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What is wizz app - chat now app? Welcome to Wizz, where fun comes from the unexpected. Wizz is a safe space where you can let loose and meet new friends from all over the world. With over 15 million downloads and counting, you’re sure to find your people!


1). SWIPE TO FIND FRIENDS: Swipe through the app to find people who are online when you are.

2). CHAT LIVE: One of the most exciting things about Wizz is that you can instantly chat with people all around the world.

3). AGE-MATCHED CHATTING: Engage in conversations with peers your own age, ensuring a safer and more relatable experience.

4). IT’S FREE: Yup, Wizz is totally free to use.

5). IT’S SAFE: We take your safety very seriously. That’s why we have an age gate, plus additional safety features for any users.

Meet new people. Let loose. Belong together.

Wizz is for positive vibes only! If you post inappropriate content, you'll be automatically banned.

Terms of Use: https://www.wizzapp.com/terms-and-conditions

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App Name Wizz App - chat now
Category Social Networking
Updated 08 April 2024, Monday
File Size 199.78 MB

Wizz App - chat now Comments & Reviews 2024

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Banned accounts. I have had to make multiple accounts that only last a few hours before I get banned/restricted for doing virtually nothing I have normal conversations use normal pics for my accounts yet still end up getting banned for no reason it's not a bad app and l've meet some chill people they just need to do something abt this maybe loosen up on the rules a little but because it seems like they ban me for doing nothing I don't know if they ban someone for spamming which if so that's ridiculous and you should just make it so people can't send messages after so many and they have to wait a while and have actual moderators not an Al because it's not gonna know what's what and make mistakes it should be more of a if system detects a problem moderators look it over before just banning accounts they can look it over and then make a full decision because it reduces problems and would make the app work a lot better. Ill keep using the app it's not bad I just need this problem to be fixed because it's frustrating trying to make friends and have my account be shadow banned just because a system detects what it thinks does against community guidelines and then bans someone when in reality it didn't and you're stuck basically not being able to use the app for a few days to weeks

I hate the account reviews. I get making sure that ppl aren’t posting gross things or dangerous things but I’m soooo done at this point ☹️ I had a pic already up and just added 2 things. ‘Nfs’ and ‘I like most music except country or heavy metal but I’ll listen to it if you like it :)’ and it got taken down. I can’t remember all the other things I had. If you take it down that’s one thing. I can dispute it and try again. But you take EVERYTHING off. I like to take my time building them up so it just ruins my entire page. If you guys are going to have such a faulty review system (cause I’ve seen some questionable accounts) then you should at least go back to the previous save. So it’s not just completely wiping it. I wouldn’t have reviewed but this also happened to a new picture I was adding. I just said that I wanted new friends and someone to buy me food and it got taken down??? And it said I had weapons in the background. It didn’t even take down the photo just erased all the words which doesn’t make sense. Shouldn’t it just have up pic a new picture at the very least? Wouldn’t that make more sense? To leave the words but add a new picture? Sorry for the rant but this is annoying and needs to be fixed.

Can this stop. just recently I signed into another Wizz account and signed back into mine and my verification check disappeared so I go to verify and The EXACT picture I had already had verified since like a year now it says “ensure the image clearly shows your face and try again” which then I do over and over so then I try a new photo and I get the same exact thing over and over so I try one bare face let you know I am CLEARLY in the sun you can see my WHOLE face and the same exact thing.. I’ve tried 7 photos and they ALL say the same exact thing even with the light directly at me I don’t get what the problem is but now you made it where you can’t text if your account isn’t verified which is great cause it won’t even let me verify plus the fact can we talk about your rejecting content since I’ve seen literal girls in Lingerie and still have their photos up yet if I put a picture of my face straight face it gets rejected as I’m “breaking community guidelines” not even telling me why like it used to. I have tried to put photos of me standing and I get my photo rejected for putting “pornography”… which over time I get restricted no matter what and if we decide to disagree it gets us banned idk but 2 years ago Wizz was so much better then this with all these new updates Wizz just is getting worse like I rather get on Yubo at this point and I’m currently waiting for my 3 minutes of moderation to end because of a face picture thank you.

acting weird. I’ve downloaded Wizz about 3 times now, I’ve gotten bored of the app and deleted the app then redownloaded it. Nothing wrong with the app the first 2 times. This time when I was signing in to verify my age(with the camera), it kept saying error till it had to be manually checked by a worker. I had good lighting and everything so I found it strange but went along with making my profile. I tried putting up a photo with a bio for my profile but apparently it was inappropriate and violated community guidelines, I personally didn’t find anything that violated them however. I tried a different bio and again, violated community guidelines and I couldn’t moderate it for the next 5 minutes. There was an option for it to be checked by a worker to make sure it actually violated the guidelines, and I might get banned if it was inappropriate. 5 minutes passed and I tried changing it one more time with a different picture and different bio. It said I violated the community guidelines once again, but instead of waiting for 5 minutes, I have to wait 59. I’m not sure if these are just some glitches but I’m not very happy about this, I was just trying to set up my profile and now I might get banned?

Restrictions and app. The app was lowkey fun to use, had some cool people to talk to and wtv but now you get your account restricted much easier. Like you try and ask for someone’s snap and it doesn’t send and gives you like a warning saying that it’s against the guidelines. It’s so strict you can’t even ask for their social and have to spell it out everytime. Some of the chats don’t even send. Like you ask what are you doing and they say what they are doing but you don’t see it because of the restrictions. Before the app was great because it didn’t have many ads and the restrictions were low. There are less ads now which is better but the restrictions are too high. The app would be better if they are lower. People just have to know who they want to or don’t want to talk with. They have to make that choice not the app. Something as simple as in texting my friends on Snapchat could get your account restricted. Other than your account getting restricted in less than a day the app is great. Really cool people to talk to, made good friends from this app, and it’s just been a good app to pass the time. Just lower the restrictions and it will be better.

Customer Service. (UPDATE) I don’t know if I’ve just been annoying or not but since I got back from Nigeria I have been trying to contact customer support to help me with my issue but they seem inactive and unresponsive as well as seemingly always taking days for them to be active then them not being active at all on the weekends just to be directed to a support bot on the weekday again that can’t help anyone with their needs. (UPDATED REVIEW) So I’ve contacted the team on instagram and I’ve repeatedly followed up via email and the developer website but no one is trying to be involved or seemingly are willing to help for they immediately say they will come back the next day and never do and not only that but no one from the team or the moderation/management branch has even received or reached out to me about my concern and this customer support system fully observed by ai services is a complete bust because nothing gets processed or fully put through and the only good app that you can interact with people securely has no base system let alone a ticketing ministrations so someone may at least open a support ticket of some sort where staff can actually directly see and engage with the community or the percent of those that actually need assistance

This app is a total joke. Literally gonna make us verify that we’re real as a profile picture sorry but I’m not willing to be judge by thousands of people for how I look for just wanting to try and talk to someone I fell in love with and she fell in love with me but you gotta make it to where we’re both verified on the app with our faces as pfp do you not realize that she’s not verified but is still able to use the app sorry that a lot of us don’t want to be made fun of for how we look or anything there is clearly an easy fix for this and you morons didn’t put it together instead of showing pic of us as proof so that way we can get us embarrassed on our accounts which might I add is the reason why I deleted my old account for a new one and the way you could do better of getting people verified instead of that way Is let them use whatever pfp they want but have some form of identification to join the app that the app has to scan it’s no surprise different apps have this already but you rather have us potentially deal with cyber bullying instead of anything else do better because this ain’t it🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

Wrongfully banned. Apparently, I was banned?? I mean my messaging privileges were taken away. Although, I, myself, didn't do anything? People kept reporting me because I wouldn't want to do disgusting things with them- and one had even gotten into my account somehow ? They had posted a picture to my profile of a rando who was nude, but it was also completely censored ..? They'd even gone on to harass multiple people through my account. I've even tried to make a new account, but it still won't let me message anyone D :. That's not even what I'm most upset about- I'm more irritated over the fact was banned over an entirely censored picture, but people who have literally been known to attempt to blackmail, harass, and practically stalk others are yet to be banned ?? For god's sake I see people just straight out saying that they're TWENTY YEARS OLD WITH THEIR AGE SET SOMEWHERE BETWEEN 14-16!! And they're entirely aware of what they're doing!! They literally say that they "like younger girls" and still see that their accounts continue to be active?? They've even gotten in contact with a multitude of my friends! I find this incredibly bizarre and just unfair in it's entirety . I hope that the app is soon to be rid of these sickos and that I get my account back.

Fix These Issues. This app at one point honestly had some good potential but it’s slowly spiraled down into another washed up cash grab Tinder reject for teens. The earlier version of this app was the best tbh, was the most engaging and was unique in every way possible. Nowadays it’s just copying every other app like this to find new friends. Also adding secret chats defeats the entire purpose of reconstructing the layout to make it so people HAVE to message you to be friends. How am I supposed to make new friends when 75% of all my chat requests are blurred? Most people aren’t willing to drop actual money on here and watching 30 second ads every time is mind-numbing. I understand as app developers you have to make some form of money to support the app but there honestly has to be a better way that doesn’t directly interfere with the whole purpose of the app. Overall, the blatant “we want money” features of the app make it hard to enjoy, the newer layout ruins the uniqueness it once had and the support or actual interest in what the people who download the app have to say is lacking. I’ll give 2 stars only because this app was once actually good. Sad to see it take the same direction as all the others.

I got banned for no reason:/. I have had to make multiple accounts that only last up to about 10 hours before I get banned/restricted for doing virtually nothing I have normal conversations use normal pics for my accounts yet still end up getting banned for no reason it's not a bad app and l've meet some chill people they just need to do something abt this maybe loosen up on the rules a little but because it seems like they ban me for doing nothing I don't know if they ban someone for spamming which if so that's ridiculous and you should just make it so people can't send messages after so many and they have to wait a while and have actual moderators not an Al because it's not gonna know what's what and make mistakes it should be more of a if system detects a problem moderators look it over before just banning accounts they can look it over and then make a full decision because it reduces problems and would make the app work a lot better. Ill keep using the app it's not bad I just need this problem to be fixed because it's frustrating trying to make friends and have my account be shadow banned just because a system detects what it thinks does against community guidelines and then bans someone when in reality it didn't and you're stuck basically not being able to use the app for a few days to weeks .

Got banned and can’t make another account. Okay so let me explain this. I got temporary banned. Could still dm people and everything. Things started changing tho when I tried describing MYSELF better and not letting my account seem “dry looking” and have more describing stuff about myself and I did what every single person has done on that app prolly ever since it released I did my status, socials, my profile picture which was normally my face I’m to insecure bout my full body to do that and my hobby’s and that I could beat them in a singing contest with this emoji😎 and I got against community guidelines so I did it without the I can beat you against singing contest and just did hobby’s, status, socials, likes that’s it against community guidelines and then I just did my face with a filter on it and the filter was a bunch of smily faces and it was against the community guidelines so I did a clear no filter face picture that’s it no captions and against community guidelines. I even deleted the app and reinstalled and it didn’t work. This app is so sensitive and so are like half the people on it just an fyi. And you don’t get swipes/requested messages unless your on the app it should be able to be off and on the app. Fix your app Wizz or it’s not even worth downloading

NEEDS TO BE RE READ. I have had to make multiple accounts that only last up to about 10 hours before I get banned/restricted for doing virtually nothing I have normal conversations use normal pics for my accounts yet still end up getting banned for no reason it's not a bad app and I've meet some chill people they just need to do something abt this maybe loosen up on the rules a little but because it seems like they ban me for doing nothing I don't know if they ban someone for spamming which if so that's ridiculous and you should just make it so people can't send messages atter so many and they have to wait a while and have actual moderators not an Al because it's not gonna know what's what and make mistakes it should be more of a if system detects a problem moderators look it over before just banning accounts they can look it over and then make a full decision because it reduces problems and would make the app work a lot better. Ill keep using the app it's not bad I just need this problem to be fixed because it's frustrating trying to make friends and have my account be shadow banned just because a system detects what it thinks does against community guidelines and then bans someone when in reality it didn't and you're stuck basically not being able to use the app for a few days to weeks

STOP DONT GET THIS APP. This app at one point honestly had some good potential but it's slowly spiraled down into another washed up cash grab Tinder reject for teens. The earlier version of this app was the best tbh, was the most engaging and was unique in every way possible. Nowadays it's just copying every other app like this to find new friends. Also adding secret chats defeats the entire purpose of reconstructing the layout to make it so people HAVE to message you to be friends. How am I supposed to make new friends when 75% of all my chat requests are blurred? Most people aren't willing to drop actual money on here and watching 30 second ads every time is mind-numbing. I understand as app developers you have to make some form of money to support the app but there honestly has to be a better way that doesn't directly interfere with the whole purpose of the app. Overall, the blatant "we want money" features of the app make it hard to enjoy, the newer layout ruins the uniqueness the app had in the first place when I got it two years ago. Before I met so many people and it was so fun but now you have to pay for literally EVERYTHING it’s horrible. I just want to meet new people and find new friends and I cent even do that bc I can’t talk to any of them and it also dosent even push your account most of the time out to people unless you pay for the account bost.

Wrongfully Banned. Apparently, I was banned?? I mean my messaging privileges were taken away. Although, I, myself, didn’t do anything? People kept reporting me because I wouldn’t want to do disgusting things with them- and one had even gotten into my account somehow? They had posted a picture to my profile of a rando who was nude, but it was also completely censored..? 🤨 They’d even gone on to harass multiple people through my account. I’ve even tried to make a new account, but it still won’t let me message anyone D:. That’s not even what I’m most upset about- I’m more irritated over the fact I was banned over an entirely censored picture, but people who have literally been known to attempt to blackmail, harass, and practically stalk others are yet to be banned?? For god’s sake I see people just straight out saying that they’re TWENTY YEARS OLD WITH THEIR AGE SET SOMEWHERE BETWEEN 14-16!! And they’re entirely aware of what they’re doing!! They literally say that they “like younger girls” and I still see that their accounts continue to be active?? They've even gotten in contact with a multitude of my friends! I find this incredibly bizarre and just unfair in it’s entirety. I hope that the app is soon to be rid of these sickos and that I get my account back.

Add more to it!. Hey I really love this app and I kinda use it constantly but you could definitely add some more to it. First thing is, you can add more communities for different games, sports or artists. Second thing is, I feel like you shouldn't have to pay money to add more pics on your story. For an app to just talk to people and not have anything serious, it shouldn't be 80 dollars a year (20$ 3-monthly), 365 dollars a year (7$ weekly) or 120 dollars a year (10$ monthly). Lastly, this app is kinda too strict. I posted something on my story that says don't send me any nudes and it will give you a cool down when you can edit it. I had to wait a whole day to edit it again just because I didn't want someone sending me nudes. I know you have robots to view everyone's story and if they see that word, they will give you a cool down but still, it shouldn't be for that long. They also wouldn't let me have someone else look over it to make sure I didn't post something inappropriate. If anything, those robots should check over the teenage girls that are wearing nothing but a bikini saying they are freaky but that might just be me. Thank you!

Y’all literally can’t run a app for your life.. first of all i’m tired of my posts getting taken down cus it’s seen as inappropriate. that didn’t happen until i made a new account so i know wizz is just being dumb. stop being such snowflakes about small things i was fully clothed and all i just think it’d be better if you put more effort into getting the violations correct. On top of that when you ban someone it’s typically common knowledge TO LET THEM KNOW WHY AND FOR HOW LONG. cannot stress enough how many times i’ve been banned for a small cuss word and don’t figure out until i can’t see any online status’ or get any messages. it’s bogus. don’t think i didn’t notice how hard you guys are trying to add another section to wizz. first it was the wannabe tik tok side that you took down after seeing how dumb it was. now it’s the pops which are completely pointless. just leave it how it is there’s no reason to fix these. instead focus on the dumb issues you guys STILL HAVENT fixed that i listed. there’s a lot that could make the app better but jesus… get it under control this is embarrassing might just go to yubo again cus they at least know how to run an app…. lastly, PLEASE fix this whole automated filter to see if ur post isn’t allowed because i’ve had the dumbest stuff taken down due to your laziness. if you want a successful app do more.

It’s honestly really bad.. This app used to be one of my favorite apps. However, at the same time.. one of my least favorite apps and the only reason I continued to come back to it was because I simply got bored so I mainly used the app for that reason and wanted attention from other people. It’s really hard to find people you genuinely click with.. at least for me. Most people on the app either just wanted inappropriate photos, to hookup, or just dirty talk through the phone and after awhile I would get sick of it and delete the app but I always came back. Despite all of this I became obsessed with the app. After some time of deleting and re-downloading the app repeatedly it started acting weird. I got banned for something reasonable and after a day or two I was able to have my messages finally go through and be received to people. Time passed and it was like anything I said or posted on my profile got me banned. It started to get very frustrating and now it’s happened again. Funny how all the sudden they make us pay money while the app slowly gets worse and worse. I suggest you don’t get this app. It’s a waste of time.

The update made it worse. I have been using Wizz for nearly a year now and recently that shut down the app and removed from the play store for an update. Just last night I got the app back and try to change my pictures since the original ones had been older pics. I try to posies to black-and-white pictures of me with nothing revealing and a black long sleeve oversized shirt. But they kept moderating me saying it wasn’t an explicit sexual photo even though it obviously wasn’t and now I cannot update my profile for 24 hours. This is really stupid because I’ve seen people actually have explicit sexual photos up and they have not been moderated or taken down. I even tried to put up a different pick with a picture of me and I cat with me and a short sleeve oversized shirt, and guess what I was moderated again for the thing. Then I just decided to keep the pictures and just put up my told me to use but then they said that I wasn’t using the buttons they told me to use and I have been for supposedly not doing something I was supposed to do even though I had done it. If it doesn’t change, I will be using a different app from here on out and I that other people will to. If you want people to feel safe and comfortable using your app then maybe actually make it better instead of using bots to run your whole entire app which ruins the entire experience

NEEDS TO BE FIXED. honestly where do i even began? 2 years ago the app was great, it was making its way to the top & could have honestly been yubo biggest competition!! but then wizz tried doing new things… like trying to be tiktok part 2, they removed that feature when they noticed no one liked it at all. then they came out with the word bubble thing to add to your profile (mind you almost no one like this update either) i personally only like the music feature. on top of all that yubo really wants you to spend money for the smallest things… like having to pay to add a video instead of a picture when yubo lets you do it completely for free!! then when people try talking to you it’ll show up as a blurred message. making you have to watch an add almost everytime someone tries speaking to you & having to pay for boost ups or other small features for annoying prices is ridiculous! OH! recently i deleted the app due to it just being annoying & messed up, i’ve redownloaded the app many times now but the login part is messed up now too!! everytime i put my number in to make a new account it’s says “error 8” and to “kill the app & try again” even when trying again it tells me the same thing! so wizz definitely please fix that & every other problem listed above! thank you.

Dumb Idea. Not safe.. It’s fr like they thought “hmm making an app where kids can talk to each other with minimal moderation, pictures of each other, and locations definitely won’t cause pedophiles to gravitate there! It’ll be fine 🤪!” First of all you definitely knew the moment you launched this “friends making” app for teens would be a dating app for them. You literally have a “Rate Me” group. But the biggest disappointment is that you did this knowing adults can simply download the app and lie about their age. I’m generally not one to complain about teens talking to friends online. I do it myself. But I’m writing this review after the 5th time I’ve been hit up by a grown man asking for nudes and if the moderation actually existed this wouldn’t be such a reoccurring issue. Yes, you ban people upon them being reported. But from all the second accounts I’ve seen in this app it’s clearly very possible to just make a new account and do it all over again.

Paying money for freinds just go pay a random person off the streets. And honestly if I want to pay for an app to make friends, I would literally be better off paying people to be my friend and actually knowing that they’re fake because this is bull crap you got me paying money to see messages without having to watch a video you got me paying money to be able to post videos like you just your money hungry and I don’t know what else to say I hate the fact that you have to be a gold member to post videos when people don’t usually take pictures they usually like take a video nowadays, but you have to be a gold member to post videos so now it forces you to take pictures then they have some type of sexual hotline about a girl posting a mirror picture with a crop top on and some like shorts or pants but a guy can post a mirror picture with their shirt off and just a hat and a pair of jeans on with their boxer line, showing this is sexually like offensive and not only that it’s like you have to pay for so much stuff on this app but like you do make a lot of friends in connection with a lot of great people but you have to pay for so much stuff on this app. It’s Horrible.

I GOT BANNED FOR NO REASON. I DON’T RECOMMEND THIS APP.. This app at one point honestly had some good potential but it's slowly spiraled down into another washed up cash grab Tinder reject for teens. The earlier version of this app was the best tbh, was the most engaging and was unique in every way possible. Nowadays it's just copying every other app like this to find new friends. Also adding secret chats defeats the entire purpose of reconstructing the layout to make it so people HAVE to message you to be friends. How am I supposed to make new friends when 75% of all my chat requests are blurred? Most people aren't willing to drop actual money on here and watching 30 second ads every time is mind-numbing. I understand as app developers you have to make some form of money to support the app but there honestly has to be a better way that doesn't directly interfere with the whole purpose of the app. Overall, the blatant "we want money" features of the app make it hard to enjoy, the newer layout ruins the uniqueness the app had in the first place when I got it two years ago. Before I met so many people and it was so fun but now you have to pay for literally EVERYTHING it’s horrible. I just want to meet new people and find new friends and I cent even do that bc I can’t talk to any of them and it also dosent even push your account most of the time out to people unless you pay for the account bost.

really !. writing this review and im going to also take this to tik tok because i feel like this could be a good story time this app is a joke first lets start off with the harassment of women so I was talking to this guy everything seemed good at first until he started getting a little creepy mind you I was a verified account and it doesn't take that much for me to snap. We were starting to get to know each other and it comes to find out he doesn't really like women with personal views even been verified and having multiple pictures up he requested more pictures. I politely said no thousands of times, and he basically told me how inconsiderate I was how I should do this as a favor for him because his past with catfishes even though I do understand where he was coming from the way, I was harassed just to get pictures, and it wasn't until I finally snapped as anyone would have been constantly harassed, even after saying no multiple times that I was considered rude then he reported me I really enjoyed this app because I was able to interact with multiple people since I'm very antisocial, and I really don't have any friends outside of social media he basically ruined any chances of me being social and this app didn't do a good job at supporting me if you don't want to be harassed as a women this app isn't for you ❤️

I was blackmailed on this app. On this app, me and my friends were talking to random people, you know how the blackmail thing goes because it lead to iMessage and into Snap, i did had a great time on this app but not anymore, from that traumatic experience now I more of a fear to talking to females on social media because of this incident that nearly ruined my life and reputation in my community just over for 50 dollars they wanted I’m fine now but I don’t know if the person is planning on trying to repeat this offense again to me, the person who I met was a female named klain on the app, I still have the email she texted me on, the two random emails that tried to get my attention, possibly her snap but I already know that’s likely to be a bot but she removed her account after this incident on Wizz They Text me in 3:00 in the morning talking about they have Instagram, snap, and planned on sending two pictures of mine with my face, my phone number, instagram name and my sister as well I already warn everyone even my family about the situation just because it recently happened yesterday My friend gave me advice on snap of how to take precautions of situations like these or my suspicions if they were trying to do this to me I can’t recommend this app because of my incident but I highly say to watch your back, watch to the people you’re talking to in this app because this could likely happen to you

Idk. The The Big Lie and its lies have nothing in it for you and the people who believe in you to the end and you will never get the same result as you do in your own life because of it all the way through the end result of it is what it was a very important thing that I have been doing to me for the past two months I am very grateful to have been in the past two weeks I have had to do it and I’m grateful for that I am very proud to have you and you have a very special day to you too I hope that I hope that I can talk with my friend I hope you and you are always be happy to hear you have an awesome night sleep tight I hope that I will see each day I hope that you’re always thinking about me I hope that I will talk soon and you know I hope that I will always love and be careful love and be blessed day love and be happy day love and prayers to the best wishes to all the good luck love and peace be blessed night love and I hope to hear about the good news I hope to talk soon and have fun with the good night and have fun love and be happy and have fun I will be careful love and peace and happiness

Needs to add an option for only people that are verified with the face thing to text you. I got black mailed same as this other reviews luckily ik it’s an ai and also I had community on TT but I alr got them moved to a new acc that the person can find bc the user isn’t the same because I also have majority of my community on yt. ik I got it taken care of but like for other people and most time it’s the AI bot accs that do that and I’ve noticed all the good cool people r all verified so you need the option for people so anyone who isn’t verified cannot text u or anything or even see ur profile like we need verified wizz and unverified to be seperate so therefore all the bot accs are together then real people are together and are safe and have no risk. I might low key reinstall if y’all take this review seriously and try to implement this feature not like you care or anything but hey I will be more eager to recommend this app to others if y’all take this seriously but I think the concept and the app it’s self is fine it’s just this internet community wanting money for this blackmail stuff and also thinking it is funny and if y’all people at wizz want these emails from that one ai that got me rolled over so you can get them network banned and hwid banned I would be thankful. But nah this app is good it’s just the bad community wanting money and also thinking it’s funny tricking people and kids. I hope you take this review seriously.

Restrictions need fixing. There needs to be like a 3 warning type of system because to my knowledge I have not broken any rules then after 2 weeks of my account being restricted it’s gets un restricted then not even a full 6 hours later I get restricted again with no warning or anything the apps neither specifies what rule I broke it is incredibly frustrating waiting 14 days just to be restricted again within a 8 hour period fix the app and fix the restriction problem regardless if you choose to ignore this message or not your stupid restriction policy will 100% affect the amount of people who have your app which will eventually lead to its downfall so do us a favor listen to the people and not the big companies we are the costumers who give you business not the big companies keep your app simple like how it was 2 years ago and don’t try anything fancy before you kill the app and for the last time fix your restriction problem every time a problem is broken give us a warning so we don’t do it again instead of restricting us with no warning whatsoever please reply to this if possible thank you

I keep getting moderated for no reason.. Every time I try to make my profile or whatever it says rejected content and it’s telling me “don’t post pictures of yourself or others that are sexually suggestive or explicit. Keep your clothes on to avoid being moderated.” but my picture is a sky. I put that as my picture I only put a picture of the sky and I wrote a lot down on this profile or whatever this is and I wrote that I love fall and stuff and just things about me I put that song down in the background is a picture of the sky I wish I could put pictures on here but I can’t so I can’t show anyone how dumb this is please Wizz what am I doing wrong? I restarted this 3 times. it’s really getting annoying. background for absolutely no reason or just don’t post anything at all.(update) it was saying I couldn’t update my profile for. Minutes like four minutes now it’s telling me I can’t update it for 50 because I’ve been moderated too many times. Just a great, I just feel like wizz isn’t doing anything about this because I literally did not do anything wrong and it’s unfair that they’re not letting me update my profile for zero reason, I’ve been working pretty hard on mine like three times and it’s getting so irritating . I’m about to delete this app you know what I might as well.

I’m not really liking it. To be honest with you the app itself with a pretty decent idea I guess it’s just that I don’t know if it’s just me, but I get flagged for literally everything I do when I’m not even doing anything wrong there are people who post shirtless pictures on here and even straight up booty views and who say stuff like they’re selling inappropriate items or saying, they’re freaky or sneaky links even if it’s really annoying and if the app was originally made for friends, then why on earth are people literally just asking the have sex 24 seven I haven’t made that one friend off of there it’s always can I take you on a date or literally just trying to get inside my pants which is super annoying because at that point even accept or deny the request it’s so rude and even if so people to sit there and ask for your Snapchat just didn’t ask for nudes which is the most annoying part because I have to repeatedly block people over and over again and I got flagged it because I had a little cleavage showing in one of my pictures or I got flagged for saying that I don’t send like I don’t understand

banned for changing profile picture. the app is cool and all for making new friends or wtv. but i keep having this reoccurring problem where whenever i try to change my picture or the music in the picture i get banned for editing my profile for “nude or sexual solicitation” i’ve never asked anyone to send, and in the picture is just a picture of me (no body parts like cleavage or wtv hanging out i’m a guy) so i don’t understand why i get banned for 24 hours every single time i try and edit my profile. makes me want to delete either my account or the app. i tried making a new account only to be banned instantly for my name? my name is my real name on the app, so i don’t understand why i’m getting banned for a day instantly for just making the account. ps. the community has been fine for me, ive only gotten compliments and have only been “harassed” like twice maybe and i’ve had the app for over a month now ANYWAYS, please fix ur app there are MANY problems with it, and maybe make it so i can actually get unbanned but a real person than just one of ur help bots, because they won’t answer any questions i have pls and ty

eh. the app is really nice and has improved a lot since i first downloaded it. for context, i first got this app a few years ago when it first came out. i love the coin and rewards system, the preferences, and how you can only chat with people that are verified. my only criticism is the assistance system yall have. a few days ago i wanted to edit one of my profile pictures to show more of where i came from, specifically where i’ve lived. i made one quick edit, and all of a sudden i get a notification that i have to link my socials ? this specific slide for verbatim said “ft buddy wya ¿” “don’t be lame !!” and “CO✈️TX”. at first the “socials” i thought the app was talking about was maybe the facetime icon yall offered. i put that on the slide, but still received the same message, even after deleting and reinstalling the app. it proved even more frustrating because i guess if you don’t have any words, songs, stickers etc. it deducts the probability of your profile being seen by others ? i’ve spammed yalls team with requests to review the content, because from my point of view this seems to be a gray area. i suggest expanding your team so that pending requests can be fixed in a matter of 1-2 days, instead of multiple.

Thank you wizz. I have had this app for about a year, I was off and on with it, I meet some really weird people that was not good. I made lots of friends on here and it was a app for when I was lonely and wanted to talk to people. I was off wizz for a good 5 months and then I got back on it after I had a heart break In despite need to have communication with another person, that’s when I found my soulmate. I slide up on him and said hey and from there it was a good start. I thought it would be a little friendship but I had more feeling when I started to talk to him more. We ended up having a lot in common and talk for a lil(as in hours) and started really liking each other more than anything and started dating. We have not been dating for that long at all but I can see this relationship going somewhere. He’s cute, kind, funny, respectful, treats me like a princess, and wants the best for me. I’m so glad me and him both got on wizz that morning and he decided to text me back, now we are locked in fr. I’m his second girlfriend he has had in life and he waited a year to find a new girl had many opportunities and people hit him up but chose me because he felt something special. Thanks wizz for making soulmates meet. From all the weird things I found on the internet my favorite one is my silly bf ❤️.

INFORMATION STOLEN / MODERATION. This apps moderation is horrible, just because you say “snap” or “insta”, ones account gets restricted & you can’t message anyone anymore until it’s lifted. Not only is the restriction unfair, but when one attempts to contact customer service for an appeal, theyre met with a bot numerous times which is very misleading as the app states in settings “Message us” or that “Someone from our team will review your appeal” but then oddly enough, you get a message back from only bots. Now, let’s talk about the exposed privacy involved in this app, the app is basically taking your data & information and even stores it after you delete your account, the app never states this before you sign up, but if you look into settings as well & you have to fill this large form out before you can get your data removed which I found incredibly odd, and even after that it says that you will receive a message that will confirm your data being removed, but i did that and they never ended up sending it? I’m not sure this is just weird especially considering the fact this is an app aimed towards vulnerable teens.

😬😁. This app is so fun to meet new people but its a lil too strict, we should be allowed to have what we want on our acc and if people don’t like it they can swipe. I cant even put up an innocent picture because the top of my chest is showing and i mean like my collarbone. I dont mean we should let people have explicit pictures but if a picture violates guildlines to have someone check if cause the system is not always right. One time i was trying to put a song artist called SoftWilly on my acc and immediately got restricted and it said “Fav artist : SoftWilly😍” I understand that might trigger the system but its humans on wizz not bots so anyone would be able to understand that. They also restricted my account without even telling me, then when I requested a manual review i still haven’t been reviewed and I personally think there is nothing on my acc that could trigger it i have spent money on this app and its not worth it being restricted. Other than those complaints there is nothing bad about the app its easy to block people without consequences so its easy to stay safe and the people are kind. Its just the app feels like roblox, and i say this because messages get censored too.

Banned accounts. I have had to make multiple accounts that only last up to about 10 hours before I get banned/restricted for doing virtually nothing I have normal conversations use normal pics for my accounts yet still end up getting banned for no reason it’s not a bad app and I’ve meet some chill people they just need to do something abt this maybe loosen up on the rules a little but because it seems like they ban me for doing nothing I don’t know if they ban someone for spamming which if so that’s ridiculous and you should just make it so people can’t send messages after so many and they have to wait a while and have actual moderators not an AI because it’s not gonna know what’s what and make mistakes it should be more of a if system detects a problem moderators look it over before just banning accounts they can look it over and then make a full decision because it reduces problems and would make the app work a lot better. Ill keep using the app it’s not bad I just need this problem to be fixed because it’s frustrating trying to make friends and have my account be shadow banned just because a system detects what it thinks does against community guidelines and then bans someone when in reality it didn’t and you’re stuck basically not being able to use the app for a few days to weeks

What is Going On With this App ?. Made an account maybe 3 or 4 Days ago It was going Great !! And awesome until I started getting harassed from random guys !!! It was totally disgusting I reported and blocked each one until I had enough of it and started sticking up for myself yesterday a little !! Maybe replied to 3 but never cursed anyone out !! Now Wizz wants to restrict my account ?!!! I submitted a request to have my case appealed. You shouldn’t have people on your platform degrading others Wizz. And having people s*xually harassing others but when others stick up for themselves you want to restrict them ? I don’t feel safe on that app anyway. just Horrible experience. If you don’t like being harassed by multiple people and men don’t use this app !!! Also it’s a TON of scammers and fake accounts that inboxed me multiple times .. they have 0 control over bots on their platform !! You should have EVERYBODY To verify their identity to create a safe space !!! Some people don’t even use their pics of themselves they probably have a random pic of a cartoon then start inboxing people like me harassing !!! Wow .. GET EVERY USER VERIFIED Before they can use an account on YOUR Platform Wizz !!!!!!

Face ID and Moderating. I like this game a lot it’s a good way to make friends. I think my only issues are with the verification and the moderating. For one, the face verification thing took me forever. For people who don’t have the app, to verify that the photos are actually you, you can take a selfie and the AI matches it to your picture. Mine would not work at all. The requirements were to have glasses on if I wore them, take off any hats, and to have good lighting. Even if my selfies were basically the exact same picture, I still wasn’t verified. Took me 30 minutes. My second thing is with the moderation. I’ve been blocked from posting quite a few times and I read the guidelines and each time I tried to keep my posts within the guidelines. But every time I would get blocked from posting because my post “violated the guidelines”. But then I scroll through some peoples profiles and they have basically the same things I did, yet their posts weren’t removed or reported? I hope it’s a weird glitch, because nothing I’ve said even remotely breaks the guidelines. Overall the app is great these two things just frustrate me quite a bit.

I got restricted…. Wizz, I’ll be honest. Your app is pretty cool. I downloaded it roughly a week ago and haven’t spent a day where I’m not on it. When I received the bulk message reward from the daily rewards, I wanted to send out a fun and quirky message that read “text me back or else 🔫🥰” which in retrospect I realize now could be consumed as a threat. The next morning I woke up and all of my chats had a message at the top that said I’ve violated the guidelines of Wizz with no real explanation. I’m not even sure if that is the reason my account got restricted but it’s the only thing that occurred before I learned of my restriction. I did not intend that message as a threat to anyone. It was merely a playful mixture of words and emojis, with the hopes of drawing attention to produce responses. So with this 5-star review, I do hope that you’ll consider un-restricting my account so that I could continue to use the app freely and enjoy my time there. I intend to stay within the guidelines moving forward. Thank you for reading ❤️

This app is annoying. I honestly hate that when I put a picture on my profile they say that there is something wrong with it or it goes against their guidelines and then on top of that makes me wait almost an hour just to edit my profile when the picture has no inappropriate content once so ever and in the picture I’m fully dressed covered from head to toe. I also hate that if I get a secret message from someone it’s either I pay for the gold pass or I watch this video add for a few seconds and after I watch the whole ad the message is still locked. If you don’t have gold then u shouldn’t be able to receive the secret messages. I tried to delete my account to make a new one and as soon as I got to the page where u make a name it says I have to wait 36 mins to update my profile when I don’t have a profile and I’m making a new account I even deleted the app and tried to do it again and yet still saying the same thing over a picture that I requested to get reviewed since it was not up to the guidelines and didn’t receive an answer back all I get is the same picture I put on my profile but they deleted everything off the picture so I have to keep putting the things I had on there back just for them to keep doing it again worst apppp everrrrrrrr

Too strict.. If you look in the guideline section on the settings, it mentions that no discrimination of any kind is tolerated(racism, homophobia, sexism, etc). However, when editing my pictures I put the LGTBGIA+ community thing on there and a text saying what pronouns I went by and what my sexuality was. Information that people typically need to know. I also put my Snapchat on there as I had recently scrolled past a girl my age who has their Snapchat info on their profile. When I was finished editing my profile however, it claimed that I was discriminating and going against guidelines. Whatever, so I adjusted it and just put my snap, a song, and the LGTBQIA+ community thing and it still told me I was discriminating. Now I am temporarily banned from adjusting my profile for the 2nd time just for saying that I am Bisexual, use She/They pronouns, and using the LGTBQIA+ community icon. I’m not saying they are homophobic or anything, however temporarily banning me from editing my profile just for putting NEEDED information on my picture and claiming that I was discriminating whatever they thought I was, it’s ridiculous!!

all the amazing compliments i get🫶. I get a lot of friends from this amazing app because i use my most beautiful photos of myself and everyone calls me beautiful, cute, i could get called ugly at times but they js mad💀 but anyways i love this app cause of all the possible friendships i could have who like me for who i am what i am and what i believe in and the endless amount of people i see who are exactly like me that i can become besties with cause why not? i highly recommended this app especially putting in your state where youre from, if you’re comfortable and/or from the US. but its better to put your state in because its better to find a lot of people from your state so you dont meet someone so perfect but they are on the literal other side of the country, i know exactly how sad that feels but since we are all teenagers we have endless opportunities to see them in the future when you get that perfect opportunity because fate is real and it will tell you your true destiny🫶🫶🫶

Susy. This app is actually great it’s a place where u can find place but the problem is the new update I saw that for a lot of people the new update made their Wizz not work I had my Wizz account for a long time and I noticed I lost all my friends and requests I thought it just refreshed it so I tired adding a lot of people so I can talk to new people but I noticed that no one added me or added me back which I thought it was just my phone just it’s all broken 😭so I uninstalled the app and installed it again but it still didn’t work at this point I thought it was my account so I deleted my account and made a new one it still didn’t work and no ken was adding me back or adding me I deleted and made a new account like 5 times and none of them work so I emailed the creator or whatever it’s called I still haven’t had a response and I’m getting sad/mad bc I actually really like this app :(! So if any of the Wizz people read this plz fix your app! make a new update bc it’s not working ty love this app btw keep up the work!

Don’t get this app. I download this app to able to make friends. I barely had the app for an hour and everyone the app being “girls” where sugar mommas and every guy on that app were very sexual. Like I mentioned Barely had this app and I had instantly got into to verbal arguments over two guys saying vulgar things to me of what I should do because they said so. I basically had only 3 pictures of my face and guys were coming into my inbox to degrade me. I feel honestly sick to my stomach. I won’t stand anyone regardless of their gender to degrade me on something that isn’t what it’s meant for. 1 of the the guys actually got me so mad he brought the most ugly most disgusting side of myself that I would never show to someone because he was saying stuff to me. I didn’t feel comfortable and I didn’t have a good experience someone I met on the app said she had to go through 3 weeks of guys being very sexual towards her because she got used to it. There shouldn’t be getting used to it when there are kids on this app there’s no room for it none what’s so ever. It’s not the app developers fault but the people who decide to take a good thing and make it bad. Just putting my two cents in.

Mediocre at best.. A few years I had this app and it was amazing. You could make a random conversation and people who were genuinely interested could click and chat. Now it’s just a teen tinder, which I’m aware is not completely the developers fault however the layout was obviously meant to give some hints at that. I understand the ads are needed to keep the app open and they usually aren’t a problem. The only time ads are annoying is when I have to watch them to answer a swipe that someone else sent me. It would be great if the group chat feature was added back on and also if there was a search bar to find friends. Another thing that would make the app much better is letting people make an actual bio. Not just posting a picture and putting captions in it. That really limits people to what they wanna say. I’m sure that feature was added as a safety expansion but it’s extremely inconvenient. Other than all of that the app is pretty okay. It’s nothing special but it’s one of the better apps to make online friends all things considered.

It’s a nice app, found someone. My name is Jae 🎸⋆⭒˚。⋆ and i never thought id be writing a review for this app! I’ve been using this app since 2022 to now and i’ve been looking for a long time for someone to love. The moment i decided to look for gaming friends.. New years of 2024 came and a man found ME!🥺 I love him so much and luckily we’re seriously talking and it’s not been too long but i’m almost sure he’ll be the one! He’s not far from me but aye ! Love has no distance! Thanks to wizz i hope that this will be the first and last man that i fall in love with that i met off of wizz🥹🎀 However my future people who end up reading this! Be entirely careful! I only look up people who got verified so i don’t fall into a catfish scheme or anything! And careful who you trust because there’s some hood type boys on there, not to say they’re not looking for true love as well but they may show it different than you expect it, if you can handle that, GREAT! Also careful there’s also bots that seem to be people but it’s a fake photo and usually it’s just only one picture, and they tend to just say “hey” and then right after you respond they’ll say “add ny snap” to give you a few hints of when it’s a scam or fake account and they’ll just send in very inappropriate nudity media to your snap.

It is what it is. Idk what you guys are complaining about, it’s not really the app’s fault but it’s the people on the app, people say oh I sent a bulk chat and no one responded or I sent a super message and they didn’t respond, but in reality people just think it’s lame to send those so they don’t answer. Honestly it had become more tinder like but just ignore the people who are on here for that reason. Besides it’s not really the app’s fault it’s the teens that use it like it’s tinder. And technical difficulties will come no matter what cuz it happens to all apps so just write up to the app explaining your situation if there is any technical problems. It’s really not that hard. Honestly you can really easily find people to talk to if you are bored and if you don’t feel them anymore you can just delete chat. Idk how easier it can be. If you treat the app simply then you will be able to get more out of it, but if you try going against the flow then you will definitely struggle more. It’s honestly that simple

Poor monitoring in regards to certain users. I’ve downloaded wizz since October of 2021. Even though it’s supposed to be for finding friends and all. I’ve had a few encounters where users lied about their age. As well as guys that were just thirsty for nudes. Finally, people being rude and disrespectful to others for no reason whatsoever, which I’ve also encountered at one point. I will say if you do download this app be careful with whom you talk to, and use it wisely due to how poorly it is monitored. Since if you’re going to download this app and I mean if you’re younger such as 13 I suggest you do reverse image search, etc to make sure you’re not being scammed/catfished, and just not coming across any predators. Coming from a 17 y/o. Since the app isn’t the problem, it’s the users. Since some of the users that are sending inappropriate messages and just being disrespectful in general are not being taken off the app as they should be. Making it a bad experience for other users on the app. As well as some people being banned for no reason when the users that are being disrespectful/inappropriate are still on there when they are going against guidelines. I will say I do suggest it if you’re older and younger as well do research on the people that you are talking to on here since there are some sketchy profiles on the app, but regardless be careful on here due to the poor monitoring.

Not the same. I used to use wizz a lot and i started using it back in 2020 so I’ve seen it go through some pretty interesting changes. The most recent update is really bad in my opinion. I think i know what the app was trying to do which I’m assuming is to help motivate people to talk to each other more on the app which is why the only way to make someone ur “friend” is if you actually talk to them. although this isnt actually a horrible idea I think what the app forgets is that (especially since it’s marketed to a younger audience) people don’t like to talk😂at least before the update i was able swipe and have the option to test my confidence to see if i was going to text first but now YOU HAVE TO in order to friend that person and keep talking to them. it just takes away the option in my opinion. i used to have a bunch of people try and make friends with me and now absolutely no one is talking to me and i think it’s bcuz it’s way too direct. There was nothing wrong with the swipe left swipe right concept and even before that there was nothing wrong with the message bored where people can respond to your message (iykyk) but anyways the app is dead i don’t recommend.

It’s a great app but idk why I’ve been restricted. I’ve had this app for a while now and I love it it’s great for when you’re bored and wanna meet new people I’ve always went with the community guidelines I thought then I open the app and it says “ Some of your previous messages have breached our community guidelines. Stay compliant to avoid account restriction.” This is my first offense but none of my messages are being sent so I guess I’m already restricted I have premium and everything so I thought I was being good on the app I’ve never said anything mean (that I know of) to anyone or post nudity and they don’t really give a very good explanation I’ve appealed but haven’t gotten anything. But here’s some goods cause I really do like this app I love how you can meet people in different countries and talk to them and grow your snap map and it’s great for finding people close I’ve hung out w some people and even met someone new to my school on there and we’ve became great friends I really enjoy this app when I have 15-20 minutes of nothing to do other than the restriction system it’s a great app

Banned for no reason. I had been using the app for about 3 years and everything was going perfectly fine until recently I was making a new account and it asked me to verify my age with a picture as usual. Now my room was dark and I really didn’t feel like getting up so instead of Turing on a light or going to a well lit area, I just turned on my iPad to its brightest setting and hoped all would go well. The app started freaking out and kept kicking me out and restarting and I was extremely confused but decided to keep trying. After a few it took me back to the log in account and as I tried to continue my new account the app said that I had been banned. I had never been banned before or even gotten a warning so I was extremely confused and hoped it was just a bug. It was in fact not. It’s been about 3 or so months since this and I have tried reaching out to the app and nothing has seemed to work. I have no idea what to do and I’m mainly making this review so I can get some possible assistance and possibly unbanned.

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WAS a good app…. WIZZ was a amazing app to find friends , relationships & just chat in general , it had everything you needed…that was until the new update, ever since the new update it’s been confusing to use, lots of bugs & I honestly don’t feel the same thrill as I used to when I opened the app, I’ve been getting a lot of snaps & people putting on they’re story how the update was a trash move & I think the Wizz community is gonna decrease a lot from this update…this update dosent make sense I personally have spent days trying to figure out how to use the new version of this app & I simply can’t figure it out…sk I wouldent even be able to tell you all how the update has changed the app, but wether or not they update it or not it WAS a great way to make friends ❤️

The love of my life. Hey I’m lily and I’m 13. I’ve downloaded this app theee times the first time I was just bored and no one really stuck out to me so I deleted it the second time I met someone who made me slightly uncomfortable and deleted it again and the third and last time I downloaded I met the love of my life. And I’ve never been happier I’m so glad I downloaded this app again.

Wizz review. Very good app but it can be difficult to have people talk to u which I think you should find a way to fix that and it is a bit to sensitive on the chats which I think you guys should change as well

Banned. Hi I’m Bradley Morris and I’m 12 years old (so just at the age requirement) I was going to tell you that I got banned and was gonna ask if you could unbanned me i don’t know why I got banned because I haven’t done anything inappropriate neither have I posted anything bad other than things about me and my face I’m 12 years old and that how old you need to be to get the app so I don’t think it would be because of my age but if you know why I got banned please feel free to respond and have a good day/night😊!!

Banned. I enjoyed being on this app but then something happened idk what but i stopped being on the app and i stayed off it for like 6 weeks and then one day i wanted to go back on and it said i was banned for posting an inappropriate picture so can i be in banned please or could you send me an email of what i posted because i didnt post anythign.

My ops on Wizz. Wizz is ok a lot of ads and needs some way to get more coins without having to pay for them or earning them daily but like it’s really good for making friends and getting to know people from around your area that you probably never met so I think it’s a real great app

THEY RUINED THIS APP. AFTER the new update Wizz is complete garbage. You can’t put mirror selfies on your profile or include the following emojis🥴😏😉😫😩🤤🍆🥭🍌🍑The only reason people download this app is basically if they are horny. Wizz has shut that down completely and evens ruined the simple system where all you had to do was write a bio. Whoever the developers of this app are should be ashamed for these new and pathetic features. The app now times you out if you add a “sexually suggestive” pic on ur profile (such as a mirror selfie). This is pathetic. Up your game developers. I’ve since deleted my account and am not gonna be making a new one unless these features revert back to the simplistic Wizz we all know and love. I seriously doubt that will ever happen. Thanks for nothing and have a horrible existence.

Um.. so i recently uploaded a photo of my face that was neither inappropriate nor against the tos or “sexual or explicit” content. this literally rigged me so much, and i got banned. i decided to delete my account to reduce the ban bc i didn’t do anything wrong. after that i made a new acc and i got to the part “choose a nickname” or something. i changed it exactly to “lee💸❗️❗️” and apparently that nickname is inappropriate and sexual content? please fix your moderation. it is a good app excluding moderation wise but i think you guys need a better system.

5 stars. Good app apart from the people that just ask for stuff. Met my boyfriend on there, continued speaking for 11 months after wizz then met him and now have been in a very happy relationship for a while. We always joke around and say thank wizz and say how did we get a relationship through an app. Give the app 5 stars just gotta find the real ones on there.

WIZZ REVIEW!!. The apps really good for making friends and stuff but they really need to work on the softwares detection for TOS breaks, if you add some artist names to ur bio it will sometimes detect that as a violation and give u a warning and even if u change it it’ll still do it, then if you ask for a manual review you can be banned… apart from that i love the app!

Amazing!. I only downloaded this yesterday and it is my favourite app! This app is a great way to make new friends in your area. I love how you have the option to chat to people and you can really get to know them. I wish that you could post photos day to day of your life as something like an instagram story but overall I recommend this to anyone and everyone because it is a way to communicate and make new friendships and event a bf or gf!

Amazing app !!. Very nice app guys. Very easy to meet girls in your state and around you, like neighbouring states etc. obviously it all comes down to how much Rizz you have to bring it home🤣 but wizz will help you reach them which is something a lot of these other dating apps don’t do. I just wish there was like a posting section on wizz where we could post whatever and how much we wanted, and people could like and comment, so that the wizz community can rlly come together and have some banter. Besides that it’s absolutely amazing. I’ve met some great girls and made some good friends. Thank you wizz 😁😁

😐. New update is whack. I couldn’t find a reason as to why you guys had to change the old layout from where you solely swipe through people and message singular individuals, to what it is now - complicated and confusing. It doesn’t make sense, the previous version was easier and overall better, I hope you guys consider going back because I’ve seen all of the recent reviews, and plenty are disappointed much like myself.

Wizz review?😭. I used wizz for a month or two and can say a lot about it. I of course got a few creeps asking for inappropriate things or sending me them but after a while I met the most amazing guy. I’m so thankful for the app bringing us together and giving me the opportunity to meet someone I genuinely appreciate.

Wizz review. After having wizz for a few months i can happily give a detailed review on my experience. To be completely honest it’s not perfect, it’s good in the sense of being able to find new people to talk to unfortunately it is full of creeps looking to get laid or women trying to sell their OF/bodies. I get a fair amount of requests and it’s hard to reply to everyone and the same happens for the opposite gender, so 90% of the time you’ll never get noticed. I wish there were definitely more genuine people to talk to on there as it was originally designed to be able to make friends. Overall i wouldn’t say I’m either satisfied or dissatisfied with the app, could definitely be a lot better.

Double standards and New Things. I have been using this app for about 3 months now and it is amazing I can find ppl my age and talk to them. However there is a double standard when it comes to photos, while guys can’t post shirtless or singlet pics. Women are able to get away with bikinis and underwear pics. While I’m not complaining it’s disappointing. Also recently a new update which allows for chat rooms is just terrible. I absolutely preferred the old way of finding ppl to talk to. This new way has so many extra steps and is making me reconsider downloading the app.

What happened. I’ve been using this app for ages and have really enjoyed my experience with it so far how ever the update that just came out has fundamentally changed the way that the app works and its no longer good for it’s intended purpose. This update has only made it hard to meet people and is confusing and very unpolished. I’ve run into a few bugs and I strongly dislike how the new rooms “feature” works. As it stands I will but mostly uninstalling the app or at least not using it until it is fixed. You had something great and you broke it. 🫤

Won’t let me add third picture. It’s not a bad app or anything but every time I try to add a third picture a message pops up saying “Error. You can’t add pictures at the moment. Please retry later.” I’m not sure why this happens but it’s been the same for several months now and nothing will change even if I try using different pictures.

Smells like sexism.. All around a good app, found plenty of friends to make. Now comes the part. (Disclaimer, im 16.) Scrolling through wizz, I can 9/10 find girls dressed in bras or smaller underwear, and their account most likely doesn’t even get reviewed, and it goes under the radar, like it never happened. I try to post a photo of myself in a singlet, flexing. I go to the gym and post photos of my arms often on separate platforms. Mind you, as mentioned, im in a singlet, nothing BUT my arm was exposed. My account has gone under review for it, twice. It was a simple singlet photo, a song, my Snapchat and instagram name and nothing else. I have to wait an hour to change it. This app is seems to be drawn to the look of younger women dressed in minimal clothing.

Reviews. Alr app good for talking to new people getting to know them made a lot of good friends highly recommend the app for meeting new people. They did a great job by making the app a safe space to meet new people 10/10 in my opinion use wisely

Great app so far. They have got great verification but they share your location without you knowing which I don’t really mind but other people might not like that. I don’t think there will be many pedos cuz they have great verification but someone could easily fake their age. I don’t know much about the app I am fairly new but loving it so far. 😜💀

Terrible ai. I couldn’t even get to the talking stage because they told me I had to have a bio. I added a picture of me I thought was cute and they flagged it down because it was “sexual” it wasn’t I was fully clothed but had the tiniest bit of cleavage. So I was like that’s fine I put in another picture that had no cleavage. I was looking like a good catholic little girl. Jeans and a singlet. Not even any of my waist was showing and it was flagged down again. I tried to dispute the claim and got absolutely nothing back. So I give up. What do I have to wear to post a picture. A morph suit. So I gave up.

Moderation is a joke. I downloaded this and set up a profile btw i’m 18 and put normal face photos, no skin showing or anything and yet it moderates it and says i need to put clothes on???? I tried a different picture and the same thing happened, normal face picture and it tells me that it’s inappropriate and I’ll get banned if I don’t take it down. Then it made me wait an hour for my photos to be reviewed and they still are moderated. I thought it was a glitch so I deleted my account and made a new one, and then it wouldn’t let me so I reinstalled the app and it still said my photos were inappropriate?? THEY ARE JUST NORMAL FACE PHOTOS?

Worst app ever made. I downloaded this app thinking it was a good app to make friends on but I was wrong I started off by making my account which took about and hour to do it then proceeded to tell me that my account was under review after all the hard work I put in trying to make the account I waited constantly and my account never ended up working so I logged out. I then decided to make a new acc this time it worked instantly i felt relief……… for about two seconds I ended up getting banned because I’m not aloud to have 2 accounts at the same time? What is rlly gonna happen if I have 2 accounts at the same time, is the world gonna end? All of this was a waste of time I do not recommend wasting ur time in this app I’m sure there are much better ones that you can use

Bad update.. Wizz used to be such a fun app to make new friends and meet new people and looks at profiles and select who you want to talk to. Ever since this new ‘rooms’ update the app is so bad. Everyone on the app is talking about how bad it is. Nobody likes this update, Wizz. This update means you post a ‘status’ which anyone can reply to, and if they do it sends a picture to a group chat and creates it, there is no one on one messaging. Wizz, do the better thing and remove this update before everyone ends up deleting your app.

Annoying problem. This has been happening every single time I try to make an account, and it never works. Tiktok or any social media platform also doesn't explain what to do to fix this problem. Even Google doesn't. When I put my date of birth in, it says that it’s not valid? I even had to make a whole new email and even that did not fix the problem… 😒

Honest wizz review. When I first joined I was getting so many requests and I thought it would stay like that but I was wrong. Idk why but I’m getting no new requests, no one replying to my requests and no one even chatting to me despite being online. I bought a wizz power-up and it did absolutely nothing and was a complete waste of money. I also tried the live chat but it wouldn’t connect me to one and idk why. Idk if I’m just that unattractive that ppl don’t wanna say hi back or wizz is just a scam? 🤷‍♀️

My opinion. The first app I've used where girls will actually message you back, but I got banned for expressing my opinion on abortion, obviously I think it's wrong some girls agreed some girls didn't then I got banned, obviously I shouldn't chat about stuff like that but fro me it's a free flag

Pretty good. I downloaded it with low expectations, thinking it was unsafe or badly-made. I was quite surprised with the features it has. Including scanning faces to confirm people’s ages for safety. It a good way to meet other and I would definitely recommend it. It may still have lots of catfishes so stay safe guys.

Very Good. I really like this app, some people can be racist and disgusting but other than that it’s fine because you can block and report them. Something I would like to change is for you to be able to delete your pop or edit it.

Wizz review. It’s a good app I’ve made plenty of new friends just make sure they know what your after and you justify that as they may sometimes make you uncomfortable and you might not like how some of the people act, they might do unwanted things but the only reason I got this app is to get more people to snap and I have accomplished that so with whatever your after good luck. Hope this helps

my husband died.. deary few.. a couple of months ago actually. me and my husband of 2 years (we got married at 13) were struggling physically so we got put into a special school. he was barely functioning so i downloaded wizz. im so happy i did. i have found so many people to talk to! Great experience 👍

Was good until recently. I used to use this app fairly regularly and it was easy and simple to use, however, the new update has ruined it and has made it much more difficult to use. In addition to making it more difficult, it pretty much destroys the original purpose of the app and renders some features useless. At least allow users to access the new chatroom feature, while also being able to use the original 3 pictures and swipe user interface.

Wizz is good for friends. I like wizz when you first download it but as you go through you start to get less people messaging you cause you start to barley pop up on peoples wizz which is kinda stupid so poeple have to buy things to get more friends i think that’s a bit more just for trying to make friends but over all i love the app

Charged me $8 randomly. Hey wizz, love the app, it’s great and all, but I deleted wizz a couple of days ago and I got a suspicious payment of $8 from you guys deducted from my account, I didn’t even get what was charged and that was the 225 coins, can an admin or something work with me to get this refunded? Like I deadset don’t know what this was and would like a full refund of that $8, and I would like you to NEVER charge me that again, thank you 😁

Great app I recommend it. I love wizz, honestly I ain’t going to lie I delete it many times but then I get addicted to it and get it back…. I guess that says ALOT about me hahah but over all I love this app I would definitely recommend it. But just be warned there are many fake accounts but also manyyyy real ones so that’s good. This is more of a dating app now then what it was intended to be but I like it. I REALLY RECOMMEND THIS APP AMAZING AND ADDICTING 😌😅

Bad Update. So basically, this update is kinda trash in my opinion. I liked the easy like or dislike configuration before because I could pick and choose who I wanted to talk to. It was also an easy way to let someone know I was interested in them without having to fill on write to them. Idk, I like it a lot better before. Please change back. Me, and a TON of other people would really appreciate it.

Not safe!!!. People can stalk your other social media accounts!!! After having the app for a couple of days, I was sent my Wizz profile picture on another social media app. They had used my Wizz acount to find my other social media accounts, and harassed me and told me to kill myself. It’s also supposed to be regulated, but it restricts perfectly innocent things while allowing other things which should be restricted to be put as profile pictures. Would not recommend. Use another app.

Good app to make friends. This app is an wonderful app to make new friends ! I have made so much new friends it’s wonderful you should download if you’re looking to make new friends it’s an great opportunity for all ages but you have to be careful of who you’re talking too and don’t give private information of course !

Wizz genuinely what the hell. What are these rooms. When you added them, I was like, 'Okay, maybe I can live with this' until I realised you Got Rid Of The Swipe??? Dont force people to socialise, add both back because this app is hard to move around. Also just up the ages to 15+ because too many kids are getting the wrong types of socialisation, very very young. So unecessary to let unknowing parents let children download this app and god forbid something happens to them. Make it more age appropriate, 15-25 should be the demographic.

Alright but waste of time. To my fellow guys don’t bother with this app I’m a pretty good looking guy who has stuff going on and I can tell you that this app will just destroy your confidence, let’s say your not looking for a relationship most people on this app are dry and conversation won’t go anywhere, most of the time you’ll get three or four text in and then 90 percent of the time be left on seen. I wouldn’t recommend this app to guys just spend the time working on yourself instead trust me it’s worth it and for girls if your looking for a long term relationship you might find it on these apps but most of the time your just gonna get disgusting messages of guys trying to get in your pants so I wouldn’t recommend it to girls either

Good app. when is a good app because you can make friends and meet new people. It’s a fun way to communicate online and possibly find your future best friend, I like this app because I have made a couple friends on this and I like to spend my free time on it talking to people and having a good time. I recommend you get this app because it’s just a great app in general.

Pls do something about this wizz!!. I have had this app for a very long time, and recently I have decided to update my photos on my profile, although when I go to choose a new photo almost every single one I choose the app than says that it is inappropriate as photos shouldn’t contain nudity or any illegal acts when in my photos there is no sign of nudity or illegal acts. And when I request for a manual review of the photo, nothing is changed. I came back days later to the app hoping for an update but still nothing. Please do something about this as I cannot even use the app anymore due to this annoying factor not allowing me to upload any photos of myself.

Update. When I first got it I was making loads of friends some weirdos but just ignored, but ever since the new update and that it’s so slow and takes forever to creat a new account or change your country region too your actual one instead of it being stuck on America💀

Really good, but what’s with the new update?. Okay, so the app is great and all, fun for meeting and talking to people, but today I opened the app, and it told me that instead of clicking through people’s pfp’s, I have to look through photos of people to join a chat room with a bunch of other people. How am I supposed to talk to people separately in my own private chat with people just as before? I really hope this update is only temporary, and will go back to how it was before this update. -Thanks

Help?. I love the app. I’ve never had much luck making friends at school, so Wizz is a great way for me to make friends. But just last year, I got banned for ‘sharing inappropriate images’ when I didn’t? It’s very confusing for me and I would just like to be able to use the app again.

Positive review. Great app, 10/10 there was minimal negativity I would definitely recommend this to others only thing I found annoying was that I kept matching up with younger people who were immature to say the least

Live Chatting. Not the biggest fan of this new Live Chatting feature. As it doesnt use any of the friend preferences that I use for Profile Browsing and it is rather hard to know who I am talking to as I have to go off a tiny square at the top of my screen. I think that it should have some sort of drop down menu where you can view they're profile.

Alittle disappointed.. The only people that use this app are probably people that are below 17 or a scammer. Most of the time you get people that give you bad comments about the way you look and just make you feel uncomfortable about you self. It’s a good app if your looking for a mate but honestly wouldn’t recommend it as some of the people on there haven’t fully matured yet.

Pretty good app 👍. This app is great but honestly so many guys have tried to get with me it is ridiculous, the live chat option is a bit bugged for me and it sometimes kicks me out. The music options are limited and also I can’t search for my music. Great app! Def recommend if you want friends though.

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Banned. I got banned!!!!! For no reason

Really useless app. Mostly used to get females to do inappropriate acts

Wizz ruined my life. Wizz got me blackmailed and got my personal life was shattered because of one simple mistake.

Account problem. How long do I have to wait for one of their moderators to check my account? Xd Im waiting like 3 days 🙃

Absolutely degrading. Tons of Sextortion DO NOT trust anyone on this app at all. If they say send pictures of your face and body don’t ever. They will use it against you. Very unhappy and i have gone to law enforcement to deal with the issue. This is wizz’s fault for not checking out people’s background. If I could this would be zero stars.

Terrible. Broken app full of bugs, scammers, and fake accounts.

Unless you wanna get groomed don’t download it. this is a pedophiles playground

ugh. i wish i could still use this app. but i don’t have ios 13. had to delete it. not very convenient :/

Wizz. Good app but im restricted now

Account restricted. My account is restricted for some reason even though I haven’t talked to anyone I removed all of my pics and I had no shirtless pics or anything like that when I had pictures on my profile and I’m trying to use the help button and it says someone will get to you and no one ever does

The birthday settings are weird. I put the wrong year for my birthday, meant to put 2005 but i guess i put 2008? when i went to go fix it, it said i could put it between 2007-2009, that makes no sense.. So i just deleted my acc and tried to make a new one but now it won’t let me out my birthday in… It’s annoying cause I’m not about to sit here and use an account that says im 14 when im 17 and about to be 18, that looks really bad on my part too. It also says my info will be deleted in 6 months, does that mean im supposed to wait 6 months to make a new acc…?

Banned. I have been banned for over 6 months now. I don't know why. I even emailed your contact email but it's an AI who keeps responding to me. Please help

😭. The block button don’t work

This update is sooo bad. Worst update ever

Idk. It banned me for no reason at all. I did noting wrong not fair don’t really like the app ngl

Scammers. Be aware of people that ask for personal information and give nothing back it seems stupid but then some people start threatening you with with pictures or words that were sent and just be wary

Violation of Privacy. App grossly violates your privacy by taking your location information when you first download it without even asking. On top of that, it changes or switches on settings that you have turned OFF once you quit the app. Plus, when you block someone, they don’t stay blocked and can still message you for some reason. Please change this to protect users 🙏

Sad. I had a girl (friend) on here who I added on snap and was talking with for a while. I really liked her and was really flirty with her for the last 4 days, she was also really flirty with me. Today morning out of nowhere I seen that she unadded me as a friend, for no reason what so ever. Broke my heart seeing her unadded me for no reason 💔 Also almost got catfished do not get this app. It’s a scam. The girls and guys just want attention that’s all. P.S also there are pedos on here. DO NO GET

NEW UPDATE SUCKS. I personally hate the new update. The old Wizz layout helped users make friends by sharing and posting funny things on the public chat. It was more of an effective way to meet new friends. Now, with the new update; you make friends by swiping left or right on photos of other users. I am not a fan of this update because it doesn’t really tell much about a person other than their good looks.

It’s a joke. How long do you have to wait to have your account unrestricted?

Banned. I got banned for no reason

Trashy app. Wizz is not safe for women like every other apps like this. Everyone’s acting like dumb peasants and using the app as a dating app when it’s not one and there’s minors on this app. Also there’s plenty of bots making new accounts again and again to sell you stuff on Instagram or snap so be careful.

Blackmailed. Don’t download this app I got blackmailed for 50 dollors

I got banned. I got banned from wizz and I don’t know why 😭 all I did was send a picture of my face to sign in and it banned me pls help

Buggy. The itself is fine, although I wish they would bring back that Wizz of the day thing. But my main problem is how BROKEN it is. It will sometimes randomly delete chats? And I can’t go back to them. Also, if you say the words “snap” “insta” “instagram” or even just “#”, it blanks out the message and it won’t send it. If you’re not gonna let us ask ppl for their other socials to talk elsewhere, then fix your broken app!

Unbann me PLEASE. My account was banned for no reason, the contact support is horrible didn’t get one reply. I just want to make a new account 😭

Worst app ever lol. Got banned before I even made an account? Like bro I've never used the app before and it was glitching when I tried to make an account. How does that even work 💀💀

Wizz. Nun of the bad Asian girls hit me up😥

simpin not pimpin. this is lame. i was simping over a emo guy on there and i can’t find him no more.

I got hacked. I added someone on this app not thinking anything would go wrong. So I made the decision to give them my Snapchat, little did I know this was all a trap. We were snapping back and forth like normal people do on Snapchat, and all of a sudden this person sends me screenshots of a fake profile trying to ruin my life. They had a picture of my face and nudes (that were not mine)of the internet. They said that I had to pay them 500 dollars to delete this picture and take down the screenshot. Now of course I didn’t pay him and nothing happened with it, but I just want to let everyone know to be careful who you give personal information to. 😡😡 P.S I really liked this girl but it turns out I was talking to a random guy who was impersonating this girl. 😡😡😡

Why. Why does it not allow me to post a shirt less photo but a girl posts with bikini and stuff and it’s considered fine 😒

Idk. Your app sucks it bring to many people that could be predators

This app is garbage. I’ve been bullied my whole life because of my weight and I download this app to make friends and talk to people and I was invited to a group chat where all I got was hurtful mean comments, telling me to kill my self, “go on a treadmill” , “lose weight fatty”, your fat there for you have no opinion and ur ugly. Like how can this be allowed. I know I’m over weight but I’m beautiful and I’m trying to lose the weight. I have metabolism disorder that cause me to gain weight and make it almost impossible for me to lose weight. I don’t like bullies, and this app is full of them. I cried sm because of this because what they said was absolutely disgusting.

This is absolutely unacceptable!. No matter what photo i put up of me, it never works. It is me i will not change it. Help me asap!

Advisory ⚠️. ⚠️ Advisory to all teens : this App is regularly for extorting money by sex offenders through Sextorsion tactics. Do not send pictures or interact on it with others in any sexual manner. Refuse any prompt or pressure to do so. Police departments and Government officials are on the look out for any illegal activities in this App. Be Safe Always !!⚠️

Gg. Gg

Can’t message. Good but can’t message anyone anymore

DONT GET THIS APP!!!. i downloaded wizz hoping to make connections with people my age. once i opened the app it said you have to be 13+, so i go to put my birthday in (im 15) and then app just kept saying “the date is not valid”. i dont understand why its saying that, but wizz you need to fix this!!!

Don’t get it.. Tried 7 different photos when creating an account, all with my face clearly visible, still didn’t work. Tried using a different email, still didn’t work. Also can’t access my old account because it wants me to verify my account I don’t get why I can’t use wizz without verifying my profile. This sucks.

Blackmail. Everyone on this app attempts to get you to send them explicit photos and then uses them to blackmail you by threatening your family and friends.

Wizz. How it get unrestricted?

Bug. It’s having a bug after this update for me it won’t let me see any messages it’s empty and requests i sent id empty too except this the app is so good

Garbage. Doesn’t work

Yes!. Found my bf and have 87 kids with him🤍

PEDO. There was a pedo that posted a picture of me and a random DP that he found on the internet and he was posing as a girl, I HATE THIS APP NOW

Bad and sad. Ok I made 2 super chill and positive friends they liked all the stuff I liked and we had super good convos and when we said goodnight talk tomorrow. THE NEXT DAY THERE GONE!!! I’ll search there users up and I won’t be able to find them 😠😠😠so glad I got one of there social media’s

Sextorion.Blackmail and Pedo. Basically there’s a lot of scammers and people here who commit sextortion. Basically they blackmail you for explicit photos or money and threaten you. They tend to target the younger and more innocent. This app needs better security. A lot of times an older guy or girl will pretend to be younger so they can take advantage of the minors. This app isn’t good at all. It’s like tinder for kids which is super dangerous. If you end up getting becoming a victim of sextortion on this app you’re not alone. If you do become a victim do not send them money or any photos no matter how much you want to, it’s unlikely they’ll go with the threat and lastly alert authorities. Remember it’s the sick predators fault never yours. This app in unsafe

ohio. skibidi toilet 😨😨😨😨

Hehe. Monkey

Tinder Kids. I surprisingly met the love of my life on wizz of all apps. Yesterday was our five month anniversary, the first of many, and when people ask how we met it’s always embarrassing having to explain how we met on a child friendly version of tinder. But I am thankful that I decided to install the app, because without it I would have never met him. Overall though do not give this app a chance it was absolutely terrible when I was actively using it and the majority of the users browsing on this app are looking for suggestive content. Just because someone found love doesn’t mean you will.🤔

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review. This app was overall really good i’ve gained more then 300+ on my insta (@s8renity) which was very shocking i loved talking to some of the people on here n it felt nice to make new friends allthough it would’ve been nice if there was a pin or follow feature so uu can keep up to date with the people you actually like talking to instead of having to scroll down for hours trying to find your conversation. also it would be nice if you didn’t have to watch an add or anything to un cover secrete messages bc it makes people not want to look at all not to mention either that or to pay for it you have to realzie some people can’t afford that type of stuff to so it’s not entirely fair to them you could watch a video and then it gives uu like three times to go back if uu missed someone that would actually be a good use of ads but other then that i really like this app !

Problem With Content Not Following Community Guidelines. So Ive been having this problem with Wizz, where every time I try to make a new account I add a picture, nothing bad showing fully clothed, and sometimes just my face, I try to add the picture but it just says something about the content not following community guidelines, and My name isn’t bad either, Sometimes I put just “Luis” or “LEAM” or other things like that and it still says it doesn’t follow Community guidelines, then I get banned for 5 minutes, then I try again after and I get banned for an hour, and I try again after and I get banned for 24 hours, for no reason, Ive tried many names, many pictures, Ive even tried just having a black screen and I still get banned for no reason, Ive tried many accounts, names, emails, pictures, and It still wont let me make a profile.

horrible moderation. so this actually was one of my favorite apps. it was an easy way to connect to people with similar interests as you and make friends. recently, i noticed i wasn’t getting any adds witch was quite unusual, and i couldn’t even send messages. this was until i found out i was banned. no warning, no explanation, no nothing. this made me quite upset because i literally did NOTHING! what adds to this is the fact that i have the gold membership and i even bought the boost to make me 1st in the swipes. never been so upset over an app, this is completely disappointing. other people have shared this same experience and said they’ve been banned forever on the app and have never done anything wrong. i even reached out to the wizz team, no response. dear wizz team if your reading this please fix your moderation and unban those who are un rightfully banned. i have wasted so much money on your app and the fact that i can’t even get an explanation for why i was banned is absurd.

Hate the UPDATE!. I absolutely hate the new update.... many of my friends and i have even deleted the app already. THE group chats are what made most of us interact... and now they’re gone... like if people didn’t like the group chats or felt unsafe they could’ve chosen not the join them. Plus one on one chats are really boring and dry some of us prefer having a lot of people. I find it really unfair that you guys took away group chats because certain people didn’t like them when some people would prefer the group chats more than the swiping people and talking one on one... like people can choose not to join them 😐. Also i deleted/deactivated my account but when i searched up my name on my cousins account the account i have deleted still shows everything like my pictures and what i had written down... i feel really uncomfortable how it’s still not gone it’s been days & i can’t figure out how to get into it which i don’t think it’s possible because i deleted so can u please make sure next time the accounts people delete actually get taken down for good !!

gotten boring. wizz has honestly gone so downhill it’s not even funny. for new people i remember when this app was actually fun and you could meet all sorts of people and people wouldn’t judge you for how you look or what you like or do or how you are. people were genuinely interested in making conversations with you and having fun with you and chatting with many people who have same interests or just to talk in general. but now like honestly it’s mind numbing that nobody chats you for you unless your “hot” like im lucky to get 10 chats a day and i get excited just to see bulks saying “your fine” when it’s not for me. one time when i was new and someone called me fine as a bulk chat i said “awww thank you” and they responded “ewwwww it was a bulk ugly mf” like that honestly shouldn’t be allowed. and most of the chats being blurred is also mind numbing and watching 40 second ads just to see another bulk chat. and like i send out multiple chats a day and get little to nobody to respond. this honestly is just a test your rizz app anymore. i’ve said it in other reviews i’ve made in the past and i’ll say it again so i get noticed. unless you’re a hot guy or girl on this app good luck making friends or more. so basically this is a teen tinder. so i really don’t recommend this app for people who are just looking for friends and if you think or know you’re unattractive in looks. don't even bother with this app.

hmm. i like it and all but i’ve noticed a pretty annoying feature or two to be completely honest. it’s pretty difficult and glitchy to update your pictures and profiles and it takes way longer than it should to work around those glitches and difficulties. along with that, when you change your photo or type things sometimes it tells you are violating guidelines you aren’t violating at all it’s done it to me 3 times within one day for “nudity & sexual content” when i had just my stomach showing which has not been a problem in others photos? it’s also flagged me for “bully & harassment” for putting “amos/ig: ” and then it basically says that if they think u have violated their guidelines then they’ll ban you if u say that u aren’t violating… like im not violating but why risk my entire profile? idk it’s pretty annoying bc now i cant even adit my profile for a bit and i didn’t truly violate their guidlines bc trust me i read through them repeatedly.. maybe don’t automatically flag something or at least give a warning and put it under review before saying it violates and threatening to completely ban a person profile. other than those things i like it and i have fun i like all the features and people :)

terrible app. i had this before and i deleted it bc i just got bored of it but now i cant do anything. there must’ve been some update that completely ruined the entire app anyways for 1: they don’t let me say ANYTHING about myself bc it’s “personal information” when all i said was, and i quote, “beabadoobee >>>” while some other guy put his whole city and high school on there and that was fine. also, they wont let me see any requests bc every single one of them are hidden and when i go to watch an ad it just doesn’t play, and i’m sorry but i’m not paying money to look at what these strangers have to say to me. and 3, i made something on my bio that basically just explained all of this and i called it a garbage app and i got timed out for 24 hours because i was apparently asking for nudes???? but when someone did actually ask me, a minor, for nudes in the dms it doesn’t matter. this is my third time trying to use this app and immediately deleting it again. fix y’all’s app.

Problem with a person name ‘klain’. I meet a person who’s a female name klain we talked threw another app since Friday she started of the conversation normal but went sexually and she wanted me to send a pic which I wasn’t that comfortable which in this case she has my gmail aka iCloud account. So she tricked me to sending one which I did and to send photos of my face which I wasn’t comfortable doing. So now since after that she wanted money from me but if I don’t she leak my iCloud and photos and ruined my life. So now I don’t know what to do but her iCloud or gmail is klainjoy80@gmail. I have feeling this person was the same person that martsonjake1275 encounter so there’s that so pls respond because I don’t know what to do! And feeling hopeless.

The new update 🤮🤢. I literally cannot with the new update I liked the old way just fine and this new one? No. It was perfectly fine before and I’ve met some great people on here but the best feature that they had is that we could see what each other wanted to say AND we could see the ENTIRE bio. People could post things on the stream and other people could click on their post and decide whether or not to reply. Now, you can’t their entire bio, u can’t see what type of personality they have when they post, like I wanna know whether or not this guy is “thorny without the t” because I wouldn’t want to talk to him. And the swipe left swipe right thing? Every other app does that. I thought this one would be different but here it is copying other people. All in all, it’s a nice app but I hate the new update. Have a nice happy day 💛 🌻 :)

restricted accounts, no customer service.. My account got restricted for absolutely no reason, i didn't get a warning for any bad behavior i could’ve possibly committed but i doubt i did anything. I’ve been restricted for a week trying to contact customer service but there is NONE. They have a “help” section in the app and it’s just a bot that always says “back tomorrow” and when you leave a message it says someone will get back to you soon but its been a week and no one has gotten back to me regarding my account being wrongly restricted. Other than me being restricted and there being Zero customer service whatsoever it’s an ok app despite all the weirdos on there asking to trade inappropriate photos and racists on there bullying people that don’t get banned. Fix your app and actually have a customer service team that helps people and not some stupid bot that does absolutely nothing.

Please Read!. I actually read someone’s feedback and so would like to say that the people who monitor this app has been doing a very good job. i’ll give it a 70/30 because the age people can change if they get it wrong and sometimes people want someone older or younger if people don’t like it then they can block them. Another thing is I have say a lot of people asking for nudes but I block them. I don’t even worry because I don’t get attached and then get a broken heart when they just want nudes I block them from the start and so feel like other people should do that too. I’ve had this app since 2020, and I LOVEE ITTTT I still like it but I loved the old color and and how it wad edited , it seems to choppy and dull. chef kiss to the people who made this app and manages it but I jus wish that they would hear us out and consider adding some old features back.

Not sure. The idea of the app itself is good. I like that you can change your preferences to people closer to you. However, I wish you could filter messages. It was hard to find messages from people in my state after getting piled with messages from people in other states. I wish there was a filter for your state only can message you. Also, I got banned on my first account not sure why. For some reason it just stop let me swiping altogether and it says “‘Oops Something Happened, Please Try Again “ . I just made a new account today and not even a little later, It’s already doing the same thing on this account. I’m assuming that means i’m banned? Not sure why, I’m not having inappropriate conversations or anything, so i’d like to know why exactly I can’t swipe anymore. The app itself is a good idea but there’s many bugs too. Sometimes random messages where I had been talking to someone will just disappear.

Almost ruined my relationship. Guys don’t download this it’s horrible it ruined my life. The reason why i said it’s horrible and that it ruined my life is because it almost ruined my relationship with my gf and it was all my fault. I told myself i was only gonna download it for a daw or two but i got addicted, and i didn’t wanna delete it so i didn’t but i payed the price of my gf finding out. She wasent happy but she didn’t dump me idk why she didn’t she should of what i did was wrong and i had the audacity to say “i love you” when i was texting other girls. I regret everything i did while i had that app i wish i never got introduced to it. Because of this stupid app my gf got trust issues and our relationship wasent the best during that period of time. I luckily fixed it i learned from it and i promised her id never do what i did again. I stuck with that promise because i don’t wanna ever make her feel that way again. Anyways this is all i wanted to say i just wanted y’all to know about my experience with this app Goodbye.

Ups & downs. It’s an ok app, it obviously has its ups and it’s down sides , some of the down sides being it having random and weird people on the app. My front camera is scratched really bad to the point where I can’t pass the verification process, it would be kind of nice if you could flip the camera from front or back. Some of the ups about the app is you can meet all different types of people with different attitudes, different personalities, etc. overall it’s a cool and fun app to use. The reason I did rate it lower is because I have gotten fake people on the app, people who say they are this person when in reality it’s not them. The app needs to upgrade their security considering this app is targeted for a younger audience who are more noble to falling for this sort of thing. This is a good app overall and I recommend it to anyone who is interested in using!

I’ve had this app for 2 years! Now I see a problem. The problem I see with Wizz is that it used to be free like you could send a bulk message and it will be free and you won’t have to pay for gold and now you do which doesn’t make any sense I like who are used to be when we didn’t have to pay in there, just sent a bulk. You could just at least put ads. I’m saying this because some people don’t like to pay for apps and for other privileges that you get if you pay so that’s why I’m saying why make ppl pay that much if u could just do the same as when u want to see someone’s verified profile where you can just watch ads and I have to pay for gold which I understand simple can’t afford to that but think about the others thats can’t.

Hate it. I hate the new update. Y’all keep changing stuff and the app was fine before y’all made all these changes. The new bios are horrible, i dont want a caption on my photos. The bios at the bottom were fine. I liked it when we could tap someones photos and it went back to the first photo. Not completely swipe to a new person. And I hate that some people are secrets and you can either watch videos or buy wizz gold. At first you could use your coins to see people or go backwards. Now you can only use them to send messages in bulk or make your account important for only 30 minutes. Nobody asked for these updates theyre trash and they need to be taken out. And place back the search bar so I can search up someone if I swipe past them on accident. You’re not gaining people you’re losing them bc of these bad updates. Im this close to deleting it myself.

Not gon lie it’s really good but…. The app overall is really good , but you can get addicted to the app by time. When I first installed wizz I thought it was gon be boring but it wasn’t so I used to check my phone everyday until I got addicted. I obviously deleted the app because I didn’t want to be addicted anymore. it was hard for me to delete the app since I was so addicted but I did. This is just MY experience with Wizz, it might not happen to others but it happened to me and I felt like sharing it with other people. Of course this is not a message to make y’all not install the app it’s just a message for y’all to be aware of what might happen. and girls, If boys ask for you know like not appropriate pictures please have self respect and know that he can always leak the pictures. Don’t make a foul out of yourself just cause the boy is cute or whatever. n boys same goes for y’all don’t be sending pictures to total strangers. well yeah that was my Review I hope it can help some people. My ig is brii2loved 😛

It was scary. I added a couple of people throughout the experience and literally it was torture when I found this one person. They started off cool but then things became freaky. I’m not gonna get too crazy into that part but I was harasses into sending money to a person I met or they would leak photos I sent to them we know what I’m talking about I’m ashamed I even took into doing this but it happened and trust me I will never do it again. Now the thing I know she’s a bot now I was able to look it up and see that what she was threatening was illegal. Is this app good? Yes when you find the right people keep your eyes peeled out for bots they do a good job at hiding themselves as people but it becomes obvious after one or two messages so be careful on this app you will catch yourself having a good time or in trouble you don’t need to be in. God I appolgize for what I’ve done I’m ashamed never again. Stay safe!

dude….. okay so . the update i was really hoping to spam add again cause that’s what i do but now it’s like all they put back is the requests . it’s gross tbh i just want y’all to put back the thingy where i can spam cause it’s so boring now. the way it was like a year ago was sm better back in 2020 . i didn’t have to talk to people they could all talk to me. wizz fix it i’m not playin with y’all. before when i first got the app the app was so fun. people were constantly texting me and it was so fun but now when i go on the app having to look for people i don’t wanna talk to it just kills my vibe. i just wanna be happy meeting new people tbh and if i can’t then imma just delete the app atp. i wanna be able to spam add tbh and the fact that y’all took that away and THE ONLYYYY thing you’ve changed was the requests . that’s gross :( like pls change it rn D: i love u wizz but fix it. thank you<33! . YOU BETTER GET MY SPAM ADDING BACK😡😡😡😡. fix it rnrnnrnrrn like that better be the NEXT update.

this app is ok. so i’ve had the app for awhile and it’s fine however i have some complaints. For example today i tried using a different picture for one of my slides and it got flagged for “inappropriate language” then i edited it again and it flagged me again for “nudity” even though i wasn’t nude i just had on a crop top, and i’ve had a picture of me in a crop top before without any issues?? so then they banned me for 4 minutes. Then after that i tried editing the slide AGAIN and i was asking for people to talk to me to play games and i was flagged for a 3rd time for “asking for explicit pictures” for an hour. In all the time i’ve had the app i’ve seen an abundance of people asking for nudes and other explicit stuff but they weren’t banned or flagged??? your moderation team needs to get better because there shouldn’t have been any reason as to why i got temp banned for an hour.

Banned for no reason?. I tried to sign up for an account since I kept seeing a bunch of ads for it - I honestly heard some not so good things about it such as people sending/asking for nudes and more but I wanted to give it a shot because there were a lot of people that said it was good. I used an email to sign up and I put in my bday and everything was normal until the face thing. I heard a few people saying that it was glitchy, but I didn't know this was gonna happen. I tried to put my face in it twice but it didn't work. It kept saying "Error!" And telling me to check my lighting or something but it looked completely fine? So then it said that It didn't work so that they would get it manually looked at so I waited for anything (like an email or notification) but I got nothing. After a while I checked the app and it said I was banned?? I don't know how I violated any rules cause I didn't even make my account yet...maybe they didn't think it looked real or something? I honestly don't understand but its whatever. I'll stick to Instagram cause it doesn't have any stupid face detector.

Restricting issue. I’ve noticed the restricting problem has become a major issue for this app I’ve been scanning the subreddits and other areas to gain a common ground and understanding of this, so I was falsely shadownbanned/restricted with the banner specifying I have had messages that had breached the community guidelines so of course I went and retraced my footprint and literally nothing too outlandish was said or done by me so I had no clue what the issue was other than the app was on the fritz. This is the first time this had happened to me so I thought it would be only a couple hours till I could communicate again but those hours turned to days and days became months and I still haven’t gotten my account up to date yet but yeah that’s really it other than that this app has been fun but I would really love it if y’all would fix the moderation AND PLEASE UNRESTRICT ME.

Update to previous review. Not sure if my previous review about the sextortion incidents went through, but to the devs: YOU GUYS SHOULD PROVIDE SOME WAY TO REPORT THIS, and if you’d like to discuss this matter with me at all, just give me a way to contact you. TO EVERYONE ELSE: AFTER MY INCIDENT IM CURRENTLY TRYING TO GATHER MORE INTEL ON THIS MATTER. If you see this message and are/ just add a sextortion experience message Superenderman0_#7997 on discord. If possible send me a pic of the main “blackmail message” please cover the nudity and your face if you want to. The two I have currently seen are terrifyingly similar. They won’t actually send anything from what I have gathered so far, but it has still lead to suicide. Remember, you are not alone and we are all in this fight together. Stay safe out there everyone

Allowing racism and ignoring reports.. There’s a lack of good monitoring which has allowed racism and bullying. I and many others have been told very vile things due to the lack of monitoring on this app. I have reported it to the owners but they still refuse to make any change necessary to make us feel a bit more safe. They have chosen to ignore any criticism given especially when it comes to the many racists being allowed to act out on here. The people saying such vile things and showing disturbing images should have their accounts automatically removed. There needs to be a better set of rules and once you repeatedly don’t follow them your account should be removed. I think they don’t care about making us feel safe because the more they allow these people to act out the more attention it will get. Higher ratings too. They are allowing bullies to literally traumatize young children it’s absurd. All to make their app get attention. When it could have been something fun and wholesome for a lot of us.

A Shameless Money Grab: Beware!. I absolutely despise this app! It initially caught my attention with its seemingly promising features, but the more I used it, the more frustrated I became. It's nothing but a money-grabbing scheme masked as a communication platform. The audacity of forcing users to pay or endure agonizingly long video advertisements just to read a simple message after a handful of DMs is beyond comprehension. It's a blatant display of greed and a complete disregard for user experience. The app's limited features are nothing but a cruel joke. Instead of providing a genuinely useful and engaging platform, it offers a watered-down version that leaves users feeling cheated. It's evident that the developers' sole focus is on exploiting users for their hard-earned money, rather than providing any meaningful value. Frankly, I wish nothing but failure upon this app. It has already wasted too much of people's valuable time, and I hope it crashes and burns, so no one else falls victim to its deceptive tactics. The creators behind this app should be ashamed of themselves for creating such a manipulative and exploitative product.

Has glaring some issues. My first issue is hidden messages. It's unclear which messages I send are hidden, and when I receive hidden messages, there's only about a 50% chance it actually lets me reveal it by watching an ad. Also, not many people actually know how it works, and get mad at me for sending secret messages, even though it's out of my control. My second issues is with messages not sending. I've had this issue happen to me and have seen it happen to others messaging me. It can really ruin a good conversation so I always try to go to snap as quick as I can. My third issue is restriction and guidelines. I've read the guidelines, and follow them but have still be restricted twice. I have absolutely no idea what I did wrong as Wizz won't tell me, and no idea when I'll get unrestricted as Wizz doesn't tell me. It ruined a great conversation I had going, but now it just says I've read all their messages without being able to reply. I've repealed it, but I haven't gotten a response and I don't think I will since I've been restricted for a few days now. These issues would be enough for me to uninstall, but it's a much better alternative to yubo and I would like to respond to the people who I could response to due to my ban. I think with a few updates it could be great.

Account not working. I came here to make an complaint about my account not working. The story is I deleted my account about week ago thinking I wasn’t going to use it anymore, however with a change of mind I redownloaded the app a few days later and signed up using Apple id which was the same log in as my deleted account. I went through the account creation process and did my profile and even verified it. However, when I was sending messages it would go through but people wouldn’t read nor respond to it and I noticed that I also wasn’t getting any requests as well on top of that. I thought it was a bit strange but the next day I went back on the app to come back to the same issue. I then created another account using my phone number and the same thing happened again. I even created another account using a different email address which also had the same result as the other two. I’ve tried getting help from the both the app and via email and no response from them.

Setting profile pictures. Okay i was making a Account and it would accept NONE of my pictures and I didn’t have anything but my face I literally was eating ice cream in one of them, you could only see my face in other ones. I was banned for like an hour for no reason and on the other hand there’s boys that are literally toples and girls in bikinis, etc. I just want to make a fun account with my friend but I can’t seem to do that cause wizz is pooping on my party. Honestly I’ve had it before and the only reason I was making a new account was for a joke. Also everything is expensive and do not like or recommend if you’re trying to find friends. Literally only used for online dating(mostly). I will be having conversations with people and then they’ll ask for nudes but of course they won’t report that or make a chat setting they make me wait for an hour. Wizz are a bunch of buttwholes.

Overall ok but one annoying issue. I rlly like this app its js that ppl keep sending me secret chats and I’ll click watch video and it doesn’t work, so I click again and it still won’t work, and then it says unavailable as if I’ve used up all my chances. This is rlly annoying bc then I have to wait like a couple hours or longer for a chance again. Ik I could pay to fix it but offering this option and having it not work seems rlly underhanded and sneaky as a way to get money. ALSO this happened a few days ago and it made me rlly mad. I tried to put a picture on my profile of me FULLY CLOTHED IN A BULKY SWEATSHIRT and it kept making my profile go under review and bla bla and I couldn’t edit it for like two days because apparently that was sexual content. Meanwhile I’ve seen guys with abs showing it on their profile and one time there was a girl fully nude with her breasts just out of frame but I get punished for being fully dressed???

Amazing. The only thing I can think about right yet I have to go to the store to pick it out I have a lot to get to get done and I need a little help getting my car ready to go home so I’ll talk to my boss about that I don’t think I’ll have to go back and do that today I have a doctors appointments and then I’m going back and get a haircut so I’ll be home around four and I will probably get to the office at about five thirty so I’ll probably get there about four to four or four thirty or four to four forty four forty four thirty five forty four thirty or four forty four o clock in the morning I don’t know if you want to do that but I will let me get there before you get there or if I ueeuuuueueyyyv I will text me back if you want me too I just don’t want to be late I just want to be there at the end of the day I just want to be here for you

Honestly amazing. I really like this app. The app it's self is amazing but the people on here can ruin the experience. I'm on here a lot and meeting new people. I met my best friend on here and so many other cool people. There's a bunch of people so you never really meet the same ones. You can control what gender you would prefer to see, place they're from (worldwide, my country, my state,) and if they are verified or not. The only thing I wish was different is the daily awards. At first you got boost and then 5,10,15,30,50,100 coins during the week but now they brought it down and it's honestly disappointing. I don't come to check my stuff anymore because what's 8 going to do? Other than that, it's an amazing app and if you want new friends, partners, or links, this is the app to try out.

Best friend making app.. I feel like this app is amazing to use and it isn’t filled with people who don’t want to be there. I always have a conversation to go to and it is super easy to set up an account. This is probably one of the best and most used apps I have. It’s seriously crazy. I also love how you can see who your talking too and there are different communities that you can see their interests! It has literally everyone kind of person you can think of. I feel like there should be an update where you can find specific people from different states so you can find people that live near you or you can ask about different places. Other then that I feel like this app doesn’t need any other updates. I definitely recommend if your trying to make new friends!

Awful moderating system.. Only giving the stars so people will see this review. This app is mediocre. They flag for every and any little thing. I literally post things that do not go against the guidelines and they keep flagging me. There are people on here who literally have drugs, bikinis, boxers etc in their photos ( which go against their guidelines). I get flagged for posting art or drinks at a classy restaurant (which it does not mention anything about alcohol in their guidelines). Absolutely dictator type energy when it comes to moderating. When you ask for a manual review they give a light hearted threat to try to discourage you from doing so. Disgusting. I have not even heard back about the review. I’m not surprised. Be aware of this if you choose to continue with downloading this app and making a profile.

Not bad ig. I was on wizz for a month and a half maybe two. Everything was fine and I’d met a lot of new people so I decided to delete my profile. Several weeks go past and I was creating a new account. Once Im about to start selecting pictures for my profile, my phone shut off and when it came back up it was back at the login screen. Annoyed bc I had to go through the whole process again, I was even more annoyed to find that I had been banned for “violating the terms and conditions”. Now when certain people post certain things they aren’t banned but I got banned for creating a profile?!? No worries tho, I tried to contact customer service, no reply to my email and no one ever answered the phone. On the website it won’t give me the chat box option just to download the app. Which of course won’t let me do anything bc im banned. It was cool before that tho.

Shadow Banned. I continue to get shadow banned for absolute no reason. I start messaging people, i say nothing bad nor any curse words but a , “hi how are you” , “love that song”, “cute outfit” “pretty smile” and i keep getting banned having to recreate an account. This is simply ridiculous, it usually happens around the 400 coins mark with this being my 6th account. The daily rewards thing, im assuming they are banning people who don’t pay for anything on their app because this is completely re-occurring. This needs to get fixed or im going to personally contact apple, and have a petition to get this app removed off the app store, aswell as having an employee download this app & try it for 2 weeks to see what i am saying. It’s quite annoying having to deal with this when all i want to do is meet other people in my area, or make new friends for that matter. And im pretty sure if the user isn’t doing anything wrong, and if you ban them without a reason including shadow ban, that’s against app store guidelines . I don’t recommend downloading this app, Nor Yubo. If you guys want a good app, download hoop. You have guarantee adds, and you don’t get shadow banned each time you turn around and text someone.

Good app, but unfair user treatment. I’ve met a lot of people on this app, overall I’d say it’s the best app for meeting ppl! But there’s a huge problem…. I and many other guys have been banned without being told we are, the app will allow you to continue using it as normal, but no one will actually see your messages. They do this because we have broken rules they have, when in reality we have not done such a thing. This is where the unfair part comes in, there are MANY women on here who have overly sexual profiles on here, I’m talking fully bent over with their back-end facing the camera, showing off their chest, even saying sexual things in their bio. Yet they are allowed to continue using the app as normal. I recently made a new account on another phone and I never swore nor made sexual remarks, and I was banned within 2 days of use. Constant messages those first two days then after that, silence. Support is not responsive on their email or via their in app support system. It is ridiculous and really a massive downfall

Unhealthy for kids. I had this app and I admit it can be entertaining, but also gets boring in a little. My main concern is 13 year-olds downloading this and getting into the habit of texting a bunch of people at once just to feel something, and dealing with getting rejected or insulted or ghosted by people which happens often this app. I feel this can harm them once actually in a relationship or friendships, getting into the habit of needing male validation or an ego boost because you’re texting a bunch of people at once. Idk. There are also highly inappropriate ads, like every add is a porn ad and this is a children’s app. A little questionable. Overall it’s not really a safe place either. So many people pressure others to send each other nudes on this app and it can be dangerous with people so young. The guys on this will really manipulate and emotionally harm girls. They say “we recommend you report them” but there are way too many people to be doing that, it’s mentally damaging.

It’s gotten worse and won’t listen to reviews. Now it’s child tinder with a swipe mechanic no going back one for free incase you looked through pictures too fast the lack of a bio separate from pictures, I could go on all day it’s all been said. Personally when it first came out and had a section to like or dislike that was all fine and dandy along with another hub for looking up interests or hobbies basically # I want to look for gaming partners I don’t want to see the majority of people that come across my screen. It feels like there’s so little choice in the app now it just feels like a slot machine like hope you get lucky and spend 8 hours looking through every picture and every bit of text to see if someone remotely shared your interests. Also I’m barely a week out from being 18 and I don’t want to see 16 year olds on my feed and I don’t seem to have an option to pick my age range to be 17 and up I know why there isn’t a age range that we can pick from because creeps and all but at least one that’s like your age and up or something.

Good concept. Wizz is a great idea really! I downloaded it from a TT ad, which advertised it as a way to make new friends. As a woman who recently moved 1000mi away from everyone I know, I thought this would be a good idea. Here are my thoughts on Wizz: 1) The VAST majority of users seem to be men. Within SECONDS of uploading my pictures, I got 10+ messages from men trying to hit on me. I’ve swiped for over 5 minutes and have only found 2 women, both of which were looking for relationships (with men). I have yet to find a woman in search of a friend yet. This is not the dev’s fault at all, but is just sad. I just want to make girl friends. 😭 2) The one thing I think the devs could improve is setting up your account - once you accept the terms & conditions, it has you upload an image and add music/text. The app doesn’t really explain what this is. I thought this was like a story - it’s not! I didn’t understand that your bio is strictly media, and what you choose for that first “story” image is actually a part of your bio. It took me a few minutes of clicking around the app & googling to figure out what everything was lol. My only criticisms are those two things - the first of which isn’t even the devs fault. The only thing I would change is maybe making the account setup a little more clear when making your first bio post!

Needs monitoring. There is nothing wrong with the app itself, it is a great app for making friends and meeting new people, what I have a problem with it the people on the app, so SO many people are rude, disrespectful, mostly teenagers, they think it’s ok to harass and threaten people and get away with it, I’m not ok with that, I know we can’t really do anything about it but if any parents out there read this and have kids that act like this I suggest you teach them to treat others the way they wanna be treated, just because something happens all the time nowadays does t mean it’s the right thing to do, I don’t like the way this generation is ending up and some of the people on there are horrible. If I knew how I would’ve made an app like this a long time ago and I would be making sure nobody gets bullied on. That’s why there’s so many people with anxiety and depression because of these mean teenagers who go to really petty means to express their hatred.

Wizz review. Wizz is an great app for people in there exact age range to meet new people in there state in there country or worldwide, once u start to meet people pop questions( questions that are asked daily given by Wizz) With pop questions you can answer and your friends will see and you can see your friends, there are 3 types of messaging ways Bulk, Standard, and Super, personally my favorite is Bulk because it allows you to type one message to 100 different people it’s much easier to meet new people, With this being said Wizz is an great app. I wish that we personally can choose the pop questions sometimes even if we have to pay for it, otherwise Wizz is a great way to connect with new people.

I loved it but now I’m mad. I joined this app two days ago, it was so fun, met a lot of friends, but then randomly a day ago, after only having it for a day my account got “restricted”. I did nothing wrong, I’ve been over community guidelines several times and I did not violate them in anyway. I also emailed and requested an account review several times but I never got an answer from support. Today a boy messaged me on the app saying my account had been muted by accident, and to apologize I got some coins added to my account, but other than that my account still remains restricted or muted or whatever and I can’t enjoy it. I really wish y’all would make your support more helpful and better, as well as not restrict people’s accounts so easily because a lot of times random people will report you just to troll and I think that’s what happened to me. So please fix these issues. If y’all did that the app would be just fine.

I don’t recommend this app at all. The app promotes that if you need a confidence boost this is the app for you. But me personally the people on here are rude and judgmental. It might just be for me but if your not someone’s view of attractive or pretty they shame you and bully you. If you have mental issues I would not recommend this app is full of cruel and mean people. Some people may no agree with me but it’s very stressful it can be fun at some levels but people on the app are to mean and careless that another human being is on the other side of the screen so I deleted this as soon as I got the memo That don’t belong here in don’t come here for friends they will judge you by the three pictures you put up and a few stickers I recommend the old fashioned way in my opinion.

I like it. I really like the app, but the community guidelines ruin it. Sometimes you get punished for doing nothing, and you’re scared to request a manual review bc you don’t wanna get banned for something you might’ve missed. And I understand they want it to be age appropriate but it’s 2023, and kids have seen a lot by now, someone’s stomach shouldn’t have to drawn out to be “age appropriate”. Everything else is chill tho. You meet a lot of people. I like the system they have with meeting people from your area. I wish your preference could be more specific. And I think the videos to see what someone has said gets a little bit OD when it’s consistent, but I understand bc most people aren’t paying for the app so they need to get money somehow. But overall I’ll give it 4 stars. It’s a good app.

Moderated. I’ve been moderated way too many times and i don’t even know what i did. I’ve never said anything inappropriate on my profile or did anything inappropriate and now i can’t even update my profile in 24 hours? What? I think it’s unfair. I don’t understand why my profile is being moderated. I don’t even know what that means!😭😭😭 It’s a good app but I’ve been moderated for no reason. I haven’t even done anything. 😭😭😭 I just redownloaded the app and this happens. First I couldn’t do anything for an hour now 24 hours 😭😭😭 The only thing I was trying to say was that i actually take ugly pictures and to not be fooled by the one in my profile? What? How is that inappropriate? I most def don’t mean nudes! 😭😭 I mean like ugly expressions 😭😭😭 I literally don’t even send😭😭😭 Please get this fixed I am tired and this is really annoying and this is very disappointing. Have I been reported? Please fix this. If I get my account taken down. I will be very upset.

Decent to be honest. The app is quite interesting, at first you add 3 photos of yourself or your dogs or friends and you can verify your face to know that it’s actually that person in the photos which is a good safety setting but the only thing I tend to get uncomfortable about the app is that it’s only made to make friends, but so many teenagers on here have been trying to date which I mean it’s fine but the weird messaging is getting a bit weird each time. Also you are able to decline requests or even delete chats if you don’t feel much of a connection or if the first message they sent makes your uncomfortable. Another thing is that when people talk to you, half of them will not respond so finding and making friends on here is gonna be difficult, it’s just the matter of searching and trying to take up the time to be patient with people.

balls. My name is Yoshikage Kira. I'm 33 years old. My house is in the northeast section of Morioh, where all the villas are, and I am not married. I work as an employee for the Kame Yu department stores, and I get home every day by 8 PM at the latest. I don't smoke, but I occasionally drink. I'm in bed by 11 PM, and make sure I get eight hours of sleep, no matter what. After having a glass of warm milk and doing about twenty minutes of stretches before going to bed, I usually have no problems sleeping until morning. Just like a baby, I wake up without any fatigue or stress in the morning. I was told there were no issues at my last check-up. I'm trying to explain that I'm a person who wishes to live a very quiet life. I take care not to trouble myself with any enemies, like winning and losing, that would cause me to lose sleep at night. That is how I deal with society, and I know that is what brings me happiness. Although, if I were to fight I wouldn't lose to anyone.

VERY bad moderation system. I used to use this app a lot last year and it was really cool and fun. I just recently downloaded it again because I was bored and it worked for about a day before I started getting moderated for stupid stuff. I would put things like “I love” in my bio and they would consider it “inappropriate”. Every time I would try to rephrase it, to something like “I <3”, that would ALSO get moderated. After a certain point, I just decided to delete my account and start again because they kept moderating me for no apparent reason. So I try to make a new account, fill out all the information, and guess what? Now they’re moderating MY LITERAL NAME. It’s my literal birth name. How does my god given name go “against community guidelines”? And it’s stupid because why is it moderating me now when I’ve used the app before with the same EXACT NAME? It makes no sense, and it’s just annoying. I’ve requested a manual review, but who knows how long that’s going to take. It’s just annoying and makes my opinion of the app negative. Fix this.

this is dangerous. please for the love of god if ur a child or anyone whos naive enough to talk to strangers on an app like this DELETE IT. This app is filled with people who wanna scam or groom u its dangerous dont give anyone ur phone number or snap and learn about online safety i know i sound like a typical parent but this is coming from someone who was groomed online before. No child should download an app like this, its just Kik all over again its clear the people who made this app dont know and cant regulate it bc its so easy for kids to just lie about their age and end up getting harassed by someone MUCH older. My brother got the app and leaked some very private information about himself to a complete stranger posing as a girl, if ur a parent or a sibling just check ur kids phone i know it invades their privacy but if ur kid has access to any app thats like this pls let them delete it. People have become too comfortable on social media and need to realize there are some very dangerous people out there who wanna blackmail or groom you.

Good app could be better.. This is a really great app for you to meet new people and socialize with people that actually want to talk to you instead of it being a one way conversation. It does have down sides, though not many I do have to list some of them that I find either annoying or upsetting. The biggest downside in my opinion is that the app introduces itself by being an app that wants to introduce you to new people. BUT at the same time it has you watch an ad to meet the new people. But that this apps biggest down side in my opinion. On the other end this app has a lot of positives. Them being it’s easy to meet new people and have a decent convo. although it could do better at bot detection it’s a very fun app and, it is free so why not try it. Yeah it could be better but I’ve definitely had some fun experiences and I hope it for others as well!

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 12+ years and older
Current Version 8.11.0
Play Store com.vlbapps.wizz
Compatibility iOS 15.0 or later

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The application Wizz App - chat now was published in the category Social Networking on 24 February 2019, Sunday and was developed by VLB [Developer ID: 1450287306]. This program file size is 199.78 MB. This app has been rated by 265,054 users and has a rating of 4.3 out of 5. Wizz App - chat now - Social Networking app posted on 08 April 2024, Monday current version is 8.11.0 and works well on iOS 15.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.vlbapps.wizz. Languages supported by the app:

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