ur family ( fam ) and have fun go daily if your sad or stress get on ur device and play and play and play piano!!!!!!!!! Ty to joy tunes shout out to them for the best piano games

Most tutorials not working. When i try to watch the tutorials, the moment i click on them the app stops and i get taken to my ipads home page. I think the tutorials are an essential part in my piano learning journey, but they are not working. I also paid for the app, and this error makes me rethink the decision. Other than that i enjoyed the app a lot, and I would love to know how i can fix that problem. Thank you!

I really like this app it helps me play better. The first thing I like about this app is that you can go as fast as you want and I try to go faster every time I play I’ve got way better since I got the app! The next thing I like is you can have it show you the notes if you want help. And the last thing I like about it is you can pause if you need a little break

Love game. I love the game and I've had no adds! I love playing piano and this has helped me. The only thing I wish that I could do is, not have to wait until another song unlocks. I have had no problems and I really suggest this game to any piano lovers out there!🎹 I really enjoy that it can teach you the songs too. I really enjoy that I can play my piano and the game hears it! And I just figured out that is you hum with it it picks it up and gives you a star! Great game!

Don’t let anyone kid you!!!. Out of all the piano apps on the iPad, this is the one with the most useful content! It stresses timing, theory, sight reading, and technique above playing pop-cultures song of the day and delivers so many practical exercises that you just can’t match it in any other app. Yes, you do get the songs as well, but you get so much more along the way, and I can see this being far more beneficial than Joytunes other offering for piano training. Oh, and the best part about this app? It is actually among the cheapest out there for piano training and might be the cheapest period! Oh and you can have up-to 5 users sharing a single account, that’s just an incredible bargain. Don’t play with the other apps, until you’ve gotten by this one already.

Not bad! A little buggy.... First of all, I like this app. It teaches you piano skills and doesn’t take a toll on you. But a star down because of two reasons. One, because of registration. Sometimes when I’m trying to play a note, it doesn’t register as a hit and the note just passes the line by. I, along with others, have a keyboard to use for this app, and this may be a problem you could fix for keyboarders. Two, I’m stuck on Chapter 6. I can never get to Chapter 7. I tried an account. X. I tried signing in as a guest. X. I tried reinstalling and as a guest. A big fat X. Switching back? Once again, X. Please help. This is a great, fun, and educational app for all ages alike. Just fix a few last bugs and it will be spot on!

Started out great but.... My whole family started learning the piano together using this app. At first we loved it but then the music started to catch and jump instead of flowing smoothly. Then the whole app started crashing after each section was played and the stars were counted up. Finally it started crashing even during each song segment. Tried restarting the iPad, deleting the app and reinstalling and restarting, and even deleting, reinstalling and starting a new account. Very frustrating since we liked it so much. My advice, use it for a few weeks before starting a paid account to make sure it doesn’t crash on you device.

Great app, need a new feature. My daughter loves this app and she uses everyday and her in person teacher also recommended to use this app. I would like to request for a new feature where parents or students request for new songs or their favorite songs to be added. Also, ability to vote for new songs requested by others. The content team can then start working on the songs with most voted

TERRIBLE customer service; $ thrown away. I USED TO BE A HUGE FAN of this app... when it worked (2003- approx 2018). My students loved it! But now my students can’t use it, and I’ve been in touch with SIX different customer service reps over a long span of time- none of whom can tell me why I’m paying $180 per billing cycle. I’m sad to say it WAS great, but now it’s definitely NOT WORTH the hassle.

This app is the worst one ever!!!. It started out okay, but it did not understand our piano, and so that made it difficult to practice. But I will not blame that on you guys because our piano was not tuned right. I still do not get why so many people rated it 5 stars, because this app has so many bugs! We ended up getting a keyboard, but after a few weeks, it kept saying that middle C was C sharp, and E was E flat and we tried deleting the app, redownloading it, swiping all the other apps, and a lot of other things. And in like a week, it worked like normal and a another few weeks, and it happened again!

Keeps crashing and isn't recognizing keyboard keys. I have been trying to have my son use this app for keyboard practice for the past couple months. It keeps crashing despite multiple attempts. In the concern it might just be due to my old iPad I have just placed it on my new one, but now it's not registering the keyboard keys. This app is frustrating.

As a teacher love it!. My students were having a hard time with virtual learning during this pandemic and have loved using piano maestro. Students who struggled to practice once a week now practice 6 hours a week! The only thing I wish it had was the Faber piano adventures series AND the ability to learn the Alfred series songs rather than just play. But I love this app!

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Very nice. I am a piano teacher.. I am looking for piano lesson app which is more fun less boring for student... This is right one for me ... After i finish all i will try to use it for my stuedent... Thank you

This app did not help me at all. When I first downloaded this app I thought I could connect it to my keyboard at home, but you can’t 😩😫🥺😔

Review from a teenager.. Hello, the only reason why I downloaded this version was because the other version was way too expensive. You see, my parents definitely don’t want to pay that much money just for me to read sheet music. It’s quite ridiculous. I know lessons are longer and overtime cost more money but this is ridiculous. $140 for a year of simply piano? At the most it should be $95. If it was $95 I would no doubt download and buy premium but it’s too expensive. You guys have enough money, please lower the cost or include a “student” plan.

No background music or ability to contact “help”. I have paid for a premium membership because my children were enjoying this app, but I have discovered it now won’t load any background music for any songs in the app. The help section won’t allow me to make contact unless my account is linked via email (I’m linked via Facebook). I’m frustrated to have paid for the membership and now my children aren’t interested in using the app anymore because it doesn’t work they way they like. This must be improved if you are wanting to charge this amount for the app membership.

Great buuuuuttt. I don’t know how to change it to playing on the actual piano

This app is the best. I got this app when my music class did it as a group and I thought it was simply the best . The only thing is that if you plan on doing any songs with 2 hands you will need a proper piano, if you are a big inter this app is the best

PianoMaestro. Ftfgfdrfserggsfeexrthexexrtextyrhdtrydhrtxyhhhrtcjftch did the boys want a ride in the car and then come back and pick him off and r the rest and the other ones in the house and the one who had a Twitter

Love it. So so encouraging for all I would so recommend it😀🙃

Why you should do this app. First I asked for it then download it now I am a scholar! I’m only 24 hours try it I am not kidding simply piano is bad I learnt so much more!

Glitch. I was at chapter 6 and I finished it and then it won’t let me get to chapter 7, I believe the system is had been glitch, I tried to get full stars for the previous chapters but it won’t work. So if u get to chapter 6 you might never get to chapter 7

Jahnavi Venkatachalapathi muthusamy. This app is great but the problem is that it says I am not connected to a teacher in Piano Dust Buster when I am

Fun I like this app more the simply piano. Simply piano didn’t hear my piano at all this app heard it way better

Great but totally annoyed. Was happily enjoying the lessons using my piano then all of a sudden it tells me to connect a midi keyboard. Which I don’t have, what’s wrong with using piano I already have? So disappointing when both myself and daughter were enjoying the lessons now we can no longer use our own piano.

Great when you’re concerned that you are a slow learner. Thanks! This is a great app for learning the piano! Very encouraged to practice!

Awesome to learn!. I have so much fun learning piano with PianoMaestro . But it needs some different music for each song ... Apart from that I think it is very good , safe and keeps your email , password and your name safe(it doesn’t share any of it!)🎶🎵 🧐🤓😎🤨🤪🤩🥳😏😒😃

Awesome!. This app has helped both of my kids learn the piano and have fun with it. I'm a piano teacher myself and was reluctant to teach my own kids. I let this app do the work and just encourage and enjoy their excitement at earning points and making progress.

Very helpful. Although the piano has to be up fairly loud for the sound to register if you are using a real piano (you can play on your device but the whole point is to learn to play the piano so it’s not particularly helpful). Also it can not really measure how long you play a note.

Super good. If this is the first message 😬😬😬😬😬is the one who has been playing this song 😐🤫🤫🤫

So good. This app lets you ,learn and play World wide songs and work out your fingers and it has lots and lots of books

Bug Fixes. I Love the app and it has helped me a lot with my sight reading skills for the piano. The only problem I have is that when a tap a song to play it and glitches out back to the home screen

Fun but...... It’s soooo fun being to learn piano by this app and with the funny little person. But it sometimes doesn’t hear the piano and the apps ranking is different to the chapter you are on and it is annoying.

It’s really good but…... It’s really good and I have learned so much from this app but there is one thing so when I press the RIGHT NOTE it say that didn’t play it and I have to play the whole song all over again. Please can you fix this problem. But other wise it great

Good bad. Simply piano is a great app accept at the start of you career they play the notes for you.😀😒

Super duper fun. I really love this app on Christmas because I now all the songs

When I press a key it dose 2 notes.. I am having trouble with the notes

Love it. Its great all my students love it and have learned so much Would highly recommend

This helped but one problem!. I finished chapter 6 but it won’t let me go to chapter 7 I’m starting to think that it isn’t for free please can you make it for free because my mum won’t buy anything because it doesn’t work for her 😔🙏🏻😔🙏🏻😔🙏🏻😔🙏🏻😔🙏🏻🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😍😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁

Totally awesome. I can’t say anything else but this is the best app for piano thank you guys can you keep on making amazing apps thank you guys and the quick comment this was much better then The other apps 🤩😀🙂

It’s ok. Ok, so this app is really decent. I’ve discovered this about 2 years ago, and have loved it ever since. It’s better than Simply Piano, and has many different options where you can see your status/rank, can check library songs and have your own adventure mode where you have to play certain songs to get to the next level. There were many songs that I loved in quarantine that are now premium. I get that you need to make money and have some premium songs, but atleast don’t make them free in quarantine because people will grow atttached to it and begin to grow mad seeing on how you’ve locked it down now that it’s not quarantine anymore. And it’s extremely silly as to why songs that we could unlock during quarantine are locked, and can only be opened unless you are a premium member. Songs that people enjoyed and came back to frequently will be extremely disappointed, and I highly request you make the premium songs unlocked for anyone who wishes to play it. Thank you in regards, and this isn’t just a request for you to bring back premium songs but a very desperate protest that I’m sure others would agree on.

Perfect except for one problem. This is a really fun app and stuff and it lets you play piano with lots of fun but sometimes it can’t tell which key you’re pressing which makes it become wrong. I tried pressing it and it can’t pick it up so...

A little annoying. I used to love this app. But then I accidentally deleted it off my iPad, I put the app back on but it only lets me play 1 song and then it drops out and goes out of the app. Please can you fix this? Love everything else about it though!

App. It would be better if you didn’t have to pay, but otherwise I love the app

Piano Maestro. Piano Maestro has made me want to play more and also has made me open to new songs which is fantastic. highly recommended for beginners and advanced. Definitely 5 stars

Best game ever!!!. I only sat are playing tonight and I've prefetch much mastered all the levels! This is a great game and a quick way to learn piano🎼

Songs from PianoMaestro. PianoMaestro songs is the best of all, and it’s really fun

:). You should add a few more songs like a few more queen songs and add a few grade four and three songs from the books or just add it in the book area this is a really helpful application and does lots I give it a four out of five awesome job!😃😃😃😃😃😃

Great program. My 5 year old daughter has been able to use this easily and enjoys the learning activities.

One problem. When I got to level six I couldn’t do any more because my parents are not going to be a member so can you please make all the levels free and so you don’t have to be a member?

Great for learning. Really positive learning experience from this app but an annoying number of crashes where we have to restart the app. Still worth it though.

PianoMaestro. It is great, teaches you everything! But there’s a problem. It doesn’t have a game to play so you know your notes. Thank you, Odessa

It might only be me. I’ve been playing on PianoMaestro but it doesn’t listen to me play! Most of the time the notes turn red saying I haven’t played them, but I have! I have to get my piano teacher to move me up a level and is causing me a lot of madness, and I have anger issues. Please fix this or I might have to tell my piano teacher about the news and possibly delete the app. Otherwise it is a good app, not great, good - Kid who wants to play piano with no problem

Best one. Best Project this week I have learned so much from you guys today I just got so much fun with this app it really helps me keep my mind going on and I’m still going to like this game it’s really fun but it’s not the super fun game but it’s a great app and thank you for your support I love it and it’s very good game and I love this game it’s not just a normal old thing it’s a really good game to me

Been using this app for 3 years!. This is soooo good! I’ve had it for a while now and my teacher can set a bunch of songs for me. The only thing I would want is to have more pop songs, these are like the latest trend right now. I love Ariana Grande and I would love to play her songs on the piano, and Descendants 3 songs have been a great hit so those songs would be amazing. Thanks byeeeee

Seriously awesome !. Wow, what a fantastic app for learning the piano! * Background music or plain metronome to keeps you in tune with the song. * Allows you to break the song up into pieces to learn and won't let you go on if you're not 'good enough'. * Multiple profiles available for each family member (haha great for family rivalry!). One seriously great app! I'm hooked! ** Could do with a 'favourites' button in the 'songs' section though.. I'd like to mark the songs I like to play as favourites so I can easily find them. ** Also if you pass the 'skip ahead' test in the journey section, should unlock all the songs in the levels you've passed.. annoying to have to go back and play the songs in the levels you've skipped ahead of to unlock the next section.

Unstable. Keeps crashing at the end of evry song. Any help? Everything is up to date, I have uninstalled and reinstalled but the app remains unstable.

PianoMaestro review.. This app has helped me learn so many song that I love. My sight reading is sooo much better now. I have also played some tricky ones but I kept playing until I got it right. It has also helped me learn that I can take my time when I play. Thanks PianoMaestro!!!! From Grace

Joy tunes glitch. When I got on chapter 6 and got the key it won’t let me go on chapter 7

Very useful & easy to follow. I’m 8 Yrs old boy and have been using this apps to practice my piano skill since I was 4.5 years old. I love it because it helped me to practice the songs step by step. Super FUN !!! 🥰

Should have some edits. I am stuck on a song for a 4 months now cause it doesn’t react to my keyboard like all the other songs so I can’t go to the next level. I would to go to the next level with out playing that song and if you can do that thank u very much. I’m on chapter 6 and I can’t get to chapter 7. Overall it’s a ok app, but I would like my problem to be fixed

I love the app but. I love the app and learnt heaps but I feel like more tutorials in the later levels would make it a lot easier

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👍. This app is good because it helps with lots of stuff 🙂🙂🙂😃😃✌️💕❤️

Great but one error. There are 2 Russian anthems. One of them is the Soviet Union anthem. Soooooo yeah that’s what I have to say🫡🫡

Review review review. I love piano maestro. It is so fun.

Great app but.... Would be great if it had a better way to help you improve your timing. Can't tell why my timing is off, and it doesn't tell me why. Can be frustrating.

Great for beginners. I'm almost 40 and my kid is 11 and we love this app. It allows us to slowly work our way through while rewarding each small step and they teach the notes and timing at the same time. Great for very beginners!

Pure SCAM. There are no way to find where to unsubscribe, and therefore you end up being charged for a full year (closed to $200 CAD) even if you took the time to check you apple account subscription, and even within the app there’s no way to “cancel renewal of subscription”… it’s a piece of crap.

Piano. I love the game 😆!so much fun. But you have to pay after you do a few lessons ☹️.

This app is amazing. I love this app. There are no ads and it teaches you a new skill in a fun and easy way! It teaches you different notes in their own separate parts so that it doesn’t confuse anyone! I totally recommend this app for your kids or if you are a kid you should get this if you want to learn piano quickly :D 😃

so horrible.... Do not download this app, not worth your money!!!!!!

Change my life. This app is amazing it’s changed my life for the better

☹️ WHY. WHY, JUST WHY do we need to pay it was getting good BUT then I had to pay but I did not because it’s too much.

PianoMaestro helped me to play piano. I really like how PianoMaestro can help you find what level you are at in piano. I really like all the different songs and would suggest the paid membership.

Bad bad bad. It tracks your ip and it’s so bad

Johnny. Cool piano game

Fun. Good for kids

It’s good. It is a awesome app until you get to the end of chapter 6 then you have to pay

<3. This is a very great app! I practice every day. I love that they put lots of songs to choose from and all the style and buttons. The effort put in to this app is amazing!

Super good. Bsjvsjsmmsbsjsksnsnsbbsbnsnsmmsmsm

Amazing. I was ten and I loved it now I am great piano player! Thank u

Perfect for young beginners!. We love your game!!

good for a beginner. athe app is a great start, especially for kids. The problem is it doesn’t register the left hand notes on a keyboard piano unless you press it a bunch of times. It gets frustrating.

Nice. Its pretty fun and nice.🐶

Awesome. This is awesome my daughter does it all the time she thinks its a game she loves it I recommend this app and it is free

Some hearing problems that’s it.. That is it.

Hello JoyTune!. Hey dev team! I love your app so so so much in fact I think it’s better than Simply Piano! You get to skip ahead if songs are too easy. I had to skip to level 10 because I already had piano experience. I rate 4 stars because: - that little dude in the corner is very *pardon my language* ugly lol it’s kind of annoying to see him there wearing sunglasses when the sun comes up. -you don’t need to be over 13 to play piano by yourself. This is coming from a 10 year old. It should be 10 and over because us 10 year olds have already seen the world for over a decade so leave us and let us play piano by ourselves. I have a Gmail account and I used that. Good job though! I love it like I said. Make more apps, JoyTune!

Cool but a little problem. I mean there is plenty of songs but there’s a little tiny problem SOME SONGS ARE MONEY UGH SO ANNOYING I HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO GIVE 4⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I LOVE this app!. I love piano Maestro keeps getting better! My students enjoy it as well. I would love to see Royal Conservatory music added to the program. It's a five star app in my Opinion.

J'adore !. J'apprends à lire la musique et à jouer du piano grâce à Piano Maestro. Un peu de pratique à tous les jours :-)

Suggestions. Can you add Jurassic world and Godzilla Kotm theme song??

Christmas songs. I love this app but please consider releasing the Christmas music that is free to play without subscription earlier (before december) so that we have more time to practice! It would be beneficial to everyone!

Piano maestro. I think that PianoMaestro is the best way to learn about and play the piano.

Journey too short. Journey too short my kids beat it in a couple months Stops at beginner level

Super Close. Wish there were fewer on screen prompts with the ability to use the piano to respond to them. Otherwise great app

Um i cant continue. Um i cant continue on 6 it does not work I think it its fine its and please fix it😭😭😭

It stinks. It was good at first but I had to pay to get on to the next level

I like it. I like it because it is not stressful and I can make mistakes

Awesome app. My kids love it.

Great app. I use this all the time in my piano lessons

Good for the kids. Easy to learn

The best. PianoMaestro is great for learning how to play the piano

:D. GREAT piano app highly recommended

Good. It is really good for me, helps me a lot

Satisfied with the app. I enjoy this app it’s fun and teaches piano

Great, but only in English. Since the app is for kids, would be nice if the app was available in more languages, including French.

Piano. Asome

My daughter work. My child loves it so much she plays it everyday

The worst. The worst app ever hate it it doesn’t work properly It doesn’t listen to me play. Very frustrating!!!!!

PIANO MAESTRO IS ok. Jhsy usbyyowed

Love it!!. It is WAY FUNNER then “Simple Piano” at first I downloaded Simple piano and I tried it and it was SOOO harder then my in class piano I was trying to get better so i ask my teacher for a piano app and she recommended for this app and I tried it and for 3 years I’m loving it Thx Aria

Too fast. This is WAY too fast I almost started crying in frustration. This is way too hard for kids under 7 years old😡

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I love this app. I was trying to find the perfect app to learn piano I kept trying every single one but I couldn’t but when I found this it was like a whole Nother world I loved it I absolutely love this app I love it love it love it love it love it love Love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it

Too easy!. I mean, I’m giving this three stars because it was to easy. I’m eleven and this app gave me no challenge. The other app, simply piano is so much better. I’m already on the classical music stage in 9 days, that app makes learning piano so easy. But this app could have been a little better.

Makes learning piano easier and fun!. As a ten year old child, I don’t think note names should take off any points. Children’s and some adult piano books have note names.

Amazing. Love this game makes me want to play piano constantly. Much better than simply piano. It gives me feedback when I am doing good and will give me weekly progress reports. ❤️❤️❤️ this game

Love app buuut. I love this app but I been using this app for two months by now and I stil haven’t Learned almost any thing when I was going to download this app I was so excited about it but i was kind of disappointed about it but in conclusion I stil like this app🙃

Pay To Play..... We can't pass anymore levels unless we buy premium it's so unfair to spend money a month just to play piano I hope this app changes ik you need money but its really unfair to not let kids play everything else is really good piano music in nice

The best app ever. My Piano Teacher said that I should use this app so I tried it before I had Piano Maestro Piano was kinda boring but after playing the songs it was amazing thank you for this super app I appreciate it so much

Delayed support. It took at least 2 days to get any help(they are located in Israel). Then they put me in touch with a teacher in the US and that was no help! I got this app to help ME and my teaching...not forcing me to teach what they thought I should. Today when I tried to access my account the app is completely unresponsive! Maybe if your new to teaching or don’t know what you want to teach, this could help....I have 38 students, one of which just got a full ride scholarship to the University of Oregon in music....

Awesome app for all ages. This is one of the most motivating apps that I use for my piano studio! The kids (ages 4-12) all love it and it provides a gameified experience for them that helps with ear training, sight reading, interval recognition, and so much more. Definitely worth the cost!

Reasons why I give it a 5 star. This piano game really does its job. I have been getting better at playing the piano everyday because of this games help. Thanks to the creator of this game. I appreciate it

Great App. I'm an adult, and I have loved using Piano Maestro to learn how to play piano. It keeps me motivated to keep practicing so I don't lose my streak. It includes fun songs. The only thing I wish it could do more of- show the sheet music and allow me to easily print it. Other than that, this is excellent. I bought a year. Absolutely worth it.

Sooooo good. OMG I have always wanted to play piano and now that I found this app I can sister made an account because I can’t find any good game to play piano and now it’s super Duper easy and you can see how you’re doing so I really recommend it🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

Ok, but some major problems.. When I got to chapter 6, I was not able to move on. It made it hard for me to do anything but keep on doing the same chapter. And it told me I had to be 13 or older to make my own account. I’m really good at the piano. But I can’t practice on this with such easy songs.🙁

Great?. It is great! But...I’m not into it. I used to, but now that I have finished all the songs and haven’t bought the expansion pack, I never use it besides on Independence Day for the star spangled banner. So, great, but without use when you haven’t bought the expansion pack and finished the songs.

Good game/learning app. This game/learning app is a really nice experience, but when not using a piano and using your device, it is TRASH. I think they should just get rid of the option. Bad finger techniques will come from this if not using a REAL piano.

Keeps me on track. My older sister and older brother learned piano but over time forgot. When I found this game I was hooked and have been using the app for a while and I love it. It’s also free!! Best Game ever get it today!

Very good but there is something wrong. This is a very good app in a lake it’s so much that it is free now but the thing is sometimes when I’m playing the piano I try to press the keys and it’s telling me to A and B but it keeps saying it’s wrong please fix that

Fix this. So I went to settings, then I went to other, then for select piano, I clicked Yamaha Survival Kit. Now, I can't change it back to Yamaha. This made it difficult for my iPad to get the notes I am playing on my Piano. I wish you can fix this. Besides that, you made me pay for the membership, for something that can't even hear your notes. Please, FIX THIS! I am hoping to cancel my membership status or whatever just no money for you

I love this app. Hi joy tunes, I love this app, since I am a beginner and I couldn’t find a free piano app. PianoMaestro has no payment required, and no ads! It is amazing. It has many songs and if you don’t have a keyboard or a piano, you can use the one that they give you. It is like a dream! PianoMaestro!

My Students love Maestro. It motivates them and they want to play more. If the song is too hard it breaks it down into manageable steps so that they feel like they are progressing.

Amazing app. A little needy.. This app is amazing. 2 weeks an hour a day and you'll be shocked at how far you've gotten. I would give it 5 stars but, it asked me to review the app every 5 minutes. Even after press "no thanks" still love the app and recommend it highly. It's just a little needy on the public displays of affection.

I rated you five stars for nothing. I was like I definitely have to rate you five stars but now I discovered that I have to pay for some songs so I was wondering if you could make it all for free than you will get you’re five stars back

Piano mastero. I think piano mastero is a great app! If you join the membership premium for one month it is only $10! I joined the 1 month premium and it cost barely any! Go to the App Store and download this app! One more thing:It has no ads!

Why no PHONE NUMBER for $200 app?. I’ve had trouble with my app since November. They said I needed to re-new my subscription so I DID. (It was SUPPOSED to automatically renew like last year.). Monday I noticed students AGAIN locked out of their assignments. I emailed PM. No response. Tuesday I notice they charged me for ANOTHER teacher subscription. I emailed. No response. I have spent too much $ with this company not to be able to get in contact with a HUMAN BEING. This year has been too frustrating so probably my last. Too bad as we enjoyed it for years. WHAT HAPPENED TO THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! DID THEY GET BOUGHT OR SOMETHING??? So disappointing.

LOVE THIS APP!. Wow! Such a great app for families to learn! Both my kids play! I love that support is super responsive and tries so hard to figure out any issues we have. The music is super cool and we love that we find contemporary music! My little loves to play Happy!

Love. My kids have been so excited to learn playing the piano with this app. I'm even enjoying sitting and playing it even though I've known how to play the piano since I was 5.

Great Teacher. Only gave less stars because you can get 100% on some of the lessons without actually getting them 100% correct which is weird to me. All others things it does great. Nice and slow and encouraging.

Simply amazing!. Our entire family is taking piano lessons together and the rate at which we are learning is incredible!!! Worth so much more than you pay for it!!!!

Amazing but one problem. It is great is has thought my daughter so much and does not cost any money the problem is that it took my daughter a week to unlock chapter 7

It was good...... It was AMAZING. I couldn’t believe that there was a free app that taught you piano. But then i needed to subscribe to premium to learn more. I get why you need to pay, I just think that the app should have said right when you download it “This is a free trial. You will have to pay later.”

Love your Learning. I love learning with this app because you can tell me when I get a thing wrong and it’s very simple and I just love this app so go buy it now from Katelynn Stanton

Piano. Piano is the best I didn’t know how to play The first Time but now I do because of this app now I know how to play smoothly and nicely because of this app

Great and very educational!. I am very happy with piano maestro. I learned how to play piano at the age of 6 because of this app! It helped me,my brother,and my whole family! Thank you PianoMaestro!

My kids spend too much time practicing!. My kids love this app. I am amazed at how much they have learned and improved in their piano skills in a short time...partially because they don't want to stop playing when their practice time is up!

Really good and fun at the same time. It is really good and I love the app but the app itself has been a bit slow for me and my iPad is still a bit slow but is very good thanks.

Love it!. This app has helped me Soooooooooo much! In just 3 days I have learned many notes, playing with my right and left hand, and posture. I would recommend this app to anyone who wants to learn to play piano.

This is way better than simply piano. It is better because you do not have to pay

Get t my kids to play!. Got my kids to want to play! I want to give 5 stars but my son wants to give it 3 stars since it's not as exciting as his other soccer game. We compromised on 4 stars (it's really 5!)

App is amazing. My favorite song is Mary had a Little Lamb it’s a really good song and I love just saying I do piano it’s so funny to find new songs and find out if you know the songs or not I love this app

Crashes. App continuous to crash. Have sent email to support and they stated it may be due to space. I have 8 free gigs. Thought we had cancelled membership but didn’t. After 3 months of not touching app reloaded on iPad and its still crashing. Last update was months ago even though I can see reviews of others having similar issues. They probably want to push new app on people but this one is better for kids. Disappointed

I'm so happy. Piano Maestro is a very fun and challenging way to learn piano. I learn a lot and have fun along the way. I'm really grateful that I get to use this app. I want to thank my teacher the most because she gives me confidence and let's me chose the songs I want to learn. Thank you so much Piano Maestro!

Good. I have tried this for about a week and love how my daughters have improved I used to send the oldest to school now with this I don’t have to I absolutely love this app and it’s free as long as I don’t get the membership thank you joytunes!!!!!

Love GarageBand. This gam is fun but I would rather do Guitar games better than piano games but it’s still fun so as I have played the piano on this game but I like GarageBand way better so I play that and I love that game A LOT better than this game

Best piano app ever!. My daughter has been using this app for 7 years, it never seems to fail my daughter, she’s been having fun with this app and is still using it, you all have a praise and a “good job” from a fan of yours!

The best piano lessons app ever. I love this app it just changed my life as soon as I started playing it so please keep updating it and give us more and more songs to play because this app is just an absolute life saver.

Pretty good!. I like the app. It's a really quality motivator with the instant feedback, tools and progression of lessons. My only reservation from 5 star is the way it registers notes. It's not incredibly accurate, but it's pretty close. Overall, I recommend it.

Best. Don’t want this long but I came to let you know it’s the best and you need to get it and I did very skilled things in only a couple months. GET IT. And people who made this you the BEST. Bye :)

We love PianoMaestro. It is good because it forces you to look at the screen and learn how to sight read. We really prefer to have the kids play the actual piano instead of the screen. We’re skeptical but it seems to be working out great- wish I’d had this as a kid😀😀🎹🎹

Review. Although I didn’t like you had to enter personal information to continue the course, this app made playing piano simple and fun. Thanks for creating PianoMaestro and if you fix that one thing you’ll definitely get 5 stars!

Great Program. Such a wonderful program to learn to play the piano. Fun and interesting, encouraging ways to move on, learning program takes you step by step, rewarding after learned the piece. Fantastic! Love it. Keep up the good works!

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Piano Maestro 9.0 Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Rules

What do you think of the Piano Maestro app? Can you share your complaints, experiences, or thoughts about the application with JoyTunes and other users?

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 9.0
Play Store com.joytunes.pianomania
Compatibility iOS 10.0 or later

Piano Maestro (Versiyon 9.0) Install & Download

The application Piano Maestro was published in the category Education on 24 April 2013, Wednesday and was developed by JoyTunes [Developer ID: 492065449]. This program file size is 172.67 MB. This app has been rated by 22,153 users and has a rating of 4.6 out of 5. Piano Maestro - Education app posted on 05 December 2023, Tuesday current version is 9.0 and works well on iOS 10.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.joytunes.pianomania. Languages supported by the app:

EN ZH ZH Download & Install Now!
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Piano Maestro App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

A shiny new version of Piano Maestro is live! This is a huge update with lots of new goodies. We’ve listened to your amazing feedback and have been working hard to make the app fully compatible with iOS 17, adding a bunch of your most requested songs and squashing tons of bugs. Our developers and musicians can now sleep easy! In more detail: - More amazing songs! A mouthwatering collection of your most requested songs in 2023. Your students can enjoy playing “Barbie Girl” from the new ‘Barbie movie, “Circle of Life” from ‘The Lion King’, “He's a Pirate” from ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ and “Rainbow Connection” from ‘The Muppet Movie’. Our developers have worked tirelessly to: - Improve the speed and stability of the app. - Fully optimize the app for iOS 17 - Strengthen app stability with performance boosting improvements and bug fixes. Keep your feedback coming! Write to us at education@hellosimply.com with any questions or issues you find so we can work our magic

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Find on this site the customer service details of Piano Maestro. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

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