Toca Hair Salon Me App Reviews


Toca Hair Salon Me App Description & Overview

What is toca hair salon me app? Give your friends and family a totally new look! Simply snap a picture and you’re transported to a world of hair-raising fun!

In this new version of the wildly popular Toca Hair Salon-series we want you to create the characters!

Toca Hair Salon Me lets you be the customer and the stylist! Curly, straight or purple? Create a funky hairdo any way you like. Grow it long or cut it short, shave one side or spray paint it every color of the rainbow. The possibilities are endless!

Add accessories such as hats, sunglasses and hair clips to top it off. Don’t forget to take a photo and share with friends. Now you can use your own photos as backdrops to complete your style transformation.

Check out what’s new in Toca Hair Salon Me!
- Snap a picture of your friends to create their new hairstyle
- Or use a photo from your camera roll
- Tons of fun new accessories from mustaches to hats
- Even more hair colors to choose from
- Create photo backgrounds from your own pictures

And all the features you already love:
- Use G.R.O. to make short hair long again
- Lather, rinse & blow-dry
- Use tools to curl, straighten, crimp, shave & trim
- Characters make fun faces and sounds while you style them
- No rules or stress – play any way you want to!
- Kid-friendly interface
- No third-party advertising
- No in-app purchases


At Toca Boca, we believe in the power of play to spark kids’ imaginations and help them learn about the world. We design our products from the kids' perspective to empower kids to be playful, to be creative and to be who they want to be. Our products include award-winning apps that have been downloaded more than 130 million times in 215 countries and offer fun, safe, open-ended play experiences. Learn more about Toca Boca and our products at

Privacy is an issue that we take very seriously. To learn more about how we work with these matters, please read our privacy policy:

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App Name Toca Hair Salon Me
Category Entertainment
Updated 29 November 2023, Wednesday
File Size 96.23 MB

Toca Hair Salon Me Comments & Reviews 2024

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Good but glitchy. It was a fun game until I recently opened it and it won’t work. The Toca boca intro keeps repeating itself. I don’t know why this is happening but I’m kinda upset about it. I hope they can fix this

Dumb... Hopefully not for long. Ok so I just got this app and three dollars (so far) is wasted. It opened once but then I went to get another picture so I closed the app but when I went back I clicked on the picture and I tried three times, it closed me out every time!!! I am angry and this better be fixed pleeeeease

App doesn’t not work at all. Picture are not popping up when I choose and also who let my daughter take a picture

No sound in IPAD Air. I cannot hear any sound in my IPad Air. Please correct this issue as soon as possible.

This app is amazing. Thank you, Toca Boca, for making my childhood and my pre-teen hood amazing. This, was my first Toca Boca app. First reason it’s great is there are no ads. Second reason is Because ads are stupid.

Great game but..... This game is awesome 😎 I play it a lot but.....I wish the hats and the glasses could actually fit on the person. It is still a very good app!🥳🥰🥺👍❤️

Could be better. I don’t like how you can’t change the shirts another thing that I dislike is that the hair has a limit for how long it can be and the limit has it only to the shoulders if you guys would fix those things then I would give this game 5 stars.

Terrible. I like Toca games for the most part, but this one was disappointing and played with for about 15 minutes never to be used again. Don’t waste your money.

LOVE. Played this all afternoon!! Completely recommend!!!😁

Used to be great. I used to love this app but now with update only half my kids face shows up and the eyes/mouth don’t line up. So now it just looks like a weird half faced alien getting a hair cut.

Wish it worked. I’m using on an iPad. It used to work well. Now it only loads half of a face and the eyes/mouth don’t go high enough to reach the eyes or mouth. This app used to be a favorite, but now it’s just disappointing.

It’s my fav but I would rate it higher but. I want to not look like a boy fix this now ok now I can’t pick the hair

Awsome Sauce. I LOVE this game! I love making my sister and dog and parents super funny! So I’d recommend you get this game! Also love you Toca Boca!

Please don't get this. I downloaded this and I asked why the App can't grow the hair so long on those people you could not fit the head on the pepole its bad for fun at least the game is free.

I used to love now I hate it🙁. It’s the photos that are terrible so when I used to Play out worked! Now it does not I’m disappointed and it does not work well at all can you make it better please?

Lacking in many features. This app is great— I was even able to style my dog’s hair 😁 But sadly, many features present in Hair Salon 3 are missing here. Clothing options (this app only allows swapping T-shirt color), facial hair, and making the model grin for a photo would all be amazing additions to match the fun of the original. I also feel like length is severely limited in this game, not allowing hair to grow past the shoulder in any area. Anyway it’s still fun, I just probably wouldn’t have bought it knowing these features were missing. It’s definitely a truncated version of the original, although custom faces are cool no matter what else is there. Wish there was a mode to just play with the expressions 🤪

App stopped working randomly. Despite the fact that I have enabled access to the camera and photos in all the ways I possibly can, my daughter is unable to use this app now, when she was able to use it a week ago. Waste of money, which is disappointing because I usually love Toca Boca apps for my kids!

A rip off. I just bought this for my daughter ONLY to allow her to take pictures and the camera is black whether I try using the front or back camera. Apple needs to make developers who are charging for apps provide support. I want to know how to be refunded my good $3.

Question. Toca, this is amazing. I have a very easy question for you to ancwer. WHEN IS TOCA WORLD COMING OUT!! This Friday? Wednesday? Please on one of the Toca Life games, tell us/me. Me and my sister are predicting when it’s going to come out but every time we look at the toca mix it just shows nothing else about toca world. Thank you -tocaforever

Meh.. It's a good game and I enjoy it with my cousins and brother, but I got it when it was Free App of the Week and definitely wouldn't pay money for it, it's not worth it.

Very limited hair length and accessories. My daughter has autism and will not let us cut her hair. It’s so long that she can almost sit on it so I’ve been buying and trying tons of apps to try getting her more comfortable with the idea of a haircut. I was really excited about this app when I first saw it because my daughter could actually put her own face on there. I’m not so happy about it now because the growing serum or whatever it’s called only lets you get the hair shoulder-length. Her hair is super long so I’m afraid it’ll freak her out seeing herself with such short hair. Secondly, the styling tools and accessories are all geared towards boys. There’s no brush, styling tools, or accessories/extras that are remotely girly. There’s only a mustache, fake nose, bow tie, and a blue pin. The last update was a year ago so clearly this app isn’t really a priority to the developer anymore. PLEASE update the app to include girls too!!

Best. Good for taking shots of animals but not good at taking baby photos but this is a really good game I hope u enjoy!

Not compatible with latest version. My kids are so sad that they can't use this app anymore. Ever since the iOS update almost all of these Toca apps are not working. Please fix it ASAP. It's frustrating to have these paid apps that I cannot use. Either refund my money or fix the app

This app is ok but. Dear Toca boca I really like this game but I would prefer having longer hair because to me I think it is to short. And it makes your face crazy/weird and I think it needs an update.

Great. I love the app and so do my children we play it all the time but the missing features are no fun not to be there and it would be cool to be able to put a photo on the shirts but other than that it is a very good app

Weird and stupid app for no one. I my older cousin got this for me I hear noises that sound like a man and it’s weird I’m not rasist but it makes me look black but I’m a white red head and it charged me 9£ from my cousins iTunes sorry guys if I spelled something wrong I’m 14

One problem. So I bought the game and I’m having trouble getting my face in the right place but overall the game is good and funny 😄

Great but..... It’s a fantastic app I had it when I was younger but it I was never this addicted! The problem I’ve come across is when I brush the hair after I dye it several times,I find little strands of hair in the original color and I have to go back and fourth between the dyes and the brush, so if you could add a brush in the hair dye section that would be great and it would make the game better! -Thanks Happily buying customer

The last time I played it it was more fun👎. Because ; Its making me look weird and my head big also tiny. Dear Toca Boca creators please make a better game . But I just want you to know that I love your game❤️

Fun but some ideas.. I think it’s fun to do my fams hair. And pets hair🤩! But we should be able to make the hair longer there is a vary short limit. And I do think u should be able to change the clothes like in hair salon 3 and 4.Maybe new clothing would be cool. But over all fun game.

Every time I try to put my face on the character doesn’t work your app is stupid. I wish your apps didn’t cost money

Not working. App not working. Starts at the Toca Boca beginning screen and then stays white. My daughter was excited to use this.

Awful- I wish I could give it one star. I got a new gift card so I bought this app hoping it would be good, The hair is way to short and regardless I like all the other apps better.

Kind of weird. We love Toca Boca games, and this one had such potential, but it was too weird for us. The animations of your photos are kind of creepy, though the technology is pretty cool. And the actual game play was just Eh... you can’t really do much with the hairdos except super wacky things! We deleted it.

AWESOME AND COOL. This game is awesome even for a seven year old like me. I never though it allows you to take a pic. I LOVE IT LOL I LOVE THIS GAME. Sorry about the yelling but it's the best game ever made. PLEASE agree with me. :D XD. Thank you

CREEPY!. This game is a good idea, but the faces are absolutely HORRIFYING! My 5 year old sister has had nightmares because of this game! AND!!!!! This game said it costs 3.99 BUT BEFORE I KNOW IT, ITS CHARGING 5$ FOR THE GAME, AND THEN IT DOESNT EVEN WORK. Toca boca can do better than this, because this is a stupid game and it’s quite honestly just scary :/ soooo Cya

Ok. What I like about this app is that you can take pictures of yourself 📸 what I don’t like is that you can’t make the hair longer💇‍♀️ and that you can’t change the clothes👚and you can’t make them have facial hair like you can in hair salon 3.

Why?!. Your games are usually amazing but this one was... bad. The face looks weird when you put it in and it is hard to control. If your looking for and salon game, don’t choose this one.

It's ok. I like this app it's fun but it makes your face look weird, I hope this gets fixed

Photos. I would like to be able to have the photos saved. I am not talking about after the hair styling, but before. I would like to choose different people in our family from my photos on my device and have those phots saved to be used to switch back and forth with the app. Having to go into my photos and choose a photo each time is a pain with a little 16 month old to use to style his hair. Sometimes he might want to style his mommy’s hair who is at work at the time.

Great Game!. Hello. Toca makes some great games. This is on of them. I love that I can style anyone I want. Once I styled several animals. I love this game. I hate that this game got only 3.3 stars. Come on! People give this game a good review. This game I recommend for everyone. Please do not read the negative reviews.

App doesn’t work when purchased in the super bundle. I purchased the super bundle Toca Boca which included this and nine other apps. This app loads the Toca Boca logo and picture animation, then the screen goes black. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled it, checked the purchase went through, updated it, still nothing. My client is very upset as this was his favorite game in the bundle.

Doesn’t work. Everytime we open the app it won’t let us choose a photo from the gallery.

It’s not working. When I opened the app for the first time it played the intro and then it was just a blank screen, I refreshed the app then went back in still not working I even deleted the app and when I went back in the same results. Honestly I don’t really care but I spent 4 dollars for it to work. Please fix the issue or refund me!

No sorry 😕. It’s the face every time I try to take a picture it’s wrong and it doesn’t fit my hair gets in the way you can see the background and it’s not very good don’t get this app because it’s bad it will waste your money don’t get it 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

Wa. It kicks me out when I click a picture:< but I might just have to update it.

ReLoad Your App. Ok so basically i had an old ipad and downloaded this on it now it costs money and it was free for me when i installed it on my new one thank you! toca boca

5 star rating. This app is amazing in many ways. I love this app a lot!!

Salon Me doesn’t work. This app doesn’t work on iPad Pro or iPhone X. The introduction loads, but when the game is supposed to load it gives a plain white screen and tapping the screen changes it to black. Same problem as Toca Town has. Can you fix it?

Suggestion. This game is about styling you ✂️👱🏻‍♂️ but I had in idea 💡 to make more interesting for older kids but still fun for younger kids 1.a story mode everyone lost their physcal forms and all you can do is save them so you can cut the hair

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Good. This app is good but the 'G.R.O' needs to make hair much longer.

Great. This game was really entertaining as the concept was fantastic I had a lot of fun playing this game but on some of there advertisement they looked more realistic than when playing the game and also the hair does need to go longer I did enjoy it and it definitely is worth buying but these our just a few changes that good be made but other than that it very creepy but cool I love doing hairstyles on family and especially pets

Very Good. Amusing for an adult and keeps the little one occupied. Works very well.

Ok!. Mabey make more stages and make a nail salon to it because it costs money. Also make us make a beard I rate it 3/5

Awful. I am not happy with this game at all firstly the quality is nowhere near as good as the other HairSalon games by this brand and the way it shows you is not nice at all and it should let you make the hair be past the shoulders. Let’s just say I want my money back 😭

It's not what I was expecting. No.1 bad thing about this app: The hair is too short. No.2 bad thing about this app: The skin sometimes is not accurate. EXTRA: Hmm.. The clothes are a bit boring, but this is a hair app not a clothes app, soo nevermind the extra ;)

Best game in the world. I think it is just awesome because you can create your own it's so cool thanks for making the awesome app you should make another one

Awsome. I love this app it is so worth buying my friends and I always have a blast with this app!

Not what expected. The faces are pretty messed up and the hair is pretty short.

Why?. What a waste of money! Every time I use this app it crashes again and again. I haven't even made it past the stage of positioning the photo because it crashes so much :(

Good but. When I press the comb and comb the hair it starts cutting the hair. This go for hair colouring as well. Please fix it

Great fun. My 3 & 4yo love it. Worth the money. Only wish you could blend in skin tone :)

Freaky fun. It's surreal looking at people you know with crazy hairdos. Winner

Good game. This game is great! But I find it gets boring really easily...I wish you could grow the hair longer. Other Toca Boca hair salons allow your hair to grow much longer than this version! Other than those things...GOOD GAME!!

Tasty. Yummy

I luv toca!. I luv toca so please make a toca baking. I am 13, my brother is 9 and my sister is 11, we all luv toca! Please listen to this and make a toca baking game!

Rubbish. A waste of money. Not user friendly. Would not give a refund!! And to make matters worse, I bought this in a bundle so I now have several of these useless apps. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY!!

Cool!. It would be great to select boy or girl as I put my daughters face but keep getting boy body/head. Looks weird.

Good. Good app but gets boring after a while maybe u should update it! Thanks bye!

Boring you could make it better by.... Growing hair longer,different hair styles (pony tail ,braid etc) you cant part the hair which is very frustrating also viewing from different angles when styling could be cool other than that not worth my money maybe lower the price gets boing FAST!!!

BEST ONE YET!. Title says it all. I don't know who wouldn't want to try this game out!

Fun!! However......😐. This game is fun and all but WHY IS IT $3.80!!! Not worth it Wish hair could grow longer And when I use comb it cuts! 😧

Wrong gender. It's fun but I'm always a girl please fix this

Amazing! Worth buying!. The title says it all! It's amazing! You won't regret buying this app, it has many features and this is hilarious too, I love playing this with my friends because it's so funny. :) And just a quick side note for some people complaining about making the hair longer, you actually can. In case you didn't know, there's this shampoo called "gro" which grows the hair longer. Learn your facts. But anyways, I highly recommend this app! It is great and it is defiantly worth the buy! But for the creators, I think it would be great if you added more accessories to the game, (hats, glasses, accessories for hair, etc) But I'll rate this 4 stars due to some updates that need to be made, but I love this app still and thanks creators once again! :)

Hurm. Pls improve .

Ladyandmoochair. It's good but I don't like how it always has to save in your camera roll, it takes up to much space that way!

Whatever!!!!. Very disappointed! Changed the privacy settings & still can't load a photo or play the game! Not happy!!

:/. Look, i wasted $3,47 or whatevs on this. Its good and funny but now im not $2 off buying an anime series, im $5. Just saying, its worth 0.99c

Awesome!!. I love what you can do in this app like making your friends look ridiculous!

I just wasted my money. Not as cool as you think.

Needs improvements. Okay love the idea, and your other apps but at least add more options for the price we paid instead of scamming us and having such a high price. Honestly not worth the money, maybe consider instead of being so stingy and cheap to bring down the price. Or at least update it so longer hair is an option and we can have actual characters like the other one so it's not just faces of people. I mean with how much you charge you sure would have the money to afford it right?

Good. It is good but you should add the Rica hair salon 2 features in all the accessories and make it look like it the looks are terrible but everything else is great one thing there should be a part to give cloths and design nails and you should be able to go round a town and ask what they think of your looks and then go home and wake up at the salon to have another male over and there should be choose your music other wise it is really good

Wow!. It's simple... Toca Boca had done it again!

Almost100%. It's awesome, but crashes a bit and also why can't the hair be longer!!?? Please update to make hair looooong

Very fun and entertaining. It is so much fun and very entertaining to play .it is so cool that you can put your own face on it .such a good game

Good. The hair should be able to grow longer :D other then that it's fab

I wish.... I wish we could save say four faces once set up as favourites for restyling again later. Also, I wish this could access all albums and photos - not just camera roll...

Highly recommended. My kids and I can't get enough however my hubby finds it a bit creepy. Buy it, you won't be disappointed.

Fantastic. Would be great if you could grow the hair longer though, it stops quite short.

Great game!. This game is great.its not worth the money but I got it on apps gone free!its an app that let's you get games that you have to pay for free! anyways great cool game!

Not able to get photo from other albums. Not good

PROBLEM!. Look I just got this and I know it's great but when i take a photo to use as a face and then select where and the eyes and mouth are, it goes to do its thing as in the screen turns white but it stays like that for a long time. This app isn't working properly for me and I have tried reinstalling it twice. Don't know if this has something to do with having an iPad air?

I Wish I didn't get it sooo CREEPY. The Faces are sooo creepy they do not look like the one on the cover you can only see some of your face even if you scale it sometimes they get your skin colour wrong you know how the girl on the cover has ears you don't have ears!

Not Impressed. The faces are so messed up and the hair needs to be longer. I prefer working on characters because of the weird face effects

doesn't work. Can open the app but cannot take photos or look at my album as it claims it needs access to the album and suggests I look at the privacy settings. I'm running iOS 5 there is no privacy settings especially nothing related to the photo album.

Way too expensive. This game wasn't very good the skin colour never matches and it's way too expensive. The gro feature doesn't make the hair grow long enough. Overall it's not worth the money.

Awesome. It's pretty cool I love it I've always wondered what I looked like blond we'll now I can see:)

Love this. This is the best app like omg. I love it because you can get photos of celebrities from google and stuff and do THEIR hair and it's hilarious:) Just please make the hair grow longer

Boring. It was a bit boring defenatly not my fav

Really great game!!. I would recommend everyone to buy this app! It is really fun and entertaining to play with friends and family. There is only a few things I would suggest change. Making the hair longer would really improve the game. I would also suggest working on the colour of the face. I often have trouble with my picture having a two tone face. But other than those two suggestions, it is a really great idea and app. 😊

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Toca boca!. Very addictive game, super fun and super easy

Edit color match. Try making it match the skin color Its always making my character have dark skin and my face color doesnt match it I dont wanna look like a monkey with dark skin and white skin

So Much Fun!!. We even had fun by creating images with our dog and then edited her into family pictures. You can email them to friends. You can spend a long time occupying your little ones although to get creative an older person would need to help.

Tocante haïr salon. Très déçu,peu d explications,et assez restrin pr jouer, ca ne vaut pas le jeu.

Rip off. The camera options doesn't work. It keeps crashing. Mad my poor son used his birthday money to buy this app. Creators of these apps should be ashamed. Make sure your product works before putting it on the market.

Toca Boca hair salon. It's awesome and fun. But sometimes it starts to glitch. Besides that it's really funny!

Oh yea!. Fun app! hope toca salon 3-4 come out soon! 😅

I can’t delete. I got the game it won’t let me delete it and I’m very upset I can’t delete anything I think it’s a virus I know I’m panicking do not download this game unless you wanna virus

Candy. This is a great game so much fun and it never crashes I am 10 years old.

:(. This was supposed to be a really fun app but it opens and after choosing a picture, it crashes. I really wanted to play this so please fix the crashing!! (On iPod 4g)

Bought game no game. I just bought this game on my iPad and all I see is white. Waste of my money and and upset daughter.

Totally worth buying. My sister has this app on her iPad so I decided to get it.ITS TOTALLY WORTH THE MONEY FOR IT!!! it passes the time!! I recommend this 😜

Fun but weird. Its really fun but when i take a picture of me the skin colour is weird because i side of my body is white and then the other half is white but when i take pictures of my sisters it normal

Um. It's pretty good but you can't really grow the hair out I personally don't think it's worth it but you may absolutely love it

Great app. This is fantastic, I never get bored of it!

Best game. This game is the best hair salon game it's AWESOME!! :)

Best Toca App yet!. My kids love this app. They take selfies of themselves and can do their hair and their faces actually change based on the hair dryer or other activities. Their faces smile and squint etc. No idea how they do it but it is very cool.

Poo. Hi I'm a girl and whenever I take a photo it said I'm a boy I don't look like a boy do I?

I can't get past the intro.... It keeps freezing right after the song intro! I can't even do anything on it! 🤬

Used to work good.. It keep crashing -.- can’t even play the app.

What up with toca?!. I used to be toca's biggest fan. I had almost all their apps. But now when I get one of their apps it says error and I never get it. Don't waste your money if that will happin to you. Toca, please help. :(

The Game. Love this game but it needs updates like hair extensions to put on the head more. Odours and more hair length

Amaizing!. Very fun game! The animations are very realistic. They could make the animations less creepy.

Fun. What a great fun ! For toddlers and preschoolers as well as older childs and even adults !

Totally awesome!. What a wonderful app for kids and grown-ups alike! Haven't met a single person (I've shown this to) that hasn't loved this app. Well played Toca, well played.

Custom backgrounds/Shirt designs?. I really like how you can use your own pictures on the photoshoot background part, but can you add that for the shirt too? My daughter wants to make her brother into "Princess Unicorn" and give him a rainbow shirt.

Hilarious!!. So funny!! I can even use pics of my pets to go in!! Don't change a thing, this app is awesome!😜

Ok. It's

Amazing.. My kids love taking photos of each other. Pretty cool feature.

Persistent Bug renders it useless. Keeps telling me I need to give the game permission via the settings to access pictures . I've done this umpteen times yet still doesn't work! Junk and tough trying to explain a bug to a 5 yr old that they'll understand. Hope toca can fix this major bug soon.

Hands down. So far a really fun and cool game!:)

vrm cool. ce jeu est tres cool et realiste continuer comme sa j'adore vos jeux :D

Fun app but boring. Add more stuff please

Don’t waste your money. It crashes all the time

hello fellow tiktokers. lin ❤️

👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏✌️✌️❤️💇it is so much fun!!!!!. I LOVE THIS APP !!!!!😃😝

Still cool. Is cool app 😮three dots

Love it. Toca boca rock cinnamon buns!!! But they should make a game where you can do their hair (like toca hair salon) and also do their cloths ( like toca talor ) like I said cinnamon buns! No nood jar here!!!!!!! Buy this game no in app purchases holt Thor's hammer :) 💳

Kids love it. It's so fun that personal photos can be used. Entertaining for my six year olds.

😁😁😁👍👍👍👍. It's good but when ever I take a picture it crashes, can u please fix it? I ❤️It still.

Wow. I do not like this app because the pictures don't look like you and it's not like any other toca boca app

…?. app won’t work

Fun. Fun to see myself with different hairstyles and colours.

Good and bad. The good parts are 1. The hair looks cooler then toca boca hair salon 1 and 2. 2. I GOT IT FOR FREE! Hahaha The bad parts are 1. The face is half white half black maybe it's a shadow or something idk 2. Mouth and eyes are weird and the head shapes are oddly shaped, makes the photo confusing. Me and my little sister are upset at the way this happens. Plz fix plz plz 😭😭😭😭😭

Really awesome!😛. I love this app I love doing it to my mom and dad and family! Super fun you guys should make more apps like this🤗

No, sorry. I thought this game would be awesome it but when u add the faces the turn demented please fix.. I think you should add more variety and more items maybe makeup and clothes (mix toca tailer with it) to make toca boca: makeover!!

Hi. U Guys just have bad internet and it is fun

Sad. 😔I can't take pic's 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

Crashes when picking photos from photo album. The app allows me to work with only one specific photo from my photo album and consistently crashes with all the other ones. I tried using a photo that was taken seconds before that one workable photo, but that caused the app to crash in the same way. It’s frustrating. It works well with photos taken within the app though. The facial animations are excellent.

Back to normal!. Thank you apple sooooo much! for fixing the problem when the game freezes onto a black screen! Now I can play my favourite game!!!

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It wont open. I was going to play this game, the intro played and stuff. After the intro, there was a black screen and it stayed like that so i couldnt get on.

Disappointing. I’m not able to even do anything, it’ll do the intro up to the camera fading, and it repeats the intro.

Doesn’t work. Works on an older iPad iOS 10. But not currently. Please fix. Or I’ll request a refund.

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️. I love this app!

Every time I try to put my face on the character doesn’t work your app is stupid. I wish your apps didn’t cost money

Just two more improvements needed!. This app overall is AWESOME! Just need two improvements! First, plz make LONGER HAIR! I used the GRO potion but it only went down to about my shoulders! I downloaded this app to see what I would look like with blonde hair but my hair is a lot longer that it would be cut off in the screen! The only other toca hair salon I have is the Xmas one and it can make the hair cut off the screen! So would you plz do that? Second, the hair is really cartoonish. Maybe just a little bit more realistic? That's all the problems I had with the app! The rest is AWESOME! :D Have a good day to anyone reading this!

Stopped working. It has started to say that it doesn’t have permission to use the camera when in deed it does. I’m very frustrated since I paid for this game.

Toca Boca review. Hair Salon Me is a fun game that has a new approach styling hair with new faces. You don't have any old boring faces you can take a picture of someone else and then design their hair when many colors amending the expression the mini accessories to go with it. This game is very fun for young game players and also make a young adults and adults of any age laugh at the crazy possibilities. The styling of the game is very good for everyone but the skin color that matches the face doesn't go well sometimes it glitches up sometimes it doesn't even match at all so that's what's wrong with the app. And the rest is just amazing!

Ummm ok 😐. It's looks fun but it is not fun it's like omg I bout this game for 1$and nothing happens it's just it makes me look like this😡 it's an tarple game ok!😡😡😡 Grrrr

I hate this app!!!!. Nothing works! This is just horrible. I am very disappointed with toca boca. I feel that the face comes out all wrong

Photos from photo albums. When you try and use photos from your photo album it dose not work please fix thanks

Great game!. It is a good game but it makes your face look like a monkey 🐵🐵😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

This game is creepy. I was playing this game and then a hear people talking in the background it sounded like real people and I paid 3 dollars to get stalked if you’re reading this delete it

It's ok. I have gotten most of the Toca Boca apps, and I though this on was going to be way better than Toca Boca hair salon 2. It's not. For the premium 2.99 there should be way more new interactions. I also don't like the fact that you can't manually pick the color of the face. I noticed the hair flows better, and the tools are more precise, but there really should have been more options. Front, back and side profiles, ponytail holders that bunch the hair up in a group when you release the hold. I could go on and on. I hope in the future you guys keep adding on to the hair salon it's totally my favorite app of all other than your kitchen app, which I hope you make updates for it too, to make it more like my disney kitchen. Thanks for all the hard work you guys do!

Very pleased, yet somewhat disappointed. I got this app (im 14) a few days ago, trusting the company as i love their hair salon apps. I was thinking it would be just like toca hair salon 2, but with our faces, making me excited because i hated the silly characters you had to use in hair salon 2. I was pleased, yet disappointed. Pleased: I love the new color selection I love the IDEA of the faces I love the picture background Disappointed: I do not like the art style, simply, AT ALL. I think it is creepy and looks like all the supplies came from a dump. I think if this is a kid oriented app I'd rather it be clean and colorful. I do not like the way the faces turn out. I assume there will be updates to improve this, so since i spent the money i'm holding out, but right now the faces get distorted and there arent enough options to pick the mouth or eye shape for it to work properly. I don't like the accessories, there should be more. I do not like the hair itself. I think it should be like hair salon 2; the hair for this one seems thin and doesn't grow as long. Last thing, but it seems a bit touchy. Doesn't respond well.

Worst $3.99 I have ever spent. I like tocaboca, but this is just bad. It says what it's going to do, but it's just a lot more boring than you think.... Disappointed....

Meh. Meh

Nope.... It’s not good at all, it’s a ripoff of number 2 and the forehead of the character is Massive. It looks gross to, it’s very unrealistic.

This is bad. This is the worst game I ever ever played

Doesn’t work. Everytime we open the app it won’t let us choose a photo from the gallery.

Booooooooooooooo👎. I can’t make my hair long in the game.

It's Alright.... I've been waiting since Saturday for this app. I was highly excited for it, I'm 14 and I love the toca hair salon two. But I'm not happy about the hair lengths they give you in this app, and then if the face has one little shade on it when you take the picture you look like you got beat up. I just want the hair to be longer and for my face or whoever's to look less awkward. I personally love the wash and dry station, it's really smooth, but if you like these fun and crazy apps to express your self this apps' for you, if you don't like designing or being cooky, this app is not for you.. I like it though.

Sad. I accidentally down loaded the app but then deleted it do I get my money back??? 😡😭

Haha. I used it on my cat and it was so cute

Yas queen. Slay the day away. I love this app. Slay! Buy it. Or else.👹👹👹👹

Monkeys. It makes your head look like a monkey.🙉🙈🐵🙊🐒; I would suggest not getting it.🚫❌

Fix it. Fix

Bad 😡. Even after I allowed this App to have Camera Access it won’t let me load any photos 😡😡😢

Hate it. I want a refund doesn’t work at all

🆒⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. Amazing app definitely worth the money. It’s super funny and really fun.

It's fun, but needs improvements. This game is really fun, but there are some things that i don't really like. One of them is that you should be able to choose your skintone, because those ones are nothing like my skin. Another thing is that the hair is barely even long when you grow it all the way. Another is when you choose colors as your wallpaper, there are a bunch of colors, so you have a hard time choosing and you have to keep pressing the button over and over again. Thats basically it. But otherwise the app is pretty cool! :)

Ok. I wasn’t able to style a sloth 🦥 but other wise it’s a cool game

You’ve done it again Toca. It’s like company ( like you) aren’t trying anymore sorry .

No. It will not let me get on

LOVE. Played this all afternoon!! Completely recommend!!!😁

AMAZING!. First, the good: this app/toy looks incredible, it is really really fun, and a brilliant idea, the animations are awesome, my daughter and nieces think this is the coolest! Second, the bad: there should really be a way to 'save' a gallery of your characters, so you can come back and play with them again & though I did not have as much trouble with the dark edges as many people, I did experience that, but I just took another pic, but since it seems to bother people a lot it would be nice to adjust that edge coloration algorithm. Third, the obvious: for those that complain about what their pictures look like: try again, it truly is up to you, it takes a little bit of effort, but in the app it says so itself -"use well lit photos... properly cropped and centered" and then with some care, place the eye and mouth markers. Lastly, toca boca apps are great because of their unique style, humor, silly cartoons, fun, and playability... So don't expect photo-realistic effects here, it is a toy, it is stylized, funny, and quirky, just have fun!

Bug fix. When I press photos recently in then it takes me out of the game

Why is it not free now.. Why did you make it 3 dollars? Please make it free again.

Ok.... The hair color picking is AMAZING but they make me look like a boy! You should to be able to choose genders. They make my face come out creepy and when she smiles or opens her mouth, the inside is black! The hair length is also too short. I have longer hair. Although, I love the new hats and bows. I also like the idea of putting your own background in. The wash station is very smooth though. But when I am swiping through the stations, the hair color sometimes swipes with me; it can get quite annoying because you loose the current hair color. HOWEVER it's a great game good concept!

a waste of 4 dollars. I regret this app 100%

Love it ayaaaayayayayyayayayayayayya. Buy this app it is the best app i have ever played 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😁😁😁😁😁😁👍👍👍👍👍

I can’t get in the app. I got into the game and the screen was just black for more than 5 minutes waste of my money


It needs more.. Is a really great game but it needs more.

Awesome app! Two suggestions, though. Our daughter is a huge fan of the previous hair salon apps, and adores this one! Two changes would make this much more usable, though. First, she's three, which is old enough to do the salon part of the app, but *not* old enough to choose a picture, line it up, pick a head shape, identify eyes and mouth, etc. This app would be *much* better if we could save the heads after we put them together, so that she could just decide whose hair she wants to style and go. Second, I don't understand why this can only pull pictures from the camera roll. We use this on a couple of different devices, and would prefer to just have a shared photostream of usable head shots.

Wow good!. Is so good my kids love it although do you still have Toca tv and Toca band?

It’s kicks me out. Every time I choose a photo it makes this noise and kicks me out ! Please help and fix this bug :(

Doesn’t wk. Just got it for my son and it is still on a black screen and want a refund back

What?!. OMG. I could hear Dan The Diamond Minecart, speaking, in the BACKGROUND!!

Dum app. It won’t even open! Stupid thing!

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Language English
Price $4.99
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 2.3
Play Store com.tocaboca.tocahairsalonme
Compatibility iOS 11.0 or later

Toca Hair Salon Me (Versiyon 2.3) Install & Download

The application Toca Hair Salon Me was published in the category Entertainment on 27 November 2013, Wednesday and was developed by Toca Boca AB [Developer ID: 419103351]. This program file size is 96.23 MB. This app has been rated by 324 users and has a rating of 3.2 out of 5. Toca Hair Salon Me - Entertainment app posted on 29 November 2023, Wednesday current version is 2.3 and works well on iOS 11.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.tocaboca.tocahairsalonme. Languages supported by the app:

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Toca Hair Salon Me App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Bug Fixes :)

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