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PictureThis - Plant Identifier [Education] App Description & Overview

PictureThis® identifies 1,000,000+ plants every day with 98% accuracy-better than most human experts. Get your gardening questions answered and become part of our global community!

Encounter a beautiful, unknown flower during your walk?
Want to inspire your children?
Need advice on how to care for your plants?
Simply take a photo of the plant and PictureThis answers all the questions for you!

Our revolutionary artificial intelligence engine is constantly learning from experts and specialists - and now it’s all at your fingertips. Picture this plant, and discover a new appreciation for nature.

Key Features:

- Identify plants, flowers, and trees instantly with artificial intelligence
- Diagnose plant problems automatically and get treatment suggestions
- Get advice from our botanists in one-on-one conversations
- Use our plant guides to help you choose and grow beautiful, healthy plants
- Keep notes, get reminders, and record the growth of your plants, trees, and flowers
- Take better photographs with our easy-to-use interface

PictureThis has been featured on App Store in over 100 countries.

PictureThis is building a vibrant community of plant lovers and helping them learn more about plants.

User Comments:
“Very impressed. While not perfect, it can distinguish with high accuracy between different species in our collection of rare plants. It can even recognize down to cultivar sometimes-amazing. Amazed how it can work with any photo and it will give recognition a go-with impressive accuracy.”
-San Fran Today

Simple and Easy
“I am very pleased with this app. I used three others before breaking down to use the PictureThis app and I have to say it is a lot more convenient and accommodating than the others.”

[About PictureThis Premium]
• Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase
• Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period
• The account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours before the end of the current period
• Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription
• Subscriptions may be managed by the user, and auto-renewal may be turned off, by going to iTunes Subscriptions after purchase

Terms of Use: http://www.picturethisai.com/static/user_agreement
Privacy Policy: http://www.picturethisai.com/static/privacy_policy


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PictureThis - Plant Identifier Customer Service, Editor Notes:

A few minor bugs have been fixed for smoother user experience.

PictureThis - Plant Identifier Comments & Reviews

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- Fascinating and Useful👍

This is the best plant app I have ever seen. We recently moved, and I was planning to decorate our new garden. I downloaded PictureThis the day before I paid a visit to our local plant nursery. Couldn’t wait to once I got there, and it identified 5 plants correctly in a row. It give a brief content about how to care for each plant. They helped me a lot to choose what to plant in my garden. In addition, it’s great to take my children out for a hiking and explain what species are and how they differ. Our walks around the local area have suddenly become endlessly fascinating. It’s handy when it comes to poisonous alerts too. And I’m extremely grateful that this App has identified several poisonous plant for me. A big reminder to everyone who likes exploring, do no touch anything you don’t recognize! Even if you don’t have great internet connection, it saves the images and then identifies them for you when back online. It is the best figure recognition app that makes full use of AI. A small short coming is the weed classification is a bit too general. It’s true that most weeds are fast-propagating and harmful to garden plants, but sometimes they can have their own uses. I would like to consider the region and the habitat before conclude a plant is an invasive weed, or a native species. I’d be looking forward to future updates about this issue.

- A truly excellent app!

I recently found myself with some time on my hands to hike the trails of Balboa Park in San Diego. I practiced herbal medicine for many years under my acupuncture license in several states, but it's been a long time since I identified and collected plants in the wild. So, I thought it would be fun if I could identify some of the local plants. Spoiler alert: most of them do not appear to be of any medicinal value, but they're still fun to look at. This is the second or third app of this sort that I have tested, and it is infinitely better than any of the others. When you first open the app, it looks like you need to buy a subscription to use it, but that is not the case. You can dismiss the subscription prompt and open the camera to snap a pic. I'm not sure exactly what you get with the subscription, but it looks like it would be useful for a serious hobbyist and awesome for serious home gardening enthusiasts and organic farmers. In fact, an organic farmer friend of mine says that he regularly uses it to identify weeds in his crops. The only thing I've run across so far that I can't do with the free version is save the photos. There may also be a limit to the total number of pictures per day, but I am not sure and definitely have yet to max out on one of my hikes. Enthusiastically recommended with no conflict of interest.

- Great app with little disturbance

I love this app It’s so easy to just whip out the app anywhere and snap a pic of any plant and get almost instant results with nice information to annoy your family with! There is only two problems I have encountered. The most pressing problem is that if no WiFi is available you obviously must use data to get results. This isn’t much of a problem as everyone now a days has data or some form of connection. I have a solution for this but first I will say the second problem I have with this app is that it’s constantly pushing you to purchase the subscription. You can easily press the x at the top right corner but I think it’s very easy to accidentally buy it. Now back to my solution for the data thing. I suggest that the app devs make an option to download the entire database on your phone. This would obviously take up some space on your phone but I think it’s worth it. Also I feel that this feature should only be available for subscribed members. Don’t raise the price or anything because I think it’s quite pricey as is. Other than that this app is great! I’ve seen a few apps like this where you take a picture and it takes like 12 hours for results. I think that’s ridiculous. This app is instant. 10/5

- Amazing

I manage an academic greenhouse and this app has actually helped me to narrow down the taxonomy for a few specimen that have been left unidentified or completely misidentified for years. The newer feature that identifies plant stress has also been an extremely useful teaching tool in helping my students understand the signs and symptoms of plant pest and pathogen infestations. The invasives warning has been especially useful for my students to understand and identify invasives on the campus ecological preserve too. I will be downloading this app on all devices for students in ecology to use this upcoming semester. Love it and frequently recommend to everyone even off campus. It’s obviously not perfect (not sure why some would think a plant ID app would work on mushrooms haha) but it is accurate in providing the correct genera or at least family which can then be used in conjunction with a field guide. As someone who has built multiple phone applications myself and lives a life centered around botany and computer science, I honestly am beyond impressed. I just hope most of the features remain free (if that changes possibly provide a university bundle subscription?) :) **note: I have not tried the app on unidentified specimen in the herbarium yet but am very curious

- Too many bugs

I did the free week trial of premium access, and loved the plant identification part. I loved that part so much i subscibed to the yearly. And canceled the next day. The problem, is that the premium is supposed to give unlimited plant identification. But the free week has only has three or so free, before you have to buy another by watching an ad or sharing it on face book or something. Even though i bought a subscription, i still could not access the ident, because my subscription didnt start until the free week ended. And the “free week” forced me to watch ads to get idents. This was yesterday, so i sent them an email about the problem. Today, i still hadnt received a reply. So Today i had to earn an ident. I hate ads, so i tried sharing to fb. i tried sharing to earn a free ident, but it couldnt connect. It asked if i wanted to automatically connect when available, i said yes. Then the screen went dark and i could get back to other features of the app. 45 minutes later, it was still dark. Total bs. I canceled, since they didnt even bother to reply to my email. Wish i could give it a 5 star, but the bugs and bad customer service forces me to give only a fair rating.

- Not very accurate

So I tried this app, and some things weren’t correct. I took a picture of some lichen and needed some help identifying what type of lichen it was. I found this app and I thought “huh I’ll give it a spin”, and used the picture of the lichen. It said that the lichen, though completely covering the stick, was a Black Cherry Tree. I thought, “well, this isn’t right.” So then I was skeptical so I tried a picture of some Star Moss I had found to see if it could be trusted,(I’m a huge moss lover!). So I entered in the picture of the Star Moss and it said Moss Campion. So not 100% reliable, but it did say that the Star Moss was moss, but it wasn’t the right type. I entered in another picture of a mushroom I had found. It said it was a type of tree that stood about 98 feet tall, A MUSHROOM! So I wouldn’t try it. I also saw that the ad was showing the wrong plants for poison oak and ivy and the other plant, but I know poisonous and dangerous things when I see it, and those weren’t dangerous on the ad they were showing. I live in the middle of the country out in Ohio, and I go into our woods a lot. So I know most plant species, like say an oak tree for example, a sycamore, different types of moss like badge moss and star moss and fern moss, etc. I am pretty skilled at it except for the lichens, and fungi, and epiphytes. So I do NOT recommend this app. Consult an expert for how to tell what type of plant it is, not this lying piece of garbage.

- Mostly great

I’ve tried several plant ID apps and Picture This is by far the best. It’s easy to use and I often get a match for the plant I am trying to ID. I like that the common and Latin name are often both provided. It’s very helpful that there are pics in the database of plants at different stages of growth—some flowers look very different as they move through the stages, which can make identifying them difficult. It works best for me if I take pics of plants and then go in the house and have my laptop handy as I use the app to ID them. I can see everything better and if I am unsure of the ID provided I can hop on the computer to do a search. One frustration: once you add a pic, if you can’t ID it right away but figure it out later, you cannot update the listing—you can only add a comment, so it always shows as unidentified. I also wish there was a way to sort the listings in your collection rather only having them listed in reverse chronological order. If there can only be one sort order, I would prefer alphabetical so I could easily see and delete duplicates and have pics of the same plant at different stages grouped by together. I love being able to see pics from gardeners all over the place and make comments and read the comments of others.

- #1 among all education apps? You’ve got to be kidding!

A plant identification app has one primary purpose: to accurately identify plants. This one doesn’t. I live with a plant professional with over 35 years of experience. I purchased the app two days ago and since then have taken 48 photos of plants in our yard. Of these, Plant Identifier has accurately identified 20 of them. I took photos a second and third time at different angles and distances. In several cases, the app would come up with a different identification of the plant in the photo each time the photo was taken, but with another wrong identification. In some, the IDs were not even close to the correct name of the plant. Not only that, but few of the plants I’ve photographed have been identified by variety—the most important way to compare plants within a particular genus or species. But with Plant Identifier, every snake plant is identified as just that, “snake plant,” no matter how different the many different varieties look from each other. For those of you who thought you were purchasing a great plant identifier app, think again. Many of the plants you have identified using Plant Identifier have been misidentified, if my average so far of less than 50% accuracy has any merit at all. Unless you are fortunate enough to have a professional who knows the plants you are adding to your collection, as I have, I am sorry to have to tell you that you have purchased a bum steer.

- Don’t do it

Latest update: after reading countless other reviews, this has happened to SO MANY people who have downloaded this app. Whoever writes the “developer response” doesn’t seem to care. I have already emailed support with no response. This company is a scam. I have tried every way possible to end my subscription but any way I access my subscriptions, it does not allow me to cancel or end this membership. At this point I am forced to work with my bank about removing the charge. I just wish more would be done so that this can stop happening to other people in the future. I guess that’s how this company makes their money.... *** I have been attempting to end my membership for a week now after accidentally signing up for a premium membership. Seemed like I just picked up my phone and suddenly it was signing up for a subscription I didn’t want. I believe this app made it too easy for that to happen. I immediately attempted to end my membership and after checking my email - it forces me to manage the membership through iTunes. In order to do this properly, I’ve had to remove iTunes and re download it on my computer just to even get to the page they are trying to open from the link in the email. Overall, what I am trying to say is this app is NOT user friendly and I strongly believe they designed it in a way to take money from their customers and make it difficult to get it back.

- Amazing app!

This app is amazing! You can easily take pictures of any plant or tree, and it will give you the closest plants to it. I think it gets it correct 95% of the time! It isn’t absolutely perfect, but this is probably as close as it gets! It has a super useful Diagnosing option, that can let you figure out what is wrong with a plant, and describes in detail how to fix it, wether it is bugs, sunlight, water, or pests. Now that we are quarantined at home, I have been spending a lot of time in my garden, and this app is teaching me so much that I didn’t know. The only complaints that I have are the expenses of the premium level. I understand that the app designers have to make money somehow, but it is still too much for me. I am not a serious gardener, I just do it for fun. Maybe they could have different levels of premium, like a level for gardeners who are just curious, for gardeners who are very serious, and for garden professors, or photographers who need to learn about plants for their job. Anyways, I love this app a lot, and would totally recommend it for anyone who loves to grow plants. While it has some flaws, it is better than anything else out there.

- A perfect gardening assistant!

Superior functionality! I don’t use the auto identification that often. I tested it on several plants that I have, and they’ve all been identified correctly, so I decided to keep the app. What fascinates me was the plant care side of the app. It’s an identification app but much more than that. To start with, it gives you general tips on how to care for your plant, do they like the sun or not, how much water they prefer…etc. It even notices that one of my plants is in bad shape and suggests solutions. I never knew I was tending my plant in a wrong way until then. You can also mange plants in your gallery and set water and fertilizer alerts for each one. I have a few pots of flowers in my office and more in my apartment, and this helped me to keep track of which plant needs care. It saves me a lot of effort and time. It’s a bit of responsibility to care for so many plants when I already have a busy routine, but PictureThis is an excellent aid for me. I can’t name another app that has such comprehensive plant care information and functions, in addition to the incredibly accurate and fast identification.

- Professional biologist thumbs-up

I’m an environmental consultant with a wildlife ecology background, but in the last year have been finding myself in more of a botanist role. It’s been an interesting (frustrating) transition, there are literally thousands of plant species in California alone, and learning lesser-known family characteristics has been challenging...gotta love asters and poaceae...but it’s so gratifying when I can finally ID a plant that’s been bugging me. I only just discovered this app about two months ago, on the recommendation of a fellow professional biologist, and it performs way above what I thought it would. I thought maybe it would identify common horticultural plants like tulips or almond trees. I’m sure it can, but it’s also very good at identifying naturalized plant species. The suggested species identifications are usually in the correct family and sometimes genus, and after checking afterward I usually agree. Plant keying is still very important in order to determine species and subspecies when rare and endangered [sub]species are being considered. A qualified botanist should conduct surveys during the appropriate survey periods.

- Picture This VS. “Key to Vascular Plants of N.America “

I was a Biology major in college ( Vert Zoo ) graduated with a BS degree in 1976. I took a couple of Botany courses to round out the the Bio Degree, and one was “Local Flora”. The class consisted of lab work and a ton of field work. Quizzes and major tests were in the field and the professor would pick out a particular plant and ask you to identify it , by head knowledge of Common Name and Genus and species. If you did not recognize the plant , you could use the book Key to Vascular Plants of N. Am. And you had a standard allotment of time to accurately key out the unknown plant. The “ Picture This “ App would have been a very useful tool in identifying and learning all the required information to hopefully get an A in the Class. My Biology days are long gone, but I still have a very keen interest in identifying and knowing what is out in our local environment, in both Zoology and Botany. If everyone had this App, then there would be no excuse for anyone not recognizing Toxicodendron radicans “Poison Ivy”in the field. Sincerely, JST

- Amazing tool for any farmer or forester !

This app is totally amazing. When you find a plant and you don’t know what it is simple pull up the app point camera and shoot. Most likely in 5 seconds you have the answer right before you. It doesn’t stop there it gives alternate names the plant properties what kind of conditions the plant needs to flourish. If it’s a plant you enjoy and wish to keep healthy this app actually analyzes the plant and provides information you need to know to improve the plants health. I actually had the agriculture extension agent out to help me identify a plant I was unfamiliar with. I wanted to know if it was poison or anything bad you wouldn’t want in your hay. The agent couldn’t tell me anything about the plant so I would not use for hay. With this app open point shoot and there’s your answer right in front of you. I could have used this app hundreds of times during my lifetime. Oh well as they say “ Better Late Than Never”

- Best App Ever!!!!!!!!

This app has been the best app I have ever used! This app has made my job 100x easier 😁 I work for a construction company that does property remodeling. I’m a permit runner, this means that I’m the one who goes to the city and gets the permit to do the work on the property. Some cities have a thing about trees; I have to go to a customer’s property and take a picture of every tree within the area of work. After I have gotten all the pictures using this app, I have to print up all the pictures and I have to mark trees on the survey showing where they are located based on the pictures. Since I have been using this app it’s made processing permits a little easier because now I go in advance to the customer’s home before a city will ask me to do so. Also, I have been showing this app to everyone in the cities I go to and they are amazed. I really am so happy that I found this app and I’m continuing to use it!

- misidentifies plants despite premium account

For a non-free and pretty expensive app, it consistently misidentifies plants in CA. For instance, it has no idea what safari red leucandendron is and with clear pics, thinks it’s crimson bottlebrush or a form of asparagus. It also is terrible at knowing subspecies of plants (it can barely identify my lime tree and gets the subspecies wrong—sometimes even thinks it’s a plant from another genus!). There are even a few plants in my yard that are yet Unidentified because it wrongly identifies them every time. CA plants and plants common to this area aren’t picked up by this app well at all. I only know its identifications are wrong because of the accompanying pics of the example plants look NOTHING like my plants and a google search confirms this. Really disappointing and I won’t be renewing this app. The plant has to be VERY common and widespread for this app to be correct. Also, tried to use the diagnose feature but because of the disease on my plant, it wouldn’t even identify my photonias correctly! What a mess. Is okay at identifying SOME trees and worse at shrubs/vines/flowering plants. Waste of money, unfortunately.

- To the developers.....

Keep a history of the photos I take like a scrap book. That’s what I want for this app to do for me also... I take pictures and I like knowing where I take them that way I can go back and find them again with the info about the plant under my picture I have taken, maybe with some other example pictures from app sources. Then all the plant info so I don’t have to look them up again and have the app re-identity the plant I’ve already looked up once. I also want a map of only my plants, not just the ones that other people and I have loaded onto your public map. Maybe I just haven’t found some of these features that I have described yet, I’m not saying some of them don’t exist within the app, but I would like to see it do more personalized things too, other than just five different frame styles. THIS APP DOES EXACTLY WHAT I EXPECTED FROM IT AND WAS SURPRISED AT HOW WELL IT WORKED IN THE AREA OF IDENTIFYING PLANTS.

- Use PictureThis to annoy your friends and family

During the pandemic, I walk 1.2 miles to and from my office. The streets remain largely empty, even in September 2020. While working my way to the office a couple of months ago, I became intrigued by the identity of the trees I passed. I bought a tree identification book, but that did not help at all. After I acquired PictureThis, I felt compelled to ID just about every tree I encountered on my way to work. This compulsion has spread to other areas of my life. While visiting my daughter and her family for a home picnic (maintaining proper social distance, of course), I document the ID of the plant life in the garden while the rest of the family engages in small talk. My wife no longer enjoys evening walks with me ... you can figure out her complaint. I guess I can honestly say PictureThis has changed my life ... but I’m not sure family and friends appreciate the change. 🙂 A great app!

- Good interface but accuracy not great and too hard to cancel before being charged

This app seemed great to start with but based on my experience so far it is running at about 30% accuracy. Some ID’s are just obviously completely wrong. For others I’ve taken 4 pics of the same plant and been given 3 different results, for others I’ve googled to confirm the id based on the initial result and have worked out that the correct answer is a similar but different plant (e.g. a yellow flower was identified as a yellow trout lily - the leaves were wrong, and that plant was not consistent with my location - but that was enough info to lead me to the correct id of yellow avalanche/glacier lily in the same family). There seems to be no way to either report the incorrect identification or amend the record to the correct plant, which is annoying, and also makes me worried that the app is accumulating a library of misidentified images. Finally, I tried to cancel the subscription several days before the end of the free trial (because I was underwhelmed by the results), but was charged anyway.

- Amazing!!!

I rarely leave feedback or a review, but this app is one that everyone should have on their device. I do a lot of nature photography and am constantly coming across unknown flowers. When I post them they have to of course have an informative description along with tags. This process was very time consuming as I would have to research every individual flower from that day, sometimes having twenty plus. I’m now able to take a quick photo of the flower with my phone which gives me all of the information at my fingertips. No more spending hours searching! I’m now able to spend more time out in the field thanks to this app. If only they’d come up with something similar for birds and other wildlife and insects :) This app definitely deserves a ten star rating! A huge THANK YOU to the makers of this app!!! You nailed it!!

- Frustrating!

I was so very excited about this App after seeing my friend use it. But when I looked it up it gave me no information on the features of the free version or if there even was a free version. It just spoke of the premium. So I thought premium was all there was and I took the 7 day free trial of premium. I finally read the reviews and looked it up on the web and learned that there is a free version that gives me all I need, and now I’ve just spent an hour trying to figure out how to cancel the premium before it charges me for a year. It’s impossible to find! I finally found the instructions buried in the HELP page, but I followed them - went into settings, Apple ID, subscriptions - and it’s not listed the way it’s said it would be. So I’m stuck: no information on when I started my free week trial or how to cancel the premium before it charges me. And no information on who to contact or how to get help. And I just wasted over an hour. Is there a deliberate attempt to make it hard to get the free version and impossible to cancel the premium? Have no idea what to do next to not get charged.

- Semi accurate and beware of “free trial”

I used this app for some succulents and cacti and it was mostly good. It could not differentiate between different echeveria types, which was disappointing. It also has blurry pictures for some of its plants which makes it hard to tell if I’ve got the right ID. It did well with a cactus and another succulent, though. Many people have been upset about the free trial thing. It is very misleading unless you read prior reviews. When you first open the app it will ask if you want to sign up for premium or use it for free. One would think that using it for free just means using it for free, but that actually starts a free trial which apparently is a pain to get out of. If you really want to use the free version you have to click the X in the top right of the screen. You will not have to enter any information and you will have 6 free IDs. I used those up and don’t need more, so I will be deleting the app. I’ll figure out my echeverias on my own.

- Great looking app, but...

I recently have gotten into plants and am expanding my collection. Lo and behold, in trying to identify one that I got as a present, this app was advertised. It easily identified the plant. I was impressed, so I decided to add all my other plants as well which were also easily identified. The presentation is admittedly very nice. But that’s were the good ends. In reading the care instructions for my cat palm, it says it’s easy to take care of, prefers shade, and is great for beginners. That is the exact opposite from everything else I’ve read and my own experience in that it is a high maintenance plant. It prefers bright, indirect light and high humidity. It likes moist, not wet or dry, soil. It also doesn’t like to be moved. It most definitely is not for beginners. On top of that, you guys want me to pay $30 annually for this app? You are out of your minds. Even if I was a plant enthusiast, I wouldn’t use it more than a few times a month, maximum. $30 is very steep. $10 maybe. Don’t waste your time with this expensive app that gives wrong info.

- Shady payment structure

This app functions fine. However, to use it you’re required to enter payment info for a 7 day free trial. Rather than give the user a heads-up that their trial is about to end, the user needs to proactively remember to go cancel before they’re charged. I can live with that (though it’s not great, from a UX perspective). What really grinds my gears is that when you go to downgrade, you need to enter the email address you used to sign up (shouldn’t this info presumably be stored in my account??), and wait to receive an email with further instructions (?!) BUT WAIT, there’s more... below the email field, in the lightest text imaginable, a tiny little note... This cancellation must be initiated “at least 24 hours before the trial ends”—which, likely, is not the case when a user has gotten to this point. MIGHT have been nice to communicate that, oh I don’t know, when ya took my payment?? (Also, pretty nifty that they don’t have any issue storing THAT info—I can’t find/edit/remove my payment details anywhere in my account. Clever/sneaky.) Stop using dark patterns.

- A must have app for plant enthusiast

I love this app. We have a huge yard, full of mature trees/plants/shrubs/flowers/weeds, etc. I have used this app to identify and learn about most of them. This app makes identifying a plant so easy. Take a picture of it and as long as you have wifi connection, the results will instantly be provided. If you don’t have connection, your picture will be saved automatically and the results will be provided as soon as you do. As well, any plant you have saved in your photo album (even as little as just a part of any leaf) can be identified. Diagnosis of plant problems is also included which comes in handy if needed. History and care of the plant is always fun to learn. This app is full of information and tips, either about a certain plant or just plant learning in general. Well worth the $$.

- Potential, needs moderators

As a plant enthusiast, this app has helped me identify a number of mystery plants own or have seen. It’s fun to scroll through and help others identify their unknown plants too. However, I’ve come across a number of identifications that are suggested incorrectly (wildly incorrect!) and even some “accepted” identifications that are incorrect (you can add your identified plant to the gallery - however there’s nothing stopping you from adding your misidentified plant to the compilation of existing images). there are also a number duplicate identification options, since you can add your own if you don’t find your plant but know what it is (misspelling or an added space won’t bring up the existing entry, so some people add their own). I think this app has tons of potential and appears to be one of the more accurate and user friendly apps for this niche. I’d love to see community moderators (think stack exchange) and some work preventing dups and inaccurate information.

- Not even close on identification

Downloaded this app and tried it on 5 bushes I planted and know they’re name. This app was nowhere even close to being correct. At most, it will give you a general group of plants, but if you’re trying to match something at a nursery, it won’t help you. You need more than 1 picture to identify a plant. Besides the flower, you need to look at leaves, and the stem. My false cypress mop was identified as a juniper. There is a delineation further up in a broader sense is the taxonomy but won’t help you at all at a nursery. This app just isn’t specific enough. My firepower nandina came closest as heavenly bamboo but there is a significant difference in the types of heavenly bamboo. I chose the firepower nandina for its dwarf nature, less spreading, no flowers and colorful winter color. So a 3’ species vs. heavenly bamboo that can get over 10’ and spread terribly. If you want to know, your better off taking pictures or better yet a branch to a nearby nursery or use your local government extensions to help you for free and save the $30/yr fee. Canceled my free trial in less than 10 minutes.

- Almost worth paying for...

First, note that I only use the free version. I don’t pay for apps. That being said, I do love this app!! It’s almost perfect... The plant identification tool seems to be spot on. I totally dig being able to find what most everything I check for really is & love that I can then save it to my own ‘plant gallery’ where I can refer back to it if need be. Very rarely do I leave the app still not knowing what something is. My only issue has been the diagnosis tool. It is either too vague or lumps several issues into the same diagnosis. More often than not, ‘it’ obviously doesn’t really know, LOL. Basically, I’ve never gotten a definitive diagnosis. Maybe if I paid this would be more helpful but I’m not willing to risk spending the money to find out it’s no better. Thanks for the ability to identify without insisting I spend money. I really appreciate that!✌🏻💞🌿 PEACE, LOVE & PLANTS

- Excellent Plant Identifier, but Has Some Minor Issues

Whenever I opt to sort my collection by name instead date and then close the app later, when I reopen it the sorting has gone back to default. Also, I haven’t found a “send feedback” option in the app yet, so I had to go into the App Store to get support contact information for the above and following questions and concerns. I haven’t yet found a way to remove the location information from plants I have identified, and I have searched the entire app thoroughly at least twice. I needed this because location access was turned on when I needed to identify some exotic plants in a group of photos sent to me on social media, and it marked my home’s location as the location of the plants from the other side of the globe. Other than these confusions and issues, this app functions well and identifies plants quite adeptly.

- Totally worth a subscription!!

This app is absolutely amazing! I will definitely be letting the trial finish and then pay for the service. I have tried other apps similar to this, for different things, and they didn’t work at all, but this app really works. In fact, it works way better than I expected it to! I have so much fun using it that I take pictures of plants that I know all about, just to watch the app work it’s magic. I am a very outdoorsy person and I come across a lot of plants that I need to know what they are and if they are harmful or edible. I love that even if I don’t have enough service for the app to provide the answer right away, it’s stores the photo and provides the answer once I do have service. Super awesome app!! Thank you for making it and making it work so well!

- Not worth subscription

I was also excited about this app when I found it. I’m just a homeowner that has been looking for native Californian drought tolerant plants/succulents. I don’t know much about them, so the app seemed like an awesome opportunity to go out and find some in the wild. Although i only tried to identify a handful of plants in the beginning, I didn’t have much success, but it was still fun to use. When I downloaded it in November, I don’t remember having to pay a monthly subscription. Upon opening the app today, because I was given a cactus and the name of it was not written well on the pot, I noticed that I only have so many identifications left before I have to pay a subscription. Since it was only able to identify 1 plant correctly, I do not think I can justify paying for this every month. I still have 8 or so left, but I think it’s time to delete the app and find something else. I wouldn’t mind paying a 1 time fee, but a subscription... even if it did identify correctly at a higher percentage, I don’t think I would be paying monthly for it.

- If you love plants and learning all about them, this app is for you!!!

I absolutely adore this app. I am told I have two green thumbs! It is great for indoor and outdoor plants. It offers you everything you need for your specific plant care, including diagnosing issues with your plant!! All you have to do is point and click a picture and you have it all. I did upgrade to the premium level, which is reasonable and I gained a never ending level of knowledge from people all over the world!!! You are able to save your plants in your garden and can go back for pruning, watering, sunlight and even propagation!!! I’ve always been a plant lover and sometimes I just use it to verify I am correct when naming something. I have also found things I didn’t know of, including a pomegranate tree in my friend’s yard!!!

- Simple and Easy

I am very pleased with this app. I used 3 others before breaking down to use the PictureThis app and I have to say it is a lot more convenient and accommodating than the others. I don’t need my plant, flower, or leaf on a plain white background, other users can help identify a plant the app itself cannot recognize, and even if you take a poor picture of your plant it gives you subcategories to choose from with several pictures to scroll through in order to properly identify your plant down to its subspecies. Another wonderful feature is how there is a Wiki link attached under the name so you can get the low-down on what the plant care is. I love this app and have been recommending it to my plant friends non-stop! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 All this is the reason I give it a 5 Star Rating 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

- Impossible to cancel during free trial!

This app would probably be very useful to have, but once I realized it was a yearly subscription I decided to cancel before the 7 day free trial ended. But Surprise! You can not do it! I emailed PictureThis asking how I cancel my subscription before the free trial ends. Their response was that they have no control over the billing, because that is done through Apple or Google. I contacted Apple and spent 45 minutes with someone on chat as they tried to figure out how to cancel the subscription. He could not and had to transfer me to someone that could talk to me on the phone. I have been on hold with that call for the past 30 minutes and decided to write this review as I wait. Even if the Apple employee gets back on the phone and is able to cancel my subscription before I am charged, I’ve spent more than 2 hours trying to get it accomplished! This app could be wonderful, but using such a shady approach to make money on the app is deceitful. The app might be great, but the business is sleazy!

- Be Honest Up Front

I downloaded this app and LOVED it. After a few uses it began prompting me to purchase a usage plan, but after a few seconds you could close the purchase page and use the app. Now you are held hostage by a screen where you buy in or you don’t use it. I understand that programmers want to make money from their apps, and I frequently make the necessary purchases for full access because I believe in entrepreneurs. But why not tell the user in advance they have X number of uses and then a purchase is required? Suddenly blocking use is just poor business practice, like websites that make you go through their offers when you try to leave the site. Knowing in advance that a purchase will be required is such a small thing, but in business, nuances are definitely paramount. If handled differently I most likely would have bought the app - I just don’t want to be roped into a trial that I may have to cancel within days of joining.

- Room for improvement! 🌱

It’s a decent app don’t get me wrong has helped me a lot thru my journey of being a new plant mom!! 🖤 I literally use it for everything buut there are alot of plants missing in this app that doesn’t get detected, like certain Cacti/Succulents & Dracaena’s & rare ones that I know many people carry. So I’m hoping soon in the future they add that variety of each plant species/family just bcuz I have those plants & it’s hard & abit stressing caring for something when I don’t get the exact information on it.. Another thing is that I would absolutely love it if there were more of a community that u can join within this app just in case u have problems with ur plant & need a bit of assistance from others u know tips & tricks! Or just somewhere u can post ur pics where ppl can admire them & talk amongst themselves. Other than that I would say it’s the best plant app to download compared to the rest! 🖤🌱🌱🌱🌱

- Updated review now that I paid for premium services ❣️

Really happy to have found this app, I paid for the premium because I am an herbalist student and this app has helped me to identify many plants. Well worth the cost❣️ One thing I would love to see is more beneficial information on “weeds”. Many are medicinal and nutritious but on this app they are treated like something to disregard and even get rid of. In herbalism we use many of these plants to heal ourselves and our families so it would be nice to adapt this app for that, especially in these times. Japanese Knotweed for instance has anti inflammatory properties. With COVID-19 the viral symptoms are due in part to the inflammatory response. How interesting the earth sends us this plant right before the pandemic 🌱 💝. I would encourage the app creators to bring on some herbalists during this time to help support them and the people who use this app 💗

- The hype is real with this one!

So many people in my plant groups recommended this app, but I hesitated for months. I finally caved in because I was overwhelmed by my new property which is overplanted and overgrown. I wasn’t sure what 80% of the plants and flowers were. This app accurately identified every single one. I even took bad photos of the plants I knew the name of just to see how accurate the app was and it still got them all right! It warns you if the plant is toxic or a skin irritant. What’s even cooler is that it tells you when a plant is in distress, it noticed by umbrella plant wilting and helped me find the problem. It’s a great app for anyone who finds themselves asking “what IS this plant/flower?” Could be great for foraging and hiking as well! This is the only app I can justify spending money on. Love it!

- Thumbs down

I’m very upset because I had no intention in purchasing a year’s subscription. I’ve not had a job recently and I’m not going to receive a stimulus check or unemployment, so I haven’t got paid in over 2 months. I now have 32 dollars down the drain for an app I only used one time. I probably did not even have the app downloaded on my phone for an hour. The thing is I don’t even remember agreeing to sign up for this subscription, and I will not be receiving a refund for this app. The only good thing that came out of this app is I learned I’m growing a starflower, which is apparently very common, and definitely not worth $32. If you get this app, cancel whatever trial it puts you on ASAP. I don’t think I’ve ever left a negative comment on an app before, even if I didn’t enjoy it. But congrats to those who had a great experience with this app, I’ll give it 2 stars because I can see how some people may enjoy it, however it left me severely displeased.

- Used to be free

I’ve been using this app for a while. I got really busy so I kind of lost track of my plants watering days and I recently got back onto the schedule. I have about 4 new plants. You used to be able to add more plants by watching a video, but now I have to pay. Now I get this, I get it. It’s just not free anymore, that’s understandable to some extent. But $30? I mean at least it’s yearly and not monthly, but I only open the app maybe once a month. I also don’t like the limitation you have if you don’t have the full subscriptions. Another thing I don’t like is that you cannot keep the slots you had. I have about two plants on here that have died and I want to put new plants in their slots but cannot. I either have to just delete the two slots and forget about it or pay to have more slots. It’s just a bummer.

- Almost perfect!

I love this app for identifying plants as I do nature walks or around my backyard. I love how it identifies it by photo & gives information about it. The thing that would make it a 5 star app for me is if there was also a “medicinal section” for each plant. There are some plants I’ve recently looked up that were correct in saying they were invasive, like chickweed for example. Yes it is. However, for someone like me, who’s an herbalist, I then have to go to a different app to remind myself what chickweed can do on a medicinal level. Chickweed has also been used successfully for constipation, stomach and bowel problems, blood disorders, asthma and other lung diseases, obesity, a vitamin C deficiency disease called scurvy, psoriasis, rabies, itching, and muscle and joint pain. If I could find that information on this app as well, I could get rid of the other app.

- Amazing! Works SO well

I was more than pleasantly surprised at how well this app works. I have a forest garden with a lot of wildflowers (“weeds” to some). PictureIt app is fast and mostly accurate, although there are a few things it struggled with. My buttercups could be one of three different kinds depending on which way I aimed the camera, but overall I am so pleased that this doesn’t even knock a star off. The information that accompanies each plant is comprehensive and useful, including uses and toxicity. I have a suggestion to ask if users know this to be a different plant when the app comes up with an ID. There were a couple of others, but so many are right. All the way down to ferns, grasses and moss! It’s worth the price. Buy it!! The developers deserve kudos for this.

- Only rating the customer support

Customer support for this app is excellent. I inadvertently purchased the full year’s subscription instead if the free trial, and contacted the customer service. Even though they couldn’t help with my refund (I have to contact Apple directly), they were very prompt in their response (Phoebe responded in less than 2 hours), and provided clear instructions on how to request my refund from Apple. 5 stars for that! One suggestion: Make changes to the purchase page, to remove any ambiguity about what is being purchased. All along I was under the impression that I was signing up for the 1-week free trial, and when I hit the confirmation button I was surprised to find that I had been charged for the 1-year subscription.

- I really like this app!

Ok, I’m impressed. I was a little skeptical before I downloaded this app but it works great and it’s a lot of fun. I read a lot of the reviews and I’m also very impressed that the developers respond to any problems that people have. I’ve been using it around the yard and I feel like I’m in Star Trek using a Tricorder. It even correctly identified the sassafras in my yard even though my leaves are not shaped the way most ID photos show them. By the way, sassafras leaves vary a little in shape but you usually only see the one traditional shape in books. It also correctly identified sugar maple, red maple and silver maple. Not tricked by the similar shape. If you don’t get a clear match on the first try focus on a single leaf. I’m going to be using this a lot. Very nice!

- Sorry to be deleting this

I have had this app for well more than a year, maybe more than two. I don’t use it very often, maybe a few identifications one day and then I may not use it for three months. When I first started using it, I could try to identify multiple plants at a time. Then I noticed about 4 months ago that it allowed me to ID two or three and asked for money. Now they just want money. I like this app, it was accurate about 65-70% of the time and it was interesting to learn about a plant I might come across. But it was just for my curiosity and I have no need to pay for this when there are other options. I get that people want to make money, but I don’t like the practice of being listed as free and then all of a sudden, there is a fee to use it when I have been using for so long. I even told a few friends about it and they were using it intermittently like I was. So I will be deleting it.

- Above and beyond

Honestly, this app has really helped me learn about all the native and nonnative plants in Florida. The app tells you how to care for plants, if they are toxic, even their natural grow zone. I sometimes take it on nature walks when I’m curious about something and want to learn it’s name. There are very few plants that it gets wrong/are not on the database. For those, I can submit it to be reviewed by the knowledgeable plant community and they help me identify and learn. This app is fairly cheap for all it has done for me and all the other people I’ve been able to help. It’s great for when you’re with kids and wanting to spark their curiosity for nature. I’ve used it for months and experienced no bugs or anything. If you’re on the fence, give it a shot!

- Interesting app - needs a little work

A colleague in my office recommended this. It’s worked fairly well so far. Couple of things people might want to consider...for some plants it will only bring up the Latin name, not the colloquial one (e.g. dandelion only came up under its Latin name). Also, the key photos sometimes do not look like the original, and you’ll need to scroll over to see other examples that match (again, dandelion). Some plants have links to outside material, others do not. Taking a good photo of the leaf structure is also important. A far away or blurry shot reduces relevant matching. The app appears to rely on user input to verify matches in a sort of user support learning in the app, so I guess that will either help or hurt in the long run. All in all a fun app to try if you’re puzzled by a plant in your yard or office.

- Truly impressed

I can’t believe how accurate this app is with identifying flowers. So far it’s got every since one them right. I’ve even went back and and tried taking another picture of a bloom that is barely open or of ones that were deformed just to see if it would still be able to identify them and it was still 100% accurate every single time. Now when I’m at different places and see a flower that I would love to have but don’t know what it is I can just take a quick pic and have it’s name and characteristics in a flash and it’s automatically saved so I can look back at it and even know the location that I was at when I took the picture. Thank you so much for this app. It’s truly amazing!

- Expert consultations $25 each

This app is really awesome and I was surprised how well it identified plants. Unfortunately, even with the premium plan, they still bill for expert help. When considering the premium upgrade, I was most excited for this ability to ask a plant expert questions and immediately subscribed for $30 for this particular feature. Nowhere across any of their marketing or advertisements does it mention you can only ask ONE question a year, and it’s $25 for each additional question. This is wildly misleading, disingenuous and borderline fraudulent. I don’t fault them for charging for these consultations, that’s their business decision. But it’s nasty of them to try to pretend (or imply) like it’s all unlimited in a reoccurring subscription. Be more upfront about it and be transparent! Hopefully this saves others from being tricked on this feature.

- Excellent All In One App!!

I am able to identify plants, trees....WEEDS/POISONOUS plants and within same App I am able to learn about the plant & determine how to care for or treat without googling once I’ve identified. I tried a few before this one, and it would identify, but then I would have to google to learn more. I’m very pleased with this App. It also collectively creates “My Garden” which I can add my trees & plants to refer to later if I forget how to prune particular plants. I imagine it can be very useful for landscaping & lawn-care if ever hired out....as well as future planning with architectural landscaping, pool placement etc. we just bought 5 acres, and so far this has helped me identify every tree, flower and POISON IVY/OAK! So far, this has been a very useful App & a pleasant experience!

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- Best free app, fast and accurate!

I absolutely love this app! I am always saying that I wish I knew what that plant was, or I wish I knew how to care for that plant but I just don’t know where to start looking. With this app, I only have to take one picture and within 10 seconds it matches me to the right plant, showing clear photos and information. It really is just amazing how it knows out of the millions of plants out there, and the best part is it doesn’t cost you a cent to find out and it doesn’t take you hours searching through google to find the right one. I really recommend giving this app a try and have fun sharing with your friends and others around the world.

- Best app of its kind

This app is so much better than the well known plant snap (which costs $6, can’t identify anything, has an ugly dated interface, and after deleting the app it cost $6 if for some peculiar reason I did want to get it back, and it won’t let you write a review or rate on the App Store.. such a waste of money) Download this app instead for FREE. The interface is beautiful, you can connect with people on the map in your area and see what others are snapping and the database is pretty solid. I like that you can view multiple photos and unlike plant snap it’s not just a basic internet search, but rather a community contributed database with lots of information! Room for improvement : in regards to plants not yet added to database, I wish they would reply (the feature lets you ‘suggest’ a plant) and find a way to add the plant straight away.. and there is some tidying up that could be done such as when a plant is added and you suggest the name for your own feed it still shows as ‘unknown’. I wish there was a place to add a wishlist!! No plant app seems to have this feature yet! You can ‘heart’ (like) the plants you like, but then there is no place where all the likes or rather ‘hearted’ plants show up in a group together?! I hope to see these improvements and to see this gain better ratings, as it definitely deserves it over its terrible competitor!

- Totally Deceptive Practices

If you need to be so deceptive to sell your incredibly overpriced subscription ($30 per month? Seriously? Twice the price of a basic Photoshop subscription ?!😂😂😂 Who do you think you are?!🤨) your product is obviously not good enough to sell itself. User be warned: this app is a classic money grab. Regardless of the functionality of your product, your sales tactics are despicable. You deserve no stars. Unfortunately, I have to give at least one☹️ Response: For an app, $30 per year is still way too expensive. Comparative and significantly better developed apps cost half that to buy outright. You’ve over valued your product. Further to that, trying to sneak in the most expensive of your subscriptions is just deceptive. This is blatantly clear from the feedback. Aside from all that, you probably have a decent app, but it gets lost in the cash grab, which builds a chasm of distrust with your potential customer.

- Not one correct identification

To test this app, I photographed four Australian natives from our garden. None were identified correctly. While it did a good job with general classification based on plant shape, everything beyond that was very wrong. For one plant, it suggested plants with completely different flowers where the flower size, grouping (photo had clumped flowers, suggestions all had single flowers) and colour (white submitted, coloured suggested) were all wrong. It is impossible to adjust the focus within the app, so I used my photo app to ensure that each specific plant I was identifying was in focus. I also made efforts to ensure plant shape, leaves and flowers were all in frame (plus one where the image focused primarily on the flowers). So with clear, in focus, photographs the app was unable to correctly identify any of the plants submitted (all were falsely identified as European species). Perhaps it will work with Asian, European or North American plants but it is no good with Australian natives.

- Such a lovely place to lose hours on

This is the first app review I’ve written, but I feel I owe it to you guys for giving us such a lovely free app! It has given me lots of accurate results, and my ‘nature walk’ is not interrupted by ads and pop-ups. There’s lots of opportunities for different ID’s - you can always get a second or third option just by taking a different photo - maybe change the angle, close up on a flower or leaf etc. And if you still aren’t quite satisfied by that, you can always offer up your plant to the community for some other ideas. I spend a LOT of time here and always come away feeling calm and happy 🌱🤔🌿😌

- Top app

For ages I’ve been trying apps that supposedly id plants, I finally found one that did! I was amazed it knew what a utricularia was, its amazingly accurate. Well done whoever made this, absolutely love your work. Get this app, you won’t be disappointed. One suggestion though, if it’s possible consider a change of name for the app, I only found this because someone told me about it, I probably wouldn’t have otherwise, and going by the name I would have thought this was a picture framing app. It’s just a suggestion, this is a fantastic app and it would be a shame to keep it hidden from the world

- 🌿🌱The best plant identification app ever! 🌱🌿

Just snap a photo, wait for the app to identify and BOOM! Select the one that matches out of 3, and instantly there’s care instructions, facts and just about everything you need to know about the plant. I have all my indoor and outdoor plants identified plus I know how to properly care for them now! I’m super satisfied with it and I’ve even told a few of my greenthumb friends about it (believe it or not, I got really excited about this app aha) I wish I could rate this higher! 🥰💖

- They priced me out

First I want to say I think the app is great. Is it perfect? No, of course not, how many apps are? But I really like the app and found it very helpful. When I originally got the app, you had the option of essentially buying credits. Pay $X and you get so many identifications. This worked for me because I’m not someone who would usually use it enough to make a yearly subscription worth it. If I found I was using it enough, I’d have happily bought a subscription. Since it’s gone to a yearly subscription model I’m going to be, regretfully, deleting the app. As I said, I think it’s great but the sub system doesn’t work for me and since they no longer offer the system where you bought credits, it’s been rendered useless to me.

- Great app, reminders could be better

This app is really great - I use it to remind me about watering and fertilising my plants. The reminder system however could be improved. You can only see one reminder at a time, so quite often I water my plants, then tap done, and immediately a fertilising reminder pops up for the same plant. It would be great if both reminders were shown at once. In terms of fertilising also, it would be great if there was a recommendation for fertilising in dormant periods so the reminder could be adjusted in the colder months.

- Fabulous APP

I’ve tried most of them and this is definitely the best. I particularly love that it identifies if the plant needs tlc and a separate section allows me to get a specific issue ‘diagnosed’ along with solid advice. It offers a great history of the plant too which always manages to surprise me. Love this app and was more than happy to pay the annual fee of $36 a year (something like that!) to upgrade as I’ve used it so often, even walking along laneways and at friends.

- Not all ID’s are correct

I think this app. Is great. However about 2/10 times the pictures supplied in the ID given dont match up with the plant I am trying to ID and I know it is wrong. It would be great to have a ‘this doesn’t seem right, have another search’ option where the app has another search using the same image, whilst ruling out the original ID so that it can’t come up again.

- “Free” trial trap

I (like others, now that I’ve read the reviews) were automatically set up to be charged the full year’s subscription (AUD$30😱) after downloading the app as what looked like a free 7 day trial. This is a trap for young players😡! How does Apple even allow this?🤷🏻‍♂️ Surely you should be asked at the end of the 7 day period if you’d like to pay for the subscription. There’s even 6 subscription options from $2.99 all the way up, but I wasn’t even asked which one I’d like - of course it put me on the most expensive one. I had to look up online how to find the place to unsubscribe (under my Apple ID in Settings), which I did immediately! This was NOT a good user experience 😞

- What a SCAM!

This is the worst app I have ever tried...apart from the fact that I didn’t want nor need this app, I ended up being charged $30 for something that doesn’t work. I contacted the developers to say that I had been charged for a subscription but they still insist I be charged. I had a horticulturist check some of the plant photos in Australia and he confirmed that they were wrong!! WARNING...this is an app that does not work...the way they charge you after a 7 day trial is a SCAM... Please read all the other negative reviews before you even consider trialling this app...what a joke! Don’t trust my review, read all the other reviews by people that have been SCAMMED by this app as well.

- Helpful & informative

I only downloaded this app a few hours ago after discovering it by ‘accident’! As a novice flower/plant photographer & enthusiast, it has already proved useful & worthwhile. I posted a photo of a miniature type orchid and requested assistance with its identification. I received a reply within the hour! I now look forward to learning about flowers both familiar & rare, & to sharing my amateur photographic skills. Well done PictureThis!!!

- Disappointed

After reading many reviews on this app, I was disappointed with the overall performance. There doesn’t seem to be consistency with the basic information presented ie- plant height can be displayed clearly and easy to locate sometimes, where other times you have to read paragraphs of information to find this information. There are also tabs for ‘more’ which leads to a subscription that I’m not interested in, rather than displaying the additional information. Unfortunately I’ll be deleting this app and trying a different one.

- Saviour

This has just potentially saved the lives of my dogs!! Or at least hefty vet bills!! It identified a plant I didn’t know as”Highly Toxic, could cause death if eaten!!” My great danes and little dogs often eat plants and grasses but luckily theses weeds were in an area they can’t go to unless with us, but when I found out what the plants were I ripped them out to prevent them being eaten!!!! So app has already paid for itself!!!

- Fantastic

I have spent years trying to educate myself about plants and plant diseases and all I have to show is unsuccessful gardening and a bad taste in my mouth in regards to planting and gardening. This app is incredibly knowledgeable in plant identification and disease diagnosis. I am beginning to refund myself loving planting and garden maintenance. This takes the hassle out of my lack of knowledge and allows me more time to carry on in the garden . Thank you

- A good tool for identifying common plant varieties

After doing a test run of this app at the botanical gardens in my home town - I’ve found this to be a good tool for identifying common plant varieties and derivatives. It however is hit or miss on some of the more obscure native species (Australia) - but it may come down to the app not having as large of a user base in Australia as it does in other countries. As such, it’s a good starting point but needs some work before I’d consider this to be a comprehensive plant guide.

- Identifies Correctly

This app is really good because it is free, has almost no ads(maybe even none) and quite easy to use. The only two things I don’t really like about it is that it sometimes doesn’t identify correctly and it need internet. I also use 3 other apps from the same developer : picture bird, picture mushroom and picture insect

- A must

Hey, this game is so genius, everyone should have it. If you see a plant in someone else’s garden, and you want to see what species it is, you can just take a clear and specific picture and it will identify it! Then you can see all the info on how to care it It also has info on things for your garden, like how to identify weeds and how to get rid of each. You can also check out other wacky plants people posted! Get it now!

- It’s good!

I’ve recently started photographing a flower each day and posting to Instagram. I wasn’t feeling confident about posting the flowers names so I searched for a plant app and found this one. I’ve just tested it with a dozen flowers, some of which I already know the names of. It is quick, user-friendly and seems spot on in terms of the results. Thank you!

- Fantastic app

This was so simple to use, fast and accurate. In a matter of seconds just identified a plant I’ve been trying to identify for 10 years. Will get so much use out of it. I’m just a home gardener in Australia. But has just bought a moment of joy and I now have the knowledge of a horticulturist at my finger tips. Thank you so much, brilliant effort.

- My most used app ever

I absolutely adore this app and use it every day. However for some reason it has stopped working and won’t open. Maybe I’ve worn it out :) I don’t want to delete and reinstall as I will lose all the data I have accumulated so far. Is there someone who can help me?

- Difficult to unsubscribe - BEWARE THIS APP!!

I wanted to trial the app and now can’t seem to unsubscribe. This is super dodgy especially when you consider how expensive it is. When I go to unsubscribe, you have to enter an email address (why?? Nobody else seems to need that) and then a message says “we’ll get back to you within 24 hours”. What???! Just cancel my subscription now! I’m shocked Apple have let this one into the App Store when unsubscribing is deliberately made difficult or not working, or whatever is going on there. Apple, remove this app now please

- Misleading and sneaky

Really like this app but hate how sneaky it can be to try and sign you up to the incredibly over priced premium membership. Often a screen just pops up that gives misleading information as if it’s part of the normal use, meanwhile it’s actually a page signing you up to premium and there is no obvious ‘x’ or close button. I have on many occasions nearly signed up to the membership, it’s incredibly frustrating. If this doesn’t get fixed I’ll delete the app because I don’t do sneaky.

- Do not sign up!

Don’t sign up for the free week unless you intend on paying the whole year fee! Even if you cancel during the free period, they will still charge you. I signed up and cancelled on the very same day and I got charged the full year 6 days later. No notification or anything, so if you have cancelled, check that your money has not been taken. So disappointed as I liked the idea (even though it was not exactly what I was after, hence the cancellation) but I will never go near this app again.

- Wow. It just works.

I had a photo of a flower and spent hours trying to figure out the name. I tried reverse image searching online and got nothing. I decided to download this app and see what happens.... a few seconds later the exact flower was identified! The user experience was great! Nice jobs developers!

- Wrong classifications 8 out of 10 times

I don’t know why but the pictures I take are pretty clear and yet I keep getting matches to pictures that clearly can’t be right. For example I might take a picture of an Australian Native species and it gives me American plant descriptions. I like the idea of being able to identify plants with pictures but so far I’m highly frustrated with this apps accuracy, or lack thereof. And I can’t offer a query or repeat a search for an alternative possible description.

- Useles

I have had this app for couple of months and find that you can’t believe anything it says. I took picture of the same plant 3 times and every time it came back with different answer. It usually guesses the common plants correctly but especially Australian plants it gets wrong most times. It’s good for a laugh but feel sorry for people that don’t know much about plants and believe what this app tells them. They might be ripping out perfectly good plants after the app tells them it’s a bad weed.

- Pretty cool

I was actually surprised that an app could somehow identify my plants real time- I went around and checked every plant in my house and it was spot on. I will definitely use this before buying new plants from Bunnings! What a great app. Premium is good and I will buy it to support the app. Thank you !!

- Wow!

I’m an avid bush walker. And this helps me so much identifying native plants. I definitely recommend it! Just remember to turn off the free trial at the beginning, otherwise you might have a couple less dollars in your bank account the next time you check.

- Great App

I’m a home gardener and I’ve been using this app constantly over the last 2 months ! Absolutely fantastic results and application Highly recommended to anyone and esp gardeners who might have heaps of plants that have forgotten names ( typical as we get older)

- Don’t “free “ trial it.

I was interested in this app. I downloaded the free three day trial. I used the app once, decided it wasn’t for me and then cancelled my subscription as per the Instructions in the Picture This App. The next day I discovered I had been charged for it through Apple. I contacted Picture This through their help desk. The reply I got was spectacular.... It involve an analogy with buying something crappy at a grocery store and then wanting the purchase price back from the manufacturer.... My point was and remains I wanted to make use of the “Free” trial and not be locked into a purchase. I didn’t think that by eating the free Apple at the store entrance I would then be contractually obliged to buy all the apples in the store and pay for it forever. PictureThis is rotten to the core. Use a book instead.

- Good concept but

I love the concept of this app. Who doesn’t have at least a few plants in their garden they don’t know the name of. However, if it does not recognise the plant and you go to enter its name, you get into an endless loop & it does not save the name you provide. There are a few other pesky crashes in it as well I hope the developer will get to. Mainly around adding in names of plants not recognised.

- In app purchase is a payment to use the app

Originally I gave bad feedback due to having to pay for a subscription to use the app. After a reply from the developer i found the X at the top right of that screen to close the Ad. I think if they change that whole message then they wouldn’t get the reviews they get

- Top class App

This App is brilliant. It is almost 100% accurate and for plants spanning different continents. It is free, fast and dependable. It is a pleasure to use on any walk or trip where you want to learn about plants and flowers. Compared to the overrated and useless PlantSnap $), it is such a pleasure. Thank you developers.

- Easy to use

Brilliant app! As a complete non-green thumb this app has been so helpful. I only use the free version and I haven’t found anything it can’t identify. It gives me sufficient information about the plant so I don’t have to go searching elsewhere.

- Not accurate

Tried to see if this app could identify some of my Succulents (I already know the name of I just want to see how accurate it is) and out of 40+ plants it only identified 6 correctly and that’s because they’re the most basic succulent, some suggestions aren’t even in the same family name as it said my echeveria black prince was a sempervivum and they are just complete opposites, would not recommend this app for succulent or Cacti identification it will all be wrong

- Fantastic

I haven’t found a plant it can’t identify. Works so well even accurately identifies plants that are sick and gives information on how to fix them and care for them. I absolutely love it! Get it - you won’t be disappointed!


In my experience with this app, I was not happy. I simply took a photo of one of the most recognisable flowers around which was a Sunflower, and this app came up with three other different flowers (it came up with the flowers Yellow Bells and Trumpet bush)that had hardly any similarities to it! I am confused and appalled that with such a big problem, this app still expects you to want to pay a subscription. I immediately deleted the app. Please fix the faults to this app. From: A disappointed customer...

- Not always accurate!

I love plants and trees and and am very familiar with a lot of them so I was excited to try this app out. Most of the identifications were correct but not all. Examples: sea lettuce at the beach came up as plantain. I know both of these so I wasn’t happy. A gum tree came up as an oak...in the Australian bush!! Be careful with this if you’re wanting to identify wild edible weeds, it might be wrong and you could end up with something poison

- Brilliant app

Identifies most plants super quick, was happy to pay for this as I do a lot of gardening and need something at hand to identify plants I’m not sure of and how to look after them. Loads of info in the app. One happy customer.

- Fantastic if a bit erratic

I really like this program the only problem I've had with it is that I can only see all the plants I've put in if I'm logged in and I expected to have them all save into my photo album. If it did that I would give it 5 stars

- Can’t cancel BEWARE

Im am sure the app is great but i do not need it so I offloaded the app months ago, and noted in the subscriptions section of my iPhone that the subscription expired today. This app has automatically resubscribed till September with no option to cancel. Ive tried to go onto the website and the link provided to cancel subscription ACTUALLY SENDS YOU TO ANOTHER PAID SERVICE. Do not download unless you want to pay and never be able to cancel. Will be disputing this charge.

- Great app. Highly recommend

This app is great fun, easy to use and always spot on. The photos are easy to take and it quickly looks up a few options that match. There is always one that is suitable!!

- My new love

Ok, so I’ve recently turned 30 and I’ve suddenly become obsessed with my garden. This app is so accurate at pin pointing what species of plant I am looking at with one simple click on my camera. Thank you guys for a great, reliable APP.

- Have successfully Identified 13 plants so far

Haven’t had any problems identifying plants with this ap. As long as you take a good picture it finds the plant, or at least a list of plants which are close.

- Fantastic!!

I love this app. I’ve yet to have it fail me. I’ve put in pics of plants that I knew what species they were but convinced it would get it wrong or not know. Proved me wrong time after time. Highly recommended.

- Deceiving Subscription

Hello I would like to say that I am very unhappy with the way you setup subscription when opening the app. I unticked ‘free trial’ as I wanted to just have the free version and not risk being charged at the end of a trial, and it’s immediately signed me up to a $29 annual subscription. I did not intend that. I realise now that I needed to click the cross instead of ‘Start Now’. This is so deceiving and I am devastated that I have now spent $29 without intending to.

- Love it!!!

This app makes it so easy to identify plants you don’t know. If I see a plant I like, I use this app, it gives the name of the plant plus it’s preferred care and soil. I know the name of the plant so I can purchase it at the nursery. I can use this app anytime.

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- Quick and super useful

Loads plants fast and results have always been accurate for me.

- I love this app!!!!

Very accurate description of flowers! Good job guys! This is awesome!!!

- Super identification

Super satisfaite!

- Awesome!

This app identified all my house plants with so much info on them, looking forward to using this outdoor.

- Amazing

Wow! What an awesome app, I can’t believe everything it’s able to do! So much more than just identify plants! Wish I found this earlier!

- Awesome

I love this app. So helpful

- Top App

Loved it from start. Use it lot’s around house yard and farm and wood lot’s too.

- Amazing app

This is the best app ever. I am able to identify all the herbal plants when I am in the bush.

- Scam

You subscribe to the 1 week free trial and it automatically subscribes you to the 1 year subscription after the 7 day trial. If your 7 day trial hasn’t expired go into your emails and look at your app purchase email. There will be a link to cancel it. Do it before the end of the 7 day trial otherwise you’ll be charged. Thought it was funny it asked for my finger ID to download the “free” version. Total crap. Saw the other review where the person got charged. Glad I got to cancel before getting charged.

- Don’t go premium! Use the free IDs only...

Unlike most bad reviews here, I was actually able to switch off the premium for as long as I wanted, used the app frequently for identification, and I was really quite satisfied with that. Then I thought maybe it’s worth the annual subscription for $25 so I can get some proper advice, as I noticed some of my plants weren’t doing so well. After paying, turns out you only get *ONE* plant diagnosis for your $25/year. After that, it’s another $35 to ask any more questions. This is not explained anywhere before subscribing. I know maybe it’s somewhere in the terms and conditions or in a footnote somewhere, but these things should be properly advertised. That is just cheap and I wouldn’t recommend this app to anyone again.

- Scam

I did not agree to purchase this app. Very sneaky and unethical. I meant to download a free app and then it billed me almost $30. Be very careful

- How to be fooled

Nice but not free....$25

- Nosebleed prices

The app worked fine for the introduction, about 6 photos then you have to upgrade to a paid version. Nosebleed prices, run away, buy a book instead.

- Way too much money

So I signed up for a free trial and it cost me 25 bucks to confirm what I thought was an apple tree actually was an apple tree. Next time I will wait till it fruits. Don’t scam people. It’s not right. Your yields will suffer from bad energy. You’ll see.

- Terrible

Terrible they don’t tell you the monthly cost before you download it.

- Scam! Will auto charge you a full year

Downloaded this to identify a plant. Said it was a 7 day free trail. It did not identify the plant I wanted, so 30 minutes into having the app, I decided to delete it and went to my phone settings to cancel the trail subscription. The next day(day 2) I was hit with a full year membership subscription without my consent. Even without the app installed on my phone. Do not get this app, unless you are ok with being auto-subscribed and paying for a full year without your consent! Unbelievable. Worst of all, it doesn’t work too well as an App.

- Terrible.

BECAREFUL BEFORE INSTALLING!!!! I deleted it after 1 day and was still charged $25 (which is a lot for an app w such basic functions).

- Stole my money

Watch out it’s a scam, thought it would be fun to try. However they dinged me for $25 on the hidden subscription thing. Missing care section for many of my plants and now they’ve taken $25 from me for nothing. I’m quite upset about this. User beware!!!

- How do I cancel???

I thought I had the 7 day free trial , it charged my account 24,99$ !!!! How do I cancel ?

- Meilleure app!

J’adore cette application, je m’en sert tous les jours!!

- Be forewarned!!!

The app is listed as ‘Get’ (no cost), with ‘in app purchases’, but as you sign in, the wording is unclear and the sign in automatically signs you up for a $29/year premium subscription, before you even download the app. When I emailed the company support they took no responsibility for the misleading sign in process and made me go through a whole refund process with Apple. Thankfully, I finally spoke to a human at Apple who acknowledged the issue...and hopefully a refund will be on it’s way.

- Warning it will auto renew even if canceled

I used the app twice. Canceled it through the app before the trial period ended. They still charged me for the annual subscription. I had to ask Apple to look into it to get my money back. Don’t waste your time and money. Buyer beware.

- Trial auto subscribes you for a year

Watch out as this app will auto subscribe after a few days for a 1 year subscription. Such a scam to not choose a 1 month by default. Shame, shame and one more shame. Try PlantNet or some other one that actually gives you what you think.

- To cancel before before charged

Where on earth is the cancel button on this app. I feel like I was sucked into trial run for 3 days before being charged 24.99. Now that I want to cancel the option to easily do so has disappeared.

- Picture This

I cancelled during my “free” subscription and was still charged $27!

- Not accurate

Took 3 pictures knowing exactly what the plants were already to check accuracy. 2 out of 3 where identified wrong. Not good.

- Took my money before I knew what happened

The sign up flow is confusing and I tried to turn off free trial, not wanting to activate premium at all. Instead I was charged for premium. I want my money back.

- Not accurate nor useful

The app misidentified 4 out of 5 plants and when I tried to enter in the Latin name, it wouldn’t save. It also doesn’t recognize common names.

- Garbage

Thinks a ground cover moss is an opium poppy

- Perfect app

Up till now every plant pictures I took was identified

- Same pic diff plant

I took a picture of the same plant 4 times and got a different answer every time. ??

- Costs

Please be careful. They are quick to charge you 45$ (with little notification) and will not refund - even if there is a mistake and caught immediately

- Doesn’t work

I tried it and 3 common plants and it got them all wrong?

- Very useful

My mom is not a computer person and she loves this app

- Scam

This is a scam. Don’t download. They will bill your account without your knowledge or approval.

- handy tool

I am enjoying this app a lot. I always see plants at stores and whip my phone out to identify and then buy it. It’s had the odd wrong identification but for the most part is accurate. This app has helped (or hurt lol) my plant obsession!

- Incredible!

This app is so powerful, complete, quick and accurate... it’s (almost) scary! 😅 I can’t stop shooting to discover my environment... it’s like having a very knowledgeable botanist, concentrated and generous available to you, any time of the day, any day of the week... this is AI... this is the future! WOW!!!

- Love this app

Wish it didn’t cost so much for folks like me who are not super plant oriented!

- I wish it had a look up function

You are only able to see plants that you have pictures of... and it doesn’t always give you the right one. Too bad there wasn’t a look up function to get around this problem.

- 11/10

Amazing app- I’d HIGHLY recommend, especially seeing as I’m someone who will forget the specific conditions that certain plants require and therefore how to take care of them properly. The app is also great at identifying illnesses and has saved me from losing a few of plants.

- Not a good app

50% of the time the identification is wrong

- Bad

I am very upset that after I cancelled my free trial and they confirmed via email that they processed my request, one week later they charged my credit card for a full year subscription. When I sent them an email, they said too bad.

- Under handed tactics to cancel subscription

My experience. Downloaded the app to try to figure out what’s wrong with my plant. Found out that this app requires subscription and is NOT free. This app did not provide helpful information. And I don’t want to subscribe. So I send the “cancel request”. But the “cancel request” does NOT actually cancel anything. It only provides instructions on how to cancel. I missed that part until it was too late and now I paid $40 for something I thought I cancelled.

- Don’t do it!

Automatically subscribes you to the app!

- Misleading premium trial charges you automatically

Upgrade to premium is ~40$ yearly!!! and kicks in automatically without notice after 7 days. App was useless at identifying the plants I tested it with. Very disappointed in both performance and unethical trial program. They count on people not fighting it or missing the purchase. Fortunately I did. Or have to fight or argue to get a refund.

- Love it. Identify weeds vs wanted plants without waiting until they are grown.

I use it everywhere for my own curiosity or to identify plants I would like to add to my garden.

- They bill even after cancelled!

They deliberately make it challenging to cancel before your week trial. I received an email saying “sorry to see you go. Here’s what you’ll be missing”. They charged my credit card regardless. Totally unethical. I immediately reported them to Apple.

- Sucks you in for a seemingly harmless 7 day trial that doesn’t really cancel

I installed this app and tried the 7 day trial. Before the trial period ended I cancelled my subscription and I got an email confirmation for the cancellation request then support answered back offering another promo. I didn’t take it and thought that was the end of it only to receive after 7 days a receipt confirmation from apple that i subscribed for a year. Contacted support why did I get charged when I cancelled before 7 days and so far got no reply (the first time they were very fast in contacting me offering me another promo a few mins after I cancelled the trial)

- Hit or miss

App has only been accurate in identifying about 50% of my plants. I’ve tried adjusting how I take the photo, but I just don’t think its database of plants is very large.

- Worth it

This works great. I can always get a correct result. I’m pretty cheap but I’m glad to have paid. Better than researching in book.

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- Plant Doctor o the rescue

I recently had to close my business due to COVID-19. Six months prior I had just had my business spotted by Potted In Portland and they would come water and take care of all my plants once a week. Since then my house turned into a jungle and I had to deal with these plants on my own because of cutting back. I didn’t know how to start or what to do and I spent so much money on all of these beautiful plants and I had to keep them alive. This app is amazing and I’m learning about my plants with a click of a button. I highly recommend this for plant lovers that are lacking the green thumb. I wanted to have all the plants for air quality giving my home business better air quality. Plus it’s fun!

- Be very wary of free trial

I tried to cancel my free trial, and boy I am glad I did it almost immediately! You go in to cancel and they say “we sent you an email that shows you how to do this, look for it within 48 hours”. And it took 48 hours to arrive. Then it gives you a link to follow that doesn’t work. The email says, if the links doesn’t work, you have to go into your iTunes via settings and follow these instructions. And then, AND ONLY THEN, does it say that if you do not cancel within 24 hours of the end of your free trial, you will be charged. If I had asked for that cancellation at the end of the trial, I would have been charged. If I thought that telling them I wanted to cancel was enough (like a normal person) I would have been charged. If I was daunted by the dead link or if I was intimidated by how they were telling me to do it manually, I would have been charged. If I hadn’t acted on their email immediately, I would have been charged. You need to cancel more than 48 hours before your week free trial ends or you will be charged. They set it up so that it isn’t easy, that a simple request doesn’t produce a simple response and it’s a trick to make those charges happen. Enough people don’t fight it (or don’t fight it effectively) so this is a financially productive business model. Duck them.

- “Picture this” a revolutionary app

I am going to begin this review by mentioning a slight problem with the review process of the App Store: I have written countless reviews and of all of them..... 0, have been successfully published on the app template. Having mentioned this flaw, I will also admit to having serious doubts regarding the representation of my opinions. Now, I will express my opinions: What I find particularly interesting, thrilling, and over all outstanding about this app, is it’s capability to diagnose, and identify plants. This is one of the many traits this app possesses that made my experience quite enjoyable. It is also those traits that contribute to my already positive outlook on this app, hence my choosing of the title “PictureThis, a revolutionary app” for this review. As I have observed in the past reviews of others, the one who finds himself/herself in the position to write a review, must take the time to contemplate the so called “plus and minuses” of one’s overall experience of an app. In my situation however, I admit to the failure of my fulfillment to this requirement: I cannot conceive of a default in this app. And that dear reader, is the conclusion to my review.

- Risky to Even Try This

I downloaded the app and played with it a little. I accidentally signed up for a free trial (they make this too easy to happen) and immediately looked in the app to see how to cancel. I have never seen this before, but the app required my email to cancel. I reluctantly entered that and got what looked like an email confirmation. I later got a notification when the trial period had run out that Apple had charged me for a year of the app. I found the email confirmation, and at the very bottom it said that I couldn’t actually cancel that way and gave instructions to do that. To be helpful they could have given those instructions right on the app rather than force me to provide an email and then provide a misleading message. I have reached out to the app who provided me vague instructions on how to ask for a refund from Apple that they must know would not yield anything. The safest thing is to not download this app at all.

- Almost a major mistake!!!

I had this app less than 24 hours when I saw at our recycle center a growing plant off to the edge of our burn pile area. It was a pretty shape with numerous tall conical buds close to opening. I had to make a trip into our local nursery for more mulch and decided to stop and dig up the mystery plant to put in our landscape. We are in a severe drought and the smaller shovel I had wasn’t working so one of the helpers went to get a larger shovel and while he did I remembered my new Plant ID app...took a photo and learned it was a Moonflower and extremely poisonous all over!!!! We chopped it out of the hard soil and through it into the burn pile!!! With grandchildren, dogs free range ducks and chickens it could have been disastrous!

- Wrong Identification (and no one noticed?)

Hi all, so I’m a newbie to PictureThis and I downloaded the app simply to identify plants I have in my own garden and backyard. However, the second picture I took I saw a problem. I have a potted Physalis alkekengi (or Chinese Lantern) and when I took a picture it came up with a Physalis lagascea (a totally different looking plant) yet all the pictures and id’s were all of the alkekengi. It was like thousands of people had taken pictures of this plant but never stopped to double check if the info was correct. Anyhow, I wanted to edit the page to correct the information but it wouldn’t allow me to press the “Edit” button. This seems like a really fun and informative app but if the information isn’t consistently updated, it can put peoples plants at risk. No bueno.

- NOT so helpful

I'm getting rid of this app for a couple of reasons. First, it showed in the App Store as free. Then I find out I have to sign up for a "free trial" (of only 7 days), after which you will start charging me $20/month. It took 3 tries before the app correctly identified my plant, giving me sunflowers and then begonias at first. Further, what I have is an invasion of Quaking Aspen shoots (how do you confuse Aspen with sunflowers and begonias???) that I need to control or remove. But the app only gives me advice on how to care for them, NOT on how to get rid of them! I will NOT continue spending $20/month on an UN-helpful app. If I can, I will submit this review without any stars because there isn't a way to give it less than zero stars.

- Good app and easy to use

There's a bunch of woods behind me and an old burnt down house where, I've been told, the family who used to live there many years ago had a garden full of flowers. I often take my dogs back there and have found plants that I've seen sold in stores and easy to identify, however, there are many others that I haven't been able to identify so easily. This app is not only easy to use, but it has done a really good job at helping to identify them! (If the pictures provided on the app aren't enough, you can easily Google the name given by the app and compare more pics ) Tbh- For as accurate as this app is, I'm surprised it's free! (Not that I'm complaining about that. lol)

- 💯 but it’s a subscription app

So far this app has been 10/10— hasn’t misidentified a single plant as far as I can tell, all from pics I had saved in my Photos app. I personally am not a fan of the somewhat new trend of “subscription-only” apps— the gift that keeps on taking— but one can hardly blame devs from jumping on this particular bandwagon, especially when their app involves a database requiring constant updates. With no one-time purchase option, or even a buy now and perhaps _some_ future updates might incur a fee, I won’t be keeping this. But if this is a resource you’d use daily or weekly, it seems to be a top-notch contender, and at $29 annually, it’s not outrageously priced. 🌺🌸🌼

- Love the app

It is great for identifying all the plants 🌱 around my house and yard some of which I know where they came from but I have no idea what they are. It has been very helpful. 😀 I use it regularly especially if I get new plants to know just how to take care of them and identify ones that I am nursing back to health so that I can figure out the proper way to care for them and what they need so that they will survive. Thank you very much for the app love it a lot use it regularly. Even at the grocery store or nursery where I see something I think I would like and I need to know if my house is the proper place for it to grow. I hate to buy plants and then kill them.😩 Thanks Very much for the App! Michelle

- Never leave home without it

I absolutely depend on the picturethis app when I am out scouting property. You just snap a quick photo with the app and add to your garden. When I am back to wifi I review my pictures and catalog them according to location. Amazing and convenient. If you are a tree nurturer or a plant and shrub nerd this app is useful with oodles of details. It also has amazing pictures of flowers of all types from all over the world. I especially love that I can see how big certain trees will get and the diseases I need to watch out for and treat. Looking forward to an extension of the app that will link my geo tracking with the pictures and help me map out my landscape. Five stars great work PictureThis!

- Amazing

I don’t ever write reviews, but for once I have to say this app is amazing. Working in the landscaping business, knowing my plants and trees is crucial. This app has helped me learn so many new plants and has advanced my career with the knowledge I have gained through this app. The accuracy on the first plant Identity is fairly spot on, and if not it’s normally always the second option. I cannot thank you enough for gifting us with the free version, and I will be leaning towards buying the premium version because of how amazing the free version is. My only request would be a dedicated section on every plant on wether they are edible or not and the health benefits to the ones that are and the dangers to the ones that aren’t.

- 75% accurate

This app identifies many things well, but others it identifies the large grouping (e.g. “rose” instead of the type of rose) and is inaccurate for many things (told me my dark purple day lily was an orange day lily no matter what light I took the photo in, told me my Santa Barbara Daisy is another plant, tells me all my beans are the incorrect varieties). It is a cool idea and has been helpful for many plants I didn’t know, but now I have trust issues because I’ve seen how inaccurate it can be. On top of that, when it identifies a plant incorrectly, it won’t let me put in the correct name for the plant. It forces me to keep the wrong name or delete the photo entirely. I would have loved to work this out with the company directly, but the Settings and FAQ offer very little info. It’s such a great idea for an app! Just don’t rely on it.

- Very good app for plant identification🌱😁

Almost all the plants I asked it to identify it got right. Of course it didn’t get all of them right but it’s probably because of lightning and position of the plant, but I was really impressed with it’s accuracy. This was the 6th plant identifier app I downloaded because the previous 5 where not ideal, so when I downloaded this I didn’t have much hope for the quality, but it’s so good. It’s also got a page for plant posts and stuff, like a plant Instagram! I would full heartily recommend this app for anyone who needs to identify a plant. (To the creators: I really like the design of the app, it’s easy on the eyes, meaning it’s cute and simple I really enjoy it ☺️).

- Its Okay

I’ve downloaded because I love flowers and gardening and it’s sounded like a cool and helpful app. It help identify a plant I didn’t know about of it’s use, it gave me some info however not much. But at least now I know it’s name and I can make my research. Nice work, good app, good results so far. I was able to look up about 6 plants before it stopped me and ask for money. I didn’t even know it’s cost money until then and that was the most disappointing thing: the subscription! The fact that this app have a monthly fee. I was hoping that the developers would’ve make this for a one time fee or a free app like in Europe most of developers building apps not for money. I understand that they made this app to ale money but at least they would’ve have people purchased not make them constantly pay for it. Especially if anyone can edit and add information to the app, not the developer or hired professionals would’ve done that.

- Great app!

Gives identification within seconds after taking a picture or selecting from your photos. I can sometimes get it to work with one bar, but most of the time it’ll just say you can access the information later, which you can. And not just the names but a lot of other good information as well. I have so many plants around my yard I’ve never known the names of. And trees as well. I have several that I thought were Ash and turned out to be something called Eastern Hophornbeam, which I’ve never heard of before! I thought of using it to check out mushrooms (which are poisonous and which are not!), but I’m not sure I’m ready to do that yet.😬

- Also helpful in identifying what you think a weed

Besides being the best of the plant apps ever and then some, I have found it to be indispensable for identifying weeds. I’ve been looking for 5 years off and on for what is called oxeye daisy - I originally purchased at a farmers market. Up to 31” tall and slender. It does reseed so I do have a few more of them in the area but just not very many and I can’t find (in casual searching). I took a photo of some very healthy green large clumps of leaves in various spots nearby in the garden and thought it was a huge weed but something told me to Picture This and lo and behold it’s the oxyeye daisy. Hopefully I can see pretty soon if this the one! I’m so excited😊

- This app was good at first

When I got this app I was excited to see what all the flowering plants are, so I go out and see that they are petunias, impassions, hydrangeas, ect. Then I want to see if the app is actually working, like finding out what the plant’s actually are, so I go to the one plant I know and snap a photo now, I know what this plant is and its a mocca pink shades begonia and the app kept saying it was evergreen azalea but it wasn’t now I had taken pictures of flowers with this app to make sure the plant is what I know it as and, I’ve taken pictures of lots of flowers such as Begonia, petunia, hibiscus, rosebushes, azalea, stardust, mouseweed, lilies, marigold’s, ect. And I wanted to know if this app was a fraud or not and now I don’t know if I should trust this app but other than that this app is awesome.

- Cool App But...

If you want this app you have to pay the $40ish a year. The My Garden is great but I sometimes like to move my plants around the house and it’s hard to find them in the list. I’d like to be able to label them by room or the order of water them(be able to move the order). Right now it’s just by who was added to the garden last to first. But I scroll and cannot find them. Lately it’s been glitching out that I’m updating that I watered or fertilized them and it will keep showing me the same 8-12 plants over and over. I have to back out and go back into the app. If these things were updated I will repurchase next year if not I’m going to look for something that better fits my plant addiction!

- Love the App - Suggestions

I just bought a new home and it’s my first time having a yard. I’m trying to educate myself about plants, gardening (as well as wildlife), and this app is extremely helpful. My sister recommended this app to me, and I like it so far. For a subscription of $20/year, I have a few suggestions: #1 It would be very helpful to include plant nativity in the description, so individuals can identify and remove invasive species. #2 For an identified plant, adding information about wildlife attraction/deterrent (in addition to pest control), and maybe a separate section for know toxicity to humans, domestic (and other) animals would be extremely beneficial. #3 While the details for an identified plant do show the min/max temps, having the heartiness zone label would be helpful too (for the places that use that type of scale - AU, US, CA, Europe). Perhaps the zone shown could be determined by location of the user profile, and link to a related map. #4 The ability to change the identification. This may be possible, but I couldn’t find how to do it; so I removed the plant and re-added. #5 This may already be possible? Ability to follow/“friend” other users.

- Specific Plant Diagnosis

I just upload this app and have taken two photos from my garden hoping to answer specific questions on a couple of plants. One being what I thought was a “Queen Victoria Agave”, hoping to see info on lifespan etc. Photo description showed it as a Foxtail Agave. But my plant is straight up, approximately 17’ tall, no curve on flower stock. Not really sure what it is now. It bloomed this very tall, beautiful flower and appears that the entire plant is dying now. App shows very generic info on a variety of similar. We also have a new avocado tree that is not doing well. I was hoping to get more specific information on that as well. I think the app is designed more for “what am I looking at?” VS “how to help said plant”. Cool, but not what I was expecting.

- Thorough and Accurate

I started out trying to use my newly purchased Audubon Field Guide (Eastern, 14th printing, October, 2018) to identify the wildflowers I was photographing on my walks. It was a tedious process. But then I tried PictureThis and it quickly confirmed my identifications, AND it identified several which I could not find in the Audubon guide. My Field Guide has numerous out of date scientific names; PictureThis has the correct updated names. And the Field Guide I found out is only a sampling of the many North American species. PictureThis appears to have a much more inclusive database of plants and flowers. I’m sold. I’ve completed the one week free trial, and I have purchased an annual subscription. This app is exactly what I need.

- Best app I have seen

Through out all of app stores and everything this is the best. So accurate, so fast, and mine does not require wifi so if i am lost in the woods i can use this app to see what is edible. I also learn from it so I know whats edible and their Names and so fourth. In my opinion it doesn’t need any more updates. It is perfect. Dont change anything just fix small issues which I have had none so far. It even keeps track of what pictures you scanned or loaded. I love it so much it is my favorite app even over the games on the App Store. Cant believe how quick it took to download and that it is free. Love it so much. Great work.

- Not quite there yet

Doesn’t have all the plants, doesn’t let you add plants that aren’t in the system. Would like to see reminders for other things like misting, fertilizing, cleaning. Would also like tips for care when things are going wrong. With the picture portion, I should be able to take a picture of what’s wrong with my plant and it give suggestions. This app it’s pretty much just for figuring out what plants are and some information for care of the plants. I do like that it give you a variety of information what they should be click through links to explain more. For example, showing pictures of different light levels would be helpful or explaining the different methods for propagation. It has a good design, it’s just not quite there yet.


Terrible!!!!! I cancelled my subscription in the App Store. Exactly how they told me to. But they still thought it was okay to charge me for it. Then, when I asked for a refund, the told me to get Apple to do it. Apple can’t refund you for a subscription. picture this has to do it! But they won’t respond to me anymore. The app is terrible. It gets philodendrons confused and doesn’t know sansiveria varieties. It had a hard time with succulents too. Maybe for basic plants it is alright but that isn’t the purpose I need the app for. Too bad I’m stuck with this awful quality app now because they won’t refund me for a stupid subscription that I’m not using, nor will I ever use. The customer service is terrible, only sending automated responses. I got the same message 3 times in a row. Avoid paying this company money at all costs!! It is absolutely awful and I would never recommend.

- Very useful

I love this app. I remember when I was studying plants ten years ago, I had looked for an app just like this but the technology hadn’t come out yet. I moved recently and wasn’t familiar with much of the flora in my area so this app has really helped me and is very convenient to use. I had a few unreliable identifications, but have found 95% or so of the plants I’ve identified have been accurate. I would always use a book guide to collaborate, especially if you’re using the app to identify edible and or medicinal herbs you’re not familiar with. It’s always a good idea to have a second opinion when using app identifiers. But over all, super excited about it.

- I ❤️ THIS APP!!!!! A few suggestions:

I ❤️ THIS APP! It is so cool! I use it all the time on hikes! I love the community feature! It’s amazing! None of the comments I’ve seen have been mean, and none of the pictures inappropriate. This is an amazing app! A must-get! You might of seen some of my plants on there. My profile name is Adventurous Jade! A few suggestions: Please add something that lets you “post” it, instead of it being “posted” automatically. Also, I can’t see my friends picture when they identify them on the community! I don’t know why this is. Also, can you please make it so that I can become friends with someone on the app? Please consider these suggestions it would make the app a lot better. Thanks!

- Best app thus far

When I found this app I was so excited, it’s literally everything I’ve been looking for in a app. I’ve always wondered what the names of certain plants around my home were called but never knew how to find that information out without an extensive google search on every last one of them (talk about time consuming) This app literally has made so much information accessible!!! Honestly probably one of the greatest most beneficial apps I’ve ever come across. I am somewhat confused as to whether this is a free app or not. Everytime I open the app it tells me about a 7 day trial 🤔 other than that I’m honestly amazed.

- Difficult to cancel

Very misleading cancellation process. You can’t just request to cancel. After your initial request, you get an email that confirms. If you read it very carefully you’ll figure out that you have to actually reply in order for the cancellation to be processed. Then you get another email. This one also starts out by confirming that you want to cancel. Then it goes on for days about every that’s wonderful about the app. Which you’re not reading at this point because you think you’ve just cancelled. But don’t be fooled, there’s a line at the very bottom of the email that says you have to click a link to confirm your cancellation. Mind you, this is the third purposeful action required to actually cancel your membership, despite however many times they write to confirm that you’re canceling. Shady. Sad that Apple is permitting this to happen.

- Great App to use

This app helps you identify plants that are around you including exotic plants. Make sure they match up with some of the examples, 85% of the time the app is spot on. The other 15% is that because you maybe taking the photo not close enough or it looks like some other plant or that it’s to exotic. If you feel you did your research well on a plant you can add or share with other. There is a free and paid upgrade version you can use. This app also help me identified poison plants around my yard so that I can clean it in a proper matter. Try it out, you maybe be next botanist around friends. Have fun planting and identifying.

- Super helpful

Last Fall, we moved into a new house having no idea what kind of foliage lay dormant in our yard. Now, Spring has sprung and I have been so pleasantly surprised by the number of plants, veggies, herbs and even “typical garden” plants that have emerged. Without this app I’d be constantly googling the descriptions of each blossom, leaf, and stem that appears while trying to narrow down the images of potential matching plants that pop up. This app has been SO satisfying and I highly recommend it. It seems to have a thoroughly stocked database as I have yet to find a plant to without a match on the app. I’ve told many of my friends about it and they’re all hooked too. 🤘🤘🤘💜

- Great Help!

I think this application is awesome. I have many plants on 72+ acres of land that I’ve been trying to identify. The best thing is, I’m finding out the proper names of plants that I’ve been calling their common names or didn’t know their names at all. This has been such a help. It makes it much fun to walk along the trails and search for even the tiniest flower. Out of more than 100 plants I’ve used the ap for, only one was not identified. That may have been because the photo was not that great. I highly recommend this for those who want to know what plants they have on their property or just while they are hiking around.

- Hey app, you’re wrong sometimes. Learn from your mistakes!

I took a picture of a fern that the app told me was an oak tree. Definitely, unquestionably wrong. I took another picture. At least that time it identified it as a fern, but again, from looking at the pictures, definitely the wrong fern. I’m okay with the wrongness, but it’s dumb UX that there’s no way to say, “this is wrong, what are the other options?” other than deleting the photo and trying again with another shot. It would also be an intelligent way to refine your algorithm with feedback. I’m any event, I don’t exactly regret buying a year subscription (because it’s really good at identifying flowers!), but I probably won’t renew unless the ability to correct identification mistakes gets fixed.

- Best plant ID app out there!!!

I hike twice a day every day and so many times I have tried other plant ID apps and been totally disillusioned at their ability to work. I loaded this app fully expecting to cancel after the seven day free trial run, and I was immediately hooked! If only everything in life worked as well! The ID has worked every single time on even the tiniest meadow plants and flowers, and the picture proof that comes along with each identification is the proof I like to back up an ID. This is worth the cost of the app- you will love it and hopefully use it all the time like I do! Purchase this without hesitation.

- FYI how to cancel the subscription

This app took payment info during the free trial, which made me uncomfortable. This was received in an email when I asked how to cancel the subscription: Once you activate a free trial, you will need to cancel at least 24 hours before the end of the trial period to avoid being charged for the annual subscription. Please note, PictureThis is not authorized to cancel a free trial on your behalf. You can cancel through the iTunes account settings on your iPhone or iPad, or in desktop iTunes on a computer. Please see these instructions for cancelling through your mobile device Settings: 1. On your iPhone or iPad, go to Settings 2. Scroll down and select "iTunes & App Store" 3. On the screen that appears, tap your Apple ID listed at the top. 4. In the pop-up modal that shows, tap "View Apple ID", and sign in if requested to do so. 5. This brings you to an Account Settings page, where you can scroll down to a "Subscriptions" option. Tap "Subscriptions" and select the PictureThis free trial from your list of subscriptions. 6. On the PictureThis subscription screen, tap the "Cancel Subscription" button.

- Amazingly accurate plant ID app

I have tried a few plant ID apps before and they are all so unbelievably unreliable and inaccurate. This is the first ID app that I’ve used that I would actually recommend to people. And it’s free!! I know my native plants and I’m familiar with a lot of common landscaping cultivars so I’ve tested this app dozens of times and it’s almost always right. The difference in accuracy between this plant ID app and others I’ve tried is astonishing! PictureThis is light years ahead of its competitors. I have already recommended it to a dozen plus people who have immediately downloaded it and love it! Keep up the good work 👍

- I'm impressed!

This app is actually impressive! I'm surprised how well it worked! So I wanted to know what this plant was that my friends mom had given me, because she didn't tell me. Only the directions to care for it. So I took a picture of it and it said snake plant. The instructions to take care of it were the same her mom had given me. Another incident was we were on a hike today, so I decided to identify some plants on the trail! I got correct answers I believe because I tried it on a plant that I DO know, and the answer was completely correct! If you are looking for a plant identification app, I would 10/10 recommend!

- Getting to know my Rescue Plants

I’m super happy, I rescue a lot of plants I find so with this I get to hang out in my patio and find out what my rescued plants are. Since I believe this is a user based app it may take some tries to get the right plant or some further research sometimes, if the plant is incorrect you can update the info but as far as I know most of the plants I’ve pictured have been on point. My heart is warm (: the detailed info too is top notch and I get to see what other people are finding. Tbh I want all my friends to have it so we can just talk about our plants. I don’t have the premium and it still works well :) sank you plant bbs

- Fantastic ap!

My neighbors next door have a tree/plant they hate . Not even the nursery could tell them what the plant was let alone how to kill it.. since it started invading our yard as well in multiple areas my husband suggested this ap.. it named the plant, how to kill it and its history. I used it for choosing indoor palms and I am able to diagnose a possible problem with just a snapshot.. told me my palms needed to be sprayed with water due to low humidity which makes sense.. I live in Austin and my air is on 24/7. I was not going to buy the year program but I am now! It's a world of information and I highly recommend it!

- It’s ok.

I was super excited about this app when I first found it and paid the $30 for the year to keep it. I assumed being a GOLD member meant I could talk to experts whenever I needed to about my plants. However, you have to purchase tickets to speak to plant experts and each “ticket” is $25!!! I could just take it to my local plant store if I wanted to. Why would I pay $25 for that?? I’m already paying the $30 a year and they expect you to pay and additional $25 every time you want advice about your plant. They didn’t make this clear before I purchased the app either. Very disappointed. The app is also not 100% accurate and will often give the wrong result when trying to find out what your plant is.

- Difficult cancel subscription

I think this would be a helpful app if you have a lot of plants you care a lot about, and are willing to pay a little for it. I don't have many plants (and it actually thought my spinach plant was basil) so I didn't really need it after the 7 day trial, so I cancelled my subscription. They do say to check your email, which is good because they sent an email saying they were extending my free trial another 7 days (aka my cancelation didn't work). I tried to click the link in the email but it never loaded, so I went to the app and cancelled my subscription again. The next day I deleted the app, and it warned me I STILL was set up to pay $30. So I cancelled a 3rd time. Hopefully it works 🤞🏼

- ID feature useful, ‘weed’ classification bogus

It’s nice to be able to take a picture and identify a plant. What is unnecessary and irritating is being told that something is a weed and unwanted when it is often native and desirable. What is considered a ‘weed’ obviously depends on whether one has a native or conventional garden, is planting to support wildlife or row crops. Black eyed Susans, a staple of any pollinator garden, are labeled by this app as unwanted weeds that drive out other plants. This is ridiculous and backward, unless this app is financed by the lawn care pesticide industrial complex, which it might be. Also, the j formation on various symbolic meaning associates with various plants is worthless to any serious gardener. I am looking for a similar app that does not legislate what plants are with keeping and what plants are not, a subtlety which is obviously beyond the ken of this one.

- Wonderful & helpful app!!

We just moved to a new home in July. There were MANY plants, bushes, sm trees, etc on the 3+acres! Found quite a few sm trees just in the wooded border that we are going to transplant after the winter. Also discovered some flowers I did not know that we'll also replant to use up around the house. So THANK YOU to the developers for this app as it's great for the above & also to find out if flowers we see that we like would do well at our new home! I've built up quite a library of plants I'd like to plant next year. So to those questioning the app or whether to purchase a yr or for lifetime, DO IT!! IT'S DEFINITELY WORTH IT!!!

- More then expected

I was unsure how much information I might be able to extract from some app about plant Identification. I wondered how good does it work are it’s predictions spot on because some verifications might be blurred by similar features of another plant. Still I am unsure but intrigued, it offers things I might not have thought of myself, definitely less digging I’m going to have to do myself for now it will receive a 4 out of five until I have a chance to better test its capabilities. On my recommend to get list if your lazy or just don’t have time to search the vast altered search engines out there atm check it out four yourself times a ticking rose.

- Indispensable!

I don’t know of another app that is as easy to use, not bad on the eyes, steady and consistent with making improvements to their already relatively strong algorithm. Mm that have noticeable improvements in accuracy throughout the year. impressive VIP support, somewhat steady growth in terms of content on the app besides photo-ID. Some aspects of the app could be less vague, but they nonetheless are interesting and well organized. Altogether it is not flawless but where it matters, it excels, and where it doesn’t matter, the content is still of a caliber higher than other apps that function similarly that I’ve tried.

- Amazed

I work in an industry that involves lots of people asking me to identify various plants quite often. On occasion, I have had to collaborate with 3-5 people in order to identify certain plants in order which is a hassle all in itself. I downloaded the free trial thinking I would just use it once to ID a plant today, now I am walking up and down the street ID'ing everything with 100% accuracy and enjoying every step. It even gives you management tips and told me that one of the flowers I checked was in need of attention! You guys hooked me. I'll gladly pay the price for this great tool. Thanks!!

- I freakin’ love this app

I do field work that requires some plant id and this app was recommended to me. It works so well! Some tree id’s are a little off, but for my purposes it’s functional and accurate enough. I also started using it to id my houseplants, as I have a tendency to buy mystery plants and then not know how to care for them. For houseplants this app has been insanely accurate. A friend even had me try it on some of her plants that are frequently mis-identified and it got them spot on. The next challenge will be using them on garden plants, and I already know that I will be impressed with its accuracy.

- Didn’t want. Still Charged.

Downloaded this app to try it out for the free period. I hike with my family often and thought this might be interesting. After a few hikes I wanted to look at some other apps and was going to cancel before the trial period ended. My thought was I would purchase this if I didn’t like the other apps. But I was off a day and got charged. I wanted to contact someone to discus the option of cancelling the payment but the process led to broken links and dead ends. Unlike many other quality apps I’ve d/l’ed, this didn’t give me a reminder a day before. Nor did I have a clear process of asking a question. Very disappointed. Unless you know you need this, I would highly discourage anyone from downloading this app from this company or you’ll get your money sucked out of your pocket.

- Can’t enter plants manually!

This seems like a pretty decent app, but has one super frustrating limitation: you cannot enter the name of a plant manually! Sometimes you need the photo ID feature, but other times THE NAME OF THE PLANT IS ON IT WHEN YOU BUT IT. Yes, we get it—you have a clever feature that allows the user to ID plants with the camera. But get over yourselves. Sometimes it’s not accurate. And if I already know the real Latin name of my plant, why on earth can’t I enter it directly? Also, there seems to be a huge emphasis on social and other stuff, while they bury your own list of plants on the last tab. They really need to change the emphasis to care and watering of your own plants for this to be useful. Free trial was mildly interesting, because there is some decent info once you ID a plant, but I’d never pay for it with these limitations.

- Great help to the Novice or beginner.

I was assigned to work in the Garden Center at my work. I have no idea about plants. Everything I buy dies. When customers started asking me questions I didn’t have any answers this was the third app I found for “plant Identification” and it has worked pretty well. There are times when a photo for comparison doesn’t display right away. But I found if you wait for a while it will show up (which is why I only give it 4 stars). Once I get the name I google the flower and conduct further research and now I have lots of info to share with my customers. Thank you Picture This. Keep up the good work and build that databases.

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Witch Bones

@nomadbakerdavid Explore the wonderful world of nature and add Trumpet creeper into your plant collection with the smart plant identifier app —— PictureThis!

Luke ✨

@nomadbakerdavid Hey. Try this app. it’s super useful! ☺️


Explore the wonderful world of nature and add Nut-grass into your plant collection with the smart plant identifier app —— PictureThis!


@NicholeGunz i recommend this app or something similar, very helpful


Explore the wonderful world of nature and add Butterfly pea into your plant collection with the smart plant identifier app —— PictureThis!

Robert S

@TheGarngad Explore the wonderful world of nature and add Oregon grape into your plant collection with the smart plant identifier app —— PictureThis!

Robert S

@TheGarngad Explore the wonderful world of nature and add Japanese quince into your plant collection with the smart plant identifier app —— PictureThis!

wulan pusparini

Explore the wonderful world of nature and add Saffron crocus into your plant collection with the smart plant identifier app —— PictureThis!


Explore the wonderful world of nature and add Devil's-backbone into your plant collection with the smart plant identifier app —— PictureThis!


Explore the wonderful world of nature and add Narrowleaf yucca into your plant collection with the smart plant identifier app —— PictureThis!


Explore the wonderful world of nature and add Marsh seedbox into your plant collection with the smart plant identifier app —— PictureThis!

juan e gracia

Explore the wonderful world of nature and add Paradise apple into your plant collection with the smart plant identifier app —— PictureThis! Is an apple from Mexico

Jamie Kenney

@mrsmcglover Do you have the Picture This app? It's a little bit spendy ($30/year) but it's so, so good and I can only imagine especially so for actual gardeners (I just like frolicking through the woods seeing what different plants are).

She's An Electric Guitar

Explore the wonderful world of nature and add White turmeric into your plant collection with the smart plant identifier app —— PictureThis!


Explore the wonderful world of nature and add Leavenworth's eryngo into your plant collection with the smart plant identifier app —— PictureThis!

PictureThis - Plant Identifier 2.5.3 Screenshots & Images

PictureThis - Plant Identifier iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

PictureThis - Plant Identifier iphone images
PictureThis - Plant Identifier iphone images
PictureThis - Plant Identifier iphone images
PictureThis - Plant Identifier iphone images
PictureThis - Plant Identifier iphone images
PictureThis - Plant Identifier iphone images
PictureThis - Plant Identifier iphone images
PictureThis - Plant Identifier iphone images
PictureThis - Plant Identifier ipad images
PictureThis - Plant Identifier ipad images
PictureThis - Plant Identifier ipad images
PictureThis - Plant Identifier ipad images
PictureThis - Plant Identifier ipad images
PictureThis - Plant Identifier ipad images
PictureThis - Plant Identifier Education application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
PictureThis - Plant Identifier Education application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

PictureThis - Plant Identifier (Version 2.5.3) Install & Download

The applications PictureThis - Plant Identifier was published in the category Education on 2017-07-20 and was developed by Glority Global Group Ltd. [Developer ID: 1499301607]. This application file size is 120.02 MB. PictureThis - Plant Identifier - Education posted on 2020-09-22 current version is 2.5.3 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: cn.danatech.xingseus

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