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Toca Mystery House App Description & Overview

What is toca mystery house app? There’s a strange house on a strange street in a strange part of town. Most people are scared of it, but I want to sneak inside.

There are so many rumors, I don’t know what to believe

Some kids say the top floor glows at night and that crazy aliens live up there. Some say that strange experiments are going on in the living room. One kid I know absolutely swears they heard weird music coming from the basement. Can a house sing? I’ve also talked to kids who say the entire kitchen is covered in slime. Even my best friend, who never believes anything, told me the house is alive!

I had to see for myself

I did, I swear. I peeked inside last week. First, I made sure no one was around. Then I got on my tiptoes and spied in the kitchen window. I saw just the edge of the fridge. I think I saw some kind of gooshy red stuff oozing out of it, but I’m not really sure. Then I heard creepy rumbling sounds coming from the basement. It totally freaked me out and yup, I admit it, I sprinted all the way home.

But I’m just so curious, I can’t help myself. I think I’ll be going back. I want to go inside. I could really use a partner, though. Seriously, will you come with me?

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App Name Toca Mystery House
Category Education
Updated 26 August 2023, Saturday
File Size 88.9 MB

Toca Mystery House Comments & Reviews 2024

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Love this game, but have some thing you could add…. Hi, I love all your games and this is definitely one of the best. Maybe, you could add a few more doors to go into, with different things inside them. Like a room where you can make pets, like the room with the frogs. you could choose from cat bunny, or dog or something like that. This is just my opinion, but I think more doors and places to go to would make it a little or interesting. I know you probably won’t get this message, but this is just a suggestion.

I love it!. This game is really my type it’s creepy it has a cool backstory it’s very cool and unique I really like that u made something else and not another Toca life.i love the theme song, This game is very underrated it’s reeeaaalllyyy cool! To be honest I really was getting tired of Toca Life games… This is a really cool game for people with weird taste like me. 😺 Keep making awesome new games!!! I do have a suggestion. What about a Toca Pet simulator? U could play as an animal! It would be really fun.

So cool. I absolutely love this game and I cannot keep it in. I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!! My favorite part is making potions. I love taking one thing and mixing it with another and mixing that with something else. My one complaint is that sometimes when I throw a potion at the monster, he gets angry. I’d prefer him to always be happy no matter what. And then there’s the blob in the refrigerator. He doesn’t really do ANYTHING! But it is pretty satisfying sucking things up and shooting them back out again. :) I love this game a lot. I just want more things added to it. HEY! TOCA BOCA! I’M TALKING TO YOU! MAKE TOCA MYSTERY HOUSE 2! Sigh. If only.

Update idea. This game is my favorite game but I have an idea for an update new mini games 1 you create your own monster but i want something bigger where create your own stars first you choose a star then you color it red blue or yellow then spin it around and star gets sent in star gallery next is boss battle first you choose a weapon a knife a bow or a gun then choose armor stone or iron and the pick a boss battle a huge monster or galctus tap on to hurt the boss if the boss kills you can try again

What??❤️. I love this game dearly, it forces me to enjoy the graphic beauty and the artistic design of each room. But all I do is wander around the house and change my monster with potions, is that all? I feel like there’s more to this game, but I can’t decipher it. Once again, it’s beautifully made and I enjoy the artistic approach, but I need to know if there is more!

Not as good as other Toca games. We have all the other Toca games and this one is not nearly as fun. It was only interesting for the first 30 minutes and then got very boring. Most Toca games are worth the money, this one definitely is not.

Love the app but there is one problem. There are only four main things to do 1.the weird guys upstairs 2.the pink blob 3.the potion thing 4.the head thing in the basement I would be so happy if you added more places and things to do like a bedroom and also more potion codes for the monsters I have also saw somewhere that you read all of your reviews so you really need to update this app

A hint to zombiekitkat. Dear zombiekitkat, I may not be the developer but I know how to get the thing you’re trying to get! It’s the slime on the top shelf! It has to do something. Bye!

Decent. Okay it’s good so I bought a bundle and this is my 2nd favorite one good game but when you get on the elevator and went down i SCREEMED! What and where did that thing blow in the mind of a person because what if your reading this to know what the game is well basically I’m saying that there an elevator and you go down it and a Frankenstein popes out of the floor and you brought in it’s BRAIN! And you like you can open her head and rip out it’s eyes and can pull it’s cheeks and like how? So not for 4years olds probably 7 but I not in charge

Not much to do. My daughter played for 10 minutes and then quit this and spent 45 minutes on a different toca game we bought a year ago. The four areas are quite simple and quick for kids to get bored on “fridge” one as not clear what to do. Music one/head can be fully explored in matter of minutes.

Amazing!. I am a teen, and I still enjoy this game. Toca makes great games. They are a couple of dollars, but are great quality and even work on airplane mode. Love it! I also want to suggest to a life national park (canyons, waterfall, hiking, mountains, visitor station, ect.)

Confused.. What am I supposed to do? How am I supposed to play? I just wasted my money! I’ve just been tapping random things for ten minutes. And nothings happened. The potions thing, I found a note that said “red + blue” I did that and nothing happened. What’s the point? Good animations though. I feel so bad rating a brands so low, Ive been playing Toca Boca for 8 years. Never rated anything so low. I just don’t understand. Make a life app, we love those. Before you lose business. Which I can’t let happen. First the lazy life app and now this. Here’s ideas for a life game, that people would like to see. A Toca life theme park, a Toca Zoo, a Toca tech, like a really futuristic game of a steam punk theme would be cool.

Read toca boca AB!. This game is creative, different, and fun like the other toca boca games. There r 4 doors, each with a different thing to do. Some of the activities in it r simple, relaxing, and interesting. And other activities in it r fun, interesting, and exciting! The game is all ready amazing but maybe just one more thing to do. It really does not need one more thing to do thou because it’s all ready awesome but maybe just maybe add one more thing because it would make it as awesome as it can get thank again toca boca. 💖

App won’t load. After updating iOS to 14 it will no longer load game after toca boca splash screen. I just get a blank white screen. Please help! My little one loves this game and wants to play it.

PLEASE READ TOCA BOCA!. I love everything about this game and so does my brother! All my siblings and my siblings friends have this game and can not stop playing it. I wish there was new puzzles! I also hope that in the next update (if there is one) that you guys add more things to add into the potions and that there is a more variety of what the monsters look like... I wish that some of them could float and some of the were kind of invisible... maybe so of them could have wings and some had a million legs... I think this would make the game AMAZING! Also I wish you could copy the potion recipes so you can make them again later. AND FINALLY... my brother wishes he could interact more with the monsters he makes... maybe like mini games with the monsters or you could feed them... I love this game!

Jelly fridge guys. When I go to the jelly fridges guys I can’t open the item hole on the right side of the fridge when I’m inside of it.

Help me pls. So I got it a my dad bought it for me and then after the screen goes black and I have been waiting and I tried so much to get in but it doesn’t let me in pls help me figure this out I really want to play and it was 4 dollars for it and I do not want to waste my dad’s money

There is a problem. The door in the refrigerator that despises the food items is stuck and won’t open up. And since I decided to reset my progress and gain it again for fun, I can’t get the painting of the pear in the house to show up since the door won’t open. Can you please fix this as soon as possible

Awesome game (but needs more rooms please). This is SO fun and I can’t get enough of it! That’s why I would very much like it if you added more rooms. For instance, another alien room with a plant you have to grow for them, a room with a giant sludge monster, and the option to have your little guy you can experiment on follow you around. Thanks for reading toca (if you did)!

Fun to play with, but.... Im gonna be honest, this game is pretty fun! all the spots, monsters and stuff makes it unique. although, it needs a little more stuff. like, a garden with creatures, or something. still, great game to mess with.

Great app!. It’s a nice app I’m not going to shame on it for not being the scariest because it was probably made for like four year olds and I am defiantly not four. I have a recommendation though so the first one is that I was wondering if you could make a way to go behind the walls because somtimes I will see eye balls and things behind the walls and I was wondering if you could make a secret door or something to get there I actually have an idea could you make it so you can like move the monster in the basement and then when you walk through the caves you will see another elevator and you could go up it into a cave with peek holes and some tiny creatures, could you also make a second floor I just kinda want another door I mean unless you can squeeze it into the first floor.

Its ok. I fell in love with this game i made up storyes i made songs but when i whanted to make a ro play no bed room😡 dont get me rong but this game feals un finished i whait pacently but no update! I love this game but toca whont finish the story i love this game but why no up date😭

It’s true, you need to make more apps.. I am eleven years old, and before Toca after school came out, Toca Boca was making one app every other month. Now, it’s been about four months since I’ve seen a new app, and I’m kind of mad. Toca monster house made no sense, and I have a new idea. A lot of people do. You say you read all the reviews, so please do it now. You could create a Toca magic school, with spells and things like that. Thanks for listening. Hopefully you do.

Gorgeous! Needs goals.. Ok, I think this is one of your best games yet!! It’s so beautiful!1 I love the design, and it’s very much like the game monument valley in style. However, I am 12 and need stimulation x3 so I think of you also want to appeal to slightly older audiences, you should put in some motivation to play. That being said, it’s a perfect game for four or five year olds, and good job.

Meh. This app was more fun when I first started playing it. From there it went downhill... the games got boring pretty fast. There are only 4 games to choose from and right now it’s not really worth the money. I would suggest a few more rooms to go into with more mini games... I hope this helps!

4 rate because. First thing I download it on my update ios14 and it dinit work like why I love is game but now I don’t love it because it dinit work for ios14 why.

This game is amazing 🤩. When I first tried this game I thought it was so cool my fav part is when you go up the stair case and the walls just poof and it’s so nice and the elevator that lead you to that head thingy that so cool 😎 this game is amazing 😉 I love it 😻 and I think you should get it to if you don’t have it 🎉😏 ok bye 👋🏾 I LOVE THIS GAMEEEEE

Very boring. Overall I love Toca boca but the fridge thing seems a little inappropriate and also there is not much to do I mean. The only thing I like in this app is that you can create different potions and change the look of the monster I was hoping for fun not disappointment 👎🏼😒

Fun but a bit short. I was super exited to get this because I love scary things I knew it wouldn’t be that scary but it looked fun so I download it I finished everything u could do in about 15 minutes.I like it but I think it could use more.

Good I guess😐. The graphics are good I just feel like it should have more things to do somethings are fun but I mean like the refrigerator one is just stupid I really love Toca games it’s just they cost money and some of them aren’t worth it at least make it cheaper I’m going off topic though. The game is fun just not my style but this is all just a personal opinion so to each their own I guess. Just not my favorite but I think other people would like it so I definitely recommend😊

No longer opens. I love this app but since I updated the iPad to iOS 14 the app no longer opens - HELP!!!!!!!! Halloween will soon be here.

Alright. This game is very well illustrated and super funny. The only thing bothering me is that I feel like there is no sense of accomplishment. There needs to be more of a progression, not necessarily to complete the app, but to show you are doing something right. I feel there need to be "rewards" of some type, or more of a purpose to what the goal is.

This is great!. This game is so nice and fun! There are so many hidden tricks to find out, and things to explore. All the people who say it’s boring don’t have the dedication to figure out every little detail in this. My favorite part is the little tea party in the sky, and the room that goes with it. I’ve always loved astrology, and that is perfect for me! Sincerely, Reagan.

Not much to do. Toca games are usually great but this one really has nothing going on. The monster in the basement makes my 5yr old scared and she wishes that the monster was a silly face instead. Not many activities with this app. The developers should try and make all the rooms, furniture, the cooking area etc interactive. You can’t do much with this.

I LOVE IT. I love this app, I just cracked my phone yesterday and I was very very sad it was shattered, but this app made me feel better, and I wasn’t beating myself up of why I dropped it,😂 but the point is this is a great app and you should play it

Let your kid figure it out. Ok, so I thought this game looked amazing, bought it for my son and watched him play it and at first was like, now what? But, he looooves it and it is the only game he plays. He has discovered so many neat things! Those that say it is boring or they figured it all out in 15 mins does not have the perseverance and dedication of my four year old. There are so many little hidden tricks. I think that as you figure stuff out, more stuff gets layered on. Im also pretty sure that as you discover more stuff the plain paintings on the wall get colored? Just let your kid figure it out. Also, it isn't scary. Spooky and fun like Halloween— but certainly not scary.

Amazing!!!! But..... This game is amazing! It lives up to the amazing graphics and it is unique gameplay, I love the stairs when you go up it the walls deform to where it is just a door in the air. Also I love the part when you can go down the elevator and there is like this big Frankenstein head and it is like a piano on it’s teeth. My favorite part is you can make a potion with different ingredients then throw them at the monster tonot only create a unique pattern, but also to create the body shape😆. I LOVE IT!!!! But the only thing is there is not much to explore in this game. There is a couple doors, but there is like no secret doors leading to a different floor making it more exciting or anything like that. After you go through all the doors and know everything it is not that fun anymore. I would love it if there is something more to it to make it more exciting. If that is added, then I would be more that happy to write a 5 star review. Over all, I thing this is a amazing game!!! Keep up the good work.

Boring. Honestly I think it’s boring. All u do is just look around and tap things. I don’t like the theme, the monsters JUST EVERYTHING! And I don’t see y u have 2 pay for the app! I think it should free because it’s not a good enough app to pay for. I would probably like it better if it was a life app!

More rooms. I absolutely love this game....but I’m hear to complain I wish this game had more rooms and mini games...and the monster in the basement is a bit you can pull out it’s eyes and stuff (I’m not scared of the monster in the basement) but while I played with my cousin she was terrified when I pulled the monsters eyes. Thanks for listening to my complaining But!! Nice game

This app was a waste of money. I bought this for my daughter. She was very excited cause she raised her money to buy it. After she went to all the rooms. She got bored. She was angry because she could’ve saved her money and spent it on something better. I tried to get her a refund, but the website was not working. I wouldn’t recommend this app. Rather the other Toca selections.

This game is worth the money. This game is worth the money is so entertaining I have Toca boca ideas like Toca life rockstar and Toca hotel Toca life nature and Toca adventure or Toca pool party Toca Dinosaur or Toca mansion but make more games free or make Toca movie theater or Toca factory maybe Toca factory game would have a job of things you make like games or even Toca boca games please let us go upstairs in the elevator or make Toca neighborhood or neighbor

It’s a Great game!. I love the game it’s very cool and fun. Me and my brother love the game! We also have a suggestion. You should make. Toca Life:Jungle I think it would be cool to see all of the animals in the jungle and to walk through those huge leaves and swing from trees! Thank you!

Toca’s best game yet!. I AM ADDICTED TO THIS GAME. Toca mystery house is better than all their other games combined. (Even though toca business tower was really fun.) One minute you’re making music with trolls in the basement, the next you’re up in the heavens exploring weird lamp things. All though one thing I really recommend is a story. In the game, we just appear in this haunted house, when we have no idea what to do. I read the description for the game, and it was really cool. The story could go like this: you appear in Halloween, and you’re trick-or-treating and you arrive at a big house that looks really spooky. “Let’s skip this house,” says your friend. “I’ve heard rumors about it. My brother says there’s a troll in the basement!” You start to wonder about it. The next day, you ask a friend if he’s willing to come inside. He says he’s prepared. You arrive at the house, and you hear a strange noise. Your friend runs away screaming. You’re left trapped in the belly of the beast.

It’s glitchy. So when I try to get in the game glitches out then I have to restart is so annoying!

Amazing, but... This game is an amazing app. I love it. But, there isn’t much to do and a lot of bugs that need to be fixed. Otherwise than that, it’s great.

Not much to do. This app is gorgeous, and it’s so different from what Toca Boca usually comes out with that I was super curious to see that it’s about. The art and minigames are ADORABLE (albeit maybe a little scary for the target age group- the monster in the basement freaked my younger sister out quite a bit) and the way you explore/move about is super unique and cool. My favorite game is the aliens in the attic (though I like to pretend they’re angels). Super neat, wish there were more ways to interact with them. The reason I gave this three stars is that it’s a little boring. Usually in Toca games there’s a lot to explore and discover, so when I heard this had come out I was super excited to take it apart and check out the app. Instead, there are like four rooms, and it took me less than 20 minutes to find everything there was to the game. I don’t feel like that was $4 worth of entertainment. I loved the animation and I’d love to see Toca come out with more apps like this- just maybe, next time, gimme a little more.

PLEASE READ. I would VERY MUCH enjoy if you ACTUALLY READ some of the reviews! I love your games and so does lots of my siblings! But please! Some of the reviews have VERY good app suggestions, but it seems a lot like you ignore them! Here are some of my suggestions. 1. Maybe add another toca life? A zoo or maybe mall, even theme park would be very enjoyable! 2. Add more secrets please! 3. Maybe add a way that can transport your fav toca life characters to another toca life game! 4. Thank you SO much for taking your time to read this. I really am such a huge fan! I have ALL of your toca life games. 😘thanks

Fun game- but no sound?. My 3 year old enjoys this and it’s fun for me to play with her..but there is no sound. I’ve checked my settings, removed and reinstalled and restarted my phone. Pretty disappointing on that end.

Awesome ina kid way. This game I just downloaded it has many things u can do but I think u should ad more stuff!!! And also pls don’t make the plant part hard and make it easier for me as a kid and so far,it’s very nice but put down the price to $1.33 do u think u can do that? And btw this has no need to have very less rooms and a least add two or three more rooms like a bed room and also a living room a neighborhood (for others to explain)🤙🏻 and wow u made look real

It is good but a new activity is needed. This is an awesome game I think it is also a very good price but it lacks something more to do like a update.

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Needs more rooms. Good but needs some extra areas added. Please consider this! Some more interactive experiments maybe?

THIS IS AWESOME. I got this game and I figured out all the puzzles but plz do more activities thx 😊

More things. It’s fun and all but we need more things to do on it!

Needs More rooms. There are not enough rooms but apart from that it’s great

Game doesn’t work. When you open it the intro plays and them its just a black screen. Wasted money :/

Oh um. The upstairs floor is the absolute worst part strange noises,bight flashes and hard puzzles I know they’re meant to be monsters and this is monster house but that puzzle is ridiculous plus it’s makes you feel sick and dizzy most of your other games are fun and I have great memories now playing them I think even my brother played them when he was a kid anyway get some of the older games they’re much more fun and enjoyable

No instructions. There’s nothing to do. You go through rooms and find nothing. You can’t take anything, and they don’t give you a clue on what to do.

It is great. Ok so it is so gray rakamadind for a tonn to go now and it will not have to be down there now 🥳🤩🥳🥳🤩🥳🥳

Fun but.... I figured out the the square, cylinder, circle, musical head, monster shapes, kitchen slime but I can’t figure out da others.

What are they?!!!?. I see the timers but what is the activity what do you do!?

Didn’t work. I’m quite angry with the game I paid for it and everything after my daughter played it at an Apple store on one of their devices and she tried it and it had the theme intro to a vocal song thing and then it stayed white and if you tapped to skip the theme it would go black so I’m quite angry

It’s good, but:. The upstairs area is way too confusing, I figured out the cube and the sphere (mostly) but I can’t figure out the cylinder, it also needs more rooms, but it’s very good!

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Bad game don’t buy. You only have three rooms there’s nothing much add more rooms this game is terrible don’t buy add more rooms

Maybe?. Hi I am 8 years old, And I am Eriks and Andrea Geldart’s daughter, and I love your game but there’s only a few things I maybe want you to do. 1. Maybe you can make 5 more rooms because It’s boring with like only, 3 rooms? 2. On the 4th room can you make the bathroom? 3. And with the bathroom you can tap on the shower and there be like, 14 yucky germs on the floor in the bathroom. 4. When you tap on the germs they get squished and become alive again. 5. And on the 4th room in hallway of course, There would be a black cat he has a axe in his mouth and you can tape on it and it will fall out of his mouth. 6. When the axe falls out you go back in the bathroom room and the same black cat appears in the bathroom holding the axe again. 7. And when you notice all the germs are under the axe also, you can tap on the black cat again and... PLOP! The axe just falls on the germs and the gone “ No worries your bathroom floor is all clean!” 8. On the 5th floor you can make a bedroom. 9. Do some ideas yourself so you won’t be tired the next day of reading this. ( giggle.)

Strange little things that you have to go back home 🏡. Some lil as well: 1. To get back home in the room now!!! 2. To get home in my home I’ll get home and then go to the store 🏬 3. To my back ( I will be home in about a little late) I have my car back to back in the room I’ll get home = might go back in! I have a car…4. But I’m sure I’m going back in a little late ⏰ (I’m just going to home get my home) I’m just going to home now 889845’lt up 🔝 and I just got my home 🏡 I’m going to get back to back I’ll go back your way home Ill in a car accident. I’ll be back in the car I’ll get home ?

Add more rooms please. I’m 9 and I love this game but could you please add another room?

Pet monster. Virtual password of the virtual pet monster that you at

A beautiful game. One of my most favourite games right now, the gameplay is fun and the animations and sound effects are so good. I would suggest this game to adults, not just children.

Boring. Really really really really really really really boring Worst game you ever made

More rooms, please.. My younger brother got this game, and after a few minutes, he was upset because he didn’t like that there was almost nothing to do. If you do another update, PLEASE add more rooms!:(

Awesome ^_^. My little sister saw this game and wanted it right away and she loves it personally I’m 15 I think the game is pretty cute and gives kids a chance to be creative awesome game for young kids I recommend

Not great. Very little to do once you find the four rooms with not much to do in them. My kids 5 and 3 are big Toca fans and this one really lacks substance to keep them interested. Not worth the money they cost to buy, they are disappointed that they saved their money and bought this one and not one of the others.

GREAT SO GOOD. i really like this game, its the best mixture of creepy/strange/weird and fun. i want to list all the things you do in here for those who are going to get it: 1. making frogs 2. seeing stars 3. making spirits 4. squishing slime 5. watering plants and more!!

So exited!!. I'm extremely excited to play!!!

ok. it’s pretty good but gets boring after a while , add some more stuff

Worst Toca Game :(. My daughter owns almost every Toca game and LOVES them so she was excited to see this one come out. Unfortunately, she got super frustrated trying to figure out what to do. Then, when we did figure out how to play, we finished it in 10 minutes. NOT the same game value as the other Toca titles. Don’t love and won’t recommend.

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It is good but a new activity is needed. This is an awesome game I think it is also a very good price but it lacks something more to do like a update.

?. I see that one review mentioned aliens what's that about?

Not as good as other Toca games. We have all the other Toca games and this one is not nearly as fun. It was only interesting for the first 30 minutes and then got very boring. Most Toca games are worth the money, this one definitely is not.

Doesn’t Work. With the new iOS 14 update it just takes me to a black and white screen and crashes. Hope this gets fixed soon.

Can I have my money back?!. I saw this game and it looked cool. I spent my own money because I wanted it very bad! Then I spent 30 minutes looking around the mystery house and all I found were blobs in the fridge. Don't get this app and if you can fix the app fix it.

It’s glitchy. So when I try to get in the game glitches out then I have to restart is so annoying!

I Love This Game. This Game Is Awesome!!!!! Me And My Brother Love To Play It! It Has So Many Different Places To Go,Toca Boca should make more games like this!!

More activity’s. I love this game but you need more activity's cause I am getting bored

Eh. Sorry but it isn’t worth $4. I was super excited! It only took me 6 minutes to find everything!!! So yeah just add more! (This is worth zero stars!)

Don’t buy!!!. It’s a complete waste of money! Most of the stuff are props and they give you little selection of rooms to go through. Smh... wish I could get a refund.

Needs more rooms and interactives. It’s good but needs more features and good and fun larger new and old rooms

Good. I would not recommend this for 8+ or under 5 not much to do for older kids and little spooky Toca Boca I would stick to Toca life

Blank screen. Downloaded the app for my kid, and the screen turns black and white after the house appears. 😲

So good. I want to see more potions that are purple and yellow like the lamps 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍😍😍

Game won’t load. Stuck with a white screen after installing

Was working well. But now it freezes up. Wont allow me to join or play. Keeps freezing at beginning after toca introduction. Have latest updates on iOS and game. Please fix.

Great game but…. The game is great but it needs more things to do. Also lower the price. That will make your game. ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

Very strange but cool!. It’s a mystery house! Explore secret rooms! Do we still hold it? We’ll see!

Doesn’t work since I updated to iOS 14. This game and Toca Kitchen 2 are both non functional since updating my operating system.

I LIKE THIS APP BUT, STOP ALL THE MAKE MORE THINGS!!!. This is the best app ever! Here’s why. 1. You can play with red blobs, purple levitating things, and dark pink things? 2. You can make potions! 3. You can go to the basement! 4. You can meet the weird guys upstairs! But can you please guys stop the make more things?

Very boring. Overall I love Toca boca but the fridge thing seems a little inappropriate and also there is not much to do I mean. The only thing I like in this app is that you can create different potions and change the look of the monster I was hoping for fun not disappointment 👎🏼😒

Amazing... but.... It needs more rooms because I basically beat the game in a week it was supeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer easy so please please please please please add more rooms and more secret potions please!¿? sincerely me

Amazing game but don’t play too much 😍. Amazing but don’t play too much

No longer opens. I love this app but since I updated the iPad to iOS 14 the app no longer opens - HELP!!!!!!!! Halloween will soon be here.

It needs more. I love the app but it’s very short. It only has 4 things you can play. Add more please

Volume doesn’t work. I paid $3.99, and volume doesn’t work. My volume on other apps work, but not with this one.

Glitch. Every time I open the app it plays that Toca logo and the face turns into the house and right after that the screen stays white the only reaction from the game I get is if I tap the screen it turns black and that’s it so I wasted 3.99 thanks

Love the app but there is one problem. There are only four main things to do 1.the weird guys upstairs 2.the pink blob 3.the potion thing 4.the head thing in the basement I would be so happy if you added more places and things to do like a bedroom and also more potion codes for the monsters I have also saw somewhere that you read all of your reviews so you really need to update this app

App doesn’t even load. Reached out to support multiple times no reply. Not sure ios14 comparability issue or what but just get constant black screen after every load.

i will give 5 stars if you fix the glitch. hi, i really love this app. but when i go to the fridge with the slime in the kitchen, i can’t lift up the little door that is meant to make random objects come out! that little door works on my ipad, but not my phone. please fix it!

I got it one day early.... I was supposed to get it on June 14th. I really like the game though. Not to be rude but.. did you think I was somebody famous? Sincerely, Maya

Doesn’t work. Very disappointed. Another game that isn’t making it past the opening credits.

Does not work with new system update. Please don’t update your IOS system if you want this game to work.

Apps doesn’t work. I bought the whole bundle and this game and the Toca hospital doesn’t work even after all the updates. Please fix it. I don’t want to paid for it and wasn’t able to play it

I love the app!. I just love this app! It’s very entertaining, and keeps me occupied. It’s great! :)

No. I love toca games but I found it boring all you do is just tap things I would like a refund.

Really good. Really good but can u add like some more spooky things?

Does NOT work. Downloaded a few times and it crashes even before it starts the game.

Doesn’t work. This app isn’t working on my daughters iPad.. I’ve contacted the company two times now to get some sort of resolution. It opens up, goes black then crashes out. So disappointing. My girls love these games

Boring. Honestly I think it’s boring. All u do is just look around and tap things. I don’t like the theme, the monsters JUST EVERYTHING! And I don’t see y u have 2 pay for the app! I think it should free because it’s not a good enough app to pay for. I would probably like it better if it was a life app!

I LOVE IT!!!. It’s so fun I really like the party that was going on in the basement!!!!!

uhmmmm. How do u open the object thing in the fridge?

great app. this game really suits my personality. i love how u can explore different worlds. it gets kind of scary but it keeps me on the edge of my seat for more. i recommend fully.

Awsome must get!. There is so much to explore! I play it for along time get this app it’s so awsome and cool and secrets to find out it’s awsome bravo!!!

I don’t get it. Hello...I just purchased this app but after the opening credits just goes blank page. Nothing. What am I supposed to do? I think it needs an IOS 14 update. Please help.

Hurry. This game needs to come out already

If you’re over the age of 6, this app isn’t for you.. There’s not much to this app. A few little games which last only a minute or two. Definitely not worth the $3.99 I paid.

App won’t load. After updating iOS to 14 it will no longer load game after toca boca splash screen. I just get a blank white screen. Please help! My little one loves this game and wants to play it.

4 rate because. First thing I download it on my update ios14 and it dinit work like why I love is game but now I don’t love it because it dinit work for ios14 why.

Very frustrated!. Super upsetting that this app does not work!!! It keeps showing a white or black blank screen after every load!! I don’t think it is compatible with ios14.

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Toca Mystery House 2.2.1 Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Rules

What do you think of the Toca Mystery House app? Can you share your complaints, experiences, or thoughts about the application with Toca Boca AB and other users?

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Toca Mystery House 2.2.1 Apps Screenshots & Images

Toca Mystery House iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Language English
Price $4.99
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 2.2.1
Play Store com.tocaboca.tocamysteryhouse
Compatibility iOS 11.0 or later

Toca Mystery House (Versiyon 2.2.1) Install & Download

The application Toca Mystery House was published in the category Education on 14 June 2018, Thursday and was developed by Toca Boca AB [Developer ID: 419103351]. This program file size is 88.9 MB. This app has been rated by 447 users and has a rating of 3.7 out of 5. Toca Mystery House - Education app posted on 26 August 2023, Saturday current version is 2.2.1 and works well on iOS 11.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.tocaboca.tocamysteryhouse. Languages supported by the app:

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Toca Mystery House App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Bug fixes :)

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