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Fun and educational games, activities, and videos that help teach your child about letters, letter sounds, and words!

** ON for Learning Award **
** Parents' Choice Silver Award **

Elmo loves this app! It has songs and videos about letters. It has coloring pages and games about letters. It has all the letters from A to Z! Elmo even made a new alphabet song for it. Elmo thinks it’s the best ABC app ever! Come on, explore the alphabet with Elmo! (If you enjoy learning your ABCs, you’ll love learning your 123s! Check out “Elmo Loves 123s” in the App Store! )

• Slide, sweep, swipe, touch, trace and dig to discover over eighty classic Sesame Street clips, seventy five Sesame Street coloring pages, and four different ways to play hide and seek!
• Touch and trace your favorite letter to unlock its surprises.
• Tap on the star button to discover even more letter activities.
• Personalize by adding your own photos and videos to the game.
• ABCs tracker for grown-ups to see how your child is doing.
• Ability to purchase even more great letter content and holiday surprises.

• Letter identification (uppercase and lowercase)
• Letter sounds
• Letter tracing
• Art and creativity
• Music appreciation

• If you wish to personalize Elmo Loves ABCs by adding your own content, remember to complete all the fields: name, recording, photo, and video! If you do not have all four, your content will not appear in the game.
• PLEASE NOTE: Personalized photos and videos, are not backed up to the device library. To save or access this content, use the device's camera to create your content.
• Your videos must be in "Photos" (your device’s photo library) on your device or they will not be accessible by the game.
• To upload video into the "Photos" folder using iTunes, connect your device and click on the "Photos" tab. Click on the "sync photos from" box, and use the drop down menu to choose the folder that your videos are in. Make sure that you have the "include videos" box checked before you sync. If you are using a Mac, you may also use Photos to sync your videos under the pictures tab. Again, just make sure you have the "include videos" box checked.

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Elmo Loves ABCs App Description & Overview

The applications Elmo Loves ABCs was published in the category Education on 2011-04-04 and was developed by Sesame Street. The file size is 725.73 MB. The current version is 3.8 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

Edge protection enabled to prevent accidental exit on iOS 11 devices.

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Elmo Loves ABCs Reviews


Inappropriate images  Kewlgirl2713  1 star

Whose idea to put a coloring image of a little boys underpants in the app? Very pervy and creepy. Trying to find out who to report this too. I dunno - U for umbrella, ukulele, university, universe, even undershirt. But a pair of tightie-whities. Inappropriate. Parents - examine everything.


Not so great.  Mrsalexatucker  1 star

For the videos on letter L it keeps saying the letter “A” like “A”, Leaf, “A” Lion For the letter H it turns green when you haven’t even finished tracing it, actually for a lot of the letters it “accepts” the trace unfinished. The orange arrow that gets kids from the videos to drawings to hide and seek gets stuck a lot and is impossible to move sometimes. I often have to try at least ten times to move it or just give up. A very weak app for a paid app. I wish there was more educational value and less “fun”. The only valuable part is the tracing and the three videos that correlate to the sound, the drawing is dumb because screen is too small to actually color AND it doesn’t teach anything, and the hide and seek is defective and doesn’t really help them learn anything.


Easy  Bdjdhhsnskshsh  4 star



Doesn’t support family sharing  TheycallmeBlutoof  1 star

I bought the full version of Elmo years ago and now with a new iPad, my child wants it back. I have added them to my account that it was bought from. Now it will not let her download it without paying $4.99. I would like to know how to do it without being charged.


Great for toddlers.  xXBooneXx  4 star

Great app, ignore that other review. Hey retired teacher, Avocado Acapulco Almond Aunt Author Also Autism Palm Psalm Pasta...


Letter sound error  lfef  3 star

Just downloaded and L sound is same as A. How can this be fixed? Thanks.

Levi DeHaan

let’s kids fill up ipad with pictures  Levi DeHaan  1 star

what moron thought it was ok to let kids save pictures?


Not worth it  Succmybunion  2 star

I downloaded the free version first, and thought that buying the full version would be beneficial since I would have all the letters of the alphabet for my daughter to work on. However, the letters A, J and N do not work. I was under the impression that all the letters would be working in the full version.


Letter sound error  Dolo55$$  3 star

My great-nephew loves playing on this app. However, as a retired teacher, I was dismayed that Elmo and the astronaut both said ahhh for the "a" sound. The letter "o" makes the ahhh sound while "a" makes the short a sound. I just bought the whole app for him, so I hope there are no more errors with letter sounds. Hopefully, you can change this problem with an upgrade.


Great App  Jamquar  5 star

My grandsons love this app. No tech problems with it at all. Maybe it’s been improved since negative reviews were written. We love it!

Shoshy Krigsman

Funny  Shoshy Krigsman  5 star

People please get this app the videos are sooooo funny


Brilliant!  Fel71  5 star

One of the best kids apps around. Engaging, fun and educational. Beautifully designed with constant surprises and so many different clips to watch with each letter. Quickly became a favourite after downloading, and remains at the top of our list, no matter how many new apps we buy. My son has autism, and it's very hard to hold his attention. The fun way the alphabet is presented here keeps him interested and coming back for more. He's happy to let me help him draw the letters, which would be a near impossible task with a pencil and paper. Apps like these are vital tools for kids like my son.


Nostalgia Plus...  Bokolm  5 star

Thrilled with this app - a fine mix of education and fun, and nostalgia for parents who grew up in the 80s! Worth upgrading from lite and the huge download. My son doesn't want to do anything else...


Great!  DarrenGlen  4 star

Elmo talks all the way thru this, really excellent my daughter loves it. Only problem is some of the vids are from the 70s and 80s and the sound level goes up and down too much between videos ... Needs normalizing


It's a hit!!  Melmont  4 star

My 4yr old & 20month old love it!!! Educational & hrs & hrs of fun!!!


Mrs Lee  (:-))  1 star

Have been unable to download.... half way through keeps coming up with error


Awesome app for little ones  Hoopdeedoo  5 star

This is such a great app for kids! The best bit is the personalization and the ability to add your own videos, pictures and sounds for letters. Really great tool for learning the alphabet. Highly recommended or kids who love Elmo and Sesame Street

Mother of 3 2011

Very disappointed!  Mother of 3 2011  1 star

Audio doesn't seem to work properly all the time and my 4 year old gets very frustrated waiting! Hope they develop a fix soon because it would be a great preschool app otherwise


Updated version has bugs  Xmk2008  5 star

Do not buy it


Yes and no  Sueisababe  3 star

I like the game but, it crashes when you switch to the other game mode.(from abc's to find the letter) the other reviewer said the same thing! I spent 5 bucks on this app and I can only play part of it!! Fix it! Now! Fix it! Other than that, fun to play, Elmo and everyone is there! Good mix of old and new! Wonderful! But fix the glitch!


Review  IceDynamite13  2 star

Bought this for my son so he could have a different game to play and to help with letters. I'm a little disappointed because the lower case letter game will close the app. Please fix this.

Just got my first smart phone

Nephew LOVES app, Aunt hates its size  Just got my first smart phone  3 star

If my 22 month-old nephew sees my iPad, he'll come over, say "hi" in a super adorable way and says is: "Elmo? ABC?" I have several free apps for my nephew, but a few weeks ago, I was done with just the A, B and C options with this app's free version. I downloaded the full version, yes, paying the $4.99 cost. My issue with the full version is the size of the app. My 3rd generation iPad is not just for apps for my nephew, so app size becomes a huge issue when it's to the point I have to delete things for system updates! The really irritating thing is that there is Elmo app update pending and I'm only writing this review because it's a 600+ MB update! My question to the developers: why on earth is this app already over 700 MB and need a 600 MB update? It seems extremely large when several other apps are just as detailed and are much smaller (including their updates)?


One of the best kid apps out there  Aja918  5 star

And I've tried a lot of them! Tons of content, grows with my 2 year old.


Be prepared to use a lot of storage  Smsmiles-77  4 star

This app is good for kids and the graphics are excellent however be mindful it will take a lot of storage space. It's taken up 703MB of storage on the iPad. If you have room, it's a great and educational download.

Psych Tech 1980

My toddler's favorite app  Psych Tech 1980  5 star

This app is awesome. My 2 year old uses it every day and it's helped him learn his alphabet. The ability to customize the videos is a super cool bonus. I highly recommend it!


Worst App Ever!  AlishaMae  1 star

We purchased this app thinking it would be good to help our children write there letters. The only thing this app has taught them is how to scribble in the letters and not write them. I would not recommend this app to anyone. I give it a 0/5!


Elmo loves ABCs  EEN14  1 star

My daughter loved this app but since I tried to update it no longer works. Very disappointing. Wish I could get my money back,


Update locked up app!!!!  AimeeBa  1 star

Loved this app until I tried to update it, now its locked up...pretty sure I paid for this so i'm not happy.


My 18 mos old loves this app  Chicago.2013  5 star

My son is a HUGE Elmo fan and loves this app. It's really helped him learn his letters at 18 mos. Highly recommend.

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