Messenger Kids

Messenger Kids [Social Networking] App Description & Overview

Messenger Kids — Made for Kids. Controlled by Parents.
Made for Kids. Controlled by Parents.

Parent Dashboard:
Parents can manage their kids' contact list, and monitor messages on the Messenger Kids app. When kids block contacts, parents are notified.

Fun Filters:
Kid-friendly filters, reactions, and sound effects make video chats with friends and family even better.

Worry Free:
Parents can set usage limits when it’s bedtime, and there are no in app-purchases or ads.

Creative Convos:
Stickers, GIFs, emojis, and drawing tools give kids more ways to express themselves.

Easy Start:
No phone number required.

We’re always working to improve Messenger Kids. If you’d like to share any feedback with us or for more information, visit

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Messenger Kids Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Thank you for using Messenger Kids! We are continuously updating and improving the app to make it an even better experience for kids and their families.

Messenger Kids Comments & Reviews

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- The Pictures Mess Up

Whenever I Decorate A Picture The Thing’s I Always Add In When I’m Done With Them They Just Move And I Can Never Get Them In The Right Place It’s Really Frustrating

- Messages

It’s hard to get on messenger

- I love it

It’s amazing Your child can have so much fun and you’re the parent won’t know who it was or talking to so no one can be talking to strangers because you have to wipe down the couch and then send it to your parents so yeah I love this app

- Love it

Love it

- Really good!

I personally think that this is the greatest app for kids to talk on. Tbh my kid loves this!!!

- Neat

Ok but says I have notifications when I don’t.

- My girl

Hey I miss your face

- I love it but I think it’s just.....

A little bit kiddy for a 12 year old and higher I personally think it’s good for littler kids. My other daughter loves it she likes the faces and how a lot of her friends have it. It’s very appropriate for her! I like this app a lot!

- Good app!

Really good app! Accounts and messages are able to be monitored and is super safe. The only problem is if you receive a video it pauses multiple times. Other then that really good app



- Love

I love this app for my kids

- My Grandkids

I love this site! Since they have been able to use it I have been able to stay in touch with them and play games with them on a daily basis. I haven’t been able to see them since February because of the COVID-19 and they are both to young for IPhones so this has been a life saver for me. Not as good as being there with them but at least I can see their faces and hear their voices.

- Hi

Look, I love this, but… I have a problem with it, so, whenever I get off a video call with someone my iPad thinks I’m still on the video call. So, I can send a voicemail when I want to. I really wish you would fix this, I mean, how am I supposed to not send a voicemail when I want to. Regretfully, me.😂

- There’s a problem but everything else is amazing!!!!!😊

So everything amazing but I wish you guys would change the pet.

- It is great

I love it and my kids do too it is so easy to get to



- I love this

Oh hi I am a child and I talk with my friends and cousins and my mom likes it

- Messenger Kids

Your codes are ridiculous for children and grandparents to remember. My grandson sent me messages yesterday and I responded with no problem. Today I could not respond!😟

- Not good

This app should have more than just Facebook to verify that you’re an adult I don’t have Facebook so I could not make this for my child so there should be another way to verify this is a good app and I saw because my friends kid had it and I wanted to try it but it was a disappointment

- Great

Great app

- Wow

I love it my kids love it it’s amazing

- Problem

I tried signing my child up to use this app using my Facebook, but an error message comes on the screen whenever we try to connect. I do not know what is going on. I tried writing emails to Facebook, but they did not help me. I would like my child to be able to chat with friends, but I cannot because this is happening. I tried it on two devices and the same message pops up. I do not know what to do.

- Filters don’t work

Hi I love it I can talk to my friends and stuff but literally it hurts me to see all my friends using the filters and I can’t

- Bugs

Mute when you answer a call 80% of the time


I am 8 and I am a very social person so this is the perfect app for me you can play games, do filters, video chat, add friends, block and report so you are safer. But on sleep mode, there should be a way to know if your parents are asleep, (If you could do that), so you do not disturb them, and there should be a way to contact JUST your parents, like if it is a real emergency but this IS awesome, so I recommend it

- Good app

I love this app! I can finally talk to my BFF without having to send a Letter 😵 BUT one thing is weird on here: why can’t you send the poop 💩 but you can send the word, not the emoji? That’s weird, because poop 💩 and poop word the same amount of inappropriate if that’s the reason. BUT other than that great app I love this app!

- Amazing

The messenger kids app is Awesome all the filters are good i recamend this app to everyone

- Pieces of trouble

I have 2 pieces Of trouble. 1 every time I make a group with lots of people, it never lets me call the group, the weird thing is it lets me send the group. 2 sometimes my sister says she likes it, sometimes she says no. What do you think she means?

- 8yr old

We love how she can communicate with her friends & family. Little filter features and games. As the parent I luv I can control the time frames the feature can be on and who her contacts can be and go inside the chats and see what’s being said

- Love this App

Great app for younger kids, I contact my 10yo through it whenever I want. Don’t have to have Facebook for her either. We have fun sending silly stickers to each other!!

- Good app

I wish there was a way to disable the call feature. I’m grateful for the multiple restrictions I can place on this app to ensure the safety of my child.

- Best app ever

I am 12 years old and when my mom got me this app I was skeptical but I actually really enjoy it!

- My kids love it

Yes we will have pick her kids to go bed soon and I have a lot to come to home therapy and I can do it haha morning and I see her and I see that she will get her to go bed soon and then we can take all

- Great app but 1 issue

When ever someone calls and then wants to voice mail you can’t do it cause it says you need to end your call when you already end your call you like need to exit out of the whole app then go back in to do it.

- Ok maybe there are a few comments I need to make

Ok so when I have looked at the list it just keeps glitching and I now that it would improve if it had updates

- Awesome game

For kids n we love it

- Poop emojis

I love messenger kids 👍🏻it’s just its glitches and it fezzes all the time 💩👹👺 but I hate that I can’t use this 💩 frowns

- I love it and my kid loves it to


- Can’t complain

It’s simple to use. My kids love it. And I know what they are doing and I approve any new friend requests.

- Grandma Sweatt


- No help 😓

I can’t seem to get any help in regards to having this account show up on the app. It’s linking me to an old account, that I have erased.

- Excellent app

My daughter talks to her granny all the time and she just loves this.

- Messenger kids is so fun!

Messenger kids is really a good app is a good way to reconnect for kids like me!I love it so much some kids can not text but messenger kids is better than real texting and it is for kids!

- Hello

Hi I love this game but 1# you can’t delete things if you said something wrong 2# you can’t do more then 3 pictures witch is sad 3# you only level your pet once a day only have 1 minuet to do a video Besides that I love this game it’s amazing! Hope you guys like it BYEEEEEeEeEEe

- Grandma linda

This is awesome for my grandkids

- Great app

Trust this app for my 10 year old and love that she gets to connect with her friends. She really enjoys it and I like that I get to check in on activity

- Love the fun(and safety) or this app!

This app has been a Godnsend especially during quarantine for my 10 year old daughter to stay connected to friends! Me and her father have to request or approve friends for her through our Facebook accounts so we know everyone she is friends with. Every week we get a report telling us who’s she’s texted with most so we can keep up with how much time she’s spending on it. Wonderful app!!

- Easy

Great way to connect with grandchildren! Thanks

- I love it

Messenger kids is a very good app you can do tons of things and I give it a five star rating there are some weird things some of the filters are kind of disturbing and sometimes whenever I join a video chat it keeps on cutting off my audio saying muted I don’t like that so please try to fix it but all in all this is a great app and you should download it.

- Son loves it.

Good app

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- Freezing and blackouts.

It’s cool that you can stay on call and play different games not in the app. When I come back to join my friends they are frozen and they tell me I’m frozen. It happens all the TIME. PLEASE fix this! Is there a way my mom could also turn off notifications and not get our calls? She has an important job and when my friends call or text it interrupts her! Also when I join a group chat at least one of my friends screen is pitch black. I go out of the app and back in and then my friends are all frozen! So we have to hang up and call back and it happens over and over again! 😠🙄 Why isn’t there an X button to decline the calls! Plus why isn’t there audio call sometimes my friends only have a few minutes to play with me and I really miss them during this COVID-19 pandemic crisis and anyways I like wearing my pjs half the day sometimes and when my hair is messy and I am eating I have to video chat them and I look like a mess! Also I know some of the emotes are violent or inappropriate but why not 💩 me and my friends like to joke around but not being able to say 💩 just ruins are jokes 🙄. I like normal messager better then this one! If you fix these I would review this better! Even though I’m not a parent my mom sometimes wants to delete some of our messages like the other day my brother missed spelt a word and it turned out wrong because it doesn’t auto correct and what he mis spelt wasn’t appropriate! AND YOU SHOULD KEEP ALL THE FILTERS YOU SWITCH THEM ALL THE TIME AND MAKE THEM WORSE! You need add group chat games too! Sometimes your games don’t let me tap the screen so I leave the app and my screen works fine! Ever since the black outs my phone turns off randomly when I go into the app! I hate to say this but this app is 0 stars but of course it makes me do at least 1. Real messager is better. My parents go over my texts all the time on REAL messager. My friend and me get strange texts from random People sometimes. Like my friend was texted from herself but she only has one account and the person said “I know you” I got that problem too! My mom decided to delete this app! SHAME ON YOU KIDS MESSENGER! 🤦‍♀️😾😶😐🙄😡😠🙁

- Where is Facebook kids!

This is the best way for me to talk to my friends in quarantine!

- Woo


- Avis

J’aime beaucoup car cela me permet de communiquer avec mes amis . Il y a des petits jeux, c’est très bien fait! Merci beaucoup!!! 😘😘 Esther

- Isabelle


- Is not very safe!

When you’re video is off they can still see you. Me and my friend were calling. While my video was off she took a photo. When we saw the photos I was in it when my video was still of. When the other person sees it on their they it is safe. But it really is not that safe at all when you take a photo during your call with friends. So if you are doing something that they don’t want to see, they could see it in a group photo. Over all the app is fun and good except for that it is half dangerous and not safe. I really like this app but it is weird. Hope you all understand.🤔

- Bring back Alien

This app is so good but in the take a funny photo bring back the alien one because it made me have a fun time?!

- Worst

It keep on saying: “we can finish your request” please HELPPPPPPP i am begging you

- Low Quality Videos

When I Try To Send A Video To My Friend It Sends In Really Low Quality Like 240p Or Less. Please Fix This

- Rating kids messenger

There is a terrible echo of my voice when I talk. It is quite distracting. Otherwise I would give this a 4 star rating.



- Mammygigi


- I love this app!

I can video chat all my friends from school! I can also talk to my family members! It’s SOOOOOOOOO helpful jurying all this COVID-19 nonsense! Great app! But I can’t use it. It won’t let me! 😭🥺😭☹️



- I am happy with it

Easy, safe. I am happy with it.

- Enjoy

Chat my grandkids

- Love it! :)

I can talk to my friends and it has great filters

- 👍

My kids love it. They can communicate with their family and friends.

- Really good app

Messanger Kids is a awesome app, but in my contacts, when i scroll up really fast it crashes or when i scroll up too high. I like to read my past texts with my friends, so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE FIX THIS!


This app is amazing! My son stays connected with his friends , plays games, and all his activity gets messages to me right away! Highly recommend it!

- I can contact family

I love being able to contact my family on the other side of the country. It’s a very convenient.

- No problem

Marley’s group regularly contact him.

- The App

My son like this app because I don’t need to find his number by the normal phone app and just he calls his by this app Thank You Apple

- Super fun for kids

It’s interactive and easy to use!

- Top Notch

This app is superb for staying in touch with my grandkids. All it’s added-on features have been widened and improved. The platform seems quite safe for the kids, too.

- Awesome app

This app has been a life saver during quarantine. My daughter has been able to keep in touch with her friends from school.

- Safe, fun way for kids to communicate

I love that this app allows me to see and approve of who my child is communicating with. He does video chats and texting.

- Games are unnecessary and a distraction from socializing.

Love the app as a way for young friends to stay in touch. Games and features detract from the social aspect and make me limit time using. Kids spend less time talking more time just being distracted and I engaged. Very disappointed with this.

- Awesome idea!!

The only thing is I hate that it keeps dingIng. I need my sound on my phone Incase I get calls or other notifications, but I don’t need it dinging on my phone every time my daughter gets something. I like to be able to get notifications but I just wish it was without sound.

- Request sent

I sent a friend request to one of my child’s teachers, when they accepted the request they now show up as my child on her contacts list.

- Rester connecter

Parfait pour que les enfants restent connecté.

- Transfère / partage

Bonjour , j’aime beaucoup l’application, seul chose que je trouve plus décevant c’est de ne pas pouvoir partager des vidéos de FAcebook sur le Messenger de mes garçons .... petites vidéos drôle d’animaux que j’aimerais leur montrer. Bref sinon j’aime bien 😋

- Amusant et facile pour les enfants et parents

Par contre, il semble y avoir un problème au niveau des notifications. Parfois j’ai la pastille rouge qui s’affiche et parfois pas. Même chose pour le son.

- Safe!

I love that I can control who my children are interacting with!

- Great app for kids

Messenger kids is great for kids with parents control! It’s great that we can control the time of day that messenger kids is available and not! But something doesn’t work right, at 7am messages still don’t go through when set to 6:30am, I have to set it for 5am almost as though there is a time zone and it’s wrong! Kids can’t delete what they sent, I get that it’s because parents wouldn’t want kids sending things and deleting so we can’t see, but there needs to be a way for us to delete because my daughter sent a picture to a friend that we wanted to be able to delete and teach her why it’s not appropriate! But we did not have the ability, so her friend saw an inappropriate picture!

- Safe

My daughter can call only contacts I approve. I really like it.

- Ultra sadness

It used to work but now it won’t let me in

- How get code

I need code for my kid

- Cute app but beware

The games are cute and it’s interactive but my daughter used the voice to text function and the song she was singing came out as a string of profanities. Once it was sent there was no way to delete the message for either end. Very disturbing and I deleted her account right away. Very disappointing!!!

- O

Hello O

- I like this app and the other one

I wish you could draw because I like to can you please do like a drawing thing please!

- Plz fix

App is good but I find it is frustrating when I’m trying to use another application at the same time while in a call and I loose connection to the call

- It’s not working🤧

The app is not working.My friends are very wooded.😭please fix this problem. I really need to talk to my best friend. But now I can’t with this problem, so please please please pretty please fix it.🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

- I love it except for a couple of things..

I love this app!! I can text all my friends now! But of course there are some flaws, I’ll list them below: 1. There is a glitch where if you type something, most of the time it takes away half of the message and replaces it with “...” i.e, “hi how are you doi...” or even with very short messages like “Wh...”. It is very annoying. Please fix. 2. You guys always take away the best filters and replace them with not-as-good filters for example the dancing panda. That one was my favourite until you removed it from the app. It is sad. Also with the video call games, I loved the piggy building one where you have to tilt your head, but it’s not there anymore. Please add them back. 3. You cannot send links. I don’t get why this is forbidden. I try to send a link and it says: “Send Failed. Operation could not be completed.” 4. I cannot set nicknames for my friends, but all my friends say they can set nicknames for people and we have the same devices and iOS. 5. There is no only audio call option, only video call. 6. There are many emojis that you can’t type for example 💩 as well as 🗡⚔️🔪💣🔫🧨 and I guess those are kinda violent, but the removal of 💩 privileges is unacceptable. Privacy-wise it is very very good. But these are all flaws that I hope are attended to. Thank you.

- I can’t get in the app

I can’t get in the app every time I wanna open the app it won’t let me my friends are scared and wondering where i am

- Why this app is literally so amazing

This is so amazing because you can text back-and-forth and your kids might write something inappropriate. But the parents Can see the kids Messages try this app now☺️

- 😃😃😃😃

Awesome app a way to talk to your friends and family as a kid with out having to go on your mom's or dad's phone I got I and I will never delete it 😀😀



- Good app needs some fine tuning

It would be nice if under controls you can decide different times for different kids to have access. Other disadvantage is that the parent can’t delete anything in a kid to kid conversation. So if something inappropriate is said you can’t remove it.

- idk wut to do

It’s just about me & you can’t share YouTube videos

- Amazing

I love it it’s the best app I’ve found for the kids now they don’t have to use the real mesnger!

- Pls add more fliters

Pls add more cute flilters and more games

- It’s good to make friends

Love it

- 😍 love it 😍

I love this app it is so good I saw it on App Store and was like Mum can we get it and she said I will see then the next day she said I could get it when I got it so many of my friends got it to me and my sister absolutely love it you can play fun games while messaging and video calling and you can make groups and name them if you are looking for an app to message and video call your friends get this one!!! During the video call you can turn your microphone off if you want to and message whoever you’re calling. You can also play games at the same time as chatting and I mean games that are not on messenger kids like Roblox or something else. Parents your kids can block and report people who are doing something bad or being mean but when they want a person they have to put the person’s code in and you will get a message saying “your kid wants to be friends with this kid” e.g Olive you can also delete messages you don’t want your kid to read or receive from friends you can also delete messages your own kid(s) send. I love this app and you should get it. Kids have so much fun and parents do not need to worry about them

- Great App for the kids!!

If you can arrange it, it’s great for kids to keep in touch with school friends and family members.

- alek_kur00

Plz let me find my friends

- What

i wanted to call my friend and it says ipen settings so i do it and there's nothing so i tell her to call me and it says i cant talk right bow for me to say and im like WHAT

- Great parental comfort

Easy to control & kids love it

- Needs a easier/quicker way to log out

I have to go into my Facebook to logout of the kids account properly

- Cannot create an account

I put all my sons details in and keep getting an error message

- Me and my bff love it!

I absolutely love it 😻 because it’s COVID-19

- Hi

It is a Really good app for my learning because I don’t know much but I know lots I know all of this stuff but I’m happy I got them

- Awesome

This is a good app I can talk to my friends call them play games take funny pics and grow a pet it is so good I would recommended it to all parents that are looking for a safe and secure app we’re the parents can see what there kids are doing like the messages their calls so everyone is safe and happy 5/5 😍

- Messenger kids

Needs to be able to add to group chats without being connected to all group members.

- Messenger kids

Messenger kids amazing

- Awesome

I love this app I can talk to my 7 year old thru this app when I’m at work She can talk to me , nanny & siblings also ☺️

- Great for isolation for kids

Great idea for kids to keep in touch during isolation parents can control everything felt very safe letting my seven year old chat to his friends

- Messenger Kids

It is AMAZING and my child can talk to her friends.

- Messaging app

It’s a great app so kids can chat and stay in Touch

- Good way kids at distance can get closer


- Amazing App

Best app ever because you can chat with friends!

- Yes and NO!!!

My 10 year old kid can use head phones with it so could you plz have a option to use head phones and YES it’s a good app!

- Messenger kids yay

This is my fav app better than any other app

- Awesome

It’s amazing but it needs to have filters that can go on your pets and any animal

- My kids like it but the app is frustrating

My kids have fun taking photos and sending messages on this app, but people can't send photos back to them. Every funny image or video my mum tries to send her grandkids is made "unavailable". One image was only an animal crunching broccoli! I am very strict with what my kids are exposed to, but if I say my elderly mother is a safe contact for my children, my opinion as a parent should be trusted and she should be allowed to send them photos and videos. I wouldn't add contacts if I didn't trust their judgement.

- Audio call

Hi, I couldn’t get my child to audio call me I didn’t know wether it was because she didn’t have a SIM card or that it was in settings. But over all I really love this app and my daughter thinks it is very fun.

- Good- but needs better parental controls

My kids and I like this app but it needs a function to show your child as ‘away’ or ‘unavailable’ for times when you don’t want their friends to call them (ie. during meals or family times) it also would be excellent to have an option in set up to block school hours completely. The app is fun and works well but it needs more parental control settings

- Love the contention

I am so mad because it keeps playing up and I can’t text any more

- Very user friendly and was great for lockdown

Got this app for lockdown I also love that I can see if he has been annoying anyone (sending messages over and over) and let him know to ease up, after all it’s all a learning experience

- Chooky147

Great for kids and a safe option!

- Still with errors

I’ve had to delete the app on tablet. I get unexpected error messages and can’t edit the child’s app settings. As we can’t change any settings under the child’s profile to go offline it’s distracting her from school work and needed to be uninstalled. Would be great if it worked within our controls but the controls don’t work.

- Asome

So call and I’m only 8

- Seems great except for the access to games

I get that these days some parents are happy for their kids to play games often and for extended periods of time but for those who limit screen time it would be great if there was an option to hide the games. Took one look at that and decided not to use it.

- Ravi bains727


- Well...

Well this app is very nice but I’m having some issues with viewing my sent videos and it always says that I haven’t read the messages when I really have other then that download it now!!!

- Really good app but Bad GIFS and filters

I am a kid and use this app, its better than imessage and all the other messaging apps but it has none of my favourite filters and GIFS, they dont even have Bob Ross gifs

- It’s ok

Great game but not in enough games cause I saw a mouse game on start playing but there was no mouse game plz add more games

- Amazing

GO Mesanger kids

- .

Would be good if we could add people to their friends list who aren’t friends of ours. Example I don’t want to have my ex partners family as my friends on Facebook but I’d like to add them to her chat so she can speak with them.

- Great, but needs ability to turn off calls

I have this app for my 3yo daughter. It’s really great and she loves it, but in parental controls we need the function to turn off phone calls and/or messages. Sometimes I like to let my daughter play the games on it (which are also great) but I can’t stop her from attempting to call family members 5 times in a row unless I’m right on her. Hopefully this function will be added later.

- I hate it

It doesn’t even work

- Love it!

Absolutely love it I highly recommend this app for your kids

- Great app

Great app for kids but would love an option to put ‘away’ or ‘busy’ status on. My son uses it through my phone and would love to put a ‘away’ status so his friends know he isn’t available to talk.

- Love it

Love this app makes it so much easier and safer for my daughter to stay in contact with her friend

- Awesome app to allow kids to keep in contact

This is a wonderful app that allows kids to keep in contact especially since isolation has meant they dont get to have that contact. It’s also great as you have say over who they can contact and in turn see/manage their contact lists.

- Turning off app

I love that you can set sleep times but I’d also like an option to turn it off at other times too, like during school hours.

- Good choice

Great and safe for our daughter

- Ummmmmm FaceTime quality is so bad

Hi so me and my cousins are trying to FaceTime eachother and it’s so laggy, it keeps echoing and in general it’s just slow and everyone’s voices keeps cutting off and we have realllyy good wifi and FaceTime seems to work great..... and another issue is I can’t turn off my phone while facetimeing because it ends the calll and my batteryyy keeeppssss draining from it..... please respond as soon as you can Thank you

- Great fun app for kids


- Best ever app for our kids

For the first time in our kids lives they have a relationship with their cousins that live in different countries. We love how safe it is and how they can also contact us without needing a phone also

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- Le contrôle parentale inexistant

Ijavais installer lapp et regretter par la fuite alors je la desinstalle. Mais les enfants sont capable de te télécharger ???!!! Et sont capable d’appeler n’importe qui n’importe quand grrr

- Coolest app ever

Amazing game but the good thing is the FaceTime. 👍👍👍👍👍😛😋😝😉🙃😌😍😍😍😍

- Update

Is there anyway that you can let this app text with no WIFI??!! I want to text my friends and family if I’m away or if there away!!

- Boring

It takes so long to get a new filter and a new pet mines been fully evolved for about a month and it won’t change

- God but no way to block calls

I like it but there is no way to block calls and when I want to text them I can’t cause it says I block them and then when I unblock them I get upset and then I don’t know what to do.FIX THIS!

- Cant change color

I’ve had this app for sooo long and ITS AMAZING 🤩!!! but for some reason I can’t change my color ;-;

- Can’t get in

When I try to press create account it says something went wrong pls try again

- Help

If its not letting you have the app the yo pu have to much apps a,cause I'm only allow'd 16 apps thankyou for lessoning ❤️

- Deleting full Conversations

I am so mad!!!! I want to delete group chats in my kids messenger app. This is so stupid She has added a ton of people And the groups are so confusing. Now I Have to delete the app and start from Scratch. Parents need more control beyond just blocking people. I don’t want to block her grandparents or have to ask 20 individual people to leAve a group convo. This is the worst app and it needs to be fixed !!!!!!

- Bad

When I try and call someone after I had a miss call it just says right away no answer

- Love it!

I love it, it’s awesome, and it’s very fun. I have a ton if friends on it. When you have a chance, it would be great if there were mote missions. Thanks!

- Love it but plz fix some stuff (I love how there is no bugs)

So much fun But plz add more flitters and be able to have group chat games And make something for when u don’t want to answer And please make there be by the ear calls I don’t always want people looking at my face And make it so it is a bit more fun like for someone’s birthday have a birthday flitter and a special gifts to collect up And like I really like it and all But I don’t like how when I get a call it goes to my moms phone ALSO CHANGE THE RINGTONE AND TEXT SOUND LET US KIDS PICK OUR OWN SOUND MAYBE A SONG BUT PLEASE And make it so I can text at stores I don’t have a data plan so I can’t do that Love this app so much Bye ❤️🤣🥳😂❤️🤩🤣🤪😃😇😘🤖 Also I love chatting in a safety chat room and a safe place! Totally would recommend for kids and parents!! I get to talk to my family and friends

- Amazing!

Love this! Kids love it too

- Fun with my Daughter

The games and Draw feature is great! I wish the Draw window was bigger, though! Also, a few more games would add more excitement to the mix.


This app sucks I can’t DOWNLOAD

- Leila


- Lots of fun

The app is lots of fun and works great definitely recommend😀

- ZX9RNana

I love being able to interact with my grandkids, knowing that they are on a completely safe platform.

- Kids

Nice seems safe but I will still be watching everything.

- Great kids app

This is a really good app for kids to communicate with the friends while the parents are in control over who they can add as contact and all conversations are recorded. It is monitored and if the system feels there is any inappropriate they will remove it and a notice goes to the parents (in our case it was a blurry cat that was removed 🙄 nothing inappropriate).

- Sécuritaire

Les enfants peuvent discuter avec leurs amis(es) sans danger que personne les ajoutes sans le vouloir!!!

- How do you voice call

So I have used this for a few months now and searched the web but I still don’t know how and plus how do you do it because is now starting to get annoying so pls fix it.

- My child loves it

My 4 yr old is getting a ton of use out of it since Covid has started

- Great for kids

I like that it all can be seen from my phone.

- Great way to keep in touch with friends

I allows my son to use this app to stay in contact with his friends from school during the pandemic and school being closed. He is only 8 years old and I like being able to control who he has contact with, he enjoys the emojis and video use the most and has been great for keeping in touch with his best friends. The parent controls from my device do not allow me to see his messages but I just check in regularly on my sons device to see what he has been talking about and doing. I just wish video chats where logged as well so I can see/hear what they have been talking about (I’ve caught a few inappropriate conversations so far) and it’s important to teach your children proper etiquette for chatting and using social media.

- Great App

Wonderful way to keep in touch w grandkids. Wish this was available for Europe as well.

- Help please

I love the ‘Grow your Pet’ thing, but now it isn’t growing anymore. Please update the game so there is a new pet and/or it keeps growing. Thanks, Audrina Harris

- Great way to connect kids

When the kids need to get a hold of me, they can connect with me from their iPods. They video chat with their friends, and Great quality calls too.

- Son

Chaque fois que je parle avec ma petite-fille je m’entends parler en écho c’est très désagréable

- Good app for kids

My kid has been able to keep in contact with friends and family, I get as parent to control who he approach and see his activity.

- Great for family and close friends group

Seems to be a safe option for kids to communicate with a select group

- Amis


- Messenger calls

If I have Messenger Kids in my phone, every time my daughter gets a call, my phone is basically frozen and I can’t do anything until they stoop calling or she answers. There’s no way for me to ignore the call.

- Great app for young kids

Great app for young kids, full control by parents

- Écran de côté

La personne à qui je parlais me voyait de côté.

- Good


- Recorded message

It would be nice to hear the message recorded before it is sent.

- Pas facile de trouver les amis

Je trouve pas facile de trouver les amis de mes enfants il a même fallu que je devienne amie avec les parents pour que se soit plus facile de trouver les enfants

- Kids messenger

Kids should be able to save or copy videos and pictures. I was helping my grandson with his homework on his tablet. Some were videos and could not copy or save to send them to his school app for his teacher to see.

- Great

No concerns


I love the app! I have all my friends on it! But I have 1/one question. Can u get more than 6 badges?

- C’est bon

Très bonne application, mon fils peut rester en lien avec ses amis

- I like

Me good very like

- Love this!!

This is an amazing app! It's so easy to use and with amazing filters! During Covid this is really helpful! Thank you for making this app!

- Ami

Incapable d’ajouter un ami en particulier ! Pourtant nous avons essayé à plusieurs reprises et avons réussi pour ma fille, mais pas pour mon garçon.

- .

Cette appli est cool mais quand je suis rendue à la parti ou c’est écrit les choses que vous devez savoir je suis bloqué la je ne peux plus cliqué sur aucun bouton mais pourtant dans les vidéo sur YouTube qui montre les étapes sa marche mais pour moi non 👎😒

- Supprimer

Je veux supprimer le compte de ma fille qu’elle ne se sert pas mais le petit symbole pour supprimer est introuvable

- Like it

This is the best!♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ So good

- KIDS 🥳


- Great app for kids

The only thing I would change is parents approval before sharing pictures/videos... But other than that, it’s a great app for kids!!

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- Kids messenger.

It is great that I can choose who my kids message and talk to and that I can message them. Seeing the content is also a benefit.

- Kids messenger

I think kids messenger is a great idea. For the safety of children, in this time of confinement, when they can communicate with family and friends.

- Very happy

Really happy with this app. It is really creative and clever and such a great idea. It has been a life saver for my 7 year old during Covid19 as a way for her to maintain contact with her friends and “play” with them. I feel safe with the app also.

- Great and safe way for kids to stay connected

Great way for the kids to stay connected particularly in this current climate.

- Excellent

Really good platform for children to keep connected with their friends and other family members that live far away. We can control everything to keep the safe in the virtual world.

- Mrs Dean

Great experience for the kids

- Good

My son can contact family on his iPad and I get to monitor everything

- Love the app

Love the idea and the experience for my little one. Would love more control as a parent to have confirmation before my little one tries to call people though

- Iron man


- Love it

I can talk to people in is a great app for my children

- Feel confident in the app

We’ve only had it a short time, and our daughter loves it. It’s great to control the time of when children can access the app, allows more then one parent/care giver to monitor it. Feel say knowing that parents need to request or approve the friends list and they we can check the context of chats are safe and non-bullying. So far, I would highly recommended it - to keep children connected in a safe way.

- Downloads but won’t finish install

This app would be great if it would install on ipad. the app downloads and account is created but during the add friends screens there is no buttons to push to progress screens.

- Love it

Love that my daughter can message me when I’m at work, and keep in contact with her family members and friends. But most of all love that I still have control over who contacts her

- It’s ok

There are failures with this product, it doesn’t see all the family members and there is NO support.

- Amazing👍

I think this app is amazing for kids! It has fun games and cute filters while FaceTiming. I really like this app my kids do to :)

- Miss


- Sware aware

I haven’t even got the game but a cool feature could be that if a kid says a sware word it would be muted with a hand feature over it and it ends the meeting

- Start

I don’t have a Facebook account because I just use email and I don’t want to get a Facebook account. I think you can improve the app by choosing what you want to use to monitor your child’s account.

- Great!

Such an excellent app! Recommend it 👍🏻

- Finally a safe app for the kids!

If I was a computer programmer/app developer, and my COVID19 job was to develop an app for my kids to communicate to one another while in lockdown, THIS IS IT!! Well done! Thank you! ❤️

- Great app but a few small suggestion

I only got this app recently and so far I love it. A few small suggestions, Make it so that when you are calling more than one person you can play games with them. Also I think that it should only give notifications when necessary, Because my mum keep getting notifications when one of my friends sends me a message and it is starting to get annoying for everyone. If you do these things then I will give you a 5 star rating. Please reply!

- Messenger kids

The best app ever

- Filters


- Ryan lin

Ryan lin

- Great app for kids

Great app for kids I’m so glad that this is available and am happy to be monitoring my daughter on this app

- Safety first

I love that as a parent, I have control over who can or cannot chat to my child. I like the feature allowing us to turn it off at certain times, being able to limit their use of the app to specified times is great. I would prefer to have the ability as the parent, to be able to delete messages not only from my child’s view, but if they have sent something inappropriate, I can delete from everywhere.

- Read this please!

Can the app backup Siri so I can say “hey Siri send a message to mum” that would be great but it says it can’t so please make it happen please please please!

- Loving the connection in these times

I saw this app a couple of weeks before it became available in Australia and downloaded it as soon as it did for both my kids. I love that my kids are now able to keep in contact with their friends during these days of social distancing. They can play games, draw pictures and do it all safely. The fact that I know who is on their contact list and that I have to authorise any contacts makes me feel safe. I have had a few issues in connecting my kids with their family members because they are not showing up in the search results. Not sure why this happens? Also needs to be clearer on parents side where to access the time limits section. Highly recommend but the parents must be on fb to access the kids account.

- Fantastic App

I think it’s great for kids especially since being in isolation and I only have 1 child do it connects her back with her friends

- I would like to read the messages

Could you please make it so I can read the messages as well as seeing the photos thanks

- Review

I enjoy this however not being able to delete things as the parent is hard.

- Screen freezes

Every 2 to 5 minutes the screen of the other person freezes and you have yo call them again, I like the app BUT PLZ FIX THIS😊

- Love this app recommend

Coming from the kid I love this app it was a good way for me to interact with my friends on the app the filters the games were good and I can talk to my friends in this crazy Covid-19.

- Great app for little humans to learn

Very happy with this app. Great way for little humans to learn about social media.

- Great!

Fantastic way for my daughter to keep in touch with her cousins and relatives who she is missing. She feels like a big girl with a real phone. Very cute to watch.

- The app I wish I knew about earlier

Excellent initiative!

- Contacts

I’d like to be able to delete some contacts.

- Kids messenger

I created 2 profiles for my son

- Nice

Good apps

- Cringe


- Great idea

I wish you could use kids messenger on the laptop. Only downfall as we only have 1 device (my phone) and it’s hard to share it with phone calls etc Otherwise it’s absolutely a great program/ app to use to help the kids keep in contact especially during this trying time.

- Messsger

It is great appp

- Great App Addition During Iso

This has been a wonderful App for our kids (9 & 12 - particularly the 9yo) during the COVID-19 lockdown. She enjoys the ability to socialise with her friends, chat, send cute and funny pics and videos, and video call one another. It’s been great for her to have her own “chatting” App for her to load on her own iPad instead of using my phone. I love the security features, the parental controls for approving friends, and the access to their messaging history. A few things for feedback: * New message notifications ‘flash’ and personally I don’t think it’s obvious enough. * Multi-friend chat, I don’t think this is available. * Parental Control for messaging history only goes back (I think) 50 messages from the phone, I believe further (older) access is accessible online. ... with the way kids message, 50 messages isn’t enough. * Perhaps an additional parental control could be limiting times allowed on the app ... we can control this with family sharing and our kids are good at following rules, but limiting access to, eg; 8am to 7pm, might help too. Overall, it’s a great little SM App that I feel safe letting our kids use.

- Separated Parents

It’s really useful app for my child to keep in contact with friends but they can’t add family members (adults) unless they’re my friend on FB. We’re a separated family and I’m not friends with some of the adults they want to be friends with but I would like them to have the opportunity to contact them

- Great App

This app is super fun to stay in touch with friends and family. I like how your parents control what your doing and it is always awesome. You can have different masks on in video calls and you can send these fun videos and photos. I love the idea of missions and how you can do the “Guess The Picture” or “Grow Your Pet” games. Maybe in the pet game you could chose your pet and maybe have more costumes for your pet?? It would make the app even better by a little smidge. Like I said, this game is super fun and awesome. I would recommend this game from 6-13, and this is definitely a 5 ⭐️ game!!

- Stuck

Stuck in set up after inviting adults and friends to chat too. Won’t progress beyond displaying the info page on the app can share.

- Won’t let me log in

I did my other 2 children messenger fine but with my 3rd child it said my email isn’t found then I went to trouble shooting to log into Facebook account with email and password and then it said no internet connection 😡

- Games

The games are a great idea but there is some games that do not work like the bunny bridge at the first level it is easy and shows you how to do it but the second level it is impossible for kids and there is not enough bridges to get to the fruit and there is another game we’re it is on a video chat I don’t know what it is called but u have to tell your friend how to get to the pizza and this is hard because kids will need to figure out left or right and then tell their friend and they will have to figure out left or right and the timer will go off before they get half way and I’ve tried this and the touch screen is not that good on some phones so u might have to tap it a few times so please fix this it is frustrating

- Great!!

Love connecting with past & present friends

- Just what we needed

We really are so happy there is finally an app that can connect children with their friends and family in a safe and supervised way.

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Messenger Kids 123.0 Screenshots & Images

Messenger Kids iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Messenger Kids iphone images
Messenger Kids iphone images
Messenger Kids iphone images
Messenger Kids iphone images
Messenger Kids iphone images
Messenger Kids ipad images
Messenger Kids ipad images
Messenger Kids ipad images
Messenger Kids ipad images
Messenger Kids ipad images
Messenger Kids Social Networking application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Messenger Kids Social Networking application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Messenger Kids (Version 123.0) Install & Download

The applications Messenger Kids was published in the category Social Networking on 2017-12-04 and was developed by Facebook, Inc. [Developer ID: 284882218]. This application file size is 214.34 MB. Messenger Kids - Social Networking posted on 2020-05-24 current version is 123.0 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions.

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