CE5 Contact

CE5 Contact [Education] App Description & Overview

CE5 Contact provides instructions and tools to assist you in making peaceful contact with extraterrestrial civilizations as well as locating others in your area who are interested in making contact.

The CE5 protocols were developed by Dr. Steven Greer, one of the world’s foremost authorities on the subject of UFOs, extraterrestrial intelligence and technologies, and initiating peaceful contact with interstellar civilizations. Dr. Greer’s relentless efforts towards the disclosure of classified UFO/ET information have inspired millions of supporters around the world.

App features:

Official training materials developed by Dr. Greer
CE5 Guide, which provides an overview of all topics surrounding CE5
CE5 Process, which walks users step-by-step through all aspects of initiating CE5
Built-in networking functionality for finding and messaging others interested in CE5
Comprehensive equipment list
Extensive library with video, images, audio samples, and meditations


For active use of the app outdoors during CE5 work where connectivity may be limited, version 1.5 and later includes offline mode for the CE5 Process section as well as local storage of previously visited pages or played/downloaded content.

Certain sections of the app require an active internet connection, including user sign-up / profile editing, networking, and messaging.

CE5 Contact replaces the older “ET Contact” app. You may continue to use the older app but new features and updates (including networking, new meditations, sounds, examples, etc.) will be added to CE5 Contact app only.

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CE5 Contact Customer Service, Editor Notes:

NEW: button added to settings to allow clearing of downloaded (cached) content FIXED: minor user interface adjustments

CE5 Contact Comments & Reviews

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- It won’t allow me too create a account


- Sadly disappointing

After watching the information available I was very excited to purchase this app. Despite it being one of the most expensive being offered I felt it was a good investment. I have been sadly disappointed with it. The only feature that I can not find for myself for free is the community networking portion which is the single most useful part of the app. Sadly it is not very user friendly or very used. It has no community or group feature to use. I had such high hopes and think anyone that purchased this app did as well. Entering this time we need each other and need community support. Of all the apps available this should be offering more than it does. Gravely disappointed when there are notifications of updates that are minimal in change. After having owned it for months and checking frequently to see new content nothing significant has changed. It feels like a rip off.

- Needs work

So I have had this app for a few months now. One thing that is still not where it needs to be is the networking feature. There are still issues finding people that I KNOW are on the app. Scrolling the map and even the list won’t bring them up. It is not even most user friendly to network and connect with other people. I still can’t find some of the people in our group on it, even when I hover on the map over where they live. This must be fixed and I will rate higher again.

- Finally an app with all the resources for CE-5

This app has all the information and instructions to start CE5 and allowed me to connect with others nearby. I have used it to formed my own local CE5 research team and we have been meeting weekly with great results! We have also attended a state wide CE5 meetup with over 50+ people. More and more people are starting CE5 everyday!

- Grateful

I find it wonderful that Dr Greer made these protocols available to anyone to utilize. I’m ok that the small fee allows Dr Greer and his team to continue their work contacting conscious beings as well as continue their message of unity in consciousness and the power we can all access to create positive outcomes among ourselves and our fellow truth seekers in all consciousness and all dimensions .

- if I like to meditate.

It is very good since you feel that you meet your other self, it is excellent. But I want to give a suggestion, they should also have the application in Spanish and other languages, since that way there would be more users who would buy the app.

- Search areas

I downloaded the app hoping to find members in areas I travel I can only search in my general area. When I go to search in another state it keeps taking me back to my area. I’m not sure why. I thought this app would be great for actual networking across the USA. I can’t even search in my whole state. Can you tell me what is wrong.

- Offline mode

It would be a great app if I could take it into a field with no cell signal and use all the audio features. I wouldn’t mind it taking up several gigabytes. Until then I’ll just have to rip off these recordings and play them manually.

- Love it!

Being new to CE5 this app was awesome for me to get started. I followed the guidance and I made contact with my new friends immediately! The only thing else you need is to be pure of heart and contact is inevitable!

- Email problems

Hello I enjoyed the documentary but I cannot create an account on your app because I cannot receive the verification email.

- Library no longer loading

Not sure what’s going on. Hasn’t worked the past few weeks I’ve tried to use it

- Y know Up load or attach ? Messages n the like

From 1 out of 12 messages reply so far may be team of hopeful two... Like there is so much better stuff to do then? Too busy and how much vacation you taking? I’ll fess up now, hitchhikers guide to Pluto, a chapter before the freeway comes, and Hope the beautiful nice lady driving wants to be in the shot smile ok everybody

- It Is NOT Free!!

I gave it a 4 stars instead of 5 stars because I WAS CHARGED $9.99 for it six days later!!!!

- Can’t create an account

I paid $10 for this app. It would be nice to be able to create an account. I’ve entered 3 different valid email addresses and the app tell me all 3 aren’t valid

- Basic good app

Hello app developers. This is a good basic app. Would you please create a feature that allows us to create chat groups!? That way we don't need to use a different app to organize our meetings. Also. When you are on the Network search screen, you see a list of people nearby. Once I click on a user name to chat, I send the user a message. When I back out by pressing the upper left arrow, the app takes me back to my chat screen, and not the network screen I previously was, with a list of people nearby. I think that's something worth looking into. Thank you for this app!! Keep up the good work 🙏

- a negative star (-)

Not really a review, but more a message-in-a-bottle. I am unable to login to the app or find any support to aid in doing so.

- I’m impressed with the program and content, but not the app

You’ve got a great thing going here, however the app is less than desirable and functional. It’s great with the tutorials, explaining the process, etc. (UX), but not so great with the user interface/interaction (UI). For example, there are glitches in the app that make it difficult to navigate within each section, specifically the networking section. Most apps, if not all apps, that use location pin-drops will allow the user to select a pin-drop to view the identification (or in this case, the profile) associated with the specific location pin. Additionally, when I enlarge the map by selecting the ↔️ icon, the only way to navigate back to the previous screen is to start the entire search process all over again by clicking the networking button at the bottom of the app. The results of each search are lost if the map or user profile is viewed/expanded. In fact, anything that requires the user to interact with the app seems to be non-functional. Very, very basic at best. Reading content and switching to and from any content-based section works very well. But getting the app to retrieve anything or to “interact” with it, i.e., expecting to review a linked profile when clicking a pin-drop, is non-functional and somewhat frustrating to use. Lastly, it would be nice if there were actual profiles for each member in our chosen/selected areas (linked to their corresponding pin-drop), instead of just a name and how far away that person is from us. Overall, the app seems to have been created in a hurry, and /or the QA process before releasing the app to the public was very minimal/limited/non-exient. No offense to the developer(s), because by no means could I create any kind of application myself, but this app seems like it may have been created by using one of those “do-it-yourself” application creating apps where the app build the app and the “developer” just fills in the information he/she wants displayed under each tabbed section. Seems very very basic.

- i dont trust this app

i was hoping this may phone home to e.t. not analytics to big brother. even just to listen to the meditation music needs internet.

- Very Professional! Great App!

I am very excited for this documentary! I hope many people see it and also get this app, especially the younger generation and teenage kids. This is a great app to launch with the CE5 documentary. It’s structured very well in terms of the information. It looks great for beginners and the common person who is interested in UFOs, ETs, and Making Contact. The app does a great job on explaining CE5 in simple terms to the average person. Of course experience is the greatest teacher. There’s only one problem. I know I got this app the day it was released, so it’s pretty early! The problem is that I tryed to make an account to connect with others in my area, but I’m getting some technical difficulties. I can’t create an account. And also, I’m not getting the verification email that goes with it. I hope that can be fixed.

- In the Bible Belt

It’s hard to image why the pin drops are so close to actual residences of network participants. Dr. Greer made comment or prediction in his recent documentary that ET contact could be used as excuse to create a space force and a singular authoritarian global government. Understandably, the advance of such things would be fueled by fears of upending religions and possibly ET’s as some sort of outer space “enemy”. The app provides little or no way to hide a profile, delete a profile, or make one’s pindrop location less defined. Why not? This unattended situation would not be safe for kids or minors, at all, not ever. It is not a dating site, but could easily be a stalker site. Anyone can join. Anyone can basically figure out where you live. Weak in app privacy protections are no help for a cool trailblazing app. I’m afraid of people with destructive intentions, not the ET contact. Seriously, fix that.

- Right Path

The App is worth the 10. Didn’t really know where to start with this whole new feeing I have about ET’s and the universe in general but I definitely feel like I am on the right path with this App. The “Social side” needs a little more help on the app though. Maybe make the app able to upload photos/conversations of good areas nearby that are good for star gazing/connecting. Especially for people who don’t get out a lot and adventure around until they find a good spot. They can just look on the App and find places where other believers have been and go! Thank you for this 🙏

- User Doesn’t Exist Error

I read many of them are writing about the invalid user error when account is first set up. I don’t want to give a bad rating for a new app which is but natural to have some bugs. Can you please fix my login issue so that I can use the CE5 app and then provide a real review based on using the app? I received the email verification email and did verify my email - FYI. Because I support Dr Greer’s monumental work I am giving a 5 star rating because this initial glitch of the App, cannot be the basis for a bad rating for his years of work. Thanks for taking care of the App issue.

- Would have preferred an update to original ET Contact App

Really the only new function in this app versus the original ET Contact App is the networking feature. This would have been nice if you added it as an update for an already paid for app. If you’re not too interested in connecting with others in your area who practice CE-5, the original is fine. Exact same features, just a different platform. Issues I am experiencing is that you cannot change your email or phone number once you’ve set up your account. I am a fan and have contributed to CSETI and Dr. Greer since the release of SIRIUS. I’ll continue to contribute, but I did not need two apps that person the same functions.

- Confirmation eMails Not Working

Hey Folks: UPDATE: Downloaded the latest. Now instead of the infinity circle I get an error message that briefly flashes saying “We has trouble contacting the network. If this persists contact support” or something to that effect. An error message is better than the circle of infinity. Let me know if I can help with the networking issues. I am an iPhone SE user. UPDATE: Still getting the infinity circle. If you want to contact me direct please get my info from Miss Kramer. I’d love to help get this running :) UPDATE: Received confirmation email and followed instructions but I get the circle of infinity when trying to access the network. Been following Dr. Greer’s work for 10 years. Excited to be in a position to help finally. Confirmation emails don’t seem to be going out. I’d wager this is why many are having login problems. Feel free to contact me direct to help out....I’m in the industry.

- Already forming my Group!

I’m surprised on how many people are already using this app in my area. Just got in contact with some of them and is on the way of forming a group. Once the pandemic settles down, we are going to do it! On that note, there’s also some minor crashing while chatting with the app, which it would suddenly quit. I’m sure future updates will solve this (knowing that it’s just launched). Really appreciate your work Dr. Greer! Made a huge difference to the consciousness of humanity :)

- Great except...

Won’t let me verify my email address which is a shame. It also won’t let me edit my first account I made in which I messed up my email address and put yqhoo instead of yahoo by mistake so I tried making another one with a made up phone number but the right email which I also can’t get a verification. I’m about ready to NOT use the social networking aspect of it which is sad. Everything else is wonderful.

- Good app, great support staff.

I had been trying to verify this account for 2days. Total failure. Tried to create account twice, tried two email addresses. I felt completely ripped off, then support stepped in and resolved my issue overnight. I’m very excited about the possibility of networking, hearing people’s stories, and maybe even having some experiences. Based on technology, I’d give maybe four stars, but concept and support shoot it up to five. Seems worth ten bucks.

- Email Verification - Works Great Love it

Before purchasing I read all the reviews, was kinda hesitant at first because of the email verification bug, said heck with it, they will fix it if needed. Just purchased the app set up my account and verified my email all within 3 min while on the toilet! 😉 A lot of ppl in my area use the app, which is awesome, I’ll now get familiar with the app and get the tools needed, then start creating some groups, time to change the world!!!

- It works and I’m a skeptic

After watching the documentary, my daughter and I tried this app and followed step by step. I can’t believe I’m writing this, but it worked. What we both saw was the most amazing sight we’d ever seen. Clear, bright vessel traveling exactly where we both instinctively looked. We played the sounds into a phone that we dialed so the sounds would play through satellites. We will be doing this nightly from now on

- Had a great first experience!

I’ve done skywatcher for years. Just bought the app and started playing the crop circle sounds and within 30 seconds something popped up. Came across sky, stopped directly over me and then flashed out. Happened 4 different times. I came inside to actually read about the app and I’m heading back out for a 30 minute session. With all of the equipment. This is fun.

- Verification email doesn’t work

Looking forward to using this app but can’t get the user verification email to come through. I reset my password but never receive a user verification email. I am also having a hard time finding a way to contact someone for help. Leaving this review is the only way I could Find to contact someone about this issue.

- Dr. Greer your amazing

Long time non-believer who randomly stumbled upon your show and had his mind reworked/blown/amazed (simultaneously). Your work is not only first class (I’ve seen several of the more ridiculous/out there docs by others) but the way you lay it out and just present fact after fact is so refreshing. I’m sure the app is great but I thought you were 5 stars!

- Not able to login

I created my login account and received an email to verify my email address. I verified my email and still am not able to login as it reads that my login doesn’t exist. The overall app seems ok, but I am not able to access all of its features without logging in. I had looked at getting this app in the google play store, but the reviews said that this is the same recurring problem of not being able to login, or people not getting a verification email. I’m frustrated that this issue is still ongoing.

- Just one suggestion!

I love the app and the potential of it. I’ve met people in my area that I am ready to form a CE-5 group with. Unfortunately I’m unable to send clickable links via internet which kind of hinders the idea of networking. My only suggestion would be to change this ASAP. Thanks for reading! Sincerely, Jasper Howl

- Trouble with app

It’s making it impossible for me to get on it. I paid for it but can’t use it. First it says there is already an account with my aol email. That’s not possible. Then it offers to look up my sign in information but it just keeps searching.

- Past expedition attendee approved!

This app has everything in one place and I’m so excited to use it and establish group coherence with you all. I absolutely loved my experience with Dr. Greer under the stars the first time he held an expedition in Oracle, AZ and can’t wait to share another one with him and my son soon. This app is the next best thing. <3 Renea A.

- Not really that different from the first CE-5 App

I got the previous app and I liked it! When I heard there would be a new one I couldn’t wait,,, but.. it’s especially the same app as the first one! The only (real) difference is that you can contact other people to do CE-5 protocols,,, not sure how safe that is, especially for the women folk,,, just sayin. I kinda want my 10 bucks back!

- Inquiry regarding adding a profile pic

Hi! First I’d like to say thank you soooo much for bringing this amazing knowledge and opportunity of growth to the masses! I am currently trying to add a profile pic but it kicks me out the app every time I click on the camera icon is the Edit profile section. Can you help me?

- Anxious

Just watched the documentary. This has been right up my alley for years but I thought I was limited because I have no capital to travel and search. After watching this documentary I’m very anxious to open up the app and see what’s out there....✨

- Email Verification Never Arrived

I hate to give the app a poor review because I am very excited to start using it. However, after purchasing the app and creating an account, I am not stuck in limbo as I wait for a verification email that should have arrived hours ago. I assume it’s a technical glitch because a lot of people are posting about it. Hopefully it gets resolved soon. I will update my review when it does. Good luck!

- Speechless

All I can say is that Words can’t describe the Effect this will have for not only humanity but all peoples across the universe and I am so proud of myself to be able to say that I am one of the hopefully millions of people that will transform our civilization for the better

- A good app!

I previously had some access issues with the app, but now all is working fine. I like the networking accessibility, and have not yet gone through the entire contact protocol but am eager to get going on it. Thanks for this app!

- Showing Location

While I love the idea of building a network in my area, I’m not comfortable with the fact that my exact location is disclosed to complete strangers. Is there a way to use the networking feature without showing EXACTLY where I live?

- Good App

A little buggy with the email confirmation and adding a profile picture but I’ve practiced the CE5 protocols once already but no contact. I felt incredibly rush twice when I was doing the protocols. Thank you Dr. Steven Greer for what you have done for our world.

- Still not working...

Update: Finally working. Thank you. Even after the update it will not connect to the network. “Sorry, we’re having trouble connecting to the server...”

- Two bugs, one app..

User name must be in all lowercase regardless of how it was when created. This prompted me to try an account recovery only to not get sent the recovery email like the prompt said to check for. Patience definitely is required to do inter-dimensional contact. This I know!

- Wow!

This app is absolutely fantastic. The content provided is educational, awakening, and most of all factual. I’ve followed this subject for most of my life, and the protocols helped me introduce myself to the cosmos, and the cosmos responded. Get this app. See their film. They’re both incredible.

- What a joke!!!!

People! Don’t waste your money on this app. What a joke. 3 cheesy meditations, 3 techno sounding noises to supposedly attract ets and a list of junk, ex chair flashlight laser pointer etc of stuff to help you make contact? I feel ripped off. It’s not so much the $10 but to be played for a fool. The movie CE5Contact as interesting as parts of it were, I now feel as if it was a big infomercial, that I had to pay to watch only to spend more money on this lame app. I WANT MY MONEY BACK!

- Loads of additions!

Love all of the new tools and info added! Cant wait to get out there and continue to make some new friends! Thanks for all of the hard work from you and your team Dr. Greer!!

- Welp

I paid for the app, went to create an account, signed up, got an email verification, went to sign in, and it says my account I literally just made “user does not exist” I really want to be able to use this app and connect with others. I WILL update to 5 star, once I can access my account. Much love

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- Great App!

Great app, keep up the awesome work Dr Stephen Greer!

- A Grade outcome.

Been using the app for a little while now, very easy to use and navigate. And, it really does work.

- Account Creation Not Working

Hi the email verification of the account creation step is not working not getting any emails to my email address

- 😊

Great app, everything working as it’s meant to. Looking forward to practicing these techniques and connecting with ET’s and fellow likeminded humans.

- Ce5

I Still Can’t create user profile as verification email doesn’t come through, not even in the inbox or the junk folder

- What a let down

Absolute Gimmick

- Emma Chapman

I am having the same problem I can’t access my network account because the verification code won’t send to my email how do I fix it?

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- A little invasive with location tracking

I like the cleaner design and more information and ways to connect with other people. I am disappointed that you didn’t upgrade people that bought the old app recently, or tell us that there was a new app at all.. I’ve been waiting and waiting for an update to the other app but then just randomly saw there was a new one and I had to buy it again when I just bought it in late 2019 Next, I like we can connect with people near by, but so you have to show the actual location ? Can you not allow to generalize it to the city you live in and not the actual postal code or location tracking.. this is kinda invasive that I know exactly where people live and they know where I live with close proximity Aside from that I am looking forward to see who I’m my area participates in CE5

- I’m locked out

Of my account. It will not accept the new password and will not accept the old password. Where is the support for this app? It just says credentials incorrect. What is the email address for support? 1. Can the developer allow capital letters for the user name? I think this may be the issue. 2. Also the forgot password option. Can the Dev make it so it emails your username and password instead of just your username. There just seems to be no support for this app at all. So I hope the Devs see this and at least make the two changes I requested. I’m still locked out of my account. I think it’s because I have a capital letter in front of my username.

- Simple and Effective.

I just arrived home from camping 🏕 I saw an UFO 🛸 I called them... I used Dr. Steven Greer’s protocol for CE5. After maybe one hour I suddenly saw in the corner of my left eye a yellow shiny metal type, kind of triangle shape in the sky... I turned on and off my flashlight 🔦 three times to let them know where I was, then right after the object started building the intensity of its light shinier and more shinier until it made an explosion, a burst of even more light! Wow!😮 It kept on flying, ...I flashed 3 times again and it did the same thing, I repeated other 3 times the flashing, and it kept building light and then exploding after every series of flashlight, until it disappeared from my sight because the trees🌲 ... It was amazing! I am so happy and grateful for the experience. Thank you Dr. Greer! —July 20, 2020.

- Happy

Was Frustrated getting it running. Must allow for human error in these apps. Now off to meet contact. Thanks Support team

- Communication process achieved

No issues. Excellent.

- Thank you to all the team!

The content is very beneficial to those who are newly expose to this new frame of perspective. The guided meditations are mind and heart opening and allows for creating space for an enriched and felt experience. Unfortunately for me, I have difficulty to access the community network part of the app. They are probably working on it as it’s fairly new and as the movie just released last week. Thanks for continuing building an aware and conscious community that can unify for a peaceful contact in order to bring communion within our futur galactic role. Can’t wait to be able to connect with fellow ambassadors of the earth : )

- Unstable, Crashes, Poor Profile Features

I didn’t like the profile features for the Network feature. Extremely poor and rudimentary profile features. You can’t tell anything about the people this thing is trying to link you besides their proximity. Very little trust. The meditation features and audio isn’t very helpful and I had higher expectations for $13 CAD. The whole app seems like an okay first attempt but feels unfinished. It also crashes anytime to try to edit my profile photo in the app. Would not recommend at this time...

- Update

This is an amazing idea, but the networking feature needs a massive update.

- Great Resource

I love how this app has organized helpful tools for the beginner and veteran CE-5 protocols.

- Would be great if I could Login

Since I’ve downloaded the app, I’ve set up an account but have yet to actually be able to sign in to it, the little wheel just spins and spins. One of the most enticing options for me was to be able to connect with other like minded people. So that’s disappointing. Hopefully this is addressed is an update soon. Other then that the CE5 protocols are sound and the resources are helpful.

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- Excited

Lookin forward you using this app, full of great information. Not having any luck getting an email confirmation to create an account, so hopefully that gets fixed

- Amazing!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

It provides everything you need to assist you in making contact. I look forward to connecting with others in my network as well. Thank you Dr. Greer!

- Need help

I purchased this app a week ago and now trying to use it, but every time I click on Library or Contact I just get a black screen with a circle in the middle like its stuck... it was working when I first purchased... but it has been like this for days now... I’ve tried deleting the app and downloading again but still having the problem.

- Love Doctor Steven Greer

Big follower of this gentlemen. I can’t wait to explore this app. I hope he can continue doing what he does best. Helping our population wake up. I’d spend 10 bucks for that alone.

- Can't Create Account

I'm trying to create an account but the app never sends the verification email, so I'm unable to log in. I've tried multiple times. I used the app to make contact which was successful (!) and want to record it for the network!

- Help!

Was so excited to download but when I created a user login it said I needed to change my user ID cause it was already taken. I did and it continued to say “a user was already created with my email/phone” - but of course it’s impossible. Please help. Thanks!!

- This is not really a review

I need help accessing the verification email, I keep on resending it to my correct email, nothing is appearing! It’s not in spam or other email boxes someone please help thanks!

- So far ok ONE concern...

It is too accurate down to the place you are sitting. We want to connect with other like us but want to do it safely.

- Yea same issue

It won’t let me log in never sent the confirmation email everything else works perfect ...

- Love This!💯%🥰

I love this app and I love being a part of this movement!! Thank you so much to everyone for ALL of your hard work in putting this together for us.😌❤️👽

- Crashing is an issue

New to the app, and for the high price Im a bit upset with the amount of crashing I encounter when trying to message other users or adding a picture to my profile.

- Very nice

Looks great, and easy to use. Organized and has a smooth interface. I fully recommend it!!

- Great tool to connect

App started out rough, updates have fixed issues. Great way to connect with focused people.

- Can’t log in

Networking part won’t let me log in. I get a blue ring of infinity. I have the latest update already.

- Bad App , Great Idea

When you get the bugs worked out of this it will be a fabulous was of connecting. First day I got now email secondary I get your count doesn’t exist. Then there’s a place to change your password. Nope still not working Sent an email yesterday to get help... no response yet.

- Beautiful new app, cant wait to get into all the features

Really sleek, well organized app. It’s very clear what to do, and what’s possible in the app.

- Log in

The account log in for networking doesn’t work. You just get the perpetually spinning circle as if it’s trying but nothing ever happens. Plus, once it starts, you can’t get off the page. It’s locked until you reboot your device.

- Can’t log in

Unable to log in, verification email not sent

- Networking issues

The network won’t let me log in Any updates

- Like app but....

Cannot add a pic to my profile. It crashes every time I click on the + pic button.

- Kinks all worked out!

Awesome app. Had a few kinks that were resolved! Thank you for your bravery and knowledge Dr. Greer & team!

- Verification email not received

Hi Dowloaded the app today however I have received the verification email.

- Not secure?

I do not use my mobile number for anything. BUT, I just signed up and made the mistake of using my mobile number. Within 2 hours I’m getting text messages from Turkey. I’m glad I used a random password. This app is not secure. Sorry.

- Thank you.

Thank you for fixing my error. Love peace and happiness to all.

- Nice app with new social functions

Well organized and thoughtful!

- Doesn’t accept any of my email addresses.

I went to the ‘app support’ which took me to Greer’s site but nothing specific.

- Love it

Works great! Even better than the first app!

- Love it!

Many thanks to Dr. Steven Greer for his relentless pursuit of disclosure. He hit a home run with this app. Nice functionality. Thanks Dr. Greer!

- No good

Cheep way for them to make money, got the app tried to make a profile and said my email was already in use. Do not recommend, definitely save you’re money!

- Registration???

This app will not let me register. It says it will send me a confirmation email but it never comes! Now what???? $9.99 for nothing?? Please help! I have been trying to get it to work for an hour now!

- Love it!

I’m so pumped to connect with everybody on here!

- It won’t send verification email

I can’t login to the app because it won’t send the verification email. Just continues to “load”

- Cannot log in

I’m sure this will be a cool app once it’s set up but for some reason no matter what I do I cannot log into it

- From 3 stars to 5 🙌 CE5 all the way🙌

Update: May 10/20: Profile pic now uploads without crashing app and tones automatically repeat 🙌 I want to say thank you for the continues contact from the developers, keeping me informed about new fixed updates to issues I had been having. Since the beginning they have been excellent and the app getting better and better causing my initial rating to go from 3 stars to 5. Fair is fair, and it’s fair to say this app and developers are fabulous 🙌 and side note: I’ve even been in contact with some local CE5ers through the app, which is just amazing 🤗 Thanks again y’all. Cheers, Lisa Update May 1/20: able to sign in and communicate with fellow CE5ers now 🙌. Upgraded rating from 3 to 4. Now the only issues I find buggy is 1. The tones don’t automatically repeat and 2. App closes out when trying to upload member photo. I also want to thank those who have been contacting me about the issues for taking the time to do so and also for fixing the previous issues I was having. Cheers Update: Still unable to sign in. Email verification had worked etc but no go in the system itself. I even changed the password thinking maybe that would do something. I’ve also un/reinstalled multiple times to no avail. Just bought app and having logging in issues when trying to connect with other CE-5ers. Just keep getting the spinning wheel of frozen on screen. This is occurring both on phone and iPad. When attempting to upload photo to profile same thing occurred... The wheel of frozen screen. Assistance would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Lisa

- Login?

Great app!! 😉👽😉

- Can’t sign in

Keeps not to accepting my sign in stuff. I’ve tried everything!

- Log in

Will not let me log in. Please fix or give me my money back.

- not able to make a network account

it won't accept my user name, even though everything is in lowercase.

- 😍

Amazing simply

- Big Trash

It is trash

- Dealbreaker (with great update)

Must be able to change my username, had no idea it becomes public on the network map. Have deleted app from my phone. Want a refund if this is not possible. If this can be fixed, I will be happy to change this review! Update 6/29/2020- The support team responded quickly and helped me change my user name to a more anonymous name. Thank you! Looking forward to using this brilliant app to initiate contact!

- Not really worth the time.

You might want to wait a bit for a better version of this app before you plop down your hard earned money for this one. No offense to the developer, it does look great and all. Everyone is so psyched from the release of CE5 to get this app and get into the field work only to find that you can’t use it properly unless you are connected to the internet via cellular. I had just recently auditioned this new app outside during some field work and found it to be annoying because you can’t use the CE5 protocol recordings in remote areas, like at a beach. The original app developed years ago for Steven Greer and CSETI was called ET CONTACT, which was FREE and was designed on the premise of using it during field work as an aid. The ET CONTACT app (which is no longer available) made use of some of the built in functions in the iPhone to measure EMR and even had a compass, which was more for convenience than anything else. The most useful part of it was the included recordings of the crop circle tones and the guided meditation, which is very helpful. This new app won’t let you play recordings (or anything else) unless you’re online. This needs to be fixed. One of the things Steven Greer has said in the past about the ET CONTACT app was that it was ‘meant’ to be used in airplane mode, for the specific reason to keep smart phones from affecting the electronic metering devices used during field work. Also for the fact that field work being done in ‘remote’ areas would probably be out of range from any cell service. To support: please fix this as soon as you can. Thank you 8/23/20 - so guys (developers), it’s now the end of August.. When are you guys gonna fix the most important part of this app, which is to use it in the field ‘without’ cellular data on? This is ridiculous.

- Connect, unite

Love conquers all

- I love this

After two days of doing the CE5 meditations I saw a red orb floating in the sky, not being sure of what I was seeing was an orb I asked how do I know this is what that is, so it flashed white and then went back to being red and its start descending down till it disappeared! I am beyond grateful for this experience! Thank you Dr.greer

- Not happy with this app

Once you log on to “network” the app does not allow you to change your username. Also; it continues to show your location on a map even when you log off. This is horrible and needs to be fixed to allow people more privacy. I cannot recommend it due to these privacy concerns.

- I had high hopes...

I’ve had the app since Day 1. There’s really no need for it. It isn’t necessary for CE5 protocol to be successful. Dr. Greer already presents this info on his YouTube Channel, but in greater depth. Just watch a few of his videos on remote viewing, coherent thought sequencing, and most importantly, mediation. That’s all you need to know. Also, I’ve found that if you attempt CE5 with a group of personal, non-judgmental friends, it works even better. Or even go it alone. In my experience, you’re going to meet a lot of “new-agey” people or UFOlogist who simply want to see ET spacecraft, etc., and not those doing it for the correct intention so it’s hard to reach group coherence, at least for me. All the groups that I’ve attempted to join through the networking section of the app at least had a few contradictory views than Dr. Greer. And based on the nature of the app, you’re going to encounter a lot of people searching for answers, therefore, those who are easily manipulated by this misinformation being encouraged by those leading (or misleading, rather) these groups. Too many egos to stroke and crazy people to manage. Lastly, within hours of purchasing and downloading the app, I began to receive a significant amount of spam email in my main inbox, still to this day. Now, I’ve noticed a review where the Developer criticized another reviewer for their input on a similar situation, and I must attest, that this is true. The site may be secured now, but it most likely wasn’t at the beginning. Along with all the other virtual bugs that came along with it. I thought the Developer of this app would be a little more secure about themselves and not react negatively to every low-star review. This is parallel to the reactions of certain “prominent” leaders in today’s world. Praise their supporters but chastise the opposition. Somewhat cowardly and bullish. To the rest of you, good luck out there.

- Search function not working

Trying to look for groups to join while teavelling, but the search function is not working. Putting a city or zip code in the search box is doing nothing, and the map only shows users within a 10 mile radius of my current position. ALSO... app is useless in areas with no service. Would it be possible to download the tones to my phone/tablet?

- Able to Change

It doesn’t let me change my username.. I wish it could.

- Edit/change user name?

Is there a way to edit or change your username?

- Liking it but concerned

This is a really neat app! I love the tones and the info in the library. Can’t wait for more content added! I’ve already met and talked to others on it. Some glitches when trying to edit my profile. But my main concern is that it appears the app is tracking my phone and placing my EXACT location all the time, like my house where i sleep, on the network map! So now everyone on here knows where I live? I tried changing my zip code to a nearby one but to no avail. I can also see the exact street and house where the nearest guy to me ( and everyone else)lives as well. Not feeling like this is very safe!

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Contact Tour™

CE5 Event - New York, U.S - November 20, 2020 [Contact Tour] 🛸🔭 Full recap out now on YouTube! All inquiries : info@contacttour.net . . . #ContactTour #CloseEncountersOfTheFifthKind #Humanity #ET #Extraterrestrial #Peace #Love #UFOTwitter #Science

Ryan LeCuyer

Who ever wants to start a CE5 with me which is a “Human initiated contact with extraterrestrials” its a meditation by Dr. Steven Greer and his team.Let’s make a difference. We really don’t have long on this planet if we don’t change our ways here on this realm. Love and light✨💜

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CE5 Contact iphone images
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CE5 Contact iphone images
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CE5 Contact iphone images
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The applications CE5 Contact was published in the category Education on 2020-04-05 and was developed by Sirius Technology Advanced Research [Developer ID: 606702442]. This application file size is 121.79 MB. CE5 Contact - Education app posted on 2020-11-24 current version is 1.51 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.star.ce5contact

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