Toca Hair Salon 3

Toca Hair Salon 3 [Education] App Description & Overview

Welcome to Toca Hair Salon 3! Our most popular app series returns, better than ever! What do you feel like creating today — something quirky, pretty or edgy? Choose your character from dozens of looks that you can customize — characters have randomized styles and personalities, which creates endless play opportunities! Grab your tools and get styling!

The hair in Toca Hair Salon 3 looks and moves like real hair! You can style silky straight hair, bouncy waves, crinkly curls, and for the first time in the Toca Hair Salon series: kinky hair! This super-curly hair type means you can create fluffy 'fros and other natural hairstyles.

No salon would be complete without the right tools!

Basics: Of course you'll find everything for a good wash, including shampoo and a blow dryer. You'll also find scissors, clippers, a razor, a brush and a multipurpose combing tool to use on your client's hair. In case you cut off a little too much, we've brought back our amazing grow tonic to regrow hair — definitely customer pleaser!

Hair types: The electric styling tools let you move between the different hair types to get just the right look.

Braids: Use the brand-new braiding tools for more styling options! You can make thick braids or thin braids!

Beards: Visit the beard station for the best in beard-grooming (or growing!). Lather up with shaving cream, then use scissors, clippers or a razor to get just the right length. Every character can have a beard!

Color: Ready for some color? Toca Hair Salon 3 introduces a more advanced hair color tool with two different cans for different sized sprays. And the new rainbow spray lets you create the most colorful styles you can imagine!

Now characters can change into different clothes! Try on new looks to suit that new hair style! Accessorize the look with glasses, caps, headbands and silly stuff. Choose a photo booth background and take a picture to save to your device and share!

- All-new characters with dozens of starter styles
- Straight, wavy, curly and now kinky hair!
- All the tools you need to create the style you want!
- New braiding tool!
- Every character can grow a beard to style
- More advanced hair color tool: Dip-dye and fade hair in any colors you want!
- Change clothes on characters!
- Dozens of new accessories: hats, glasses, jewelry and more
- Change backdrops in the photo booth!
- Snap a picture in the app and share with your friends!
- Gender-neutral aesthetic: Unlike most hairstyling apps, all kids are welcome to play!
- No time limit or high scores — play for as long as you like!
- No third-party advertising

Toca Boca is an award winning game studio that makes digital toys for kids. We think playing and having fun is the best way to learn about the world. Therefore we make digital toys and games that help stimulate the imagination, and that you can play together with your kids. Best of all - we do it in a safe way without third-party advertising or in-app purchases.

Privacy is an issue that we take very seriously. To learn more about how we work with these matters, please read our privacy policy:

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Toca Hair Salon 3 App Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Rules

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Toca Hair Salon 3 Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Thanks for sharing your feedback and reporting bugs — we’ve made some updates. Get the latest version to have the best experience! And leave us a review — we read every one of them!

Toca Hair Salon 3 Comments & Reviews

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- Why

I am not a huge fan

- Four stars

I think that the game is great but it get repetitive after a while and I think that they could add some thing to it like maybe we could do the characters makeup

- 🍈cute and therapeutic🍈

so this app is like 10 times better than the free version💰and it’s worth every penny. 💕i love how there’s an option to do an ombré color effect because it was so hard to do that before. the only complaints i would have i think is the color options. 🍉there aren’t any pastel colors really and you can’t easily do highlights with the big spray can which shouldn’t be a problem because you have a small one too BUT every time i try to use it the app crashes and it’s really annoying because you can’t save your work. oh wait also this could be a lot more fun if your clients gave you directions of what they wanted and then you would try to match what they want. all and all though this is the only app i’ve ever spent money 💵 and it’s worth it! 🥳

- Great game awesome

Can I please have my money back tho

- Just a few comments!!

I love this app so much! I would like some more colors and more people! Maybe more clothes or colors for the hair. Or we can also do the eyebrows! That’s all I think you guys should add but over all I love this app so much!! 💕

- Horrible

It just shows the Toca boca smile screen and will not let me play

- I love this game so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My dad has this game on his phone and it is so much fun! I am planning to ask my dad if I can have it on my IPad. There is so much stuff to do like, washing hair, coloring hair, beards, brushing hair, curly hair, bushy hair ,straight hair, outfits, braids, pictures, and probably lots of other stuff, if you are reading this get this game.

- App is Not Working!

I used to love this app. Was satisfying and fun to play around with in my free time. Now when I open the game the introduction just plays over and over. Please help me!!

- No ads



I bought the app two days ago and it was working fine and then i go to play and the loading screen just keeps replaying!!! please help me!!!😡

- Review

Would not recommend this it is not too good. It’s get boring very guickly.

- Broken :/

I bought this game and went to play it when it was downloaded but the loading screen kept repeating over and over. So I figured it needs some time to load and I left it there for 20 minutes and it kept repeating. I’ve tried turning my phone on and off again, I’ve tried deleting the app and reinstalling it, I’ve tried leaving it alone but nothing worked. I’ve contacted customer service to see if they had any troubleshooting ideas but all they told me was it probably won’t be fixed. Great. I paid $4.00 for a game I can’t even play.

- Won’t load!!!

I used to love this game but recently I tried to play it and it wouldn’t load to the game! I even tried deleting it and putting it back on my phone. No such luck. Did the exact same thing. I’m really disappointed because I payed something like 4 dollars for this and I can’t even use it anymore.

- I love it

It’s really fun. I like to do ombré hair and I looks really cool. But the only thing is is that you can’t turn the head around to do a pony tail but other than that it’s really fun


There are literary no adds

- Just a couple things

First I want to say I absolutely LOVE Toca Hair Salon 3! I’ve tried Toca hair salon 4 but it really isn’t free. It’s free to download but not free to play and use the tools. So, I love Toca hair salon 3, but I have just a couple of suggestions to make it better. 1. Have a before and after photo of the characters 2. Keep a log of all the hair cuts we’ve ever done in the game 3. Have the characters leave a review for us to read about their haircut I really hope you guys read this so that you can add these three things! I LOVE TO A HAIR SALON 3

- Awesome game😁

I like the way it can work

- Great app

I honestly really love this App. There is so much representation of different skin colors and genders and i have nothing bad to say about it!

- Pretty good app

I honestly love this app and I think it’s great But it could use a few things. There needs to be some challenges like the people give you a suggestion and you try to follow it there also needs to have it where you can turn the person around and give them like a ponytail or something like that. Overall I really love this app but it could use a few things.

- I want my money back

I tried to open the app and it wasn’t letting me in. I paid $4.00 for it. Fix it or give me my money back.

- I want my money back!

This game is so boring.. I want to delete it but I wasted my MONEY!!

- I want my money back


- Got boring really fast

I wish it was more fun!! I really think it’s cool but it gets boring fast!!😠🤭🤭🤭🤭

- Great

READERS: Don’t buy this app if you don’t like wasting money!! You can buy Toca Hair Salon 4 and get almost the same thing!! —————————————————————————————— DEVELOPERS: Great app!!!

- Super fun...but crashes all the time

I absolutely LOVED this game until recently it started crashing every time I play it. Please please try and fix🙏🙏

- 👎🏽

It keeps kicking me out the game

- Pretty good

I really like he game it’s super fun i just don’t like the fact that when you try to do their hair they constantly move and it gets a little frustrating because they CONSTANTLY MOVE (by them i mean the characters in the game) besides that it’s a really google game and all he siblings love it as well

- Used to work now it doesn’t

During the last couple months I’ve tried tapping in the app but it just keeps playing the intro over and over and doesn’t ever let me to the actual game. I downloaded hair salon 4 but there’s a lot you can’t do and you have to pay even more money to do makeup and stuff. I wasted my money on this app I only got to use it for 2 months :(

- Refund

I’m sorry to be this way. But I have a problem. I bought the game for a whopping $4.00 which is kind of a lot of money for a game. But then, I got hair salon 4 and it’s the same pretty much but free! I demand a refund PLEASE PLEASE!!

- :)

Out of all four of your hair salon apps this is the one with the best looking characters it’s so fun

- OK

This game is ok but it gets boring.

- Interesting.

The app keeps closing. My phone is updated and new it shouldn’t be glitching out of the app every five seconds. No other app on my phone does this. Please fix your glitches, thanks.

- Why???

This is (was) my favorite game to play! But for some reason the loading page keeps repeating the same intro 20 times in a row! I can’t even play the game anymore. I even tried deleting and reinstalling the app and that didn’t fix it. I just would like to bring this to your attention. -Thanks.

- I like the game but..

This game is really fun at first, but when you want really long hair IT IS SO ANNOYING THAT THE BOTTOM GETS SOOO THIN THAT YOU CAN SEE THROUH IT please fix this and make the hair thicker at the bottom. thank you!!

- The best app Eva!@@👅👅👅

This app is just the best! As soon as I saw the app I asked my dad if I could get Toca hair salon 3! You can braid. Choose ombré hair colors and put really cool accessories on. You can choose cool 😎 backdrops and put on beards! Get this app for four dollars. It’s totally worth the four dollars 💵 soooooooooo. I am the boss of you and I recommend you get it or you are just gonna be playing boring video games.

- Okay

I feel like it needs, more. It is boring at times I only play it on my free time. I wish you could get the back of there head to for it would be easier. The only things you can do is cut, grow, color, wash, take photo, and decorate. You should add like you can get to the back of there head, make ponytails, braids, piggy tails, buns, and more. It just feels really lame without it please update more better!

- Great app but I have a issue

I’m 8 and I love this app! But do you really have to pay for the app??? I love it tho it’s so cute! I love the people in it and the hair styles you can make! 🤗🤗 well I hope you liked my review

- Scammed & disappointed.

For 1, it’s listed to cost $3.99 but when i got it i was charged $4.24!! To be worse, it ended up not being worth it. The game constantly crashes, and has nothing to do but style, color and cut their hair. You can’t do ponytails, buns, etc. There is no objective. Waste of money!!!

- Hi

It’s cool and fun

- The hair

It’s a very good app but it needs more tweaking the hair is not realistic when you brush or blow dry the hair it stays it’s supposed to come down and it needs a wider screen so when we spray paint it it will get all the hair.

- It’s good

I like this a lot but after a few days it felt boring I don’t know if that’s just me or the game but overall I liked it

- Grandkids & Grandma Love this App!

Got this for my 4 and 6 year old, on autistic spectrum, grandchildren. They both just love this app. You can cut, wash, color, etc. hair. There are different clients you pick. However, you can be in the middle of doing something and the app closes. This happens 90% of the time. This is VERY FRUSTRATING! Please fix this glitch.I would like to give the App 5 stars.

- Needs more characters

There are a lot of people, but I’ve done them all and I suggest making at least a few more. Otherwise fantastic game.

- Waste of money for me

It wasn’t working for me and now I can’t get nothing back☹️ as in money

- Charged

This game was pulling up as free up until after I put my finger print in to authorize it and then it charged me $4.29. I’m not sure what glitch happened with the App Store. I’m also confused as to why a game is so expensive.

- Best game in the world

I love this app I could spend hours at a time playing this game and not get bored, seriously your imagination is the limit in this app I did try Toca Hair Salon 4. But I didn’t like it, the graphics are too cartoony and you have to pay for almost everything in the app so I 100% recommend this app to people because the new app is just a waste of money 💴

- Disappointed

I paid $3.99 for this game but after i get so far, the game cuts off and i can’t return to it. please fix or id appreciate my money back...

- Kinda boring

Ok so I downloaded this game but it’s not worth the money at all and they should make this free VERY boring

- I’m Not Sure...

Ok. I love Toca Boca. I have been here since Toca Boca Holiday Salon, and that was like, six years ago. I feel like this game just went downhill, compared to your other games. I also have a few suggestions. Can you guys have an option, when you take a photo that you can either save it or trash it for a new one? I like the new hair tools, beard kit😂 and even the braids. Toca Boca games are usually AMAZING, I feel like this one was just gOoD. Please read Toca Boca and I hope this wasn't being to pushy...Anyways, please read TOCA BOCA! Toca Hair Salon 4 is much better though! I will go review it now...bye!

- Very cool!

I have Toca hair salon 3! I can be the hair stylist! To cut hairs customers need a haircut!

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- Very disappointed!

I am very disappointed that this app isn't working correctly! I was playing this app when I clicked on a different message from a friend and then I went back on the app and it is just a white screen and nothing is happening! I waited for it to load and no response and then I deleted the app and got it back and it was still doing the same things! Please fix this as it is very disappointing as a bought the app with my own money and was a great game! 😢😭👎🏼


This is such a fun game and such an upgrade from the last hair salons, but I wish the characters HADE more emotion, like when u put clothes on them they gave u a sign if they like it or not. But aside from that I love this game😍😍✌🏼️✨✨✨✨

@Indian_Index: Top educational Apps worldwide for April 2020 by downloads: 1. Google Classroom 2. YouTube Kids 3. Duolingo 4. Photomath…

"Toca Hair Salon 3" and 3 more hit the Top 100 iTunes Paid Apps Chart! Description and more -…

@Indian_Index: Top educational Apps worldwide for April 2020 by downloads: 1. Google Classroom 2. YouTube Kids 3. Duolingo 4. Photomath…

@Indian_Index: Top educational Apps worldwide for April 2020 by downloads: 1. Google Classroom 2. YouTube Kids 3. Duolingo 4. Photomath…

@Indian_Index: Top educational Apps worldwide for April 2020 by downloads: 1. Google Classroom 2. YouTube Kids 3. Duolingo 4. Photomath…

@Indian_Index: Top educational Apps worldwide for April 2020 by downloads: 1. Google Classroom 2. YouTube Kids 3. Duolingo 4. Photomath…

@Indian_Index: Top educational Apps worldwide for April 2020 by downloads: 1. Google Classroom 2. YouTube Kids 3. Duolingo 4. Photomath…

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Toca Hair Salon 3 1.2.7 Screenshots & Images

Toca Hair Salon 3 iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Toca Hair Salon 3 iphone images
Toca Hair Salon 3 iphone images
Toca Hair Salon 3 iphone images
Toca Hair Salon 3 iphone images
Toca Hair Salon 3 iphone images
Toca Hair Salon 3 ipad images
Toca Hair Salon 3 ipad images
Toca Hair Salon 3 ipad images
Toca Hair Salon 3 ipad images
Toca Hair Salon 3 ipad images
Toca Hair Salon 3 Education application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Toca Hair Salon 3 Education application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Toca Hair Salon 3 (Version 1.2.7) Install & Download

The applications Toca Hair Salon 3 was published in the category Education on 2016-12-07 and was developed by Toca Boca AB [Developer ID: 419103351]. This application file size is 123.83 MB. Toca Hair Salon 3 - Education posted on 2019-03-01 current version is 1.2.7 and works well on IOS 7.0 and high versions.

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