Candy Crush Jelly Saga

Candy Crush Jelly Saga download

There's a new player in town, the wiggling, jiggling Jelly Queen and she's here to challenge you to a game of Candy Crush Jelly Saga! Whatever your favorite moves, you better hope they're Jellylicious enough to take on the mighty Jelly Queen.

The unstoppably spreadable game! New Candy Crush Jelly Saga is full of delightful new game modes, features and boss battles featuring the Jelly Queen! Playing as Jenny, show off your Jellylicious moves and take turns switching Candies against the jiggling Jelly Queen. Every sweet move will spread more Jelly and whoever spreads the most will win the level! Have you got the moves?

There are splendid new Candies, a marvelous new booster and a dreamy treetop world to explore in the Candy Kingdom too!

Take on this delightful Saga alone or play with friends to see who can get the highest score!

Candy Crush Jelly Saga is completely free to play but in-game currency, to buy items such as extra moves or lives, will require payment with real money.

You can turn off the payment feature by disabling in-app purchases in your device’s settings.

Candy Crush Jelly Saga features:
• Over 1300 Jellylicious Levels      
• New Boss Modes      
• Marvelous game modes including: Spread the Jelly & Release the Pufflers     
• Tasty new Color Bomb Lollipop booster    
• Mesmerizing new Candies     
• Dreamy new treetop world and a host of quirky characters led by the Jelly Queen and her stooges.  
* Easy and fun to play, yet challenging to fully master
* For players that Facebook Connect, there are leaderboards for you and your friends to compare your Jellylicious scores
* Easily sync the game between mobile and tablet devices and unlock the full game features when connected to the internet   

Now you can express yourself, jelly-style! Be sassy like the Jelly Queen or cool like Cupcake Carl with our sweet Candy Crush Jelly Stickers!

Tasty animated GIFs within iMessage, available for iOS 10 users only!

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Last but not least, a big THANK YOU goes out to everyone who has played Candy Crush Jelly Saga!

Candy Crush Jelly Saga App Description & Overview

The applications Candy Crush Jelly Saga was published in the category Games on 2016-01-06 and was developed by King. This application file size is 204.38 MB. Candy Crush Jelly Saga current version is 2.31.22 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions.

It’s Jelly time!
We’ve got heaps of Jelly and Candy for you, all wrapped up in 20 new levels!
What are you waiting for? Let’s play!
Be sure to update to the latest version for all the new content!

Candy Crush Jelly Saga App Tips, Tricks and Rules

Candy Crush Jelly Saga Comments & Reviews

Advertorial    5 star

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Girasol Azul   1 star

Updated and it no longer saves your days. Ok,.,. So as you know, as you play daily, you receive daily rewards... with the latest update, it NO longer does this... it says, “ do you want to revive”. Ugh... what’s going on? Please fix

sandlapper43   4 star

Level 199. I really like this game. BUT, on level 199, I am at a huge disadvantage because Liquorice Larry only needs to remove one candy to add Monklings and I have to remove three.

tooty69   2 star

Missing sent lives and messages. Why can’t I see my messages on the message board? Or the life’s that my friends have sent me? It says I have a notification of (x) amount of msgs but wen I click the tab there is no messages there

Alhudaa   3 star

Blank message. Hai there, lately, after ios updated, my candy crush message keep on blank, nothing in there. Usually we received help from other friends. Can you please fix this issue.

TexasChic1   3 star

Glitches. I’ve enjoyed the app for several years and like all the candy crush versions and ability to play offline...but now I see glitches. I have 4 messages shown in my inbox which I assume are gifts of lives from fellow players but when I click on my messages, it is totally blank page. Please fix it. App support link on app page in app store, doesn’t work. How do we contact you about problems? I have pictures showing problem if you want them.

Joyless hovercraft   5 star

Love the game!!!. But there are issues, I don't have any lives from my friends and just the other day i went from level 1083 to level 63, not happy right now, I logged out and back in and nothing changed! I recently changed phones and my old phone has the levels I'm on so whats the deal.

sahjll   1 star

Too hard. Ridiculously hard to the point of not being fun. Not enough rewards to make you want to play.

P. Jean   1 star

Message/friends help. The portion where friends can help you thru “message” does not work with the new update.

DJ Bob0   4 star

Messages aren’t working. The app support link doesn’t work so I’m leaving this here. As of sometime in October 2019, messages are not there when one opens the showing that new messages are supposed to be.

quesita   2 star

I hate cupcake Carl and the queen. Whenever they show up I play something else.

Netty671   5 star

Awesomely game!. Awesome game very challenging and very addictive 😊

Inymarie02142001   5 star

Indymarie. Absolutely great!!

molliepuff   3 star

Money. Nice game but too expensive to really enjoy. Should be more free incentives. Game has been around for so long so by now people should be getting something back for all the money they have spent playing it. Still enjoyable but needs new perks.

armymomma76   2 star

Problems every few levels. After reaching level 900 I keep that having problems with the game. I’m on level 992 and no matter how many orange icons I get it doesn’t keep track of them, which is necessary to pass the level. The support link in the app doesn’t work so I can’t get it solved. This has happened on other levels.

freckles2t   2 star

Glitches. The game freezes and just keeps playing or it stops responding or it messes up when you make a purchase. Basically if you are winning it cheats. I loose my “collections” all the time way.

Tinkerlovebell   5 star

Make the character more realistic. Just like the other games of candy crush. Please! It make the game more fun!! Thank you!

HeavySideBoob   1 star

Can’t Access Messages. Since the new update, I haven’t had access to the messages to retrieve lives.

KandyLuvr   3 star

Empty Envelope (Lives). The envelopes displays available lives but, is empty and it not loaded in several days. Please fix.

Kiddy cat 1   2 star

Update not working. Since the app updated I have not been able to get the lives that were sent to me by other players. This is frustrating. Please fix this glitch - this is the only game I play regularly!

sookie 8910   4 star

Messages. Unable to retrieve messages.

jcm1358   1 star

Newest Update 👎🏻. Newest update created a glitch that prevents access to the messages (lives) displayed on the main screen.

HeathaMay   4 star

Love the game but recent issues. Love this game but recently it keeps stating five messages. When I click on it it does blank. Can’t get lives from friends because of this glitch.

liarrtu;?65899!:   1 star

Getting too hard. I play all 3 games . This is getting impossible. I’m not to spend any more money.

Venom2015   1 star

Still has problems. The game is good, but I can even see all the extra lives I got to use. It showing a lot but when I go to click the little envelope there is nothing in there. Completely blank.

Zahraaa aqa   5 star

Zahra. Perfect

EStrong513   4 star

Fun To Play! Has a Glitch.... This is a fun game to play, something great to pass the time when you need to burn some minutes. There is a small glitch now, messages no longer show when you expand the envelope icon. I have several messages but the side window that opens is blank. Running latest update of the game and iPadOS ver 13.2. Hope this can be fixed soon, Thanks!

blah:-D   1 star

New update broke the game. Same as everyone else on here can’t access messages with lives. With so many people having the same issue you’d think it would get fixed. 🤷‍♀️

FWL victim   1 star

Newest update = loss of lots. In newest update I have lost all the lives I had been sent. Also can’t use the special tools I have earned and while it says I have a message those aren’t there either. Major glitches

braoct   2 star

Hate the Queen and Larry levels. I enjoy the game but whenever I reach a that I have to play against Larry or the Queen, I contemplate deleting the game completely. Not fun.

Pat in Portland   5 star

Great Game. Enjoy playing the different variations - keeps it interesting.

Advertorial    5 star

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CoCoSp5   2 star

Please Fix. I haven’t been able to get life send to me from friends. It shows I have life but when I clicked on the envelope there’s nothing in there. It’s been like that for almost a month now.

Ethomas111   5 star

Candy Crush Jelly saga. This is the best game ever!❤️

Alexarak   1 star

The difficulty level takes away the fun out of it. I have been stuck on one level for days, and every time I run out of moves I’m still far away from the goal no matter how many power ups I use, but even though this is the least enjoyable level so far, it’s by no means the first time this happened. Most of the levels on this game cannot be resolved on the first trial, and the level of difficulty is (most of the time) related to chance. You can’t learn or improve your skills, you have to keep playing till you luck out and finish the game (yes I checked the forums online to see if there’s any strategy I could follow and there wasn’t really any). Suddenly I’m realizing that this is no fun any more, and level 314 was the last nail in the coffin of this game for me. I’m deleting it and never looking back.

Buttercupone   2 star

Messing up can’t get mail nothing there when I open. Game is getting worse with updates not better.. Was great to play but since last update it’s all messed up. Can’t get my daily won’t allow me to play levels cause of freezing. Needs a fix big time.

Daisy The Wonderdog   4 star

Candy Crush Jelly problem. Love this version of Candy Crush, but for the last week it shows that I have been given extra lives, however no lives are there when I go to use them. Hope you can fix this bug. Thanks! A Fan


No message or inbox??. So is there anywhere one can get answers????

S-Mackenzie   4 star

Recent update. Since the most recent update, I haven’t been able to check my inbox. It says there’s a few new ones, but when I press the icon, it’s blank... nothing shows up. It would be nice to have access to the extra lives, hopefully this can be solved soon. Other than the occasional bug, this is a really fun game... I love it!

🤗😜😃🤓😏🤑😝   5 star

Abc don't. And by contrast does everyone from getting his I just know like many new ones please question right so they understand very well x you zoom

Steiner996   1 star

Doesn’t keep progress!. This game is fun BUT the daily reward doesn’t keep track properly. I keep losing my daily streak. Frustrating!!

jdidjcjcek   2 star

Too hard. I got stuck on level 5 for FOUR MONTHS. Then I eventually quit on level 28 because I was so unlucky, my best attempt was 59 jelly squares out of 150 or so.

Nixxy_84   4 star

Crashing. Love this game but it keeps randomly crashing on me while playing and it is not an issue with my telephone. Please fix!

gideon man   4 star

Good game but…. I love the game but I would love more game hearts.

Bjai21   1 star

Level 1608. Level 1608 is broken, my monklings don’t fall.

TT Nish Bish   5 star

Pro. This game is pro! 💪🏽👌🏽👊🏽

ashy267890   1 star

It’s freezes. I don’t know why it’s starting to freeze

Rainmight   5 star

Amusant et captivant. Super!

MishaMilf   1 star

Stupid storyline, money grab. Can’t get any decent boosters without purchasing them. And the storyline....juvenile at best. Just stupid.

Weazie54   4 star

Lots of fun and not too hard. Great game.

Brick226   5 star

Addicting. God game

Macuser0110101001   4 star

Candy crush. Can’t stop

GrandmaBunnie48   5 star

Candy Crush Jelly. Lots of fun.

1869?   4 star

Glitch. For some reading today when I pass a level and get a balloon it seems to glitch and I can’t move onto the next level without deleting the app and reinstalling it. Kinda sucks when you lose 4 balloons. Now it just happened again after I got a balloon. Please fix

tapsy19955   5 star

Spread the jelly. Great fun!

Deslous   5 star

Info. Bloquer au 2574 est-ce normal?

Cooperfillion33   5 star

Candy crush jelly.. Would give it a 5 star but app won’t move past level 473. Second time playing through the levels and never had this problem before.

Mike win   5 star

Love it. Addictive can’t stop playing

framergod   1 star

Huge disappointment!. Been a huge fan of candy crush for a very long time now have like 4 different apps on my phone but this one makes me wanna erase them all and forget candy crush!! Absolutely horrible! So fake set up it blows my mind!

mandy_l_h   2 star

Crashing. This game crashes conveniently whenever i’m just about to beat a hard level. I love the game,but it’s frustrating to waste time trying to beat a level and have it crash wasting my efforts. I tried going to the app support link but it says ‘url not found’.

Gustacles   5 star

Candy Crush Jelly. Turns your brain to jelly...temporarily!

HSVirdi   4 star

Candy candy. It’s fun time with candy crush

Advertorial    5 star

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Casso62   3 star

Store unavailable. Ever since updating iPad and iPhone to iOS 13 I can’t purchase from the store. Been this way for weeks. Have reinstalled and done all updates.

Becshe   2 star

Messages isn’t working. Can’t pick up free games given from friends after update. Messages has a number on mail indicating messages but empty when I open it :(

Cetjg   4 star

CJ. Fun so far

KenBriArkVas   1 star

Unhappy.. Not happy at all!! Love this game, have played it on and off for years, passed through hundreds of levels, only to find I’m back at level 1 again 😡😡. What’s happened??

online mags   1 star

Candy crush crash. I love this game but the latest update is freezing all the time. It’s not on at all. It also won’t open from the bar at the bottom of the screen. Please fix this

Scuba Suzie   1 star

Latest update no good. I’ve been playing this for a few years and have enjoyed the challenges but since the latest update, any lives from friends are showing (currently have eight) but when I click on the icon to use them, there’s nothing there! Please sort it out ASAP!

Melle19801980   1 star

Updated and lost all my levels. Just did the update and I’m back to level 1. I was in 380ish. Very disappointing :(

LissaEm   4 star

A good start. I have had this game for about a month and I am liking it so far I would just like there to be more levels.

donkeyyuannshhxv   5 star

Wonderful. Wow i just started and I'm on level 55 amazingly fun, would recommend to friends

sirmeathead   5 star

Candy crush. Probably the only game that keeps me interested amongst the other 10+ billion apps

itsyogirlsavsav   2 star

Hate playing jelly queen. I want all the turns. I find it very frustrating having to play against the jelly queen on alternating turns.. That is what will make me delete the game.

MagicK Grumpy   1 star

Upgrade has destroyed my game. I’ve been playing this game a long time and since the last upgrade it’s been freezing at the last shot. So disappointed and what a waste of time and money it’s become. No way to contact King so I’m posting my gripe here

Cathy_426   4 star


(gameover)   5 star

Game over. Have I completed the whole game because there is a paint pot and no new levels coming up?

YugNivek   4 star

Quite an enjoyable time killer. Lots of fun

eftyhjm   3 star

Errors and freezes. Please fix the bugs. Since I have updated the games freeze. Very frustrating

Wildfirezzz   1 star

What’s going on King!. Since this latest update the game continually crashes. 5 lives gone and no games finished. This is happening every day King. Same goes for Soda game. Can you fix it please. !!

Tadpole 04   4 star

Spread the jelly. Fun & relaxing ..enjoyable

dustymisty   1 star

Candy crush jelly saga. Had to delete app and reinstall got to level 240 and game froze ☹️☹️

chief of proceedings   5 star

Frozen start screen. I love the game but the new update has made the game freeze on the start screen and has been like this for a few days. Please fix it ASAP cheers

Serenity0879   1 star

Recent Bugs. It’s got some bugs guys :( After the update today I was able to play a game (5 plays) then it went back to an inactive screen that I’ve experienced for the past 2 days. I can’t do anything with it.. Can’t ask for lives, make purchases, NOTHING.. Hope you can fix it soon ;) Thank You... iPad mini 4th Generation

karen.maree   1 star

My app has frozen on 2083. 😩😢😩😢

^gabi   5 star

Great Fun. I love it, I play regularly and have no need to spend money. It’s great.

diceman789   4 star

Time filler. Love this time filler. Just watch time disappear.

Jingalong Jellyhead Juicehead   2 star

625. I’m only an average player, a more mature player but games like 625 are so hard and ( without cleaning out my bank account ), it makes me feel like throwing this game away. I use these games to keep my mind active and to help relax from the stresses of the day but this type of game causes stress. Can’t you make different levels medium and hard so we can choose. I’m turning off this game all together!!

,metoo   2 star

Me. Boring as hell when stuck on a level for many days.i deleted candy crush for that reason looks like this one will go the same way,it is supposed to be fun.

Lesly.78   5 star

Super fun, addictive!!!. Fun game, but very addictive! Brings out your competitive side!

jelly19373828   3 star

Ok but graphics could improve. Addictive.. The yellow and orange candies are a bit too similar in colour (hard to see).. also the puffers levels get a bit old. I play this when I wait for lives on candy crush as nothing can beat candy crush.

a.x.park   4 star

Fun game. Just it could use a pause button still love it!

Katherine2020   1 star

Bring back paradise bay. Played it since the get go and now you just remove it that’s not fair don’t even say why and that sad bring back paradise bay far better that these others you have in my opinion sorry but it’s true won’t even read this message anyway from the king TEAM

appalcarp   1 star

Ridiculously hard levels get boring fast. Just ever harder and higher levels forcing purchases to play and putting bonuses on wrong places for effective use and no choice. Don’t waste your time and money. I’d give a negative 1 if I could. The levels I am at are at least somewhat doable—900. I usually hit the off button long before getting to the end on 99 percent of levels.

BuggsMcGhee   3 star

Update Problems. No longer able to get my lives from others. I see they are there, when i open the messages, there is nothing there. The program always seems to take a life from me (when I have 2 left, i move then game over). Other than that, entertaining game

💋👄love life   5 star

This game is so much fun. I just wish that we could get free gold bars

Don't_have   2 star

Don’t bother. I will never spend money again on any of this game’s creator. I can’t do anything with the game! At level 2016, no not the year but the level. The mail on the right side doesn’t show nor anything on the right side of the screen. And I know it’s not my iPad. And if I delete and redownload the game I will lose everything and have to start over. Sorry it’s level 2614 and I just did your update and still won’t work!! Idk what’s going on but suddenly the game has some glitches. I have tried to get to my mailbox in the game and it will show I have mail I tap on the mail and it opens up blank

MarisaDB   1 star

Inconsistent, aggravating, shady. It’s so aggravating when the game doesn’t seem to work the way it ought to. It should not take 30 orange candies to get a monkling. 30? I counted, believe me. And it takes the computer 6, such bull%#. The level I’m on now requires 4 monklings in 30 moves, or so. It’s been days and it never drops nearly enough orange candies. I’m lucky to get 2 monklings. And there really needs to be an “are your sure” button before a purchase can be made. That, to me, is the same as stealing. Often I’m playing and don’t realize I’m on my last move, I know what I’m going to do next and instead of making a move I spend gold to extend the game. That’s flat out wrong to do. There needs to be a parental control or something.

rnrired   4 star

Can’t access messages. I get a notification that I have 6 messages but when I open it, no messages. Been a few days now.

babydollcp   3 star

Internet connection error. I’m guessing the issue started with the latest update. Hoping it gets fixed soon

Wizzie Liz   3 star

Love the jelly!. I love the jelly levels! However, I HATE those stupid puffers! But the puffers seam to be taking it vet the game! It used to be a game of mostly jelly. Lately its more pufflers! AND they keep growing and sometimes 8 & 9 spaces long and the frosting keeps getting thicker and thicker. But you love the jelly!

Zoix11   2 star

Lost my game i’d been playing for years. I have been playing for ever and was sooooo far into it i went from playing with 100 FB friends down to 2 others. So I disconnect from time to time and just play with people from the app so i can get lives. But today after the update it asked to connect back to FB so I did only to find that i had lost everything and was back at square 1

Bored99856746   1 star

What happened to the extra lives?!. I tap the envelope and whatever was there disappears. I’ll be back when you fix the bugs.

SSFplayer   3 star

Latest update...lost lives. Love this version of Candy Crush.... been playing a very long time. But problems on the latest update. I lost 10 lives in had saved. Now it showed I had 2 new lives but when I open the tab....nothing was there and the lives disappeared. What’s up??? Please fix. Thanks

FLColt   3 star

Recent update broke messages. Since the update 3 days ago, the messages (where extra lives are retrieved) no longer works. On the home screen it shows that I have 4 messages / lives from other players but when I click to open, the space is empty (yet the number continues to increase as others give me lives). Additionally, the “Support” link here in the App Store does not work either (server / incorrect address error).

TBru1971   1 star

AI. Can the AI do anything besides make fish?

Dog lover 75   1 star

I love this game.... .but since the last update my messages banner is blank. It says I have a messages but the entire banner is empty.

cinamom123   2 star

Messages. Keeps telling me I have messages but unable to retrieve them!!!

bgurl90   5 star

boooooo D:. The update took all my free lives & candy! Imma still play tho ;D

LilSusieLu   3 star

Love the game but...please adjust screen for iPhone notch. I got a new iPhone and the notch is blocking part of the screen cutting off characters head etc...can the developers adjust the screen please.. doesn’t prevent me from playing but still really annoying

Parrotfan   4 star

I don’t like the competition levels. I like the game, except when I have to play the other critter. I wish those levels were gone or optional.

Tyjoy's Mommy   5 star

Love. I’ve been playing this game for over a year now and unfortunately had to start over but I don’t mind because it’s challenging from start to 1035 where I was kicked off due to my email not being valid when I started it this is my #1 go to game ❤️❤️❤️

Rozzie16   4 star

Enjoyable. I enjoy playing but at some point you have to spend money to collect from the piggy bank. Nope!

Angiell47   5 star

Great game!. Love playing this game. Can't get enough!

lilgabylou   5 star

Awesome game. I’m on level 1571 an haven’t spent a dime. This game is hard enough to where it’s fun an these levels aren’t impossible. Take advantage of your 2 hour daily item

Joannmolly   2 star

Level 583. Level 583 needs the same number of orange for each item needed. Why can’t you list how many are needed for one monkey??

Deputy28   5 star

Enjoying this game‼️. Fun and challenging 🙃

hy-perchewy   5 star

Candy crush and saga. Just can’t stop playing these games they are addicting lol

Randy A Sims   1 star

Rip off. Addictive but the only way to keep playing is to pay

Hdtxcuctcgx   5 star

Entertainment. Like all the rest of these Candy Crush games, this is the same & is entertaining, more so if family & friends play also.

😜🤭🤗   1 star

Awful!. Restarted me back to Level 1 and I lost everything

CkMnstr77   5 star

The Bomb. Very Addicting Game

Prinnieisboss   1 star

Disappointed. I was up in the 970 some level. I had to replace my IPad and now it took me to level 2. I am not starting over as it isn’t worth it.

Shipmat8   5 star

Awesome. Great game with lots of fun and actions.

Easy 7   2 star

Glitches since last couple updates.. I have notice over the last 4-5 weeks that my awards get lost, I am awarded them and then they are not there. I accumulate fishes in a challenge and then when I check status it says 0. Arrgh frustrating

macro by   5 star

Candy Crush. I just can't stop playing it 😂😍

Jenny Jen 74   4 star

Fun fun fun. Great game for all ages

kingRahim   5 star

Candy crush jelly. Very good

Baby Anderson3   5 star

Game. This game is very fun!

maurweid   5 star

I am addicted to this game !!!!!. This is so fun. I highly recommend it. No issues with it ever.

ewlelina   1 star

It sucks... can’t delete. Yes it sucks, also not able to delete

Recon - Specialist   5 star

Great time killer !. Great game

ClocloP.   5 star

Funny. Encore plus le fun que candy Crush soda !!!

Muriel levas   4 star

Candy crush. Très agréable et amusant.

Alikellner   1 star

Too fast, sucks now. Candy crush jelly was my favourite game until they sped it up. I understand other players wanted it but why do I have to have it now? Why can’t you just make it so that we control the speed of our game? It was perfect before, now I don’t want to play. And it’s the only game I like playing on my phone. And I should be able to opt in to “special offers”, instead of being forced to.

Zemeraudes   1 star

Très décevant. Ce jeu contient des tableaux qui sont conçus pour faire acheter des outils. Je suis très déçu. On passe à autre chose

IndieNova   1 star

Disappearing boosters. I loved this game until I connected to Facebook and saved my game online to get more levels after 660, and all my boosters disappeared.

🎍🤡   5 star

Jeu Candy Crush. Très agréable a jouer mais difficile à avoir trois étoiles

Oldtess   4 star

Good to pass the time. Great game to pass some time

Sue6296   5 star

Great Mind Putty. It’s a real fun way to waste time.

Emdblue   4 star

Fun. I’m on a roll right now. That’s always fun.

meli4e   2 star

Déçue. Je joue depuis plusieurs années et il y a quelques jours, j’ai toute perdue ma progression! Je suis retournée au niveau 1 😱🤬

stephaniebac   5 star

LE meilleur jeux!. Mon jeux préféré ❤️ on as toujours dequoi a gagné !

Nat Quebec   4 star

Nathalie. J’adore se jeu 👍😁

DaniH75   2 star

Great game but a continual money grab. Game is quite fun and addictive and herein lies the problem. It continuously drives the player to make purchases. I had his game before and deleted it because of the expense, just installed it again and initially thought that playing the same well would finally reward you enough so you wouldn’t have to bleed money, but I was wrong. Same as before. And a couple things that used to irk me before I deleted it and is still there is 1) you are forced to replay levels that were defeated if you stop playing it for a while. Signing in to “save progress” does not work and this is just a way the game gets more purchases out of you, 2) you end off a session with the 5 balloons of helpful goodies you accumulated from playing well and when you come back to play, those are gone and you have no nothing. Once again, King’s way of pulling money out of your hands. The next time I’m prompted to spend in order to continue playing, I’m deleting this again and will not be playing it anymore and that goes for any “King of Ripoff” games.

Kwyjibob   2 star

Meh. Fun but freezes and crashes a lot. Super frustrating.

cliff1767   5 star

Level 1767 needs fixing. Fabulously fun game. I really enjoy the challenges at each level. First real game issue I have encountered is at level 1767 which has crashed four times today. I lose a life each time. Great game otherwise.

Elyse137   3 star

Problème d'ouverture de jeu. Pourquoi je n'arrive pas à me rendre au niveau que je suis rendu je ouvre pas de problème je click sur mon niveau il n'ouvre pas le jeu se ferme et ce n'est pas la première fois c'est le seul problème que je rencontre merci

That girl 79   1 star

Ugh. This game has nothing on candy crush or soda crush.

Barfly69   4 star

Challenges.... Has anyone ever completed a challenge? I find them impossible. :(

Really Goody   5 star

糖果果冻游戏. 我超级超级喜欢你们的游戏哦!继续加油!

JohnnyNickel   4 star

Surprisingly Fun!. After spending too much money on Candy Crush Saga and being double charged more than once I vowed to not spend one penny on this one. Even so I still do quite well. Good stuff!

Duet3   5 star

Jelly candy. This is a fun game ,so far no problems.its great

Pop20111980   1 star

Costing me a small fortune. When I have purchased things in the shop it’s charging me 3 times more. Please sort this out ASAP.

Peaceful_Warrior.   5 star

Great. Great game - more moves

itcheze   4 star

Fun. Luv it Bossy Tinklebell

Willy668   5 star

Saga/Soda/Jelly. Great game Candy Jelly just finish level 950 Candy Soda level 1500 Candy Saga level 1760 Love it very addicting game Wilfrid Casteleyn And now Jelly 1200 Soda 1850 In C.C.Saga level 3530 My highest score is over 388million

laura104   5 star

Addictive. Fun game to pass time. Some levels are harder than others and take a few goes to pass. I enjoy getting the free lives and little promos they have.

Jaxhut   2 star

Annoyed. Don’t seem to get any lives from friends now, not even when I play offline, you use too, what’s the point of being connected to the internet.

Mar123123123123   1 star

Candies go down too slow. I used to love this game but in the latest version they changed the speed of dropping off the candies. It became so slow and annoying. Bye bye jelly crush... no more...

Jonesy1256   1 star

Glitches. Cannot open and haven't been able to for months.

Annoyingly anonymous   5 star

Annoyingly Anonymous. Addictive game 😊

Kezza1p   5 star

Great fun. Great fun

Poke84   1 star

Boo. Normally I love this game but the problem I’ve found recently is that the animation and game play have gotten so slow that it makes it unbearable to play. Looks like this game shall be deleted from my device

Deb    3 star

Different bonuses same game. Why is it my daughter plays and gets bonuses every day for hours and I don’t get the same? I have deletes app and reloaded and still don’t get ?

shanghigh   3 star

Game is too slow!. Can you please speed up how quickly the candies move when we match them? It’s very slow and tedious when I play and I sometimes stop playing because of this. I would love it if the speed was as quick as candy crush Soda.

Aussiegems   5 star

Deliciously addictive. One of the best games I have played. Colourful, interesting and challenging.

Nat682018   1 star

No jelly Queen. Disappointing the levels 4 & 5 no longer have the take it in turns along with the jelly witch. I don’t know why they got rid of it. If you connect 4 together you slap the queen & she skips that turn.

Ldhyxksbs   1 star

Too slow to function. I don’t know what you’ve done to the App updates, but it’s almost too slow and laggy to function now. Soda works fine. Deleting this app now

Sassbubbles   5 star

Addictive. Fun to pass the time

Singo1949   5 star

Singo. Very enjoyable

Near abar   5 star

Nearabar. Yep good game. Loving it

Tic"Doc   5 star

So cool keeps me active. I have lots fun

qftehjn   1 star


gem李   3 star

Need to speed up. It is a good family friendly game. I have played it before and uninstalled as I started to spend too much time on it. I reinstalled it as I’m have plenty of time now. But I found the game slows down a lot especially after you played the Soda saga. The speed issue is so obvious. Can the update please fix this issue? I don’t like to play it in slow motion mode.

Oisinhealy   5 star

Shhhwing. LUVVVV IT!!!

Lu sis   3 star

Entertaining. Great way to kill time. I’m stuck on one level but go back and improve my scores on lower levels.....

the rocking ruler   5 star

Good game. I love this game when i play it i just can’t stop

Sparksp   1 star

Money grab. Avoid this one at all costs, ridiculous "hard" levels designed to do nothing except get you to buy more moves. By far the worst game they have come up with. If you like feeling cheated then this is the game for you

dragongirl04   2 star

Update Made it Worse. Loved this game for ages but since your update keeps closing while I’m playing and my daily log in no longer registers 😖   5 star

Super game. I am driving my husband mad it is so addictive

Ejtna68   2 star

Little to hard. To be fully entertaining at times - The ads for buying stuff all the time are annoying.

tanza-mw   1 star

The game cheats. I have noticed lately that the game gives many more turns to the queen even though she is making the same combos I am it in the levels where u need to defeat the queen. Also the game has decided there are no more moves available and scrambled my game when I can see potential moves. Something is wrong with the algorithm.

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