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Acrobits Softphone, the perfect app for entry into the world of SIP.
*** Featuring Video calls over Wi-Fi and full CallKit integration.

Check out the video tutorial and knowledgeable article at the links below.

With loads of preconfigured providers and an extremely intuitive user interface, Acrobits Softphone is simple to configure and a delight to use. Designed for ease of use but still extremely customizable, Acrobits Softphone is both the perfect Softphone to ease new users into the world of SIP and a reliable, feature rich client for veteran VoIP users.

Business users and veteran VoIP users should also check out our business caliber SIP Client, Groundwire. Just go to More iPhone Apps by Acrobits and click on Groundwire. It contains all the features of Acrobits Softphone and more.

“Acrobits Softphone is one of the best designed VoIP on the iPhone applications available today.”

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“Acrobits Softphone is my New Favorite VoIP SIP Client”

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For the list of providers and VoIP services tested with Softphone, see

- Push Notifications, a reliable way to receive calls when Acrobits Softphone is closed or in the background
- WiFi Finder add-on lets you search for a nearby wifi in a database of many millions of wifi hotspots around the world
- Call recording (only available for SIP calls, will not record calls made from your GSM line)
- Backgrounding support
- Bluetooth headset support (iPhones only)
- Customizable ringtones
- Video calls, H263 and H264 codecs
- Quickdial, your favorite contacts only one tap away
- Quick import of accounts from major VoIP providers
- Excellent sound quality, supports Opus, G.722, G.711, iLBC and GSM. Make an in app purchase to add G.729 for great performance over cellular networks
- Highly configurable settings
- Native Contacts Integration
- SIP traffic diagnostic log for troubleshooting

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NOTE: WiFi Finder add-on is a subscription which will auto-renew monthly at the same price as your initial monthly payment (USD 0.99 or equivalent). Your subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. Your auto-renewal can be turned off and your subscription can be managed by going to your Account Settings after purchase. No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during active subscription period. Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings after purchase. See for Terms of Use.

If you have an issue with Acrobits Softphone, please contact our support even if you leave a review stating the problem. We are unable to respond to reviews so even if your issue is simple to resolve, we have no way of letting you know. Acrobits Softphone is highly configurable so problems that seem insurmountable may just require a couple of adjustments to the settings.


SIP - Acrobits Softphone is a SIP Client, not a VoIP service. You must have service with a VoIP provider that supports use on a standard SIP client to use it.

VoIP over 3G - Be aware that some mobile operators prohibit or restrict the use of VoIP over their network. They may prohibit the use of VoIP or impose additional fees when using VoIP over their network. By using the app over 3G, you agree to abide by any restrictions your cellular carrier imposes and agree that Acrobits will not be held responsible for any fees or liability imposed by your carrier for using the app over 3G network.

Acrobits Softphone App Description & Overview

The applications Acrobits Softphone was published in the category Social Networking on 2009-07-02 and was developed by Acrobits. The file size is 56.61 MB. The current version is 5.9.15 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

Maintenance release. Fixes a bug when calling a number from history tab.

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Acrobits Softphone Reviews


Support Needed  Opn7  3 star

After purchasing this app many months ago I’ve finally tried it with the FlyNumber wwPBX. Believe I’ve set it up with proper account info, yet every couple days SoftPhone gives me a pop up message that my FlyNumber account has expired on the push server. Huh. I know my account hasn’t expired on FlyNumber, but who is running the server mentioned? Where do I get help on this? Giving SoftPhone the shadow of doubt, I’ve rated it 3 stars even though it hasn’t yet served for a single phone call.


Perfect  Dini7775  5 star

This app works well on all of my devices, even a Fire Phone! Love it on iPad and iPhone and iPod Touch. Too bad iOS 9 was dropped, though, for updates.


*** Dropped iPad support *** Works well with Asterisk / PBX in a Flash  hzink  5 star

**** How about an iPad formatted, universal version, upgrade? **** --- Upgraded to 5 stars for g.729 support, and a slew of additional, excellent enhancements - not to mention the developer keeps improving and supporting an excellent VoIP client. I wish I could give him more $$$ ;-) --- Upgraded to 4 Stars for supporting calling straight over 3G. Woohoo! ---- I run my own PBX in a Flash home and office PBX, and have been looking for an appropriate client on iPhone. This does the job, and it does it very well. Some suggestions for enhancements that would catapult this well into 5 stars territory: - support for the G.729 codec for even better quality. Yes, G.729 costs money to license - make it an in-app purchase. I would gladly pay an additional $5 or so for that feature. - allow customizing the ringtones - add custom quick-buttons for VM, for example. - aesthetic changes of the look and feel to bring it more in line with the native look of an iPhone phone app, than some avant garde retro design experiment (allow selection of different skins, to appease avant garde retro afficionados). Maybe make skins an in-app purchase. ;-) Do these, and a shining 5 stars, and more money, will be yours ;-)

Tony Simek

keep it up!  Tony Simek  5 star

Market your great app to all the Counterpath Bria app users who now can only get a “subscription” to use their Bria client. Your app is great! and better than Bria!!!


Updates  mambabo  5 star

Thanks for keeping this app up to date!


Background battery usage high  Bpnine  2 star

With the may 17 update the app is heating up the phone and burning the battery down quickly while in the background. Apples battery usage tool shows this is the culprit. I ran a year or so old version before this and didn't have any battery issues with the same voip provider and phone hardware (6s+). An extra star because this no longer is pre-emptied by regular LTE phone calls.


Will be 5-star with SIMPLE support  lucifer9  4 star

Please add SIMPLE message support, it is very useful.

hs jeon

can't work incoming call in push service  hs jeon  1 star

i use samsung070 in korea.can't work incoming call in push service.i can't hear voice or caller can't hear my voice. i had used it well.after update,I can't use push service.


Calls don't come through after app times out.  joshuaturner  1 star

I'm using an iPhone 7, and if you don't manually open this app at least once every few hours, calls won't come through. Not reliable, not a background service. Garbage.


Broken  SalamandraV  1 star

Last update for ios10 broke it for ios9 and it won't even install. The install hangs and the app cannot be used


Wifi finder paid subscription  PumpyAction  3 star

Should notify the user in the app that it is a paid subscription at the point of activation. I could not locate any notification in the app or on acrobits Softphone website- did I miss it? Also what’s the relationship with Facebook there?


Highly recommend!  AppleCyber  5 star

Worked perfect from day one, been using for 2 yrs. Tried other voip apps, but they failed. REALLY appreciate it's backward compatible to i0S 6, unlike many iOS app developers, that leave their customers behind and only support the latest i0S.


best voip app  Kkjsong1345  4 star

can u update resolution for 6+

Dzheremi M

Best SIP client for iPhone  Dzheremi M  5 star

Reliable with a nice UI.


ios 7 flat look?  harshdeeps  4 star

Must have app but when is the new look coming?

Maria asf

I cannot use this app  Maria asf  1 star

I trefund pl


Fantastic  Pierre_dp  5 star

Just work. I have setup 4 providers with each their own dialplan. Made calls over 3g wirh the g729 codec I purchase and have top quality voice. Highly recomended.


Acrobits soft phone and pennytel  Michael.Doyle  5 star

Works a treat, very easy to configure.


Extremely bad sound quality even with the purchased G.729 feature  eaglesteve  1 star

When making SIP calls, the quality of sound is so atrocious that it is impossible to make out what the other party is saying. This is an issue for both the calling party and the called party. I'm finding Fring to be far superior in sound quality.


Nice app - but.....  Farmhappy99  5 star

Works great. However if upgrading from previous version ensure you erase the app and all data first, then setup from scratch again - otherwise it fails to SMS properly (via pennytel anyway).


Almost good.  BradStudio  2 star

If you don't buy the 729 codec, don't thinking about using this on 3G. Also call quality is not very good, I always have people telling me that I'm breaking up, plus you can't modify the ringtones on the push notification account and control the ring loudness. Stock ringtones are horrible and way too loud. Good concept that needs some rough edges smoothed out.


Waste  Depupresen  1 star

Not sure why Unovon support this app on their website. The Unovon account is not at all registering...


Best SIP client!  July IGHOR  5 star

I use this program to debug own SIP server. This client uses SIP protocol that is vary similar to cisco devices protocol. There is no bugs and it works great!


Wast of money for me  Adanson  1 star

I was trying to find an app that would let me record incoming and outgoing phone calls. A lot if the apps that claim to do that don't work at all. Found a website that mentioned this app and it had the best reviews. Also said it worked with Google voice. After downloading I tried to add my Google voice account but it continually told me my email and password were wrong; they weren't though. Frustrated I looked online to see if I was doing anything wrong and found out I HAD to have a SIP provider in order to use Google Voice with this app. It's probably my own fault I didn't realize this to begin with but everything else I read lead me to believe I could use this with only a Google Voice account if I chose to do so.


Great app!  _thekev  5 star

The best SIP softphone ever. Excellent debug logs solved many problems (of my own making) related to NAT and codecs. Most feature-packed softphone available! Great work! I've even paid for your g729 codecs. I'm a SIP expert, and you've done it right! I almost left 4 star because it's not universal app for iPad. Please make this a universal app! Basic things like orientation have been lacking for a long time. Cosmetic, I know, but it isn't that hard. It's what's under the hood that counts, so I still gave 5. Great app nonetheless!


Awesome SIP app for the iPhone  eferior  5 star

I would recommend this app for SIP calls. The push function works and it is essential for incoming calls. It supports NAT via STUN. It is worth the money. I have tired other free ones and they just don't work as well and aren't reliable especially for incoming calls.


Excellent Quality  Harry724  5 star

Using this with Unovon, amazing quality, connects to Bluetooth in my car so quickly. I am saving so many anytime minutes on my account. Great purchase


Good application  BOP B 3AKOHE  5 star

iOS 3.1.3 crashing during startup. Please fix it asap.


Great app!  spaceporker  5 star

I love it! Great quality!


Very Nice+!  SIpEnthousiast  5 star

As always this is a great update! Thanks for your brilliant work guys!


Nice  Hellen88  5 star

Great app


Best sip app!  lgpaul  5 star

Acrobits is the best of all. Pity it doesnt work over 3G on Vodafone network in Ireland!


Acrobits  lraceeroom  4 star

Easily the best of the VOIP apps available. Pretty much does everything the blurb says. The call recording feature is great, and means that you do not have to keep pen/paper notes for business. Depending on network, call quality is good to excellent, and push notification of incoming calls works well 99% of the time. Also, you can set up a number of VOIP accounts to work at the same time, so this is the only app you need.


Great functionality; unattractive interface  Evertype  4 star

I think this app is splendid and I use it regularly. What really irks me, though, is its interface, which I think is quite unsightly. I'm not a fan of turquoise in general, and the weird waving curtain of turquoise is distracting and unwelcome. Please, Acrobits, please. I want white numbers on black keys. Other sip-phone products manage to look similar enough to the iPhone's cellular interface. Your fine software should too!


Very Good  Taimurl  5 star

Exceptional VOIP app, surpasses the competition.


Great softphone  Daddybest  5 star

Acrobits softphone is the best of is kind, I have used so many open softphones from the apple store E.g. 12connect which can not even provide the full functionality as they have stated in the apple store and the call quality is bad. Also Isip softphone is good but the voice quality is very bad. As for Acrobits softphone all the functionality stated in the apple store are provided and the call quality are very good. I will recommend every one to try it also and their support is also very good.

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