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What is locket widget app? Locket is a widget that shows you live pictures from your friends, right on your Home Screen. It’s like a portal to the people you care about — a little glimpse at what they’re up to throughout the day.

Here’s how it works: when a friend sends you a pic, it instantly appears in your Locket widget on your home screen. To send a response, tap the widget, take a pic, and send it to your friends’ Home Screens. It feels like magic when your Locket updates with something new!

As you use Locket, you’ll also build up a history of pictures you’ve sent your friends. Scroll down in the Locket app to travel back in time and explore your History.

Locket is just for your closest friends. It’s perfect for your best friends, girlfriends, boyfriends, and families. To keep things friendly, you can only add up to 5 friends on the app.

Please write to us at team@locketcamera.com. Thanks for having Locket on your Home Screen!

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Locket Widget Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Locket Widget Version 1.520 May 2022

Small bug fixes and other improvements.

Locket Widget Version 1.2.309 March 2022

Small improvements and other bug fixes.

Locket Widget Version 1.0.205 January 2022

Bug fixes and other improvements.

Locket Widget Comments & Reviews 2022

- Great app, minor complications

I love this app, the concept of having unique photos added to your home screen with the click of a button is amazing. I do however have some complications I’ve come across. First, when I initially added the widget to my Home Screen it did not work. I did some research and found that it was due to the rotation lock on my screen, no problem, easy fix. Once I resolved that issue and had the widget added to my screen, photos weren’t showing up. That brings me to my next problem… When my friends add a new photo, it won’t show up on the widget. It’ll appear in the history, but it’s not refreshing onto my screen. I’ll wait for new photos to replace the old, but it never does. I’ve been stuck with the same photo for a day, even after new ones have been added. I can see these new photos in the history section, so it’s not that big a deal, they just don’t refresh onto the screen. This doesn’t seem to be a problem for my friends, as the photos I take instantly appear on their screen and refresh with each new one. I’ve tried finding a solution, but so far nothing has worked.

- LOVE THIS APP but a few suggestions

this app is so fun and such a cute way of sending stuff to your friends and loved ones however, I would like to be able to send different things to different people. for example, i would hate something i’m sending to my best friend get sent to my sister as well. being able to send pictures to people separately would be so convenient. another thing would be if you could make it to where you could put multiple widgets on your home screen for different people. right now i have my two best friends connected to my locket and i would like to see what they each send me on my home screen, but i cant cause only one picture can show up at a time. if i could have two widgets, one for each of them, so i can see what they each send me on my home screen would be great!! besides that this app is such a fun idea and i hope you continue to better and grow it because it has SO MUCH POTENTIAL!!!! ++ IN ADDITION, being able to write with your finger on photos you took in the app would be so fun!!! it would enable you to write messages and funny drawings on youre pictures you send to youre loved ones!! not a super crucial idea but i hope you take it into consideration because of its possibilities and fun value!!

- Love this app + recommendations

I just recently got this app. It’s like the much better version of Snapchat. No annoying streaks or numbers, just the people you care about :). I think this app is the first truly fresh idea in a long time. I wish the camera had more options for example it doesn’t adjust to sunlight. So if you’re standing in direct sunlight it washes you out. I was really sad when I found this out because I can’t send my friends any golden hr pics! I also would love to see a heart/like feature so you’re friends can let you know they saw your locket. I saw someone else recommend that you can create different widgets for different groups or people and I have to agree that would be fun. Honestly other than that I am extremely satisfied with this app. I’m a huge fan it’s really helped me feel more connected to my friends who I can’t see often in an organic way.

- love the idea just needs to be polished a little more! <3

I love the idea of this app, and I still love it despite the bugs and glitchy aspects of it. It’s almost like a roll of film where you forget what picture you took and then later come back to it and remember everything about that picture and the day it was taken. I also love the idea of getting to see them pop up on my home screen as my friends are taking the pictures. I know this is already a feature, but mine doesn’t really do it. My widget is just a grey screen so I have to click on the widget in order to see any of the pictures my friends send. Another thing is that before the most recent update I could see pictures on the widget but it would get stuck and wouldn’t show me new ones. All that aside I love taking random pictures throughout the day to document even the smallest of things, because at the end of the day the smaller things in life tend to be the most beautiful. Overall great app and just needs to be polished up more, but it’s wonderful either way especially with all the hard work it’s probably taken to get to this point. Thank you Devs!

- Awesome app, but here’s a suggestion

The app is amazing! Being in a long-distance relationship myself, it can sometimes be difficult to snap each other whenever we are busy working opposite schedules. This app works miracles whenever I want to see her face instead of scrolling through my camera roll or using Snapchat. I don’t like that it stays one solitary photo and then swaps to a random one over time. My suggestion? Maybe have a setting to where it stays one photo, but when the other person sends a photo, it automatically changes to that picture until another one is sent. That way, when somebody opens their phone, they see a brand new photo instead of an old one that is backed up into the app. It would almost make the person receiving the photo anticipating what the other person sent next!

- ALMOST flawless!!!

I love this app! My boyfriend and I are in a long distance relationship and seeing his random pictures pop up on my home screen has made me very happy and feel more connected. At first my boyfriend mentioned that this was almost exactly snapchat, to which installed some doubts about this app in me. But it’s not at all like snapchat! It feels completely different which I love. I think the app is lacking some features but it does have a bunch of cool ones already! I’d love to see a reaction feature we’re you could place a thumbs up, heart, maybe even emoji? on the picture. I’ve also noticed it tends to update slowly rather than instant every time. Sometimes it’s just a few minutes behind, 10-20min. Other times it’s 1-2 hours. Still, love this amazing app!!

- Great app but there’s a bug

I love this idea, I’ve been using It nonstop with my friends and it’s great. However I didn’t have any problems until I added more than one person. It worked perfectly, sending pictures back and forth and them showing on my widget, with one person, but now I have two people and it’s become buggy. The only issue is that the pictures that the person I added first no longer appears on my Home Screen, even if she sends 3 in a row. The only pictures It shows now is of the last picture that the second person I added sent before the newer pictures of the first person. So now I don’t see the pictures that person sends unless I go on the app and look at the history, It doesn’t show on my widget on the Home Screen. That bug is my only suggestion. Other than that, the app is working good for me!

- So Cool! Some Recommendations :)

I love this app! I really enjoy that I can quickly send people cute moments throughout my day, and they can do the same. I love being able to open my phone and see my friends without having to message eachother. I would love it if I could create separate widgets for each person/group, and even more-so if I could select which person it sends to. I understand that makes it a bit more complicated, but having two separate friend groups in each locket would be so much easier and appealing personally. Also, not a need by any means but i think it would be extremely cool to make the locket just a circle. I wish there was an option for the rounded square, and a circle. Nothing complicated!

- minor issues

the only issues i have are the widget doesn’t seem to update when i have more than one friend sending pictures, i’ve tried resetting everything but im back the to the same problem. Another problem is that when i go into the app it frequently won’t allow me to send pictures because it says my friends list is empty then after a few minutes it refreshes. I love using this app with different friends so if there was a way for me to have each person on their own widget that would be great. This would also allow me to send different pictures to each person. Those are my only issues but me and my friends love this app!!!!

- Love!!

I would definitely give the app 5 stars if it hadn’t stopped refreshing on my Home Screen. Initially, it was working just fine, but then it started just showing a grey square with the yellow-orange circle around it and it doesn’t refresh. Right before it started doing that, it was showing older photos that were posted by family and not showing the more recent ones taken. Aside from that minor issue, the app is wonderful! Super simple in that it’s like a super quick version of Snapchat for only the people in your inner circle. :) My siblings & I live within 3.5 hours of each other so we can’t always just travel for visits as often as we’d want. This app helps us share quick photos of our kids with each other though!

- really cute but a little buggy

i love this app and it's whole concept, my partner found it first and we've been sending cute pictures back and forth for about a week now. At first the app ran smoothly, but now I've noticed that it has started to give messages about not being connected to the internet. It takes me about 2-4 tries to send a picture through, and I have to turn the wifi on my phone off or on (if I'm connected it has to be off, if I'm not connected I have to reconnect). My partner also has said that the pictures don't show up sometimes, so I'll have to tell her that I sent one so she can actually try to make it update. I hope the little bugs get worked out soon because overall this is an amazing concept! :)

- Only two issues

i love this app a lot. im in a long distance relationship and i wanted this app so we could be able to send random photos of our pets and us for when we’re already having a couple conversations at once. one issue i have is that you cant send pictures from your camera roll, which honestly i think is dumb. the other issue is when you take a picture with the back camera and flash on it, it flips the image. it doesn’t flip when you don’t use flash which is annoying. these are the only issues i have and i’d give it a 4.5/5 if i could. i love the concept and i love seeing the surprise on my home screen :)

- Amazing! (and a few suggestions!)

i love this app and i adore its purpose 💓 it’s amazing to see a new photo of my friends/what they’re seeing each time i unlock my phone! i just wish i was able to add more than 5 friends. i’m also echoing the sentiment of some other reviewers when i say that i’d love to expand the number of friends and perhaps get another widget for another group! one more suggestion, though i’m unsure how feasible it may be.. i know you can scroll on some widgets (like widgetsmith) to reveal another photo / widget. i’d love to see this replicated on locket! if that was the case, i could cycle through the photos i missed without clicking on the widget itself! just a fun feature idea for an already incredibly fun app :D

- Love it but its giving me some issues

Got the app about a week ago and i’ve been loving it but a couple days ago it’s been glitching on me and i’ve done everything but nothing works. I’m not quite sure what to do at this point because I really love the unique idea of this app but if the bugs could be fixed up that would be great. I also understand it’s a pretty new app and a lot of people have used it in its short lifetime but it’s really bothering me how it wont update my pictures on my phone. It only shows me new photos of my sister but if i do a picture it wont show on my home screen. It works fine on hers though.

- I like the app but theres some things missing to make it really good

Gotta be honest I love the app, sending random pics to my gf and seeing her in my home-screen and seeing different pictures of her. I don’t know if the app is new but it would be better if it had more stuff, some ideas like sending pictures from the cameras roll, or doing groups and each widget is a different person or group, and a timer for the photos. Something that has been bugging me it’s the app doesn’t have notifications so i don’t know when my gf send me the photos and it can pass 6-7 hours and when I finally open the app i see like 6 pictures she sent without me noticing. So I would gladly love if yall add notifications.

- Good app and really wanna give it 5 starts but cant

This app is fun, me and my friends use it to mess around. One thing tho is the photos don’t change on my lock screen. Sometimes they get stuck on a single photo or the other times they’re stuck on an empty gray screen. I just cant seem to fix it. I do check the app and view what they send but the fun stuff is through the widgets, on the lock screen, and that doesn’t seem to work. If you can figure out a patch for this then I’d be happy but right now it just doesn’t seem to be working. I have an Iphone Ms Max so I’m not sure if theres a reason why its not loading but it was working at one point. When I just had one friend, now I have 4 total and it doesn’t seem to work. Please fix!!

- it’s a very cute app

i got this recently to send picture to my friends but I’m upset we can’t have more than five friends, some of us have quite a lot of friends that we want to goof around and send pictures to! If the friend limit could be increased that would be very appreciated as well as having separate widgets for each person would be good too!! Overall I really like the app it’s so fun to see my friends lockers as the time passes and how we can save each other’s picture and view them in our history. Definitely gonna keep using this I love it <3

- great concept, major bug issues

Firstly, i love the concept of this app and it’s become a fun thing to share with my partner (especially taking unflattering candid pictures of each other throughout our day). I think this app has a ton of potential. That being said, Locket has severe functionality issues that create so much frustration around using the app that it loses its charm quickly. For example, the widget does not update photos consistently; it has showed the same picture all week. When i removed the widget and updated the app and re-added it, the widget became a blank square and wouldn’t display anything. I had to fiddle with it until it started working again—i don’t even know what i did to fix it.

- Additional Review

Personally speaking, this app has very much potential and it’s fun. The main reason I ask for something additional is with emails. I’m not certain if this will be a thing but I hope this review gets read because I want to create an account with my email since I don’t have a phone number to access to. I know this may not sound like the best idea but I hope to make it happen. If by chance, it’s not possible, I understand. I know this app gets better day by day, so I hope three stars don’t affect much since part of the missing two is just me feeling down for not being able to experience this app even though there were great reviews with others. Thank you for your hard work :)

- Sweet App, One Main Issue

This app is really sweet and amazing to have because I see can see my loved ones whenever I want to on my Home Screen . But an issue I have with it, is that I’m unable to see all of my friends and family when sent something. I may send out a picture and they will all return with a picture of themselves but I can only see one person instead of all of them. That should be an option if you are able to have multiple people on this app. But besides that issue, the app is really good and makes me smile when I’m able to see my favorite people randomly on my phone while being away from them.

- Just downloaded - need changes

just downloaded form the from the of the app store and did some exploring in the app. here are some tweaks that i think would make this a really well rounded app: 1. when viewing the widget on the home screen, you should be able to slide through the history without having to tap into widget. 2. you should be able to choose who the picture is sent to instead of it automatically sending to everyone. maybe that’s the point of the app, to connect with everyone regardless of level of relationship, but what if you want to a respond to a pic you just received…is that snapchat? no se

- Neat App

Super cool app, but I wish you could send separate pictures to people. The way it is now everyone you have added gets the same picture. It would be better with separate widgets for different people or an option where you can pick who you’re sending the picture to! Also, being able to add photos from your gallery would be nice. Update 1.1.3 This update made me switch my review to 5 stars., it’s perfect now. The concept of adding things from your gallery would be nice, but I feel like it might ruin the whole point of the app.

- Awesome app! A few suggestions…

First off, I love this app so much! I enjoy seeing pictures from my friends show up on my Home Screen, and I think it is such a creative and fun little widget. However, I really wish you could add more than just 5 friends! I am torn between my friends and wish I could have all of them, and I wish you could create groups so that everyone could be connected in one group locket. Secondly, I wish that this app was available on androids, as I have a few friends with androids that would love to use this as well. Overall, wonderful app!

- I LOVE IT…I just wish

I’m gonna give this a 5 stars no matter what because this has helped me with relationships! I’m across the country from my friends and bf and locket has made it easier to keep in touch! I honestly wish there was a feature to send to specific people or have groups. I honestly wouldn’t mind have more than one widget on my screen or simply pressing a button to switch to another person! This app is amazing and I look forward to the changes ( or none at all ) from this app!

- great

edit: amazing app, the creator took all the suggestions and implemented them, great app. I just still have to open the app to see if anyone uploaded a picture since it won’t show up on my home screen. great app and works just as intended, but I wish that there was an option to send pictures to separate people instead of to everyone added. had this app for a couple days and have two people added and the pictures are just not showing up. i’ve deleted the app, turned off my phone, sent pictures, had pictures be sent to me and I still can’t see them. super buggy.

- Super cute!

This is super cute for sharing with loved ones. Needed features: 1) Have separate groups. I don’t want to send the same pics to my SO and to my family, so I haven’t invited my family to the app. So this really limits the potential audience. 2) Rotate between all images sent that day. This sort of goes with #1, if you are getting multiple updates, you may miss one of them entirely because you can only see the most recent. 3) Be able to like/love or respond to pictures in the app. 4) Stop requiring access to ALL our contacts. That’s a huge invasion of privacy and many people will not be ok with that.

- Good but Disappointed

I was loving this app at first when I downloaded it, but after some time of using it i've had lots of glitches... 1. the picture doesn't update automatically. this is really frustrating because then i have to open the app to see new ones. 2. the widget is only showing a grey, black, or white box with a yellow circle in it for the past 2 weeks...i've tried deleting the app and downloading it again, as well as deleting the widget and reading it, but nothing works. please fix this issue! i'm gonna have to stop using the app until it's resolved because it's taking up space that i don't need at this point.

- Love this app but……

The reason I only gave it to Stars is it’s missing one very important thing either to be able to use some sort of filter on the photo you take or the ability to upload a photo you took of yourself from your camera roll that maybe you edited somewhere else. Not everyone looks like a perfect model every time they take a picture and it would be nice to be able to tweak our pictures a little bit before we send them. If that were an option that I could edit my photo to look better before I sent it or could even upload a photo of myself that I edited somewhere else from my camera roll I would give it five stars and tell everyone I know about it.

- Wonderful app, hope to see some changes

It’s a great app! I just hope to see some fixes because sometimes my widget will say “No pics, yet” when there definitely are. Sometimes I’ll try to send my own pic as well but it’ll tell me to add some friends first who I already have added. I hope maybe we could have a feature where I can choose where the camera focuses too! There are times I try to send a picture but the lighting has the entire pic whited out. Besides that, my most hopeful feature would be we could have a locket widget per friend! I think its unfortunate that all my friends are limited to one widget on rotation based on who updates the soonest because that means I’ll most definitely be missing out on a few updates here and there. That’s all I have currently for feedback, but overall a great app! I think this will definitely be my fave part of my home screen soon if they fix and update some things!

- This app is awesome!

This right here… is a great app. NOT perfect, but definitely very enjoyable and fun. Nothing’s perfect anyways am I right? The things that I would change/add to this app would be to have the ability to comment on a picture that one of your friends sent you in the app, to be able to cycle through photos on the widget, to be able to have text and/or drawing on a photo (basically like Snapchat) and to be able to send to more people. Other than that, this thang is a 10/10!


my friend sent me an ad for this app and o gosh it looked so cool and i got it and we have been non-stop sending pics to eachother!! thanks to the visionary geniuses who created this !! one thing i think would be cool, is if you could swipe through different pictures you had been sent by different people at the relatively same time. i also think it would be nice if i could select multiple people to send one photo to. taking multiple is kinda a hassle!! overall really awesome game great job!!

- Cool Idea, Iffy Execution

This app sounded absolutely awesome and cute for me and my two besties. The first day it worked extremely well, we’d send each other photos every so often and find them on our Home Screen. But literally the second day, two of us stopped receiving anything and would only see new photos when we manually checked the history. While the widget is on our Home Screen, nothing appears. It’s been like this for days now and we’ve tried everything to fix it, uninstalling, updating, and unadding each other but we still get nothing. It’s disappointing since one of us does receive every photo we send while the other two do not.

- This app is fantastic (with a few caveats)

I think this app is a wonderful idea! My girlfriend and I are doing long-distance right now and it’s fun to swipe across the screen or open your screen for the first time of the day and get to see them. Having said that, there’s a few things that could be better. First, I wish you could leave comments on photos. Like a little disappearing messages. It doesn’t have to be as in depth as iMessage but some way to interact with what they post would be nice. Second, when you look at the grid view of all the photos that have been posted they should be categorized by who posted them and when. Right now it’s just sort of chronological I think, but as that goes on there’s gonna be a lot of photos to go through and so it might get confusing. Still a great app and worth downloading for you and your SO or a friend or family or whatever. Nice little reminders :)

- Great app, but more features

This app is really a great app. I love being able to see my friends on my Home Screen. But there’s a few thing I think would make the app better. 1) being able to separate people into different groups and not only being able to have only five friends. I would rather not send the same pics to my family that I’d send to my friends because that’s just a little weird 2) being able to like or comment peoples photos that are sent to you. I don’t think this would be that necessary right now but as the app grows it might 3) putting text on photos. I just think this is a nice app to use as a communication app too. On the widget if there’s a text that goes with the image put a little paper in the corner of it 4)taking videos. If you take a video put a play button on the widget 5) make notifications. I signed up for them but haven’t been getting them🤷

- so cute

i love this app so much my friends and i got it together and we send pictures to each other throughout the day it’s so nice because we can update each other or send each other things without committing to a whole conversation i wholly recommend it it’s simple it’s cute and lets you keep in touch the only complaint I have is there’s no way to zoom in :c you can also only take the picture to send right there in the app other than that it’s perfect :]

- Great! +suggestion

I love this app a lot, my friend and I are having a lot of fun. I, however, agree that it would be cool To be able to have separate groups. I would love to be able to do this with my you her sister as well but I don’t want to mix what I do with my sister with what I do with my friends. So it would be cool to be able to have separate groups to keep it personal to the different people in our lives. I would love to be able to do this with both my fiends and family! :D

- So awesome, just one suggestion!

My boyfriend and I are in a long distance relationship and I LOVE this widget so much. One thing I would love is the ability to have two widgets on the screen, one for each person I’m sending too. I have this set up with friends too but I would love to be able to have my boyfriends pictures be on a separate widget so his pictures aren’t getting pushed out by pictures of my friends I see all the time. Would love love that as an option :)

- I love it

I never write reviews at all, but I want to talk about how much the app is helping me. I am not the great texter and because of this I was feeling disconnected from my loved ones who are far away from me or can’t see often. This app helps me with being connected to them throughout the day. We don’t have to text each other to feel connected!! Love it! A small recommendation is that I could send personal images to different ppl… overall this app is great 💓

- Great but…

So this app idea is awesome concept is great one problem though. You can’t control who you your sending it to so let’s say I sink all my contacts and send a photo I would only want a couple people I have added on here to see found out that it’s actually not possible hopefully maybe in an update there will be a way to control who you send the widget to but as of right now I’m kind of weird on using it just based on the fact I can’t control who it goes to since it goes to everyone I have friended

- LOVE IT! Just a few bugs!

I personally think that locket is one of the most exciting executions of a widget yet. It’s such a simple idea and once I had more than one friend added on the app, I immediately realized how fun it was to see new photos popping up throughout my entire day! Sometimes when I try to send photo, it tells me to add friends as if I haven’t already. To fix that I have to on delete and re-add them as a friend, (I’m glad that it saves your photo history with them at least!) or sometimes just restart the application. So far, that’s the only glitch I’ve noticed. I’m excited for the potential future features that could be added! simple edits, camera roll access, maybe up to 10 friends and the ability to sort them into groups? Whatever it may be, this is a very cute widget and a fun idea, and I’ve been telling people to try it out since I got it!

- Fix this issue

So I just wanted to say that this app is really good and started off amazing but after a day of having it it wont allow me to send any pictures to anyone because of my wifi. Now that wouldn't be a problem if i didn't have any wifi but i do. I found out if i turned off my wifi it would send perfectly fine but its an issue with my wifi on. Its really frustrating that an app like this will go downhill from a glitch. If you could please look into this problem that would be amazing. Other than this issue, the app is an amazing one!

- A great way to stay in touch

Sometimes life can be very busy, and when it does it feels like you’re missing a lot out of the world. But using locket as a widget on iPhone let’s me see the ones I love from wherever they are whenever I open my phone. Goofy photos or simple smiles bring me the comfort I need. I also like that the app collects all photos taken so that they can be saved by anyone who you share your locket with. It’s a great app. Camera quality is okay, could be better but the functionality of the app is good enough!

- Great app, just missing a few key features for the widget.

Great app and it’s fun to see my friends new photos. But for the widget, it would be nice to have the option to only have one person for a widget so I can have all 5 friends have their own widget. Or another option is I could cycle through different recent photos of friends in one widget. I have my mom as part of my lockets and I would want to see her exclusively in a widget because my friends post more photos of themselves so my mom hardly pops in my widget.

- AMAZING app!

I absolutely love this app! It’s so fun to send pictures of what I’m doing to my friends. I think it’d be really cool if you could draw or type on the pictures to write messages. I also think it’d be great if you could select pictures from your camera role to send to people. I saw other reviews mention that it would be nice to have separate widgets on your Home Screen for different people, and I think that’d be really great. Thanks for developing such a great app!

- Love concept but has some bugs

The idea of this app is so fun but I won’t be able to fully enjoy until bugs are fixed. When the app was first downloaded, new pictures wouldn’t update in the widget and I had to find them in the history. After trying to uninstall/reinstall everything, now I am unable to send (and probably receive) pictures due to “no internet connection” even though I have one. Like I said, very excited to fully experience once bugs are fixed!

- Potential!

This app has so fun for my friends and I! We had originally downloaded the app thinking we would have different widgets for each other (we are a group of 4) and be able to send pictures that way. This unfortunately isn’t the case so my main suggestion is to somehow find a way in which we can have multiple widgets for different people! Otherwise, this has been such a fun widget to have on my phone. It would be nice to perhaps add a caption or doodle to our pictures :)

- Long distance/ Useful!

I especially use this app with my partner but love it with friends too. You can send a cute selfie, an inside joke, or even a note. I love it for the pure comedy you can make too! I do think the option for notifications would be the perfect touch to this app. There are times when I don't want to miss the newest pic. I love its simplicity and hope it stays to its roots. As I see great success in its future. Thanks for creating something so smart and useful!

- LOVE IT two ideas tho :)

i love the concept and it’s very fun :) but i have two ideas for some general stuff :) - it’d be really cool if you could have seperate widgets for your different friends so they’re not alwahs competing for top spot - it’d be really fun if there were a way to draw on the image with a simple range of colors (i’m talking ROYGBIV +BW) to write little messages or draw silly pictures :) otherwise this is an adorable and wonderful idea overall and i love the concept behind this app :)

- Great product w/ just one feedback

Love this product!! Once I heard about it, I immediately made my bf download it too and it’s been one of the apps I’ve been most excited to check. However, similar to other reviews, having a notification alert whenever the picture updates would be amazing. Right now, I’ll text my bf to let him know I’ve updated our locket, but it’d be nice if that was automated. Other than that, great idea!!

- Bug issues

When I first downloaded the app me and my friends loved it. My only issue is that after the first few hours something happened where the pictures my friends send to me won’t show up on my widget anymore. If I click on the widget I can still go through and look at the pictures they send and I am still able to send back it’s just not showing up on my Home Screen. Other than that I love the idea of this app and think it’s great!

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- My favourite app 🥰

I love this app and it’s backstory!!!! Me and my partner use it everyday but I just have one thing that I think would make it even better is if we got a cute little notification when we receive the photos in the widget because sometimes I won’t look at my phone for hours and I miss all his cute random photos 😢 either way i still love this all way too much 💕💕

- Cute app!!

First of all, can we just acknowledge the fact that the developer made this app for his gf😭💗 AKSKDKWKXKSKJDENAKDK!!!! This app is pretty new and i'm so happy that everyone is starting to use it!! It's super cute too and works really well! i do have some suggestions though: 1) Have an option to display multiple people on multiple widgets, not just one 2) Have a landscape widget I enjoy this app and defs recommend it!

- Slideshow

Would be amazing if you could put a feature to where it cycles through the memories but then keeps like the most recent pic cycling through continuously then when a new one gets sent the previous one becomes like the other memories and just cycles through like normal other than that awesome app

- a very simple and cute way to connect

really nice concept and simple way to keep touch with close friends and family. However, would really like it if the limit was more than just 5 people! Thank you

- More people

I love this app so much I just downloaded it and am having so much fun. I’m so sad that we can only have 5 people on the app. Hopefully it can get updated soon and we can have more people on the app.

- its good!!

i really love this app and its super cool!! i just have a couple suggestions + one issue. everytime i open it and try take a photo it tells me to add a friend.. even though i have. i also think it would be cool if you could add writing!! another thing to make it better would be if you could make it so its a person per widget... say i had 2 friends added on it, and one widget was for friend#1 and the other widget was for friend#2. just some ideas!! other than that this app is super cute snd easy to use i highly recommend!! :)

- Please fix

I haven’t been able to log into my acoustic because it keeps saying “please wait one minute then try again”. I have waited about a day it it still won’t let me back into the account and I have contacted your help email. If I can have help with my problem that would be great

- Get it

I love this app. It keeps me in touch with my childhood friend. We don’t see each other that often and we are awful at texting. But this helps us keep contact. I love it.

- Amazing but..:

I absolutely love this app! My and my friends have it and we all love it! The only thing is that you would love if you could do separate widgets for different people!

- suggestion for more groups

this app is working great and is so cute however i would like to suggest if you could make multiple "circles" or "groups" to be able to do with other people or other friendgroups. Thanks!!

- Option to type

I find the app really good however it would mean a lot to me if you could somehow make an option to be able to type on your photo a bit like Snapchat.

- Import photos

This app is cute and great for friends but one thing I’d like to suggest is possibly adding a feature where you can import photos from your camera roll to send to your friends and the middle sized widget maybe

- Great app

Great app but my widget only updates when 2 of 3 people update their pics. I have to go through the history to see 1 persons updates as it doesn’t auto update when everyone puts a new pic?? Pls fix

- Doesn’t always update

It works as described but it won’t update the photos in the app even if they show up on your homescreen. Please fix this. I have to keep uninstalling and reinstalling it.

- Yayyyyy

Great app but would be much better if; More than 5 people could be your friend if you could edit pic like add text ect. Thanksssssss

- Help me I need it to work again

I really liked this app until I took away the widget for a minute I tried to put it back and now the pics from my friend wont load and it’s just a black screen please help me I want this app to work again

- yes

One thing i dislike about this app is the fact it wont work for androids and most of my close friends have androids so i cant do it with them🥲, but other than that this app is really cool

- I love it

It’s really good except for the fact that there aren’t any notifications and I would love it if you could write on the picture aswell, other than that it’s amazing.

- I love it

It was a great way for me my mum and my sister to communicate with photos it was fun to play with love it

- Separate widget for friends

This app is a great Idea the Only thing that would make it so much better is if you could have a separate Widget for your different friends

- never shows photos

love the concept but it’s soooo buggy! my widget always shows up with “no photos yet” even though my boyfriend and i are constantly sending photos on it? i have to go onto the app and close it several times for the photo to show and even then, it only stays for about 10 mins before disappearing to “no photos yet” again. definitely needs to be fixed as it’s super annoying & defeats the entire purpose of the app.

- Bugs need to be fixed

It’s a really good app but really quite buggy it makes me verify my number very time I open the app and the photos my partner sends disappears after about 5 minutes! Really frustrating

- Amazing but needs texts

It’s amazing love it but it honestly needs texts it would make my review from a 4 to a 5

- great app!!

just downloaded the app to use with friends a few days ago and it’s such a good concept but i do agree with other users in that it’d be great if we could add texts to images and add more people. with a big group of friends, it’s sad i can only choose 5 others :( otherwise, “it’s a great app thank you!!!

- would be better if it worked

i love the app... when it works. my widget keeps reverting back to as if i havent been sent any photos when i can see them in my history, even when on full charge, connected to the internet, and not in low power mode.

- Pls add more features

Love the app, but would kill for more features such as add texts and some filters!!n

- review :)

it’s an easy and fun way of communicating to your friends randomly just by sending them irrelevant photos daily. me and my friend use it for all sorts of things and it’s quite fun.

- locket widget

I love this app so much it’s so cute 😭😭😭 ( maybe if you could send to individual ppl it could improve more ) OVERALL I RECOMMEND THIS APP BETWEEN FRIENDS AND YOUR S/O >>> even siblings ☺️

- Locket

I think that u should be able to add text to the photos

- Improve pls

Make it so you can choose who to send to pls >3

- Dang

Best app Eva I luv this app am I can’t even i luv who Eva created it mwah

- Locket

It’s great but Samsung people can’t get it sadly 😓😥

- connect

it’s a frat way to connect with your friends

- friends

it’s a good app and i love it except sometimes when i go to send a photo it says i need to add friends though i already have people added

- I’m sorry.

My apologies for leaving a tough to digest review. It is now working. Very 🅿️🅿️🅿️🅿️ I love u 😋😋🥳🤩🤩🤩😙🥳🥳😙

- highly recommend

so cute!!

- so good i give my friends the test answers


- Locket in my pocket

I love this bc I cheat on tests with it

- mid


- Misleading

Doesn’t even show the photo 😂

- literally doesn’t work half the time

i either cant see anything on the widget or i can just see their contact photo

- slay

need to add a timer so u can get good pics

- bs

logs me out everytine i close the app. fix it you absolute simp

- My girlfriend made me get this



GUYS DEFINITELY GET IT ! me and my bestfriend use this, and you can take photos whenever you want and it updates to both your widget. it’s so cute . good way to communicate. (if you need me to make an AD about this, i would love to . i have 12K followers on tiktok, i’m a teenager, and this app is just so cute for bestfriends .) i know a lot of people would love this app. EVERYONE GET IT !

- This app is great!

For everyone thinking of not downloading it due to the issues in other people not being able to put in their phone numbers this is not the case entirely. It all depends with how you write your phone number (whether you put a 61 or an 04 at the front). If the phone number put in is not correct it will pop up with ‘this device is not connected to the internet’ which would leave people confused if they were connected. This could be fixed by giving more options of signing up other than with a phone number (email, Apple ID, Facebook,ect). A feature I would love to see added is a choice to send photos to people individually rather than everyone, as well as being able to make groups of people too (to create things for family, friends, ect). Overall this is a great app, however I do feel that with more updates it could become greater.

- Great but some minor alterations should be made

I have only used it for maybe 30 minutes now and it works amazingly, no problems with messaging the photos etc. The only changes I advise and urge the creator to make is to allow the sender to choose the recipient and also allow multiple widgets for different people individually, that way photos don’t go unseen and left in the history section and you can have what is similar to 2 different group chats at once so you can see what one person has sent you and what another has sent you at the same time. Otherwise, the app works like a charm and does hold up to its expectations

- seperate photos to separate people

So far so good! I haven’t had the app for too long but I already have a suggestion: if it’s possible, there should be the option to make separate widgets for separate people. You should also be able to choose who you’re sending the photo to instead of sending the same photo to all of the people you’re friends with. I think you should still have the option of having one widget with multiple people, but also having the option of separate widgets for separate people would be a lot better… I think that would make it a lot more fun to use with more people.

- Review/opinion

I definitely agree with what most of these reviews are saying love this widget it works fine but sometimes it doesn’t upload a picture from another person you have on it I also agree it should have multiple different widgets for different people as you can have a total of 5 and being able to have an option to send to all or just one person if you want to share different things with different people

- Notifications and photo update!

This is a cool app with a great concept, lovely simplistic design, and easy to use interface, however there aren’t any notifications for when a new photo gets taken. Following up on that as well, the most recent photo that gets taken from the other person doesn’t show up on the widget until you actually go into the app. So it’s a little buggy? I’m not sure that this is intentional or if it really is buggy but please patch it!

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- More options

Really good apps works exactly the way it’s supposed to however… I wish I could control whos pictures are shown on my widget AND send pictures to specific people or everyone or just a specific group of people… sorta like snap chat. It would be really cool if you could swipe on the widget to show see everyone’s individual most recent pictures, that way if there is one specific individual you want to be featured on your widget for a long period of time you can just swipe to the one you want. I know all my friends have the same issue with the app. And would also b cool if you could make it a boomerang or live picture instead of just a picture… OVERALL THO GREAT APP WITH AWESOME POTENTIAL!!!!! ヾ(・д・ヾ)

- Super fun app

Super fun app that works as described. Its the perfect widget for me and my boyfriend to use to send each other cute little surprise pictures

- Won’t let me add as a widget

It’s not letting me add it as a widget

- fix

won’t let me add as a widget

- Verification code

Doesn’t send me a code

- Internet connection

App is great for sending funny pictures and cute photos to eachother but I only have one problem which is internet connection, I have full connection and great connection but the app says I don’t and so I don’t receive photos and send photos needs to be fixed ASAP

- Friends!!

Should be allowed more than 5 friends

- Read

It was working just fine than the app got deleted now I can’t put the widget back up


I love this app so much! It would be great if we can send to 20 people instead of 10 too :3

- can’t use it

It won’t send the code so I can’t even use the app

- isn’t working on some types

it doesn’t work on some type of sim cards (like mine). The continue button isn’t working when i put my number even though it’s actually working and valid. When my friends try to add me on the app, it says the number is invalid; please fix this thank you

- locket widget not showing up

can’t even use the app because i can’t even find the locket widget to add to my homescreen

- Verification

Ik this is a good app, but im from canada and it wont send my code.

- More friends please!

I love this widget and my friends and I would love it even more if we could add more friends! Maybe 15-20 please!!! Thank you so much

- Camera Roll + Choose friends

I would love to be able to have more widgets like one for each friend, and to share the photos privately per person. Also to choose pictures from the camera roll

- idea

great app, i love, would be cool if could add video to locket❤️

- Photos from Camera Roll!

Hi :) I love this app! It’s great for cute photos or a laugh - but, it’s missing an option to import from your phone. Instead of just being able to take photos, it would be awesome if you could upload images from your camera roll to your friends’ widgets. Thank you!

- Notifications

It would be nice if I got a notification every time I received a picture

- Widgets

On aimerais être capable d’avoir un widgets par personne vu qu’on peut avoir beaucoup de personne

- Needs a email option.

This app irritates me because it say 12+ but no allow email as a option so make it option plezz 😒

- The app

I love the app, but I can’t add my friends. She’s in my contact and when I search I don’t find her

- could be better

i love this app but i wish i could have separate widgets for people so please add this feature!

- No internet connection?

I really enjoy this app but it does not let me send or receive pictures post of the time unless i turn my wifi off. I hope they fix this soon so I can enjoy the app to its full potential. Because of the internet situation, it does not update very quickly and could take hours and hours.

- Good concept but!

Love the idea of seeing stuff from my far away friends, but I seem to have to delete and reinstall the app every other day because it gets stuck and doesn’t send the most recent update. Also why only 5 friends that’s just a weird thing to add?

- Plusieurs photos différentes

Je pense qu’il serait encore mieux, si on pourrait mettre deux « onglets » (lockets) sur notre écran. Par exemple, deux onglets pour deux personnes différentes. Comme ça, on peut envoyer des photos à deux personnes différentes et en recevoir deux différentes aussi. Car dans le cas ci-contre, si on met deux onglets, on a deux fois la même photo. À part ce détail, j’adore cette application ! Je la recommande à tout le monde !

- suggestion

There should be a feature where u can react with emoji’s to pictures sent to you.

- I

I don’t don’t have anything for

- Please add email option

I really wanted to do this with my friend but only one of us has a phone number, please add an option where we can also use emails.

- Great app, some feedback

It seems this app is only a month old? Not sure but for it being a month old it’s great. I love it a lot. The only feedback I have regarding this app is that it’s slow to show up new pics on my screen and sometimes does not refresh when others send pics, only does it when I open the app and refresh myself. I really love this app it’s brought lots of positivity to my day.

- pls do Apple watch wallpaper feature

this app and widget is already so amazing but it would be even more amazing if there was an option of adding an apple watch wallpaper :)

- amount of friends

i wish the app would allow you to add more than 5 friends because between friends and family people can add up fast

- Needs some work but good overall

I really wish the pictures would automatically update or send a notification when someone sends a new picture

- deleted my other apps

i added the larger widget to my phone screen and when i did whatever apps were there disappeared. i had to scramble to figure out which were missing and couldnt find them in my app library. i had to go into the app store and search each app in order to be able to open them add it back to my home screen. don’t know why this happened but just be cautious that it may happen to you.

- Really good app!!

One note I would like to make though is that I can add pictures from my camera roll and can only put ones I take in the app

- Easy

It was very quick and easy to set up. Also very fun

- Email?

I cant sign up cuz i need a phone number it would b nice to use it with an email

- Really enjoy the app

I really like the idea for this app, it’s a fun way to connect with your loved ones. When I see pictures show up throughout the day, it makes me smile. I think it’s a cute way to stay connected. One complaint I have is that you are only allowed to add 5 people. It would be nice to have the choice to add more people. Also, I have to close and reopen the app multiple times throughout the day because the pictures don’t update. Overall, I enjoy this app and would recommend it.

- Lockett #2 Best Widget App

Locket is one of the best widget app’s in my opinions it feels like your with that person even tho your not it’s like y’all are FaceTiming but once again you’re not!! I can’t even explain it just download it it’s awsome!!!!

- Didn’t even get to try it

Didn’t recognize my Canadian number soooo I’m just gonna leave that here I have screenshots but they won’t let me post

- Not working

It was super cute at the start but now the pictures aren’t even showing up on my homescreen so there’s no point of the app smo fix this

- Great app!

It’s great! Me and my friend always send pictures to each other! <3

- I love

Such a cute app

- Its good

its good, but the pictures dont show up half the time, it's usually just a black screen

- Rotate through pictures?

This is a cool app!! Is there a way to make it so that the pictures will rotate every 30-60 mins? That would be great :)

- Review

Super nice app, fun and easy to use. Only downside is there’s no feature to have a locket per friend. It would be awesome to have multiple locket with different friends so you can upload different pictures for different people.

- so cute but it doesn’t work for me :(

i love this app and the idea of it but the photos don’t show up for me on the widget, it’s just grey with a circle even when my friends have sent things :( it worked for a while but now does not. i used to be able to open to app to make something show up if ur wasn’t working but now am not able to. it works for my friends. would love to see this fixed because this app is super cool :)

- Doesn’t work.

It works with everyone but my boyfriend, for some reason his pictures won’t show up on the widget, only in the app. Pretty disappointing as he was really the only person I wanted to use this with.

- love the idea!

i love the idea of the locket widget i just wish i could send pictures from my saved pictures to it! i’d love to send dumb memes or inspirational quotes or something to the people on my widget!

- cool app, has a lot of bugs

it keeps telling me i have to be connected to the internet, but i am?????? it also kept telling me to add friends everytime i wanted to send a pic lol its so annoying

- Needs a email option

Some people that are 12-13 do not have a phone number please add an email option so others can enjoy it too.

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Locket Widget 1.5 Screenshots & Images

Locket Widget iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Locket Widget iphone images
Locket Widget iphone images
Locket Widget iphone images
Locket Widget iphone images
Locket Widget iphone images
Locket Widget iphone images
Locket Widget Social Networking application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

Locket Widget (Version 1.5) Install & Download

The applications Locket Widget was published in the category Social Networking on 2021-12-30 and was developed by Locket Labs, Inc. [Developer ID: 1600525063]. This application file size is 52.75 MB. Locket Widget - Social Networking app posted on 2022-05-20 current version is 1.5 and works well on IOS 14.1 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.locket.Locket