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What is letterboxd app? Letterboxd for iOS puts the popular social network for film lovers on your iPhone or iPad, so you can log films and catch up on your friends’ activity with ease.

Sign in with your existing account (or create one for free) to enjoy our native app interface. These features of the web experience are supported, with more to come:

– Sign in (with 1Password support) or create an account
– Browse popular, highly rated and most anticipated films (including our official list of the Top 250 Narrative Features)
– Log films with date, rating, review and tags
– View film info (including cast & crew, popular lists and reviews) and rate, like, watchlist or mark as watched
– View (and filter) your activity feed
– Read and comment on reviews and lists
– Create and edit lists
– View member profiles including films, reviews, diary entries, tags, stats and more
– Follow members to see their activity in your feed
– Filter and sort collections of films based on specific criteria
– Search for films, content and people
– Edit your profile settings

Our app offers account upgrades:

– Upgrade to 1 Year of Letterboxd Pro or Patron
– Pro tier adds annual and all-time stats pages based on your account activity, advanced activity and streaming service filters (including the option to pick and filter by the streaming services you subscribe to, powered by JustWatch.com), list cloning and removes third-party ads.
– Patron tier provides all the benefits of Pro, plus the option to customize film posters, backdrops on your profile and content (if available), additional stats, a listing in the Patrons directory on our website and early access to new features.
– Payment is charged to your iTunes Account when you confirm purchase and your subscription automatically renews unless auto-renewal is disabled at least 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. Your iTunes account will be charged for a renewal up to 24 hours before the end of each current period, at the same annual fee.
– You can manage your subscription and disable auto-renewals in the App Store app following purchase.
– Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited if you purchase a subscription to that publication, where applicable

Our terms of use are always available at: https://letterboxd.com/legal/terms-of-use/

We welcome your feedback regarding Letterboxd for iOS. Please email us: hello@letterboxd.com

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App Name Letterboxd
Category Social Networking
Updated 15 March 2024, Friday
File Size 80.75 MB

Letterboxd Comments & Reviews 2024

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Great app, iffy users. Honestly this app is designed extremely well, but using the app is relatively annoying here and there. Not because of the platform but because of the users. It feels a lot like the people who use this app are self entitled professionals movie critics who think dissing a movie makes their opinion cool or important. Obviously some people might just be stating their genuine opinion and that’s totally fine (that’s what the app is for) but to me it seems like a lot of people “hate a movie” simply because it’s not something 100% and never before seen. Kinda gets in my nerves is all. But I definitely recommend the app if you can look past all that

Please do something about lists. The “every X movie ever” lists are very annoying. They should have their own filter or something, since the point of lists and accessing them from a film is to find something similar to the film. Not access literally every film in the genre, every film with a similar poster, not every low budget, obscure flick. Even if it were we have the genre function already, so whatever weirdos making these lists are almost all doing pointless effort. this whole situation only exists so they can get likes on their lists because they cast the widest possible net, and flood out the top lists for hundreds of films with nothing to do with them. The list function is entirely unusable on anything above a certain level of popularity since the first hundred lists are just these insufferable, irrelevant lists for their own sake, not for the sake of the films or providing a valuable community resource. Additionally the overall concept of a social media focused film review site has damaged the critical landscape. “Viral” reviewers are little cretins fresh out of college with annoying takes. Easy enough to curate a little feed but you’re guaranteed to see the same 5-10 users at the top of every single set of reviews since they’ve got 50,000 followers, huge downgrade from imdb.

Unexpectedly Amazing. I try to limit my iOS screen time to 1.5 hours a day, but downloading this app a few days ago has ruined that. This app is so much more than just a place to rate movies. I’ve really been enjoying the Lists feature, both creating my own and browsing others. Every night, my family has had struggles finding a movie that we’ll all like. The criteria we need to meet is both 1. No sex scenes and 2. Not overly highbrow. I can never think of anything because 90% of the movies I watch fail one or both of the criteria, so we usually just end up watching kids’ movies. Letterboxd has changed that because other people have already created ‘Movies to Watch With Your Parents’ lists! It has come in handy when I’m on my own too. I’ve added a ton of movies to my Watchlist and now never draw a blank when pondering what to watch next. This was truly the app I didn’t know I needed

Offers some nice features that the mobile website version doesn’t have, but is way too glitchy.. I like how the app version has certain features that the mobile website doesn’t, such as being able to edit reviews, see how many reviews someone has, and see how many of a certain rating a movie has. However, this app has a really annoying bug that makes it difficult to even open Safari on my phone. Whenever I open safari and I have the Letterboxd website open on it, it tries to automatically switch me over to the app. Sometimes it will automatically switch back over to Safari after a few seconds, but it doesn’t always do this. I have to repeatedly close the app and try to quickly click away from the Letterboxd website just to be able to use Safari. Because of this glitch, I have to make sure that I’m not on the Letterboxd website every time I close Safari, and it’s insanely inconvenient.

User Interface. Listen I love the app which is the only reason why I’m writing a review but please fix your user interface. It is clunky and hard to use for what people are using this app for, posting reviews and seeing your friends reviews. Here what I recommend… 1. Make it quicker to go to a friends page and see all the movies they liked. I don’t want to go to my page, my followers, select friend scroll down to their reviews/diary and then look at their page. It’s too many step. Make it so your friends are in the corner and when you open their page on the top you have there most recent reviews, there rating spread and then below that their reviews. 2. Allow the ability to organize reviews by stars, alphabetical, date the film released and date you reviewed. 3. Have the website link with Facebook. You don’t have to make it mandatory but it would be easier to find my friends who use the app. Otherwise I love this app and these features would make the app so much better

PLS MAKE A SIMILAR APP FOR COMIC BOOKS. The app is perfect. I started on the desktop version, then discovered the mobile app. It works just as well as the desktop version and is way more convenient. I love the social aspect of being able to see what my friends are watching, their thoughts on it, etc. And just being part of/having access to a community of fellow movie lovers is great. PLEASE MAKE A SIMILAR APP FOR COMIC BOOKS. I’ve checked every, and none of the apps I’ve seen come close. The comic book community is massive and I think it would be great to have a platform like letterboxd to be able to log your library of comic books, rate & review, and follow & communicate with others who share the same interest. Food for thought for the developers!

Nearly Perfect. Definitely along my favorite apps I have — so much so that I even pay for the PRO membership. I love the sense of community between myself and the other like-minded horror fanatics I’ve found myself being friends with on the app. My only gripe(s) are: the inability to share my profile/reviews on my Instagram story. Sure, I can show my rating, but there’s still no way for Instagram users to click on said rating and instantly find my profile for an easy follow or read-through. I also wish there was a “based on your interests” feature where movies can be suggested to me based on my ratings and likings. I’ve seen both of my desired features on dozens of other apps so it’s strange that Letterboxd is so behind. Still, there is not a single day where I don’t open this app and find joy in reading reviews and opinions of others on movies I hold near and dear to my heart. It’s a fantastic app and I plan on being a loyal Letterboxd member for a very long time!

THIS IS THE BEST THING THATS EVER HAPPENED TO MY LOVE OF FILM. I have never written a review on an app or anything in my entire life but I love this app so much. As someone who loves film I don’t get many movie suggestions that I haven’t seen or really interest me in the genres I like. This app has lists and people I can follow with similar interests on it. I like that It’s social media but focused solely on the movies and not who anyone is or how many likes a list gets etc. I’ve found more movies to watch than I have time! Only thing I would say is maybe the overall aesthetics and mechanics of the app could be better, but if that’s what’s keeping this app under raps for real movie lovers than by all means keep!

Needs to be fixed. This app is my go to app for logging and keeping track of films. I watch movies all the time and I rarely open my IMDb app anymore since discovering letterboxd because it’s much nicer to navigate and it’s more useful and reliable to form opinions about new releases and if I’m going to see them vs an IMDb rating alone, the user reviews on IMDb were always unreliable and now I can see what my friends are watching and their thoughts on films. I discover new ones all the time. That being said, this app either doesn’t load most of the time or crashes every single day. I’m rarely able to even search for Movies anymore, update my lists or make new ones, or log films without being told there’s an error or an issue. Nothing gets saved. So in short, the app is full of bugs that updates never, ever fix. I’m not sure why these can’t be fixed but it needs to happen because it’s incredibly frustrating. Especially if you are someone who pays to use the app. Thanks.

PLEASE ADD TV SHOWS. I cannot express my gratitude for this app’s existence. I have just entered adulthood and haven’t watched most of the classic films that everyone recommends. But my friends and I have all gotten letterboxd and it has inspired a love of film for all us. Now, we are churning through the highest rated films on the app. I watched Parasite last night and Shawshank’s Redemption the night before that. I am grateful. With that said, I hope that you will consider adding tv shows to your app. If we could write individual reviews of episodes as well as entire shows it would add so much to my experience and I’m sure for others as well. We are living through the golden age of tv and while 30 years ago the quality difference between the two mediums may have merited a separate app for film, today shows like the Sopranos and Breaking Bad deserve a similar platform. Please consider my request I would be so grateful.

WHY ISNT THIS APP MORE POPULAR. I really love this app and I regularly try to get more people involved in this app. It has helped me personally keep track of movies that i have seen and movies I want to see. I have seen a book related social media gain a low level of traction but i don’t understand why a movie related social media hasn’t. Everyone likes (or at cares about some) movies and I would honestly love to be able to see what all of my friend’s favorite movies are or what they thought of recent movies they’ve seen. Desperately wish this was more popular. This being said i wish it was a bit more social media based. Clearly i care about what everyone is watching, and while i use it now as more of a personal journal, for it to gain wider success i believe it needs to act as more of a social media.

App of a Lifetime. This app is AMAZING. It has single-handedly revitalized my passion for movies and turned me into an obsessed cinephile! I wanted to give this a great rating while providing feedback. There are several movies that contain the incorrect release Year. Here are some examples: Talk to Me and Suzume. Both released in 2023, but are listed as 2022. Also, some of the orders of movies are incorrect. For example, Killers of the Flower Moon is showing as releasing before Blue Beetle, which is incorrect. If you want my two cents, I would like the month, day, and year to be included. Anyway, thanks for everything, guys!

Somehow one of my reviews I worked on for days got deleted. It’s beyond frustrating as a writer to spend a lengthy amount of time writing something and to go back in and have a message that reads error this review didn’t save and then it’s all the sudden gone. I’ve enjoyed this app for writing movie reviews but the best one I just wrote got Deleted after spending a ton of time writing and editing. I ll remember to save a copy in my notes of my work from now on. And maybe while I was editing I hit the wrong button by accident but I do think before the app just allows all your hard work and editing to be erased it should double check with you and ask” Are you sure you want to delete this?”. I don’t know exactly it happened but as a writing app that can delete all you”re work with the snap of a finger, I’m very disappointed and frustrated.

Good app for people trying to track movies. About a year or two ago I asked my self the question “Do you think you can track every movie you have ever seen” now I’m onl 21 now and was 20 then but that is still a big task to take with how many movies I see every year. But this app has been a real treat for me on the quest to remember and rate every single movie I have seen. It is very easy to use, very good at finding the correct movie, and most importantly for my future, very good at showing me what to watch next. I have never had a single issue with app and highly recommend it to anyone who also wants to track the movies they watch. Please if you have any sort of intention to remember how you felt about a movie, download this app.

Please add Shows!!. I love this app .. to the point I’ve convinced multiple other people to download it. I love being able to find new movies that fit my “vibe” or preferences easily. As well as the organizational aspect within the app. I just wish shows/series were added. I’d love to be able to log all of my favorite tv shows and animated series and I’m sure others would too. I think it would truly complete the app overall .. Plus, there are already similar apps that do include shows and you have the chance to squash the competition. Additionally, there is no function to sort your lists. You should be able to put them in whatever order you’d like. Currently you are able to organize them through “earliest first” etc etc but as soon as you close the app it goes back to the default .. Making that feature useless as I just have to select the correct organizational button again every single time I open the app. On apps like Pinterest, you’re able to sort your boards and sections in any order you’d like .. That feature would be really nice for Letterbxed.

Great site. Room for improvement.. More customization for lists would be nice. Ability to rank the watchlist, decide the order of the lists page. Posts that aren’t reviews. Images that could be attached to reviews and lists. Better organization of the home page too—the three rows gets pretty boring. Improve the social aspects like the inability to directly reply to comments. Maybe add a chat feature. Another thing is to be able to mass edit tags (remove/rename them all at once instead of having to go individually). And lastly—please add television. I want to be able to rate/review/rank shows and episodes on the same platform I do films. If mini-series’ count the jump might as well be made. It doesn’t have to intrude cinema being the main thing either. The shows can just be on the side.

THE Film Companion. This app is incredible. If you’re a casual film fan or a dedicated film buff, everyone can find something to love about this app/service. The app itself is clean, modern, and easy to use. I continue to recommend it to all my family and friends who love discussing movies that they should get on the app. You get to search for movies, log when you’ve seen them, review them, and see what your friends or family have seen. In fact, a few times, my Letterboxd reviews are used against me when we have in-person discussions. All in good fun though. My favorite feature is the Film Diary. I started using this app around the time I got MoviePass (RIP, not really) and AMC A-List. It gave me a way to keep track of the movies I saw without relying on ticket stubs. It allowed me to easily tag the movies with things like where I saw them, what type of theater (Dolby, IMAX, etc...), and what chain. Another great thing about it is the ease and portability. I used to always want to review movies, but after driving or commuting home, I would forget some of what I wanted to say. Not a problem with the app as I can sit down for a few minutes after the movies over and jot down my thoughts. One thing I would like to see, though I understand why they haven’t implemented, is the ability to review TV Shows. I understand it would be hard because of the fact that it’s hard to review a show with multiple episodes since each episode may be of different quality. But maybe someday.

I loved this app for 6 minutes now I wish I could Destroy it!. I was enjoying it on my last iPhone, and recently upgraded to the newest one. Letterboxed was not on my carryovers, so I added it manually. It remembered NOTHING from my previous work, personhood, name, not ANYTHING! And as I tried just filling in the blanks the best I could, I reminded it to restore my “ad free” settings. It said done, but never was...I gave up & clicked on the “pro” option to see what happened - nothing except letting me know that it took the money, followed by the same exact experience clicking on patron! Nothing ever changed—I was charged MULTIPLE TIMES for this crap that I’d already paid for when I first downloaded the app on my previous iPhone!! This is inexcusable!!!! I want my funds returned ASAP

Awesome App! What I’ve Been Looking For. For off...I don’t know how I haven’t heard of this website/app until just recently. I’ve been making my own lists for the past year on spreadsheets. It’s become a hobby of mine now. This app makes everything so easy!!! My one thing I so wish that they had was a way to filter by director. I usually choose a lot of my movies based on director. Not only that but I also pick movies from my spreadsheets based on the number of times that director is featured on that said list. If at the very least you have a filter by directors I would give this 10 stars all day!!

Bug on “Watched films” list.. Before I even installed the newest update, I had this weird bug where I couldn’t scroll through my watched films past like, 2008. The app just literally wouldn’t let me scroll past that point. Granted, I have over 800 films logged, but this has never been a problem before. I feel like it has something to do with the ads that now are inserted every few rows of films. And I thought that updating the app would maybe do something about this, but it did not fix a thing. Would be great to have this fixed, and take away this blemish on an app that otherwise needs no improvements. An unrelated note, but it would also be nice to be able to marked films not previously marked as “liked” on the desktop version. Right now you have to mark a not previously liked movie as liked on the app for it to show up that way on the desktop version.

Love the concept, some flawed execution.. I love Letterboxd, and I love the people behind it. I’ll only speak of a few flaws that I feel could be easily fixed and drastically enhance the user experience. I feel like you should be able to have a search bar within the (Films/Reviews/Watchlist) areas. Sort of a ctrl+f thing. As much as you CAN just search the movie up and then find your review/rating, and as much as there ARE some filters within the (Films/Reviews/Watchlist) areas, I think there should be an option to just search a movie directly within. Lastly I think you should be able to sort movies by MPA ratings, such as PG-13. (Or whatever’s relative to your country)

App is great but falls short where it could shine. I’m enjoying using this app to catalog all of the movies I have watched and assign ratings to them. However, I have two major complaints: 1. This app cannot tell what movie you’re searching for if you spell ANYTHING wrong. The search feature in almost every app and website I’ve ever used has had built-in spellcheck, or at least suggestions for what you might be looking for, but somehow this does not. I’ve had to switch over to my browser on multiple occasions just to find out how to spell a movie title correctly. 2. When you are making a list, you have to type in the name of every single film you want to add, or you have to go to each film and press like four buttons to add it to the list. You should be able to scroll through your whole library and select a bunch (like in your Photos app) to add to a list. As it stands, composing lists is needlessly tedious. Please update the app with this crucial quality-of-life feature. I will probably not want to use this app until then.

This app is pretty much my digital movie collection. I mean this is a must have app for movie buffs. I’m pretty broke so I can’t afford to buy movies like I want to but this acts as a digital account of every movie I’ve ever seen and it’s really fantastic. I can look up movies by my personal rating, I can tag them by the location I watched them at which is also pretty dope, custom tags really are a great thing. The list features are great, upcoming entries are listed so I don’t forget what’s coming out, I mean this app has it all. If I had only one thing I would add to this app it’s that I wish they also allowed entires for tv shows and had a separate section for them too. That might take a whole different app to do but if it’s by the same developers I would download it in a heartbeat

Essential for Cinephiles, but Filmmakers as Well. I can look to Letterboxd to see my own trajectory as a filmmaker from the beginning to the present, and that is invaluable in and of itself; having said that, Letterboxd has become a large part of my research at this stage of my education, allowing me to chart a direction in which I find the films that speak to my sensibilities the most and recall with clarity the films that guided my influences throughout cinematic history. Are the reviews always accurate? No, I'd suggest even my own come from a place of personal taste, and most of them can be attributed to people whose narcissism often overpowers their appreciation for the difficulties of filmmaking, whether it appeals to them or not, or they simply describe superficial attachments rather than informative. Nonetheless, pay attention to films in the 3+ range and you will likely be rewarded with a vast catalog of titles to enrich your cinematic tastes.

Goodreads for film, but far better than Goodreads. Letterboxd is my favorite app to review movies, keep lists, and keep track of the things I’m watching. I tried out Goodreads (for books, obviously) and their mobile site isn’t nearly as streamlined. I love italics and bold functionality, list-making, and the half-star rating system. Every once in a while I experience a bug, but most of the time it works just fine. I’m not a shill or anything, my college film TA just recommended it and I’ve been hooked ever since. Must-have for film students and movie lovers. Even casual moviegoers would benefit from logging what they’ve seen and keeping track of reviews so they don’t waste money.

An app I use constantly that needs a bit of work. The logging and reviewing aspects of the app are great, it lets you keep track of things you’ve watched, want to watch, have rewatched and of course, the reviews and diary entries. It’s a very fleshed out site on that side of the things but it’s also advertised as “ the social app for film lovers” and is severely lacking on the social front. You can add other users and like and comment on their reviews but you can’t tag anyone specifically to keep a conversation going under popular reviews, it’ll just get lost in a sea of replies because you can’t directly tag someone. Another issue that isn’t ant fault of the app itself is the popular community reviews, so this is more of just a warning, but the popular reviews are mostly joke/meme reviews so you’ll have to do a little more digging to find proper reviews that are longer than a sentence or two, whereas on IMDB you’ll see most reviews taking them seriously. I don’t mind those kinds of silly fun “reviews” but they do dominate the app quite a bit.

OBSESSED WITH IT!!!. i love this app so much!! it’s perfect for avid movie watchers. none of my friends will talk about movies with me because we don’t have the same taste, but on this app you can talk about movies you love with people who love those same movies. it also shows you a lot of movies you would be interested in, i’ve discovered so many amazing movies i didn’t even know existed on this app. this has become one of my favorite apps, i love it so so much!! if you watch a lot of movies, this app is definitely something you should download, i 100% recommend downloading it!!

Amazing interface with no bugs. I’ve been using this app for about 4 years now and have never had any problem finding the information I want or using its logging features. I love how easy it is to navigate to exactly what I want quickly. It packs a lot of functionality and data into an app relative to similar apps (looking at you, GoodReads). The only reason I may ever need to use my desktop for letterboxd instead is if I need multiple tabs. Otherwise, this app pretty much seamlessly made the whole website’s utility available on mobile, and with a very smooth and intuitive interface.

Best Place to Find/Log/Review Films on the App Store. I’ve been using this site since 2015, and have only missed a handful of the >1000 films i’ve logged. It’s the best way to keep track of what you watched, as well as THE BEST WAY TO FIND WHAT YOU WANT TO WATCH. Before watching any movie, i check out the reviews on this site, and they almost never fail to give me a description of what i’m in for. Another great thing - this app is basically a film school. It’s imdb with an infinitely better design. You click a film, then a director, then all of his films show up. You can click another and find the writer, actors and everyone else involved. It’s fun and, over time, you find yourself knowing things about obscure films that you never would have before. Anyone interested in movies deserves this. It’s my favorite app.

Needs a specific update. I would give this app 5 stars but there is one thing it’s missing and making me not want to use it. It also has to do with stars. I like that you can rate 0 to 5 stars with half a star being an option, but it needs to go further to allow for more accurately rating a movie. If we could rate them to the accuracy of .1 instead of .5 then that would make it so much better. It would more accurately show the differences between rankings. For example I would give Alien a 4.5, but I like The Thing better and would rank it at 4.6. However I can’t do that now so I have to choose between ranking it the same as Alien at 4.5 implying I like them the same or rank it at a 5 implying I think it’s a perfect movie (which I do not). All this being said it’s a great app… I just don’t use it due to the inaccuracy of the rating. Please update this and I will review the app again at 5 stars and recommend it to all my friends.

Love this app, few suggestions!. I’ve been using this app since 2018 and I love it, using it almost daily!! I genuinely love the features of this app and I’ve gotten so many of my friends to use it too. I have a few things I’d LOVE to see after (I understand there’s a lot probably going on). Specifically, I would love to be able to search within my own lists, being able to search for other users without switching categories on the search page (not sure what this would look like), and fuzzy search in general. Thanks team for your hard work!

Great app but a few big problems. I love this app, it’s an amazing way to connect with friends, discover new movies, share your opinions on films and meet other film lovers. However there’s a big problem (at least on the website, it might happen in the app too): if you write a review, you can’t save it and finish it later. If you close it, then it’ll show up in your reviews but you can’t edit it. Actually sometimes you can but sometimes you can’t, it doesn’t really make sense but it’s really annoying when you’ve been writing a really good review and it just gets lost. That’s another thing: if you want to go back and edit your review, there’s sometimes not an edit option and there’s just “write a review” so you click that and it just starts you with a new review. It’s really confusing so please fix it, thanks

I love this app buuuuuut…. I really love this app, logging all my films I’ve watched, saying when I watched it/rewatched it, I think this is the perfect app for film lovers, but I do think if they added 1 more feature it would be beyond perfect, while some shows are on Letterboxd not all of them are, so what I am thinking it’s how about they add something where you search up a TV show there’s a button to the right of ‘film’ that said ‘shows’ but thats just me (I think probably not), I already love this app but if they add that one little update it would just be beyond perfect.

I love this app so much. I cannot sing the praises of this app enough! I love it so much and it came at a great time in my life because just as I found myself getting more and more invested in film and whatnot a friend of mine introduced me to it. I’m a big fan of the idea of being able to write reviews as well as rate movies and denote whether or not you liked them. The app/website as a whole is a great experience and I wish more of my friends would get it. The only thing I would suggest is that you guys implement an ability to turn on notifications for when certain accounts have certain interactions. For instance, I would like to be able to turn on notifications on my friend’s account so I can know when she writes a review, adds a movie to her watch list, has just seen a movie, or even just rated it. If you guys could add this feature I think it’d go a long way and people would like doing that with some of the more notable users on the app or even just their followers/following. Beyond that though, like I said I absolutely love the app and have next to no complaints about it!

Must Download for Movie Lovers, BUT. This is by far my favorite service for rating and listing movies. I’ve tried Reelgood and Taste, but this is my favorite from the bunch. When it comes to making lists of your favorite movies, keeping track of what you’ve seen and what you though, this app is incredible. At all times you have a library of your movies you’ve seen and to see. HOWEVER, I think there is one thing missing from this app that I would love to see, and that is recommendations. I’m often using the movie services I have now to add to my watchlist, and that’s fine, I love that this is a feature. But I think some type of recommendation based on what you’ve seen and liked could be a huge addition to what this app already has to offer.

Best Film App. I have used the application for four years and have had no significant problems. It is a handy tool for someone who loves films to log, review, and list the movies they watch straightforwardly and efficiently. Before, I would use the Notes app on my phone to write about the movies I watched back in 2019, but I couldn't keep up with it because it wasn't as appealing. I do not give the application a perfect score because it locks certain features behind a paywall when they aren't attractive or valuable. I realize it is a way to support the app, but the price, being either only twenty or forty for such a little difference in features, is not worth the charge. Other than that, if you love films as much as I do, it is a great application to share what you love and don't with other users and friends

5 stars. This app is amazing for expanding your movie taste and knowledge. I couldn’t recommend it more to anyone who is interested in film. Reviewing movies and getting into the habit of it has made me a more analytical film viewer. This carries over to every day life in that reviewing anything falls into the structure you’re used to writing in letterboxd. Like this review right now! If you’re concerned about having weak opinions this app will make you almost too opinionated. It makes film viewing competitive which is both a blessing in that it gets me to watch artsy movies to feel like a legit film guy but also makes it hard to say you enjoy national treasure. My advice to someone getting into it is to take inspiration from peers to watch new movies but don’t let their opinions influence you too much.

Went from my favorite app to nearly impossible to use. The Letterboxd app has always been one of my favorites to use. On long train/bus commutes to work and school, I could lose myself surfing thru the app, making lists of the year’s best movies and my all time favorite performances. I could keep up with my favorite critics and their viewing diaries. It was great. But the latest update implemented ads. While visually unappealing, they didn't actually make my experience with the app any worse... or so I thought. Turns out, MANY of the ads feature sound, which thankfully doesn’t auto play but forces any music or podcasts that I’m listening to in the background to stop automatically anytime I click a movie link or navigate search pages. On my long commutes, it’s become nearly impossible to use. What a shame. I hope Letterboxd reconsiders the audio ads because at this point I’m taking the app off my phone. What good is it now?

Movie Twitter. Delightful (and occasionally useful) reviews, a nice sense of community, and — my favorite bit — an excellent, easy system to keep track of both the films you’ve seen and want to see! I would love to be able to add a movie to my watch- or seen- list from the search results page, instead of having the extra two steps (silly, but sometimes you’re adding a film to your list on the fly!) or clicking into the film, and then into the “rating, watchlist,” etc. options. But no complaints; Letterboxd is the one app to rule them all. Heart eye emojis for days; I recommend this app to everyone I know.

Fantastic but please fix the search function!. Have had a joy logging my movies as well as finally getting a “list” together. A great app for those who may watch too many movies. The depth of titles is truly incredible, they even had, “The Badge, The Bible, and Bigfoot” so it’s great for those into all qualities of film. (Definitely deserves the 1/2 star rating but entertaining nonetheless.) My biggest gripe is the search function. You must know and spell the movie title exactly for anything to pop up. A recent example: I was looking for the title, “The Secret of NIMH,” however I typed Secrets instead which was enough to null any results. A simple fix on my end but it can create problems when trying to find a movie you aren’t quite sure on the title.

Ads cut out any audio that is playing. I truly adore Letterboxd. It used to be a near perfect app. It’s well designed, the community and ecosystem are wonderful and well maintained, and in general it feels great to use. Recently, ads were implemented, which is annoying but not the end of the world. I get that the app needs to make money. The issue, like other reviewers have said, is that the ads cut off any music or podcasts you may be listening to while browsing the app, even when you have not engaged in any of the ads and no sound is playing from the Letterboxd app. It’s impossible to use the app while trying to listen to anything, and discourages opening it. The app, after all, is primarily one in which you browse since it itself does not host any video content, so I don’t understand why it cuts out any external audio. Please fix this! Thank you!

very useful. The filtering and sorting options in the app have made this an essential part of my film finding/sharing/listing experience. There are just a couple of updates I would like to see to perfect the experience: -a comprehensive option to filter out content made for music fans which are mostly rated based on love of an artist. The average scores there are not really indicitave of an average rating as a movie. If you filter by 2020s and sort by Highest Average Rating right now almost everything in the top fits this not-a-movie category. None of the available options (music, doc, etc) fully filter this category without collateral losses -special features/featurettes should not count as part of a directors filmography. missing a % of completion because of some misc. is frustrating

More sorting and customization please.. I would really like to see an option to sort by region, or to customize the app to only show certain regions, or countries of release. Sifting thru so many films that I will NEVER be interested in is beyond frustrating. Sorting by release date is nice, but honestly, I almost don’t want to bother with this app sometimes because of the lack of this one feature. I also don’t understand why the newest releases don’t show up when I first open the app. I sometimes have to go searching for a movie that literally opened the day I saw it. This doesn’t make any sense. Instead, upon opening the app, the “popular” tab shows up and gives me movies that opened months ago because I guess people are still talking about them. That’s great, but when I open the app, I would like to see what just came out. I will NEVER go pro with this app until I can customize it so that I don’t have to wade thru so much detritus to get to what I want. In other words, I would like the option to see regional new releases show up for me first. I don’t think that’s too much to ask since you can sort all kinds of other info. I am glad that all these movies are available. It’s just that they are superfluous to me and makes this app more cumbersome than it could be.

Great app - needs some work. And why do I keep receiving errors when I try to post comments?? I love Letterboxd because I’m able to log and review all of the movies I watch. I also love that I can easily share my reviews with people who don’t use this app and they can still read my reviews. But I do think there are a lot of issues when it comes to the user interface. For example, if I’m on someone’s page and I click on a movie that they’ve reviewed. It often takes me to the movie’s page rather than their review. Which is super annoying, if I’m on their page OR looking at one of their lists, then I clearly want to see what they said about the movie. Once I reach the review I can go ahead and click the link to the movie page if I want. You should also be able to search peoples pages for specific reviews. I feel like these things just make sense, yet this app doesn’t have them. Lastly, why don’t they have tv shows for people to either review specific episodes, seasons, or even the entire show. I love the app, I love the look of it and I think it’s awesome, but there are simple things that need fixing.

My only complaint. Sometimes I get logged out of my account for literally no reason. It doesn’t happen as much as it used to, but it’s very annoying when it does happen. Other than that, I love using the app to keep track of all the movies I watch and I love using tags to make collections of movies. I’ll put tags of the actors in movies I know that I watched, so I have a collection of Jennifer Lawrence movies and I know which ones I’ve seen and which ones I still need to watch. I know I probably don’t need this, cause who can’t remember which Jennifer Lawrence movies they’ve seen? But I like to visually see all of the ones I’ve seen together in one place, maybe that’s just me being weird, but it can’t be too weird if it is a feature in the app.

Cool Product but Unbridled Ad Placement Diminishing the Quality. Downloaded to use to keep track of all my movies and was good overall but the recent shift to lots of ads-per-scroll length is so intrusive that I wouldn’t recommend someone start making their lists on it. Just an eyesore and distraction when as soon as one ad disappears off your phone another one is immediately coming up on the bottom of the screen. And they’re not small or subtle like some of the Facebook ones. Decent overall but just know what you’re getting. (Also, wish notes would carry over to a product. But all these notes on my movies then realized they don’t really show or easily visible unless you’re in the list itself).

Terrible update. Looks worse PLUS it adds ads. Not impressed. Wish I hadn’t updated the app by accident. A large portion of the reason I’m not impressed is because they didn’t add a “remove ads” pay tier despite ads being brand new. VERY DISAPPOINTING! There was an ad supported update in December that I didn’t upgrade to and I didn’t think there’d be another update for MUCH longer! Luckily this at least fixes some bugs. I’m hoping it fixes a particular one that would occasionally happen in which I search for a title, and after clicking it, it glitches and shows the search results for a second. Then that happens with everything I click from that page, like an actor and then another movie they were in, etc. Not impressed. But I will be purchasing their cheapest tier simply for ad removal, none of the other features are necessary. Even if they were they’re not worth paying for. (Side note: that second tier is nearly $50 and adds nothing except the feeling you’ll get donating to help the app stay up and running. Which, don’t get me wrong, that’s a great feeling and I love this app, but I’d rather AT LEAST pay like $4 a month instead of shelling out the enture year at once for no special features.)

For anyone who loves movies! Or even just likes them.. My favorite social media app! Five stars all the way. I use this app whenever I want to look up a movie, add one to my watchlist, or just explore new films! That being said, here are my suggestions: I always hear about interesting people like directors who have Letterboxd accounts but I have a hard time finding their pages, I’d love it if the app suggested people like that to follow. I also wish it was pushed for people to connect their other social media accounts to Letterboxd, I had to search this feature out. I’m sure there are people that I know that have Letterboxd but I can’t find them because I’m sure they didnt search out that feature like I did. When reading articles the advertisements change sizes periodically which causes the page to jump forward and backwards. This makes reading the articles almost impossible because o have to re-find my place each time.

Interface Idea. I want to say that I absolutely love this app. I love reviewing movies, making lists and seeing other people’s reviews of movies I want to see in the future. However, I think the ability to see those reviews should be improved. I think the interface should be like a Twitter or instagram feed. You should scroll to see the reviews and it should laid out like the reviews page of a person’s profile on Letterboxd. This can make it easier to read reviews of people you are following. You can also easily comment on the review and like it if you wanted on that screen as well. I hope this idea could be implemented in the future!

One problem. I love this app so much to the point that I actually buy the pro version as I use it so much that being said I have noticed that when I write a review there are occasions where words that I had not typed are inserted into the review. These are only single words that make no sense in contest of the sentence. I thought it was just me being inattentive at first and forgetting to proofread, then I thought it might be autocorrected words not fully registered by the app as being autocorrected. Still haven’t figured out what it is and thought I would write about it as I just wrote a short review for a movie then looked at a friend’s review of said movie in my activity bar and there was again random words I had not typed in just a minute before when I wrote it.

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Really sluggish recently. Across the iPad and iPhone, the recent versions of Letterboxd has been extremely sluggish, with the UI commonly stuttering and making my device run quite slow. This seems to be unique to the Letterboxd app.

Good app but updated bug fix not working. Update says it fixed the problem users were having with activity of people they follow not showing up on main page. After updating the app, still no change has come about.

annoying pop ups. I love this app but recently, every time i load a new page i get taken to an ad on safari. not very fun

:). Amazing app and website with easy to use interface. However I wish I was able to connect my social media through the app so I could connect with friends!

Love this app but please upgrade comment section. Absolutely love this app, honestly my favourite app at the moment. I love getting to see what friends and strangers think of films that I love and hate, and Would love to see the comment section on reviews upgraded so that you can like people’s comments on your reviews and reply to their specific comment instead of it just formatting it as a new comment when you reply.

Amazing app. Very good for keeping track of films, and seeing what your friends have been watching. I also use it to assemble films I want to watch in the future, and to find said films most of the time.

Superb!. Letterboxd offers an easy to navigate and a great looking app for anybody who wants to review, rate, or get info on movies, all from the classics to the new films. Not much to criticise at all but one more slot for the favourites category would be awesome! I think profiles would look better with 5 favourites slots and having the recent activity remain the same with 4. I also think that having the running time of a film would be greatly helpful. Thanks Letterboxd.

My favourite app!. Incredible work from the team at Letterboxd, absolutely obsessed. Has reignited my love for movies, makes me want to watch movies just so I can add them to my diary.

Great app, but…. If this app needs to added more tv shows it would be perfect.

Improvements. Awesome app and has been what I’m looking for. Would rate higher if 1. The option to remove ads could be a “one off” payment instead of yearly subscription. Let me just pay once to remove it and let that be it 2. If tv shows were included 3. If critic ratings like rotten tomatoes, imbd could be included

I’ve been looking for an app like this for ages. Great, this is exactly what I’ve been looking for, I’m going to recommend it to all my film enthusiasts friends.

Wish we could rate tv shows as well :/. I love letterboxd but wish i could log tv shows as well??

Love. Such a great app! Takes a minute to get used to the layout, wasn’t completely intuitive to me but that’s okay. Note to the creators - I know this app is primarily to track films but I would really love to track my tv shows too !! Some of the shows I watched recently are not in the database, and they’re not even obscure tv shows either :(

almost perfect! one suggestion. i love letterboxd so much and its easily one of my favourite apps! i would just love it that much more if there was a feature where i could turn on notifications for specific friends when they rate a new movie. would love to know if this is already a thing and i've somehow missed it or its secretly in works!

Great app except.... At the bottom of lists it should say the percentage of films i’ve seen on said list but it’s glitched so it just has random letters and numbers. How do I fix it?

Easily My Favourite App. Has honestly changed the way I interact with/enjoy film, and I love it for that.

Best app for reviewing movies. I’ve used this app to log and review films for over a year now. It’s amazing it’s fun to meet people with similar interests in film as you and get fun recommendations

Fantastic app. I adore this app and use it to track the films I’ve seen! Only four slots on favourites list? It’d be great adding more slots and making slight improvements. Overall, amazing app and I highly recommend it to binge watchers.

Love the app. Loving the app so far, however I’d there a section I can go back on like I did in the beginning to select which movies I’ve seen? Kind of like a tinder swipe right thing instead of going through movie by searching them?

BEST MOVIE APP. Used this for a while and it’s my go to app for when I need to wonder what my friends think of movies and some info about it

A problem that might need fixing. yeah im addicted to this app and use it a lot, i got ‘pro’ and put my streaming services in which then notifies me when movies from my watchlist get uploaded onto them, when the notification pops up with multiple movies having been uploaded it only lets me view one of those movies. When i try to see all of them there is just a white screen so i dont know whats available if theres more than one movie in this notification.

Love the app, but not the constant server errors. I have been trying to leave my opinions on the abomination series that society calls the kissing booth but it is becoming harder and harder as i get a server error every 3 seconds. i am APPALLED as i would like to let everyone know how bad the kissing booth really is. and no, its not my wifi. i switched to data you middle aged man.

Really love this app. Basically love this app mainly for making lists. Current update with the ads is a bit glitchy though, hopefully there’s an update that fixes it.

Letterboxd - The Third Form Of Identification. Forgot your passport or driver license. Letterboxd is the essential & only piece of identification everybody needs to carry on your device. Movies are life and sharing your thoughts and experiences of them are a common bond. Join now and start logging. Who knows this app may one day save the world?

A nice twist on IMDb with a much better community and organisation system.. This app is so much better than any movie platform, you can see an overall rating of the movies, see how many people rated it a certain score, it’s really slick looking and most importantly, almost everyone who uses the app respects film and have Critical capability.

Brilliant.. It’s a great app. If you love movies, I highly recommend getting it. Basically you can log every movie you watch which is nice from a journaling perspective to have a record of movies you’ve seen to look back on. However on top of that you can also leave reviews, rate movies, see other people’s reviews, and create lists. It’s just a fun app and it’s good if you are a wannabe film buff.

Letterboxd ads (please take this into consideration). I am enraged right now as I am terrified to open an app I love using everyday for movies. It’s a brilliant app but something happened tonight which makes me never want to open it again. I was scrolling through the top 250 movies and the ads that show between each section of movies showed. And a Ad showed and it showed a terrifying and nightmarish image that I can’t get out of my head I won’t say the name but if u see it u will know what I’m talking about. I don’t even want to open it again just in case I see it again. Letterboxd please take this into consideration and control the content that gets put in your ads, or I will have to stop using letterboxd completely

Superb. It's fantastic. I can finally rate and track the movies I've watched, highly recommended.

Great App. If you are into film or just want to see what your friends recommend this is a great app to use.

Nothing else beats this app. I love Letterboxd, I’ve been using it for years and even became a paid member (you can still access absolutely everything without paying) 10/10 recommend

please add tv shows. please add tv shows there are so many i want to watch with no real way to track them. it would be really good if when you click on the tv show you can then look at the different seasons and add each season individually to your watchlist or the whole tv show. otherwise great app

Great, but not fully evolved yet. This app has basically saved my movie watching life. However there are some features that could be added to take Letterboxd to the next level that I would like to suggest: Chatrooms for people to discuss a certain film after they’ve watched it. Then there could be a feature that allows you to see everyone who has this film in their favourites box so you can more easily find people with similar taste. On a film, there could be a tab that lets you swipe through shots of the movie. And finally, maybe add a feature where users can give an estimated rating before their real one to compare.

Adverts now play with sound. This app has become insufferable. It now plays video ads with sound, even if you turn it off.. it’ll play by default every time you navigate. Why is this a thing? I’m happy to see ads that are muted or just still images, but are you seriously going to play ads with sound now? You’re just trying to get more customers to subscribe. Terrible app.

Some speed issues on my iPhone 6. Besides that, this is a good mobile version of the website.

Adjustments. Despite my rating, I love this app. I just wish they’d make a few small adjustments that would improve usability a lot. For example, they need an option to just log a film by the year you watched/rewatched. If you go a month or two without logging your films it’s extremely difficult to remember the date you watched a specific film and log it accordingly. There’s probably at least 50 movies I watched in 2020 that I’d like to log, but like everyone else I found keeping track of time in 2020 difficult.

Include ALL tv shows!!. I LOVE THIS APP- Please include all tv shows, with an option to filter them out if people would prefer. There is so many iconic tv and short series that should be accessible within Letterboxd. PLEASE ADD THIS FEATURE GOING FORWARD!!!

could use a little fix. Great app but sometimes doesn’t run as smooth as I’d like

A blessing from the heavens. My lord and saviour Jesus told me to download this app and now my life has begun a path of enlightenmentx

??. I would just like to found out how to find the movies that I have already watched?

Love this app!. I absolutely love using letterboxd to log and review movies. It’s a great community and a really fun place to share the highs, and lows, of cinema. There is just one suggestion that I have. I think that it would be great to be able to check off movies within lists that you have created. You can fade movies that have been watched, but there are some movies that are listed that may be rewatches. It would be awesome if you can check movies off and be able to “complete” lists whether they are first time watches or rewatches. Anyway absolutely love the app. Keep up the good work!

A great app but there’s room for improvement. I think the app is great and I use it almost everyday. I do wish it had the feature of recording tv shows as well as movies so we can review tv shows and see how many we are watching. It would also be cool if we could see how many hours/days we have spent watching movies. And when you search a movie that you’ve already seen, it’d be much easier if we could see the dates we’ve logged it and reviewed it instead of having to scroll through years of reviews to find it.

Layout and performance 10/10. Incredible app for film lovers. The only way I can see this leveling up is by incorporating a way to actually watch the films either through the app or linking it to another service.

I love movies. It's great having an app to help share my passion for film with reviews to other people. The app is great with a easy interface and I've recommend it to others.

A goodreads app for film (but better!). I had been wondering for some time if there was an app similar to goodreads but for films, and after stumbling across this app, I have been nothing short of impressed. The effort that has gone into the layout and structure of this app makes it aesthetically pleasing, more so than goodreads itself. I couldn’t recommend this app enough for movie lovers and I am appreciative I was able to discover it!

Wonderful. I was living in the dark before I got the Letterboxd app, incredibly quick and easy!

The Best App on the App Store but.... This is my favourite app but the most recent update has sort of ruined the iPad version of Letterboxd. Titles don’t appear and the layout is really tight. When you click on your profile it would sort of just spas out and it’s a bit of a train wreck. I hope this is fixed soon because it’s a little frustrating but apart from that this app is flawless. The people on it are great and it is essential to all cinephiles.

Amazing app. An absolute amazing app for people who love films. I’m obsessed with it, I use it everyday! I just really wish they would add TV Shows to the platform. There are already a small amount on there so I don't know why they haven’t added a lot more! Other than that though, it’s brilliant.

Great app but.... This app is really great for people who are trying to get a bit more serious with film (like me) but, for some inconvenient reason during 12-1am a “Easter egg” of a gremlin (from the movie) constantly appears if you even slightly move your device. It’s funny the first time but just gets really annoying fast. If you can please remove it, it’s a late setback when I’m trying to use the app at night.

Fantastic. Such a wonderful way to connect on a deeper level to the films you watch. Also just a wonderful community of movie-loving sweethearts

Series. This app is good but I give it four stars because there isn’t series on there only movies and I would love to have series on it… thanks bye

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Pictures not working. Pictures for movies not working. It just shows a grey rectangle and the title of the movie. The only pictures showing up are for the actors. How can I fix this??

🙌. Letterboxd is my entire personality at this point.

Best app ever. Best app ever

Take with a grain of salt. It is a very valuable resource that does a great job of keeping track of films, your own lists and ratings. Very comprehensive and wonderful layout. I only gave it a 3 star because you can’t rely on the accuracy of the information. They get their info from TMDB (not IMDB) so if you find an error, missing information or something that is flat out wrong, Letterboxd refuses to fix it, instead you have to get a TMDB account, try and convince them that they are in error and then Letterboxd updates, but won’t do so otherwise.

One of my favourites. 946 movies watched and rated on letterboxd, love the app. Needs television, or a companion app for television, mainly since nobody else in the market is anywhere near as clean or well made a UI, just need this system put into a television catalogue. I have tried many other apps, even IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes are nowhere as nice to use as this app, so I really hope they broaden their horizons. On top of that, if the devs do happen to make a television section or companion app, I would say that a video game version of letterboxd would probably do pretty damn well. Tv and movies you’ve got streaming services, making these the only apps to rate all of them, imagine that concept but with video games over consoles. Finally a place where I can catalog and record every game I’ve every played, regardless of when or where or who owned the games. Just a pipe dream but I pay my letterboxd yearly membership fee (super cheap btw very reasonable) and these are the things I hope the devs add some day. Just ideas, but overall 9/10 application you won’t beat it for what it does on the market, just needs to try some more types of media and I would happily pay for a whole set of letterboxd affiliated applications, provided they were all to the same clearly high level of standards gave this app. Give it a try, and I hope some day soon we can look forward to some other types of media in the letterboxd family.

News section completely broken. Letterboxd is great, but for the longest time none of the links in the news app worked even when linking to movie pages on Letterboxd. I assume that’s still the case but I don’t know because a few seconds after you open a news article a full screen ad appears with no visible text and no apparent way to dismiss it. Needless to say whatever effort they’re spending on these articles is not improving my engagement!

update 8 Can’t share (Fixed). 8th app update from March and they finally fixed the sharing issue for instagram.

Fix yer damn app. it was pretty good until as of recently where none of the posters or pictures load and sometimes when scrolling through films there will be repeating posters of the same movie under different movies. Makes me not want to use the app cuz it sucks a bit now fix it please

Jus need Tv shows. It’s really good, but adding tv shows and being able to rate individual episodes and stuff like that would really bring this app to the next level. Perfect app otherwise.

meow. i hate letterboxd

👌. The best

Based. Probably the most positive social media site on the internet

Used to be really good. Pretty functional and occasionally handy I suppose but it used to be very aesthetically pleasing as well, but partnering with the awful website “The Movie Database” and introducing ads (with the predictable excuse that the developers need to get rich now that the app is popular) has ruined that. They started adding TV shows also unfortunately, which are extremely random in terms of which shows are added. Anime seems to take priority for some reason.

Battery roaster. Using this app makes my iPhone 13 Pro get incredibly hot (like burning hot) and drains the battery more quickly than any other app I use. Which is too bad, because I'm quite enjoying using Letterboxd other than this issue.

review drafts?. i wish you could draft reviews so i could write throughout the movie

I do love this app…. I do really love this app and I’ve been using it for years. People are hilarious and endlessly clever on here… today I clicked on someone’s review and at the bottom was an ad with SOUND that cut off my music when it played (on its own). I have never seen ads like this in any other app I use. I understand the need to make money but pls don’t start including ads that highjack my phone.

great!!. add post notifications!! And a comment stream for friends to talk

Freezes constantly. When scrolling, pressing buttons, changing screens. The app is unusable now. Please fix the issue with your tracking library freezing the app.

The ONLY app you need for movies. No other app comes close.

Add celebrity lists. You should make the option to add crew and actors to lists or make lists solely of actors. Patron btw

Avatar picture not working. The app is cool and all but the settings are TERRIBLE like I want to change my avatar and I’ve tried creating gravatar, Facebook and X accounts and connecting them so I can change my avatar but it just won’t connect!

Excellent App. The best and most honest reviews from people you actually know and follow

i love movies and music. i need an app like lettervoxd but music edition

nothing loads. posters won’t load. i’ve had this app for three years i’ve never had this problem before. i blame Tiny

My life is ruined. I spend more time on this app then talking to my own family

Perfect. My love for Letterboxd knows no bounds, literally a perfect app that has made me enjoy movies so much more, I will throw money at them happily!!

Obnoxious Ads. Implement a one time fee for no ads. At the very least get rid of video ads. How much revenue do you greedy kiwis need? Have some shame

Looks good, works well.. It took me a bit to figure out where everything is, but it has all the features I could want and it’s very visually appealing. Love a dark screen.

Amazing App. Whenever I watch a movie, the first thing I want to do is add it to my Letterboxd account. It’s definitely an app that can be used by someone who just watches films sporadically, but it’s a must have app for anyone who loves movies! It’s very easy to use and satisfying to add watched movies to my account. 10/10 recommend

Other language interface. Great application! However, it would be nice if the interface would be in other languages.

Fun!. a public source review app that doesn't dive into professional critics, and makes film reviewing into a social media is super fun! i only wish for a couple improvements though: a setting to see specific star ratings, like if i really wanted to see why the 1 star people gave it one star. i also think it could use some UI improvements on mobile

Best app. I’m a critic now.

Need to add tv shows. The app is very good, but you guys seriously need to add tv shows to the app

Tv shows. This app should also include all tv shows.

yahoo. i can goof around freely with no shame

Great App For Movie Lovers. My film buff friends have been telling me to get this for ages and I’m glad I finally did! A great way to keep track of what you’ve seen and what you want to see!

Tv shows. We need tv shows on this app

Phenomenal. A generally well constructed social app, and an amazing one for discovering and sharing love for film. I use it daily to track what I watch and what I want to watch, along with discussing them with others. Absolutely adore it. 10/10.

App freezes often. I love Letterboxd but I’m having a real problem using this app. After a page loads the screen freezes for a few seconds, or the scrolling gets interrupted while looking through lists. On an iPhone 13 Pro

Great app. Need tv shows and the option to add a whole movie series as one

Where are the movie poster thumbnails?. The movie poster thumbnails disappeared quite some time ago, and I assumed it was an update gone bad that they would fix. That was well over a year ago, if not longer. It’s frustrating, and disappointing.

Great App. Love the app. My film friend recommended it to me and it has been a great place to keep a list of movies I love, hate, and want to watch. Love the imbedded references to certain movies, this really caught my eye when I first got the app. A few features that would be cool for you to add would be a shuffle feature for watchlist. Sometimes I don’t know what I want to watch but this shuffle feature would easily help me pick a movie. Also maybe in the activity section making that only for friends. Sometimes it can be hard to see what my friends are up to when my activity shows in that section as well. Overall, this is a great app and I’m looking forward to see it getting even better in the future. Cheers - :O

Good app to keep track of films. Really likes the app

Greed based price increase with zero reason. The app itself is still great and works fine, and will do exactly what you want with a great UI. However, an almost $10 subscription increase, despite the app receiving no substantial updates in over a year, is entirely greed based. Bug fixes and new app icons do not warrant such an increase, and the developers have been utterly silent, which is evident that this is based entirely on “we want more money” and not due to anything new or worthwhile. Unfortunate to see a good dev turn greedy for the sake of turning greedy.

It’s fine. Notifications for specific people you follow post please

Soosososososossoso great. I love Letterboxd it’s my life’s purpose atp

Please never shut down. I don’t ever review things but this app is so clean and easy to use. It’s so fun to be able to look back on all your movies yearly and glance at personal ratings.

This App is Wonderful! But…. I really love this app! The way you can organize everything and there’s a diary for things you’ve previously watched. It’s great! I just… wish that you could add TV SERIES onto it, and keep track of which episode you’re on. Please add this!

Love. My life line. The love of my life.

Shuffle Button. Great app for keeping track of movies, seeing what your friends watch and easy access to reviews. A really cool feature would be a shuffle button for your watchlist, since personally, I have a hard time choosing what to watch.

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One Small Suggestion: In-App Translation. I love Letterboxd. I've been a user for over a year and a patron subscriber for most of that time. I've gotten a few friends to join and have gifted someone else patron. So the app is great as is, but! I would love if the app allowed me to translate reviews from non-English speaking users. My current workaround is to screenshot and translate through Google, and I've found several great accounts to follow with this process. I think the ability to translate in-app would do wonders for opening up the platform and connecting us all to a wider array of important perspectives.

Get it!. This is an app that I kind of can’t live without I mean we could live without almost everything that we think we can’t live without but it’s very handy for cataloging your movies and every movie I’ve watched even the most obscure has been on here… And it’s also a good place to discover new movies that you’ve never even heard of … And I feel it’s worth a yearly price so you know your waist a little money but it’s worth it if you like movies if you try to watch all kinds of movies you need this

Full Time Swipe Feature. I think you should add the swipe feature (similar to tinder) that you are first greeted with when you join the app as a full time feature. I think it makes it super user friendly and easy to go through the movies. When I go into a list I would love the ability to swipe through to make it easier to add movies to my watch list, like and review all with a couple taps and a swipe! Great app! Thank you!

I am having way more fun than I thought I would.. This has become a very addicting way to rate and create a watchlist for movies. I would love it if letterboxd added tv series and video games to their arsenal for the ultimate social entertainment critiquing app. I know that it’s called “Letterboxd” for a reason but even separate apps for those things would be awesome! Also, if there was a recommendation system that the app could do to show you stuff it believes you will like based off of what you liked and rated well. Then you could find movies more to your taste to add to your watchlist. Been loving it though, keep it up!

App is practically broken.. Ever since I downloaded this app I’ve watched more movies and have been more motivated to watch movies and I commend it for that but as of late this app has gone way downhill. Half the time when I’m loading up the app it gives me a signing in error and I have to hit retry multiple times to load it. I often try to access lists or movies and it gives me an orange error message so I have to close and open the movie/list multiple times for it to load and I just can’t even log that I’ve watched a movie and rating it without it giving me an error. Up until this this has been one of my favorite apps and while I still love this app I am constantly frustrated with it and it needs to be fixed ASAP.

Used to be flawless, now super frustrating. When I originally downloaded the app it worked flawlessly. The animations were smooth, things loaded quickly. Recently though, EVERY new page freezes for a couple seconds after it’s opened. It’s like the page is loading content during the last frame of the page transition? But the UI is completely unresponsive during that time. It’s incredibly frustrating. I love your app, but please, for everyone’s sake, just add a loading spinner or something!

Personal notes would be a great addition. This would be a five star app for me if it included a way to leave myself notes about specific films or create private reviews. I watch a lot of weird/old/B-Horror/etc type films that can tend to blur together with the exception of one stand out feature, actor, scene, etc. (ie why I’d want to revisit or recommend a movie). Being able to notate films I’ve already watched would really make this an amazing app for me. Otherwise, it’s been an awesome tool for finding new stuff to watch, sharing lists with my partner, and figuring out what service a film is available on.

Love Movies?. If you answered in the affirmative, then do yourself a big, huge, giant, massive favor and create a Letterboxd account. Do it NOW! Not only is it an amazingly powerful platform, it’s also super intuitive and both the web and mobile interface/app are exemplars of awesome user experience. Seriously, before you do anything else, make this happen. You’re welcome in advance. Oh, access to all the features is free; you only pay for non-essential extras and/or to offer financial support.

Why Letterboxd is my favorite website.. Here are a few reasons why Letterboxd is my favorite website: It works, and it does not continually update with new and unnecessary features. It is about as perfect as any social media site I know. We can post thoughts, rate movies, enjoy a relatively bug–free experience, discover other perspectives, discover kindred spirits, organize lists, edit and revise our impulsive and spontaneous comments, and enjoy a pleasingly simple aesthetic experience that is not bombarding us with advertising or treating us as monsters who need to be constantly entertained. I relax and enjoy this site because I can safely assume I will not have to learn over and over again how to find my way around. Also... the app is simple and functional. Thank you, Letterboxd guys, for building a site that is quite literally *exceptional*; you stick with what works, and when it’s not broke you don’t feel any need to fix it. I’m grateful.

Recommended for film lovers. I love this app so much! I love being able to submit a review of a film and also check out other people's thoughts that aren't just the critics. This app is also great just to keep track of how many films you see a year and keeps track of how many films you rate 5 stars, 4, etc. Plus, I enjoy the social feature where you can see what some of your friends rate a film (if they have an account of course) and the community over there are really nice and friendly. And they just wanna talk about the real deal; film. So yeah. Try this app out!

Simple, powerful, great. Letterboxd is very good at what it does and doesn’t try to add ridiculous new features that jam up its functionality or dashboard. They’re deeply committed to making the experience simple, making the search function accurate and powerful, and creating an overall user experience that’s incredibly enjoyable. I love reading my friend’s reviews, posting mine, and finding new things that I want to watch. Good, too, for time spent exploring esoteric lists or taking on ridiculous film challenges. Great app.

Amazing and Pleasurable. I’m no movie expert, nor am I a critic, but I have seen maybe around 500 movies in my life time (I’m sure it’s a lot more) and I have enjoyed every single one of them. With Letterboxd, I can now add fun notes as reviews to movies I have seen. I enjoy movies more - something I didn’t think was possible - because I can’t wait to review them afterwards. I’m new to it so I am catching up, but it gives me the access to do so. Plus the app is very easy to use, and for me that is a plus. 5/5 for sure.

Needs an update quickly. I’ve been using this app for almost two years now and I couldn’t be happier with the product when I first started using it. That being said, lately it seems like it’s been crashing an excessive amount of times to the point where I’m just frustrated with it all the time. This needs an update and the bugs need to be fixed ASAP, this is coming from a Patron member who puts $50 into this app every year, so I expect to have the best time using the app. I love you guys, but I’m honestly on the edge of quitting the app altogether once my Patron membership is up.

The Perfect App. I’m a filmmaker, and watching movies is part of my job. Letterboxd makes it so easy for me to have a place where I can effortlessly log, rate and review the movies I’ve watched, as well as create a watchlist of movies I want to see. At the same time, I can follow people and discover new movies they’ve liked. And it’s all for free! I’ve been using this app everyday since June 2020 and I LOVE it!! If you want a place to log the films youve seen and create a watchlist, there isn’t any app quite like this one. Trust me. Get it.

I absolutely love this app, but... I truly love this app so much. It is one of my favorite and apps and I love to diary and rate my movies to keep track of what I’ve watched and journal my thoughts and feelings. BUT please, please, please add a feature to make private reviews or private accounts. I honestly sometimes get nervous to put myself out there with all my true thoughts and feelings for someone to react to and respond to and misunderstand. However I’d love to still journal them for myself and my friends. I hate having to second guess posting a review I’ve so carefully written write after a movie watch.

everything I want. I started off just looking for a simple "watch list" type app, but soon realized Letterboxd was something way, way more interesting. Once you've got a few friends on there, you've basically got an excellent recommendation engine powered by people you trust. No more million-reply Facebook threads where everyone recommends their favorite horror movie -- you just click on your friend whose taste in horror movies you trust and see how they rated things. You get the idea. The more (trusted) people you connect with, the better this all works.

Amazing App, very buggy. I love letterboxd, i think it’s the perfect format/interface for cinephiles you connect and share the movies they love, i love everything about this app, expect for the large amount of bugs that seem to occur when loading films/pages sometimes, often you will get a message saying something about “error couldn’t load film stats etc etc” and this seems to happen quite frequently for me. I love the app so much though i usually just work around the bugs by exiting out of the app and opening it back up but it would still be nice to have these bugs taken care of

All but One Thing. I, of course, love watching movies..almost competitively. So for the longest time I've wanted to create a list of every single movie I've ever seen. But I could never figure out an efficient, easy and/or comprehensive way keep record of them all. So naturally when I came across this app I instantly downloaded it. I've used it ever since and just about almost totally love it. The only feature it's missing is a quick add "button". When I come across a movie I've seen the only way to add movies is to open the whole page, click add to watch list then tap save (then lose where I was). I don't want to review every single movie I've ever watched so I don't need or want to have to open that page. Honestly it's too much work for what I'm trying to use the app for. If I could just scroll through and "tap" "tap" "tap" add to my list, that would be sooo nice and efficient! PLEASE CREATE A QUICK ADD OPTION😩🙏

Great app, just one suggestion. I love Letterboxd. My fiancé and I use it every night to pick movies and it’s fun seeing what my friends have rated the movies as well. My only suggestion is that you make it to where I can give movies a more specific score on the 5 star scale. If I could give a movie a 4.7 stars then I could really rate the movies better. There are so many movies I’ve watched that I wouldn’t say is a 3.5 and I wouldn’t say is a 4 but a 3.8 star rating would be perfect. Just think about it

Great app. Would like to see more ways to connect with friends, a section (possibly separate) for TV shows, and a more updated feature of where to watch films as it comes to the streaming services. It would be really cool if instead of just being able to go where to buy/rent the movies, if it were easy to see what streaming services they are currently on, and maybe link your accounts of those services to take you there/ add to your list

Great App, Greater Potential. If the Letterboxd team took the time to flush out the user interface a little bit more this could be a great app. Here are my top gripes: 1. The timeline should be the main focus of the app not something you have to search for when looking for activity from friends. I mostly use this to see what my ppl are up to but I feel like the app considers it secondary 2. It is very hard to find other users that don’t directly interact with my content. It should be much easier to search up users 3. It is difficult or at least not completely clear to me how to get my favorites on my profile. I want people to know the films I appreciate. 4. Many people watch film with the intention of the discussion afterwards and the all is not conducive to that at all. I can’t respond to comments directly on the app which basically defeats the purpose of comments. You also cannot like the comments people make on other posts

review of the social media epic “letterboxd”. truly an amazing app. the way it gives people the free spirit to like anything and everything is amazing. it is a modern critique on professional reviewers like roger ebert where they show that a 15 year old kid (like myself) can write about the same movie and possibly get more praise for it that then someone who does this a job can. Review new wave is a great genre that letterboxd has invented. only critique is i dont know how to comment on peoples reviews. 4.7/5

As Threads is to Twitter, Letterboxd Is to IMDB. This is probably the most worst movie review app I’ve ever seen and does nothing but offer a “safe space” alternative to other review sites. It’s like a giant echo chamber of people who simply don’t understand the movies they watch. No character minimum and no sort of real verification? What can possibly go wrong. Best way I can describe it is if IMDB had no sort of filter on reviews and was just the unfiltered ramblings of a bunch of 15 year olds masquerading as actual reviewers. I’ve seen 1 word reviews on dozens of movies, and those opinions are somehow of the same value and credibility of people who actually have seen the movie and understand the material? Nah sorry. I will never go by anyone’s score of a movie on this site and neither should you.

Where to stream. So many times I’ve wanted to know where something is streaming and it’s ridiculously difficult. Not anymore! And this app keeps track of what we’ve seen and want to see. Eliminates the “what do you feel like?” And we just look at our watchlist that is about movies not about the streaming provider. How many times have you searched for something in Netflix only to get results of “like the movie you want to watch that we don’t have in our catalog.”

Overall good but one major problem. At first I was going to give this a five star review but decided to use the app a bit more. It has everything I want except one missing feature. In the app you can click that you have watched the movie but no where in the app can you see all of the movies you have clicked that you have watched. This is troublesome if at first you just want to find the movies you watched first then go back later then rate and add notes on them. Once this feature is added it will be a five star app. Currently I have to sit down for a extended period of time just to properly catalog rather than do some work and the come back to them and properly add my thoughts

Very Cool, But...... I discovered this app a month or so ago when it was brought up on one of the movie podcasts I listen to. I absolutely LOVE it, but in the interest of growing the Letterboxd user base, I feel it has to add social networking functionality. The ability to post reviews, watchlists, etc to Facebook & Twitter allows the average Letterboxd user’s SIGNIFICANTLY larger FB and/or Twitter presence/followers to not only see what they’re watching, but have the even more important added benefit of, by extension, making others aware of the existence of Letterboxd.

For all the cinephiles. Letterboxd is a fantastic way to explore new movies, genres, directors, actors, and more. One thing I love is the ability to follow other reviewers. It feels like a real sense of community. On occasion you’ll see some reviews that don’t give proper criticism. Sometimes they’ll say “this movie was bad.” Then offer no explanation as to why. I can confidently say a lot of people give good details and reviews. I don’t mind the 5 star rating. Before picking a movie, my husband and I look at Letterboxd first before we give it a go. Keep on trucking Letterboxd. I’ll be with you on this pleasant ride.

Crippling Ads. Foolishly updated the app and now have ads plastered all over. They slow down and downright freeze the app. On a less important note they pause whatever music you might be listening to and just look plain ugly. Oh and the update that GAVE me the app breaking ads? It was the update to FIX the ad problems. Talk about a Catch 22. I love Letterboxd but have a hard time justifying upgrading to pro (rewarding) a company that would self sabotage their own app. m

I helped letterboxd. I can share email evidence that i helped the Admins in adding Anime, better search options (country of origin ETc…) As far as the app, moderators will delete your account if you comment the truth or give low rating to Studio paid movies in the app (Wich also happens in Rotten Tomatoes). Moderators are usually critics who for no reason but their own conscious will delete or deactivate your account forever. This is should not be taken serious, critics are usually 14-24 year olds who prefer Blade runner 2049 over Blade Runner or Crystal skull over Lost ark (indiana jones). Subscribe at your own risk, you will see what i mean. I can sue them and get money but these CEOs need more money than i do.

Uses dark patterns to get users to click on ads accidentally. When looking at reviews for movies, ads cover the top half of the screen. In order to scroll down to read more reviews, most users will start scrolling by tapping the top half of the screen where the ad just happens to be. Just starting to scroll interacts with the ad (touchstart event), navigating users out of the app. This is pretty infuriating behavior and happens frequently. The behavior should instead open ads only when clicking, which is a different event.

Love Letterboxd - a Must for Movie Lovers. It’s a good app, love having a social media app dedicated to nothing but movie reviews and ratings. It’s very easy to look up almost any film no matter how obscure it may be - I can find films often easier here than even IMDb. The only issue I have with it is that despite rating brand new movies, it always kept two films at the top as most recent, when they obviously weren’t. Changing the sorting didn’t fix anything. But that’s really so minor. I love Letterboxd, love so easily looking up older/obscure films. More people need to get on it (I’m katwoman941)

A Favorite. This app is a favorite. My only complaint is the lack of numbers at the top of the profile (Films/This year/Lists/Following/Followers), as well as a link for stats. They’re available on the mobile browser interface, but they aren’t available inside the app. It’s only a minor inconvenience, but I’d love to see it implemented in a future release. Regardless, this app has a prominent place on my home screen, and the platform is one I recommend to anyone who likes to keep track of the movies they watch.

Great app, but I have some suggestions. This app is amazing for people who have a hard time finding good movies! It is user friendly and easy to navigate. Me and my friends love to share our latest watches through here. The only thing I would recommend is that they show where the films are accessible like if they can be seen on prime, Disney, Netflix or any other platform. I also would like if they added tv shows. I’m always looking for a good show to watch while cleaning my room or before bed. All in all a great app!

Not having every single show on the app. I love the app but I hate how some shows are not on the app to rate. Like why aren’t they on the app? Like the series what if and the upcoming show she-hulk aren’t on the app to rate. I think it’s quite dumb as Loki and moon knight are also getting a second season. It’s honestly so stupid and so irritating that some shows aren’t on there. At least put all the marvel shows up there, that would be nice. That’s all I ask for, is for at least the marvel shows to be put up there. You have all the upcoming movies like Avengers secret wars that comes out 2025 but not the shows that come out in 17 days, like it’s so retarded. Fix your app.

Love the app. Great app, I’ve been using it for a couple of years now. The only reason I’m even leaving a review and rating it 4 instead of 5 is because I’m not able to see my films anymore. I’ve seen others complaining about the issue, but I’d be happy to bump it back up to 5 if this gets fixed! Even without that, I still highly recommend the app. It’s so easy to navigate, so many different filters to sort your movies, being able to follow friends/critics is wonderful, and I just enjoy using the app. Definitely give it a try!

Great app for a great site. “The site is fantastic and I’m glad they’ve been able to get so much of it into the app. Mostly it’s really nice to be able to quickly log a movie on the go.” That^ is the suggested review for my 5 star rating, and while it’s very true, I actually use the app far more for looking up ratings and reviews of movies, or even finding other movies I might like based on what my friends and the people I follow are logging or making lists of. It’s really is a great app for a great site.

Almost perfect….. I went from being a Letterboxd Standard to Pro user within a matter of days because the app is great. It was the only logical decision. The interface is clean and the app provides all of the features you’d expect, except…… It pains me to have to return to the TV Time app to track tv shows. I’d gladly pay a few additional dollars if Letterboxd allowed tv show tracking. Cinema and series have never been closer than they are now with streaming services. Let’s bring all the tracking under one roof, Letterboxd.

Great but buggy. This app is super useful for keeping track of movies you want to watch. The UI is pretty good and there’s all the information you’d ever need about each movie (including where you can stream it). My only issue with this app are the bugs. There are often server errors which prevent you from saving a movie and if you force quit the app because of these server errors you’ll get logged out which is very frustrating. If they work on their infrastructure and add offline fallbacks for when the server is down this would be a 5 star app.

Only good social media. i think that the most underrated thing about letterboxd is its flexibility. so rare for a social media platform to let you choose exactly which features you want to engage with without trying to force anything down your throat abundantly clear the devs are committed to a tight focus on refining the core experience, and it really pays off praying i don’t have to come back and change this when they add TV later this year, because it really feels perfect the way it is (although come on let’s get collaborative lists please)

A Helpful Tool With a Great Community. As a film buff who watches movies all the time, I like to have a way to keep track of the movies I watch as well as stay organized and have a way to quickly access key information. This app is incredibly useful for doing those, as I can write reviews to refer to later or share, make lists of movies to keep track of things, or even something as simple as maintaining a watchlist. I'd highly recommend it and I guarantee that if you go through the trouble of setting yourself up you'll enjoy it too.

A must have for movie fans. Came across this out last November ever since I’ve fallen in love with it. The ability to keep track of what movies I watch on each day, read other peoples reviews, make list, and just scroll through countless amounts of movies and find ones that you would probably wouldn’t have found other wise. If you really enjoy the app I really recommend getting pro membership for only $20 a year you get access to have a list of your favorite movies displayed on your profile page and the best feature you get it in-depth view of your stats!

So close to 5 stars. Letterboxd has been such a big motivator to watch more movies for me and I absolutely adore so many things about it that really make it stand out from other media tracking apps like the diary feature. The one thing that keeps this from being a five star review is that I think it's ridiculous you have to either connect your Twitter account or make a Gravatar to change your profile picture. Adding a profile picture is one of the most basic functions on pretty much every website.

Get the app already!!!. My husband and I LOVE this app. I downloaded Letterboxd years ago after I started using Goodreads, this app is essentially the Goodreads for movies. The platform makes it easy for us to find new movies, read reviews, write reviews and keep track of what we've already watched. My only complaint about the app is I would love for them to add TV shows to their platform, maybe you could log your watched episodes by season? Either way we will continue to use this app and recommend it to others.

PLEASE ADD. I love this app so so so so much but PLEASE ADD TV SHOWS. I know you have limited series on there and limited series that were granted additional seasons but please add actual normal tv shows. You don’t even have to have options for people to rate individual episodes or anything like that, people just want to track and review shows they’ve watched. Please please please add this feature. I understand it’s a movie centric app and I love that but it’s possible to add tv shows without compromising the integrity of the original mission. PLEASE

The social network of film buffs. Incredible app/site where you can keep track of all the films you’ve watched and above all, you can follow friends and see what they are watching. I also love the fact we can create a watchlist so if you hear something interesting about a movie, you can save the name to search for it in a later date. Another cool feature is the lists people create and share. Highly recommended. Please donate to them so we can keep this site running forever.

notes is more useful than this app. letterboxd seems great at first, they have a unique diary and review system and allows you to read perspectives that you would have never seen otherwise. a big factor that drew me to this app, however, was their encouragement of small films and the exposure that they bring to them. however, this is a false mirage. one particular film made by a small producer under no big studio was Gyonyoru. this movie reached top ten on the highest rated movies, bringing attention to a lesser known creator and their project. however, letterboxd is now taking it off their site because they deemed it as “illegitimate”. this movie is not illegitimate by any means, and is a favorite to many. how can you deem subjective artwork as “not a real film” when things such as nirvana unplugged, a live performance, are still on your app?

great concept but poor user experience. i love the concept of this app/site but has a few UX issues that could help make it better: 1) When you click on a movie, the rate and review feature is very hidden and not immediately noticeable (two of the key features of the movie page?) feel like this should be higher up on the screen and easier to find 2) it would be great if you could create shared watchlists where you can invite friends and discuss movies and rate movies (in a newsfeed?)

A MUST for movie watchers!. This is easily my favorite app of all time. So useful and makes movie watching much more exciting. The information and statistics in this app are second to none. The UI is extremely easy to navigate and is so efficient and just nice. I have been using this app for a few months and have yet to find a negative aspect of it. It is basically an encyclopedia for every movie ever, actors, and viewer ratings/reviews. This app is essential for someone with a hobby of watching films.

Purely good. Very few apps are purely good. Most social media apps, in particular, has a dark side, to say the least. Not the case with Letterboxd! Interactions with strangers are enlightening and inspiring I’ve been using the app since 2014, and since my first log, I have habitually logged and often reviewed every movie I’ve seen. This diary of sorts has been invaluable for persona reflection and has definitely encouraged me to watch more and more diverse movies (diverse in terms of era, region, genre, etc.). It’s so easy to use and it’s so reliable.

I need Bookboxd/Paperboxd.. I love this app SO much but y’all have the perfect platform and app layout to make this but for books, I’m practically begging at this point. Review books, add books to readlist, FAVORITE BOOKS. I don’t think I will ever find an app like Letterboxd but for books, nothing is as good as the layout to Letterboxd. Y’all can literally steal this idea, the name anything and everything PATENT IT AND I WILL BE HAPPY. Also my only complaint I’ve ever had with the Letterboxd app itself is that I can’t edit tags or mass delete them off of movies. Please fix that.

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The application Letterboxd was published in the category Social Networking on 15 March 2016, Tuesday and was developed by Letterboxd [Developer ID: 1054271010]. This program file size is 80.75 MB. This app has been rated by 86,519 users and has a rating of 4.8 out of 5. Letterboxd - Social Networking app posted on 15 March 2024, Friday current version is 4.2.3 and works well on iOS 15.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.letterboxd.LetterboxdApp. Languages supported by the app:

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– New ‘Releases’ tab for each film, with support for date and country sorting – New ‘Friends’ Ratings’ graph for each film (for paid subscribers only) – Addition of a link from a log entry to the member’s other activity for the film, if relevant – Addition of alphabetical quick-navigation on Countries and Languages screens – The option to change who can comment on your log entries and lists has moved from the comment window to the relevant entry’s edit screen – Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements

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Google 12 February 2019

Looking for comprehensive training in Google Analytics 4? We've compiled the top paid and free GA4 courses available in 2024.

Top Paid App List
App Name Released
TV Cast Pro for LG webOS 23 June 2016
AutoSleep Track Sleep on Watch 19 December 2016
Monash FODMAP Diet 17 December 2012
Bloons TD 6 14 June 2018
Minecraft 17 November 2011

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