Farm Heroes Saga

Farm Heroes Saga [Games] App Description & Overview

Farm Heroes Saga, from the makers of Candy Crush Soda Saga & Bubble Witch 2 Saga! 

Rancid the Racoon is trying to spoil the precious Farm Lands, stealing as many Cropsies as he can along the way. Will you join forces with the Farm Heroes and help to collect the Cropsies and save the day? Play through hundreds of levels of switching and matching farming fun to find out!
Take on this fantastic Saga alone or play with friends to see who can get the highest score! 

Farm Heroes Saga is completely free to play but some optional in-game items will require payment.

You can turn off the payment feature by disabling in-app purchases in your device’s settings.

Farm Heroes Saga features: 
● Collect all kinds of Cropsies to win the level before you run out of moves
● Play levels and win magic beans to help you activate Farm Club
● Rechargable boosters, special power ups and Farm Club animals to help you win those challenging levels
● Easy to play but challenging to master
● Acres of luscious levels to complete - more added every 2 weeks!
● Leaderboards to watch your friends and competitors!
● Easily sync the game between devices and unlock full game features when connected to the Internet

Visit or contact us in game by going to Settings > Customer Care if you need help!

Do not sell my data: King shares your personal information with advertising partners to personalize ads. Learn more at If you wish to exercise your Do Not Sell My Data rights, you can do so by contacting us via the in game help centre or by going to

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Twitter @FarmHeroesSaga

Have fun playing Farm Heroes Saga!

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Farm Heroes Saga Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Hey farmers! We have made some Croptastic improvements to Farm Heroes that will make your gaming experience even better! Cool, right? Remember to update to the latest version and get playing!

Farm Heroes Saga Comments & Reviews

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- Farm Heroes Saga

I want to be able to cash in the gold bars in my piggy bank without having to spend real money. I’m never going to spend real money on a phone game! Please make it so we can use the gold bars in the piggy bank without spending real money!!!

- Cost to much

I love the game just cost to much.I think needs more rewards

- Ok

This game is either too easy. Or very challenging. There doesnt seem to be a level that is enjoyably difficult. I am not a fan of needing to purchase something to play. Frustrating.

- Love the game! Hate that some levels require purchasing gold bars to beat level!

I just love this game. Different challenges on each level!! Fun & challenging especially once you’ve beaten many levels!

- Game is fun

Game is fun but a lot of the times I have no idea what I am doing. I could probably pass to the next level faster if I used what is available to me but I really don’t get it. But really who the hell cares. It passes the time.

- To many pop ups and slow

The game is solid but too many pop ups to click through

- Fun game

Not to easy, not to hard. Relaxing game

- Five star for fun

Good game


This game is not only fun to play, but I find it both challenging and entertaining! 😉

- Battery

My iPad battery showing this game uses more battery than anything else I have on my iPad. When I try and buy more lives I tunes takes the money but then game says I have no internet connection. Money down the drain.

- Awesome

Wonderful game.

- Fun enough

Game is fun, but it loads painfully slow on non game screens which makes me irritable after a while and/or will want to move on

- Farm hero’s

This game rocks. Challenging and fun a great way to pass the day. Try it! Download the game and enjoy you won’t regret it!

- Hero Mode?,

I used to love playing this, but what’s the point of HERO POINTS? it’s just a waist of time for Aside from the annoying Hero Mode

- Not sure

I enjoy playing the game, but don’t understand many of the extra options.

- Addictive!


- Too Many Pop Ups

This game is cute & fun. I like that you really can earn quite a lot of boosters without spending any money on the game. However, any time you open the game there are SO MANY pop up screens (from the game itself, not ads) that it sometimes takes me a full minute to even be able to play a level! My goodness! Every time I want to exit a level there’s 6 more pop up screens! Please reduce these for easier game play.

- Game

I love the game, but why do guys keep cheating. You never give me bonuses in the beginning, I press collect it registers I never get the gifts. What’s up with that.

- Too many pop ups

Great game, but there are so many pop ups to start the game that it is super annoying. You end up participating in races like “collect the honey pot.” Who cares?! Just get to the game!!!

- Very good

Love the challenges! Hate the forced play with others that I do not know! No way to continue without it! Ugh!!

- Love this game, hate being overcharged to play!

This is a great game. But often the only way to move forward is to spend money. Too often!!

- King games

Tried to download numerous games I have forgot my password and really enjoyed the games, I have an apple ipad

- Too many things to click through just to play

Great game. So much fun. Only down side if you have to click through a million things to to start playing the game. Today I had to click through 9 things just to start a level. The only reason I’m giving this game 1 star.

- Sick of this game and lack of support

I was on level 1600 and clicked on the game and lost all my levels. Started over again and at level 300, it’s frozen. Send a few emails to king...nothing. I got on a chat but then they said I needed support but I would have to pay for it. Really?

- Farm heroes saga

Fantastic game I love it

- Wow

Super funzies!!!!!

- Used to enjoy this game!

I have played this game for years. It seems all of my king games say I am not connected to the internet and I am. Tried to get help through customer support and all I get is an automated email that does not answer my question. Also as with others I do not get my rewards that I have earned. Tried to contact customer support and get the same automated email. King needs to address these problems!! Please fix the no connection problem

- Farm hero’s

I gave this game a low rating because it takes over a week for a new game to start up meaning I can’t collect any beans when I’m low.

- Sorsoor


- Ugh I spent money

Some levels are impossible to win without spending money. I don’t like that

- Good fun

I like the fact that you can keep winning boosters.Makes the game easier to play.

- Don’t waste your time

I have been playing this game for years. I’m finally on level 1300. What I noticed when playing is anytime you collect boosters and save them the moment you use them the game crashes or forces you to quit the level. I’m tired of taking my time to earn boosters and beans just to have the game reset and pretend like you never had anything. Then certain levels everytime you get an animal like the chicken or frog why is it that they ALWAYS land on the fruit you need? Yeah this game used to be fun but not anymore.

- Ava

It’s very very great the game is great very very great graphics are very great too I love it it’s perfect to have the free time I love it very much it’s great I have to go

- Do reviews even Chang things

The harvest friends, teams, other players you need to get a better score than is such a waste and distraction. These can’t be real people. Who completes 40-50 games in an hour.

- Add ways

Game is fun but you need to add more ways to win gold bars and to add extra ways to win more moves

- Gold bars

It’s ridiculous you have to buy gold bars ect.... you should earn them as you play

- Great

I enjoy this game.

- I’m torn.....

The game helps me slow down my mind when I’m stressing, but the one thing that bugs me, to no end, is the fact that the only way you can keep playing, if you need just one extra move, is to spend money. You get 5 gold bars but it’s 9 to continue play and when you earn bars they go into a bank you must pay to open. Why put bars up in the first place then since they are useless unless you spend the money to retrieve enough to continue play. Kind of stupid. Also, often, you win free lives, for let’s say two or three hours, but, you run out of energy so the free lives are also useless. Again, kind of stupid.

- Deceptive

I’ve never spent any money on this game and used to enjoy it. Now it is completely set up make you watch ads and buy bonuses in order to pass levels. Even if you have a ton of beans and built up boosters, they make it almost impossible to pass certain levels if you don’t watch the ads or spend money. I’ve also should have beat certain levels and it glitched. So I have given up after 1000+ levels.

- Points

Wish the awarded points were higher. Takes forever to accumulate enough points when battling Rancid.

- Cheating

The game be cheating !!!!

- My favorite game!

I play this one way too often. I’m obsessed with making it to the myself since none of my friends are this far ahead 😂💕

- Absolute fave

This is my fave game- has been for years. Love it

- Enjoy during this time!!

I’ve been enjoying this game! I been bored and stayed in this is my entertainment. No real issues with this game.

- The game is glitching please fix


- Farm Heroes

Game is fun but it freezes a lot and tech support is non existent. It’s always the users fault. I am totally up to date on browser etc.high speed internet etc, but No one wants to take responsibility.

- Farm Heroes Saga

Lots of fun, great sound effects(that sometimes disappear.) Game still freezes and have to delete and start over. Stimulating and challenging with ample opportunities to triumph. Thank you. Great to have during quarantine. 4/9/20 Lost the sound effects again! 4/10 no sound effects! Sounds are back! Thank you! Lots of fun!🍻🍭💫😁🙃 Love the wide variety of games.

- Last 3 companions and challenges

Will we ever get the last three companions? I’m well past the level where they should be and I’m constantly getting challenges to unlock new companions. Fun game overall, some levels can get really long with so many extra moves, and 10 pop-ups as soon as you log in are frustrating.

- Good...but

I like the game, but it is sooo hard to get a power up. About the only way is to keep winning on the first try... good luck with that.

- Fun game, way too pricey now.

Been playing since 2004. Nice upbeat and fun. No more. Many things than randomly sabotage moves, requiring starting over or paying for further moves. Level 600 there is far too much of this. Will miss playing.

- Entertaining

Great time waster. Third time around and it’s just as fun as the last two! Shame they sold out and have so many adds in the latest version. Used to be nice to not be constantly bombarded by crap you aren’t interested in.

- Level 238 frozen

Idunno why but level 238 seems to be frozen and won’t let me touch or move the screen after 1 move. Is there a glitch? I don’t want to delete the game, but if it’s not working.

- Freezing and losing lives and boosters

The app keeps freezing and you lose boosters and lives. There is no proper fix.

- Yes fun!

Fun game

- Nothing to earn!

OK. So I earn a bunch of Gold Crowns for completing 1st time. So what. Let us earn some gold bars!!! And beans seem to deplete quickly. We earn 50 or 90, but when we take on Rosco. It cost us 800 or 1700. Nothing to keep me interested. JUST CLIMBING TO HIGHER LEVELS. Make it more interesting people. Hay Days keeps my interest, when sitting around.

- Génial

Au début d

- Cheerful happy game

I love the happy graphics of the game. Game play is soothing and enjoyable. I use this game for a quick break but usually I have to wait through 4 minutes of animations and pop ups before I can play. The bonuses are confusing and most of my beans suddenly disappeared one day.

- Thanks


- Getting annoyed

I used to play this game all the time, 5 stars! I haven’t played for a while. Now I started to play again, but my rating has gone down to a 3. I am not able to skip pop ups. There is so much happening with teams and races and trophies and bonus games and and and,,,,it loads everything between each game. It’s annoying, and as much as I luv the actual game, I may quit due to the time it takes to play the next level.... pls fix

- Super Héros!

Ce jeu est super!

- Too many pop ups !

Too Many POP ups between games! Max 5 bars unless you pay for more, even when you keep winning gold bars why can’t they add up so I can use them.

- Too Many Pop Ups

Between rounds there are many too many pop ups in this game to the point where it has become annoying.

- Jeu intéressant mais...

J’aime jouer à ce jeu mais on nous force trop souvent à regarder toutes ces publicités. Pas assez de chance de réussir. C’est ennuyeux. Dommage, je quitte ce jeu.

- Nonsense

This game is not fair as it was in the begining. Nonsense, were are the rules ???

- love this game

❤️ this game. its a good stress relief. keep me focus on the way to work.

- Love this Game

Great Game ! Has tons of levels and is very entertaining

- Farm hero’s

Absolutely love this game! But the developers are very cheap with loot!

- Farm heroes

Shouldn’t have to pay for things you’ve earned. Game is fun but no playing incentive if you have to pay for your own rewards.

- Too many pop-ups

Used to love this game, but there are way too many pop ups at the beginning. It takes too long to get into the game to play.

- Fun

C’est fun mais pour collecter tout les haricots reçus c’est trop long dont on devrait en mesure de les sélectionné pour collecter en une seule fois

- Pop ups

The amount of pop ups on startup and between levels is obnoxious and disorienting and seems to be designed to make you accidentally click things. If I’ve exited a pop up once since startup it shouldn’t keep reappearing.

- Stuck in same screen and cannot progress

I’ve been stuck on the same “Tap on the Farm club” screen because there are no buttons that pop up for me to tap. When I click on ‘app support’ via the game’s page in the App Store, there is no URL found. Frustrated at how many times I’ve had to delete and re-download the app, losing all of the power boosters I’ve racked each time. Extremely disappointed!!!

- Too many pop-ups

Good game but I have to close so many pop-up screens before I can play. So annoying!!!

- Too many pop ups

Great game but everything seems to get more full with each upgrade. Pop up this pop up that. Easy on the pop ups all the time

- Team play

It’s literally a waste of my time. None of my teammates is playing and it takes too long for the system to post their Non-scores at the end of every single game; win or lose. Wish I could opt out if I wanted to. I spend more time waiting for all the graphics between games than I do actually playing. I’d rather just go from one level to the next and skip all the side competitions with other players who aren’t playing. I got to the 400 stars team level more than once, and none of my teammates added any stars. I got them all. It’s frustrating. Let me opt out of team play. Drop all the crazy graphics of bees and unicorns and fireworks and +1s and the stupid note EVERY SINGLE GAME!!! that if I win it on the first try I will win a trophy. I know already.

- Free lives

I think that other farm heroes in our community should be able to send free lives ..

- Gold bars

Should be able to win gold bars as prizes

- Avis

J’aimerais pouvoir gagner des lingots d’or de temps en temps. Merci pour nous donner des outils pour jouer, j’adore jouer,Danielle L.

- Crashes

They just uploaded the newest add-on game. Every time you press play the entire game crashes.

- Gold bars

Would like the gold bars I earn without having to purchase them..I am a pensioner on a fixed income and unable to afford the purchase..tried to win a share of gold bars, got to level 9, and remained there for days..unable to win in spite of using boosts..way to difficult or not enough moves to complete. I have played this game for years and have yet to earn any for free..please address this....

- Good

Great app

- Great game!

Lots of fun! Great game

- Freezes on level 5

It used to work fine but for 3 weeks now it freezes on level 5

- Too many pop ups/ads

I love this game but I feel like I have to close pop ups constantly. If it’s not a pop up asking me to purchase something it’s an ad I have to watch. I definitely play this game less than others because of this.

- Gold bars and beans

Why is it we have so many gold bars until we need them? We can’t use them so why bother. Also, collecting thousands beans but what is the point if we can’t use them in large denominations?

- Lives

Don’t understand why you can’t access lives when your team mates send them to you, and how is it that the other players send 100 magic beans, should it not be lives sent?

- Pop ups drive me crazy

Great game but you need to wait for about 42000 pop ups of various games or mini games or this or that or something. Sucks when you just wanna play a game but gotta wait for all this crap to pop up and click away and pop up n wait to animate then click away. Eventually you can start playing.

- Frustrating

I love the game bu all the pop ups are crazy ...after each game 4-5/at least before you can start back to the game ! Also...the limited play is ridiculous!

- Super

Très bon jeu

- Excellent


- Addictive

And just like that a few hours have gone by!

- Tired of game freezing

I have lost so many boosters as the game likes to freeze regularly, even when I safe progress it still takes all my points, beans. And boosters away.

- Freezes

Games keep freezing on me , very annoying

- New version doesn’t work

Just downloaded update today and game won’t open

- Grrreat game

Great challenges and AWSOME graphics

- Farms hero’s saga

J’aime beaucoup ce jeu même s’il y a des niveaux difficiles.

- Bars and Beans

Like the game very much but I agree that the bars should be free and that there has to be a use for all the beans.

- Won't go past the reward opening

I open the game and hasn't been able to go past the part where I have my daily re ward. Has been this way for weeks now. I'm uninstalling

- Crashing

The app keeps crashing in the middle of the game since the last update. Please fix it.

- Gold bars

There should be gold bars to unlock in levels. Most games do this and I’ve been buying mine to move up and am not going to do that any longer as it’s cost me a fortune. Love the game and am on a high level but it’s indeed cost me lots to get there !! Not paying no more and if that means no playing so be it ! Give us more gold bars free !!

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- Golden eyes

This is a good game so far I will carry on playing it to see what it is like further only is Amazing I love it ,love it love it

- Good game download for free get now


- K

Love the game but should be able to win gold bars on certain levels instead of only being able to buy

- Great!

Well recommended! Addictive!

- Fab

Love it x

- Farm Heroes Saga

I just love this game, it keeps my mind active, trying to solve each puzzle.

- Love this game

It’s the only one I really enjoy! Keep up the good work

- Good game but annoying as well

I've played this game while ago but stopped as it got really hard .... As someone mentioned , it's a game of luck so why make it so hard ?I Resumed playing few weeks ago and there was a level I could not pass after 7 days .... so gets boring or very costly ... why charge so much for extra moves? In best fiends we can earn gold as well as buy it and it cost 5 for extra moves and again 5 if needs more ,not like here ,second time goes to 15 ! So to finish 1 level , if unlucky ,is costing £2.99 ! Keep Bonnie on for longer as well as some of us who are not so lucky stand no chance to progress or back to "offloading " it from iOS... Also ,recharge is too long as well as only 5 lives that take ages to come back . Been playing best fiends for many years ,all levels completed , did spend load of money happily ,as game keeps me entertained and the balance of difficult/ easy is well presented -please make it more user friendly

- Addictive

Got this game to try because I was bored. A few weeks and 700 levels later I can’t stop playing.

- Great

Been my COVID Saviour!

- Brilliant game

Great game but annoying when there's a really hard level and it takes a week or two to pass the level

- Very good

I find very enjoyable

- Good fun

Good fun

- Problem with Honey Meadow

Has anyone else got a problem with Honey Meadow, there’s no Blue Water Drops on my game?!

- Honey Meadow

This is a new extra game started today. On level one you have to get 30 water drops. Trouble is there are no water drops in the game!!!!

- Fun Game!

Love it!

- Farmtastic

Love this game. Addictive

- Farm heroes

Could we please have beans as rewards please

- Bars

The amount of bars needed to buy a feature is to high also think you should allow to win bars

- Great 😊

I live this app and it’s great for kids too x

- I will be deleting this game

I will be deleting this from my phone. I made the mistake of buying the piggy bank thinking I won’t have to buy it again only to see once it reaches 25 bars you have to purchase another piggy bank. Asking for ridiculous prices from £2.99 to £54.99 is outrageous!!

- Farm Heroes Saga

Love this game iv been playing it for a long time keeps the old gray matter active 💕

- Brill

Been playing the game for years and I still love it. Play it every night. Very addictive

- So addictive

Love this game

- Pop ups

I don’t like having to either or continue through the numerous pop ups before I can actually play on my level.

- Sue

Brilliant game, very addictive

- This current version crashes immediately

You cannot play as the app will crash immediately

- Fabulous

This game is amazing, completely addictive! I just love the little faces of the cropsies and the little noises they make. I can relax for hours playing this game!

- I hate this game

I hate this game because all you have to do is play and play . I don't like it because it says that I don't have connected but I have i have even offed the And ond it again and it stil says I haven't ocnected .

- So cute

The things are so cute

- Lanzasuze

Great game, never too annoying- good way to wile away the hours during Corona virus lockdown!!

- Fun enjoyable

I think it is good because it keeps your brain active

- Best intelligent game ever.

Fantastic logic fun game with additional extra challenges which creates a personal challenge with prizes. Fabulous different themes. No annoying adds. Love it.

- Muggins

F——-g crap

- Great game!

Love this game, definitely my favourite!!

- Hooked

I played this years ago but got bored because I couldn’t get off a round. I must have tried to do it for about 6 months. Now I’ve fallen for it again. I came back playing it and got off the round I couldn’t manage last time, on my 1st attempt! Love it this time round, at least you have a chance now. Great game.

- Why the piggy bank

Got a piggy bank full of gold, what do I get? An ‘offer’ to buy extra boosters at £1 off! Yippee!

- Thank you.

Such a great game to get hooked into during shielding and got no energy or much concentration. Stay safe .

- Takes to long for lives

You have to wait 25 minutes for more lives and if you don’t make the level you lose lives and they don’t warn you if there is a hard level so if you go on it unprepared you going to lose lives then end up having to wait half a hour

- Got tedious really fast

I played this years ago and deleted it, forgot why... and with the current lockdown, I needed a game to entertain, so downloaded it again. Enjoyed it at the beginning, but rapidly got frustrated. The forced tutorials - it’s 2020, allow players to opt out... yes we might have not seen the new bonus or ‘enemy’ before but forcing the player to make set moves? Infuriating. The endless amount of animations and screens is mind-numbing... other King games let you tap them away immediately. Further into the game, it just feels more punitive than challenging... it’s a game of luck, not skill, so why make it so ridiculously hard? Cracking eggs was ok, the chickens are annoying, the frogs are infuriating (why do neither vanish during Hero mode? The rabbit does!!) but the sheep? As soon as I encountered them again, I remembered why I deleted the game before. Also, the honey pot challenge? Rotate the groups between rounds! I got teamed up with inactive players. So why make it a group game? Bonnie was the only fun element, with Bonnie I never lost. Without her, unless I am willing to drain my bonuses, it takes multiple attempts to pass even a normal level. But then, they want this to happen as they want you to spend money on gold and bonuses. Deleted again!

- Love This Game!!!!

Absolutely love this game it’s so addictive. I’ve been playing this for a few years now. The staff was really nice and helped me when I had a problem with the game when it glitched

- Still annoying

Connection error is all I get.. won’t let me sync with iPhone....... weeks are turning into months... same problem

- Love it!

Great game and extremely addictive! :)

- Farm Heroes Saga

Love it!

- Highly additive

Love the game

- EarthyDragon

1 ah dem Games that has pure good vibes about it ..... Totally enjoyable, fun and has lots of challenging moments on the different levels as u progress ..... I've introduced other friends to the Games an they r now also fulljoyin it ..... Keep up the good work 👌🏾💕😊 I'm continuing to fulljoy Farm Heroes, it's my time out during the day still entertaining,challenging n fun. The little gifts on the levels n thank u perks are a nice touch .... Again, keep up the good work during these lockdown times👌🏾💯, stay safe n Thank U🤗

- Farm hero’s saga

I love this game

- Enter another

This game is fun and addicting. I got this game yesterday and am already on leaflets 10. If you have a little child then this game is perfect for them

- Top game

Addictive fun for all ages. Levels are increasingly tough but stick by it. Great touch giving 24 hours infinite play during the Corona lock down. Thanks

- Love it

Have been playing this for years and love it no problems

- Bored3

Slow game

- Joy killer

To many freaking Pop-ups, clicks protocols. It’s like flying a space ship before the main game.

- Best puzzle game.

I like this cos it’s one in a million puzzle game.

- Farm heroes

Super awesome and super addictive Can’t go a day without it Easy to play and best offers and bonuses😘😘😘😍😍😍

- Waste

This game is a waste of time 💔❗️❗️❗️❗️

- Marcendra

I am enjoying d game but it freezes sometimes which is very annoying.

- Excellent

Lovely company and addictive

- 237


- Excellent


- Glitch?

Why does Bonnie booster make my game freeze? It’s frustrating 😡

- The bestttt

This game is the best since i have an iphone 4 and cant play most games. To my utmost suprise this game runs ios 7 im so thrilled.

- Very nice

Worth your time

- Sad

I wish I didn't upgrade. The app crashes once I click on it. Very sad. I want my 1star back.

- App crashes frequently

Hi, The app crashes when playing games. The frequency has increased lately. Please fix this and I would give a 5 star

- Amazing game

So addicted to it

- Nice game

Awesome game

- Awww

Lovely game

- Top notch!

I love farm hero. The best

- Cool

This game is great

- Nice!

Pretty cool!

- Super duper

Lovely and interesting

- Love this game

I am addicted to it

- Awesome

Best of the best

- Wow


- Kucoobaroo


- awesome

the game has gotten more interesting

- Great game. Highly addictive

Better than candy crush

- Interesting game

I am addicted!

- Please help

My game won't open and I'm on level 765. And the upgrade isn't available either. Please do something

- Miss

The update has not updated therefore made farm heroes inaccessible... Pls do something about it as I can't play my game.

- Superb

The game is getting more interesting but sometimes I have to tap play many times before I can continue. Please look into that

- Very good

Maybe some improvements needed

- Ms Rita

Excellent Game

- Awesome

Soo cool

- Review & Rating

Fantastic & Wonderful

- My 2 cents

Cool game

- No regrets

Tooo nice

- Positively addictive

Can't stop playing this game 💋

- Game

Nice game, hate d rabbit though bt makes it more challenging.

- Excellent

This a wonderful game. I have enjoyed it so much. I play, day and night! Can't do without playing.

- Level 787

Hey guys, please fix level 787. It's an impossible level...

- Best game ever!

This game is a must have, guys go get it.

- Remove the rabbit

I loved this game until I reached the level when a rabbit eats the carrots. Hate it

- Lovely

Very lovely game though is tricky but I love it.

- Cool

Wow, addictive

- You need to get this game

Good game

- Good

Nice application

- Mr Halla

This is my best game ever on Apple Store.

- Amazing

It's a beautiful game..very addictive!!

- The great

An awesome game

Farm Heroes Saga - VER. 5.38.3 Infinite (Lives - Boosters) MOD APK Farm Heroes Saga Version: 5.38.3 Root Needed?…

Aí quando eu conhecer a Dona Marcelle vou mostrar logo o meu nível do Farm Heroes Saga, pra ela ver que eu sou alguém de respeito

Depois que eu baixei de novo Farm Heroes Saga, minha vida não tá sendo a mesma

@Margaret_YR @GonzalezAnnia19 @FeerAcosta15 JAJAJAJAJA no mi mama es nivel 2000 en el farm heroes saga o algo asi

@soylapolaca Prestá atención, y dejá de jugar al Farm Heroes Saga. *Le golpea la nuca*

coisas inúteis sobre mim?? altura ー 1,64 por aí n sei tamanho do pé — 36/37 signo — virgem tatuagens ー 1 piercing…

#FarmHeroesSaga #kardan #adam #slitherio #toy #criminal #conspiracy #Ets2 #ets2 #soda #Supernatural #investigations…

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Farm Heroes Saga 5.38.3 Screenshots & Images

Farm Heroes Saga iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Farm Heroes Saga iphone images
Farm Heroes Saga iphone images
Farm Heroes Saga iphone images
Farm Heroes Saga iphone images
Farm Heroes Saga iphone images
Farm Heroes Saga ipad images
Farm Heroes Saga ipad images
Farm Heroes Saga ipad images
Farm Heroes Saga ipad images
Farm Heroes Saga ipad images
Farm Heroes Saga Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Farm Heroes Saga Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Farm Heroes Saga (Version 5.38.3) Install & Download

The applications Farm Heroes Saga was published in the category Games on 2014-01-02 and was developed by King [Developer ID: 526656015]. This application file size is 241.16 MB. Farm Heroes Saga - Games posted on 2020-05-24 current version is 5.38.3 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions.

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