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What is wipr app? Wipr blocks all ads, trackers, cryptocurrency miners, EU cookie and GDPR notices, and other annoyances, so you can focus on the content that matters to you.

It works in Safari and all apps that use Safari to display web pages.

• Time, Data, and Battery Saver
Web pages load a lot faster with Wipr, and much less needs to be downloaded. Your mobile devices will love this.

• Private
Wipr prevents countless trackers from invading your privacy. Wipr itself cannot, nor wants to, know what you do on the web.

• Fast
By using a new technology called Content Blocking Extensions, Wipr can do its job without slowing down Safari at all.

• Up-to-date
Wipr's blocklist is updated twice a week to keep up with the ever-changing web.

• Honest
No one can pay to unblock ads. There are no "acceptable ads". Wipr only answers to you.

• Global
Wipr will use an enhanced blocklist for Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Thai, and Vietnamese speakers.

• Smart
You can set up Wipr in seconds, and it will update automatically in the background to block future annoyances. There is no configuration.

This app was built with love and patience. I hope you'll enjoy using it as much as I enjoyed designing and building it.

Wipr is also available for your Mac, look for it in the Mac App Store!

Enjoy a cleaner web!

Terms & Conditions: https://giorgiocalderolla.com/terms-and-conditions.html

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How to contact Wipr (Giorgio Calderolla)?
Find this site the customer service details of Wipr. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company. https://appsupports.co/1030595027/wipr/contact

Wipr Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Wipr Version 1.3804 January 2023

• Under-the-hood improvements.

Wipr Version 1.3721 October 2022

• Compatibility with iPadOS 16 • Wipr Extra improvements.

Wipr Comments & Reviews 2023

- Awesome 👍

Last update now works almost perfect. As far as content blockers go, this is by far at the top of the pile. Been using AdGuard for the longest time and now I use it as my backup to Wipr as Wipr is lighter and faster than AdGuard. Crossing my fingers the Mac version works just as well. Thanks!

- So Far Nothing! Not Working at All!

The 3 stars are because I don’t know yet if I’m doing something or it’s the app’s fault. And I don’t know because I’ve had no response to my plea for help. I’ve done everything requested (as per app instructions) of me in trying to fix this and nothing, nada, ingenting, zilch … I’m so depressed at this point. This is the straw that has broken the camel’s back. One piece of tech after another is just flawed. It’s all crap and there’s no way around it. But you try anyway, you go online to find solutions and half way through the process the instructions tell you to go to a particular setting in the drop down menu and it doesn’t exist. Nothing is beautifully built, nothing works, fonts in pale grey can’t be read. I give up.

- Get this APP if you want real AD blocking!

I am incredibly pleased with this App. Only hiccup I encountered was trying to turn it on after downloading. It took some investigating but I figured it out. For an IPhone you may encounter this issue where toggle to turn on Wipr is greyed out. If so go to screen time settings and restrictions- content restrictions- and change internet content filter to unrestricted access. Then you will be able to turn on toggles to authorize Wipr. Afterwards you can go back into screen time settings and content restrictions and turn back on your desired content filter for browsing. Hope this is helpful. Final note, I was using Norton Ad Blocker prior to this and I found theirs annoying that it still displayed empty screen space where ads were but just didn’t show content. Seemed to limit loading speed of images. I love Wipr in comparison. Not wasting time loading empty squares on your screen. Browsing is much quicker. And I have terrible service reception where I live.

- Work around for other apps

This app works very well in Safari (as stated in the info) but not at all in other apps. This work around has worked well for me. I use the Flipboard app (I like the app formatting better than the Safari Flipboard version) for reading news and nothing I’ve found defeats the 5 to 10 ads in each story I try to read. Ads are so intrusive it is difficult to determine what is an ad and what is the story without close scrutiny. TRY THIS. In the Flipboard app Find a story you want to read. Click on the box with the up arrow (at the bottom of the screen). On the bottom row of the pop up, select “Open in Safari”. Read the story ad free, then click the “Flipboard” in upper left corner of the screen. I assume this works in other apps but have not checked. Another hint. While you have that pop up open, click on the “...” option and move “Open in Safari” to the top so that it shows first in the pop up That way it will appear first when the pop up opens and you don’t have to scroll to find it.

- Hidden Gem, Highly Recommended!

Update: New MAC version is excellent as well! Give it a try! The only thing I would like to see eventually is the ability to add rules or add an element hiding option for users to add their own rules. But overall my original review still applies, highly recommended! This is the most versatile and usable content blocker on the app store. It is fast and efficient without breaking the content. This one also does not leave any whitespace when blocking ads. I use Wipr on iOS as well as OS X. The developer is also very helpful and responsive. I would recommend this blocker to anyone who wants faster browsing, without breaking pages. 5 Stars

- It just works!

I just recently go an iPad and I’ve been trying my hand at using Safari instead of FireFox and Chrome. So far so good, but I realized that I’ve come to be very accustomed to the AdBlock’d life of browsing on my MacBook, so I started to look for a good AdBlocker. From checking the top apps in the App Store for Content Blocking, this appeared to the best one. So far it’s been working perfectly. I frequent blog sites like Gizmodo, and they have horrendous ads that expanding in the screen and take up like 1/3rd of the reading space. With this app, the entire ad doesn’t show up and all I see is what I want to see :)

- Love it on my Mac, just as good on iPhone

I’ve used several blockers and I like Wipr the best so far. Seems to block the stuff you want blocked without ruining site functionality. On macOS it isn’t as big a deal because you can reload a page without blockers, but on iOS it’s all or nothing when it comes to content blockers. I found I was turning off my other blocker too often so I could get various pieces of websites to work. I can whitelist, but I’d prefer to block as much as possible without compromising the usefulness of the site. Wipr seems to do that better than any other I’ve tried.

- Works great, no complaints

I've been using Wipr for macOS for a while now, but a very outdated ad blocker for iOS (hasn't been updated in 3 years!) As such, it wasn't doing a stellar job these days. Having been happy with the macOS version of Wipr, I decided to double dip -- 2 bucks is a small price to pay for clean, simple web browsing. Very happy with the improvements over my outdated ad blocker. Works great, instantly, and doesn't seem to have any impact on performance whatsoever. Ads (nor their placeholders) even get a chance to render. Thanks for coming to my Ted talk.

- This works very well!

I’ve been using many other content blockers; some that did more than I need, and some that don’t get updated regularly enough for sites not to break. I don’t feel the need to keep looking after using this app. In-app updates for the content filters twice a week - plus it focuses on removing ads and protecting my privacy. One thing I would like to see is some text indicating the last time the rules were successfully updated so I can be sure it’s working in the background.

- Phenomenal | Just Works

I’ve been a longtime user of Adgaurd, but I recently noticed that web pages were taking significantly longer to load *without* Adguard enabled, which seemed silly. So I went on the hunt for a new ad blocker, and Reddit brought me here. For the low price of a couple of bucks, Wipr has immediately fixed all of my problems. Web pages load at lightning fast speeds again, Adblock test websites register 100% coverage, and I couldn’t be happier!

- Get it and forget it!

This app is perfect if you want to clean up websites without doing any work! I just paid so it would keep working on my Mac after Apple changed the way Extensions work in Safari 13, without hesitation because I just want this to exist and continue to work (yeah, there's one for the Mac too!)! The developer's stance on privacy is very much appreciated as well! Buy it, use it, and if you ever doubt you needed it, disable the extension and surf the web and see how awful things are.

- The best ad blocker - won’t try to charge you every time

Pay once, and use easy list ad blockers that are updated frequently whenever new updates come out. Wipr is hands down the best out of all The ad blockers. Very minimal, set it and leave it. The best part (unlike other ad blockers) the developer is not implementing a forced subscription service for more money, instead you are given the opportunity to donate in a monthly bases


This is literally the perfect ad blocker for me, almost like it was tailor-made. NO settings to fool with, NO interface, NO anything. Download it, turn it on, forget it. Wipr has done a fantastic job so far, and if I ever do encounter a website or page with a problem, I can temporarily disable Wipr or add the site to a whitelist. This is exactly how I want ad blocking to work. This little app should be $10-15, not $2! Congratulations to developer Giorgio, who also provides excellent and personal support via email.

- The Real Deal

Hands-down the best as blocker for iOS. It’s legit, the developer supports it and you know he won’t abandon it out sell you out, it’s very efficient yet unobtrusive. It also does not block non-ad site elements. Plus there is a Mac equivalent on the Mac App Store, so the great experience is consistent across your Apple devices. Can’t recommend Wipr enough and I wish more people discover it and use it over all the abandonware, bloated, aggressive and/or ineffective ad blockers the App Store is full of.

- Really love Wipr! Always come back.

Every once in a while, I wonder how some of the newer competing ad blockers stack up to Wipr... I try them for a few days, and usually notice an extra ad here and there. And then I come crawling back to Wipr! Most importantly, Wipr does the best job of removing the blank spaces where ads would have been. Noticed that Wipr hasn’t seen a new update in a while (still works perfectly however)... wanted to thank the dev and hope it’s still in development!!

- Superb blocker. Exactly as advertised (pun intended). Too powerful for me.

Frequently and lovingly updated Easy Privacy block list, just as advertised. If you want an ad blocker, or if you want to avoid user (your) tracking, then unequivocally, THIS IS IT! Superb in all ways. Unfortunately for puny old me, I can’t handle the strength of its protection and find I must often disable then re-enable the filter for my important stuff (medical, financial, legal…) so I have decided it is far more important for my efficient work simply to remove it, devil be ******.

- WIPR wiped the ads!

Thank you developers for this app. My iPad Pro 2020 was awash in ads after I downloaded iOS 15.4. Maybe it killed my old ad blocker? I don’t know….not a techie. I was horrified😳 by the number of ads…..yikes! 99% solved instantly with WIPR thank you so much. I read in my pre purchase research that WIPR plays well with iOS devices and it’s true. Effortless install, no password/email to fool with either….❤️WIPR.

- The best option

Agree with all the other five stars. This is, hands down, the best ad blocker available on either iOS or the Mac. Literally is set and forget. Updates the block list on its own and actually works. If you want configurability, this might not be the one for you but if you want to just put it on your device and forget about it, this is definitely the one.

- Have to re-purchase for every device.

It just so happens that I’m using my iPhone to find safari extensions, primarily to use on my iPad, and bought this thinking “cool, I’ll just install it on my iPad next time I use it”. Well I go to do so and there is no download option, rather only the option to purchase the app again, ergo, single use license even though there is no such mention of this in the apps listing on the App Store. This is extremely scummy and I’ll be requesting a refund and purchasing an alternative. Would rate zero stars for this alone if I could.

- The best ad blocker, period.

i have tried a lot of ad blockers available on the App Store over the past many years, and I settled on wiper over a year ago. are used it on my iPad, iPhone, and Mac. I have come to the conclusion that this is the best ad blocker available right now. In addition, the developer respects our privacy by not collecting any data.

- Easy and just works

Ok, I have used Adblock for years. They have problems with newest Mojave Safari, so I tried a few others (Mac and iOS) UBlocker never seemed to do much even though it is highly rated I have tried Ghostery but after reading how they sell used browser data I removed it 1Password looked promising with so many options. Filter lists are not updated other than with a new version is 1Blocker. In addition some of those annoying video pop up add would get past it. Wipr seemed too simple, but it works great. You can disable filtering using Safari rather than Wipr itself. Automatic updates to the filter lists. It my new iOS and Mac add and tracker blocker!

- This is the one, period.

First of all, thanks to the developer for the great job. This is the best ad blocking software I have ever used on my mac and iPhone. Seeing “Wipr does not have permission to read or transmit content from any webpages” statement (for macOS) in a multi-filter featured (iOS and macOS) and automatic filter list updating enabled (iOS and macOS) ad blocker cannot be exchanged for anything else. As best of my knowledge this software is the only one which capable of doing this in both platforms (iOS and macOS). I do not care of personalization settings, custom lists, rules, or whitelisting. I just wanted an effective ad blocking software that the developer of it does not track me. That’s all. And after all, I found it!

- Is Good, Stopped ‘COX’ page hijacking ad’s!

Works, & didn’t slow page load. 👍🏼 Been using Safari no blocker. Last two days started getting page jack pop up Ad across multiple web pages. Everybody’s favorite! “Dear Cox Customer”! (you have been selected by and for us to hijack this webpage)! You could maybe win a Walmart gift card and your IP address is this x-xxx-xx!

- Quite Simply..THIS DOES NOT WORK :-/

When you see such a high ratings and consistently positive reviews, you would expect the app to live up to the hype or in this case, one simple basic function. All this app has to do - is block ads - and it does not or cannot do that - at all. I would love to know what websites these positive reviewers are using because they couldn’t using ones plagued by any modern ad-tech which is indeed pesky but not impossible to defeat. uBlock Origin is hands down the best ad blocker of all time. I actually want my $2 back :-/

- Highly recommended! Are use on my MacBook Air, iPhone, and iPad

I’ve tried many contact blockers. This one is the best. It respects your privacy and doesn’t read anything from your browser window – for example usernames and passwords etc. I use this on all of my Mac products and I’m very happy that the developer is keeping it up-to-date with iOS 14.

- This. Right. Here.

This is an INCREDIBLE ad blocker. It does everything you want and then some. I honestly cannot remember what ads look like on safari on my iPhone and MacBook. I would pay for this again if I could. The developer also constantly updates this. It’s well worth the money. Buy this today. You won’t be upset. I promise.

- Phenomenal replacement for UBlock Origin

Like many I was bummed when UBlock Origin got pulled. I tired 1BlockerX but the dev screwed over the user base by sunsetting the “legacy” app and going to a subscription or $40 price tag. Great extension, and much better to use native Safari website setting to disable content blockers rather than an app. Super light, super nice.


This is by far the best-performing Adblock on iOS. I have tested most of the popular ones on the store and none have worked quite as smoothly with as small as a performance impact as Wipr. Load times are lightening fast and even ads in 3rd party apps that use the Safari backend are blocked (I.e. Reddit and the like).

- Highly Recommended!

Saw a lot of people on Reddit and here recommending this app and decided why not try it and it’s great! Definitely worth the purchase. Does exactly what it says, very easy install and then you never have to worry about ads again. $2 is a very fair price. Thank you devs!

- It works!

I’ve been using it for about five months and so far it works well. What I like is the fact that it runs in the background and updates automatically. Don’t have to check it unless you want to. 👍

- Working

My original review: “Perhaps I am missing something, but I followed the instructions for how to enable the extension in safari permissions. Restarted safari, still seeing ads everywhere.” Now I refreshed Wipr and it’s working great on Safari on a news website with aggressive ads.

- A++

Does everything it says it does, seamlessly. It’s initial activation is about the easiest thing I’ve ever had to do to get an app up and running. And, since activating it, I’ve quite literally had to do nothing to keep my webpages neat and clean - since Wipr does all that for me in the background - out of sight and out of mind.

- My fave out of them all

✅privacy-conscious ✅works well, never breaks ❤️‍🩹need to open the “app” now and then to ensure iOS does not stop it from auto-updating (maybe the developer could send a reminder alert once a week to keep the app “alive”?)

- Fantastic filtering with K*I*S*S simplicity

Have been using this on both IOS and MacOS for years. I appreciate the simplicity / lack of config options, as I’d rather not spend my days tweaking a tool. Works great, no config options - if you want to tweak things, this ain’t for you

- 10 stars

What a hidden gem! At first it didn’t work. Safari ads are still popping as heck, but after sometime, or rather after updating the app for for a few times, it just suddenly worked. No more annoying ads.

- Stopped working

It worked for about 12 hours. Woke up and it’s stuck on trying to download updates. Says please check internet connection. Update: come to find out it will not update the list if on cellular. I connected it to my WiFi and it updated fine. Maybe a bug? Another update: does not update over cellular. Only WiFi. So if I close the app completely and have to reopen it I better hope I’m on WiFi in order for it to clear the update message. Deleted app.

- By far the best iOS Safari as blocker

I have a tried a few safari ad blockers and this one is by far the best. Way better than the “original” blockers that I have used for years. They also have a Mac safari app that works equally as well on the computer.

- The heck

I still get ads when I go on animesuge,and I use the Wipr button😶‍🌫️…. It still shows 3 pop ups everytime,you can see for you self. Just type animesuge and click on an anime And you see what I meant

- Install...

...and forget. A great content blocker that actually works, doesn’t interfere with videos, and clears the page of all blank spaces left behind by ads. And it’s all for free! Make sure to support this developer by donating a “tip” through the app!

- No more redirects to fake gift card sites

Finally! The sequence of clearing browser data + airplane mode + phone reboot would no longer stop browsers from redirecting to full-screen scam ads. Now at least my Safari browser has become immune to those! : )

- Best $2 spent ever!

It actually works! I downloaded after a review from New York Times. It has lived up to the claims. Even after several months, it continues to prove effective. If it could only block anything “Kardasian”, too…

- First app to install on new device

Anytime I setup the phone, this is the first app I install! You never realize the improvement in browsing experience since I do not remember browsing any site without Wipr.

- Great adblocker

Love the app, been using it since day one. One question for the dev, tho: is there a way to see when there’s an update/refresh available? I find myself going into the app and hitting automatic refresh to see if there’s an update. Thanks!

- Excellent App!!

5 stars only. Deserves 10 stars and if I could I would give it 10. App is awesome. Just the content no more scrolling through miles of garbage. Worth the small amount of money and what I’ve seen with the App I would have paid more with no complaints. Excellent App and Awesome job for creating a much needed ad blocker. Nice to see “ We have noticed you have a content blocker on. If you want the fullness of this site please consider turning it on “. Ha ha no thank you. One very happy customer.

- Not impressed

I have had other blocker apps that were FREE that worked better than this. Still the same spam in my personal email account related directly to browsing or petition signing, what not, and then it spreads————/——Waste of the measly 2 bucks. I’ll just start forwarding to Gmail, which has much better “blocking sense”. Oh, and the developers never answered my feedback email. The moral? Those you don’t want any contact? FIND YOU. Those you do want to contact you? IGNORE YOU.

- Best ad-block period.

I’ve tried them all over the years, but Wipr is on a different level. Thank you thank for this app, and thank you Apple for allowing extensions like these.

- You’re pretty good

Works well, blocks most ads without interfering with what I want to see. Doesn’t like to update automatically but once a week I open in and refresh and things are fine. Love the Mac app too. Thanks!

- Amazing, Top Notch!

This content blocker is clever and effective. Awesome support from the developer and a cool design never hurts. Anybody who's a little disappointed by the rejection of multi-app ad blockers should give this amazing Safari content blocker a try. It's definitely top notch!

- Was Only Good At First

For the first few weeks this app was great which is the only reason I’m giving it 2 stars instead of 1. But today it just stopped working (June 27, 2022). I’ve tried turning everything off and back on again but adds keep popping up. I loved it at first but it’s being pretty crappy right now.

- Wipr now brings a pop up banner

(Fast access to Google) banner constantly shows on my safari. I tried everything to make it stop and couldn’t until I deleted Wipr. It was also glitching safari. Faded links, blank pages and inconsistent black and white mode. Fix this! I paid for this to work and it use to work great. Now creates problems.

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- The perfect, safe, way to block ads

This works incredibly well. The web is a faster, cleaner and safer place with Wipr preventing so much JavaScript and ad related content from loading. I use Wipr on the Mac also, and again, this is much better than a extension such as Adblock / Plus. Such extensions can read everything you put into a website - usernames, passwords, the lot! Wipr simply blocks content on the list, and never reads my private information. Who could ask for more? This app deserves widespread support!

- Effective, cheap, and easy to use!

It’s all in the title. I’ve tried almost every ad blocker on the App Store and I keep coming back to Wipr. It’s stupidly easy to use (automatic refresh means it looks after itself), and the new Wipr Extra extension (a free upgrade if you’re on iOS 15) makes it even more effective. I’d give 6 stars if I could.

- Does what it says

Before installing there were about 5 ads on the bottom of a page I was on after installing and setting up I reloaded the exact same page, it loaded faster and the ads were nowhere to be found and there were no empty spaces where they used to be.

- Elegant, effective and doesn’t hog resources

Other blockers seem to have become bloated and resource intensive over time. Wipr has continued to be updated regularly but without becoming a processor hog. Simple and elegant and up-to-date, it’s now my only choice for blocking on iOS and Mac.

- Must have

Does what it says. Add DUCK DUCK GO . Add NORDVPN. Now Tim Cook is protecting the people from the usual suspects.....it is a “Wonderful Life,” surfing the Web. PS every now and again I donate some small change, ie beer money. Remember nothing comes from no where. It takes talent and dedication. Wanna be free.....just take the first step ! Ronnie

- So far excellent.

I’ve been using the same app on my Mac Laptop and it’s been great. I had to replace the AdBlock blocker for Safari which was consuming a ridiculous amount of resources (memory and cpu). This app is tiny yet as powerful. I hope I’ll get the same experience on my phone.

- Does what it says on the box

Having used it for a week Wipr seems to do the trick. The ad blocking is very effective (better than Crystal). It is hard to assess the tracking, but it appears to work. Thanks for the great app.

- Works so well ...

Works so well it’s easy to forget how annoying it was without it. Great, silent and unobtrusive. Thanks to the developer/s

- Excellent

Perfect functionality, could not recommend any higher. 💮💮💮

- Fantastic 😀

Best adblocker bar none!!!!

- Waste of money

Just paid for the app after trying many others that didn't work, and the first site I loaded was full of ads.

- Doesn’t work

Still have ads popping up everywhere.

- Doesn’t block google banners or ads.

As per title. Will ask for a refund.

- Excellent App

I have Wipr in my Mac and it does a great job. Got Wipr for iOS and it is one of the essential apps for your iPhone or iPad

- Simply perfect

Wipr on iOS and iPadOS is, simply put, perfect. I’ve used Wipr on the Mac for years, and have been impressed by how well it works and how unobtrusive it is. Setup is easy and the effects are visible immediately. I’m particularly appreciative of the Wipr Extra extension which has been great at removing ads from sites like YouTube. Always happy to support great software and independent developers.

- Decent.

I have to use this in extension mode as well as AdGuard together in order to fully block YouTube ads.

- No longer blocks YouTube Ads in Safari

No longer blocks YouTube pre-roll ads in Safari. Used to.

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- Review

Good application, would recommend.

- Great app backed by a good developer

Easy to set up and updated often. Blocks out many annoying ads including advertisements, sponsored or otherwise, from YouTube. Had a problem with some ads showing on a particular website and Giorgio (the developer of Wipr) was quick to reply to my emails, and worked back and forth with me to troubleshoot. Wouldn’t hesitate to contact him if there’s any ads showing on a site you frequent, as he seems to care about updating his app to suit his users needs. Great job and wouldn’t hesitate to purchase over the other ad blockers!

- The best one

Lots of ad trackers out there for iOS, most of them don’t work and a lot of the ones that do charge your first born as a yearly sub cost. This is a one time charge (plus tip if you’re feeling frisky) and it works fantastic, set up is a breeze and it hasn’t slowed down my browsing at all.

- Top notch on PC and mobile

Absolutely love the “set it and forget it” approach to this app. Been using it on PC since the initial launch and I’ve never had to consider an alternative.

- Doesn’t work

Worked for the 1st week I got it, now everything back to Seeing ads every site I visit even refreshing a few per day

- Does not work

Does not block anything really. Terms and conditions pop ups on every website are still coming up. YouTube pop ups and previews still play. Since installing and paying for this service I have not noticed any improvement in my browsing experience. Not worth the money until a manual block list is installed and the end user is allowed to designate the offending pop,up and have it blocked. Do not download. Do not pay because just like everything else it promises a lot and delivers little.

- Excellent

Excellent app, unobtrusive, reliable and updated regularly.

- Great App

Inexpensive - works well - updated regularly - highly recommended.

- The One & Only True Blocker!

I’ve been using this app for a number of years with bunch of others! Most of them either switched to subscription or stopped updating their apps! As I started getting rid of others, I noticed this app on its own, thanks to its super active developer does it all by itself. FWIW, a few times I emailed developer about some web sites that learned new tricks to show Ads - in less than a day got a response from him and promised he would take care of them! And, he did! Highly recommend try this app. You won’t regret your decision.

- Great iOS Safari blocker

Great iOS Safari blocker

- Fantastic App

I've been using a variety of free ad blockers for years and while some work better than others, none of them work as well as Wipr! I'm always hesitant to spend money on an app in case it's a dud and I will never pay a monthly subscription for any app but this is simply amazing. So impressed with it that I bought it for my iMac as well as my iphone and ipad. Was a bit fiddly getting it up and running but well worth the few minutes it took to figure it out.

- Works perfect

I’ve tried them all, this is the one. Works exactly how it should, free (tipping is optional), lightweight, just install and done.

- This one works

Seems to just work. At least for blocking ads on news sites and the like. Not sure about the other stuff or use cases. I briefly tried a few other options before this one, none of which did the trick, so I was pleasantly surprised when this one did. Worth the price.

- Doesnt block youtube anymore


- Youtube ads no longer blocked by wipr

Does not block youtube ads.

- YouTube and Twitch not blocked

Don’t waste your money tell YouTube and twitch ads blocking gets fixed. The FAQ has had this YouTube issue up for months yet nothing has been done to fix it.

- Not blocking any ads

Paid for this ad blocker and it’s not blocking the ads anymore

- No longer works

This app used to be great, but it no longer blocks YouTube ads

- Hmmm.

Seemed to work fine until recently. Always have to restart it on youtube yet now won’t block the ads.

- Used to be great

Used to be great and I gladly paid for the app on iOS and Mac but recently is no longer blocks YouTube ads and frankly doesn’t work at all lol

- Does Not Work

Tried for an hour and only worked on one website and only if I open the page after I fully restarted the Safari app. Very disappointing. Seems like Apple has fully limited the way ad blockers app works in iOS; however to charge user to block one webpage is just terrible.

- Absurd

Maybe it’s me but this app doesn’t block any ads on any site I frequently use. Absolute garbage

- Simple and it works

Very simple. Use it on my iPad. No issues. Blocks adds.

- Great App!

However, there are a couple of things I'd like to see: 1. Get rid of the pop-over and just put the update UI in the main window. 2. Show the date of the currently-used block-list in the UI—something like, "You have the 2019-05-01 block list." (BTW, these also apply to the macOS version.)

- Straightforward and does the job

Great app. Thank you.

- No nonsense, get it!

Super simple to use, affordable, works perfectly almost every time, friendly developer.

- Outstanding

Annoying ads in Safari have you scrambling for screen real estate? Wipr wipes those ads away giving you clean content to enjoy.

- Working as intended.

This is a no nonsense adblocker that delivers exactly what it promises. No acceptable ads nonsense either. Just a clean, fast browsing experience with no intrusions. Block list updates are frequent enough that once ads start creeping through it usually means I forgot to download the latest list. 5+ stars for outstanding service.

- Great app

Does its job well

- The best

Blocks all the ads!

- Install, block, forget

Block it all, no settings, no ads, no trackers, no intrusion from the app. Unlike other tracker and app blockers this extension doesn't ask for permission to see what you're doing, and doesn't let "unobtrusive" ads through, it doesn't even ask you if you want. Literally just install, block, forget.

- Works great

Thank you!!

- Best Ad Blocker

Almost no configuration, auto updates, no mistakes, no ads.

- Fantastic

Great on the Mac, just as good on iOS.


I've tried the rest, and now I use the best. This Safari content blocker doesn't break pages and actually gets regular updates to its block list. It also doesn't beg you to enable notifications like Purify does. Speaking of Purify, it's list is woefully out of date and includes none of the updates needed to fix issues that I personally reported. With Wipr, I don't have to report things that need blocking because they're already blocked!

- Best content blocker yet!

I've used crystal, purify, distilled and 1blocker. All of them had some problems. Crystal accepts bribes from advertisers; purify broke many pages; distilled didn't block video ads, 1blocker didn't block sponsored ads. Wipr on the other hand, was able to block every ad, without giving any rendering issues. This is hands down the best content blocker yet. I look forward to future feature addition by the developer. Oh, and if you are a Mac user, wipr is free for OSX.

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Wipr 1.38 Screenshots & Images

Wipr iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Wipr iphone images
Wipr iphone images
Wipr iphone images
Wipr iphone images

Wipr (Version 1.38) Install & Download

The applications Wipr was published in the category Productivity on 2015-09-24 and was developed by Giorgio Calderolla [Developer ID: 379876189]. This application file size is 11.08 MB. Wipr - Productivity app posted on 2023-01-04 current version is 1.38 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.giorgiocalderolla.Wipr