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Friendly Plus Social Browser App Description & Overview

What is friendly plus social browser app? With Friendly, you only need one app for all your social needs. Access your Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit and other social accounts in one powerful browser app.

Friendly Plus Social Browser is the premium version of Friendly Social. It includes all of Friendly's advanced features.

One App for all your social accounts

- Save space on your device
- Preserve your battery
- Save Data Usage
- Easily switch between multiple accounts

Take Control of your privacy

- Friendly Privacy Shield (blocks social, advertising and content trackers)
- Use FaceID, TouchID or Passcode to Login
- Block click trackers

Take Control of your data

- Easily download or repost any of your Photos & Videos
- Advanced Media Player (play in background, adjust speed, Picture-in-Picture)
- Order feed by Most Recent
- Filter/Highlight feeds by keywords

Enjoy your social experience again

- Advanced Colorful Themes
- Night Mode
- Adjust Font Size

And don't hesitate to reach out if you need anything

Please use link on this page, or message us from the app help menu

- Facebook® and the Facebook logo are trademarks of Facebook Inc.
- Friendly is not affiliated with, endorsed, or sponsored by Facebook

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App Name Friendly Plus Social Browser
Category Social Networking
Updated 23 January 2024, Tuesday
File Size 47.29 MB

Friendly Plus Social Browser Comments & Reviews 2024

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Randomly kicked out during post. The app is okay, would be great to be able to sort the main page feed by newest, alphabetical friend,,,,,. But now the big pain is when I am writing a post, the app will clear the pane and then revert back to the previous page. I lose everything I had typed/entered and have to try again. Doing really short posts works most of the time, but the longer the writing post page is open, seems the more likely it will bug out. I hate looking for alternative apps but may be forced too.

Great At Ads, Needs Some Things. I’ve had this a couple years now, and install it now and then for a bit, but always end up back with the Facebook app. It is good at blocking ads, and I like that I can download videos. It’s hard to keep using, however, because it doesn’t refresh to show new things on my feed. I try to refresh in the app and restart the app, but it only shows me a fraction of the posts I can see in the Facebook webpage or iOS app. I’ve messed with the settings for how the feed is sorted, like most recent or most popular, but that doesn’t fix it. It seems to recycle the same handful of posts, then tells me there are no new posts.....I’ve been on Facebook for 14 years with lots of friends and subscriptions, and as mentioned, the other places I use Facebook don’t say that. It also doesn’t notify me like it should. I’ve gone through all the settings, made sure the notifications were on, background refresh, etc., but it still doesn’t. I like it, but I wish it showed me all posts and notified me.

Best way to use Facebook. This app makes Facebook more usable and clears away some confusion. It changes the layout of each page somewhat without losing the inherent power of Facebook. It may also block advertising and other items at your control, which allows you to focus on the main subject of the page without distraction. You can always use Facebook without Friendly, if you wish, as it doesn’t modify Facebook’s native mode. But why would you?

Switched to Friendly and saved 6.5GB. You read that right. Saved 6.5GB by switching to Friendly. I went through my local storage and saw Facebook app taking up 6.5 GB! There is no way it should be taking up that much space for social media. For $2 for this app, it’s great. I used to use the free version a while back and it seems Friendly has improved the app a lot since I last used it.

Better than buggy FB app! Neater than YT app!. I love this app! It’s way better than FB official app by all margins. I don’t have notifications anymore that lead me back to the starting page, horrible search results, or unregistered clicks. For both FB and YT I really love how they made the user interface very old fashioned and the result is better usage of your screen space. The screen isn’t filled with lots of empty colored spaces. Because of the better use of screen space, it can be filled with more advanced menus and options and more text. I unfortunately can’t speak for users of smaller screen iPhones.

Facebook story saving not working properly!!. Facebook story saving is not working please fix!! My issue is when someone post a story only one & it’s a video it’s not downloadable even when the video goes full screen there is a download button but it doesn’t work at all. unless they have a second story. You check the second story usually you need it to be a picture for the download button to comeback & work. Can this be fixed to always have the download button there & function properly? I had a similar issue with instagram stories not too long ago & that did get fixed! Thx!

It’s good. But needs more works. I been using Friendly+ for a bit now and if we are comparing it to the Facebook app I’d have to say that this feels a bit like the mobile site. Things just don’t load like they load on the Facebook app, I’m looking forward to the advances that this developer will do to this app later on. The one thing that I do definitely appreciate about this app is the dark mode feature that Facebook for some reason just doesn’t have at all. Strange. This app is very good tho. I’m looking forward to the advances in features and overall user interface experience that friendly will add or polish, bc I definitely think it needs a lot more polishing. The one item I’m getting a lot of crashes on is the color changer option.. every time I want to change the color of the app once logged in, it just crashes instantly without warning. Every single time.

Stellar! Great unsurpassed features. Contact support for issues people! I've had this and other FB apps for years. None compare to this one. This continues to improve in substantial ways. First, ad block!! Works quietly in the background, doesn't slow anything down. Clean interface, seamless, very fast, easy nav, far more features than FB. Useful ones. Makes FB useful, much less tedious and less frustrating. I just discovered a feature that sent me back here to rewrite my review - you can export/save/open articles you visit from links into other apps. Stellar!!! That saves me TONS of hassle and time. I look forward to FB now. Thank you devs for a great app, for maintaining and improving it for so long.

Unbelievably better than the official FB app. This app isn't perfect, but at least it is good and always getting better. The official FB app is getting worse fast -- Messenger became essentially worthless when they decided to try to shoehorn in Snapchat imitation, and the core FB app has many problems as well. Friendly is a great replacement. It works with instagram too (although can't post photos). Really glad it exists. It basically makes FB usable on mobile. Without it I would just not use FB, at least outside desktop browsing.

The best. This is probably the best way to view your social media feeds. Although I’m a little confused what exactly is the difference between the plus, and the regular friendly app, I have both and they don’t seem to have any differential features. One issue they have that they need to address is notifications. When you receive a notification you get just a friendly notification with no information of which social media account it came from or even details about the notification. Because of this, they’re essentially useless and users should just turn them off. There is extremely disappointing as there is a lot of useful information from social media notifications.

Fixed with latest update!. UPDATE: The very latest update seems to have resolved the issues I reported below and reverted the app to the wonderful less-crowded and more-sane interface. I’m guessing perhaps Facebook’s latest update stymied the devs for a bit? Anyway, happy to be back up and running! Genuinely unfortunate: this has been the app I’ve recommended for *years* to friends and family looking to escape the mess of Facebook’s invasive tracking and awful UI. Unfortunately the latest update has removed everything successful about this app (the clean & usable UI, the filtering and ad blocking, the custom filters) and replaced it with a broken encapsulation of the Facebook mobile UI, which is a mess-and-a-half on its own. If I wanted that, I’d load Facebook in Safari. One hopes this is temporary or I guess I’ll need to find a replacement for Friendly.

Amazing. I was so sick of the Facebook and messenger apps. I wanted something that didn’t feel so in your face all the time. This app is perfect because it allows me to step away from the social media world as it holds everything in one app and I don’t feel so anxious about messages all the time as I have all notifications shut off ! So I can go and check at my leisure without the added pressure😎 just the app I was looking for!! So incredibly happy with everything !

Deletes your edits before you can post- extremely frustrating. Anytime you’re editing a post you need to scroll up by swiping down to get to the top in order to press the post key on the upper right corner. But, if you scroll a little bit too far the page your on refreshes and you loose everything you wrote. The same thing happens when you type a long post and try to add photos to it; I’ve had so many thoughtfully written posted get deleted because of this bug that I’m deleting this app and going back to Facebooks app. At this point I don’t care what anyone does to me or my data, or who they sell it to; I just want to be able to post anything without loosing everything I wrote over half the time. How is it that this bug persists? Why didn’t I uninstall this app a long time ago? If you’re precise enough to scroll without causing the page to refresh before click the post button, then you’ll probably be really good at gold cause that’s what it feels like I’m playing. But the difference is if you don’t scroll a hole-in-one every time, you loose everything you’ve written!

I LOVE Friendly+. After having my accounts hacked, social engineered, and generally spammed, and reporting offensive posts daily to the platforms, I decided I had enough. I downloaded Friendly+ and didn’t look back. This is an amazing app, where you can block words from your news feed, block the trackers that make it so easy to social engineer people, and see what you really want to see in your feed, the people and pages you care about. The ad blocker is brilliant. Using the paid form of friendly is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Best Facebook App Hands-down. Update... No longer five stars due to teeny tiny picture window. Images are now minuscule with huge black border. Time changes things.... I purchased this several years ago and was quite disappointed at that time. But, several updates later this is the way to go. As Friendly+ continued to improve, the official Facebook app has continued to get worse. The only reason I even went back and tried this app again is my recently disabled wife struggled with using Facebook. Their app made things too easy for her to accidentally get off track and go where she didn't want to go. With Friendly+ the entire interface is quite straightforward, clean and much more difficult to click something wrong and end-up who-knows-where. This is one of the few times I feel the third party app beats the original by a wide margin.

Glitchy. I’ve been using this app for probably close a decade. I absolutely loved it for the ability to sort my feed content chronologically vs what FB deems most important, and also for the ability to block ads. The ad-blocking doesn’t seem to work anymore, and a new issue is that sometimes the navigation menu is there, sometimes it’s not. Very frustrating not to be able to see notifications or access anything else besides the default FB-curated news feed. Both my iOS and app are current. Major bummer.

Designed for users, not to confiscate data. Fast, friendly, everything FaceBook Inc. isn’t and doesn’t care to be. For all the updates to FaceBook’s app you would think it would mow your lawn and cook dinner for doesn’t it constantly looks for ways to confiscate data and track your every move, eats up more data and storage space for nothing but data gathering and maybe a clown face. Get Zuck’s nose out of your colon, get this app.

The BEST thing to happen to Facebook!. I seldom take time to write a review. This is a very rare program that I want to give six stars instead of five today. It blocks ads it lets you save things anyway you want. It lets you customize completely. It lets you add multiple Facebook accounts if you wish. I highly recommend this program!!

Issues with Facebook. This has been a reliable and useful app over the years, and I still prefer to use it vs other social media apps. However, recently the Facebook messenger feature seems glitchy. Sometimes I can’t get comment sections to load, but I don’t know if that’s some compatibility issue Facebook has caused. Also, as of tonight, Facebook pages in general just loop repeatedly, refreshing over and over. The developer team is usually quick to fix issues, so hopefully it will be resolved soon.

Buggy. I love that I can check my various social media accounts but for some reason I can’t post to anything but Facebook and Instagram. I’ve never been able to post to my Facebook business page, lately I cannot even share to it anymore. I cannot upload more than one photo in a single Instagram post. Also some of the social media don’t work well at all (ie Reddit). This is a fantastic idea for an app that eliminates the need for multiple space hogging social media apps but perhaps sacrifice less popular social media platforms to increase functionality of the most commonly used...

Friendly is the best way to experience Facebook. I love how there are more options to share things in Friendly, especially with myself, to save things I like. I appreciate how easy it is to check on my kids’ Facebook feeds to see what they and others are posting. I like how things don’t suddenly change without notice; the developers are always very good about sharing specific changes, which are always an improvement. I don’t feel like the Friendly team has an agenda or that I’m a guinea pig to experiment on. I have a lot more trust for them than the Facebook corporation and appreciate the buffer they provide between me and the annoying changes the Facebook developers make. What first attracted me to Friendly was that I could have the option of having my feed show posts from any of my friends, even seldom contacted ones, as they were posted, with none pushed to the top. I’ve been able to feel connected with more of my friends because of this feature. Thank you, Friendly team, for making my experience on Facebook less jarring and irritating and so much more enjoyable!

Hotfix needed for app closing upon switching to another app.. After years of use, this is the only problem that is kicking me back to the hated FB app: So many times in the last few weeks have I had to curse in the middle of making a FB post when I realize I need to switch to another app to check something or pull up a URL, and Friendly+ will lose my post. I can’t even reliably use a clipboard to Notes to preserve my text: the buffer seems to get cleared when Friendly+ drops its session and starts again. Please fix this one early!

Great client for Facebook. I love the small footprint of this app. I’ve had no problems accessing any Facebook features when using the Friendly app. A hint about enlarging your newsfeed, be sure that you’ve clicked on “follow” for each of your friends that you want added to your newsfeed page. The ad blocking feature and screening posts by keyword are features that I really like. I’ve read some reviews saying that videos won’t post, trying to copy comments doesn’t work, it’s glitchy, and it’s slow. I’ve experienced none of these problems. In fact, I’ve found it much easier to locate older videos that I posted years ago, copying photos and text isn’t a problem, and Facebook Messenger functions great, without having to download an additional app. Would I purchase this app again, or recommend it to a friend? Absolutely!

Meh. It is a great little app...when it wants to work. It is still very buggy but now at least does the basic job. Once deleted from too many problems, but Facebook on Safari was giving me issues, so I came back hoping they’d fixed the bugs. Yes and no, it seems. Fix these bugs and it gets the 5 stars I would like to give. (Update as of March 16, 2019) ———————————————————— It’s really kind of sad. I used to love this app. I switched cause I hated being forced to use Facebook Messenger, which was moving away from being a simple messaging app. I liked Friendly’s customizable features and being able to hide/highlight posts by keyword was amazing. But now it hardly deserves one star. The only thing I can see now is my newsfeed, notifications and Messages are broken. They only load a blank white screen. Good luck trying to reach the developers, I tried reaching out several ways and they never responded. After being spoiled by what once was a wonderful app, I’m even considering doing away with Facebook itself. ~Written as of September 2018~

Like but needs revisions. I like this except for crashing sometimes, maybe twice a week. Also, when friends post more than one photo, it would be nice if photos came up one at a time and swipe through them so you can enlarge if need be on the phone. The way they come up now are all on one page and all you can do is scroll down. I would also like to go into sittings and change custom settings and I would like to do that on posts too. I don’t like the requests, notifications and searches at the bottom. My timeline should be up top for easy access.

Good, not great. Pros: • Can view Facebook news feed in most “recent mode” with ads and other annoying things like “do you know these people?” removed and most of the other parts of it work great. • Instagram works a lot better too. • Price of app is worth viewing Facebook without ads (it’d be more worth it if Twitter and Instagram got the same treatment). Cons: • Notifications are spotty and inconsistent. • Twitter still shows sponsored tweets and you can’t swipe from the left edge to go backwards. This wouldn’t be annoying if the “back” arrow didn’t appear at the top sometimes while on the bottom other times. • The Friendly menu where you can choose between Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram - why do I have to scroll this? It only allows for those three apps to be on this page, so why not just display the three buttons on screen at the same time? Also, why can’t I add others (Reddit, LinkedIn, Pinterest) on that menu? • NEW: It’d be nice if I could switch between the sites without losing my place. If I wanted to post a Tweet to Facebook. I’m starting to hop between this and the other app, which is making me wonder why I’m using this one...

Friendly with Ad Blocker. I love the Friendly app with ad blocker. It gives me FB with more control than the FB app. It lets me continue to message within the app. (No separate messenger). It allows me to change my feed from top stories to recent again. I like how easily you can change the colors. I like that I can set it up for multiple accounts for family members. I totally recommend it over the FB app

Search Bug. I’ve used Friendly for several years as a FB alt app and have been very satisfied with it. Recently, however, the option to “Search” your own Friends List (or anyone else’s) has not been working. In order to go directly to a Friend’s FB Page, you must scroll through your entire Friend list. Very frustrating and time consuming!!

Awesome Facebook alternative. Edit: Taking off a couple stars because I’m now getting ads and prompts to install fb messenger and other features that Facebook seems to be trying to push. One of the main reasons I got this app was to avoid facebook’s nagging. This app has been my go-to for Facebook for a long time. I can do everything I would normally do with Facebook (including messaging) without having to worry about being tracked, losing battery and I don't have to install another app just for messages.

This app used to be great…. I used to love this app and recommended it to all my friends, but over the last few months it’s become so buggy that I think I’m going to have to find something else or go back to the Facebook app. It was a great way to still have Facebook and messenger in one app, but it’s now just loading the mobile web version of Facebook and messenger can no longer be accessed. Also because of this, the UX/UI is terrible and not user friendly whatsoever. Before that, it wouldn’t let me expand or read comments on most posts of groups I was subscribed to. So if I saw a post from a group in my feed, it’d tell me the post didn’t exist. So I’d have to go to my computer and find it in the group to read the full post, see comments, or write a response (including my own posts in groups!) I emailed them about both of these issues with screen shots but never heard back or acknowledged they know it’s a problem. It seems I can read group posts now but the web feed is terrible, and I can’t access messenger. Also, before messenger went down, I was messaging a girl about an upcoming trip, but she wasn’t on my friends list. I could not find the messenger convo anywhere on the app even though it gave me the notification I had a new message. I had to go to my computer to read it. Maybe I’ll try back in a few months to see if they worked out the bugs, but for now, it’s not really usable and hasn’t been for a while.

Problems May 2023. I have used Friendly Plus for many years, but recently neither Facebook nor Instagram work for me. Other sites work, but not these two. I reached out to support and never received a response. I deleted my FB and reloaded it, but now it doesn’t ask for a log in. The Friendly Plus site says no problems reported by users which is not true. Hello! Is anyone listening? When it worked it was great.

Great app !. Compared to the "facebook" app. This one is so much better. Blocks all ads, if you want. Which I love. Also lets you set your notification order. ❤️❤️❤️ I'm still loving this app ! My favorite feature right now is that you can block all posts you don't want to see , for instance war , you'll never see another one.

Not worth the upgrade yet. But has potential. I can not click on I friend or follow to change settings for other people. The options never pop up. Also have been trying to upload a video four times now and it never posts even though I stay on the app like it says. I’ve messaged the page two or three times about issues and haven’t heard back yet. With that said, it is an ok app and could be even better with some minor changes and improvements. I look forward to future updates.

Friendly Plus is ‘Friendly’. Been increasingly irritated with regular FB app changing my preferences every update, limited control of security profile, difficulty switching profiles. Searched App Store for alternatives when I realized that I had Friendly Plus already. Very happy with the number of personalization options included along with the ability to go to Desktop version to access all controls of my profiles. Really happy with ability to switch between profiles. Have been using this app almost exclusively for Facebook.

I used to love this app but it no longer works. Updating this review to note that the most recent update (summer 2023) has further broken this app. Instagram won’t load at all and Facebook loads incorrectly 9/10 times. (The good news is that I’m now finally deleting my Facebook.) It’s a shame because it was once the perfect app. Now it’s unusable. I loved this app (paid version) because it let me sort Facebook posts by most recent instead of letting an algorithm direct my attention. And I love the ability to block ads. But lately it’s become increasingly buggy. Sorting by most recent no longer shows every post. And, as of today, I can no longer see groups (which I prefer to check manually instead of following). I hope they update it. I will probably keep it since I’ve already paid, but I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone searching for a functioning way to manage social media accounts.

Problems from the start. Just purchased the app and I’m having issues already. First: The app is not showing any posts at all. It just says “Welcome to Facebook”. No matter how many times I refresh or restart the app, it says the same thing. Second: I posted something as a test to make sure it was working correctly and was unable to delete it by touching the post options (the three horizontal dots). I even tried to reinstall the app twice. This app seems like a wonderful thing if it would work properly. Edit: There seems to be an issue with the Most Recent sorting. Most Recent shows no posts at all, yet Top Stories makes the app function normally so far. Changed my rating, but the Most Recent option needs to be addressed.

So Many Glaring Flaws. I wanna like this app for so many reasons, but it’s just a joke at this point. Facebook: 1. Videos don’t load. Like, ever. 2. Doesn’t respect my muted messenger conversations and instead shows notifications, even for old messages. 3. The messenger functionality is outdated looking and completely unreliable. 4. Having to view a whole post on its own separate page just to see a few of the most recent comments? Twitter: 1. Again, videos don’t load at all. 2. Writing a tweet is infuriating. Keeps duplicating and merging my words and I keep having to rewrite the same thing repeatedly. I haven’t even really bothered with Instagram. Pros: 1. I can make everything pink. 2. Hides ads alright. It’s just too clunky, too outdated, and too slow to really be useful. I thought it would save me time and space on my iPad but it just aggravates me too much.

It’s not perfect but it’s better than vanilla apps. It’s essentially a web browser I wouldn’t even consider it a web wrapper bc they make very little effort to mod the UI. I have premium & have had it for many years & I can tell you that even on premium you’ll still ads on various social media so I’m not entirely sure what the ad blocker is doing. As an experiment I used Twitter on brave browser for a month & I experienced zero ads. So devs take note of that & please do something about ads on your app or stop advertising no ads with ad blocker bc that’s simply not true. Idk what browser they use but it obviously isn’t on par with brave browser. Customization could use a revamp. Maybe new icons, new UI features SOMETHING. The app feels stale. The download feature is a hit or miss as well. For example on instagram clicking on a profile would break the download feature. Or simply going back to the previous page would break it. The buttons for downloading (when it does work) are huge & block most of the media underneath. It’s annoying. This is also partly why I say the app frees stale. These are my main gripes but I’m still giving it 4 stars simply bc there’s nothing better on the App Store as of now.

Sincerely Impressed & Grateful. If you care about your right to privacy in the slightest, PAY $1.99 and DOWNLOAD NOW. I cannot express how thankful I am for this application. It graciously affords me the opportunity to continue using all of the Social Media applications that STRUGGLING with nearly leaving because of the amount of data and information being tracked and sold. These developers basically said “Yeah, NOPE. That’s not right.” And with this app I’ve been able to stay connected to all of my accounts without a worry in mind. Seriously, the cost of $1.99 is NOTHING for the exchange of peace of mind. To the Dev’s, THANK YOU FOREVER!

Makes Facebook tolerable. After all the shenanigans they've pulled over the years, I refuse to use the official app. Friendly lets me check in on a few groups and people that are only on FB. I pop in for a few minutes a couple times a day, and don't tend to scroll back very far, so I haven't encountered any issues in that area. The one issue that crops up more than I'd like is the inability to view photos at full size, both in FB and Instagram posts that are shown in FB. This is particularly noticeable on the iPad, where photos are noticeably low resolution and pixelated. This has happened before and been fixed, so I'm hoping Friendly will be updated again soon to resolve the issue.

The better way to FB. I originally downloaded Friendly years ago and promptly forgot about. About a year ago i grew sick of waiting for the FB app to adopt split screen and work with the 12.9 iPad pro. I tried Friendly and was amazed by how customizable, powerful, and lightweight it is. I can use it with my iPad, but I love how well it works when traveling in parts of the world with slow internet connections. And the continued development of the app is amazing. The dark mode, the ability to send articles to Instapaper or Pocket, the ad blocking. It all is incredible. One great addition would be to have a “reading” mode similar to Safari when you open a link to an article.

Bug in latest update. Unable to upload videos in Pinterest. Also has bug in Facebook video sharing. If you visit your Facebook page, enter videos section and click any video, it auto plays the video but no longer has the “share” option. New update now makes it impossible to visit a page’s videos section and share any video, it only has a download cloud icon but no share abilities. The Facebook app allows sharing videos when you view a video but not this app. Finally, on Facebook pages, you cannot invite friends to like your page, it simply searches for friends to invite but never loads them to invite them.

Useless on iphone 13 pro. Works great on my iPad. On my phone it’s useless. The navigation bar at the bottom is gone so I can’t access search, comments, etc. The top bar where the back bottom is, is also unusable. Guessing it might be optimized for the max phones now? Put multiple reports in, there’s been an update or two since. Still unusable. Can’t recommend it on a phone anymore. Do recommend it for ipad.

Once again you have screwed up a perfectly good app. I switched many moons ago and have not looked back; however, I am getting tired of the problems that occur after many updates. The most recent problem occurs when I change orientations of my iPhone either intentionally or usually unintentionally. The app loses my place and starts over at the top of the stream. This is highly annoying when I am down in a stream and want to read a document that is wider than the screen. I rotate the device and instead of showing the page I was reading it snaps back to the top. I scroll back to the page to read it. When I am finished, I turn the device back to vertical and once again the app snaps back to the top of the screen. Guess I’ll use another app until you get the latest screw up corrected. I really wish you would take more care with your updates. You have a good app, but it seems that nearly ever other update something infuriating like this happens.

Video problems. When I click links in my feed, something is altered from the original link and I am often unable to view videos. Sometimes I am unable to post while using the Friendly app, too. If I hit the same links by going through my email notifications they will work, so I know it’s the Friendly app and not the link. The same with posting photos into comments. I do appreciate that I don’t need a separate app to use Messenger, and the reduction of ads is something I can take for granted until I go through other means and am reminded that Friendly does a good job of reducing annoying ads.

Great space saver!. This app is great at keeping social media in one place. Easy to navigate, saves data... In really glad I got it! I just dislike that I sometimes can’t view all the pictures in Facebook albums and I can’t watch Lives, so I have to briefly download FB for that. I’ve never had issues with Instagram or Twitter, though, and the app crashes less frequently than any of the social media apps even though it stores your navigation history for quite some time, like a browser. Fix the bugs, Friendly, and it’d be 5 stars from me. :)

Looks good, but broken. Might have been 5 stars if you could actually hear your notifications without having to physically look at your phone. And even when you do get a messenger notification, after tapping on it, it shows nothing but the last message. You still have to use the actual messenger app to read new messages. Also, even after setting your feed to “most recent”, you get posts that were made hours and hours ago showing at the top. Sorry guys, great concept but I should have never paid for this. Until I can use this app exclusively to check facebook and messenger, and actually see and hear my NEW notifications, I’m uninstalling. Enjoy my 2 bucks. 👍

Love it mostly—but still having issues!. I’ve used Friendly for several years now and really like it overall. My biggest complaint, however, is an issue that started showing up a couple of months ago. It will not show the Most Recent feed, no matter what I do. There is a permanent “something went wrong” flag and no amount of refreshing, etc. will help. It’s almost gotten me to the point where I’m thinking of getting rid of the app because of the frustration.

Good Alternative to the Official App. This is a very good alternative to the official Facebook app. Seems to be much lighter, and less of a battery hog. The only issue I have with it is notifications. I don't know if it's a limitation in there app, but receiving notifications seems to be very sporadic. I'll see several notifications in the official app, but won't get them in this app until I open it and do a manual refresh. Other than that I really enjoy it! Especially there dark theme.

Does not work. Says it will be able to save my media - lives, videos, posts, pictures, etc - it does that, but the quality is horrible. HORRIBLE. On my regular Facebook, Twitter, Instagram - I see it crystal clear, no blurriness. Go on this app, and it’s blurry and pixelated. I’ve tried both on and off wifi. I’ve tried with small lives and large ones, same with different videos and even photos just to test - the quality is horrible. This is not worth your money. I wanted a way to save what I was working on as a backup, this is not it. It does not do what it says. If you want horrible quality, get it. But not worth paying for.

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Stop deleting my post as I write it. I’ll go back to Facebook if necessary.. You

Issues impacting usability. The bar featuring the chat icon has disappeared. It reappears occasionally after navigating, but it’s not there 95% of the time - I can’t see who has messaged me, or use the messenger. The page doesn’t fit perfectly under my iPhones notch. So, over it, making impossible to press the navigation arrows and hamburger icon. I need to rotate to landscape to do so.

Please fix!!!!. It’s crashing on startup! Always! Even after reinstalling! I love this app, it’s worth every penny, BUT NOT IF IT CRASHES!!!

This app is broke. It’s broke is useless

not sure the update is a good one :-(. buggy as hell so far, sorry. crashing all the time. iphone 12

Still a struggle.. Less ads is great, but it still sometimes throws me to the top of my feed (like the fb app) even if there is no new content. It has difficulty playing videos and live stream. Videos that were live do not scrub—there is no way to go back ten seconds if I miss a word or forward if I want to skip the boring bits. It also has confusing glitches when saving photos; still will not scroll through photos properly and why is there a friend’s name randomly at the top when the photos are not theirs? Why do I sometimes end up at the top of my feed when I leave an article? (Some of these things are what I hated about the FB app.) I got fed up with wrestling with this app and deleted it. I was already stressed, but this app exacerbated that. For me, it is not a ‘friendly’ app if I still struggle with it. The developers need to observe some of the user flows, and see where the app is not flowing. I may come back to it after the next update, it is still better than the fb app. But for now I’ll just access fb on my mac and perhaps use it less, which is probably a good thing.

“FRIENDLY” is really user-FRIENDly. I like Friendly because it IS so easy to use & I like the user-interface. I also like the fact that I can download video’s (which I can not ‘always’ do on Facebook). Having said that - since a recent update (2022) - the older quick “Privacy Check” has with become really convoluted & complex to find or its in another place .. either way a QUICK PRIVACY CHECK should be ‘just that’!! QUICK!! Where is it now please?

Facebook made easy. Great app, pleasure to use!

Wish I could search in groups. Now Facebook has removed the groups ap this is all that’s missing from friendly,s functionality

does what it says but ...*just*. has a lot of bugs and missing functionality: - crashes a lot - you can’t view more than 1 image in a FB post containing multiple images - can’t post a picture in a FB comment (button doesn’t work) - the inbuilt IG repost function doesn’t work - can’t edit your own IG posts - no access to IG direct messages - can’t crop or zoom images when creating IG post i keep using it because i want to reduce my social media time and the frustration of this poor app makes me give up and go read a book instead - so it works for me. but if you’re looking for a working alternative to the official apps, you might want to look elsewhere...

Need support more keyboard for other language.. App feature is good, however would rate would be higher if it’s support all keyboards.

Good software. Very helpful for multi fb account

Don’t waste your money.. Can’t block ads anymore, which is the main reason I bought this app, and why I always recommended it to people. App no longer connects to Instagram (I have disconnected and reconnected the account, but that didn’t help). Very disappointed. I’ve gone back to the dedicated Facey and Insta apps. 😞

Good alternative to native apps. Sick of Advertising, sick of chronology being decided by algorithms... chose friendly.

Better than official app. It’s very handy and multiple accounts can be used and it’s always give notification at time

Awesome app, must have for FB. This app is awesome... I really love it.. just notification does not work AGAIN for me, maybe that to tweak little.. I hope you will tune everything in near future.. also picture zoom does not work... but app is really great... iOS 10.2 iPhone 6s

I am frustrated after iOS 13 update. Update- issues appear to have been fixed with Oct 6 update! Thanks so much for the attention. I’ve been using this App for a long time as my Facebook replacement. Since the iOS 13 update on iPad 6 I'm frustrated. The timeline used to remember it's place when exiting the app for minutes and now after switching the one other app and back it fully frereshee the timeline. On my Google Pixel phone, where I purchased the app also, it remembers my place in the timeline up to 30min later and opens right back where I left off nearly every time. I'd LOVE this to be fixed on iOS 13 please.

Where have my download options gone?. Where have my download options gone?

Problem with fb. When using fb no images show just large grey panels where the pics should be. Fb is now unusable. Works fine on Twitter. Please fix.

Crashes. Updated to the latest version and now its crashing every time it opens. Re-installed and same issue so obviously a buggy release.

Wont open. Since the most recent update the app won’t even open. Don’t update!!!

Very happy. This app is awesome. True, you don’t get all the features of the FB app, but the privacy it grants you more than makes up for it. Frequent improvements and bug fixes are also great, as is not having to subscribe to any regular payments. Really recommend the pro version.

Genuine reasons I love this app. Best substitute for the power draining, data collecting original apps of the major socmed apps. and constantly updating for the consumers benefit..

The best. Love Friendly

Annoying me now. I can’t take photos with the camera within this app it’s just a black screen. I’ve been unable to open links. Overall the app is pretty slow right now

Ok But.... Hi developers, I tried to send you feedback through the app support link and it went to FB. ??? Anyway, everything was going smoothly and I deleted FB and messenger off my phone to use the app exclusively. However, a big problem. Somehow FB can now see my contact list that was previously blocked. Now FB is sending messages to me about flagging potential contacts from my contacts who are not on FB. This is appalling. Please advise immediately on how to block FB accessing my contacts via your app. Thanks. Joe

Buggy. Crashes every time I open an article like VICE, IFLS, etc I want my money back

Friendly Plus. Great app that shows me friends’ posts in correct order! It doesn’t force me to the Messenger. And it really DOES save the battery!!! 👍🏻👏🏻 The best app for Facebook 🏆🥇

Would be higher but can’t access Facebook marketplace. As above

Friendly+. Excellent App, save memory on iPhone, one question, when will Friendly+ goingto work with FB messenger??? This would be awesome.

Fixed. At last works properly on iPad

Facebook messaging. Purchased the software for one purpose: Facebook messaging, but the user agent won’t change, so when the messages icon is pressed, a message is given that this browser isn’t supported. Hope you fix it soon.

Wow!. Have had nothing but problems with FB and FB Messenger since they did the upgrade. My iPad and phone kept locking up and the only way out was to reset both. Painful! This is totally the answer. PLEASE do not complicate this app. Keep it simple and great. Love it to bits ❤️❤️❤️

Great App😎. Works well

Getting buggy. Attaching photos no longer works and pasting them results in a text URL. Pop-up asking if you want to post whatever’s on the clipboard is annoying and superfluous.

I absolutely love this app!. It does so many things that the standard Facebook app doesn’t do, including NOT forcing me to use the Messenger app. I can manage my messages from Friendly+ without leaving the app. I can choose to view pages in mobile format, or as a desktop view. There are lots of little things that just make Facebook easier and more enjoyable to use with Friendly+. I can easily save images (with the official Facebook app, I can’t just press and hold to save cover photos, and have to screenshot and crop, instead, whereas Friendly+ just lets me save normally), and I can save videos — as well as watch videos without ads. I also love that I can choose exactly what colours I want to use. So many irritating aspects of the official Facebook app are gone in Friendly+. This app is well worth it!

Excellent and getting better. Works great as a Facebook alternative - not locked into messenger

Makes Facebook usable!. After not finding a safari ad blocker that worked well enough with Facebook came across this. The ability to filter out Facebook posts using strings like “suggested for you” and “sponsored” is perfect. Highly recommended. All the other features are a bonus.

Bad app.. What’s happened to this app. It won’t load timelines on mine or my friends and I can’t edit or delete. I am using the iPone XS.

Are you alive?. Really hope so because this is a damned good app when it works. Give it an update to help it run on iOS15 wii yer? You’re only defence against F.Uckerberg and his cronies.

App won't load. It used to work great but now it just displays a grey screen. Occasionally it will get to a point, sometimes, if I leave it to load for a few minutes, where my account icons appear, but clicking on them does not do anything. It is a shame because this a brilliant idea for an app. I love the way you need a fingerprint or passcode to access the accounts.

And messenger is gone. Description of the app still says messenger is in it. But it’s gone. The entire bottom bar is gone. Fix it

This app has changed. Have been using this app for ages, now suddenly it is just a desktop Facebook page with a pretty colour at the top and bottom. I have checked settings to see if I need to do something to change it, but it stays the same.

Notifications broken. Great app overall but if you can’t get your notifications even by putting faster notifications on then what’s the point in the app?

why?. why move the controls we use the most to the bottom of the app? Sorry, not a good idea. My view.

Easy. Good to have everything in one place 🙂

Very happy with friendly for Facebook!. Got sick of facebook's issues a few of years ago when I couldn't change timeline viewing from top stories to most recent. Asked the brains trust and friendly was one of the apps suggested. Downloaded the free version to trial, changed over to the paid version in under a week, have never looked back! Now I have control of my timeline, don't get hassled to download resource hogging FB messenger and don't have to deal with the issues my friends that use the FB app have to deal with, it's very satisfying! There are the occasional glitches in the app, usually when FB changes something and the developers haven't caught up but it usually gets fixed quotes quickly. Overall a great user experience. Have converted a lot of people to Friendly for Facebook+ too.

Nice alternative to the Adfest FB app.. It’s a cool alternative to the official app. Night mode could use a little more time. Some text can’t be read in certain instances. It works but on my jailbroken device darkfacebook tweak has been perfected I can see the slight differences. As others have mentioned notifications don’t seem to work unless the app is manually opened. Not sure if it’s a limitation of the coding or not only the creator knows. I’m sure they are aware of this if the updates haven’t fixed it then so be it. One thing I just got myself an Apple Watch series 4. It would be great if support was added in the next update?. Unless Apple has put its foot down and won’t allow it?.

Great when it works. I am unable to load a News Feed at all - I just get the following error message: The page you requested cannot be displayed at the moment. It may be temporarily unavailable, the link you clicked on may be broken or expired, or you may not have permission to view this page.

Great alternative. A great alternative to the official app, the latest update is a great improvement for the interface, dark mode works really well

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I used to recommend this. Why does my feed consist of only 5 posts repeated ad infinitum? When I click on a collection of pictures someone posts, why is everything after the first pic from other people’s posts? Why not just let me see the collection as the person posts it? Why can’t I access Marketplace anymore? Where do I search now? Where do I find Groups? Who’s messing this app up so badly?

If it was faster if give it 5.. If it was faster if give it 5.

Outdated Facebook feature?. For a long time, the screen size of the app used not to fit the size of Facebook screens (the top and bottom link bar would disappear a bit), but I didn’t care. But now the bottom bar is completely gone so I cannot even browse Facebook.

Fix it already. Great app but needs a lot of fixes. By far most annoying bug is in navigation, when user goes deep into comment or image and when clicked back it throughs the user to the title/newsfeed. This is not okay. Please fix.

Good and bad parts. The good is being able to block ads and such. But my feed is kinda broken and nothing like the normal facebook feed. It’s like a lot of stuff is missing. Yes I still have the regular FB app so I can compare the 2 back and forth. The Friendly+ posts seem out of date and many posts simply don’t show up. Also, this app is glitchy and slow even on a 14pro. I feel as if this needs a major rework.

Downloading issue. I don’t see download icon.How can I download videos.

iPad issues. Instagram works great on the iPhone but most options have been broken on the iPad for weeks now. I’ve contacted support more than once with no reply, so very disappointing.

Long time user. Love this app. It’s great.

Used to be great. I’ve been using it for years and it’s been great. In the last several months it’s been slower and buggier… now, getting an error that says the browser is not supported. Hoping they can fix it!

No adverts, updated regularly. Been using the paid version for a couple of years. Don't see any reason to change or go back to Facebook.

Features not working. In insta or tiktok , video’s does not downloading .

iOS 14.1. Friendly has issues with this update. Crashed my iPad Pro multiple times.

Won’t Open. I bought the upgraded version since the free version wouldn’t open on my phone. My phone is listed as compatible, but this paid version won’t open either. So disappointing since it had worked well in the past.

Compared to FB App. Not all Facebook posts are being published on the friendly app.

Friendly. The best of Facebook without the ads! Thanks!

Why are people still using FB app -- use this. Okay, yes I still have Instagram app for Instagram, but deleting FB and FB Messenger apps is so rewarding. Friendly is the best way to get back at Zuckerberg.

Too many clicks to access common features. Can’t easily access groups or pages. Can’t edit the tool bar at the bottom. The app does get rid of ads on Facebook but the user interface is poor and scrolling and moving between sections buggy and slow with too many clicks.

déçu. je peut pas parler en chat avec mes ami sa sert a rien

All is well!. Thanks!

Please fix menu and messenger. Still hasn’t fix the app

Worth installing but.... This version has a lot of ads. I mean a lot.

Great app. Recently each time i open the app it requests signing in which is not practical and boring, otherwise it is ok

Useless app resends all friend requests. Useless App because you must resend all FB friend requests, alarming friends. Waste of time and three bucks. Deleted.

Best. I love this app.

Last update broke it. Worked well for a long time, but then it started defaulting to the regular FB feed sometimes, with ads and all the stuff I used to be able to control back to the way FB wants it. After the last app update, that reversion seems permanent. No response to contacting the developer.

app crash's to much. great app but its crashing to much can you fix it

Good but need improvements. The reason why I cannot put a five stars rating for me is because it does not have the original Facebook sharing features.

Frustrating. My app is latest version & it won’t let me post or comment in groups I’m a member of. It says to update app or use Facebook on computer. The app is up to date.

Love friendly. This is a great app 😎👍👍

Everything not working Aug 10 2023. It says unsupported browser. Literally all is not working now.

No regrets in buying this App!. Amazing! Less data usage, not hard for your iphone, and minimalistic approach, for u dont need to install each social media app: twitter, instagram, facebook, and messenger. Definitely an App to rule them all! 👊👊👊

No more Ad blocker. I paid for this app because it block all the adds on Facebook. And now I’m starting to see adds!!! I feel like I paid for nothing... what’s going on whit the app???

Great App. Thank you. Overall great app. I've used this app for years. I've had a pretty good experience. => new bugs the jar 2 updates 1 => please update the browser as I'm getting a notice in desktop mode that they won't be supporting that browser soon 2 => run in background has been quite buggy the last 2 updates. Will close my session is I go to another app. The last update did fix it a bit but I still get closed off immediately at times. I will rate 5 when bugs are fixed Suggestions Wishes 3 => need multitask feature, example; one section on a post and do a search, or more then one post. 4 => keep in background for as long as possible 5 => please add a watch app. Yes I'm aware that the app would need to be a huge overhaul and so this likely won't happen but I can only ask.

I have control over my feed. I love that I get to filter out things I don’t want to see. I love that I get no ads. Best way to view Facebook ever.

Friendly is +++++!. Great app, way better than fb by itself! Kills ads beautifully! Way better Communications!

Bug reports: iPhone 13 top inaccessible, "Read more" link. Great app! I enjoy it very much. Bug 1: Sometimes (very often) we can’t access the bottom menu depending of whether or not the top is inaccessible. Bug 2: I've noticed the "read more" link is hard to activate to expand truncated text. I was hoping this update would have this fixed. Is this a known bug?

Amazing. Wow this app works great I’m very pleased

WOWZER. So good. So secure. Smooth and fast. Have used and recommended Friendly for years. Beats the FB App in every way. Uses far less battery power, too. Great on iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Doesn’t show all recent posts.. Waste of money

Works like a charm!. Friendly works amazingly! So much better, faster & efficient in every way compared to that “other” Facebook app. In a good way, updates frequently shows that the developers are fully supporting this app. Thank you!

Great alternative to facebook app bloat. Great alternative to facebook app bloat...I love it !

Satisfaite d’excellentes. Merci

Can not download. What a fake app, I have bought it from the App Store and the download option is not working, and there is no way to contact the technical department to have some service.

Friendly+. All the App are outdated… you need to work on it as soon as possible.

App glitch October 2018. Please make an update to fix the app glitches, can’t react to posts and when clicking on posts it redirects to home page, very annoying.

I got confused... I first got the blue coloured one to start.. the free app and then se the black one.. that u buy and I bought it.. but it is no different than the free one.. if anyone knows the diffference I’d love to know!! I feel like I got totally ripped off! Thanks.

Use to be great. The hide keyword function no longer works. Adding “Sponsored” and “Suggested for you” to hidden sadly no longer works.

New Version Issues. The new version just gives me a white screen when I try to access Facebook.

Love this app. I’ve been using this app for a good while now and it’s great! I highly recommend getting the plus version. The capabilities this has over other platforms is superior. Great job!

Doesn’t work anymore. Doesn’t work anymore

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Meh. The app is very very slow. I paid for the “better version” hoping it would be faster but no luck. It’s just as slow & for $3 more. Gifs don’t really work, same with many tag groups … Oh and some FB groups I can’t interact. The error message says I need to upgrade my app. But no update is available. I’m there’s more I’m not thinking of but honestly the app is just annoying to use. Wish that wasn’t true & hope you fix it.

Great but could be better. It’s good for Facebook, but you can’t share anything to Facebook, because the feature is clearly broken. Terrible for Instagram because it just loads the web version. Sharing is so broken I had to install the official Facebook app which is something I did NOT want to do.

Sells your location to advertisers!. Using Twitter I had targeted ads, even though I paid for the blocked version! This owner sells your location to advertisers and who know who else!!! I do not recommend this app for the privacy-minded!! I knew I shouldn’t pay for this. :( can’t do things like copy and paste or upload videos, or turn of specific post notifications. What a rip off!! I already had a FREE adblocker that worked perfect. The desk top view is really annoying to post from. So many issues!

Great app. I barely browse facebook but when I do, I don't need it staying open in the background or taking up a gig+ of memory. This app works great and has messenger too, and barely uses a fraction of memory and battery life of the official app. Bought it to show support

Cannot open comments anymore.. I love Friendly! Been using the paid version for many years. Yes, there’s been occasional glitches. Today I can’t open comments or make a comment to a post.

Glitchy. Seemed promising but the app loads slowly or incompletely for Facebook and doesn’t give me the option to upload vids to Instagram. Reached out to their help email and not heard anything back. Disappointed.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. Video Downloads finally fixed!!! Thank you Devs! There is no better app for Facebook! I’m finally able to delete the original FB app because Friendly ++ is much better, Well worth the $$.

Good app could be great. I’d give this app 5 stars but the one thing I don’t care for is not being able to swipe to go back. You have to scroll up then push button up top. I may have missed a setting but that drives me nuts.

Top Notch. Still the best app for social media, but this new update brings 2 things I dislike - Scrolling is not as smooth and I do not care for the back arrow being at the top left corner. Having to reach up there is not as easy as the old way. I hope they find a way to move it back. It is still a much better app than facebook.

Beginning to not be worth it anymore. Seems like after every update, things work fine for awhile. We notice different color schemes, different layouts, etc. But after a month or so, it lags to load up, scrolling lags like crazy, u may can scroll down a few posts then it has a refresh button at the bottom. Same senario as before the last update. We paid for this app...this isnt the lite version. Im confused as to why it isnt a better quality app since u made ur money from it.

Great App But.... Pretty content with this app. By far the best Facebook client application on the App Store. There are tons of cool features and personalisation options. The only thing that is keeping me from rating it 5 stars is the lack of implementation of 3D Touch! I can think of many uses for it, but being able to 3D Touch photos like on the official Facebook app would be magnificent. Just the opinion of a loyal user.

Other apps are obsolete. Seriously why ARE there other apps? I'd like to be able to tag more people, pages, and groups in comments, but those are such minor issues compared to the many MANY quality of life improvements in this app there's still no reason to go elsewhere.

Great App. This is a good app but it’s missing some things for example on the Facebook app I can click a video and scroll though other videos infinitely but with this app I can’t also I can’t upload videos to Facebook with app but pictures work. I can’t add Twitter accounts it just loads the website but never adds the account to the app but overall great app but needs a little work.

Thank you!. It’s been a relief to see the latest round of updates. I was a little afraid the team was losing steam, so I’m really glad to see that the primary issues I’d been having all seem to have been addressed. Back to being one of my favorite apps!

Where is the download?. I gave all stars because I love this app and have used it for years. However tonight I went on to download my daughters video and the download arrow is gone. Will it come back? I even upgraded to the plus and it isn’t there either

So buggy. There’s 0 support for this app. I’ve reported a bug where you can’t look at Groups (the page that lists them) in Night Mode because the title of the group is in black, and the background is black, months and months ago. Never received a response, never been fixed. Unfortunately this is better currently than the official FB app, but that’s not saying much. Could be really good, but developers don’t seem interested in supporting it.

Need for iPhone X. I was loving this app but after upgraded to iPhone X, this app is not fitting into iPhone X. When we are paying money for pro app you have to update the app to support all models. We need immediate update for Iphone X. Update it as soon as possible.i will change my review when you update

I used to love it but now it crashes constantly. For a few years now, I’ve used this app and enjoyed it. Features such as chronological timeline, ad blocking, suppressing “you might know”, and so on, are great additions to Facebook’s otherwise stupid app. But recent updates have introduced annoying stability issues. It’s crashing regularly, worse than in previous versions.

Disappointing, don’t waste your money. I used to love this app. It made using FB tolerable. But the features I liked either don’t work anymore or have been eliminated. One of my biggest frustrations is that I can’t view videos. It gives the message "Sorry, we’re having trouble playing this video. Learn more." And the link to "Learn more" doesn’t work. So I have to use FB app anyway to see these? Don’t waste your time or money.

I Hate This App. I previously had the free Friendly app on my iPad and loved it. No ads and not all the “clutter” of the original Facebook format. Then I purchased a new iPad and also purchased the Friendly Plus app for $1.99. I have two Facebook accounts on my iPad — mine and my husband’s. His home page has the Friendly format, but my home page continues to have the original Facebook format (which I hate). I contacted the developer of the app and requested they either fix the problem or refund my $1.99. They have done neither.

This is the only way to use Facebook. It’s a little buggy sometimes but I think that’s more Facebook, because the dev regularly releases rendering fixes. Also supports Instagram and a couple other things, with great power features.

The BEST FACEBOOK app on the planet.. When the Facebook supported app changed their 'Newsfeed' to TopStories, I looked for a better way to use Facebook. This was recommended and I found it so easy to use that I have completely deleted the Facebook dedicated app. Friendly+ is so much better and I highly recommend it!! The ADBLOCK option is worth getting!

Not too bad... for Facebook. So sure, It’s like seeing Facebook 10 years ago. But it takes away the bells and whistles that makes Facebook visually appealing and super irritating and leaves you with a decent looking pile of Facebook garbage, which is all FB is. So if you have to use FB, you could do a lot worse. Would recommend.

Love this app, please fix bugs!. I've had to log in 5 times in the last 24 hours! Also, when I'm looking at multiple images in a single post, I can't scroll! Other than that, I love that I can filter by keyword. Sick of Bloomberg? Just hide posts with his name! Tired of stressing about the coronavirus? Poof! Facebook is instantly cured!

☹️. Too many problems, can not navigate between images when opening a group of images, can not download the video from the archives, when entering the application enters the application freezing situation in most of the time , Why is the navigation problem not treated with the pictures in the same post? Why are the pictures displayed in other publications instead of the natural display of pictures as in the Facebook application?

Ad blocking does not work. Bug reports and requests for hep ignored. I purchased Friendly for its ad blocking. It used to do this very well, but sadly that option has either been removed or no longer works. Blocking by key word no longer works as well. I have filed multiple bug reports on these issues. I received no response and the issues remain unfixed. I used to recommend this app to everyone, but I can no longer do so.

Unable to edit my own posts. Since the latest version, there is no longer any option to “Edit post”. Being unable to edit my own posts on my own page is unacceptable.

Latest update. I find the latest update irritating! I think it would be great if we could choose to stay with the classic desktop look if we so desired but thats just my opinion! I find I am going to use facebook less because of this update. We shall see. Maybe I shall find a different social media more pleasing to use. Maybe I shall just go back to life pre social media days! Maybe I shall just get used to the update. One never knows.😏

I give Brinley 10 out of 10 stores really amazing app. I really enjoy all of the social medias on friendly all one stop social media and quick and easy access to thank you ever so much and thank you again for all of the hard work you put in the app along with my praise and thankfulness again thank you so much.

Awesome App. I love this app! It has so many features that the Facebook app does not. The fact that I can block all ads and have a list of keywords of articles I don’t want to see, such as anything Trump or Kardashian is amazing. It’s so customizable that you can really make it your own. Everyone I’ve told about it has installed it and loves it

Very Disappointed!!. "No More Posts to Show Right Now" is the message that continues to show up on the App. I am unable to view a single days posts, usually just the previous 8 hours and the message will show up. I have refreshed, closed the app and re-opened, deleted and reinstalled and nothing changes. I was pleased at first but this makes it unusable! I am deleting it and I just recently paid for the Plus Version! Also, attempted to contact the developers with no response!!

App works flawlessly most of the time.. The only complaints I have right now are that I can’t manage my business page from this app and sometimes the most recent news feed doesn’t work and Facebook refuses to show me anything on my timeline.

Can’t send pics in private message. So not sure what happened but just over a week ago I was able to send pics in a private message but for the past several days I’m no longer able to. I have send a diagnostics test to friendly and I still have not received an answer.

Works Great For Me. This app works great for me. I like it having a built in messenger. I also like the ability to block certain offensive words. You can block names, etc from showing up in your time line.

Not sure what happened. App used to be flawless but then I stopped getting notifications. I figured no if deal I could handle have to open the app every so often to get them. Now I can no longer access fb messenger which was part of the reason I enjoyed this app so much. I could access everything fb on here without having to have all these unnecessary apps. The way this app functions now is exactly like the official fb app. Very disappointed!

The joys of F'book without the hassles!. I use Friendly on all platforms and really appreciate ever having to load "messenger" or F'book because Friendly provides both in 1 low memory use, fast & easy to use program. I also recommend it to all my clients- tech and non-tech. Try it and decide for yourself!

Much better after changing setting. For those folks still getting the unsupported browser message and unable to use the app. Change the User Agent in settings and the app will work again. Pity nobody from the developer bothered to help

Please fix. Love the app but please fix the back button. scrolling your timeline you enter a post. In order to back out you’ve gotta hit the back button which then reloads all the post sending you back to the top loosing your place in the timeline. It’s irritating to say the least. App crashes 2 outta 10 times. There are some stability issues there. Would be nice while browsing someone’s pictures if you could scroll right to advance instead of going back and then choosing another pic

Minor issues between iOS versions. This version of Friendly Plus cannot load facebook mobile. I’ve signed out, rebooted my iPhone signed in, and even reinstalled the app. The glitch still occurs. It seems like subsequent iOS updates cause issues with the handling of the mobile site. I had to close out of all of my apps to refresh the app.

Why do I have to. Write a review after I rate the ap? Force feeding? Fr friendly Plus said I could have easy access to the people I want to hear from and I haven't found it yet. Actually I can't get Finity plus to work so I have kept my other Friendly+ app the free one which is much better!

Please fix this.... I’ve loved this app for years but kinda want to know at this point if certain bugs are going to be fixed... they’ve been ongoing over the course of many updates. I really don’t want to cave and install the FB app. - hitting the newsfeed button backs you up through every link you’ve clicked since you were last there, like reversing your path. It’s done the page-backup for as many as 15-20 prior pages - photo sets don’t load in an album. You can view the first few photos that show, but anything beyond that just goes nowhere. You can’t swipe to the next photo. - cannot follow or unfollow people, it doesn’t even work in the desktop view - I tried submitting this list through the “help” link on the app and after clicking the “next” button it just sent me back to the login page. Wut.

Seems The Zucc’s changing things to “Meta” has broken Friendly.. The Meta change seems to have broken Friendly. No longer loads the desktop or mobile version of Facebook. Just a black page.

Almost there. Still has some glitches on eternally reposting the same 3 pictures but it doesn’t happen as much as before the update...and I hope they find a fix for if a post have more than 3 photos you can’t see the others the side scroll doesn’t work so you can’t see anything after the picture you click on....still love the Video DL feature though.....

Good app for a second Facebook account. This seems to be the most functional alternative Facebook app. It mostly uses the Facebook mobile site to display everything but puts a nice interface over it. Notifications are coming through though which was a problem in the past

Best for multiple accounts. I manage several Facebook users, plus an Instagram account and it's so convenient to able to switch between accounts without having to login each time.

Excellent product — missing a few items. This is an awesome product. The features that are advertised work well. However, there are two features in Facebook that I am missing: (1) The ability to edit a posting in Facebook after it has been posted, so that I can tune up my spelling and grammar; and (2) the ability to post 3D pictures like Facebook does.

Used to be good. This app used to be good. I have used it for years. In the last 6 months or so, this app has been terrible. It won’t load Facebook completely and now today I am getting a message saying that my browser isn’t supported and that the app isn’t available in the U. S. store. I don’t know what is going on with this, but it needs to be fixed. I have deleted this app because I simply cannot use it anymore.

It’s a no brainer. Facebook has yet created an update which would allow you to switch easily between multiple profiles. This app makes it really easy PLUS you can have all of your social media stuff in one place. Lots of other bonuses. It’s a great app.

Just meh... deleting. The most recent feature hasn't worked correctly for some time. Doesn't seem like it's getting fixed. Sometimes rapping the Like doesn't display the emojis, you kinda just have to remember where they are in order to select the right one. In dark mode, some pictures Utes show up weird. For these reasons I've decided to delete. While I'm not a fan of the actual Facebook app, at least it works.

Can’t view photo groups individually anymore!!!. I have LOVED this app but something’s gone wrong. I can no longer click on individual photos to look at them within a group of photos that friends post. Instead clicking on a photo only opens up a long connected “stream” of photos that are not separated. Trying to click on an individual photo to view it now is no longer possible. What changed? Can someone tell me if it’s the app or is it something I’m doing wrong?

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Language English
Price $0.99
Adult Rating 17+ years and older
Current Version 8.9.37
Play Store com.oecoway.friendly
Compatibility iOS 14.0 or later

Friendly Plus Social Browser (Versiyon 8.9.37) Install & Download

The application Friendly Plus Social Browser was published in the category Social Networking on 21 July 2010, Wednesday and was developed by Friendly, Inc. [Developer ID: 1670227485]. This program file size is 47.29 MB. This app has been rated by 4,307 users and has a rating of 4.3 out of 5. Friendly Plus Social Browser - Social Networking app posted on 23 January 2024, Tuesday current version is 8.9.37 and works well on iOS 14.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.oecoway.friendly. Languages supported by the app:

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Friendly Plus Social Browser App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Various bug fixes and performance improvements.

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Find on this site the customer service details of Friendly Plus Social Browser. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

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