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Thanks for checking out the Yahoo Mail app—the best email app to organize your Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, AOL, AT&T and Yahoo mailboxes. Whether you need a clutter-free mailbox, added customization, different views for deals, receipts, and attachments, or even more storage, we’ve got you covered.

Favorite features:

Use any email address
Don’t make your other inboxes jealous. Add your Gmail, Outlook or AOL account and keep everything in one place. Custom settings, colors and notifications make it a breeze to keep your accounts separate.

Go forth and unsubscribe from the spam and junk mail you don’t want to see in your inbox. Yahoo Mail shows all the mailing lists you're subscribed to on one screen and makes it easy to opt-out in one tap.

Attachments view
Looking for that one doc from that one person? Or, a photo from brunch three Sundays ago? Don’t panic, It’s right here. See all of your photos and files attachments in one easy view.

Your inbox, your vibe. Customize the bottom nav bar with the folders and views you care about most. Then, pick custom sounds, themes, swipes to add your own flavor and unboring your inbox.

Travel view
Travel stress-free. This view keeps all of your flight information in one organized spot. Smart Updates, from gate changes to delays and cancellations, will instantly appear in the app, so once you check in—you can check waaaaaay out.

Deals view
Expires today? Challenge accepted. See the deals from your inbox in one quick view or enable location permissions to see a map of deals near you and get notified in real-time as you walk into your favorite stores.

Groceries view
Win at groceries, every time. Add your grocery store loyalty cards to save coupons that will automatically get applied at checkout.

People view
Only see emails from your favorite people. Ignore the robots.

Receipts view
No more crumpled receipts in your pocket. Find them neatly organized in your inbox.

Sounds + notifications
Choose from several categories of notifications, custom sound alerts and visual settings—so, you get the reminders you need. And none you don’t.

Features high contrast themes, dynamic text resizing, and optimized for use with VoiceOver screen readers. Plus, folders at the bottom of the Inbox allow assistive technology users to navigate with less effort.

1000 GB storage
You can’t see your whole world without room to roam. Download the app and you’ll never have to delete memories to get your mail again.

Yahoo Mail Pro
Get ad-free mail on Yahoo Mail for iOS and priority customer support.

+ Available as an in-app purchase at $0.99/month or $9.99/year, charged to your iTunes account
+ Subscription will auto-renew each month or year within 24 hours of your renewal date
+ Manage or cancel your subscription via Account Settings

Terms of service: and privacy policy at

Please note: This app features Nielsen’s proprietary measurement software which will allow you to contribute to market research, like Nielsen’s TV Ratings. Please see for more information. You may also visit Settings in the app to opt out of Nielsen measurement.

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Yahoo Mail - Organized Email Customer Service, Editor Notes:

If you’ve updated to iOS 14, you can now set Yahoo Mail as your default email app on your iPhone or iPad. Go to the Settings app and scroll down to find Yahoo Mail. Tap Default Mail App and select Yahoo Mail.

Yahoo Mail - Organized Email Comments & Reviews

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- Yahoo Small Business Email Disruption!

In the 11+ years of having 4 (actually 5) small business accounts with Yahoo, I have NEVER experienced the exasperating and costly issues that have wreaked havoc on my business and communications since the migration on April 24 of 2019. It has taken 2 weeks for us to simply access our business emails. Have not spoken to anyone after multiple tries and tireless hours in hold. Microsoft and GoDaddy actually both answer their calls and solve issues. NOW, I must access my paired down (and, yes soon to be closed) Yahoo email accounts through an app on my phone. Have you heard of call centers? Staffing up to offer customer solutions? Would like to hear projected revenue loss numbers if you were shut down for 2 weeks. I’ll bet our percentages would be the same... What separates us is that I would never treat customers like this and I would answer my customer calls.

- No Setting For Notification Sounds

Deleted app finally. I linked yahoo mail through gmail. I highly recommend. More flaws to report with yahoo app. I am using an iPhone X. Mail would disappear from the inbox if I clicked on a new mail notification. Would take hours to appear back. If I used the search to find an old email it would find the email and when I click on it the email it would just load and load an nothing would appear. I finally had to forward the email to gmail so I could view it. Also why should one have to pay to remove annoying ads which aren’t even applicable to what I am interested in. Worst app ever. Minus one star for not being able to change sounds for incoming & outgoing mail. If you have an iPhone you are stuck with the generic default notification and can’t change it at all in the settings of the app or in the settings for the iPhone. Second minus star that they show irrelevant ads in the top of the inbox. I don’t want to pay a dollar a month to get rid of it. If you want people to use your app rather than the default mail setting in the iPhone then get rid of that like gmail and outlook have in their free versions. Update to the developer’s reply. That is untrue. Both the Outlook and Google mail apps. let you change sound notifications within the “settings” of the widget themselves and not in the actual Apple settings.

- I have Yahoo! basic were I don’t pay anything for it

The only thing I don’t like about this and the reason I give it only two stars is not only do I get advertisements at the top of my email inbox but sometimes I get spam emails in my inbox instead of going into my spam folder and when I ask Yahoo! about this they tell me to upgrade to where I have to pay $.99 so I won’t get those spam emails or the ads up at the top of my email inbox that’s another annoying thing if it’s free then you shouldn’t have to pay anything to have the ad removed if you say you just like the ad you shouldn’t have to pay anything for an email service unless it’s a business account and you have a lot of other features and with me I just go ahead and send emails every once in a while and this is the same account as I’ve had for about five or six years since I opened my email address account and that’s my opinion of Yahoo! basic if I don’t want the ad they say it’s called the Yahoo! pro program and I don’t want to pay that because when I signed up for Yahoo! basic I was looking for a free and non- ad based email and that’s what Yahoo! was I know they have do you have to use Yahoo! pro if you don’t want the advertisements at the top why should you have to pay if it’s a free service for no advertisements why is it deleting enough

- I don’t want to sound entitled

Yahoo! has truly become a terrible email service in the last 3 years or so. Before, there would be one or two SPAM emails that would get through the SPAM filters, in place, every month or so. Now it seems that everyday there are multiple SPAM emails that make it through to my inbox and it’s fairly annoying. I have to keep marking them all SPAM but that’s not stopping anything. I’ve had this email address for 10 years, but it’s time for a change. I’ll be looking to close all of my Yahoo! email accounts and move over to Gmail. I’ve noticed that the email address I’ve had for 12 years with Gmail has not gotten more than a handful of SPAM emails in my inbox over the last 12 years! It will definitely take a few weeks to change my email address with every online account I have, but it will be worth it once I have an effective SPAM filter in place by having Gmail email addresses. UPDATE: Someone on the Yahoo! development team responded to my review, but did not thoroughly READ my review. Suggesting that I make sure to mark the emails spam when it clearly states in my review that I have been marking them all spam and it’s not working. Then follows up with they’ll let the “anti-spam team” know. Laughing - What a joke!

- Doesn't Allow Scrolling

When you try to advance to new emails further down the scrolling section of emails in the Inbox, Spam folders as well as your own created folders the app automatically scrolls up enlarging the scroll bar as it advances back up on its own making it 100% impossible to scroll down to any and all emails that are off the screen and thus further down. The only way to get to them is to go to Full Screen View on one email and using the arrows to advance down to earlier previous emails. Because of this it makes this app 100% impossible to use and thus really not worth any Stars whatsoever. Especially since this problem has been going on for months (since well into 2018) and all Feedback complaining about it has been ignored and it's only gotten worse with each update to this app. It used to only effect the Spam folder, then it also affected Created Folders and the Archives folder and most recently it's been effecting the Inbox as well. Thus with each time the problem has made the Yahoo Email App 100% impossible to use and requiring going to Safari or a Computer to get it to actually work right. With Yahoo also ignoring Feedback on this problem for months and not fixing it in any update this app is 100% NOT WORTH IT!

- 20+ year User :(

...maybe 30+ years. I’m a long-term user, short term hater. A year or two ago, after Yahoo’s biggest upgrade I could ever remember, learning to use Yahoo with all the bugs it brought was sheer agony. For years, I was able to log into our 3 email accounts ‘once’ and then switch between accounts with a keystroke - that went away. Working through the problems finally ended with losing my departed wife’s account being lost...with all it’s history that we’re memories of her. Then I entered the ‘season of constant login’ and absolutely hate how you set THAT up. I struggled with access via ANY browser but usually use Chrome. I’m still having TIME CONSUMMING problems with that - YES I HAVE YOUR APP on my iPhones and iPads! The use of the Yahoo app is a time synch and a constant source of frustration...if not un-Christian thoughts: more times as not, I don’t get the tool bar at the bottom to reply, move or delete emails and have to start a NEW thread just to reply - business associates complain a bit when I do this. The ONLY reason I’m still with Yahoo...again, the ONLY REASON is I don’t know how to switch my personal URL over to another company and also save my ‘history’ for my remaining two accounts. Does Yahoo EVER, EVER, run a new release through a ‘test group’ for feedback?

- Absolutely WOULD NOT recommend till bug is fixed!!

My PROBLEM/COMPLIANT is Yahoo continues to automatically add contacts to my contact list, even from all my Spam mail folder, without me telling it to. NOT a GOOD THING Yahoo. See previous review info below with details about what is going on. "Yahoo/App allows very little user control, yet their security seems to be very suspect. For example, every address, even from Spam emails, is added to your contacts list. Yahoo should NEVER be taking it on themselves to decide who I want in my contact list. I should have control of who I want added to my contacts, not the other way around. Certainly not Spam addresses! And once they are added, Yahoo makes sure you cannot batch delete them. (Here's an example of how many unwanted contacts are added in a short period of time): I had just cleaned out my contacts about a week ago. Today I had to go in and individually delete another almost 80 unwanted addresses. Should NEVER have happen in the first place Yahoo!!! Who wants Spam addresses automatically added to your contacts list? And if you want help, have a suggestion, or need to write Yahoo for assistance, there is never any help or response. They make sure their privacy is intact, they just don't respect ours."

- It gets email!

Outside of retrieving email, this app is not very user friendly. The Apple email app, which is already present and cannot be deleted, is equally as good, if not better. Or there are other apps like gmail that are cleaner and easier to use, even with yahoo accounts. After the initial review (above), Yahoo contacted me to ask me to tell them how to make their product better. I will try to put this into perspective. The Yahoo app is like a stiff version of Apple mail. Things are placed awkwardly and do not function smoothly or easily. And when I set up an account, my first attempt didn't go as I wanted it to. So I set up a second, duplicate account, thinking I could delete the first. But the app will only allow me to delete the correct account. The incorrect one does not show under Manage Accounts. The only way I can see to eliminate it is to kill the app and start over. As stated previously, my review is that until Yahoo does their own homework, there are better apps to handle your email. I recommend trying a side-by-side comparison with this app, the Apple app and the Gmail app. Then you can make up your own mind. I would lay odds that the Yahoo app is your first delete.

- Great except for the “Deals in this Email” that dramatically slow you down

I’ve used the iPhone Mail app well...since I’ve had my first iPhone. I’ve also always had a yahoo email address, and had seen they completely overhauled the yahoo app a little while back. I tried it and it was fantastic!! It made moving through all the mail (including junk mail) so much easier and quicker by simply swiping from email to email! However then the “deals in this email” started popping up and that wouldn’t clear the “unread” status. I tried emailing support to ask if there was a way to disable the deals component as it was quite annoying to have to back out of the message and go back in to “clear”and was given a canned response “we can’t respond to all emails so try our support page/FAQ”.....well, I also don’t have to use your app and can go back to my mail app. Then an update came out and that was gone...but then it’s back. Long story short, the app is good and user friendly...except for the pain in the behind deals from this email stuff, which if it stays will likey push me back to my native email app.

- You know about spam reaching inbox for months

But yahoo keeps sending to my inbox.. Tiffany and Co, Louis Vuitton are your favorite spammers. Why do I say that? They probably pay you to let them bypass the spam filter. You let them spam multiple yahoo accounts and from .eu email addresses, that means Europe. Now before you say, we will fix it, I’ve read reviews complaining of the same thing from Late 2017 and into January and February 2018. It’s May 2018. You refuse to do anything about it. Yahoo and Oath is a crap company. I’ve complained on Oaths Facebook messages and posts. You don’t even read them. Your a corrupt company that spams its members for profit. I don’t have this problem with gmail and I recommend gmail to anyone reading these reviews. You refuse to do anything about putting the spam in the spam folder( your not smart enough to do this) The spammers are smarter than your corrupt mail and spam teams. You like spam, you let them spam hundreds of millions of users, they complain, you do nothing. Fix your bad spam filter today. Oath is a spam company. You get rich off it, that’s the only reason for derelict of duty. 5 months ago someone complained here on these reviews. You haven’t and won’t fix it because they pay you to bypass the spam filter.

- Not so good anymore

I started using Yahoo email in 2004 and liked it enough to stick with it even in the advent of gmail, hotmail, etc. But I made a major mistake: I linked some accounts. It was great for a while, with the aliases available to one click to another of my several accounts, each with their own folders. But now I can’t unlink the accounts or be rid of the useless aliases, all the accounts have similar folders AND for some reason 2 accounts must have the same password. I spent $10 and 5 hours on the phone with “help”, working with 4 different people and accomplished nothing. Now I moved 2 of the accounts to gmail. $10 would have been a bargain for the amount of time spent with me if they could help, but they could not. At times I broke out in a sweat as it seemed as if folders and then even accounts with folders of important files from years ago disappeared, but then they magically appeared again later and my wet body relaxed a bit. AND I can only have 2 accounts in Firefox, instead of the 4 accounts that I used to have in Firefox. What a shame. If I could figure out how to easily move folders and their contents to gmail I would, even though I much prefer Yahoo when it worked.

- My honest review

Yahoo Mail was my first ever email address when this whole internet thing took off. I eventually found out that I was going to need a different, or another email address because this Yahoo address was filling up fast with garage mail, or spam and my important emails were getting lost in all the spam. This was years ago, whenever all this started out and I now have 4 email addresses. I use each email address for a specific purpose, but I still use my Yahoo mail for getting information from the net knowing that whoever I’m getting the information from is going to sell my email address to a spammer, that’s why they’re is nearly 10,000 emails in my inbox and I have to delete another nearly 2000 garbage emails in my Spam Folder every week. It seems like the more I Unsubscribe to many of the emails the more I get. It seems like Yahoo is nothing more than a Spam destination, but now some of my other email addresses are more spam lately. Although you could say I’m not exactly happy with Yahoo mail, I very much like Yahoo Financial & Yahoo News. It keeps me updated on the things that I’m interested in...

- Notifications fixed in latest update

Update: 4.5 stars The notifications finally got fixed for me with the latest update, and the badge on the app now finally shows the correct number as well. My only complaint now is the ads that show up in the list of emails that you have to scroll through. I think that the ad at the top of the list is enough. Previous review: This app has become nearly useless to me because it doesn’t show me incoming emails in notifications. At first just the badge notification (the number on the app) stopped working and showed either nothing or the number of new emails since I had last opened the app (which wasn’t always accurate), but now it shows no badge and it also doesn’t send push notifications when new emails come in. I have tried re-downloading the app numerous times (which is how it got messed up in the first place, I re-downloaded the app to free up space), and no luck. If this doesn’t get resolved, I’m gonna find a new mail app.

- Yet another improved version that is not an improvement

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!!! Where is the viewing sort email by sender function? I use that to delete emails by sender and it is so much easier to clear the inbox that way. Swiping to delete a couple of emails is OK but when you have hundreds or thousands of emails to delete swiping or touching each one is not a desirable option. Before the change, I could sort by sender and highlight one email, hold the shift key click on an email way down the list which highlighted all other emails in between, hit delete and in a couple of key strokes I have deleted a hundred emails. Why take that ability away? That has been one of the major problems with gmail, you cannot sort by sender, which made yahoo mail more user friendly thus more desirable than gmail. Developers pat themselves on the back for giving users the ability to use emojis or gifs on a grand scale but take away the basic functions we use more. If a user is not interested in emojis or gifs then you have not improved anything with new and so-called improved versions you have just create a great deal of frustration and animosity for you product.

- Horrible App - Makes You Want to Switch to Gmail

This email app is absolutely horrible. I’ve been using it as my primary personal email address for several years and it constantly has glitches, despite numerous version updates. The very worst is when you send emails, it often sits in your outbox with an error message and you’d never find out unless you happen to check your outbox and find out it never sent. I’ve had several important emails that this happened with and the 1-3 day delay cost me thousands of dollars. Then there’s also the issue that very often when responding to an email and switching screens to another app in the middle (e.g. you’re checking something on Safari to see what to write before finishing the email), it will literally save 10 different drafts of your email after sending it that you don’t have the ability to delete, which completely clogs your inbox and prevents you from scrolling in your email history to pull up older emails in the thread. I’ve had my Yahoo email for 25 years and am about fed up with the poor quality being in 2020. Time to finally get a new email address with Gmail and short Yahoo’s stock.

- Not helping

I have made a police report on this person stealing my identity also my other accounts and I included Yahoo for allowing this hishonest lower class piece of trash use my identity. I work hard and will do whatever it takes to put this piece of trash is prison. I know the person pretending to be myself is reading this email so be prepared you low life piece of trash pay for your stupidity!! Everyone eventually gets caught!!! I must really be important for you to want to be me using my identity. The problem is there is only one Judeth so stop being a coward and show who you really are but I will soon see due to hiring a investigative team to find you and press charges so there is a paper trail you have provided for my team and Google, Yahoo and other uneducated companies are also part of allowing trash like yourself steal others identities due to making multiple complaints about my accounts getting hacked. Apple is the only company who responded and acknowledged my crisis and has helped anyway possible You will finally get to meet the original Judeth in court along with my security team due to Yahoo and Google allowing you to continuously putting myself in danger

- New update makes it impossible to find anything

This new update introduced the stupid thing that everyone is doing now where you have multiple inboxes. There’s pretty much every option now excepted your deleted folder. Accidentally deleted an email and now there’s no folder for me to go into and read it. Hope it wasn’t as important as I thought it was because apparently once you delete something now, it’s instantly gone forever. Also the ads not being distinguishable from a regular email is a scummy way to get you click ads. The ridiculousness of having ads pop up in your email aside, they should be marked in some way as ads rather than looking identical to the rest of your mailbox. Instead you just have to remember while using this app that you can’t click the top “email” in your inbox. The new deals thing reads your email to provide you with coupons to stores that email you, which may be fine for some, but if they're scanning emails for coupons, they’re scanning the rest of your emails too, and Yahoo has had a data breach before so that’s fun.

- What a waste

What kind of idiot would create an app that when you click a link opens a separate page that is ONLY linked to mail instead of going to internet web page, god forbid you need to go back the email to get additional info. Time to start over. Yes you can still go to web page (clicking again) but when you go back to email you now have to say you’re done on that extra page. Now on to deleting multiple emails at once.... select more than the page you can see and the fun begins. First off the display to the right starts scrolling for every item you select and when you hit delete you are now some where towards the bottom of all your emails and not where you left off. Time to scroll back to the top... And god forbid you try to use the old tried and trusted outlook... your deleted emails suddenly re appear as if you never looked at them. If only I knew then what I know now. I would have gone a different way for sure..

- Top email untouchable

I’ve been using this app for years and it has been great the last year. Even if something seemed strange one day, a bug fix update was done before I even had time to look into it. But, I just lowered my rating to 4 stars because this one issue has been annoying me for several weeks! On my iPad, I cannot select the top email in the inbox. If I select the one below it, I can also mark it for deletion, but I cannot select it to read it. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app, restarted my device, etc, but to no avail. This is super annoying and I see another user is experiencing the same issue! I’ll go back to five stars once this is fixed because the app is otherwise great! Answer to developer: It happens only on iPad and both on cellular and WiFi. I don’t have yahoo mail pro, but I do have a paid account for ad free mail although that is not an issue in the app.

- Frustrating

I’m adding more stars because three days later I’m finally able to use my second email. However I still can’t delete it if I wanted to. So I finally tried the app. I’ve been using my iPhone mail app for years. But I am so frustrated with the yahoo app right now. I added my account and everything was fine but then I added a second yahoo email, that one doesn’t show the key next to it like my primary email does. Well the second one never finished loading and I can’t do anything with it. I added the second one again a different way and that time it showed the key next to it and download fully. The frustrating part is that I can’t delete the one without the key next to it. It is just sitting there doing nothing. I tried deleting the other ones and basically leaving the app with no open accounts, added the main one again and it comes back with it. I tried deleting the app and downloading it again and it is still there. If I can't get it deleted I will not use this app at all!

- Bucking the FLAT minimalist trend --- FINALLY

Yahoo! To Yahoo for not giving up on usability. Now when I view email I get a company logo or Facebook icons. And the yahoo mystical logo on the right. Mammals reintroduced color vision and two eyes I front are for better depth perception, why are designs today reverting? Well with exception for f yahoo... IMHO Apples interface is about money not use ability. They are so international that the make their navigation easy to translate internationally to save money. So instead of add, you get + or instead of menu you get a triple hyphen. IMHO Steve jobs was a control freak money mongrel more than he was a visual artist. He dressed colorless and flay to because he was colorless. Pixar made him rich and they kicked him out of their creative process. See creativity Inc Colorful is useful. Thanks yahoo for helping me see quickly the story of my email and leading the way past apple arrogance. There is hope, YAHOO!

- HORRIBLE email app

I have never had problems with yahoo email until recently. Maybe 2 months ago it started. Have an iPhone Xr with iOS 13.1.3. App continuously crashes while viewing emails and even when typing one. Just shuts down and my phone goes back to the home screen. The OTHER BIG ISSUE? CANNOT dictate emails on yahoo app. Meaning, hit microphone button and speak what you want email to say. You do it and it turns off within 1.5 seconds. You get MAYBE 3 words out and the mic cuts off and the cursor goes to the front of the sentence. Is it a phone issue you ask? NO! Speaking text works on every other app or program on my phone without doing this. The workaround? Use the built in email app on the iPhone and link my yahoo account. Not good because NO OPTION TO PUSH NOTIFICATIONS. Have to manually check email about 20 times a day in order to get emails in a timely fashion. I’m am so mad about this. Been a yahoo email user since early 2000!!! NO WAY I’m the only one with this issue. aren’t aware of this? FIX IT PLEASE!!!! I’ve deleted and reinstalled app multiple times and it doesn’t fix it.

- Why did you change the order of e-mails after deletion???

For some reason they switched the order of viewing for your e-mails. I like to view my oldest unread e-mail message first and work my way up. It used to be that the next newest e-mail would appear after you deleted the e-mail that you were looking at. Now it sends you to the older e-mail instead of the newer e-mail making you swipe right to go to your next e-mail. This is counterintuitive and annoying! I will go back to using the E-mail app built in to iOS until this problem is fixed. Sorry Yahoo… The resolution of text and images is deformed and hard to read usually. You're still better off using the built in E-Mail app on the bottom of the home screen, but this Yahoo Mail app is improving continuously. Maybe Yahoo will improve the tiny display format that usually makes it hard to read your e-mails in the next update. I know they can do better.

- Useful but Mail Pro Useless

Mail pro for a year is the worst $10 I ever spent. What makes me most upset is the inability to have one of my folder which I automatically have Mail directed to up closer to my Inbox as I could in iOS app. IOS mail app worked beautifully for me until these bugs recently not allowing it to push my mail correctly. Use without ads. The star is for trying. The help button in the settings section is useless as it does not take you anywhere. I’m going back to IOS mail app as soon as bugs are fixed. Thanks for trying Yahoo! Update: I figured out the whole “Help” button thing. I had safari disabled. About the folders thing. I basically have automatically mail routed to certain folders from based on senders. No I have all my school emails go to one folder. The ability to have my “School” pinned up close to where my Inbox is. Kind of like a favorites section for the folders. Instead I have to scroll down past every folder to get to my newly received mail in my school folder. Sorry if I might not be very clear.

- Paid to subscribe to Pro... only one mobile device- fixed.

UPDATE: I appreciated the prompt reply from service. I opted to delete and reinstall the app while emailing some logs to them, which ultimately fixed the problem and now works fine ad free on both devices. So based on the fact that I have owned this email address for so long, and frankly use it for online stores, all my logins are YM, I am somewhat committed. The spam volume is overwhelming compared to my other accounts. My unsubscribed do help, but yikes! So, the mobile app ads on IOS load after the mail which has caused me to click on the ads that slip in to the top of the list... clearly intentional, not happy. I decided to purchase the Pro. On the purchase page it stated the purchase was associated with my Apple purchase ID. I looked and searched and couldn’t find any clarification anywhere as to whether it would work on my 2 mobile devices (same Apple ID and same yahoo mail account). So I purchased the annual ad-free. BUT my iPad is still seeing the ads. I get that the desktop is different, but since I couldn’t find any details ANYWHERE, I did assume that mobile meant mobile. I even tried to find the info after the discovery, thinking shame on me for not reading the right info. Shame on you Yahoo. Give full disclosure. You know people have multiple devices.

- Not what it used to be

I have used the Yahoo Mail App up until two months ago and never had a problem with it. I loved it and rated accordingly. With one of the more recent updates on my iPhone/iPad I wasn’t able to use dictation on my yahoo email. I uninstalled the app and reinstalled it and after two months it started working again. Now I am having issues with not being able to send emails for 2-3 days at a time. Yahoo puts the email into my drafts but will not send because it says it looks like spam. There are no links attached and I rewrite and simplify to no avail. I have tried to contact Yahoo but I am getting nowhere. It’s to the point that I am thinking of getting a different mail carrier. Is there anything you can do to help me out? I really don’t want to get rid of yahoo after all this.

- Great app

I love this app as it does update your folder almost instantaneous upon receiving an email, I think it’s a lot better than that garbage “mail” standard app that comes with iOS devices which is why I have it a 4. However to justify my 1 star absence, for every great app there’s always something that has to be bad with it. and the only thing I don’t like, I actually strongly dislike is while scrolling through an opened email, and your finger happens to land on a link while attempting to stop the scroll, the link will open. It’s at times really annoying; Especially when you’re searching for something specific within the email and you constantly have to hit the “back” button every time you stop the scroll. Hopefully there’s a fix to this! :) will be patiently waiting for it! Thank you!! UPDATE:: I’m over this app. The developer never fixed the issue I stated, I get the notification of a new email and when I click the notification it opens the app but says error try again, almost as if I didn’t have service but I’m connected to the WIFI!! Additionally I have to refresh the inbox maybe like 6 times before emails come in, again, connected to WIFI i have 300 download 300 upload. So it’s not slow. Lastly, i have to delete emails maybe 4 times a day before they actually get deleted. It’s so frustrating I’m over it i guess I’ll give iOS mail app another shot. Thanks for trying yahoo!

- Stop Asking me to Rate It

I was forced to switch to this app a few months months back when Yahoo decided not to play nice with Apple Mail. I switched after being asked for my Yahoo password literally twenty times a day. The app is functional and I have no real complaints about that, but having to extort your clients into using it is a pretty bad business model. Now I get asked to rate the app every single morning, so here ya go. Update: Since I posted this a few weeks back I've been asked to rate it at least once every two days. If you don't like your apps to bug you, don't use this app. Update: As if this app wasn't annoying enough, it now puts ads right in the middle of your email list, forcing you to have to click the "X" to get rid of it. Once you do that, it asks you a multiple choice question about why you wanted to get rid of it... Seriously guys, I want to get rid of it because it is an annoying ad that you put right in the middle of my emails. What other reason would there be...? For advertisers buying space here, just realize that I'll never click your ad EVER.

- Sabotaging Apple Mail!!

I’ve had Yahoo mail for 14 years now. And I’ve been really happy using it on my Iphone with the provided email. Recently it stopped working and I just wasn’t receiving my Yahoo emails on my Iphone anymore, so I went to Apple, they deleted the Yahoo account from my phone, added it again, and the next day I’m having the same issues. I have the latest update and everything and I went back to Apple today asking if there’s just an issue with my Iphone 7Plus and if I need to get the new Iphone X or what to do because I’m missing out on important emails throughout the day and it’s affecting my business. They told me there’s nothing they can do, and that Yahoo has been making their email less compatible with the Apple mail so that people download their app instead! I was completely shocked!!! I’m so disappointed and I’m slowly gonna try and move to Gmail, even though everyone knows my Yahoo email only, but it it’s very disturbing and extremely disappointing that Yahoo is doing this and messing with the lives of their customers in this way! Shame!

- Yahoo

Articles too biased. Too many from CNN & MSNBC, both of whom hate Trump and do not write fair stories or cover many important issues, such as good news of the employment figures, how minorities are doing better than any time in history, how so many more are killed in auto accidents than by guns, even though the Fed Govt has spent years of money & regulations to make autos safer, how our lower & middle class are being hurt badly by illegal immigration & everyone’s safety is at risk from unknown flooding over the boarders. How none of the incitement’s have anything to do with ‘Russian Collusion’ & how much this investigation is costing taxpayers & how much the ‘political investigations by democrats are costing money & time from business that needs conducting. There is so much more to be covered but all you want to do is focus on anything that might hurt the president & consequently are hurting the entire USA. As far as the operation of the Yahoo site, it’s slow, doesn’t respond many times and I have to open the page 2 or 3 times. It just doesn’t compare to gmail. Tom😡

- Batch Deleting? And snark?

One of the oddest things I’ve found with Yahoo Mail on mobile devices is that if I do a search for a sender, I have no option to ‘delete all’ once they appear. I have to delete each one separately. Takes FOREVER. Another, more serious concern is the apparent lack of concern for customer satisfaction. From the reviews, I’ve seen and my own experience, the attitude of those manning the help desk is “If you don’t like it, use another app.” I’d rather work with a chat bot than be subjected to sarcastic dismissal from a tech. I’ve had Yahoo Mail since 2002; it was my first email ever, but I’ve lost the nostalgic attachment. AND, I will say that nobody is going to track my Internet actions and profit on it AND insult me. Just THINKING about upgrading to the new app and being plagued with ads only to be extorted to get rid of them irritates me. Besides the latest research shows nobody clicks on ads anymore. I’m more likely to deliberately NOT shop at a website that throws an ad in my face tbh. have to be bleeding customers.

- One of the worst apps I have ever used

I have used Yahoo Mail for many years and generally speaking it was OK Until a few years ago when those multiple data breaches occurred and I lost complete confidence in yahoo in general. In the last few years I have had all kinds of issues with Yahoo mail and yahoo Finance and not just on one device but on any other devices that I use Yahoo. The problems have been random and all over the place and very frustrating to say the least. Today is when I finally had it, which forced me to type up this review because the dictation function on the iPhone doesn’t even work on the Yahoo app. As soon as I open my mouth and get a word or two out it stops. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app with no change. I can use dictation with any other apps on my iPhone with no such problems. This is by far one of the worst and buggiest apps in the App Store that I have ever used. I can’t imagine how anybody would give this app a five star, which leads me to believe that many of these reviews on the App Store must be fake somehow.

- Mediocre

There are things to appreciate about Yahoo mail, like the appearance customizations, the organization tools and formatting options. These surpass what is offered by other providers. However I would prefer more attention be paid to those areas that are below par, like the spam filtering. Despite getting mail from legitimate sources on a regular basis, suddenly they end up in my Spam folder. Why does that happen? Why is the app not able to consistently recognize the difference? Yet I still get Viagra emails in my inbox and other rubbish. It’s nice to be able to add other email boxes to one view but then it’s impossible to filter those emails into folders. Even though ATT has a Yahoo extension I am frustrated that the app doesn’t allow me to sort them. Also photos that are inserted into an email cannot be saved which is another annoyance (although I can do this with the email app that comes with the operating system). So a mixed review for Y mail.

- Lost my email and forgot my password

At first I was going in circles, every time I tried to reset my password it asked me if I was a computer and then took me back to the exact same screen. This was while I was on Microsoft edge. Then I found a site to ask LinkedIn help questions. The Linked in help directed me to switch to a different browser. So I switched to chrome. Then I was given a screen where I had the chance to put in my new email so I could get a password to get in to my LinkedIn account. They sent me an email so I could prove I was actually who I said I was. I was given a choice to upload my passport or drivers license. I chose to upload my drivers license. After about a week an email came through asking me to link my email to LinkedIn and then another email to change my password and I eventually got in. LinkedIn help was very helpful and walked me through all the steps.

- So annoying and gets more glitches with each update

I only downloaded this app because I was annoyed with the constant notifications from yahoo that using a third party email app wasn't secure. Unfortunately, I'm even more annoyed now. This app is so frustrating. From incorrect notifications of emails to the useless archive button I constantly hit and have to undo, I really hate using it. Oh, and for some idiotic reason, it sends reply emails from a different address than the one the email came in to. Update...for months it shows an email and once it's opened, the email disappears. I have to switch accounts and switch back to make it reappear. It freezes all the time and the stupid, slow loading ads at the top of the email list are always getting in the way of opening actual mail. Further, with the latest update, I no longer get images in emails. At all. Nor the option to load images that most other providers have. If I didn't have this account for 20 years, I'd get rid of yahoo entirely. If I could give 0 stars, I would.

- Buggy for years

Been using this app for years and I’ve had the same problem for a couple now. I have 2 yahoo accounts with account key enabled. For some reason, each account shows up TWICE on the menu—once indicating account key is enabled, the other without—for both accounts. It’s a total hassle to remove. Last time I had to disable account key for each account, sign out, and enable it again, so right now I’m just leaving it as is. The problem is that I get notified TWICE when an email comes in. In addition, though one account shows up twice, the other account will not updated when emails are read, deleted, etc. In other words, even if I open an email or delete it, it will still show up in the “other” account as unread. Sometimes, it will fix itself after waiting a while, sometimes it won’t. Again, I’ve had this problem for so long that I don’t remember ever using this app without that issue. Can’t believe it still hasn’t been fixed.

- Help me see people emails among the tsunami of sales emails!

Can you help me prioritize/ separate emails from people and minimize emails from companies advertising sales? I unsubscribe to many, but it is only a temporary relief. I do not want to unsubscribe to all stores as they’re helpful at times. Email lists get bought and I continue to have more solicitations than I could ever care for. The downfall: I miss important personal emails among all the solicitation emails. Is it possible to create a sorting mechanism that I can turn on/off at will? Thinking you need to expand capabilities currently available. Your system has a too simplified view of sorting as excel format. By dates, when you can switch views at the top of the column: A>Z, Z>A, people> organizations? How about this: by Subject line: no solicitation indicated>sales: stores, fundraising, political messages indicated in subject or message??? High Priority (from contact list?) > low priority ( add a mechanism for me to indicate level of priority?)

- Horribly disappointed

Why in the world does this app have ads? This is an email app, from one of the largest search engines in the world. You'd think they'd be able to give us at least one basic product without having advertisements! Way to go Google, Microsoft, and Apple, you win the email app game. Yahoo: get your stuff together. I'm disappointed. To be honest, I would give this negative stars because their competition is delivering basically the same product for free. As far as functionality, it's an email app. It sends and receives email just like it's supposed to. Sweet. But the experience is horrible because anytime I click on the first email in my list, an ad pops up and I click on that instead, on accident. That is so annoying. Sooooooooooo annoying. Developers, please take a good look in the mirror and ask yourself if you would even use this app yourself. The only reason I have it is because Yahoo doesn't seem to play well with Apple's native email app. So basically I'm being coerced into this poor experience. Booooooo. Not cool Yahoo, not cool.

- Very Good

I have 8 different email addresses coming in to this client along with my sports and news feeds, it’s very customizable and still streamlined for ease of use. I only use my iPad and iPhone email clients for my iCloud account and it just keeps everything in it's place. Yahoo’s main app is very convenient and allows me to hit the ground running with all of my calendars and the news and sports that interests me and not what something thinks that I’m interested in. I just love, to have the ability of keeping all my different email signature's separate. I haven’t seen or had the need to upgrade to the pro version of the client, but it is an option for zero adds. Honestly I don’t even notice them anymore. Try it out for free, or don’t I just know that it's a work horse and it more than get the job done!

- Could be better...

The app works just fine and I’ve had no problems with it’s operation. However, there are a couple of things that don’t sit well with me. First, I like using the Apple mail app because I can see all of my email accounts in one view (All inboxes) if I choose too! Not the case with the Yahoo Mail app. Secondly, I don’t like the feeling of being forced to use an app...what I mean is since I’ve added the Yahoo mail app, my Apple mail app is not syncing properly as it had prior too installing Yahoo. The only time it syncs is when I go into the Yahoo app first. I’ve removed my Yahoo email account from my Apple mail to try and reset it and we’ll see if that helps. If I continue to have problems, I may be forced to get a new main email account which is sad because I’ve had this Yahoo email for many, many years! I love the progression of new technology...but don’t just force us to change, give us better options!

- Best email app

Wherever I am, whatever device I’m on-even away I can access my emails. Computer device crashes no worry just access yahoo from somewhere else and I never miss a beat. It gives me headlines on my devices and an option to read, delete, even mark as read but keep. Emails I keep for easy access to sites, sentimental reason or because it holds info I need to save, are kept safe. There is never a worry that if a device crashes or simply running slow, my “must keep emails” are safe and will not be lost. On top of everything yahoo allows you to keep an insane number of emails. I can get up to 50+ a day and don’t always get to delete them everyday. Yahoo was the cloud before there was the cloud and as an apple and hp user I can say yahoo is better then the cloud that despite statements to the contrary DO LOSE “cloud backed up emails photos etc”.

- Respect pro users and stop annoying them

I appreciate the continual updating and improvements of the yahoo email app. As a paying pro customer, I expect to have the choice to have a professional, non-commercialized experience. For me, that’s what I am paying for , first and foremost. There is now a tab in the tab-bar that says “Deals”. I cannot see any option to remove this. I am not looking for any “Deals” when I use my yahoo pro account. Can you please provide an option to remove these commercialized features? (or tell me how to if I am missing something). Also, I receive too many emails nagging me to “upgrade to full yahoo mail experience” and warnings about other apps’ “insecure access”. Yahoo needs to stop with this, or give me a clear path to disable this spam. I understand that Yahoo prefers the richer analytics provided when users only access via their official Yahoo mail app. However, I also have my own preferences too — and as part of satisfying my own objectives, I choose to access my Yahoo account over several different platforms at different times. There is no factual proof that the platforms Yahoo keeps referring to as “insecure access”, and it’s in fact entirely possible that the opposite is true , i.e. that Yahoo’s own native app has security flaws that others do not - making it the less secure means of access.

- Don’t google - ever!

Thank God that Bing, Yahoo, and Ask still provide us with search engine alternatives. Few things drive me up the wall than people saying/writing that they just “googled” something! No, what you mean is that you searched for something (or used the e-mail service) from a behemoth which has their paws in everything and which couldn’t care less about your personal privacy and/or other rights. If people don’t change their searching and email preferences away from Google (and soon) it will be too late. All that will remain is a leviathan which will continue to kowtow, and continue to supply your personal information, to the governments of the U.S., China, and Russia. They also will continue to provide your information to those companies which have their wallets open.

- Spam spam spam SPAM SPAM SPAM!!!!!!

Inferior service from an inferior company. AT& T is in the same sinking boat because they chose to partner with Yahoo without any consent from account holders. There has been much discussion reference the need for Government oversight into predominant social media companies, but I believe the attention needs to be refocused on antitrust laws applicable to GLOBAL CONGLOMERATIONS such as AT& T, who seem to be on a fast track to acquiring every service available leaving few remaining competitor options for the general public. Sounds disturbingly like they are on their way to becoming a “monopoly” after acquiring Direct TV and various other companies. Have you tried to wade through their miserable customer service or tech support lately? Very little risk of having to improve their service when there are fewer & fewer available competitors & in some U.S. demographics/geographical locations there are no other options. We are headed down a very SLIPPERY slope if the ‘Amazons’ and ‘AT&Ts’ are allowed to purchase, own and control every consumer market. Just saying!!

- Not impressed

I’ve had yahoo email addresses for years and have always been pleased with it reliability. I have always used the standard iOS mail on my iPhone and had both personal and business yahoo addresses linked and everything worked very well for many years. Then yahoo took away the ability to push my emails to me on the iOS email server. So I downloaded this app. I now sometimes don’t even get email notifications at all, and I have my desktop, iOS mail, and this app. I’ve contacted Apple and everything is fine on their end, there is something going on with yahoo. And good luck getting a hold of anyone for support. They just direct you to their community forums, which is garbage. If you are looking to sign up with a new email address, use gmail and it’s app. If you are stuck with a yahoo account, I hope your experience is better than mine. Also, when I get a notification, it’s the same sound as a text message. How hard is it to give us an option to change a notification sounds?!

- Good but could be improved.

I’ve been using Yahoo Mail for about 17 years now, and still have all my email going back to the beginning, which is really great. I do like it but there are some features that could use improvement. (1) I don’t know why they got rid of the feature that allows you to click on a sender in order to add that person to your contacts. Now it’s a laborious process to add someone to your contacts. (2) Also lately when I underline a word the underlining automatically goes to the space before of the word as well. (3) The search function could really be improved. You cannot search for phrases, only for individual words, and even then, if the letters make out part of another word those results appear too (e.g., if you are searching for “ward,” your search results will include “toward,” “backward,” “forward,” etc.

- App won’t even open

Just downloaded this app onto my new iPhone, but it won’t even open! All I get is a message that, “Safari cannot open the page because it could not establish a secure connection to the page.” Tried opening Yahoo Mail in Yahoo. Still nothing; just sits. Pretty useless. Update: App still won’t open on mobile device. Unable to make yahoo mail the default E-Mail on my phone. Sometimes, if I keep trying to open the app long enough, I can get to the first sign-on screen (why can’t the name and password be on ONE page?) for my user name. Click continue, and it stops again. Keep at it long enough, and I might even get to enter my password. That’s as far as it goes. If I enter my password, I immediately receive a “timed-out” message. Sadly, the exact same thing is now happening on my desktop. Took over 2 hours just to sign into my mail account. Even worse, I received a response from the developer requesting additional info, but they didn’t leave a way to contact them.

- A little buggy with iOS 11 update?

I’ve been using the Yahoo Mail app on my iPad and iPhone for several years and generally find it superior to the native Apple Mail app in terms of functionality and responsiveness. However, since updating to iOS 11 and subsequently updating the Yahoo Mail app, I’m noticing a quirk or two. For example, occasionally I am unable to open the first email in a given folder (or it takes a very long time to open). There’s nothing special about its contents, and other messages in the folder open normally. But I have to either open the second message in the queue in full screen and and arrow back to the first, or close and reopen the app in order to access that first email. I hope these little bugs are addressed in the next update and I can again say this is a five star app.

- Missing emails

The app updates seem to have wrecked havoc with the delivery of mail. The worst part is that there is no support, unless you are willing to spend $4.99/month. And, if you bite that bullet, you will be dealing with an offshore customer call center. Enough said! After calling that number, but not opting to join, I was told the only support for non-premium members, is to read the useless online articles. I had already tried that with no success. Next, I decided to log in to my account online, rather than use the app. There, I discovered that, between 9/25 and 9/30, there were 336 emails viewable there, which were missing on the app feed (absolutely the same account!). At that point, I decided to delete the app. I’m not sure what made me think of this, but I then reloaded the app. Guess what! All of those missing emails, along with the ones missing after an earlier update, are now visible in the app version. If Yahoo is going to update its app, they should advise users about potential problems and how to fix them. At the very least, there should be a way to contact someone on the phone or in a chat window on its so-called “help” website. I have been very disappointed with this app ever since it removed a way to sort emails. It is impossible to keep up with and delete inordinate amounts of emails just using a search tool. My guess is that yahoo servers are housing millions, if not more, ancient, useless emails, because of this.

- Skip! Core bugs alone, not counting annoyances, ruin this app.

E-mail folder structure does not get properly updated across platforms. Added a subfolder called “Receipts” under your “Utilities” folder on your PC? The Receipts folder may end up in a different folder in your Yahoo! Mail app instead, and will never be updated. Imagine spending hours organizing folders on your PC, only to check your app later and see folders all over the place in random locations. You can’t move folders while in the app. You can’t rename a folder if it has subfolders (you have to move ALL subfolders out of the folder before you can rename it). You can’t sort by sender. It’s shocking to me how a company that has been around this long has released a mail app, with so many better competitors out there, in the messy state that it’s in. I’ve had Yahoo Mail! for over a decade, which explains the reason I’m running into these problems. Looking to move the accounts that get sent here to a different, free mail app that respects my time.

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- It’s fairly user friendly, compatible with my version of IOS

Has many options and features to make the user happy .. the only thing I didn’t like was you can turn off all the features but not the sync contacts .. I’ve tried many other email service and not one has the option to turn it off in app so now I gotta transfer most of my contacts back over again so my iCloud can back them up for the future .. I’m not slagging this app at all just pointing out none have that option ..

- Yahoo email service review

I like the service, but I would prefer an option to be able to link to my photos, be able to resize them, and then attach them as proper separate attachments. It used to be possible to do they get put into the email (which often means the email doesn’t go or get delivered successfully unless it’s only a couple of images). I am also not that happy that so much endless marketing emails turns up in my inbox....I would like to be able to empty it of all that rubbish...but so much stuff turns up in’s very annoying. I think you should be able to setup a rule so that a maximum number of unsolicited marketing emails can be in your box at any one time. And that they are automatically deleted after 15 days if they are not opened...(just a an idea for a bit of creativity for the product, plus I reckon people would liken this! Even marketers could benefit because at the moment inboxes are swamped... with their marketing buried...this would streamline it.

- Privacy and security issues

I have been using it for a really long time and so far in terms of privacy and security it’s not the most safest, actually it’s not safe at all. I have had someone get into my account a lot of times and peek in and when they do it doesn’t show in recent activities. Regardless of how strong my password has been in the past someone has been hacking my account as I have noticed some changes. I have suspicions it is yahoo customer service representatives looking into emails because when I called them after they locked my account, they had every detail about my email which only I should know. Had some very personal and sensitive documents and it’s such a shame that a company like this doesn’t take peoples privacy seriously. Also I have had to pay monthly subscription fees for them to stop ads because it got really annoying. I was constantly getting ads for unrelated things. I also noticed being signed up for services I never subscribed to. I wouldn’t recommend them at all to anyone. Not if you are wanting a better service and something for long term. I have been with them for so long and have had so many issues with emails but they haven’t been able to fix it. If you want to maintain your privacy and have a better security look elsewhere.

- Could be better.

It's pretty good to access your e-mails, but the "Mark as Spam" function seems useless, as I have been marking e-mails as Spam, only to keep seeing them appear in my Inbox. Also it'll randomly send wanted e-mails to your Spam box, instead of your Inbox, sometimes for no reason and others because you've deleted one of the senders previous e-mails without reading it. Also why do e-mails no longer remain selected after you've done one action with them? Eg: I select all the emails I don't want to read this week, they'll be from stores, I select "Mark as Read", then it unselects them, meaning I have to spend more time reselecting them, so I can delete them in one lot. This is very time consuming, considering I can have up to 20 e-mails in a day, I only have personal accounts, if I had one for business it would be worse!

- Needs improvement

Fed up with having to remember to change the ‘From’ field for every email. It’s stupid that it defaults to the last email address that was used. I have over 50 disposable email addresses. If I click ‘reply’ to an email then I expect my outgoing email address to default to the disposable email address the email was originally sent to. Yahoo Mail provide users the option to not disclose their main email address by way of disposable email addresses but then through poor programming you trip up the user to inadvertently disclose this vital data. PLEASE RECTIFY IMMEDIATELY. I am over having to always remember this for each email I reply to or even compose. Please have it prompt the user if possible. “What email address would you like to send from?” or “Is this email address you would like to use?” Thanks

- Handy enough app

This app is quiet handy but I can’t find anywhere to adjust text size and it seems that as soon as it gets darker the font size will drop even lower putting so much strain on my eyes I can no longer focus on anything in fact it makes them so blurry I can’t read previews any longer and have to open each message and use iPhone zoom tripple the size just to barely see it. There should be an option to adjust font sizes so it doesn’t damage my eyes worse.

- Attn: Yahoo - Noticed a bug.

Hello again Yahoo.... Still noticing the same issues with your app on the iPhone/iPad as mentioned below....Please look into this as clearly it's some kinda bug in the app.... Hello there Yahooooo, I've noticed a bug with your mail app on the iPhone... Basically I've stopped seeing the little notification when I've got mail waiting to be viewed, Usually there be a little red circle with a number within it showing how many emails are awaiting to be viewed.... It's not a huge issue but all the same it's irritating.... Could you please fix this, App is otherwise working well, Also emails aren’t coming thru as normal sometimes it’ll show I’ve got emails but nothings there & then sometimes emails will show but once removed some it’ll show there’s more but won’t show up till I refresh a couple of times.... (p.s) Yes I've checked my setting on my phone and nothing has been changed so clearly the app has a bug.

- Review.

Yahoo mail is fine as a permanent email provider. However, I find it quite tedious with the layers of security ie SMS codes to sign in. Also pop up advice that yahoo mail won't work unless I use google chrome. I did that and chrome did an update and features of yahoo mail won't work anymore ie forward, reply and delete emails. I went back to outlook express and all is good. Cheers.

- Good, but a little annoying.

Overall, the app works well. It is easy to use when viewing or writing emails and sends helpful notifications when emails are received. BUT, ads are shown in the inbox and the notification button on the app face alerts you of this constant advertising, which seems deceiving and I often confuse with having an email. On a higher note, the app is much more successful than others when sharing media content between web platforms. For this effort I would say the app is very good. (:

- Some email issues

I don't like the sponsored item at the top of emails. Plus I don't like the icons (not selected by me) to represent each email. My main concern is more in the functional side e.g. If I'm in a website and select to email someone it goes to the iPad email app (which is no longer in use) and not to yahoo to send, and this want send as it says my email server doesn't exits. So I have to go out of the website and cut and paste the email address into Yahoo. Plus I don't like the simplified icons, and ideally have to looks for "trash" as the bin doesn't look like a bin, plus the archive and file are too similar and being side by side I often click on archive instead if file, annoying.

- Looks Good

I like the layout of the app and find it easy to read and organise emails. My only complaint is that it forces you to open all links in their Yahoo Mail browser which doesn't contain any of your saved passwords and pre-filled information. Also if for some reason you have to return to your inbox you lose your browsing location. If they would provide the option to have links opened in an external browser this so would be perfect.

- Two sorely needed features!

Can you please add these two features. I have been waiting years for these: 1. To be able to SEARCH for folders. When I want to open a folder, or when I want to move a message into a folder, I want to be able to search for the folder name, not have to scroll through the list of folders looking for it. I have so many folders and it takes ages scrolling through them! 2. To be able to create a hyperlink. Outlook can do this and it’s really just basic functionality.

- Antiquated

How Yahoo email gets 4.5 stars is beyond me! Is this because thousands of Yahoo staff have written reviews? There are so many primitive things wrong with this software. To give one example. If I open a specific email such as say a travel document and then switch to another app to for example look up my frequent flyer number then go back to the open email to enter that information the email has disappeared and I’m back to the start. Another example. My outbox folder currently has a red circle with an exclamation mark Indicating a message wasn’t sent. When I click on the outbox folder there is just an endless spinning circle to load but even after several hours nothing is shown. I’ve also had it where an email wasn’t sent but no alert appears in the inbox and so an important message I thought had gone out hadn’t. If a yahoo software engineer used their own software they would quickly realise how outdated and poor it is. Lots of other examples.

- Works well, better than most

Have had a very good experience with yahoo overall so far. After MicroSucks outlook and goggles gmail losing my accounts to hackers, I tried Yahoo since the beginning of the year. This Yahoo mail app appears to be good, simpler than most others out there, which for me is a good thing, but need some modern features for the younger ones. What it does have it does very well. I like it and would recommend for simplicity and so far reliability.

- Killed my battery life!

I have used the app since 2012 and never had any issues until a week ago. It took an hour to drain my battery completely which got me looking at my usage. One one 24 hr cycle, Yahoo mail app screen on time was 6mins and screen off time +7hrs!! My phone was really hot to touch and to a point where I could only make one phone call for my phone to go flat. I deleted the app two days ago and have had no issues since. I am really disappointed as yahoo is my only personal email and now I can’t access it on my iPhone. Hate giving this app a 1 star as I did enjoy the app - it was easy to use and uncomplicated.

- terrible text editing, crashes

To summarize... The yahoo mail app - crashes - can’t handle editing in text mode properly - displays ads - crashes I’m now using Apple’s Mail app for my yahoo mail, and I recommend you do the same. forgot to mention - forced url previews are a joke. if I paste in a url string, I want a url string, not an html preview hiding the url. the text-only editor hasn't been fixed, it has been removed. *** Still crashing on startup on iPad 4 (iOS 10.3.3) most of the time. This yahoo mail app's text editing leaves much to be desired, particularly in text mode. Returns are just stripped, and words and lines are run together. Instead, returns should be replaced by a space to prevent this. Multiple returns should be treated as a paragraph break, and preserved. Try writing in text mode, and look at the mail that is delivered to e.g. a mailing list, particularly one that strips html attachments. It's embarrassing. Please fix this - although you've had years to do so, and haven't.

- Lacking

The feature to select multiple emails and to move to a folder recently disappeared. It would be great if there was a ‘sort’ function so that you can easily view all unread emails, for example, but there’s not at this point. Also agree with the spam comment (spam button appearing to be useless). Also, lately when I try to select/highlight email content, it goes crazy and doesn’t allow me to have any accuracy. I hope Yahoo will look into these things...

- Yahoo

Regardless of using an Apple and their mail service I much prefer to use Yahoo. I have been with them for many many years and cannot complain. They offer a very reliable service and this is important especially with hacking and unreliable mail. Yahoo screen in coming mail so one feels more secure and this is very important today.

- Slow

There is a long a delay on the functions eg clicking on mail and waiting for it open up etc. when I use it on my home computer. I think this is because I don't clear-out my junk mail/ opened mail, so my mail gets slow and congested as more and more emails build up over time. Probs my own fault. 😊

- Disappointed :(

This app seems to be getting worse and worse. For months now I cannot add attachments - photos or documents - to an email via the app as it comes up as a blank section and says unable to load or some other reason why a photo hasn’t shown in the email. Very disappointed when I use my phone for work and have to find a way to send photos etc to the boss. So now I have to resort to sending heaps of text messages which defeats the purpose of having an email account in the first place.

- Ads ads ads. Download a 3rd party app, or move to another email provider.

I’ve used yahoo as my primary email for nearly 20 years and their latest mobile app is frankly pathetic. The newly updated ads banner that mimic an email on your listing is ridiculous (unlike their competitors, dismissing as irrelevant/etc has no effect and it continuously reappears). This on top of other useless features (eg on mobile, wasting screen real estate with a mailbox size when you get 1TB free so no-one will be nearing their limit) shows they have completely lost their way in terms of customer centred design.

- Dissappointed

I have had nothing but trouble and even been charged to have faults remedied to still find an issue when trying to simply sync my emails on different devices. I paid a fee to have problems solved and then found that I was getting further problems, yes I know there is always a reason but it should be simpler to do certain functions like sync emails between my desktop laptop and phone when they are all Apple and suppose to be bullet proof. What’s the answer, how do I sync my emails and not have to constantly delete and rearrange emails on multiple devices?????? HELP PLEASE.

- Really fast and simple layout

Works well, fast, organized layout, no complaints. Whilst i normally loathe ads in this case the ads are non intrusive and potentially useful. Far better than other major email apps, honestly makes the gmail app look substandard. Hope this gets more support and retains this quality in the future.

- Great Service

I have used Yahoo Mail for a number of years now and I have to say this is the best platform for email use. It’s easy to use and is a well navigated app. I can sort out my emails with ease and have had no troubles what so ever. Highly recommend this to anyone creating or looking for a different emailing platform.

- Jimmy A

Yahoo mail would have to be one of the best email account sites i have ever seen. Its sheer simplicity to read and reply to emails is unrivalled. It's so simple to organise your categories right up to attaching photos or files to emails is very well thought out by yahoo. Congrats to a great site. 5 out of 5 star rate from me. Well done. :)

- Reply/Reply All button

My only issue right now with the app is the ‘reply’ option automatically changes to ‘reply all’ if there is more than one contact involved in the email thread. This is frustrating as I have on multiple occasions replied to every contact instead of just the person/company who sent the email. Please change this! 🤞🏻

- New update.

The new update has stuffed this app. Slow, won’t send email. Deleting the same email all day. Just to open the app and there they are again. There was nothing wrong with the app to begin with. Now it’s useless. I’m probably gunna have to go to an another email app and get a new email. I hope something is being done for this app. I’d hate to have to leave yahoo after so long of using it. Just so I can send email while I work. Useless updates. Fix bug with more bugs.

- So far so good...

I have tried many email apps and this one has so far been the best. Experienced syncing issues with other apps, and the annoying issue of them always showing a notification for one more email than what was actually in my inbox.

- Contacts disfunctional not able to add or edit for two months

You cannot buy pro services in Australia so no way to get help when things go wrong even if emailed issues are acknowledged they do not fix the ongoing issue with the contacts management of yahoo inbox

- Issue with new update

When i updated the app recently, it asked me if i want to see the new features. When i enabled that, i noticed the dark mode feature works well on the home screen but when i click to view any of my mail, it switches the top and bottom (header and options bar) to a white background as opposed to the dark background that it’s supposed to. Please fix this!

- Awful...won’t let me delete from inbox or mark mail as read

This is the worse version of Yahoo mail I’ve ever used. Since I auto-downloaded this version I find I cannot delete mails, ( it just restores them when I go back in) if I mark a mail as Read or move it to a folder it also restores to inbox as unread. Very frustrating. I can’t sort as unread either. I also hate the meaningless icons against each message and the Banner Ads are annoying. The old version was so much better!

- Update = less convenience!

I liked being able to click on the notification banner to allow PC login to my yahoo mail without needing to open the app, but now the app opens too. Previously I would have given it a 5 but now its lucky to get a 3 IMO.

- Loss in feature for attachments

I’ve noticed with the recent update that pdf attachments no longer rotate to landscape when the phone is tilted. This used to work on the previous versions of the app and was a great feature to have. Please could you look to reinstate this feature? I tried to see if there was an option to contact the developer, but found none.

- Messages take longer time to be received

Sometimes senders ring me stating they had sent a message a while before, and when I ask them to forward their messages to my personal Hotmail, I immediately receive them, then 15 minutes later the message hits my yahoo mail inbox

- Folders

I have too many emails. I want to delete most of them. I canceled my subscriptions. I don’t want to delete each individual email. I want the emails to be put into folders without the hard work, then I can delete some of those folders. Yahoo and ICLOUD email accounts don’t allow you to do that.

- Would prefer no advertisements

Functions as normal mail should, however the advertisements are very annoying and to remove them there is a fee. I have another email account with gmail which doesn’t use adds which i find so much more convenient. These adds appear in inbox and makes it look like there is new mail waiting.

- Much improved

I think that Yahoo Mail has much improved after a few very serious security breaches over the last few years - I lost all my emails and addresses twice and was hijacked on another. Well it is free so what do you expect?

- Yahoo mail- great way to go!!

Yahoo mail is great. It’s easy to use and read, and a fun way of checking the news before singing in sometimes. I’d much prefer to use Yahoo Mail over the email hosts, and I keep my Yahoo account as my premier email address.

- Attaching images is a guessing game

This app has no way to tell if attachments have loaded. I have sent many after just sitting and waiting for a while only to have the recipient tell me it was a broken file. There needs to be either a way to tell something has loaded or it should be impossible to send until it has, like other email apps.

- Not syncing

The yahoo mail app is not syncing with yahoo mail on web. You can delete messages on yahoo mail web access, but later if you access yahoo mail app, the messages you deleted are still there. You have to delete them again.

- Frustrating

The apps been good in the past but the past 6 weeks I’ve had many problems from the app freezing too not sending emails properly. Thinking of going elsewhere if this keeps up

- Great email app

Been great app no bugs till last update crashes when trying to delete or move emails to a folder. This is the first problem I have had in years so still 5 star im sure it will be fixed soon

- Notification sounds

It would be great if yahoo mail was able to update the app into a situation where the notification sounds can be changed. Because that default tri-tone is annoying as hell

- Drains battery

I was instructed by the Apple Genius when he was troubleshooting my battery drain to uninstall the app because it was the main reason for my system malfunction which I did and everything was back to normal performance. Please fix.

- Not recommended

Yahoo is a terrible platform, when writing e-mails your text goes next to your signature and you have to delete and reposition at the top, the calendar even though you set this to the correct time zone, it sends out appointments for the incorrect day, time and date, there is no way to recall an e-mail once it’s sent and it continues. Not recommended!

- Annoying bugs

There’s an option to block all emails addresses that arrive is SPAM folder but it only lets you do one at a time. The Most annoying thing however is trying to attach pics to emails and they attach as grey squares half the time. If I wasn’t a long time yahoo address I’d never get one but too much effort to change.

- Mail all in one

Great app. Have been using it for awhile now. But. In my opinion. I think you have taken a step backwards in directing mail to return to the inbox instead of to the next message. That’s my two cents worth... Cheers

- Love 💓 the app

I have been using yahoo since 2000. The current app is the best. It is easy to navigate and manage. Happy with the security, layout and features. Yahoo app is better than Gmail and outlook. I have given 4 start as there is always scope for improvement. This is best version of yahoo so far !

- T Henningham🇦🇺

Email is not as relevant to me anymore as I prefer SMS WhatsApp & Insta. After that even Facebk Twitter etc etc may fill time for some but there has to be some self management to determine what works best for needs and what is just a distraction from reality of work & home commitments. Well until robots do the chores and most ardous chores. Brave New World!!🙀😎

- Passwords

I am an aged pensioner in a nursing home and recently purchased an iphone6 and I am sick of mucking around with all your new changes and having to change my password then when it is set you say you do not recognize my email address or password I have often thought of changing over to gmail but have been with yahoo mail since 1960 and am thinking of moving over to gmail

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- Yahoo service

It is good to be yahoo user, great service. Thank you.

- Mr Christie

Works great!!

- Yahoo mail

I've used Yahoo as email address for years. New app makes it even better. 👍

- Great

It's good I love it

- Friendly!

Realiable since2000😃💃🏽

- Yahoo mail

Too many ads!!!

- Push notification

Not working!

- Essential and reliable app

One of the apps I cannot do without on my phone👌

- Too many ads

Not bad but way too many ads. Poor work.

- yahoo app

I have not been able to use the app for over a year now. even with the update, deleting the app and reinstalling still won’t work..if you can fix it I’ll be happy.

- Mail won’t Delete

From last 3/4 updates YAHOO MAIL app won’t delete mail when you delete any Mail it’s shows up again in INBOX instead of going to DELETE folder.

- Ads in my inbox Awful

I hate this app. I don't want ads in my inbox. Nor do I want to pay a subscription to go ad free. Impossible to navigate

- Ads are annoying

This email is included by my provider with my paid internet service. I absolutely resent having advertisements in a paid service

- Worst mail app ever!

Yahoo’s app is the worst mail app I have ever seen. It reveals all your personal information and gives the user absolutely no control to restrict the exposure of your personal information. DO NOT USE THIS APP!


What the heck has happened to you Lately there's been a Ginormous INCREASE in SPAM!! Does Yahoo Not Care for its customers??? For such a humongous company, you should be able to put a STOP to all this SPAM that's been increasing largely over the last 4 months or so... I'm so sick and tired of thousands of spammers collecting my personal information and flooding my email accounts! Come on Yahoo, you used to be better than this! Show us that you CARE and please STOP with all of the Extra SPAM, especially the Fake companies like Costco or Walmart for example. Or the Fake Contest Spam Mail, when I don't even sign up for contests. Enough is Enough!! All this Extra Spam Mail needs to Stop soon bcuz I don't want my finger to slip and accidentally have 1 open up and Reak Havoc! Otherwise, I'm going to have to Cancel my yahoo email accounts and Go Elsewhere for email... Thanks but No Thanks, KP

- Yahoo mail

If you don’t pay 13.99 in Canada they torment you with ads!

- Yahoo mail logout options

I do not like this app because my yahoo email account is always open on my phone without an option to logout or sign out when I am finished reviewing my mail. It is not private or secure in my opinion. It says to go to manage your accounts where I will find the log out or sign out option, and it’s not there... put in a nickname, everyone is taken

- App crash at opening

Done an update this morning and since, the app won’t even open...

- Spam

Too much spam

- Emails don’t send

Emails have not been sending for the last 5 days - they just stay as drafts in your inbox and despite going back in and hitting send, no email goes out. Pretty basic function that should work.

- Reply To All missing

One of Main feature of the mailing app should be reply to all. It used to work in old version. Now the latest version there is no option (iOS version). I’m forced to use my desktop for reply to all

- Mediocre

Notification badges never clear properly after new emails are read. Incoming emails often delayed.

- What Happened ?

Something is wrong with the last ap update. Now i click on “mail” in bottom left hand corner and the page freezes making everything inaccessible. I have to go out of the ap wait and go back in to try and access emails. Often times emails cannot be opened.

- None

Why am I getting ads this sucks , I’ve been with u for many years now I’m thinking of changing

- Don’t like paying to remove ads

I have been using third-party mail apps for years because I don’t like Yahoo’s website AND I don’t like Yahoo’s mail apps. I get perfectly fine service with other mail apps that I already use and don’t need to pay to remove ads from them. When there are already so many other choices, why pay?

- Paid money, still getting ads

Are you kidding me right now?

- Too may ads

Ads keep rolling in unless you upgrade for a fee of course will be deleting this app

- Other person is using this account. Your system is screwed

I have collected evidences in this account. Lately, I am getting Facebook messages from other account with my same name, but not me. She has access also changing the password in this yahoomail account. I have lost my trust completely in yahoo. Sincerely.

- What the hell

I paid to have it ad free and I still keep seeing ad’s like what the hell I want my money back!

- Something isn’t working

Just got the app and I can’t even sign into my email, half the keyboard is off my screen so I’m unable to type my email and password. I’ve been trying for 10 minutes but I’m growing frustrated. I hope this issue is fixed

- Won’t log in. Crap app

Tried using this app, open it, type username, get password screen and before I can finish typing it in, times out and won’t let me in. 3 times and then you reached your limit try again tomorrow.

- Ads are annoying .

The constant ads are super annoying. I miss my old yahoo mail. Less junk.

- 912


- Yahoo Canada

I would enjoy it if there was a Thanks

- Oscar

I have a this is bad this is checks Going wrong

- Sent mail appearing as drafts in outbox

I’ve tested even sending to my alternate gmail. Nothing getting through.

- Ads

I dislike that I keep getting ads from multiple sites that i have no interest in nor desire to subscribe to their services

- Aucune étoile

Vais je r3trouver cette évaluation à chaque fois au fil des années?Je trouve non seulement médiocre mais contre productif et tellement mais tellement une perte de temps le fait que ma signature habituelle que j’avais sur ce Ipad n’y apparaisse plus. Les nombreuses et longues minutes qui deviennent heures à force de chercher par quel moyen rétablir les paramètres antérieurs que j’avais avant la mise à jour de votre app. Même d’attacher une photo devient un casse-tête. Je dois faire mon travail à partir de mon laptop ou (HEUREUSEMENT) vos imbėcilités de changements n’ont pas sėvies! Faire perdre du temps aux gens c’est un objectif chez vous???

- Yahoo mail app

Much preferred the old app. It was a lot easier to navigate

- New format

I do not like the new format, icons are hard to understand, I’ve tried to delete one email from American Express 10 times but will not go to trash reappears all the time

- Unhappy

How do I stop all the unwanted adds? Hate the pop ups

- No Privacy!

- Why do contacts keep appearing in contact my list, when I don’t choose to add them? Annoying. If someone emails me, I don’t necessarily want them in my contact list. I want to DECIDE. There are weird things in there. - Where does my contact list go? Is it mine only and never used in any other way? I have found people in my list as suggestions on Instagram and fb. NOT okay.

- Beta stinks

This version is very delayed and annoying

- App comes with forced ads ...

Forced ads are intrusive, removing app and will just use outlook.

- IMAP please

Please add support for IMAP/POP3 accounts.

- Bad decision

Made bad decision to update Yahoo mail box I’m drawn now in ads. If you want to have ad free mail box you have to pay for it! Rip off! Super unhappy!!!

- Too many spam mails and contacts

I had to delete spam contacts and report spam emails in my inbox for more than 45 min. It’s really frustrating. I have no issues like that on gmail at all.

- Nope

I don’t need another place that I get unwanted ads. Downloaded it saw all the ads deleted it.

- Worst email application ever

Don’t waste your time or money. Important emails get lost, they’re not sent to the recipient intended, you can’t find your emails once they’ve been written, and the app is flawed in that you can’t scroll up or down in the application with your mouse, The application keeps timing out and is slow and unreliable. I need a reliable email application for all of my important businesses As a healthcare provider. Move on, don’t waste your time, find a reliable email provider. Yahoo is not reliable and I have lost several very important emails.

- New??

Can’t even find my inbox!!!

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- Hacks and the institute that’s allowing it

To whom This may concern it’s sad again that I write you with no reply’s from your team, at all ! It’s sad when the state of affairs within yahoo Allow my e mail account to not so much as being hacked in itself ,but your negligence afterwards when i informed you , and you had no decency to get back to me and help me resolve this matter ! I’m your regular computer illiterate 61 year old but I am a former Army Ranger / Paratrooper and i think I should push this until someone has the decency to Help-me! Funny thing is the culprit is still on my wife’s e mail account and conversing with her and god knows who else and is still very much alive and kicking hiding in the yahoo world and conducting builds like he’s got not a care in the world! Yahoo world that is Sincerely, Nicholas J. Reed

- No batch delete option is the killer flaw

I’ve used several email programs over the years. Except for one major time-consuming, labor-intensive nightmare of a flaw, I would rank Yahoo! 5 stars. As it is, it’s a stretch to rate it at 3. I want to use Yahoo! as my go-to account. But I have to stick with Outlook until Yahoo! makes it possible to select all, scroll through email inboxes, select unwanted messages and then delete the marked messages. As it is, the process is essentially backwards. With a few thousand messages accumulated it takes countless hours to batch mark all messages and then, one at a time, choose the emails I wish to KEEP, and delete the remainder. Outlook, for this reason alone, is far easier to manage. The day Yahoo! makes it as simple as Outlook to mark and batch delete select messages, 3 Stars go up to 5 and I buy in 100%. Sure hope this can, and ultimately will, be done.

- Finally used this, as bad as expected

So after getting multiple spam messages from yahoo mail telling me to use this app instead of iMail, one of my mailboxes mysteriously stopped syncing with iMail (gee I wonder why) and I found I had no other choice. Decided to try it, how bad could it be? They somehow made this app worse than any expectation I could have had. One of my inboxes had “no mail” in it despite the fact that I know it does. While trying to clean up the other inbox I kept accidentally swiping the advertisement on the top. Rather than just ignoring what is obviously a mis-swipe to get rid of spam, Yahoo thinks it’s a good idea to pop up an even more obnoxious multiple choice survey about why you would try to get rid of the advertisement. This app also somehow hung up and crashed twice in my 5 minute attempt to use it (Yes I’m running the most up to date iOS). I will switch to a different email provider before continuing to use this trainwreck. Find another way to monetize your service Yahoo.

- Yahoo Mail

There should be a better way to remove email that your getting. I’m receiving email that I’ve never even looked up. Why is our email able to be sold? Is that not against our privacy so, seems like we as the person owning the email should be able to have some rights that we can refuse any and all email that we never signed up for, period. You cannot even unsubscribe this disgusting dating crap. Thinking of just going completely off because there’s no way I’ll ever be able to get this stuff off trying to remove the emails one by one. There’s some people that would want all this but, not me. As it is I’m unable to feel like dealing with it medically and physically. Is there anything at all I can do to get rid of these emails quicker. Thank you in advance for responding to my review I appreciate it!!

- Why am I always getting spam?

I’ve had my yahoo account for 15 years. The most important feature I liked about yahoo mail was that it captured most spam. In recent years, I received my yahoo mail thru my iPhone, which was especially nice because no ads. But recently there has been some bug that neither Apple or yahoo seems able to identify that causes delays - sometimes for days - with the yahoo mail arriving in the iPhone mailbox. So I downloaded the app begrudgingly. I do hate that I have to see ads again at the very top of my inbox every tine I open it, but other than the app is fine. However, in recent weeks I have been inundated with spam that gets thru. I’m talking 20 to 30 emails a day. The kind of spams that are x-rated, or about cannabis or curing erectile dysfunction. I keep marking them as spam but they continue to get thru. I’m so frustrated with this.

- Frustrating, frustrating, frustrating...

I usually don’t mess with Yahoo apps because I’m scared of them. However, I installed the mail app, and I began to like the way it manages the passwords to use the Yahoo mail and yahoo small business mail in other devices. However, today I’ve faced the problem that even though The app recognizes that my account has a specific number of unread emails, as I can see it is correct on the web version of Yahoo Mail, the app says that I need to log in or create an account to be able to use the app... What!?!?!? So, I click on the login button and it opens up an Internet window inside the mail app and let me sign in through that Internet page open in the mail app, but when close that page it goes back to the initial app page on which it asks me again to sign in or sign up. It happens again and again, and it doesn’t give me any option to try to login other way. So, here I am stuck with an app that lets me login in the Internet page open in the same app but doesn’t let me use the app itself. And now, my accounts have signed me off on my laptop’s outlook, and I need the app to login back. Can you believe it?

- Terrible

Update: The original complaints have stopped, but I still don’t like it. I get the same spam over and over again...Squarespace is about to delete my nonexistent account and I have to update my credit information. I send every email to Spam and I’ve been doing it for at least a year. Does Spam mean anything? Is there no way for Yahoo to stop our spam? Also, if I send an email to 3 people and one responds, I read it and delete it. Another responds and both of the responses show up. I deleted the first one; why is it there? I delete them both, and the 3rd person responds, so all 3 responses show up. I end up with a whole line of emails when all I want to do is see the most recent. Why doesn’t “delete” mean “delete?” Original: Whenever I get an email with something to open, I just get a blank screen. For instance, I tried to add another email address, but had to change the password for that address. When I got the change the password email and clicked on it, I couldn't do it because I got a white screen with Only the time on top. Same happens if I get an attachment, coupon, etc. All I can do with this app is open word emails. One plus is I don't get the "Rate it" popup I was constantly getting before, in which I rated it many times and nothing was improved.

- Worthless!

I needed to set up a new account that I wanted to use strictly for friends and family, so I decided to set up a second account in Yahoo. My previous account for friend and family had been with a private server that was no longer working for me. Yahoo told me I couldn't "import" my contacts from that account, so I knew I would have to type them manually. Using the "Yahoo APP" on my IPad or IPhone, there is NO place to ADD new contacts. When I went to my PC to add the contacts to this 2nd account, Yahoo automatically started putting in every single business and entity from my original Yahoo account (that I use for ordering things online) so when I tried to delete them, there were literally dozens, if not hundreds! In frustration, I gave up and have decided to simply create a new account in AOL and forget about Yahoo. Furthermore, if you need support, forget about it. I signed up for the community forum and couldn't even ask a question! The whole setup is completely worthless!

- I was recently forced to switch to the new Yahoo

I didn’t want to switch to the new and supposedly improved yahoo, my Yahoo deleted itself mysteriously, and when I rejoined I was forced to take the latest not improved version. It’s obvious that this was so you can force ads on me that when I delete magically reappear. Of course I can pay to make them go away, but that’s why you’ve done this in the first place. You want to force things on me that I don’t want. Improvement or updates are never that. I don’t like this new Yahoo, and I knew I wouldn’t, so I avoided it for as long as possible. Thanks for forcing it on me. I’m currently contemplating switching to another platform because I don’t like being manipulated. I’ve been with Yahoo for a very long time and I’m very disappointed. I should have been given the option. Also, all the constant e-mails that I ignored should have been a clue, but I guess you missed the cluebus on that one. I’m not happy with this situation, can you tell? Bye 👋🏼

- Even better than it looks

Rick runs a great house. I complained to him on the phone that his pictures on VRBO does not do the place justice. The house is superbly decorated. The beds are comfortable. The showers are great. Fully stocked kitchen plenty of towels and enough beach chairs umbrellaAnd toys for the whole family. Don’t let me forget to mention the backyard. It is fantastic. A great place to relax and have a drink. While the house is across the street from the beach, it takes no more than five minutes to walk. You are 10 minutes from a host of wonderful restaurants and shopping and food marts. My friend and I use this house as a waystation between golfing and watching spring baseball. This December I’m going to bring my family to the house. You really can’t beat this place for convenience and comfort.

- Help! Something is wrong!/Fixed😊

Now after the 6.0.4 update, I can’t go to my safari web browser anymore to read the rest of my emails that need to finish by reading them in the web browser. When I click on the browser icon, it does nothing! It always worked before! Please fix! I’m having to send these type of emails to another email account just so I can finish reading them. Yahoo is my #1 email account! My other email account is for my unimportant emails that I rarely even check. Please fix this. I need to be able to read my emails. Once this is fixed I’ll give you the 5 star rating. Thank you. Thank you for fixing😊 This morning when I got up I checked my email everything worked! Yes! Thank you!!

- Just not as good

I downloaded the app quite some time ago but after giving it a try, I closed it out and went back to the original Yahoo Mail that came on my phone. After several emails urging me to try it again, I re-downloaded it thinking maybe there had been improvements. IMO, the original is still far better for several reasons: 1) no ads - the original is free and has no ads; 2) I always start reading the oldest email first. On the new app when I delete an email, instead of scrolling up to the previous unread email, it goes down to the one I just read; 3) on most emails with the new app, the overall size of the email is reduced making it difficult to read; 4) on the new one, there is no way to move up or down the emails without backing out to the list; 5) when I check my spam folder, I have to back out to the folder screen in order to delete all. Granted, all are minor inconveniences, but taken all together, they're a pain in the derrière.

- Long time user - frustrated

Love yahoo, that’s why I stayed with them for so long. However, very frustrated with certain bugs in the app for iOS and not being fixed. One is, sometimes tapping on different email will bring up the content of the same email over and over again. Another bug is ever since an update, I have not been able to tap on folder to look at any folder other than the default of Inbox - which is helpful. But, I’d like to be able to see the sent and other folders as well. App freezes when I tap on it. I’ve done my best to pass the message along, without any feedback from yahoo/support or any resolution. I believe in the power of doing my part to pass along my feedback - whether be it through emailing support, and if not gotten any response I will go to where they will take notice - here at the App Store - not my preferred, as I am usually reviewing apps that I use and like.

- Update problems

When I updated my iPad to the latest IOS version and then updated the Yahoo app they do not play well together. I don’t look at my email everyday because of all the spam emails coming through and I don’t have time during the work week to get through them all. On the weekends I go through them and I start with the oldest first. After I have deleted several the app takes me back to the top and from then on will not let me go back to the bottom and stay. If I try several times it freezes and won’t let me move anywhere. If it very frustrating when you are trying to clean out your email. I have tried deleting the app and reinstalling it and that does not help. I have used this app forever and will continue to use it when you get it fixed but for now I am using yahoo and the Apple app both. I do not like this solution but it is working for now. Please fix this issue.

- Great app. 1 annoying oversight

I’ve been using Yahoo Mail app for a while now and it’s been pretty helpful. The interface is good. Pretty smooth. The ads aren’t too distracting or taking up too much bandwidth (unlike desktop version). But just noticed an annoying oversight in the programming... you can’t write a list of email addresses on another app (say Notes) separated by comma, then paste it directly into the address bar. It works on Gmail and Outlook mobile apps, but not Yahoo. Yahoo Mail please fix this! (Then when I tried to do this on a web browser on my phone and sending an email that way, it can paste into the address bar OK, but as soon as I touch another part of the email, it sends right away... I tried it twice (in case I accidentally pressed send) and both time same thing.)

- Mostly Good

I use Yahoo Mail for multiple emails and it works pretty well. I have had a hard time signing in or adding an email in the past. A couple of options that would make using easier . . . An easier way to delete large numbers of emails at one time, the ability to create “message rules” and more varieties for themes and backgrounds for each email address. Update...they updated the app and seemingly it looks good until I try to set preferences on certain things I used to be able to set that now I can’t! Seems like the app is going backwards instead of forward. Shouldn’t updates make it better, not worse?? Weird thing as well. In April I stopped being able to get emails from my work to any of my yahoo emails!?! So I had to change the email I use for work to a gmail email. I am able to receive my gmail emails from work thru the app, so why can’t I get my yahoo emails from work??

- Exclusive workflow utility

Yahoo has hit the sweet spot with email. Unique to this app is the ability to select the sender of an email and drill down to all their previous emails with an excellent graphical representation of the timeline they cover. I receive a lot of quasi-SPAM from advertisers and the ability to drill down into all their emails and delete them quickly is a crucial feature no one else offers (outside the use of a search box which is time consuming). Features I’d like to see added are the ability to “select all” from the drilled display to speed up the deletion process. Also the addition of iPhone Contacts, on a read-only or read-write basis to avoid the explosion of duplicate contacts across multiple sources.

- I’m never going to use yahoo again!

They are completely unhelpful. There help center is useless. I told them my other phone was stolen. I have no access to the account and of course since yahoo needs an account key for another device to log in I’m stuck. I tried telling this to the help center representative and they kept asking me “provide names of company’s and websites that you may subscribe too” first of all. How am I supposed to remember that? I get 25-50 email a day. Than before the last email they kept asking for “5 email address that you last sent an email” what? How do you remember that!! This is ridiculous I have had this email for most of my life and now I lost it. Thanks yahoo. You were very unhelpful and now I will never use yahoo ever again. I suggest to everyone to do the same because if for whatever reason you lose all access to your account they won’t help you. They just keep sending the same thing over and over again

- Not impressed with Yahoo Mail app

I have used Yahoo email accounts for businesses, personal, family, church and other purposes since the very first Yahoo email software application. Some of the operating systems were very, very proprietary so the options for email tended to also be specialized. When I added my first iPad recently I decided to reevaluate my email uses to incorporate the must touted recent email apps. So imagine my surprise when I installed Yahoo Mail App and wondered where the rest of it was? I was used to emAil and SPAM filters that could be set depending on sender name, email address, subject, header, and/or content then routing to any file including trash or spam. Now I see people complaining about spam - and I am getting a minimum of 50 a day from .ng addresses (that’s Nigeria for the app developers). And these capabilities, with others, were in FREE email accounts. So where are the REAL developers? Maybe the paid accounts have more capabilities but I did not see any such indication...

- Used to work...but maybe I figured out a band-aid

I got this app because I was dissatisfied with the built in mail app on iOS. It was so much better than ios for a while. But, I don't know if it just needs an update or something, it won't load my new emails anymore. I get a notification that I have an email but no new email ever load no matter how many times I refresh the app or reopen the app. If I go in on my laptop and view my email in my browser the new emails are there and I'm able to read/delete/whatever but I can't in the app which makes it completely pointless. Update : After writing my initial review I went in and changed the setting on my app to no longer require face ID to open mail. It seems to be loading my messages better now but I wish it would allow me to utilize the privacy capabilities of face ID and still work...

- Does not update without opening app

I downloaded this app because of the issue that Apple and Yahoo seem to be having regarding the apple mail app (my yahoo mail was not updating regularly). I have allowed notifications in the app and in my phone settings and still this app does not update unless I open it. It does not give me notifications and it does not update the number of unread messages. I looked for a setting that would let me control how often the app searches for mail in case I had chosen manual versus every few minutes (or something like that) but did not find any capacity to control that. In the end, I need to know when new mail arrives and it doesn’t do that. So...back to apple. UPDATE: yahoo contacted me immediately from the app asking me to email them. And then no response for months. Seems like they want to seem proactive in the App Store and then they don’t follow up. The issue persists.

- App works good

But, it loses two stars from me due to functionality. I do not want to have to open then close out every single email.. there needs to be a scroll feature implemented to be able to arrow through all of your new emails. This is on every other email program and shouldn’t be forgotten here. Even the Yahoo! Desktop based site has this feature.. Thanks for the response, Yes the swipe feature is what I was looking for, I’m not sure if there was or not, but maybe there should be a quick tutorial when first downloading the app since most Apple users are accustomed to the arrows at the top of the email page to scroll.. had this app for a while and never knew that feature.

- Frustrating

I like yahoo mail service. Unfortunately the settings and setup are frustrating. I have two accounts and somehow the first and primary account has been listed as an alias email. Unfortunately the account that I would like to delete is listed as primary and I cannot delete nor do I want to use it as my yahoo email address. So that is frustrating. Also, changing things such as your last name should be simple. I went into settings and changed my last name and thought that was it. After a year of using Yahoo I emailed something to myself from my phone and noticed I still show up with my old last name, not the last name listed in my user info. Seriously, these two simple things should be SIMPLE. The ability to choose which account is primary and which one to use as secondary or even delete is a common thing. Also women can change their last name, sometimes more than once, it should be a one step easy process.

- Needs major changes

May 2018 I now have 99,903 emails. Yahoo is super ceding Hotmail with scam/spam emails. Still haven't moved all accounts to new email accounts with a much better ISP (Internet Service Provider). The app quit telling me to reset password daily. That part is a relief. But still receiving lots of SCAN/SPAM emails. Feb 2017, Bye Bye Yahoo its not just the app that has issues but YAHOO in general is getting worse by the day. Even when I use the Outlook app, it's bad. I have to reset password daily whether I'm on app or web based. It's getting annoying. HOTMAIL used to be the worst junk mail received service there was but YAHOO now has them beat. I get spam/junk mail several times throughout the day it's getting ridiculously crazy trying to keep up with it daily. I've got over 73,000 emails that's how ridiculous it's gotten. I'm going to an email provider that has less spam/junk mail and I've created a couple of accounts. As soon as I transfer all my contacts to the new emails, I'm saying, "BYE BYE to YAHOO and GOOD RIDDANCE. Feb 2014, it would be great to have the same views as desktop version. Sort by sender or date to delete quicker. It would be nice if the Messenger was included in this app instead of having two Yahoo apps. Sept 2013, Love the app. Love that you can move items to specific folders with ease. The regular email app that comes with iPhone or iPad is not user friendly.

- Latest update makes app useless

I’ve had Yahoo email since 2004 and this is the first time that I am considering dropping it completely. The new update to the iPhone app only lets me see the current days email and a few from the previous day, then it jumps to last week. It will only show a handful of last week when it will jump to much older mail, last months email. So if I don’t check my email every day, several times a day, I will miss incoming emails. If I want to find an email from three days ago I can’t scroll to it, I have to type it in via the search function. Every other mail app lets me simply scroll chronologically and doesn’t auto group email. I’ve looked and looked for an option to turn off this grouping but it doesn’t exist or is so buried I can’t locate it. If our want to see more than 36-48 hours worth of email, then don’t use this app. Link your Yahoo to something else which is what I’m going to be doing.

- Perfect

Honestly she made it the best experience ever. I called and when they switched me over I thought I was going to get frustrated and end up hanging up. But she was patient, caring, and very VERY helpful. Honestly the best customer Service I’ve had in a while. She made me laugh and smile and happy that she help in such a good manner. She was AWESOME possum!!!! Now thanks to her I am well aware of how sneaky these apps can be and now I have more knowledge on what to do and how not to get in this pickle again, whichhhhh I’m sure I’ll still get in it again cuz we looooove our apps hahaha but yeah at least I know what to do and how long the process will be and what I can do to prevent it and what I can do if I don’t. Like I said she was awesome. Great person great customer service.

- Not impressed

This app crashes quite a bit recently. I also get what I can only describe as orphaned emails - they won’t open, I can’t do anything with them except delete them or select them but I haven’t tried any of the selected email menu options. This behavior has happened a couple different times now, probably after an update. Swiping the emails to delete or mark read/unread often doesn’t work quite right and I don’t have this issue with other apps, including other email apps. And the star feature is useless and annoying, emails are often stared when I don’t want them to be (mostly due to the location of the star and the fact that there seems to be no hold requirement to star an email - they should really add a 1-2 second hold requirement before the star is activated.) I don’t use Yahoo for important emails and I would recommend you don’t either.

- Doesn’t work as well as used to

I like using the yahoo mail app instead of the iPhone default app. The app use to work really well and I never had any issues with it. Recently the app is not working as well. I unable to search for mail as nothing will come up, my inbox will not update like it used to, I have to constantly close it and restart it to get it to work properly, when I click on a message it won’t open. It’s almost like it’s an internet issue but when I use safari to check my email it works fine. After reading others reviews who’s issues are similar to mine I’m convinced it’s an app issue and needs to be fixed. It’s very frustrating at time’s, especially when I need to check something quickly and I can’t because I have to continue restarting the app to get it to work.

- Very nice upgrade

Yahoo! email was my first first free account after my work email. I nearly ditched it years ago because of a truly poor interface. However, so many friends and colleagues had the account name (which as an early adopter is simple) I keep it to look at stray messages that came in. There was a quantum change after the most recent CEO took over and the program gradually improved. The most recent upgrade is a great improvement. The interface is visually appealing and intuitive. Moving and storing emails as well as searches straightforward. Unlike gmail, one can reach the contacts list from tablet and smartphone app interfaces. Yahoo! mail is great even for pretty sophisticated users.

- New owner

When yahoo was acquired by another company I had some problems with being charged for services I wasn’t getting. It took a long time to fix. Now it’s okay, but recently they changed the yahoo logo image that shows when you open it. It used to be really pretty and pleasing to look at. Now it’s ugly and boring. I get the sense the new owners are not very with it when it comes to beauty or common sense. Update: for a time, they returned to the pretty version of their logo when the app loads. That was nice. With the latest apple upgrade its back to the one that lacks beauty. In a world filled with crud, it is a very sweet thing to have a glimpse of beauty. Do you suppose, yahoo, that you could bring back that blurred double circle of blue and lavender with “yahoo!” superimposed in white?

- Yahoo Mail Rises to the Top of the Stack

So far Yahoo Mail appears to be the only email handler that understands the people who gets tons of advertisements but do not want to unsubscribe. With one touch I select all the emails I have received for the day, the week and the month. I am not poking the screen a million times to select each one individually. This is on my iPhone and IPad; I know many mail handlers allow this when you are sitting at desktop. But on the phone and tablet it is poke, poke, poke, etc. forever and then delete. Three hundred emails, three pokes. I want to keep receiving all my advertisements; I just don’t need them till I need them. Poke, poke, delete; all done. (Two pokes). Thank You, Yahoo Mail.

- Fix You Problem with Apple IOS instead

Only using it because I can no longer download email to my iPhone for some reason. The login works but no mail is found. The archive icon looks like the move to folder button on the iPhone. Switching from message to message is frustratingly slow. Had to turn off notifications. There's no way to get the badge icon for new email without getting a notification for each new message. Frustrating when you're in the middle of typing something... can't seem to figure out how to use Safari instead of the built in web browser following a web link. So I can't save web pages for reading later while cleaning up my email. Hard to tell what's been read and what's not at a quick glance. There's not 1 thing better in this app than what the standard iPhone app provides. Wish Yahoo would just fix the known issue with phantom unread mail and iPhone downloads.


This is easily the most annoying mail app I have ever subscribed to...and that includes original AOL with all its instability. It seems the whole purpose of the upgrade was to be so irritating through ad persistence that paying for a reasonable mail experience seems preferable. Sponsor ads not only live a zombie life...instantly reappearing after deletion...but now Yahoo makes you go through the process of telling them why you don’t want the ad...and holds mail in suspension until you answer. Hello...the ads are annoying...yes, they make Yahoo money...we get that. Before this upgrade, we could at least block delete unwanted it’s a tog-of-war between ad bots and humans over individual emails...and the bots are winning. Before posting this, I read a number of reviews...the developer comments basically boil down to “pay or suffer”...thanks for nothing Yahoo.

- Folders

My rating went from 5 to 3 stars because of the problem I have had for a few months. Also due to the lack of response to this problem. I have set up several folders to have mail sent to them. However, it doesn't always work. There are days that I have to send them to their correct folder; again and again. Why? Every time I get an e-mail from iDrop news. I have to put it into its correct folder! WHY! That is the only mail that gives me a problem. It sure would be nice to get a response!! Update: I see where a lot of people are getting responses but I have not. Now none of my mail is going into any of the correct folders. Why is that? Also, when I put any of my mail into the correct folder it doesn't even respond "organizing folder". I'm still having problems with getting emails into the proper folders. Again and again I send emails to their folders and it's as if I never have done so. This is ridiculous. When are my emails going to start going into the proper folders. Everyday I end up doing it manually. Beyond ridiculous!

- Best Mailing App

Yahoo Mail has always been my go to app for work, school or simply personal use. I absolutely love it! It’s simple to use, gives you plenty of options and allows you to access multiple emails at emboce without having to constantly log into then separately. I love the new update it has. The style and format given is really pleasing to the eye and just as simple to use once you finger out the new changes. Only thing I’ve noticed is that it’s constantly freezing up when I try to open the app or once I’m in it. It’s doesn’t always happen but at least 70% of the time it does. Hopefully that can be resolved soon. But besides that I’d still consider it to be the best.

- Spam/Trash

See earlier complaint below which earned no response or corrective action. Recently two new annoying features have popped up. (1) E-mail I have deleted manages to undelete itself and re-emerge phoenix-like in the inbox. (2) E-mail that is plainly spam arrives, I mark it as spam and yet I continue regularly receiving the same spam messages day after day (Fidelity Life and Lasik Vision Institute come to mind). Why waste my time marking spam as such? I use this app to receive several newsletters. These often contain links to relevant items online. Whenever I go to such a link, or even if I put the iPad down for a few moments, and then go back to the newsletter that was open in the app, it bounces back to the top rather than where I was. Some of these newsletters are text only and quite long, requiring a fairly lengthy (and entirely unnecessary) effort to locate where I was. This cannot possibly be a feature anybody finds useful. FIX IT!

- Annoying

I like that the Yahoo app gives me a push notification as emails come in, but so many other things are annoying. If you move away from the app for any reason (like checking a date in the calendar to include in the email you’re writing) you’re bumped out of whatever email you were reading or writing. Let’s say you searched through your email at length to find a specific note, then realized you couldn’t respond without texting someone to confirm a date. When you come back to the yahoo app that hard-to-find email is gone- your back in the $&@#* inbox! If you were composing an email it’s now in drafts (tho at least at the top). Resetting back to inbox adds one or more extra steps to every use of this app. If I didn’t have so many organizations and lists associated with my yahoo account I’d toss the account and the annoying app.

- My Thoughts

I will turn 70 in April and I have been teaching school since 1970. I started out banking at the Uvalde First State Bank Where I was treated so nice because everyone knew my family. Then I started teaching school and small towns away from there and I would always set up an account with a bank wherever I went. They were all very small banks, but never did I find the warmth that I was given in my hometown bank. Then I moved to Dallas after living in Mexico City, and that was the beginning of a new era. Even though the Dallas teachers credit union was good to the teachers, I have not found anything to equal the service I have received at Landmark Bank. Keep up the good work. It is very rare in this day and age.

- Yahoo new app.

This app just killed my iPod Touch 6th gen. using updated iOS when I tryed to look at my email today and I am B S about it. Someone is going to pay for my iPod Touch. Just so you know I am mad. Well I did get it back, but I had to let the power die all the way down then I got the screen back so I could do anything then I first had to recharge it all the way back up . Until I did this I could not use it because I had a blank screen after I clicked the new yahoo mail app. I guess I was lucky I could get it back, I guess I’ll never know what happened, I will not update my apps when they come in I’ll turn that off and do them by hand much later from now on.

- Don’t Do It

You know what’s fun? When you dutifully update the app and then stop getting notifications that you even have mail. Okay, fine, first world problems. I go into the app and.... white screen. That’s odd, I know I have emails that are waiting for me to respond (not to mention the other crap I get on a daily basis). Oh, whatever, I’ll give it time; maybe my WiFi is wonky. A week later, with fully functioning WiFi... white screen. I turn off every single thing connected to WiFi but my phone... white screen. Let me just uninstall and install again... white screen. For a week now. I wonder if yahoo is going to give me some prorated subscription money back. Right. I didn’t think so. Save yourself a headache and don’t download this app. Use what’s in your phone and link it to your yahoo account. And if you really want this app anyway, do NOT pay for the pro version because.... white screen. Just NOPE.

- Tons of stuffs can still be improved

I had to use this app since my company email setup on iPhone Mail app suddenly is not working. This is a very basic mail app and there are still a lot of improvements can be done. 1. Wish there is a shortcut button in the Inbox itself so I can view all/unread emails by a single tap (without going to the side panel to use the “Unread” function) 2. copy and paste doesn’t work (ex: copy certain words from email subject and do a search of overall email histories). Can’t believe the app doesn’t allow me to copy words from email subject! 3. In the view of an email, there is no “previous” and “next” button to continue email browsing; it’s troublesome to go back to “Inbox” and click the next or previous email 4. When group emails by conversation, Inbox emails shows the originator’s name/email instead; the timestamp would actually show the last email received but you don’t see the last person’s name sent this email unless you click in the email thread, which is confusing 5. Wish to have the feature to set Out of Office or vacation notice on this app so it’ll be super convenient for on-the-go or sick people who can’t go turn on their computers!

- Hacked

Your on site clerks at the Capital One in Sulphur were just dông their job. I now know! I arrived 5 minutes after closing Saturday. Traffic was bad due to the rain and the course of the hurricane . So, I was late. There was 3 ladies in the inside I asked for help with my account three locked doors! I sowed them my staredmet and they said to call the number my statement. I was calling the number when another woman came and asked me to leave. I’m crying because this guy was Trying to take my money. My husband died recently and this my only income. I moved out of the parking lot to across the street on public property . They leave. Where is a little compassion. I still haven’t made up my mind about leaving your establishment The only person who offered compassion and caring was A customer service agent named Zoey! She was wonderful and helped me secure my account-step by step .She was comforting and put my mind at ease and explained company policy.

- If you value your privacy, stay away (if that’s even possible)

I’m surprised they haven’t asked me for a copy of my apartment lease to verify my identity. The amount of information they request and require is absurd. This is the least amount of privacy I’ve ever seen on an email service. Doesn’t help that my information to my email was leaked on the deep web; only finding out years later from my credit report. Oh and the funny thing is, they lock you in to giving them all your information. You need a phone number, a back up email, address, fulll name. All major companies are like this today, but at least when I go to my privacy dashboard in anything else it actually works. Because theirs does not and it has been. Broken. For 24 hours. If it wasn’t for my friends insisting on the fantasy app for football, I’d b done with yahoo.

- Great app, but some things need fixed

I love using the app for my mail! But things lately with the app are frustrating me and need fixed. I no longer get notifications when I get emails and I don’t see any badges on the app to let me know there’s new mail. I just checked today and had over 400 emails since I did not realize I had new mail cause I did not have any badges or notifications and yes I do have those settings on. Second thing, my profile picture is a picture of what I used to have on my account MANY years ago when I first got Yahoo mail when I was a teen. I cannot change the picture no matter how many times I change it, the same old one remains and I do not want it on my profile anymore. Please come up with fixes for these! Otherwise I love the app!

- Worst costumer service ever

You would think a company as big as Yahoo and has been around as long as Yahoo has been around, they would have a pretty good costumer service. Yelp, you would be wrong. For one, it almost impossible to find a direct email or phone number to support without going a bunch of steps (without paying something for a service you don’t want or need). And two, if you do find a way to contact support, they just reply with the same information that I or you can find out on my or your own. Also, they make to very difficult to unlink email account from your phone number and delete accounts that you don’t need/ use. Plus, in the past, they (Yahoo) had made up their mind that it is ok to block certain conservative and Christian organizations from sending their emails out to people with yahoo accounts. Horrible company. Would never recommend this company to anybody.

- Getting Fed Up With Yahoo

I am now repeatedly being pestered in your app to “Claim Your Refund” every time I manually load my mail after opening the app. The thing takes up half the screen and I shouldn’t have to be closing it EVERY time I use this app. If I wanted to use it I would turn it on in settings. I don’t care about your stupid new service that is a new way to charge people since it takes part of the refund anyways. Also as I’ve seen with other people, I have issues when I mark or unmark things as Spam. Things I mark as Spam I then get again in my Inbox and things I unmark from Spam or move from Spam to my Inbox are then back in Spam 30 minutes later. It’s annoying and I’m getting tired of things not working how they should and never being fixed. I know you are aware of the Spam issue since countless people talk about it.

- App keeps crashing on iPad Pro and iPhone X

For some reason, the yahoo mail app keeps crashing for me and I have done everything I can to try and fix. I even visited Apple’s Genius Bar and we could not figure out the problem together. Unfortunately, the developer support for the app does not provide a way to reach someone for this type of problem. So I’m stuck. Update: the app now works for me. I enjoy the app itself for my needs, but the support process for resolving app-specific issues is lacking. Everything right now is geared towards solving issues with your email, not the app. Therefore, it gets a 3 star in my book as support for the app is as important as the app itself.

- Pro upgrade with Ads?

I’ve been paying for Yahoo pro mail for over a year and been happy with no ads. All of a sudden, I have sponsor ads (although they can be deleted, yet reappear) at the top of my inbox. I checked my subscription and it just renewed this month, so that isn’t the issue. Please fix now Yahoo. *Update* assuming it was just an issue due to the renewal happening on the date, but after logging out of the app and back in, my subscription was working, with no more ads. Was sent a prompt response from developer team to delete and reinstall the app but was hesitant due to data I didn’t want to lose within the app. Very happy with the app again.

- Contact Management Needs Help

This app has (like the desktop app) pretty major issues with contact Management. As far as I can tell, there is no way to delete multiple contacts on this app. Also, addresses from every email conversation appear, whether they are in your contacts or not. Edit: I received 2 (apparently automated) developer responses to this review. The two were identical and the second came yesterday morning, July 4, at about 5:50 AM and woke me up on my day off. These responses incorrectly assumed that I was talking about deleting messages-in fact, I was pretty obviously talking about contacts on the mobile app. Not making me want to increase my rating for sure.

- BIG update

I really really like this app compared to the one that comes with a iPhone I kept getting emails asking why I don’t update to the new mail app and was getting sick of them so I did and I am really glad I did but there r some features I noticed that u cannot use with the new app compare to the one that came with the iPhone. But the one thing that I really wish I could do is change the sound notification when I get a email I was so use to getting a airplane sound that I picked with my original yahoo mail app. Now I just get a normal chime. Maybe in a future update we will be able to change the sound notification that would be great unless you can and I’m just not doing it right anyways go for the update great app

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Yahoo Mail - Organized Email 6.17.2 Screenshots & Images

Yahoo Mail - Organized Email iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Yahoo Mail - Organized Email iphone images
Yahoo Mail - Organized Email iphone images
Yahoo Mail - Organized Email iphone images
Yahoo Mail - Organized Email iphone images
Yahoo Mail - Organized Email iphone images
Yahoo Mail - Organized Email iphone images
Yahoo Mail - Organized Email iphone images

Yahoo Mail - Organized Email (Version 6.17.2) Install & Download

The applications Yahoo Mail - Organized Email was published in the category Productivity on 2012-12-11 and was developed by Yahoo [Developer ID: 281970157]. This application file size is 322.51 MB. Yahoo Mail - Organized Email - Productivity app posted on 2020-10-22 current version is 6.17.2 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID:

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