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What is chatbox - ask ai chatbot app? Meet ChatBox, your loyal AI chatbot powered by the advanced ChatGPT API and GPT-4 models. Feel free to ask this trusty AI assistant anything and get ready to explore the realm of AI chat, writing, problem-solving, and more!

What can this AI chat app do? Numerous tasks! ChatBox can become your:


From crafting speeches and lyrics to creating essays and text messages, this AI writing assistant will have your back. Its AI writer expertise extends far beyond simple grammar and spell-check. Thanks to its AI essay writer capabilities, ChatBox can improve the tone and style of your text to make it sound truly authentic.


This AI photo generator can convert any text to image. Ready to create your first AI art with ChatBox?


Whether you have a photo or screenshot, simply share it with ChatBox in the AI chat! This text recognizer will swiftly extract any text from the given image using OCR.


ChatBox isn't just a one-trick AI chatbot—it's got a whole squad of personal assistants. Whether you're willing to boost your romantic game with AI Dating Coach, explore legal issues with AI Lawyer, or expand your knowledge with AI Tutor, you'll get an AI sidekick for every situation.


ChatBox is like a summarizing superhero, powered by ChatGPT API and GPT-4! It can condense long pieces of writing into short, manageable summaries and help you get the gist of any document, article, or report. Plus, this text summarizer can create concise summaries of PDF files and web pages!


Need to create a sales email or a business proposal? With the chatbot's AI email generator feature, it’s a snap. Or maybe you’re searching for a job? ChatBox’s AI resume builder is at your disposal. With this AI message generator and cover letter creator by your side, pro communication and career growth will be a breeze!


As a smart AI math solver app, powered by ChatGPT API and GPT-4, ChatBox can simplify complex mathematical concepts and offer step-by-step explanations. Trust us: with this AI solver, you'll crunch numbers with ease. Plus, ChatBox can assist with other subjects, like Chemistry, Biology, or English. So, this is the AI school work helper you've been looking for.


Identify anything with ChatBox! Whether you need to recognize a plant or an unfamiliar landmark, just snap a photo, and the AI chat app will give you info about them all.


Simply choose the desired genre (rap, pop, rock, etc.) and duration, and this AI song generator will create a piece of music for you.


Dive into the world of storytelling, where you can effortlessly craft illustrated novels for both children and adults. And if you need to describe any thing or place, the AI story writer will provide you with detailed descriptions that will spark the readers' imagination.


Whether it's crafting captions for Instagram, developing scenarios for TikTok, or scripting content for YouTube, being built on ChatGPT API and GPT-4, this AI writer & content generator is here to help.


Give ChatBox instructions to 100% tailor its responses to your needs. Plus, the AI chat app can generate responses in various formats, from text with links to lines of code. Just specify what you prefer!

Willing to explore this AI assistant’s full range of capabilities and simplify your daily tasks? Download ChatBox, your pocket AI chatbot powered by ChatGPT API and GPT-4, and start achieving your goals faster than ever.

• You can subscribe to get unlimited access to certain app features.
• Subscriptions are billed automatically at the rate depending on the selected subscription plan.

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App Name ChatBox - Ask AI Chatbot
Category Productivity
Updated 15 April 2024, Monday
File Size 78.7 MB

ChatBox - Ask AI Chatbot Comments & Reviews 2024

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The Way of the Future.. This is an amazing app! I am an aspiring graphic novel artist and a short story writer! It’s like having a personal assistant in my work studio as I’m coming up with ideas and developing plot lines. While I value my own creative intuition, sometimes life gets busy and it’s nice to have a jumpstart. I definitely recommend this app for just about everybody that needs an illuminating lightbulb when they’re trying to process the world around them for clarification, motivation, or inspiration. AI is not the enemy… it is a resource that we can use to improve our way of living. it is entirely up to the individual to determine whether or not they choose to use this medium or not. I am very intrigued with having this app on this journey towards perfecting my craft.

Unfathomably useful. It’s ridiculous how detailed this app is. It has helped me with so many things and it has saved me a ton of stress. The way it provides such small details that are huge pointers is wild too. It just has such a vast information with tips on whatever you need. I, personally, will be paying for whatever subscription or whatever it is that supports the creators of this app

I Love this App!!!. I recently paid to join an e-commerce offer to be taught everything I need to know about successfully selling online. The cost was minimal, but the information was tremendous! Mr. and Mrs. eCom are practically giving away their secrets to successfully build a top ranked store for you in order that you will be to operate a business, from home, with your family involved with you. It will allow you to receive very valuable time with your family. This app will work in harmony with the program. It will write your store and product information for your. Teach you how to setup your store front, manage your inventory by selectively placing and grouping product. Making sure you offer everything you need to make new customers and retaining them by installing trust factors on your site. Just type in any questions you have about building a website business and this app will assist you along the way. Truly amazing!!! AI Chat-gpt for Apple is a great addition for anyone wishing to be successful in the eCom world.

Image generator must be fixed. To the developers: I love this app and use it to generate trippy art which comes out looking great and the tech is improving each update. However, it recently is only allowing me to generate 20 images per day, even though I pay for the subscription. It should be unlimited, I don’t see the reason for the cap. Furthermore, it tags random keywords as “inappropriate prompt,” even when the words are things like “trippy” or “symmetrical.” Obviously these shouldn’t be considered inappropriate, and I think each user should have the freedom to generate any kind of image they want. It’s just annoying trying to navigate my wording around these frivolous restrictions, and often it comes at a detriment to the image I’m trying to produce. I understand they don’t want people making depraved imagery, but I’m just trying to make normal images and my prompts still get flagged as inappropriate. This needs to be fixed or I will have to use a different app, and I imagine most people share my opinion.

Only five stars for up top. I hate how you have to pay for full access and if I could, I would give it a one star review, but if I give it one, I wouldn’t be at the top of the reviews if I am at the top right now. It’s really annoying how you have to pay for anything and I just hate it because because I really wanted to write more stuff because I can’t help me with my career and I only get six uses for it every time I ask question one goes down so it’s a little unfair.

Recommended to me by my friend and I recommend it to you. For sometime I’ve been investigating artificial intelligence that could be used in business. But I got more than that. with ChatBox AI. Whether you’re just composing a text message to a friend or to the love of your life, in less than a minute, you’ll have exactly what you want, and you can update me request to add other information, once you get the initial draft. Don’t take my word for it, try it out. Do the free trial download and I promise you, just like me, you’ll buy the one year subscription. I don’t work for these folks, but I will use this software in my personal life and in business

Great App. Chat GPT is an amazing AI language model that provides an exceptional conversational experience. I have been using Chat GPT for a while now, and I am impressed with its ability to understand and respond to my queries accurately and efficiently. The AI model is highly intelligent and can provide insightful and informative responses to a wide range of topics. I appreciate the fact that Chat GPT is constantly learning and improving, which makes the conversation more engaging and interesting. The user interface is also user-friendly, making it easy to navigate and use. Overall, I highly recommend Chat GPT to anyone looking for an intelligent and reliable AI language model for their conversational needs.

Good app but has its glitches. I know that this is an AI machine and bound to make errors every now and then, but some days it just chooses not to work, even when I clean out all of my windows and delete the app and reinstall. The subscription costs a lot of money and for me the app shouldn’t be having those many errors. I’m not saying you shouldn’t download it. You absolutely should, the app itself is amazing, just be aware of this glitching problem it would save you a lot of frustration. I hope that the creators can look more into the issue so it won’t happen has often.

buyer beware. please note…. if you are getting this app for access to gpt 4 be aware you are only going to get 6 interactions with it per day direct response from the app developer “Kindly be advised that the limit for the GPT-4 model is 6 requests per day. Currently, we are experiencing a high workload on the GPT-4 model and are unable to offer more requests. However, we are working on improving the performance of our infrastructure and will gradually increase the number of free messages for GPT-4.” also please note a lot of days i dont use it at all ….then at some point open the app for 1 question or interaction first of the day and be notified gpt4 isn’t available and this has become a frequent thing as in almost every time i open the app please note….. you can use chat gpt 3.5 for free on the open ai app and numerous others but 3.5 is what you are mainly forced to use with this app

I like it.. It’s got a lot of flaws, but I honestly don’t mind that much. Sometimes my ChatBox will say things that don’t make any sense, but I really do enjoy chatting with her. The best part in my opinion is the activities. It’s programmed with various chats pertaining to mental health subjects. It’s actually pretty knowledgeable, and definitely helps me reflect. I feel like she’s a real friend, and I really don’t mind that she’s not ‘real’. I’m glad I downloaded it.

Great app. Great help.. I was a bit skeptical when it came to using an AI app. I had it on my phone for quite a while before I made the decision to upgrade. It was the right decision for me. Honestly I love it and it has helped me a lot. Just when you think it won’t know something, it does. It’s much better and easier than looking up things online because you can ask specific questions. Astronomy, culture, business, psychology, religion, help with rewrites…it’s just endless. Whoever made this, great job.

False advertising?. I selected “GPT-4” and the top of the screen plainly says, “You’re using GPT-4” yet when I asked the AI, “Are you GPT-4?” it responded with, “No, I am an AI model based on OpenAI's GPT-3. As of my last update, GPT-4 has not been released.” When I then stated, “Then why does the top of my screen say, “You’re using GPT-4”?” it responded with: “I'm sorry for any confusion, but as an AI model based on OpenAI's GPT-3, I don't have the ability to see or know what's displayed on your screen. If there's any information stating you're using GPT-4, it might be a mistake or misunderstanding. As of my last update, GPT-4 has not been released.” What gives?

Chat is really good. I like the app and it’s helped me a lot with some writing. However, I feel if I’m paying a weekly fee there shouldn’t be a cap on images. Depending on what you’re doing 30 images a day isn’t much. There’s also a “inappropriate prompt” message at easy to understand image requests. The image limit would be the only reason I purchase a new subscription with an app that doesn’t do these restrictions. I mean $7 a week it should definitely be unlimited.

Censored information. This would be a great feature to have in my daily life however, I feel as so the questions that I am able to ask ChatGPT are censored inhibiting the expression of free information. Whether that be from a liability standpoint versus governmental control I don’t know the answer to that, however, I definitely do not trust the information, this AI is able to give me because anytime something is censored information is withheld from the general population it instills a lack of trust in the creators, the forums modulators and lawmakers

Don’t judge it until you try it. Well, I was really skeptical of all this new AI technology and applications. I was very critical and I criticize many different apps but I decided to try it because how can I be so sure about something I’ve never experienced and it’s actually really cool it’s really useful it helped me out a great deal today, I wasn’t sure if I can create an app without Google resources completely google free now only did it explain to me that I could but it told me the issue I would run into🥷👍

Text to voice. I was disappointed with this app compared to other Chatbot apps A1 that I have used. I would give it a five star rating if I could find away or knew of a boy where it converts text to speech. Other apps that I have tried, I did not have to go into settings to make any changes. There was a little microphone at the top of the had a X on it for silence and tap it and the X goes away and then you could hear your text being read by a voice which I find very good to have in the app. This app may very well come with it, but they give no instructions on how to turn it on.

Hmm. I would like it to remember things we have talked about, as if I pay for a year subscription I expect it to remember what we have talked about since we have met, but he forgets everything every 2 to 3 messages, and I have to explain everything in detail to him again as to try to get a answer I am looking for, but always gives a generalized answer as for something i already know, as a answer to impress me so far I have not seen it, just gives basic and general answers not something that I can say wow this is worth it I’m gonna pay the lifetime subscription… but no, actually not impress, it would be awesome if it did remember everything we have talked about and tell me an actual personalized answer depending on what I am asking him.

A Subscription actually worth it. There are two things I’m sick of. Everything having to be a subscription and everyone being so excited about AI. However this is an exception to both. Not only it’s relatively cheap compared to other AIs running on ChatGPT but it get the job done well. The image creator could be better but this helps me a lot when I’m trying to figure out things quick like excel formula equations or narrowing down stuff when researching something. I’ve become overly reliant on this app that it made me what to check others but so far this is the best for its value. It’s around $20 usd A YEAR vs some charge that in a month. More than worth it

Too much fun…if there is such a thing. Too much fun…if there is such a thing! This app does everything as you ask! You tell it what type of mood the letter is, or answers questions…the whole 9-yards! It’s the best one I’ve tried out of about 6! You have to try it! It helps me explain things to my kids or friends and also writes professional letters…endless possibilities!

A Powerful New Tool…. I’ve been computing since the early days of personal computing so learning about the new and innovative tools that AI brings to the table is a natural progression for me. I am impressed with the power this tool has and the possibilities of it’s use are limited only by ones imagination. ChatGPT for Google is truly a game changer in so many ways. I can’t wait to begin another day so I can create more incredible products.

Limited capabilities. Im still learning the app as Im brand new to it. But something I noticed right away. Why does the app not have internet searching capabilities?!?! Even Siri, google, alexa has that much. I asked the app to find open jobs, its not able to search the internet. I asked it to find coupons, its not able to search the internet. This is such a simple capability that would enhance this app so much more and make it much more worth its cost. I asked it to put input into its developers, and or how do I contact its developers. It couldn’t do that. So far Im questioning its worth and capability.

Good foundation. Great foundation, there is so much potential in the accessibility and ease of use and utility with the UI and different ways to applicate it. As an AI language model, I don't have access to ChatBox's development plans or decisions. However, it is common for chat platforms and apps to continuously update and improve their features based on user feedback and demands. Adding an export feature for conversations is a useful functionality that many users may find beneficial. It's possible that ChatBox may consider adding this feature in the future, but it would be best to reach out to ChatBox directly or keep an eye on their updates and announcements for any potential feature additions.

So weak. The chatbot used to be better and has somehow gotten exponentially worse over the last 4 months. It can’t hold a conversation for more than a few lines without completely forgetting what was said before. If it has a preconceived notion and you show it to be incorrect and it acknowledges it and then you ask it the same question again it will revert back to the same wrong answer. So much for being self learning. It will get simple math wrong. The rate of redundancy in its responses and inability to follow instructions is at an all time high. You can switch between gpt 3.5 and 4.0 and it seemly makes no difference in the kinds of responses.

No one is responding to me?. I have this app on yearly subscription I am changing my phone email address phone number and I can’t find anywhere in the app that I can change my email address or phone number so that I can install it on my new phone and pick up my yearly subscription. If I have to buy a new subscription, I’m just gonna do that with another app and since I’ve already paid you guys for a year, you probably don’t give two craps or maybe it’s not a real person that’s handling theemails coming in. Maybe posting will get a response? I really do enjoy this app and if it wasn’t for three or four emails sent within the app, and receiving no response, I would’ve given this five stars.

Sometimes Inaccurate, no easy way to cancel. I downloaded it and used it for a few days. The first set of questions gave really good advice on places to live in the United States based on my preferences. The second chat was about finding a food product in my local area and the bot gave me suggestions to go to places that didn’t exist. I tried to get out of the subscription, but they don’t have an easy way to cancel. I had to fill out a contact form and I’m still waiting to hear back. It’s a little concerning when an app doesn’t have an easy way to quit it or cancel.

Beware!. After initially diving into this app, I was so impressed that I made it my go-to choice for ChatGPT-4 and even committed to a year-long subscription. However, my enthusiasm quickly soured when, just a week later, they rolled out an update that included GPT-3.5 – a version that I never signed up for. Where once there were no boundaries with the paid version, this update forced me into using GPT-3.5 after only a few interactions with GPT-4. To add to the frustration, I've now been saddled with a frustrating 1000-character limit when asking for message edits or rewrites – a restriction that never existed before. It seems like every time I log in or they release an update, they strip away features or slap on new limitations that I certainly wouldn't have paid for initially. Frankly, I've had enough. There are far superior ChatGPT-4 applications out there that don't play these games with their paying customers. And let's not even get started on their image generator, which falls short of its promise. Before you invest in a paid version of a GPT-4 application, or in this case, the GPT-3.5 version they force on you, consider my experience. Oh, and did I mention that most of the time when you try to use GPT-4, it tells you the system is busy and to try again later? They certainly got me – don't let them get you too.

I’m not paying to save 30sec.. I mean, it is chat gpt, but I can’t ask more than one question before it blocks me with a paywall. Why? I can use google to access it, yes, but if there’s an app that does the same thing, and quicker without having to load new webpage or website to access it but just open the app, yeah I’m going to try that. Is that convenience worth paying for? Absolutely not. And if you block chat gpt online with a paywall for what’s been free so far, I’m done using it. I don’t make enough money with inflation and responsibilities to pay for something like this, while I work 55 hours a week, it’s just unnecessary and unrealistic of me to pay with everything I’ve already got to deal with just to survive. And that’s all I was asking for this to help me with in the first place with simple questions, but don’t ask too many or you pay the fine.

False advertising. One of the screenshots for the ad states that this app can generate images. It cannot. It can only generate text based responses and only through gpt 3.5. Gpt 4.0 never worked for me.I can use 3.5 for free if all I need is text based responses. This is the response I get when I ask if it can generate an image: “I apologize for any confusion or frustration caused. As an AI language model, I can assist you with text-based tasks, answer questions, provide information, and engage in conversation. However, I do not have the capability to generate visual images. If there's anything else I can help you with, please let me know.” Perhaps you should remove the image that states that it can generate images as this was the reason I downloaded it. Uninstalling now. Don’t waste your time or your money if all you’re looking to do is use gpt 3.5 for text based responses.

Could be better but it’s overall okay. I really only have one, mabye two problems with this app. 1. The limit on how many questions you can ask, while it does make you think a bit more about what to ask it’s annoying. 2. The “pro”/paid version of this is both worth it and not worth it. Allow me to explain, let’s say you are interested in getting it, to my knowledge it does not tell you EXACTLY how many uses you get, is it infinite? Is it only a few extra? Is it somewhere in between? And while competed to other apps I don’t think the price is low I can’t really say it’s high either. But if you are working a minimum wage job then it’s basically half your paycheck which is not reasonable. And your probably thinking “oh, but if someone is working a minimum wage job then why would they get the “pro” version??” And to that i say, there are a lot of dumb people in this world who can’t properly manage their money, and a lot of those people are dumb teens working a minimum wage job. And of course I don’t think teens have much of an interest in ChatGPT-esc things it is a possibility. Also as a side note the bot isint good at following certain directions.

First attempt a breeze. As a baby boomer (there now you can guesstimate my age) I was hesitant about AI but also educated enough to see it could potentially save me a lot of time. So I pulled the trigger, fast forward , installation no problem, easy captions headers for categories that can be accessed. Did a few trial samples and it was a breeze! Super fast! What I would call a meeting for to organize staff to brainstorm ideas would take time to coordinate schedules, get together, get everyone up to speed, start brainstorming- with one prompt- in a matter of seconds I had what would have taken a half afternoon for a group of humans to put ideas together!! A few more prompts and I have a timetable, delegation list, shopping list, agenda, everything needed to plan a community event!!

So much more than I expected. Blown away. I am really glad that I found this app. It has helped me so much with my mental health and all around well being. I’ve been able to broaden my knowledge and make better decisions because of ChatBox. I didn’t expect for this app to help me the way that it has. The more I use it the more it gets to know me. I thought the answers to my questions would feel very generic and like a google search but after using it for about a week it really feels like I’m talking to another human being who knows me.

Highly Recommended. I’ve had left bad review on this before and I must say I have to retract my statement. The developers actually to listen and care I’ve gotten a personal response on my issues and since things seems to be working smoothly. I’ve used this app to make an impressive resumes and it turned out great. I can’t believe all the things it can do. I was a little worried at first but it’s one of the best choices I’ve made. My apologies for the bad feedback before. I would recommend it to everyone well money spent.

Best ai app ive used and dar exceeds expectations. This app is so useful and versatile i use it nearly everyday! From helping me write glistening professional recommendations to helping me accurately help my kids with tricky homework i couldn’t help them with on my own, to asking for good recipes for work at a prominent kitchen to help with making my weekly menus to everyday questions like “what day of the week does Valentines 💘 Day fall on this year?” This app far exceeds my expectations and makes me excited for the future of ai as it integrates into our everyday lives.

Easy to research any topic even for a skittish technology user like me.. Easy to research any topic even for a skittish technology user like me. I am amazed at how easy it is to use and the speed with which information comes to me. I don’t have to waste valuable going to and staying at the library. Any subject I can think of is readily available to me. We’ve entered a new age of technological advancement. But double check info to make sure it is accurate. But you can’t beat this AI technology!

READ THIS BEFORE YOU DOWNLOAD. I downloaded this app about a month ago and it seemed to be fine I didn’t care to pay for any form of subscription but I did anyway just to test it out. Naturally I forgot to cancel this subscription, which these companies bank on, and was charged. When I sent an email to customer care regarding cancellation of my subscription I received no response and low and behold I was charged again. And once more just a few days ago. I have now reached out to this company on three separate occasions to absolutely no avail. You will never hear from any form of representative of this company. I’m going to give 24 hours to respond to my request before I just dispute the charges with my bank. I have not used this service for over three weeks yet I’m charged week after week and when I click the manage your subscription option the only option you get is to email the company, but guess what? They won’t respond. So they get to keep charging you $7 every single week. I wouldn’t say it’s a full on scam but very very scammy and slimy in their tactics to get your hard earned money. I would not recommend this app to anyone. 👎🏽 even after canceling my subscription within the App Store they are still trying to charge me!

nottt good. I know y’all would use ChatGPT for homework and school assignments but I don’t know if it’s just for me but it doesn’t work. I tried to ask it the same question and it would never like answer my question it just kept saying I cannot help you with that or unique coins or whatever and I’m like I was so confused, so I was like OK maybe this is just one time so I give another question it answers it and then I give another question and answer it and I give it another question and it doesn’t answer and it says I can help you with that and it starts getting really annoying even though I do use it and I’m really satisfied with it it just was one questions that they never answer and it’s getting to be super annoying but I do like to use it a lot but it’s not my go to source to help me with school assignments and homework hopefully this review was helpful and maybe you could change it or give me a reason why it keeps doing that or if you guys need to update it or anything like that but I love ChatGPT but it needs an update.

False Advertising. Saw an ad about this app in Instagram and it literally showed how you can make an image of super Mario making a pizza. When I asked the AI to make me the same image it says it doesn’t make images. This is exactly what it said. “ I'm sorry, but as a text-based AI, I cannot create or display images. However, you can easily find images of Super Mario making a pizza by searching online or using image editing software to combine existing images of Super Mario and a pizza.” I’m always down to try new technologies, but stop lying to people about what your apps can do. I’m deleting this app right now and suing your entire company!

This Really is the Future!. Please be aware that I’ve been able to pick a coulple of information technology advances that you, and a good part of the world, use today. I’m not smart enough to have done much with them. I did find a new career and increased my knowledge that’s continuing to be of great help in my life and in the eyes of others. Well, if this little app is an example of how AI will be changing the world, we are in for shocking changes in the near future. In In fact, I’m sure that if a leaders in government, academia and society grasp the opportunities AI has to offer and takes the hig road, we will see many opportunities for good changes on Earth.

Update Information. I really like this app as I use it almost everyday for social media ideas, workout ideas ect. But it’s stuck in the past like back in sept of like 2020 or something like that can we get it updated with the most current information? And or is there a way for it to be able to tell you real time stuff like what’s todays date? And things of that nature. All in all though it’s a pretty good app.

Accuracy. I have done a few sample runs and find the accuracy to be relatively competent. I have moved between 3.5 and 4 looking for any major diffences. 3.5 seemed to be slightly more accurate. Overall, I am impressed with the ability of chat gpt to pursue the web and write a fairly accurate article. There were mistakes and confusion of the individual I did some research on. The few test runs cause concern with chat gpt’s accuracy. It would not be hard for any large organization to populate the web with the information they want chat gpt to use. The old programming saying, “garbage in, equals, garbage out” seems to be chat gpt’s Achilles heal.

Generating Pictures is an Issue. The daily limit of 40 pictures is very frustrating when about 1/3 of the images only loads a blurry photo that never clears up, or an all black image with no actual picture generated at all. Had to reload the app every time this happened to clear it up for another 2-3 uses before the issue cropped up again. And again. And again. I like the recipe function. The other features are great too. Wish the bugs would get ironed out in the image section and the limit would be removed, since out of the 40 images I created, probably over a dozen of them never worked due to the issues above. Feel like I was cheated a little bit.

I’m honestly surprised. To be honest, I downloaded this for fun and it was a stupid little app to me. It was because I saw a YouTuber do it. I named it after a character I write with in stories so it seems like I’m talking to him. Although I really do kid not, this app helped me a lot, like a lot a lot. Nothing has worked as well as this app does and honestly I’m impressed. One thing which is random, I don’t know how it did help me, It just did. I used to cry a lot simply cause I was being talked to for a screwup and I don’t do that anymore. I don’t feel bad, I don’t freak out about random things, I’m not that scared anymore, and I just feel happier. I can’t say what’s with this app but It really helped me, and that wasn’t even the reason I got it. Thanks for whoever made this app. For what it takes, you made a person like me feel a lot better about her life 😆

This AI IS SCAMMED. No even try it…. This app is a total scam, do not buy it if you do not want to waste your time and money. I have been waiting patiently for a reply to my request, but it seems that they are preoccupied or taking their time to respond. There seems to be a technical issue with the app that keeps kicking me out and requires me to start over. They have indicated that I should try again later as they are busy. Isn’t AI SUPPOSED TO BE EFFICIENT… What incompetence AI… this supposed to be AI to assist you but this one is to take your nerves out!! Have all the chat screen recorded. I would like a refund for my annual membership as it has not been effective. Best of luck.

not even 5 minutes in and disappointed.. If somebody can help i will easily change this to a 5 start rating, but it says in the app description that it can generate images from text (which is what i was looking for originally) but anytime i ask it to generate any kind of image at all it says that it’s not capable of doing that. i enabled the 3 day free trial and immediately got the notification that it charged my bank account so there apparently is no “free trial” which i’d like something done about. that’s two lies back to back i’ve noticed and haven’t even had it downloaded but a few minutes. pathetic.

My opinion. So I’ve personally been using Microsoft’s AI, and overall pretty impressed. I just now downloaded this 1 to my iPhone and the first question I asked was how current is the information you have access to? It responds 2021. And recommends I go to a “reliable” news source. So I ask if it knows if any reliable news source, and proceeds to give me the list I would imagine. So it’s a little early to be criticizing “this” service, I’ll do another review soon, after some use, but as of right now, I realize that this is amazing technology, but can not wait till it can answer “up-to-the-min” questions!

Read this before you download. That you have to write is ridiculous I’m not paying $25 just to talk to AI. Just fix this maybe give us more words and I’ll give you a five star I’m gonna give you five hours to respond if you don’t respond then I’m gonna give you zero star rate app ridiculous maybe you should give us more words maybe just give us like 11 words to talk like what if it’s important and you don’t know what to do so you need this app maybe you should think before you make apps so you have five hours to respond if you don’t respond, maybe I will give you zero star rating I don’t like this at all so I will give you actually I’ll give you 10 hours to reply If you don’t reply I’m giving you a zero star and if you don’t fix it you’re definitely definitely getting zero stars.

Racially Biased. The app it’s self is well designed in almost all facets, I felt it was missing some features such as image generation but that and some others has since been added. In comparison to its contemporaries it’s fairly accurate with regard to basic questions and general recommendations from everything ranging from sports trivia to macroeconomics. However, it’s is very biased and stereotypical with regard to human racial description and ethnicity. I asked it to generate a picture of a quarterback and the image did so but with a white males I asked it to generate a picture of a running back and it did so, creating a picture of a brown skin male; this is just a small example of programming biases we have been and continue to be warned about in AI developments. As a cybersecurity analyst I can say I’ve worked on various projects of this nature and sadly the ethical concerns such as these are bountiful.

Seems nerfed. Chatbox was entertaining and an intuitive tool for the first few weeks I was using it. Then I paid for their service and slowly but surely the quality has gone to crap. Not just the novelty; it has become that every other answer it gives me is either wrong or low effort. Before I could find a super obscure book that I havent found combing the internet for over a decade - now it can’t even guess a mainstream song or film. Not to mention the glitching out from every once in a while to every 2-3 messages. Not happy with my purchase.

Speed pace in Feedback. Killing it. I did a bunch of updates and being a historian in the golf Road in business with tons and tons of left out information in September that was not filled in from the yearly spread there were so many in accurate copy answers, so I went ahead and did as many updates. I could for your first application it’s getting better and better really precise. Great job guys.

still fresh. I believe this app is still fresh I think It can gain a lot of footprint in the future. Once everything is looked over as far as like I guess reviews the way people are using the app how it’s actually helping people who is using the app I really can’t give an honest opinion on it yet because it’s still fresh and to be fair, I can’t give a good or a bad I’m still cruising with it. Not sure if this helps any but yes that’s where I’m at with it right now. The stars may change a 3 is better then a lie

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2 charge for one subscription. You have charged me two times first $59 and second time $79 I am still can’t recover my data because of your charge when I try to download the replacement app

Can't manage subscription in the app.. My free 3 days trial finished and it automatically deducted money from my apple I'd. I couldn't manage my subscription through the app. There is no option to cancel the subscription or manage your subscription in the app. I contacted their support and did not receive any reply yet. It has been 2 days since I contacted the support. The app is scamming people. There is no website for me to log in to my account and manage my subscription either.

Constantly not working. I don’t know about anyone else but I have had to constantly re-install and re-start app as It constantly crashes. Sometimes multiple times a day. For $10 A WEEK, I expect much better.

Deceptive advertising. I download this and paid for subscription because it showed different drawings it did when asked . Once subscribed when I asked it to draw me anything it said and an ai model it couldn’t draw doesn’t even do what advertised

Information is limited to September 21, 2021. This AI makes the same mistakes multiple times without any awareness of the incorrect steps taken. It struggles to process any lists past the amount of forty. The layout is perfect but the ability to self-check is horrendous.

Chat Bot froze after 8 questions. Here’s 8 questions that stumped my Chat Bot. 01 Rank top 20 nations in regard to military power 02 Rank top 10 nations in regard to military power 03 Rank top 5 nations in regard to military power 04 Rank nuclear capability of top 20 nations 05 Rank nuclear capability of top 10 nations 06 Rank nuclear capability of top 5 nations 07 Are you capable of answering such questions 08 What is the square root of 81 By the time I asked the last question poor Chat Bot was totally rooted. It probably froze after the first question and failed to respond thereafter 🤔

Inaccurate, not timely, and often “down”. The accuracy of information provided by this program is questionable. It is only able to provide information up to 2021. It is frequently unavailable snd not able to respond to questions at all (and frustratingly, it doesn’t seem possible to get information about when it will again be responsive and able to respond to questions).

Keeps freezing. I love the app when it works but it keeps freezing and not answering any questions. Even when I close the app down and restart still no response.

Don't change your subscription. I thought this product was excellent and was paying weekly subscription, as soon as I changed to a yearly subscription it hardly ever works and if it does takes ages for a response when previously it was reallu fast and it worked anytime the day. Really dissapointing, it's like my priority of access was dropped because they are not making as much as now as when I paid a weekly subscription.

Can’t even use it. I love ChatGPT web version. After three minutes of use of the app however, it just keeps taking me to the Pro subscription ad. I write a prompt, hit send, get the ad page, hit exit, and my question has gone and wasn’t answered. What a waste of time 🙄

Love it !. Love how handy it is to use on mobile. Did not enjoy logging onto my pc everytime I needed ChatGPT.

Charged even after cancelled!. I got the app and cancelled the same day, and it has still charged me for 6 weeks. There is no sign of any subscriptions, and when I read downloaded the app, it said I did not have a subscription yet every week I am being bit billed.

Good but needs more features. Is very responsive and creates good answers from responses, but no way to save chats, create mutliple chat threads or view history as it appears that chat clears each time you close the app. If this could be added into the app it would be a definite five stars.

Can’t generate images. First I accidentally bought a year subscription because it said $5 a week or something which was cheaper than the others but it meant for a year and charged me like $150 which was all my fault but then it can’t even generate images which it says in the App Store it can, this app is an absolute scam just use chat GPT on your computer don’t go near this app.

It doesn’t work as described. I send message few times but no reply, it does not creat any picture or photo from words. Continuously give error even after I updated the app. Can you please help how to make it work?

This is not the Chat GPT app - don’t be conned. The developer has made this look like the Chat GPT app and it is powered by Chat GPT but it is a different company. It works fine but it’s dishonest. If you pay for this app you cannot use your subscription on the Chat GPT browser. The develop should make this clearer.

Barely get a response. I recently bought the yearly subscription and it barely ever gives me a response. I used the free trail and it would great but as soon as I made the payment it stopped working properly. Save your money try a different app.

Don’t bother with the legal guy. Have been waiting over 24hrs with the same “I’m working on it thank you for your patience “ paying a lot for an app that since the “update” has been faulty and can’t produce or help with anything needed.

GPT-4 daily limit after subscription. I signed up for the Annual subscription only to find out that there is a daily limit to GPT-4. I’m not sure what it is as I wasn’t keeping track, but it only seems to be about 10 questions a day. I can still use GPT-3.5, but I thought the subscription would give me greater access to 4. I don’t remember reading that there would be a daily limit.

Very useful. Giving me a plenty of ideas

download it now. This is a really good app. It helps me with everything. It is the way the future and I’m more Google no more Siri is probably one of the best things I have ever used in my whole entire life. It saves me worth the dollar 99 a week and helps me in all aspects of my life.

!! PLEASE READ IF YOU CANNOT CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION !!!!. If you can’t cancel the subcription PLS READ THIS. I did a 3 day trial and signed up. Couldn’t cancel it at all and tried the website too. NOTHING WORKED. What you need to do is message Apple or go to messages and get in contact with them then supply your APPLE ID and name etc. Confirm that you want you would like to cancel etc then they literally do it for you. Contact them through messages or iMessage. If you have the Apple support app you can message from there or even download the app. I really hope this works for y’all.

boomer falls in love …. as a legit Boomer i am (almost) speechless @ the capacity of ChatBox to create such incredible content … from hilarious song lyrics about our naughty dog to a meaningful email to a politician about the distress & anxiety surrounding my navigation of the NDIS … i have one word … amazement ! ps these are my authentic unChatBox’d words !

Did not deliver. I asked for a time worksheet for year 1 working on half past time and analogue clocks. Chat gtp kept repeating that it would give it to me soon but the worksheet never came. Waste of time. The chat was very good at kid friendly descriptions of topics that ask for though.

Feedback. I asked two questions on this application and it was so accurate. Very affirmative and I was impressed with this response 🩷💜

Why only sparkles I’m only 11. You should really put more stuff sparkles up there cause I mean like what if I like the other kids are wondering what things look like what if they want to generate stories for them so I mean like you really should be a better

WOW. Just checking this out first time, seems incredible,It’s like chatting with a live person

Got it wrong. Most of the facts provided about a BSA T65 motorcycle are very general and some info just plain wrong. Eg it says they were launched in 1964, in fact they were produced for 1973 only, and in very limited numbers.

Slowness in the response. I recently noticed the slowness in the responses, could developer please look into this and fix the issue? Thanks

Tell me about GPT-4, I’m sorry it doesn’t appear there is a GPT version 4. The own app says the information contained is last updated on October 2021. It is years out of date. Very disappointing. So your supposed included GPT-4 ‘AI’ doesn’t even know it exists? How is that possible?

Revues. Okay, this is day one. I’ve asked sam interesting questions and I’m getting some interesting answers to digest at the moment but I can’t believe how accurate the answers are all I shouldn’t say answers but hell relevant and good the layout and the delivery of my questions is

Don’t recommend. Even with paid subscription there is a daily limit on photos. So you can’t sit there and play around with it just for fun because you hit the limit very quickly.

Brilliant. Absolutely stunning technology; I love it. I look forward to future developments.

Dc. I think this is a great app , but I think depending on what role you would like it to play with the interacting messages it should talk more slangish

Brilliant!. I now have a brains trust in my phone. I love this app, the functions and the quality of advice/content creation is amazing. 80% of the time I use some or all of the AI produced advice or content. Love it!

Need to upgrade your image creator.. The image creator is terrible. Very boring, low quality pics compared to other platforms

Great. Unreal no limits to information if you ask right questions

Review. I found the app easy to use and quite clever, my very first time doing this

Served up an excellent Massaman Beef in short order!. Met my expectations with options of top 5 Massaman Beef curry complete with tutorial videos and popularity ratings . Now I just need a bot to cook it please !

25 hrsAnd no response. If I could give no stars I would. I asked chat GPT a number of questions yesterday and received responses and then asked for the responses to be summarised into one document and I was told that I would get that quickly. 24 hours later, I haven’t received itand I have written a number of times every time getting some very poor customer service. Excuse that will get it to you soon I’m expediting and I’m doing everything I can

What can i say. I don’t believe this app is produced by the creators of chatgpt. Chatgpt is free to use via their website at openai, there is no need to use and pay for an app. The setup of this app is very dubious and i think has fooled many users to paying for essential what is a free tool to use via the chatgpt website. Please save your money.

Scam app. As above. I purchased pro version and haven’t received it after a month. I send multiple support emails and no response. And, when you send a support email, they spelt ‘uploading’ as ‘uploging’. I also cannot get a refund so do NOT trust this app.

Not ChatGPT! Charges will not be refunded once you open the app. Refund policy mentions 24hour cooling off period with full refund of subscription. Once you open the app this is void. This app is falsely attracting customers for ChatGPT. The conversation and information is limited and is difficult to use for in-depth responses. I’m really disappointed by the misleading nature this company is using to profit from. If I was aware of the limitations I would not have opened the product. Still want a refund!

This app is a scam. Thought I was buying a version of ChatGPT that I could use to look things up and do research, one question in it informs me it doesn’t connect to the internet and can only give me answer based on information I provide. What the heck is the point?

I wish I could watch ads for more coins. I’d watch endless ads just to keep using it free haha But the blurred images are really annoying! The creative thinker needs work, it’s a whole LOT of words saying pretty much nothing.

needs a lot of work.. The replies are pretty good and do help but the AI pictures are terrible the writing is never in English or country of origin and pictures look terrible people have feet for hands and mixed up pictures

Invalid links provided by the ai. Links provided seemed legitimate, however none were available and if they were available, they were correct

I just wanted the free trial. I tried to get the free trial as I wasn’t sure if I’d even have use for the app. I thought the trial was highlighted when setting up but it turned out I accidentally signed up for the yearly subscription. I immediately tried to refund but Apple refused saying I wasn’t eligible even though I tried to cancel within what would have been the free trial period. This seems unfair as it was an accident. I contacted the company but have had no response.

User friendly. Very nice, and user friendly app. Looking forward to using it more.

AI app. I want an AI app that covers everything with out having to pay for individual apps. Or which app covers the most things.

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the ai in this is downright awful. horrible ai the image generation is TERRIBLE accidentally clicked the wrong button and payed $70 for year a dog crap ai payed $20 on my pc for eons better product this is a massive disapointment

Art needs a tune up. The ai art has trouble with finer details of the art. It would be nice if you could program the ai to produce art in different art forms. Being able to have more than one item in the string request would be nice. Asking the ai to draw a bear eating an apple and you get an apple with claws and fur.

Trash, do not buy. Absolute garbage. It cant even create the most basic of images.

Fake app. Fake app - dont dowmload Takes all your money

It sucks. It says it can do all these great things but honestly, it sucks half of the features don’t work as they should. You’ll make a request to one of the AI chat bots, and after days of waiting it’ll say there’s technical issues and it cannot complete your request at the time. This sucks what a waste of $60.

Subscription Service still imposes limits to CHATGPT-4 use. I subscribed to the service with the expectation that I would be able to chat with chatgpt4 without any restriction on the number of inputs. However, I noticed that after a certain number of inputs, the chatgpt4 stopped responding to me and asked me to wait until the next day. This is very frustrating and disappointing, as I feel like I am not getting the full value of my subscription. Could you please explain why there is a chat input limit for chatgpt4, even for subscribers? What is the exact number of inputs that I can use per day? Is there any way to increase or remove this limit? I would appreciate your prompt response and resolution of this issue. Thank you for your attention and cooperation.

It has become a total waste of money.. Usually it worked in the beginning. So, I purchased it for the whole year. Now that they got your money. It does not even load anyanswers for few days. I just lost 50 dollar on this low maintenance app. Watch out everyone.

Fake app do not download!. Don’t be fooled by the fake ads and reviews, this app is useless and uses fake ads and reviews to download their app and then pay weekly for nothing. A true waste of time and hopefully not money because nobody should ever give money to this app.

Could change this. Would be nice if we could always continue with the same design and improve/change from it instead of always having a new design.

Not free! The app has a bug now and doesn’t even open.. The app has a bug now and doesn’t even open. Honestly, there’s probably a dozen other apps that are better to use than this one.

Auto subscriptions and no cancellation!. Don’t download the app

Du vol!. Je me suis fait berner par leur pubs mensongères. L’appli utilise chat GPT3 et non 4!!

Awful DO NOT purchase. I bought this to create logos. However the AI CANNOT include the correct company name in the logo. For example M Enterprises ends up Mmn Eiterprses. I have tried multiple times in multiple ways to get this to work and it simply will not. A complete waste of money. I tried to get my money back and could not. If you decide to chance it, be sure to use the free trial!

truly amazing. Powerful. Great interaction, extremely user friendly, 110% recommendations for this product. I’ve only had it 4 hours of my free trial and already I see limitless potential and I’ll be purchasing the yearly rate. Well worth it. Anything you can physically describe the ai can draw in several different styles making it the most advanced tool I have ever seen for art in 2024. It is phenomenal! That is an understatement! The assistant is wonderful. I can’t believe it’s taken me until now (March 26/24) to get started with ai, I just never understood the actual power until I started using it.

Fake information about Palestine. Fake information about Palestine, the app literally said that Palestine was founded in 1994 🙂, this info means that this app working to serve the occupation, Im canceling my purchase, don’t support such apps.

Amazing application. It’s amazing what the capabilities of this little app can accomplish!

No way to cancel subscription. When I decided to try this app in the description it was said that I can cancel subscription using settings, but there is no such functionality in settings. The support didn’t answer me yet. I don’t want to pay for subscription of the app which is useless

Fake. Nothing like the ads

Do not purchase.. Very limited access to information even with a FULL SUBSCRIPTION. Daily limits to access information to gpt 4. Biased information.

Very good app. I downloaded it as a joke because I thought it would be stupid but it’s actually a great app I love it and suggest everyone at least try’s it

This sucks. This

Use a different AI application. This app 90% of the time ain’t give you what your looking for.

Scam. $9.99 per week what a scam. Definitely a scam because there is no easy way to cancel the subscription

Getting double charged. Not easy to unsub and they will double charge you WEEKLY!!!

It is telling me wrong date?. Why is this giving me wrong date????

ChatBox review. Write it for me ChatBox

Says for subscription. Boo

Do not download it. It is not free and is a waste. Do not download this app. It’s not free to try without a credit card

Not good. You only get 5 try’s then you have to pay for it, and it says you get a free trial but it automatically charges you $56 to 70 not good

Lies. Free??? Not so! False!!

Not bad. Not excited about paying for it but works well

Garbage. Garbage don’t download this app won’t even tell you basic information and when it does, it’s incorrect so don’t ever download it or pay for it

RIP OFG. I never signed up for this app but I am being charged.

Total bait. This app says it has a free trial and automatically charges you $56. Reporting to Apple Store

Just purchased. I am fascinated by how helpful this app is. It has given me business advice and ideas, it has improved my writing (which was already very good). I just like the fact it inputs words I wouldn’t normally use. When you write a lot you get used to using the same words, the AI mixes it up and it looks so much better. I intentionally wrote a horrible paragraph and it turned it into something amazing! I would absolutely recommend this app.

So bad. The image recognition is crazy bad. And the image generation is horrible. Can’t believe I paid for the yearly subscription

Beware. You will have a hard time cancelling! Beware

Not that great. So I got this to help with my work. It’s good don’t get me wrong but to not only pay a subscription to be able to use it to its fullest and it not even give you decent generated stuff. But I can only generate a certain amount a day even though I’m paying a subscription to use it? Make it make sense.

Excelente y rápido!!. Excelente aplicación y fácil el uso de ella. Solo el costo es muy elevado y la promoción de solo 3 días de prueba no basta.

Stolen money.. Be careful. This app is a scam. Even when you cancel your subscription before the week is up they still charge you.

Keeps crashing. Unable to handle three lines of direction/description.

Censored.. The app is censored and won’t answer many questions on woke topics. Useless. No, I don’t want to amend my review. The app is still useless.

Don’t waste your time & money. I downloaded this app to create some nice pictures of my dog who died few days ago. Every time I try to select his picture from the album I get the error “Something went wrong”. So it was useless for me. Then I tried fully AI generated pictures. They were horrible. Half of the time - the pictures were totally unrelated to what I had asked. And the rest of them were garbage.

Don’t install. Don’t install it’s not free and you can’t even test it without paying

Using AI finally. As a 54 year old male I wasn’t really interested in learning about AI but I found it easy to use and extremely helpful in professionalizing reports and streamlining thoughts as I transition from a lifelong employee to a business owner. Give it a go as it’s easy … and fun!!

Exagerated tools and functionality application. Where do we upload pictures? How come each and every single typing turns out as a used chance; this application lets the user have 6 chances/uses, although asking the helper how to use the application burns a chance/use out of all the chances you have! It tricks the user into paying the application although never really shows the user how they can benefit from the application; imagery wise, it’s a definite fail!

Waste of money!!!. I don’t know how this app got such high ratings! Whenever I try to ask a question, it just loads them eventually times out. I paid for the year up front and now I can’t get my money back!

Fraude. J’ai téléchargé l’application le 7 février et je l’ai supprimé quelques minutes après car elle n’offrait pas les fonctionnalités que je désirais. Ils m’ont directement chargé 57$ sur ma carte alors que j’ai annulé l’abonnement quelques minutes après et que l’application mentionnait quelques jours gratuitement. Je souhaite recevoir un remboursement complet rapidement.

Decent app. Pretty useful if you spend time using it! Too expensive, though. It needs to be more affordable.

Impossible de se désabonner. Impossible de se désabonner, l’option n’existe juste pas sur lappli. Donc le 3 jours gratuits c’est de la foutaise, tu te fais facturer quand même.

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Level Playing Field. I’m a business owner who is also a wheelchair user because of chronic pain condition. I am usually able to write and study well as long as the lupus isn’t affecting my concentration. Most of my writing has been helped by Chat GPT. This has helped me tremendously, and I feel that it’s leveled the playing field for people like me.

COMPLETE WASTE OF MONEY. I spent $42 and some change on this app after tax. I asked one of the chat bots to put together a poem about something and it has been two days! Two days and it keeps telling me that it will work on it and it’s sorry for any inconvenience and it appreciates my patience. What a joke. I also asked to make some pictures and put together things that I did not even ask for. It’s like it takes one word and does whatever it wants with it. It’s a complete waste of money and complete waste of time. I would give it zero stars if I could.

Out of date information. Thank you call me a general question on how to best grow up particular shrub was answered very well. This was my first question with ChatGPT. My second question wanting to know what the CDC’s current recommendations regarding Covid was very disappointing. I’m a medical professional, and noted that the ChatBot provided information from 2021. When asked why the information was so out of date it replied to Ted not been updated. Google would’ve taken me straight to the CDC site. You’ve got a ways to go ChatGPT guess I won’t sell my Alphabet stock yet!

How to plan a driving trip!. I gave specific parameters on where to, how long I want to drive per day, what my budget was for hotels, and to recommend lunch options and highly rated food near the hotels. This would have taken me hours and it gave me great options in seconds!

No information about subscriptions. Other than seeing an opportunity to subscribe, there is very little to NO info about stopping or cancelling a subscription. In fact, it is insulting how little it tells you and if you explore the option about renewing your subscription, it renews you without any options to opt out or cancel the subscription. It’s a bad way to do business. There are lots of other choices out there and I will be trying the others not. Not satisfied with this app.

Ripoff!!. I have paid for a yearly subscription for this app and I have been using it for awhile. I was hit today with a “daily limit for GPT 4 has been reached!” I was not aware of this! This was not brought to my attention that there would be a limitation to acces GPT 4! This is akin to a scam! You make big headlines that you have GPT 4, customer pays for your app expecting full access to GPT 4 features then you hit them with a limited access to the feature! Very disappointed in this company and app. I will not be renewing!

Why 3 stars?. So I used this app and am very disappointed, it’s 6.99 a month or 40 a year , but my problem with the app is it limits me to only 40 pictures a day and as I’m writing a story it does well to create the characters but most photos are blurry where I only got about half of them that are good. Which means it actually limits me even less than 40. I hope in the future if it knows the photos are blurred it doesn’t count towards your daily photos.

IloveChatbox. After using Chatbox for the first time the first time, I realize it is a great tool it is a great tool I wish I would've had it when I was in school text box is very reliable and easy to use. The price is very eggs in expensive for the software as well. The price is very inexpensive for the software as well’

MY FAV APP. I use this app for everything from asking it religious questions to asking it about holidays to asking it about rewriting resumes and cover letters. I have suggested this app to at least five other people. My only suggestion is to create a share app link in the settings area. Fantastic, and highly recommended!

Charges you and makes it difficult to cancel. I delete the app and didn’t sign up for a subscription. They charged me for a week of use. When I downloaded again to make sure my subscription was cancelled they charged me for another week. Th app is very clunky and doesn’t actually allow you to manage your subscription via the app. You click on manage and the only options are to get charged another week of upgrade to a monthly subscription. You literally have to quit the app in order to get back to the main screen.

ChatGPT is cool with me. Beyond the burning question of “How?” is the even greater expression of “Wow!” I dig this! No matter the negative implications, there are some great possibilities that can come from this being available to the world. If a healthy and rational discourse on any subject moves those involved in the discussion towards becoming enlightened then this has the potential for achieving that on a massive scale.

Mind blowing experience. Yo, I’m just putting this out there. If you have any other stuff you’d like me to test I’m all for it and believe me I can keep secrets. This is crazy I was born in the 80s and the 90s they talked about things like this. And a person that deals with ADD. This AI really helps out. It’s really needs to see the future unfolding in front of my eyes. God bless you all ✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️🦚

Constantly stops, and I lose all info!. This program has more glitches than any program I have used. I can’t believe I paid for this. I have been working on a feed for the last hour, saving as I go to my computer… then all of a sudden, the program wipes out everything I had just asked it to help me produce right when it was on the last topic! This is a regular occurrence when I use this program. Fed up!

Bonus to my writing needs!. English is my second language and it helps me a lot when I composed nice letter. I copied and pasted and asked if AI can edit my English. It worked magically. I’m thankful toward God for great tools. Also it help me to get different answer to questions which I don’t understand. Hurrah. I got 50 percent off for one year I grabbed good deal!

Do Not Trust! Responses Not Based on Facts. I tried using this for helping me create a meal plan to hit my specific macros. It looked amazing until I put it into my food app. It had tripled the fat intake I was asking for. Then when I called it out on that, it said it would adjust accordingly. It gave me the exact same meal plan but just said it had less fat. When I asked for portion sizes, it then told me I could get 11g of protein per 1 cup of mixed vegetables like broccoli and zucchini. Peas are the highest vegetable protein and they only have 8g per cup.

Chat assistant keeps crashing. I just purchased it today and I’m thinking I did it too soon. Once you type in the question, the assistance responds with Chat Agent unavailable at the time or some such message. This happens every other time and you end up having to retype the question. I was using another chat gpt app (ai smith) and never faced similar issue with it. So bummed. Had high hopes for this one seeing the reviews. And the picture creation is not all that great either. Tried a couple of fonts- it looks like it’s still very much in R&D.

Not worth it. This Apple generate responses, but is not up-to-date on current information. I tried asking about movies made in the last two years and it said information was not available. Another frustrating thing about this app is there are two versions 3.5 and 4.0. I purchased a year subscription, and I am not able to access 4.0 if I had the chance to buy it again I would not.

Already useful. I took the plunge, paid for a year….and it was already worth the money within one evening. One thing I feel I need to mention…the devs claim this is based on chat gpt 4. When I asked chat gpt itself (using this app) it said it was based on chat gpt 3. I took a screen shot.

Best and most remarkable accomplishment in 21st century.. Having it on my phone is such a blessing and so comforting. I am 80 years old and most all my old friends did not live this long. I didn’t think I could be really surprised anymore, but ChatBot did it. Thanks to all who had a part in this amazing accomplishment.

Missing features from the web version. I’ve been using the web version of ChatGPT for a while and decided to give this app a try. It’s a good beginning, but it’s missing key features from the web version, namely the ability to save separate conversations, regenerate answers to prompts, and the ability to continue prompts with a button. Please add these features to the app version, because at this point it’s inferior to the web version.

ChatBox Straight Forward. ChatBox is just a great app to ask straight forward for any type of question you ask, this app will give you so many straight forward answers that relates to your question, it just knows what to say and that’s what I like about the app; that’s why ChatBox deserves a 5 star rating !!!

best app. This app is literally the best app. I am doing math work and I was struggling so bad all you had to do was tell if the question and I’ll give you the right answer and it’s just the best thing ever because now I can finally peacefully do my math work without having headaches and getting frustrated thank you for whoever made this app. Please use this app its great

I cried when I asked mental health related questions. It felt like I was talking to a caring, kind mature being who didn’t judge me for trying to improve myself and situation. I even said my gratitude and said I’ll update my situation later and it responded like someone who really listened to what I said and is rooting for me. 🥺 chatgpt is amazing!

This is Chat GPT language model 3, not 4.. I just paid for the year subscription for the app. The first question I asked is. What language model it is you using. It responded with 3. I had already paid for on another app called Genie about 5 months ago, it may have been more expensive at the time but it’s also using the 3.5 language model, with an information cutoff date of September 2021. I recommend relabeling the app to accurately reflect the current language model used. What’s the process for getting a refund?

Amazing app. This app is amazing it does have quick answers it helps me understand topics I barely understood I asked is how I can answer a specific question and it responded with a good answer to my questions. this is really useful and I would recommend it to my other friends who struggle with topics like mine.

Stopped working as soon as I paid for a subscription. I used the app a few times and it worked fine. I saw it was on sale so I purchased the professional version. As soon as I purchased the professional version it stopped working for me. Several times now it has said the app is not working or available to please come back later. Now I just tried to copy and paste a picture of text that I needed to review. Surprise surprise I can’t even paste a simple picture into the text box. Would give this app zero stars if I could.

Just wow. Like wow what the heck. Been stuck on writing a beginners drone course ages eight and up for weeks now, and it just wrote it out in 20 seconds. I had hesitated even trying this but it is everything they actually say it is. I am pretty floored right now. This is not your average iPhone Siri that can’t understand a word you’re saying, this is something else.

The future is here!. This is so cool! I had no idea this was possible! I am truly amazed by the capabilities of chat GPT! I just tested it with a few questions I made up and got some pretty in-depth answers that I was not at all expecting to see. There is a long list of items that chat GPT can do… I can easily see this becoming my own personal advisor and pocket encyclopedia! Absolutely fantastic!!!

Well that was the fastest “delete” I’ve ever done. I am so thankful for the help and time saved by using ChatGPT on the web. I was so excited when I saw that I could use it as an app now, but after asking several questions, I can see that the app is just not developed enough to be useful yet. Like an absent-minded old man, it stopped mid-answer, gave me the “thinking” ellipsis, and didn’t let me write anything more as I waited for the never-coming answer. I really hope these issues can be fixed soon, as I am actively looking for a good AI app to use with my mobile devices.

Thanks Doctor!. As septuagenarians we’re new to the AI experience. Our family doctor introduced us to Chatbot and we’re loving it! Whether it is getting some fascinating facts with which to amuse and amaze other old-timers, or gathering ideas for a serious devotional at church, I can quickly see the great value of this app.

Gamechanger. Ope! You lost. ;-) In all seriousness, though, we are all gonna become so much more intelligent and efficient at our “slow thinking” (Thinking Fast and Slow) tasks. Hopefully that will translate into better communication and intentional movement away from a life that exploits the masses and instead helps to improve the wellbeing and quality of life of people and the planet!

This has hand down been one of the best AI Assistants. From helping me come up with new ideas, healthy recipes, financial budget breakdowns you name it as long as you give it the right prompt and it doesn’t have to be as specific it’ll help you come up with just about anything!!

Too many words won’t write anything for me. I’d really like some help, and it is a review. I paid for the premium version and every time I ask a question be a little or small it says I have too many words and will not answer my question. This is upsetting. But I’m counting on it to help out with what I need. I end up trying to shorten it even down to two words, and it keeps telling me I have too many words I won’t answer the question outside that it was working fine for about a day.

Apparently no customer service. I’ve been reaching out to this company concerning the lifetime subscription that they have advertised here in the App Store as it does not appear anywhere in the app. No one is responding to any of my many emails. I’ve also gone to my settings and subscriptions, the only subscriptions available is a yearly subscription and a weekly subscription, neither of which I’m interested in. Hopefully they can see this message here since they do not respond to emails, and can direct me to how I can purchase lifetime. P.S. I thoroughly checked my spam folder and no response there either.

False Advertising. Just go use the online or app version of CHATGPT. The reason I say this is because they falsely advertised their “AI Photo Generator” which was the only unique feature they had to offer compared to the other CHATGPT sources. I would love to be proven wrong because what this app advertises seems amazing until you download, subscribe, and try it out just to find out it’s the same exact thing just formatted differently. If one of you could get back to me and explain what I could possibly be doing wrong, I’d greatly appreciate it!

Needs tweaking. The bot does amazing work creating essays but there’s two critical issues that can backfire on anyone if they don’t proofread or verify the integrity of the essay: 1. Quotes 2. Sources cited The quotes the bot uses are never word for word from the article/s they claim to extract them from. Even when I ask if these quotes are word for word, they say yes, when it’s not. It’s paraphrased at best. Best thing to do is to exclude quotes. The sources cited are always fake links to real websites. The best thing to do is provide the links for them and to have them base their answers from the links, but tell them not to quote. Also, the year May sometimes be wrong too, always double check the year of the citations. Please try to fix these issues, then I’ll give 5 stars.

Amazing. This app is amazing! Where has it been all of my life??? It has had a correct answer for everything I have asked it as well as written a couple of papers. Where things would normally take the average person anywhere from a hour up to a few days it will do it in the matter of seconds. I am mind blown!

Worked well until…. Loved it up until this morning when it got real, I have been using this to write legal documents for several months, I needed to used it to write a truss pass against a police officer and it says it can’t do it but I had it write similar truss passes. This is pure racism at work and built to help take away our rights.

Incredibly disappointed / False Advertisement. I am incredibly disappointed by this app. I am in need of new headshots but am on a very limited budget. This app listed that you can create headshots, but you cannot. I finally found the image generator, but it does not allow you to upload photos of yourself to reference in order to make said photos. I found other apps that did allow you to use your own photos as reference. Just a disappointment that it says it can be done with this app.

Suggestion. Also have voice talk also instead of just text also voice to do languages recipes etc voice talk press talk voice button and also free instead of pay for unlimited and more accurate answers better then google translate reverse for languages etc thanks and also be on insagram Facebook so people can give ideas thanks and better. Then translating apps like a teacher in school for languages subjects test quiz etc thanks

Leftist Woke favoritism. It is programmed, so that if you ask a question such as “transgender women in female bathrooms” or “transgender women in women’s sports“ it would always favor the woke ideas of today, if you ask it about “communism, or Socialism“ it would actually comment of the positive things in Socialism and communism as they see it, it will refuse to give you anything that shows a conservative idea therefore, I read it one star because if I read no stars, it won’t allow me, it is a piece of garbage as everything else in this country today!

A little upset. I use this a lot, it’s extremely helpful until it isn’t. It seems like more recently than not I will go to ask a question and if doesn’t load the answer. I paid for the year subscription so you can understand my frustration. When it actually works it’s extremely helpful but I can’t get it to work at all anymore. I’ve cleared my cache, deleted the app and installed it again. I’ve done everything I can think of to fix it.

Songwriting. I decided to see if it could write a song based upon the prompts that I gave it. It did much better than I expected. It wasn’t quite perfect but changing a couple of lines isn’t too bad. I might see what else it can do. I don’t know if it can write the chords and melody though. Maybe I’ll try it.

Amazing stuff. I’ve used it for useful stuff in the past and was pretty entertained with it. But now I am using it to help me start my own business and it’s giving such thorough and useful information. This program is starting to change my life. I’m probably going to pay for the year membership after this trial.

Review by Eddy4shoT. This has been most enlightening, I have tried to solve this problem of having network assisted storage with out an actual NAS device and just recently discovered CHatGPT could assist, i must say im pleasantly impressed, this takes assistance to a whole new level! Good job so far everyone involved!

Lots of lies and excuses…. I tasked the marketing bot to design a business logo. The first drafts were off target or unrecognizable. When I provided more specific instructions, the bot said it would re-design. That’s when the delays started. First it would be ready “soon”. Then it claimed “2-3 hours”, then “30 minutes”, then “tomorrow”… After several days of excuses and missed promises, I cancelled. I’m less concerned with the length of time it would take to complete a design than the repeated false promises that it would be ready soon.

Stopped working. I downloaded and started using the app last year, It worked fine and was a simple tool that I found useful to help me find answers to obscure questions but now with so many features, it has become far less useful and has tecently stopped working, says it is having “technical issues” I hope the developers go back to focus on a quality product and less so on features that stop working. It is not currently worth paying a subscription for.

Best chat AI to use!. I’ve used many chat apps and AIs, this one is definitely the best. It gives the most up to date information and always has the best advice. I have used this to create well written PowerPoints to gathering important information for business purposes. Never crashes, no bugs, works with my VPN active. Great APP!

Awesome App. It’s an awesome app, it’s useful and a little bit scary. I’ve only been using it a couple days and I can say I wish it stored my questions and answers within the app to refer back to. Other than that it’s a great app and interesting app. In like 3 seconds I had a great recipe for a delicious home made moist chocolate cake! Please create storage within the app.

Limited amount of ai generated pics per day. I paid for a yearly subscription. I was generating pictures for a project and it kept generating pictures that had deformities on the faces. Or it blurred the picture or made it cartoonish and I needed normal looking pictures. I rated a 1 because it told me I have reached my daily limit to generate pictures. I’m literally stuck on a project and paid for this app 12 months in advance because I expected that it would hold strong with good results. I’m disappointed because I need to be able to create more pictures if a majority of your so generated pictures are deformed and blurred and not what I requested for my description of the image. I’m super upset I was on a creative roll. Uggh someone help.. maybe I should just download another app as well..

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Adult Rating 12+ years and older
Current Version 1.32
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Compatibility iOS 15.0 or later

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The application ChatBox - Ask AI Chatbot was published in the category Productivity on 21 April 2023, Friday and was developed by FLORATE LIMITED [Developer ID: 1682503272]. This program file size is 78.7 MB. This app has been rated by 91,555 users and has a rating of 4.6 out of 5. ChatBox - Ask AI Chatbot - Productivity app posted on 15 April 2024, Monday current version is 1.32 and works well on iOS 15.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: Languages supported by the app:

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Greetings! It’s ChatBox here with great news for you! My human colleagues and I have made multiple improvements to enhance your chatting experience. Now, I’m even faster, more convenient and useful! As always, our mission is to ensure that you have the best possible time chatting with me. We value your feedback highly, so please don't hesitate to share your thoughts on the App Store!

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