TeamSpeak 3 App Reviews


TeamSpeak 3 App Description & Overview

What is teamspeak 3 app? Voice Chat Communication used by Professional Gamers.


TeamSpeak is an advanced voice chat and communication app that enables groups of people to communicate and share information with each other via the internet or through private networks, whether they are using smartphones or desktop PCs/Macs.

● Ad & Spam Free
● Low data usage
● Minimal CPU Usage
● Advanced Permission Controls
● Offline/LAN functionality
● Use on public or your own private server
● Use Anonymously
● Synchronise your bookmarks across devices
● Push-To-Talk (PTT) and voice activation
● Connect to multiple servers & channels
● Send and receive group and direct messages
● Identity and contacts management
● See detailed channel and player information
● Get player status notifications
● Universal app for iPhone/iPod/iPad

The preferred voice chat solution for online gamers, friends and family and small businesses world-wide. TeamSpeak lets you chat with fellow team mates, discuss strategy in real-time, or facilitate online events.

TeamSpeak can be run on either your own private server where you can securely connect with and chat to your guild, clan or colleagues. Or jump on one of the many public servers and channels.

TeamSpeak3 for iOS is optimized to enhance your mobile device experience and keeps you connected with your peers while you're on-the-go.

To communicate with other users using TeamSpeak, you must be connected to a TeamSpeak 3 server (directly connecting to users is not possible).

To view a list of public servers, download the TeamSpeak desktop client and choose Connections > Server List.

To join a private server, contact your clan/guild/group's administrator for the information you would need to connect.

Our team of developers are constantly working on improving the solution and to add new features to give you an even better experience.

If you find a specific bug or crash issue please let us know. In most cases our developers will find and squash bugs or fix crash issues quickly, especially if you can aid us with information regarding your hardware or environment, and how to reproduce the issue. You may even get a reward!

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App Name TeamSpeak 3
Category Social Networking
Updated 15 December 2023, Friday
File Size 44.43 MB

TeamSpeak 3 Comments & Reviews 2024

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It only works with servers that are updated. I downloaded this to use on a server for an older game. That specific server will not update and the IOS version cannot run at v3.1.9. Wish I would have know this before buying. I can use older version on pc so why can’t I on my phone.

No external speaker. When the app launches it routes all audio on my iPhone to the earpiece. I do not want this. Especially with other apps on my phone. Close the app test of the phone returns to normal. Launch this app all audio routes to earpiece. Not good.

Really enjoy this app. Really enjoy having this app

Black screen and audio issue. Lowers the volume when on the app and also it will randomly turn the screen off

It Works Perfectly, Ignore These Other Reviews. I’m not sure who these people are, but I’ve been using this app for 10 years and it’s never had a problem. That’s back when it was $5, too.

The update fixed most of my issues. Great update. With the newest update as of February 2018 they have greatly improved the app, I don’t disconnect easily, I don’t have trouble with my microphone and when I get a call I don’t time out. Good job this app is worth the money now.

Not worth it. I paid 5$ for this app when it's desktop client is free, yet I should expect an awful experience? Why? My PTT button is constantly disappearing, rotating my phone messes up the app, constantly crashing, using any Bluetooth headset with the app makes sound quality on everything on my phone awful, and the UI is just outdated. Update please

TS5. I love TeamSpeak I have always used TeamSpeak. As with everyone else I jumped on the discord bandwagon, and it was OK for a while, but TeamSpeak is home and I’ve moved back. I just wish that the mobile app was better laid out. It needs updated badly.

Good but could use work. I love this app for my gaming because it makes it easier for me than having everything on my computer. The only issue i have is that it needs to be like the desktop version where you can see who is in each channel on a server. Also, allow radio clicks or something to make the app more interesting.

Overall crap and waste of money. I thought the app might be okay, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. I paid for the Mobil app and i couldn’t join any of my channels that I have paid for on pc. I only got the app because I was in a pinch and needed access to my TeamSpeak. 10/10 would NOT recommend

Login server. Just purchased and immediately cannot use it as their logon servers are down. Only bought for a temp replacement for discord as that is also down today. How do I get a refund? GIMME BACK MY 0.99 cents!

Used to work. The app worked great until a month ago now it just never connects to anything anymore. Not sure why but just does nothing now

Amended review. I am at my earlier post and read this three stars because it was actually a user air which caused me not to be able to connect to my server. Over all the app works OK the sound quality and the controls are little Jenkee with VoiceOver which maybe the app developers can work on. If it was a little bit more user-friendly with VoiceOver I would give this app five stars (And maybe work on some of the settings as well being more intuitive).

Need a method on iOS to be speaker phone. Whenever it connects it defaults to handset and I can’t get it to switch to speakers

Waste of money. The app is only viable if you intend to import all info from your pc and then begin using it. Was a stand-alone before and was amazing. Sad to see it fall backwards with progress instead of forwards. If you want to spend the time going through files and transferring everything then it’s usable. Otherwise save your money and be without ts3 until you have a pc available.

Can’t connect to old servers?. Really so I paid you 99cents and I can’t connect to my guilds server? I’m going to contact Apple and let them know that the purchase is not accurate because the product is not as described. GOOD DAY TONYOU SIR!

Why do you need 300 pages of agreements??. This app sells itself on privacy and security but still needs you to agree to give away your data and about 10 thousand words of other legalize limiting their liability and selling your data. Complete and utter nonsense. I gave up reading after 10 minutes. For a moment I was nostalgic for a simpler time before discord, but now I know TS is no better.

Obvious review. Disconnects me every so often and it’s getting annoying. Looks like crap here, give it life with some downloadable themes. Or charge us for them whatever you want. It’s obviously outdated, if you’re charge us for the app then at least update the app. Wish I could see who else is online, and also the volume on the app is garbage. Sure I can chat with people but all the hassles just make me wanna just jump onto a computer. 5 bucks for an app at least us know improvements are coming And for some reason I can’t connect to some servers when I’m on cellular. Fix for this is using a VPN Update for iPhone X?

Doesn’t work the way it should. I got the app because I’m a staff member on a server for a game I was going to use the app to attend the meeting but couldn’t make it because the app doesn’t let you join the server without a certain security level so it denies my access to join even if I change the default channel

Back Burner App. It seems like TeamSpeak doesn’t care about this app anymore. Been two months since the last update, and still lacks iPhone X support. The app stops working when you shut the screen off on iOS 11, worked just fine previously. Crashes on messages with non ASCII letters. I expect more from a paid app.

Excellent. I’ve had this app going on four years now have had the occasional freeze up but never anything major I love this app it allows me to keep up with my gamer friends while my tower is down highly recommend this app

Major Issues. Man DON’T update to latest version. My phone did it automatically and now I can’t get on with my community. Everyone in the community that has updated can’t connect now. But of coarse I can’t revert back to the version prior to this one. Other than that I would have given 5 stars.

Don’t buy. Don’t waste your time, as soon as you go off WiFi. Or off cell service and on to WiFi, you will be stuck in a constant loop of invalid recovery key. Even if you enter the key and it’s accepted, you can’t connect to anything, it will say you are offline. which clearly is incorrect. Save the .99¢ and go buy porn or something. requesting a refund now for this. Should have listened to the other reviews but I guess I just thought people were dumb or something.

Please fix individually volume. I use to be able to turn other people’s volume up and down individually but now I do not have that setting please send out a update just for that. Bc certain people is louder than others and if I turn my system volume down it will mess everyone else up. Please fix this.

The Goat. I’m honestly not where all the negative reviews are coming from. I use ts mobile on my phone in my back yard, in the car on Bluetooth, etc.. And I have had nothing but good experiences. Was worth in my opinion. 👍🏼

Dark mode bugs. For the love of god fix the bugs! When ever i remove someone from one channel to another it crashes, when i kick someone it crashes

Pretty good. All the reviews with 1-2 stars are just from 2 years ago when they didn’t update it often but it works perfectly now haven’t seen any bugs since I got it and it’s perfect for the price of 1,20$

Eh. For the cost of this app, you’d think they would fix bugs. In iOS 11.0.2, the app does not keep transmitting when you lock the screen. I can still hear the people in the channel, but it stops transmitting my voice. It also stops if you switch to another app. TS does not show up in the settings for background app refresh. So set your screen timeout to “Never” and hope no one texts you while you’re using it.

Paying 5 Bucks for a half developed app. I highly recommend not purchasing this app. The app does not display any teamspeak “tags” or icons for your server groups or role within the server. This has been a known issue according to the website but nothing gets done. And then to boot the icons work on my iPad.... it’s the same OS.... Pass on this app!

App doesn’t work. Just paid $5 for this app for it to not even work. Every time I try to make an account or login to mine I get either login failed or can’t contact server. Waste of money.

Won’t use Bluetooth connected devices iOS 17.1. I have tried restarting TS3, reinstalling TS3, rebooting my iPhone, forgetting my Bluetooth devices (headset and speaker) reconnecting my Bluetooth devices and still no sound! So much for the 3.6.6 fix.

Works great. No issues does what it is supposed to

Teamspeak 3 on an iPhone 6. Private server.. yes No registration.. perfect Sign into multiple channels and servers at once.. sweet Discord with every user wanting me to join their channel.. no thanks I am ok with paying for my privacy Love the app use it all day every day. Totally worth the 5$ thanks teamspeak.

Good. Why do people give this app negative reviews. There are no bugs to date that I experienced. Great app. Don’t listen to them.

Great App but Slow Updates. App still hasn’t been updated to be compatible with iOS 11. Since iOS 11 receiving a notification will mute your mic until you press the home button then re-open the app and it crashes on launch about 50% of the time. For a free app that would be excusable, for a $5 app it’s pretty sad.

I LOVE THE APP BUT.... The sound has always been an issue.. can you guys fix this.. the sound comes out from the hearing speaker and not the actual iphone speaks from bottom.

Great app. However it needs an update. This is a wonderful app to have for gaming communities. I have no problems major issues with it… well except one. Every time I lock my phone and go to unlock it, I lose all sound. I combat it by activating then deactivating speaker mode. Before iOS 13, it only did it rarely. Now I have iOS 13 and it’s gotten a lot worse with it. Please please please update it. This is an absolute 5 star app. However this version only gets 3 stars. I’ll update when it’s fixed.

iPhone X still not supported. That’s for updating the app... but I don’t appreciate the big black bars at the top and bottom of the phone.

Need client volume level. One thing this app absolutely needs is the ability to make individual people louder. I have on le person who you can barely here in the app but is fine on pc

Update fixed audio problems.. Up until now the audio volumes have been extremely low, and it was hard to hear if you’re not in a quiet area. The update fixed it so thank you.

Kinda sad that I can’t easily make a server. Y’all’s process for making a server on computer was already a chore but I mean come on. Ya wonder why your missing another massive sum of users is because of that very process.

Better than reviews let on. I was hesitant to buy this app because of all the negative reviews, but decided to anyway when it went on sale for $1. It works perfectly fine(on iPhone 6, iOS 12.4.1), some of the things people complain about like mic turning off when the phone locks is absurd, just change your lock settings. I don’t have much else to say, it really is just teamspeak but on a smartphone. It definitely doesn’t deserve to have a 2/5 rating, people are just nit picky, ignorant or have unreasonable expectations for an iOS app.

Bad updates. Everything was working good, but since the last couple updates you’re not able to connect whit any server, not even on the phone, I did pay for the App on my iPhone and also i pay 50 dolars per month on a teamspeak server for what? For can’t log in? This is just getting worst

Fix sound.. This sound needs to be fixed. If we are going to be paying for this you need to fix the sound when you go handsfree. Very frustrating that it hasn't been fixed. Still hasn't been fixed on update. You need to fix the sound on speaker mode.

Works as advertised. Don't know why everyone else has been having issues with it. Works as advertised here.

Useless. This app is useless. The sound works when first installed, but shortly after, the sound switches from the main speakers and then comes from the ear speaker. It is inaudible unless you hold phone to your ear. I love the Windows client, but this app is useless to me.

W. It was not working at first but my friend helped me and he got it working for me and it pretty good

Good app. So I hope you find this review helpful. There are a lot of negative reviews and honestly they are unwarranted. Most of the negative reviews are very broad like “does not work”. This failed to tell me how it doesn’t work. Honestly the only complaint I have is that if your phone goes to sleep you are put in a away status. Otherwise you can connect to servers, connect to your bookmarks( right in the start page), and talk with your Teamspeak friends mobile. I would recommend this app to anyone who uses Teamspeak on a regular basis.

Disappointed! Separate but not equal!. This TeamSpeak client is missing more than a few features the PC version has and renders it useless when someone needs to set hot keys for server groups or change the volume of an individual. In some regards it took more than a moderate dive to figure out this lack of paralleled features. So money wasted! :/ In general for a regular user it’s fine but I’m a guild commander and need to speak in multiple groups by push buttons per group (like the PC version can). :/

Security IOS issue. I've never made a review but do NOT buy this app if you have IOS. For some reason the developers have not made a way to increase your security level to even join most servers with the app. You can increase it on PC but you can't sync the identity to your phone. It's a waste of a dollar and a dead app if you can't increase your security level from 8 to 24...

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Not to bad. For a $6 app its not that bad had it for a few days had no problems yet

Suggestion. It's really good and I like it. But in an update you should be able to upgrade your security level because I found that was a major problem

What support?. They are getting lots of requests to fix the output volume. If you want to use this product you can, but use headphones, so you can hear anything. Iphone or ipad. Using it on a pc or mac has no issues.

Good, but I want my money back.. It's good but I had the previous version not very long and then you go and switch to another app instead of updating the last one. So I had to pay $5 again.

Awesome. Awesome app just like the pc version. You guys should add in more options and shadowvalor, if you wanna check whos online, suscribe to every channel . The fast way is to tap the welcome to ... Button

Some sound problems, but good overall. Love the app, use it every day, but since the update had problems with sound output. Have to use earphones or I can't hear anything, and the sound keeps dropping really low randomly. Also, the system sounds are way louder than the app, so when it says connected, it is very loud

It works. Runs and works fine, doesn't allow certain options as pc does but just wanting to speak on a server to friends etc, Then this is what you want. Doesn't allow photo uploads or downloads saddly, it's all it needs.

Horrendous. New update is horrible. PM's are all merged into one chat thread. Crashes constantly. Tabbing in/out of app to other services then back, hardly works. Not worth the money at the moment. Channels bounce everytime someone joins/leaves, making channel changing excessively difficult!!

Review. Everything works perfectly, I live in Australia in the country and my service is poor but this app operates very smoothly. The voice recipient and sender can both hear perfectly, crystal clear. The only minor issue that deters me from giving this app a 5 star rating is the fact I can't see who is in the channel groups. Only the one I'm in. If there is a way to do this then disregard this issue and see that 4 star rating as a 5.

I like it!. Works good no bugs. Would get it if I was you!

Half-decent app, not in any way worth the price tag. $6.50 is steep for a simple communication app, which you can get on PC for free. But For that price- you get less feature than the PC version! Let's look at what this is missing that the free PC version has: -no adjustable mic sensitivity -no avatars - clunky and non-descriptive UI -weird sound settings -on iphone4, it runs so badly that it is nearly impossible to unlock your phone while chatting Aside from the last point, these can be excuses if the app were $0.99 or free- but charging a premium for a low quality product with a superior free version on another platform is just non-sensical and a waste.

Won't let me transmit. Hey guys, Loving the app on my iPad however on my iPhone I'm unable to transmit or hear other users. I've tried reinstalling, rebooting etc. The app will work once after the above and then go back to not being able to press the PTT or hear anyone.

Still can't upgrade security level. How many years and the only way to have a security level higher than 8 is to import from PC? I mean really.

Fantastic!. Wicked app, I got this to stop my game lagging and it's just like the computer, stopped my lag issues 100% recommend it to anyone.

Does not work. Errors continually. Will connect to default sites but not to our clan server. Would have been nice to know what the errors actually were.

Seems to work. Works fine for me All features seem to work People who are having problems might be related to server

Flawed functionality. After spending 3 hours trying re enable the audio in/out, my efforts were fruitless. The problems that come with this application are worth the money.

Best app ever?. I dont know what all these bad reviews are for, app works perfectly... sound is clear, mic works fine... cant wait to talk to my friends wherever i go!

Still no channel auto-join??. Great app, but seriously lacking the ability to auto join channels upon connection (like the PC version has). 5 stars if it had that feature.

Update broke everything.... My app was working fine until u released this update that apparently fixed bugs... After updating I can nolonger scroll down in the app when apparently u fixed that issue even though I never had it b4 i updated. Should rename it to "Broke scrolling down" not "fixed it"

cant connect. cant connect to any server

Works fine till I try to connect again. I'll be talking fine, but if I disconnect, it will tell me that the client is flooded, and I need to download it again

Crashing. Everytime I disconnect a server and join another one it keeps on crashing and crashing and telling me to send a report. Pls fix this!!!

Scam. Scam

Bluetooth doesn't work. Good app. Much better than ventrillo app. Only issue is the bluetooth doesn't seem to work so if using in a car or on hands free the mic and audio don't function. I assume they will correct this as it works with ventrillo app.

Rubbish. It's November 5th and still no update and still can't connect to any server on my iPad or iPhone. The makers are quick to take your money but are rubbish at promptly fixing the error.

Amazing App. Works really good but there are a few minor problems that annoy me. For starters, the app eats the battery very fast. I will be on 100% and within 5 minutes of talking to fellow staff members on a single TeamSpeak server, my battery will drain to about 86%. Also, as a teamspeak server owner, I would love to see permissions on the app.

Teamspeak. Great App. The only thing that bugs me is the inability to use my Bluetooth headsets microphone. The headsets mic works on Skype on my iOS device. If there wasn't this problem this would be 5 stars. -Matt

Dont worry it is just a bug. Guys, dont worry this latest update is gust a glitch/bug and for whatever reason ts3 isnt willing to release an update yet. I am sure they are working on it and if you hang around long enough they will fix it. Its only temporary so dont worry.

*iphone 5 support *. The app itself is absolutely fantastic, but i ask the devs, please have iPhone 5 support asap. I will still give 5 stars.

Error over and over again. All i get every single time I connect to a server on ts I get ERROR ERROR ERROR over and over again because of spam. PLEASE FIX THIS! I don't want to be convinced I wasted my money on this app :(

Suggestion. I think that teamspeak should be updated again so that you can choose the level of security that you want because sitting there adding a new identity check level cancel repeat is kind of ridicules because doing that the main levels you have any hope of getting Alia 8 9 & 10 though after sitting there for 10 min of trying I did get 17 but that's not the point. I also make it so that private messages are in another chat thread Please apply theses changes Thx

ERROR ERROR ERROR ERROR. I can only get this stupid thing to work 1/8 times honestly. The moment I join any ts server with this I get flooded with ERROR ERROR ERROR ERROR for spam or cause client is flooding. I've logged onto different ts servers, restarted the app, redone loaded the all, nothing works. This is a total waste of my money.

Error 705. Constant error I haven't been able to reconnect all day... Fix it and this app fine. I'm a heavy 8 hour a day user of this app. Not happy with this update yet...

Awesome app.. I love the new UI improvements. Currently there is a bug where the microphone is super sensitive and a massive delay with some devices, and lag, especially on the iPhone 4.

Crashes & Admin Abilities. Just a note to the other reviews, the last update had a note in the change log stating they were changing over to a new app due to legal reasons If I remember correctly. So, to start of my review. There are a lot of crashes, I have narrowed it down to, open a client's information, channel descriptions plus a couple others. Now onto admin abilities. I would love to see more control for admins, like being able to set server groups and channel groups. Just being able to manage your server on the go. Having more control over it. Being able to move clients, I can't remember at this point whether you can or not right now. I will be sending in the support message to try help the developers fix their app for the community that rely on their great app to manage their servers on the go or just average people. I know I had to use it for quite a while on my iPod when I played some games as when I had it open on my computer it made me lose connection to the game server I was on and TeamSpeak every 3-5 minutes. So I put up with using my iPod for communication with my community of gamers. Ethan

This is really good. I don't know why other people have been saying that this is really bad but it's really good, it works and I can talk to my friends when I'm not on my computer.

Can’t join to a any server. When I tried to connect to a server its not successful. Will you be able to fix this issue?

Nice. Pretty good, does what it is so posed to do. It would be nice if you could set your avatar and be able to enlarge other peoples avatars though.

love it. use this heaps whenever i go out so i can keep in touch with my mates. only let down is not being able to copy chat messages, or setting avatars or permsisions like u would on pc

Perfection. great app, no lagging or crashing runs smoothly. Just like ts on your computer!


Exceptional App. Great app. Allows me to contact my squad ingame when I can't join them :D 5/5 6/5 now cause its free xD

DO NOT BUY. I just purchased this to join my friend’s server. When I joined all their voices sounded like chipmunks and they couldn’t hear me. I tried different speakers. Headphones. Reinstalled the app. Tried my iPad. Nothing worked.

Decent. This app is okay, besides having to pay for it. Minor changes like being able to adjust the volume of others and everyone within the app to listen to other things like music in different apps would be good. And changing stuff like uploads of avatar and description etc would be great also. Plenty more suggestions but I'll leave it at that

Out of date version. It's not working because the app is out of date and won't be able to connect to your server. Need to fix asap.

Why so quite?. When you log on its really loud but then when people talk to you it's impossible to hear them! You can't set a avatar on the iOS app.

Handsfree is useless on 7/7+. Not optimised for iPhone 7/7 Plus. The ear speaker in these devices is right next to the loudspeaker microphone and said devices now use stereo sound, including that speaker. The app needs to be coded for 7/7 Plus so the ear speaker is not used in Handsfree Mode. Example: Other users are talking and it quite easily feeds back into my loudspeaker microphone, but I need to be quite close to the microphone when speaking when the Voice Activation Level is turned up to avoid the feedback, making Handsfree essentially useless.

Terrible. In summary, don't bother getting this app. The PC app is obviously better. The reason why you shouldn't get this app is because you can't do anything in a Teamspeak Server without getting the message "client is flooding". And when I say can't do anything that means can't poke message or move channels. Honestly expected better for the price it's at.

Meh.... It works ok, but on the iPhone 4 it is really laggy and slows down my whole device. also, it is really expensive.

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Ok but not perfect. Didn't crash yet, on a Bluetooth the microphone doesn't work speaker yes. I bought it specially to use it in the car or with a Bluetooth

Fix the multi-flood bugs !!!. God Damn... we pay for a service, we pay for app... So what you waiting for fix the bugs, Christmas ?!?!?

Scroll Issue. Issues with scrolling in app it auto goes to top an disallows scrolling

Some problems with dropped connections. This latest release seems to disconnect from our TS server whereas the previous version worked more or less flawlessly.

Team speak 3. Absolute garbage, doesn't work! Entered the TS address password for my clan site and cannot connect "could not resolve host name" message.

Can’t accept license agreement. This is annoying! And makes the app useless. The footer of the agreement page are just black and blank, no accept and reject buttons on iPhone 14.

Junk. Since your new update all it does is crash now congrats

Most recent update crippled this app. Prior versions of the TS3 app would slightly lower in-game sounds so TS3 voice chat could be heard. Following the 3.1.8 update, TS3 chat is overwhelmed by the in-game audio.

Unusable. With the new update I can't hear people in TS3 when my game is playing. It used to lower the volume of the other apps while TS3 is running but now it doesn't and doesn't have a volume control.

Fix the crashing!. iPod touch 4 newest iOS available. Can't connect to any server and there's no way to reverse it. Thanks a lot.

Unusable. Instantly crashes upon connecting to a server

Steaming pile of dong.. It simply hasn't been working for a month. Period. For a paid app i've never seen as poor customer service as thise. Get Mumble instead.

Something seems to be wrong. As of recent I can no longer connect to the servers I would always go to because now an error message pops up saying your version is too old please update mean while there is no update :/ please fix this

Good app. It does not crash every time you join a channel or just crashes randomly. The people who say that are idiot who have last gen devices such as ipod 4 iphone 4,4s ect. For example I have the first gen ipad mini and it works fine. All in all its a good remplacment if you have any issues with the PC one. The setting and layput takes a little bit to get used to but other than that great app but still dont think it was worth 5$. But this app is great if you cannot use the pc version and you have friends or a clan you want to talk to ASAP.

Only good for small servers. I grabbed this app because I wanted to be able to talk on the go with my friends. It worked on the first day, however there is a limit on how many people can be in the server before your client "floods" and you cannot move channels or talk, at all. Very disappointed, I would like my $5 back, or them to upgrade the software. For reference my server can hold 75 people at once, however once more than 30-40 get on, I cannot use this app.

Needs option to keep screen on. Very annoying with out

Text to speech too slow. Please fix the text to speech it is painfully slow

Cant mute myself... You're going to need to let me mute says error everytime, and the app is in spanish, pls help and update soon

Doesn't work!. Want my money back. Doesn't connect!

Can't scroll on iPhone 4s. Since the update I can no longer scroll on the app making it impossible to reach my own channel.

Waste of my money. Purchased app and it doesn't work. I put in the address for the channel I want and it doesn't save.

Great app EXCEPT.... There seem's to be (as far as i've checked) no way to show who is on your WHOLE ts server. So you will see anyone within the channel you are in but the moment you leave everyone within the channel disappears. Please fix i dont like guessing where everyone is.

Client too old..... Seriously i paid for this, and it tells me my client is too old that i cant connect to any servers. Do not buy this app!

Works Perfectly. Not sure what the other reviews are talking about.. Use mine on an almost daily basis connects and talks just fine. Using on iphone6

Only connects to public server. Could not get it to connect to my game server due to security level and there is no way to fix it

WONT EVEN CONNECT. Tried on multiple devices and app doesnt not work no matter what. You cannot connect to any server except the public one. Seriously do not buy and try it just wont connect for you either, no ones special and if it doesnt work after all i did then its broken.

Very poor mobile update service.. I cannot use mobile version at the last update 1st oct 2015... Hheee what the xxxxxx.

It's okay when it works.. The app is bad, really. Whenever I use it to communicate with my friends while playing a game, it works fine, but when I'm finished the game and come back to the app it crashes. "Too many clones connected" CANT rejoin the server for awhile. Don't buy this app, get a good computer/mic instead.

Garbage. Privilege key dose not seem to work making this app totally fing worthless. Crashes if you try to use the app anyhow. I honestly want my money back.

White noise. The constant white noise makes this app unusable with Bose QC2 headphones.

Works fine now. New update fix a lot of stuff I recommend buying very good app

Fix crashes. I payed for team-speak 2 and now 3 and both do not work... Please fix this waste for 15$... 10$ on team speak 2 and 5$ on team speak 3 Also if there was a way to ask for reimbursement i would request it for the money i have wasted. I read the description earlier when team speak 2 stop functioning only a month after i bought it. While i was in school with my concentration elsewhere, severe frustration was born when i discovered i would be paying for team speak 3 just to continue use of it, while it is free on the pc. The purchase of team speak 3 was mandatory for my job and now i can't communicate with my co-workers or friends without the use of "Skype". I do not have the luxury of a working pc currently so the app breaking down has caused a lot of stress again.

give me a refund. biggest waste of $5 ever, completely broken; crashes whenever i try to join a channel

App not working correctly. Error message. "Unable To Connect" Your client is too old to connect to this server. Please download a newer version from the App Store.... Meanwhile there is NO update. It worked fine a few weeks ago.

Last update finally fixed stuff. Last update added a long awaited volume control fix. I can finally recommend the app and its cost.

Broken. Do NOT waste your money or time this app is not synced with the of version IT DOES NOT Work How do I get my money back

Unable to connect. App will not let me connect to server. Says the client is too old, download newer app from App Store???

Latest version is both better and worse.. Lots of good fixes here, but one of my favourite things about this app was my ability to listen to music and other audio while using it. Now that audio is suddenly much quieter than it used to be, and music is no longer in stereo.

unable to connect. would be great if it worked, but it needs an update to fix things quick (hoping I didn't waste my money on this)

Crash'es. Dont get it it crash too many times when i joins a server

Can't import UID. Works great other than the fact i can't use my imported UID. I can see it under identities but there is no way for me to actually use it, even when I remove the others and set it as default. What gives?

Keep getting an error trying to log in... what the hell man.. Waste of money so far

Disaster. Since the most recent update for ISO I can't join my regular server. Get message can't find server. My in-game friends are having no problems with other platforms on the same server. Very disappointing.

Can I get a refund ?. The app is great but I am wondering if I could get a refund because I bought it and used it once, it is free on the computer. I recommend if on iPhone but if you have a laptop get it on there because it’s free

Doesn't connect. Please update the app so I can connect to servers.

Don t buy this. Crash at start up. Doesn't work

Needed. You guys need to add it so you can manually change your security level like you can on PC. My teamspeak was trying to be hacked while I was live streaming so it had to be increased on my teamspeak server. Well now I can't connect to it because I cannot raise my security level over 14. Needs a fix NOW

Cant access servers. I don't know what you did to the app but its ruined now. I can no longer access any servers regardless whether i am on Wifi or LTE. It gives me the failed to resolve hostname error for every single server i try to connect to.

I love this app. This is a very good apps gg c'est vraiment une bonne app gg!!

Crashes constantly. Last update broke the app, any action brings about a crash. Please hurry with a fix.

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Low volume. Have two phones and volume is very low on both even with the settings turned up.

Waste of money. Literally doesn’t pickup voice. Tried with headphones/speaker mode/airpods.

Ok version. I have saw this for a while now and since I own a community and rent a server I decided to buy it. When I first bought it it took me about 4 minutes to finally figure out how to connect to my server. When I finally connected it was very laggy and was slow. Also the permissions and editing your server there is not a lot of options and on the client on windows it is a very good system. Also why can't you edit permissions? I don't get that so what I am trying to say is that I don't recommend this app but if you are always on the go and don't really have time to sit at a computer I do recommend it for that but it also shouldn't be $4.99 it should be free considering all the issues I found.

One week failure. Why can't they keep the app up to date when I pay $5...FIX IT!!! I wish I didn’t pay. Discord is free!

Not worth. This app is definitely not worth its price due to other chat apps you can use that work much smoother for free.

Cool. This is the best game ever please make more like it

Are you freaking kidding me?. So, I thought it would be easier to use team speak on my phone rather than my computer. I was in one channel, and everyone said it sounded OK. When I switched to another channel the other users stated that my voice was so distorted they could not understand one single thing I was saying. It is absolute bull when you think it's my microphone when it's funny how I just bought a brand-new iPhone 6 Plus. I absolutely cannot believe this app is so messed up. From what I have heard other users of this app have stated that the app worked fine before, but after the update to it, it's absolute junk I thought it would work on my brand spanking new iPhone 6, but silly me to believe that it would work after reading all the negative reviews. Fix this app right now please!

Great app, worth every penny.. Loving this app so far. Everyone who complains about features just doesn't take the time to learn how to use the app. Very impressed so far. One thing they need to fix is the way the app deals with chats. Was having an issue with autos scrolling back to the top of the chat box. For those of you not being able to see people in other channels: YOU NEED TO BE SUBSCRIBED TO THE CHANNEL TO SEE PEOPLE IN IT. TeamSpeak 101. Overall really well designed, doesn't chew up my battery life. If you're an avid TS user this app is a must. Easy to use, great functionality.

Doesn’t even work. I bought this to talk with friends on pc, only to figure out Ptt doesn’t work. Don’t recommend

Paid for this???. It is ENTIRELY too difficult to browse or find servers on the mobile app.

Very Nice. I have had this app for awhile now and it is very useful when I am out and a about and I can still have random conversations with my gaming friends. The company themselves keep up to date with updates and even found and fixed a major security flaw. Te only downside to that is that the app does not work. That is only temporary, they have already updated the app and sent it to Apple. It just takes anywhere from 4-14 days to have it pushed through into the market. (Per an email I received from the server company I use to host my own TS channel) Give it a few days and it will be flawless again. Very easy to use and navigate around the app and you have all of the features you would as if you were using the Windows version of the same program.

False Reviews. I don't understand why people write bad reviews about this application. This application works perfectly fine. The first thing I did before wasting my money on this application was that I immediately read the reviews and decided not to buy it because of all the negative feedback. So I contacted my friend and he told me that he has no issues with the application so I purchased it and it's safe to say there's no problems using this application.

No work. No work bye

No complaints. I'm a competitive gamer and have been using the mobile version of Teamspeak for about two years now, for when I'm not playing at a PC. The only issues I've ever experienced were caused by user error and limitations by the iphone. Got a messed up mic? That's an auxiliary issue with iphone: look it up, it's been a thing since at least iphone 4. Can't edit your server settings as an owner? Touch your server's name to get to the menue. The app crashed? Close some background applications and pause your download/video/music, same reasons why programs crash on a computer. I've also used a number of other mobile VOIPs; from Vent to Mumble to Discord, and Teamspeak reigns supreme over any other. Hands down, this app is great.

Can’t import identities. Can’t import the identities you have from PC so this app is basically useless.

A bit slow. I enjoy the app, and im really glad they gave people options for this, just to be more flexible. Ive only had it for a short time and noticed some problems though, at least on my phone. When i use push-to-talk, it is extremely delayed so i have to hold the button for several seconds before it begins to transmit. The biggest problem though is that once im talking/the push to talk button is working, everyone elses voices shut off even if they are still talking. Not cool at all, completely ruins the conversation. Fix that and Id be satisfied :)

Used to work. Used to work fine now never connects to anything

A nice alternative to desktop version. I picked up a new iPad recently so I decided to download TS and stop using my Mac for TS. So far everything works perfectly. I am able to hear clearly the people that I am talking to and the app runs perfectly in the background. The voice activated mic works great and is very easy to adjust. The only thing that I am not happy about is that you cannot see who is in a channel without actually joining the channel. On the desktop version, you are able to join a server and then see which channels have people and who they are. That is a feature that needs to be added to the iOS version.

Works great. No issues. I read the reviews and was cautious to drop $5 for an app. This is one of the more expensive ones out there. I haven't used TS in years but a new game I play requires it. This app fits the bill just fine. I have no experience with the older versions of this app so perhaps that is why I have no issues. If I saw the change from previous versions maybe I would have a different opinion but for now- all is great. I would like to have more volume control. With the phone volume maxed out, it's still not quite loud enough.

I mean it’s aright. Its good serve it own purpose. Noting more then that.

PLS! UPDATE MORE OFTEN ON iOS. Always disconnect from the wifi on iPhone X (iOS 12.1.4) Pls fix it and give updates more frequently. Thx.

Needs to be updated. Please update the app for new iOS and phone. Just bugs out completely with no sound or freezing.

Broken for now. I was able to use this app for one day and it was pretty solid. Unfortunately, a security flaw was identified on the server side on Oct 10 which was swiftly fixed there, but the resolution was version gated. And the version gating is universal, not by client type. So although the mobile app has no security vulnerability itself with the current version, users are locked out until the servers can gate separately or the app gets an update. I am not happy with their solution, given I just finished giving them my money and now the app is useless. No word on their forums/website when this will get resolved.

It's not as bad as everyone is making it out to be but still buggy. So this is still the best app out there for group communication in games but it still has a host of problems, most notably the frequent crashes and room passwords being dropped. But when it works, which is still most of the time, it works great. One suggestion I would add is for better support for split screen on supported devices. As it stands now, I have to exit my game to switch team speak rooms, or anything else for that matter. If this is SUPPOSED to be a companion app for gaming, then split screen would make a lot of sense and be a great upgrade. No more would we deal with our games freezing from being moved into the ios background, wasting valuable time with unneeded restarts. It's time the TeamSpeak developers make this happen.

Paid for app. Email verification doesn’t work.. Garbage. Don’t waste your money. Email verification gives you an error.

Fix it. This app is useless for my , I am using phone x .. PTT not working with me ! I tired ..! I try everything , no hope! Please fix it !!!!!

Updates!!. update the app thanks

Network Radio. Forget this app and get Zello instead. There is absolutely no comparison Zello is head and shoulders the better app for network radio and Zello is free.

Can’t upgrade identity level. I can’t get to a pc for a week and there is no other way to upgrade my identity level to 25 great.

Disappointed. While teamspeak still remains the lowest bitrate communications device, I am fairly disappointed. From corrupting the volume of all apps upon opening, to spam flooding every server when the mic is muted, there seems to be a new bug almost daily with my amazing teamspeak app. Even better, I have not been able to connect to any servers for a month because of a client update, which has yet to arrive for IOS. Given that we have paid for this service, it seems to be a priority that it is kept up to date with other, free versions. This is not the case. Even if there is a problem that TeamSpeak as a company has been struggling with, the least that they could do is communicate that they are at least making an effort to fix it.

Wonderful. I've noticed some of the concerns on the app review and wanted to say that I believe the developers fix the bugs as soon as they see the reviews. I have had one issue but I figured it out on my own. I'm not sure if anyone else has had this problem but I couldn't see who was in what room. The way to fix this is by going into your settings and subscribing to all channels then re-log. The app is great to stay connected with your friends! I love it!

crashes in iOS 8.1.2. Please update this app, $4.99 for an app that crashes all the time is ridiculous! Also you support forums are broken (see below). Every time the app returns from being in the background and returns to the main window it crashes. This is on iOS 8 / iPhone 6. If I leave the chat window open, it will continue running after returning from the background..but then will crash if I try and go back to the main window to speak. Other people in my community have complained about it iOS crashing too. I also waisted a bunch of time trying to register with their support forums but it always returns "Image verification could not be verified due to server issues. Please try again later”. So, instead of a forum post you get a 1 start review. Please fix your forms too.

Tooo quiet. Can’t hear anything despite how much I turn it up.

Why. Why did I ever buy this. It’s full of bugs and discord is Glad there failing. This should have been free from the get go.

I want a refund. App I hate this

New update not good. The new update makes it so you can barley hear anything

Low sound in games. when I am playing games with teamspeak 3 open the sound of my game gets very low, you need to fix it.

Sound needs to be fixed. I've used this app for years now, before it was the official app and before it cost 5bucks. With that being said there's been one issue since the official release and it's the sound. When going hands free mode you still have to have the phone to your ear just to hear. This needs to be fixed asap. When using the app all other apps are at least 50% quieter then they need to be. Please please PLEASE FIX THIS. I want to be able to hear my friends across the room over my phone speaker like with other voice clients.

Me gusta. Lots of bugs are fixed by the looks of things. I'd still like a few more features added, like extensive perms editing for users or channels, the ability to change the volume of specific users, the ability to see the proper name of serverquery groups instead of (null), or the ability to see a group name as a suffix or prefix, but that's to be expected from the mobile app. This app does as advertised, and I have no issues with it, other than the missing features I'd prefer to see added.

Not a working product. I used to use this on my iOS device quite a bit. It was great for when I was on the road. That previous version was killed off but I was happy to pay the price for something I used so much which is this version 3. In its current state it's core use is broke. Headset doesn't work with it and it will not change iOS default name. When hitting app support it sends you to a web support forum flooded with threads. Accessing this on a mobile device is not in any way ideal. I am now looking for an alternative for speaking to the team. Hope they can fix these simple issues. Gave it 3 stars because when it works, it's great. Hoping they fix!

Not good. I can’t see if people are in the servers. Its not a good application.

Was perfect before, New update has rendered this application useless. This app used to work flawlessly, however after the recent horrible update, this app is rendered useless. As another reviewer below correctly stated, the computer ladies voice has been increased significantly and other team speak users' voice has been decreased significantly thus creating a very annoying echo switching in and out of channels or receiving messages. It is also almost impossible to hear the other users unless you put the volume loud which then will create a horrible echo that all other users were here. Adjusting the sensitivity will not fix the issue. If you make it so people can hear you then there will be constant echo either from the computer lady or from other users if you lower the sensitivity the no one will hear you The recent update completely ruin this app I hope they fix it because they are currently not acknowledging this issue although I have read in the forms and in the reviews that many users are experiencing the same issue

connecting. Keep getting a network error when i type the server adress is exactly as i have it.

Good but not great. Before this update TS would crash all the time, since this update came out it hasn't crashed once, or even lost connection. Only thing I ask is if it can send links instead of manually adding [URL]link[/URL] and be able to open links by tapping on them. Other than that it's great. All admin permissions from Desktop TS is on this iOS version. Another thing is as a server admin, you can subscribe to all channels but once you disconnect and reconnect you have to subscribe again, instead of it staying like on the Desktop version.

Server outdate. When I join a channel there is an error command. The server version is outdate. I cannot join any channel.

Amazing! UPDATE: I see why people hate it now.. I used to love teamspeak, don't get me wrong. Mobile was my love and I was so happy with it. Now I see many others have felt the same, however, after using it more, it began to work TERRIBLY. I began seeing all the crashes people talked about, of course I didn't think too much of it, I still loved the app. Then, it began to decline in quality and just downright sucked. By now, I could write you an essay on why not to get this app. Yes, I still use it, but I only fight through all the errors because it's the only thing I got to communicate with when talking to online friends besides Skype. So if you're thinking of getting this app, think twice and only get it if you REALLY feel the need to talk on teamspeak.

Good, but not great. I have two nitpicks. The first isn't so bad, but the second blows my mind. When you have it set up for voice activation on the speaker phone, the other users hear themselves in an echo, and some get feedback. There are ways of handling this, so it would be great if it were fixed since this is a paid app. Which brings me to my second point... Why does this cost $5.00? That's crazy! I can understand a small charge to cover any fees from Apple, but $5.00 is too much for this app. Especially when the desktop app is free. This is the main reason I dinged it two stars.

.. Whoever developed this APP is a tragedy, only can talon channel when the screen turn on, once turn off, it doesn’t work.

Tt. Please edit i want useeeeee !!!!

So many issues.. This app has quite a few issues. It doesn't work smoothly and things are much more complicated and time consuming than they should be. URLs in pokes and in regular chat are not working properly. I cannot click URLs in the regular chat and when someone pokes me with a URL it comes up as regular text and I can't even copy it. The send button on the chatting is very small and the typing is often a bit laggy, causing many typos and there is no autocorrect which would help with that. The push-to-talk key, I find, is not sensitive enough. I think that the app is not very user friendly, making you open up a full screen window to just poke someone. Things should be a bit easier. I know the app can be better; the computer version is awesome and I hope this app gets there. It is such a good tool for talking to my friends but this version needs improvement. I've crashed multiple times and it is getting a little annoying. I also cannot have more than one private chat at a time or initiate price chats with anyone and it is extremely annoying, sometimes if they chat me first I can respond, but most of the time that doesn't even work.

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TeamSpeak 3 3.6.7 Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Rules

What do you think of the TeamSpeak 3 app? Can you share your complaints, experiences, or thoughts about the application with TeamSpeak Systems Inc and other users?

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TeamSpeak 3 3.6.7 Apps Screenshots & Images

TeamSpeak 3 iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Language English
Price $0.99
Adult Rating 17+ years and older
Current Version 3.6.7
Play Store com.teamspeak.teamspeak
Compatibility iOS 12.0 or later

TeamSpeak 3 (Versiyon 3.6.7) Install & Download

The application TeamSpeak 3 was published in the category Social Networking on 10 December 2012, Monday and was developed by TeamSpeak Systems Inc [Developer ID: 577628513]. This program file size is 44.43 MB. This app has been rated by 204 users and has a rating of 2.5 out of 5. TeamSpeak 3 - Social Networking app posted on 15 December 2023, Friday current version is 3.6.7 and works well on iOS 12.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.teamspeak.teamspeak. Languages supported by the app:

EN DE RU ES Download & Install Now!
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TeamSpeak 3 App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Added support for the AirPods mute and unmute feature - Fixed speaker mode setting being restored when bluetooth device or line-in headphones are connected

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