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What is bloons monkey city app? Create, upgrade, and customize your very own Bloons Monkey City in this groundbreaking blend of city building and tower defense awesomeness!

Take back the wilderness from the invading bloon hordes and pop your way from a modest settlement to a thriving metropolis. Attack bloon-infested territory adjacent to your city, win a short tower defense game, and add the captured territory to your city as a space on which to build. Buildings are the heart of your city, and each one has a specific purpose - individual monkey towers for battle, upgrades for those towers, farms and banks to drive your economy, power to supercharge your city, epic buildings for epic powers, and decorations to make your city more awesome. Every time you build, your city looks cooler, you increase your power potential in tower defense play, and you open up even more rewards and challenges.

All 21 of the fully awesomized and carefully balanced Bloons TD 5 towers are available within Monkey City, with completely new unlock mechanics. More than 130 buildings and decorations give you endless strategies and city design options. Explore the wilderness to find treasure tiles and uncover 11 powerful special items like the Banana Replicator and the Dark Temple Idol. Burst bloons on 55 all new tower defense maps or test your mastery on 13 wildly challenging original special missions. Either way, be ready to encounter all new bloon waves and special bloon attack patterns like Cash Starve or Fast and Furious.

Connect with Facebook and Game Center friends, then help each other win and expand. Send Supply Crates back and forth for bonus starting cash. Visit friends' cities to check out their strategies and their city design skills, and while you're there root out any bloon spies to win a reward for both you and your friend.

Build up the strongest lineup of monkey towers possible and compete with other players for the best score in weekly Contested Territory events. Use the latest in monkey science to send player vs. player bloon attacks, then see whose defenses are the strongest and earn extra rewards for victory.

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Pro tip: You can move your buildings when they are not upgrading or damaged - just tap and hold then move to a free captured tile!

Please Note:
Bloons Monkey City is free to download and play (aside from internet, carrier, data, device, and other services for which the player is financially responsible), but some in-game items can be purchased with real money. You can turn off the payment feature by disabling in-app purchases in your device's settings, or reach us at for help. City data is organized individually, so if you share multiple cities on one device through multiple Game Center or Facebook logins, do note that your IAP will only apply to the city active during purchase.

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Bloons Monkey City Version 1.12.307 May 2020

Bug fixes and Improvements..

Bloons Monkey City Comments & Reviews 2022

- Don't spend 5 bucks on BTD5!

This is AWESOME! It has all of the awesome features of regular 5 dollar btd, and more. And it's free! You get to build your own city of monkeys; which I realize it makes this game seem like every other game out there. But it's not. While there are in app purchases, I would still say that this game is COMPLETELY free. You can buy gems sure, but they don't pressure you to, and I haven't needed them yet. This game is great, it it does have a couple of flaws. Capturing more territory gets to be a chore. I figure if you can add a skip-to-end button that you can use ONLY when capturing more territory for your city, the building process would be a lot more fun. My other beef with this game is that the contested territory constantly changing is annoying. Really annoying. I know this may sound stupid, but I don't like how y'all try to make this game harder by restricting my favorite monkeys. If you could add a mode where you choose a map and then just play infinite rounds where the difficulty kept increasing would be (WITH NO RESTRICTIONS) would be absolutely awesome. Despite these shortcomings, this game is still totally awesome, and would totally recommend to anybody who has ever played btd. Or anybody who hasn't! Thanks Ninja Kiwi! Update: I'm an idiot. I just learned that the infinite rounds thing does exist! It's under my tracks... increasing to five!!!

- Best long going game wish there was a sequel

Monkey city or btd village is probably the best game for people who have extra time in school at work in at home not only is the general game fun as it is based off btd 5 it can be played for months to sometimes even years depending on how committed you are you can get money and research to upgrade your monkeys and buy new ones then capture land to build your city and launch attacks on new players something they added that is just great is the ability to skip waiting by watching ads (something I wish all games with this format had) I really hope they do a sequel soon they already made a sequel to bloons pop 3 and are already working on a btd battles 2 this game would be the next in line and is perfect as it would extend the duration of the game even further and would crazy towers like the paragons and maybe even some of the boss bloons like lych and bloonarius (who is already in the game but a btd6 version would still be great) not to mention the 3D graphics to conclude, overall the one of the best mobile games to kill time and if a developer sees this look at the games rating you know a monkey city 2 would have a great response

- Download A.S.A.P

This game allows you to use monkeys to capture land for your city making it bigger. The difficulties of your levels increase the farther out you go from your city. If a level is rated hard and you upgrade your monkeys the difficulty changes to be easier and easier. If you like B.T.D. you should download this game. Bloonstones (gems) are easy to get. Regular levels give you 2 bloonstones, Xp, and coins if you lose no lives. Some levels such as special ones give you bloonstones even if you lose all but one life. Some special levels give you 150+ bloonstones. Some monkeys are restricted on certain levels increasing the difficulty but there is always more monkeys to choose from. There is a contested territory selection in which players compete to gain control of special land that does a not add land to your city. If you gain control of it you can get money, and when it's over you get bloonstones for the time you held it. The longer you hold it the more money and bloonstones you get. Each and every monkey has 8 upgrades you van purchase in the city. However you can only purchase up to 6 in the round you are on. I suggest to anyone who reads this to get this game right away. Have fun and good luck! Enjoy!

- Great game, but...

This game is great. It has great graphics, is fun and more. About a year ago, I downloaded the game and played it all the time. After a while though, I stopped playing. Recently I started playing again and now I play a lot. Not much has changed, and that's fine with me because I like it the way it is. I was on level 21 and was pretty decent. One afternoon I open the game like I always do. But immediately, I noticed something was wrong. Most of my buildings were gone and I was only on level 11! I checked my stats, and it still said city founded 367 days ago, but it said 16 monkeys, 36 buildings, 66 tiles captured, and about a hundred battles played. I had at least 50 monkeys, 70 buildings, 130 tiles captured, and at least played 2500 battles! NinjaKiwi please fix this as soon as possible because I put so much time into my city and I would be so upset if it was lost forever. If anyone is looking to get this game, then don't decide not to get it because I had this problem. It is probably very rare and it is still a great game. So, please fix this if possible and I will be really happy.

- Enjoyable if you can ignore the ads

Fairly simple and fun game, if you’re into building a city and tower defense games this is a nice combination. The main objective of the game is expand your city by claiming more land by completing stages definitely a slower experience compared to other BTD games since you not only have to be a certain player level to unlock certain upgrades but need to wait extended periods of time waiting for the research to finish. Naturally this is where premium currency helps “solve” this issue, I will say overall you can have a fairly enjoyable experience with fair progression they offer a fair amount of premium currency as long as you’re a casual player and most the ways you earn it is actually fairly satisfying mainly completing stages using select monkeys/towers or completing the stage without allowing any balloons through. My real reason for dipping my review from 5 to 4 stars is the unnecessary amount of mandatory ads, especially early in the game you need to complete stages to progress and sometimes when returning to your city you get a ad... this game already has heavy monetization so the addition of ads is a slap in the face, honestly remove the ads there’s little to no reason for them.

- Amazing Game

My friend recommended Bloons Monkey City to me a while ago. I started playing and I thought it was pretty fun. It was exciting for me to unlock new stuff like Contested Territory and Monkey Knowledge. And it is free! There are In-Game purchases though. But it doesn't force you to pay money to pay for them. Like my friend recommended it to me if you haven't played it yet I would really suggest you would try it out. It also gets more fun the higher level you are. I love lots of games made by ninja kiwi but Bloons Monkey City is my favorite. But there are a few problems like most if not all games. I dislike it when advertisements are just thrown at me right after I beat a tile or something. I think it is fine that you can skip 15 minutes of a building being built if you watch a video. But as I was saying sometimes random videos will turn on. It annoys me but that is not a huge problem. This game is really fun especially when you get to higher levels. If you haven't tried it out yet you should do so. I enjoy the game a lot and I hope you do too.

- Great Game!

This is a very fun city building game, combined with a tower defense game. It has all of the towers and features of BTD5 and more, and it is free. Unlike most city building games, you don’t have to wait or spend gems to attack and capture a tile, you can do it at any time for no cost. My main problem is that the rounds take too long. Even easy tiles take almost 10 minutes to do when you get to a high level, there should be a way to make everything triple speed or to send rounds early, like in the race events of BTD6. Another thing: you should make in-game banana farms better on mobile. On flash, they make 50% more bananas than in btd5(which makes sense, since there are less rounds), but on mobile, they make the same amount of bananas as BTD5, making them useless. This is also the case for Bloon Area Denial System, it launches 100 rockets in Flash but only 1 big rocket on mobile. Also, there is a bug where all music will stop randomly when you enter a tile, and you have to close out of the app to get it to come back.

- I recommend the game more than the others

This game is calming, graphics are amazing, and the Gameplay is very impressing. Lately, I've been looking for games to play because the games I have are simple games and my type is complex games. I've been looking for games that have a lot of things to do because then it just gets more boring the more you complete the game and finish all the things you have to do. But this game is one where you can Attack, Explore, and Create a lot of things. In my opinion you shouldn't spend money on the Bloons Tower Defense games because they are as good as this game. I know that the other games seem like they are good because they cost money but you can save money just by installing this game. This game is as good as the others and if you want to install a good app, simply get this one.

- Garbage all around

I despise games that have timers where you have to wait 15 minutes or 12 hours or two days to use the thing you just bought. I despise games where you have to log in multiple times per day to collect money- and after a few levels, upgrades cost 20,000 coins or more but you only get 2,000 each time you log in until reaching level 20 and upgrading your banana fields (which costs 20,000 coins per field and only for a 500 coin increase which means you have to log in FORTY TIMES just to break even on that one field) There are only a few different levels or lands which you play over and over again. And some of the tiles’ difficulty levels are grossly misrepresented. For example the pirate star level in the water is rated as easy, but it has not only lead balloons, blue moabs and red moabs, but also GREEN moabs, and you only have half of a screen to get everything! It’s ridiculous! I also hate the way the contested territory event works. I was at level 17 and literally everyone else in the group was level 20 or 21. When you’re at a higher level, you get more lives, more money, more monkeys, and significantly better upgrades so it’s not even remotely fair. The ads are also annoying and the in app purchases are insanely overpriced.

- Must-have bloons game, but one recommendation and a glitch.

Amazing game! Takes a little long to start up and get quests done, well some quests like toughen up, and I won’t say anything about the ads since it’s free and your company needs money, but I love it I love it all its amazing but I have one request, either update or make a remake or sequel to this and or btd battles with btd6 graphics! It would make 2020 and maybe even this decade, amazing! Not forcing anything but would be amazing. I actually have a suggestion. Since you have paid stuff in bloons tower defense six I believe you should cut down on ads in this game or just have them skip an hour instead of 15 minutes. And to add onto that it’s a gift you can get by doing a riddle from the altar of the sun you could get a chance to get a gift like 4500 money or a money multiplier for a week or the 1 hour skip thing. And if you do make a BMC 2 or update this BMC then I would want it to be 3D! BUUUUUUUTTTTTTTTT there’s a glitch where it says my farms are full when they aren’t. Please fix this!

- Amazing, but...

This game is very enjoyable. I have played other BTD games such as BTD 5, BTD Battles, BTD 2, and Bloons Monkey City. My favorite is this game, Bloons Monkey City. I love tower defense games and games where you can build your own town to help you in combat. But never have I seen a game with the two combined! I enjoy going into the edit mode and playing around with different designs for my town. I recently got to level 20 and am waiting for my 5th farm to finish getting constructed. Of course, not all things are perfect. Something that I think this game is missing is, sandbox mode. I loved sandbox mode in BTD 5 and still do! The problem is, this game doesn’t have sandbox! Another thing is that you can’t do easy mode in the “My Tracks” section. The only reason I go there is so that I can last a long time, but it’s always on hard. The reason I say hard and not medium is because I’ve been having glitches where when I choose medium mode. I get hard mode. It’s a bug I really don’t like because hard is significantly harder than medium or easy. Other than that, this game is all around perfect. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a fun game to play. ~Cori P.S. Can you guys add in BAD’s from BTD 6? Unless you already have and I’m just too low level.

- If you can’t buy BTD6...

This has been my favorite bloon game since the day it came out on flash. Sure it has its issues, annoying ads, capturing land becomes a chore... no actually that’s all the complaints I have. This game adds so many layers of complexity by having you use a limited amount of towers AND restricting some of those towers to change up your strategy for every game. Contested Territory is the highlight of this game, you get upgrades in the main game and put your monkeys to the test against others. I really hope Ninja Kiwi one day makes a sequel to this game with BTD6 towers and upgrades, it would be awesome! (Some ideas for BMC2: New rewards from CT like insta monkeys. Unlocking heroes from special terrain. More special terrain missions in general. 1 or 2 more Boss Bloons. Basically just put BTD6 into this format)

- I don’t know if this still gets updates, but I hope this major bug gets fixed

I used to play the computer version of this game all the time, so when I first got a mobile device this was one of the first things I wanted to get. I’ve had it for quite a while now and it’s been lots of fun. I would say of many great things about the game is it’s music. Unfortunately, there is a glitch that makes it so that the music just does not play. It starts, then fades and does not come back. I have tried different things and none of them have worked. Like I said in the title, I’m not sure if this game is going to get more updates or not, but I hope it does. This glitch is very frustrating. Other than that, basically no problems.

- It’s OK. Not Great (especially for Ninja Kiwi)

Love this dev as their other Bloons games are great. Monkey City is an attempt at something different, which kind of works and kind of doesn’t. The concept is good, attacking bloon levels to seize land and build a Monkey City, filled with units and upgrades necessary to advance. Big limitations, IMO, are the repetitive nature of gameplay, lack of depth, and frustrations due to the weird difficulty scaling. As you have to seize each individual tile by tower defense style attacking bloons, and there’s a finite combination of bloons/maps available, you end up playing the same levels a lot to advance. Lack of depth is in the relatively meager amount of customization you can do on your city. Even BTD6 offers several skins for characters in-game, but buildings in Monkey City come in one flavor only. It’d been neat to be able to customize your city’s look further than the game allows. As for difficulty, maps range from almost tediously boring to absolutely impossible (at times optimistically described as “medium” by the game itself). Some levels are seemingly designed to force players to spend “bloonstones” (the ingame, premium currency) for added powers, otherwise seem undefeatable. It’s not terrible. It’s a good time-waster while social distancing. The concept is good, but the execution isn’t quite what I’d hope for from Ninja Kiwi.

- This game is awesome

You have to admit if you play the other games of ninja Kawai you won’t know all of their games is good but this is a better one because I like these type of games but I can’t find any good ones that are like this thank you ninja kawai this is a super great game thanks for putting so much into this five stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ you should definitely download this game it’s a lot of fun if you like these types of games and you should read it five stars but the purchases you should only buy the first pop-up purchase not the king sized purchase or whatever it’s called just buy the first pop-up one it’s a good deal that’s the only annoying part but I still give it a five stars because it’s one of the games that I like to play you should definitely try this out for yourself

- Awesome! Except,

This game was so fun! I love it!but, every time I want to get in I have to double tap and swipe up plus the second I got to level 10 it wouldn’t work anyway this is one of the best games I’ve ever played (a few months later) ok I take it back none of those things happened after a while plus there’s always something new to play overall definitely the best game I have ever played in my life. Ok, once again I’m back and I have 2 things to say 1 I wish there were bridges so monkeys could go across because for example if I had a dart monkey over the river they would be stuck there. Please add bridges or something. 2 why do you have to research ceramic bloons to attack? Why can’t I just attack with reds blues and greens but like i said it is really fun to play.

- Updating monkeys takes FOREVER

I love this game! I’m absolutely addicted. The only thing that really bugs me about it is that you have to earn all these coins to update your bases in order to get stronger monkeys because every new power requires an upgrade of some kind. But even though you save up coins to do so, you still have to wait stupid amounts of time every single time you upgrade! And I’m talking days here not just hours or minutes! I can’t stand it because as you gain a bigger city, there’s less and less you can do while you wait for such crazy long updates. But whatever, still love it... just not that part. I don’t understand why they make you use your coins to buy upgrades when you have to wait 2+ DAYS for it to be done and ready to use in battles...

- Really good game, but

I’m just going straight to the point: when I log in to play on my phone, the “Bloons Monkey City requires additional content. Please ensure you have a valid internet connection pops up. In my case, this wasn’t the first time it showed up. It usually takes a reset of my phone to access the actual game. But now it has been going on for about 3 days now. I tried resetting connection and my phone but it didn’t work. I have internet, but the app doesn’t load. I’m not trying to call out the game or anyone. The game is really fun to play. But I get frustrated because I can’t actually play. Think you guys can give me a solution because I don’t really want to make this a big deal and I don’t want to give up on the game Thanks!

- Ok, this bug/issue is annoying

First and foremost, I love this game with a passion there isn’t a better pastime for me, and I’m sad to say there’s an issue that makes playing with sound almost unbearable. This would be that when I go into the game, there’s a weird sound that happens in bursts of 2 to 7 times however there’s no pattern, completely random, and it’s LOUD! Like I had my phone volume at 1 and I could hear it as if it was coming max volume out of a mini Bluetooth speaker. it almost sounds like an animated punch sound, but why is it a problem, the sound still happens when you turn all sounds off in the settings! I would give this app a 5 star but man, is that sound annoying. It literally ruins music that I’m listening to, I literally can’t stand the sound, it’s so annoying. Please fix this. I will give this app 5 stars when it gets fixed.

- Love the game, please fix Facebook connection!

Great game, been playing it for years, it’s been through 3 different phones with me. This is one of the best mobile games out there, it’s a game you can forget about for a year and pick back up like you never left, which is exactly what I just did. I noticed that the option to connect with Facebook friends to visit their city doesn’t seem to work anymore, it didn’t work on my friend’s game either. I’d really like to be able to pop bloon spies and send/receive supply crates. I know this game isn’t updated very often, I’m sure the developers have a lot on their plate but I saw that they replied to some recent reviews so I’m hoping for the same! Thanks!

- My game was deleted and I can’t get it back

For starters in is amazing I would put five stars but yesterday I was playing the game when it reset my account to level one, all my buildings were there but I couldn’t use any of my upgrades. I thought this was a software issue so I deleted it and re-downloaded the game only to find out that everything is gone. I was level 17 and now I don’t wanna play the game anymore because I’m level one and that’s way too much hard work in progress. If it’s your first time playing the game hook up an account so once you remove the game you can still read download it from an email Facebook or ninja kiwi

- Very Fun

First and foremost, I absolutely love this game. I played it when I was young and still do. The gameplay battle wise is amazing, and if you want you can just keep going. That combined with the constant events makes this game very rarely dull. The reason I’m making this 4 stars is one small problem: the late game. As you progress in the game, it becomes easier and easier to not participate in the gameplay and just save up for upgrades. By the time I was buying the ZOMG, I wasn’t battling at all- I had already gotten room for all the houses and such. There is a saving grace here though- special tiles. These encourage you to battle your way to them and see if you can win. If you do, you get loot! So other than the boring money saving part, this game is amazing- and free!

- Pretty good

I’ve been playing this awhile now. Pretty good game, and very addicting and the micro transactions aren’t really a problem. Contested territory is also quite fun. My main issue is the amount of ads. I understand that ninja kiwi needs to make some cash off this game (they are a business after all) but the amount is a little bit ridiculous. It tends to be faster to just close the app each time, but other then the ridiculous amount of ads that sometimes appear, great game! Response to devs: Yes, I understand that, and I’ve already said that. I have no problem with ads being there, but the amount of ads is kinda stupid, and 3 bucks is really steep just to remove ads, especially Bc the items that would come with it are pretty much useless at this point

- Time waster

Don’t get this game unless you LITERATELY have nothing to do. This takes wayyyyyyyyy too long to do upgrades!! just to get one of the upgrades you’ll have to spend $50,000 monkey currency and then wait 5 days. FOR ONE UPGRADE?????? come on guys... I could see the $50,000... But if I have to build a “specific building” just to “research” an ability (which guess what...... takes MORE TIME AND MONEY.... OH NO! 😑) And then pay $50,000 just to wait 5 ******* days I’ve waited enough time with this app and I’m not keeping it plus the “difficulty rating” for the levels is wayyyy off. One level said “impopable” and was able to be beaten with ONE spike tower upgraded to red hot spike balls (whatever they’re called) And then the very next level “Easy” and had to have “4 fully upgraded wizards minus the final Tempest tornado upgrade. which yet, takes building a specific building, annnnd then spitting out a bunch on money, and then a crap load of time... but back to the comparison... 4 wizards, 6 spike ball factories, and 3 heli pilots. Just to beat the level. Y’all can waste you’re own time if you want. But you’ve been warned that this game is crapshoot for time and money upgrades. I wouldn’t be surprised if I had to wait a month for some of these upgrades later on down the road in the game.. 😑😒😞

- Simply Amazing

2 Words, Great Game. Im not gonna bore you with all the other stuff but believe them it’s great but there is one issue I just can’t get over. When there is a building being upgraded or any of that sort, you may just click on it to check how longs left. But if you do and your finger is too close to the bloonstones speed up you will accidentally buy it and I have wasted over 700 bloonstones on that stuff that I didn't even needed to be upgraded faster. I would much rater spend those bloonstones on getting something like my farm upgraded faster then upgrade my ice tower faster. It’s just a very big issue I have with the game but besides that I love this game and will continue to play it!

- A really good game which should have this suggestion

Your game is awesome and I love it. The building homes for monkeys is just magnificent in a good way. And sometimes I get a bit too much exp so I think you should add a setting to make it so you dint gain exp while it’s on. So you can get ready for the higher level stuff like getting land, money, power, ect. I think it would help with preparing for the next level like level 18 which unlocks some really expensive stuff in the game. So you should add this to give your players a chance to prepare for the next level. Great game btw and I love it. So please add this as a feature to prepare for the future levels

- Excellent, as expected

I’ve been playing Ninja Kiwi’s Bloons Tower Defense series since the original, and they never disappoint. Combine that with a Clash of Clans style MMO city-builder, and this is the result. It’s not even particularly greedy for premium currency the way a lot of them are! Bloonstones are only used for completely optional boosts and unlocking PVP units, and most of the boosts can be gotten for free easily anyway, as can the stones themselves at higher levels when you’re ready to burn some to unlock attack blimps. My one minor criticism is that the early game tends to be fairly slow paced, and premium currency can actually be a little tight at that point (if you’re using any... with good tactics there’s zero need!).

- Awesome!

This is one of the best games in my opinion. Its kind of idle since youre waiting for things, but at the same time it is consistent. One of the best improvements you could make is to add clans/teams. This would increase the multiplayer aspect of the game. In clans, you could have a clan country which would be a large town that you could work on as a group, fight other clans, have a private chat, and even send money. I think clan mates could act like a super monkey. Like if someone is generous, they could pay for someone else's new dartling gun upgrade. I will stop talking now because my fingers aleready hurt. I hope this game stays more awesomer than any other! *pun totally intended*

- The adds

SHORT VERTION: this game is good except for the adds the adds are awful and cannot be skipped DETAILS: This game is amazing and I absolutely love it it has all the functions of btd 5 and more. This game features all sorts of cool ideas that seem to work really well contested territory and sending attacks on others are ideas that fit into the game really well. The only problem is massive ADDS when I first got this adds were optional. If you wanted to speed up an upgrade you could watch an add and skip 15 min. Now you watch an 30 second un-skip able add every time you win or lose a battle. That brings this game to a SCREECHING halt. Waiting 30-45 seconds for an add every time you claim land is beyond annoying. It’s actually faster to close the app and restart it that watch the add :/ TO CONCLUDE: this game is fun but if you don’t like adds it isn’t for you

- A game I didn't know I needed

I've always been a fan of BTD. Played every one so far. When I downloaded this I expected a simple city building game. But your need to build the monkeys you want to use, the ability to expand your land by completing levels, and the earning upgrades for existing monkeys makes this game extremely fun. It's like BTD had a baby with a city builder and this game was born. So much fun and can't stop playing, between taking new land, building new buildings and organizing it all, I've had hours of fun and expect to have many hours more. Definitely worth downloading and playing. Check it out if you enjoy BTD, any tower defense game, or city builders.

- Great Game A Really Annoying Bug

The game is great I like most of the blooms games but this one is special. It has music that is very nostalgic and a uniqueness to it unlike the other games. But there is a really annoying bug where there’s this throwing sound and the music then stops playing for the rest of the game. This also affects the ads which is really annoying constantly hearing the sound of tomatos being thrown at Johnny Depp’s Ex-Wife during gameplay and outside of it cancelling out the wonderful music. Overall an extremely annoying bug making the game worse but really fun gameplay.

- Pretty fun

I've liked Bloons TD since the first one and Bloons Monkey City is just another awesome addition to this addictive franchise. I had it on my phone for a while but just recently I actually started playing it and it's crazy how addicted I am already. I haven't spent any in game money yet but these guys know how to rope you in and make you feel like it's an investment rather than just a purchase so beware if you are going to be serious about playing this game you will probably end up spending money, even if it's after a year of playing, you will most likely end up spending some real money on this game. It's fun, addictive, and a huge time waster, so if you get it just be careful that you don't let the hours pass by without realizing it. Update: I have now spent real money in game, and it was totally worth it. I did stop playing for a long while, but just recently got back into it. Still as fun as ever, and I hope hope hope they make a Bloons Monkey City 2 based on Bloons TD 6.

- Slow starter but great with patience

I loved the original Bloons TD games, so I gave this one a try. Free is always worth a try after all. At first, I thought the game was going to be too slow to hold my interest. It takes some time to unlock the features of the different towers, and I (wrongly) assumed I could only upgrade them one at a time. Within a couple hours, I was rolling right along and having a great time. I’m glad I stuck it out long enough to see all the neat features presented in this app. I highly recommend giving it a try !

- Amazing game

Overall an amazing game, really good, and just one bug I have found. I rarely ever get any notifications from the game even though I turned notifications on. When I do get notifications, I get like 10 of them in a row and they’re all about the same exact thing. And when I get the notification of my farm being full, I open the game and the farms have like 200 coins. Or a building is done, when it’s not. Please fix this. Other than that, I love the game, been playing for almost a year now and I have made tons of progress. Thank you for an amazing game, ninja kiwi and I hope to have enough money one day to buy BTD 6 or something.

- Great game but

This is a great game and is overall fantastic but I would like if this game would still get updated and I have an update suggestion it’s that if you reach lvl 15 and complete 20 of the quests the kings gives you that you can barrow loans from king and each day you would pay 10% of loan each day and if you run out of money you would get a warning 5 warnings and you can’t borrow loans until you complete 10 more king quests Edit:round 8 is impossible I littererly have to spend more gems to win and if I want land also I just get rushed like round eight says this to you “welcome to round 8 ready for hell” and then you just get rushed and loose also NO MATTER HOW HARD I TRY I FAIL CUZ ROUND 8 IS MADE TO MAKE PEOPLE SUFFER

- Ok I’m a huge fan of this game, but

Ima huge fan of the btd game series I think this is the best btd game so far But I have only one problem with it. The problem is “downloading latest content” I hate this because sometime I have to wait 10 - 15 minutes just to get into the game. Can y’all make it where there just an offline mode where you can work on it offline because I took my iPad on a road trip and about 5 minuets into the trip I started loading up monkey city and it said need a valid network to get latest content so far that whole 6 hour trip the game was useless and it sucked can y’all make it plese have an offline mode where you don’t need to update it plese!

- Great game, but the tile capturing and building

Great game. I really like how has many challenges and stuff. My main problem with the game is that capturing territory becomes a chore (like someone else said it in a review). Even with the speed button, it feels like it takes forever to capture even one tile sometimes. And then some tiles are easy difficulty while others are hard difficulty and sort of makes my village look deformed and lopsided. Now building is pretty simple. But I have so many things too build that it’s pretty difficult to organize everything. What is the highest level you can reach in the game?

- Ads..

The fame is really nice, I have had an account on a PC but it doesn’t me, I’m fine with that because I have leveled up higher than on the PC. The reason why it’s not 5 stars is because I wish it had less ads, right when I finish a game with +14 rounds an ad pops up. I think it would be better if there was a no ads options in store for $0.99 or any purchase automatically makes it so you don’t have ads. I get the ads are happening because its a free game. Also, have the contested area last longer, because it’s almost impossible to get the 12 hour achievement for holding the contested area. Overall Monkey City is a pretty good game.

- BTD 5 but better and worse…

So this came is a grow your city in the style of BTD 5, all of the towers are here, and even some of their special building upgrades are here, the main thing is that in order to use a tower, you need to build the building it uses in your city and in order to get upgrades, you need to research it. The one main thing with this game is that it takes FOREVER to progress in late game, you have to wait sooo long sometimes to build your money up just to buy one special tower and then do all of it again for the next. In my opinion, it is a good game, but I’m just impatient…

- Excellent tower defense

I played Bloons TD Battle, and liked the concept but I hate PvP. I found Bloons TD 5, and have been playing that for a long time, but it's starting to feel like I don't have goals left. Now I'm playing Bloons Monkey City and I think this is the crowning achievement. It seems to incorporate everything I already like and adds this neat city building aspect, that should last a long time. I also think they got the in game purchases balanced nicely. You can play the game just fine without them (if you're patient), and the purchases aren't too expensive (if you're not patient).

- Amazing game, definitely recommend

I love this game, this was the first game I ever downloaded and is still one of my favorites. It needs a sequel desperately though, with features like those in BTD6: instead of unlocking towers like sub, heli, bloonchipper, and engineer by beating levels you would unlock heroes, with the tutorial guided level unlocking Quincy. Third paths and 5th tiers as well as save a game and freeplay functions. I love the monkey knowledge pack feature, but it needs to be easier to get, maybe an ability to buy a pack for 10,000 cash an an ancient pack for 40,000.

- Awesome TD

This game really is an excellent freemium. It's well balanced, you can do everything without spending money, there's reasonable incentive to spend money if you want to, and it's just a really well made TD. So far, a week or so in, my only complaint is the save the submarine level — that boss is stupid difficult, and it's tempting to drop a lot of resources on the map as it's not obvious just how hard that one boss is compared to everything else in the whole level. It's the only imbalance I've found so far. Otherwise, a really good game that I highly recommend.

- Great game

This is an amazing game. It has that charm that only blooms td can achieve. I really like how you can skip 15 minutes of an upgrade by watching an ad. I also like how you are not pressured by the game to buy bloonstones. I think there is one thing that could improve the game so I have gotten to the point were capturing one piece of land will take about 5 minutes. I think that adding a faster fast forward would remedy this the battles feel a boring like I'm not going to need any more defenses I just need to wait for the last round to end that is what cost you the 5 star but I think that this is an amazing game that any blooms td fan should try.

- A great game but it takes forever to load

Fine fine it’s a great game but Who would want to wait five minutes for the game to load it’s latest upgrades and that’s not even it it takes five more minutes to load the game itself!! I mean like I can’t lie it is a awesome game like you can make your own city so cool but the wait for it to load oh my gosh that’s why I only give this game a four star review I would have been 5 if it wasn’t so long to wait. So I understand why you have to make it so long for it to load because glitches could happen but still it’s a long wait.

- I miss my adds!!

Let me first start of that I did not buy any packs that remove adds; so I was going to upgrade a monkey and it said it took 15 minutes to finish, I wanted to skip it by watching an add but then from that moment on... it always said "no videos available". I tried again and again but still did not show any adds. And yes I was connected to the internet. I tried to hard restart my iPad and shut it down but went I went back and clicked on the video skip, it still said "no videos available" I don't know why it still says it if I have a strong wifi signal. Please fix this!!!😩😩

- Bloons + Ads

I like this game a fair bit. 3-6 wave rounds make for a more popcorn-style game and I enjoy that. If something doesn’t work I find myself resetting and trying again with something new and it’s pretty fast. To the dev: I wish there were a skip wave button that would just take me to the end result of a wave so it could be even faster. But my gosh, NinjaKiwi went deep on the ads for this game. Both the ads and the energy system is terribly annoying. I hate that enough that I want to give this game 0 stars, but it is fun despite that. But jeez, I hate having an ad pop up when I finish a level. Update: after playing for awhile, there are no more levels with less than 10 rounds, and some are above 20. That makes the game less fun for me. On top of that the city-builder half of this game is by far the worse half. It’s clearly not designed to be fun, but rather as a way of blocking my progress unless I pay real money. Update: Now every tile has 20+ waves, and there’s no way to go back and play any games with fewer waves, or easier bloons. That stinks.

- Water

I do not have much to say about this game except that it is amazing. I have one and only one problem. The water. I like to try to organize my buildings and things and it works until I am surrounded by water! The only reason it is 4 stars is this. There is not a way to create or destroy water tiles. I think that it would be cool to be able to have Lilly pads once you were like lvl 7. I also think that they should add a way to make water tiles. But I cannot do anything because I have a lake on the top right of my base and a river running through the left of my base. But overall a very good game that is worth your time.

- This game needs more updates

This game could easily get a 5 star if the developers really cares about this game. Last time the game was updated was a year ago. The biggest problem is ads. Every land you capture you are forced to watch an ad, but this can be prevented if you turn off the WiFi. I understand that it’s a free game and you want to put ads to get revenue. It would be a whole lot better if we can get more rewards by watching ads. Can we at least get a sand box mode where we can test different monkeys and know more about upgrades tiers?

- Absolutely flawless

This game is super fun and has aged super well it is not pay to win, and you can watch an ad to skip 15 minutes of an upgrade as much as you want to fully skip an upgrade even though you need energy to get stuff the stuff that gives you energy space gives you a ton of energy space, and it even tells you what type of Bloons there are like came regrow and when you go fight a important space it tells you that there are going to be camos/leads.

- Pretty cool but some problems

It’s a nice way to kinda play BTD5 but sometimes when you are trying to level up it feels like there is nothing to do. And when u get to the higher levels the game likes to rush you with leads at round four. It also takes a long time to get towers because of the game forcing you to build buildings in your village which usually takes thirty minute’s. Another thing is when you watch ads to skip building time, sometimes the ads just don’t load. There is also pop up ads. Still fun though.

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- Fun and challenging

Love this game. I’ve been playing it for a few years now - I have a big city and am at level 37. Unfortunately all the land squares left for me to try and claim are ‘very hard’ or ‘impoppable’, which is annoying if I just want to play a quick 5 min game. Those hard levels can take 15-30mins to get through. In the “my tracks” area there should be an option to play easier levels. Another negative is the constant pop-up ads - they are extremely annoying and intrusive. I play with sound off so I can listen to podcasts at the same time but the ads just play over the top. Grrr! I like the options to design the city, choosing where to place buildings and decorations. And the extra challenges in the city, like popping spies, fighting the bosses and land grabs. Monkey teams is too hard though. Plus I don’t need anymore cash - banks are full and there’s nothing left to spend my in-game money on.

- Updates and ideas

Amazing game, love it, can’t get enough of it. Just a few things I think should be added to the game in the next update. 1 of them should be a new mode called “free play” were you have all the monkeys and upgrades unlimited money and the ability to downgrade monkeys to try out different combinations and paths. Another one I feel should be added is were instead of waiting for an upgrade just buy the upgrade but if you feel that shouldn’t be in it at least maybe tone down the wait time from something like waiting 2 days for an upgrade. Again love the game, keep doing what you’re doing.


The last time this game was updated was 3 months ago with no new content added This game Is very good but once you get to a certain point in the game tiles take 20 minutes to get each and they’re hard (like zomg’s and DDT’s, but as long as you have a monkey intelligence bureau 2-3 village then your good for DDT’s) It was fun up until a point where it just becomes an endless grind to get every tier 4 and complete every mission. I have a couple ideas for updates: Add a profiling system where you can have more then more then one profile (like have 3 at a time (pay to get an extra one if you want I guess) Adding like a coop system where you could have a city with friends, so multiple people could play one city Adding something like the BTD5 masteries for people that are bored and have finished the game (all upgrades, mvm upgrades and most achievements completed for an extra challenge) And fixing the exploit where if your attacking another city and you get attack strategies that you don’t want then instead of re-rolling for 10 bloon stones you can just go it and roll again at a different city with NO CONSEQUENCE TL:DR This game is good but it needs more updates and content and a coop systyem where you could have a city with your friends across multiple accounts on NK

- Really fun game! Thanks NK!

In BMC (Bloons Monkey City), you control a pseudo-city and to unlock land, you have to fend of balloons called ‘Bloons’. You start small, trying to get as much land as possible. Over time, you can build buildings, like Banana Farms. Each building takes space, from 1x1 to 3x3. The more tiles away from the center of the village, the more harder Bloons spawn. There’s also events like, Monkey V Monkey, Contested Territory and Boss Blimps. Hope you have enjoyed this mini-review of the game and basic guidelines of the game this review has told you!


I have been playing bloons tower defence ever since 2008 with btd3 and here I am with the latest release being btd6 in 2020. However bloons monkey city has been my favourite forever and sure it’s tedious and boring at times, just the expression of the game and how you can play whilst doing something else and feeling accomplished makes me keep coming back to this masterpiece! Would 100% recommend to anyone looking for a game that rewards long term commitment!

- Brilliant Game!

I’m absolutely loving playing BMC, I hadn’t played it for a couple of years and I’ve got back on it and am really enjoying it! The one thing that I’d love to see in the game that isn’t already there is the addition of tribes, so you can play with and strategise with your mates, attack other tribes and earn rewards etc. Apart from that though, the game is great and it keeps throwing new stuff at me, doesn’t get old!

- Great game but ads

Use to play this when it first come out but got back into it recently. Still love the game the only problem is the amount of uncontrollable ads. Surely you don’t need them, you watch ads to speed things up, i do a lot anyway and u can watch them to get gems. You can also buy gems. Surely you don’t need all these random long ads that keep popping up all the time. I cant capture more than 3 tiles before getting them pop up. Kind of ruins the game tbh. Other than that its amazing.

- Tier 4 Monkey Buccaneer

I’m trying to get pirate school although the flaw is that I can’t place it on water anywhere, it just says ‘Must be placed on water terrain’ it doesn’t state the specific type of water Terrain, river or lake but anyhow i do know that it must be placed of corners and my first guess when river corners but it didn’t work and I tried river corners yet it couldn’t be placed. NK please fix this.

- Definitely Gold

This is the BEST city building game I have ever played, I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a fun bloon busting city building game. I have been playing Ninja Kiwi’s BTD Battles for over a year now, and if you don’t already have it well download it now! It is by far the best tower defence game I have ever played. A HUGE thank you for the makers of all Ninja Kiwis games, keep up the good work.

- Love the game As always

Monkey city brings me a feeling of being excited to play bloons when I get home from school in a way that btd6, a game which does that, can't do. This game is one of a kind, you can design your own epic monkey city and for the first time, Inflate Bloons! The only criticism of this game is ads. Apart from that, this game is awesome!

- would be good but it's far too unbalanced

The xp needed for each level is rediculous, contested territory is impossible, things are far too expensive compared to the rate at which you gain money and you need to take more land to put down more tower houses to gat more towers to get more land. It's just getting annoying. Also the tower upgrades are so expensive by the time you get them they become useless due to the new threat that just appeared. Please fix all of this otherwise i'm just not gonna play.

- Great game but needs more variety

When editing your city, your options for unique design are limited severely by being limited to the 4x4 grids. There is also no way to change the aesthetic of upgrade buildings after they are maxed out. There should be are option to backpedal to a different stage of the design. Same goes for the monkey buildings once they are maxed. Overall great game but just needs options

- Good game

I am really enjoying this game! I am liking the gameplay, the monkeys and the overall design. This is like a suggestion but it would be cool if you could add a bridge or something so they could walk on it to get to the other side of the city because there is a river which kind of splits the city. Other than that awesome game, gameplay etc.

- Fabulous PC remake!

This game is unbelievable! I’m super surprised that you got it to look like the steam version. Unfortunately there are some small bugs, I cannot drag my towers, and it sometimes auto plays without auto play enabled. If you can fix those bugs I’d love it! The game, besides the ads and bugs is fabulous!

- Good but needs a few quality of life updates

This is an amazing game but there is just one small thing that could be improved add a confirmation checkbox when you tap the finish with Bloonstones button because if you accidentally tap it you have just wasted a lot of stones other than that it is a great game

- Big problem

I’ve just started to play the game again after a break and I’ve loaded up my old save and it keeps trying to make me complete the tutorial but I can’t do it because it isn’t making me play the right map. The map it is making me play doesn’t allow me to place the dart monkey in the designated area so I can’t complete it which means I can’t play.

- Far Behind

There are a lot of land to clear and capture it, but there is one problem is that there were a lot of difficulties to pop the Bloons near my tower defences for building up my village and the monkey city. It loses forever when the lives are running out to make the differences and I wasn't feeling happy about it. I uninstalled it and I moved on to something else for some reasons. Please fix this bug to update the game now.

- More water based cosmetics

I really am enjoying this game. It is fun and challenging. Although, there needs to be more cosmetics you can put on rivers or lakes. Maybe make the decking path able to go on water, or maybe some low level bridges. (The lowest is level 28, which is a bit high I think) also maybe boats or other monkey entertainers for water or land. Love the games an thanks for reading

- Great awesome game. BUT.

I love this game I really do. Great playability a challenge. What I would expect from Ninja Kiwi. What is with the stupid Add for TD5 it pops up and I can not get rid of it without exiting the game. I have TD5 just not on this device. I have recently returned to playing but I can tell you I am about to stop again.

- Bloons Monkey City

I really love this game but after playing for a while it gets a bit boring even though I got to level 20 in three days, I started to lose interest. Maybe you could make a tournament type of thing with different leagues like amateur league, pro league and all that type of stuff.

- Progress randomly reset?

So I just woke up this morning and checked my phone to collect my money until my whole entire progress has been wiped out I had it linked and when I log in to that account my progress is completely gone but it’s also a really nice game I like it a lot.

- Bloons Monkey City Is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Excellent, Excellent, Excellent. This game is so awesome and it like all the Bloons Tower Defense games mashed into one when you can attack and compete with other players for FREEEEE!!!!!!!!! Would be nice though if they could add a campaign sort of thing. You need to download this game. It is awesome PS just get any tower defense game. They're all beautiful

- Long game

The game is really good, i love all the different towers and the different ways to expand ur city, but i started a week ago and i have almost every tower but it feels like the game takes a while to just get a few towers levels and good, as well for the whole city.

- I love this!

This is an AMAZING game, well done Ninja Kiwi! Most of the in-app purchases are well balanced, but the wall one is kinda off. But that won’t stop me there! I like the fact that there are limited monkeys and the way to get more by building stuff!

- Very Good

I have been playing for a while, it is quite challenging, but still engaging. I love the style, and the maps look great. I highly recommend this to anyone who is thinking of playing.

- Great Game

This is one of the best games I've ever played, and I recommend it for everyone. It would be better it there's were less ads and a confirm button when your about to use bloonstones.

- Good, but one thing

On mobile, you can’t seem to drag the dart monkey hall in the small, green space. Please fix this ASAP, cause the game seems quite interesting I suppose. I would like enjoy the thriller a bit so please fix the small bug. Thanks.

- ...

There is one annoying issue, every time I scroll in the upgrade section, I tap a useless upgrade. Soo Annoying, but other than that, it is good.

- Good game.... mostly

The gameplay and city builder aspect is great, Bloons to a tee, however the amount of ads pushed down your throat is almost unbearable, not just ads you watch for rewards but ads that just pop up for 30 seconds during gameplay. I hope something is done about it...

- Monkey city

It’s a great game and I used to play on computer but that is it’s problem it doesn’t allow u to to use your ninja kiwi accounts progress to play on this version!

- Too long

I would’ve rated it a five out of five stars but I have to start it takes soooooooooooo Long to load and I have to wait for it to load longer then I get to play

- Everything good but sub Broken

On my first account I beat everything but on my second the submarine mission is rated easy but it isn’t it is very hard because all they ceramics and Moabs are too strong. Please fix this

- Sound glitch

Hey without a doubt this is a good game but when ever I start playing it again it keeps on making these weird sounds and turns off the music and game sound affects please fix this issue cause I would love to play this with out any annoying in game bugs

- Good but too much lake

I am really happy with the game it is amazing. If the maps are a wheel spin I got the worst one. I got so many lake tiles it’s just not funny I can barely build anything. But it is goon nonetheless

- Bloons monkey city.

This game is really good and challenging but it gets boring after a few days when you have to grind money and land to get better upgrades. Maybe you can make upgrades slightly cheaper.

- Good.

Easily gets five stars. But could you please make it so the pop-up ads are only about 10 seconds long? Thank you!

- M v M bug

In the Bloontonium tank attack section, you have the option to re-roll themes. But, you can go straight out and back, changing them. Please fix to make it fair!

- Good

I really like this game but can you not bombarded me with adds when a finish I slot/level thing

- Fun and challenging

This is the best game ever I played this in 2018 and playing it now brings back so much memories you should play this game it’s the best

- Good but to expensive

This game is fun but I prefer everything more cheap (besides temple because it’s to op) including research (mainly tier 4 upgrades) and farm and bank upgrades. Plz ninja Kiwi plz or I will rate 1/2 star

- Update

I love this game so much but the game should use and update as example like new towers new buildings new balloons I hope the game will update soon and this is the best game ever!

- Help 😭

I absolutely love this game but for some reason after not have played this game for over a month i come back to it and its reset its self to basically the start… ive lost all my levels…

- The best

This is the best game to came on this earth keep up the hard work I love your game it’s amazing! If you read this you are the best developers in the world!

- Enjoyable

I love playing this game, however up in the higher levels of rounds (50+) the game becomes laggy and often crashes loosing my progress on the map and my place in the land grab - super annoying please fix this issue

- Awesomeness

All round great game been playing it for years I have always enjoyed it!!

- Bloons

I would like it if the ceramic Bloon is called big clay bloon and for there to be a bloon that you pop by tapping it and it and get 1 life back and if you don’t get it it won’t make you lose a life

- Dumb bug

I was playing nicely... But second time, it made me go thru tutorial on a water map. Told me to place my dart monkey in water! If this is what I am dealing with, I need this fixed! Dumb bug in the game.

- Good game you should get

You should get the game because the monkey Man people are good at making games

- Restart

My game restarts every time I go off wish I could do zero stars

- It’s a very fun game

This game is almost like the others but this time you get to do more than just defending.

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- Good job NK

So I had been playing BTD6 for a while, and on the app store I found in Ninja Kiwi’s “More Games” section this, so I decided to play it, and I absolutely loved it. I love BTD already, and this concept of building a city by playing short games is so cool. I’ve been playing for about six months now, but I’ve been seeing reviews that have said they lost their data, which does worry me but I keep playing. I think I would love to see a BMC2 thats based off of BTD6 along with the Battles 2 thats coming out soon.

- Good game

It would be fun if you could make a hybrid of monkey city and TD six

- Ads

this game is super fun i had such a fun time. what Would have made this game more fun and enjoyable is if their were no ads after a tile claim i would give 5 star if there were no ads

- Good game, but too many ads

I am basically addicted to this game but right after I claim a tile, I have to go through a ad! Please deacrease ADS

- I enjoyed it but...

I lost all my data out of no where and it’s on Game Center and cloud

- My gawd

Ads r so annoying i even bought starter packs on bloons td battles and 5 so it will reduce ads plss decrease ads and i will give a five star or a six if it exist.

- Good game but...

Good game, but too many ads!!!!

- Good Gaem 👍🙂

Good Gaem Good Gaem Good Gaem

- Ads

Why so many ads, there are ads after every game but to you reading this you can close the tab for the game to skip the ad quicker

- W game

Coc but bloons B)

- Good Game!

Games are often short, but they are oddly satisfying to make your own cities! Will we have a Bloons Monkey City 2 as well (so heroes also included)?

- where is monkey city 2

give me monkey city 2, no one plays battles, why did you even make a battles 2. The whole btd community is waiting for monkey city 2, please, for the love of all good things, make monkey city 2 please.

- Cool

I love this game, I got it, lost my progress, got it again, broke my phone then got it on my new phone. Overall a great game but like everyone else says, way to many ads. You can turn off wi-fi or go on airplane mode though so I don’t mind.


I love this game but the adds!!!!! There so annoying

- Ads

People say there’s too many ads but it’s a free game so how else is it supposed to make money yes there is micro transactions but that’s just a fraction of the cash of the half is from you guessed it ADS

- Money city enjoyer


- Hmm

The adds are pretty intrusive but the game is fun


So the game is REALLY cool and I played it long ago and I play it now again and it’s just too good we need a sequel

- I already bought the game 2 years ago

But it called me to buy the game again Bruh


when i play this game theres always this constant ad that pops up of Bloons Td Battles 2 and there is not “x” to close the ad so i have to constantly leave the game and go back on and it has gotten really annoying. please fix this because i love this game its really fun

- Best Bloons TD game

So much fun and I’ll be fun Until the day I die

- Plz make

Can you guys make a bloons monkey city 2 and it have the btd6 monkeys looks. Keep it up you guys I love u

- It’s a good game

But it could be better

- Bmc2 when

Bmc2 should bring bloonchipper back

- :)

Good and great

- Funky monkey

Monkey🙈is🐵a🙉good🙈friend🙈of mine and he was like the only thing that could happen in the past couple years he had no clue how he got it from the past by but he is a little too big but he got it from his heart so I think he is doing well and he got a little help from the other side of the woods and I got him some stuff from his house he was going on his own but I was like a cat and I was just thinking he would kill a little too long but I think I was like the other one that I got him and I was just like the one who got me up and I was just going on the phone and I was like a cat he was like oh no I was like oh wow I got it I was just like the other guy that was just going on and he was just going on

- Dis gaym iz su kule

i luv dis gaym

- Monkeys I Love

I love monkeys and balloons its the perfect game for me to play

- Ads and lost data

Too many ads, and because I lost my save data, I lost my ad free status.

- Cool

This game is so nice and I like the aspect of you building a base instead of just building a city because it’s a tower defence game and it makes it seem cool and then when you play the game you feel like you’re making a society and it’s so cool and great continue updating the game and making new features even though there’s games that you’re still working on you can make the game even better.

- Great game

There is nothing wrong with this game, adds, not so much, glitch, never. You could go on forever and find all the bad things I’m sure I could find something what makes it better.

- Uhhhh

Fun game

- 👍


- Hunter’s opinion.

I love this game sooooooo much this is the best game ever.

- Broken

Was great. Large download every time the app launches. Tried deleting and reinstalling. Still broke. A must have game once it’s fixed but for now it’s an easy choice to delete if you need space.

- too many ads

great game but holy hell reduce the ads after every tile you get you get some kind of add.

- God tier

Leganday game best ever

- Good game I love it

Please make less Bloons on the cave level I can’t beat it i tried using every thing I can afford

- Bugs and no co op

There’s no co-op in this game also there’s a lot of bugs

- Great app

Great app

- Great.

That’s all I have to say,Great.

- Good but needs a SQL or a update

it’s a amazing game but it hasten have had a update in a few years I really hope it gets a update (or they release Monkey City 2 Sunday) very good for it’s time (3.5 out of 5

- Please

Please make Bloons monkey city 2

- Disappointing Ninja Kiwi

Ads. Endless ads. Pay to win. Where did the strategic games go ninja kiwi? I get it you need to make money but this is ridiculous.

- Good game

It’s cool and unique but there’s an ad every second round.

- Awesome just needs an update

I think the game design is really fun but I think you should add the Druid and the engineer.

- Too many ads

This game is fun but there’s too many ads in this game and it’s actually funny

- Very good game

It’s a very good strategic game but they have some bugs like no music or the contested territory round you beat is lower by one or two sometime but it still a very good game

- Ad bugs.

Whenever I get an ad, I have to relaunch. When the ad pops up I’m able to skip it, but when it gets to the end of the ad the screen goes dim and I’m unable to touch the screen. Please fix.

- Pretty good game but lots of ads

An Ad appears every 2 minutes

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Bloons Monkey City 1.12.3 Screenshots & Images

Bloons Monkey City iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Bloons Monkey City iphone images
Bloons Monkey City iphone images
Bloons Monkey City iphone images
Bloons Monkey City iphone images
Bloons Monkey City iphone images
Bloons Monkey City Games application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

Bloons Monkey City (Version 1.12.3) Install & Download

The applications Bloons Monkey City was published in the category Games on 2014-12-04 and was developed by Ninja Kiwi [Developer ID: 386241773]. This application file size is 116.36 MB. Bloons Monkey City - Games app posted on 2020-05-07 current version is 1.12.3 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.ninjakiwi.monkeycity