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What is kiddopia - kids learning games app? 1000+ play-based learning activities for curious little minds
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Welcome to Kiddopia! We are an ever-growing home of research-backed early education games that perfectly combine play, skill-building activities, and essential preschool curriculum. Math, Language, Creativity, Self-expression, Roleplaying — we cover it all, and we make it fun and engaging. You can watch your child play their way to a better understanding of preschool concepts and a better grasp of life skills.

Built with love by parents

Our app is the brainchild of parents who know just how precious a child’s early years are and who believe in creating game experiences they would want their own child to use. The result is one of the best possible environments for children to learn, grow, and express themselves in.

Where independent learners thrive

Designed by teachers and tested by preschoolers, Kiddopia is a world built on values — playful, kid-first, nurturing, inclusive, ethical. Intuitive and COPPA-certified kidSAFE, it requires zero supervision and causes zero frustration in kids. There are no ads and no in-app purchases, just 1000+ reasons to smile.

Unlimited early learning adventures

Kiddopia is a merry mélange where new content drops regularly. From absorbing language- and number based activities to exciting games underwater and in outer space, the options only get better in our ever-evolving world. With every delightful session of play in Kiddopia, your child will subconsciously develop perspective, creative thinking, academic skills, self-expression, values, and much more.

From giggles to growth

Kiddopia takes children on colorful adventures with real-world challenges. Amid countless giggles, your child will be a doctor, a teacher, a chef, a farmer, a musician, an astronaut, an interior decorator, and more. The list keeps growing and so will your child.

Parents’ Choice Award
Tillywig Toy Award
Nappa Award
Mom’s Choice Award
Academics’ Choice Smart Media Award
Educational App Store: 5 Star Rating

One subscription for the whole family (works across mobile devices and platforms)
Easy cancellation
All your payments will be charged to your iTunes account
Your subscription will auto-renew unless you turn off auto renew at least 24 hours before the ongoing subscription period ends


Privacy policy:
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App Name Kiddopia - Kids Learning Games
Category Education
Updated 06 November 2023, Monday
File Size 532.34 MB

Kiddopia - Kids Learning Games Comments & Reviews 2023

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Six years old. Cool I love it and also I’m six years old it’s cool but there’s some stuff they need to add it’s pretty babyish but I love it so I’m always gonna keep it because my little sister has it and also I love her so much so definitely I am keeping this app so anybody who downloads this app it is so good for kids it’s for I think four and up well it’s pretty cool and also you need to add and you can like do a lot of stuff on Kiddopia you could get new places the new lands I just like it because I like the cooking Area and also it’s pretty good so I don’t get five stars for this five out of 10 and whoever buys this one you will really really really like it so download this game right now and you’ll have so good luck your kids will know a lot of my problems and stuff so download this right now kid Opia

Cannot unsubscribe. I tried this app for a month and cancelled my subscription. It just wasn't right for my grandson, but it's got a lot of cute games. However, now I keep getting emails and the unsubscribe link does not work. I think that is illegal! Please fix your link. This makes me want to never subscribe again, although I would have considered it when my grandson is older. Now I'm just annoyed. Update: I still can't unsubscribe using the link in the emails I'm still getting. No, I'm not going to email you. Fix your website. I have now gone down to 1 star. I might take the time to email whatever agency oversees this, though, as well as Apple.

You get what you pay for. When scrolling through my subscriptions I always pause like why am I paying this much for an app. Then I see what app it is and have that “Oh no, that absolutely stays” moment. This is the only app my 3yr old will regularly play. It is so extensive it’s like games inside of games. Most of which could be there own apps. It’s so easy to navigate for little ones. There’s not ad after ad after ad like most toddler games and there’s just so much stuff that they don’t get bored easily. It doesn’t cover to the extent ABC mouse does, but ABC mouse is a little to tedious for my little to do own his own. This is just so kid friendly and checks all the boxes.

Tons of variety!!!. This app is amazing and I’m sooo happy we found it before this school year! With one child doing virtual learning this year this app has so much to keep my preschooler busy with letters and numbers and fun games and songs while I keep my other on on track!! There is also plenty for my first grader when she has down time and they fight over who gets to use it! I would highly recommend this! Definitely going to be saving grace this school year!!!!

Disappointed.. The free part of this game was very fun and entertaining for my sister while it lasted. Months later, they make everything locked, so we have to pay. We don’t really want to pay for something like this app and it’s a bit too expensive. We have too much on our hands and I was looking forward to seeing my sister play this app. But now that it’s not free anymore, we definitely don’t want to pay for it now. My sister loved grooming the dogs, making cupcakes for us and showing us. Please bring back the free version. We were finally looking forward to an app that satisfied my sister as much as it did. It was a good game overall, until we had to pay for every single category. But in my opinion, they should’ve made the whole app $5.00 instead of making the whole app locked.

Absolutely Awesome. So I have two younger siblings, one is 4 and the other is 2. The 4yr old mainly likes games that are usually above his age range and the 2yr old likes the typical princess and baby games. Anyways, when they started kiddopia, the 2yr old kinda liked it but I think bc she doesn’t quite understand it she couldn’t play to it’s full potential. On the other hand, normally the 4yr old does not like learning games at all like we tried abc mouse, pbs kids, Sesame Street, and more, but when he tried kiddopia he LOVED it. Like I’m so surprised and I just want to thank you guys for actually putting effort into this game, because I can tell

Great Games but Inexcusable Bug. My daughter really enjoys playing all the games featured in the full subscription and it’s one of the most well-rounded, educational, and entertaining children’s apps I have found. However, the app continues to run if you try to lock your device while the app is still open, meaning that the audio continues to play after the device has been locked. This means you have to unlock the device once again and close the app manually in order for it to stop draining your battery and stop playing audio. This doesn’t happen to me with any other app I have paid or free, and with such an expensive subscription model this bug is inexcusable and should have been fixed a long time ago. Please fix asap.

Absolutely perfect for young minds. I have children ages 6,4,and 3 years old. I thought at first that only my youngest child would enjoy it, but after playing around with the app all three of my kids love it and can benefit from it. There are songs, games, literacy activities and math ones too. Also I like that they added fun games like the food making one and the picture editing game. Also how awesome is it that i can track my child’s progress and how they are performing? There is a feature that helps parents see how their child is performing in subjects like math which I appreciate. When it comes to my kids I am very picky with the apps that I allow them to play and I can honestly say Kiddopia is worth it!

Satisfied. In my opinion this is by far MUCH better than ABC Mouse. This has better leaning tools you can work on with your child. Had this for a week and my daughter knows her numbers much better now. Loads of different learning tools for both letter and numbers. Teaches your kid everything they need to know for school. So when they say early learning, they mean it. On top of all that they have TONS of games as well. All sorts of games my child is very interested in playing. Best educational and gaming app I’ve seen around yet AND it’s cheaper than ABC Mouse too! Only $7.99 a month. They have a yearly payment option too I believe just can’t remember what that was.. anyways you won’t be disappointed because I know I’m not 😁

Super good app. I really recommend this app if you have a kid who is younger than 9 of course people above the age of 9 can use if they really want to so this is my review I’m Brigid and I’m 8 I use this act to teach my younger sister Who is 5 she is constantly asking me if she could have my tablet to play this game I totally recommend! I really like this myself usually in my free time I will just play this game 😁 also the membership I think it’s a membership is totally worth it ! Like I said I really recommend

AMAZING. Absolutely amazing app! I paid for the whole year and it’s been worth it! My two year old loves it! Before I bought the whole year I let him play on it to see if he would actually learn anything or be interested. I got it when he was one 1/2 and I caught him singing the number song, learning his colors, it was so cute! In my opinion it is definitely worth the download. It has all kinds of things for boys and girls. Teaches them to fix things, the importance of everyday workers... Just a great app in my opinion all together. Will be paying for another year!

Decent content, but candy everywhere. Two things concern me about this app. I’m not a fan of apps that continually prompt kids to enable camera and photo access (because of privacy concerns). There’s also an unhealthy focus on candy in many of the games. For parents who are trying to keep candy out of sight and out of mind to encourage healthier eating habits, a game that highlights candy as a super fun thing to play with is less than ideal. Other than that, there’s a range of content, some of which is great. Parents with kids aged 4 or so may want content that’s a bit more challenging for their kids.

This app is GREAT 👍. I gave this app 5 stars because theirs all these games on it and the kids playing don’t even realize their learning until they actually need it and it’s really hard to find that in other games like this P.S(this review is coming from a kid and I know this from experience)so this app can really teach you things like Math,music,English,writing,and even cooking if your child is a great observer or has a great memory!

Love this but one problem. I love this game a lot it is really nice my child loves it but there is one problem there is this game that is free it’s like this fox guy and there is animals that you have to help and houses that you have to help is stuff and it’s all free but when you go on any on them ALL OF THEM ARE LOCKED so you can go on it it’s free but you have to buy that pack thing for a month and then you get it when you buy the pack but then why is it free? When then you have to buy the pack thing to get it? And my kid also loves to play doctor so maybe you can also add a hospital for my kid because she loves to play hospital so can you make at least one of the options on the fox thing free and put a hospital to please and thank you love this game

App crashes with new update. This is our favorite kids app, we have been using it and I have been paying for it monthly for over two years. With the new update at the beginning of the month, the new games that have been added are impossible for us to play. Every time we choose them, the moment they begin to load the app shuts down. This is very disappointing, as we truly do enjoy this app. And it’s not like it’s just a free app, this is something that I pay for, so I should expect my child to be able to use all of the features. We would really appreciate it if someone would look into this and fix this bug issue.

Excellent learning resource!!!. I first downloaded this app for my son around 14/15 months. He is now almost 3.5 years old. During this time he has learned so many things from colors, cooking, home decorating, hand-eye coordination, an abundance of new vocabulary words through conversation about the game, prepositions, recycling, community helpers, and so much more. However, to get access to most content you have to pay for the app but to us it has been 100% worth it. There are so many different activities to play. My sons favorite is Kiddopia Town where he can experience different town buildings/places such as a home, toy store, beach, and a farm.

Good until it wasn’t. Your app keeps charging me for $8.99 and has been since before November. The subscription that my son bought was cancelled way before payments were being charged to me. I have tried to see if I can cancel the subscription again but it has not option to cancel it just renew. I’ve deleted the app of this phone and it still charges me. I’ve deleted my card off this phone and it still charges me. I’ve even re-added the card and tried to make the purchase and it says there’s an error. It’s got so many pending purchases being made to my card that it now refuses to let my son update anything on his phone. Everytime you try to update something it says there’s a problem with a previous purchase. Your app is the only thing I’ve ever had an issue like this with. Please fix it the boy can’t even play anything on his phone because everything has to be updated and it refuses to allow him to update anything.

KIDDOPIA IS THE BEST!!!!. OMG!!!!!besides the fact you have to pay $6.99 a month,it’s the BEST EDUCATIONAL GAME EVER!!!!My daughter has this game and she can’t get off!(but I make her)too much electronics can be VERY bad for a developing mind,but when you have kiddopia by you child’s side,it’s hard to say no!its ages 1-7 and your child can bake,play dollhouse,learn math and spelling,and a cool feature is that your child has a pet!All you have to do is access your camera,and BOOM,your done!Its a really fun educational app for your kids and I think you should get it.

Bear and bunny needs to chill!. EDIT: I still love this app for my daughter. It gives her education that she needs when she’s not in school. But one thing I don’t like is the candytown preschool part where you help the bear and the bunny. They get impatient way too soon! Literally just finished saying the question and they’re already tapping their foot like it’s taking so long for the child to answer. It adds pressure on the child. We need more time to teach the child how to answer it first. I get when it’s been about 3 minutes and no response yet but after 2 seconds and already tapping their foot is just ridiculous. Please fix this! ——————-// I love this app! It’s educational and my toddler actually loves it too. She asks to do the preschool activities and has learned a lot from it. She just started preschool so it’s good she’s getting a head start with this app so when she’s not at school, she’s learning at home

Impossible to reach customer service. The first membership I signed up for did not work with my login so I had to purchase a second membership. I’ve emailed customer service multiple times with no response to cancel the non working membership. The phone number rings and rings and no one picks up. I am still being charged for both memberships and about to have to dispute the charges with my bank. Would love a working phone number or email to contact customer service! My son loves the app. I wish there were directions for the games or the age ranges were specified for each game. He is 3 1/2 so many of the games are too hard for him and some I can’t even figure out!

Cannot cross share platforms... crap. Update: Developer response is unhelpful as I have already tried this and because it is cross platform sharing it does not recognize that the app is already subscribed to. Thank you for actually reading my review to fully understand my frustration🙄. Fantastic generic & unhelpful response. Still crap! 😑 I love this app! My kids love this app! I pay for a subscription but in order to put it on both my Apple device and my kids kindle tablets I’d have to pay for that subscription twice because this company does not allow subscriptions through their own site only through the app stores. To top it off they don’t support cross platform sharing. Basically crap. This is literally both of my kids favorite app and I cannot even put it on there devices without paying double or no longer having it on mine. ☹️

Best Educational Game. I’ll start off by saying I love this app for the most part. There are so many games for kids of all ages to play including my 2 yr old and 7 yr old boys. It is very difficult to keep them entertained and this app does the job. The only issue that I have had is with reoccurring payments. There has been times where I have accidentally paid twice in one month because it will cut off access to the games and make you restore purchases. If I didn’t have this issue I would give the app 5 stars!

We love this app!But….. If the creator could not leave the levels that aren’t created left on the screen that would be amazing. For example in Style City, there are on two levels, the other three are under construction so they are left dark and you can’t click on them. My daughter is so upset. She thinks she just won the other levels and she still can’t get to the next. I have to delete the app until that is fixed. She is so upset. PLEASE FIX SOON!🥺🙏😭

Great game!. My daughter loves it! She’s autistic so this is great for her! The only problem is, and this is only recent. I’ve noticed under the “community helpers” game and under “learn” that the people are messed up. If she clicks on the dr, and then clicks on “help me” it’ll give her the mechanic, if she clicks on the mechanic and then “help me” it’ll give her the firefighter. Every single one pulls up the wrong helper. And she is getting frustrated with it. Just pointing out the bug! Otherwise it’s a great game and we love it! Totally worth the subscription.

This app is horrible. I don’t know if it’s Apple or just the app but this is a nightmare!!!! No way to get out of the App on the new iPhone, I was pretty sure it was hacking my phone, I lost all ability to exit out of the App and since the brilliant geniuses at Apple decided to get rid of the home button (as well as the headphone jack and then made turning the phone off and on super complicated but made unlocking it dangerously easy) you can’t get out of the app until you are at the brink of insanity. I have a Masters Degree from an excellent university and I had a real challenge getting out of this obnoxiously loud preschool app. I then gave the phone to my husband who worked at a cell phone store and loves technology and he too struggled for several minutes to get out of the app. Why, just why. This app maker hates simple, doable, and efficient. I think it is the goal of this product to destroy the peace and happiness of parents.

Best app ever. I love this app so much!!!! Worth the money. Started with my 2.5 yr old when we needed something for beach trip entertainment- he’s now almost 4 and we haven’t even covered some of the games yet! It’s perfect for ages 2-6... so much to do & so fun, realistic, & challenging. We’ve tried other subscriptions during pandemic like ABCmouse and some other smaller apps but this one is def my fav. Much more real world life skills than just teaching academics and so engaging! I even enjoy playing these games with him. Also - if you have an animal lover then get this app as well.

Juvenile but beautiful app. I had this app for about a week and I had my six-year-old son play. He is a kindergartner and we tried the kindergarten level. Unfortunately, all of the activities were way too easy for him and did not challenge him enough to keep his attention. I feel like the kinder content was equivalent to pre-K work. However, that being said, I will come back to download this once my infant is old enough to start learning apps. The app is responsive and beautifully designed and easy to follow. I do wish the categories were labeled for easier finding. My son really enjoyed earning stickers; the rewards aspect is great.

Your app does not work.. As far as I’m concerned it’s a piece of crap. I was playing with it to see how my daughter would react to it and I couldn’t get past the stupid window I gave the dog a shower, I put a collar on his neck and then I couldn’t go anywhere I was stuck in that window. I couldn’t move the window backwards the backward arrow was in the top left corner but it didn’t work there was no right arrow so I couldn’t go right I tried to go up and down but that didn’t work either I was stuck frozen in that window in the first five minutes of my playing I rated you one star because I think this app is a piece of crap and I’ll refund my money now because I’m not gonna give it to my daughter

Monthly subscription. This is a really cute app. I downloaded it for my 3 year old son to try to get him to do something other than watching shows on his tablet. At first I just let him play with whatever was unlocked, after a short period of time he started asking me to unlock it so I signed up for the free week trial. It’s been a few days and he LOVES it! Not only is he playing but he’s also learning which makes me love it! I’ve even caught my 8 year old daughter taking his tablet to my play some of the games. Is this a free app? No. Even though I wish the monthly subscription was cheaper - it’s worth what it’s priced as. I will continue after my week is up. Thank you for making an all around fun educational game!!

SUCH A GREAT APP!. This app will keep your little one entertained forever. There are times when I need to keep my kids busy and still because my husband is a football coach, and I need to keep them entertained during long games. This app is great because it is fun and has a lot of educational aspects too! My kids LOVE the community helpers game! I LOVE it because community helpers are a big kindergarten standard in elementary school. The math whiz covers so many kindergarten standards too, and my 4 year old just thinks he’s playing a game! I don’t feel bad at all for letting him play because I know he’s also learning too!

Thank you so much. So the twins love this app they were 3 they could not get off of it so I wanted to see what the game was about cause when he asked me to download it when it downloaded my son thought he could not show me what it was about so when the Tommy asked me to get this app Timmy was in their room I their big sis was in her room who was 7 and the twins were 4 so then I saw how amazing this app is they were doing so well that I just couldn’t leave I don’t haved to force them either please respond to this i beg you and thank you for making this app thank thank thank you bye. Lexi🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

Great but less options on iPad. This is a great app! I normally never purchase apps for my kids but this one has so much to do and is educational! My only complaint is the virtual pet is not offered in the iPad version. I wish it was because that was my daughters favorite but I didn’t want them using my phone all of the time so i changed the subscription to their iPad. Also sad that it doesn’t work with family sharing even though it says it does (unless I’m missing something). I don’t want to need to purchase two subscriptions.

Best age 2-4 Learning App 2023. My baby boy is 2 and this app has helped him so much. He likes to learn and play the games, puzzle, trace the alphabet, spot the difference in pictures attention to detail. The world map is his favorite he know knows the layout of the world at 2. I think I was 6 or 7 thinking back when I figured that stuff out. Not to mention Lingo Land has all the really good stuff for phonics and learning that my son benefits from everyday. The app is a bit expensive $70 but my son engages with this app 1-2 hours everyday, smiling,laughing,clapping when the animations tell him ur right good job he claps and jumps around as I and the rest of the family support him with love/positive enforcement every day and that is priceless!

Love it!. My 3 year old was excited about abc mouse at first but then it seemed a little too overwhelming and hard to navigate for him, especially on his own. He stopped wanting to play after a while because of the task of it. I came across this app on Facebook and thought I would give it a try. Not only is it easy for him to navigate, but it is so based in fun and learning while he is having fun! There are also games included that I would download in a totally different app like the pet salon. It seems expensive after the free trial but is so worth it considering what I would spend on different apps to get what is included in this one. Not to merino the learning is priceless!

Awesome. My 4 year old and 6 year old who has autism downloaded the free version on their iPads and begged me to buy the full version. For days I wouldn’t because they have so many apps just sitting and I thought this one would join the crew and be a waste of money. I finally gave in for one of their birthdays and decided to do month to month. Let me tell you, my boys are on the app every single day!! They absolutely love it. I’m so glad I purchased it, keeps them busy. I also bought the plush toy which they also love ❤️

Cannot get enough of this. My son is 3.5 years old and he love loves loves this app. I also find myself enjoying and giggling at some of these games. His favorite and mine is the cooking game where you mix in all the ingredients. I love this one in particular because all the ingredients are stated, there's repetition and it's been very helpful in my son's speech development, particularly with S sounds like smoothie, salt, sugar etc. he also loves the pet doctor game where you fix up all the animals and their ailments. Super cute and educational.

Can never get the app to open. I don’t know what’s going on, but my son always has issues getting into the app. Every time he clicks the app it’s a blank white screen. I try and clear the app and it still happens. The only time it gets fixed is if I reset his iPad, and then it still has this issues if he closes the app and tries to get on it later in the day. We have 2 different ipads (new and older generation) and it happens on both. I’m hoping an update comes out soon to fix this issue. Whenever you finally get into the app it has lots of things to do for kids and he loves it. If I didn’t pay for the yearly subscription I would have already deleted this app and found something else for him. Please fix it soon.

Can’t get membership issue has been fixed. Update to this issue... after contacting the company about my trouble they sent me many emails walking me thru what I needed to do. They were very helpful. I was exiting out and swiping down when I should have swiped down after the box came up saying use two fingers to swipe down. I am very excited and so are my kids... so I have changed my post to a 5 Star ... thank you so much for your help... I open the app and try to get the membership and it tells me to swipe down with 2 fingers and when I do it doesn’t do anything. I can’t get a membership, I have tried on my phone as well as my tablet. My kids really like what they can play and I would love to get the full access to this app but I can’t.

Another Subscription No Thank You. Another app out there to make money through a subscription model. All content is mediocre. I would gladly pay a one time fee for this app but not a subscription. Can’t be played offline, it’s never yours. You could be paying tens of thousands of dollars for this app and you never actually have anything. Please stop with with the subscription. Updates are not worth subscribing. Please just let people outright buy it. No thanks. Developer will copy and paste the same response to anyone that complains about the subscription. You have to be stupid or super rich to throw close to a $100 a year on such a simple app that you never will own. Stop your subscription and you’re left with nothing. Ask yourself, Would you pay close to $100 to own this app?! No way.

?. Update: they helped me with this issue. Over all I think it’s a great app that could be helpful teaching young kids, it just wasn’t for us. I wish my son could of got into the groove of this app😕 So this is a really cute app and all & I love that it’s educational. So I got this app for my son. He played thru most of the content in the first week or so and grew tired of it quickly. I went to cancel the subscription & it tells me “the url doesn’t exist” basically after clicking many times, I tried to contact them thru the link they provide and it doesn’t take me anywhere but the page I was previously already on and I want this canceled. Not really sure where to go from here but this is really inconvenient.

Stellar customer service and application. My son loves this app. It is not as convoluted as ABC Mouse. It’s easy for him to navigate on his own and he seems to adore it. Without getting into the weeds about the issues we initially had with the app; let me tell you about the developers attention to customer service. They were astoundingly responsive. I literally had a 20 response long email chain with these people over an approximate three week period. They resolved my issues and responded promptly every single time. It’s a shame that there aren’t more businesses that respond like this to each customer spending their hard earned money. I hope to see more from this developer.

Left this for my daughter before she started school.. Kiddopia was a main staple for my daughter from the time she was two till about five. When she started kindergarten she was in a private school and they were pretty far advanced. The fact that she played this along with kidopia, it was really a game changer in helping her to be more advanced in above the national average. I really wish there was a game option from this company for children in first through fifth grade to help them further their educational goals and to keep it engaging and fun.

Variety of games. The one thing I was so impressed by with this app is the variety of games included. Just yesterday my girls were tracing their letters, counting carrots, "helping" a teacher grade papers, listening to learning songs and dressing up a girl. They have been very taken with this game. I'd certainly add that it is for the preschool child. My youngest is two and though she loves the activities she has more difficulty with them than her sister (5) who can do it by herself. However, I am so glad I downloaded this app. It has been a great extra resource for us!

Good for kids 💕💕. It is really educated for kids and my favorite is junior chef's cafe. It is kid friendly and i would totally recommend it alottt!! Like yeah. :) theres so many choices that i couldn't even pickk!!! Like education and more, this is very helpful for kids then anything 😍😍😍 i would highly say that parents should download this for toddlers or babies or kids. Im excited for this adventure! Well theres lots of stuff thats locked, but they should either unlock it all otherwise. It could miss all the fun and stuff but i still support it in my opinion. Like pixie dust, all the junior chef's cafe stuff but one. Lets just support it btw. 😭🌈😭

There are lots of problems that I don’t like. Hello happy Halloween. Just wanted to say i’m not to put Pressure on y’all since you guys just did a update but.... l feel like some kids should be able to Play this app without adults having to pay just for kids to be able to get access to everything like my sister really wants to play this game so she can get more Coins to decorate her house and she just got a few decorations and now she got 0 coins now she upset bc our mom say she not going to pay just for a toddler game and waste her money just for that so l was wondering if you guys could update that you do not have to pay for nothing in this game bc if yall make this game to keep little kid happy and play this game and to learn you guys

I usually refuse to pay subscriptions. Normally I refuse to pay subscriptions. I never feel like it is worth it. However, the amount of content and interesting things that this game presents is really worth it. My 4 year old has been loving the reading games and starting to point out words she recognizes in books we read together. I love almost all the games on here (outside of the beauty shop one because it really isn’t educational at all). Other than that, it’s worth the money! Plus they add new content at a pretty fast rate.

Great, but at an unnecessary price. I think what makes this so expensive is that 90% of the competition is abjectly terrible. You can find a few good kid learning apps that excel at one thing, like math games, but most are ridden with ads, don’t function properly, are not navigable by children, or clearly weren’t designed to educate but to babysit. Kiddopia kills it when it comes to doing its job well, but there is no reason it is $70/year. None. They do this because they can. You used to be able to pay a flat fee for full access, but they took that away EVEN IF you had already paid for it and didn’t care about new features. If you didn’t want to update, if you just wanted it to stay at a base level with everything unlocked, this company said to hit the road. The free version is cool, but it constantly and annoyingly jabs you in the face to pay up or tricks the kid into thinking they can play something that, nope, they can’t. If this same game were on Switch or Xbox, it would never sell if it was in this subscription— because those platforms have real contenders. Nintendo especially has some excellent learning games in the past that still hold up, but on mobile devices like phones and tablets, Kiddopia really only has to worry about LeapFrog.

Awesome app for kids. I am a mom of two kids, one six-year-old and one two-year-old I have been paying for the full version of this app since my oldest was little. I really do recommend getting the full version so you can unlock everything. Both of my kids still use this app and I will say that in a lot of times it is a lifesaver. I love that there is some thing for all age groups, there is a lot of educational games as well as some that are just for fun. I recommend this app to all of my friends with kids, besides Netflix this is my go to app for the kids.

Horrible. This is supposed to be ZERO STAR but it won’t let me do zero. OK this is now the review: This WAS my little sister’s DREAM app but this app is perfect for you if you don’t wanna have to pay 💰 and you love to do nothing but look at stupid trains and this “reward Winning app” IS NOT GOING TO BE AWARD WINNING ANY LONGER bc it is HORRIBLE 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻 BOO TO THIS GAME YAY TO ROBLOX AND ANIMAL JAM AND ANIMAL CROSSING P.S.I wish this was deleted from the App Store NOT TRYING TO BE MEAN!P.S.S.This “free game” is for ppl who want to waste their money for their child that can be homeschooled in summer to learn but they are actually hurting their child’s neck and how does the child hurt his/her neck? It is by looking at the screen for a long time doing homeschool in summer OFF THE ELECTRONIC is much more better. P.S.S.S.Sorry if this is too long LOL 😂...wait BACK TO SERIOUS MODE...Bye! I hope you guys make this app free for amazing review👋🏻

One big issue. My 5 year old daughter loves this app but finds it incredibly frustrating that it loses all her work each time she closes the app. It should save the child’s work & give the option to start from where they left off or start a completely new cleared session each time. Most parents have their child’s tablet screen set to go dark after a few minutes of inactivity for obvious reasons. In this case, it loses all the child’s work. Also, they are children, sometimes they close it out by accident. It loses all their work in this case also. Other apps like PlayHome save their work. For the price we pay for Kiddopia, it should save their work.

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Good game. Worth spending the $10 lots of fun and educational games. Easy to use.

AMAZING APP!. My 1 year old brother love it and it’s for 4+

Information path for kids. SUPER EDUCATIONAL GAME

Not worth the money. I was deducted for $97 for the subscription that we’re not even using it and I deleted this app for like ages ago. I don’t know if I can get a refund on it??? Coz we don’t use it at all. Thanks

Great awesome education app. I downloaded this app last week and it’s been great for my 5 year old she definitely struggles when it comes to concentration when it comes to learning things. Since playing Kiddopia I have found she’s really enjoying learning, become confident in wanting to learn and has picked up on it quickly. She easily navigates around the app and loves all the games she can play. Highly recommend if you’re looking for an app that is educational and has some fun things that you’re kids would love.

Best educational app yet!. My 5 year old son is obsessed with Kiddopia! There is a great variety from maths to role play and it appeals to both boys and girls. He has lost interest very quickly with other educational apps, but this one has really kept his interest every time. 100 recommend from one parent to another!

Why do I have to pay for most of it no good.. Why do I have to pay for most of this? It literally said for free but I literally have to pay for most of it there’s like only 10 things you can play with out paying for most of it like it is good for learning things but is there a reason people have to pay for it like I don’t understand I’m not paying for that I just want to learn some things that I don’t know yet I got the email 📧 for my review but it nothing changed so I still think it needs more work.

I just downloaded it again. I’ll try it again and try it

Love it but has its small faults. We love everything about the content, but ours keeps freezing and exiting out of the app or it won’t download some parts it’s really frustrating when you pay for full access. I’ve tried reinstalling a couple times, making more space for app to run but still having issues.

Nothing is free. You have to pay to use everything

Wow this game is the best. I am so happy 😃 I got this game I love 💕 It . I’ll trust all of you for some Pokémon cards If you’ll play this game

Its awesome. I like the cooking part of the game.

Good ap. My son likes the games especially the dinosaur ones. Good learning aps

This app is good. My kid enjoys playing and it’s a fun app

NOT HAPPY HAVE BEEN CHARGED AND I DONT HAVE UR APP!!!. Can someone plz contact me. I don’t have a subscription with u. Did a trial and cancelled it. My child doesn’t like it!!!!! And now I have been charged $88!!!! I deleted it after I saw the subscription charge.. outrageous!!

Subscribed to monthly subscription and still hasn’t unlocked full version. Very unhappy that I have paid for a monthly subscription and still the game is not unlocked. I have updated the game, restarted my device and it continually asks for a free trial. I even tried to pay for it again and a pop up reassures me that I have paid. My daughter is frustrated and it is not good enough. Please sort out this glitch.

I 😻🦄. I ❤️ how it has a unicorn in abc animal adventures because they are my second favourite animal!Alicorns are my first favourite animal so can you please put one on the washing animals game please?🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄

Get Kiddopia!. Kiddopia is an amazing game that is great for your kids. I did the subscription if it costs a lot it’s nothing compared to the app itself! Go download Kiddopia now and pay for subscription. It’s worth everything!

No Learning only singing is being taught. My kid has learned nothing except singing And dancing

Thanks Kiddopia team!. Hi this is Zoey a member of the Estrella team! I just wanted to say thanks for making everything free! Thanks!

So engaging. It’s the best app ever according to my 5 year old

NEVER SAID ANYTHING ABOUT A FREE TRIAL AND MONEY. I like the game but in the add (which I’ve seen a thousand times) it never said anything about a free trial and only 5 THINGS THAT YOU CAN PLAY . That why I give it 2 stars

OMG it’s awesome!!!. Kiddopia is the best game ever I have a little bit of a glitch every Now and then but I still love it 😻

READ NOW. I like Kiddopia but it would be better if we could drag more then one character to a place also it would be better if the price would go much much much much much down parents if you want to buy this app for your kids prepare your self for an EXPENSIVE APP🙄🥳🙏🏼

It’s ok. The app is great but for Buzzle, u guys forgot an Eid puzzle, like everything except that ok, just add an Eid puzzle, I will give 5 stars if u do

Very happy. My daughter loves this app. We had a small issue with our payment when subscribing for full content but it was resolved very quickly with friendly service.

Expensive sub with no free trial. All subscriptions should have either a free trial or a demo especially expensive ones to me it looks like it’s for a two to three year old which is before pre-school

Immediately hit with subscription. I don’t mind paying for apps or even subscriptions but having to sign up for a recurring subscription before even getting a chance for a small demo is a joke. I wanted to try it out to see if it was even suitable for my son. So based on the demo (0 minutes of anything) I deleted and got something else. Subscriptions are for suckers

It wants all my details. I won’t try something for “free” if it wants all my details including payment details. I don’t trust SSO eg Facebook Google or Apple ID. I would prefer to make my own sign in.

Kiddopia. It was amazing for 2 months but then it locked all games you could only reopen them if you paid money.

Lt is great 👍. I think 🤔 it great but it needs more work

Why I like it. So I just wanted to say thank you for getting all of this stuff fun for kids so thank you😊

Bomb. 2 year old is obsessed and so we’re my 5&6 year olds

Hidden Peverted things, systemic racism. After the child finishes baking the cupcake you touch the cup cake to eat it but the cup cake is alive and moans when it gets eaten 🤮To me that’s gross. Bath time was locked but I wonder what weird things would be in there. Not on my watch WOULD NOT RECOMMEND.

So much fun. My 3 year old loves this app. So much fun for him to play sing and learn. Highly recommend the full version

Cool. This is an awesome game and I recommend it for everyone 4+. My brother really likes the game. Just maybe make some levels for free. That would be awesome. Thanks

Not Downloading. Just signed up again for my 5year old and nothing is working or downloading. Plenty of room on my device. Maybe once its fixed you’ll credit my account?

This is such a great game!. This is a awesome game for your child. I would recommend getting it for your child! There's a free trial, but it is worth it. I hope you enjoyed my review.

What a lovely game for me!. I love this game it’s so fun

Great App. My toddler loves this app and keeps him entertained for hours. Just wondering if anyone had any advice for the farm yard level as we cannot get milk from the cow? It’s causing my son to get frustrated and I’m having no luck myself

BEST TEACHING GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!. MY GOSH!!! My children love this!!! Everyday they will do this and it is so educational that because of lockdown I just give them this let them have it for half an hour and it just feels like them going to kinder except with me being there as well

Kiddopia. This is a really fun game for 7 year olds and under bc it’s a very appropriate and safe game for them. Kids will love it

AMAZING!. This app is a true life changer My family is educated

Great fun and learning. Lots of variety and keeps my son problem solving and engaged- lots of fun for me too!

Teaching kids systemic racism. Getting 5 kids to arrest “bad” guys (instead of impairing kindness and care), while another activity involves tedious counting and singing of 1 to 10 🤮

Unhappy. Paid $9.99 to unlock the whole app. Did absolutely nothing, majority of content is still locked!

Mia’s letter. Kidotopia is a wonderful app how to learn It’s a great game for the little kids or family to do while Covid-19

Not so great. The kids hated it as it was very glitchy, dont know about you but there was a lot of ads. Would not recommend at the least

Beware!!!! ‘Free’ trial leads to you being billed for a year’s worth of ‘monthly’ subscription. What a sneaky way to treat unsuspecting parents!!! Why is the default option after the 7-day free trial a yearly subscription???? Bunch of thieves. BEWARE!!!!

Money hungry scam.. This app is a money hungry scam. Me and my brother went on it together and our dad paid for everything and everything was locked! Stupid Stupid Stupid. Fix this ASAP. If I were you, look at the ratings and never download this stupid app. It was on my old iPad and we paid, still everything is locked. I hate this app. I rate it a 0 out of five. Boo boo to you kiddopia team

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Not free. I searched for free games and this is in the list but all games are behind a pay wall. Misleading

Brutal. This app charged me before my free trial was over, only 4 days in. Not cool!

SEX. Abc to do sex with me

I’m not the age for this. I’m sad because I’m 8 years old, but i still love 💕 this game so much

¥£€¥’€¥£€. ¥£€¥£

Money. My son LOVES this app but he is sad because we don’t have enough money to pay for a whole month or year. SO PLEASE Make it AAAAALLLL free. Or el ese my son will b sad.

Awesome. My little one loves to play and they do learn form this game and you can play together

Not the best you have to pay a lot for it. For a year it is pretty much $120 Not good at all

Can’t change yearly subscription to monthly. The app can’t change from yearly subscription to monthly due to approval permission from parents. I wrote email to explain to Apple about the situation but they still denied to help me. They asked me to give a review to developer. I ended have to pay yearly subscription instead of monthly. I am not happy and I DO NOT recommended!

I love this game!. This game is great the way it is

Ad invasion. Was using the free/trial items. After a recent update you cannot try anything without watching an ad. It makes you watch an ad to access every new game. Each game lasts 10-30 seconds, so to play around with the free version for 10 minutes my kid would be watching 8 minutes of ads. Not going to purchase this. Am disappointed with the direction the company is taking this game.

Removed free content. Updated the app and suddenly all the free content that my child used to love has been locked!

Signed up but games still locked. Signed up for it but contents still locked. Frustrating!!!

Very mad 😡. So I downloaded this game for the experience of taking the characters cloths off especially the dog, he is hot and when I tried to take it off it did not work. Very mad 😡

I haaaaaate it. IT MAKES PEOPLE PAY!!🤬🤬

Love it. My daughter absolutely loves this app.

Bro so expensive. I don’t wanna buy the thing s and all the games where free but now it changed like a lot. Booooo!!! 💢💢💢💢💢❌❌🚫🚫❌❗️⁉️‼️❓

Only app my son wants to play. My 3 year old son loves this app! So much to do, however a monthly subscription is something that I do not like, it adds up. unfortunately when my month ends I probably won’t renew.

So mad. Bummer. Everything is locked. I hate this. My 2 year old loved it so much she had tons of coins her house had tons of bots but it’s all gone.

Used to be good. The app used to be good, now you have to watch an ad before playing any game. It’s just gotten ridiculous. Not worth it!

I hate this app. It costs money for the suff !! I hate hate hate this app or you play free no space games that I like 😡😤 I think this app is a piece of 🤬don’t buy this!!! Don’t !!!!!

Kiddopia. Kids love this!

Wonderful app and games. This has been an amazing app for our 2 year old (now 3 years old) and he has learned so much. The only thing that would make it even better would be if it was translated into French, as our son is bilingual and would love to teach him more french using the games he loves to play. He is now 4 years old and still loves all the games and all the seasons/holiday decore and updates. Keep up the great work Kiddopia team!

Year charge. I see now I was just charged for a year. This was not what I thought I agreed to. Beware. I’m emailing. If I’m not the only one with this issue maybe you should make it extremely clear.

Cautious!. It’s too expensive and the content is not worth it!! The support persons don’t help at all.

Robery. I chose the 7 days trial for my daughter and realized I was charged for a year. This is not what I agreed for. I tried to switch but it gives me the option to go monthly starting next year. crazy? Beware of this!!! It was not clear!!! 1 star because of this robery

Pay pay pay. I’m a kid my mom did this for a year and it ended before a year and you have to pay for everything can you at least make junior chef all free?😡😡🤯🤬🤬😡😡😡🥺

Iove. For the chocolate

Great. Great for a month….

Loving the game. I love it it’s great!


Too expensive!. Subscription is way too expensive for what you get. I would pay max $4/month, but over $12/month is outrageous! Sago mini is way cheaper and a better quality game in my opinion.

amazing. This game is so fun and amazing

Auto renewal for 1 year!. We tried this app for the free 7 day trial for our 2 year old. He has a hard time with most of the games, the math games particularly, the cooking games are good other than the mixing can be hard for littles. I would say this app is more for 4/5 year old. After the 7 day trial it automatically renews for 1 year at $80! I’ve asked (immediately after getting the email that my account was charged) for a refund 3 times before posting this review with the response of I needed to cancel my subscription when I had already, I messaged the app creators 3 more times with zero response. I gave them 2 weeks to make it right. For that reason and for the reason of auto renewal I’m giving 1 star as I think it is robbery to auto renew an app with a 7 day free trial. I’m upset about the $80 thinking during these hard times if this happened to someone else who really needed their money back they would be out of luck! Shame on you for not doing refunds.

Says 9.99 per month, charges 33.44. What in the world is that? From 9.99 then upon signing it becomes 33.44. Scammy app.

Perfect for Preschoolers !. Very impressed with this app. My 4 and 2 year old love it. Plenty to learn and great activities to challenge them.

Arianna. Austintown hours like to do this always this is fun for kids playing games around and there’s a present for you waiting one girl finally your new age now very fun to explore around this game it’s so amazing

Great. My daughter loves this app

Too expensive but otherwise good. I would love to buy this subscription but the price is too high and requires a yearly lump sum payment. I can’t believe this is more 3x the price of the Crayola apps. I will reconsider only if price is under $5 as it should be for all kids apps.

Must have. Not only have These games kept my son busy for countless of hours, but he also learnt so much. From before he was 2 and still going strong at 4.5! This was definitely his go To and worth the monthly Subscription in my Opinion

Amazing app!. My 3 year old loves it and has learned sooooo much from it. Such a great app and purchase!

What happened?. There used to be some activities which were free to use, but now all are locked without a subscription. When did that happen? (And we had used both the free parts, as well as paying for a monthly subscription at times as well.) Very disappointed ☹️

Why?. Why does this app need all payments now it was super amazing before 😡😤

I hate kidfosrldgrvkjse. Very awfull game it sucks

Kiddopia review. I think that it’s nice and I love it very much. Kid’s words.

Crashes. Was going to try the free trail and possibly get a subscription but the app constantly crashes. I tried deleting and putting it back on and didn’t change the problem. Definitely not going to pay for something that doesn’t run properly

$101 for a year. Crazy price

No. I hate it I don’t want to pay for my child

Don’t buy. This was before an app where you had a little bit of things but now you have nothing and you HAVE TO PAY and if you buy you have to pay yearly or monthly and it gives you new things like every YEAR if I could give a zero star review it would be that.

Sky. I hate this app

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Fun & Educational. We don’t do a lot of screen time in our house, but when we do, I prefer it to be educational. My 5 year old has been having a great time with this app! She loves the math games, and has definitely learned quite a few new things. She picked up on navigating the app very quickly, and enjoys earning coins and advancing levels. One of the better learning apps we’ve tried!

Disappointed.. :/. This app showed up on an ad. My 3 year old was next to me and I asked him if he wanted to color because the ad looked like a coloring app.. I downloaded the app and I quickly realized that you need to pay for it... (just everything needs a subscription now) my son was waiting and so I opened the coloring game and had him point at the picture he wanted to color (an octopus) and I then saw that the image was locked 😐 (only two pictures to color) my son didn’t understand why I couldn’t open it for him.. that was my disappointing moment and even more so when I can’t afford the subscription for my son.

Great up, sometimes slow updates.. My 5 year old loves this app! She’s had it for years and it’s grown with her. We love the diversity in games. The only downside is when the app doesn’t receive updates quickly enough or the food in the house portion doesn’t replenish after it’s used. Other than that, awesome app, no complaints!

Super disappointed. This app used to be one of my child’s favorites. She had a complete meltdown when the free content we used to be able to access stopped being free. She was able to use the free content for over a year, then with this last update, no more. They offer a 7 day free trial, which we will not be doing. I understand that paid subscriptions help fund more games and ad free content, but not everyone can afford monthly subscriptions. I’m super disappointed that my child can no longer play some of her favorite games. We will be deleting the app.

My little sisters did something to Kiddopia. It was English when I bought it my little sister doesn’t know Spanish so she did something to the game me and my 7 sister named Natalie Has English like me so when a Came a See my little sister messed it up😡. I said to her what did you do! My little sister 😭 so she said I am sorry so I calm down 😞 but I was so angry 🙎🏻‍♀️🙇🏾‍♀️. I take the iPad and see and what she did I see nothing wrong? My little sister said I did something but I don’t remember. So I tell my mom and dad they did not know what my little sister did? Bye bye

Perfect , but the prices. My sister loves this game , but the ones she wants to play are locked and she gets sad over it. I really wish I could pay for it but the prices are high, I understand that you have to make your money but if it’s for an educational game or (site) I think it should be free. I’m not showing hate or anything I just wish my sister can play the ones she wants. Like the come unlocked once a week and that’s the last time she sees the game or plays it . I think it’s a great game , but the prices are just too high.

awesome app!. We have this on 2 tablets and my phone. My 4 year old absolutely loves this. It’s well worth the price, the games and songs seem to be endless! She doesn’t get bored with this like she does other apps. My 8 year old likes playing on it too. This is the only app that i have kept a subscription to. Games and songs change with holiday themes. It keeps the fun going! I highly recommend Kiddopia!

I keep unsubscribing and my kids made me get it back!. So, I subscribe for a month and then unsubscribe. Cause I don’t trust they won’t loose interest. But every month they bring it right back to me screaming it won’t work. Quick story my kids love it and ask for it. They are 2 and 4 and both play it. They love the food making!

Amazing app. My CHILDREN enjoy this game as much as I do! It’s better than abc mouse, there’s loads of different activities to do my kids love the cooking one. It’s very engaging and interesting to see what happens next. I usually only give them abc mouse but when I discovered this game I made them play this game, my CHILDREN enjoy it. Sometimes I even play with it to. I love this game overall.

Downloaded...unfortunately Can’t try the app since subscribe button doesn’t work at all. I downloaded the up and hen I click on subscribe it opens window asking to slide DOWN with 2 fingers to continue, but when I try to slide down with 2 fingers nothing happens:....very annoying and raises a question if the whole up is gonna malfunction like that too☹️

Good app. This is a good app. Lots of fun things for kids to do and is appropriate for kids as young as 2 as well as older kids. It’s expensive, $50/year (and the only reason this review is 4 stars), but it’s a great learning tool and worth at least one year, maybe more, we’ll see! If you purchase this app in the free trial but then you’re still asked to buy it, just hit “restore purchases” in the settings. This app also works on multiple devices.

Great learning tool for kids!. My 2 year old has been playing this game for about a year now. We started with it at about 18 months. It has a nice range of fun between making ice creams and pizzas, being a pet doctor, and also has a nice range of learning with instruments, counting, and much more. We’ve loved having our subscription! Will continue using.

Quality productivity for my toddler.. Although our 2 year old doesn’t get much time to play games, I give him one session daily with this and it really is productive and educational. It challenges him and he asks for help when it gets tricky - very happy with the purchase, I used the demo for a while before deciding it would absolutely be worth it.

We love this app!But….. If the creator could not leave the levels that aren’t created left on the screen that would be amazing. For example in Style City, there are on two levels, the other three are under construction so they are left dark and you can’t click on them. My daughter is so upset. She thinks she just won the other levels and she still can’t get to the next. I have to delete the app until that is fixed. She is so upset. PLEASE FIX SOON!🥺🙏😭

Great Purchase. I don’t write reviews very often, but I REALLY love this app for my son and I think you will too. It’s very interactive, it’s a great variety of mini games, I can see him learning to recognize shapes and colors through his game play time and he’s only 2. It’s well worth the price and a step above the other kid apps out here. I highly recommend it. Best game I’ve downloaded for him so far.

This app is GREAT 👍. I gave this app 5 stars because theirs all these games on it and the kids playing don’t even realize their learning until they actually need it and it’s really hard to find that in other games like this P.S(this review is coming from a kid and I know this from experience)so this app can really teach you things like Math,music,English,writing,and even cooking if your child is a great observer or has a great memory!

I don’t want to pay for multiple subscriptions.... My toddler loves this app and I feel she learns a lot from all of the games and activities. I gave a three star rating because I feel that if I purchase an app I should be able to sign on to the app from any device. I don’t understand why you can’t share the subscription and I do not want to pay in order to have the app on my iPhone (which I originally subscribed with) and my daughters Samsung tablet. Other than that my child enjoys the app overall.

Good but one problem. Ok I am a mom and I have a little girl that’s 5 years old ok so she she loves the zac and Zoeey thing but …. In the dog the theif episode she watched has a bad word I know you might not pay attention but is says dumb witch means stupid and now my child always used that word and she is only 5 years pls please take that out because I don’t want her to use these kinds of words thank you for understanding.

I like it but.... I like all of the learning but I have l promlbe monthly subscription I don’t apps when for them to get full content but I do where you gave us some free content and I really love the juinor chief and the corking pad and pet salon and pet care all of the things you did to make learn I mean thay are one there tablet all day why not make them learn buy my hole point is please make this free thank you

Free was better and dissatisfied a lot with the app also disappointed. The free version didn’t last long and I know you have the 7 day free trial with it, for me it was the best app for my brother but it came over to a cross off with the EvEry ThInG LOCKED ITS ANNOYING ok so please bring back the free version I’m not trying to be rude but it’s very annoying to me and everyone who has to pay I hate this game now and I’m sorry but change it back to free Toca boca apps are much better for him so yea bye now :) thanks for reading and bye tell me if they update it but I quit trying

Kind of boring.. Can you update this app? It’s too easy. My cousin’s say it’s a baby game. How about more of a big kid game? But not too scary. Please please update it. Cause I just deleted the app! I’m getting so bored of this app. So as my sister! My membership of family doesn’t let me play it A lot. My parents had to work every 3 weeks. So my sister takes care of me. And we both play kiddopia! Sometimes when my sister doesn’t play it with me, she just watches Aladdin.

Amazing app. My daughter hated learning and now she loves learning with Kiddopia at first when I introduce Kiddopia to her she wasn’t really that sure but then she started playing and she’s been playing for months and now that we’re all stuck at home and she can’t go to school like she normally used to or kindergarten she’s been staying home and playing Kiddopia she loves the app and so do I it’s just a really helpful app and I love it

Love this App. We love this app. My son is five years old and doesn’t always seem to love these kind of apps but he begs me all the time to play this one. I love that he’s learning and that we can use this as some of our homeschool learning experience I would highly recommend this app I noticed a lot of reviews about bugs and issues but we have not experienced any.

Beware. Does not work with family sharing. Major hassle.. If you setup your kids’ iPads correctly then this app is a major pain. If you just use your iCloud id on their iPads it will work fine. I use screen time limits and permissions with my daughter’s iPad and every time I try to restore purchases it just searches her Apple ID and says there is no active subscription. I have to sign her out and sign into my account for it to recognize my paying subscription even though they advertise that it works with family sharing. When going under my subscriptions there is no option to turn on family sharing.

My toddler loves this app!. My 4 year old has been using this app for a few months now and we all absolutely love it. She has a hard time focusing on one app, but with kiddopia, there’s so many different games within that app, so she is constantly entertained and focused. The app is easy to navigate for a toddler and the graphics are very impressive! We all highly recommend kiddopia on our family.

Awesome learning app and great customer service. My kids and myself love the games we have access to in the trial subscription. Unfortunately i had trouble trying to subscribe I contacted the company and they reached back out guiding me through the process and answered all my questions. Now my children have access to the whole app and their having so much fun with it. I am so pleased with the fast response and the help I got in return! Thank you so much!!

Love Kiddopia. So we just started using Kiddopia and my 3 year old loves it. I try to limit his screen time, but I was fine with giving him a little extra time because he has so much fun with this interactive app. I love that he’s not watching a bunch of mindless videos and is able to interact with the app while learning. Kiddopia is his new favorite app to use during quiet time on the weekend!

Good game but about paying. The thing I don’t like about Kiddopia is you have to pay for the game is this okay if you make parents have to stop paying because a lot of kids want stuff for free but you have to pay. Kiddopia is still a great game For kids to learn and become smart, it’s just people don’t wanna spend money for there kid on the game.

Please fix a bug! 🤍. Hello, I have a long question. I love this app and government. But I’m seven years old and I asked my mom if I could buy the whole game to donate. But after 2020 and 2021 (month ago) I opened he app and I didn’t see the whole thing I bought, my mom was upset that she got scammed. Please fix this bug it’s very mean to scam! Not saying anything bad about this game. Thank you! I’m gonna go now. This is getting long, Bye!🤍

Educate your children. When visiting my family I showed my granddaughter this fun educational game. She started playing it and she loved it! I’m hoping she will enjoy it more as she gets more comfortable playing. It’s a wonderful game to play with friends and family! If your looking for a game that is kid friendly, fun and teaches the kids different strategies this game will teach them!!

Perfect app for toddlers. I’m very picky when it comes to game apps for my daughter and I always look for apps with safe contents. I highly highly recommend this app, especially getting the yearly subscription. My daughter has been loving it and playing with it the most. Love that all the features are very gender neutral so it would be great for both boy and girl toddlers. It’s so cute watching her making pizza and ice cream with this app. Again, recommend it!

Some things aren’t working. I have an iPad and got this game for my kid, but he keeps coming to me, telling me to fix the waffle, I went to see what he means, and once you finish baking the waffles it kicks him out of the entire game, and also when he goes to style city, it shows the loading screen then it kicks him out of the entire game. But I love everything else about the game. Please fix this, thank you.

Good app, but insanely expensive. My daughter loves the games, but there’s no way I’m paying $50+ a year for it. I have no problem paying for a good app, but that is not in the budget. If there was a one-time payment option within reason, I might do that. But what content I have seen is excellent! *edit Thank you for the response. While I understand being on par with other apps... that does not mean I am going to subscribe to them, either. It just means you are losing access to people who are willing to pay, but not at that price point. Perhaps an option at a lower rate where one can choose what content to add would bring in more business? My daughter is too young for some of the content, so I do not see value in subscribing to an expensive app where I do not use 75% of the content.

Cannot unsubscribe. I tried this app for a month and cancelled my subscription. It just wasn't right for my grandson, but it's got a lot of cute games. However, now I keep getting emails and the unsubscribe link does not work. I think that is illegal! Please fix your link. This makes me want to never subscribe again, although I would have considered it when my grandson is older. Now I'm just annoyed. Update: I still can't unsubscribe using the link in the emails I'm still getting. No, I'm not going to email you. Fix your website. I have now gone down to 1 star. I might take the time to email whatever agency oversees this, though, as well as Apple.

50/50. My daughter loves this app so much i had to get it on my phone but there is some features that do not work. Whenever she tries to play a certain game it just completely crashes and takes her off the game. There is nothing wrong with my phone its brand new and i thought it would work better on my phone because she also has it on her tablet which is crashes as well but it keeps happening and shes not longer getting happy or asking for the game.

Don’t buy. Yea don’t buy this app. They say you can’t share subscription in your family sharing because apple won’t allow in app subscription to share. However that’s a straight lie. I have multiple apps they are in app subscription and I can share in family sharing. Just weird how the would blame apple, when it’s clear that they just want you to buy two subscriptions. What a rip off. I even tried to sign in with my apple account on my spouses phone and it says I don’t have an account with Kiddopia all of a sudden. Bad taste in my mouth. Just say you want the money.

Great app. Our son’s favorite. Also for non English speaking kids. This is a great game. Our son started playing it a year ago when COVID hit. The nice thing about it is that he can do everything in it on his own - explore and learn and play. And it does not require him to know English! The games are high quality too. I just wish they could add more games in the app more often :)

Favorite app for my littles!. I love using this app with my boys! It is easy for them to navigate; there are endless options for different learning subjects; I feel safe letting them be on it without me because there aren’t ads; it reinforces the concepts I am trying to teach them myself: letters, counting, music, sequences, shapes, etc; and it provides positive reinforcement as they progress: “you are doing great!”. I love the yearly subscription option too, making it very affordable!

Your app does not work.. As far as I’m concerned it’s a piece of crap. I was playing with it to see how my daughter would react to it and I couldn’t get past the stupid window I gave the dog a shower, I put a collar on his neck and then I couldn’t go anywhere I was stuck in that window. I couldn’t move the window backwards the backward arrow was in the top left corner but it didn’t work there was no right arrow so I couldn’t go right I tried to go up and down but that didn’t work either I was stuck frozen in that window in the first five minutes of my playing I rated you one star because I think this app is a piece of crap and I’ll refund my money now because I’m not gonna give it to my daughter

Decent content, but candy everywhere. Two things concern me about this app. I’m not a fan of apps that continually prompt kids to enable camera and photo access (because of privacy concerns). There’s also an unhealthy focus on candy in many of the games. For parents who are trying to keep candy out of sight and out of mind to encourage healthier eating habits, a game that highlights candy as a super fun thing to play with is less than ideal. Other than that, there’s a range of content, some of which is great. Parents with kids aged 4 or so may want content that’s a bit more challenging for their kids.

Love the app, we’re missing a variety of languages though🤔. The app itself is overall a great app for kids all ages. It has such a big variety of games and activities to do. Here’s my question, can you please make it to where we’re able to choose from a variety of different languages? I really want to be able to choose my nephew Spanish. Please and thank you.

It’s good but...... It just takes up much of ur storage I don’t like i almost deleted everything but it’s good a good game for toddlers but everytime I try to download it says not enough storage I only have 3 that I use daily soo I almost broke my iPad for this game soo please make it take up not a lot of storage I need this for my 4 year old cousin on her iPad sooo please do it I love just take away some of it please it’s annoying so hard please sooo I love this game but like I said so

Excellent app!. My nephew loves this app and because of it loves me even more! He has enjoyed the last 4 months of full version so far and can’t get enough of it. He has learned a lot from it and enjoys making food, be a doctor among other things. With the most recent update, there has been an error in the “community helper” game. The “help me” does not correspond to the character you chose. Can you please fix it?

Very easy to cancel and excellent customer service!. This app has so many games and educational content that my child doesnt need any other app. Love that he is learning so much while playing with this app. Numbers, ABC's, patterns and lots of other creative stuff too! Looking forward to more new stuff the app has to offer. I had cancelled initially, it was really easy to do so but reactivated it and not complaining

LOVE LOVE LOVE. I have an autistic 3 year old and she has loved this app since day 1. A few days ago I surprised her by subscribing to the full version of the app and she can’t get over it. There’s so many things to do. The cooking, counting, educational fun videos, puzzles and more. There’s something for all child aged kiddos. Love it! Not to mention I got prompt and accurate help from their customer service yesterday. Super happy.

Best Educational Game. I’ll start off by saying I love this app for the most part. There are so many games for kids of all ages to play including my 2 yr old and 7 yr old boys. It is very difficult to keep them entertained and this app does the job. The only issue that I have had is with reoccurring payments. There has been times where I have accidentally paid twice in one month because it will cut off access to the games and make you restore purchases. If I didn’t have this issue I would give the app 5 stars!

Amazing game but 2 horrible things. Ok so this game is great but omg I wish that it would be for like more older kids like abc mouse like go up to 10 at least and almost everything is locked and it’s annoying but it’s fun and great so developer please I’m begging you make a update where it goes up to ten and make at lest a lot of the Baking stuff unlocked and other. Stuff I love the baking my favorite and it’s so fun but please developer.

Finally educational screen time!!. Sometimes screen time is inevitable and it’s so nice to finally have an app that is educational and that the kiddos love! So many games, problem solving activities, songs and ways to teach critical skills! Something for all ages and there’s so much to choose from! Couldn’t be happier with this download!!

My Preschooler loves it. My preschooler learned so much it’s very user friendly for toddlers and children to navigate. So much for them to do and to explore. They have fun while learning. I work from home and not only does it keep him occupied while I’m in meetings. But he’s learning as well. Been using for over 6 months and he hasn’t got bored not once. He looks forward to learning.

Unable to unsubscribe. Update: upgraded to 4 stars because technical support reached out to me and helped with the unsubscribe process. I appreciate that. Still would be nice for the unsubscribe link to work to avoid frustration. Nice app but unsubscribing is a headache. Link to change subscription doesn’t work. Trying to figure out how to cancel this and not get charged again. A lot of people have this problem. It should be easy to sign up AND unsubscribe!

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The application Kiddopia - Kids Learning Games was published in the category Education on 06 June 2017, Tuesday and was developed by Kiddopia, Inc. [Developer ID: 1568460596]. This program file size is 532.34 MB. This app has been rated by 94,099 users and has a rating of 4.3 out of 5. Kiddopia - Kids Learning Games - Education app posted on 06 November 2023, Monday current version is 7.14.1 and works well on iOS 13.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.paperboatapps.all-in-one. Languages supported by the app:

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