UnTrap for YouTube App Reviews


UnTrap for YouTube App Description & Overview

What is untrap for youtube app? UnTrap is your personalized YouTube experience!

It is a Safari extension designed for users of iPhone, iPad, and Mac who seek a focused and distraction-free YouTube browsing experience.

Hide YouTube related videos, shorts, comments, homepage recommendations, and the incessant barrage of distractions.

With over 177+ customization options, UnTrap empowers you to take control of your YouTube journey.
It allows you to personalize your viewing environment according to your preferences and helps you reclaim your YouTube experience.

Furthermore, UnTrap offers an array of supplementary features, including Password Protection, Scheduled Block, Block Temporarily, Content Filter, Import / Export Settings, Startup Settings and more.

Users who want to support the development of the project can additionally subscribe to the PRO version. The PRO version will give access to some additional features that are not available in the standard version, such as hotkey configuration, settings synchronization and some others.

Elevate your video browsing journey today with UnTrap and embrace a new era of focused content consumption.

Please note: UnTrap exclusively functions with the Safari browser on iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices and is not compatible with the YouTube app.

Terms Of Use: https://untrap.app/tos/

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App Name UnTrap for YouTube
Category Productivity
Updated 25 April 2024, Thursday
File Size 36.38 MB

UnTrap for YouTube Comments & Reviews 2024

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Wonderful Extension. Hello, Yevhen. I can't tell you how happy I am that this extension for Safari exists. I've always wanted something akin to the "Unhook YouTube" extension for my tablet, and this definitely delivers on all fronts. However, the latest update seems to cause a noticeable delay in performance whenever I tap the "Search" bar while watching a video. I hope this can be resolved as soon as possible, because it feels great to be able to watch YouTube on my tablet without any distractions. Thank you in advance for your assistance, and I look forward to your response. Take care, stay safe, and have a nice day.

Best one!. UnTrap YouTube is a game-changer for YouTube addicts! It's so much better than its competition Blockyt because it has way more features and is at a lower price. As someone who keeps falling into the black hole of recommended videos and shorts on YouTube, UnTrap YouTube was the silver bullet that blasted through the distractions and helped give me laser-focused productivity while still having access to informational videos on youtube (like tutorials/etc). With UnTrap YouTube, you'll be able to harness the full potential of YouTube without any negative side effects. Say goodbye to wasted hours and hello to the most productive YouTube experience you've ever had.

Thank you to developer. I was happy to find this extension after not being able to use Unhook on iOS, which is a Chrome extension. Thank you for making this blocker for iOS, it does the same thing (with more options it seems). It is a shame that people are becoming conditioned to the attention-thieving malpractice found on apps such as YouTube.

Numba one. i usually don’t do review but this app is amazing. props to developers. i am glad there is no subscription. although sometime is show recommended videos and short but not all the time and there blurred. great to watch tutorials without seeing useless stuff

Not working. I followed all of the instructions after buying the app. I still don’t get any expanded menu or settings to turn off YouTube shorts in the browser.

Useful. Serves its purpose

Perfect for Safari Users!. This is an extension for the Safari Browser, and is NOT intended for the YouTube app. Within the Safari browser, this works on both the mobile YouTube site and the desktop version. If you’re like me and you watch YouTube through your browser, I highly recommend this!

This app is amazing. There is so much customization and features, and the app is free! This defenetly reduced my time on youtube

An absolute must for youtube with today's layout. I was a little skeptical because of the lack of reviews but gave it a shot because I'm sick of youtube putting shorts EVERYWHERE. Not only does this give you the option of customizing practically every UI element on desktop but it allows full customization on my iphone and ipad. For someone who can easily get distracted and waste a bunch of time, this extension is a life saver.

Wow. Super Impressed.. Just downloaded this and I'm amazed by how well it works. Excellent plugin. Someone else pointed out that they felt like they were taking a little bit of a risk since there aren't very many ratings on this, which is why I wanted to give it 5 stars. This will stop me from wasting so much time. Thank you so much for creating this Yevhen Tretiakov. One small request—I love being able to center videos after removing the sidebar of recommendations. Would it be possible to also center the main page search bar and maybe make it a little bigger after someone removes the main page recommendations? Just to counterbalance the massive amount of white space that's left after the recommendations are gone. But, seriously, very happy with this plugin. Download it already!

Outstanding App. I rarely leave reviews on anything, but I had to give a huge thank you to the developer. I’ve been searching for something like this for quite a while, and was getting to the point where I thought I might have to build it myself. Thank you for making something so functional and not selling it on a subscription based model. You truly are one of the good ones 🙏🏼

Does the job!. Exactly what I needed when I am studying for the MCAT and need to search for video explanations on youtube without being bombarded with recommendations. Thank you so much for the app.

Amazing, helpful, everything. I’ve been going through deleting all social media, because social networking isn’t a thing anymore, it’s all social media now. And I wanted to be able to keep using YouTube but shorts are stupid. Through this app, it only works on YouTube in the safari app, but that’s okay because I use Chrome as my browsing app, so I deleted the YouTube app and safari is now my “YouTube” app. Now the shorts are gone, the suggestions are gone, algorithm has been defeated!

Now YouTube is a tool, not a vice. This is absolutely worth it if you want to use YouTube without getting sucked into mindless binge watching. It works perfectly with tons of features and it’s worth the money!

Beautiful piece of software. I just downloaded this app but I’m already in love. This extension enables full customization over the youtube experience, supporting productivity and discouraging misuse of the media sharing platform. I am totally satisfied with my purchase, and will be recommending this to others. If I may request one feature, it would be the ability to blur thumbnails on the home screen. Big thank you to the developer for making this app!

you are a godsend! thank you for this! ❤️. major thank you’s for making this app, it blew me away how customizable you can make youtube via safari. thank you for not making this a subscription app! runs great on my iphone 12 pro max and ipad mini 6 😊

Best. App. Ever.. With this app, you can blott YouTube's TikTok knockoff 'YouTube Shorts' out of the history books forever, and even customize the entire youtube UI. Seriously, just pay the $10, it's worth it. It is reliable and doesn't affect playback either.

The app I've been looking for. I finally discoved this extension and installed on every single device. Thank you so much for making such an easy and user friendly app. Exactly what I needed to reduce disctruciton.

Great App: Feature Suggestion. I love this, it’s helped me a lot. Could a feature be added to temporarily block the site for a specific amount of time without having to use a preset schedule?

Thank you. I never do reviews for anything, so this extension really means a lot to me. This is one of the last addictions I had and it really helped me with my YouTube consumption. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Channels & Videos Blocklist. I’m having trouble filtering out Channels, whenever I put in their Channel ID name it doesn’t work and it’s the same with the Video filter as well?

Must Have. Everyone having trouble with scrolling on YT needs this app!

This is a total game changer. Thank you so much.. I wish I had known about this sooner. I really appreciate the work you put into creating UnTrap. To my shock, I think I might actually be able to focus when I use YouTube now.

Best App I've Ever Purchased. This app deserves to have hundreds of 5 star reviews on the Mac store. I don't know why it was so hard to find this app. I've been searching for similar apps for a few weeks now and this is definitely the best one and worth the price. Thank you Yevhen! By the way it is a very beautiful app with a simple user interface. The only thing I would change is the logo.

Love it. Love all the customization; I wish every company had this much customization.

SLOWS loading significantly. It does everything it promises but loading of previews and videos is slowed down significantly. Uninstalled it two minutes after buying it.

Read the description. Does exactly what it says if you’re using YouTube in the Safari browser

Scam. Do not buy it dose not work on the youtube app!!!

My best blocking app but the app has only one problem. The problem is when I went to the channels & videos blocklist and then I went to the channels filter I tried to put some channels ID it didn't hide any channel’s videos and it didn't work and same thing with the videos filter I tried to put videos keyword it’s also didn’t work

Oh dear, I can’t load it. It’s all well and good until I click the puzzle piece and it says “Upload video” and/or “Go live.” Nope, I don’t want to upload anything I have or go live in basically my pjs. I don’t think I’ve loaded any extensions on my iPad but have on my PC. It shouldn’t be that hard since there’s a clear step-by-step set of instructions but that puzzle piece doesn’t go where they say they should. Please help.

Works well!. Great YouTube extension for clearing all the clutter. Block the elements you don’t wish to see. I’m going to check out developer’s app for social media…

Dont work. ^^^^

Doesn’t work on the YouTube app. I bought this app thinking it would hide distractions from my YouTube app, but it doesn’t. It only works if you look up YouTube videos through the Safari browser. In my opinion that’s pointless. I tried to get a refund, but the seller has not responded… Do not purchase this app if you are expecting it to work on the YouTube app.

Boon for parents to safely share youtube links with their kids. With this extension, I can now share educational/fun youtube videos with my kids and let them watch it on iOS Safari on their iPads without worrying about them clicking on related videos or end screen suggestions.

W. Deleting social media but still wanting to use YouTube made it easier. Using Safari isn’t that bad

Brilliant idea. Would love to have on Amazon, too. I think you could expand this idea further, especially to stores like Amazon. I wish I could just hide recomended junk there, it could save people tons of money—if they just focus on what they’d like to search for and purchase, instead of getting distracted by Amazon‘s recomended shopping items. Thank you!

This app makes youtube on Safari work your way!. The developer is responsive and helped me on a Sunday.

Great tool, shame on me for not reading closely. I bought this hoping it’d block the range of. IPs the yt app loads from, I guess that’s not possible, but happy to support. Might change my viewing habits and uninstall just to benefit from this.

Thank you. I love YouTube, but hate shorts. They are addicting and pop up everywhere. This eliminates shorts and allows me to watch a fee videos and not get sucked into the shorts wormhole.

The Youtube you want. Makes Youtube so customizable and clean. I've been looking for something like this for ages. Thank you

One of the best content blockers I’ve ever used.. I finally feel like I can use and come off of YouTube without going down rabbit holes of wasting time and I can not explain how happy I am to know I can actually block channels now. Highly recommend this app for people who either have YouTube addiction or like using YouTube but fall victim to mindless scrolling. I have been able to minimize my time on YouTube and limit temptations that keep me trapped on the app. However my biggest critique with the app is that when it comes to the keywords section of the Channel and Video blocklist, it doesn’t always seem to work with some words. Not every video with certain keywords will be blocked and if you put a name in the blocklist, from what I’ve done, doesn’t seem to block those videos at all. I’d also like to mention when it came to blocking channels, I had to put in some channel’s IDs into the blocklist twice before their content was eliminated from my feed, so that was a bit much. Other than that, this app is a must have when it comes to content blockers.

Free yourself from low quality distraction.. Untrap is an excelent app that gives the user full control over the content they see on youtube. The end result is that you are able to access valuable videos on youtube without being subjected to the low quality video thumbnails designed to hijack your attention and elicit an emotional response. If you were to take a road trip to a national park, would you want to see billboards on the side of the road every ten feet? Of course not! You are there for the scenery. And that is what untrap gives you with youtube. Highly reccomend everyone give it a shot.

Great. Fixes YouTube, makes me not want to full on abandon YouTube. Really great. Worth the money. Please support the dev.

Update: Fantastic!. UPDATED review: thank you so much for your reply, and for continually updating and improving the extension. I highly recommend UnTrap to everyone, it continues to be incredibly useful and well-designed. YouTube is so much more enjoyable with this installed! Original review: This has been a terrificly useful extension. So many options and it’s great to be even be able to block keywords and such. I’m not clear on the privacy policy though, do these analytics and usage data only include things like what features are used, or are you recording/sending sensitive data like what channels and keywords that are blocked? Does the processing for this extension mostly take place on device. Thank you for a neat app, and thank you in advance for your clarification.

Doesn’t work for App. De. The pictures make it seem like it works for the app (because the developer probably knows this is what most people are looking for) however it only works if you use YouTube through Safari. Do not buy if your intending to use it on the YouTube App

Incredible. Helps defeat the doomscrolling impulses that YouTube encourages by default.

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Great app. Wonderful execution on the app. I would like something similar to focus modes with the app though, I use minimalistic YouTube for when I'm working and I want to swap between work mode with minimal YouTube and a leisure mode where I allow more recommendations and such

Doesn’t work YouTube app. Wished it work with the YouTube app but it doesn’t which is why I purchased it. So I was disappointed straight away

Works Well. The app works well and has many features which are perfect. The only thing that would be a benefit is adding the mobile extension to chrome but that may not be possible im not sure.

Awesome. Works perfectly so far

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This is incredible. It works so well, and it's incredibly minimalist. No ads, no sign-up or anything like that. The changes you make are also reflected on YouTube in real time, so you can really see what does what.

Works. Was really torn about using YouTube to learn as it full of great content but the algorithm gods would always trick my weak psychology and drag me to the recommendation and shorts abyss. Mostly shorts, I hate those. Anyway, goodbye clickbait thumbnail, and recommend rabbit holes. Out of sight, out of mind. Will come back to edit comment if needed.

Amazing app!. You probably don’t trust this app because it doesn’t have many reviews but believe me, it’s great! I’ve recently had a problem where YouTube shorts and recommendations distracted me so much that I couldn’t get anything done but luckily I found this app. This is a must have for anyone focusing on learning and being productive with YouTube. Thank you so much for making this app! -Michael

It works. Yay, it works.

Tame Your YouTube experience. This is a great app for those of us who are annoyed by YouiTube's chaotic screen presentations. Especially the abominable Shorts. Best of all, it can filter out videos you have already viewed (it does not affect playlists.) It works well with AdBlock.

It works Incrediblly well!!. This is helping me be so much more productive, thank you and keep it up! Just keep making this app better and dont you dare let it get any bugs. This app is too good to be true.

Everything appears to work!. Easy setup. Transformed YouTube on my safari app. Very appreciated

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Doesn’t work on the YouTube app. I bought this app thinking it would hide distractions from my YouTube app, but it doesn’t. It only works if you look up YouTube videos through the Safari browser. In my opinion that’s pointless. I tried to get a refund, but the seller has not responded… Do not purchase this app if you are expecting it to work on the YouTube app.

Perfect for Safari Users!. This is an extension for the Safari Browser, and is NOT intended for the YouTube app. Within the Safari browser, this works on both the mobile YouTube site and the desktop version. If you’re like me and you watch YouTube through your browser, I highly recommend this!

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UnTrap for YouTube 6.8 Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Rules

What do you think of the UnTrap for YouTube app? Can you share your complaints, experiences, or thoughts about the application with Yevhen Tretiakov and other users?

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UnTrap for YouTube 6.8 Apps Screenshots & Images

UnTrap for YouTube iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 6.8
Play Store me.swifter.ytdistract
Compatibility iOS 15.4 or later

UnTrap for YouTube (Versiyon 6.8) Install & Download

The application UnTrap for YouTube was published in the category Productivity on 08 August 2022, Monday and was developed by Yevhen Tretiakov [Developer ID: 1592732760]. This program file size is 36.38 MB. This app has been rated by 145 users and has a rating of 4.2 out of 5. UnTrap for YouTube - Productivity app posted on 25 April 2024, Thursday current version is 6.8 and works well on iOS 15.4 and higher versions. Google Play ID: me.swifter.ytdistract. Languages supported by the app:

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UnTrap for YouTube App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Performance improvements and bug fixes.

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