Farm Heroes Saga

Farm Heroes Saga download

Farm Heroes Saga, from the makers of Candy Crush Soda Saga & Bubble Witch 2 Saga! 

Rancid the Racoon is trying to spoil the precious Farm Lands, stealing as many Cropsies as he can along the way. Will you join forces with the Farm Heroes and help to collect the Cropsies and save the day? Play through hundreds of levels of switching and matching farming fun to find out!
Take on this fantastic Saga alone or play with friends to see who can get the highest score! 

Farm Heroes Saga is completely free to play but some optional in-game items will require payment.

You can turn off the payment feature by disabling in-app purchases in your device’s settings.

Farm Heroes Saga features: 
● Collect all kinds of Cropsies to win the level before you run out of moves
● Play levels and win magic beans to help you activate Farm Club
● Rechargable boosters, special power ups and Farm Club animals to help you win those challenging levels
● Easy to play but challenging to master
● Acres of luscious levels to complete - more added every 2 weeks!
● Leaderboards to watch your friends and competitors!
● Easily sync the game between devices and unlock full game features when connected to the Internet

Visit or contact us in game by going to Settings > Customer Care if you need help!

Follow us to get news and updates:
Twitter @FarmHeroesSaga

Have fun playing Farm Heroes Saga!

Farm Heroes Saga App Description & Overview

The applications Farm Heroes Saga was published in the category Games on 2014-01-02 and was developed by King. This application file size is 267.11 MB. Farm Heroes Saga current version is 5.27.9 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions.

Hey farmers!

We have made some Croptastic improvements to Farm Heroes that will make your gaming experience even better! Cool, right?

Remember to update to the latest version and get playing!

Farm Heroes Saga App Tips, Tricks and Rules

Farm Heroes Saga Comments & Reviews

Advertorial    5 star

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slossers08   4 star

Very pleasant past time. Variety makes it fun, but...despite what some reviews say, NOT all games are passable unless you have accrued tons of special tools! even with extra help some games keep you in a loop for tens of times play, most of the time for 1 point... I find that unfair and frustrating, not fun

person555   1 star

Level 5’s pointer. Is not working correctly It won’t allow me to selec

candleladyonfire   5 star

😊. Love this game

Ton ton tony   5 star

Farm Heroes. Fun and challenging

momawl   4 star

Challenging fun , but. It’s a fun game, however clicking 5 times between levels is annoying.

505silent   4 star

3 years and going. Have played for years and it’s still challenging and fun

IMAPIRATE2   1 star

Farm Heroes pay to play 😡😫. Forget about getting to the upper levels, unless you want to pay to play, I’m a pretty good player I am patient can be in the same game for weeks just using my five lives. I refuse to pay this is ridiculous and there is nooooooo way to pass without being on levels for WEEKS unless you buy your way through. I get it they need to make money but really. I play other games that charge nothing is challenging but get you moving on!! They need to loosen up these upper levels and make it fun.

Lisa Michelle 1960   5 star

Farm hero’s saga. I’ve been playing this game for a couple years. Very challenging . Love it.

todaysometime   5 star

Farm Heroes Saga. I want to be able to cash in the gold bars in my piggy bank without having to spend real money. I’m never going to spend real money on a phone game! Other than that I’m hooked!!!

Fetcj   5 star

Good game. Good game

ekc64   5 star

King. I like the game keep up the great work guys and the updates

Use Some Common Sense   1 star

Looses data. The game, while fun, constantly looses data and points built up by winning. Very frustrating When you do win tickets and beans it’s a mystery what you have actually won - it seems to be a meaningless “prize” with no way to redeem them.

Lady48CC   5 star


lizzylegg   1 star

Stolen bonuses. Why do you keep taking my hard earned bonuses away?

jshdkL   2 star

reseña farm heroes saga. me encanta el juego pero no entiendo cual es la finalidad de hacerlo tan difícil aveces, cuantos niveles tiene? miles? no tiene sentido y aveces es frustrante no poder jugar a gusto

hatebeingcheated   1 star

Level 957. I won this level several times already, but EVERY time the game is finishing, the app shots off and it doesn't honor my win. Rather annoying and I'm not pleased

Snowflakie55   1 star

Freezes. At the level where the magic shovel appears. No way to get out of it, had to uninstall.

Twocreeks1992   5 star

Farm hero’s saga. Since the update...I can’t keep the game open! Closes as soon as I click in the level I was on!

tazmilly   4 star

stress relief. after a stressfull day at job this game itlike total relief

L'Eggs   4 star

Glitch. Love the game, hate the glitches that makes it freeze up.

Dsohappy   4 star

TOO MANY POPUPS!!!. There are way too many pop ups asking you things and showing you things!!! I just want to play the game😡

fresh letucces   1 star

So bad app. So bad game no recommend

gregories   4 star

Too many pop ups. I love playing the game; however, I wish there were not soooo many pop ups every time I start each game or advance to a new level. Way too annoying! #getmetothegameNOW!!!

SISSYBHAM   1 star

Problem With Level 5. When it highlights the wheelbarrow to try you can’t click it or anything else on the screen

Poiqz   2 star

No Bonnie. Without Bonnie , this is a very frustrating game.its fun in the beginning and goes down from there.

Badass670   5 star

Fun fun fun. Luv it

Alsibai   1 star

Crash. After latest update it crashes a lot with IOS 10.3

Blooby 123456789   5 star

Unlimited lives. I really enjoy the game. My only complaint is that I don’t have the option to use my unlimited lives at my discretion. Sometimes it pops up when I’m at work and it’s wasted.

swoozr   5 star

Swoozer. Fun game. Ben playing for years. Love the side games as well. Very challenging, but once you start getting in the zone you can play for hours, if you want, without using any money. Love this and a lot of the King games

j jdawn   5 star

I Want To Use My Rewards. I’m very pleased with the Farm Heroes Saga That I am playing now but what I don’t understand is WHY I’m not getting my rewards,they all have Locks on Them.. I m about to STOP Playing the game All Together (I really like the game!!)so let me use my hard rewards ‼️ Thank You Jean J -Dawson

Advertorial    5 star

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haleyle   3 star

Too many pop ups/ads. I love this game but I feel like I have to close pop ups constantly. If it’s not a pop up asking me to purchase something it’s an ad I have to watch. I definitely play this game less than others because of this.

taz..21   5 star

Gold bars. Would like the gold bars I earn without having to purchase them..I am a pensioner on a fixed income and unable to afford the purchase..

gem waste   5 star

Better than C.C. Sorry...C.C.. I find it more relaxing because the levels are passable without the frustration of throwing my iPad. You keep asking me to rate the game, hummmm, anyway, I still give a five star. How about let us pick our teams? My team members don’t help out that much. I need team members that play the game for honey pot collecting.

beaverandbullfrogs   4 star

Gold bars and beans. Why is it we have so many gold bars until we need them? We can’t use them so why bother. Also, collecting thousands beans but what is the point if we can’t use them in large denominations?

my only dream   4 star

Lives. Don’t understand why you can’t access lives when your team mates send them to you, and how is it that the other players send 100 magic beans, should it not be lives sent?

squirrel177   4 star

Fun. Should be able to access my gold bars

illa mortim   5 star

Farm hero‘s. Love this game ❤️❤️❤️

Scottatah   3 star

Pop ups drive me crazy. Great game but you need to wait for about 42000 pop ups of various games or mini games or this or that or something. Sucks when you just wanna play a game but gotta wait for all this crap to pop up and click away and pop up n wait to animate then click away. Eventually you can start playing.

jakscart   4 star

Frustrating. I love the game bu all the pop ups are crazy ...after each game 4-5/at least before you can start back to the game ! Also...the limited play is ridiculous!

Jacinthe Ouellet   2 star

Coût du jeu. Au coût de 9 étoiles chaque fois pour obtenir 5 vies additionnelles, c’est beaucoup trop dispendieux d’aurant plus que le cochon une fois remplie ne contient que 25 étoiles, soit moins de 3 poursuites et ce au coût de 3,99$ du cochon.

jad640   4 star

Super. Très bon jeu

Desrochers71   4 star

Excellent. Parfait

beachisbest   5 star

Addictive. And just like that a few hours have gone by!

Graves491   3 star

Tired of game freezing. I have lost so many boosters as the game likes to freeze regularly, even when I safe progress it still takes all my points, beans. And boosters away.

betteblu   4 star

Freezes. Games keep freezing on me , very annoying

wivtopdfmn   3 star

Farm heros. I think it’s ridiculous that the only way you can use all the gold bar you collect is to buy them and “break the bank” I never get to use them because I won’t buy them!

kildonan drive   1 star

Ads. I know purchases pay for the game but there are too many pop ups and they are too long with all the reminders

Willowasha   4 star

New version doesn’t work. Just downloaded update today and game won’t open

Cathylicious   5 star

Grrreat game. Great challenges and AWSOME graphics

Paquerettebolduc   4 star

Farms hero’s saga. J’aime beaucoup ce jeu même s’il y a des niveaux difficiles.

sunnyways   4 star

Bars and Beans. Like the game very much but I agree that the bars should be free and that there has to be a use for all the beans.

Maxbenchetrit   1 star

Les concepteurs illogiques. Je suis au 2696 qui doit ouvrir lorsqu'il sera developé, et en même temps ils affichent ceux qui ont fini le 2710. De plus quand on clique sur classement, aucun n'apparait. Même en mettant a jour, les nouveaux tableaux ne sont pas là. Ça devient n'importe quoi. C'est dommage. Si vous etes fatigué de faire des nouveaux, faites donc une fin.

Deerfield25   1 star

Won't go past the reward opening. I open the game and hasn't been able to go past the part where I have my daily re ward. Has been this way for weeks now. I'm uninstalling

Mel4899532;)?!   4 star

Crashing. The app keeps crashing in the middle of the game since the last update. Please fix it.

Gwennie S   3 star

Gold bars. There should be gold bars to unlock in levels. Most games do this and I’ve been buying mine to move up and am not going to do that any longer as it’s cost me a fortune. Love the game and am on a high level but it’s indeed cost me lots to get there !! Not paying no more and if that means no playing so be it ! Give us more gold bars free !!

weeearr   4 star

Good. Love the game, but all the pop ups etc. between levels becomes trying after while

Calia2   5 star

FarmsHeroes Saga. J’aime les récompenses que vous donnés ça l’aide pour passer les étapes 💞

Snookie2586   1 star

App won’t load. Since the newest update the app won’t load past the Play screen. Sad. It was my favourite game.

Daughties   3 star

Boosters. Fun game but have thousands of beans and all I can buy are shovels. Wished they would change it to allow purchasing any booster with beans.

Cooldodo424   4 star

Bonus for top 3. I think the people who get top 3 in levels should get bonuses. What is the point in getting the top spot if you don’t?

Advertorial    5 star

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sweetyfrank   3 star

A very good game but freezes a lot. I get to about level 60 and it will not let me continue, only happens one device, has happened serval times.

R_ago   5 star

Best challenging game,. Keep up the intensity Love it ❤️❤️👏👍

Snow houndog   5 star

Tops. Love the brain exercise.

Froganne   5 star

Farm Heroes Saga. Have been playing Farm Heroes for years and up around 1,400 something, it wouldnt work so I canceled it as I have done before, but wants me to start at the beginning again . Have tried and tried to get back to where I was, anyone got a clue.

PocketRocket65   3 star

Frustrating. I love this game and have been playing it for years, but it’s been freezing every time I go to open a present and get boosters and then completely lose the boosters. The everyday rewards im not getting everyday either.

flossie555   4 star

Farm Hero’s. Love this game except for all the “pop ups “ .. just want to play the game

9999San   5 star

Fabulous game. Been playing for a long time and never tire of it, love the rewards.

suenickdyl   5 star

Freezing so much. A great game to play, However since the update it is freezing after every completed level when the rewards come up.. this is making the game very frustrating to play

gr8est tool   5 star

What happened. What happened to the 3 extra lives????????????????? have played this now for a week or so with no extra lives given

sv89153   1 star

Absolute rubbish. I used to love this game and play it all the time but now there’s so many stupid notifications it takes too long to get to the actual game so I have now deleted it

Lilydee2   4 star

Special games. When the pop up for the special games comes up eg Rancids lair, it says 6 hours of unlimited lives, but I only ever get the usual 5 lives! Other than that, it’s a fun game

Renstarr   5 star

Great. Great game, I love there is multiple adventures to do and there is varied tasks.

interesting but frozen   3 star

Frozen. I realised that yr game is frozen every now and then is due to the fact that you didn’t purchase gold bar. They probably want you to spend money to get life. Can you please give us advice how not t freeze the game. Mine was frozen for 3 days and have to use line life to purchase.

Mrs gerbs   4 star

Great game. I love this game but I have two technical issues. It never goes past the first day reward even though I play every day. Also I have had a challenge for most of the time I’ve been playing for a treasure mill event which has never been offered.

Mcbligh7   4 star

Very fun and addictive!. Great fun addictive game but you do need to spend a lot of money to be good at it.

raatzy   5 star

Thumbs up. Great little time waster!

La Poz   1 star

Those Pop Ups.. Geez Louizz. From the start of the game, pop ups. Finishing a level, pop ups. Going to the next level, pop ups. It used to be fun, now its just plain annoying playing this game and closing pop up after pop up after pop up...

o0Simon0o   3 star

Adds. I stopped watching adds for additional moves. Waste of time. 3 moves does not help at all.

Ebiz2   4 star

Addicted. So, so addictive. But after 975 levels still cannot understand how the scoring works for Rancid.

lCallisi   4 star

A good game that freezes a lot and inconsistent rewards. There are a lot less rewards compared to Candy Crush Saga, only one per day. I have played over 2000 levels and never received the day 7 reward because the game freezes every 3 days or so and stays like that for days at a time, when you come back you’ve also lost your unicorn rewards too, plus what do you get for 5 stickers and the medals and cups, it seems like nothing,and. I have never collected all the stars despite completing 10 levels on a day. Apart from that a pretty good game.

LR Brisbane   3 star

Great Game but...... I really enjoy playing Farm Heroes....however I find the pop up ads for your other games really annoying. Even though I've closed them before, They keep popping up! Another thing...when you open the game, the spinning connectivity indication is good but then another small pop up ad for one of your other games comes up just over it so you can't see the connectivity indication? Again, really annoying! AND GET RID OF THE PIG WITH THE GOODEN CHEST! NO ONE IS GOING TO PAY TO GET THE GOLD!!! Dean

jmp2017   3 star

Love the game but...... Great game, but so many pop ups now that the game often freezes. Don’t mind 1 or 2 but there are at least 4 before starting any game which is hugely annoying. Have been playing this for years but find the excessive amount of pop ups too annoying to continue to play.

Takrawchinasilk   4 star

Jen. Love the games but occasionally it freezes. It’s no good offering gold bars to me as I play on my own merit and I won’t be buying anything I was really disappointed to complete 18 levels to only receive 2500 beans. Multi stingy.

Snoopy Kat   5 star

Farm Heroes Saga. Love this totally addictive game but wish I could earn gold bars rather than have to buy them all the time. Would like the ability to repeat events if completed early to gain more rewards and infinite lives time

Robyn_mm   4 star

Keeps freezing. I enjoy playing but vacation section always freezes

FluffDagger   5 star

Events Are Back!. I was off this game recently after playing for years, when events seemed to not be popping up so quickly, but new events have started up again and they’re better than ever, so 5 stars! Such a great game!

Norrmo   2 star

Frozen. Great game, but it freezes after every level. I have to turn my device off and then on. 👎

Khaliisaar   2 star

Used to be a good game. The in-game competitions and popups are just annoying. There is way too much going on. Also, the score boards are incorrect - the order is wrong. Top score might be 160k and I’ll get 165k but I will be placed 3rd. It’s just weird. Very tired of the game freezing too. Another sign that there’s too much going on.

Crops R frozen. Love it, been playing for years but the last update has left the game glitching and freezing. Like to see it fixed soon.

Gigichung20170324   3 star

Why?. Hi! I really enjoy this game, but I can’t play after watched some advertisements,why?

gore07   5 star

Excelente. Se me olvidan las redes sociales con eso lo digo todo simplemente excelente

Mummups   3 star

What the heck. I used the app to over 1250 levels and it froze on my for more than a week. I had to delete the app and start over. That was a week ago and again the app froze today and I had to delete again. Trying one last time. Hopefully the update version has all the bugs out. Also please remove the Play with others. Not interested but there is no opt out.

Friendof8   4 star

Overall Fabulous!. Overall I really enjoy this game. I actually like playing with others and feeling like part of a team. The only reason I marked it down is that there are a lot of screens to click through between games. Thank you for a fabulous game!

canton49   5 star

Farm heroes. I enjoy this game.

Dingo404   5 star

Tons of fun. This game is so interesting, fun, and strategic all mixed together. It’s like when you aren’t doing anything and you’re bored out of your skull, this game saves you from your boredom! This game is so cool! You should try playing it. Remember, when you’re bored, Farm Heroes Saga will stop the boredom.

Pecosa11250649307   2 star

La hucha. Adiptivo el juego, es fenomenal la ayuda con los boosters, solo que muy poco el tiempo o los pasos para pasar el nivel. El puerco con el dinero es muy repetitivo, solo anúncienlo una vez o el que quiera comprarlo, q c dirija directamente a el, no estarlo presentando cada vez q c libra un nivel. Gracias

baldtgab   3 star

Koo. I enjoy the game alot

qs fujm   5 star

Fun. Been playing since 2014. Love it. Love it!

Uknown skull   5 star

BEST GAME EVR. My whole family plays me being the youngest in the family it’s so fun! My mom always helps me and my dad always rages and it’s super funny over all it’s like the best time consuming app I’ve ever played and owned

Racheljeanne   3 star

Great game but.... I never receive my free lives from friends and I think the price to buy boosters and such is way too expensive. It’s not in-line with the other King games. Other than that, it’s fun and challenging.

2468woohoo   2 star

Farm heroes. It’s frustrating when you are ready to make your next move and the game is still dropping fruit and making its own moves. And SO SLOWLY. I just stop playing and move on to another game. It’s annoying to have to wait so long in between moves.

babiegirl1   5 star

Love it. I can’t stop playing it’s addictive.

sad onion   3 star

I love this game but........ It keeps freezing on me sometimes when I win it won’t let me collect my prizes. Yes I deleted and reloaded and it would work for a couple of games. It also doesn’t recognize when I am connected to Wifi so it will say you are not connected so I will get my prize plater once I am connected.

cbook7765   2 star

Frozen. I like playing this game but it keeps freezing up on me. It is now frozen but my free 24 hours of play is still ticking down the minutes. So I will probably delete the game. If I can’t use the rewards I worked hard for its not worth my time.

JAH51   3 star

Challenging. This can be a very challenging game. I often have to patiently wait for a lucky board as some levels have taken weeks to achieve. Many times I’ve been tempted to just delete as some levels have nothing to do with skill and are frustrating. But then, for whatever reason, you pass a level you’ve been stuck on and you find yourself enjoying 5h3 game until the next time you’re stuck.

Amanda ghakidsvhy   2 star

Can’t stand the pop ups. I just want to play a game I don’t care about all the extra crap. Literally gave to click through like 6 or 7 boxes just to get to the next level. I’m over it

petesbabek   1 star

Sick of having to use boosters. Liked the app when I started it but now that I’ve completed so many levels the analog for the game only lets me pass levels if I use boosters. These of course have to be purchased and I am tired of it. Probably going delete it and download something else.

RobC512503lucky   2 star

Too much. I’m about ready to delete this game app. There is far too much tapping on insignificant and meaningless before you can even get to the game to play. Fix this and I might keep it.

evebher   4 star

Farm Heroes Saga. Was my favorite game, but within the last two weeks it will not open after it’s loaded. Hopefully, whatever is causing the issue will be fixed soon.

Mozsh   3 star

Stop the insanity!. The actual game is fun. However, there are too many ads or previews to sort through before you can start the next level. It’s quite frustrating!

rfs2020   2 star

Takes patience to get to the game. It seems that lately I have to click through multiple screens in order to play. No I don’t want to send lives, I don’t want to see the honey pots (whatever they are), I don’t want to interact with my teammates ( nor did I want teammates in the first place) — it has become so annoying! The game itself is generally fun, but all the pop up screens before each game are starting to wear me down.

ashncali   2 star

Please fix that. I love this game and I’m up to level 900 something but now it won’t work at all!

jared7116   5 star

Fun game. It’s unfair sometimes, but I’ve never paid a cent to play and it’s really challenging as you progress. If you pay attention to the rules, think through the levels, and utilize the crazy horse Bonnie, it’s actually a lot of fun. Only criticism is they should provide more boost and bonuses as you get to the higher levels. - since it gets reallly hard.

@:57$;2   3 star

@$:. We already earned the gold bars by how well we played. Why should we have to buy them?

Jen_hayes83   2 star

Difficult. When you get to the higher levels, they become so difficult to beat that the game isn’t even fun anymore.

RockyBeck   5 star

Totally addictive. I find myself playing at least two to three times a day. I love this game. Only negative is they should give out more coins when you win a level.

Callie 21   4 star

Fun game.. Great to pass the time!

Snoide   1 star

No more weekend bonus games?. For the past several weeks, this game has been freezing up on me. I’ve had to uninstall and reinstall several times 😒

يتسمين   1 star

Not working. It doesn’t work and it crashes when I open it

ggggsully   4 star

Game. Enjoying the game for years. Bring back Treasure Mill! Please.

dcshea2   4 star

Great fun!!. Everyone enjoys it

Pitouxoxox   1 star

Game crashes. This game crashes all the time you loose your 2hrs of free play please fix the damn thing.

Kiudla6911   5 star

Stopped loading can’t play. Love this game, but it stopped working since the last update. Not sure what to do

valery lapierre   5 star

Super 👍. J’adore ce jeux 😜

NoFan#1   1 star

No gold bars. Should be able to get gold bars without paying for them

Zainah Meqdadi   1 star

Disappointing. I had this app for years and now we have to pay to use the specials? They don’t load every day anymore? Why? I was paying for somethings here and there but I’m not gonna pay to use the specials that’s ridiculous!

Bksnana   5 star

Farm heroes saga. Great game. Very addictive. Super fun and challenging Still think it is fun but lost my whole past playing when a Facebook issue popped up and I opened so be careful

Jaxstel   2 star

Good game, could be better. I enjoy the game been playing for years. However, I find it incredibly frustrating that Bonnie’s booster trail has disappeared. It was nice having her around, as some levels have been taking me weeks to pass without her. I find that collecting these beans and not being able to purchase anything with them is useless, as are the power pins.

Ariel and sarah   5 star

Love this game. I love this game. I play it everyday and when I’m offline. Thanks for making this game😀

dial_52   4 star

Game errors. Freezing up constantly just when going to win for last 2 days lots of glitches please fix

Atterolim   2 star

Farm Hero’s. What’s with the screens that pop up with special offers. Try to tap the X and it is frozen so you can’t get into your game. Just give up and leave the app. Getting close to deleting it. Don’t do updates. They are messing up games and not fixing the problem.

zippostory   5 star

Addictif!. Je ne peux pas m’arrêter de jouer

kayteeme   4 star

Advertisement. If I have to watch ads can you please mix them up. Having to watch the same ad over and over again does not make me want to play or enjoy playing

AnnieVas   3 star

Triste. J’ attends très longtemps pour nouveaux niveaux 😡.

Shadowman 31   1 star

Too many bugs. Game keeps asking me to buy gold bars fo $2.79. However it has frozen on this window and will not let me buy or delete (even shutting down the tablet will not cancel it). This is just one of a string of problems with this app, it’s a great game but I am ready to ditch it!

MelyyyDR   5 star

Magic beans.... I agree with a previous review, why collect so many beans when you can’t do anything with them? We should be able to use them to buy boosters and lives!

egattoc   4 star

Passing Levels. As i play and pass levels it keeps me interested but when I get to a level that takes weeks to pass I get very frustrated and lose interest. Its not my skill...its the computer

mazzxxing   3 star

Freezing up. Had to delete this app twice now as it freezes up. Please fix. Also it is ridiculous that I need a name to send this as all are taken . Trying to find some name to send it.

nur10ten   5 star

Piggy bank. Can you buy something else with piggy bank full of gold bars? Thank you. I love the games

mason.oakley.are.cats   4 star

Fine. This game takes a long time to load, so when I make a line of 4 it takes to to long to load and to continue the game.

nmktden   2 star

Frozen. Normally I would rate this 4-5, really fun and addictive but since the last update I can’t play. Keeps freezing on the last chance window. I see many people have the same issue, hope it gets fixed soon.

Bubufarm   2 star

Can’t get rid of pop ups!. Soooooooomany pop ups and lately, i cannot X the “special offer” pop up window, so i can’t play. Wow.

Pl8gal   3 star

Ads ruining this game. Before the “option” to watch an ad started appearing after every game, I would have given this 5 stars. Not now!

Martin342   2 star

“Last chance” window freezing. I’ve been playing this game for years and have enjoyed it very much. However, the last week or so I have not been able to get the “Last chance” window to close and I’m unable to play at all. I’ve deleted it and will reload it in the hopes this may solve that problem.

jenmess46   1 star

Last Chance?. “ Last Chance” special is messing up my game. This is the third time it has froze when this shows up. Plz fix

Carrie 53   3 star

Review. Like the game but find some levels frustrating. No hope of winning unless the computer lets you. Also what is the point of a full piggy bank of gold bars? You can’t buy anything with it. Also all your beans really are not worth anything either

papaya1029   1 star

No money, no funny. This was a good game until you had to pay to pass into levels. Wow, just wow.

Toby20022015   3 star

Disappointed. Since my last update, I can't close the "Last chance" special offer and can no longer play. Hope this gets fixed. I enjoy playing this game.

Bluebird_212   3 star

Fun game BUT. The game is entertaining and I enjoy playing but the bonus horse/unicorn thing disappeared. I liked it more when I had that. Also, you should be able to buy things with magic beans, otherwise what is the point of them?

burnham brad   1 star

Farm rewards. Hi when I go to my farm rewards when u collect the animals my showed that there’s 3 rewards still and when I go check it there is none that I can collect

jankayt   3 star

Enjoy the game but not now. I do enjoy playing this game but since I updated yesterday to the latest version it won’t open anymore. It gets to the play screen and completely freezes. Please fix!!

Jdeut   3 star

Good if you ignore the incessant windows. This is a good free game that has kept me amused for a few days now. However there are pros and cons. - Free means that you will have at times 5-6 windows pop up constantly which you can’t automatically cancel, you have to watch them play out. If you are playing as long as they want you to there are just periods you are waiting for the developers to get over themselves so you can get back to the game. - The leaderboard is not accurate, sometimes my score is placed lower than the others despite being a higher value. This happens frequently. - Sometimes the tiles in the game take tens of seconds between your own moves just doing their own thing, changing tiles without reason and to other items. You just have to wait til it’s done then reassess to take your next turn as the game has changed. - The gamification strategies designed to keep you in the game are not incentivising. I don’t care about how many rewards some random player has, I don’t care if I get a key in three hours or get a trophy by level 115. I just want to play. The horses that pop up with gifts for a streak are annoying too, I just want to play. - Being locked out after you run out of lives is a drag and you can only get gold bars to exchange if you purchase them. There’s nothing else to barter with. This doesn’t affect the game too much you just have to wait. It is free though so I put up with the above and will play til I don’t want to anymore.

Timmo87:)   5 star

Mint. Mint

Ondapc   1 star

Not fixed - Frozen at the road block. Waiting 5 days to get past the road block, count down is blank. Seriously after playing for 2 years, surely you have enough cash out of everyone to remove these stupid things! Just want to play, not be stuck!

Iribird   5 star

Great game. Love this game and have passes this addiction to my family. Now we all play religiously. There are some tech glitches when game freezes

MrsCourtneey   2 star

Crashing. Still not loading everything, freezes once you load the game. Hasn’t worked for almost two weeks now.

Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat   4 star

To fix the level 74 glitch rotate your phone. There's a glitch on I think level 74 where you can't move beyond the tutorial box because it isn't positioned properly To fix it, just rotate your screen and the box moves to the correct area when it's landscape Hopefully this helps someone who was as stuck as I was!!

Nanwu64   5 star

Fun. Great game

TominaVincent   3 star

Please let people skip through the endings!!. You can’t tap out or anything in this game, waiting 2 minutes to be out through the next level and the new pop ups are irritating as hell.

Faithful1985   3 star

Good game- latest update freezes on opening. Game freezes everytime I open it up. My phone has plenty of memory, I’ve tried shutting phone down etc and nothing works. The game hasn’t worked since this last update. Frustrating

Pura1   5 star

Farm Heroes Saga. Great game!

Lacey1971   5 star

Farm hero’s. This game is awesome but very addictive I wanna play this heaps I love it But need more lives then offered more gold bars for free would help I love it tho Lamiya

everynicknametakenonearth   2 star

Absolute ripoff in pricing to purchase boosters.. This game used to be fun and the levels quite moderately achievable. The higher you go it is almost impossible to achieve without purchasing boosters to finish the Level. What started out as 99c for 10 coins has jumped ridiculously to 1.99 then 2.99 which is just disgusting. The piggy bank with the coins was 4.99 for 50 coins and this mysteriously dropped to 25 coins with no warning. Then you could purchase 20 coins for 2.99 and that dropped back to 10. The creators are now selfish and money grabbing and should be ashamed of themselves.😡

Ilovejustin01   1 star

Help. Why is it that every time I start a new level it freezes up and I lose a life and my bonuses 😥😥

Jeswa23   2 star

Freezing. Did the update and it’s still freezing between levels.

Twhnh10   2 star

Can be fun but sick of the freeze. Every time I get to the next level of unicorn game freezes. Means I loose golden pin chance and go back to no unicorn boost. What’s the point of playing when it doesn’t work.

mindi072   3 star

Constantly freezing. I love this game but Since the new update the game is constantly freezing. Please fix this ASAP

earlllllllllllll   1 star

Frozen. Level 74 is frozen had to delete game cant play it anymore I have seen people have the same problem with iPhone X

Jola8800   4 star

Love it but buggy. I love love love this game but recently it freezes on the next level after I win a level! Extremely annoying coz I have to close the app and open it again.... which then makes me lose a life!! It seriously it’s to be fixed ASAP or I’ll go find a different game!

RobynDB   4 star

Good but glitchy. Enjoy this game but it has a glitch where it freezes when it moves on to the next game. You have to completely shut it down then reopen to get it to respond but that results in you losing a life.

Fathorses   3 star

Love the game. But don’t love it when the game doesn’t work. Haven’t had any weekly events since the last update!

#&#[email protected]#6384$*   5 star

Great game being destroyed. I have enjoyed playing this game for a good while. Unfortunately the designers have opted to make the levels ridiculously hard and gift levels impossible to achieve. The gifts have become small and mean. It has become a game where your degree of skill has become irrelevant and only your degree of perseverance counts. When it takes up to a week to do one level you quickly lose interest.

Hole01   2 star

Please fix. I love this game have been playing if for a long time as I am on level 2000+ but with the recent update I am not not able to get into this game I will click on the game and it will start to load then it will just crash. Dosnt matter how many times I try to fix it, it just won’t work, so please fix this as I don’t want to remove this game. Other that they this is a great game guys this is the first time I have ever had trouble with it

Afi09   5 star

Love this game 😊. Been playing this game for years now love it 😊

cancel!,,,   4 star

Not happy. Since the last update, every time I get to the end of my five attempts to get the level out the screen freezes up and I have to turn the iPad off and back on again next time I want to play the game

Mumma_11   2 star

Fix this update please. New update often freezes and shuts down the game, taking a life each time

amandamurley80   1 star

Fix your game!!. I absolutely love this game but are getting extremely frustrated with it freezing. I shut down the game and lose a life then reopen it only to have it freeze again. Please update it and fix this bug otherwise you won’t see any $$ from me again.

gstring flossin   2 star

Mm. What has happened to this game?? It freezes every couple of days and I have to uninstall it and re install it to get it too work again. So annoying?!,🤬🤬🤬🤬

Pasterley   5 star

Great Game. Passes so much time on my long commute. A great game and can’t believe it’s free. Thanks

Ejtna68   4 star

Great!. It’s getting very hard way to quickly- even on low levels. Entertaining though.

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