Messenger Kids

Messenger Kids [Social Networking] App Description & Overview

Messenger Kids — Made for Kids. Controlled by Parents.
Made for Kids. Controlled by Parents.

Parent Dashboard:
Parents can manage their kids' contact list, and monitor messages on the Messenger Kids app. When kids block contacts, parents are notified.

Fun Filters:
Kid-friendly filters, reactions, and sound effects make video chats with friends and family even better.

Worry Free:
Parents can set usage limits when it’s bedtime, and there are no in app-purchases or ads.

Creative Convos:
Stickers, GIFs, emojis, and drawing tools give kids more ways to express themselves.

Easy Start:
No phone number required.

We’re always working to improve Messenger Kids. If you’d like to share any feedback with us or for more information, visit

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Messenger Kids Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Thank you for using Messenger Kids! We are continuously updating and improving the app to make it an even better experience for kids and their families.

Messenger Kids Comments & Reviews

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- Awesome but could change

So I have this app and it’s AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! Me and my friends love to chat with each other and have video calls especially during Covid 19 but there could be a few adjustments: the main reason I gave this app a four star review is because when it’s past eight o’clock or something it says “the app went to sleep” which is so annoying because I can’t even text my dad! It says something about switching my account!!! Number two: sometimes when I’m doing my homework or just hanging out my iPad will just start getting ONE BILLION texts and calls and it’s so annoying I wish there was some kind of decline button or like a disable button because people will just spam me all day long and they’ll call me and hang up and call me and hang up and it’s soooooo annoying!!! Number three: it’s cool in all how you can decorate you app and stuff but it would be nice if you could make it a bit more detailed because being able to color your app and switch your picture whenever you want is making your app unique and I love that but if you could make it a bit more detailed that would be awesome. Thanks for reading my review and it would be helpful if you could change at least one thing about the app in my review.

- I love this! Except I have a request...

I love messenger! So much! It’s so amazing. I love talking with my friends. It’s one of the most amazing messengers I have ever seen in my whole life. But I do have a couple requests. I have always wanted to see a shop! That you don’t buy things with real money with, but with points. I want to play games, and get points. Lets say I’m playing a game, I get points, but I cant do anything with them! It’s kind of boring in my opinion. How about for single player games, you get a normal amount of points, but multiplier you get double the points! Then we can go to that shop, and spend points on filters, stickers, other games, and more! That would be SOOOOOO Amazing! Ok, now for the second request. (It’s also about games XD I’m a gamer type.) could you please add more games for single player? And possible a couple more for multi? Mainly single, though. Because lets say I want to play a game with my friend, and they are offline. And I have played every single single player game. What do I do? Sit around and wait for them to come online again? Maybe you could fix that? Thank you so much. Ok, and ONE LAST REQUEST! The Kaju Crush game looks so amazing. But how do you play it? I tap every button but nothing works. I cant send a move to my friend or anything. Maybe you could add tutorials for your games? Thanks so much Messenger! Bye!

- Great app but a few suggestions

So I’m a kid and I use this app and I like to talk to my friends and play the bunny bridge game a lot but there’s an issue with it that makes me frustrated. The issue is this: in the tutorial it shows you the exact pieces you need and the bunny doesn’t start moving until all the pieces have been placed. When you start the real game, it doesn’t give you all the right pieces and the bunny doesn’t wait until you’ve completed a path. It starts moving after 2 pieces have been placed. I get that it’s a puzzle thing, but the bunny moves really fast and on the first level I played today, I tried placing a piece but it didn’t work, so that’s really frustrating. If you could maybe wait until the path is about halfway completed and if you could set out some more actually useful pieces, that’d be awesome. Also, I was thinking about this recently, last year I did this thing called “let’s look for cool filters” but when I watched the video at the end, I couldn’t hear what I said with most of the filters activated. I don’t know if this is still a problem, but anyways, there’s one more thing I wanted to discuss. There was this ADORABLE shark filter and I named him Leonard (pronounced Len-ird) and I haven’t seen him since! Please please please please PLEASE BRING LEONARD BACK Thank you, A kid who uses this app

- Omg you should get this!!

Okay so I’m a kid and a love this app so much!!! I have been using it for a little over a year now, I got it around November or December of 2019 and I am loving it now that I am able to still safely talk to my friends and family during Covid-19. Just one problem....I used to use a tablet but now I use my phone, and on my tablet I was able to change the theme of my app and choose my own personal emoji and stuff but now it is organized like my moms messenger and I think that if your a kids account you should have the option to decorate your app and choose your emoji and stuff! Also, while there is an option to mute I also think you should be able to turn your video off. If you are doing something and you want to stay on call cause it will be quick, there should be an option to just mute and turn your video off :D otherwise, this app is the most perfect thing for kids to talk to each other and if you are reading this, you should either set it up for you kid, or if you are a kid ask your parents about setting up an account for you! It’s totally safe and parents can control your contacts and supervise the messages you send and/or receive! Bye now, sincerely, a kid user of messenger

- Best app for calling friends and family

So I got this app and I still have it and it’s been like three years or so and there are some things I’d like to change but other than that it’s a great game you can call all your friends and family and it is super easy for parents to add the people on but it’s not fair because on messenger the adult messenger there are so many backgrounds and filters you can put on and the kids don’t have it though so I feel like that’s one thing you could change secondly I don’t like how they’re only some color that you can decorate your app withFeel like there should be more colors like pastels and shades like white black and gray because I feel like it would get the kids privilege to choose their favorite color lastly I feel like you should be able to move and scale your photos when you change your profile pic because if you want certain parts of the photo in there but not all the parts then it’s perfect and I tried changing my profile pic and I couldn’t move and scale it and now some of the photo is cut out and I feel like that would be a great possibility if you can do all this it would be great other than the best app for calling friends and family and I love it

- Amazing but a few things

So, first thing: when I am on great WiFi at my house it says: Waiting to reconnect, then says, reconnecting, and back to waiting to connect. It’s REALLY annoying! I got the latest version of the app but it still won’t work! I cant call my friends this way. Two: So, one of my friends keeps calling me either when I’m reading, playing with my brother, or going to sleep or something. So I really think there should be a “Do not disturb, or something because I don’t like when my friends keep calling me when I can’t call or something. Three: there should be more filters! It be cool if you could add more for fun or something! I love how you can decorate your picture with screenshots from games and color it! But I think you could add some more colors and fades and pastels so we can pick out our favorite color! Four: so, I got this app a year or two ago, and it’s amazing, but there is still the same games! And you can get points, but you can’t spend them on anything. So I think there should be a shop for more games, filters, colors, and more! Overall this is a great game! I feel really safe. Please respond to this.

- My kids love this.. but literally NO boundaries

I have had this app for ONE day and my phone is nonstop blowing up. I have turned all notifications off (which I’d rather not have to do) However. There is not any type of a silent mode or an option to not contact the kids at a certain time. Even with zero notifications my phone keeps going off with all of the phone calls coming in from my child’s friends. Like 10x/minute. It is way too much. I have found myself logging on asking my daughters friends to please respect that it is bedtime. There needs to be some boundaries on this app! Like there should be a “do not disturb” option and also a function that requires parents permission for FaceTiming. Giving them access to chat at any time with friends is a complete invasion of privacy. My daughter respects it once I catch on that she’s FaceTiming.. but I should be able to allow the time frame when she has access to do it period. Already had a “moment” where I had to raise my voice and she’s literally FaceTiming with a friend.. who is in front of her parents.. and they heard everything. Beyond uncomfortable knowing that our privacy is invaded by kids that are just doing what the app allows them to get away with. More boundaries please or this thing is getting deleted. It is overwhelming after day 1.

- I love this app! It’s amazing!!

I really like this app. It’s very well organized I think. Honestly it’s just so amazing because it’s so safe. My mom got this app for me during quarantine since a lot of my friends didn’t have phones to text or call with. They all had iPads or Computers. So when I first got this app I was pretty enthusiastic! I mean I think it’s a safe way for kids and friends to text and still talk during wierd times. I think the parent controls are amazing. I think the parent controls are so important for safety that this is an app that kids and there friends are safe. Also, my friend sent me this screen shot if the new update were you can share a song with your friends and make a video. Even though I updated this app cleared it and restarted my phone I could not find this feature. I searched it up on the internet but nothing helped. So please can you do something or tru and put something about on the internet because it really seems interesting and I would hate to miss out! But that’s really all I think this app is amazing it has some twinks but not everything is perfect. Overall this app is great! (My fingers are now officially dead btw)

- Not so good

I use messenger kids to text and call with my friends and family and it’s been very buggy recently. Like if I call my friends, sometimes even when they have wifi or their devices aren’t dead, their screen goes black and i hear the connecting sound and then we have to call back like a bazillion times. It’s so frustrating! Please fix these problems soon. Oh, also, can you please make Facebook Kids? It’s like this: Parents can choose the people who their kids will be socializing with and you can put a thumbs up on stuff and write private comments. And you can report mean comments and you can have a bio on your profile page and you can follow your friends and get notifications when they post something. Oh also, it feels like you guys over at Facebook put a lot of work in your other apps but not in this app. I feel like you think “oh, they’re just kids, they won’t know!” But we DO know. So please put more effort in fixing all of the bugs. *UPDATE* I do zoom meetings for school with the iPad and messenger kids is on my iPad and I hate how my cousin can just call me during a meeting. Please fix this because it’s so annoying!!! And just one more thing, PLEASE PUT LANDSCAPE MODE!!!! UPDATE: I was calling my grandpa and it said that the call failed. Everything froze. Please fix this.

- This is great but just a few problems

I’m 11 and I personally think this app is GREAT! Some problems are when people spam me! I would just be doing homework or something and my sister would constantly send random videos and stuff!😒I would block them but that is just plain rude.😬There should DEFINITELY be a Do not Disturb button! Another problem is saving pictures or videos with stickers or text! Whenever I save a picture or a video with something written on it or a sticker, it doesn’t save the written thing! That just gets me mad! I would want to show my friends at school instead of just opening up the app and scrolling and looking for the video I sent! I also think that the videos you can take should be longer than 1 minute! Let’s say I wanted to make something creative! I would only have 1 minute to do that! THATS JUST CRAZY! ☹️Besides all of those things, I KNOW that messenger kids is a great app for parents who know that they should be able to know and control who and what their kids do when it comes to texting and calling! Thanks for reading my review! It literally means a LOT❤️ (my fingers are about to fall asleep!😂)

- Contacts list parents can see is faulty

First of all, it’s not easy figuring out how to delete contacts or add new ones once you have finished initial set up. When I finally figured it out (I had to google it, after I tried downloading the app directly onto my phone to see it I could access parental controls that way), finding out that you access this control from you Facebook account, the contact lists for my two kids were not showing all their contacts. I know this because there were a few relatives I was specifically looking for to delete (not for bad reasons on their part, but just because my kids were bugging them a lot), and they show up on the app for my kids, but not for me to delete from my end. I had to go out of the parental controls for each of my kids and then back in again several times and each time a new contact that previously had not shown up, showed up. It’s really weird. And even still on one of my kids accounts, from my end, it says she does not have her dad as a contact, but I know she does as she messages him all the time on there. This issue needs to be fixed ASAP!

- Overall great but a few suggestions

I love this app and it's great for contacting and staying in touch with my friends, especially during COVID. A few suggestions though: There should DEFINITELY be a "do not disturb" mode to let people know that you're doing something and don't want any texts, or better yet, just don't let other people text you at all when do not disturb is on. I'll be doing homework or on zoom in class and I'll be getting a whole bunch of texts, which is distracting because I really want to talk to my friends but I also need to get my schoolwork done. You should also be able to record a video that's over a minute. I also think that you should be able to have more than on color for all of your contacts on the list, and you should also be able to pin a certain amount of contacts that you talk to more than others. Also, it frustrates a lot of people when you rotate out the games. If there's a game people really like to play, and then the app takes it off, it's EXTREMELY frustrating... Anyways, this is an overall great app but it needs a couple of changes.

- Great app but a few problems

This app is Amazing. Honestly. But I have a few issues I want to have resolved. 1. My freind who had a Samsung device can go to chat when we’re on calls. But on my iPhone. I can’t. 2. I would like an option where you can make your Chat color a specific color. Which I see a few others have mentioned as well. 3. I have noticed is that I am unable to text others and call someone. Say someone was trying to ask when another person wanted to have a sleepover. But they were on the video call with a parent? 4, Can we have the ability to have like, a point shop or something? I saw someone else add this in their review and I wanted to add it too. 5, I want to have, like. Custom filters, do you can save a digital drawing from one of your favorite shows and add it to your account’s filters. Cause me and my freind like this show, and we really want to be able to send eachother filters of that show. Sorry I’m being a bit pushy. It’s just. I really want these issues resolved. Thank you for reading my Review. Sincerely, a Kid and User of Messenger kids.

- Messenger kids is awesome

I am 7 years old and my friend had it and I told my mom I want it And she put it on the computer then I used it so much like every day and one of my other friends got it on their phone so I asked my mom if I could get it on my phone so I got it onMy phone and then she got on the iPad and I told my mom you don’t have to put it on everything and she laughed but I love messenger kids so much I’m probably going to have a virtual birthday party on there because my birthday soon get messenger kids and have fun with sending your friends photos with funny filters maybe put stickers on it and color on it call your friends and use the filters and play the games and there’s new filters every week and send them stickers and all that stuff you can do so much you can even have this little pet thing on there and grow it and I’ve already had three so far and it’s been like six or a few months so hopefully you have fun doing all the creative stuff doing this and the person who made messenger kids it’s great because I love messenger kids

- Very good, but needs improvement.

I have been using this app since I was 7. It has been fun for me. I can talk to my friends, use fun filters, and send stickers and gifs. However, I don’t appreciate the fact that when new filters come, old ones go away. Also with the missions, for three years it has said to come back later for more. Although It can be good in some ways, I hate when my app goes to sleep. My mom will not change it and it has been horrible. For example, last week I had an unseen text. For three days straight, I couldn’t see my message because of this. On the way to school, my app was still sleeping, when I finish homework, my app is sleeping again. I suggest that maybe this app should have sleeping limits, or no sleeping at all. For a last complaint, blocking. One time my friend wanted to know what happened when she blocked someone. She blocked me and then when she unblocked me, we still couldn’t talk to each other. This app has some flaws, but can be good in many ways. I hope you will agree with me and try to fix these, but also keep up the good work!

- Good. Just some suggestions

Ok I am a kid who uses this app and I like it it is really good. But the first thing that I don’t like is that it is really glitchy when I am video chatting my friends, my screen freezes up and they become pixilized. It’s not my phone because I just got a new phone a few weeks ago. I can’t talk to them very much anymore because they just use iMessage now because they don’t like messenger kids. Also, I don’t like the new update. My friends names are stuck on their nicknames and I can’t change it which is annoying. Another thing I don’t like is that the filters are super glitchy, and I can’t send videos. It doesn’t go through. Even if like they are less than ten seconds long. It does not go through! Another thing while video chatting is that me and my friends usually have to call each other a few times before it actually works. And sometimes I can’t hear them when their not ok mute, and they can’t hear me either sometimes. But other than that it is a really good app. By a kid who uses this app.

- Why I love this app

My friend dose not have a SIM card so I have no way to get in contact with her. Her mom calls my mom a lot and one day brought this app up, my mom downloaded it on my phone and now when she is far away from me I can contact her. This app has some things that I like and don’t like, number one it will shut me off at around 8:00 or 8:30. Well that can be a pro and a con, when it is a pro your kid will not be up too late talking with her friends over video or chat. It can be a con because your kids could love staying up and also the person they are talking to might also. Secondly, it is vary dull you can change the color and your picture but not much else, I think the kids would like a more creative choice of color or design witch would still be ok for kids to have it, I love it how it is anyway. The final reason that you should get this app is because kids love it, they have games to play, they get there own pet, and you get rewards and coins to get cool things.

- Potential but so many irritating-to-parent functions!!!

Needs so - seemingly slight- upgrades to make this a positive user experience for all. Parents will get barraged with calls for their kids, and turning notifications on your phone off is of no use. Also, when you set sleep mode this seems to be of no use 1 out of 3 times, the calls keep coming in and also, on your phone. We just fielded about 25 calls in the past half hour. I’m working. It is inane. Also sleep mode - only has one setting. So you can’t have your kid access it from 8-9 am, then 12-1 PM, then 4-6 Pm. Oh no, that would be too simple. You need to go on your own Facebook and toggle the sleep mode on or off 5 times a day. So your kid can just be a zombie with friends. Also, like much of Facebook, it’s impossible to actually send them any feedback... unless you go to their website and aren’t on a mobile device. The plus side is, it’s safe. Beyond that I want to tear my hair out and uninstall it so my kid’s friends can stop calling me. I wound up blocking everyone using the “block caller” on my phone. For each new group, I’ll have to do this I guess.

- Great For Kids

This app is awesome for kids because it allows them the freedom to speak to their friends via messenger (texting style) or call them (like Face Time). It has been a life saver during the COVID-19 quarantine. The downfall of this app lies with the parents! As a parent, you must approve all the friends that your child wishes to speak with (which is AMAZING and I appreciate that) However, anytime they begin to write or call each other (which is ALL the time) my phone and Apple Watch begins to vibrate, ring, ping, and anything else you can imagine! I love knowing who she speaks to but there is no way of quieting the alerts. It’s either you are in the know or you have to relinquish all the perks of knowing anything! I do appreciate the weekly updates of who has your child been speaking with break-down. But I really wish the makers of the app would brainstorm a way to have the best of both worlds! When I’m at work and my phone is vibrating (and my watch) it’s very distracting. Please focus on fixing that part!! Otherwise, LOVE the app! 😊

- Messenger kids

My nephew and I enjoy the app! It is allot of fun and would be even better if you would bring back favorites like, the snake in the egg game, and the cats catching the fish game. Those are our favorites! Also I actually thought I had to make a kids account to play with children, but learned my fur kid didn’t have to be my entry point to play with My nephew, niece.. I have two other family members in my nephews circle that have also made pet accounts that create another profile and inbox to maintain... also, I haven’t figured out how to clear the new messages digit and don’t see where I have 4 messages, because it doesn’t indicate in bold text and newest messages on the top... I’m confused... also more games where you do something together would be great! One where you’re driving Little Tikes cars would be fun, and we miss the rabits and the taco fire breath dragon... they were fun too... learning games that teach rainbow colors and some counting together would be cool... this is a fun app for the kiddos!

- Fine... at first...

I am 10 years old and this app was fine when I first downloaded it. I have most of my friends’ contacts and it’s cool that you can video chat too. But as I kept using it, I discovered so many glitches. First of all, when me and my friends are video chatting, it makes a weird beeping noise and then kicks me out of the call. It happens at least once or twice every video chat. Second of all, (and this isn’t a glitch, it’s just something I don’t like), all of the gifs and most of the filters are so babyish! For example, today it rained where I live for the first time in a while and when I searched for a rain gif, the only one that came up was a dude in a flower costume saying, “Ooooh YEAH!” Like, what? How is that at all related to rain?? So yeah, that’s why I give Messenger Kids a 3-star rating. To sum it all up, it’s childish and very glitchy. And I know I’m 10, so technically I’m still a child, but when I say childish, I mean childish!! 3-stars!! I mean, it’s overall fine, but if you download this app, just know that there are lots of negatives to it, as well.


I LOVE this app and you should definitely get it. But the problem is when I make a video (I’m twelve and can’t have tik tok but my friend can and she felt bad for so we make the Share a Song into Tik toks. Now the thing is you can add music and make transitions and its pretty cool but not GREAT. Now first you have to add a search for He songs! I only use the top ones cause I don’t want to scroll through! Another thing is you should be able to search in gifs when you make a video Share a Song thing. And most importantly this is my question my friend can make a Share a Song video and if she doesn’t add music you can hear her voice but mind you can never hear my voice! Not even when I don’t add music which makes me Sooooooooooo angry! And one more thing, you should be able to switch around the parts of a Share a Song. Like instead of having to delete one thing and then all the things cause u messed up and have to redo it but already did other ones after it and hen you have to do it all again.

- An amazed child

This app is the best app I have ever seen, although my parents have a time limit thing set on the app (which is useful for parents) and they also have turned my camera off, Overall this is a great app. I love the fact that you can turn off notifications for people who like blowing up the app with gifs and stuff, alright so that was the good cop, so here’s the bad cop, I think that y’all should have a parent feature that lets your kid not do games and stuff, and turn of video chatting on certain hours(cuz you see this is why my parents removed my ability to use camera on messenger kids)anyways back to good cop,I think that y’all should have little avatars from tv or something for when you change your Photo. And I also think you should check to make sure internet or WiFi connections good before video chatting. Welp I hope y’all consider making some of the changes in my review. signed , An amazed child 😁

- I like it, but you got rid of nicknames, etc.

I like this app. It allows kids to have fun, stay safe, and more. But, this app has some problems. And Im going to state a few. Spam on/off microphone glitch This is where the microphone will turn on and off rapidly. One of my friends got annoyed because of this. nicknames left the game I love nicknames! But I can't nickname anyone anymore. I can't see the tab that is used for nicknames. Quite sad to me... WAY too much lag When I'm on a call, I will experience my friends cameras start to pixelate and glitch. please fix this! blackout glitch This glitch is annoying. For example, I call one of my friends and their screen is pitch black. I can't see what's going on unless they get out and get back in of the call. Sometimes, it will just stay like that until I hang up on them. Some filters won't work Some of the filters I use don't seem to work. They may have too much 3D. The side of notifications When you turn off notifications on this game, you have to wait for a message to pop up and say "turn on notifications". Please make a setting in the account page on the app that easily says "notifications", in which would turn on notifications. Echoing voice glitch So, when I get onto calls, sometimes when it lags, my friends voice will have a quick 2 second echo on their voice. I believe that's all I have to say. Just fix those glitches and I'll be good to go. Your reviewing pal, Wolfi boi and claw

- Trouble

For some odd reason it says that my child is on a call and won’t let her do a voice message. Don’t download this if you don’t want your kid to have privileges that you do not make. I would not be mad if she was in a call but she was not so now she pretty sad because that is she dose with her friends but still she is still loving that app. Other than that one problem it is a good app for the kiddos just you should have more control. I got paranoid when she was at her dads thinking what if it is an emergency and she can not contact me because of the sleep timer, well I am so glad that I turned it off because something personal happed I will NOT say what but it happed at like 11 pm at night and she was at her dads I would not be able to come if the timer was on and she need me at that time it has no sleep timer on anymore I am not saying get rid of it but if you are in that situation it is good to have it off. Again other than that one problem it is an amazing app I would recommend this app.

- A few things to fix but good

I have had this app before it’s perfect for covid and all of that salary it involved internet but that’s fine I understand I LOVE how you guys put the block choice on it I have only used it once and it’s really good for like a please Do Not Intrude or talk to me this is really a good app just keep more of the fiters bc I love some of them I like how you guys make games for when you are on the group chat there is a game I NEED you guys to bring back it’s the spiny game with the hotdog and you have to get it in the dotted line and make the wolf and 3 little pig game easier me and my cousin have tried that for ages and still haven’t won 1 please make it easier other then that I love this game just please try to fix a lot of it,it really helps for when you have school friends and you don’t have a phone number you can just use this app for like summer vacation thanks for your time just try to add these or fix em sorry my review is so long

- Love it just a few suggestions

OK first of all I wanna say I love messenger kids! I love that you can talk to your friends play games with them. And there’s lots of cool filters that you can use. But I just have one suggestion, so my Messenger Kids app is not updating I have the old model of iPhone se my friend has the same model to and her app updated and she told me that there’s a new update that made it look so much cooler. but for some reason it’s not coming up on my phone. Tried updating it in the App Store I clicked on the update button and it said it finished updating. But nothing in the app changed. I was wondering if there was anything wrong or if it was just a bug. I tried downloading the app on my brand new iPad Air fourth-generation but not a single thing about the app changed. I looked at the customer support website but nothing on there helped. I was just wondering if you could fix this, please do! I just hate it hearing my friend talk about how cool the new Messenger Kids app is and I don’t have it.

- My kiddo can call his grandparents during COVID 19

He enjoys calling dad periodically at work to tell him whatever small things that’s important to him at the moment. Him having the ability to initiate a call for a few minutes makes him miss dad less during the day. He also loves to spam stickers too. He’s also able to call his grandparents during the day now that we have been quarantined a while. He can show them his toys he’s playing with, his food he’s helping cook or his new fancy dance moves he’s come up with. He and his friend spam each other stickers and play monster games and do weird pictures and filters. They don’t call each other much but when they do I see them playing with each other in different ways. Overall I enjoy the app. But I wish I could make it so I could snooze his ability to call someone 53 times an hour. If I could somehow automatically block him from calling someone more than twice an hour with no picked up calls that would be good.

- Have great ideas

Okay first let me say as a kid this app is awesome. So I am a swimmer and my friends would always talk about this app so I got it and I love it I have like 11 people on it. And my mom likes how she can see who I am texting. Even though I love the app I think if you tack at least one of my request I would love it even more! First, you should have more colors to decorate the app because we are kids and kids love color. Second, you should make this app that you can text with it going through, and call with out internet connection because when I am not on the internet I don’t receive notifications from friends or calls until I am on the internet. Last, you should add more games to do with friends like perhaps board games because it would be like playing with your friends in person. These are my 3 requests of what I think you should add to this app. And remember these is a kids point of view. Bye!!!

- Amazing except....

I love messenger kids it’s amazing because you can decorate your app there’s cool filters and games you can take videos and have cool profile pictures except groups. My friends and including me on messenger kids can just make a group with me and other people in it or I can make a group with somebody and then other people in it and then they’re already in The group like there’s no do you accept this or permission to the person you want to make a group with and that gets really annoying because I’ve had a couple of groups where I’m already in it and I didn’t really have a choice because there was no like permission thing and it gets annoying because people start like sending texting and I’m in school and I think it’s super annoying because I’m like yes I want to talk to you but I’m in school and school is important to so if you could please put something in like that that would make my day light up thank you so much for listening to my review!

- Great but needs improvement.

So i really like the app, but its limited. Needs to allow more then 2 people to control it for those that co parent like i do with girlfriends and such. The parents should be allow to delete group chats or edit anything without having to go onto there account in there app. Should be able to edit the main picture with pictures and not just taking one and lock it if need to, to keep them from doing random photos. Should be able to lock them from making group chats or messaging certain people at any point n not just block times they can do it. So they can be edited how many times they try to annoy someone by repeat calling them. These would help since i dont have her all the time. Or allow people who don't have Facebook to create there kids account. I have quite a lot of ideas i think could be improved, but over all its great for the little ones. Just working on respect with how to use it properly. Maybe can have videos to show them how to properly use it for kids to learn.

- Awesome and great!

It’s a great app for kids, download it for your kids. I saw a lot of comments saying sometimes your app goes to sleep but your parents only control that, the person who made your account is responsible for that. They can change it, like my dad changed it so it never say my app goes to sleep anymore. There are a few bugs and it used to not let you decline calls but now it made a update so it’s like the real messenger, I really like it. And also you can see your child’s texts and who they block so they can’t hide any secrets of some sort. If your child wants to add someone they can just type the name and it will send a request to your parent saying can I add this person as a friend, they can decline or accept it. There is nothing I want to complain about this app, it’s perfect in its own ways and it’s a great app. I’ve had it for about a year now and it has really helped me communicate with my friends!

- There is a few perks but great

I will always want to play with my friends on video chat and text them and see what’s going on but when I’m on video chat with one of my friends then one of my other friends text me and I won’t be able to answer that without getting off the video chat yet I can’t I wish I could almost call to people that one but I know that’s kind of impossible but I do wish I could text to people at once well like stay on video chat with one of your friends and text you other friend so that you can tell him that you’re in a video chat to stop messing messaging me I love this app born thing I don’t like is that it’s just weird I wish I could message my friend when I was i in video chat on the other hand it’s the best I’ve ever made my friends like to play among us on it find something you don’t like is it when you go onto a game they can’t see your screen which I would like if there is a share screen button or they get your screen📱📲

- Fun app but needs more parent controls

This app has been great to connect my child to his friends while we are doing social distancing. My only issue is the parent controls. It allows you to not allow others to see when he is online which is great. But...the controls only allow you to limit time to one chunk. It would be nice to add other times in. For example, he is allowed to receive messages and calls from 9am-11am and then again from 2pm-4pm. Another feature that would be nice is a timer that can be set to limit time and maybe an option if a friend calls more than 2 times in a row and there is no answer then they can’t call again. I’m finding some of our friends are calling continuously. I don’t want to change the notifications but it also gets to be much when I’m receiving calls continuously as I’m working and my child is not using the app. But...he loves the games, stickers, and all the silly things he can do with his face. 😊

- Keeping connected

This app is great for keeping our children connected to approved family and friends. I haven’t had a problem with this app as of yet. I know there’s great concern amount some parents over it appropriateness? I think that worry is unfounded given the protection messenger kids has implemented. I like that I see request and can see messages. The only thing that bugs me with this app is the fact parents/ approved adults cannot send gifs to their children but the children can send them to the adults. To me that’s a little wacky and lazy of the people that designed the app. I feel like they could have created a bank of approved gifs if they were worried about content. Oh and here’s the thing too parents approved family aren’t going to send inappropriate gifs. So if you’re trying to send a gif and you haven’t figured it out. They don’t let you. Honestly that’s my only complaint and loved that during this lock down our children have been able to stay in contact with family and close friends.

- Great! But a few suggestions you should really read

This app is the best so much filters every week! And so much games you can play! This is coming form a very nice kid that doesn’t complain much…there are some very frustrating quality’s to this app. First complaint: when you go in the music making video button and record the video it doesn’t even match your lips so you lip sing and it either slows you down or makes you faster you cant even make it look like you are singing it but your singing it perfectly with the song! Second complaint: when you put stickers on your picture it moves it and makes the picture look weird. Third complaint: sometimes the call goes wrong and it’s hard to call. Fourth complaint: ITS NOT FUN WHEN YOUR PARENTS AND GAURDIAN CAN SEE YOUR TEXT MESSAGES kids need personal space. Lastly fifth complaint: your parents shouldn’t be able to block people kids can block people when they want. Ty for reading this very long thing bye people!

- It’s Great! Just pretty much one problem in my book

I have only 2 problems I can think of right now or have pretty much happened to me on messenger kids stating the fact that I got it in March 2020, Problem 1, This isn’t much of a deal but I just feel like they should update on what it looks like, really no big deal. Problem 2, I feel like they should block bad words, because I have heard a lot of bad words, I feel like in the next update they should block out bad words besides nit wit, stupid, and idiot/ idiotic. Also blocking bad words that have already been said in their child’s messenger kids unless they unfriend that person, or leave the group stating they don’t feel comfortable knowing what that word is and what it means. So those are my 2 problems I state with messenger kids and Facebook, otherwise, I think it’s a fantastic app for kids! If Facebook finds this message and fixes these problems, I would be really grateful, Thank you Facebook for understanding!

- Good... but not the best

I’ve had this app for bout a year now and it’s awesome. But one thing I notice is that everything is the same. What I mean is that all games and face filters seem to be on a loop. Because I have seen a lot of the same games or face filters, week after week. It’s gone for about a month or less, and then it comes back. If you are able to create new stuff that would be awesome. Because I think that is what the highlight of this app is, besides talking to friends obviously. It’s what makes the app fun. The games and stuff are awesome at first. But then it gets a little... boring. I wouldn’t really complain about anything else other than spamming. Other than all that stuff, this is a great app to get. It does help with boredom for about thirty minutes or more. I would highly suggest getting this. And thank you if you’ve read this review. And if you are a developer please consider adding what I’ve said, and fix spamming. Thank you 😊

- Amazing app!

This is such an awesome app! I definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to stay in touch with friends and family but maybe doesn’t have a phone or the text app. I love it for so many reasons, but the main few are that: 1. (as long as my parents approve it) I can chat with anyone else who has a messenger kids account, or just a messenger account. 2. It has so many features, so that you can do way more that just message, there’s funny face filters, would you rathers to send to people and a ton of other stuff. 3. And the last is that it’s so easy to personalize your app, you can change the color your texts show up as, (to other people and on your screen) you choose your own profile picture, and your name and you even get to select an emoji for your account! Anyway, this game is great and I fully recommend it to anyone who is reading this and is still trying to decide!

- Great app! But...........

This app is so much fun! There is only a couple things I think need to be updated or changed. First, I think you need to make the Share a Song up to 90 seconds long again. I can’t even do one good video when it is only 15 seconds, and I do not understand why you had to change that. So please make it back up to 90 seconds. And, I really like how you can have stickers and gifs to send to your friends, and I love the games you can play too. I think you should make a little more fun filters, some of the ones we have now are kinda weird, but kids my age love animals and unicorns, and I am a HUGE fan of unicorns, so please make some more exciting filters. I cannot think of anything to complain about this app! It is really fun and good quality. I do wish you could have a little more stickers, animal or unicorn ones in my opinion. This app is great so I hope every kid enjoys it!

- From a current user...

I am giving you four stars for now. But I have a question. Could you please make it to where you could use the stickers you have downloaded to chat with you friends so you can use them to decorate your photo after you take a picture. For instance, I downloaded ‘Hacker girl’ and ‘Hacker boy’ and I can use neither in camera. You don’t have to do this if it’s too much of a hassle. It is just a suggestion. Other than that, it is a nice app. I can send my best friend photos that won’t send on normal messages.(the app that comes on my phone as a default messenger) and I can talk to my cousins that I only see at family reunions. And family I rarely see at all. The games are fun to do, and the filters are very funny. I live things that you are able to interact with. Four stars for now, and if you actually “reply” to this, or whatever you want to call it, I will give you five stars because I love this app.

- Ddog me review😏

This app is great!!! I only have 3 problems.. 1st, there are only a few colors for decorating your app. I can’t find my favorite color!!! So I do the closest color to my favorite which isn’t that close. 2nd, you delete games in the activity center, but why? You deleted my FAVORITE one! 3rd, when your on a call, they have games and filters. All of em’ are great! But you delete great filters, and it takes like, a MONTH to get another game. Plus you also delete good games. That’s all I have to wright other than I really recommend this app 9 and younger till 4. I also think I’ll like this app till I’m 10! And I have something to say to the 11 yr old person bout videos being only 1min long. It just makes u think dat but after 1min, it PAUSES and then if u click the start button again, it will not make a difference in da video meaning, in the video it will go straight through!

- I love this app! But..

This app is so fun! You can grow pets, talk with friends, talk with family.. and more!! I love to talk to my bestie from day to night! I call her everyday! I also lovee the cute stickers! But there is one thing about this app. So when I try to open messenger kids, it suddenly closes the app! So I can’t call my friends and stuff.. is this bc of my storage? It’s been happening ALOT lately.. so I would love if you could fix that problem. But aside from that- I really love the app! It’s so fun! You can also make groups! It’s soooooooooo easy! And I also love how it keeps kids safe from random numbers and scammers! But yes! I would love for the team to fix the problem I’m going through- also, it won’t let me install the app again! I deleted it bc it wasn’t working- so now I can install it! :c idk if anybody else has this issue but.. yea... I love this app! I would really love for u to fix the app tho! Thanks bye!

- Good but some bugs

So I try to talk to my friends and family but it always go to connecting on one person and it say they did not pick up so I try to call my other friend it says call. But on my one friend it won’t say calling and when there online and I call them it hangs up and it it would not go to calling anymore it well just stay at connecting. Some times where in the call and then it like don don don don don don and it kick you of the call and it won’t go to calling. I try to see if I need to update the app but I don’t it is really weird. And sometimes when I call the screen is black and I have to call and call and call and CALL it is so so so bad. And sometimes your friends can here u. And if u go to the games your friend s have games that u don’t have on yours. But other than that it is a really good app I like the filters and games I like that there is stickers to that u can send to your friends I did see a inappropriate sticker it had a girl twerking and it wasn’t very disturbing.

- Omg loving it😍🥰❤️😘

So last summer my friend asked me about this and he was like omg you should totally get it and I was like okay. So three months after that I was just hanging out with my other friend when she asked me about messenger kids and she actually got it on my iPad. Now I love it so much I cannot stop and you can FaceTime and text people on it and I can text literally all my friends and you can text more than one person at a time like my three friends and I can FaceTime at the same time but that feature only works if the people you are FaceTiming have contact. So I love this and if there were ten stars I would give it ten stars and the best part is it is completely safe. Your mom or dad can chat with you and they see everything you write. So bottom line: you must get this app! P.S. Big thank you to Addison Malek for introducing me to this app. I don’t know what I’d do without her.

- Plz read.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE messenger kids because I can talk to my friends and like who doesn’t want to talk to their friends right...... right? RIGHT???? while I love my friends I wish that there was a DND button (Do Not Disturb) inside of the app for when I am doing homework and stuff. Plz plz plz plz plz plz plz bring back the old update where you can choose the color of the Conversations instead of just being a white rectangle I really like color or even if just a choice to choose between the two in your settings or where change your profile picture. Plz plz plz I beg of you!!!!!!!!!!!!! One last thing, can you please make this is gonna sound weird Facebook kids so kids can post stuff but like when they click post will go through moderators to make sure there’s nothing inappropriate or something but it would be like so cool to like a people and yeah you know it would be really cool please please please please add it

- I love it! But today a very weird thing happened......

I like the new pet that you added! I also love that you took away that video update! I like the new features like the silly eyebrow face! But there is somethings that need to be added A place to choose what pet you want, so you can save different pets and go back to one you like! Honestly that would just lighten my mood today. I like the new update on the pictures thingy but can you take away the old pictures. I still see that foxy one (I know it was the first and signature face of the whole app know what I mean) like the very old ones so you have room for more! Also could you add where you can make one of the silly faces your profile picture. You just take a picture and save it and go on your profile and pick the picture from there? So the weird thing was that I was looking back at my messages and I saw something like “message can not be displayed” and I was like what the heck? Why will it not show? That’s so freaking crazy! I’m like lost! Like COMPLETELY LOST! Like what the freak?!? Idk but that freaked me out so fix immediately when you see this cause umm you know ima go scream in the bathroom- It’s kk Kailia signing out of da freaking club honey’s Love y’all stay safe! #Kk love cutesy love 💗 pink and LeahAshe! Also love the song pretty savage by:black pink


I just got this app but it will help me connect with my friend who just moved away. I also really like the filters. There’s one bug though. My brother has messenger kids and at he top of his screen it says: “grow a pet” but, it doesn’t on mine. I love animals so this is a big disappointment to me. I also checked and everything says I’m completely updated. So, I think if you’re going to upgrade the app please make sure everyone gets it. My brother also has a “play a game!” Button on the top of his screen. I would also like that. There is one more bug I would like to talk about. It says “confirm if you’re a parent or guardian” and it says you need to log in with your Facebook account. NOT ALL PARENTS/GUARDIANS HAVE FACEBOOK!!! Like what if your guardian deleted Facebook? You’re just not gonna let them use the app? Sheesh. Please fix the bugs. For the main part I think this app is pretty good.

- Too many lags

First of all, WAY too many lags. Most of the reviews are saying that it’s pretty good about it, but I know it’s NOT just my phone. Every time I try calling a friend or family member, there screen just goes black. And it’s really annoying because either they want to show me something but I can’t see, or it’s that I wanna play a game with them and I don’t know what their doing. Oh, and about the games. The games just sometimes stop working! And there’s only three of them, so please consider making more. But whenever we are enjoying one of the games or just having fun and talking, one of us freezes. And it’s SOOOO annoying that we have to either shut down our phones, hang up and call back, or restart the app. This is just WAY TOO LAGGY! I’d rather use Hangouts or Messages, but this? I mean, I guess it’s fine. But I really don’t like the lags! There is also one more problem. It always says the person is online, but there not. So PLEAS fix this!

- Great app but you should not delete filters

Hi I am a kid and personally love this app I get to talk to all my friends and cousins I have never talked to. I love all filters and games in calls also the ones on the side when you come to the menu. My favorite filter was the one with the pink and blue horns, green eyes, and purple nose ring. Just today, I went on a call with my cousin we saw you added a new filter! We were exited then I noticed you deleted my favorite filter, I thought that’s ok since nothing lasts forever. Problem is you deleted all games in calls too why would you do that? That did get me very upset and same with my cousin it made me write this review. Also now we can’t play any games in calls was that dumbo ear filter really worth it? Me and my cousin now have nothing to play after we finish talking since we do not like games like ROBLOX. Also what’s next? Are you gonna delete my cousins favorite the little cat? Or panda? You better not we are very disappointed.

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- Pretty good but could be a little better

This app is great for the fact that your child can connect with their friends in a more restricted platform. It is a pain in the bum though that the adult account associated with the child account must be friends on their Facebook account with any adults that your child wants to connect with. My kids wanted their dad on their accounts so they could chat with him while at home but because we are not Facebook friends they were unable to add him. The layout is full of bright colours which is appealing to the younger kids but my daughter who previously had a Facebook and messenger account [before it got deleted assumedly for being under 13 (she’s almost 12)] isn’t a fan of the big boxy layout on messenger kids compared to just the list of names on normal messenger. It’s also a shame that she can’t play the games with me which are available on normal messenger through messenger kids. The whole reason why she got a Facebook account in the first place was so she could play draw something with me via messenger. It’s a good starting point but it would be great if they made a kid friendly version of the whole Facebook app (or at least let us as parents decide whether to allow our children to have a Facebook account) so they can join groups and discussions and play more games then the ones that are restricted to messenger kids accounts.

- Loving the connection in these times

I saw this app a couple of weeks before it became available in Australia and downloaded it as soon as it did for both my kids. I love that my kids are now able to keep in contact with their friends during these days of social distancing. They can play games, draw pictures and do it all safely. The fact that I know who is on their contact list and that I have to authorise any contacts makes me feel safe. I have had a few issues in connecting my kids with their family members because they are not showing up in the search results. Not sure why this happens? Also needs to be clearer on parents side where to access the time limits section. Highly recommend but the parents must be on fb to access the kids account.

- Great App Addition During Iso

This has been a wonderful App for our kids (9 & 12 - particularly the 9yo) during the COVID-19 lockdown. She enjoys the ability to socialise with her friends, chat, send cute and funny pics and videos, and video call one another. It’s been great for her to have her own “chatting” App for her to load on her own iPad instead of using my phone. I love the security features, the parental controls for approving friends, and the access to their messaging history. A few things for feedback: * New message notifications ‘flash’ and personally I don’t think it’s obvious enough. * Multi-friend chat, I don’t think this is available. * Parental Control for messaging history only goes back (I think) 50 messages from the phone, I believe further (older) access is accessible online. ... with the way kids message, 50 messages isn’t enough. * Perhaps an additional parental control could be limiting times allowed on the app ... we can control this with family sharing and our kids are good at following rules, but limiting access to, eg; 8am to 7pm, might help too. Overall, it’s a great little SM App that I feel safe letting our kids use.

- This app is good but

Overall this app is pretty good parents can control who their kid talks to and what they talk about. There is a couple of downs though like the child who own messenger kids needs to have data to send messages, this could be a problem because when the child is out of home and they take their device with them to message their percents to make sure their safe they CANT message their parents because they need data so yea. And also there is no way to change the settings on when the app goes to sleep, could someone please tell me how to do that it’s REALLY annoying. And also the app doesn’t let you send friend requests to your mom to check if it’s ok to have them as a friend. Anyways I think it’s a good app but just needs to be fixed a bit 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 Thank you for your time 😁😊🎉

- It’s a good app- few suggested fixes

The app is quite good- easy to use and I like that as a parent I have complete control over it- especially no one being able to be added as a contact without a parent approving. SUGGESTED FIXES: - I like that you can snooze the app on and off using times- but I wish there was an additional tab to quickly and easily snooze it on and off without having to mess with the times - it would be GREAT if it showed the other person trying to ring or message that the app was in snooze mode, so they didn’t think they were deliberately not answering or replying - I have the messenger kids app downloaded on my device so I can monitor all message threads, I don’t like how I get all of the calls coming through my device. I would like to be able to disable this on my device only.

- Great app for keeping in touch

My daughter and I love the app, it helps us stay in touch more often. The only things I’d love to see is for parents to be able to assign nicknames like in messenger, like I can rename myself to Daddy and I can rename her in all capitals or with emoji’s so her convo stands out more easily when I scroll through my messenger list. The other thing Is on the Home Screen put a badge counter on the parent’s message icon so that it’s easier to for the kids to see they have messages waiting, some kids can’t tell they have messages waiting and don’t check but if they see a red badge with a number on it, it will stand out more. Otherwise great 👍🏼

- The best app

I absolutely love this app my friend had real messenger and she had to go to all herParents contacts and they didn’t like itwon’t like it so her friend came up with an idea to get kids messenger she’s had it for about three years now I’ve only had it for about three months now I have four people she has 22 people I started off with one then I went off to 4 I absolutely recommend this app it is really good for kids I chat to my friends for around 9 o’clock to 10 pm at night I can go for a chat for around five hours it makes my phone go flat and iPad it’s really fun even for kids over 4 because I can send videos on their friends

- The BEST app ever but.....!

So I love messenger kids! It's great u can read your kids messenger's! I love how u can text and call play games and stuff! But I hate how the person who runs the "messenger kids" app can see what u send (photos and videos!,) Which is such trash! 🗑 and guys can I just say that kids can not grow up with people cyber bullieing!? So if the person who runs the messenger kids app can u not see my texts! Because now I am not aloud to send photos and videos 😩😭😩👎 but other wise the app is great! And I feel so happy on it! 😊👍 have a nice day Ps, Can the person who runs this app not see my photos and videos of me! I hate it! 👺😤👿😠😤😡👺😾😒😷😖😑😣😵👿👿😡😡 thanks! Please responed! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

- Good app but needs more options (see below)

Would love to see the addition of time limits for max time spent in the app per day included (ie X number hours per day total). Would also love to see a separation between active conversations and all contacts which can get very confusing to the kids. Would also like to be able to do just audio calls in addition to video calls like normal messenger. Would also like to see an option to put app on do not disturb mode separately from just the bedtime settings either as a toggle option or a blackout middle of the day period option (example school hours). Otherwise it’s a great option for kids to be connected to family and friends during this challenging time of their lives. 😊

- Some elements are awesome but room for improvement

I love that as a parent I have control over who my kids’ contacts are and that both sides have to approve. It would be great if your kid is on a call already it would block other calls coming through. I really like sleep mode but it would be good if there was more flexibility in this (ie. allows a morning and afternoon session for weekends). It would be great if there was a quick way to block calls if family time arises without having to change the sleep mode. My 8year old son finds there are lots of glitches where it hangs up and nobody has pressed anything. He has loved having this as a new way to communicate with his friends on his own device and not having to beg to borrow mine.

- Games

The games are a great idea but there is some games that do not work like the bunny bridge at the first level it is easy and shows you how to do it but the second level it is impossible for kids and there is not enough bridges to get to the fruit and there is another game we’re it is on a video chat I don’t know what it is called but u have to tell your friend how to get to the pizza and this is hard because kids will need to figure out left or right and then tell their friend and they will have to figure out left or right and the timer will go off before they get half way and I’ve tried this and the touch screen is not that good on some phones so u might have to tap it a few times so please fix this it is frustrating

- Messenger Kids

I really enjoy using this app. Messenger kids has so many good things to say about. This app is safe for kids, it allows parents to see what things their children are saying and who they talk to most. When you first get this app it shows you who your child can talk to. If none of your child's friends or family do not have this app then you can send people an invite to use the app. There is a wide variety of games to play and you can FaceTime too. You can also take so many cool pictures with new filters every few days. That is why I recommend this app and why I give it a 5 star.

- Kid Messenger is Great!

Hi, I’m a actually a kid writing a review, but still. I think this app is great, there’s so many games and I can actually talk to my friends instead of my mum calling they’re mum and talking through messenger. It’s a phenomenal help now that I found it and I can talk to my friends. The reason I haven’t rated it 5 stars it because of some of the games. Let’s say Grow Your Pet, on it you can only do it once in a day, I always forget to do it, and it gets annoying. It would be a real help if you could do it more than once in a day. They’re are other games that have problems, but for now this is all. Thx

- Great App

This app is super fun to stay in touch with friends and family. I like how your parents control what your doing and it is always awesome. You can have different masks on in video calls and you can send these fun videos and photos. I love the idea of missions and how you can do the “Guess The Picture” or “Grow Your Pet” games. Maybe in the pet game you could chose your pet and maybe have more costumes for your pet?? It would make the app even better by a little smidge. Like I said, this game is super fun and awesome. I would recommend this game from 6-13, and this is definitely a 5 ⭐️ game!!

- This app is AMAZING

Don’t ever get any other type of messenger this is the one that you want. There’s funny filters cool games you can even make a group so you can call your friends at the same time. And there’s new filters every week so there’s always something new. And you get to grow your own pet and dress it up. And you can draw you get something new to draw every day your friends also guess what you draw. And for any parents you can get a adult messenger so you can see what your kids do. And sometimes they report people who are doing something bad. Sooo THIS APP IS AMAZING!

- I'm 10 so I'm allowed to do this

Hi my name is Nevaeh and I'm 10 years old. I find using messenger kids fun, because some of my friends are on it. I am also vision impaired. The problem with Messenger Kids is, I find it hard to navigate the app. I have to use VoiceOver on my mums iPhone most of the time, and it's pretty hard. For example, when I'm at the video cool button, or any of my contacts, just says button, and it doesn't let me know what the button does so I have to click on a random buttons until I find the right contact. I found this hard, and now I resort to using my mum's messenger account most of the time. I'd be very grateful if you could fix this problem, or if it is fixable please let me know.

- Great idea, needs some additional parent controls.

During this time it is important our kids are able to talk to, connect (safely) with friends and family. The concept of a parent supervisable app for kids to chat to friends and family and a)know the people and b) supervise communications for appropriateness IS important. For my children who do NOT have their own devices and are allowed access at certain times only, I would like a call silencing or sleep mode or something so that I don’t receive calls and notifications constantly... so that we can have an “out of office” type message and the kids can know when to call back.... with multiple children’s accounts to monitor it would be very helpful. Thank you.

- A Great Initiative

This app is quite good. There are some improvements to be made - such as would be good to only get notifications of a conversation and not of stickers, emoji and GIFS. My main problem is for some reason we can’t access the microphone on my daughters iPad for this app. We keep selecting for the app to allow access but it never works. We had the same issue with accessing camera but eventually that worked. However we are still having issues with microphone access and so this means she cannot take photos (even though camera access has been allowed) and she can’t make video calls as the if is not working.

- 👁😍 messenger kids!

Messenger kids is so good! I can use it forever and never get bored! You can video chat, make groups, put on filters, take super funny photos, do a group video chat, message all your friends without getting annoyed and so many more amazing things about this app....But I came across 1 glitch they said new filters every week so I waited a week and when I turned the app on it had THE SAME filters 😭😭😭😭. Then the day after that, I checked if there were any new filters, and there was only ONE new filter.😓😓😓😥😥😭😭😭. Bye!

- Hello :)

Hi I use kid messenger to chat to my friend though quarantine it is very nice texting app but I have a couple of concerns... 1. Whenever I am doing stuff on my phone and someone texts me on ‘messages’ I can just hold down the text and reply but with kid messenger I can’t and I have to leave what I’m doing to reply. 2. My friend, somehow got her app updated and now it looks totally different to everyone else’s kid messenger I’ve kept looking in App Store but I haven’t found any update button so how come she got the update? That’s all my concerns and beside those couple of things I recommend you this app. From a kid messenger user :)

- Great alternative to give me my Messenger back! 🤣

This app is the best idea ever! The kids no longer have to take off with my messenger and possibly send messages to everyone on there! Though, I do find my children getting frustrated and upset over not having access to the same camera effects as anyone they contact who is using the adult messenger. I do respect that the effects are child friendly though! And love that! My children can finally talk freely to their cousins on the other side of the country! And of course, all of their friends 💖

- Greater confidence for parents on who kids interest with

Great app. I have better control on who my kids interact with. I’m confident on who they talk to and I can identify if something was inappropriately said without my kids knowing and then I can pull them aside and let them know what they are. So they are learning while interacting in a social media landscape for the first time. It would be great though to have an ability to have multiple notifications as i have two boys. I can only get one feed at a time, depending on who I’ve logged to

- Customer support non existent

So disappointed. My daughter was loving her account. Tried to set up a 2nd account for my son. It’s not only not allowing me to create a 2nd profile, but it’s also deleted my daughters account. I’ve submitted feedback to get assistance on the issue, reported to Facebook errors, tweeted directly, spent hours checking online and discovered many people with the sane issue - none of which can find an answer. I’ve tried from a phone, an iPad and a laptop to address this issue. Logged out of all devices. Reinstalled the app. Cleared my browser history and cache. Nothing has worked and my numerous attempts to find assistance and/or reach out to Messenger Kids have resulted in no help what so ever.

- Need to be able to retrieve deleted messages

Need to be able to retrieved deleted messages or messages from persons blocked due to bullying and swearing. Also need to be able to report children for bad language. This app is supposed to be safe and as a parent I need to be able to have access to all my child’s messages even if they delete them. My child has been hiding the fact a another child was bullying her on here and the school asked for proof. Because she had blocked the child the messages disappeared so without the proof the school did nothing. More need to happen on this app to prevent children from bullying then deleting the messages

- Good I guess bye it

So there is something to fix when you’re going and it says sorry we could not find a match so you obviously cannot get in so and the other thing is that when you put your Facebook name in it what happens if you don’t have Facebook and another thing is Facebook well when you’re going in it it says please put your Facebook name in but what happens if you have two Facebook names so yeah I guess it’s good you don’t have to Byatt but you’re so don’t want to waste your money so I recommend not buying it but yeah

- Please add more Games and Effects.

We love it but to make it even more better, can you please add lots more fun effects and games via video calling. As it’s great and fun for kids to do with there friends and relatives while many of theirs are still in isolation due to being high risks to COVID. So messenger kids has been a life saver but after 10 mins they’re like this is boring now. So thought I’d ask you to add more fun things to it. Maybe something like playing games like the normal FB messenger has. But obviously child appropriate games.

- Amazing but one request

I know you probably won’t see this but still. My one request is that you can have Memoji’s and those little app icons. I have Disney emoji blitz where you can unlock characters for your keyboard. Unfortunately, you cannot access these on messenger kids. However, other than that one request it is an amazing app that I have. (I am a kid) I love being able to talk to my friends without having to make an email that no-one will actually see! Great app!

- Great, but needs an offline or school mode option

This app is fantastic and the kiddies are loving it. An improvement that could be made is having a school mode or offline status that can be set, so kids can’t be contacted during the hours you set as ‘school hours’ or when their status is ‘offline’. When one of these options is selected as the status, the messages could ‘back up’ and come through once you are back on an active status.

- I love this App

I love this app because you can message friends locally without a phone number and I like how it tells if someone is online and the filters kinda like Snap Chat but better and for kids. But I want a little feature like a search feature where we can search groups if we can’t find it or if we have too many we can delete groups. Also I would like another feature where you can delete people from the group.

- Messenger Kids

I think this app is very good and easy to use but being 11 years old this app is a bit childish but for like like year 1-4 this app is really good. Even though I’m grade 6 this app is very good if you want an app that you can message your friends and be nice with messaging as it blocks out rude messages. Parents can also monitor what your child is texting o who. I highly recommend this app for year 1-4’s for messaging with friends.

- Needs work

Great app and awesome way for kids to stay in touch. Needs some work - needs an offline or away status so kids can do other things using devices such as school work without being disturbed by messages or calls. As a parent with the app on my phone I don’t need a notification or my own replies to my child. Would be great to be able to silence the app or put on do not disturb as I’m constantly interrupted by my child’s calls or messages. Great to be able to oversee what they do but would be good to turn this on and off as suits

- It’s being rude

I mean the app is great but its not letting me go in it i needed to tell my mum i was ok also its the only app on my new iPad that isn’t opening! I deleted it and then went back to download this app I pressed download but it didn’t work! For example what if i got kidnapped and the person that kidnapped me didn’t know i had my ipad in my bag and i needed to message my mum where i was or who i was with, so she could find me but it wouldn’t work so the guy finds out i have it and takes it off me then I would be stuck there (sorry for being over the top but still)!!! (Please fix if its the app)

- Good app especially for keeping in contact with school friends

My only issue at the moment is that it is difficult to see who my child has a message from - there doesn’t seem to be a “new message” indicator to easily see who has sent a new message once you open the app. The highlighted message icon seems to show for contacts who have sent messages as well as those who haven’t. If this could be made clearer that would be great.

- Love it....... except

I love the kids messenger app!! It’s a fun way for kids to message their friends, especially during lockdown!! The games are really fun, and the app has a block or turn off notifications, in case someone is messaging too much. The only thing I don’t like though, is the new update!! It’s really complicated for my kids to find their friends contacts, and it’s really making them upset that they need to come to me every time they need a different contact........... PLEASE FIX THIS!!!! Over all, pretty good app, except for the complaint

- It’s the best thing

So when lockdown came in I had no idea about this app. My friends had it and they asked to get me as there contact. My mum was frustrated at first to get the app but it all worked out. I talk with my friends everyday to see what they are doing or if they are excited about Christmas and high school. I rate this app 5 out of 5 cause nothing needs to be any better, I talk to my friends that’s all I want!

- It’s good but please fix this

Ok so messenger kids is a good app it’s amazing I mean kids can call their friends so they won’t be lonely through the whole lockdown situation now it’s good but My kid is getting annoyed with this thing that’s with the app we’re when you call it flashes mute without you touching it you get disconnected so easily! And calls don’t work sometimes and the calls come on my phone other then that it’s a great app thank you for your time ❤️

- Fun but way too many notifications

Although it seems like a great idea & having their own place to send messages is great. There are just too many notifications. Like, why is fb notifying me when I respond to my child? Clearly I don’t need to be notified of this. Also not a fan of the prompts for the kids to ‘send photos’. Even though I know this is something they will do. Being prompted to do so seems more like grooming by a multi-billion dollar company. I just want a safe & simple platform for my daughter to connect with her friends especially during this challenging time. It would be really really great if we could silence notifications. With the option to silence between specific times like (bedtime-acceptable AM time) and then also to silence for a specified amount of time (e.g. 1 hour or until I turn back on).

- Great app

This app is exactly what we needed living in a different country to the rest of our family. My daughter is able communicate with her cousins and grandparents more frequently. It would be nice if you were able to give people nicknames like you can on the original messenger app. Kids don’t usually know their grandparents full names and it was a little confusing for her at first.

- It’s great but....

This is a great app, however it is not available in the UK or Ireland. We were logged in when we left Australia and it worked for quite a while in the UK. Suddenly it logged us out on all devices and won’t let us log back in because it’s not available in this region. My son has lost contact with all his friends and we are going to be here for quite a while. While it worked it was great. Please get this app available for the UK 🙏🙏

- It’s Wonderful

This app is a very wonderful app. I have had it for 3 months and recommended by my friends. Their was one problem. Mum and I tried to delete some messages but it said we had to get the parent to do it. We didn’t know how. I love this app my sister Jade loves it she loves to message her friends and what makes us very happy that it’s free and good to access. Sometimes internet is slow but that’s because we’re I live. Thanks for creating Messengar Kids.

- Awesome app😁

This is a great app!! I had never thought that there would be a app that kids can text our friends on and even better we can call them. I give this five stars because I can call and text people also if my friends are in a different country and I can not see them this app would be perfect 👌 Can’t wait to keep texting and calling on it!!!😁

- Not bad.

So when I first use it for my kids they tell me that when they put there hang near the camera there screen turns black. And also it’s very glitchy : when there friends talk and them. When there friend callas them my phone it’s doesn’t say who is ringing so I can’t answer it it just vibrates so some time it doesn’t let me awnser the call for my kids . But overall it is a awesome app for my kids they have so much fun! My kid moved school so this helps her to still communicate with her friends.

- Great, but needs ability to turn off calls

I have this app for my 3yo daughter. It’s really great and she loves it, but in parental controls we need the function to turn off phone calls and/or messages. Sometimes I like to let my daughter play the games on it (which are also great) but I can’t stop her from attempting to call family members 5 times in a row unless I’m right on her. Hopefully this function will be added later.

- Feel confident in the app

We’ve only had it a short time, and our daughter loves it. It’s great to control the time of when children can access the app, allows more then one parent/care giver to monitor it. Feel say knowing that parents need to request or approve the friends list and they we can check the context of chats are safe and non-bullying. So far, I would highly recommended it - to keep children connected in a safe way.

- Great app. A bit more parent control needed

I highly suggest turning predictive text off for young children!!!! We realised that quite quickly. Looking forward to more parental control like limiting time available For them to use, limiting video calls to certain periods, etc. we use access to it as a reward but do get lots of untimely calls that our children have to ignore.

- It’s very good especially for kids

It’s like the best messenger for kids. You can even say I said a bad word it says if they say something I FaceTime them and you can add your mum and dad on it is the best. Do you want to kids messenger get this one you have to get it it is the best. Uncle is your Arnies you can have anyone you can have your friend and you’re the mum has to add the kids or adults to your kids iPad

- Games

I would love to have access to games like chess where the kids can play each other and talk at the same time. So they can learn from each other, connect and chat. I can’t find a suitable as safe platform for them to do this. I want to control who they can play with including my friends like grandparents. Being able to talk and not just text chat is Important for those kids that can’t read and write yet. This functionality would make my day!

- Messenger is a Great App!

Messenger is a awesome app that lets kids connect and talk together when they can’t talk face to face in reality. I really love using the app but there were two glitches. 1. When you call, sometimes there would be a mic on the screen and it keeps popping up really fast that would make your voice glitchy to the other person. 2. When you’re playing a game or just talking normally to each other, sometimes you or the other person can’t hear each other when on a call. It doesn’t bother us much. We just quit the call and call again and that usually fixes it. Still a awesome app for the hard times right now😁.

- Adding adult contacts

My niece, nephew and sisters tried adding adults to the app (myself & my sister) so we are able to communicate with the kids. However, when they tried adding us, it shows up that we are children which I don’t feel is right. Asks for me to add my childs name and surname yet I’m entering my own details in. Therefore it looks like I’m impersonating to be a child. I actually work in Child Protection and don’t feel comfortable that it looks like I’ve added my own details as childs details. Can you please rectify ASAP or I will cancel the account?

- My kids like it but the app is frustrating

My kids have fun taking photos and sending messages on this app, but people can't send photos back to them. Every funny image or video my mum tries to send her grandkids is made "unavailable". One image was only an animal crunching broccoli! I am very strict with what my kids are exposed to, but if I say my elderly mother is a safe contact for my children, my opinion as a parent should be trusted and she should be allowed to send them photos and videos. I wouldn't add contacts if I didn't trust their judgement.

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- Delete messages

Parent would like the ability to delete messages .. for instance my daughter wrote something to my other daughter in a group.. of like the ability to delete the message so no one can see it

- Messenger kids

Je m’appelle Delphine, quand j’utilise Messenger Kids j’ai la version originale, tout mes amis ont l’a nouvelle version et il n’arrête pas d’en parler. Comment je fais pour l’avoir?

- Love it!

I love this app! It’s so cute and I love the filters. I do have normal messenger but this is wayyyy cuter! My dad said I can get it and it’s really cool! Now I can talk to my family over seas 😊

- Pretty great

Kids can use this app under their parents supervision.Great thing to have!

- What’s happening

I love this app but there is a man(or woman never answered) that calls me 1. The person has a very large name 2.i don’t know them 3.they don’t show up on my messages anyone . else this problem?

- Do not UPDATE!

It crushes the game if u update it! Fix this!

- 😔

It used to work, but I tried opening it and it won't let me in! Plz fix this, my friends are wondering where I am! 😭

- Bug?

Je n’arrive pas à ouvrir un compte . Après avoir entré le nom de l’enfant j’appuie sur continuer et je tombe sur une page intitulée ce que vous devez savoir. Je peux seulement revenir en arrière. Comment puis je réussir à passer à la prochaine étape ?

- Awesome

This app is amazing for me durning the coronavirus it lets me check in on my friends and family very cool

- Calling someone

I love this app. But the sound it makes when you call someone is so loud and its stuck in my head

- Veille

Pourquoi j’essaye de le mettre en veille pour mon garçon et cela fonctionne pas? Je voudrais bien mettre des étoiles . Mais ça commence mal l’application. J’ai marqué les heures et cela fonctionne pas 🤨

- Stupid

Hi this app “sleeps” from 8 pm till 9am and I have friends overseas and time difference means I can’t talk to them😣🙁😩 so if you have friends overseas I don’t recommend try getting whatsapp

- So much noise and distractions

Kids don't just need/want flashing lights and loud, excited noises. My son gets hyper stimulated from using this and the kids never have a conversation using this. They just jump from one filter to another.

- Idea:

So I would like a Facebook Kids a Facebook app for kids! They can post to their friends to log into your kids app, you just press on the kids account and they can start posting some filters and silly images! They even can have a messenger kids logo on the top of the screen to go on the messenger kids app! That would been great, Thanks!

- Please fix this.

Okay, to start, the app distorts half of everything my friend says, plus, most of the time we can't call each other, because we don't get each other’s calls! And, it doesn't let you send links! I understand that children shouldn't be looking at pornography sites, but I sent my friend a link to a Wikipedia page! You should scan the links before deleting them.

- Fun

Love it

- WOW🥺

this app was so cool!,,

- Won’t open

Tries to load and won’t open, just shuts itself down

- How do I get the new version?

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

- Band

It’s bad because it doesn’t let me call and I want to call my friends know anything I can do is text and texting is boring if someone can help me with it

- Links

Why can’t I send links?! I have wifi and everything but it won’t send links!

- Ultra sadness

It used to work but now it won’t let me in

- Love this!!

This is an amazing app! It's so easy to use and with amazing filters! During Covid this is really helpful! Thank you for making this app!

- Help

Trying to sign in but I keep getting “not available in my region”. I downloaded from the Canadian App Store just as my neighbour has done, and hers works.

- The beeping

On me and my friends calls it automatically hangs up and it gets annoying and it all starts with the beeping😠

- Awesome

I love this app! I get to FaceTime my daughter when she spends weekends and holidays with her dad! She get to do the same with family and friends, and I don’t need to worry about predators!!! This app is serving her very well during this unprecedented time with the covid-19. I’m just happy she still gets to chat with her family, friends, and classmates.

- 想要什么都


- How get code

I need code for my kid

- Bad

I couldn’t even get in. It kept saying error or something went wrong totally bad.

- can u make filters with backgrounds

like meesnger p.s when someone has no profile can u make each one diffrent pls

- Fonctionnait bien au début mais..

Depuis la mise à jour impossible d’ajouter des nouveaux contacts

- Emoji

Could use more stickers and video caricatures

- Love it

Me and my friend talk all the time

- But the colour choice

My child’s favourite colour is black even though it’s a shade and she has to be purple so can you add black please?

- Cool

Awesome really great app to use for kids For communication and games

- Messenger Kids

I am so happy that I am able to chat and see our grandchildren during this crazy Covid pandemic!! We enjoy playing games with each other and sometimes just chatting!

- ok


- Great, safe app for kids!

Love love love Messenger Kids! Especially during all the COVID stuff, it’s a great way for kiddos to keep contact with friends and family!

- Would like more control.

Can we please have the ability to shut off group calling? This chat is great but still not parent friendly for special needs child. There’s a few thing I would add to the parent control opption.

- Great to stay in contact

With the pandemic we haven’t been able to see the grandparents, uncle, aunt & cousins so my daughter can send them picture and voicemail and she love it

- Much love...

This is the best way to keep me closer to my lovely beautiful friend daughter everything for me!!!!😉👍

- Cant creat a account

Hi Messenger Kids I’ve tried to make a account for almost 2 month but it is not letting me make one please help me it says that there’s a issue going on currently but I’ve tried to make it for 2 months by now so please help me out. Thanks

- Greate but I don’t like when it lags I am 8 years old I would give it a two and a half star rate


- Poop

The calls arent working sometimes they just stop all of the sudden

- Fun and friendly

Fun and friendly way to chat with friends.

- It’s awesome

I love to talk to my friends and play video games

- It won’t let me sign in for my daughter why won’t it please help this problem

It won’t let me sign in for my daughter help please

- Very fun app🌸

I love using this app to chat with friends I really recommend the filters are adorable and creative

- It’s a good app but...

Maybe you can do an update to delete messages.Thanks! Bye

- J’adore c’est trop cool

C’est vraiment amusant appeler nos amis

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Rachel Hull

@kirbykrackle We are. School is remote, which means I’m in charge of getting the 6 year old to get it done. We do FaceTime and FB messenger calls with friends, but it’s not quite the same. The kids are antsy but doing ok. It’s not the best time but it’s what’s necessary to stay safe.

rhi ✨ is watching resonance: global wave


KimPG ✌🏼🖤👁

@Limbictweets Some of them send me weird and amazing messages on Facebook Messenger for Kids so far. It will only get more fun as they age. My kids are 13, 15, 17 so as they flee the nest one by one I will use my sibling's kids to ward off empty nest blues. Very blessed! Have a good night.

Hannah Cheng

I just discovered today that my former students, now in grade-school, chat with their classmates thru 'messenger kids'. :o

Nesha 💙🕊

My munchkin told me she don’t like going to people’s houses she don’t know. She will literally call me on kids messenger to pick her up.


Someone tell @Trottier45 to get a life. Really made her dog a messenger kids account 😂😂😂


- spends quality time with their kid - checks their electronics once in a while (until they show they are mature enough to be trusted) - never let your 4-12 year old kid use any social media sites, use messenger kids and youtube kids!

Randy Olson

@McRePete @ment0 @Blonde___girl @DoniTheDon_ There will be multiple loadrd guns between my kids and any RNA messenger vaccines.

Nesha 💙🕊

Gave my daughter my old phone so she can call her cousins on Kids Messenger. She’s been calling me for 5 minutes straight. I’m about to block her.

The Messenger

The presents are opened. Now what are some fun activities to do with kids until school resumes?

Damian Edwards 🎄🦌🎅

Seems they've officially said the feature is coming, but still requires a Facebook account, which rules out Miss.11, unless they support Messenger for Kids accounts I guess. On-device "guest" profiles (with no online features) would be better.




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Perrin Jade

And, of course, none of them actually have their own devices. So it's actually ringing to their parents' phone or every Alexa device in the house. I'm about to take my Christmas money and buy each kid a basic Android tablet, stick messenger kids on them, and have done with it.


Once u block me off messenger, I’ll unfriend tf outta u and whoever else 😂🤣idgaf. Play with yo kids or sum, not me. Cuz I’ll fight everybody and won’t gaf🥴.

Messenger Kids 160.0 Screenshots & Images

Messenger Kids iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Messenger Kids iphone images
Messenger Kids iphone images
Messenger Kids iphone images
Messenger Kids iphone images
Messenger Kids iphone images

Messenger Kids (Version 160.0) Install & Download

The applications Messenger Kids was published in the category Social Networking on 2017-12-04 and was developed by Facebook, Inc. [Developer ID: 284882218]. This application file size is 136.98 MB. Messenger Kids - Social Networking app posted on 2021-03-01 current version is 160.0 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID:

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