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What is skype app? Skype – Connect, Create, Talk & Discover, now with Bing GPT-4

Ask Bing 1:1 or in any group chat:
- Help me plan a trip to Europe this summer
- Write a dad joke and translate it into any language
- Ask for movie recommendations
- Unleash your creativity
Skype is now integrated with Bing, cutting-edge AI-powered copilot, the latest generative language model from OpenAI that you can use for free. With ChatGPT in Skype, you don’t need any technical knowledge, just ask a question like you would a friend.
Bonus points: Try asking ChatGPT in your native language and find the most interesting question to ask!

Skype is the best way to stay connected with anyone, anywhere, anytime. Whether you want to talk to your family, friends or colleagues. You can make free video calls with up to 100 people, send and receive text messages, use ChatGPT with others, send voice messages, emojis, share your screen to show what you’re working on.

Need more privacy? Get a Skype Number, it’s affordable and private. With additional Skype subscription you can also call landlines and mobiles at affordable prices in most countries in the world.

With Skype’s new Today tab you can get free personalized news. Stay informed, productive, entertained, and inspired with up-to-date news.

Skype-to-Skype calls are free. Operator data charges may apply. We recommend using an unlimited data plan or WiFi connection.

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• Microsoft Services Agreement:
• EU Contract Summary:

Access Permissions:
All permissions are optional and require consent (you can continue using Skype without granting these permissions, but certain features may not be available).

• Contacts - Skype can sync and upload your device contacts to Microsoft's servers so that you can easily find and connect with your contacts that already use Skype.
• Microphone - The microphone is needed for people to hear you during audio or video calls or for you to record audio messages.
• Camera - The camera is needed for people to see you during video calls, or for you to be able to take photos or videos whilst you’re using Skype.
• Location - You can share your location with other users or use your location to help find relevant places near you.
• Photo Library - Storage is needed to be able to store photos or to share your photos with others you may chat with.
• Notifications - Notifications allow users to know when messages or calls are received even when Skype is not actively being used.
• Siri - This allows Siri to make calls in Skype.
• Calendar - Access to the calendar is so that calls can be scheduled and added to the calendar.
• Motion Usage - Motion usage is used so that Skype can detect when your device is rotated, so that Skype can orientate the camera correctly.

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App Name Skype
Category Social Networking
Updated 11 April 2024, Thursday
File Size 224.77 MB

Skype Comments & Reviews 2024

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Allows an iPad Mini to function as a phone. Using an iPad Mini as a phone has opened up a world of creative possibilities for me. I can now engage in productive and more rewarding pursuits that were too difficult to do on a smaller phone screen. I can now work on what is most important rather than what is practical to do on a phone. It still fits in my coat pocket and I am upgrading my backpack and other cases so that the iPad is easy to access and carry under any circumstances. It is a shame that Apple doesn’t allow cellular iPads to place and receive calls, but Skype solves that problem well. Most people I call have no idea I am taking to them on an iPad. Bose Quiet Comfort noise cancelling earbuds allow me to have the same level of privacy and clarity I had with my phone. Skype will switch to them if I put them in my ears after I receive a call so I am never stuck with a speaker phone experience.

A bit confusing until you get used to it.. I use the app to speak to my mother in a care facility across the country. She can’t use it on her end, requiring help for getting set up. From my side it’s a decent app. My only big complaint/confusion is the design of the Skype call notification box that pops up. While I’m used to it now having a check mark as the button to push to activate the call and an x next to it to exit the call caused problems. I understand the theory behind it but to some generations x-“marks the spot” makes us think (initially) that that’s the button to answer. Wouldn’t it be simpler to just add “answer” and “hang up” under each button? I have a minor annoyance with always having to activate my camera in the program when I’m called. Again, it’s pictorial, and takes getting used to. But all things considered it does a good job. It could use clearer documentation and buttons is all.

Get rid of integrated calling!. I’ve been using this app for years and despite numerous issues with this app, the new and current frustration that’s so irritating I must leave a review about it is the forced integrated calling. I do not want skype calls in my iphone 7’s phone log. I am beyond angered that if I so much as shut my screen off, the call hangs up because it’s functioning like a phone call rather than a skype call. I hate that it makes two apps open: the skype app and the phone app. Both are simultaneously running because of the integrated calling. And both act as separate apps! I can mute a call on the skype app, yet it’s unmuted on the phone app. I can take a call off speaker in one app, but it’s on speaker in the other??? PLEASE get rid of the forced integrated calling. Please do not force it onto your users. Leave it as an option as it used to be. I’m looking at other options than Skype since it’s rendering useless to me if the calls are integrated with my regular phone calls and are constantly getting hung up because of function mix ups. Fix this.

Not like the old Skype used to be app is unreliable and annoying. This app does not function properly and is annoying to use. let me articulate some of the annoying features. What are the most annoying features of the group call and not being able to silence the group calls affectively second annoying feature when somebody doesn’t answer a call it automatically dictates a message to Call back at their earliest convenience I don’t need Skype to automatically dictate a message when somebody doesn’t answer a call why they ever added that feature I don’t even know? My third annoying problem is rating the calls after they end. Why is there even an option when we try to report a problem it doesn’t get fixed and the problems that are in the list don’t pertain to the actual problems that you might be having. I quit using Skype years ago because it is just terrible. I use Discord now ever since Microsoft took over Skype it’s become horrible. Even Facebook messenger and what’s up work better than Skype. I hate to say this, but everything Microsoft touches turns to crap.

Status seldom indicates “Active”. This happens nearly everyday. I go to chat, and the receiving end “Status” indicates that they haven’t been seen for days. Even though I may have just messaged back and forth an hour ago. But that’s not all! That person doesn’t get my messages at all. He checks his laptop skype, his Apple iPad skype, and his iPhone skype. Most of the time, he won’t see any messages. Then suddenly! He will get all the messages on his phone. But not every time. He logs off on all devices, then back on. He restarts all of his devices. Sometimes the status turns to “Active” and he begins to receive messages, other times, not. What is going on with this app? I find it very frustrating messaging by myself for a length of time with no response. Having to go into email and write a message that way. It’s ridiculous!

Really upset with the new update.. I’ve been using Skype to communicate with my husband while we’re long distance. It was the only app that could keep up with the amount of video calls, pictures, and videos that we sent. I hate this new update though or whatever was recently done to the app, so much so I’m tempted to try a different app. We used to be able to send any kind of video now it’s limited to only a minute and a half, and even when I adhere to the new video rules, it won’t even send. One of the ways we stay connected when we can’t call is by sending videos and the fact that we can’t do that anymore, at least not without extreme hassle and changing the way we took videos really saddens me. Please change this!! Also used to be able to scroll back through all our conversations now it won’t let us and we have to access the search tool which doesn’t work when you’re just wanting to reread old text messages. Please bring the old Skype back ):

Skype “Unlimited Worldwide mobiles and landline” is a scam!. In iPhone app Skype “Unlimited Worldwide mobiles and landline” has no information about big limitations and exclusions of this plan, no link to more information about this plan. When you see the name you obviously think that it’s a good deal and when you click on the plan you right away invited to the purchase of this plan. But when you try you to use it you’ll find out that this particular phone line in this particular country is not covered by this plan. You contact Skype support to complain about this misinformation and they will tell you contact Apple because your transaction was through the iTunes account. Apple will send you back to developer to chase your refund. At the end, shame on you Microsoft for giving false information to the customers and putting them through all these trails to get the refund! Why can’t you be honest upfront about these subscriptions and tell customers that your “Unlimited Worldwide“ subscription is in fact is very limited and absolutely not worldwide?

Reliable over the yearssss. I have been on Skype since 2002. For sixteen years, this has been my favorite app as it has kept up with the improvements in technology. Over the past years, I have been on international trips and Skype has kept me connected to my family and relatives in 3 different countries. The quality of calls has improved a lot over the years, too - sparing me from huge amounts of phone bills. However, I believe that the key is to have a decent internet connection. I am really impressed that is now being used widely both for personal and business communications. I have had lots of job interviews through call conferences. Love the emojis as they also keep up with the times, i.e., diversity. I can actually choose the color of the skin of the clapping hands or see different options on couples. I can go on for the many ways Skype has been an essential part of my life through the years - forever loyal to you! Thanks, Skype 👏🏼🙌🏼 🍾.

Overall good but needs improvement. As someone in a long distance relationship, I depend heavily on video calling. Quality of Skype calls are pretty good and I like the ability to use Skype on any device. That being said, my boyfriend is Deaf and we use ASL to communicate. I don’t need the notifications saying “people are having trouble hearing you. Try moving closer to the microphone or eliminate background noise.” I understand that I’m getting this because it’s not picking up sound from my end, but I can promise doing those things won’t help so I’d appreciate not getting constant reminders. I’ve also been recently struggling with the little box that’s supposed to show me just shows black. The other person can see me fine, but I can’t see myself. This makes it very difficult to make sure I’m always on screen and able to be seen.

Skype is amazing. Skype is amazing. I use Skype every Tuesday and Thursday for my tutoring without my tutoring. I will know nothing but if I knew about Skype before I wouldn’t need tutoring anymore that’s why I love Skype Skype helps me Skype is the reason why I could read better Skype is the reason why I could type better faster on computers, phones, iPad anything you could type on. The Skype makes me type fast I could read good Skype is the best Skype you ever made Skype. All I would like is to make Skype easier to call people sometimes it freezes sometimes it bugs out sometimes it closes without anyone tapping the leave button scape if you played, it would be great. Please make the calls easier if you can at least make the calls have is your service And if you don’t, I will rather just go on FaceTime and you don’t want that because right now you do you have probably have a lot of people that like Skype to please Skype fix your website

I’ve used Skype for almost 2 years daily now. My girlfriend and I are long distance so we call each other on the daily until she visits. I’ve used Skype over other apps and I have to say it has it’s ups and downs. Pros: You can expect calls to work perfectly as long as you both have good internet connections. Even when you internet slows down you can still see each other but the quality drops so you can load the video. As someone who’s used Skype for years I’ve noticed on newer phones that selecting things actually works unlike on slower phones where its stutters and takes time. Cons: They’re pushing too much with emojis and filters and stuff. Why do I have an option to take a picture in the middle of a Skype call? I can literally just turn on my camera and show the person. I have to press speaker all the time when I first make a call and I’m constantly pressing the camera button and waiting forever just to close it. After a call I’m literally asked every time how the quality was. Stop shoving things in my face please. I just wanna call, not see every “great feature you have”. Personally I don’t use 90% of the things Skype has to offer. I just call and turn on my camera. I wish it would focus on that and keep it simple. I don’t wanna have a 1/8 of my screen covered by something I don’t use. Please just make calling easier, it’s starting to make me think I should switch to Discord.

Focus on Call Quality PLEASE. This is why we use the app — to make video calls or phone calls to loved ones. Connections are inconsistent, depending upon where one or both parties are situated in their respective locations. With cellular coverage and WiFi (most times, combined) this shouldn’t even be an issue. There should never be dropped calls nor lagging connections. I don’t want to constantly scroll through screens; asking for money, taking 10 random pictures of the app screen nor use emoticons while I’m talking with my loved one. Please remove those options or at the very least, make it difficult/impossible to do so while simply talking to the other person. Not everyone wants to use video or speakerphone all the time; some of us prefer the old fashioned way of talking to someone on the phone. It’s inconvenient to have to stop mid-conversation all the time to see what my ear is up to, seeing what random page I’m scrolling through unintentionally. These are things we care about; connecting with those we love. Focus on those things; the quality of this particular aspect - the central aspect - of your service. Cool that other things are offered but please make those secondary things inactive while we’re on a call.

Long Time Skype User Love It!. I'm a long time Skype user - well over 10 years. I have 1,478 contacts on Skype. I just got off an 83 minute call in Greece initiated by the other party. The call was FREE to the both of us-Amazing! It was crystal clear. I know people whine and complain about Skype but, in my experience, they're the same people who whine and complain about everything in life. They're malcontents- negative, critical, naysayers, despicable, unforgiving, rude, unhappy, faultfinders, whose opinions should be discarded. I learned a long time ago that I need to be willing to give everything I do a minimum of five years to achieve the best results and that commitment has served me well all these years. People give up too easily, too quickly and that hurts them. Skype does extraordinarily well for me, my business relationships, my clients, referral partners and prospective clients. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Well done. You're the best!

Skype is Amazing but.... Look I love this app for the phone, and for the computer and well all platforms. Although, I must admit the quality on some devices is not as good as others. So for instance, I talk to many people in other countries and sometimes their computers are better to hear and see them from while other times their phones. What my point is, although I move the good graphics and interaction that this is capable of. You should try increasing the audio (make more clear) and cross platform capabilities. This is just my request, thank you for your time. Also yes I know audio is more of a device issue than a programming thus difficult to fix, although the cross platform issue may be slightly difficult but worth it. Thank you again for your time and sorry for pointing out the difficult parts, please just try not to take it to personally.

#ihateskype. So.... I am writing this review because I can’t support this app anymore. I got 8 devices in my house and I still can’t do what I want in this app. I call my grandma every day on my phone (iPhone XS) or my laptop (MacBook Air 2020). I have a sister and we want to be in the same call with our grandma, but we can’t. And listen... I don’t really care about what tablet my grandma has. I know it’s an Alexa but it’s still a tablet of high tech. So why am I giving this 2 stars? Because I can’t be in the same call with my sis and grandma, and because I can’t even share screen in the call. The thing is Skype needs more performance than this. I have a lot of good devices in my house and I really don’t think the devices are the problem, because they are all NEW. So guys... I really think that u should go home and repair these problem instead of making parties at your houses. For example I am doing school with zoom. Trust me Zoom is... MUCH better than this LOW tech called “Skype”. In Zoom I can do all I want with no problem. Oh and BTW stay home safe until u get vaccinated😊. I hope y’all fix this problem

Suggestions are annoying and crashes often. I’ve used Skype for 2-3 years now and it wasn’t really that bad. I used it everyday to call and text my friends. But there’s a slight problem. There are always these suggestions I can use if I send a message or someone sends me a message. I press the button that these aren’t useful, but they keep coming back! I dislike the suggestions because I accidentally keep pressing it and it immediately sends and makes my friend confused. Also, whenever I call someone, it won’t even let me turn off my phone! It is so annoying because when I turn off my phone so save battery while calling, it immediately hangs up. Whenever I call on the computer and go on another tab at the same time (like playing a game), it affects my game. It freezes my game all the time. Also, my Skype just crashes when I call on the computer. It immediately closes the tab and hangs up. It gets me and my friend really irritated. I love this app but it just has a few problems that needs to be fixed

resume call STILL not working in iOS 16.2. 1. After many months this issue is still not fixed as of iOS 16.2 on iPhone 14 Pro Max. When on a Skype call and there is a second (non-Skype) incoming call and you switch to the second call, coming back to Skype after hanging up the second call results in the Skype call being “on hold”. When you click the three dots in the lower right corner and then click Resume, nothing happens. Also, ending the call does nothing. Let me repeat: clicking the red End Call button does absolutely nothing while on hold. The only way to get out of being on hold is to force-quit the Skype app. Then you have to open Skype again and call back the person you were on hold with. 2. Skype missed calls don’t generate missed call notifications. You have to open the Skype app to see any missed calls.

Still really happy. Telecom bargain!. I’ve left several reviews, but as an American living in Italy with lots of family in the United States, paying just over $30 a year I can make unlimited phone calls to any phone number, landline, cell phone, or even toll-free number using Skype. I know there are other free services but most won’t let you call land lines or toll-free numbers. Having that subscription I also pay another $30 a year for a San Francisco phone number that anyone can call in the United States that reaches me here in Italy on my Italian cell. It’s also great because that’s the number that shows up as caller ID when I make calls. Highly recommended. And I love the fact that if you hold your finger on the icon you can bring up the dial pad and quickly paste in any phone number in the US. The subscription plan is very cheap and very good. ONE BIG TIP: if you travel outside of the United States BEFORE you go take out a United States subscription which is now either three or 3 1/2 dollars. This way you can make unlimited calls back home for a month while you’re out of the country when you’re on Wi-Fi. Yes there are many ways to make free phone calls but the subscription will let you call landlines, toll-free numbers like maybe your bank or credit card company that you can’t access with other free services. If you make only one phone call while you’re away it will pay for the service. Then just cancel it when you get back home.

Not bad, but.... Definitely an overall good calling app. I’ve used things like FaceTime and Snapchat to make video calls before, but they just don’t work as well. Skype usually seems to load no matter what, unless the connection is extremely poor which isn’t the fault of Skype. One of the main drawbacks is all the buttons littering the screen. Like many other reviewers have stated, things are a bit over crowded, especially for a phone app. My screen is small enough as it is and I want to see the person I’m talking to. That’s the point of the video call. My biggest gripe here is the poor internet connection notification box. Can we please move the poor internet connection notification box? It pops up right in the center of the screen! Thanks for telling me I have a poor connection, but I don’t understand why something can’t pop up in the corner. This notification blocks my whole entire screen so I can’t see who I’m talking to. This just makes me want to use an app that doesn’t tell me about the strength of my internet connection (because I don’t care about that information anyways). It would definitely be a five star app if these few problems could get addressed.

Works Well With 50-mps Wifi. 1) My experience with Skype over the last six years has been very good on both my laptop and my iPhone. I mostly use Skype for calling telephone numbers. Indeed, I have listened to lectures by dialing a phone number and experiencing excellent connections for hours at time. 2) With this app on my iPhone, the volume and clarity are particularly good with 50-mps wifi on my end. 3) Some other times, the volume of the other person has been a bit low, but I was still able to understand what the other person was saying. 4) The only funky thing that I have found with the app was when I wanted to add a secondary email address to my account. I read help first, but it seemed to be out of date since the navigation information in the help text didn’t correspond very well with the app. Eventually, I deduced that I couldn’t use the app to update my email addresses. I had to chat with support and login in to the Skype website to make the modifications. Most apps allow you to change email addresses within the apps.

Awesome app saves money as well. It’s a must go application for anyone who would like to save money on calling either domestically or abroad. From what i have been experienced is that Skype is offering free calling opportunities for most of major companies such as Apple customer service and to some companies outside the US as well. Another thing is definitely worthy of mentioning is that for those people who dont want to share their personal telephone numbers to strangers when you have to make a phone call to them, skype is an epic choice to do such things, all you need to do is getting signed up, pay at a fair rate and enjoy calling anonymously. Overall, i love this app and will absolutely continue to use it. One shall never misses this great app

Useful but needs improvements. I use this app all the time, I talk to people from different parts of the world for work, and it’s fantastic because it has a live translation feature where you can translate in a video call as the words are being spoken, and you can translate in text automatically. But the problem is that it doesn’t always work, in a video call sometimes we have to end the call and restart multiple times before the translations will initiate, and sometimes in the text it won’t work until we reboot the entire phone or computer. All I really have to say about this app in a negative aspect is that it just needs to be more reliable and consistent, other than that it’s a fantastic app. I’ve been using this application since 2013.

Please stop. I’ve been using Skype for years, mainly because it’s better than FaceTime and Snapchat when it comes to just calling, but for the love of god, please stop showing me the would you like to respond or whatever it’s called when my call doesn’t go through or the someone I’m trying to call doesn’t pick up or whatever the case may be. If I’m going to respond I’ll just do it in the chat, I don’t need you to pull up some auto response of “please give me a call back.” Or whatever it says, the reason I’m writing this is mainly due to the fact of this feature deleting the text I had there with the “please give me a call back,” text. I spent a good 30-45 minutes writing a message to my girlfriend just to have it disappear. It’s a bad feature, and I hope to see it be removed or at least give us the option to turn it off. (there is no way that I know of to turn it off)

I love Skype!!!!. I would definitely recommend Skype to my friends and family and I already have some on the platform! I know you love to make money and all, but I think you should remove paying to call on mobile. I think it’s just stupid. But you can make groups and call with the groups, I honestly love it. The reason I’m writing this and taking time out of my day, That’s how much I love Skype! I get to share photos and I also found family members in the You may know section! If you haven’t downloaded Skype your wasting your time. (Well doing it kinda wastes your time but in a good way!) I really love Skype and the creators, thank you for all of your hard work on this application/App. I would write more but I’m out of ideas to talk about and I think this review is really long, again thank you for reading this, and all your hard work Skype. Bye!

Personal gripes with how it works. My biggest complaint is that anyone in the chat can do whatever they want with it. One person can start a group, and another person can change the name, picture, group members, etc. Which means anyone who wants to be annoying can just remove people for “a joke” or whatever. Anyone can kick you from the call or the group, no matter who that person is, or whether they’re toxic or not. I tolerate them because they’re not all bad, but then they pull something where they try to remake the group, and remove anyone who disagrees. Only the one who made the group should be able to remove people from the call/group, and edit it in any way. I know that isn’t the app’s fault, it’s the person’s, and that the typical advice is “just don’t interact with that person” but in this situation that’s not possible. It’s a group where everyone is at. The entire “friend group”. While a new group can be made, there’s nothing stopping the same thing from happening again/continuously. Please add a function where only the group maker can screw with the settings, thank you.

11 years of experience. I’ve been using Skype for more than 11 years now, through its ups and downs. Just finally installed the most recent version on my iPhone X, so haven’t used it for a few months now. This version is more stable, and higher quality than I’ve seen from Skype for a while. When we first started using it, talking back and forth between Japan and the United States in 2008, it was the only game in town and it was great to have! Over the years though, especially shortly after Microsoft took it over, it got really glitchy and frustrating to use. Now, using it for a half hour video call to Russia, I have basically no problems with it. Sound quality, video quality, ease-of-use, all basically very good. My one issue, and the reason I only give it four stars instead of five, is that the screen sharing isn’t working as expected. Looks like the functionality should be there, but simply hitting the share screen button took me to a dialog box which asked about which app I would like to record. Record? I tried that, but all I did was, well, record. Looks like maybe there’s just some sort of disconnect, perhaps easy to fix, in the software. Overall, very nice to see that Skype is once again a viable option!

Great Way to Video Chat. I have had very good experiences using Skype for texting and video calls internationally. If your WiFi is good, Skype is perfect. The only cause for concern I have encountered is that it seems relatively easy for legitimate businesses (like Remitly), to be fraudulently imitated on platforms such as Skype. What makes this possible is that you can pick just about any display name you want. This happened to me on Skype. Fraudsters had imitated a legitimate business’ customer service department on Skype. I was able to figure out that they were fraudulent, but not before they (with my unwitting help) had changed passwords to 2 accounts. Anyway…just wanted to share the ease with which scammers can imitate legitimate businesses on platforms like Skype and WhatsApp, any of them where you can pick a display name.

Skype has gotten worse. My boyfriend and I are long distance and for over a year now we have used Skype to call every day. Skype used to be perfect and we had no issues in call. Sometimes there would be quality drops in the video but that was just due to internet connection. We could also hear the background noise and it was very loud and amplified it was hard to call with that. Now when we call for the past 3 months or so after a major update skype has never worked. This app has become so horrible for us. One of our ends will go mute and the audio won’t work during some calls and I can’t even switch my camera anymore or go out of the app because my side of the video will go black. He can still see me but I can’t see myself and other times his video will go off if I go into our chats and come back. Background noise is still a huge issue and is just as bad as it was a year ago. I have become so frustrated with this app due to its recent behavior and I’ve tried to put up with it but it bothers me so much. It has made our calls so unpleasant and I am highly dissatisfied and we will both be moving to discord to call from now on.

Skype is..... Skype was pretty good before they had all of these updates. If you have a tech guy who knows how to fix bugs and the problems I shouldn’t have to write a nasty review about this problem. Sometimes I can’t see on the video call the other people when I try to call them or when someone calls me I can’t come back to see them. It’s only the picture and a color for the background. This shouldn’t have happen when Skype tries to update their app every 2 to 4 weeks to monthly. This is should be fixed in the first time when people complain about it. Today I had a call and the app was bad. I couldn’t see the video call. It was the picture and a color background. Also I couldn’t see the video when the other person answered the call. Fix the bugs and problem. Skype was good until the updates and bugs. I can’t make a copy a link and paste my link on Skype message because the screen would turn into a color background. Why do you guys do updates when you have failed since the last one

Skype Translation Feature. I am currently in a long distance relationship with a woman that speaks Spanish and very little English. This is the only app that I have found that will automatically change my English message to Spanish as it enters her phone. The same is true for her Spanish messages to me . So you can comfortably message back and forth using your own native language. Be advised the you both need a fairly decent WIFI or phone data connection for this translation feature to work properly. Then one better is that you can make a Skype video call and the spoken words are translated into readable text in you language and the translator verbally repeats the message in your language. Our long distance relationship conversions would be as productive, not feel as natural or intimate without Skype and it’s translation feature. Thank you Skype!!!

AMAZING APP. I have had this game when COVID pandemic started, it helps me stay connected with friends and fam, nothing bad to say about this app. I strongly suggest you get this app and add all of the people you know onto it it is a very helpful app it’s very kid safe and it gives you many options of blocking people hiding my conversations and not letting them speak to you and then you can also add them and speak with them and call them you can turn on and off your video you can mute yourself and there are so many fun options so I strongly strongly strongly suggest getting this app is very safe and you don’t need to worry about a child safety I mean strangers can text them but if they tell someone immediately you can block that stranger it has not happened to me that many times where someone who I don’t know texts me that’s very rare. THANKS SO KUCH FOR READING!!!

Integrated Calling NOT Optional. I’ve used Skype for a long time, ever since MSN was bought by Microsoft and I’ve had the app for as long as I’ve had a smartphone. Skype app has always been buggy. You’d expect seamless connections across all platforms but that has not always been the case and it gets infuriating when I’m trying to have a conversation with someone but they can’t hear me, etc. As these problems are solved, new ones arise. I get it, you can’t have a perfect app, so I continue to deal as I mainly use this to communicate in my LDR. However, with the latest updates for iPhone and for Skype, the horrible integrated calling feature is now NOT optional. You can’t turn it off and calls are routed through the iPhone calling system. This disables me from using my other apps if I’m in a non-WiFi area. Additionally, when I hang up my Skype calls through the iPhone calling screen, it causes the entire iPhone to freeze and I can’t do anything until it corrects itself by restarting. It’s ridiculous. Bring back the option to turn off integrated calling please. For reference, I have the iPhone 8.

Unhelpful full support. Hello I am a customer and used Skype and then my account go locked. Now I understand it’s because I violated the Microsoft agreement. So I submitted a ticket to you guys for a way to unlock my account only to be told they can’t find it. During the WHOLE WEEK I HAD TO WAIT FOR IT TO BE UNLOCKED I CONTACTED SKYPE SUPPORT AND THEY WERE BOT HELPFUL AT ALL. They told me they put me on priority which doesn’t help the waiting time. Then I submitted another ticket and HAD TO WAIT A WHOLE ANOTHER WEEK FOR THEM TO ALSO TELL ME NOTHING IS WRONG WITH MY ACCOUNT. So now it’s been 2 weeks and no one was able to unlock it. It is frustrating because I know it is locked but it seems Skype recovery team don’t know how to unlock a account. Now this is my third week and I’ve submitted another ticket but this time I explained in detail everything and if they still say they can’t unlock my account I am taking this up to higher management and I will show them I have been ignored and forgot I’m my issue with no updates. Also I’ve been told 3 times a supervisor will contact me it’s the third week and I still haven’t been contacted. ITS JUST SO DISRESPECTFUL AND I WOULDN'T USE APP BECAUSE I AM SPENDING MORE TIME UNLOCKING MY ACCOUNT THEM ACTUALLY USING SKYPE.

ONKY SOLUTION WE FOUND!!!. Our family is in a trip for the week atone of the Hocking Hills cabins where there is no cellular service or connections but they do have WiFi. We thought we’d be able to use WiFi calling but it didn’t work. The cabin also has an internet phone but was experiencing difficulties with connecting so we had NO phone. It wasn’t a huge deal but for safety reasons I prefer to have an emergency line to call out. I downloaded several apps that said we could make calls via WiFi and none worked. I also tried using my business line which we use a digital service provider for and it worked but only twice then kept failing. Our second day here while in my wife’s computer Skype popped up which I had forgotten about. And man was I glad it did because it worked AMAZINGLY! Outside of a lag in the call it was the ONLY things that worked which allowed us to contact the cabin staff regarding the phone and schedule some of the events we wanted to do with the kiddos. Truly appreciate having Skype!

This would have been 5 stars if only.... Alright so I use Skype all the time and I love it because it has such a good quality of sound and it’s significantly better than the normal phone call. I love that it’s fairly easy to use and that you can change the colors of your background to match your personality behaves who doesn’t want to express themselves?!?! Anyways, I literally love this app but there’s only one problem. Why don’t I get any notifications while I’m on a call??? I’ve missed some very important messages and I’ve almost been grounded on many occasions due to the fact that I’m not getting the notifications while I’m in a call. And what’s even worse is that my boyfriend has been using Skype for WAAAYYYYY longer than I have and he’s had this problem the entire time he’s been using it but just never said anything about it. Alongside of myself, all of my friends have the same problem and was wondering if that minor problem could possibly be fixed because it would life a lot easier. Thank you very much.

Skype hands down is the best!. There’s many apps that offer things that Skype offer, but there’s always a catch behind it. Whenever I started using Skype, there was nothing hiding no catches no hidden agenda. I was able to use it whenever I had surgeries to communicate and see visually my family. Without spending a single dime all other apps had ads or they wanted you to use your information for other purposes, but Skype is just as if as if you’re right there in the same room with them. Thousands of miles apart are even if it’s down the street the communication in the video is clear as can be and I couldn’t ask for a better app Skype don’t change a thing. And if you’re not using Skype you’re missing out.

Good but not reliable. Been a good choice for the many years I’ve used Skype to talk with friends and for business call. Clear connection sound, versatile chat, group calls, group chats, etc. do recommend for people needing any type of free voice app or for group calls. But I’m always having problems with Skype. Everytime I update it, it creates a new problem that disables it from being reliable. Maybe it gets fixed or not but seems best for me to never update it. I once waited for maybe 10 updates or so and never had any problems. Then finally updated it because I got a new phone. Ever since updating has only caused me more problems. Maybe not the case for everyone but I wish I never updated from the obviously stable version I had. Faced with connection issues, failed calls, dropped calls, no ringer when called, screen overlay not disabling, multiple call glitches where I’ll be in a call and it will pop up asking me to hang up and accept the same call I’m already in. Many problems but over all a good app that I would recommend.

Very cumbersome accessing contacts. I don’t know what Microsoft is thinking but the current Skype app on iOS is the most useless one ever. It is an extremely difficult task finding a number on your contact list and using Skype to call that number. First, no matter how hard you try, your iPhone contacts simply don’t show on Skype, giving Skype access to your contacts doesn’t change this. If this is a phone calling app amongst other things, shouldn’t this be a basic feature? Secondly, even if you copy a number and paste in the dial pad, it automatically deletes the “+” sign (if you have saved contacts in international format). There is no way to edit the pasted number from dial pad to add the plus sign back so you always have to manually write down a number to call it using Skype!!! Please Microsoft, test your own products for ease of use. This is the most annoying Skype app ever. If people are buying Skype credit, is because they want to use the phone features; make it usable. PLEASE!

Need good internet connection and good weather. We've been using Skype via a Konnekt video screen to communicate with my 97 yr old mother for around 2 years now. In terms of simplicity for mom, it's great. However, it needs a really strong internet connection and clear, non windy weather to work. It definitely works better during the day. If its windy, cloudy, raining, or night the video freezes and often disconnects altogether. Likewise, under any of those same circumstances, there’s a loud, distracting echo and a lot of other noise. Mom's assisted living is very old and well built, however, today’s technological infrastructure was not built in. The facility got WiFi quite a few years ago but it was spotty at best. They upgraded the whole facility around a year ago and now cell phones work great but Skype is still not working well unless it’s daytime on a sunny, calm day. Perhaps it would be perfect in Arizona.

A Proven Tool. We hear lots about Zoom being used during the virus time, but it’s hackable to this day. We as a company use Skype instead for meeting, video and audio. For the last several months we converted almost all meetings to Skype: Commonly from three to fourteen people, many sharing screens/docs/presentations. We used it early in the crisis for an all company announcement with over 60 computers. I commonly use a PC for it, but I just finished participating in a skype session via my iPhone. We’ve been successful both with internal network only as well as a larger mixed internal and external set of participants. Skype allows you to create a meeting link; all participants click on it; and go from there. Having 5-10 people full video is not a problem. Skype has been a business saver.

So close. Unless someone refuses to use, or doesn’t have, Skype then this is basically my sole app for calling anyone. I really do want to like this app more, but for mobile there is, at least in my case, one MAJOR drawback. The notifications are broken. It’s not that they never work (because then it would likely be a case of them simply being off). For other apps with messaging typically each new message prompts a notification, but with Skype it seems I only get one notification for the first message and then no new notifications from that person until I check the messages. Also, there have been many instances where I get a banner notification but no red icon on the app. So for example if the message came while I was sleeping but gets pushed down by a host of other notifications, when I open my phone and just look for the red icons I don’t see one for Skype and assume I received no messages there. Thus Skype only becomes useful for calling. I hope this can be improved.

Good app, needs more functionality. Skype is a very useful and helpful service for international calling. Confusing interface. When you click the iPhone button to tune your screen off, the Skype call terminates. This means, unlike a regular phone call on iPhone where I turn the screen off, continue my conversation, and put the phone in my pocket with headphones all the time, the Skype app will automatically hang up on whomever I’m talking to. This is especially obnoxious with international customer service phone calls where I had to wait 30 minutes in a phone queue, and then accidentally hung up on the customer service rep I was talking to. They can’t call me back of course because Skype generates those electronic web phone numbers, which are not associated with anyone’s device, and so I’m screwed. Please change this feature, Skype! Make the app continue the phone call when an iPhone user clicks the power button to sleep their screen.

Used to love it... As the first-ever P2P communication software, it had great potential and a history of success. Unfortunately, it's all lost nowadays 🥲😢. Starting from a confusing sign-in - skype ids are mixed with Microsoft accounts. There should have been a way to combine accounts instead of creating duplicates and then making many millions believe that they lost all their contacts and history! The performance on Windows is terrible. It updates every time I start an app. And then it doesn't want to call before I restart it... This is stupid for a company that created Windows to have software that performs so badly!!!! Recently in iPad OS, I’ve noticed two Skype apps. I was able to figure out which one is current and which one needs to be deleted but again, I see how many people were confused. This somehow never happens with WhatsApp, Viber, and Telegram! The overall performance of Skype nowadays is very mediocre. Not many new features. Nothing revolutionary. It's like Microsoft is keeping it alive on life support for now... but it's not going anywhere. It's sad.😢🥲

Skype app freezing and crashing on new iPhones.. The Skype app for iPhone has gone from not so user friendly as the classic fast simple app which we all loved to right out useless. Attempting to create a new Skype account using the app sends to some blank Microsoft screens and frozen message screens. Specifically the iPhone X. The product has been undergoing some champagnes since the acquisition by Microsoft but on the user side these have manifested as consistent poor results: confusing screens and services, missing or hard to manage features, and now just plain not functional. I’m forced to migrate video calls to FaceTime or WhatsApp or Viber. For a respectable tech company, this is a failure on the backend integration, front end design, and services side. While it was working, the only thing I think remained fairly decent was the video quality. But so is the quality of all the other apps! Microsoft, get that team’s act together and rebuild the app to be simple and functional so the majority of users do not depart to all the other mean and functional alternatives!

Great! But... I’ve been a long time Skype user. And honestly, its great! I’ve been able to keep in touch with my friend after the social media site we used to frequent shut down. This app has everything we need: a call session with the option to turn on the camera, ability to send pictures and chat, and the ability to quote chat bubbles to make fun of each other’s typos! However, there are a few issues that really annoy my friend and I. For one, sometimes notifications won’t send! I hope anyone can see why this is super infuriating (and really, it was so infuriating that it’s the reason why I’m writing this review). Second, the emojis are too much. I really dislike them and wish there was a proper way to completely shut them off. Third of all, while this might be a nit pick, a lot of the features are a bit too much. There’s a lot of things in this app that are nice and all.. but is it really necessary? Like emojis, bots, etc. Overall, I like this app, but there are a few things I want fixed. (Also, my friend noticed that this app would sometimes lag, freeze, and crash? I’ve experienced this too, and if it’s the app’s issue, then please fix this. If this is an issue with having many things loaded on our devices, then ignore this)

Pretty good, but there are some changes that need to be made.. Skype is great, but there are some problems. So, I Skype call my friends a lot, and half the time I hear myself repeat on their end, and it’s behind. I mean, all calls are a bit behind the time you actually say something, but to hear it repeat is really annoying. Something else that’s annoying is that I have to press Speaker every call. Google Duo, Zoom, Teams, and other apps don’t do this. Also, I would like to have more emojis, or filters during the call. If you could just fix/change these few things, it would be great. I mean, the friend I hear myself echoing through the most does live like two streets over, could that have something to do with it? Again, if someone could fix these or make the changes, it would be really great and amazing! Thank you!

It’s an OK app. Ive been using Skype for a while really since its been around kinda like aol. So my husband and i are long distance im in Ne and he’s in Fl and im going to visit him in June and can’t wait. The only issues i have with Skype is we like to fall asleep on the phone at night and through the night it gets disconnected or it beeps and then it ends the call we are both on Wi-Fi but it still tends to drop the call. I would love it if something’s would updated and when it gets an update i feel like its gets worse. It’s kinda like the apps i use for work the update fixes one thing but 40 other things pop up i get it thats the software world but it would be nice to have something stable and reliable especially for how long Skype has been around. Idk it could just be me asking to much out of a app but it just gets a little frustrating sometimes. Another thing to add to this review is sometimes the messages don’t go through and they sit and spin so i have to hang up the call and force the app to close then they all get sent at the same time. I don’t know if any one else is having that problem but its quite annoying.

Positive Updated Review. I appreciate that Skype has changed its UI back to being practical and user friendly. Getting rid of useless features and colors have made this app more professional looking and easier to navigate. Old Review The new Skype interface is complete garbage. It now has unnecessary features such as "highlight" and "capture" which makes it seem like a wannabe Snapchat, but fails at being Snapchat. I get that Skype wants to have a "cool" and "modern" look but there are way too many squiggly lines and the options for different colors is useless. The white background and black text makes the interface look bare and confusing when trying to navigate the app. Overall, it seems like Skype has lost itself. The app focuses way too much on the "minimalistic" design, but fails to deliver practically and usability. It emphasizes useless features and hides the important ones.

A Mess. Since its acquisition by Microsoft the Skype iPhone app has steadily declined in quality and usability. From a simple VOIP app that just worked, Skype has been transmuted into confusing and barely useable mess. For example, if you dial a number using the app's dial pad (which is not easy to find), it seems impossible to later add that number to your contacts list. (Maybe there's a way. I haven't found it.) This should be a simple one-click operation. Other serious flaws include the inability to schedule Do Not Disturb times. Why do I have to manually engage DND every night before bed and disengage it every morning when I get up? Why can't Skype have the option to use the system's DND schedule or for the user to set a custom Skype DND schedule? The Skype ringtone has to be one of the most annoying sounds in the modern world. Why can't we have the option to choose one that is less grating on the brain and that doesn't disturb mental well-being of those around us?

What Skype did to me. Skype did me dirty the only thing I wanted to do was go on Skype and go to my teacher and so we can have a talk about our homework and it said you had to update Skype so I iMessage my teacher and told him should we talk about it here and he said no we can talk about it here and I said why and he said no we just can’t so I said OK I’m gonna try and update my Skype and I’m gonna go see if it lets me but then doesn’t let me I come here and stay a night I read it I read it one star because of what you did you did me so dirty you menace to society you ugly bigot the only thing I wanted to do was talk to my AII Bing and go to my teacher and talk about a homework and he was telling me what my report card would look like because we have we’re getting our report card tomorrow and if I can’t do it he’ll give me a a minus in English so do you want me a minus that isn’t gonna get me to college Skype and you really want me to pay you know all the time I try to all the time I tried to update it it says sorry not loading try going to Skype and talking about it and I say no I’m not going to talk to Skype about it but then it keeps don’t tell me to do that so I have to do it 😭

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Where is jump back in time option?. What’s the point of convos if you can’t look back at them. Most dumbest decision ever was getting rid of the ‘jump back in conversation’ option where you could easily scroll backwards through a chat. The feature that replaces is ‘search chat function’ which is absolutely useless only catching very recent conversation and nothing further. I’ve been loyal to Skype since 2014 and This is the biggest reason why i don’t use this trash app anymore.

Great app continuously improving. We use our app for communicating with our drivers, alot of the times they recieve the notification while driving but because they can't hear it they don't even know a message came through!!! So one massive improvement needs to be able to have message customisation tones for people to hear the message actually came through... Otherwise great app very happy 😀

Been using Skype for decades.... Been using Skype for decades, it’s the mainstay of the net. I use Skype credit to call friends who only have mobiles in the UK from Australia (if only these folk left Skype running on their phones it’d be free calls and I always forget to say turn Skype on and I’ll call you back, oh well!) I recon it’s cheaper using Skype credit from Australia to a UK mobile than it is calling mobile to mobile across networks within the UK its self! Verify your own mobile number into your Skype profile with your international prefix +61 or +44 etc then dropping the 0 from the start of your home or mobile number, after verification remember to tick send my caller ID then you mates will know it’s you calling or contact you back on your regular phone. I still haven’t got over Microsoft buying up Skype but they seem to have now slowed down on anymore dumb changes, let’s keep it that way... And while I’m in the mood for a rant ‘No more’ interfering Microsoft pop up suggestions within Skype would be nice, I open Skype to use Skype and nothing else, so stop being annoying Microsoft, we were here before you...

Pretty good. I don’t really have a problem with the app, I really only use it to keep in touch with my boyfriend while he’s away (I have an apple phone and he has a Samsung) but the only thing that is annoying me is the fact that notifications are really dodgy. I used to at least get a vibration or a noise once in a while when I got a message but now that’s pretty much non existent. My app is up to date, everything is enabled in my phone settings and my chat settings in the app but it’s still not working. I’ve gone to multiple chat forums and support websites and many other people are having the same problem. Please fix.

Need to be able to add and edit a contacts phone numbers easily. You cannot easily add and edit multiple phone numbers for a Skype contact in this app. That is a critical feature that is needed urgently. You can already in Skype for Windows 10, and in Skype for Windows classic, add 4 phone numbers for a Skype contact. You cannot do that with this app, nor with Skype for Windows. This is an urgent requirement as I often have 4 numbers for a Skype contact, in many countries in the world, so I need this functionality urgently in all the versions of Skype I use. I have the premium service and yet when I click HELP there is no way I can easily get at least text based interactive immediate support. There should be, at least for those paying to use some of the premium features.

Original signin is for Microsoft account. Petlo I also experienced same issue of lost Skype credits as the sign in asks for your Microsoft sign in. However if you sign out and signin with you old user name it finds your credits and contact lists which are lost when signing into new skype account as Microsoft give you new user name. I need also to be able to charge up calls accounts with $50 amount minimum as from memory it’s only max $20. Why they do not give users options to choose any amount for recharge in this digital age is confusing.

Not what it used to be. You've lost a paid user. So disappointed in Skype both phone and desktop versions of the past year, after more than 10 years of use. Where do I start... Call quality has dropped. Continued video/camera instability. High battery power usage. Slow login wait times when using original skype credentials. In the new Phone app UI it is very hard to distinguish between a contact's multiple phone numbers or skype credentials which one you are calling. Having to upload / share your entire address book to Skype/Microsoft servers I also have concerns with.

Very useful and maddening. For international calls Skype is the most reliable, especially to landlines. When I cannot have a decent WhatsApp conversation because of bandwidth, Skype comes to the rescue. That said, I have no idea where Skype picks its contacts list from, and I can’t even look up e of my own contacts. I end up looking up the contact in my contacts app and typing it into Skype as even pasting seems impossible. That is mad! I never do Skype-to-Skype,those days are 10 years ago and yet that’s what Skype seems to want me to do.

I would give more stars but.... As said in the title I would give more stars but I won’t unless certain suggestions get addressed: 1) When I remove/delete a contact on Skype, they shouldn’t be able to contact me or send a message until I accept their request once more (like you do initially and when you invite/send/receive request). I have to block the person, even after I remove them from my contact list. I don’t want to have to block. It’s ridiculous. 2) I want to able to delete a sent or received message, just like when using an SMS or other messaging apps. I don’t see why that function isn’t implemented on Skype. Its so basic. Each update I hope it this gets added but never does. Please take these issues seriously and hopefully these issues can be addressed in a future update as I am on the verge on uninstalling skype for the reasons above.

Good app but acting up. This is a great app. It’s really easy to get in touch with all of my friends and video chat for free. I was loving this app until a couple of months ago it started to not work properly. Every time I would try to text it wouldn’t send but would just load forever. I’ve tried logging out of my account and signing back it but it still wasn’t working. I came to the conclusion that I would have to delete the app and then re-download which I am doing right now. Apart from that issue it’s a great app. I would definitely recommend.

Worst UI update in App history. Never seen an App interface so unintuitive and convoluted. They say in the design world to never let a committee get involved in the design process. Looks like that happened with the UI design of Skype. For all the millenial grabbing social media type features added it looks like Microsoft forgot about the basic principals of useability. My first impression was that Microsoft was trying to kill Skype by making it so difficult to use. That impression has not changed. Microsoft even make it difficult to make In-App purchases. OMG! Only one feature keeps me signed up, having my own localised phone number, but its so difficult to understand the Interface I don’t even know whats going on most of the time. Searching desperately for a replacement App. Serious App contenders should seize the moment! It’s now August 2018 and after a few more updates this App UI just gets worse! I don’t see how they could possibly create a UI so bad accidentally. The only conclusion I can come to is that Microsoft does not want people to use this app any more. If I wasn’t tied to a local number with Skype I’d cancel and delete it without a second thought.

Most unintuitive app I’ve used. I don’t often need to use the Skype app (primarily to ring landlines etc. when travelling internationally), however every time I am momentarily perplexed by how to do a simple function like dialling a number (and I am actually an iOS developer so not some 90 year old who just got their first hand-me-down iPhone from a family member). Yes common users would on no doubt get used to the interface, but a good test for a UX is how intuitive it is for first time or very occasional user to get their desired activity done and this app fails that. Maybe place less emphasis on funky or edgy UX and instead focus on usability first because really that’s all anyone wants from a communication app!

Terrible. The app overall is perfect except for some bugs that just ruin the whole experience. First of all when your in a group chat for a while the notifications stop working. This can be very frustrating at times. Also the video quality is terrible. It is super laggy and glitchy I just can’t believe that it’s so bad. Next the gifs are always unavailable and just put me in a bad mood. If these issues were fixed I would give this app 5 stars. It’s performance is really good and good to use but I wouldn’t recommend as a usual thing to use.

Connecting the World. I love being able to call anyone in the world using my iPhone for those calls at a very reasonable cost and even free via our Microsoft software subscription. Conversations with my 93 year old Dad who doesn’t understand FaceTime or other apps, lives in Australia (I’m in Singapore) are a snap using Skype. Thank you for keeping us all connected.

AMAZING!!!. I have been using it for years and it’s been fantastic. This app is so good and fun because you can use EMOJIS 💁🏻‍♀️ and it helps me with calling my friends and I hope you get this app at the age 8+ I now it’s 12+ but I am 9+ and I have it my mum and dad let me but I am so nice I do nice things and you get good friends like me 🤩 so please get it I will now give you good information ℹ️: 1# ask your mom or dad to get it and if he or she says yes get it 2# be nice to your friends so they do not delete you ok well that’s it for now so I HOPE YOU HAVE I NICE TIME BYE-BYE See ya I

Why hide the call costs under layers of menus?. The service and the app is fine, though pervaded by microsoft’s habitual habit of overly clumsy user interface, but the real reason I write this review follows. Surely one of the most basic functions anyone using the service wants to know is this; how much did my last call cost? To find that simple piece of information requires first a web search to learn that the information is available, but hidden somewhere so deep in the bowels of the account settings that it’s essentially useless. What that does is reinforce the general suspicion that skype is less interested in providing a good service as it is in hoarding money. The logical consequence of that is the disintegration of consumer relations. In other words, as soon as a better service becomes available, I’ll be sure to switch, and have no second thought about it.

my Skype review. don’t get me wrong , Skype is great however I’ve experienced many difficulties using it. my calls always happen to end unexpectedly, making it hard for important phone calls, meetings etc . this problem has only occurred recently but my phone is connected to wifi and mobile data is on but it takes forever for the actual phone call to go through and it just says connecting but it doesn’t ring. it makes it so difficult incase of urgency.

Skype. I love how you can chat to others all the time also with the stickers, emojis, private conversations and gifs, but I updated it one or two weeks ago and whenever I go into that app, it just makes me update it again, and it VERY annoying. Another problem is that on my iPad, I have a friend, but I can only see that person’s profile, and I CANNOT see the name.

Seems to get worse with every update. I remember the good old days when I could make and receive calls and the audio was clear. The layout is dated and busy. Got a migraine navigating menus trying to find the settings. Since the last update calls drop-out (even when not static, at home on nbn not moving around) and I can’t access the speakerphone whilst in a call! What gives??! Really disappointed as this was my go to app for keeping in touch with friends around the world. It seems Viber and WhatsApp have better layout, functionality and do what they’re actually made for. You get 1 star from me for implementing dark mode which is a big help for migraine sufferers. Thanks

Love this app. This app is very inclusive of the lgbtq community which I am a part of and the black community which I support if you want to know I am Omni sexual likening girls more and non binary less I don’t like boys and I am also gender fluid being a non binary today. The screen is so clear and the audio there are so many things u can do on Skype and I have been using for a while now.

Gold Std for Video Calling. I have atleast 5 apps on my phone that can conduct a video call but I still prefer skype. Works gr8 even with the other person’s bandwidth is low. My only complaints are when calling my window cant be moved to a different part of my screen it only sticks to the top right corner of the screen & lack of innovation, why not introduce some video calling games like Fb messenger or snapchat? They are gr8 conversation lubricants.

Disappearing pictures from the gallery. I’ve been using Skype every day for the last year with no major issues. However couple of days ago from my gallery most of the pics which were there previously disappeared and now there is only 19 pics in the gallery :( if the new picture is sent, the oldest one disappears keeping 19 pics there. Previously the gallery stored dozens pictures! I can access them from the chat, however need to scroll back to get to the picture I want to see. That’s very disappointing.

Unhappy customer. I’ve been using Skype for 10 years and have been happy until the latest changes. I used to just log into Skype and I could access my credit but these days you just keep on making it more complicated! At first it was just that i had to have i Microsoft Account - BTW, I don’t use Microsoft, but I set it up. However since the last few updates, I had a lot of trouble to get onto Skype on my iPhone and when I finally did, all my contacts have disappeared as well as my Skype credit! BUT when I go onto Skype on my iPad, it is all in order. VERY UNHAPPY !!!! It’s no wonder that I am tending to us Messenger Video, FaceTime or WhatsApp!!

Good service. I’ve been using Skype for years. As an aid worker I’m often calling home from places with poor connection, but usually Skype has provided a cheap alternative to stay in touch with relatives and friends at home. Ps - I’m surprised at the other review from a person with a PhD in computer science who can’t figure out how to put it on speaker on an iPhone. Just click the speaker symbol mate.... and I didn’t even need a PhD in computers for that.

Fix the app!. Please for the love of god can you fix the issues!! have reinstalled the app and now I’m not getting any notifications that someone has messaged me even though I have all of the settings turned on. I can’t toggle the read receipt button where I could before. The worst bit is the invisibility... I go invisible but then it’ll automatically turn me back to visible when I reopen the app 🙄. I’m not talking sign out, it’s merely close the app, re open and I’m visible again. This never used to be the case. Change it so the invisibility stays on no matter if you close the app, log out, sign out etc etc!! Fix these issues and you’ll get 5 stars!! Pretty please fix it. So many issues 😩

Great services in China. When we go China from western world , it seems like it gets very hard to get in touch via our usual communication media as FB , Viber, whatsup and Google accounts blocked over there. Skype comes in very handy, from now on we will use more of Skyping, great ways of communication, putting people closer across the continents. We felt so lost in China cannot communicate to outside world.

Mixed bag. There is no doubt the quality of Skype-Skype calls has improved out of sight this last few years. The development investment makes for a robust peer-peer communication. This is great news indeed. Not so good, is letting the support for older iPhones lapse. I still use my trusty iphone4 as a second device but, Skype, like WhatsApp, appear to have let support fall by wayside. Not good. The adjacent comment regarding the obscure user interface is right on money, and always has been. Despite persistent UI issues, I have been a committed user of Skype for nearly a decade. One day I hope to be able to add a new contact without having to relearn the process each time. One day... but I’m not holding my breath. Thank goodness for the fabulous quality connection when in use.

Skype. I like the app it is really easy to use and type.i like the extra emojis and how to find people on the app and get your contacts to join this amazing app . I also love how on FaceTime you can press a button so no one can see you instead of having to cover up the view button . I think this app is amazing and everyone should get it. 💖

Fantastic!. Hi. I’ve been using Skype for years now, and it’s a quality product that I would recommend to anyone. However, I’ve run into an issue lately when calling Chinese landlines and mobiles whilst in China. Do I need to subscribe to the China calls per minute package, because I’m currently topping up to calls all around the world which already includes mobiles and landlines. If this isn’t the case, why can’t I call a Chinese landline or mobile whilst in China, and when would you be able to fix the problem? Thank you.

A review for Skype. LOVE IT!!! Call quality is great, no technical problems. Just one thing, When I’m calling someone, it calls but It doesn’t say that I’m actually calling them. When I call on my second try, it works! I can live with that though, By the way can you make a feature where you can gift people credit and add more reactions on mobile while call? Thanks.

What’s happening to power usage. I’ve been a big Skype user for many years with SkypeIn and SkypeOut subscriptions if that’s what they are called now. One of my regular calls is to my mums home number in the UK. They usually last about an hour but recently I’ve noticed the phone gets hot during the call and it burns through the battery. As an example the 75 min call I have just finished used 35% of my iPhone mini battery. That’s more than watching an entire 2hr NBA game on the NBA app.

Not intuitive. Everything is all over the place. To get to settings I had to by trail and error figure out that I had to go to chats (why chats I dont know ? but doesn’t appear anywhere else so I have to go back there to find it if I’m in another screen) then I had to click on my profile picture to find settings at the bottom of the page. Calls has the word calls in the middle at the top. Contacts has the word contacts at the top but chats has my profile icon at the top. Shouldn’t it make more sense to have it on all screens? 1 drop down or pop up menu available from every page is infinitely more logical and the standard on almost every app and website Why is calls and contacts 2 seperate pages duplicated as they essentially do the same thing. With only a few tweaks you could simplify the app to 2 pages - chats, and calls/contacts with a drop down menu of all options available on both pages. There is probably a reason why I’ve not used Skype in a decade. But then again I’ve never understood Microsoft products. 20 steps when 1 will do seems to be their motto Take a look at Line app. The menu at the bottom is consistent across all pages so I can easily jump to where I want Also I can’t find easily any way to check what a call will look like before I make it. Would be good if there was a simple 1 touch preview button to make sure the image is acceptable before I place a call

Glitch. I use Skype often. I use it for my tutoring. Skype it’s okay but I feel it’s just like any other calling app. Personally this wouldn’t be my number one choice. Zoom or WebEx is much better and less glitchy. On my Skype I can’t open any files. For me to open files from Skype I have to send them to a different app. This seems really unnecessary. The calls are rubbish. every time I call someone their voice is muffled up and I can’t hear anything they say. And it’s not because of their microphone. It’s Skype. Maybe Microsoft should stop working on adding unnecessary dumb features that no one will use and focus on improving the quality of Skype. I recommend using an other video call app rather than Skype. Save your dollars and just don’t download it. This app is a time waster. This is me warning you about the bad quality. Don’t even get me started on the confusing interface. If your main screen will have random buttons at least tell me what they will do rather than me finding out myself then embarrassing myself. Use a different Video call app. Save your time and money.

Getting lag since last update. I’ve found recently that I’m not getting notifications of messages until I actually open the app … even though I have the notification settings switched on. I’m not sure if it’s just Skype for iPhone?? I’m up to trying uninstalling & reinstalling to fix the problem. It’s frustrating.

Love this app!. I use Skype to call my family overseas in Botswana. So far it’s been fantastic and quiet affordable. Australian networks are very expensive to call African countries except South Africa, Nigeria and maybe Egypt. Skype offers a significant discount with good quality calls. I don’t even buy international credit on my mobile plans any more. Still would like text messaging back. Used to be able to text people not on skype to their mobiles. It was an excellent function. Please bring it back 😊

Top App!!. I have been with Skype for many years now, but because of Messenger, I have not used Skype it in the past as much as I should. Having recently used it to make calls to the UK, to sort problems with my UK bank, I found it so brilliant and clear, not to mention VERY much cheaper than using my Australia mobile. I cannot rate or recommend the Skype App more highly. Keep up the good work. 👏👍😎

Phone inventer. Contrary to what has been stated by a Reviewer (Totally T111).The phone was not invented by Graham Bell but by Antonio Meucci. Get the facts right! Thanks to him that we are able to communicate long distances including Skype. I use it as a paying phone to call landline and non-smart cellphones wherever, in the world I happen to be, provided I have an Internet connection. Responding to another Reviewer about not having his Skype credit available immediately. I have an automated "top up" system in place with my Bank that whenever my credit falls below my agreed amount with Skype it charges my Bank a/c being instantly available. Great App. ginosydney

Hopefully Microsoft is finally listening to end users. I’ve watched Skype over the years quite closely and used a lot personally and in corporate. I’ve watched as they frig them self with forced notifications on skype. You couldn’t stop without deletion. I’m not sure what exec was on crack then but it was under ballmers watch, that’s all I’m saying. Less crack, more listening to customers. Thankyou.

A clunky, overly complicated, confused experience. I wish I could stop using this convoluted app. The sign in experience is consistently frustrating where I regularly get caught going for rabbit holes. Every redesign sees new features that I don’t want. I wish it could streamline its experience and make video calling simple and remove all these unnecessary features that get added (like snap shot etc). Google DUO is far superior and once it releases an iPad version, I am looking forward to deleting my skype account. There is some serious gaps in the authentification process that need to be addressed. If you did some experience testing, these problem areas would easily be uncovered. Please concentrate on simplifying your UI and your IA as it’s over complicated and cumbersome.

Skype and Bing. Skype has always been great to get calls in when at home and linked to the home network, but sometimes calls don’t ring and missed calls show and thats frustrating but your support bots have always been good asking for feedback and getting on top of any service issues. I’d give 5 stars but there has to be always some room for improvement and future progression :) Bing is an awesome feature btw

Incredibly Awesome - Unites the world!. Yesterday I had to be admitted to hospital far away from my home so my wife can’t visit or see me regularly. But with Skype we were able to speak & see each other even the food I eat. She is Burmese and today we had a 3 way video call between 2 areas in Australia and Burma. Amazing how we are all being united. Congratulations Microsoft for bringing the world together.

Reliable for years, but weird quirks lately. When I dial, the Skype dial beep continues beeping long after my contact picks up the phone and we begin to converse. It's several minutes into conversing where the loud beep ring continues to make loud noise over the top of our conversation instead to shutting off when the receiver answers the phone and the two-way conversation begins. This has been happening for several months now. Could you PLEASE fix it? I love Skype and have been loyal for many years. But as a PAYING customer, this glitch is not acceptable.

Bug when using compact keyboard mode on iPad.. When you have compact keyboard mode active on iPad and open Skype via a notification message or various other ways, the screen goes empty / full empty window and you have to close Skype and re-open. This has been happening for at least a year. Surely I’m not the only person to have noticed this bug? It’s exceptionally easy to reproduce… Can you guys at 1 trillion dollar world fix it please?

Great App - Could be even better with messaging. For telephony needs nothing is better than Skype when you are overseas giving you the ability to call any landline or mobile with a small credit balance. Being the first system I can recall to allow this, I mean before WhatsApp and Viber, I think Skype would be the total package if it also had a better messaging system. Then no one would need the other apps...

Loved it for years but very important issue. Occasionally I get a glitched call with the name "Blocked" and 1 second later it disappears. This even happens when in Skype call. It's is probably because I have Skype for iPad by you and Skype (this app) but it's very disturbing... it once happened when my iPad was locked lol. So I'm now going to try getting rid of one Skype and reinstalling the other. Nevertheless, please fix this bug

Good quality calls, but not the best interface. Despite having an account for many years and rarely using it, I have been much more active over the last month or two (along with quite a few others obviously). The quality of the calls (connection, lag, video quality etc) is quite good despite me often having fairly poor connections to the internet. In the end of the day, this is the most important factor for this style of application. The interface is a little confusing when you are setting it up, but again, once its all done and you are used to it, the service itself is quite good. I have generally been opposed to video calls, as normally I like to clean/do other things when on the phone (and thats perfectly socially acceptable on a voice call) but clearly I can’t do that when I video call. That said, with reduced human contact of late, I have found that you do certainly get more out of a video chat than a voice chat and so it will be interesting to see how much we continue using it once things are a bit more normal.

Great deal for international calls. I’ve been using Skype for more than 5 years, I’m only used it for international calls that other Facebook message, Line and WhatsApp those social media app can not offer for the other call. I’ve been paying with automatic charge credit and never have a problem with it. The quality is good and affordable deal. Strong recommended.

No Automatic Login after Upgrades. I have been using Skype intensively for over 5 years. The most painful is having to remember and input my password every time there’s an upgrade. Why can’t we stay logged in and upgrade or have a screen where our login details can be prefilled if that’s what we want.

Stewartinoz. I’ve been using Skype since 2002 both for contacts computer to computer and dial pad. I now use the latter for my overseas calls if On Line is not available. Love it. Small note of complaint. If Skype numbers were free I would get one because many of my friend see only International Call and don’t answer due to those misbegotten peasants’ nuisance calls telling that they are from Microsoft and the computer is sending Errors and they want to get on your computer and extract money to fix the problems. Many of my friends have their phones set to block International calls. Always some idiot on the make spoiling a good system.

Amazing App ❤️. I love this app because in these times of lockdown I cant see my friends or family so I call them on skype. And my best friend moved to England so I can see her so we message and ring on this incredible app. There was some difficulties because my screen kept freezing but that might have been my dodgy internet so 5/5 I rate this app if it would be 10 than i would pick 10/10 highly recommend this app get it!👍

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I LOVE this app. This is an app that you can use to talk with your friends and family thx ttyl

Skype. Haven’t been able to use this source of communication as it stops after 5 minutes of use. I have had to use other free sources of communication but to no avail. Miss the old version where I could hear and see the people I love without interruptions and disconnecting issues.

J’aimerais avoir mon avatar!. Possible de créer un avatar?

Do not disturb doesn’t work 😹😹😹. Microsoft makes terrible software

Any good review is made by makers of Skype. Skye cuts you off after exactly a min in call, now wants to make you PAY to use it. Go to discord people

Update. Why is it kept asking me to update every time

INTEGRATED CALLING 👎👎👎. Re-uploading this review because nothings changed. Integrated calling is still a thing, even with the new update that gives you the option to “only allow contacts to call this phone” as an option even though it does NOTHING? Cool. So Skype still calls my phone. No matter what. Even with notifications off. What gives. It cant possibly be this hard, fix pls.

Some random blocked contact keeps calling me???. Hello Skype, I really like your app and all but like, you need to fix this bug for me because some random blocked contact keeps calling me and it’s annoying. I tried to pick up the call but it wouldn’t let me and when I try to pick it up, they stop ringing my Ipad. I really don’t know who it was and it’s kind of creeping me out. Please fix this for me and thank you.

No support for iPad mini 1. On iPad mini 1, Skype was working perfectly until 3days ago. Now it removed the support and I have to get new iPad to use Skype? Unethical move by Microsoft. This is how Microsoft treat all those good apps.

Skype. After a lot of diagnosing, the problem with the communication of the other people. We finally got started enjoying the visual part of chatting. It will become very important now and in the future thank you very much for your concern.

Simply the best. I’m using Skype every day for voice and document sharing. It has speed, clear voice and durable video. Only issue is you need to have good internet connection and speed

Limited translation. Great app for video chatting. However, sometimes the translator does not work on all devices

Causing issues after the recent update. Please fix the bug. The message notifications are showing up as if someone is calling me.

Keeps asking to update. You update the app and then it comes back asking to be updated again, even if you remove and reinstall it still wants an update. Typical Microsoft quality, or lack thereof.

Sweet. Pretty chill app.

Unnecessary updates. They are making some improvements with the video recording app making it more user-friendly. I’ve used this app since I was 17 or 18 years old I’ve been using it for many many years. I never had a need to switch over to anything else. It’s great for that, though. I’m not crazy about the strange video call visual options. I’m also not crazy about the fact that you can’t customize the ringtone. And they do make unnecessary updates like removing the only frolicking girl emoji with red hair (our only representation) emoji which was sad for those of us that are part of the one percent of minority redheads.. so I truly feel that was been very bad taste.. The app is pretty good though overall beyond that or maybe I’m just used to it so I see no reason to change. I really don’t like how you can’t send a longer than a minute and a half video while you can send five minute audio clips audio I should be at least five minutes.

Great App as Always. This is the original VOIP app. I’ve used it for so many years that I cannot remember how long it has been. Skype works better today, though than it ever did. Free calling or World-wide/ continent-wide calling packages make this app very flexible and convenient. Very good internet to phone or point-to-point calling.

Keep updating on the same version that installed. Can’t believe a product from the giant cannot handle a small app with a bug that keep prompting for an update even though the app been updated. I tried removing the app and reinstalled, the same!

Keeps informing me to update. I don’t know if it’s the apple store’s problem or Skype’s problem, as long as I refresh the update page. I always see an update icon beside Skype even though I just updated it seconds ago!

Fix. Whether it’s me or the other person calling, there’s no audio. Please fix

Keeps wanting to update. For the third time I updated, Skype keeps requesting it on Apple, same release over and over. So over MS and they can’t build anything right. Zoom is far better than this bother-ware from Microsoft.

Still can’t send a message from iPhone 6. I think it’s time to walk away from Skype I’m so annoyed. This is ridiculous it’s been weeks and still cannot send a message. I’ve uninstalled. Reinstalled new one. Tried the “fix”. Still not working. I can get messages but none of mine go through to anyone. I’m done

Best application so ever. Skype had been and still one of the most reputable and smartest applications we’ve ever seen. I never had any problem with Skype I love this application and recommend for everyone:)

Chatting Fun. Fun app. Could use the odd improvement.

Bug making app unusable. Ever since the update, the app will call me from A blocked number instead of sending a notification. I get a call from “Blocked caller” every time someone writes to me, likes a message etc. Had to uninstall.

No longer stays invisible. If you go invisible and minimize the app, then go back to Skype a minute later? It shows you as online. Y'all ruined Skype. Deleting.

Privacy Issues. Topics discussed in private and voice calls on Skype must be scraped - these end up, in my case, as eerily timely suggested posts and ads on Facebook and as Youtube recommended videos - intrusive, creepy and nowhere is it mentioned how conversations are scraped and with whom the data is shared. I expect a big scandal coming this way. Either Skype isn’t secure enough, or is complicit in these intrusions. Please, get ethical, dignified and serious about privacy. Orwellian software can’t be the new normal, no business case can be made for invading or allowing for the invasion of the private communications of your users. Skype used to be a leader in privacy, what a disappointment. I’m moving elsewhere.

Disappointing - Removes your control. Very disjointed Skype. Why is it with push disabled, background app refresh disabled, heck even data disabled on cellular, I still receive notifications of new messages? Not only does this kill my battery, I run out of data! How can Apple allow such an app on their store?! It completely bypasses (or ignores) the owners settings for data use, backgrounds refresh and notifications! Disgusting!!! What else is this app doing which it shouldn't????

Why can’t I turn off today on iPad?. This app sucks.

Dommage qu’il ne fonctionne pas aussi bien. Messenger est meilleur que le vôtre… Votre plus gros concurrent… Par contre, je préfère vos emoticons

Call bug after blocking. Recently I blocked someone and now whenever I get text messages on the mobile app, it acts like I’m getting a call from the blocked user and stops shortly after It’s very annoying Even if when sending and receiving text messages on the desktop app, it still happens on the mobile app Please fix this

Problem with newest update. After updating Skype in apps store, if I refresh my updates page Skype reappears as if I didn’t update it in the first place. Please fix this.

Always works!. No matter your device it works well. Only missing the download for windows 10 mobile - all others Ava!

Awful. Between the app crashing randomly, it’s bloated garbage, this thing can’t even do something as basic as sending a photo.

From Beautiful to Awful thanks to Microsoft. Skype used to be beautiful. Then Microsoft bought it. Now it’s awful. They say they’ve been “listening to our feedback” for over a year now, and it’s still awful. Microsoft must have an awful team of programmers.

Wow. I go on Skype almost everyday and I love it sooo much. It’s so clear and you can Skype anywhere in the world. I never had a problem with it, and so have the people I Skyped with

Can send pic on iOS 13. Cannot send picture on iOS 13, please fix

DANGEROUS. Skype keeps on sending strangers I don’t know at all to my contacts, and they have left me death threats for blocking them!

I love the app it is sooo much fun. Perfect 👌

Video constantly bugs and gets stuck. Seems like every time I tab out of Skype, or I turn on my camera and try to flip it, it goes to a black screen or gets stuck on the way it’s facing and can’t be turned off. This happens constantly and the only way to fix it seems to be to end call or restart the app completely. Very annoying.

31 jan 2019. the app is installing again and again after the update of 31 jan 2019

Typical Microsoft. Can’t even get it set up. Can’t get to see contacts. Jams up. Update! Finally with latest update as of yesterday (February 21) fixed problem. How well it works is t be seen. Will update with use.

A lot of bugs and crash. This app for IPhone is the worst app ever. Everyday when someone call to me on phone during calling at skype my phone is crashing and i cant normal return to skype. Then i must turn off this app and turn on again..

BUG. Bonjour il y a un bug ne peux mettre à jour l’application dans Apple Store. Merci de faire la correction.

Resizing of Status Photos. Please make it so you can resize your status photo… at one time one was able to do this. Much appreciated

Mr. Joshua. We use Skype very often. Communicating through Skype, better than phone as it is clear, and we are able to attach files, etc. Thank you Skype and team

8.38 won’t install.... No crash or nothing but keep appearing in updates

Now I know why ppl are going to other resources. So I find out that my Skype account version has been retired, ok so I updated to a different version. Only to find out that on apple devices doesn’t work to well on them so basically I have to resign a whole new account, and all my older contacts and previous convo’s are gone?!? That’s a disappointment.

Crap app. Only compatible with latest operating systems so if you don’t update your hardware it’s useless

So far so good. Probably the best, most stable version since 2004. People who can't figure out the new design need to get their grand kids on the phone :-)

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Title. yes, I like Skype, even tho I kept having trouble with it locking me out of my account not sure why maybe because of multiple Microsoft accounts for work or Skype use on the other hand, I dislike how I lost access to my old Skype account & as of the time of writing this, have not yet been able to regain access to it, tho it was like months ago - maybe like half a year ago or so as of the time of writing this … there is also an ongoing glitchy thing when I’d try to send a picture to more than 1 person … it could be it doesn’t work smoothly or it sends it multiple times or something if they could fix such, that sounds great one of my fave things, when it works, is the Skype appointment tool, adjusting automatically for time zones elsewhere

Call to Nigeria. Voice call with recipient in Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria. Due to broadband limitations on the receiving end this call was quickly switched from video to voice only, although it began in video mode successfully. In this mode it went forward with a clear connection and with essentially no delay. It’d be hard to classify quality as anything but excellent. I’d prefer to be able to route the conversation through the speaker function on this iPhone 8, and still have the use of my Bluetooth connected hearing aids, which may be as simple as disabling Bluetooth prior to initiating the call. This would allow others on my side to hear the responses from the called end.

Perfect App to get during Quarantine!. I usually don’t write reviews but I have to admit that this app it’s been helping me a lot with this difficult and hard moment in quarantine without visiting my friends and family and practicing social distance. I’ve been experiencing anxiety attacks and other issues that I’m still working on to get better and thankfully I’ve been going to my therapist without leaving my house via Skype! which has been really helpful to me and other patients and people who need some help! and I’m not gonna lie cause I’ve been doing video calls with my friends too and it made me feel better and connected to them. Those are ones of my reasons why I recommend this app. 😉

Satisfying performance, comments on interface. This version of Skype has performed very very reliably for me for my needs, which include international collaborations and making travel arrangements in distant countries. I personally find the current user interface to lack some of the design clarity of the original versions. I have trouble finding out where to click to get desired contact info, and find myself staring to locate the dial pad at times — all those things used to be large and evident, and now the screen seems dominated by graphic schemed art instead of the rudimentary functions that one uses the MOST. Need better usage-priority oriented design and layout.

Terrible Experience! Sad!. I signed up to help check my girlfriends internet connection for an important call. First, I have a Skype account but it said the account did not exist, nor did the phone number it was tied to. So I decided to use the phone number to create a new account and got an error message that the phone number was already linked to an account! So it is and isn’t linked to an account?? So after being stuck in a infinite loop of stupidity I used another number to create an account and while that worked it gave me a Skype name more absurd and scattered with letters and number than a Pynchon novel and guess what? You can’t change your Skype name unless you change the email! So I create a new email and you know what? The app won’t let me add that ridiculous thing. This app is a modernist Kafkaesque nightmare. Get it together Microsoft, no wonder you’ve failed in the consumer space. One Star.

I'm not going to repeat what others have said. *Old issues* (unfixed, and will never be fixed, nobody likes it this way... but we got used to it) Every complaint people have been making about the "new Skype" changed being over complicated and lacking useful features it used to have I completely agree with, in fact I'm sure you've heard of many times.... however it's been almost half a year now since the changes happened, and a large majority of these problems haven't been fixed, and I know they won't be. A problem that I will say that might be fixed is that when I create a poll using Skype a built in pole features, I seem to be the only one who can use it, and only in the chat it was created in. Seriously though, Microsoft has slowly been making Skype worse and worse ever since they bought it.

Skype must go. I were a regular user more than 10 years as many of us, but Skype decided to get rid of me: they blocked my account while I was trying to top it up. Absolutely for no visible reason, I had just a few contacts wich primarily my relatives and I've made 2 or 3 international voice calls for which I had to top up the account. Got blocked so hard that I even cannot "verify my email", it says that "some temporary(!!!) error has occured, try again later". I contacted support several times, filled several forms with strange questions and got declined again and again. Ended up uninstalling this crap from all my devices and told all my friends and relatives to do so. I'm experienced user and never in my life I had such a sudden and unresolvable block. I highly recommend to Skype developers either to investigate my case or just disappear as an old poorly managed piece of crap. Congrats to Microsoft.

Loved Skype.... If you asked me a year and a half ago what I thought of Skype, I’d tell you I loved it. I could text and call my friends and family, send pictures and files, and it was simple to do. The app didn’t try to be anything other than simple texting. Probably the best part was the desktop app. It ran outside of my browser, so my rather slow PC had a huge load lifted from it. Then the new update came. It was ugly and hard to use. The design was extremely bloated. You couldn’t see who was online without going into the chat. I was devastated because I loved Skype. I was content. It’s trying to be other apps and failing at every point. Worst of all; if you didn’t update, then they somehow found a way to break the old version AND the desktop version so that texts would be out of order and there were three emoji. So I had to switch. Fast forward to now, I’m using Google Hangouts. But, it’s not as great as Skype was. There is no desktop app. You can’t send files other than pictures. And it’s even more obscure than Skype was, so less people use it. I installed Skype hoping maybe they fixed the interface, reverted to the old and working, but neither has happened. Actually, they managed to make it worse by adding Cortana. Why? It was fine before, but it’s garbage now.

Getting worst everyday. I have been using Skype for a long time, at the very beginning with all the problem of the internet, there were problem but no alternative, with the years it become e very stable product usable, the internet improved, from analog to digital, and now in the era of 5G, fast fiber connection, UNUSABLE. After the Microsoft acquisition the problems start arising, to the point that today you need to confirm a selection by using the dial tone and the keyboard is not responding, in 2022 with powerful hardware powerful network it is impossible to confirm a selection for a call center. Microsoft = bugs they can’t fix the keyboard it is time to go collect tomato. Just a note unilateral decision to cancel the multiple account I was using without notice, even with credit on the account. Look somewhere else. UNSABLE. THEY WILL CANCEL YOUR ACCOUNT, and probably this one too.

Scam site. Everyone in my car has the same they start out nice talking to us. Tell you how nice you are and how much you look good night I love you my other boyfriend cheating on me and all that kind of stuff it doesn’t take long to lose all the island then in the money is always comes up I need money for this I need money but this happened to happen. Send me money pay for my phone every single time or Nickelodeon just leave a message and will talk to you words and everything back. This is not a good place to meet anybody the road from Africa Ghana Africa they must have some kind of a school there, because they all use the same line to so I go through it all and just listen and I know it’s coming so I wait I say no I’m not sending money. I don’t know you. I don’t give money to people I don’t know. This to end every time.

Decent quality despite bad interface. The video call core technology is solid — it works even with crappy internet (my at&t fiber is very jittery). The business logic is a disappointment though. it always takes at least 3 connection attempts to establish a call, because either the video is not showing, or the call does not go through. The most common situation when two parties are calling each other at the same time is ultimately confusing to skype, it sincerely does not know what to do. So the solution is to agree who calls whom using other apps. Also, the onslaught of new features constantly downgrades the experience with useless and annoying stuff.

Barely useful now for me. Yes, I can make a call, yes I have a Skype number, but the single feature that made Skype worth it for me was ‘Auto Answer’. You could have Skype auto answer, and decide who it would auto answer to. This allowed me to connect with home, video or audio, without the need for someone to answer. A very useful feature. Now Skype is a big ho him, voip, ok, just another phone thing. I’m not sure I have a compelling use for it anymore. I hope they reconsider a very bad decision, and stop giving us less features. It was a wonderful, useful program, now ..... not so much. If I keep it, I’ll go back to the free stuff. No point in paying for fair to mediocre. Did I mention the new interface makes little or no sense? I wonder who was able to come up with so many poor concepts, and produce something so inferior to the original version. And why?

My preferred app for video calling. I’ve never bothered to rate Skype before even though I have been a user for years. Then a customer service person at my cell phone carrier decided to cut me off immediately, as in during the middle of my call to the carrier, and I was left without cell phone service, no land line, no car disabled and living alone. I quickly pulled up Skype, bought a subscription for calling and temporary problem solved. As I await the arrival of my new SIM card, Skype has been my way of reaching people to explain why they can’t call me. Thanks Skype for working so diligently to improve the quality of your calls and for being there when I really needed you most.

Frustrated trying to cancel my subscription to Skype. I have been spending the past hour reading through all of the information that I can find regarding Skype and how do I go about canceling my membership or subscription. There are several links that they refer me to, however, by pressing on those links I am not connected to anyone. this is very frustrating because I have tried to cancel my subscription to Skype for several months now but I’m continually being charged a $10 fee every month. I’m finding this to be extremely frustrating irritating and not very user-friendly. It certainly was easy signing up for Skype, but it is completely the opposite. Trying to cancel Skype. Some feedback and help would be greatly appreciated. Don

Awful. Microsoft did you even try?. The service of Skype is great, however the iPhone app is awful. It’s as if Microsoft didn’t even try. A first time developer could make a better app, there is no excuse for this from a billion dollar company. Everything, and I mean everything, is slow. Trying to search contacts or the call history is slower than the first PC. It’s actually faster to go to my iPhone contacts copy a phone number and then paste it in Skype instead of searching for a contact. Even finding someone in your recent call history takes forever. The app is also extremely buggy. Sometimes it shows the call connected, but either person can hear anything. Try using Bluetooth earphones/mic and the problem happens regularly. Also, navigating this app is horrible. Did anyone at Microsoft think this through at all? The nightmare which is “chats” needs to go. Microsoft for such a great service (Skype) you somehow managed to find a way to ruin it with this app, especially on the iPhone. With WhatsApp and FaceTime being so easy to use, why would you release such garbage? Please start over, and create an app that actually functions properly, with normal speed, and a simple interface. Long time Microsoft fan here doing a major face smack and head shake because of this app. Come on, get it together already.

Skype for iOS has serious flaws. I have used Skype a while now for calling US from overseas but it is now so painful, Il slowly moving to other solutions such as WhatsApp or Signal. The Skype number and calls to landlines don’t work well at all. First issue is getting Skype to see the numbers in my contacts. I end up having to go to my contacts, copying the number, then pasting to Skype because it won’t integrate with my contacts properly. Then when I call and someone answers, the ring tone continues during the call and won’t stop. Finally, if I have to navigate a call menu (press 1 for X press 2 for Z), the tones don’t work! I actually need to go to my laptop or desktop, open up a tone generator page, stick my phone next to the speaker, then select the correct number on the website which generates the tone for the iPhone!! Truly a horrible product from Microsoft that for now I have to tolerate.

Not happy. I got back on Skype to try to date I met. Somebody really liked her in my account. I was locked out for a week there are a lot of fakes on Skype. I don’t recommend Skype. It seems to be a waste of time. And I’ve been getting a lot of hacks. I’ve been having to remove this app a lot and put it back on my phone. Every time I go on it somebody’s been trying to log into my account. I don’t recommend Skype. I wouldn’t recommend it to anybody on here and I think at these reviews on here are fake. i’m tired of getting hacked. I’m tired of trying to start a relationship and he gets interrupted by people trying to log into my account. This is the second week I’ve been locked out in Skype. Need to get on it and remove all the fakes because causing a lot of people pain I really like this woman and I can’t even talk to her now because I keep getting kicked off and I’m just not happy and I’m done with Skype

Best for AI for Q +A, and citations/ sources.. This a great application for the introduction of Bing AI, its very intuitive and responsive. It creates genuine answers complete with online sources of the information. This is something that Open AI’s ChatGPT lacks, even though the underlying technology is tge same. While i dont like the ( ☺️ )emoji it puts at the end of every response, its genuinely good for generating ideas. Very much ahead of the game. It's also really good for fact-checking other AI-generated content, for those that are not yet updated after 2021. I’ve also been very impressed with its ability to generate itineraries for a good amount of places. Everything from one-day trips, with travel, meal, attractions, and max / minimum cost and time for each itinerary. Very impressed.

Amazingly incredible app (highly recommended). I use the app everyday and I have had no problems at all and I have been using it for almost 4 years now and I it’s just such a amazing app. Though there’s only one thing that only happens once in while and has been happening less and that is that sometimes when the other person screen shares the screen is all black but it’s been happening less and less over the past few months. Also it’s sound audio is amazingly good because it’s sounds like I’m gander right next to them and not thousands or hundreds of miles away

It’s better than I expected 👍. I have known about Skype for many years, but refused to use it because I don’t do video chats. Now that I know that I can do voice-only chats, I use it all the time to talk with friends in other countries. In just this last year, I have met some great people who have become great friends ~ but some live in Europe. There is no way I’m upgrading my cell phone to make calls to Europe $$$ LOL One close friend talked me into using the Skype audio-only chat, and it’s FANTASTIC! We can talk almost any time we wish, all for free! And I can reconnect with my friends in Canada, as well. I can’t say that it is 100% reliable; I have one or two calls a week that just don’t work (one end can’t hear the other), but it’s maybe 1 out of 10 calls that have that problem. It’s usually remedied by hanging up & starting a new call. That really quite amazing for free calls to Europe! Thank you, Skype Team, for providing a free phone service for in-country and international calls. And thank you for making the voice-only chat option 😊 You've allowed me to hear the voices of friends who have become quite dear to me, without making me go broke LOL 💖 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

It’s come a long way from “Take a deep breath”. I remember when I first used Skype to contact my British family, on a DSL router in the early millennium. At the time, it was a free service and when you’d boot it up the loading screen actually said “take a deep breath”, I assumed because it was a nightmare over older internet lines. Not so anymore. It’s great now! With the Skype app, I can be wandering the streets of Seattle USA, call my grandmother in Manchester UK and have a chat. All for less than a dollar! Calls rarely drop anymore, and when they do it’s usually because I’m switching from cellular to Wi-fi data. Great work Skype team! You should feel great about what you’ve accomplished!

Life Saver. MyMother is in a nursing home without any personal contact. She’s locked in a room because the COVID-19 virus. I Set up computer in her room with nurses. Used automatic answer as she is 82 years old and does not know how to use a computer. The Computer automatically answer the phone , Skype and allows us to send pictures and communicate with her on a daily basis. She gets to see grandchildren great-grandchildren, videos sent through Skype directly to Computer. Without this program my mother would be in a deep depression, Secluded away from her family with no contact or visual communication. This program virtually saved her life many ways. Thank you Skype for what you do. You help people more than you think you do. Michael

FIX.. OMG. this is so frustrating at this point. skype was such a comfortable app that I have been using on desktop and phone. Desktop is fine, but suddenly on mobile (maybe 2 months ago), every time I switch apps after having turned my camera on during call, the camera will come on temporarily when I come back to the app and shut off after about 8seconds. The only solution is ending the call and starting again. This is so inconvenient and if the other party is sleeping or away from the phone they can’t even pick up the call. I wish this problem would be fixed. I wish all of these apps would realize when they’re ahead and just stop changing everything. Skype is plenty comfortable the way it is, and with every update it’s becoming less and less convenient. Please fix this problem.

Great for cell to land line calls. I have used Skype for over 15 years and it has improved a lot. However, it is not always reliable if the connection slows down. Most times it works well and because I use it from my internet enabled cell phone to a land line, the prices are way much cheaper than any cell phone service around the world! One thing I really do not understand is the ringing when you are placing a call: sometimes it rings like a phone and sometimes it has a music ring and it is hard to understand if the system made or not the connection as sometimes the call goes through and other it does not! Overall a very good alternative to any other system for a cell to land line call!

Long time user - Reviewing the update. My biggest upset is this. I use the chat feature 90% of the time and I am using multiple windows. WHEN I CUT AND PASTE FROM ONE WINDOW TO THE OTHER, it takes all of the spacing out instead of keeping it in the same, separated format. Sentences get schmooshed together and it doesn’t keep each of the chatter’s names separate so it’s all one, big line of text. I have to spend time separating it all out and adding in all of the spacing and returns when I paste it in the new page. Again, if you’re in an important, fast flowing conversation, it slows you down for minutes at a time, making it right. I LOVE that it has spellcheck and a wide array of gifs. What I don’t like is that the gifs can take forever to load into the gallery. Disturbs the flow of a lightening fast chat. Also, can you please add the time of day it is for each person? It had it in their profile before and it would only take a few seconds to look. If you’re arranging a conference call, you have to know that fast. That’s what I need most from Skype. Hi speed and minimal slowdowns. Been happy with it for years though. Can we have it encrypted again, too? Thank you!

If you are listening, stop doing what you are doing. Unfortunately, due to discord becoming incredibly better than Skype these last few months, the problem isn't the the GUI, and, settings change and the new layout, even though this is stupid and it should revert back to its normal state, the problem is Discord is just doing everything you do, but better. They don't change their layout drastically and whenever they make a pathetic update, they revert back because the community asked. They also own up to their mistakes. If you truly want to become a successful business again, revert to the original easy to use, not limited layout. And also... try to do BETTER than Discord. I know none of this will be listened to. But for anyone reading this. This would save Skype from becoming irrelevant and would at least keep some users from switching to the better service.

I wish I didn’t have to use it. This is probably the only social app that actually ruins relationships instead of bringing people closer like it was originally designed to. Why is there no way to turn off showing my status and when I am online? All other apps got away with that by now. Choosing to stay ‘invisible’ just doesn’t work and the app automatically shows me online at random times, like when it’s 4am in the morning for me and I am sleeping! And my contacts from other parts of the world think I am online and start calling me and then it looks like I am ignoring their calls. And when I am on a call, it also shows me as online and other people start calling and then think I am just ignoring them. I am tired of apologizing for nothing. The only solution I found is to sign out all the time but then I miss the messages I get. It just doesn’t have to be this complicated. I really wish I didn’t have to use it but some of my older contacts still use it so I’ll wait it out.

Love Skype, But a “New” Skype ID Popped Up with New Laptop. Love Skype! I have a US/Canada subscription, a Skype number, Skype Credit, and Contacts under my long-standing Skype ID. But when I recently got a new laptop, it came with my Microsoft ID/email address filled in, not my Skype ID—which I didn’t catch right away. So I wondered where my subscription, number, credit, and contacts had disappeared to!?! That was sneaky of Microsoft to automatically fill in my Microsoft ID, when my Skype ID had everything tied to it. A friend had the same issue, but realized too late that he ended up with two Skype accounts and added credit and a subscription renewal to the “wrong” ID. Plus, he got calls, messages, and texts at both IDs, but saw them only if he happened to be on the right device—new laptop or old iPod touch. Please fix!!

Annoying. Long time user of Skype here. As stated already, the UI is horribly unintuitive and difficult to navigate. Nothing about it is organized properly. But aside from all of that, the one major feature that annoys the absolute hell out of me is the fact that the power button sometimes ends the call. I’m left unable to turn off my phone’s screen unless I wait for it to time out on it’s own. Even if I’m in a completely different app, it STILL causes Skype calls to end when I push the power button. It simply should not do this, I’m more than capable of choosing one of the more conventional methods of ending calls, such as the “end call” button on screen. The other thing is, it DOESN’T always do this. Sometimes it simply turns of my phone’s screen as it should. It makes no sense. This is very frustrating, please consider revising this.

I hate it now. I used skype almost 13 years. Last couple of years it started to be very difficult to use. When you open a new account it wants your microsoft account if you don’t have a microsoft account you can not open an account. Also now Skype wants all of your phone contacts to sync with your skype account which is not necessary. I do not want all my contacts in my skype account anyways. It was really easy to use before but now it is not easy. When you want to close your account they are not closing it immediately!! I have to wait 60 days???!! Really?? For what reason?? Why!?? What happens to my contacts there in 60 days? I really am tired from the internet world long time ago because we have no privacy anymore but skype was the last thing that I trusted but not anymore. I am closing my account that I am using it for years like FaceBook. I am tired! I experienced lots of big businesses disappear in years. I think in the future the next will be skype... Sad very sad!!

It’s amazing!. Skype is a communication app that allows users to make voice and video calls, send instant messages, and share files with people around the world. It was first released in 2003 and has since become one of the most popular communication apps available. Skype is available on desktop and mobile devices, and it can be used for personal and business purposes. One of the best things about Skype is that it's free to use for most features, and it's very easy to set up. Whether you're catching up with friends, interviewing for a job, or collaborating with coworkers, Skype is a great tool to have.

Thanks to Skype, I can communicate with ease!. I’m relatively new to Skype with translation, and was only introduced to it because I met an Italian who wanted to talk to me. He had me install it and between my learning Italian and him learning English, we have come to rely on it through our broken conversations as were learn each others language. Not every translation is perfect, nor does it work through every call, but it has served our needs quite well and without it, we would have had a harder time understanding each other. Overall, it is reliable and always available with WiFi, so thank you Skype for always being there for us!

International. You destroyed Skype - in order to add some add on features you took away the guts and beauty of Skype - it's simplicity Can't add a phone number to a mobile contact - or you didn't make it intuitive Can't go invisible that wasn't your choice to take away - sometimes you want to focus on a conversation and go invisible You scroll forever because you use 1/3-1/2 of the page only each person Desk top is tolerable - mobile stinks I am looking for a replacement after 15 years - Microsoft respect a good thing when you buy it - function over cute - I used to love Microsoft but your telling me now what I want and not letting me have control - your paranoid

Skype: No Longer True to the Original Purpose.. I have been involved in a long-distance relationship for nearly two years now, and in the beginning Skype was a saving grace. However, throughout my relationship, Skype has become more and more of a nuisance with their new features and how they push them. I wish they would stop trying to be Snapchat with their new “Highlights” feature. If I wanted to use Snapchat or Instagram like features- I would use Snapchat or Instagram. My partner and I have recently switched to Discord. Not only can we text, voice call, and video call; but we have organized our own server with different channels to discuss/post our schedules and videos/photos of vacations we have taken together. Due to the level of organization we can achieve with Discord, we will possibly never switch back to Skype.

Needs fixing. I use Skype everyday to text and call my boyfriend since we have a long distance relationship. During texting the keyboard sometimes goes over the message area and I can’t see what I’m texting. Sometimes the whole screen glitches and goes upside down. Messages don’t always send right away as well. Don’t always get notifications of new messages. Sometimes the whole screen goes black and closes out or stays black for a while. When we call the quality isn’t well, very block like. Loses signal a lot or randomly ends calls. Sometimes he doesn’t even get my calls. Freezes once in a while. If these things could be fixed that would be wonderful. Update: lately I’ve been getting NO notifications. All the switches for notifications are turned on in the app and in my notification settings.. it’s very irritating since I miss messages, constantly opening my phone to see a reply, and reply to them late.

Don’t join social video chats, rise above them!. I would easily have given you 5 stars, but all the emojis and filters are so unnecessary! I would like to see you guys put your efforts into making your service work flawlessly, rather than adding all the silly little frills—leave that to Snapchat, Instagram and the social playground apps. Just provide a rock solid, dependable, user friendly video call service! Instead of striving to keep up with all the other social venues out there, strive to rise above and be the best. Be the ONE people use for those really important video calls where every minute must be dependably perfect—such as the call we are expecting from our son’s out of state doctor. Our son can’t travel 400 miles, so we depend on video call Dr. appointments. Be the best!

I give up 😩 SO GLITCHY. I’ve downloaded, deleted, and re-downloaded the app several times. Newer iPhone 12 Pro Max & iPad purchased at the same time. Seems to work OK at initial download, allows me to start signing up - meaning create an account - and then as I maneuver through the pages… all of a sudden I’m stuck with a pure white page. Shows me nothing. All I see is the blue icon at the top center of the page. I need to shut down the app and restart it. Same thing happens over and over and over again. I’ve shut down the phone, deleted the app, several times, and the same thing happens over again. I’ve got plenty of space on the phone, I’ve got no problem with other apps. No idea what’s going on. I also use Teams, WebEx, and other virtual meeting apps. No issues there either. Only Skype. I have IOS 16.2. Very disappointing because I have something tomorrow where I really needed to use this.

IC Fitness Too. We have been using Skype since 2020 because of the Covid -19 to keep are senior members active since 2013. IC Fitness Too is for all ages male and female. We have a small group that we meet every week by Complimenting different locations with Fitness. So when Covid-19 came we were devastated that all locations closed. Skype is easily accessible. It was easier to explain to our Seniors what to do. Our oldest student is now 92 years old!! Inter- Active is important. Never just virtual. Thanks to Skype we could all still communicate with fitness workout. Only sad moments is when we are sharing the music it causes the Host NOT to be seen. Hopefully Skype is working on that. We NEED MUSIC to DANCE!👯‍♀️👯‍♂️ The members need to SEE their HOST to DANCE🏋️‍♂️,!

Lots of Troubles. First of all the app is very easy to use, and most of the time the voice is loud and clear. Other than that, I'm facing lots of troubles with it. First, if you're searching for a contact in your address book you would find lots of other Skype contacts, you didn't even hear about, and then after a couple of seconds you might find the one you're looking for among them, or you might fail from the first time and you have to do it again. And then about 3 months ago, on "each" Skype to land line call, I can't hear anything from the other side after 3 minutes of the call, and when I end the call and make it again the other side tells me that he could hear me, but I couldn't hear him. This is happening constantly in "all" the calls I'm making. Knowing that the app is always updated and my phone software is always updated.

Skype(Microsoft). I have used Skype for about 5 years. I call my friend in Austria. We used free Skype to Skype video calls every day. Then I stopped for about a year. When I tried to use it again it said I had to open a Microsoft account in order to now use Skype once I did I can no longer connect with my Austrian friend. She searched for my Skype name and says not found. The same when I search for hers. She still uses Skype every day but cannot find me anymore. I’ve tried reaching out to Microsoft but no matter what I do I can’t get any help to find out what the problem is. All I want is free Skype to Skype. I wanted to find out why I can’t change my Skype profile information and start over. It’s my only way to talk to my best friend. I know nothing about Microsoft but it shouldn’t be that difficult for someone there to help me find out why I cannot reconnect anymore. I’m so angry. Microsoft has ruined this app !!!!!!! 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

Unbearably Laggy and Slow. Even just navigating though the app or even the settings has extreme delay. I dont really remember it being this bad, but i never really used skype mobile that much so maybe it was always like this? I recently came back to skype to try to find out how to get rid of birthday email reminders for people i have talked to in many years. (found out it can be turned off in outlook on computer btw). I hopped on skype to remove them as contacts as well only to find out they have already removed me, god only knows how long ago they removed me but i still was getting their birthday reminders to this day 💀. That is aside from the point though. The app is too slow and laggy to use comfortably making it rather useless for me. Id imagine most people just use discord instead? -latest skype ios version -iphone xs 16.0.1

Developers please fix. Trying to add funds, but it is not accepting at this time. I’ve never had a problem in the past, and I’ve added funds to Skype many many times with no problems and with immediate effect. Please fix problem. Thank you. Update: Skype did, except my money as per my bank records, however, still can’t use Skype phone calling when I have more than adequate funds charged to the account but account shows zero balance. With adequate funds in the account as documented by my bank, the service previously having been very useful, was necessary recently to contact family members in crisis, but I had no way to reach them due to the service not being fixed.!! Obviously, I’ve made other arrangements for contacting individuals not through the skype service and will contact bank to file a complaint to get my money back.

Skype calls. My family and I live in different countries and use Skype for calls regularly. I also use a Skype phone number that they can call me on. I get annoyed with the app when I go to make a call to their land line and it gives me a drop down menu choice each time that says “Skype credit” or “get Skype credit”. If I go to redial, it reverses the order of these on the drop down menu so you must be extra careful that you don’t hit the wrong button to pay to get more credit if you don’t need it then. I wish it was the same each time- please make it simple. It’s annoying!!! Other than that issue , I find it to work fine and quality of the calls via the land lines or video is usually good. It’s a great way to be able to stay in touch.

Lifesaver. Skype has been a lifesaver for me. I a civilian on orders internationally and when I got a new phone number realized I couldn’t make any U.S. calls. That was a problem as most of those calls were to 800 numbers for various bills and other issues. Not to mention being able to call my grandma and one friend who is still determined to own a flip phone. I have only used it maybe a dozen times but it saved me being able to make those calls. So far so good. Not to mention half of the U.S. stuff like credit cards require a phone number for online access. I can at least give them my Skype number as for some reason they haven’t figured out how to allow international numbers.

Illogical and slow. So many design flaws,: the most unintuitive interface out there still. Well done 1: unable to engage speaker unless the a call is connect. 2: No warning to countdown of running out of credit, Only get to add $4.99 credit per time. Unable to add credit within the application. Dial pad not obvious already available. Icon layout and design needs to be made clearer & cleaner and Modern. On an iPhone 6 Plus, application is really slow and unresponsive. But other equivalent apps are snappy. This app has gone downhill since Microsoft took it over in my humble opinion. Slow latency on button press tones. Even on iPhone speaker. Not blue tooth. iPhone 8plus. I’ve now upgraded to iPhone 12 pro max, this app is so badly designed and an intuitive to make calls from. How’s about having a number pad pop up so people can dial on this app, please people get a clue. Rubbish

App responsiveness broken and review process encourages only positive responses. Ever since Microsoft (and it hurts to say it because I actually love Microsoft) took over Skype, its responsiveness has been in the tank. Changing between screens, hanging up a call, looking up a contact in recents, and doing lots of normal moving around the app often pushes for 5 or more seconds. When it first started happening a few years ago, I thought it was because I was on an iPhone 6s 256gb phone but it does the same on a 10s Max, iPhone 11, and iPhone 12. The app has become nearly unusable. After each call, the app asks for a 1-5 star rating but if you give less than 5, it asks why and gives a very short list of reasons that have nothing to do with the problem I have so to save time and release the screen, I have to say 5 (which feels completely wrong because I’m sure others are too inflating their rating). In short, it’s a hot mess. Use signal or others.

It’s pretty good, but just a few things here and there.. I just updated my Skype and one thing about it that I first noticed is how the text of how long me and a person talked and the time is really small, it’s in the middle and I don’t know. I just don’t really like that. So if it could be changed into something better that would be great. Besides glitches here and there it’s not so bad and honestly I hate discord. 🤪 I used it for a day or to for this person i don’t even talk to anymore, they didn’t have Skype so I decided to try it out. (Wasn’t going to get rid of Skype anyhow.) and I honestly didn’t like it. I love Skype so much more. But that’s just my opinion ain’t it yea? Thank you and Shalom. Hallelujah to The Lamb of God!! 🐱🐈🐶🐕🐩🐾💕💙💛💝🎀🇺🇦🇷🇺

Reliable calling, non-intuitive interface. I’ve used Skype for years, and have almost always been pleased with the quality of the voice calling. It often works where other calling/video apps don’t as well. My *big* complaint about Skype is the ancient, non-intuitive interface. Things you’d expect like touching a name and having it ask you if you want to call them (voice or video), using your contacts list (vs everybody in the world on Skype), adding a name & number to contacts, and much more is too often a process of thrashing around to try to figure out how Skype wants you to work. The interface needs a dramatic overhaul — and rigorous UI testing! — so that it’s easier to use, offers more than one path to the desired outcome, and it works *intuitively* like other best-practice current interface designs.

Good but recent problems. Used Skype for more than 15 years, and was getting better and better, until recently there is a problem when trying to turn in Speaker after receiving a call. Then new user interface has a time delay when in a call so one must touch screen and then the speaker icon quickly appears but does not allow to be pressed! It sometimes needs to be pressed more than 10 times to be activated and this can take a few minutes of waiting for you and the person calling. This problem does not exist on any other apps. I hope Skype fixes this, if they do I will write another review because I like many things about Skype, especially the black theme and user ID instead of phone number login.

Full of bugs. Iconic app, million people cant say no to it. But why everything that Microsoft touches becomes buggy and impossible to use? It was never ideal and perfect, but it WORKED. Now, you cannot rely on it. Feature that i use a lot is calling city numbers through skype. Adding credits since microsoft bought the app is a nightmare. The purchase goes through but credit might not show up forever. Trying to make a call, singing out and in , all the things that google suggest - nothing works. It used to be instant. Quality of calls and skyoe video chats went down as well. UX is so bad that it feels that the designers were pursuing the goal to irritate you . The ux used to be much better. Please hire young people for the next update, it feels like 50+ y.old had a final saying on how things should be . Stop that, you running the app into the ground .

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The application Skype was published in the category Social Networking on 31 March 2009, Tuesday and was developed by Skype Communications S.a.r.l [Developer ID: 304219585]. This program file size is 224.77 MB. This app has been rated by 120,244 users and has a rating of 4.6 out of 5. Skype - Social Networking app posted on 11 April 2024, Thursday current version is 8.117 and works well on iOS 14.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: Languages supported by the app:

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Skype App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

We're listening to your feedback and working hard to improve Skype. Here's what's new: - PDF Glimpse - Preview the first page of PDFs right in your chat – no opening needed! - Clickable system messages make navigating to profiles and recognizing new chat additions seamless. - Refreshed UI for call message notifications in chat makes missed calls clear and actionable. - Bug fixes and stability improvements Visit for more details.

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Find on this site the customer service details of Skype. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

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