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What is password manager data vault app? The Leading Password Manager for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch ◇ AES Encryption ◇ Face ID ◇ Touch ID ◇ Apple Watch ◇ Website Logins ◇ Safari Autofill ◇ iCloud Sync ◇ Automatic Backups ◇ Password Generator ◇ Flexible Templates ◇ Advanced Security Options

Secure. Powerful. Simple. Try DataVault Password Manager today!

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Is your private information safe? Are your passwords secure?

DataVault Password Manager protects confidential information related to credit cards, bank accounts, logins and more using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), the most powerful technology to keep your data secure. DataVault Password Manager includes a unique set of features like Face ID, Touch ID, Website Logins, iCloud backups and advanced security options to protect your most precious information.

Unrivaled features and ease-of-use have made DataVault a best-selling password manager for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch.


“Essential Gear. A password manager should be one of the first apps you download. I compared a few and this one excelled because it could sync across multiple devices.”

“Rock Solid Foundation. I've tried most of the password apps and selected this one for its flexibility in defining item templates, ability to sync one database to multiple mobile devices, and strong desktop versions. I have 1100 items now and the app has performed brilliantly.”

“Terrific Customer Support. My question was answered within 24 hours and the issue resolved. Now that's what I expect from a developer!!!”

“I have been using DataVault for many years. Song the way, I have tried other Password Managers but have always come back to DataVault. It is simple to use, and all data resides on my hardware, fully encrypted.”

“Absolutely the best password safe across all platforms and outstanding support!”

• Encrypts information using 256-bit AES with PBKDF2 and salting to insure the highest security of any password manager. Nobody can access your data without your master password, not even Ascendo.
• Enable Face ID to login with facial recognition and Touch ID to login with your fingerprint.
• Set Auto-Lock duration to require login after an inactivity delay.
• Set Maximum Login Attempts to wipe your data after successive failed login attempts.
• Set a hint in case you forget your master password.
• Mask information to shield it from prying eyes.

• Access passwords and private information securely on your Apple Watch.
• Log in to websites automatically using Safari.
* Choose from 65 pre-configured logins such as Amazon, Paypal, etc. or make your own.
• Generate strong passwords with settings for length & types of characters.
• Use Strength Meter to determine if your passwords are weak, good or strong.
• Backup your data automatically to insure you never lose your important information.
• Synchronize with DataVault for Mac (sold separately) using iCloud, Dropbox or Wi-Fi.

• View Items in list view or folder view.
• Use Templates for common items such as bank accounts, credit cards & logins.
• Choose from 50 default templates or create your own.
• Initiate phone calls, emails or web site logins with action fields.
• Use categories & types to organize items.

And a whole lot more…
• Full iPad support with split screen display.
• 200 icons to personalize your items.
• Import from text files in CSV format.
• Import from Keeper, 1Password, EWallet, SplashID, mSecure, Keepass & other password managers with DataVault Desktops (sold separately).
• Great support.

One copy of DataVault Password Manager can be installed on up to 5 authorized iOS devices.

Questions? Contact at

Get peace of mind with the best password manager for iOS. Download DataVault Password Manager today!

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App Name Password Manager Data Vault
Category Productivity
Updated 25 July 2020, Saturday
File Size 51.21 MB

Password Manager Data Vault Comments & Reviews 2024

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Great app.. I have been using this app for many many years. Could have been an original version user. I know it’s at least 10 years. In that time I have never had any issues. Well not ones they created. I’ve made mistakes and been able to fix them. Templates are easy to use and modify if needed. I was in a masters security computer class when we “judged” all the apps that were currently available. Each team in the class picked a app to present and their results of the research. At the time most were monthly fees and Data Vault was one of the few with just a one time fee. I know several of us in the class started using the app. Through the years I have watched the versions upgrade and encryption continue to be top notch. I would be a woman with severe issues if it ever stopped working. Having the data on my phone makes me feel more secure than having it in the cloud. Now we can even export the data to a form that other programs can access. Think pdf, excel. While nothing is perfect but I sure haven’t found any faults and I do appreciate the effort that they put out to keep it updated. It’s no wonder folks continue to use and support this app.

Just the best. I’ve has this app for over 10 years and it’s just the best. While it does a great job with passwords, the real power is in its ability to manage anything that’s important to you. Passwords are fine, but how about all the security questions, the backup or recover numbers or a log of what took place. How about a single, secure place for ALL your idevices, or cars, or electronic gear, or passports, etc. it’s all in one secure place, available only to those who need to know. That’s why it’s just the best. Big problem, one easy to use solution.

Don’t lose your password to get into the vault.. This is well organized and works good however it doesn’t sync well to a computer. When I first set it up it was fine, has some weird encryption which I’m sure is great for safety feature however if you lose your password to get into the vault forget about ever getting your passwords again luckily my face ID still works it’s the only way I can get. I cannot get into my computer anymore because there’s no way of re-syncing.

Rock Solid - across all my devices. I have been using this product for many years now with absolute confidence in the sync reliability across my iMac, iPhone, and iPad (using iCloud). My password list has grown over the years to 1237 items! I really appreciate the convenience of face and finger print recognition to expedite access because I use DataVault many times a day. I still recommend it to my friends and family. It doesn’t take folks long to realize how much they need DataVault. Updated 2021 -after finishing a thorough investigation of other competing products including The top rag recommendations. Datavault lets me synchronize the way I want to. Only over Wi-Fi or to a specific cloud service of my choosing with full encryption. I just can’t find that flexibility in the other offerings. - I am remain convinced there is nothing more flexible AND secure as DATAVault.

Simple, Safe & Dependable. The most important app I have and it’s used fully for over 6 yrs ! Safely recovered a few broken phones and upgrades easily with cloud backups automatic and dated, multiple back ups and easy to restore or even add to iPad as I do. From license number to CC info, from banking info to every password in your life. I can easily make it about anywhere with just the cloud back up of everything relevant easily accessible and east to keep updated! Well worth the cost and more. I don’t typically bother writing reviews but this one has definitely earned it! Thanks for dependably taking away more worry and stress than most will admit or realize!

A reliable workhorse. I have been using this app to store my passwords for nearly 10 years. A single purchase, 10 years ago is the only fee I have needed to pay. The app worked well from the beginning. The updates have been mostly bug fixes and do not affect the users experience, other than to make it more smooth. I enter new passwords only on my iPhone which I back up about every three months to iCloud. The backups are very quick and efficient. I have the app on my iPad and my MacBook Air. I make sure to enter new passwords only on the iPhone so there is no confusion about which back up should be used by the app. This system works well.

So good, I bought it twice!. After 10 years, I (finally) bought a new laptop.... the laptop OS has a password manager.... my security software has a password manager.... but I decided to purchase the latest update of DataVault.... the password manager I’ve trusted over the past 10 years. Just the right features, no extraneous bells & whistles. Very easy to learn.... and Ascending has always been very responsive when I’ve had questions.

I love this app. My wife and I have been using this app on our phones and Macs since 2014. We use it several times a day. The convenience of the app allows us to easily have powerful and unique passwords for every login we have. I am so please with this app and with the customer service. I tried other password apps and found this to be the best and most usable. And there’s the added bonus that it’s a purchase instead of a subscription.

Very Useful App. I’ve been using Datavault for several years now and it is an app that I rely on every day. Originally I started using it for tracking my passwords but it has evolved into much more due to it’s flexibility. Being able to add fields and notes allows me to store info on just about everything business and personal. It’s highly secure and the ability to sync the stored data across all my devices is a godsend. I depend on it more everyday and I continue to find new uses for it. Also, the ability to backup the data file to Dropbox is an added level of security. Highly recommend this app.

Long time user. I’ve used DataVault for a long time thru many revisions. I sync multiple devices so I always have my current version at my fingertips. It allows me to have complex separate passwords for every site. I also keep critical information for cars and appliances. I installed on my wife’s iPhone and can share an encrypted file with her for specific logins. Great product. Wish it would Sync thru Live. I have a mix of Apple and Microsoft Drop box now limits you to 3 devices and iCloud doesn’t appear to support syncing with the Windows machine. It will get there. Still give it 5 stars.

Sync Issues. Re-rated 3 to 5 because prior synch issues were resolved. Couldn’t get by without this; it’s one of my most important of many apps. I have no idea how so many people can go on without a password program like this, including my wife. I really rely on this app for a lot of personal and business things, including LOTS of passwords. I avoid using the same password for everything like a lot of people do. Recommended this to my father in law in his 90’s and he says he couldn’t live without it. Why 3 stars? It used to synch perfect with Dropbox which to me is vital, but now the PC app which now seems a bit dated BTW, will no longer do this, and yes, everything is updated and all else is working. I tried everything, the PC app keeps saying that I need to log in to Dropbox, but I AM logged in. I logged out, logged in, did everything I could on both the mobile and PC, got nowhere, and did plenty of FAQ reading and Google searching. If there is a way to get this working again, it will be via some extremely non-intuitive weird wormhole, and if that is the case, then this app is at fault for not making this EASY and CLEAR. If this changes, I will re-review and increase the number of stars.

Not saving edited record. I have been loyal customer of this product. Lately I see that I started missing new data I thought I just created. 1st off all no save features on new edited or created record. Now I have to click on Edit/Done button more than once to see the new record. This is crazy. Saving sensitive record shouldn’t be left to chance. I sent message via the tech support address on the help page and no one gets back to you. I am thinking of switching now because of its lack of support.

Great app with LOCAL backup. I was an iAccounts user for years. That app is no longer available so I have been looking for an app too manage passwords for 2 jobs and 1 home. Since the passwords and info stored are sensitive, I am not comfortable with cloud storage. This app is flexible for storing my info and has a windows companion app so that I can backup locally. PERFECT and works like a charm for the storing of my passwords, codes, accounts, licenses, and ALL other important info

Excellent Recovery Features. I just had to take my phone in for a warranty claim under AppleCare and the Apples store gave me a new phone. Everything was backed up safe and sound except this app. I panicked at first because I have tons of passwords in here from work to home and everything in between. But, I had forgotten--it has it's own nifty backup and recovery system. I also use the "generate password" feature when I am done with creative letter, number symbol choices of my own.

Must have app. This is a great app and I have been using it for 6-7 years. Due to the the need to have a password for everything these days; the varying requirements for usernames and password strength; and the advice to not use the same password on multiple accounts; there is no way I could remember all the combinations for all my logins. This app makes it easy to sync across devices and always have what you need.

Best Password keeper...PERIOD!. I love this app....and I can say that cuz I’ve been using this as my sole password keeper for the last 6 or 7 years. (So long I can’t remember exactly). It has worked smoothly on each device and through each OS update. I have it on my MacBook Pro and it syncs perfectly every time! (You need to do it manually, but it’s simply a couple clicks of the mouse and you’re done). You can also have a backup generated regularly and stored in the cloud. And there is also printing capability! Which I have only done 1 time, but now I have too many passwords in my list to try and print! The organization is great and is left up to the users preference, which is nice since not all people organize in the same way. You can also have the program generate you a random password. There are a lot of features packed into this little app, too many to list, so try it for yourself. Bottom line.....this is the Best password keeper I’ve ever had, and you won’t be sorry!! It the ONLY app I’ve used continually through the years!!!

CANNOT IMAGINE ANY OTHER WAY TRACKING P/W, S/N, WTC. Have been using for a great many years on multiple devices going back to when syncing was manual via USB and Mac. Would not use any other product regardless if it were free or cheaper. Just got Apple iPhone PRO 14 and down loading app was automatic. Downloading data was simple once I signed in. Extremely flexible, I keep track of many more data other than passwords

Fantastic App!!. I have been using this app for over 3 years now and it is very easy to use. I have set up templates to inventory other items and it customizes easily. It is easy to generate strong passwords using this app. I had a question a few weeks ago and emailed them. To my surprise, Alex replied within a few minutes and answered my question. I do not leave reviews but this type of customer service deserves one since it is so rare these days. Alex said they will be coming out with an update soon that allows for two step authentication. I look forward to seeing that. Thank you Acendo for a great app!

Still great after all these years.... I bought this product years ago. I have everything stored in it, from passport info to passwords for hundreds of sites, to secure info for elderly friends who sometimes need help getting onto their Wi-Fi networks or online accounts. Everything syncs automatically using my free Dropbox account. We sync 2 iPhones, 2 iPads, a Mac & a PC, all flawlessly. One great feature is the ability to create password records directly from website login screens with one click. This works on Internet Explorer but not from Chrome or Edge browsers, to my knowledge. If I’m not wrong about this, that would be a helpful enhancement. Bottom Line: Great product with no subscription fee.

Has never let me down. I have used Ascendo DataVault for years now (I am guessing 4-6?). It is a powerful yet not-too-complicated app that gives me peace of mind, knowing that if I ever lose my phone or laptop, I will still be able to recover my passwords. I like the simplicity of syncing my iPhone with my MacBook over the WiFi at my house. I try to do it at least a couple of times a week to keep them current. Doing this, I am able to create very sophisticated and unique passwords for many many uses. It’s great for keeping data on your auto, drivers licenses, passports, etc, too. I have hardly ever had any issues with this app in all the time I have used it. With a recent update, I began to have an issue copying and pasting the info from the app to the websites. I sent a quick email to support services. We corresponded a couple of times and we tried a couple of solutions, changed a setting and, voila....back to good old reliable. Customer support was outstanding. That’s when I decided it was time to write a review. Do yourself a favor and get this safe and secure app. It is a workhorse. Well done, Ascendo!

Best Password and Important Personal Data App. DataVault is the absolute best app for securely recording passwords and login credentials and is a must have app. I have a few hundred logins each with their own unique passwords and various usernames. Many sites and services require multiple pieces of information, and in other situations, accounts are associated with collections of important and frequently referenced data such as account numbers, ID’s or dates. This app excels are securely storing this information. It is intuitive and entering information that you need to reference or use is very fast. This app allows you to organise various logins and data in a common sense way. For example I have my banking logins within a banking folder, social media logins in a social media folder and so on. Using DropBox, you have the ability to sync data between Mac, iOS and Windows systems. Aside from storing important need to use data, it also has a password generating function. I have tried all of the other password management apps and DataVault is by far the best, easiest and fastest to use. Although 5 stars is the highest rating, DataVault deserves at least 2 more stars. If you need a password recording and management app, look no further, DataVault is all you need.

Most valuable app I have. I have used DataVault for many years. It works flawlessly and has never malfunctioned. I have used it almost daily. I store it to store passwords, serial numbers and virtually every bit of necessary information in my life. The encryption and the fact the data resides on my devices (not the cloud) gives me confidence. The only feature I wish it had is the ability to send/share a single file instead of all my data. My wife also uses DV and when we both need to store a new item, it would be nice if only one of us entered it, the have the ability to send that single item encrypted to the other person. I highly recommend this app.

Most useful software I use. I have had DataVault for too many years to count. I have it on my phone, iPad, and Mac. I am always near one these devices. Whenever I create an account somewhere I add an entry with which login email I used and the pw and/or other relevant info. I record info about subscriptions, memberships, credit cards, financial accounts, medical accounts, car VIN, library card, storage site entry codes, frequent flyer numbers, insurance, credit monitoring, family SS numbers, website and telephone numbers, email addresses, password history for those accounts that require changing your pw regularly, etc. I record dates of renewal and expiration and amount paid for subscriptions and services I pay for. I use it for passwords but also as a data-secured contact directory and reference notebook file. Each device can be backed up to another device or a cloud account. Changes on one device are AUTOMATICALLY synchronized with the others. Periodically I print a hard copy and place it with my will and trust info. This software has saved me a lot of frustration and time. I can’t function without it.

Good App. My family has been using this app for several years. It was my second option after many malfunctions with the previous vendor. I would’ve given it 5 stars if they’d give us the option to upload images of passports, credit/debit, insurance, etc. type cards and other vital documents. We travel overseas a lot for foreign missions so having password protected pictures of vital documents would be a great asset to us.

DataVault is the best. I say this for a number of reasons-the most important to me are: Transfer from other password programs is the best in the business Can still sync to multiple devices over private Wi-Fi avoiding the dreaded cloud storage or cloud sync. Would love to see Apple Watch support. thanks for Apple Watch support. Cannot seem to access data on new Apple Watch Ultra since the last iOS update. It would be helpful to get notifications from the writer of this program With respect to their findings as Apple increases security. Otherwise, it seems to be bulletproof as long as I’m syncing with windows desktop. I would also note that the apps ability to sync with windows and Mac needs a little help because data gets lost if I try to sync with a Mac laptop. ideally, I could continue to use Wi-Fi for synchronizing and synchronize from one iOS device to another directly without having to go through a desktop or laptop.

Indispensable. I have used DataVault since 2010. I have it both on my laptop and on my iPhone. Are use it every day multiple times a day. It is well designed app and great for recording all kinds of personal information. I have product registration numbers, software, passwords, insurance info, etc. — all stored in one encrypted file. I also use LastPass, but I find that I need DataVault anyway. I like having the information on my own drive. My policy is not to put the most sensitive information - like bank accounts - in computer files of any sort. However, most other things are safely stored in DataVault and have in my back pocket anywhere I go. The app is very well designed, easy to use, and it can be customized in lots of different ways. There are multiple ways to sync your files across systems-via dropbox or Wi-Fi etc. There are very few apps or programs that I’ve had for 10 years. DataVault is a simple tool but one of my favorite.

Help. I changed iphones and after putting everything into new phone I go to DataVault and it promts me for new password, 2 of them. I put my password in and once opened it is just like its brand new. I went to restore and it sauysbmy password is incorrect. I tried a few different ones. Read on site to enter 10 wrong passwords then I would be prompted to do new password. I tried this a few different times and it never promoted me. I have called every number I can find f or the company, I have emailed to email address it has on its site for support and no one ever acknowledged me. I loved it while I had it but their customer service is horrible. This is a lot of my information why cant they acknowledge me and lead me in correct direction?

Fabulous customer support. After iOS 12 update I wrote support telling them that the DataVault app was staying open on my iPhone X when I switched to other apps. Wow! The response was within 2 or 3 hours. They quickly fixed that problem with an update and even sent me another email asking if my problem was solved. Their response made me feel that they genuinely care about their customers. Wonderful experience. 😍

DataVault. I have been a user for several years now. I have not used any other managers and haven’t felt the need to as this works so good. It does take a certain amount of technical knowledge to set up if you are syncing across multiple devices and platforms. I use Dropbox as my data source and backup location. Don’t use the same user ID and passwords for the 100 weblogins you have. It’s not safe. This makes a quick lookup for your login info possible wherever you are.

DV is best password manager out there. I’ve been using DV over 20 years, from BlackBerry to Windows and currently Apple Mac and mobile. It can be used minimally or as detailed as you need or want. Synching is easy these days and it can be synched to the Cloud or not. There are many features both old and new that I need to check out and would probably enjoy using, but again, I’ve chosen to limit what new features I wanted over the years and have had no major issues. You can’t go wrong with Data Vault!

Excellent and Dependable. I’ve been using DataVault for more than 10 years. Has performed quickly and flawlessly with Apple phones and MacBooks and with Samsung phones. Only issue I’ve ever had was in trying to sync a Samsung phone with the MacBooks using wi-fi immediately after syncing an Apple phone with the MacBooks using wi-fi; in that case the Apple phone seems to hold on to the wi-fi connection until it’s rebooted. I highly recommend the product. Makes it easy to have and use hundreds of different long and random passwords.

Perfect for User Names & Passwords. I was told about this app by a friend who relies on it for business. I decided to give it a go, because my old method of PostIts on my computer was getting cumbersome. After reading how to set up my devices and downloading the app on my iMac, iPhone, and iPad, I can now add data on one of these devices and it appears on the other two. Now I only have 1 password to remember, my master password for DataVault. Thank you for this clever app!

Very easy to use and transfer to new phone. This app has been great for over five years. My only issue is I got too dependent on it and when I had issues with my provider and a new phone I was not able to use my phone and all my accounts passwords were in there. I now keep a hard copy of my passwords just in case. This was not a problem of the app just me.

Great password manager. Great to to manage your passwords. I have been using it for years. Easy access with Touch ID on iOS. The desktop implementation is a bit clunky, but at least available. Suggestions are being heard and implemented. Would be nice to have a way to add a separate iCloud account in the syncing function. This would be useful if you like to share passwords with your spouse, family bot work team. Otherwise this is my favorite password protection tool, for a vet seasonable fee.

Most dependable App I use on daily basis. I have used Ascendo Datavault for over 7 years for my Windows10 desktop, iPad & iphone all syncing to Dropbox and only once have I had a minor problem. And that was resolved promptly by customer which was very responsive. I’ve tried some of the other popular password managers that have popped up over the last 5 years to see what they offer but I keep coming back to DataVault because of it simplicity usage and powerful capabilities. Yes its a wonderful password manager BUT it is so much more. I also use it for financial (bank info, credit card info, investments), auto (registration, auto service logging, radio ID’s etc), personal ID’s (passport, license, health, passports, memberships), Inventory across 3 houses for insurance purposes (appliances, TV’s, stereo Equipt, jewelry etc) Travel cards (airlines, auto rental, hotels etc). This app is indispensable to me and I feel very comfortable with the level of security it provides. Do yourself a favor and get this safe and secure app. You won’t regret it.

Best App for years. I have all of my passwords and account information saved in this app. I love that I can change password, restore or use Face ID! I like having my account numbers and login in one app. You can’t forget the password or it’s impossible to get your information back. It’s very helpful for me and it beats having to write all of the information down in a notebook.

iOS integration needs work. Sometimes if the has been open for a while it stops using Face ID and demands I enter a password. It’s faster to just kill the app and run it again so that it uses Face ID. I wish I could always search through my passwords when I chose DataVault in the iOS password fill integration instead of only being offered to creat a new web password. I have to do this manually right now because the app and web site don’t always have the same name/url.

Great Product. It’s a great app, & believe me, I have tried out so many different apps & none of them work as well as this one, especially for the cost. Most require a subscription & this one did not, at least when I first got it. The only reason why it got four stars instead of five was because I wish it had the ability to attach files &/or images. It would be nice to be able to add in your own clip art image for the file as well. For example, using the “Capital One” logo as the logo for your Capital One password file so it would be easier to locate.

Many years of use. I have been using DataVault as my password manager for many years. I find it one of the most useful apps that I have on my phone.I have not had any significant issues with it and I appreciate the ability for this to work on both my phone and my wife’s with the ability to mange our passwords together. Eg if I add or update a password on DataVault it will automatically change it on her phone.

Data Vault.. I have used Data Vault now across for years now across two platforms and many devices. My wife and I couldn’t be happier. Not only does this program generate passwords, it stirs so much other data with templates and the ability to build your own. The only thing I would like to see Data Vault incorporate is the ability to include copies of documents and or .jpg.

Starting to see problems. I have been using datavault for several years now. Recently I started to see problems where it isn’t remembering changes that I’ve made two passwords and other information. I thought maybe I was doing something wrong, but just ran into a situation where a new password wasn’t saved properly. To check, I fixed the password again, saved it, and exited Datavault. When I came back in the password had reverted to the previous value. A subsequent attempt was remembered successfully. I’ve had suspicions about this in the past, but always thought it was me. I don’t think so anymore.

Almost Perfect. The app works wonderfully and is very easy to use. I have it on my iPhone and iMac and via the cloud they interact perfectly. Great job! Suggestions 1. On the iPhone and all phones the screen real estate is very valuable. Being able to adjust the font down would make it easier to see the entries with little scrolling. However, adjustable is the key here as some like it larger and some prefer a smaller font. Outstanding app! Better then 1 password and Dash. You get what you pay for and it's true. 2. Have the ability to add a photo to the entries. Many things nowadays have lines of references regarding their products.

Been happily using it for years. I have been using Data Vault for many years on both my phone, and Windows computers to keep my secrets. I like it very much, I only wish that it did a better job keeping my data in sync between my phone and computers. It’s a manual process to sync periodically but the value of having security data managed securely across all of my devices is huge!

Using this app for many years but. . .. This was my review: “It is a very good app that keeps all our devices in sync through Dropbox, would like to be able to use other cloud services.” So they added iCloud to the sync on the IOS but they did not add iCloud as a sync for windows devices. With so many devices, we got forked over and when trying to go back and access backups that are listed, they do not exist in the folder. So although it worked great when we had to manually sync, they did a poor job of thinking trough the cloud based sync and IMHO missed a huge opportunity to set up their own cloud service and gain subscription fees. I plan on transitioning to another platform that clearly syncs from a designated cloud location. Sorry and goodby

Great for many years. In addition to login info, I keep serial numbers of art and firearms in case they are stolen or lost in a fire. I put my drivers license info and my plate number plus color, make, and model of the car in case it gets stolen. I put my prescription numbers in there along with contact for my pharmacy. I did have a gps unit stolen from my car and was able to give the serial number to the cop for the report. I had a question about synching with other devices and my customer experience was outstanding. Keep churning out excellence!!!

AWESOME support for a great product. I’ve been a user for several years. I’m like the security, user interface and overall performance. I travel worldwide and am immediately equipt with every piece of personal data I could ever need to get my hands on. I’ve transitioned to all kinds of new devices and routers. Absolute best thing about HMA is the support team. These folks are prompt (like almost immediate,) helpful, patient and personally accountable. Imagine? With their guidance, I successfully tweaked settings on my router. Piece of cake. Then I received multiple follow up emails to be sure I was up, functioning properly and happy. Hvala to the team!

Very happy so far. I downloaded this app for my iPhone and also downloaded the separate version for my Mac, both work very nicely and are reasonably priced. I have been using this app for about two months and so far I am very happy. I had another simple password manager app but it was not updated by the developers for iOS 11. I was looking for a app that kept all my passwords on my device and my device only and this app fit the bill. The other nice thing about this app is, you pay a one time fee and you are done. I was not going to pay a monthly fee to store my passwords on some cloud service somewhere, when I could backup my passwords myself on my computer. I feel like my personal info is safer on my computer than some cloud based servers somewhere in cyberspace that could be hacked. I know that my info is encrypted by this app but I prefer my personal info to be with me and me only and this app was perfect for that. I supposedly can backup all the data from this app through iTunes on my computer, which I have not done yet because I have not plugged in all of my passwords yet into the app. Now if the backup project will go smoothly, then I will be super excited . I would also like to mention that, before I purchase this app I email the support team with a question about this product and they responded in less than 24 hrs, that’s amazing. Once again, super nice app but, I would like to see some more icons labels in your list, like a cellphone or tablet.

Long time user. I’ve been using Data Vault since I started using my first iPhone (8-10? Years) as a way to protect the many passwords and login credentials I need for business and private use. I like that I own my space, and don’t need a subscription. I wish there was a way to set up a family space where I could share some entries, but keep others private.

Who could want more?. I’ve been relying on this app for several years now. I love that it runs on multiple platforms and syncs to DropBox so no matter what device I’m using I have access to my security data. Over the years I’ve also used it to store some of my kids data as well. I love it when they call me to remind them of some credential they forgot. I’ve yet to find any reason NOT to use this great app.

Excellent app. Most used app on phone!. I’ve had data vault for years. It’s on my Mac, iPhone and iPad. I keep every bit of info I need in it from common web site user/pass to the family list of ssn, drivers license, car vin, frequent flyer accounts and more. My son has data vault password with a tag on every Acct that is critical tagged, “in case of death” making it easy for him to get at all financial info, lawyers info etc. One really great feature is how quickly and accurately the sync works across all devices. Since this holds all my critical data I tested, over and over, sync and delete and changes to a single word in a login. It’s fast and you do nothing to make it sync. It is used several times a day and I highly recommend it.

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Well Worth The Price!. I am so glad I bought this app! It does everything I want and more! I was a little hesitant about purchasing it this price but now I think it was a small price to pay for something that works so well. I just adore the fact I am in control, that I can set things up just the way I want! I love the fact it backs up to iCloud so that I can have my information at my fingertips where ever I am. A very happy customer!

Excellent app. This is an outstanding app and is the best way I have found to organise and protect all my passwords and other important information. I have found that syncing with Mobile me(iCloud) is straightforward and gets around firewall issues that can crop up from time to time.

Handy. Over the last few years of use I find this a very handy app. I had some issues early on but overall a very positive experience.

icloud feature needs more work. Pretty good app. Does most of what you would expect. Shame about the synchronisation between devices. The last update purported to offer icloud backup / sync but it resolutely fails on my devices despite multiple reboots / reinstallations etc etc etc. Hopefully future updates will fix this issue.

Really useful. Definitely recommend. I would use it at least daily I find obscure passwords that I would have long forgotten. Very useful, and easily syncs between my devices.

False advertising. The sync claims made by this app are very deceptive, it has a long list of sync options in reality it will really only auto sync with iCloud the rest of the options are manual sync only, meaning you have to remember to sync every time you make changes. Some of the sync options require the additional purchase of the PC or Mac versions of the software also not listed in the description. If you want to sync between devices be careful!!

Best app for passwords ever. All my log ins in alphabetical order and synced on all my devices including the Mac, just great

Excellent information keeper!!!!. Easy to navigate, multiple sync options, multiple sync points. Easy to mould templates. Needs better icons for items listed and needs the ability to load photos.... Low res JPEG would be great !!!

Best Password Manager going around. In a growing market of password managers with annual fees, it is refreshing to find one with outright purchase. Add seamless synchronisation between PC, Mac, smart phones and tablets and you have a recipe for perfection! If you a looking for a password manager, don't look any further, this is the one for you!

Finally, Passwords under control. I've been using Data Vault for over 2 years now. Just love it. I can honestly say it has changed my life as it is idiot proof, made for luddites like me who can never remember passwords. It is only through this App that I could appreciate just how many passwords are needed to live in this day and age.... a game changer.

Really good and secure app. Have used this for the last 18 months and very happy. Only down side was having to pay for three separate apps in order to have one on iPhone and another on iPad and 3rd on AppleMac for back-up purposes. Other than that it has been excellent and syncs really well.

Much improved. The App is more stable now though was hard to save when I changed Mobile phone units and I still can’t sync with iPad also would good if it could be synced with Windows computer windows 10

Does the job. Really good app with terrific support team

Great app!. I have used this app for more than 2 years. There was some issue with sync with my PC. But with their update/new version, it now sync smoothly and quickly with my PC. Yes you do need to purchase another PC copy if you want to sync with PC. I used both PC and Iphone versions almost everyday or so. I found it very handy to store all those passwords you need these days . The layout is easy and friendly on both PC and iphone versions.

Fabulous Password Minder. I needed something to help me manage the multitude of passwords I now have with my business and personal online information. I love the 'suggest password' option as this helps with my security without me having to stress about trying to come up with new and inventive passwords. I've got better things to do :)

Great app. Landscape problem. Great app which has always been bug free but latest update has a problem on iPad with login screen and keyboard not both in landscape or portrait mode. Makes it hard to login, it's a great password manager with easy synch between devices. Fixed. fast turnaround. Revised to 5 stars. So handy

Poor Product. I purchased this iphone product specifically because of its sync ability with Windows. What a let down. For one its very hard to organise things in this app due to the limted folder structure. You can only go down to about 2 levels which is no good if you want to keep multiple customers information in this database for example. I asked support via an email about this and even though they got back to me straight away their answer was pretty much tough luck. We're not going to implement further folders or a decent structure for their paying customers. It also appears there is a bug or limitation in the windows app about the maximum length of the password you can use. For some reason when i tried to use the same password as that on the iphone app it kept telling me it was too long !!!! You can't use a password because its too long. And this is a security product. What a joke. That means to get it syncing with my windows machine i'd have to set a simple password on both the iphone and the PC so they can sync. How stupid is that. Dont bother. Just get Keepass as that performs far better than this product and is totally free.

Great App. Have been using this app for a number of years now and find it great to manage both personal and business details. Highly recommend!

Great App. I’ve been using this for years now. It’s the best. I couldn’t live without it. Only one access password to remember makes life easier. Keep everything in here. Thanks for a great program 😀

Not Impressed. It appears that we have another greedy developer who wants to charge twice for a program. I already paid once for this App and now it appears that most new features are only included in a new 'Premium' version for an additional cost ($6.49). Is this a sign of enhancements to come - In App purchases? Also, I don't know how you can call the new icons 'Hi res', compared to the previous version they are 'blocky' and lack detail – a big step backwards as the previous ones were great. Some are not even recognisable (credit cards). I’m yet to find the new themes for IPhone 5s under the Tools > Display Options; all I can find is a reduced set of background colour options under Tools > Display Settings. Maybe the missing ones are in the Premium version. Over-all, I’d like to be able to return to the previous version!

Really suffers from missing functions eg - attach images!!!. This is an okay, simple app, you can store and send basic data from cc details, logins etc. However, for the money it needs a lot more functionality, especially the ability to attach images, such as a copy of your passport etc. Please provide this in a future update asap.

Best Password Manager. I have been using DataVault for many years - it has never let me down yet. It syncs with all my devices effortlessly. Highly recommend.

Ms. Excellent product, I use it on my Mac, iPad and iPhone. Especially useful to have access to all passwords when travelling. Like the feature of also being able to save to a password protected pdf file (I am paranoid about devices being stolen). When I had a query I found their service to be second to none.

Best App for Managing Security Information. I have been an avid fan of Password Manager Data Vault for over 5 years. I not only keep track of passwords but also other personal information. Software licenses are easy to keep track in Data Vault. Every time I have to setup an account with a new internet supplier, details go straight into my data vault. Having PMDV installed on my iPhone, iMac, and two iPads enables me to have access to the latest information with synchronizing through iCloud. Logging back in has always be an issue the me, but now with fingerprint authentication has made it so easy. I keep an archive category enabling me to keep a history of password changes. Keep up the great work Ascendo. RayJPal.

Life saver. This app just saved my bacon. My iPad had a glitch and had to be restored from a backup. The restore only put a fraction of my apps, songs and photos back and also lost all my documents. I had to re install this app. Dreading the worse I opened the app to find all my passwords in place. Thank you.

Sync and Support. I have been using DV for a couple of years now and continue to find it indispensable for storing all my passwords and just info. The strength of the app is when you have an issue to find that you are not on your own. I had a sync issue which DV Support resolved after a few communications. Thanks guys.

Hands down the best option. Been using it for many years. Well worth the price and they have been updating and improving it with the times. Works seamlessly with the OSX DataVault client.

Lost without it. I’ve been using it for years and recommended it to mates often.

iCloud sync makes it a 5 star. It's part of my core toolset. I use this app every day - esp love the clean interface and plenty of options to keep your private data in sync across platforms. Also the ability to define your own fields - the iCloud sync is the icing on the cake.

Datavault gets my thumbs up. I used this app on the BB and now having an iPhone I was pleased to see that ascendo had made a version for iPhone. Happily all my data transferred across easily and the wireless sync with desktop datavault software is easy. A good simple password manager - it gets my recommendation. Good customer support if you need it. Costs a bit more than the average app but I guess you get what you pay for.

Best password keeper. I have been using Data Valt for many years now and could not manage my passwords and login details without it. It is simple to use and to enter data. The backup and syncing feature is great where it uses the cloud to sync across all my devices. Eg enter log in details on one device and within second those details on all my devices. Excellent app

Excellent. Been using this excellent app for years. Could not keep track of the myriad of passwords that I need without it. (At least not so easily). Worth every cent. Also Great to be able to sync on all my windows and apple devices. I'm never caught without a password.

Don’t leave home without it. I have a copy od DataVault on my PC, laptop, iPad and iPhone, automatically synchronised via Dropbox. Extremely useful and easy to use. Highly recommended.

Great app and support. Been using this for years. Have installed on multiple devices and also recommended to family and friends. Great app. Always improving and really responsive support.

Excellent Password Manager. I have been using The DataVault Password Manager for over 10 years. I like the simplicity of use and the able to customise the categories and name searches. I have migrated the database across 5 mobile phone without any hassles and the PC desktop software synchronises with my mobile easily.

Was a good app until developer got money hungry. Additional In app purchase ON TOP of app price to get 256 encryption when other apps provide this as standard is just greedy. Sync between iOS device and Mac is a pain and don't get me started on the lack of Touch ID. Wouldn't surprise me if they take a year to add this feature and then charge extra for it. Better password apps out there that offer more value for money

Awesome app!!. I have used this app for 1 day now and I'm loving it, I have the program on my iMac, iPhone and iPad and all my accounts are synced and I have the same information on all of them. The info is in a nice cleanly ordered manner and is easy to use and very secure. Lots of cool features if you are looking for an app to keep all your information secure look no further absolutely awesome!

Watch out for the Premium update it will cause problems!. I purchased the premium pack and after operating this app successfully for several years on ipad! iPhone and MacBook (and Windows), it stuffed all the synchronisation up. I still haven't resolved it and after 2 hours of messing around trying to ensure my database is the correct one and seriously considering ditching Data Vault!

Synchronization is a mystery. I have had this app on my MacBook for years. I thought I would install it on my iPad in the vain hope that I could travel without my laptop and have access to my passwords and other information. Alas the iPad version will not sync, or restore from the MacBook version. The app is so poor you can’t even browse iCloud to find the file. The MacBook version can create backup in iCloud,, but the iPad can’t see it. The iPad version also won’t let you search for a backup copy. It is not worth buying.

Good locker. I’ve been running DataVault for many years. It’s easy to use and compatible across my ios various devices, including Mac and iPads.

DataVault keeps it simple. Have used DataVault for many years. Integration with browsers is easy and works great on iPad. Have tried others but this always is the app I return to. Family sharing of selected records would be a great feature

So easy keeping track. In this digital age we all have too many different passwords to remember and with Data Vault there is a simple way to keep them all accessible with only one password. Brilliant.

Datavault. This version for the Iphone does not download the Desktop manager which makes it impossible to sync with the computer. I have the version for the Blackberry that does include the Desktop manager and unfortunately this version of the Desktop manager will not synce with the Iphone. There is no mention of the Iphone on the Ascendo website.

I use it every day.. Carried on my phone, iPad and home PC I use this everyday for both personal and business passwords. When do you ever need a password and you are not sat at your computer/iPad or have your phone on you. The amount of template are annoying, they are in the way and have to be cleared out. It would be better to have them as an option you can call if required.

No Support. The last update was over 3 years ago, say no more!

Like it!. I particularly love the Cloud synchronisation feature as i can then maintain my info over both my iPad or my iPhone. I notice a small problem with the notes section not scrolling down properly once you start adding some extra notes lines, but otherwise pretty good. I prefer it to the SplashID solution I use to use.

Great ap. I’ve only been using it for a short time and life is so much easier with my passwords saved and shared across my devices using iCloud. It is taking some time to enter everything but I just add passwords as I come across them. In my mind way safer than writing them down, love the finger authentication. I had a question so emailed the developers and had a reply within 24 hours. To me this is fantastic! A huge selling point unlike some that are happy to take your money and disappear.

One of my most- used apps!. DataVault is a well designed app, intuitive to use, and not difficult to set up & use. I don't know how I managed my passwords before DataVault! Data is synced across my devices, so is also easily installed into new devices using cloud backup. The password generator is customisable for easily generating passwords to requirements. Easily copy passwords within DataVault to paste directly into logins- so make your passwords as complex as you like, you don't need to remember them! Great app! Thanks DataVault for streamlining at least one part of life!

Excellent App. Outstanding support.. I bought this App years ago and use it with great pleasure. I recently experiment problems with Sync when I upgrade to Yosemite. I contact support and immediately received a fantastic and friendly help. I highly recommend this App

The best password manager !. After trying a number of apps, this was the most intuitive, flexible and comprehensive Password Manager I have found. Syncs to desktop (win7) flawlessly. Highly recommended.

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Great little Program. I have been using Datavault for many years and have found it is easy to operate and set up your information. The templates do not always fit but then just change the description. I have now manged to sync the program on my laptop, my Ipad and my Samsung Smartphone. All running different operating systems. I do it using wifi off the laptop. Program must be open in both pieces of equipment

Fantastic. Fantastic tool so far. I just bought it and am transferring all my passwords etc. I have a huge list of them and it's impossible to remember them all! I find the organization very well laid out ANC the input templates great. I will have to see how it works for me over time and how easy it is to transfer etc but it's off to a fab start!

Does Not Synch IOS Devices. I bought this app specifically because it claims to synch iOS devices through iCloud. I have it on my iPad and my iPhone. Synch is setup correctly, iCloud is setup on both devices correctly, been through their trouble shooting and it simply does not work! I'm a Director of I.T., so I know what I'm doing. There is a disclaimer at the bottom of their trouble shooting blaming Apple for not providing enough information and wait for updates. Lame! Far as I'm concerned, I got hosed. But good luck trying to get a refund!

Great tool. I have used it for years and it works very well. The back up is reliable and served me well through many lost and broken phones!

Fantastic. Great application! Love the multiple back ups and cross device syncing. Use this on a daily basis. Would be fantastic if you could add a photo as well. If they added images to the comments or another section it would be awesome!

Great app!. This is a terrific password app. I have it installed on multiple devices. Thanks.

Great app!. I could live without it. Too many passwords to remember. Touch ID doesn’t always work on my iPhone.

Simple and still full-featured.... I used a freeware password program for years. It didn't have a mobile version, so it became time to move on. Found DataVault and decided to make the change. Importing my old data was easy; getting the sync via Dropbox to work was a snap. It strikes the right balance between simple and configurable. No, it's not free - but it's well worth the price. In a future release, I'd like the sync to be automatic, like Dropbox has. Even now, this is a great app. Rob P. London, Ontario

Easy to use. Have had data vault for years. Great that all your precious information can be safely stored and can be automatically synced from multiple devices.

Excellent app. I use it multiple times a day.. Very useful.

RIP OFF. Although it implies you can download to your ipad or iphone and also to your pc to enter and transfer the data - you have to pay for the pc versions as well!!!

Last update broke FaceID. No more faceID, regardless of how many resets, etc. Not happy.

All around BEST password and information Safe !!!. I started to use DataVault years ago on a Windows PC and have since switched to Macs and IOS devices. Today my wife and I each use the application both on MacBook Air laptops and iPad Touches. And I also use it on an iMac and a new (2020) iPad Air. And we truly love this app. Why? You ask. Well let me tell you: 1. This is NOT simply a Password Manager app. I use it extensively to save many other things such as: - Serial Numbers - Phone Contacts which need to be kept save - VINs - Software Keys - Model and Type numbers - Licence Numbers - Lock Combinations - Warranty end dates - Library and other Membership numbers - Credit Card information - Login information - Account numbers - etc. etc. If you can think of it, DataVault can keep it safe. 2. Prior to using DataVault we were often tempted to use the same, easy to remember password, just like many others do. But with DataVault our passwords have taken a jump into the wild, bizarre, and sometime “far out”. Since it is so easy to find and use all of our passwords with DataVault, it is now a sport for us to create very complex passwords for each individual login. And if you simply want to be given a complex password, DataVault can do that for you. 3. Synchronization between the DataVault data on each of our various devices is fully automatic and without a hassle. When we update a password on one device, it is updated on all other devices. 4. This is one of the very few apps which seems to move from one OS to the next without any issues. And it also works across multiple OSs. 5. Support is excellent. When we have a question or what we think is an issue, the quick and valid answer is just an e-mail away. I can really, honestly (and have in the past) highly recommend DataVault to all my friends and anyone who is concerned about information safety and security.

Very good, basic password app. I’ve been using this app for 3 years. It’s a great no-nonsense password manager. It doesn’t auto-fill. And you have to turn on iCloud sync to have it work properly.

Invaluable app. I could not function without thus app. There are so many different requirements for website passwords that I need this app to help my memory. Highly recommended.

Datavault review. Flawless and trouble free for the last 5yr + Excellent program RSB

Great until now. Several times now this app has not saved the passwords I’ve put in. I’ve been using the app for years and now it is malfunctioning. Just updated a few passwords that I had to change and they didn’t save twice in a row now. Just spent the last little while having to figure out my new password for my Xbox. Not good. iPhone XS software 13.2.3

Great Password Manager. I've got the app on my iPhone, my iPad and have the desktop version for my Windows Desktop. I have used other password managment apps in the past, but this one, hands down, is the best I've ever come across. I would highly recommend this app to anyone looking for a password management system. Easy to sync between devices and the desktop using various methods.

Excellent App, but. This app is great for managing passwords on multiple devices. However, once Dropbox imposed a limit on the number of devices supported, synchronization became a problem. WiFi synchs are hit and miss. It is easiest to enter information manually, but that means that the databases can be inconsistent. Coming up with another method would be nice.

Great App. A lifesaver app. Easy to navigate and setup.

Great app. Love this app. It works great without any problems.

Security and less worry. I am very happy to have an app to securely save important data that is protected in the VAULT.

Flexible et complet. Très bonne app, très flexible et facile à adapter à mes besoins. Quelques ratés avec Face ID qui semble être réglé maintenant. Intégration aux autre app et à internet moins évidente. Je recommande!

Still a good password manager. The features can be a bit clunky but overall it functions well as a password manager. Considering the one time fee for the premium features it's still a great deal.

Safe & Easy!. Have been using for over 5years...Look no further!

One of the best!. One of the best password managers! Easy to use, update and synchronize across multiple devises.

Love it use it all the time. I am a long time user. There are very few days where I don’t use it . I store more than just passwords. Bank account locations and numbers . Locations of wills. My husband and I store each other’s info just in case something happened. Any information I don’t want to lose.

Great App. Reliable and easy to use!

Great Password Manager. i have been using Datavault for over 5 years, and find it invaluable. The iCloud backup feature is very helpful. No matter what device you add, delete or edit items on, the changes are automatically updated on all devices registered to your account. It’s user-friendly and easy to manage.

Love it. I’ve used this app every day for the past 8 or 10 years - I’d be lost without it, certainly up to my eyeballs in half-correct, or mis-remembered passwords that would make my work life miserable. When a recent glitch (promptly corrected) left me unable to login, my “help!” message to support was quickly responded to (shoutout to “Liam,” for his excellent customer service!) and effectively resolved. I have no problem recommending this app to anyone looking to easily navigate their own password jungle - keep up the great work, Ascendo!

Long time user. I would rate it a 5. I have been using it for over 15 years. I started using it when I had a blackberry and later I bought another license for iOS and have been with it since. Safe and very useful. I’d use it for passwords and a bunch of other things

Super app. Really like this app and I cloud sync between devices works great. Definitely recommend

Love this App!. Been using this app for years. The only password App that I trust.

Excellent and versatile app. An Excellent app. I purchased DataVault in July of 2010 when I needed a password manager compatible with my laptop (Windows XP) and Ipad. I needed something that could sync independently of iTunes and something that could handle a large volume of notes. Typically when I register with a site, shopping outlet etc. I perform the usual login stuff but then always save any confirming emails that go along with the login procedure. I copy and paste the initial correspondence that is part of the original confirmation. I also save the first few purchase receipts in the Note section of the site’s record. I save all this in DataVault. This gives me a permanent record of names, email addresses, registration numbers, URLs etc all in one neat location, under one name. I won’t be spending hours at some later date searching for receipts or particulars for a given website. DataVault was more than suitable for my needs but just recently my own system expanded to a desktop using Windows 7 and an new iPhone. I remembered reading a description for the app where it said, ” A single copy of DataVault desktop can sync with several iPads, iPhone and iPod Touches, … .DataVault for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch is sold as a universal application which means that you can purchase a single copy and use it on up to 5 iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches at no additional cost.” Due to my own personal time restraints I was unable to do this on my own so I contacted the team at Ascendo Inc. In less than 24 hours I was contacted with instructions on everything I needed to know and do. Keep in mind I got this prompt service after purchasing the app over a year ago. Well I couldn’t be more pleased. DataVault lives up to its reputation and my expectations. Today I run it on my iPad2, my laptop using XP, my desktop using Windows 7, and an iPhone4. I sync them independently so each system has identical records plus, I can keep backups for that added piece of mind. I highly recommend DataVault for managing all your important stuff. As good as it is I do have a couple suggestions that I think would help with security. Basically both ideas are attempts at camouflaging or hiding the app as it sits on your computer or iPad. 1) It would be nice to be able to change the name of the app. Changing the name to, as an example, My Front Lawn, would make it less appealing; and, 2) Is it possible to change the icon to something less noticeable? A picture ofmy mother-in-law ought to do it. Thanks, Bernnewm

Great App, been using for more than 10 years. Have been using this app for years and years and have only had issues once which they promptly resolved. Like the password generator and having a secure app to store passwords in.

Love it but.... Can you fix copy and paste issue since ios13?

Phenomenal!. Love this password keeper!! My life would be totally lost without it!

Great app. I keep track of all my passwords, account numbers, PINs, lock codes, etc., using this app, and can easily synch my mobile versions with my desktop version. I appreciate the free updates.

Does not recognize password. I have used this app without fail for years, awesome performance until yesterday when the app decided it no longer will accept the password I have used for years!!! I am at attempt 8, now what?

Good App, Hope interface improves. I looked at all the password apps and picked this one - for the number of features it offers. First I wanted a local synchronization with my Desktop and it offers a number of ways. I also wanted customizable categories, entry types, and fields; as well as a tree view & list view. Support is also very helpful & prompt. What I hope they develop is a better interface on the desktop - put the field names and values in columns (and different fonts or backgrounds) for readablity; ability to move fields up and down; select fields for list view. Otherwise, great app.

Wow bad. These positive reviews have to be placed by this company this is a copy of my last correspondence from customer service representative Alli was "I am sorry the $9.99 is causing you to lose sleep. Your recourse could have been to answer my original email so that I would know what we've already tried to help you get your iOS devices syncing to each other" What trying to help every other app in the world is an automatic sync. even after numerous emails my devices will not sync at all. Even when I go through the many steps of deleting data and reloading etc. IT WILL NOT AND IT NEVER HAS SYNCED. Let alone an iCloud sync automatically ( it has never done this and the company doesn't even pretend it will anymore ) I have wasted so much time on this app. Do not waste your time and aggravation, choose one of the others, these reviews are false and misleading . ( have to be placed here by the company) I didn't want to put all my passwords on another app. But they are too valuable and I have no choice.

LifeSaver App!. Fantastic app, to have it sync up with all my devices; iPad, iPhone and iMac is a great help. No more wondering which is the right password or manually updating everything separately

My Password App of Choice!. I have been using this app for years and years and couldn’t be happier. I feel safe and secure using it and whenever I’ve had a problem I contacted support and they always got back to me and my concerns were resolved.

Excellent app, excellent support. This is a great app. It syncs across my pc, iPad and blackberry. It has a very flexible interface and customizable templates. The security features are a reasonable balance between security and convenience. The odd need for support has been very prompt and satisfactory. In future, I would to see a better icon palette. Also, a more user friendly interface for predictive text devices, such blackberry pearl which I use, especially for the login screen. Overall, I am very pleased with is app. It is perfect for my needs and allows me access to my sensitive data while I am on the road.

Works extremely well!. Does everything I want and more.

Rules My Life. With over 150 passwords and not getting any younger, this app is everything it says it is and more. It is by far the most used app on my devices for both myself and my wife. I have looked at many of the others out there and they are nowhere near this app. Using it for years and as far back as I can remember. Totally love it and worth every penny. No joke.

Lost Without It. A great tool that lets me access my passwords and important information from multiple devices, with seamless syncing. Support is excellent as well.

Backup and restore are utterly useless. This program has no working backup or restore functionality. Well, it says it’s there, but it doesn’t work. Hopefully you never ever ever get a new phone, if you do you are SOL. Over a hundred passwords gone, thanks for the incompetence.

Best password app - been using it for years. Works great and I like that it syncs with my laptop OTA

Great app. One of the best apps on our phones!

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Using for several years. Would recommend to anyone. Plays nice with Windows.. Used this originally with Windows. Got an iPhone 5 a few years ago and discovered it was even better on iOS. Never had a problem with it. Does what does very well.

Terrific pwd manager app!!. Been using DV for years, on iPhone, iPad, and 2 PCs. Logical interface, easy to use, and syncs automatically via DropBox. Happy my pwds are not in the cloud; but backed up with separate copies on multiple devices. (Also easy to export entire list, or part of list, to csv file as a safety net backup.). Tech Suport, needed only occasionally, has been responsive and successful at resolving any questions. Love it!!

Cannot be without this. For years I was very haphazard about my entries. I am currently updating all of my “items” to format of first three fields: “URL/Username/Password”. This necessary so I can make use of ability to more automatic sign in. Do yourself a favor make the first three fields of all of your items this way. I have never used any other password app but I convinced several of my friends to try this and most have dropped 1Password and others. Reasons are 1) DataVault is very good and 2) no annual fees.

Using DataVault. Like other users, have been on this App for over 5 years. While there are some issues and features I’m like to see added, the App works and I use I EVERY DAY! I must have 300 items in mine. My Wife has DataVault too and has gotten use to it. Good job guys. And like another guy said, you only pay once vs. monthly.

High quality product. I’ve been using this software for I don’t know how many years and I’ve just been so impressed with it every time I use it. I’m thankful particularly for the little copy and paste markers on the side which really helped me to be able to tell that I copied something. I still have trouble and this could be just on the fact that it’s on an Apple phone about the what’s still in the buffer. What I would like to do would be able to have a button that will enable me to wipe the contents of the buffer. The password is removed from being pasted anywhere once I’m done with it. Is that something that could be done on the front page of the app? Andrew

Best password app I ever used. This app was worth every penny and makes password and serial number organization headache free. Used the app for several years. Allows for syncing over several devices. Use both mobile app and the Mac OS app. Syncing over iCloud or Dropbox is a breeze can share the app and passes with my wife with ease. Thank you

Reliable and consistant. Have been using Datavault on all my iphones since 2011. Very satisfied. Very few issues, all of which were resolved by email or online help. Occassionly look at other password apps... but why change from something that isn't broken or has no problems?

Long time user. I’ve been using Data Vault since I started using my first iPhone (8-10? Years) as a way to protect the many passwords and login credentials I need for business and private use. I like that I own my space, and don’t need a subscription. I wish there was a way to set up a family space where I could share some entries, but keep others private.

A decade of use. I have used this app for a long time. It has been improved over time and works well. I love that the information is synced between my phone and my husband’s phone. As we have purchased newer iPhones we have never had any problems with the data transferring. Great investment

Been using for years..... I have been using DataVault since I start saving passwords many years ago. I would recommend it highly to anyone who has a number of passwords they use. I love that it syncs through all my devices seamlessly. According to the number of items I have 268 encrypted records saved and I only have to remember to get into DataVault! Thanks for a great app!

I like the app, but it loses some of my data. I’ve tried several password managers and I’ve stuck with this one because I’ve found it to be the most flexible for what I need. However, from time to time I find that information I’ve added to my vault has disappeared. I don’t think I’ve lost any records, but information I add to records disappears. It has happened enough times that I can no longer trust the app, so I’m going to have to switch to one that I don’t like as much, but will hopefully be more reliable.

Great app. Great Customer Service. Data Vault is the best password keeper I have used. Actually I’ve been using it for quite a few years now. I’ve had a few issues related to my Apple Watch and settings after an iOS update but the issues were resolved very quickly by their Customer Service team. They’re very knowledgeable and very, very prompt.

Works somewhat well!. Does what I need. Saves my passwords on my iPad and automatically updates my iPhone 7. Only unresolved issue I have is I can put it on any other of my devices. Seems like you only can use it on two devices. I have contacted support wait for a reply. Support contacted me and all is well. My bad. Dahhhhh!

Great product. I have been using this password manager for years, it Integrates well with the companion PC software. I’ve never had any crashes or losses. It snappy quick. Tech-support is responsive and competent. One thing I like about it is how I can synchronize the desktop software with my iOS devices by Wi-Fi rather than by the cloud. Keep it up guys

Great product!. I have both desktop and iPhone versions. Had them for years. They work great. Sync'ing is easy and flawless. Great iPhone Apps are hard to find. This is one. Using the desktop version allows you quick data entry, while the iPhone version provides access to your information from anywhere.

The Best Value Password Manager. ... and a responsive app support network that provided an answer to a question within 24 hours. Synching between multiple devices via iCloud is super easy, with many other synch options available. Very well thought out!

Best Password manager ever. i have tried many password managers, and Datavault is by far the best. No monthly subscriptions, most versatile with the ability to add your own fields. Easily backed up and synced with other devices automatically. I truly hope they never stop supporting it.

Sanity and Safety. To keep identity, information and assets safe, it’s best to have different passwords for everything. In the past, this was difficult if not impossible. I didn’t want to have them saved in my browsers. I have found Data Vault to be a perfect solution which has saved my sanity!

The Best. I don’t understand why this app is not more widely known or used. I have been using it for many years now and find it very versatile and stable. It suits my needs of keeping all my logins, passwords, ID numbers, and more safe and secure. I use it now across all platforms - MacBook, iPad, and iPhone. At first I had problems synching, but once I figured it out it works flawlessly.

DataVault is the Best. Of various password managers I have used, this one is the most useful, user friendly, functional one. Works extremely well with few issues. It is fast and accurate. The only issue I have is when using it many times, consecutively, it may hang up and not flip back to home. Easily fixed by just tapping out and back in, and we are up and running. Love this app.

It works!. This app works! FLAWLESSLY! Unlike many I used before. I have it on phone and desktop and find it indispensable in managing the over 100 passwords (which have to be changed every 3 months) I have to juggle in my medical practice. If you need an interactive syncable repository for your passwords and other sensitive data: LOOK NO FURTHER!

Love this app. I have had this app since 2018 and I recently upgraded my phone to the iPhone 11 pro Max and all my passwords transferred to the new phone. I had to return the iPhone 11 Pro Max due to a bad speaker. So I went back to my iPhone 10 max and had no issues with all my passwords going back to my old phone. Very happy customer. Easy to navigate. Highly recommend.

I love this app. I have used this app for nearly 10 years. I love that I only had to pay once and there isn’t an ongoing fee. I’ve been through multiple phones and have easily transferred over my passwords. Can’t say enough good things. I recommend this to everyone. Also, no I have zero vested interest. Just a big fan.

The Best I’ve Used. I’ve used this program for several years without any major issues, enjoy its adaptability and relatively easy learning curve. My only wish is for Ascendo really needs make it a point to keep it current with the latest password protection and make it better than other password software products!

Top Notch Password App. Very user friendly. The programmers have included many special features. I’ve used this program for over 15 years. I keep one app on my PC and another on my iPhone. The sync function works flawless. Yes, Microsoft and Apple can work together. I consider DataVault indispensable. It’s a full function app.

Essential to online survival!. I've been using this across all my Apple devices for many years. I’d be lost without it. I’d like to see improved category management……it’s a little fussy IMHO. I had an issue synching once but tech support was prompt and accurate. As I go into retirement, I’ll likely depend on it even more!

Can’t live without Data Vault. Wow. I have used this forever, since it first came out. My Vault is filled with the most important items in my life (well almost 😎). I took it for granted until I lost my phone and panicked. I had to get a new phone. FORTUNATELY, I had my Vault automatically backed up to the Cloud. I was really panicked but Data Vault saves me. What else can I say. I will be a lifetime user and recommend it to everyone. Thanks!

Perfect app for me. This is a great app for tech savvy folks. You can define you fields and then add the values that you need - so you can use it for any secure info that needs to be saved. It does take a little time to figure it out and the logos could have been better but the superb functionality makes up for that. The app also has a fixed charge - no need to get into subscriptions.

No Customer Support. I purchased two versions of this program. One IOS version and a Mac version. Although the programs work well, I am unable to load this program on my Wife’s phone without repurchasing it. DataVault advertise that it may be used through Apple’s Family sharing for up to six family members. I’ve asked for support multiple times and DataVault has repeatedly ignored my requests. Before you purchase realize that there is no Customer Support available.

Prompt help. I have used and liked Data Vault for several years. A few days ago all of my data disappeared. Eeekk! Scary! I wrote for help and had a quick reply. Soon all was well. I had at least 3 follow up messages making sure everything was working. Highly recommend.

Fantastic app and customer support. I have had this app for over ten years on different devices. It has been key in managing my passwords safely across several devices. When I got into trouble with syncing and limitations, customer service responded quickly and solved my problems. Thanks for being overall excellent!

Everyone needs this. I have used this app for years. My spouse and I each sync with our main computer. Passwords are so complex and fussy that a safe app is a lifesaver. I also keep other info in it such as airline account numbers or whatever else one needs to keep safe. It is very easy to use, easy to add or change data. Once I contacted support, and got a prompt thorough response - that is good as well.

Sync issues. I have been using this app on both my Mac and iOS devices and it worked well until recently. New passwords are saved to the iCloud, but stopped syncing to my other devices. Support is extremely slow to respond which has led me to try other password managers. After buying two sets of licenses, I was disappointed with their support. When it works, it’s fantastic.

I would be lost without it. The single most important app I have. It works just how I need it to, the developer is super responsive. It is secure and has enough redundancy to make me feel like I’m not going to lose my whole life if Apple decides to upgrade and destroy all previous versions of the iPhone. My inner girl wants more pictures, but she is super needy.

Recovered!. I bought this app many years ago. My phone died with all my passwords in the vault and no way to access. I bought a new phone, downloaded the app, used the recovery link in the app and after logging in all my passwords were recovered. It had been backing it up automatically. What a relief!!!! Great app.

Best Password Manager. I've tried a few password managers after 1Password went to a subscription service. Nigh of there password managers, that were not a subscription service, came close to Data Vault's features. With Data Vault you get all the features without being tied to a monthly service fee. I bought the iPhone App and the Windows app and will still save money on the first year.

Outstanding value, needs a refresh. Cross platform (iOS to macOS) integration and highly customizable. Wide variety of data fields and types. This is a great program. It does need a refresh on iconography. When there are many, many entries, icons help find things.

After 15 Years on Multiple Platforms / No Competition. Used for over 15 years on multiple platforms and there is still no app that comes close to security, reliability, response from developer, continuity, flexibility and simplicity. A true “do once, use everywhere” essential.

Love this app!. I’ve had this for several years on my iPhone & iPad. I don’t know what I would do without it. With Touch ID enabled it makes looking up passwords a snap. Upgrading devices has been a breeze, too. Everything is still there once the app is reloaded and signed into. Nice that “backup & restore” is the first choice under settings. Just make sure you have automatic backup turned on!

Syncsational. I love DataVault because it is the only password keeper that syncs all my devices over WiFi. I don’t need to use a cloud service, but I can if I want to. The only reason I don’t give it 5 stars is because the interface is OLD. The windows version definitely needs a refresh. When creating new entries, the title defaults to the template type and I forget to name it until after I have saved it.

Excellent!. I have already reviewed this product quite some time ago but felt it deserved another good mark. It performs and syncs flawlessly for me across multiple platforms - mobile, laptop, desktop, iOS, MS Surface Pro. Intuitive, simple, flexible, and not “flashy” i.e. not bloated and slow. A daily use app with pretty broad use profiles and a responsive developer. Good job.

Life saver. I recently purchased a new iPhone and thought that the data did not transfer. I contacted customer service and they got back to me in less than a day. However, they were not needed. I just needed to give the app time in download. I will say, backing up is important. Love the app GOLFINGDOCLEE

Unreliable!!!. I used this app for many many years but for the past two years I realized it cannot be trusted. Every time I update an item (e.g., new password) it takes twice or more tries because the first time you enter new info or update existing info the app will NOT save it!!! It has not been updated for two years and the app developer does not respond to negative reviews. They have abandoned it and it’s now limping along till it finally crashes. Time to find a new one before the crash!

Highly recommend. I have been using the iOS and Mac versions for several years. I have tried the others, but much prefer DataVault. I like that you can keep everything local, if you’re one to not trust the cloud. If you opt to use iCloud, all devices sync extremely well.

Dependable and easily backed up. I’ve used Data Vault for years, it’s pretty high up on my navigation bar. I had trouble migrating from one device to another a while ago but I didn’t need to worry about losing any logins because Data Vault’s system makes sense and was easily navigated. I used it for all sorts of miscellaneous, unrelated stuff I want to remember.

Great Password Vault. I purchased this app - one time fee, not recurring monthly revenue - thank you not greedy developer! App is kept up to date, and functions exactly as advertised. I back up to iCloud and the app with all my data has securely followed me through at least 4 generations of iPhones. Highly recommend!

Extremely Pleased. I have had this app for several years and love it! When I have changed my computer or iPhone and have had an issue customer service has been incredibly helpful and responsive. I have purchased it for others in my family as well. By far the best password option and worth every penny!

Consistently good quality. I have used this app for many years and find that it’s easy to use, accessible on all devices, easy to add to new devices and makes keeping my passwords safe and easy to find a ‘no brainier’! I highly recommend you give it a try if you need to better manage all your passwords!

Love this App. I love this app and use it everyday many times each day. I hate passwords. Keeping up with 50 or 60 passwords, keeping them updated, remembering all that, bah hum bug. I let DataVault do all the work. Simple to use. Automatically synced across all my devices. Great insurance for my family in case something happens to me and they need access to my information. I absolutely would not want to be without DataVault.

Used for years & wouldn’t switch!. Was turned on to DataVault years’ ago, and cannot think of a reason why we’d ever switch to any other application. Quite simply, DataVault does what I want, does it very well, rarely burps, and keeps our information secure.

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Language English
Price $9.99
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 7.3.31
Play Store com.ascendo.datavault
Compatibility iOS 9.3 or later

Password Manager Data Vault (Versiyon 7.3.31) Install & Download

The application Password Manager Data Vault was published in the category Productivity on 25 July 2009, Saturday and was developed by Ascendo Inc. [Developer ID: 320494153]. This program file size is 51.21 MB. This app has been rated by 1,870 users and has a rating of 4.7 out of 5. Password Manager Data Vault - Productivity app posted on 25 July 2020, Saturday current version is 7.3.31 and works well on iOS 9.3 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.ascendo.datavault. Languages supported by the app:

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Password Manager Data Vault App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Improvements to Edit Item flow. Changed back arrow to Cancel. If user cancels after making edits, DataVault prompts to Discard Changes or Keep Editing. - Fixed issue which caused Edit Item to fail on occasion for a small subset of users. - Improved Theme colors and icons for iOS Light and Dark modes. - Fixed Add Item Field bug. - Improvements to layout of Login screen. - Fixed Crash on Startup bug. - Fixed Apple Watch sync bug. - Improvements to web Logins. - Fixed Search Settings bug. - Improved localizations for French, Spanish, Italian, German and Russian. If you have any issues with the new version, please email If you like free updates, please rate DataVault favorably in the App Store!

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