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What is universe splitter app? Use Quantum Physics to Split Your Universe -- It's the Ultimate Decision-Maker

• An App Store "Top Paid App"
• An App Store "Staff Favorite"
• Endorsed by famous physicists

And recently featured in:
• "Something Deeply Hidden" best-selling book by Sean Carroll
• "The Joe Rogan Experience" podcast
• "This American Life" podcast

"According to quantum mechanics, every observation brings new universes into existence. But these universes have been completely useless to us -- until now! Universe splitter helps guarantee that there's at least one version of you who has made all the right choices."
-- Sean Carroll, physicist at Caltech and best-selling author

"The functioning of this app is in complete agreement with the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics."
-- Garrett Lisi, PhD, Theoretical Physics

Scientists say that every quantum event plays out simultaneously in every possible way, with each possibility becoming real in a separate universe. But that was just an abstract concept... until now! Because now, you can harness this powerful and mysterious effect right from your iPhone.

When faced with a tough choice, Universe Splitter allows you to live out BOTH of your options... in separate realities.* No mere coin-flip app can make this claim!

Here's how it works:

Let's say you have to make a difficult decision — for example, whether to accept a job offer or to turn it down. Just type both actions into your Universe Splitter, and press the "Split Universe" button.

Universe Splitter will then, over the internet, activate a remote "Quantis" brand quantum device (made by id Quantique, and certified by the National Metrology Institute of Switzerland) which will send a single photon into a quantum "either/or" state. According to current scientific thinking, though, the photon will actually be in a "both, but in separate universes" state!

Within seconds, Universe Splitter will report to you which of those two universes you’re in, and by taking a different action in each, you will cause these previously identical universes to diverge.*

Of course, you won't be able to see or interact with that other universe. In fact, you may question whether anything at all happened. But according to the prevailing quantum theory, there will be two of you pondering whether anything just happened!

Right now you're probably wondering: Does this app genuinely contact a quantum device in Geneva? YES, it absolutely does, and we would be happy to provide proof of this upon request. Email eric@aerfish.com for more info.

As BDembko writes: "The real joke... is that it's NOT a joke. Which actually makes it funnier, if you ask me. (Kind of an Andy Kaufman kind of thing) The guy actually went the extra 10 miles... and it seems so absurd to us, that we figure it's a joke. But it's not... which then means it is. This is seriously quantum humor to the extreme."

And -- if an infinite supply of universes isn't enough for you -- this app also gives you stylish, retro, machine-age graphics (complete with industrial-strength sound effects) which will underscore the awe-inspiring significance of each twist and turn of your ever-branching multiverse.

If you're a believer in the "Many Worlds" interpretation of quantum behavior, this app is a must. And if you're not, just think of this as THE most random of all coin-flip apps -- in that it uses the single most unpredictable thing in the known universe: a single quantum event!

*According to prevailing quantum theory. Universes cannot contact each other. Not responsible for user's actions. ©Copyright 2009 Eric Daniels - All Rights Reserved

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How to contact Universe Splitter (Aerfish LLC)?
Find this site the customer service details of Universe Splitter. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company. https://appsupports.co/329233299/universe-splitter/contact

Universe Splitter Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Universe Splitter Version 1.5130 January 2022

Now offers the choice to merge your older (pre-1.50) splits into the current list..

Universe Splitter Version 1.5030 November 2021

Now works with iOS 15; now rebuilt using the Unity platform; and best of all -- minor changes in artwork and sounds!.

Universe Splitter Version 1.3429 September 2020

Minor graphics glitches fixed.

Universe Splitter Comments & Reviews 2022

- Good application, needs updated

The app is very fun if you’re interested in the many worlds theory. But I seem to be running into an issue of all of my choices being the second option I enter. Which gets old quickly. As of right now I think it’s an enjoyable app but it will get old quickly if the issue I have run into is consistent for others

- The perfect tool for analysis paralysis

Have you ever debated the pros and cons of something so much that you drove yourself insane with choices, did nothing for much longer than acceptable, then finally forced yourself into a random impulsive choice which you usually regret? Because that’s me. I mostly use this app to make decisions I don’t want to expend the mental energy on (e.g., should I be proactive and study or should I nap? Won’t napping make me feel refreshed and allow me to have more fruitful studying sessions? Will it set a precedence for laziness? Does forcing myself to study allow me to practice self discipline? Or is it just another example of me making myself miserable for no good reason just to prove to myself that I can force myself to do stuff I don’t want to do?) because I’m a person that’s introspective beyond all reason. This app makes the choice for me, and I love thinking about alternate universe me doing the other choice. I don’t know, it’s just so fun. Plus I love looking at the historic data, and I gotta say, a startling number of them involve food choices and sleeping.

- Looks great! Perhaps, more user-engagement? Overall good!

I like the easily guided user- experience of the app. The design as well! Would be even more informative if the user can edit and log their own decision after the proposed suggestion from the app. To log, what was proposed and see if the user did do what the Many Worlds theory suggests, or they are living in a different universe. -- a quick tap to change the decision of your "path" after the action has taken place ex. Change From 'take a chance' to 'play it safe' as you did stay on the sofa and didn't clean the apartment. I believe the manual part of that journey might help various people keep track of their thoughts and their suppressed needs/wants in life. Would help in understanding our own habits and manifestations, common paths and profiles, something like a metaperception of yourself. Thanks! Looks great!

- As one of my childhood heroes would say, “Fascinating”

I have a simple request to allow the user, preferably me. To turn certain effects on or off. I personally like the sound effects, but the shaking and flash screen I would turn off. I would like to say I really like the look of the app overall. Now I really don’t know, nor do I care how the split universe me feels about it. Because I bought the app ! Split Universe Me, hence fourth to be known as SUM. When SUM starts sending me boat loads of cash through the trans dimensional ATM network SUM will then have a say here in my dimension. Not much, but some. You see what I did there ?

- Curious

Interesting app. Interesting idea. But, I’m another guy that’s getting all only one branch. The first entry is always coming up as the “my universe” and the second is always the “other you” universe. To the Dev. Are you sure this isn’t just a fault in the app? Or am I just the one guy being “mislead (by the universe)”? Assuming this is just me and I’m simply doomed by the universe (lol) this app could be interesting for discovery authors and rpg’ers. Not certain I would suggest it for anything else. Well, Idk, maybe physicists. Regardless, it’s interesting and thought provoking. Five stars.

- The best, Jerry!

This app puts the power to split the universe in your hands in order to make the most mundane decisions in your life! Just let that sink in for a minute. For only $1.99 you can harness this god-like power. The developer could have been greedy and asked for millions for this, but he generously only asked for a couple of dollars. I can’t believe people have the nerve to complain. I’d personally like to thank him for this amazing gift. A coin flip does not split the universe people! Only this app will do that. Only. This. App.

- Waiting in this World

So, I asked if I should request a refund or keep on keeping on. I am now in the Universe awaiting a refund. Then I asked if in the current World my wife opposes this purchase, and I buy it anyway, do I have a different wife. I know that the developers of this app keep an eye on reviews, and if they decide on refund, send the $$ to Sean Carroll because he writes about this app in his book Something Deeply Hidden”.

- Not real as expected (a cool gag to show at parties)

I bought this out of pure curiosity after watching a podcast of a scientist talking about the app. After i opened the app, i gave it a simple instruction of what i was planning on doing. (I chose breathing vs holding my breath). I hit the split universe and continued my normal breathing. The results told me that i was in the universe where i held my breath.(which obviously i didn't). Its a neat app with a cool idea but it is just an app that gives random results much like a magic 8 ball. Theres no real quantum mechanics which should be obvious as we haven't even achieved quantum computing yet.

- I get it now

At first I went by everything the splitter told me to do and it felt pointless because the other options always just die off. But if you don’t do what the splitter wants, you can watch another YOU doing that thing and watch it play out. The goal of this is almost to do the opposite of what it says so it’ll at least seem like another you is going by what it wants, otherwise it’ll appear as nothings happening.

- Needs an obvious cancel button

I fired up the app for my first look, and couldn’t figure out how to just put it away without splitting a universe, because I wasn’t quite mentally ready for that yet. I touched something, the universe-splitting process started, and I finally shuddered at what I’d done. I imagine you’ll get a similar review in both branches of the universe. I won’t tell you my result, to avoid propagating the mayhem any further. :)

- Purchased after listening to Joe Rogan

This is not a game. It asks two things you could have been doing right now, then after an animation, it selects one of those two tasks for you to do. Apparently in the ‘other universe’, you are doing the other task. But it never shows any other universes. I don’t think it worthy of $1.99. If you are indecisive and need help to make a decision, this app is good. Or simply download an app to help making a decision. Flipping a coin is just as a quantum as this app. So flip a coin and keep your money. PS - it is such a bold claim for a developer to point out the limitations of the universe.

- Even in the quantum realm Sean Carroll and Joe Rogan can’t be wrong!

Even in the quantum realm Sean Carroll and Joe Rogan can’t be wrong! Or maybe they can be both right and wrong?? Who knows, I just like splitting the universe as a way of deciding what to eat for dinner. Even if I don’t like the place I wind up at hopefully in another universe I’m at the other place meeting my future super model wife. Or not but a man can dream!


A friend told me about this app after he heard about it from Joe Rogan’s podcast. I came here to check it out before watching the podcast and after reading all of these reviews I bought the app solely based on how the developer handled the negative comments received due to people being genuinely stupid.

- Simply awesome

This overly fancy coin flip is great! I've used it in a lot of decisions, like what should i have for lunch or should I write my college paper today or tomorrow. It's fun to sometimes do the opposite of what was stated, so that in theory you create a third universe! I love this app and I highly recommend it to anyone who has trouble with decisions. It's fantastic. 😊

- Fun! But...

Somehow this makes a coin toss decision less wiggle-out-able. When the app says this is my current universe, I obey! Lol. Anyway, tried to use the app today and it won't get past connecting to Geneva. This seems odd, since there's really no reason for the app to have to TRULY connect to any of- site source. Why isn't it just a randomizer within the app itself? Disappointed.

- Confused

I want to like this app and I understand what I’m doing.. I think. Problem I seem to be having is I’m always in universe ‘A’. Is that supposed to be that way? Is the app broken? I see the picture on the App Store that shows the universe moving from ‘A’ to ‘B’ constantly. After around 15 splits, I’ve been 100% on ‘A’

- It’s flawed

Although it’s fun at first the mere idea according to quantum mechanics is the particles/waves go outward in a sphere so my main problem with this is it’s always the same two projections (you live in the universe where you made decision A and in the other universe says in inverse B says your being told you should be in universe A This is not quantum mechanics

- Fascinating App

Very fascinating and attractive app. Have dreamed of such a thing for a long time. What an amazing random number generator! Although not fully convinced of multiple universes. The true randomness is very attractive if it is truly based on the single photon path.

- I did not win the lottery.

In the app I made two choices: 1. I will win the mega millions jackpot tonight. 2. I will not win the mega millions jackpot tonight. I split the universe and number 1 came up as my universe. I ran to rite aid and bought ten dollars worth of mega millions lottery tickets for Friday night’s draw. I woke up this morning and was shocked to discover that I did not win the lottery. Perhaps I did something wrong? I’m planning on doing it again on tues by making number one and two winners of the lottery. That way, both of me wins no matter what. I’ve got a hundred dollars saved up for this and I can’t wait to WIN!!!!!!!!

- At last! The visual to the concept

I am a believer in the concepts behind this fantastic app. Love the look, ease of use, as well as the chart where you are. Thanks! Time travel is tuff without this little tool. Happy journeys

- Awesome Idea! Could use a couple visual Tweaks.

This app is amazing and a ton of fun to use. What would really make it perfect would be some visual tweaks for larger screen devices. I’ve found the keyboard scaling in particular to be a bit strange. Otherwise I would definitely give 5 stars!

- Unsure

I believe in multiple universes and all that but what happens if this app gives you one suggestion and you in this current universe goes ahead and does the other option? How would that work? I tried it and now the app wont go past Geneva. I think I broke it.

- Fun Idea!

This is a great app that allows people to bring intuition and fun to a topic as complicated as quantum mechanics. Although.. what if the other you in the other universe doesn’t keep their word and cheats! You’ll never know!

- Too simple, could be better

There should have been more effort in this app, taking your ideas and splitting them in two.. I feel like it could be better than that. I expected more. This should have been a free app. It’s all too simple.

- Doesn’t work

I’ve tried using this app about 20 times now and it’s only worked once. It used to only load to Geneva, I tried it today and it worked for the first time, I tried again because I was so excited it was finally working and now nothing is happening at all. Nothing lights up in “split progress at all” I’m so disappointed in this app.

- Profoundly silly ...

... but only about half the price of having a beer in a bar and the amusement value lasts longer than half a beer would. So I’m better off than I am in the universe where I spent my $1.99 on half a beer. At least I think I am, and that’s what matters.

- Good 50/50 fun

Great for what it is needed for but my only complaint is that it only remembers my last 19 splits. If I could see all of my splits this would be a 5/5. Until then I’m going to have to give it a 4/5

- Point of reference

This app is fun but is it just? How does it know who is asking? Who’s question is it? To my understanding, the timeline pertains under the assumption that there is only one person asking.

- I’m not convinced

LOVE this idea. So nerdy; so cool. BUT I find it hard to believe that I would get an affirmative response and a negative response 50% of the time. I ran a few alternatives... more times than I care to admit... and the odds came back exactly 50/50 per option. A lifelong lover of probability; this should not be the case and is statistically flawed.

- Worked Once

I got one universe split and my universi have apparently crashed. Or maybe one universe did that had the app that worked, and the other where I can still see it but it doesn’t work is the one I’m stuck in. Who knows? I only have two paths so far as I can tell so I wonder which one has my money...that’s the question??

- Gamer decision

Bought a brand new copy of borderlands 3 after making what i call a Quantum splitting decision. Thanks Sean and all the app developers who built the app.

- App is cool

The app is cool, however the estimated amount of created universe is wrong. It’s calculated like 2 power number of splits. In fact it should be number of splits +1. Please fix.

- Fun decision maker

*edited* My original review talked about a delay that has been resolved. This app is a fun way to make those little decisions for you. I like knowing the universe 'B' me is doing the dishes, because I'm having a beer.

- This app is epic!!!

This app is so cool!! Each universe it says I’m in...is the one that feels best to me. It’s Luke pulling tarot cards or something Like that! I feel Luke it’s working using my intuition! It’s so cool! Thanks so much!!!

- It’s not just a universe splitter!

It’s not just a universe splitter, it’s your universe splitter. Don’t bother reading the reviews because it will only work for you.

- Re-Review

I initially gave this app a horrible review because it wasn’t working correctly on my phone. but then it began working and its probably one of the coolest apps I have ever purchased.

- amazing app idea!

i make all of my life decisions off of coin flips so this app is perfect for me! this app is essentially a quantum coin flip app where you can track which universe you’re in, which is ****ing awesome, frankly. there could definitely be some UI improvements, but this app is more function than looks by nature. 10/10 would recommend

- Doesn’t work!

Put in the information, press the button to split universe. It gets to the online part and stops. Tried multiple times, does nothing. Restarted the app also many times doesn’t move passed that point. Save your $1.99!

- Really cool

I heard about this app on this American life...so creepy!! I was freaked out at first to use it, like what if I miss my other universe self! lol.

- Hmmmm

Once I noticed the pattern I began manipulating the results (for over a month). The first of two choices is always chosen. If you want randomness then consider your input order. I love the idea and it’s a great conversation topic for friends and family.

- A lot of fun!

Cool app. But when I hit the reset button, nothing happens. I’d also like to reset the chart.

- I’d give it a zero if that was an option.

I knew it would only be a coin flip type app, but almost every time I try to use it for fun it freezes. It’s only $1.99 but I still feel like I got severely ripped off lol. Give me my money back Joe Rogan 😂, seriously though, don’t buy this.

- Was cool till it stopped

All of a sudden it won’t get past the Geneva stage and I can’t create anymore universes 😔. The only thing that keeps me going is knowing somewhere in a parallel universe the app is working and I’m happy.

- Didn’t work. Want a refund

It may only have cost $1.99 but I am interested in a refund. It totally did not work at all and I am completely dissatisfied. How do I get a refund when I can’t even contact support from the website?

- Splitter Stuck

Got this app a year+ or more ago and returned to it. Also updated iOS today, but it won't go past the Contact Geneva part. Uninstalled, reinstalled... Nothing. Really enjoyed it while it was working. Get it back up and running please!

- Fun decision maker

Works well and fun to use but can not restart stats

- The Best

I’ve never used a better app for creating universes.

- Eh

Can’t really judge the app once I press the split universe button I get 2 green lights and one orange light, after about 2min the app just closes. Save your money until that gets fixed

- Always option B

App seems like a fun take of flipping a coin but it seems to have a flaw - it always chooses the second option.

- Not worth $2

This app is an interesting concept, however it does not warrant the $2 pricetag. From a practical perspective, it's a glorified coin flipper. You can get the same result by simply saying "hey Siri, flip a coin." For actual decisions like that, I'd recommend Siri, it's more intuitive and it's free.

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- Reset all does nothing

Hitting the reset all button I assume should reset the counter and path but doesn’t seem to do anything. Keep track switch also makes no difference.

- Craft your choices well

This app is great. I keep choosing between first and second prize in our national lottery and I’m now a billionaire. It’s a win-win situation.

- Cool app

Pretty cool app! Don’t know too much what it’s about but I’ll figure it out?

- Does not work

Says it is unable to connect and gives no information whatsoever. Wasted my money. I had a free version of this years ago, that actually worked.

- Glad one of me made this decision 😁

This is pretty cool. Check out Rob Reid’s Podcast on Quantum entanglement.

- Awesome!

Really cool app

- Don’t waste your money

This app is a JOKE and that’s all I’ve got to say in this universe.

- Creepy ...

If you actually realize the science and theories behind this stuff it could wreck your brain (I found out about the app after watching a YouTube video on World Science Festival channel). My first time using it: 1) Start a conversation with the elderly guy opposite my table 2) Dont start a conversation * Dont start a conversation As soon as it tells me what to do the loudspeaker came on and would have unterrupted me had I been told to start a conversation, so I do have to question - did it work, or was I predestined to not start a conversation and thereby subverted from the possibility of universe splitting.

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- Brilliant

One of my favourite apps. A good way to get us thinking about quantum mechanics and our own decisions in life and the universes it creates. Perhaps something our authorities/politicians can use before they decide to take vacations in the middle of a pandemic when recommending everyone stay at home.

- PowerfulJRE

Well, I smoked some weed, watch Sean Carroll and decide there was no better way to make tough decisions. I have yet to determine if this was the right thing to do....

- Not working

It gets to Geneva then quits working??

- Yeah, that’s pretty Everettian

You owe me $2.79, Carroll. Or not.

- Always chooses option 1

Has no one noticed that it always chooses the first option?! The “take a chance” option...? Or if not, what has been your experience? I always got the first one, so I put in something I had already made a decision on and it still chose option 1 even though I wasn’t engaged in that anymore. Anyways, it’s still fun, but just wondering what others have experienced?

- Quantum physics is cool!

This app gets people talking about quantum physics, science and philosophy. I have a $#!+ eating grin every time an actual photon is sent on my behalf. Truly brilliant and worth every penny. In another universe, you didn't buy this app and you've regretted it ever since.

- Universe splitter

I am writing a bad review of this awesome app in another universe.

- LOVE this APP!!!

This app is total genius (literally). Too great... kudos to it's inventors- thanks for the fun gentlemen!

- Stupid but great.

Stupid. But SO GREAT. It's more funny than useful but it does make good decisions for you!

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The Library Fiend

Alternate universe Brian Becker: I have criticisms of the way the WWP is being run. I should keep my criticism internal and not start a splitter organization.

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The applications Universe Splitter was published in the category Entertainment on 2009-10-06 and was developed by Aerfish LLC [Developer ID: 329233302]. This application file size is 81.86 MB. Universe Splitter - Entertainment app posted on 2022-01-30 current version is 1.51 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.aerfish.Universes