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Acrobits Groundwire App Description & Overview

What is acrobits groundwire app? Designed from the ground up with the mobile user in mind, Groundwire is the first mobile SIP Client capable of replacing your desktop phone.  Combining all the features business users need (see below) with intuitive features created with the mobile user specifically in mind (number rewriting, address book matching and more), Groundwire will quickly have you wondering how you survived without it before.

Check out the tutorials and knowledgeable articles at the links below:

For the list of providers and VoIP services tested with Groundwire, see

And check out for a side by side comparison of the most popular features of Acrobits Softphone and Groundwire.

*CallKit support!
*Push Notifications for long battery life
*Video Calling - H263, H264 and VP8 codecs
*Multi line
*SIP SIMPLE messaging, with picture, video and other attachments, typing and delivery notifications
*Call conferencing
*Transfer and attended transfer
*Call waiting
*Voicemail Notification and programmable Voicemail dialer
*ZRTP support (through in app purchase), the latest in secure calling for SIP
*Busy Lamp Field
*backgrounding support
*Call recording (only available for SIP calls, will not record calls from your GSM line)
*Bluetooth headset support
*Customizable ringtones
*Quickdial, your favorite contacts only one tap away
*Number rewriting, edit your existing contacts for SIP dialing without creating additional entries and program specific number to be dialed through specific accounts automatically
*in-call quality indicator, see network quality, packet loss and jitter
*Background noise suppression
*Quick import of accounts from major VoIP providers including sipgate, callcentric, voipcheap and many more.
*TLS support for encrypted SIP
*SIP Proxy Support, VPN Support (configure VPN in iOS settings)
*Excellent sound quality, supports OPUS, G.722, G.711, iLBC and GSM.  Make an in app purchase to add G.729 for great performance over 3G networks
*SIP Log for troubleshooting

If you have an issue with Groundwire, please contact our support even if you leave a review stating the problem.  Groundwire is highly configurable so problems that seem insurmountable may just require a couple of adjustments to the settings.    

Groundwire fans, please rate Groundwire or leave a review.  


SIP - Groundwire is a SIP Client, not a VoIP service. You must have service with a VoIP provider or PBX that supports use on a standard SIP client to use it.

VoIP over 3G - Be aware that some mobile network operators prohibit or restrict the use of VoIP over their network.  They may prohibit the use of VoIP or impose additional fees and/or charges when using VoIP over their network.  By using Groundwire over 3G, you agree to abide by any restrictions your cellular carrier imposes and agree that Acrobits will not be held responsible for any charges, fees or liability imposed by your carrier for using Groundwire over their 3G network.

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App Name Acrobits Groundwire
Category Productivity
Updated 01 March 2024, Friday
File Size 59.74 MB

Acrobits Groundwire Comments & Reviews 2024

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Decent app, but terrible usability. Groundwire is one of the better VOIP apps out there with great features, low battery drain for incoming calls, and decent sound quality. However, with the latest major revision (v3.x) the app had taken a major step backwards in terms of usability, even though call quality has actually improved. The usability issues have made me switch to Bria as my primary app - hence 2 stars. The all dark theme is impossible to see and use outdoors. It's very hard to see (even indoors) if Mute is enabled. Basic call related information like call duration have been removed, or hidden away. Thin fonts with low contrast are hard to read. Overall the app needs a high contrast theme. Bluetooth headset usage is now very buggy - once you mute a call, the unmute doesn't work. DTMF tones are extremely unreliable - have to switch off the headset to reliably enter numbers on the keypad. It doesn't handle multiple (merged) iPhone address books well. You might select a person's cell phone to call, but Groundwire will actually call their work number etc.

Needs work, not as good as Softphone. People on the other end are constantly complaining of choppy audio. It crashes frequently, one time it required a hard reset of my phone and when it booted back up all the sound settings for the iPhone 4 itself were set to Apple factory defaults. I also can't really see what this offers over their previous app Softphone. I can't use TCP with my Switchvox PBX so I am stuck using their push or proxy servers or running it in the background where it won't let the phone truly sleep. I am not keen on registering my phone to a third party server, especially one in a foreign country and when I have done it in the past I was almost immediately flooded with brute force attacks by various foreign IPs trying to register every possible extension to my PBX. So, using the "always on" option, my battery life is cut in half. I usually don't condone plugging another app when reviewing and while I have been a long time fan of Acrobits Softphone for as needed use and not letting it run all the time, I must however say that if you want an app to leave running all the time and make your iPhone truly act like an extension of your PBX just the same as a desk phone, I would pass on either Acrobits apps and go with Bria from Counterpath. Never had anyone complain about call quality, it works all the time without crashing or resetting other iPhone options and it doesn't drain my battery anywhere near as fast. Oh and it's less expensive too.

This app’s time has passed. (Review removed due to discontinuation of Gizmo5 SIP service)

Laggy push notifications and bad UI. Push notifications are a bit laggy, I often loose calls due to caller hang up. Both the UI and the overall experience while using this app are pretty bad. I also experience a giant lag right after answering calls (probably waiting for the connection to establish). Too expensive for what it delivers.

Much better now that call history mass deletion is restored. Handles calls well, Dev is responsive to bug reports and requests.

Favorites - Phone Type now missing. In the last update all of the phone types of my favorites are now not displayed. You use to see a contact and then at the bottom of the contact image it would show “home” or “mobile”, etc. Now it shows nothing and you have no idea what number you are dialing. PLEASE FIX!

Last update broke it. The last update completely broke the app. Now if you receive call that not in your phone book, it only show incoming from NOT FOUND, not the phone number! This is dumb.

Best VOIP app in App store so far!. I use this Groundwire as my default client for Iconnecthere sip account. I switched to it from iSip. Groundwire working perfectly both over wifi and 3G. I also like the ability to manage supported audio codecs. G.729 codec is very good on 3G/edge coverage. I only wish Skype works with this client, but unfortunately Skype is not a SIP provider :(

Powerful, stable, amazing SIP client. This is by far the best SIP client I have come across on the iPhone!! It's so stable and just works!! Can't get over how awesome it is :) Groundwire is VERY customizable with options like number rewriting but still easy enough to use for basic users (basic users might want to look into Acrobit's other version "Softphone" if they are looking for a slightly cheaper alternative). I also purchased the G729 addon - brilliant!!

App opens then crashes! *FIXED*. **UPDATE** Latest update fixed crashing problem. Updating from 1 star to 5 star.. Previous version ran perfect, new update crashes every time I open it. Crashed on previous version of iOS, updated to iOS 9.3 to see if that helped and no luck.

I paid 20$ and still get ads!!. They now show an icon for a totally different product, a wifi finder permanenty in the title bar! You can't hide it! If you tap it, they want to sell you a subscription! This is absolutely unacceptable for an expensive paid business app! And now they made the design worse by spacing out the list items so much fewer fit on the screen. This is a productivity-App, not a design piece!

No text. The app is ok but gets rated down as there is no text feature

Excellent app with a killer feature. This is a great app for family or enterprise use. Great voice quality, flexible options, nice integration with iPhone (and iPad), lovely user interface. And: After some plowing through Acrobits’ wiki and scratching my head a little, I found it supports external provisioning. That’s wonderful: you can set up simple .xml provisioning profiles on a web server (or even in Dropbox’s public web folder) and give your users a click-link that, when clicked on their iDevice, will automatically set this application up. I’ve encouraged Acrobits to improve the description of how to do this, but if I figured it out you probably can too. Really great app, and well worth the small amount of money it costs… especially considering the massive savings VoIP brings! UPDATE: after several years I remain delighted with this app. Call quality, ease of use, iPhone-worthy design... first class stuff.

Working again! :). Thanks for the quick update (1.7.1) that fixes the crashing issue with the previous build. This app is great for making SIP calls; has tons of features & functionality. Highly recommended :)

Almost really good. The app works really well. I've used it for pure SIP calls and calls terminating in the PSTN. Call quality is good. I've tried other apps, and Acrobit's software is by far the best available if you want to actually -answer- calls while the app is in the background. That said? ZRTP encryption is turned off by default for inbound calls. It's a hell of a hunt to turn it on, too. This is inexcusable. Outbound ZRTP isn't available at all unless you shell out another $25. You know what? That just means I'll do it from another app--a free one, like Linphone. So the outbound price is just stupid greed--I'd pay a couple of bucks for the convenience of including it, but for $25? It means nobody gets my money. The turned-off ZRTP for inbound calls, though, and the buried setting? What, only geeks deserve private calls? It's pretty lame.

From 5 stars to 1 with this bad UI update!. This app is still the best functioning with the most options and I had previously given 5 stars but it's usability took a step backwards with the V3.x update. They removed a lot of useful and vital information from the main call screen and put it under a separate menu. The fonts used for the numbers on the header are way too small and thin to see in the sunlight. It won't let you bold the font or increase the size. The new scaled text for 6+ is very poorly done, it expands the dial pad to very large numbers but makes the header even smaller than it was before. They need to go back to the way it was. This is one of those cases where there were NO improvements in the update only downgrades in usability and change just for change sake. Terrible!

April 9 update broke SIP accounts. After the update on April 9 all my SIP accounts are gone. Deleting the app does not unregister their PUSH server from your SIP server so now you can’t even use another service. Completely unacceptable.

Ups n downs. This is a potentially great app, but it fails in some aspects. For use w/ Google Voice, the integration is poor. This update (v1.3 - iPhone 4) had my hopes up, but when connecting an outgoing GV call to Gizmo within Groundwire, I'll get up to 5 incoming connect calls. On these calls the keypad is useless, and only picks up maybe 1 out of every 4 keys pressed. The push settings could also be more user friendly. Hopeful for resolution.

The best Softphone Sips app out there. I was looking for a softphone app to use with my new voip provider, and this was recommended to me. Well what an app it is! There are lots of features including call recording, and what i love is I can have more than one line / provider configured with it! Now I did have some questions / issues and reach out to the developer using there help desk ticket systems and they answer right away and the reply’s were great! Giving me the information I needed to get it sorted! Thanks again guys and keep the great work up! Quality of sound is amazing!

Bugs reported but never fixed. Reports several bugs to support and they have been acknowledged but never fixed…

no support. be aware that if you have any issues with the app, you are on your own, no support!

App erases ALL configuration!!!. This has been a great software for years, but today all of a sudden it wiped out all my configuration, saved recording etc. What the heck!

Your latest update removed all my accounts. Today (Apr 9, 2022), the app was upgraded automatically and all my accounts were removed. The app was like newly installed. I couldn’t receive any call from my office and clients right now.

Good App. It’s a good app, calls are clear and the push feature is excellent but it can be a great app if the few seconds delay of a call connecting can be eliminated, it’s not instant and can be frustrating at times

Latest update blew out all the settings. Not just my account was removed but all the favorites etc. As you well know, there’s no way to restore settings on an iPhone so now set an all out from scratch again after years of use?

New bug. Hi It is very good app but recently (maybe after upgrade to iOS 12 or updating my app) I have 2 big problem 1) sudden disconnect while talking (without any network problem) 2) transfer not working at most time!

One issue. I have been using Groundwire for quite a while and do like it very much. One issue I have is that when calling my Voicemail (*98) the system hangs up. I also use Bria with same config and don’t have the issue. Just could not find any documentation on the issue or possibility of setting changes.

Used to work.. This software used to work well, but the quality has declined a great deal. I started using Bria instead, and I now have a flawless phone system. Groundwire started causing audio problem that I think are related to memory usage, as I noticed that quitting programs fixed the problem. I am giving it two extra stars because it worked reasonably well for two years.

Superb. After trying many other iSip and iPico and other sip client, this software without any doubt is the best, it has great High resolution UI, reliable and friendly interface, advance settings, all codecs support, tls sips and udp support!!! Real background working and extremely usable and robus with my company secure and insecure sip servers!!! It's really deserves every cent I paid for and for the codec and I highly recommend it! Don't waist your time with other client this one is way better!

Awesome app.. This is a great, reliable, and easy to use app. I had 10 other SIP apps downloaded and was testing them out, after I used this one for a couple days, deleted all the others. This is the only one that met my expectations. Great app, no problems so far, lots of great options, would defenatly recommend it if you're looking for an SIP client.

Doesn’t let me set up my acc. $9.99 full price. I try almost 1hr to set up my account and no one works for me. Look like has what i need but setting up account its not so friendly.

Best in breed. I bought every SIP client I could get my hands on, and this had by FAR the best audio quality of anyhingt. UI also top notch, though I liked some qualities of Bria slightly better. No comparison though as Groundwire was a far better sound according to everyone I tested with -- sound quality was the final determinater, no regrets.

Best VoIP App I've Found. I tried a bunch of VoIP apps to use with our Avaya IP Office phone system. None of the others worked well except for this one. It's reliable and easy to use. The setup takes some time to get used to since it's not the most clear-cut user interface, sometimes having to change settings in multiple spots. My only wish (hence the four star instead of five) is being able to push on a button and re-attempt the connection to the server. For instance, if I launch before I start my VPN to get onto my network, I have to exit out, then re-launch to get it to try to re-connect again. A quick "refresh" of the connection type of button would solve this issue. Still, even with this quirk, it's a solid buy and the best app of its kind in the app store.

Amazing. Ive tried all the other SIP VOIP apps and they all had issues. This app has every feature I can think of and is easy to use. Every phone call rings perfectly. This app takes up some background resources since SIP phones need to be constantly connected. Therefore, if you use this app, try to close other apps for efficiency.

Reliable. Does the job well and I find it quite reliable for several years now

Works better than any other VOIP app. I've tried almost all of the other apps available today for VOIP for a hosted FreePBX server and nothing has worked consistently unless I've left the app open in the foreground. Groundwire allows you to do other things on your phone and alerts you to incoming calls with a notification whether it's in the foreground or not. Very solid app and very well done. Worth the money if you need a mobile SIP solution.

It won’t authenticate. I purchased this app and tried to insert SIP credentials for the fly number PBXX but it load and says error. I need help

Must-have companion for heavy phone users. The software has almost all the features you can think of. I particularly like the auto call recording. It is really impressive how they managed to have so many functions in one software. As additional features I would like to see I quote (1) the ability to automatically transfer GSM calls to SIP, and (2) a way to replace iPhone's phone client by Groundwire.

Cheers to the developers!. The best sip softphone! Latest update is great!

Truly Excellent. Groundwire has effectively replaced both my work and home office Polycom phones. Background operation using TCP is fast and flawless, sound quality is completely excellent, and the experience in general is as good as, when it's not better than, any hardphone I've used. I was originally peeved at having to buy new software after having spent $18 on the original Softphone, but this is the real deal. I've already sold a fellow iPhone user in the office on it's merits, and in two days it's replaced his Polycom IP650HD for everyday use. Excellent app.

Horrible New Interface. The new interface is horrible you can now only see 6 calls in the history at once compared to 14 before everything is way to spaced out and the font is way too big and now everything is capitalized. They still did not fix the tab bar either why are there lines on the top and bottom of it no other app does this.

Elegant performance, strong support. Apple’s built-in Phone app should take a leaf from this elegant software! With “raise-to-speak,” a call is on speaker as long as you hold the phone in front of you, and switches to normal private earpiece when you raise it to your ear, and vice-versa. Finger-sized buttons with preferred contacts’ pictures make calling a breeze. Yes, with great power comes some complexity, with settings scattered all over the place, but there are presets for many providers world-wide (hundreds?), including my American and Italian VoIP providers. If you don’t have a preset, be sure you have ONLY the provider’s supported codecs active, and in their preferred order. Support is spectacularly on-target. Send in a log, and they’ll diagnose the problem and suggest a setting change to get you talking again. Most important, though is performance, where Groundwire shines. Anticipating a trip to Ecuador, I bit the bullet and bought the in-app G.729 codec—costs as much as Groundwire itself, but it provided landline-quality connections throughout the trip. On cellular data, you have to answer incoming calls quickly, though, because by the time the push locates and gets to the iPhone, launches Groundwire, and activates the ringer, the call might have reached enough rings to go to voicemail; often in weak signal areas I have to call back, so I’ve increased the time/rings before VM.

Best SIP client I've tested. Good: Seems to work well, both outgoing and incoming calls. Lots of options to make it work with your SIP provider. Doesn't waste battery life with the app constantly running. Bad: Interface design isn't as clean as the default phone app. Can't select Apple ringtones, must use third party. Both of these complaints are relatively minor, though.

iPad. Why no love for the iPad? I would be nice if the app would at least rotate. Long time user - waiting a long time for a real iPad app.

Awesome App!. This app is great, works flawless and has by far one of the easiest UI and setup out there. Great customization options! Also is a great thing that you're able to do encrypted calls with ZRTP. Not cheap but totally worth it! Also great thing being able to do calls with GoogleVoice. I totally love this App. And the support is really great! Would like if callcentric balance would show up.

Best SIP SoftPhone App for iPhone or any other SmartPhone. I have been testing this app, for all day, and it has been working perfect. If acrobitz softphone was great and the best, this app goes into an other level. I use this app alot and i recommend it without any doubt at all, to my customers that i give them support with they pbx's. Push notifications has been working fine without a problem at all, voice quality is superb and the new features like conference, transfer works very good. It worth the 11 bucks. Also G729 works very nice for 3G without a glitch, it will vary on your ISP or Cell company. if you dont need conference, transfer i do recommend to go into the Acrobits Softphone - SIP Phone Great Release.

Fantastic Softphone Client. Groundwire offers more customization than any other mobile soft phone client while delivering and exceptional experience. Works great with our Netsapiens PBX.

Great App!!! The Best!!!. I wrote a review earlier, giving this a low rating and push and call transfer was not good, but since I deleted the app and reinstall, everything is great. Should hve played with the app a bit more b4 reviewing. Hve not tried over 3G yet, but will update. Great looking app as well. Update: App just got better with integrating Google Voice, now I can call directly from the app. Still haven't done testing over 3G, but I will update when I do. Will give it 5 stars if 3G works well. Update again: 3G is pretty good, still have a delay at times, but no one seem to fix that delay problem. Make a G.2000 codec to fix delays, lol, but I gave it 5 stars now

Constant issues with the quality of the phone calls. The quality of the phone calls are horrible! If you are working in the customer department this application will make your company look extremely bad and will create a negative impression to your clients.

Good App with GV Integration. GoogleVoice integration is what convinced me to purchase this app. When dialing out with my GoogleVoice account, my Gizmo5 account never seems to receive the call (however, sipgate doesn't seem to have any problems receiving the call). It may be a problem with Gizmo5 but I don't have any problems receiving calls otherwise with my Gizmo5 account, so who knows.

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3G. Love this app but can not make phone calls using 3G. My network provider definitely is not locking VoIP calls.

Slow to respond and dropped calls. Initially I liked this app, esp. with the background calling alerts. However for the past month I keep getting EVERY incoming call dropped, on 3G or Wifi, and have not been able to resolve it with the developer after nearly 2 weeks of emails back and forth. I've dumped it for Bria, which is working out really well so far.

Error. I am with Pennytel and thought this app would help. When I make a call I get a message telling me the password is not correct. I have checked the password. It's a lot to pay for an app if I can't get it to work. Issue resolved. Good support. Highly recommended.

iPad UI. Waited way too long for a native iPad UI. Apart from that, still a great product

Crashing since update. Can't use, no longer works?!?!?!

The best I've tried yet but .... This app is great and so far functions much closer to what you would want and expect from a serious voip app. I have only two problems with it: Doesn't ring via the speaker when the headset is connected ;) If I background before taking a call it doesn't notify me of an incoming call but once switched to, will act as if it is taking the call yet the caller has already hung up. After that occurs it is fine. If I take a call before backgrounding it also operates fine. If you have an iPhone and not an iPod touch, the first problem probably won't effect you as the headset is not required for the microphone. Even with an iPod touch, having tried almost everything else, I'd recommend this app. With any luck I'll be able to rate it 5 stars when I have time to gauge support. Oh, SMS support would be nice :)

The best I've used. This is the best iPhone SIP client I have used. It works and has all the features you could need. Don't waste time trying cheaper apps, get this with G729, you won't be sorry.

Groundwire. This app would have to be the most important and valuable app I use on my iPhone. I use it all over the world. I have used several other IOS VoIP apps but Groundwire by far is the most versatile and in general the most reliable and robust. Its versatility and adaptability far exceed my requirements and I suspect most other peoples' requirements also, but the capabilities are there if required. I have had a couple of minor issues with some updates but the customer support has been phenomenal on all occasions!! Generally I get responses within minutes and in all cases my problem has been fixed. I don't often write app reviews, and certainly not ones as glowing as this. But this app deserves it. Very highly recommended!!!!!

Even Push Works Correctly. After using most of the Sip softphones apps available I was skeptical. This app really is the best VoIP softphone around at the moment. After having lots of drop outs with isip using mynetfone I was pleasantly surprised how functional this app is. Great job by the devs here. Proper iPad compatibility would be nice though but don't dare release it as a separate app like Bria is

almost perfect. call quality is great. would be perfect if it had sms support also. EDIT - Now it does. Lifting rating to five stars. Use this app all the time since my original review. Very happy with it.

One of the best VOIP App. I did try many app and this one is the best. Worth it any penny you pay. Thanks

Have your landline anywhere you wish!. Whole heap of advance settings that takes you heaps further with your VoIP

Awesome app. Won't find better than this. Excellent responsive support as well, walked me through the settings I messed up!

Flat look?. Fine works good. But Where is flat look?

Excellent app. Very good SIP client. Lots of features. All it needs now is video support!

Wajid. Hi guys ground wire not working with iPhone 5s just calls breaking not going through need a update ASAP

Best SIP Application for the iPhone. Easy to setup for use with the office phone system. Transfer, conference and hold features works like the office handset. Now I don't have to start up my notebook every time to use the soft phone to stay connected to my office. Highly recommended!

Best VOIP App. I've tried many SIP apps including the one provided by my VOIP provider but found that Acrobits works the best. The other VOIP apps could not make calls out of my home network. Acrobits had no problem with that and setup was easy. The sound quality was as good as my VOIP hardware. Loved the call on hold, conference call and call forwarding features of Groundwire. Lots of features and the UI also looks great. I fully recommend this to anyone who is looking for a VOIP app.

Bluetooth. Massive issues with Bluetooth, comes in at all different volumes. I’ll put it to play through phone but then it’ll just randomly connect back to the car halfway through a conversation. If I’m playing music through the car when I answer it, sometimes the music will keep playing in the background.

iOs7 update CRASHES!. I'm kicking myself for updating this...the previous version-GREAT. This iOs7 update CRASHES. Pleas fix. iPh5S iOS 7

Works well. Works really well so far. Please add dark theme support to the app. The in call screen is already dark theme but the rest of the app is white. Thanks.

Accounts keep resetting 😣. Great app but when there's a new version you loose all your account settings and waste a lifetime trying to get it work again... Soo annoying!

Delighted. I was a bit worried about spending some $$$ on a phone app as most don't work. After 4 months of having it I can say it was worth every cent and help me greatly to communicate while doing business (and personal) both in the office out of the office and even internationally. Very good and reliable app, cheers guys.

Love this app. Love this app. Does what it says and does it well.

Excellent Application. Excellent app works exactly as expected on iPad, very configurable, minutes to get running with asterisk, runs in the background, just needs higher res screens, but that's trivial.

Fantastic app, worth the money. Love the app and really find it worth the money, but a few things would be worth looking into: - Custom Ringtones (the included ones are not that great, so the ability to add a short audio clip to play would be amazing) - making the App “universal” so it works well on iPads, this app would complete a proper portable office based on the device. The push that actually works is amazing and critical for proper use, and it’s fantastically stable.

beware , cant run in background. this app cant run In background. you have to open the app to receive calls when screen is on, otherwise you wont receive any imcoming calls.

Good online support. Thanks for giving online support to set up my Acrobits Softphone..

Works almost perfectly. Why can't this app access the (normal) call history? Not convenient.

By Far The Best VOIP SIP. I have used VOIP for years, but GroundWire has heaps of features that VOIP users will love. It works 100%. Currently using it with PennyTel VoIP provider. What I would like to see in future versions is the ability to choose a traditional phone number if you have multiple with your VOIP provider. Also I recommend codec G729.a if you want to send SMS using Ground Wire. Well worth it. Voice call quality is excellent, no crackling noise at all & I think it uses 1 meg of data per minute of call which is not much at all these days.

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Still Crashes on latest iOS. Come on Acrobits! Test your software on beta releases of iOS before Apple releases their update to the public. Groundwork STILL crashes on latest version of iOS. Please fix. I depend on Griundwire for my business line. Your latest update 3.3.2 still crashes. Get it fixed and fire your developers and testers along with whoever they report to because they aren't doing their jobs! Also, why is this app still not a universal app for both iPhone and iPad? Get it done already!

Update the version to work with iOS 16.6. It still works on my old iPhone with iOS 15.7.6 but doesn’t work on iOS 16.6 Will appreciate you patch the app.

Works great with I’ve been using this for about a year and I’m satisfied. I really do think the UI should get a refresh though.

Worst SIP app ever!. Just purchased the app and naturally ignored the one 1 star rating stating that the app crashes on startup....well, the app crashes on startup 100% of the time. And the irony is that version 3.3.1 was supposedly stability improvements....I am open to revising my review once the app actually becomes usable, but as it stands it's worthless. Just checked the website and many links redirect to 404 pages, which is suspicious - Acrobits, are you in this business or getting out of it????

3/5. So three major things wrong. 1) My phone doesn't vibrate when it's on silent and a call comes through via SIP account. Not helpful when I get a notification that I missed a call because my phone didn't ring. 2) DND should be per account, not universal! 3) This app has the most awful ringtones I've ever heard!! Seriously, fix this garbage in the next release!

The Callkit works pretty good on old iPhones but not iPhone 12 Pro. I bought both softphone and Groundwire. Both of them announced that they support Apple Callkit. But actually this function only works on old iPhones. I upgraded my iPhone to 12pro recently and the Callkit doesn’t work anymore. It’s still the coolest app in class though. Hopefully the developers will add Callkit support for 12pro soon.

Last update v1.9-crashes. Crashes after last update, all sip accounts are wiped, gone: and it happened several times already., needed to re-enter again. Twice crashed and closes on star up... Good thing that I saved previuos ver 1.8 and reloaded it. PS: Here is question for Acrobits - Why it does not work on 3G but with NAT monthly subcription it works fine?

Tried this and it works.. 1/3MB /min using G729, 1.2MB /min using uLaw. Incoming calls are always uLaw with my VOIP provider because of how they originated, but calls I make are always G729. It seems to work great except when switching towers it has a break in the upload and you can hear them but they can't hear you. That and connection time (a bit over a second) are the only things they could improve on, I still couldn't recommend it for business use but that could be my VOIP provider. Push works well.

Bluetooth issues resolved. The app works fine on an iphone. I would not use any other app than this one as it has a great intregration with callkit Some issues with bluetooth. Could be apple or them. That’s why 4 stars.

fantastic !!. been using SiP phone at home since 2 years… transfered it to cell phone and so far so good !!Many thanks for this reliable application !!! Works perfectly !!!

Best VoIP app. I use this with and ditched my voice plan 3 years ago. It's super customizable. Acrobits, PLEASE add basic iPad support. On my landscape iPad, forced portrait mode (typical of iPhone-only apps) is brutal. I'd love to use Groundwire in split-view and slideover view. Even if full screen was a big waste space, please add this. Thank you!

Outdated UI. The app is functional but looks awful. It is stuck in time. I gave feedback many times via TestFlight but it does not go anywhere. This app has so much potential but as far as I see it is forgotten. The website shows screenshots of a dream because it definitely does not look anything like it is for iOS.

Doesn’t work with VOIP.MS. I am a Bria user for year and it worked perfectly except for heavy battery drainage. Groundwork is perfect on battery with push notification— but, when I pick up incoming calls it drops registration after about 30s. If you are subscriber, be careful.

It's great. I was a huge fan a competitors sip client but recent problems with receiving calls while in background left me scrambling for an alternative. Groundwire uses push to advise you of an incoming call and that's just fantastic! Battery life is now amazing... And no more missed calls. Delighted!

Awesome!. I bought a VoIP service from and it works very well with this app. I get inbound calls even if I killed the app for testing purposes. Vonage seems to have inbound problem (no sound unless using keep alive option). Hope growndwire fixes it. They've been really nice and helpful so far, answering my bug request.

Flawless, tried numerous other apps, this is the best! Worth the cost!. Thank you for creating an amazing VOIP app on iOS. Have tried many others, this is by far the best. Works flawlessly, maintaining connections through cellular, wifi and low signal environments. Push notifications always work in real time and callkit support has no noticeable change in battery life. Love the ability to force different codecs for wifi and mobile. SMS functionality works well, albeit with a short (<15 second) delay that may be due to my provider. Support responded quickly and on point to any requests. Highly recommend, worth the cost.

Best SIP App On The Market. Groundwire is the best SIP on the market. None of the others have the level of configuration and feature list. Well done Acrobits!

Good app but lacks features. I like this app, convenient and well organized but I wish there was an Apple Watch companion app in order to receive the notification of the incoming calls live, instead of a post-call missed call notification

Quickdial. one of the latest updates just erased my quickdial list. can someone look at this to prevent it to happen in next updates?

OMG. It is the best! Totally worth it! You won’t regret it! 👍🤩

Great + Suggestion. This app work very well. I am using (on wifi, on 3g, and on lte) and I never had a problem with it. So the other guy is probably too noob to correctly configure the app. Anyway, a great new feature Acrobit should work on is: a silent ring between a configurable hours period. That would be great!!

review. App stable functionality is great. Push notification is works well. Wish list: add support for car play.

Best SIP app out there. I tried a bunch, and no other one is a seamless as this one. Great App. Well done!

Delighted. I'm absolutely delighted what these guys do and happy they got around improving the user interface. I have tested many VOIP apps and spent quite a bit of time and nothing beats the flexibility, configurability, reliability, ease of use and battery saving features of this app. No comparison to anything else on the App Store. Well worth the few dollars.

Totally broken. I'm already tired submitting bug reports to these guys, because they never got fixed. Basically it does not work with - it takes like 10 attempts before it will be able to establish call. It becomes worse with every update, because it used to work fine.

Best SIP client by far. I have tried many Sip clients I and the quality, features, and convenience of Groundwire is by far ahead of anything else. Have been using it daily for more than 2 years now and the only complaint is that they don’t make a desktop version of the same app (for Mac).

Great for multiple lines and texting!. I have a couple phone line setup with, which also supports texting. The Groundwire app is great as it allows me to switch between lines easily, and also send and receive texts from those lines too! Only slight challenge I’ve had is related to speaker phone kicking off when the screen goes to sleep while on a call. It’s minor, and I’ve reported it. Great app! If you have a voip line, don’t cheap out, use this full featured app!

Best iOS SIP app. This is easily the best SIP app on iOS that supports push.

Best VoIP app I’ve used. Yes, you have to pay for this one but it is worth it. I use it with and it works very well. Reliable, doesn’t chew a lot of battery in the background

Rico. Ok first this app just works. It connects when you turn the phone on and doesn’t drop service or calls don’t come in. My experience with it - it’s SUPER reliable. If your a business owner and want a mobile trunk for when you leave the office. This is bang on and literally I could just use this and not have a dedicated office phone it’s that good. Yeah the interface is dated but my first and primary requirement is that I get my lead calls and make calls without it dropping or having horrible quality. Honestly I can’t shut up about it. The recording is super important to prove customers said something they are denying later or problematic customers. It just has everything you would expect in a sip desktop phone. I use a iPhone and my voip provider is voicemeup and it is absolutely a rock solid reliable setup.

Très bonne application pour la téléphonie voip. Très bonne application. Permet d'utiliser facilement la téléphonie voip comme si c'était l'application native. Seule critique. L'icône est vraiment "pas rapport". Un téléphone serait plus représentative. Bravo!

Just works. I use this with, it works great. Not sure how SMS is supposed to work, but still a well built application that doesn't waste you time.

Doesn’t work at all on cell. Even after update. And now i have Nothing at all. I want my money back 3 weeks of hell now.

Fraud fraud fraud 👎👎👎. Does not work with 3g unless u buy monthly Nat Bridge Subscription. Thats a pure rip off. 👎👎👎

Great, only one quirk. My only issue is that sometimes you will not receive notifications for SIP/SIMPLE messages if the app is alive on your phone. You have to swipe the app off the App Switcher (completely close the app) or you won’t get the push notifications. Everything else works well.

Good outgoing, unreliable incoming. This used to be one of the best apps that I have found for the iPhone. Some of its options are arcane but help is quick and useful. However, recent versions have become unreliable with incoming calls.

Doesn't work what so ever on my ip pbx. Won't register. Says there errors all the time, all the information was imputed correctly but still doesn't work. There are other sip phone apps that work a 100% better and are cheaper. Waste of money...

Failed app. Where is the support? Multiple emails and logs sent and no response. App does not work with mobile data anymore when free competitor still does. Acrobits wake up

Bluetooth devices are not working. Groundwire is definitively one of the best VoIP software I know. However my Bluetooth devices are not working in the first release of IOS7.

My company loves it. Great app, works like a charm

Good app, but poor support and technical issues. There is no question here that Groundwire is a fully functioning and feature rich app for all your VOIP needs. however be warned it takes support 2 to 3 weeks to respond if they do at all and the app has some serious intermittent technical issues such as SMS support suddenly not working or working sporadically and data mysteriously disappearing after updates

Push notifications don’t work. Useless app. Push notifications don’t work. If you have the app on infront of you, it will show a call coming in but if you lock the phone it doesn’t show push notifications. I was using Bria before and it was working fine. I don’t know why did I waste money on this app

*solved* Crashes on ipod touch 2G, iOS 3.1.x. Update: v1.7.1 solves the problem. Thanks. This version not compatible with ipodtouch 2G, 3.1.3, crashes upon launch. You should probably update the compatibility requirements. Wish I had saved a copy of v.1.6, I will probably have to go back to v.1.4 I had backup'ed works fantastic. I’ve tried any SIP apps. This is the most reliable. Use it often to make and receive calls. Most apps can make call but few can reliably receive call. Ground wire works great. Another review says it does not work on Voip,ms. It definitely does.

Needs a call firewall. Would be nice to able to have some sort of call screener or firewall.

+1 for great app with I also used with this app and it works flawlessly and reliably. I’ve tried a few alternatives but this app is golden. I love the fact that it is so customizable and supports all types of secure calling. recently enabled SRTP encryption via TLS and within a few taps I got this app to work with it. No hassle. This app makes VOIP calling and saving money possible! Keep it up Acrobits!

Best softphone out there ***edit***. Finally a soft-phone that doesn't drain your battery in 1 hour. But for the love of god!! Pleeeeaaase give us decent ringtones. ***edit***. After a few days, it turns out its not so great. The push notification doesn't always work answering a call takes so long most of the time incoming calls end up in the voicemail. Not business grade a all. Too bad. 😔

Don't UpdateNow!!!. IT goes bad and shuts off

Works well, but needs rebranding. This app works fine with service (although I had to turn secure calling on over TLS and fiddle with the CallerID settings for it to work with outgoing calls), but it looks dated with the old colour treatment and logo. Is a rebrand coming? Also, a responsive design for iPad would be much appreciated. Other softphone app publishers are already embracing the iPad. And can you explain the need for data collection when other SIP softphones apps don’t need it to operate?

Works. Works better than anything else I’ve tried. Keep the code nice and small, fast and clean. That’s what I paid for. If you want to add some big fancy features do it with plugins. The price is a tiny bit steep but I know it works, so I don’t mind buying an app that works. I don’t like buying plugins on top of that, feels kinda lame and cheap, but meh. Just work on keeping the app as lean and clean and fast as possible. Optimization.

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Old is gold. I am using this app since very long and it was working really nice but i dont know since when the new version came ... It dosent register my account and the error occurs. So plz fix it .

Excellent App, very close to become a Pro. This is an excellent app and if Acrobits want to keep it's leadership position they should: - fix the issue with disappearing speed-dials after every update; - make it easier to connect when using the EU telecoms, who lock the ports of the VoIP protocols; I temporary remove one star from my rating to motivate the developer.

Far better then Bria. One of the best app I ever come across. It is worth of money and better then Bria

Embraced innovation. Flawless execution and of Apple's brilliant Callkit support. Excellent call handling and features. Requires some easily attainable familiarity with SIP systems. Kudos to development team.

Excellent. Keep going! The best app in category.

Developers made it worthless. These guys do not test their product before publishing it. Groundwire used to work but some releases have been buggy / broken features. This last release added “Do Not Disturb” capability - permanently. You can no longer receive calls. Its been over a month and no fix in sight. This publisher is no longer compelling or viable.

Support is NON-EXISTENT. If I could give this app 0 stars I would. I emailed support about an issue 5 days ago and have gotten 0 response. So disappointed that they market this product as a "Business Caliber" application. That is totally bogus! DONT WASTE YOUR TIME. BUYER BEWARE!!!

iOS4 on iPhone 4 problems. Groundwire (v1.2) is potentially a great app but after trying it unsuccessfully with several of the supported SIP providers had to give up. Does not connect on outgoing calls. If these problems get fixed I will revise my rating.

Crashes on background. Callkit works great but the app crashes on the background. This causes lots of missing calls.

Work until last update. Great app until last update. Does not work on iPhone 5.

Everything I Need. Wow. This app does everything I need. It is nearly perfect. I had the old version, and I was a little nervous about buying it 'cause of the $10 pricetag, but I pulled the trigger, and I was glad I did even then. I was using it with Gvmobile plus to make calls, and it worked pretty well, but sometimes I would have trouble initiating calls. Now, it's perfect for Google Voice. It took me about 5 minutes to set up the Google Voice part. It's a hair counterintuitive, but if you just read and follow the dang instructions, you'll be fine. Now I have zero problems dialing out. I also have no battery issues. I'm using push with a FreeDID account (not Gizmo, which seems pretty buggy to me), and I don't seem to miss calls at all. I'm currently at a location where there is no cell phone service, and this seems to work well over just wifi. The one thing I haven't gotten to work right yet is number rewriting, and I haven't put really any time into it yet, so it'd hardly be fair to complain about that. I'm confident I can get it to work if I fiddle with it a little. The only features I'd like added are Google Voice SMS and GV voicemail, but I'm fine using GVmobile plus for those, as this is mainly a SIP client (a dang good one too), and I see the GV integration as a bonus. Overall, I'm super happy with it. Happy enough to write a decent review on this tiny little keyboard. Oh yeah, to the guy who complained about there being no keypad, and no way to record calls: really? What app are you smoking? Did you even open the app? It has a selection of nice ringtones, and the best onscreen dialpad I've seen, bar none. It has the option to use the keyboard too, if you want to directly dial a SIP address that isn't in your favorites or contacts. Recording calls is pretty dang simple, too. It's the BIG RED BUTTON on the main call screen that is labeled "RECORD". I played with it a bit just for fun, and it works great. Honestly, I have no idea where some of these reviews came from. Give it a shot. It's got to be one of the best ten bucks I've ever spent.

Great SIP Client. This is one of the most complete softphone offerings out there. Well worth the money.

Promising Sip client. Latest update rendered app useless. Pushed calls cannot be answered. Delayed actions when clicking on app tabs ( call to favorites etc). Huge step backwards. Good start but needs improvement because app will crash when one tries to answer a pushed call while listening tune in radio app in the background. VPN should be added in the near future. Besides all this app leads its competitors.

The best by a long way. I have tested many softphones professionally and this is the simplest, most reliable, and most compatible one yet. Push works great. Plus quick friendly support.

Please, fix the app. After the update all my sip accounts went offline. Even though push notifications work, I can no longer place and receive calls. A terrible update.

Call through not working anymore. The app has gotten better but call through doesn't work anymore. It doesn't ask whether it should be a straight gsm call or whether to put it through call through. Fix for 5 stars

App keeps crashing. Ever since this update the app crashes every time I try to make a call and then when I receive a call is freezes up. Not good as my company relies on this app a lot of times!

Best App so far... Works great on wifi. Overseas dialing country codes not possible using +. some countries like UAE (Dubai) block calls. Record feature excellent.

Not the best. Configuration is more difficult than other commercial SIP clients. Too many steps on too many screens to make it work with most SIP service providers. The default settings are wrong.

Excellent VoIP solution!. Intuitive interface, excellent call quality, very accessible with VoiceOver

Still unreliable. I'm on AT&T and I'm using Gizmo as my provider. I bought this app along with the G729a codec, and it's terrible on 3G. Skype is way more reliable. I really don't think anyone should pay $20+ for this app and the codec.

As of today, crashes all of the time. Always a good experience with this app until today. Now it doesn't work at all.

Happy customer but... Why not iPad compatible ?? (interface) for a 10$ you should think about that

Removed support for Google Voice!. They've removed support for making calls with Google Voice, which was one of the best features of the app! Please bring it back! Prior review: This is the best SIP client for iphone that I've found, and I've tried several. A little on the pricy side, but definitely worth it. Has customized setup for lots of different SIP providers, including a pretty decent interface to Google Voice. Some people seem to be complaining that it's too complicated, but SIP has a lot of options, and to support lots of different systems, a certain amount of complexity is required. But the interface is clean and logical, and once your accounts are setup, it's really easy to use. Give me flexibility any day, much better than only supporting a single (or just a few) providers.

Awesome new redesign. Love the new redesign of the app. Thanks guys. Under the hood, this is still the most powerful and solid of the sip clients I've tried. Everything is configurable.

Used to work, now it's junk!. This used to work flawlessly before it updated, then it wiped all my settings! Now it can't receive phone calls when registered with my phone system, even though I entered the same settings. Thanks for the update!!! Can I get a refund???

Can you make it work on iPAD.. I am asking for screen rotation nothing more.

No connection over cellular on iPhone 6/7 Plus.. Please fix the issue when iphone 6/7 Plus don't connect over cellular. I think it's related more to the app version (new one has issue, while old one works).

Great sip client!. Great sip client for asterisk. Push notifications are wonderful.

Still the best. Using tcp and push notifications with negligible battery use. Excellent call quality and reliability in conjunction with an asterisk server. Client side QOS settings. More...

Call drop. Used to be good not any more most of the time on and off waste of money old version better!!!!! Fix it plz

Awesome!. Without little effort I was able to link my iPhone to an Allworx 6x system. I wish getting a SNOM phone to work with the Allworx was as simple. This is a very stable and robust app and, for a business owner who maintains a pbx, well worth the price.

Best SIP App Around!. The best SIP application for IOS! Full featured and easy to use I love it.

Bria Wins. I've been testing both Bria and Groundwire extensively and I agree with several reviewers that this app is awesome, BUT the incoming call handling leaves you wondering and doesn't provide the necessary stability that a "business" solution requires. With Bria I always get my calls and you never have to worry about it. I wish Bria would add a few features that Groundwire has, but if it requires losing call handling stability then who cares! Go with Bria...

Google voice support corrected. Ok the revision 3.0 that broke google voice has been corrected in revision 3.0.2. So back to more stars.

Terrible! The update wipes all settings!. I'll start by saying I like the product and have been using it for a couple of years now. What happened in the latests update is that it completely wiped my account settings, forcing me to re-do them (which takes about 20 long minutes). The personalized setting which were tweaked to fit our phone system as well as personal preferences are the result of a couple of years of trial and error. This is definitely laziness and negligence on part of the developers.

Love it!. I'm new to this app and am using it with Google Voice and teltub and its working perfectly. Incoming and outgoing calls to the GV number work great!

Great App. Features are amazing. Easy setup and great quality!

Version 3 have problems. This have been for me, one of the best Softphones programs of all, but since this new version, it freezes a lot, you click buttons and it responds 10 sec later. I like a lot more the last version. I have an iPhone 5C, please fix this because I can't really use the app, unless I wait several seconds before I can use it normally.

Bugs in that version. I can't get incoming calls on push in that version Sorry for that stars, please fix that bug and you will get 5 stars

Everything I need!. Call recording, Push notifications, support for ZRTP, what more could you ask for?

Please make an iPad version. Great VoIP client but please make it an universal app (for iPad as well, like Bria)

Crashes. This app crashes way too often. Either people can't hear you or vice versa. It hangs up way too much on a daily basis even when tot in wifi or have a signal. It's need an update ASAP.. please try fixing these problems especially having to pay $10 for the app and it doesn't function properly!!!

Brilliant!!. Great price, excellent call quality , now codec great for 3G calls. Easy to use. A must have!

Keeping the faith. Ok, read all of the reviews... This app was highly recommended when I paid $10 for it. I still have more to learn about SIP & VoIP accounts etc. so I never really got any use out of it. I mainly wanted to support a company working on what (still) seems to be important technology. Worth noting is from my very first tech support email to them there was prompt, willing and able support for the asking. I see other reviewers expressing favorable comments despite what is hopefully only a temporary lull in the performance of the app. To the Developers, "carry on!"

Works well on freepbx. Works well on freepbx so far. I did have to spend another $10 for the 729 codec (I already bought it for their softphone), but that's pretty standard with voip stuff. An excellent value.

Piece of crap. Does not work with iPhone 6. Videos are useless. Preconfigured setups are simply incomplete and don't work with the sip providers. They load a few parameters, not all, and if you want to spend 6 hours doing trial and error you can get it to work, why should you have to? Don't buy.

Crash then lost all my settings. Just lost all of my confidence in this app. Latest update crashes the app then you loose all your settings and data. Looser app!

Simply the best. out of thousands of applications on the store, this is _by_ _far_ the best for the money. Support is excellent, feature rich, works as advertised.

Keeps crashing. Normally a totally great app, but the current version won't want to start up... instead it closes right again when launching

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Language English
Price $9.99
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 5.9.74
Play Store
Compatibility iOS 15.0 or later

Acrobits Groundwire (Versiyon 5.9.74) Install & Download

The application Acrobits Groundwire was published in the category Productivity on 18 August 2010, Wednesday and was developed by Acrobits [Developer ID: 314192802]. This program file size is 59.74 MB. This app has been rated by 69 users and has a rating of 3.5 out of 5. Acrobits Groundwire - Productivity app posted on 01 March 2024, Friday current version is 5.9.74 and works well on iOS 15.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: Languages supported by the app:

Other Apps from Acrobits Developer
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Acrobits Softphone Reviews 4.0 32 $6.99
Acrobits Groundwire App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Fixed UI issue with warning beep indication - Fixed UI glitch when adding a message recipient

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