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What is pocket god app? What kind of god would you be? Benevolent or vengeful? Play Pocket God and discover the answer within yourself. On a remote island, you are the all-powerful god that rules over the primitive islanders. You can bring new life, and then take it away just as quickly. Exercise your powers on the islanders. Lift them in the air, alter gravity, hit them with lightning...you're the island god! All god powers are demonstrated in Pocket God's help menu.

Pocket God is an episodic microgame for you to explore, show your friends and have fun with. We have been growing the game with the help of player suggestions! What sort of godly powers would you like to see added?

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Ep 1: Nowhere To Go, Nothin' To Do
Ep 2: Does this Megabyte Make My App Look Fat?
Ep 3: You Always Hurt the One You Lava
Ep 4: Shake That App!
Ep 5: A Storm is Coming
Ep 6: And on the 7th Day, Rest!
Ep 7: Just Give Us 5 Minutes
Ep 8: Jump the Shark
Ep 9: Idle Hands
Ep 10: Hi, Dracula!
Ep 11: A Mighty Wind
Ep 12: Something's Fishy…
Ep 13: March of the Fire Ants
Ep 14: Say My Name!
Ep 15: A New Home
Ep 16: The Tyrannosaurus Strikes Back!
Ep 17: Return of the Pygmy
Ep 18: Surf's Up
Ep 19: Fun 'n Games Until A Pygmy Gets Hurt
Ep 20: Stop! My App is On Fire!
Ep 21: Flipping the Bird
Ep 22: Ooga Jump
Ep 23: Bait Master
Ep 24: Idle Hands 2: Caught with your Pants Down
Ep 25: Sharks With Frickin' Laser Beams Attached To Their Heads
Ep 26: Dead Pygmy Walking
Ep 27: Good Will Haunting
Ep 28: Barking Spider, Crouching Pygmy
Ep 29: The Pyg Chill
Ep 30: Great Job Ice Hole
Ep 31: What's the Story Morning Gory?
Ep 31B: What's the Story Morning Gory? Part II
Ep 32: Crack is Wack
Ep 33: A Pygmy A Day Keeps the Ape Away
Ep 34: Monkey See, Monkey Chew
Ep 35: Double Rainbow All The Way Across The Sky
Ep 36: Konkey Dong
Ep 37: The Moron Pests
Ep 38: Two and a Half Pygmies
Ep 39: Challenge of the Gods
Ep 40: Battle of the Gods.
Ep 41: I Sting The Body Electric
Ep 42: Bone Soup
Ep 43: Killing Time
Ep 44: The Perfect Swarm
Ep 45: Dance Dance Execution
Ep 46: Germs of Endearment
Ep 47: Apocalypse, Ow!

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Pocket God Version 1.48.220 August 2015

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon. 64 bit compatibility.

Pocket God Comments & Reviews 2022


Pocket god... oh, I remember the days when it was exciting. Wow. I love this game but... HOW COULD YOU STOP UPDATING THIS APP!!!!! Right when you bring in the only girl Pygmy you take her out! This can't be happening! I noticed that your blog, bolt creative. com is no longer available. And I noticed you are not responding to your reviews. All we need is one more update ONE MORE so we can get SUN!!! ( and hopefully a couple more things too) of you are reading this, DON'T DOWNLOAD THIS APP! You will only be tortured by the knowledge that you will never have a truly satisfying ending. Oh, what a beautiful game this used to be... (Sorry for the long review)

- Legendary App

This game used to be the best. I remember back in school we would wait every week for the new updates. Whenever a new update came out, my friends and I gathered together and played with all the new features. This game was great, so sad it's over. Re-downloaded it after years of not playing it, and it's cool to see a few new things. People are complaining that there aren't any updates, but they don't know that episode 47 was supposed to be the last one. They did episode 48 just because of popular demand. While I do wish there was a way to have alien pygmy's, werewolves, and female pygmy's, the game is packed with fun things to do. Maybe if the developers come back they can make 2 more episodes to finish it off? Just because 50 episodes is a lot cooler than 48 haha. Personally love the app, just kinda sad the graphics are the same and not high resolution like other apps. But I hope one day Bolt decides to finish up this app for good! And just one recommendation: I think Tom and Charlie should have a more distinct look, like Charlie should be in his tiger form permanently instead of just when slicing a Pygmy. I know the two characters are already somewhat distinct with their facial expressions, but it would still be cool. Just my thoughts!

- What’s with people?

Just giving this a five star review because of all these people giving negative reviews because they enjoyed or once enjoyed this game but want more. A long time ago, the devs made a great, iconic game and dedicated their time to updating that game and expanding the universe through several additional games and mediums. Now, I’m sure they made a great deal of profits on it but for whatever reason they’ve seemed to leave it as it is. Perhaps they wanted to move onto something else. Perhaps they got tired of running it as I’ve heard maintaining mobile games can take a lot of work, especially if it’s just a few people working on it. Unfortunately, not everything lasts forever and while I’d also love to see more PG (especially after the Sun tease), it doesn’t look like that will be happening. Maybe they’ll pick it up again, maybe not. But instead of bashing the devs for what they’re not doing, be grateful for what they did do and the good memories that followed.

- Dave and Allan read this now!!!

In case you don’t know who Dave and Allan is, Dave is the programmer of Pocket God, and Allan is the artist of Pocket God. This review is meant for them. If you guys are reading this, PLEASE, for the love of god, MAKE NEW POCKET GOD CONTENT. I don’t care if it’s a spin-off game like Ooga Jump. I don’t care if it’s a sequel. I don’t care if it’s another update. The community wants more Pocket God! You guys have been working on this game and have been making thousands and millions of dollars from the comics, merchandise, and in-app purchases. Don’t give up on Pocket God! People will still support your content! Don’t believe me? If you check the Entertainment section on the Apple App Store, you will see that Pocket God is the #1 Paid Entertainment App. People are still buying Pocket God! I hope you are convinced to make more Pocket God stuff. Even if you won’t make Pocket God stuff anymore, please give us an update on you guys. You can’t go silent like this. I’m gonna end this review on one message: WE LOVE POCKET GOD -From the hearts of all the Pocket God lovers

- Umm... who is SUN and why can’t we save her??

I’ve had this game for ages and I have no idea who SUN is! I did ended the apocalypse a couple times over and SUN appeared at the end saying “Hey guys! What’s up?,” and then the alien got her and she screamed, then the alien ate her... First, it says *Go into story mode to see prophecy, okay, so I looked for “Story Mode” and found nothing! So I (once again) need to know WHO THE HECK SUN is! Also, why is her name in all caps? Not anything against the game, it’s just making my curiosity a murderer due to the mystery of this SUN Pygmy. I mean, I love the game, I still play it! Also SUN is a female, why don’t we have female Pygmys? Anyways, I know you guys finished off the game, but please respond to this unveiling these mysteries! Oh, and, somebody said to bring SUN back. Again, CURIOSITY IS KILLING ME!! Was she here before? Who is she? Is she the only female? Will a responder help me here???

- I miss it! :(

Hey creators of Pocket God! I love your app, I’ve loved it since I was a kid! Even though it’s been years, I, as well as many others, really miss the updates! It’s kinda sad because it’s like a part of our childhood is gone. I remember always looking forward to the newest updates and being super excited when they finally came out! But I at least want to say THANK YOU for creating Pocket God!! It holds so many memories and I still play it even though there most likely won’t be another update. If you read this, thank you for your time! :)

- Why stop updating it?!

Oh my gosh, I used to love this game! I’d play it all the time... I remember when it was so fun! Now I love to relive the memories, but now it’s not as fun! How could you stop updating this great game!? No child now would enjoy it as much as I did back then, with all their new technology, games, etc. You need to fit in if you still want this game to stand out. If you are reading this, DONT GET THIS APP. It’s a waste of time, and has no purpose anymore. I miss pygmy! When you added the girls! They were so fun to play with! Now you just let that all go and get rid of them. You seriously only updated this at like 2008 then you updated it to where it gets rid of the girls! Stop making your game worse!!! AND READ YOUR REVIEWS FOR ONCE

- Would have gave it a five star but

I would’ve gave it a five star this game is really fun super chill hilarious and crazy but I find it really annoying that I cannot turn off the music like I don’t know why there’s not a optionTo turn off the music but still keep the sound effects on if I turn off the music it turns off all the sounds and I found that really annoying, Other than that the updates are really good and the game is super fun

- Used to love

This game was my favorite thing to do when I was bored or just wanting to play a game. It's been forever (2015 according to the AppStore) since an update, and I uninstalled it a while ago (sometime in 2016) for more phone space and since well, basically, there's nothing new to do. What happened to the updates every week? What happened to episode 48? What about the girl Pygmy? Aliens? Not sure how many people still play, but I'm betting if you removed the ads from this PAID for game, and finally started updating (at least once a month I mean seriously) you'd get a lot of players back. Used to say this was a five star game, but now it's just repetitive and boring.

- Helpful ideas for players (Legendary)

Hello! Just to cover it I recommend this for people that LOVE weird and funny games. This game is the most LEGENDARY game ever. You can even make baby’s! There are so many things to do and and so many things to see. And the best part is NO ADS! Now there is a part called the apocalypse. It is so fun! And there is fishing and water wings! You can play mini games too! One mini game is the guys dream. When he is asleep tap on the dream bubble and make the snake eat him! Then you will get into a game. Cya I gotta go to school 👋

- One of the greats 4 sure

This game is extraordinarily unique and entertaining and fun and only for 0.99 I Highly recommend you buy the game you will only regret not buying it. And for this game coming out in 2009 and still looks pretty good today there’s so much stuff to do i’ve been playing it for about a week now and I’m still not done with it at least u need to put at least 48 hours into the game to complete it I honestly don’t have one bad thing to say about this game I hoped this helped

- Love the game BUT.......

Look pocket god has active players there may not be many but dang IM STILL HERE!!! We need girl pygmys WE NEED SUN BACK!!!! MORE UPDATES make it like the Facebook version it could be very popular I promise you that, but when you forget great games like this and don't update it then what was the point of creating the game if you ignore it, please please PLEASE consider doing things like that girls, relationships, foods, drinks, like huts and stuff please make pocket god the best game it could ever be. Thank you bolt creative thank you

- awesome game but it’s sad that it stopped

I used to play this game with my brother a lot when I was small but then I forgot about it then I remembered it and I was excited to play it again but it was sad when this game when bankrupt and stopped But it’s still a very fun game to play maybe make a spin off game with 1. Same graphics but a bit better 2. More achievements 3: more stuff to do other than achievment and battles

- Love this game!!!

I used to play this game on the daily years ago in 2012. I then bought it back on my Kindle a couple years ago, but never touched it. Now I have it here, and I love it. I just have one recommendation to maybe add more abilities for the Pygmys. Maybe when a Pygmy becomes a vampire, they can bite other ones to spread it to them. Maybe extend the map a little, or add some more Pygmys. Or even add some cool quests to do. But, besides that, this app is amazing and one of my longest lived.

- Seriously needs an update

This would be my favorite game in 2010. But that’s the thing- it’s not 2010. The graphics are out of date and there hasn’t been new content in years. It’s still entertaining, but I feel like this game hasn’t aged well like a game like Jet Car stunts has. If I had to choose, I’d go with JCS. But they’re big still enjoyable.

- Congratulations, you ruined it.

When I first discovered this game, my friends and I were obsessed. There was so much to do, and regular updates adding even more? It was always so exciting to check for updates on the App Store after school, and when Pocket God got an update, it was almost magical. But now, not only has it been over a year since we got a proper update, but the game looks exactly the same as it does when I played it back in 2009. Incredibly fuzzy graphics and it doesn't even take up the full screen! And what's more, you added ADVERTISEMENTS. In a game we PAID FOR. You guys clearly put a lot of heart into this app... what happened?

- Xenu ate Sun?!

I completed 75 freaking challenges and finished all the previous episodes to make sure I didn't miss anything! And he doesn't die?! AND he also eats sun?! I wanted space-calamari for my pygmies! I also wanted them to be sharing it with a girl! And xenu survived and ate sun! Ok ,ok. But you should be able to save her! Or at least respawn her and 5 of her fellow pygSHEs! I mean, what the heck?! Also Tom and his wife and a specified baby (new pygmies!) please?

- Used to be great. Lost some luster.

I love this game and I used to play it after it first came out on my iPhone 4. The game is still fun but it doesn't look like it's meant for the newer phones (i.e. iPhone 11). The resolution doesn't fit the screen and the graphics are fuzzy and outdated. The touch controls don't feel as clean as they used to. Flicking pygmies and pushing clouds and that sort of stuff doesn't work as well. It feels like it needs an update to the graphics and mechanics. The core of the game is still fun but it needs tweaking.

- This game is great but i feel it’s dying

This game is great but It needs another content update because I have completed all the episodes and maxed out all my idols and done every thing you can do on each island including mini games too many times and it’s getting boring and I don’t want to leave this game behind. also a skin pack that changes the appearance of Pygmys would be nice to

- Pygmy curses.

This game is good. But there is a problem with one of the stories. In one of the stories, one Pygmy shows a place in apocalypse island, when they get there, one of the Pygmies say, “oh what the fresh hell is this?” Hell is a bad word, and it’s not allowed in this 9+ game, this game will teach kids to say that word. Can you change it to heck please? And can you make more updates?

- so damb valid

I've loved pocket god since I was like 7 and I still think that everything is great!! but maybe if you guys would get the chance make a new episode or such that would be even more epic!! Even just a new skin pack would be cool, like maybe you guys could do a skin pack where the pygmies look like their counterparts from the comic series?? also KxO is canon that's the factz

- Legendary best game ideas

This game is amazing buy it twice BUT the only female Pygmy Gets blown up add more Pygmys so good make a cartoon of it add a Charlie who turns into a werewolf when the player makes the sun set put in a Karaken mini boss add Dino jousting put in Jurassic location put in villains for pygmys to battle add multiplayer battles make your own pygmys add vechicles I’m a huge fan so yeah

- Not bad

This game has been a favorite and I probably have had it since 2014, really fun playing the temple update with the aliens and the female pigmy. But I finished that probably right after it came out, so here I am waiting for the next episode to figure it out. Waiting. Waiting. Still waiting. Finally I got bored and started grinding the idols. I got most of that complete and stopped playing it. Just an another empty app. Would become a 5 start if that ep 49 came out.


iOS 11 comes out in a week and we Need iphone 7 and 7 plus supported version... it needs to be 64 bit or higher ...... i paid for this game years ago i still play to this day but if not updated it will be removed from the appstore in iOS 11.... you will gain alot of players back with that too

- I love this game!

Ok so every one has always said, oh it needs updates! But really? Think about the game... Well for me when I think about it I just remember sad things... When I was younger I used to get bullied so bad that this game was my only escape... Every day I would come home almost in tears and then lay down... and bring out my crapy old phone and turn on my fav game, pocket god! Seeing the game icon just brought joy to me... The game was so fun and funny! It made me forget all about the bullies... Now I still play time to time and still feel like that happy kid every time I turned on the game! This is why this is my favorite game!

- Apotheosis

Does anyone remember when one of the dudes would stare at his hands and then turn into rainbow light and disappear?? I legit just payed for this game today just to try and see it happen. I can’t find anyone talking about this I swear seeing that at a young age made me see the world in the weirdest way.

- Perfect... almost

My only complaint with any and everything, is that it’s no longer updated. It was a classic app, the only one I never had in a folder: smack dab in the middle of the screen. Sad to see that they’re not wrapping it nicely, but that’s life. 11/10, so long.


Pocket god may seem boring if you first join the app but there are a bunch awesome and cool things you can other than trying to kill the pygmies (people you are taking care of). My favorite thing was when I got to find all these cool adventures to find the next cool thing you could do. Hope this was helpful!

- Great game

I really love this game. I've had it since it came out and I can't believe they're still going. All of the people that hate this game have no reason to. It's a great open sandbox game with fun quests and hilarious cameos. They come out with updates not too often, but that just gives me time to level up my idols!

- God says fix it

Okay. I like the water wing update, and I can tell that took a pretty long time to make. Good job. A few months since I've played this game and, well the graphics are still the same. I guess you could polish them up until we wait for the next episode. The hints aren't the best thing ever, you can cheat with the idols, and wha? Advertisements? Are you kidding me!? Now the other complaints are passable. 4/5 but this! For a game I bought! Maybe make a lite version, or something... You just shot yourself in the head Bolt.

- Love Pocket God, but..

I love this game in general, but clearly no effort was put in to optimizing it for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, as it doesn't even fit the screen correctly, and instead, there's these borders on each side which are just made to look like pillars. But what's even worse, is that the graphics are terrible, it's extremely blurry and pixel-y and you can tell that the game really hasn't been truly updated since its original release. Please fix this :/

- Where'd ya go?

Been with these guys since episode one. Pretty good updates overall, I understand not really knowing where to go next seeing as you've added so much random stuff already. Maybe let us know about a new game? Update the Uranus version? Introduce a city to the pygmies? Just off the top of my head. Just keep us updated dawgs

- Good game but...

You need to have sun as a guest character like Charlie you can create another episode and save sun it just isn't fun when you go through and end the apocalypse and then you see something you have wanted forever then you see it get taken away by a thing you thought you killed

- Memories

I loved this game I remember when my older cousins would let me play this on their old IPods, those were simple times, and happy times, a wonderfully simple yet complex game all in one. Amazing game and will always be the best mobile game every made


I want a lot more girls Pygmy in the game if you did you could gotten five stars not four and can you please save SUN please I love SUN please get more girls I loved it when I was younger because I had like playing with them and I always thought it would might have some girls and all you did just kill SUN so please add more girls please and add more updates because you said there would be one every week and your last update was three years ago add more updates please or you will get three stars so please add more girls

- Great but...

Great game but there's one problem, does anyone think that some of the pygmies you battle can read your mind anyone? I'm not saying that this makes the game bad but it's just really annoying sometimes whenever you're battling the pygmies, other than that great game.

- Boring

I'm going to be honest. After you get half the achievements the game get very boring. You end up redoing the same things over and over again. There are some fun mini games that after a while become boring. The updates are super far apart and add very little content. I rated a 2 because there is room for improvement. Only buy this game if you are looking for a quick entertainment every once in a while.

- I like it but…

I’m happy the data is NOT used to track you but when the queen eats the little things I realized wth is she getting pregnant or something?!?! Her belly gets bigger and her belly goes up like they are kicking her or something. And I just didn’t get it (I would like another female)

- Amazing, but needs more updates

I remember having the best times when playing this game when updates were common, but now, the last update as of now was 4 years ago. That’s not right. You shouldn’t do that to us game, I mean, Come on.


This game used to be fun but it's not anymore. Whenever I had gotten my first iPod I played this game and I thought the graphics were amazing. That was about 6 years ago. Get with the program people. I thought the game would be updated and better. Well I was wrong. I gave it 2 stars because of the joy it brought me 6 years ago. And the app wouldn't let me click anything but the add button. I would like to say..............DONT BUY THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!

- Please update!

This was the best thing in school. My friends and I would wait for an update to explore the depths of. It’s a sad shame knowing this hasn’t been updated in 3 years. Please, if the devs see this, bring it back! Update it and make it one of the best apps in the store!

- Update!

I love love love this game. I speak not for myself, we need a girl or girls!!! Revive Sun! We need her back! Also we need less ads. I mean it's ok, but WE NEED SUN BACK. Even tho I only saw her for 5 seconds, I saw so much potential for her, but then, BLOP she's gone!!! This game would be 100% better with girls. Also have more areas

- Fun, but needs an update!!!

Please update this game!! It is so similar to when I remember having it...like 7 years ago. I just downloaded it so my little brother could try it out and he loves it, but everything just looks so outdated! Please give it a fresh coat of paint and restore it to its former glory! Thank you!!

- Wonderful, but abandoned

Amazing game, completely worth it. I played for hours and hours before I even discovered the episodes because it's just so fun, but don't expect too many updates. It looks like bolt creative has abandoned this lovely game

- Great Game, just that...

I love the game no complaints other than there should be a girl Pygmy or two. Up until recently I can't hear the game, so weird the mute button is off and my volume is on high, I can hear other games just not this one! It really bothers me!!

- Love it

I've been playing Pocket God for years, and I really love this game. I have so many memories attatched to it as I grew up playing it on my iPod as a kid, and it's sad to see that they stopped updating this app. I still love the game though, and I hope they return to working on it.

- Where is the Update

seriously where is it. I've been waiting so long for an update but it's like the creators of the app forget it even exists. I hope they know that there are still plenty of players. Please make another update. here's an idea, FEMALE PIGMIES !

- I remember

Ok I used to like this game (and still do) and I would like a new game or even a update This game was the only game that I used to play (but I still play others) but i really missed this game I I hope the developers come back to this game

- New update

I love this game but I really do think then need a new update, I always hated it when apps stop making updates I really really don’t want this one to die out like so many

- Ugh

I have been on episode 3 for too long, I have to flick them into the volcano but every time I try, the game thinks I'm either trying to drop them in the water or throw them in the air for the cloud game, it's absolutely ridiculous how long it took me to get ONE into the volcano but now I have to do THREE, fix the bugs and then I will give a good rating

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- Tornados

I was doing my challenge and I tried to put a monkey in a tornado on ape island and guess what... no effect on monkeys from tornados so fixing that would be more accurate

- Good

I know you are probably never gonna make any more pocket god games or any pocket god updates but I have some ideas for a new update ok the first Idea is where the pygmies find a time machine and the next idea is a big jungle where there are arrows that move the camera to left or right but it would go to left if the arrow pointed to left and it would go right if the arrow pointed right and the arrow would be at the right side of the screen if it was a right arrow and the left arrow would be at the left on the screen if it was a left arrow and there would be a mini game where the pygmies where on vines

- I love this game

When I was younger me and my friend would always play this. We started to forget about it and then 7 years later me and him found the game in the App Store and and we got so exited and we’re playing it so much now. Thanks to the people who made this game you have brought me and my friend so much happiness.

- Game teaches terrible lesson

Pocket God is a pointless and cruel game where you kill these poor innocent cavemen for no reason whatsoever. One day, my son (he’s 19 by the way) came up to me and said that he wished he came to the cavemen’s island one day so HE can be “sacrificed” and respawn the exact same way as the cavemen are. My son hasn’t been healthy lately ever since he’s been playing THAT game, I do not recommend this game to ANYONE.

- Classic

I remember when this was still on Facebook. The game is a lot of fun and can be a bit challenging doing the episodes but overall it’s a great game. Oh, one last thing, WHERE IS THE UPDATE? WHERE IS THE UPDATE? WE WANT THE UPDATE NOOOWWWWWW! GIVE US THE UPDATE! GIVE US THE UPDATE! WE WANT IT! WE WANT THE UPDATES NOOOWWWW!

- Not enough directions

There is nothing you can do in this game or there is and there is very little direction on what to do it’s the same repeating stuff I would like a refund or someone to tell me how to play the game properly in depth cuz from what I’m seeing there is a lot of depth but no one tells you on how to get into depth so the game is basically trash

- Nostalgia

Soo much memories when I re downloaded this and even better now ☺️

- Absolutely love this game

This game is a must buy but the only reason I gave it 4 stars is because the developers seem to have given up on it. PLEASE MAKE MORE

- Love it!!!

I have had this game since I was little and I must say it had always been my favourite. So I have nothing to say except that I love it!

- A little unfair😕 but still a great game

I think this game is a little bit unfair because there are no female pygmies, please put them in your next update, if you do I will give this game 5 stars. Oh yeah speaking of which... WHEN IS THE NEW UPDATE COMING OUT!? I'm almost at the end of my patience here😭😭

- So cool!

I love this game! It's so cool how you get to control this little tribe of people and the adventures you go on are so cool too. I would recommend for a bit of fun!

- Ads

It's ridiculous that I have paid money and still have to watch adds for the other game, other than that it's a fun game but the ads are annoying

- Forgotten and unloved by the creators

This game was great but it's now unloved by the creators that don't make games or updates anymore

- Update

You get 5 stars please update

- New Update?

Please update the game😁 Needs new episodes.

- Boring & too many advertisements

I paid money for this app and am sill harassed by advertisements. The game in general gets boring and annoying pretty quickly too.

- I don't know-amber

All I can practically say about the game is that is it is both entertaining and useless but that is where your creativity comes into play... Yes you have to me both bored and creative, because if your not... Your an idiot for buying this game. Because if your too logical you may think this game is just playing weird. But personally, I have grown too love this game in between each update, but honesty, after awhile the game get boring because you know what does what and how to tourture the little guys and kill them. I recamend that you make the game a mystery, embarking on a adventure of a possible lifetime. Now before you get overwelmed in this wonderous review of mine, let me tell you want this game needs. This game needs more weapons, custimization of the pymiges ( personaties, clothes, hair and their role in the game), you could create a island where you could go inside the volcano and boil them in hot lava, you could create a island that has a portal to the underworld, where you can transform you pymiges into mythical creature of the night or the day and lastly the game can still be random and all but at least have a plot or final update that completes the game. One more thing to add before I finish, there should be girl or women pymgies because I think it would make the game much more interesting...

- No good

Not as fun as I remember. Can't make them do anything and they don't say cute things anymore. 0/10 wouldn't recommend.

- Buy game to get swamped by ads

Why would I buy a game that is so swamped with ads that I can't enjoy this game...

- Brooke

BORING!!!!!'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!''!!!!!!!!!!!!! Does not let me play

- Awesome App

Probably my favourite app, because i can keep coming back to it. But, i would like to see another few updates and definetely a big one for number 25 as its the quarter century. Anyway, i would love to see these: 1.The Tsunami would be great, but if that is all the new "surf's up" update is going to be, then dont bother. We are keep for something that can keep us playing for a good 20-30 minutes instead of 2-3 2. An Octopus/giant squid, to eat the shark, or maybe a megalodon to take on the T-rex. 3. A function to make the villagers fight each other would be awesome. 4. Having a chief, and a difference between boys and girls would be cool. 5. Some new outfits to pick. 6. Something to personalise your villagers, such as a totem pole or something. 7. HUTS, HOUSES, TENTS. Everyone wants these, please soooon. 8. Also, Possible for the big 25th update there could be a way for villagers to develop through different ages 9. Independant fighting. E.G. one person throws the spear (controlled by the player) and others throw rocks, which delivers less damage and angers the T-rex, but still helps. 10. I would love to have the next 3-5 planned updates posted on the page in the list with the others, and maybe a release date. Thanks Guys, keep up the good work and i would be pleased to spread the word and get this app up to 1,000,000 downloads, and #1 on the top paid apps. This deserves to be in the top 3 consistently, but we need more updates!! Thanks Again..Will

- Awesome App: more ideas

this is a great app!!! Some Ideas to improve this app are: The Islands: -more islands (hopefully at least 5 islands altogether) -different island ideas include; past island, present and future islands. alien island (another planet). farm and city islands. -to go between islands use a boat rather then just appear on one or the other. -It would also be great to be able to create your own island/s (using set things such as trees, birds etc) -Perhaps each island could have its own islanders (islanders could be able to visit other islands but only for 5 minutes or something) Things you could add to the islands: -a UFO with aliens -more 'gifts' for the islanders Things you could add to the game: -the ability to create custom islanders -a currency so the islanders can sell coconuts they find (maybe only on some islands) well i hope you consider my ideas. thanks for giving me a little island that i can be in charge of. Pocket God is a great game and if you take even a few of my suggestions i think it would be even better: a 5 star app!

- Most used app on my iPod =]

Let me first say that if you are thinking about buying this app, you will not regret it! I've owned this game since the '5 more minutes...' update and since then it has become the most used game on my ipod. I like the fact that it has no real goal or score to beat. I tend to get sick of those games pretty quickly, and I haven't gotten sick of Pocket God at all. I find myself coming back to it everyday to waste some time and laugh at the adorable little pygmies (you can't beat the look on their faces when they see a sunset), and I check the website for updates regularly. You will become addicted to Pocket God very easily =] and so will your friends. Even if they don't own iPhones! My friends ask me every couple of days if the new update is out and I don't mind showing off when a new way of bumping off the islanders comes around. Some future ideas - changing the outfit of the islanders (please, please, let me have little emo-like islanders). Or have little animals like native birds running around that you could electrocute/cook for the islanders to eat. Trust me, you'll love this app from the second you play it. And its a steal!

- yes

The Pocket God app is endless entertainment, and every day you'll find out more tricks and games to play with. This game is extremely unique, and although it is more or less aimless when it comes to achieving things that alter the way you play, the fun, creative ideas and the cartoon environments make it impossible to stop playing. The new update with achievements makes the game even more of a time-passer, and the format of the different tasks is simply excellent. The new idols on god island have given the game an exiting twist and have made me look forward to the next episode. I would really love to see some more island ideas in this game, with new environments and creatures to interact with. Another monkey island style island would be great in that there is only one island with cliffs as opposed to the usual watery surroundings, and I feel that there are unexplored things in this area. Overall, the game is funny, intricate, and best of all, there are so many minigames and ways to help or hinder your pigmies that it never gets old.

- Pocket God

THE GOOD Using your godly powers on your ever-spawning pygmy army is a blast. You can do anything from creating a tsunami to battling a giant T-Rex hell-bent on devouring your pygmys with it's razor sharp teeth THE BAD The updates used to be frequently released and high in standard. The quality is starting to drop, however. The latest update was just a repeat of the T-Rex battle but with a spider instead. And secondly, why do we have to wait so long for each update.I always look forward to them, but they're not coming out quickly enough IDEAS FOR FUTURE UPDATES 1. Plz plz plz can you put in customisable pygmies! It would give the game a lot more depth and would definately get me going on your game alot more. 2. A snow island! The pygmies could make snowmen and you could make it snow and/or hail. 3. More dance moves. The original ones are getting a bit boring. 4. Another minigame, like Ezone's Scarecrow but cavemen version. 5. The pygmies could go into space! There could be aliens and meteors, and there could be a minigame in which you have to fly a rocket through an asteroid field. (plz do this one. I think it'll work the best) FINAL VERDICT 4/5. Great game just needs to be a bit better with the updates. Well worth the $1.20 that it is.

- Stop sooking

Pocket god is da best game but people are giving it lower ratings than it deserves. Most of the bad ratings are because people say it dosen't update every week now but the problem is that is not the developers fault it is apples. If you read the pocket god blog you would know that Bolt creative are submitting the updates to apple on time but apple is taking ages to get the updates running. It is now impossible to have new updates in store on time because the average waiting period is nine days for developers. I have been waiting for a minigore update for a month and a half. The minigore update was submitted to apple on the fifth of august and it is now the 28th and there is still nothing. So don't take your criticisms to the hardworking developers take it out on lazy apple who simply put cannot keep up with the developers updates. Apple needs to employ more staff to combat this problem and if they don't it's there profits that will plunge.

- Still Great...

Ive had this one since it was released and now have a few suggestions... 1. The ability to reward islanders, not just destroy them 2. Some kind of mood meter... or island moral meter 3. Day counter 4. Islanders interact with eachother (Dracula islander should bite others and they become vampires too, instead of simply bumping them off the island) 5. Islanders could climb the tree to try grab the coconut, some maybe dont make it and fall into the water 6. The shark attacks islanders who fall into the water... also islanders should be able to go for a dip on their own 7. Alternate islander styles (hair, cloths etc) 8. Ability to change the weather (temperature)... maybe pinching the sun to make it bigger, the island would have a heat wave... make the sun too big and everything burns :) 9. Islanders start a fire at night. 10. Ability to turn the music OFF :) Those are my top 10. Still a fantastic game and the one i play most.

- Pocket god?  Needs updates? 

The new package is $1.19. It claimed to be $.99 but I just can't see that price anywhere. To access the extra packages, you must go into pocket god and select the tv looking icon. Now, relating to the price of the package. I feel the price for packages is way over priced considering that the whole game is $1.19. How about all packages for $1.19? The game overall for me is quite good. I like the idea of having different methods of sacrificing your pygmies. I also like the new song. It has a nice rhythem to it and the different actions used in the song. But once all methods of sacrifices have been used the game becomes dull and boring. But the add of mini-games and highscores makes the game interesting. Needed updates (suggested only): - Female pygmies! Why not make the game more interesting by making female pygmies. You could have babies, reproduce the island! - Clothes! I am not completely sure about this one, but it would be quite interesting to have a little hut that your pygmies could enter to make new leaf-made clothes. -Huts! How about having your pygmies make themselves little houses to live in? This could even become a mini-game by making a building game, cooking game etc. This game has potential, why not advance the game with all the suggested updates from all players. A well deserved 4 stars.

- I used to think this app was meh

First of all: OMG - FallDown minigame (Pain Drain) is here!!! :D (TI83plus calculator high school nostalgia!) I gotta say, I used to think this app was a waste of money; I bought this at around episode 7ish when it was top of the paid charts in AU. I played it for about 5 minutes and didnt touch it for ages. Until recently. I sincerely appreciate all the constant free updates the developers have put their time into. This has turned out to be a worthy investment - the constant updates and new achievement points make playing this game worthwhile; excellent replay value. The developers surely show their creativity and effort in continually developing this app. However, it seems like the PocketGod developers might switch to a "paid update" business strategy (Apple is apparently allowing paid updates soon)... they seem to have removed the line in the app info reassuring buyers that they were going to offer FREE updates in the future... and the paid content seems to indicate further premium content at a cost... (It would be nice to have a tiered help section: i.e. an index and maybe even a search bar to see how to do certain new things.) (Also, it seems PocketGod is VERY power hungry, and makes my phone very hot; it takes up more battery in a similar time period than GTA Chinatown Wars!)

- To Cujo, With Love

I have something to point out to you Cujo and before you ignore me thinking it's more abuse, stop. I have a healthy respect for other people's opinions, and generally find that those who don't are also semi-illiterate idiots, but now I'm digressing. Your reviews nowadays seem to be more reviewing the other reviewers, rather than the actual game. I mean, it's all very well to find the game dull and uninteresting, which it gets after about five seconds of a new update sometimes even two, but you could say that, 'stead of targeting the Nigerean scammers and other people here reviewing. (I realise I am being hypocritical for not reviewing the game myself, but it's pretty and mildly amusing for about five minutes, not even that, and after it's still pretty, but dead boring.)

- Pocket God is Awsm!!!!!

Pocket God is like the best app ever. I just love holding my iTouch upside down and continuously pressing the add islander button and watching them all continuously fall have way to the ground and then back into the sky. When you think about it its such a good idea and you can do so much stuff on it. Some of the things that you can do just make you laugh out loud. My favourite bit is the look on the islander's face when the shark bites the fishing line and he gets pulled into the water. Although the game music should be turned down because you cant really hear any of the sound affects which are really good. Also its a bit wierd that when you turn the device upside down to change gravity and all the islanders fall off the island, the shark falls back into the water.

- Suggestions

Ideas-gathering food from plants, can be poisionous, miniature wings for vampires flying around the island, events such as christmas, a 'volcanic' island inside the volcano with ground being hot and lava around it, prehaps a location on the moon if your pigmy gets to a certain height, a labratory map with gadgets and acid as the surrounding liquid, a deep under water volcano, occupations for the pigmys each with a certain advantage in their career. Other planets, a polar location... The south pole, prehaps 10 pigmys on the island, the shark can be cooked Just some ideas I thought might be fantastic GIANT PIGMYS! GIANT PIGMYS! Different seasons, ridable animals, beable to take Zogmies (or how ever u spell it) to other islands. A hybrid between a zombie and a vampire... Fog, mini cyclones, random storms with rain, an option with a rainbow and a pigmy can slide down the rainbow

- Good but a suggestion

At the moment it gets a little too boring just doing things for the sake of it... I would love to see a scale of the islanders' happiness... As their god it would be our responsibility to keep their happiness in check, and in the middle of the scale. If we don't keep the scale in the middle, the islander population diminishes, and we lose our little friends. Example: too many beautiful sunsets and coconuts - and the islanders get too content, grow bored, and lose their lives swimming with the sharks while thrill-seeking. Too many lightning strikes or natural disasters - and the islanders become unsettled, and begin to riot, wiping themselves out. The longer we can maintain the population, the more points we earn, and the more god-like powers we unlock!! ...just a thought anyway...

- Great idea for a game

There has obviously been a lot of thought and effort gone into this game and so far it has been entertaining enough for most people. There is one big problem though, while it's fun bashing your little islanders, I can only do it for so long before I get bored, I was thinking of say levels and two paths for a god, good and evil, so far being evil is it maybe for the good path you could teach them stuff to perform for you, build things, if they do something bad then u punish them. For the levels, upon completion of a stage maybe they could canoe to a different island or the mainland. There would be a refreshing change of scenery and it would leave it wide open for stacks of new expansions and fresh ideas.


The Herald Sun article reads: GOD GAME IS A KILLER, (lol) A popular iPhone game that depicts the torture and murder of primitive islanders has been branded desgrading by Pacific islanders. Indigenous groups have taken at Pocket God's use of grass-skirted natives who are set on fire and tossed to the sharks. The game is descibed as making the player an 'all powerful god that rules over the primitive islanders. My opinion: Unless those Pacific islanders tie their hair up with bones and actually wear grass skirts, they shouldn't be complaining about a small iPhone game and the Herald Sun shouldn't have written about it. Get a life! The game: Loved it, very fun, lots to do and discover. I love the new island although I was dissapointed that there were only two new things to do. Overall, great game, keep those updates coming!

- Some room for improvement...

This is a great game as it is but I have noticed that some of the updates/episodes don't work with the other ones e.g. You can't cook the shark, T-Rex doesn't get affected by hurricane. Here is a list of ways that I reckon you could make the episodes work better together; • Make the user able to cook the shark like you cook the normal fish but when a pygmy eats it he gets really fat. • With the T-Rex you should have it like with the shark where if you hold a Pygmy above it's head then it jumps up to grab them. • Make the T-Rex, Shark, Meteorite, Egg, and outhouse get picked up by the hurricane • Make the shark so that it can swim around underwater • With Ooga Jump you should be able to tilt the Pygmy off one side and it will appear on the other side like in doodle jump. • Be able to have both egg and fire on at same time so that you can feed the pygmies a huge omelette or something This is kind of a long list but if you could incorporate some of it into a later episode that would be great! P.S if you could make it so that the pygmies can ride on the back of the Shark/T-Rex/Bird that would also be great.

- Fabulous

For those that want to know what it's about, you basically play a god that plays around with little islanders: flick them, levitate them, generate volcanic eruptions, feed them to sharks etc. There's heaps of things that you can do to them and fun minigames to play as well. While I don't find it THE MOST entertaining thing in the world (I'm 17), my 14 year old sister loves it and can't get enough of it. However, it's grown on me and it's fun during an ad break to mess around with your little people and it's a must have app if you want to show off your iPhone/iTouch's capabilities to your friends. The graphics are fantastic and it never lags. For such a low price it's definitely worth it.

- A Little slow but still as fun as ever!

Yes, I know the the updates are getting more complex but what ever happened to "WEEKLY UPDATES!!". Every day I wake up and turn on the comp as quickly as I can to see if you have updated it and, to be honest, I am getting a little bit tired of doing it. So it would be really good if you could pick up the pace a little to please those little ooga customers! And, as requested, some popular additions some people would like to see on Pocket God. UFO'S (of course) Ooga happiness meter (meter goes up if ooga's are happy and vice versa for unhappy). Different Ooga's (old,young,female,male). More animals! And finally, Ooga Jobs! (like artist, surfer, prime minister) thank you for reading.

- Heaps of fun

This app scares me because it has revealed a side of me that I didn't know existed. Yes folks, it seems that I really like to torment those little island dwellers!! The volcano is just pure gold. I flick them into it one by one until it erupts. The terror on their faces as they run back and forth while covered in boiling hot lava is very funny. But if you drop the shark on top of one of them. Well that is even BETTER!!! And the reaction of those standing next to them is very, very funny. This app is heaps of fun. Just the thing to keep me amused while standing in line at the bank. There is a lot to do and with regular updates from the devs I can't see myself getting bored with it in a hurry. I posted this review 3rd March 2009.

- Awsome and not so awsome

The game gets a little boring after a while and my sister has an iPod touch and she was aloud 2 get it and I love playing it lease make a new update that is 4 a ipod touch 2 cauz I tealy like it I would rate it 5 stars if u had a new update and would let it b 4 iPods 2 Other than that it is great but I know I have already said this and no affence but the game gets tealy boring after a while I like a game that will keep me intertaind 4 atleased more than 10 mins and I love this game I know I am not making sence I am trying 2 tell u the part I like (my apinion) and the part that might need a little fixing (my apinion) again sorry if this if this is a bit long!

- Awesome update (Apocalypse, ow!)

It's a really good game, the way you get to be the god of these little pygmies. The new update is really awesome and I loved the climax at the end. Wish you could try to save Sun or something though… Question: why'd you say you guys couldn't make girl pygmies when you clearly just did on this update? Anyway, still a great app especially with so much to do for only $0.99! A bit repetitive at times, but that's only if you've finished all the challenges. Otherwise an awesome game. Should make the next updates like the last few ones we've had where they all link to each other. It keeps the players on the edge of their seats. Keep up the good work!

- Pocket God

This game would get like..... Totally $$$$ well maybe not but.. Still u have to admit XD a little bit of $$$$ ok ok... I love doing the mini doodle jump thingy with Charlie or even any of them.... This is how u do that... u go to the pirate place where there is a glass wheel thingy... Then u grab 1 of them and put your finger to the top of the screen where the clouds are. Then this is where u can start a mini doodle jump on the clouds. Lots of fun!!!! I might be getting boring to u but I have I joke it's not meant to be that funny but if u get it it's a good joke. Ok The little boy said: mum can I have $omething I left it at home plea$e plea$e plea$e. The mother replied: there is NOthing here where is it or I'm NOt getting it for u so answer back or NO. Haha u get it

- By far the funnest app on my iPhone

I've gotten a fair amount of apps for my iPhone but nothings captured my attention, or the my friend's attention, as Pocket God. There is something therapeutic about torturing the little fellas that makes it so addicting! My friends ask me- "why am i so mean to them?" I give them my phone and bam they can't help but feed them to the fish or flick them into the volcano. Where would i be without my little minions- they keep me sane, look forward to every update. In the future though, I would love to be able to change what they wear or the season and i would definitely love more ways to torture them. Five stars- Best App ever.

- Good fun

Most of the apps I own they're about getting a high score or doing a quest, every now and then its nice to see an app like this that doesn't have a concept of high scores or quest. Just clean fun! This is a good time passing apps that you learn more about, the more you play. Each map contains a lot of priceless fun with your little fellas you control. There are also a number of mini games hidden in the map that you can creat a high score for, but don't have to. It's fun to click and drag items/people and find out that it reacted with another item and you found a secret! If you don't have it, I suggest picking it up. Only $1.20! ($.99 USD)

- Has turned horrible

I've had this game since episode 1. I have seen it change to the better through WEEKLY updates and was a great game. This app has been ruined by story telling. It is stupid and isn't entertaining. It doesn't tell you how to use it with detail. You need to listen to the people! Not go off to your own world and say LETS MAKE A THING HOW PEOPLE CAN DESIGN THEIR OWN STORY AND BE ENTERTAIN FOR 2 MINUTES BEFORE THEY RELISE THEY ARE WASTING THEIR TIME. The saying as long as you tried doesn't apply to this because you didn't try. Please listen to the fans and make new islands, girl pygmies, aliens to match the theme, new themes that will impact the environment, the ability to create and destroy, an advancing in civilisiation and etc. Please don't let me waste the 10 minutes I've spent writing this on my iPod because I poured my thought into this, thanks.

- Wowza

I luv this game!!!!!! It is gr8 4 when u hav nothing else to do, I hav had this game since b4 Xmas and I hav never gotten bored wit it! A couple suggestions I hav for this game; can u plz add the feature to buy costumes for the pygmies (e.g. A chicken, a Xmas tree, a hot dog) Bcuz that would be really awsum, u could buy them in the customize skin packs for $0.99 as well can there be sum girl pygmies too but maybe only in 1 island, like u create a "girlie island" where u can only take 2 boys to socialize with the girls, bcuz that would just be amazing!! Plz consider my ideas for ur next update! I really luv this game and I hav already bought the candy land skin pack and journey to Uranus!!!! U must buy it

- Read this please...

Ah, it makes me laugh everytime I see it... The people who complain about this game... Look, for $1 you can't complain at all and I laugh everytime I see idiots complaining that they have wasted a dollar... Seriously? How tight are you? Take the game for what it is, and stop complaining about it. It's your fault, YOU bought it. Get a life, seriously, plus bolt creative are making much more money than you will ever have, and they are doing something with their lives. You can't write stupid little comments on the pocket god app the rest of your life... And this is coming from a 12 year old.

- Best game but uuuhh why did u do that

I absolutely love your game every time I see an update you do not know how excited I get! Anyway in episode 47 Apocalypse ow shouldn't the alien taken Tom and not Sun? And why did she come in the game if she was gonna be taken out of it again? Well for the next episode can you guys please make it that she gets somehow saved and you battle the alien? I know that everyone would love that (if you do that can you please not make it extremely hard? I've played a few really good games that I loved but then they made a level that was incredibly hard to finish and in the end I never got to see what happens after).

- Don't complain

This app does exactly what is says it does and is one of very few that have stayed on my iPhone for an extended period. It's a great app that is always evolving!! I know there is something very sadistic in it but it's fun to find new ways of torturing the little guys! Eventually this would be great as a "sim" game with the interactive environments - sort of a virtual pet. Let's just see what happens next?! Good work guys - please keep it up; oh and sorry to hear about the Micronesians trying to sue you for being insensitive but they need to realize this depicts no tribes anywhere and is just a game!!!

- Needs an update

This game has improved immensely, but still feels lacking. I have a few ideas that i think will improve the game enough to make it more interesting, as sadly it gets boring for lengthy periods of time. I think it would be really cool, if you could make a little town where you can have your own house or something. Another thing that would be good is that, if you could create an army and maybe kill another tribe. Also while i'm at it, could you please enable us to listen to our own music. If you applied these things to the game, i would definately rate it five stars. Please work on this, because it really need's an update. Thank you

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- Update

Why did you stop updating? I would give a 5 star review but in exchange do something better than making the comics free At least make the runs remake. We need an update! Rise from the dead! Make pocket god great again! EPISODE 49 THE RISE!! Tell us why you stopped for more than 6 years! Celebrate your 11th birthday Rise!! Rise!!

- Excellent, but...

I love this game very much! There are many mini games through out the game such as: battling gods, jumping on clouds, find the treasure, fight the dinosaur and more. The game runs smoothly and it doesn't take that long to download. I also love how you can make movies with the characters. My only recommendation is letting us customize the characters. There can be a customizing button so there is an option for the people who want to change it up. Inside can be different hair styles, gender change, clothing change, colors, maybe species? Overall I love this game, I highly recommend it to everyone! Thank you for reading my review.

- Was great, but...

Ever since the new update, there have been Ads, which is ridiculous since it's a paid app

- Attention

This is a PAID app. There shouldn't be ads on a PAID app. Fix this.


Pocket god is so damn fun but PLEASE update the game

- Where

Where is the update? We want the update now ooooow!!!

- Classic Nostalgia

Love this game since it’s release. Just wish there’s more God challenges.

- I hope this app stays forever

I love this game so much its the best stress reliever i hope it never leaves the app store

- Still so fun and nostalgic

Still one of the best games ever. I remember playing this when I was a kid and it was the best game ever

- Good old times

I really liked the game, back then and now. Also, why is everyone getting ads? I’m not

- Great but

I think there should be more god powers like being able to tab and hold your finger on the sun then drag your finger on to a Pygmy and then a solar flare will shoot the Pygmy an burn them like how they burn when they get hit with lava from the volcano and then they will explode into a pile of dust


I love your app, i have for a long time now but come on guys, you’re number 16 in entertainment SO PLEASE GIVE US AN UPDATE


I would really like there to be a new episode

- Nice

I love it and i am playing it in 2019

- Stupid

No ads on a paid app

- Terrible game

What?? This game used to be so fun! It totally sucks now. Don’t waste your money.


This game is so cool! I love it sooooo much!!!!😆😆😆😆


Can I get a refund please? I really need money...

- Bad graphics

Don’t purchase this game Worst graphic ever

- It fun. But.....

It's super fun but ads really and make an update it's getting old. Really.....you should

- Sad times.

I wish there was more updates

- Update

This game was my childhood, and I want another update

- Great game but...

Great fun game but death to the adds!

- Paid money to watch ads...


- Boring

Wish I could get a refund. Ads in a paid for game? Greedy jerks.

- Make more updates

Hey it 2017 you should update the game I still play it please make an update


yo boi did gam da boomba. yeeeeee

- I want a refund or better app

It's a paid app why are there ads it makes it crap .DONT BUY

- I don't like it

Game sucks it's not what it was before when Fb had this game

- So pixelated

So fuzzy

- Ads

This is to all the people who say "The ads are just ridiculous, this is a payed app!". They're running low on money, and it's becoming a lot less popular. They run the ads so they can keep the app running for you all.

- Ads on a payed game


- Ads

Ads in a purchased game? That's too much. Can't even skip the ads either.

- Good


- Just do it

Everyone wants you to remove the ads even me so can you pls do so

- Was Perfect

This game is amazing but adding in ads is ridiculous for a paid game

- 👎

One star until ads are removed, it's already a paid game

- Paid ads must go.

The long unskippable ads on this paid game have to go. They ruin the game and since its already paid for its just ridiculous. One star until they are removed.

- Pretty good!

Alright there's some good stuff and it's a great idea but there should be more like Some interactions with the environment of the island you are on Moving to bigger islands when you complete goals Be able to build small cities Be able to chose if your tribe will be religious or military Fight or allow with other tribes I know it's a lot to ask for an iPod but you can make it a goal thmen this game would be the best and you could probably sell it for alot more!!

- I miss this game




- Great but needs work

This is one of the most fun apps i've played since i got my i-pod (which was a long time ago) and it probaly is one of the best. To make it even greater I think there should be an update with more places and interactions. Like a castle where the moats the water. Knights and other things. Another thing my friend mentioned is that it might be fun to costumize the pygmies a little bit to make them more different and to match them to their name. My review is the best but needs work.

- Awesome game

i have had this game for about a year now the game rules the upgrades graphics interacrive movement--- everything is awesome about the game! any person who thinks else should be boiled in his or her own blood b/c the games is awesome but add some more to it like bein able to pietce the shark or meteors falling on pygmies or maybe add a santa claus who does random stuff & then rudolph comes gives u something random like and advertisement or somethin also add a werewolf that comes & eats the pygmies in their sleep GO POCKET GOD!! Keep on upgradibg gys u rule!!

- How to summon the ape!

This is how you summon the ape 1:Light the torches with lighting 2: put one pygme on the bongos and one on the wheel 3: put one pygme on the sacrifice thing 4: put the fireworks and dance on (when you touch the sky the pygmes start dancing) 5: spin the wheel until the skulls glow, then stop. 6: tap the sky repeatedly until the bongo drummer drums (necesary) 7: keep tapping until the gorrila comes 8: have fun

- How to get the ice hole on pocket god

TO EVERYONES PROBLEMS REGARDING THE ICEHOLE AND HOW TO SUMMON IT, FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY! 1. Go to ice island 2. Add pygmies 3. Make the sun bigger by putting to fingers on the sun and expand your fingers and it can get bigger or smaller, put it bigger 4. The pygmies will walk around sweating and wiping their face and they will melt through the ice causing it to make the icehole! To make things come out of the ice hole, follow my instructions. 1. Drag pygmie over top icehole and octopus will grab it you can choose to let go of it which the octopus will just eat it and go down, or you can not let go and pull to the skies and the pygmies head will pop off and you can take the severed head and toss it in the ocean 2. Drag the fishing rod right next to the icehole on the left and a pygmie guy will pick it up and fish for a swordfish, if a pygmie picks it up and eats it, the swordfish will pierce through his stomach and he will fall into the ocean! Bolt creative is now working on POCKET GOD 2!!! I can't wait!!! But pocket god is the best app ever!!! The new update is going to be coming out soon!!! Anyway if you don't have this game yet, buy it now!!!! Totally worth it with tons of content!!! Buy it now!!! Pocket god is the best app in the app store!!! Thanks bolt creative!!!

- Now THIS is a good app.

If you're looking for something that will keep you entertained over a long period of time, buy this app. You get so much for so little, it's rather incredible.

- Awesommmmmmeeeeeee

Awesome but I wish you could play music while you play. I also like how there are always updates

- Great but...

It needs like weapons snd stuff that you save up for and pwn with... And let them be able to fight back abit... Not to mention be able to unlock bigger and better islands with more points that you get for killing them.... That would make it amazing.... Please read this and do this.... :D

- Read Instructions!

To get to the new island you have to make it night time, then click on the dream cloud above the pigmy's head. After you do that you can go there by the map.

- Awesome

This is one of my favourite apps on my iPod and it's awesome how they update it every week.

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Pocket God 1.48.2 Screenshots & Images

Pocket God iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Pocket God iphone images
Pocket God iphone images
Pocket God iphone images
Pocket God iphone images
Pocket God iphone images
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Pocket God (Version 1.48.2) Install & Download

The applications Pocket God was published in the category Entertainment on 2009-01-09 and was developed by Bolt Creative [Developer ID: 295456048]. This application file size is 140.78 MB. Pocket God - Entertainment app posted on 2015-08-20 current version is 1.48.2 and works well on IOS 5.1.1 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.boltcreative.pocketgod