Pet Rescue Saga

Pet Rescue Saga download

From the makers of Candy Crush Saga & Farm Heroes Saga, King presents Pet Rescue Saga!

Match two or more blocks of the same color to clear the level and save the pets! It’s your job to create matches and free the pets, but remember - moves are limited so plan them carefully. Your puzzle skills will be tested with hours of cube matching fun!

Challenge yourself to this puzzling saga on your own, or play your friends to see who can get the best score!

*** Downloaded over 150 million times! - Thanks to all our fans ***

Pet Rescue Saga is completely free to play but some in-game items such as extra moves or lives will require payment. You can turn off the payment feature by disabling in-app purchases in your device’s settings.

Pet Rescue Saga Features;
• Lovable pets of all varieties - puppies, pandas, piglets and many more!
• Eye-catching graphics and colorful gameplay
• Diamonds, exploding bombs, colorful paint pots, locked animal cages and much more
• Spectacular boosters and bonus rewards unlocked after many levels
• Easy and fun to play, challenging to master
• Hundreds of pet puzzling levels - more added every 2 weeks!
• Leaderboards to watch your friends and competitors!
• Easily sync the game between devices and unlock full game features when connected to the Internet

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Last but not least, a big THANK YOU goes out to everyone who has played Pet Rescue Saga!

Pet Rescue Saga App Description & Overview

The applications Pet Rescue Saga was published in the category Games on 2013-06-12 and was developed by King. This application file size is 126.16 MB. Pet Rescue Saga current version is 1.202.12 and works well on IOS 8 and high versions.

Take a break in this magical circus and enjoy with our pets in the carousel! It includes:

-A brand new episode, 'Clown Show'! With these NEW LEVELS, there are now more than 2900 levels of fun for you to enjoy :)
-More missions, challenges, and surprises!

Pet Rescue Saga App Tips, Tricks and Rules

Pet Rescue Saga Comments & Reviews

Advertorial    5 star

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shadwrap   4 star

Updates. Why do u have to wait so long for updates it’s been 4 days now and no new updates

bigoz132   5 star

Bomb game. Bomb bomb

Norfolk Southern Railfan   5 star

So addictive!!!. I play this game every day and I love it!! It’s that addictive!!

Facilidad. Me encanta el juego pero para jugar hay que darle a demasiadas opciones para llegar a una tabla.Deben quitar algunas opciones y que sea más fácil para el que la usa.

laporj   5 star

Great game!. Playing for years!

Vickchez   5 star

👍🏽👍🏽. Awesome game

jus315   5 star

Pet rescue. Great game❗️

ohlightningbug   5 star

Pets. Pets I just love this game it keeps me alert yes I am addicted to it

Nong Lak   5 star

I love this game. Sometimes it’s hard but most of the time it’s fun. Did I say I love this game😜?

L.I.Baker   5 star

11/13/19-Fun Facts. It might seem trivial, but it’d be great if theFun facts came back.

SJRoyal1   3 star

Time for upgrades ❤️. I really like the game. I hate the piggy bank. I’m not sure what it’s for. There is no growth. Instead of the piggy bank the gold bars should be added to the account to purchase boosters with.

SummersStokes   5 star

Pet Rescue. GREAT game...takes too long for new episodes

jonesie624   1 star

Gold bars. Why do I have to buy gold bars in order to use my gold bars. That doesn’t make any sense to me

QXBLE   3 star

Could be much better. I really love playing this game. It would be if I did have to pay for we rewards I’ve already won.

pmpkin77777777777777   5 star

Love. Love

MoGCarter   5 star

Love it!!!. Enjoy playing

jdrobbi   3 star

LEVEL 41 IS IMPOSSIBLE TO BEAT.. Note to beginners to this game. I am currently on Level 41 and have failed like 10 times already to win and have failed every time, therefore, it is impossible and tough and I can’t win!!

brendaplayer26   5 star

I all way like this game. I all way like this game

panfunfla   2 star

Es entretenida. Pero tiene mucho anuncio en lo que son los retos

Always Pet Friendly   5 star

Its fun. I like playing. Keeps me from snacking while watching tv. 😁

rob203   1 star

Why do I have to join a team?. I’ve been playing this game for a long long time and now I cannot play the game because you are forcing me to join a team. That’s not right

Rainbow Bear777   5 star

Pet Palace = warm up & stress relief. I play Pet Palace every morning. It gets my mind into problem solving mode before I get to the office. Then I like to play right after work. It transitions me outta work and into home life so I can hug my three kids when I get home and leave the office behind.

customer IIII   5 star

Addicted. Hello, this game is so addicting. I’m on the 2100s and when I’m about to go to bed or at work on shift this is what I turn to and gets me through my shift or I fall asleep playing. It’s a thinking but fun game, thanks for creating.

Linda21j   5 star

😊Juego Divertido❤️. 😊💖Un Juego muy Divertido y entretenido. Muy sano para niños de todas las edades. !!!! 😊❤️

Ms. Layde   1 star

CHEATERS CHEATERS!!. There’s one level that’s hard and seems impossible to pass. Where you’ve cleared the entire board and they want you to rescue 12 pets. While the entire board is cleared colored cubes, steel boxes and animals drop from the top. You only need 2 more pets but guess what the pets don’t drop fast enough and GAME OVER! You can continue to play for 9 coins to get 5 turns but still that one pet won’t drop and game over again. After that you can’t buy 5 more turns. Imagine passing every level consecutively and you start off each round with 5 things (paint cans, ballon, bars, etc) but don’t have that anymore bc of this one level. This level made me so upset I deleted the app off ALL OF MY DEVICES. After buying coins and bonuses you get once collecting (each level) the five things asked. I QUIT! I know you make your money based on consumers buying things but cheating in hopes for us to continue to buy is BS. Forget this game! You won’t get anymore of my money. For others PLAY AT YOUR OWN RISK. Once you have gotten so far in levels on the game plus winning the 10 levels. The game is set up for you not to win and to continue to make in app purchases. I was on level 800 and something.

Hyper445   5 star

Pw. Very fun and challenging!

wonderful Wendyville   4 star

It would be a 5 but.... I’ve played for years and have to wait a week to wait for new episodes. Love playing...hate waiting.

snoutbeetle   3 star

Hard levels. It seems now that almost every level is hard and super hard. It used to be a set of 4 hard levels and now it is at least 3 sets of hard levels from treasure chest to the next treasure chest. My fun level is going down hill.

T'Carr   5 star

The piggy bank. I love the game but it would be sooooo much better if you could use the piggy bank to buy boosters. Also I don’t think using a booster should be counted as one of the moves. We’ve earned those!

Inchantedchyld   5 star

Pet rescue. This game is a great way to kill time and the levels and graphics are awesome..I wish there was a way to interact with the pets more and possibly more options as far as personalization of the pets and their costumes and a way to use different varieties of pets but overall it’s a fun game with different levels

Advertorial    5 star

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RanDar01   5 star

Love this game. Best game for endless challenge and fun. Great for all ages and skill levels.

Benha987345   3 star

Pet rescue saga. Why do you feel the need to force players to be on a team when they just want to play the game

Boccegal   5 star

Pet rescue. Best of all the King games - very addictive!

wistlerduck   1 star

Not good. It is a bothersome game. Even if you play long hours. Life is more important!!

007Gambler   5 star

Awesome always continue your good work!. Bravo

ds 448   3 star

Jaime le jeux mais. Pourquoi le jeux est blocqué pis il y a un chevalet et une pelle Merci

ghjkkyffvn   5 star

Problem with piggy bank. Help! The game won’t let me pay to open my piggy bank. What should I do?

dqunie   5 star

Pet rescue. I love the game I hope it will continue forever.

tinesta   5 star

Pet rescue. I’ve reached level 2892 and waiting for new levels. I really really don’t need a break from pet rescue I love the challenge but sometimes I think after so many days of trying to pass that level we should get a break instead of using all our extra bonus rockets extra

Saminass   5 star

Pet rescue. I guess you can tell that I absolutely love this game. It is very entertaining and very addicting and I love it, what can I say?

Ms Hollyrock1   5 star

J Hollywood. This is my all tim favourite game...Love it!

keohoenx   5 star

Games the Right Type of Challenge. Like the game puzzles some times the game does the unexpected yet great team of minds behind this constantly challenging

Least55   5 star

Pet Rescue ( mobile ). Been playing for a few years on and off. It’s still one of my go to KING games. Like it. 👍🏻 🐶 :)

Mrg 1   1 star

No good. Very stupid game, I would not recommend it

pattersonone   5 star

Graphics. The talent evident in bringing the little worlds to life is unparalleled. These designers could be working for Spielberg! Your imagination is truly appreciated.

mopette14   5 star

Vie éternelle. Pourquoi j’ai toujours des vies éternelles?

Gisele57   4 star

Booster. Been using my booster lately, the one that clear your screen and it doesn't, and have all the pets needed to make the screen. Happened a couple of time.... Had one pet left to rescue, used again my super booster and it didn't clear the screen... what good is having this booster if it doesn't work. 😡 please do something about it ....

McSpook   4 star

Cherryville. A fun game that is challenging at times

Francinette47   5 star

It’s m’y favorite game... Number one for me

WifeofTebby   5 star

Finally rated the game. Still my favourite game after all these years!

babelibo99   5 star

Pet Rescue. Super!

christineFermont   5 star

Super. Vos mises à jour sont à point. Vos récompenses sont appréciées

Dublin10052   5 star

Real fun and mind challenging. Been playing for years. Into 1600 levels now. Often say I’ll never get past this one and then I do. Never spent any money and can play off line also. I like the additions and changes over time. Always my go to free game

22Stacey22   5 star

Fun but expensive. Great graphics and addictive. You can play without paying until about levels in the 50s. Then you start needing help. After level 60 it becomes very difficult and not too fun anymore. After level 70 it’s impossible to play without spending mounds of cash. No ads are nice. I’m on level 75ish and once I run out of my coins and special toys I’m deleting it or I’ll break the bank.

Triglobe   5 star

Pet rescue. Would like it if you have a blaster that is unused when you win a level it saves to your bank

monik23   4 star

Fun game. Been playing for a few years now, the thing they should fix is to give players the choice of when they use their unlimited lives, use now or use later, bank the hours...sometimes you just don’t have the time to play for hours...

2601sadie   1 star

Last chance freezing iPhone. I am sick of the ‘Last Chance’ pop up freezing my phone. I have an iPhone X so it is uptodate! Also, last chance should mean last chance; not every day!

allooning   3 star

pet rescue saga. Tharp are notIt enough boosters for the games making them long and frustrating.

Lolsuxxx   5 star

Excellent. J'adore ce jeu depuis plus de 7 ans❤️

Raivygravy   5 star

Love this game. Playing for a real long time. Very entertaining

Advertorial    5 star

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ghyttdbmkugfdyu   3 star

New update horrible to deal with. I love this game but with new update I cannot even get onto the level I left at, go to try and find where I left off at level and it shows what levels I already completed. I eventually find the level but cannot click on it as it is behind the top screen with lives and coins on it. Please fix this

Juju Malagueta   5 star

🥰. I love Pet Rescue ❤️

phatboy4   4 star

Great Game too long for new levels. Love playing the game but have to wait over a week at a time to have new levels added.

jayspets   3 star

Special Pets. The Special Pets add a helpful boost but they’re getting very hard to get. The bronze dog comes but then it takes many level attempts to get silver kitty and then if you don’t get it on that try you miss your chance

happythommo   5 star

Obsessed. Love this game

Bruce Mitchell   5 star

Pet Rescue. Best game in the App Store. Very addictive.

LynMernagh   5 star

Great game. This is a fantastic game. The puzzles are challenging and the variety keeps you back for more.

diamondsnjuls   3 star

Waiting for updates. Always waiting for new updates to get new level. Ive updated twice this week and am still locked out with 'new levels coming' 😡

Jacks am   1 star

Not honest. Charging more than should I mean this supposed to be a game but of course there are just greedy developers raping players. Some areas you just cannot get through even if you spend heaps just ridiculous

Warrill   5 star

Pet Rescue. Love this game. The only disappointment is that when you fill your Piggy Bank you have to pay to access it. You not only have to earn the rewards but pay for them as well Mazza

siilhon   5 star

World Waboon. I am still on the first world. Later on I might be in the second world, so I’m telling you that now I am playing this for a month and is on level 125. Quick, right. The winning streak thing is weird. The second one just seems to “electrify” th rechargeable booster. P.S. The infected blocks are too easy to destroy.

Fifisyd   1 star

Money stealers. I agree to pay $4.49 to buy an enhancement on the game. I am charged the $4.49 twice or in same cases the $4.49 and then another $13.00 on top of this. I thought is was a mistake but when I took it up with a Paypal they said there is no problem, obviously working with the game. They dismissed it, regardless of the fact the amount I agreed to pay was $4.49, nothing more. So this game will cost you twice in same cases quadruple the amount they say they are charging you. Don’t do it!

steve33476   2 star

Level is too hard. Level23 is the hardest and just 1 more bar to open the piggy bank and why can’t we open it for free?🤯🥵🥶🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡😡😡

Ashuu27   5 star

Pet rescue. Great addictive game but needs to have more free benefits piggy bank feature should be free everything else is great love the game.

chookybo   5 star

Pet Rescue Saga. Very addictive game. Is my favorite. Have spent a lot of money playing this game. Cost could be a bit cheaper. It does annoy me when I use gold bars and the first two lots are 9, then goes up to 12 and then 15. I’ve not gone past 4 tries so guess it goes up even more.

Crushed cider   1 star

Pet rescue. Too many icons on front screen cannot access the level I am on in this game, for goodness sake please fix this immediately!!

12.,5   1 star

think. foolish game, u gt stuck on a level as if you will earn some money

Lindaluvs2laugh   5 star

Addicted. Absolutely love this game. Now that I’m getting older it keeps my mind very active 👍

Pura1   5 star

Pet rescue saga. Love Pet rescue saga! It’s an awesome game.

Chelley4172   5 star

Awesome game. I just am addicted to this game. I think it’s awesome

Sacee1960   3 star

Extra help on hard levels. Can I suggest to the creaters of this game to put in a way of by-passing hard levels. Its ridiculous when you are stuck on levels for weeks/months at a time.

nctla   3 star

Gane. Was playing at level 600 and then it went back to start the next time. DISSAPPOINTING

WoolyK   1 star

Level 2436. Have been stuck on this level for about 6 weeks. I am done. Multiple times I have got within 1 more to free and I loose. It has now become a bore. See Ya

Oznan2   5 star

Love it but want more levels. Please more and more level. Is level 2742 the last ever level in pet rescue? I do it on my phone don’t do Facebook. Oznan2

Tris😻💕   1 star

Please stop the octopus mystery mountain. The octopus mystery mountain has ruined the whole mystery mountain weekend. Please please go back to the original! I hate playing it now. :( It’s way too hard to get boosts ect... Will probably delete the game soon because of this.

Jac12   1 star

Latest version forcing portrait orientation. Great game, but the latest version is forcing portrait orientation on the iPad. This makes it uncomfortable to play and does not work with most tablet stands that are landscape oriented. Please fix ASAP.

alexia hiddleston   2 star

Double charging for no reason. As much as the game is great, it’s becoming a joke. Buying coins only to be double charged. It’s not a one off, it’s been happening for months- a $4.49 purchase is double charging. Sometimes a “piggy bank” will be purchased only to have “special offer” thrown on too. There’s no extra coins/gifts added. I’m constantly having to refund. I have emailed king with the issue and never got a response

Klam4   4 star

Lives. Find it interesting my lives would refresh every 5 minutes or so until I declined to rate this game. Now they take 15 minutes to refresh a life. Has anyone else had this experience?

Bundy 9088   4 star

Bank. I really enjoy Pet Rescue but, Why do the bars need to be purchased from an very over flowing bank.

Grew day   5 star

The best. Great 👍🏼

fjairbf   1 star

Predatory. This game has challenges that make you think you won some game perks, but really when you “win” the challenge you’re invited to purchase what you “won” from the shop for actual money.

Titanicsewer   5 star

Why I love Pet Saga. Love the new version. And I’m glad you took out the hard level that I could not win.

chapun1   5 star

Pet. Me gusta mucho

Pet rescue saga. This game is fun as well as challenging. It is also very cute ! Fun for all ages ! Try you'll see, oh ! It is also addictive ! Enjoy I know I am. I have one suggestion for the game, " when we win a level and have an activated booster it should be saved to our wheel of boosters " because it is already ours. Thanks for the years of fun ! As of 2019 (added in later) I really wish your computerized app support did not interfere with my game playing and game winning. Also we as players would like to be able to at the very least be able to beat all the extra mountain levels some of the challenges. I have been playing since 2009, and have beaten the mountain challenge " ONCE ". Yet I am addicted !

Boldkic   4 star

Disappointed. I’m am disappointed in the very hard levels you have to get through just to get an offer which you really shouldn’t have to pay for to get which I can’t pay for it anyway 😩 I really appreciate the boosters that help me get through the game . I really appreciate the chance to explore & get past levels to see where it takes me. I still think the boosters you have to use from your own boosters collection should not count as a turn!! I understand the ones on the level game should count as a turn. The important part of this game is I still want to play the game as with others if their too hard than I stop playing them. Thank You Again.

PiperSaysI   1 star

Lost progress. I friken love this game and have been playing it for ever!! I lost my Facebook login, so when I went to log it I lost years... YEARS of progress. Not only that, I cannot find anywhere to ask about this. I only see old posts of similar questions. 😡 I am so upset over this. So I hope I get some attention with the low rating. I want my progress back!!! Then I’ll change my rating.

Kucabara   5 star

Excellent!. This is my “go to” game. I’ve been playing it for a couple of years now. It’s fun & challenging.

Mom4everx4   5 star

The best games on the web. Play often!

Сашааромо   5 star

Хорошея игра.. Реально хорошая занимательная и веселая игра, прекрасно убивает время, работает офлайн, и развивает логику.

coachbrown-BMOC   1 star

Money Hungry. Stop trying to charge people for everything. You gain credit for a piggybank but you have to pay for it. You gain levels you have to pay for it, so Your Game is about Money for your pockets Nice Business!

Memomma4   5 star

Love it. Love this game. This is one game I always go back to play.

FreddyT2003   3 star

Fun but.... Fun game with lots of rewards but annoying that it constantly is prompting to go to the store to spend money. Gold bars max out at a low number unless you make a purchase.

Oregon nanny   4 star

Fun but costly. Shouldn’t have to pay for rewards

zmartin4   5 star

Love this game!. Love this game!! Been playing for years and just waiting for more levels!!!!

Catandmouse1   5 star

Shady. You all can be shady when I’m all can make it more difficult than necessary.

Trinah1015   5 star

Playing Since day 1. I’ve always loved this game. I play it everyday! Currently in the 2000’s on levels. Keeping this game forever.

Go SunGypsy   3 star

Some items are a rip off. One should not have to pay for a reward one has earned. For example; the only way to open the PIG is through a purchase. Not cool - a rip off when one is forced to pay. Need another way to redeem the rewards always.

Purplelava55   5 star

Upgrades are terrific!!. I’ve been playing Pet Rescue for years off and on. Gone through a bunch of site and game improvements until it’s now a great game to play regularly. For me it’s become a little more addictive because I compete against other players which is almost constantly. Major fun game .

Juliet question   5 star

I love you. Do you feel good about this game because it is very fun to you and me it makes me calm and feel happy because it’s like I’m saving pets in the world and I wanted play the game right now so it’s like when I play it I feel like I’m saving pets and they are free all day long so if you like the game just let me know cause I’ll be there and I love how they have the different colors in the dog and pig in the panda they’re like so cute in the game I wish I was in the game so I could rescue them and it’s kind like I’m in their game so if you feel like liking the game I’ll be there

mommaweis   2 star

No more levels. I love Pet Rescue, but I keep running out of levels and when they add more, there are only a few. I have to wait and wait and finally they will add a few more. Very disappointed. :(

Poko T   5 star

Addictive. I play this game faithfully each night!! Can’t put it down.

kkkfssgjkk   4 star

Pay for Gold. I don’t like that you have to pay to get the gold bars you win, not a real win when you still have to pay for them.

🦖dino biy   1 star

Make more things. Hi I love this game but can you please make more levels please please add more things please please make this a funny and fun and I am so happy that you can have fun and play it more things fun and more fun and fun for kids and fun things to play and make more things fun for kids to play and more fun and fun for kids fun and to play for kids to play fun and to play for kids and fun kids fun for kids y and fun for kids and fun for fun kids fun and fun for kids and fun kids fun and fun for kids to play fun and fun for kids to play and fun for kids and fun kids fun and fun for kids please make the things I said bye

cvcollins69   5 star

Reward-PiggyBank. I love and enjoy this game but now my piggy bank is full and the only way I can get it is to pay. Too many games ask for money and I think this one along with my other game does this, once you reach a certain level you get what has been banked free and I think this is a GREAT idea so you’re able to collect all you have won or got rewarded. So the creator of Pet Rescue Saga, please consider this, each time a player reaches a certain level or even collect so much gold, their reward is they’ve earned what’s collected in their bank. 👍🏾

@821   5 star

Addictive. I just love this game

HolyGhost2   5 star

AWESOME. Great Game!!

cece23964   5 star

Pet rescue saga. Best game ever

Crayyolo   5 star

Awesome. Been playing this game for years. Really enjoy each and every level.

red headed flash   5 star

Game playing red headed Flash. This game is so so fun! I can’t stop playing!!

2,945 games   4 star

Love the games. Hate the piggy bank!!! You have to pay for gold bars that you won.

Sawexp12   5 star

Pet Rescue. A fantastic & addicting game. I just love it!

Chehra Belle   5 star

So distressful game .. I love pet rescue game . The pets are cute , make cute sound ... and the game helps me chill. I enjoy it everyday .

Carodane63   5 star

Bravo aux concepteurs. J’adore ce jeu. C’est addictif.

Coll Delaney   4 star

Thoroughly Enjoy. Play this game everyday without missing. It’s the only thing I look forward to.

nbdwfan   3 star

Great game too many extras. I hate the piggy bank thing, and the finding pet items, if it is a reward, I should not have to spend money to get it.

baulnestephanie   5 star

nombre de vie. Bonjour j’adore votre jeux mais je trouve que 5 vies est vite passé!!☹️

faux piggy bank   4 star

Faux piggy bank. What’s the benefit of the piggy bank if you want a credit card number

Lauren Awesome 23 23 23   3 star

Like every other match-3 game out there. Falsely advertised as a minesweeper type game. If you think that’s what people are going to download, make that instead, because that’s what I was hoping for. Something that is a little more unique than a match-3. Match 3s are the only “new” games I see advertised.

Non computer or app person   2 star

Desided to give it a 2nd try. Still more of a money grab game! Can’t empty pig more the once without having to pay with things you earned well playing.

KL123!   3 star

Great game. Take out the piggy bank

kWris & gGon   5 star

5 stars. Love it

Nath.75   5 star

Super!!!. Super!!! Mais là il serait temps mettre pet rescue 2 car ça devient trop répétitif. (Pet rescue clicker, ou patrol)

doryelocas   5 star

Piggy Bank. Don’t like that I have to pay after earned, but I miss the carnival to try for special rewards. Very addictive game tho

foooooooooooooooooooooood   3 star

Good in tool they get you. It’s fun but my piggy bank got full and it needed money to get more gold so ya be careful otherwise it’s good byes <3

Nat_32   5 star

Nathalie. Génial

Ray Bob Van Dupontski   5 star

Hours of Fun. Sometimes just can't put it down!

Le Vasconcellos   2 star

More possibilities!!!. Need more options for the players. I don’t put any money. If a don’t have more options I change the play.

Ionask   2 star

Johannafirefly. My devices are set to "no in App purchases" but you totally ignore this and have gold bars bouncing off a piggy bank only to announce "your piggy bank is full." DUH.. Please respect the "no in App purchases." and remove this request to pay for gold bars. Thank You.

chrysalis0640   4 star

Piggy Bank. I will NEVER pay money to redeem coins I earned!

cgod123   5 star

Missing Text. Missing text with the last update when you load a game. Just blank under the stars. Please fix since this is my favourite game.

Diane Nickart   4 star

Review. Love this game, but I hate the piggy bank. Get rid of it.

l0ri Jean   5 star

Pet Rescue. Love this game...puzzles are exactly the kindling like. Hard enough to challenge you but not so hard you give up.

MammabearK   4 star

Cute game!. Fun game with cute little creatures. Shouldn’t have to pay for the piggy bank to get the gold bars you earned though.

Austin-B   5 star

Option. I wish the game would not take over once you have collected all your pets and it would give you the option to either play on or go auto especially when your plays for stars

rich joe   5 star

Great game. Love the game been playing for several years. Get rid of the piggy bank. I will not buy nor ever will.

Jayda2403   3 star

Glitches. Like the game but so many times if there’s a pickaxe booster available after solved at the end, the game freezes and I have to redo level only to have it happen again. Right now it’s on level 205. Please fix this glitch! And again level 285. It happens on other levels, these are hard ones I get stuck on after already completing 🤬

zzzzzzxzxxxxxxxxx   1 star

Service. Awful

172417241724   4 star

Love this game but.... Love this but the boosters have become sooo expensive. If I recall, 3 pickaxes were 3000 game-currency and they climbed up to 43000 for five!

Saulship   5 star

Thank you. My morning routine play a few minutes very relaxing

Qawsedrftgtfrdeswaqzxcvb   1 star

Too many pop ups. Awesome game but I’m done with it because 10ish pop ups to get to the level map when opening the game and now pop ups after every level because the gold bank is full and I’m not paying money to convert it to gold bars. Too bad really like this game.

Wa-me   5 star

Best value. Great game. You can play ongoing. You do not need to spend exuberant amounts of money to keep playing, I love it

unhappy_jan   1 star

Issue. i am up to game 2333 and i have found in the latest releases that the hammer doesn’t work properly. if the game ends and is auto completed - the hammer will freeze. So if you at the third or fourth step in a mystery mountain challenge you have to close the game and start from step one. if you have a number of boxes you can destroy with the hammer in some other games. it will only let you select a square that’s at the top of the game, or you can’t use it at all. i’m about to take the latest release and see if that fixes this issue.

Unhappy Zephyr   1 star

Thieves. Stole game form Candy Swipe. Sued Candy Swipe when they stole from Candy swipe King company makes me sick They also delete reviews and hide

SonJa Flor'Ba   5 star

Addicted ☝️. Awesomeness👌🏼

fatai8188   1 star

No point to showing the bank of gold bar. I don’t no y t point of keep showing t gold bar bank is full bt we not use it is beta don’t keep show it it no point to collect t gold bar bcoz it keep say it full thankz 0%rate

zzzTinTinzzz   3 star

Too long between updates on mobile devices. Pet rescue take too long between updates

Hagar4169   3 star

Piggy bank. What’s the point in having a piggy bank if you cannot open it, star rating would be higher if one could access the silly little piggy 🐷 bank 🏦

KPow*   3 star

New update issues. The free hammer you get whilst completing a level won’t work on some of the blocks.

movieqn   3 star

False encouragement. I am at Level 837 .Your latest Piggy Bank rewards are not rewards because they are not free...we have to pay for the gold bars which we earned by getting through those hard levels. My piggy bank overflowing now . Ridiculous isn’t it !! Suggest.....those free boosters in each level should be added to our collection if not used because we manage to get through without using it.

Boriz24   3 star

Boriz24. Ok to play, takes too long to level up, get enough lives sent to get boosters to move up

Soka22   4 star

Piggy whatever. I love the game, but the pop up of the offer to buy gold is soooooooo annoying. It just not right. If it is full and player does not want to buy, It can go on the side without irritating and popping with each level progress. Please consider

•008•   3 star

Fix minor problem. With this new upgrade there seems to be some kind of problem because those materials which we get when we complete a level or any challenges seems to be having some kind of issues with it! Kindly fix it !!

diana mcgregor   5 star

Pet rescue. Love this game but when I changed to play on Facebook I lost where I was and had to start again .

Chickie66   4 star

Enjoyable. Love playing this game except for the piggy bank just put it in the corner where it not in the way very frustrating when you have to hit it twice at the end of the every level

Spieder1234   2 star

Pet Rescue. Takes far too long for the next level to come up. Sometimes it’s as long as 7 days that’s just not acceptable. You need to do give several levels together or just be quicker with bringing on the next level.

Stahr70   1 star

Pet Rescue Saga. Iv been playing pet rescue for years now, Last night & today the side app Circus that costs three gold bars per session has been freezing, When you press on buy now”, Nothing happens. Press again still nothing happens, Press again thinking it’s my phone & still nothing happens.. Refresh the app to see 12 bars gone & I still had to purchase 3 more bars to play. It did exactly the same thing today.. 24 gold bars in total gone, no way of contacting anyone for help & a waste of my money! Getting greedy like other apps now King!!

Chocliz   4 star

Enjoyable. I quite enjoy this game, despite some levels being amazingly difficult. What I don’t like is having to tap through TEN screens to get to the PLAY button.

Awesome pnow   5 star

Good Game. This is a really fun game! Great strategies are used while playing and it gets your mind going. Well done!

*Unicorn   3 star

5 step challenges. Please change the 5 step challenge... so repetitive and getting boring

Technical problem. I like this game so much but This game have some serious problem when ever I try to play it’s stuck can you please check and fix it

rachealle   5 star

🤦‍♀️. Very addictive but don’t update new levels quick enough wait nearly 6 weeks for update of 15 levels only to pass them in a day

neetu007   1 star

Frustrating. I have been on level 2232 for last three weeks , no option to unlock new levels..

123jetgirl   4 star

1227. I’ve been on 1227 for weeks. There seems to be no strategic way to get through. No keys come down . Frustrated. Seems like it’s just luck if a key does come down . Feel like giving the game away. I like a game where you have to work things out. Have to add though, that up till now I’ve loved this game.

Ilovethis231   2 star

Ok ... I guess. I never really play🤡

07Frankie   4 star

Great game. Great game... persistence over time, and booster rewards earned for levels or for time played, can get thru any level. Could be improved with unused in game bonuses saved for next levels.

anon9812   3 star

Keeps crashing. At level 1543, every time I get close to passing the level it crashes.

notgoodasdf   1 star

Not goodasdf. I do not appreciate a player by the name of Muddafuka appearing on my screen. I loved the game before this.

Newagenanni   5 star

Newagenanni. Still looking forward to the next level 1490 games later 😂😂

The One That Rox   4 star

Pretty good. I really like this game and have been playing it since I was 5 years old, however I think when you run out of move options, they should shuffle it not end the game.

31c   5 star

love it. great game 😀

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