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What is toca hair salon 3 app? Welcome to Toca Hair Salon 3! Our most popular app series returns, better than ever! What do you feel like creating today — something quirky, pretty or edgy? Choose your character from dozens of looks that you can customize — characters have randomized styles and personalities, which creates endless play opportunities! Grab your tools and get styling!

The hair in Toca Hair Salon 3 looks and moves like real hair! You can style silky straight hair, bouncy waves, crinkly curls, and for the first time in the Toca Hair Salon series: kinky hair! This super-curly hair type means you can create fluffy 'fros and other natural hairstyles.

No salon would be complete without the right tools!

Basics: Of course you'll find everything for a good wash, including shampoo and a blow dryer. You'll also find scissors, clippers, a razor, a brush and a multipurpose combing tool to use on your client's hair. In case you cut off a little too much, we've brought back our amazing grow tonic to regrow hair — definitely customer pleaser!

Hair types: The electric styling tools let you move between the different hair types to get just the right look.

Braids: Use the brand-new braiding tools for more styling options! You can make thick braids or thin braids!

Beards: Visit the beard station for the best in beard-grooming (or growing!). Lather up with shaving cream, then use scissors, clippers or a razor to get just the right length. Every character can have a beard!

Color: Ready for some color? Toca Hair Salon 3 introduces a more advanced hair color tool with two different cans for different sized sprays. And the new rainbow spray lets you create the most colorful styles you can imagine!

Now characters can change into different clothes! Try on new looks to suit that new hair style! Accessorize the look with glasses, caps, headbands and silly stuff. Choose a photo booth background and take a picture to save to your device and share!

- All-new characters with dozens of starter styles
- Straight, wavy, curly and now kinky hair!
- All the tools you need to create the style you want!
- New braiding tool!
- Every character can grow a beard to style
- More advanced hair color tool: Dip-dye and fade hair in any colors you want!
- Change clothes on characters!
- Dozens of new accessories: hats, glasses, jewelry and more
- Change backdrops in the photo booth!
- Snap a picture in the app and share with your friends!
- Gender-neutral aesthetic: Unlike most hairstyling apps, all kids are welcome to play!
- No time limit or high scores — play for as long as you like!
- No third-party advertising

Toca Boca is an award winning game studio that makes digital toys for kids. We think playing and having fun is the best way to learn about the world. Therefore we make digital toys and games that help stimulate the imagination, and that you can play together with your kids. Best of all - we do it in a safe way without third-party advertising or in-app purchases.

Privacy is an issue that we take very seriously. To learn more about how we work with these matters, please read our privacy policy:

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Toca Hair Salon 3 Version 2.210 March 2022

Bug Fixes :).

Toca Hair Salon 3 Comments & Reviews 2022

- Omg this is awesome

Ok so I. Love. This. Game. !!! It’s amazing I mean it and yes I agree with a lot of peoples suggestions that you should be able to turn the customer around to get to the back of the head. So here are my suggestions I really wish that it was easier to blend colors in the hair other than that I don’t really have any complaints or suggestions for this game I really like it how you can do whatever you want because a lot of hairstyling games I’ve seen that you had to go to different sections where you have to to do them in a certain order and you have to do a certain thing in this game you won’t see that you can go to different sections to do certain things but you go to those different sections whenever you want and you do whatever you want in them I really hope this game reaches like 1 billion trillion gazillion downloads and eventually reaches five stars. If it hasn’t already I need to go check that

- 🍈cute and therapeutic🍈

so this app is like 10 times better than the free version💰and it’s worth every penny. 💕i love how there’s an option to do an ombré color effect because it was so hard to do that before. after awhile i got bored with just the hair, so now i edit them on a drawing app that i really like so that they have makeup, different outfits, sunglasses, bucket hats, different face proportions, etc. the only complaints i would have i think is the color options. 🍉there aren’t any pastel colors really and you can’t easily do highlights with the big spray can which shouldn’t be a problem because you have a small one too BUT every time i try to use it the app crashes and it’s really annoying because you can’t save your work. oh wait also this could be a lot more fun if your clients gave you directions of what they wanted and then you would try to match what they want. all and all though this is the only app i’ve ever spent money 💵 and it’s worth it! 🥳

- Amazing app, just a bug issue

I used to play this game every day, I absolutely love it and would recommend it to anyone. Unfortunately, a bug on my phone has made it less enjoyable. I have it on my iPad, and the bug is there two. The bugs are the following: Wavy eye brows (that doesn’t happen on my iPad and from past experience this isn’t normal) Too long and disoriented mouth (smile becomes too big, almost creepy and the lips attach but excess hangs below) Disoriented face shape (supposed to be an oval, but due to the bug some puts randomly jut out in sharp ways) Purple patches (this is the most extreme. The patches of purple appear randomly then nothing works in the game. It’s like the glitches in the tv shows) I have done many things to fix this, such as completely closing it, shutting down my phone completely, and finally deleting the app and reinstalling it. None of these have worked. Also, I know I don’t have a virus since none of my other apps have this or similar issues. I hope that this gets resolved so I can enjoy the experience to the full extent like I used to. Thanks for reading.

- Awesome app!!!!!!🤩

This app is so amazing when I first got it you can do so many things like you can put their hair in a ponytail you can put their hair in braids you can just leave it down you can even put in a bun! You can do so many different things there’s a beard for boys there’s all different types of colors it’s just like a real hair salon but with so many more cool things . I think this is a really good app you can also change their clothes you can also change what their hair looks like when you start out with somebody you can make them look so different it’s so cool!! But I do have a couple suggestions maybe you can have a place where it’s just do hair because sometimes I’m trying to cut their hair grow bottle that’s my way but I think that you should also be able to turn them around so you can see the back of their hair and so that the hair still get in your way when you’re trying to do an antique style but otherwise this is an amazing app

- Hard to believe this only has 823 downloads!

This game is BEAUTIFUL. I play Hair Salon 3 all the time with my younger sisters and we all love it. The game can get boring at times but not too boring because I always come back to play. To avoid this, I would strongly recommend adding a type of Mission Mode to the game so older (or maybe younger) players like myself have an objective or goal to keep the game from being a complete bore. The Mission Mode could be as simple as just having customers come in and request a certain hairstyle, outfit choice, and all that good stuff. Different customers, different needs, it would be great! Other than that, the game is absolutely amazing especially with the different race, skin tone, and hair texture of characters. It warms my heart to know that developers listen to their players and include diversity in their games, it’s quite amazing and makes play throughs all the more enjoyable. With all that said, thanks for making an awesome game :)

- Pretty Good

I really love this game. It’s fun, and a boredom killer, but there are a few things. 1) It glitches once and a while, mostly while using the hairspray feature. 2) I wish that you could save the hairstyles that you create without having to save it to your camera roll. 3) I wish that the costumer would give me an idea of what they want as a haircut (length or specific colors.) And tell me how they like the haircut. 4) I’ve read some comments, so I know that a lot of people are saying this, but it would be nice if you could turn the person around to get to the back of their head. It would be easier to put their hair in a ponytail or bun which can be difficult at the moment. If these features were available, I think that this would be a more entertaining game.

- Regretting my purchase

Honestly, after a couple days this game gets boring. There’s nothing to do other than comb hair, straighten it, color it, and take a picture. That’s not much. I wish you could customize like makeup, or you could put their hair in ponytails and buns, or even they have missions to do like a person wants black hair with 2 braids so you don’t run out of ideas. You should also be able to upgrade your salon. Like it’s really bad and old with only a few hair options but then after a while you earn up enough money to customize your shop and add what you want. There should even be the option to name your salon. There needs to be more. You know it would be worth it if it were like $0.50 but for 3.99.. nope. I want to delete it but it would be such a waste of my money. I’m very disappointed and shocked because Toca Boca has very entertaining games but this didn’t do it for me. I suggest you do not buy and get something else. Waste of my money but a good game to play every now and then. You know the kind of game to play when your waiting for your pizza rolls to be done. 🤷‍♀️😪🍕

- Love it

I really love this game I play every day when I get a chance. I have a suggestion, maybe we can try and turn the people around so we can see the back of their head. Also maybe there can be something like creative mode and that is like it is now (but you can turn them around) And next it can be called salon mode or something along those lines, the person can give us a brief note on what she or he wants and we do what's on the note, for example the note can say "I want my hair washed, bleached and dyed a blue ish vibrant color ,wavy, long but trimmed." And she or he rates us on how good we did from 1 to 10 and they pay us money. With the money we can maybe buy metallic hair colors or new clothes or something like that. Thank you for listening I hope you can use these ideas.

- I love this game but

I really love this game I play it every day it’s really fun but if your thinking of getting this for your kid it costs money so you will have to pay for it but it was worth it I love this game and there are NO in app purchases witch I like because most of the games I get have in app purchases to get the fun version and it’s annoying but this game is awesome but we should be able to walk around watch the costumers come in and talk to them so more interactions and maybe you could have your own profile and be able to do your characters hair and pick their outfits and go to salons and have your hair done and also you should add hair spray it would help to wet down your hair and make it easier to comb thank you-little wolfie wolf

- Fun but....

I love love love this app but I'd like to walk around in the background and be payed for doing haircuts so we can upgrade our salon. Like have the salon look really bad then we earn the money and sone you have a 5 star hair-salon! And maybe even higher an assistant! Well that you don't have to pay I'm a kid so I see parents buying this for there kids! 😃😃😊📱💻📱💵💵... By the way I have an idea about toca where You can start out like an open Field like mine craft and press a build button where you could create characters and build what ever you like with some characters from the other Games like those characters and some buildings from toca just like Minecraft and only sell for like 💵1.99 because that is very cheap for a good Game if you create it how I have texted it!

- Amazing Game

I am the kind of person who loves a good game, especially a hair game. I have wanted a Toca Boca game for a while, and so I decided to get this one. It is totally worth it! There are so many tools that you can use that most hair games don’t have. Also, for many games, they are ‘freemium’ so basically to anything good you have to pay like ten dollars! This game, even though it costs money is so worth it and very addictive. To everyone who does not like the game, I’m sorry you feel this way because to me, Toca Hair Salon 3 is an amazing game. Note: I would like to be able to turn the character around and I’d like to be able to see what the characters want for their hair. Thanks, Hawkgirl6002


Thank you so much for making a third one it’s awsome so much better than the other ones I remember in the first one their were only like four or five people to chose and I love how now theirs so many more also the accessories are so cool I am so happy you made this game I’ve been playing toca games since I was three and now I’m ten me and my sister both love your games and have lots of them downloaded on my phone I have a section for just toca games and it’s like four an a half pages my mom kinda gets mad at me for haw much I’ve spent on your games and sometimes threatens to start keeping track but this game in particular is awsome cause there’s no in app purchases I would love for you to make more no in app purchase games

- I love it but

I love this game I am glad my mom got it for me I would just like if you could move the characters like around and I want there to be other hair dressers in the backround working on other people I would like if there were like orders that you would have to do and then you would get paid for doing it and with the money you can build up your tools and upgrade them. One more thing. I would like you to lower the price down to like 1.99 or 0.99 you know something like that and I would like to have the customers move to other stations like you would be your own character and move the person to another thing and move them to the registers tysm for your time!!

- Great game, needs a few tweaks

I love this app! It is so fun to play! I love how now you can give all characters beards, the braiding tools, and the multiple-color hair color sprays. I also like all the backdrops for taking photos and how now you can change the clothes of the character. One thing I find annoying however, especially when putting in accessories, the characters move WAY too much, and it is difficult to get the accessory where you want it. Please fix this, it can get pretty annoying. Also, there should be a feature where we can put the hair in a ponytail. There can be different color hair ties and I think it would be a fun feature. Otherwise, this is a great game, it keeps kids busy, and I would highly reccomend.

- Awful bug

So…..I re-downloaded this game after a year and a half, and it has not changed except for a small bug. My game did not load! I played this game on my iPhone and it was fine then I loaded it up on my tablet (a compatible one) and it wouldn’t load! It just stayed a white screen I reconnected my WiFi and rebooted my up to date tablet multiple times and it still would not load. I played this game on my other devices and it was fine. So my conclusion is that this is a bug in the system. I really do love this game from my past experiences but this bug keeps me from playing the game, please fix this! Thank you!

- Amazing But....

Okay I'm not gonna lie, this game is addicting. But I have a few suggestions, first you should get payed for doing the haircuts also A LOT of people have been saying this, I would like to be able to turn your character around and style their hair in ponytails and stuff like that. Also I would like the character to tell me what kind of hairstyle or haircut THEY want. PLEASE let the characters say things other than ooh and oh! Also makeup would be cool. And when you choose a character their hair is amazing but when you try to get a character into that style it doesn't work. Please upgrade this game everyone is asking for it. Other than those things this game is great

- This app is amazing, but I have a suggestion.

This app has so many great features that are so fun, but it would help if you could let us turn the person around so that we can get the back of their head. Also it would be great if the people could give orders and rate you or make an expression to show if they like it or not. And maybe with those ratings you could get coins to get more characters, clothing styles, etc. Another thing is that if you could braid the persons hair by yourself or make a fishtail braid or something like that would be amazing! Also if you could let us put the brain or ponytail over the shoulder for a picture that would be great! If you take these suggestions then that would be amazing!

- I love it please reply!!!🤍🤍🤍

I love it so so so much I think it was worth it to pay $3.99 it’s the best app ever. It is so so cool you can wash there hair and color it. Toca Hair Salon 3 and 4 is wonderful. The update you did for number 4 is nice 👍🏻 and I hope you will do one for this app. It is kinda hard to believe it’s worth the money but it is. I asked my dad to pay for the app and he said sure. I downloaded this app and I LOVE IT I am officially addicted you did a amazing job on this app. I was kinda was thinking...well you know you have a little machine to make a braid so maybe you could make a machine that makes ponytails I don’t know if you are going to see this but I would love for you to reply please.

- Great app! (This is for mainly devs)

Ok so I got this game and it is amazing, I love how fun this is! It really is an awesome game that doesn’t need Wi-Fi! It doesn’t bombard you with adds like other games, but sometimes when I do hairstyles, the character turn purple and nothing works, so I have to reset the app! It mainly comes on when I invented this new way to do hair. So I put bubbles on random spots and color them but then the glitch happens, and another glitch is that the body is…weird. It reminds me of SCP-3002. They’re smiles practically hang off their face, and instead of their head being a oval it’s jagged! Please fix if you can devs! Thanks and have a awesome day :)

- AWESOME APP, but just one idea...

This app is awesome. I love all the things u can do with the hair, love how u can dye it and curl it and braid it... in short, the app is one top! 👌🏻 but I have one idea that will make it better: I always run in to a problem where I can't get to the hair on the back of he or she's head, so it's not the same length or it's not the same color, and it's really frustrating. So I think you should at some thing where u can spin the person so u can get the back too! Just an idea, but I hope you use it! It would make the app a little more fun, and isn't that the point of this game, to have fun? Any thanks for listening, love the game, and keep being awesome!! 👋🏻

- Truly Glorifying!

Best game I have ever played! I always resort to this entertaining app when boredom takes over. Customization is at its highest in Tica Hair Salon 3! I love how yoy can change outfits, hair color, and brushing or combing hair is much smoother in this game than any other hair salon I've played. Lag is never a problem! Everything is so smooth. I only have one key reccomendation; precision. This might just be because I play this game on my phone and there is a smaller screeb, but sometimes i will try to comb a piece of hair and it takes another piece I don't want it to eith it, which is quite a bit if a struggle. Nevermind that, I still adore this game. Keep up the spectacular work!

- Just amazing

Like any other Toca app, this one is very good. Over the years I wasn’t that pleased with the hair Solons they made, but this definitely improved. There’s a lot more you can do with the hair and it is much more easy to move and style. I also like that they have more colors to dye the hair with. In one of the first versions, you only had a few colors, like red, orange and blue. This one has basically all the colors, and if you need a smaller paint they also have a highlighter, witch all the other games did not. I really don’t have any complaints about this app and it just keeps getting better and better the more I play.

- Good but..MAKE UP please

Hi so I think this game is good but I think that it would be so much more if you could add a make up section to it and in the toca town two can you make it so you can actually cut and brush there hair thanks but this in to though and I really like it me and my sis play it all the time it is so fun also can you add a recording option to pls thanks! and also can you maybe add and option where you can turn the head to the other side?? and also me and my sis both think it would be cool to add an option that you can take a pic and it will be your face so people can see what they look like with diff hairstyles and cuts

- New games

Hi! I love your games. They are very fun to play. I have a few suggestions for a new game ideas. My first idea was called Toca world travel. You could travel to different games in previous Toca games and you could travel to different places around the world. This game would be very fun and it could have shopping centers malls airports animal shelters and cars that actually move. You could get onto a plane from the airport and choose a different game or a different location in the world to visit. It would be lots of fun to have this because it would be very fun to have a big houses and lots of pets and different ways to play. Thanks so much.

- Just one thing

This is not just my favorite game but my favorite app. I know this app is for kids but i am 22 and I use it and make professional looks(I am really good at making natural hair colors) and not only me but I work at a hair salon and me and the other girls, including my boss, practice with this. I just have one suggestion. Can you please do a hairspray that basically freezes a part of the hair so you can move another part of the hair with out messing the “freezed part” and then another spray to unfreeze it? I hope you understand my idea, haha. Even if you cant do it, thank you so much for this app. (Please try)

- Amazing game but......

Toca hair salon three is a very amazing game! But I do have a few suggestions. 1: I think the picture feature is great! But maybe you could make your own backgrounds... It would give an exciting touch to this already amazing game. And just imagine it, creating your own background to make your world come alive! 2: I think there should be a mode where the character tells you what they want their hair to look like. I think this would give a new feeling to the game and while still having the normal mode you can keep kids interested. 3: That hair coloring option is a great ! But maybe in the hair coloring section there could be a feature where you can put patterns into your characters hair. Overall this is a very great game! These are only suggestions and none of these are criticisms of this amazing game! I would highly suggest this game for a younger audiences. If you were to put in the second mode this would be a great option for older kids as well.

- I really like this app

I really like this app I mean I play it all the time I can’t stop playing it it’s just so fun I like making hairstyles taking pictures choosing clothes I make so many silly hairstyles just add more things like glasses or stuff like that because I don’t really like them I like a few but not all of them are good and but that saw that app is amazing if you don’t have it get it right now it is literally the best game the funnest game you can make your own hairstyle if you like designing you’d love this game or if you like designing hairstyles and that’s all I Gotta say it’s amazing buy it right now.

- Cute, on point, no adds

This app is awesome. It’s not at all like those crude hair salon games where you have to watch bucketloads of adds just to Combe hair, and then find out that the hairbrush has a glitches that you have to match those boring items or stupid tiles. This game is not addictive, and age and gender neutral. if your thinking about getting this for your kids, get it. Don’t even bother taking the advice of the people that say you should not get this. GET IT Hopefully by now you’ve got the game, because I don’t even know how else to praise this app.😛


I enjoy this game so much! I’m not a kid, but not quit a Teen either, but I still enjoy it! It’s great for basically any age. I do wish there were more features, like whole different shops to go to. Like a clothes store, a hat store, a makeup place, and more! Also a thing that is driving me INSANE is the people. They kinda move too much, so it’s hard to cut their hair right. Every 2 seconds they look back and forth, and every time you dye their hair, or cut it, they flinch and move around. I also wish there were more people. It’s basically the same people and every time all their hair is just mixed up. Over all, this game is great!💛

- More games, please!

I am addicted to Toca Boca and Toca Life games. But................ I really think u should make some new toca life games.#l: Toca Life: Spa; You can do makeup, nails, toes, hair, and chose their outfits. It could be for free or for $1.00. #2: Toca Life: Holiday’s; You can chose different holiday’s and then play.(Christmas=buy gifts, fly Santa around the world, see the different scenes from all the different toca life apps, open presents, have parties/go to parties, etc.)#3: Toca Life: Mix up; From all of the games, you can make your own stories, play with all the characters, etc. Thank u for reading my suggestions! Please consider them!

- Interaction

Hi there this app is one top but could you make it where the characters want an certain look so you have to design it for them if they don't like it they'll tell you so and make the characters interact with an Facebook account so if the character likes the hairstyle he or she will say I need to tell my friends about you and your business and if you let them they will message your friends from Facebook on Facebook and tell them what a good job youve been doing or of your job could of been better I hope you put this in an recent update ASAP

- Good, but a few suggestions

I love this app. I totally think it’s worth the 4 dollars, especially if your a creative person. This is really the only app I’ve played where like you can actually be creative. I do wish that there was a setting where you could make them sit still, because while putting on their accessories, such as glasses, I want them to be perfectly centered, and that is one reason that this app is only 4 stars. I also wish that there was a wider variety of songs to choose from. And, a custom backdrop. This app is a great app, these are only suggestions. Thanks for reading!

- Very fun, but...

I really love this game and I play it a lot (since I like using it for figuring out hairstyles for my original characters) and I like all the options, plus the Valentine's event was fun, but sometimes I'll be styling their hair and trying to be detailed and the person will move around so much that I keep messing up and I'll get too frustrated to keep playing. If there was any way to turn off/limit their movement and just keep their expressions moving instead that'd be cool! I love seeing them act so alive but if I'm actively holding down a tool or something then they shouldn't be moving that much.

- Great game , tiny problem

Ok, I like this game a lot! It’s so much fun to be able to do so man different hairstyles! It really brings out your creative side. If you look at the other previous Toca Boca Hair Salon games , you can see how much this game has improved. So kudos to you guys. But I ran into this bug where it caught on a loop where it never lets me enter the game and keeps repeating the opening animation. This is the first time I have run into this problem but I would appreciate it if that bug could be fixed because I enjoy this game a lot Thank you !

- Just a couple things

First I want to say I absolutely LOVE Toca Hair Salon 3! I’ve tried Toca hair salon 4 but it really isn’t free. It’s free to download but not free to play and use the tools. So, I love Toca hair salon 3, but I have just a couple of suggestions to make it better. 1. Have a before and after photo of the characters 2. Keep a log of all the hair cuts we’ve ever done in the game 3. Have the characters leave a review for us to read about their haircut I really hope you guys read this so that you can add these three things! I LOVE TO A HAIR SALON 3

- Great but I've got some suggestions

You guys upgraded everything I wanted and more! The braids and poofy hair were really creative! Very fun and very well thought! It's just, it would be fun if you could turn a big chunk of hair into one braid, apply makeup, have bigger chunkier curls, and possibly be able to see the person from the back as well. Zooming in and out would be very helpful too. And it's hard to make a hair style that looks like a ponytail or bun. But if you add a tool that will do that, try to make it so that you can choose the section of hair you want to turn into a ponytail/bun.

- Fun but a bit confusing

It,s a decently fun game. I can’t really see a difference between it and the older version but its style is a bit more charming. The main problem is that it’s hard to tell the genders of the characters. Besides that the only other problem I can think of is that you have to repeatedly click the different characters button to find the one you might like. A simple grouping system could fix both problems. It’s a bit more fun when you know the gender of your client and can find it easier.

- This app is great but…

After playing this game for about a month or so I’ve been noticing some issues like the faces on the characters have been looking wrong just wrong like two-face wrong but also some glitches and terrible parental controls if you are willing to play this game I only recommend doing it for a little then maybe updating it. Also one more thing, this game gets super duper boring after a little maybe your kids would still like it after a while because there just kids anyways I’ll still give it a three star rating.

- Please read

I love but when I am trying to do there hair they keep on moving there head around making it hard to do it sometimes. Another thing is I wish we could see the back and be able to turn there heads around to see the back. And one more thing is it would be more fun if they gave us a idea of the hair style they want and if you would be able to choose if you want to do it how you want or how the costumer wants it. Please get a chance to read this.

- I'm here for it

Hi I have had this for a long time and this is great it lets you get your ideas of fashion and designs of how you want you hair I love it so so so much and I hope you do too All I would say is maybe see if you can add a drawing pad so you can design your own clothes for the character it would give you shapes,colors ,other people from other toca boca games,design inspiration and more if you do this it would mean a lot to the people who bought this and it would be great and I love this game so much I make my friends my family I Even made my school(well not everyone but teachers) so please consider this and maybe mention my name in the shout out about the new improvement but you probably won't I don't even know why I sent this well thanks for the spot on the reviews - GXLaya960lover

- Fun because...

This game is fun because you have no challenges or anything like that! You can do anything you want. You can make up a story for each character or pretend that you own a hair salon and that’s the fun part about this game! I do however sometimes get the feeling that the characters are watching me through the camera, but that’s impossible because they would have to ask for permission to access your camera something I am pretty sure they don’t do.

- Laggy at a few points

I love playing this game and all, but when i try to make someone, the character looks distorted. The eyebrows are bended in a wonky way, whenever the eyes close they disappear, and the mouth is really glitchy. When i opened the app earlier the character i chose, their neck was weird. And sometimes when the head moves it slightly comes off. This wasn’t happening before and its probably just me. Overall pretty good game i play it when im bored and its enjoyable.

- App idea! 😋

I love all the toca boca apps! But I have an idea for a really good toca boca app! It would be called toca life adventure And when you entered the app, it would have a world map and in some places you could have little areas to go to, like in Japan there would be like Japanese houses restaurants etc, places you could go to. Or you could have a area with a airport and only a airport and through the airport you could go to alll difrent places around the world like.. Africa, India, Japan, anywhere! I hope you put my idea to consideration.


This game is amazing and I can never get bored of it because the reason is... there are endless possibilities that you can do with peoples hair. There are many characters that you can start out with. This is what I did. I took a screenshot with the character before I did her hair and then I took a screenshot after I did her hair and it looked like two totally different people. I can’t believe what this game can do so I highly recommend it and I also highly recommend the other toca games.

- ❤️❤️❤️👍

Ok, so I am definitely too old to be playing this but it is just so cute! I think anyone of any age can play. It is totally worth $2.99, buy this game, you will enjoy it more than you should, all of the little characters are so adorable and the animation is adorable! All of the characters have different personalities and different hair types. It lets kids have a lot of creative freedom, they can really do whatever they want. I am oddly obsessed with this game❤️ buy it! Buy all of the Toca bocas !!!!!!!!

- Alright

It’s an overall good game but several things could be added for five stars such as we should have the option for creative and a more where the customer tells us what they want and we try the best to match it for coins we can use to buy more items or overall upgrade the salon. It would also be good if we could put makeup on clients and we could save the progress. Overall it’s an alright game good to play when I feel creative 😌✨

- The bug ruins it all.

So this game is AMAZING. I like the limitless customization in the app, but there is a bug that needs fixed. So I’ll go into the app and the characters I can do have some of the pieces of their head disconnected from the rest of the head (mainly the chin) and they have overly stretched mouths that are blocky, and it’s kinda scary. There is also a red block behind the head which is weird. It may have to do something with the stretched mouths and the blocky heads. Other people have complained about this glitch as well so I know it’s not just me. I do not recommend downloading this app until the bug is fixed.

- It’s fun!

I like the way you have multiple people you can give a makeover and take photos instead of taking screenshots but the only thing I don’t like is that the people who are tan have green eyes and most tan peeps have brown eyes and it is annoying sometimes because I like to use this app for contact photos but when I do one of my friends that has brown eyes and is tan I have to see how I can make it so you can’t see the green and then it looks wacky. So if you see this Toca boca, can you make an update and fix this please?

- Bug issue

I love this game. Read the reviews and they weren’t wrong. Downloaded the game for my kids and for myself (guilty pleasure) although it’s an amazing game I have an issue with it. Every time I try to change hair color it just freezes up and screen goes black. If this could be fixed. I think I would get a bit more bug control due to the fact that one has to pay to be able to play. If it wasn’t for the bug issue I would give it a 5 star rating but for now it’s only 4.

- I’m obsessed with this app 🦄🤗

When I first saw this on tick-tock it looked pretty fun I was like wow I really want this at the same time it was kind of embarrassed because I had the first one in the second one and they were both very babyish no shade to Toca back on topic immediately when I got it I was obsessed there’s so many hair colors there’s so many blended hair colors There’s also so many characters five Star recommend this there’s too many awesome things than I can say about it

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- Hair Salon 4?

I love this app and it’s super fun to play. Suggestions for No.4: -Maybe you could have a 2 different parts, the solo part (where you can do whatever you want) and the challenge part( where you get given a theme to design the hair) -You could have a makeup section where you can do the makeup as well -In the challenge area you could add clothes it could change in corresponding to the theme. For example if the theme was “wedding” it would have wedding dresses to choose from. Thanks again, I love this game and those were just a couple ideas for number 4! Can’t wait!!

- Shhh

My kids adore this app and even I love playing this with them however you can’t turn the sound effects off which is very annoying when you’re connected to a Bluetooth speaker. This seams like a small adjustment but it is greatly needed. Also a few extra styling tools would be great too! Keep up the good work!

- Awesome for free time

This game is really good and I can’t bring myself to delete it, I never get sick of it and when you have some free time it’s really good, give yourself different themes and get someone to judge them for you, the options are endless! I have a few suggestions maybe to have a while body section where you can pick shoes etc, and a spa section to get rid of zits and skin problems etc, otherwise, great game!

- Good game

It is a good game but I think u should add my hair colours and add like buns fishtails and all that and a good idea is when they enter the shop it comes up with a design and you have o copy the design until like 10 minutes is up than you have to vote for others and they vote for you and you get a score and u unlock new stuff like a new salon and you should make this game or free so all people can get it

- I love this game

I love this game it’s very addicting to play. I think you could improve a little by having something to save the characters hair style in a folder, I also think you should improve by letting the characters rate your hair style you have done on them. I think that would be cool. Other then that I love this app so much I play it everyday and everywhere.

- Alright but could be better

This is a really great app and I have enjoyed playing it. Although I feel like all the hair styles I make aren’t really permanent. Maybe adding a way to save your designs would be fun. I realise you can take pictures but I think it would be cool to have a gallery in the game so you can look back over your designs. It could also maybe have a challenge section which would improve the game a heap.

- Really good

I think this game is awesome and all the other ones the only problem is that all the games cost money and if they don’t cost money there not very good games I think you should also add more things to it like the customer asked what hair style they wanted then you did it and they would rate it but keep up the good work

- Hm.

Like, it’s a good game but it’s really not worth the 5-6$ it costs! Once again it’s a kids game When i had this I BEGGED my parents to let me get it and cried because it wasn’t what I thought (keep in mind that was awhile ago) I wish it had a couple more options and had more things to do! Like -Outside of the salon -A seen that includes people actually walking into the salon I find it quite boring that you just do it hair and there’s no other seens or extras! I’m getting bored and aren’t very happy about it 😖 Ugh!! Also I hate it when the characters keep moving while your trying to give them glasses ect. Please fix it’s bugging me a lot!!! Dowland at ur own risk -Thank you for reading <3

- Better update

I think this game is amazing but I think it would be cool if they tell you what they want and you could get money from them so you could unlock new products and people and upgrade you salon. That would be amazing if you did that.💜💜💜

- This is a crazy plan that just might work!

I have the toca life games and I thought If in toca hair salon 4 you get the characters from toca life and use them in in the hair salon. Whenever you go into the game that the character was in, you change the hair into the style that you did in the hair salon!

- It’s fun

This hair salon game might cost $6 but it is a very fun game! It is also very addicting because you can do what ever you want to peoples hair change the colour of there hair make is short make it long and even add a beard! Or you could even be a little bit stupid with there hair😂

- Sandbox mode and carrier mode

The game is already enjoyable how it is but it would be cool if there was a sandbox mode which is normal mode and carrier mode. In carrier mode you can get cash by making the haircut of the people’s choice. With the money we could get like more advanced equipment!

- A couple of New ideas

I think it would be super cool if 1. You could style the back of the head as well as the front 2. If you could do career mode and free mode 3. If you could get different size clippers, e.g size 1,2,3 so you can do fades 4. If you could put hair into a ponytail instead of having lots of strands of plats, it could tie up all of the hair. 5. More characters to choose from. It would also be cool I’d the glasses were a little bit more like they were in to a hair salon me, where you can see the glass in them.

- This game is so good!

Toca Hair Salon 3 is a lot better than Toca Hair Salon 1 and 2. There is so much more u can do like braids and clothes. The characters also look a lot more realistic which makes the game more fun! I recommend this game to anyone that loves hair styling, the price is definitely worth it!

- Great plan

You could make people come in anyone and have them say what style they want and you design it and they can give you money and a rating for money and u use they money to but more hair products

- Challenge Us!

Hi, This app one of my favourites out of them all, and it’s really good when I need to calm down and/or relax. But, I think it really needs to have a part where you have say, like a category or theme for the hairstyle because sometimes I don’t know what to do! Any way, the app is SUPER GOOD!

- It’s great but....

This is a great game I’ve had for like 3 days now and it’s been fine but lately it’s been glitching out in the middle of the game... but I do t know if it’s me or the game but other then that. I love the game keep on going on with it!


This game is amazing! I only got it today and I already love it! I also have an idea! Maybe you could add a part to the game you can select if you want the person to tell you what style they want. Like I said THIS GAME IS AMAZING. So keep up the good work.

- New idea

I love all the toca games and I all of a sudden had a great idea for the hair salon. When the costumer comes in maybe they could be holding a piece of paper and it says what sort of hairstyle they want. Thanks

- I love this game

This gives me entertainment when I’m bored I play this any of you who hate this game haven’t even played it I know I cost money just do it,it will blow your mind

- Love it

I love this game. Not only because you get to pretend to be a hairdresser, but the fact that there’s so many different hair dyes and curls. Totally recommend to get this. It’s 100% worth the money!

- One thing ☝️

This game is great but to make it even better I was thinking the customer could give you the look they want!

- Try adding orders

I personally think it’s a really good game but, i think that adding orders like the people asking for what hairstyle they want would be a lot cooler and add coins and a shop.

- Love it

I love the game and I think you should and some new people and I love the way it looks so good and if you are thinking on making a new game keep us updated thx

- I love it!💛💛

I love this game! So does my little sister me and her always play This app! We make up different hair styles, categories ❣️❣️❣️❣️ can you please make an update with new characters?❣️❣️❣️👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

- Game freezes on dye section, unplayable

Every time I go to dye the character’s hair, the game distorts into several distorted pink pixels and then freezes completely and just stops working, making the game completely unplayable. I’m unable to do everything else but dye the character’s hair. Don’t waste your $6 on this.

- Amazing!!!

I just got it and it's so cool!!! I love how you can braid the hair and change the outfits!!!! Please add that you can do makeup, cause then it would be even better!! Great game!

- Okay

I wish you could do the back of there hair and also they tel you the style and you do it I like my haircut

- Won’t let me in

It was right for the first few weeks but now it won’t let me go Further then the little dude getting his hair cut by scissors aka the little clip that plays when you go into it

- Ping!

It’s a great game but maybe you could add a few more things like they tell you what they want or you can upgrade the store.🙂🙂🙂🙂❤️❤️🙂❤️🙂🍫🍫🍫🤪🤪🤪🤪🤓🤓😊😊😊😘😘😊🤓🤪🤪🙂🌼🌼😘❤️❤️

- add quests

it would be cool to be challenge and have to give a person a type of hair cut like if they came into the salon and a text would come on the screen saying something like..."can i have a short hair cut and can i have my hair blue please" i think that would be awesome! if you think not its okay i understand

- Love it but Add hair salon styling

Love this game would definitely recommended it but would be great if there was a styling station. Same thing as the Toca city hair salon styling. Would make the game amazing. Yet all in all love the game and really fun

- Stop moving

The character keeps moving and stuffs me up

- Won’t get past the looping Toca Boca loading screen

This game was so fun but now I can’t even play it as I can’t get passed the looping toca boca screen

- Another one

Hello I was just suggesting if you make another Toca salon you could like play with natural African hair and create buns but of course I love this app.

- Great BUTTTTTT..........

This is a great game however I’d love it if you could ponytails and braids in without having the small ones.💇🏽‍♀️

- weIl I was wrong

🗣 I srsly thought less of this game feel soooo ashamed again like don’t flowww may advixeccdcdecew I LOVE thIs

- Amazing but then…

The game was great for about a year but then I took a picture of the person I was styling then looked at it and for some reason I saw a virus and then deleted the app👎👎👎👎

- Needs to fix crashes and add more diversity in people

For a paid game it sure crashes a lot

- Best app ever

I can not get Orr this app I love it soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much no problems at all. You should get it👍🏻😎😍

- I want a refund

The game keeps crashing half way through and I want a refund I get half way through a hair style and it crashes and I have to keep restarting :(

- love this game

love this game but it keeps crashing and there hasn’t been an update in 8 months?? cmon guys. either update this one or make a new hair salon game please 🤙🏻

- Great game but Salon 4...

Dear Toca, Hair salon 3 is one of the best but there is so much advising in it and in Salon 4 you have to pay for basically!

- Kade

I would like to say I love this app but it is making me pay a third time 😑

- Whooo

I got the game. It was good. Money spend well.

- Love 💗 the game

So amazing, love it🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙃😉 will there any more toca salon.

- Game

It is an awesome game

- yes❤️

shane dawson and jeffree star approved ☺️💅✨


This game is so amazing. It's really fun and addicting. I love it💗💗 In my opinion, maybe adding a feature where you can fully customise a person's skin tone, eye colour/shape, freckles/moles, nose shape, makeup, etc would make it more fun!!!

- Very disappointed!

I am very disappointed that this app isn't working correctly! I was playing this app when I clicked on a different message from a friend and then I went back on the app and it is just a white screen and nothing is happening! I waited for it to load and no response and then I deleted the app and got it back and it was still doing the same things! Please fix this as it is very disappointing as a bought the app with my own money and was a great game! 😢😭👎🏼

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- awesome!

i love the game!! i wish we could have a customizable character option where us players could design our own characters! & i would love to see new eyebrows i find the eyebrows don't suit some of the characters! it would be very cool to have an eyebrow section in the game where we could choose new shapes or dye the eyebrows!

- What happened

Great game but there’s a weird glitch with there mouths which is weird

- Amazing!

Honestly, I really like how more black people are characters, and you can give girls beards LOL! Anyway, so much more tools and stuff to do. I thought this was going to be a waste, but ended up being my favourite app in my whole life.

- Super inclusive

I love the fact that there are more poc and every character is non binary, any one can have a beard or moustache

- Nice:]

It’s great overall only things I still want is that you can spin you character around and do the back of there hair, have hair ties, eyebrow and hairline access, and you can create the character

- I really like this game but….

Lately, when I play this game all the people are glitchy, the game still works fine I guess. But their faces are kinda messed up, and whenever they close their eyes their eyes disappear completely. This has just become a problem and I really do like this game, so I hope it gets fixed.

- Amazing

This the best game ever

- Awesomeness!!

I think you should make a game that has all of the Toca life games put into one...and more characters! Please!!!

- I love the app but have some ideas to put in it

I love the app so much, I play it all the time, but I just think you should add 3 things. 1.) Add a front desk so you can have reservations for getting your hair cut. 2.) Make it so it is kinda like a business, so you have a name and people rate you so you know what you can do better. 3.) Add description folders for each person to say what they want done with their hair. I don’t mean this in a bad way just giving you ideas for an update or hair salon 3

- Shane Dawson

Buhyees sometimes I don’t wanna be happy..

- Love the app

I love this app toca life hair salon I use it for my tik toks all the time anyways when I use a spray it crashes and I’m not sure why.. can someone tell me why it crashes?????

- So fun!!!

I love the game it’s so fun 🤩 I just wish there was more to it, like a mini game type thing or just some new effects to make it more interesting. Other than that it’s great 👍

- yes!! very fun app!!

Ive been a fan of the hair salons for years and this one is really good I'm glad they keep getting better and better I definitely will not miss a new one that comes out !

- Can’t listen to music.

Can you make a setting where you can turn off all sounds?

- Great 🤩🤩🤩

Great game but also at times frustrating but mostly awesome 🤩 !!

- Super inclusive

I love how there are poc characters and different hair types! Any character can be whatever gender and wear whatever clothes!


Hi I love Toca but this game is so sad not as good as other Toca games but still fun

- Expensive

Way too much money for so little, and it crashes a lot

- Love it

I love this game just add some more stuff like where you can change eye color and face stuff! Since this app costs money but so good please respond!!

- :)

Wish it wast so pricey but it’s worth it

- It’s good but

I honestly love the game but they move around way to much

- Omg i love it so much

Kinda addicting, AMAZINGLY fun even doe I’m 20 haha. For real that game is the definition of perfect. ✨impressed✨


it’s a really great game! I would 100% recommend 😌

- Awesome

This game is so so awesome I play it all day well my mom is working I even take pictures of the hair cuts I did and show them to my friends and family I recommend buying this game you won’t regret it I promise when I grow up I want to be a hair salon girl but I am 10 so still have a little bit longer till that will happen but if you do buy this game it will change you life in to a awesome one when you are stuck it your house all day cuz of Clovid it is a really good game to pass time and it dose not use wifi but it now plz

- 😀

Love this game

- Glitch

When I open the toca hi a hair salon 3 it only shows a white screen on my iPhone XR

- 🥳

I love it and all I just wish it didn’t cost money :/

- Cool game

I ❤️ Toca things there so cool if you want this app DOWNLOAD IT it’s super fun

- crashing

great game but it keeps crashing when i try to dye their hair

- Waste of $$

It is fun for about 5 minutes. I wish i could get my $5 back. You basically do the same stuff on each person just changing length and colour. Boring. Even for my kid.

- One issue

This app is great! But it keeps crashing on me 😕. I have an iPhone 8 by the way.

- Love this app

I looooooove this app I had it when I was 4 and I still have it to this day😋😋

- Great game!

It’s a great game but the smaller spray can for colouring hair always crashes the game whenever I use it. Please fix this!

- I love it but...

I just realized that the boys can have a skin color and not the darkest but the girls have the darkest and can’t have the other skin coulour...

- Mon enfant a perdu 5,49$

Mon enfant voulait absolument ce jeux. Elle a pris l’argent de sa carte cadeau pour l’acheter et surprise! Après paiement et téléchargement, le jeux ne s’ouvre pas! Imaginer sa déception.

- Love it

I love this game to much!! I have some requests!:maybe you can customize your character it would be fun! Also,face masks maybe for fun we can custom face masks for our character!! Hope this is not to much to ask! But I love this game ALOT!

- Not worth the money.

It’s all fun , I like the game and it’s design , but after few hours you’ve done all the characters, it gets very boring , and they don’t update them . So save your money.

- Customize character

This is such a good game but I wish we could make our own characters because that would be so fun!!

- Ummmmmm

Ok so this game is great I got it for my birthday (bc you buy it) BUT it kinda gets a little boring after a while (aka two days of playing ->-) Overall great game I allways wanted it and now I got it 10/10

- Ugh

I like toca boca games but all off a sudden they stoped working and I had to delete it. I payed around 5-6$ and I had fun so I recommend not buying it. The toca games used to work but now don’t it’s a waist of money sadly

- Hate it

I liked it when it worked but now it is broken I click the game and it plays the title thing and then again and again and that just keeps happening, so fix it because it was a waste of money. Also I Tried closing the app and re opening then I tried to delete it then get it again, nothing works

- Super fun & well designed game

My 6yo loves this game - it’s fun, and the look and controls are perfect. It has all the tools! - hair cutting, regrowing, shaving; options for straight, curly, braids; and a rainbow of colours. I really appreciate how there’s no unrealistic beauty standards and of several options for race and gender

- Awesome!

It’s a Fantastic game! The only thing that would be nice to change is if there was a customizable person

- Don’t buy

It is kinda a waste of your money u will play it for a day then get bored of it! Don’t waste your money like I did.This is all my opinion so if u have a different opinion that is ok to! -Marley Ellis

- Ad

This app is so nice my friends play it all the time

- Amazing

I love it you can do so many things great app

- I think I found a glitch or a bug!But still a great game

Hey I love this game this game got me,my siblings and my cousins addicted!But I think I found a bug or glitch in the game!So here’s what I was styling one of the characters hair then I was about to dye the hair.But when I was gonna dye the hair,but I already dyed it black,I putted some white tips,then put a little bit of gray, So I did that I didn’t liked it so I shaved it then razored the head so the hair will turn back to the normal colour.But it came out with black,with white tips, and some gray I tried dying it back to the normal colour “Blonde” the hair dye would not work.So I deleted that tab then went back on I pressed the “play” button then all the characters hair colour was black,white tips, and some gray but one character hair colour was completely white and on that point I deleted the game then downloaded it back but didn’t play it!So please fix this! This was kinda creepy to me!

- Love this app

May you please combine tailor and hair salon for Toca makeover? It would be awesome!

- Glitching

The app is really fun, except when I’m colouring the hair. I use the small spray bottle and the app glitches and the screen turns black. I would give 5 stars if you fixed that bug!

- Fun until it glitches

This game is so much fun, but I’ve been playing it for about two weeks now, and I’m beginning to notice every time I try dying the hair it glitches out and closes the app. Please fix!!!

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Toca Hair Salon 3 2.2 Screenshots & Images

Toca Hair Salon 3 iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Toca Hair Salon 3 iphone images
Toca Hair Salon 3 iphone images
Toca Hair Salon 3 iphone images
Toca Hair Salon 3 iphone images
Toca Hair Salon 3 iphone images
Toca Hair Salon 3 Education application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

Toca Hair Salon 3 (Version 2.2) Install & Download

The applications Toca Hair Salon 3 was published in the category Education on 2016-12-07 and was developed by Toca Boca AB [Developer ID: 419103351]. This application file size is 127.37 MB. Toca Hair Salon 3 - Education app posted on 2022-03-10 current version is 2.2 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.tocaboca.tocahairsalon3