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What is candy crush soda saga app? Download Candy Crush Soda Saga now!

From the makers of the legendary Candy Crush Saga comes Candy Crush Soda Saga! Unique candies, more divine matching combinations and challenging game modes brimming with purple soda and fun!

This mouth-watering puzzle adventure will instantly quench your thirst for fun. Join Kimmy on her juicy journey to find Tiffi, by switching and matching your way through new dimensions of magical gameplay. Take on this Sodalicious Saga alone or play with friends to see who can get the highest score!

Monthly season updates bring unique quests and exciting gameplay for you to explore! Complete quests to progress through the Season Pass while earning rewards and boosters to help you on your Saga.

Show your competitive side in the Episode Race! Compete against other players to see who can complete levels the fastest and progress the quickest. Or work as a team in the 4 in a Row game mode where players work together for Sodalicious rewards!

Candy Crush Soda Saga Features:

*Over 6000 match 3 Sodalicious levels

*Mouth-watering graphics, with 3D characters and an ever changing environment

*Monthly Seasons all year long, filled with challenging quests and a reward-fueled Season Pass

*Game modes bubbling with fun and unique candy:

Soda – Switch the bottles and match candies to release purple soda and save the Candy Bears

Frosting – Match candy to smash the ice and set the Candy Bears free

Honeycomb – Match candies next to honeycomb to release the trapped Candy Bears

Jam – Spread the jam across the board

*Unique candies and scrumptious new matching combinations:

Match 4 candies in a square to make a Swedish Fish!

Match 7 candies for the all new Coloring Candy!

*Explore juicy worlds and levels with even more characters!

*Team up for tasty rewards in the 4 in a Row game mode

*Complete levels in the fastest time for sweet prizes in the Episode Race!

*Easy and fun to play, yet challenging to fully master

*Players that Facebook Connect will have access to leaderboards where you can challenge your friends and compare your highscores!

*Easily sync the game between devices to unlock the games full features when connected to the internet

Candy Crush Soda Saga is completely free to play, but some in-game items such as extra moves or lives will require payment.

By downloading this game you are agreeing to our terms of service;

Do not sell my data: King shares your personal information with advertising partners to personalize ads. Learn more at If you wish to exercise your Do Not Sell My Data rights, you can do so by contacting us via the in game help centre or by going to

Facebook @CandyCrushSodaSaga

Twitter @CandyCrushSoda

Instagram @CandyCrushSaga

YouTube @CandyCrushOfficial

Last but not least, a big THANK YOU goes out to everyone who has played Candy Crush Soda Saga!

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App Name Candy Crush Soda Saga
Category Games
Updated 25 January 2023, Wednesday
File Size 321.46 MB

Candy Crush Soda Saga Comments & Reviews 2023

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Things have changed, idk if I like them :1. I, like many people, enjoy being entertained by games like this. You have levels you can traverse, things you can interact with, and it’s all generally quite fun. However, last I played this game was about a year ago and things have changed since then. For one, the design of the level badges. They’re square now instead of circular, and I liked the old design better. This is something I can live with though, so I’m not counting it as a complaint. My second issue is the backgrounds. I loved all the scenery when playing the old version of this game, but it doesn’t seem to change here. However, I may just not be high enough leveled yet to make it change, so take my words with a grain of salt. All in all, I still love playing this game. It’s fun, bright and colorful, and I would give it five stars in a heartbeat if this were my first time playing. Thank you if you actually read this far, I appreciate it :)

Very Disappointed. I’ve been playing this game since I retired. I’m also helping my grandson learn how to play. I definitely do not consider myself as a gamer and do not have the monetary means to purchase additional boosters to win. I have reached over the 2000 level simply using using the free lollipop hammer, color bombs, jelly fish, etc., and other free boosters provided by the App. I’m very disappointed with the following items: *1) I received two messages labeled as the Soda Circuit, which said... “Winning isn’t easy! But, you got the experience to be faster next time!” Thank goodness that these messages were not sent while my Grandson was playing with me. I felt that I was being shamed for lacking skills *2) I had accumulated over 365 days of playing this app. I thought I played every day, but I must have missed a day. I had to pick up working with my grandson to complete his online school work when the schools were closed for the coronavirus. My daughter is an RN and was working a lot of overtime. *3) Is there an option not to be part of a race? Since I do not have many boosters, I’m usually “last” in completing the race. However, I do like playing Mr, Toffee’s Fair to win boosters. Note, I do have other Candy Crush apps, but I hope you consider my thoughts above that I’m just playing for FUN.

Unfair business practice. I have lost progress to this game twice, the first time I hadn’t reached but to level 300 or so! I got a new phone the phone did not recover my contacts ect. I had to enter manually contacts as they called. Thought I had to restart everything so I started with fb. (That’s where I save my games) I was able to recover most of my games with the exception of my contacts and candy crush soda saga. When I attached soda saga to fb it picked up my new profile and started me back at level 1. I almost lost my father 6 months ago and I am his caretaker so I am in a lot of waiting rooms. I chose to start over thought it was funny at the time me playing against myself for highest score. My second go around I have made purchases to reach level 1900 or so. The most recent 4 days ago. Soda saga completed an update in the same time frame asked for my acceptance and password. The keyboard that appeared did not give access to the characters needed to complete my password. So I went through fb, using my second profile it picked up my first profile. So now I am back at level 330 and playing myself again for highest score. All moneys spent for the past 6 months is gone. I’ve been waiting for a response from soda saga to resolve this issue. Nothing yet!! Fixing to let everyone know how disappointed I am!

Candy Crush Soda Saga. Why did you stop offering boosters at the beginning of the game? You offer a free spin wheel on your other Candy Crush game but on Soda Saga, you offer 30 minutes or 2 hours of free play which I have never received! Please remove your newest ad that asks if we are sure we want to exit the game! If I press exit, restart, try again, or stop then I mean just that and do not need to be questioned about my choice! When we accumulate coins in our Piggy Bank why are we then charged a price to use the coins that we EARNED? Also, the Piggy Bank cannot be accessed until 50 coins are accumulated and you charge an unreasonable price of $1.99 for the coins yet they are only worth 5 moves! What is the BIG DEAL about earning coins and paying $1.99 when you charge the same amount for 5 moves already? Can someone explain this to me because it does not make sense to me!!! Like I said, Earned Coins in the Piggy Bank should equal FREE MOVES!

Super fun, very addicting, exceptional customer support!!. I’ve attempted a few times to discontinue playing this game by deleting the app, either due to frustration not being able to pass difficult levels, or because it was consuming too much of my time. I even emailed King a few days ago asking them to permanently delete my account. Ha! Yeah, like that would stop me. Lol I’ve been in contact with the company a couple years ago with an issue, as well as recently, and every single time, their customer support team has been outstanding with prompt replies, followup, detailed/clear instructions, and resolving issues!! I am beyond pleased with this company and will continue enjoying playing Soda Crush. 🥰

Inconsistent. Half of the time it says I don't have internet, which I definitely do. No other app I have says that unless my internet is actually down, which is maybe twice a year. When it does connect, it's a roulette wheel of which side games will show up. I know they're timed events, but during the event, often the icon won't show up so I can play or claim rewards. This goes for all of the side games. My mom plays on her phone too and has never even seen the Noble Path stuff and we are both running current versions of the game. Also using the buttons to ask for and send lives just spin endlessly about 85% of the time. Did they abandon this game? There is also just so much going on, they're really over saturating the requests for micro transactions. Also, I'd love to have game sounds without the dude constantly telling me how tasty and juicy everything is. Would be great to have an option for sound effects but no voice.

Previous Review Deleted. Let’s try again.. My previous review was deleted due to my usage of some strong language. Let’s do this again. I am an avid fan of this game. I’ve been playing since 2015 and am on level 2067. This most recent update is highly displeasing. One of my favorite parts of this game was the “quest” aspect, which allowed you to earn rewards upon the completion of certain tasks. Now, the quests have been removed in favor of the team based “Mr. Toffee’s Fair”. My teammates are quite frankly, useless and are holding back my gameplay. I see no reason for a forced team aspect in this single player game. I didn’t join Candy Crush to make friends; that’s ridiculous. Finally, my main problem with this new update is the addition of ads. I do not want to sit through a 30 second long ad for the most recent pillage the village style game in the App Store. This is a racket, and it’s despicable. Bring back my quests. Axe Mr. Toffee. I will not be playing until things change. -A long time fan

Love this game! Suggestions for improvements.... I love this game and I’ve been playing for probably more than 2 years now almost on a daily basis. I even sometimes buy boosts if I’ve been stuck on a level for a while or am about to lose a streak. That being said, I have a few suggestions that would change my review to 5 stars: 1- as others have mentioned, a way to skip the remainder of the level when you’ve hit your goals and still have moves left. It’s annoying to watch most times. 2- the lighting bolt energy used for different events now re-loads wayyyyy too slowly. 1 bolt per hour? Bear brawl has become one of my favorite new additions, but I’m at the point in the arenas where I need 100 energy to play one round. That means it takes more than 3 days to load... and considering that that same energy is needed for the Crown event, I have to pick between the two. I understand that there are ways to get more bolts without spending money, but I’ve been slow to get those when I’m stuck on levels and then become stuck on finding “clues”. I really like to compete for the crown and I really like the Bear Brawl, but there needs to be quicker loading times for the energy, and maybe even a split of different types of energy for these two events. Thank you!!

Was fun until the “glitches” kicked in.. This game was fun like the other Candy Crush for a while. The issue I have is that these glitches (or possibly cheating) kick in to get you to spend money. I would buy more gold bars if the game was more fair to get past a tough level (and I have). What happens more often than not now is you will get or make a candy cluster. The game always tries to get you to use it right away by suggesting a move with it. I will painstakingly get a striped, marble-looking, or wrapper exploding type candy to be next to the cluster. I will do so and the cluster will explode on its own without me getting a chance to combine it with the other candy. To make it worse it blows up regular candy of the least present color. I know that some moves cause a chain reaction, this is not the case here. It does this 9 out of 10 times especially if I am trying to position 2 clusters together or a marble and a cluster (both of which typically clear the board in 1 move). The first couple/ few times I thought oh I imagined that, or there had to be a match or chain reaction I didn’t see. That wasn’t it. Now it keeps getting more and more frequent. It really does it towards the end of your moves to again get that money spent. Shame bc it is a good game otherwise that is worth spending a bit of cash on. When you cheat, why would I give you money?

Kimmys Arcade. I FINALLY just got kimmys arcade and am in LOVE with this feature!! I’ve been playing for years and this is by far my favorite!! Truly increased my rating for sure! I play just to play kimmys arcade!🤩🤩 My only gripe is I should be able to cash in my gold tickets for something. I will NOT spend money on this game, however I earn thousands of useless tickets that I’m unable to cash in or redeem! That doesn’t make sense 🤔🤔 AND on rainbow road when I have my consecutive bonus running I do not receive my double fish that I should on tier 3 and after on rainbow road which is VERY DISAPPOINTING. Also, the fish do not go to the proper place when necessary. There’s been many times when I could have beaten the level on my last move had the fish gone to the right place!! 😡😡😡

Manipulative and Corrupt. The candy crush games are not actually games. In real games, there is a potential for winning, by using the materials available in a strategic way. Candy crush is rather a programmed experience, in which the app controls whether you will have the materials you need to win or not. There is nothing random about your playing experience. You can be very strategic, and the app will not give you the opportunity to pass a level until you have played a certain number of games—then, suddenly, the game becomes extremely easy. Sound paranoid? Nah. They are in the business of frustrating you so that you will pay them money for extra doodads to help you win. But it’s such a dishonest set up. The app breaks the rules of its own game at times. Unfortunately, there are enough sparkly and clever aspects of this programmed experience that one is a dupe, for a while, until the grotesque dishonesty of the experience overwhelms the charm. Don’t give these people your money. They debase the very concept of a “game”.

Glitches Ruined My 93 Days Login Streak. I played this game for a very long time (as you can tell from the streak). I really enjoy it. However, after I managed to play it yesterday morning, I came back to find I was unconnected from Facebook. No problem, I was used to this and tried to reconnect. It got stuck for the rest of that day and this morning in an endless cycle of checking WiFi and “Failed to connect” messages. I couldn’t even get into the game because it kept repeating those messages and trying to connect even after I restarted my phone and closed the app completely. I thought it would fix overnight, but it didn’t. With the app in such an awful state, I did the only thing I could think to do and deleted it off my phone before redownloading it. Not only did this not fix the problem, it also completely erased my 93 day streak and has made me feel very opposed to even trying to get back into the game when it decides to glitch out and be the reason I lose what I’ve worked hard to get. It also got rid of my boosters. I would have rated this app well if you’d talked to me two days ago, but now I’m furious.

When we feel like it. As I have played this game for several years I’ve come to the conclusion that you pass boards in this game randomly. There is no strategy or order to passing boards. As you get further into game this becomes painfully obvious. For an example. There are boards where you need break a number of bottles to clear the board. However there are many times in theses boards that you never see the number of bottles to break them. What’s worst there is no strategy you can use to make them appear. As you go further this become more pronounced. I’m on Board 1798 this board requires the breaking of 8 bottles. In 5 weeks. I have never seen more the 5 bottles appear and have determined no consistent play that will make them appear. This is not game play. This is designed to keep you playing without any strategy what so ever. After running into this issue for several years I have finally said. This is not game play as I know it and refuse to play any more.

Addictive!. Cannot seem to put it down! I usually play while I’m waiting in the doctors office but now I find myself playing at home. This is not good! I find myself losing time as I’m lost in the game. I am a metalsmith and really enjoy what I do. I’m very fortunate as I’m able to work from home. It’s quite fascinating when you’re jog allows you to just get lost inside your own mind and find your creativity which enables you to make whatever comes natural to you. (believe me when I tell you 89% of that “creativity” turns out to be not as you envision… and ends up in the pot to be melted down!). However, as I mentioned above, I love playing this game as well as its flagship game “Candy Crush” and when I do occasionally pick up my tablet to play I normally begin with Candy Crush and when I’ve run out of play (I only play the free games) then I’ll switch to Candy Crush Soda! Before I realize it hours have passed away and I have accomplished absolutely nothing that I had intended for that day! But for some reason I never feel That bad about it… because I always have such fun! I’m still pretty new to both games and am trying to reach the level that will allow me to join friends (cannot wait to meet more Candy peeps!) which, by the way, shouldn’t take me much longer. Can’t wait! Bye for now, I’m going back in….

Fun till it’s not. I’m on level 286, and have been for the last 2 or 3 weeks. I open the game, promptly lose all my lives on this level, and close it. Rinse and repeat every darn day. I’ve used all my boosters, used all my gold for extra moves and still I’m on level 286. I spend money on games, I’m not opposed. But I won’t spend money if that’s the only way I can beat a level. I pay to enhance my games, sometimes I pay to even get the games, but I will not pay to win your silly little match game. I don’t even mind playing a level over and over and over until the algorithm determines I’ve played enough times to get a win. But this has been ridiculous and borderline insane. I’ve wasted almost 100 lives on a single level. ONE HUNDRED LIVES ON A SINGLE LEVEL. Don’t try to tell me that isn’t a blatant money grab. Keep your game, I’m gonna go spend my money with a different developer, and my next step after submitting this review will be to delete this game. I realize I don’t matter- plenty of people are willing to pay .99 to beat a level. But there are also lots of people who won’t, this review is for them. You’ll be able to play for awhile, but this is flat out a pay to win money grab. It’s popularity doesn’t negate that simple fact.

Disappointed. I have loved this game for so long it was such a relaxing game to play. however with every update we get pushed more and more to purchase stuff or create an account by taking more options away unless an account is created. Now we can’t compete in the races to win coins unless an account is created that was the main way to win coins which without coins it make it impossible to buy more lives when we run out then we have to wait forever for lives to replenish again. not everyone wants to create an account and put their email address out there. Not to mention one glitch gets fix and then seems to create a new glitch in its place. This game is really no fun to play any longer. Especially when you get into the harder levels and end up having to use all 5 lives and then still lose and have to wait 20 minutes just to get one life back unless you purchase coins. I will be uninstalling it it’s just no fun any longer.

Play on button should be taken away or moved!!. I’ve been playing this game for a long time and continue to get frustrated that the stupid “play on” button is right where normal people hold their phones. There should be an “are you sure” box that pops up like when you press the quit button. I’ve lost too much gold by holding my phone in my hand when the game ends. I think it should be removed from the end screen and have it’s own box. I went to the website to complain about it, like many people already had done, and the only answer they got was “it’s your fault you need to move your finger if you know the box is there”. Well if it’s problem lots of people are having them they should fix it and not blame it on the gamer. Doesn’t make me want to continue playing because I worked so hard to earn those gold bars only to have most taken by a stupid click of a button when I was just trying to click on the screen.

Pretty good but.... Very fun and cleverly thought out. BUT...really wish there was a prize wheel too. Some levels seem impossible but the more you play that level, the easier it becomes - like it's all pre-arranged, which is kinda disheartening. Also, it would be cool if you ended a level with a Color Bomb or striped candy, that it would go into a "bank" of extras you could use later. Nothing worse than feeling that treat you just earned was for nothing! Would also appreciate Bubblegum Hill being offered more often and for a longer, more consistent period and not on a random basis. Many times I open the game and Bubblegum only has a couple of hours left, even though I've played within the 24 period that it implies it's been active but it didn't show up! I even exit out of the game to see if it's going to appear but it doesn't always. Overall, a fun, addictive game. Just know that it's a game of luck, not skill.

Cheating out of 2 hour boosters. I love this game I can say it’s one of my favorite games, but they have been cheating me out of my 2 hours of boosters. When I open the app I get the 2 hours of booster but when I use it just once way before the two hours are up, I end up loosing my 2 hours of booster. For example last night I opened the app got my two hours of the day 2 booster I go play the board I’m on and I use the booster, after losing I went to go replay the board but my two hours of booster was gone and I only used it once and my two hours wasn’t even nowhere to be over. Even after I closed the app and reopened it the 2 hours of the booster was still gone. I was cheated out of my two hours of booster, idk what the problem is with that but that really needs to be fixed ASAP...other than that I love the game

Frustrating. Definitely a love/STRONG INTENSE HATE relationship. I can’t tell you how many times I have made a move that would almost ensure my “beating” a level and the game “freezes”, causing me to exit out of the app entirely; resulting in me losing my “candy streak” and having to forfeit other things I have achieved because of this “malfunction”. I also despise that you are REQUIRED to “race” against other players! There should at least be an opt out mode where this is not always necessary. With the other candy crush saga games there are also options where you don’t have to watch the ENTIRE REST OF THE GAME complete itself AFTER you have already beaten the game! There have also been countless COUNTLESS “prizes” that I have been awarded that I have never received through this app. The other games also give you the OPTION to watch an ad to get whatever reward. This game while it doesn’t provide this option, forces you to waste 20 seconds of your life every 5 or 6 levels to watch an in app “ad” that you can not get out of. It’s so incredibly frustrating. And they have also strategically moved the “exit” button on these in-app-ads to encourage a button push to actually purchase whatever it is they are marketing. It’s sneaky and backhanded especially if I were to let my child play! Many positive things about it but soooooo many more negative things. Please fix these issues.

Cheats and glitches. Different pieces are moved instead of the ones I’m trying to swipe and I’m not the only person that experiences this. And some of the specialty candies will explode on its own even if you’re no where close to it and none of the candies moving are close to it. Glitches sometimes because of the ads. Was on a board since yesterday and needed 2 more moves. Video comes on then my phone goes black. Had to close the app then lost my game. Screen will freeze. The longer you play, the more the glitches. Same issues and still cheats. Playing a level where you have to collect bottles. 8. I collected 5 and it says 3. I can’t pass the board because it’s not letting me. I’m glad I’m not paying any money for this. AND JUST F’N I had 3 more to go. Clicked to watch an ad for extra moves...BLANK SCREEN! Had to close it and lost it!!! I used a striped candy to collect 2...nothing except for taking the bottles away. I’m just gonna delete this app. Still stuck at 1951. Popped 7 bottles but says I only popped 3. Delete.

Love the game but letting it go. While I love the game I just can’t keep playing when it loses my levels and track of the number of days I have been playing. This is not the first time that I have opened the game and when it gives you the little gifts at the beginning and tells you how many days in a row you have been playing that it has started me over at day one. This time I was at almost 300 days. I know I played the day before because I had the double fish and I knew today would be the color bombs and I was excited because I knew I could possibly be able to pass the extra hard level I was on. Imagine my surprise when I open the game and I am suddenly back at day 1 at days in a row played. So I will be saying good bye to this game for awhile. I am very I ocd and have a particular schedule and routine that I follow so I know that I played yesterday if not it would ruin my whole day.

What happened?. For the last week I have received the ‘No Internet’ icon show up at the beginning of the game. Now I know I AM connected because I’ve just gone out of Safari (the iPad internet) or gone from the game of the day in other games, so I know I am connected to the internet. What is going on within your app? It is frustrating because I do not get the bonus’ for the day. But, when I play the first game, the adds will appear which says to me that I am connected to the internet. This does not seem right that I have to put up with adds but not get the bonuses that should come every day just for playing. Now to be fair, this started after you all were supposed to be giving unlimited access to the game because of this shut down in our lives due to the Coronavirus. Please fix this problem. Thanks you.

Not a lot of fun.. Sorry to say this but I didn’t care much for this game. This is the second time I have tried it and the second time I will delete it. Why? Well, here’s the thing. They have special weapons that don’t really do much. You use one to get through some “frosting” pieces but it doesn’t get through it so you use another and another until all of them are used only to find that you aren’t much further than you started. If you have only one move and you use one to help it will go everywhere but that area. I used 13 of the satellite bombs and not one of them went anywhere near the area I needed. At first I said to myself just a fluke but after 13 I call bull. Seems to me that if you pay for the weapons they should do something to help. I have had the same level played over and over by me and several other people that can’t win it. The only thing I could do was buy (real money) weapons so I did and still nothing. Sorry, but a game that costs you money to play over and over isn’t for me.

Pathetic. For a company that has made as much ca$h on a game as King has on CCSS the obscene number of issues with this game is beyond disgraceful and renders the game zero fun. 1.) related to the mini game “No internet access. Try again later.” For over 5 days now. AND 2.) the race update after every completed level never changes. First, second and third place stay exactly the same as if no one is advancing. Has been stuck on the same counts for more than a week. Sadly, the app link for “support” leads to “404 Not Found”. Thus, a review was the only way to pass along this info. After achieving much but losing out on all the rewards, the irritation eclipses any enjoyment whatsoever. If you do not want product support info to be aired in a review, FIX THE SUPPORT LINK!!! Deleting this time waster. Right NOW.

Strategy. This is a game of strategy and thinking. It’s not exactly rocket science… LOL… But your decisions resultant either when you’re losing. And this silly game is fun, annoying, but I keep playing it anyway. When it gets to the point that I’m stuck, I just remove the game remote the game and start over! I also have a candy crush saga game going at the same time, so I switch back-and-forth, and when I get stuck on one game, I play the other, until I can get some more lives in the game in which I am STUCK! Strategy! Not rocket science, but fun. As a Christian, I will not play a game where people shoot each other and kill each other , So this one fits the bill do you relieve boredom, and you’re not strategizing and how to kill a bunch of people… LOL. Have a good time, and write a review as to how you feel. Got to get back to the game!

Money Hungry. Stop cheating on the game. It’s getting ridiculous. This game is so rigged now that it’s highly popular, that any special candy formed including the fish don’t even pop the special candy AND the fish at times doesn’t help clear the board at all. They just roam around “swimming” around the board looking stupid. If l wanna watch fish just swim, I’ll go and buy me a darn fish tank and watch them swim all day. This game is set-up so that millions of people will spend money just to buy extra moves or candy to clear the board because the game itself isn’t doing what it’s supposed to do (like it used to back to when l very first started playing this game years ago. Even (sometimes) when l match a striped candy with a candy wrapper, they just “pop” instead on moving in a “t” direction. I’ve been paying since 2014, and I’m almost over this game to the point of UNINSTALL……..PERMANENTLY….like the tip of a ball point pin patience left…..Oh, and it’s “0” stars-not 1. Good day.

Should be called Candy CRASHED. I have been playing this game for quite some time and enjoyed the challenges but it has become quite annoying lately to have it constantly crashing in the middle of a game or crashing before you can even start a game. It's gotten worse with this update. You get 30 minutes of free play, just when I think it's gonna work, you go through 3 to 4 minutes of "buy this, play this, are you sure you don't want to buy this before you get to play the game". Load time is taking way to long saying loading............ and then it CRASHES and you have to try to reopen it all over again. Only to replay the same thing previously all over again. I try it everyday just to see that I get 30 minutes of free play that I can't use. It was enjoyable when it worked then it became work to try to enjoy it.

Wow candy crush soda changed. Years ago My first review of this games was five ⭐️what changed ? Personally I’m surprised nobody talks about this situation but candy crush soda turned extremely boring I’m sorry to say but I went from its best to its worst they completely destroyed the old maps design the old map and world the drawn the players to have an adventure in a fantasy candy soda world to see NPCs each specking to you to going through portals and a lot more it’s all gone . The new revamp map is so underwhelming and boring it isn’t even a map at all i am to the creator of this special game but I can’t seem to want to play candy crush soda anymore it isn’t just the same of what it use to be what players loved from the new revamped Kim to what made the game so special to begin with I don’t like it at all and so many people in community don’t like it ethier I get they wanted to try something new with the game but it kinda comes across as an insult to the players that been there form the start in its former glory. I really hope they bring back or remake the story and the old maps but if they keep this one screen world I’m afraid me and many other players can’t play the game anymore it isn’t the same as it use to be.

Great game. Terrible ads. Look, I play this game daily. It’s my waking up routine. And also look, I work in mobile advertising so I understand the need for the ads. HOWEVER, there are way too many ads period, but especially 30 second ads. I’ve been keeping track of how much time I spend waiting through 30 second ads versus playing time and it’s nearly double. If this was any other app, it would 100% ruin user experience, but we al actually enjoy the game. But, I am finding myself playing 10 minutes and getting annoyed and quitting. I also have stopped paying for extra moves, etc because you’re already making the money off the insane amount of ads. I work in programmatic, for a top 3 social media app. Here’s some advice... make the 30 second ads all skippable, or frequency cap them by playing session.

DOES NOT AWARD PROGRESS/Support not helpful. After multiple emails trying to explain to support that the second badge I earned in weekly champion competition this was the final response! My name is Mimi and I'll be glad to continue handling your case today. It's nice to meet you! 🌸 I'm sorry to hear your progress on Champion's Streak was reset, and you've lost one of your badges. Unfortunately, due to system limitations, it is not possible to retrieve badge progress, and we can't add one if it has been lost. In order to make up for this inconvenience, I've added one lollipop hammer to your account. You should see these items the next time you open the game, but if they don't show up, try restarting the game and your device, as sometimes the game may need a little push to receive everything. I truly hope you understand our position, as it's never our intention to make you feel as if you're being mistreated or that your request is being ignored. I know this may not be the news you were hoping for, but your cooperation is very much appreciated. If there is anything else we might be able to assist you with, please make sure to contact us again. You will soon receive a quick feedback survey regarding my service. Please take a moment to share your experience with us so we can keep improving our service to you Kind regards, Mimi King Player Support

I was trying to enter a ticket for support but the link not working. I have missed out on 2 different challenges in the last 2 weeks where there was an opportunity to get to a certain level and get a certain number of points by midnight Sunday. I was not given my actual progress and reward for completing both tasks because each time you come back in the app it ask if you want to join the challenge when I’ve already joined. I’m guessing that’s why I didn’t get the rewards the past 2 weeks. I know for a fact I was on level 1074 and the task was to complete 40 levels by midnight Sunday which I compiled 1124 before the challenge ended. I took a screenshot when I accepted the challenge sine I didn’t get the credit for the challenge the previous week after I completed that task. Its disappointing to know that you completed something and not get the reward. Fix the issue please

Hate the new update with tiffys on all the overview. I love this game and play everyday, along with candy crush and cookie jam and sugar smash. I loved the graphics, but on the update I did yesterday, u put tiffys face o. The overview of levels completed and I can't even look at it. I try covering her face to find the levels that only have 2 stars because I play till all the levels are three stars. I use to be able to see each level in color and with the different symbols of the section like on octopus. Now it is just her face and I can't even see the levels I need to complete! I HATE IT! I want the update taken off!! I want the colorful graphics with the different scenes and characters!!!! I can't look at all the levels I've completed with that tiffy face it makes me not want to play anymore. I'm going to have to cover her face with s paper to try to find my place!!! Please change it back!!! Then u will be 5 stars.

Cheating. THIS IS RIDICULOUS! At the beginning I thought maybe it was a bug or something but now I see that it is not. So I stopped playing the game for couple of months when I came back I miraculously passed 100 levels in matter of one day. Then game suddenly became super difficult, I thought so at the beginning. But then I noticed that there are some glitches. Such fr example as I match 5 candies and in stead of the colorful bomb I get stripped candy plus 1 regular candy. But this morning I have noticed that EVERY SINGLE LEVEL has had such glitch. Just now I matched 6 candies and I got a stripped one. The game simply at some point if you play a lot forces you to use extra powers so you have to buy them. As I said if it was an example repeating the same it could be a glitch but simply if I’m too close to end the level sometimes like this always happens. I hav screenshots that show that I could pass over 20 lvls at first time now I barely do one star. Time for couple of months break again I guess.

hELLohasfoundu. I just thought I’d read what your game is about, and your applications have literally been the cause of some very uncalled for and unwanted and not permissive trouble in my life the past few years. You seriously sell personal information to advertising entities? And you get the fight to do that from who?? And who exactly gets that money? Because it’s definitely not me! And it is my information!! So notice this… there’s more where this came from… you made an enemy today. So crush on that for awhile, until you hear from me again. You and your creepy voice personality are going to never forget the day I ate your phish…….. And you Do Not get to change the rules after I post this review… I believe it’s called time to bring the loin down… CHECKMATE…

Quick easy changes that will make me rate it 5 stars. I love all 4 of the candy crush games Saga, Soda, Jelly and now friends. I have noticed with this Soda (which is my absolute favorite out of all of them) will not allow you to skip the animations when the level is complete and is counting your score up as well showing your bonuses. This would be a big help when trying to knock out a couple levels when your at work on breaks. I have put quite a bit of money and hours into this game and i do not mind at all. It is worth it to keep me happy. I love the infinite lives and bonus moves for the levels and that you give us free gifts for log ins and just as events. This gives the people who do not want to spend on games the opportunity to advance and win extra goodies as well! A lot of other games are not as generous as you with the paid for content. So thank you for the fantastic games and keep them coming. All i request is the opportunity to tap the screen to skip the all animations i have a short attention span so lose interest when you get 4 or more in a row. You have this feature with Jelly and friends. Can we get it on saga and soda please? Thank you and keep up the great work!

This game crashes ALOT. Frustrating /:. When I am able to play this game it is fun and challenging. It is really annoying when I am near completion of a level and/or have just used my special extra tools, or have purchased extra moves/tools on a level and then the game kicks me out and I have to start all over. It feels like the “glitches” very frequently happen in these instances. Initially I did spend some $ to make purchases in game but I quickly came to realize that due to the glitches that shut me out frequently, it is not worth spending any extra money to buy things in game. Now I play until I get to the point where the getting kicked out gets annoying and then it dissuades me from having fun and I don’t play the game for a long time. I hope that someone works out the glitchy-ness so the crashing/kicking me out of issue is resolved. In concept, and when it is working, I really enjoy this game. The crashing is very, very sucky though. I am not going to provide my email address or Facebook information to be able to save progress.

addicting but some things must change for fairness. I love this game . been playing it forever. theres that one time I took a all I title hiatus for about two years from candy crush(original) because the level was just too hard to beat and I wasnt spending a penny on extra moves . anyways, the number one thing that grids my gears is when u exit in the middle of playing a level it asks u so many times if " your sure u want to give up" however when u get those gold bars and the game is over and u accidentally press the buy lives with gold bars it automatically takes the bars instead of confirming if thats what we really want . that needs to change immediately especially because ive been playing so long with thoughts of maybe it will change but it hasn't. please fix that. also if we get two hours of things it should let us decide when we want to use our two hours because if I'm playing at and fall asleep for work I missed those two hours , get me ? LOL but overall, addicting and I love it .

Pls fix the crashing. This game is so great! I’ve been playing it for forever and it’s so fun!! You don’t have to pay for power ups or gold bars, you can win them which I think is super unique and helpful! Money hungry, yes, but not as much as the other King games. The only problem I’m having is it crashes at very specific, annoying moments. it always happens when I’ve either already finished the level and it’s going through the last moves or when I’m just about to beat the level. Get this! Once it crashes, it thinks I lost the level and I have to start all over. Soooo frustrating especially when I already beat the level. I lose my rainbow streak when it wasn’t even my fault. This never seems to happen when I lose levels or whenever I’m clearly losing. It’s ridiculous. Some part of me thinks it’s on purpose. Anyway yes this game is fantastic, definitely one of my favorites, but the crashing is almost enough for me to completely delete the game. It’s so frustrating.

Gameplay hindered on purpose. So I really enjoy playing the game, however, I’m rating it low because I’ve noticed that during the game when there are chocolates and gum that reappear if you don’t continuously pop them until they are completely gone, they prevent you from moving your pieces while the letters show up that say “sodalicious” or “divine” after you make a major move to “praise” you for the move. Which is ironic because if you have any chocolate or gum and you have one move to completely remove it, they prevent you from making said move while those words show up until they’re gone, so another piece will come up. Then, you’ll have to make one more extra move than you did before because they wouldn’t let you move while you had the chance during their digital word show. So that’s super aggravating and it is not fair. It’ll make you lose a game in some instances since you don’t have an unlimited amount of moves. Honest game play goes a long way especially for your ratings guys and I’m the type that will uninstall if it becomes a constant issue.

Crap Puzzles that cannot be solved without spending real money. I've played tons of match 3 games and I've actually played King games for many years now. The problem is that they are too greedy...when you get to higher levels, you cannot go on without spending real money and lots of it. I used to justify the purchases as spending on leisure. But I am quite good at solving puzzles typically and the issue is that they have made it impossible to solve without boosters. The boosters they provide for free are rendered useless by the way in which they drop the new pieces. If you are looking for a fun match 3 game in which you can actually solve the puzzles with brain power, and in which the free boosters are actually rendered usable...I would suggest checking out a new game called Wildscapes. It's really early yet, so it's hard to tell if they will eventually get greedy like King games...but so far that hasn't been the case. I will not spend another penny on King until they do better...which is too bad because their creativity is wonderful. But their greed is egregious.

Overall it’s a great game, but…. 1) This game would be infinitely improved if, when you fail to beat the level, you don’t have to waste your precious time (which you have won or paid for - the finite “infinite” time) getting through all the screens again to redo the level. 2) Level 273, which I really like & keep going back to replay even though I beat it twice without boosters, has a couple of glitches. a) stage 3 - The striped candies in the uppermost left hand corner, when combined, didn’t knock out the 2 bottles they lined up to on the uppermost right hand corner. b) stage 2 - The super cool doodad with the horns all around it malfunctioned a couple of times: the other times I played, a horn would fall off whenever you banged up against it OR when you blow up the other doodad. Well, the horn didn’t fall off twice - when the other doodad got blown up. c) stage 2 - The fish missed the only thing in the right hand box: a bottle. I’ve never seen a fish dive into the water before. I didn’t know that could happen - was it supposed to happen? I realize the level 273 thing is really nitpicky, but I noticed & figured I’d hit you up on that. HOWEVER: the #1 thing is irritating and I noticed other players wrote about it. THANK YOU FOR A SUPER GAME! ♥️♥️♥️

Becomes impossible after level 3500. While I appreciate the game designers need to provide and ever-escalating level of challenge, this game reached a tipping point for me after around level 3500 where the frustration outweighed the pleasure of the game. If I’ve reached close to level 4000 on both Crushes, then I’m by no means a novice player. But there ceases to be any fun in playing a level 12,15,20 times, knowing that the level remains impossible to beat even with the best combination of boosters, and in the end it’s just waiting for dumb luck to provide the right combination to get the level defeated. I’ve never hollered at a game before this one. I finally deleted the app out of disgust. And let’s talk about the 30-40 second long ads every time I re-start the level and want an extra booster, or want a play extension at the end. I don’t need another widget or pair of waterproof pants. I began to perceive that the game existed only to generate ad revenue for the game developers. Which is fine in moderation given that it’s a free game. But when I’ve had to sit through ten minutes of ads in playing twenty levels, it begins to become TOO much.

Crashes mid game constantly!!! Don't get!. I'm so po'd writing this! I deleted candy crush soda for this VERY REASON! I think after the money I have did n shelled out for this two f'ing games I have every right to trash it! I have never had a game that crashes in the middle of every single hard level I've been on and winning or just won and waiting on it to do is little thing at the end and then crash n I go back in to see I not only have to redo the level but I've completely lost my streak with it, and I've been on levels for DAYS and finally spent the money on the stupid deals. I will NEVER and I repeat NEVER give you another single dang dollar of my hard earned cash agsin. Deleting all of them and deleting them for good, I think this is done on purpose by the developers. It all comes down to money. The game is no longer fun. You have extremely easy boring levels and then next to impossible to beat without spending money levels. After YEARS of this game and deleting it in the past I can safely say this time it's forever. Idc if they make it completely free with all the boosters in the world. I'm done. 😡

Used to love it.... I was getting frustrated by this game so I took a break for about 6 months. Thought I would see if any updates improved my opinion. NOPE! 1. The rewards are great, but I miss the challenge of beating the levels using my own skill. I've beaten levels with 2 moves because of all the boost rewards when I'm sure I could've beaten them on my own. It would be helpful to have the option to pause or bank reward boosts and choose when to use them. 2. I do not like the timed boost rewards. I'd rather have the option to bank them instead of being forced to play them or lose them. Sometimes I just want to play for a few minutes, but then I lose my reward. That's not a reward, that's holding players hostage. 3. Some "easy" levels are beyond difficult. For example level 1027 is labeled easy, however, beating this level is nearly impossible. I had the rainbow boosts plus an extra candy bomb AND and extra color changing boost and didn't beat it. I lost every boost I had and am still on that level. 4. GIVE THE CHOICE OF WHERE THE FISH GO! I have lost games because the fish don't go where I needed them to go. They often detonate other boosts that I am setting up for a power move. 5. 10 gold bars for an additional 5 moves? These are difficult and costly to obtain. Give me the option of using an additional life for more moves instead. 6. Lose the puzzle piece aspect of the game. It's pointless and annoying.

LISTEN!. I am so sick of accidentally spending gold bars when I don’t mean to!!! it’s so annoying I had 34 gold bars and now I have 9 because the game doesn’t ask if you want to confirm your purchase. it just loads and uses them without making sure if you want to. This is very frustrating because even if I exit the app before it loads, it ends up using my gold bars anyway when I didn’t even use the moves that it hasn’t officially given me. Please fix this with some type of alert (like when it asks if you want to quit the level). I haven’t even gotten to use the moves because I thought the bars would come back, but they don’t. So far I’ve wasted 20 gold bars just because there isn’t a confirmation after you accidentally press yes. PLEASEEEE I am begging fix this issue, I love this game and it is seriously annoying that I’ve wasted 20 gold bars.

Disappointed. I’m a long time player, level 2200, and was a huge fan. Recently they added a bat who replaced chests with boosters and I’m hoping this changes after Halloween. In several episodes the fish work against you. But especially in the collect bottle levels, the bottles will not drop unless you buy extra moves. The most aggravating and irritating aspect of this game is there’s no way to pause it - So say you purchase a pack of boosters and they work for 1 hour or 2 hours depending on what you purchased, and there’s absolutely NO WAY TO PAUSE THE GAME. Sound like a money making machine? That’s because it is. It’s no coincidence that you get a special booster on your last move. I believe this is the only game I’ve ever played you cannot pause even after purchasing a timed booster. FIX IT KING! You are rich enough. Let people enjoy the game. I for one am tired of the money making machine and will no longer be playing until a pause button is added especially for paid boosters. SMH

Adult challenges, very childish presentation. Bugs constantly when watching reward adverts.. I’ve played King games for a long time. I am an ADULT and I’m so tired of the clownish characters, the dragons with their inane remarks etc. You are wasting my time. This game is challenging and I don’t know how many CHILDREN get a kick out of the foolish antics. I do not. I have never spent a dime on this game and never will. I’m being ripped off on the free moves with the bubble gum machine now. I watch the video (advert) and at least 50% of the time the screen goes reward. There’s no way to contact customer support directly from the game to report this “newest” bug. I’m tired of this game too. I’ve deleted all the other “Candy” games. This is the last to go. The puzzles are at times very difficult. If you want adults with money to spend on your games, instead of children, rethink your whole presentation. The dumb crown, the little girl, the candy factories. They are cloying and time wasting. I’m outta here.

Keeps crashing. I must give this game three stars because it’s so fun but I cannot give it more because it keeps crashing. I hope this can be fixed. I would like to change my review to 5 stars because this game is really fun. Updated: after the update the app is still crashing and making me start over the level. I hope this will be fixed. It seems like it crashes when I’m doing really well in a level too. 3rd Updated review: I was literally one move away from beating the level when the app went black and kicked me out of the game. I had to start over and begin playing the game all over again. I’m still patient for now but it won’t last forever. I ask that this error/glitch be fixed before I delete the game in frustration. Final update to this: Last straw! Changed my review to 1 star. After using a bunch of boosters to beat a level it went black and kicked me out of the game before I could complete the level. I am done. Deleting.

It needs some fixes. So this game is fun but it does little tiny things that I know developers put there just to mess with your game. Like when you need to spread the jelly, sometimes not all the spaces that should get jelly get them. Example: I match a fish in jelly so it’s suppose to go to an empty space (unless there’s ice or blocks) so it goes to an empty space and what do you know, the jelly doesn’t spread there. Then I find myself saying multiple times while I play “that’s not the move I made”. Maybe it’s human error, that’s what I thought until just now before I wrote this review. I had a special move, bomb with a color bomb, I wanted to make sure there were no mistakes I carefully place my finger on the bomb and swiped my finger towards the color bomb to the right, and what do you know? The bomb matched with the green piece under it and not the color bomb!! Please, fix this. I can’t be the only one who experiences this and I can’t be the only one who is complaining!!!!!

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No need to spend money if you’re patient. I enjoy this game and it’s a good brain teaser at times and it’s better than scrolling FB when you’re bored. My only gripe is a few times when there has been the special beat 5 levels steal the crown and win gold, I have been wearing the crown as the time ran out but have never been awarded the built up gold. It has just happened again now. I was reigning king and the time finished yet I didn’t get any gold. 🤷🏼‍♀️

It’s all about money. I love the game I find it very satisfying however at the level I’m now at in the last few days to solve has cost me about $15. I spend hours for days trying to solve it is impossible without a few extra bricks. I realise I am addicted and wasting my money. So don’t get sucked in if you do it seems all about the money. I buy a set of extra bricks to solve and paid tonight only for it not to acknowledge my purchase with a bug I couldn’t move off the page without completing another purchase. So it’s going I’m sorry to say. It would be kinder if they charged for the game and the rest was free but that would reduce their revenue from suckers like me. I bet they don’t print this but there you have it. Great game, chew up your money as you get to higher levels! Forget it.

Love and Obsessed, buuuut…..!. Every single time I do updates I lose all my boosters… if that’s what you call them! Every fortnight nearly, I use actual cash to help in stuff and to get gold but then updates come and I lose all my freckle and gloves and lollipops etc. It takes so much work to build up a stock of them and then I lose them each time! Pleeeease can you give me some to make up for all I’ve lost? Especially as I use real money so much to build my stockpile… and then it all disappears. Last time this happened you replaced them all. Apart from this I’m addicted to this game. I play the others but THIS is the one I’m addicted to! Just love it!

Great but has a glitch. Love this game. Was deeply invested in it. So much better than the other crush sagas. However, I clicked on ‘watch an ad to gain a life’ and it took me to a permanent black screen. I waited and waited. Nothing worked so I had to delete and reinstall app. Fine, except I didn’t have an account, so I lost all my progress and had to start over. I was deep into the 400 levels. No way I’m starting from scratch so I’m out. A shame.

Unstable. I’ve been playing for years but recently the app has been very unstable. It closes at the drop of a hat, in the middle of a game, when a game is completed (but it closes so you lose a life) I’ve lost many lives when I’ve actually completed a level and the random continual closing is extremely annoying. Sometimes can’t even get one level started Needs some serious work

Great job. It is an amazing game I got it today and I have been addicted to it it is so fun and I love all of the different levels and I think you should add in more of those people that talk when you go to the levels list path things and just a little question but what are they for..... But yea it is amazing and a little addictive 🤪 I would definitely get it from the App Store if I saw it

Keeps crashing!. Love this game, works fine on my phone but you guys seriously need to FIX THE ISSUE WITH IPAD MINI. It crashes every single time you try to open the level that you are up to! Previous levels open sometimes but it just seems to be the level you’re up to - the one you want to play most! Everyone keeps telling you in the reviews of every update in the last 4-5 months but you still don’t fix it??? Also the amount of special candies and fish that I have accumulated on my iPad don’t correlate with the amount I have when playing the game on my phone or on Facebook. Even more frustrating as I can’t use them!

Give me more challenges love candy crush saga.. Some stages are hard but love 💔 them as it challenges me with my brain injury frustration at times but eventually I get their. Coast soooo much money when your piggy bank is full at times I’ve had to ignore it till I could afford it.

FREEZES / CLOSES & CHEATS!!!. There are major problems with the stability of this App which need attention!!! I just re-downloaded the latest version.. Several times in the last week It has completely frozen, requiring closing it in the middle of games, or the app just closes itself, erasing your game, taking a life.. always at the worst moment! These issues have overshadowed the annoying cheating that occurs when you’re matching candies, defying the order and stealing your hard earned rewards! It used to be reliable but now you never know what to expect! PLEASE FIX THESE ISSUES!!!!

Do not bother. I downloaded this game, for about 25 levels in and decided I needed to make a King account to save my progress (I don’t have Facebook). Everything was fine except every time I tried to log in via the app to save, it said I wasn’t connected to the internet. As I was very clearly connected to the internet I had no choice but to delete and redownload the app. Here’s the best part; I then tried to log on in the app, onto to be told my password and email combo were incorrect! LOL! I saved my password to my phone and it auto fills in the correct areas when required, I was sure it was right. So I changed it. Same thing. And again. And again. Now I’ve deleted the app and I won’t ever touch another king game because that’s honestly the worst experience I’ve had, I’ve just wasted 2 hours of my night trying to save a game. It’s a real shame because I’m a $$ spender in game.

What’s with the enforced portrait mode???. Grew to love this game. Was ready to change my 4 star rating into a 5 star when you went enforced portrait on us. Most tablets (my preferred playing device) are easier to use in Landscape mode. I would bet I’m not the only one. This had become one of my favourite games with so much variety and great challenges. Please, please, change it so everyone can choose portrait or landscape.

My Progress. I have been playing Candy Crush Soda for more than 2 years and I loved it. But one day, I saw a notification that told me upgrade the app and then suddenly, all my progress was gone! Please, how can I go back to my 2000 lvl? I’m really disappointed and sad and I don’t know how to get it back.

Disappointed. Was totally in love with this game until this morning - glitch in the system and couldn’t open the app. Eventually when I did it took me straight back to level one (was on 1,105) Even tried to open one of the other candy crush games and the same thing couldn’t open it No I didn’t save my progress when it asked as I didn’t want you to have access to my Facebook or my email so I guess my fault there but I don’t think I can be bothered starting again and going through all the basic levels. Not to mention I just spent $$ on it yesterday

Love this game. I have been playing this game for over a year on & off and I love it, especially the new bonus candies if you win a game first go. The little striped bombs are even better...getting a fish bonus is my fave. My only drama was losing all my data recently due to having to do a reset on my phone, as I had passed level I have to start all over again. Arrrgghh!!! Oh, don’t love the chocolate games. They’re too fun. Love the blue gobbling turtle. Would like to see that feature more.

Changes to the game in the last update. I have played this game everyday for nearly 2 years. I have always rated it as five stars. I am very disappointed with the changes for accessing the boosters-striped and plain candy and the switch option. Why have you moved them to select before playing the game? The option to use them strategically during the game has been removed. You are down graded to two stars and I'll consider giving it up altogether even though I've played over 1300 levels.

Love it...but lately. Whenever I have rewards to collect suddenly candy Crush can’t connect to the Internet. Every other app that I use is connecting with no difficulty. Frustrating and I’m beginning to think intentional?

Mmm. The new format is quite frustrating! My fingers are bigger than the tiny tiny tiny x and I get cross when it takes me half a dozen times to press one “button” to replay a level I haven’t passed. Sometimes I have to click on the buy button to get any response at all. Since my phone is new I can only assume it’s the new changes to the game. Also a bit frustrated that you have to wait 30 min to get a life unless you buy one. I’m not allowed to spend any money on games. That’s why I chose this one. All my friends raved about it but I’m wondering if it’s worth playing anymore.

A crush on soda crush. Daily rewards, rewards for passing levels and increasing difficulty without being totally impossible makes this a great Candy Crush. Only problem I have is with the fish being very stupid and clearly not in the loop about what the aim is and how to help me achieve that. Often random and useless!

Games great except the daily bonus flaw. This is a great game to waste lots of time. My only complaint is that the daily bonus will occasionally reset to zero even though you have played the game every day. It has happened to to me three times so far but as it happened to me on day 400 something plus and twice around the 30 ish day mark you can see that I do like the game as I have played it every day for almost a year and a half.

Stuck on Level 1446. Been playing this game for a while now but I’ve been stuck on level 1446 for the past 3 months. If it’s going to require me to pay to get past the level easily then I’m ( and so many others are) going to get bored of the game and stop playing. It’s getting boring trying to get past the same level again and again.

No longer fun. They just want your money.. I’ve been playing this game for years and in the beginning spent quite a lot of money to help me get through the levels. It took a long time and I got to the end and as I’d got to know the game so well I was able to get through each new level with the help of boosters that I collected. There were lots of good opportunities to collect boosters each week while waiting for new levels. I still occasionally spent a bit to help me get through as some games are nearly impossible. Now all the help has been taken away so I’m deleting candy Crush. I refuse to spend anymore money which is exactly the reason they have made it so difficult for those of us who have played for a long time.

WHAT’S HAPPENED???. Have been playing this game for years with no issue. However, since the last update it’s totally glitchy and slow, or just crashes altogether. Ask friends for extra lives and haven’t gotten any in weeks. Get awarded infinite lives for a period of time but it doesn’t register and only gives me the standard five. And don’t get me started on the stupid fish, who seem to just pop any random position - absolutely pointless now - whereas before they popped the square you needed. Please sort these issues out. I’m getting very close to deleting the game.

Too Many Pop-Ups. I’ve been playing this game for years and while I will continue to play it, the number of invasive pop-ups that occur when I open the app or solve a level is beyond a joke. All I want to do is play my game. I don’t need all of the gimmicks and sales. Stop the pop-ups please!

Sodacrush level 152. Enjoying playing the game, however when the players name and score appear there is one player with a very inappropriate name,I play with my grandchildren and I do not believe your management should allow a name like this to take part.

Game Freezing. I will have to stop playing this game which I thoroughly enjoy as it keeps freezing or the game closes down. I have lost hard earned bonuses and purchases as this happens when I use something further to complete the level. Also not to mention time lost each time I have to restart the game. Very annoying as I don’t know why this has just started happening.

Finally free. Since the Christmas update, the app stopped working on my phone. From then I have felt a range of emotions in not being able to play this game, namely denial and isolation, anger, bargaining and depression. However I felt a new emotion today, acceptance. Initially is was acceptance that I was completely addicted to this game, however, it it now acceptance that I will never play it again. I have now deleted the app and am enjoying the extra time I have in my life without it. Thanks for breaking the game king, it has broken my addiction to this below average game, I am finally free.

Constant crashing. Agree with previous reviews. I have been getting constant crashing with my mini iPad. An old iPad 2, a dinosaur, is fine and new iPad is fine, but otherwise I would have left.

Candy Crush Saga. Once again very disappointed that in game purchases are not available because of fingerprint recognition problems. Have reloaded et al but no good save for loosing previous levels and credits. FP rec works in all other functions in my phone.

Ad. One of your ads the screen goes black and you have to reset game losing whatever bonus you were about to achieve. Very frustrating

Terrible game DO NOT PLAY. I only got up to about level 100 but I had something called a “rainbow bonus” where I got all of these special candies (e.g. stripped, spotted, iced, etc...) It helped me for a while up until level 98 or something and I could not pass it even though I had the rainbow bonus! I ended up losing it and wanted to smash my phone! I was furious! I even used all my lollipops, stripped lollipops and switches, I even used all my starting bonuses on this stupid level! What a money making game! I would never ever recommend this game. Life’s to short for this...

Enjoyable but… rigged to force you to pay. I really do love this game. Yet, moving forward without buying boosters is impossible. Other games I play give you a much better buzz and flow than this (and other Candy games in the Kings stable). I just used a ‘power’ lollipop for the third time, the previous 2 times it cleared the board completely. The final time, it left one last item I had to clear meaning I lost the level and all my bonuses. It’s just such a petty move by the developers that isn’t cool anymore. I imagine you all rubbing your hands together as you rack up the cash. Seriously though, give your fans a better experience. I’m off to play Toon Blast.

Good game but …. I like the game ok. It could be fun if you don’t mind the constant offers to spend $$ to get to another level. The way it works is to draw you in and then you get to an impossible level and can only proceed if you buy a pass or ticket or something like that. I’ve played the game and enjoyed it up to then several times but always end up deleting game it. Then o forget why and try again. If anything the pressure to spend $$ seems to be increasing.

Game won't load. I haven't been able to play for a couple of months now and nothing has changed with the last two updates. The app loads fine until I try entering my level game and then I constantly get booted, it just won't load!! Please fix this, I want to continue playing.

Lives not received. I am over buying lives (which I know I shouldn’t) however I don’t receive half of them and then I may use only one to pass a level and loose the other 4 they do not continue into the next level I bought them they should be mine When I go for a refund you may get one returned but that is all

Impossible levels. So I am up to level 1780 which is absolutely ridiculous. I have looked online to get help with this and find that there used to be 33 goes to get this out, now there is only 26 or something. Also the two bars down the bottom were only 6 slots now are 8 or 9. Another big rip off with Candy Crush Soda is that with the slots to get out, if you get 2 fish hit it, interestingly enough it only hits one mark. WHY IS THIS. Cheating is what it is. Just wanting more money of course. Again, this is an impossible level. Wake up doooooosch bags. You want people to keep playing your game, don’t rip us off.

Wonderful. Even though it is frustrating , I am now on level 1175 and have no competition... I have never spent money on the game but put that down to my superior intellect😏😁 Perseverance thing I don’t like is when they ‘shuffle’ the board Otherwise all good fun.. Jo

Goods & Bads. This game is great, there are no bugs so far and everything is fine. The only thing i would say that is really annoying is they dont let us skip after playing a game. The game usually does this thing where they make lots of bombs, striped candies, fish, soda and everything after winning a game. It wastes lots of time and annoys me because we cant skip it, its really useless.

Freezes and costly $$. I’m addicted to this game, it’s heaps fun! But there are serious issues with is freezing all the time and not allowing me to progress. Having to re-install the app or constantly log out and in again is very inconvenient. Also and I do love this game a lot.. but it is always getting to point where it’s impossible to progress unless you pay for something or get bonuses the game offers.

Love and hate this game!. I am hooked on playing this every day, I think it’s part of my brain wind down ritual. The chocolate and bubblegum levels are my least favourite and I can’t stand how the fish don’t know where the bears are in the ice, but still the continual updates are great!!

Problems with linking back in to my previous account. Hi, I have resumed playing Candy Crush Saga after a few years off, I would love to link back into my previous details. I have several times attempted to send a msg to King re forgotten password. I have also attempted to set up a new account, however am told that some else (ME) has the same details. Where to from here please. I have always enjoyed the challenge of playing the game. Olga Walters Yes, that nickname Oggie is mine! Please solve my problem so that I can go back to where enjoying the game properly.

Faulty in App Purchases No Compensation.. Disappointing service will never purchase from this game or any associated king companies and caution other before doing so. I’ve been playing this game for 8 years in which I have purchased many bundles over the years. For the first time in that time frame I’ve had an issue in not receiving the package in which I purchased only to be refused a refund or replacement of the missing boosters as they are quote: “unable to find issues with the purchases that you are reporting. Our system show that the booster have been correctly received and used.” They go on to say they will be unable to compensate or refund anything for this transaction and that quote: “This is not to say there was not an issue as it may just be the faulty purchase is a a different one, in which case we would just need to see the correct Proof of Purchase.” No other transaction have been made in that time frame which makes the follow up sentence illogical and unnecessary, proof was given in the receipt and screen shots of the time frame showing the boosters where not present. After 8 years it’s time to delete this app and all associated King affiliated apps as I don’t appreciate companies whom take advantage of loyal honest consumers. I will personally be pursuing this matter further with Apple then the ACCC.

Glitches. I have deleted and reinstalled the app have checked all my facebook settings there is a glitch when I try to join facebook it asks to confirm etc then it takes me to a site where it had nothing to do with candy crush it is a totally diff app & when I click close when it says do I want to download this app the whole candy crush shuts down when i reload it says unable to join facebook plz fix as it’s almost been a year now since this keeps happening I have renewed the lease with facebook for the app & I have automatic updates it is so frustrating!

Now it’s all about the money - About to Delete. This used to be a really fun game but the recent update has made it a sad little cash grabber. I reached level 1846 and I never buy any boosters so yes, I have played quite a bit however the most recent change has been very disappointing for me - it removed a number of the free challenges/rewards and has added a huge number of pay boosters and “discount” rewards. I get that the developers need money but it’s not for me. Sorry King, I will wait for the next version and if it continues down this track it will be time for me to move on.

Annoying. I find it kind of annoying how it has to ask me a hundred times if I want to use my gold and keep playing when I’ve lost the level because I kind of just want to move on and try again. Also am I the only one that finds all of the so-called “hard levels” easy and the “easy levels” hard?

Best game ever!. I love candy crush I have been playing this for 2 years and it is so cool! I gave it five stars because all my friends and I play it together all the time and they gave it five stars so I thought I would do it too!

Ads affecting the game of Words for friends 2. Please look into your ad that is on Words 2 with friends, once on will not let you into W2, now I have 33 friends waiting for me and I cannot get into this game. PLEASE FIX THIS BUG NOW AND ALLOW ME TO PLAY WORDS WITH FRIENDS 2. I also play many of your King games and will delete them all if you do not fix this problem.

Problem not being looked at. I used to love this game but for about 2 weeks now it will not connect to the internet so I have not been able to get my rewards or BUY zany boosters. It’s saving me money but frustrating not to get rewards earned . I have tried to make comments in KING and noticed others with same problem but nothing being done!! The internet is showing connected on everything thing else !

Annoying!. Very frustrating to have the game crash when you pass a level and get a "rainbow" reward. Some days I have tried to do a level only to have it crash me out half a dozen times. Get so ticked off I move on to another game that doesn't do this to me. Time it gets sorted as it appears that I am not the only one having this problem.

I love the Game but.... I play quite a few of the Candy Games. But serious when are you going to fix the screen issues with iPhone 11. The screens on nearly all your games are not optimised for the iPhone 11 and parts of the screen are hidden by the notch or too close to the borders. You have released numerous updates since the new iPhones have come out but no resolution fixes. Annoying.

Fun up until level 700s. I played for 3 months and throughly enjoyed the game which is why I’ve given it 4 stars. The game became difficult quickly after level 700 and expensive. I left at level 737 with about 40 boosters unused. It wasn’t worth playing the remaining boosters as no longer fun.

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Ferme seul. Le jeu ferme seul constamment au moment d'accéder au tableau de jeu

Déceptions!. Très déçue de MR. Toffee! 😫 POURQUOI? Changer une formule beaucoup plus amusante!

Anoying. You should have to tap through 20 pop up’s just to play the game.

Sleepy. Used enjoy this game until the developer started allowing ads that don’t have a time indicator. The ad just hangs there with no timer and most times you don’t even get the reward when you exit the ad because you didn’t wait long enough. Plain sleepy!

Mon avis sur soda crush. C’est vraiment un jeux incroyables et cool c’est devenu un vrai passe temps pour moi.

Ads are now up to 30 seconds long. 5 second ads between rounds I can put up with. Then the ads became 15 seconds, now 30 seconds. That's longer than the rounds themselves. Don't see the long ads yet? Wait till you move up a few levels.

De moins en moins intéressant !!!. Je joue depuis très longtemps à ce jeux, avant, on pouvait gagner des cadeaux régulièrement et on pouvait jouer seul. Maintenant seulement des jeux avec d’autres joueurs qui n’avancent pas et qui nous font perdre notre temps. Peux de cadeaux juste des paiements...😖

Garbage. Would be a great game if it would just let you play without the twenty seven intro screens asking if Kimmy can be your friend- just infuriating and unnecessary

Crap, crap, crap,crap. Not worth your time….definitely not worth your money. Utter crap….

Recommendations. The game gives you moves sometimes before you even see the board and most don’t help. It’s not a game If it’s telling me which moves to make before I can look at it

Double billing of purchases. I have had double billings for several purchases and when you appeal for a refund, you’re out of luck “not eligible for refund”, repeatedly. Purchased boosters disappear, probably think you’re not keeping track. Some games impossible to win without boosters, and I mean 100’s of games and no go.

Very unreliable. Keeps crashing very often , sometimes in the middle of a game . Do not spend any money when playing this game.

Keeps kicking me off. Every time I’m playing a level it will kick me off and I lose all the stuff I have and have to restart the level

Always crashing. This game continually stops me from clicking on the next level. To move forward I have to delete the app and re-install. This is highly annoying and frustrating because I just wanted to play but it’s hard to have fun with it when the app keeps crashing the way it does .

Rigged garbage. Designed to make you purchase to win. Rigged, trash, don’t waste your time….

Update bad. What is the point of mr toffee.? Preferred the way it was. Daily bonus. Not making enough money. Getting to higher levels is way to hard now, time to give up. King don’t care though as long as money rolling in,

Earning bombs etc.. Once again this app seems to think that only adults play this game and make it extremely difficult to earn hand switches, colour and candy bombs and hammers etc. Unless one wants to pay for them. Solving on the first try earns you nothing anymore?! Even the new element of team play for earning...a player is forced to make their own row, so the idea of team play is redundant. Seriously?! I don't mind having to watch ads to earn things or extend play, but that now seems to be missing? Really getting tired of it folks! Although I'm at level 2275, I'm ready to delete the app.

Candy Crush Sosa. Not a fan of the latest version as it isn’t challenging in any way, shape or form. The older version often frustrated me but that was part of the challenge. I attempted the “new” version a couple of nights ago and got up to level thirty on my first attempts all the way. Very disappointing.

Deleted all my progress. Am starting over from the beginning after the game erased 200 levels of my progress and the company ignored my help requests about it. Good game if you don't mind having months of time and in app purchases erased out of nowhere with no way to get it back

Error. I keep getting an error reading telling me I have no internet connection. I have internet. I am still having this problem!

Keeps crashing.. This game can be annoying because it keeps crashing. When you go to get the three boosters it crashes every single time. It is so frustrating!

The new update version. I have updated the game recently and can not play it at all! The new update has so many problem. Please fix it immediately.

Candy crush Soda. Why with weekly updates does it still crash every day?

Getting Worse. Hard to believe but now they only give you 2 or 3 tries with bonus boosters. It’s like you have been stealing from them. They want your money and don’t care how dull the game becomes.

Kinda fun but really annoying. Not sure if this is designed for someone under 5 years old or something g but it doesn’t need all the fancy pop ups if you win or loose the level. I just want to play the next level or retry. Not sure why it needs so many pop ups, the pop ups aren’t even trying to sell you stuff most times, just annoy you. Too bad, it wrecks any enjoyment to the game.

Candy Crush soda sagaM. Bonjour Bon jeu mais pas assez de récompense ça devient trop long Bonne journée

Game Keeps Crashing. This game has potential to be 5 stars but it needs improvement. The game crashes regularly, taking away your lives and your gold pins. It’s so frustrating. Also, they updated the algorithm so that the little fish no longer actually help, they pick the candies that will ruin your chances to win.

Worst game app. The game closes on its on mid game. It closes after every play. None stop freezing. You keep updating it and it just gets worse.

Scam game. This games algorithm cheats by not giving prizes even when it’s so obvious I should have won. It’s in control of the moves and won’t give you what you need in color combinations so that you’ll get frustrated enough to BUY the boosters. It’s so obvious it’s funny. Nice try but I’ll be deleting this cheating game. I bet this doesn’t get posted. Time for me to go on a social media rant about this horrible game.

Crash. Nice game but crash alot and we lose our life and booster soo its frustating

Ad bonus crash. Why offer ad bonuses if it’s not going to work? Clicking Skip Ad causes you to hard quit the game.

Always crashing!!!!. After months of this game crashing I'm ready to delete it!!!! It doesn't matter if I'm online or not, it crashes. If I'm lucky, I can go 5 or 6 levels before it crashes but then once it starts, it just keeps happening. Like tonight it crashed twice, right as I was about to complete a not only did I lose two lives, I also lost two levels on the rainbow road. It might not be all that important on a global level but seriously, fix your game!!!!

Black Screen of Death. The ads are a lot, but what’s worse is the videos that don’t play…the only thing that can be done is the close and reload the app. I’m constantly losing my boosters, getting kinda sick of it.

Too many unnecessary animations. It’s stupid how long it you have to sit though animations and candy crush promos each level. Getting boring and the stupid animations for their promotions happen every single time you open the app. Game play is okay, but waiting for the next level to load and Sutton through the annoying character movement isn’t worth it anymore.

Foire de Mr Tofee 👎. Bien déçu de la foire de Mr Toffee si les personnes qui sont avec toi ne jouent pas et bien tu n’obtiens rien ,c’était mieux avant, tu pouvais ramasser des items par ton jeu et non des amis.

Stop forcing friend requests!. The action you’ve installed that forces a player to ‘accept Kimmy’s friend request’ is appalling. Players should be able to opt out of this screen but can’t, until they accept the request. It is unconsciable to force this on your app.

Lives matters. Why does it keep happening? My lives keep getting lost and I have to start again - this needs to be fixed. I play everyday and then for some reason it says that I didn’t play………..

Always crashing.. Getting tired of restarting the game. Too many ads and unreliable programming.

Crashes constantly. I have enjoyed this game for several years but now it is hopeless. Crashes every day.

Advertising overload. Clicking “skip” advert videos results in having to reload game. Almost every time you try to enter a level you have to, I repeat have to, watch an advert video resulting in the reloading. The videos range from 15 seconds to a minute and 15 seconds.

Crashes all the time. App crashes so often can’t even play

Too many in-game pop ups. The game is plagued with free item pop ups, money offers, and other pointless features. I can’t even start the game without having to go through countless pop up pages telling me about “my golden piggy bank” offer, the “free prizes” I won, or my “4 in a row” progress. I have to skip through so many unwanted features. Why can’t I open the app and just play the game? I don’t need all of these things appearing on my screen and making it so it takes 6 minutes just to play a game of candy crush. The same for when I want to restart a level. Why does it need to have 6 different progress trackers pop up whenever you start a level? Do any of the developers even test these features? All of this slows the app down and makes it complete unbearable. Deleting the game because of how it takes legit 10 real time minutes just to move onto a new level or start playing the game.

New animations. Bring back the old animations of the characters plz🥺 I walk away from this game for a few years and now I don’t think as highly of it as I did back in 2018. 5 stars and a very positive review if you change it back to the old animations. I’m pretty sure others that will read this will agree

Useless Boosters. So you used to get the 2hr booster every time you’d start a new day. Now, you get the little balls that have a 5 minute booster? How the heck are you supposed to get anything done when you get a booster that lasts ONE play through of a level? I used to love this game but it seems as of late everyone else is catching on that it’s crap now. Too bad.

Annoying forced interactions. I don’t appreciate being forced into learning every single detail about the game. Please allow us to choose and click the exit button instead of following along with tutorials for adding friends etc. even more frustrating is when it decides to spend 5 minutes “educating” you while your time on bonus candy is running out. Literally stalling game play unnecessarily.

Always crashing. I love playing this game but it takes forever to load and then it crashes. I’ve restarted it several times and same thing happens. Sooooooo!!!!!!! Frustrating

Besoin d’argent ??. Il n’y a plus de façon de gagner des ‘boosters’ avec la nouvelle mise à jour... on doit en acheter pour avancer. Votre jeu vient de faire un sacré pas en arrière et vous venez de perdre un bon joueur.

WTH King?. I guess king isn't making enough money so they want you to buy more stuff. (Seriously, I can buy whole games for the $13 it costs for a booster pack) It's now impossible to earn boosters and difficult to pass levels without them. Mr Toffee is BS with difficult "quests" eg. Having to earn red candy when there are no red candies in most levels I'm playing and my "friends" playing the board with me aren't even playing. The levels are ridiculously hard and "winning" a race to the next episode gets you 5 gold bars. Big friggin deal. This game used to be way more fun.

Crashes reliably. One thing you can count on is this game crashing continuously, taking your 5 lives and any time sensitive bonuses with it! Frustrating when you earn 'infinite lives' for a period of time, but the game continually kicks you out during that time. Seems almost to be a 'by design' feature. If the game was more stable, it would be a 5 star.

Cheating. There is so much BS cheating by the game it’s ridiculous. If you watch you can see that during the deployment of striped bombs, fish or wrapped candies, these things leave behind what should have been destroyed. You can be stopped from winning a level for days because the computer won’t do what it’s supposed to do. Please don’t buy anything from them, it’s so obviously rigged for them to make millions. I won’t give them a dime and I’m at the point where I’m going to delete the app. If it was fair play I’d keep it but I’m so tired of watching them cheat.

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I have a cool idea!. I love love love this game! An idea came to me when I made a mistake! I had two fishes next to each other and under the orange fish was a chocolate color bomb! So of course I wanted the color bomb and orange fish to join and turn every orange candy into an orange fish. BUT instead my mind didn’t work and I joined the two fish which was stupid because I didn’t gain a lot of points and didn't breaking the honey! And at that moment i had a cool idea! There should be an UNDUE button. But of course it can’t be free. You have to cash in chocolate or it can be a free gift from the gum-ball machine! Or like a little gift is like 5 undos OR UNLIMITED UNDOES FOR AN HOUR!!! it’s genius! Hope someone runs with it!

Good advise here I promise. Yep seeing more and more people feel the same way. No more “goals reached” (where you can get items for free) and they keep getting harder and harder. Which is totally fine! Unless I get asked over, and over, and over again on the same level if I want to continue with adds or promos popping up. Literally. You will run out of moves, they will pop up with their info saying “are you sure” then you will say no unless you want to pay money and it will ask you AGAIN if you are sure. Obviously I am otherwise I would have said yes the first time you asked, not the 1,000. Also speaks the truth when all candy crush does when these reviews come in is give a generic corporate response. I’m someone who has spent money on dumb buys for games because sometimes if I like the game Ill do it at times and don’t mind usually, but this is where I say no more and write a review, so hopefully that really means how dumb it has gotten

Game used to be it’s not. I’ve been playing this game since it first came out, however many years ago that was. The Quests and other contests made the game so fun! It was my favorite for a long time! Once they made the switch to get rid of this in favor of Mister Toffee’s Fair, it all plummeted. The game is no longer fun. It’s so much harder and the boosters are pointless compared to the old quests. I’m so sad they changed it. There was no reason to change it so much! They should have just made another candy crush game with Mister Toffee’s Fair and left Soda Crush the way it was. The way everyone loved it. Clearly King doesn’t understand what the players loved about their game, what kept the players coming back every day. I’ve seen nothing but disappointment from forums and reviews. If they don’t understand the people that supported them, then they will lose more then they bargained for.

Not Happy. There is a major glitch in your system and it needs fixing. I am tired of playing a game that keeps restarting every day when you are about to pass a level and lose everything. I just love it when you spend your hard earned money in a game you like so you can pass a level that has been giving you a hard time. But then all of a sudden the game goes black and everything reloads like you just opened the app. You lose your turn, you lose your hard earned money, you lose all of the extra time you earned just to pass that hard level. Now you start over again. But wait it doesnt just do it once. It happens every day!!! I am very close to uninstalling and never playing again. I have been playing for YEARS and some levels are just harder than others but come on. Fix the Glitch.

Getting on my nerves. After reading other reviews, it seems like the latest update caused a lot of issues. One issue I’m having is that when I open the app and it loads, it tells me that I don’t have an internet connection. I always double check my signal when it says this and I always have full bars. So I connect to WiFi, also with full signal, and it still says the same thing. Very annoying. The other thing I hate is collecting the pieces to get the supersonic lolly. After I collect one piece (whenever the app decided it wants to put one in) I never get any other pieces to collect and I always end up losing the first piece. Either don’t have a timer for collecting pieces, or actually put the pieces in the levels so they can be collected.

Loosing boosters. I really like this game but am not happy that when my old phone died and I switched to a new one I lost all of the boosters I have earned and saved. The crappy thing is the response that the game keeps it on your device HOWEVER that makes NO SENSE because my candy crush transferred everything over but not on soda! So why does one do it and not the other. I will probably stop playing because when your that high up in levels the boosters you worked for come in handy and now I have none so I’m not going to pay or play one level forever because they choose not to give you your boosters back. That is bad service and a bad design flaw that they can and know how to fix but choose not too. Make your customer happy let us keep our boosters don’t punish us for getting new phones.

Disappointed. After level 1000, you can visually see the pieces that are moving slow down. It’s obvious it’s not about fun, it’s about ‘how often can we create a scenario where the player feels the need to buy a booster’. I love playing soda, but it’s the same outcome every time: I can get far (a week or more) on a certain amount of money spent - when I’m below level 1000. Same amount of money after level 1000 - only a few days playing time. It’s a waste of time, either way. But I cannot afford it anymore to be a gradually worsening waste of money! I believe there is a law suit available to me, toward the denial of rewards you offer, then deny me UNLESS I start an account. I am working with a lawyer on a completely unrelated issue. But I know that this Harvard law school graduate will gladly give me a name of a lawyer who would enjoy taking you to court!

Goodbye King. Well, goodbye King. At long last you’ve created a version that just doesn’t work for me. The method of getting power ups has changed, costs have changed, levels are getting ridiculously hard and the challenge is just a scheme to get more money from the user (who wants to lose, eh). It is also frustrating when fish or power ups go to the most useless spot in the game. In some cases the user is placed in a position where power ups/moves need to be purchased to complete a level before old age catches up with user. I could go on, but you get the picture. For years I played this game for fun (over level 2,000), but it is now aggravating. By the way, is it supposed to make me feel better when the app informs me that100,000 people have purchased extras to complete a level? This just tells me that greedy King wants more of my wallet and made the level too difficult. NO MORE!!!

Extremely Addictive. I say I am going to stop when I reach 1000 levels, and now I am on my way to 3000. I am not on facebook and I cannot figure out how to let you know, other than this, that level 2318 has a glitch. I have used 26 extra gold bars after having cleared all the chocolate because it said I have one left. It does not appear anywhere after using those as well?? Please try to fix this by the next bug fixes. I do not want to waste anymore bars. Please note, this is the first glitch I have noticed in all of this time. I also love the bubblegum hill addition. It lets me restore pink lollipops and is a great series of varied games!

Candy Crush. I believe I was hacked by KING because the person in second place had five points. I lost on 179 and was switched showing I had only five points and the person who had five was given MY NINE POINTS. I don’t know how it was switched but I am totally discussed with this game! Matter of fact, I won’t play any games that KING owns again. Again, I downloaded Candy Crush. I had money taken this time! I was close to winning so I decided to obtain what I thought was 10 moves for $1.99 not once but twice!! The first episode gave me two moves and the second attempt I didn’t receive any moves at all. I might play the game again but will NEVER pay for extra moves. You are totally jerks and I hope you bomb out. Matter of fact, there are very few games left that are by KING—HA HA!

The BEST / GREATEST game on EARTH !. The levels are so challenging which I love which makes me try even harder I just love how hard you guys make it and when I lose a level it makes me try harder and it makes me feel confident and I just wanted to say thank you for making this game very challenging and very fun ! I think the hardest level for me was Level 57 and the easiest one for me is Level 66 which I just passed and I only had it for a week but if it weren’t for its challenging and fun things that Soda Crush has created I wouldn’t be at the Level I am now ! I am currently about to go on Level 67 .!.! I just am so thankful that this app is created in this every day life / reality ! I rate this app a 100% 5 stars ! And I truly believe you should rate it a 100% 5 stars! ! ! !

Disappointed. I've played this game off and on for a very long time and recently started playing again...and I'm really disappointed in how difficult it is to make any progress in it now. Almost every level is more difficult, hardly any bonus candies are given out, nearly impossible to get extra lives or gold bars, and a half hour wait just to refill one life?? So basically you end up trying to clear one level, then waiting two and a half hours to try it again. At this rate I'm lucky to clear one or two levels a day. I want the game to be a bit of a challenge but taking five days to clear an "Ultra Hard" level is ridiculous. It seems like this game has gone in the direction of so many other apps..."Free to Play" but if you want to make any progress at all you need to spend money on it.

Deleted the game. This used to be one of my favorite games when I could just play without having to participate in races and make “friends” with total strangers (who is Kimmy?). Believe it or not, there are still some people who don’t have a Facebook account and don’t want one. It hasn’t happened recently, but this app had been signing me into Game Center without my knowledge. CC soda is another example of making millions off of people by getting them hooked on a game and then requiring payment to advance. Having to purchase gold bars that you have previously earned is a ripoff. Why can’t you just have a one time purchase instead of all the gimmicks? I was gone the first time Kimmy sent me a friend request and have never made in-app purchases in order to advance. The game is fun but I just want to play and be left alone and don’t need virtual friends.

Win at a cost. Up to level 948. Enjoy the game, not the best at it, BUT the game has been updated so the levels are so hard one can only win with extra moves. Fish used to go where they would benefit. Now they go idiotic spaces of no benefit. Had one candy that needed to explode to get 4th bear above string to win level. Spent $6.99 to buy 50 extra bricks and boosters. Went through those again needed one candy to break. Fish never went to that one candy. Spent $5.99 to break my bank for extra moves fish would not break that one candy. Got 3 extra moves for 7 bricks. Fish wouldn’t go to that candy. Used 16 bricks for 5 extra moves and booster. Used 39 bricks for 5 extra moves and booster finally after jelly candy merged with fish to make about 30 fish that one candy exploded. Didn’t have to spend but wanted to see how rigged the game has become. Yep! Riggged to make money over and above skill and enjoyment. Got the last $ that I will spend!

Fun game, a few suggestions. I enjoy this game in general. It’s fun and challenging at higher levels. I think the app could be improved with a couple of changes. When you win unlimited lives by passing a level, it would be nice if you could accept it at a time when you have the time to really take advantage of it. Too many times I pass a level, earn the reward and then lose it because I don’t have opportunity to play for that long at that moment. Maybe create a way to accept your reward within 24 hours...? Also, the app needs a “confirm” button to purchase more moves with your gold bars. I have accidentally bumped the button to add more moves when I have had NO intention of doing so. A button to confirm purchase would prevent these accidental purchases.

Constantly crashes. I'm unsure if the developers know or even care that this version of Candy Crush isn't stable on all iPads. I don't know what happened in the latest update but it crashes at various points during loading. I've uninstalled/reinstalled with the same results. There seems to be no problem on my computer which implies the problem is with the device coding. In fact, when you restart the app you've lost a life. This seems to be a common issue if you have more than one version of Candy Crush installed at a time. I even make sure only one version is open and still the same results. This is my main reason for not spending a dime on any of these Candy Crush apps. I am throughly disappointed and expect better from an app that's been around as long as it has.

What happened to winning items?. I've been playing this game for a long time. I have reached 100 consecutive days and then the game updated and booted my score. So I did it again and got over 200 consecutive days. In that time, I watched as the game makers kept getting cheaper and cheaper. Instead of winning items for playing each day, we just get 30 minutes unlimited of lives or an item. While those are useful, it's not something that all of us players find useful. Why can't we still get items? You were alternating prizes but then went full 'cheap'. I save up items for travel (by car or plane) when I binge play. With no items slowly coming in, it's lost a lot of the fun it used to have. Plus, jelly saga still gives out items...for now. Please bring back items that we can save and accumulate.

BEWARE they are Robbers!. Guys I did purchase after purchase at first they give you what you buy but then after 2-3 weeks of buying “hiccups” or soda staff say “you more likely re installed or got disconnected from Facebook” that wasn’t even the case! Once you buy one more booster before ultra hard level THEY DELETE ALL OF YOUR BOOSTERS!!!! But hey your gold bars and unlimited hours of lives stay the same? So what disconnection are they talking about?! Or they promise you “sale sale buy this and that” and they after 2-3 weeks NEVER GIVE YOU WHAT U PAID FOR n they don’t even take responsibility for it! PLEASE DO NOT BUY ANYTHING BEFORE ULTRA HARD LEVELS THEY WILL ONLY STEAL YOUR MONEY SND YOU WILL N O T be awarded additionally boosters BUT THEY WILL DELETE A L L OF YOUR BOOSTERS BEFORE GAME BOOSTERS AND INSIDE OF GAME BOOSTERS! I’m reporting them to iTunes and I will demand ALL OF MY MONEY BACK SINCE SEPTEMBER THAT I SPENT! I have no idea why I believed they will change and fix situation?! They NEVER DID fix. Play game just please DO NOT SPEND YOUR MONEY HERE! They will rob you

Loyal soda crush user. I’ve had this app for years and it never fails to disappoint me. Even when I have a losing streak I will always try again and again until I’m able to slowly start winning again even if it takes days (which is completely fine because I have a life too). They always find new and different ways to creatively update their game which keeps me on my toes. People who try to talk negative about this app, expect the most. I’ve ALWAYS had a good experience with the app and I will always remain a loyal soda crush user! PS, It took me years to write a review but this is just me, finally showing my appreciation for this cute, fun app!

Why so many inane distractions at launch?. Great game but seriously, guys, why so many distractions every time I open the app? “Here’s your daily bonus; here’s your team’s contribution (what team? I play this app alone!); pick a tile; here’s where you are in the “race”; here’s where your team (again, who are these people?!) is in the “race””; o, you missed Batula!; now frantically press the level button thinking you can finally start only to find out some other random icons are moving in the corner so now I feel stupid mashing my finger on a button that’s ignoring me. Come on, guys, I just want to play the dumb game-don’t make me wade thru 5 minutes of distractions first! Soda is the ONLY crush app that launches like this. Why? Why?! Why?!!!!!!????

Feelings about this game.. I’ve played this game since it’s beginning,it was a fun game to play,however,over time you have destroyed the fun in this game. It’s now all about money. If we the game players don’t pay for something to make it easier then we are penalized. An example is we work very hard to gain bottles and additional rewards to help complete the level. Now we receive additional bottles but instead of losing one bottle we now lose ALL the bottles with one lose. Why! This is no longer fun. I’m on level 223, I’m considering quitting this game. There are also so many glitches that occur. When I go to make a fish or a bomb or whatever the program makes something I wasn’t making. Also the game strategy works against us. So, please consider your customer when making changes, it’s our fun,when there’s no more FUN then No more game! Thank you.

Candy Crush Soda. I was in the 990’s of the games and it starting kicking me off when I went to play it. Then if it did work it would sometimes go to a black screen. Then last night it totally locked my iPhone where nothing worked. It was locked on the screen where you hit “play”. I could not even turn my phone off and Home Screen button would not work. It would ring when I called it from another phone but no change on the screen and I could not answer it. It would not even go to black screen — just low light with the play screen showing all night. This AM I kept pressing the right upper button on my phone constantly about 6 or 7 times pretty fast and it finally turned off. Now I am afraid to go back into the game. I guess I will delete it. It was probably my favorite game before. I never purchase things in the game so I figure they might have sent me a virus??

Very much same BORING play. Nearly unsolvable levels just destroy the joy of the game. The higher you go the worse it gets though I have seen some improvement lately. This game has a lot of near-insolvables save a rush of combinations but the other games are far worse. knocked the rating down again because it is too difficult to progress. I am sick of seeing ‘player’ on the contests. They should not be listed if they don’t do at least a minimal profile, that’s ridiculous. No idea who these multiple people are. The 800 points is a joke that never pays because it quits before you get anything. The levels I have gotten to now seem to have improved but you still cannot watch ads for a prize on iPad. In fact ads have NEVER worked on my ipads.

This is awful. I'm sorry but this game - bubblegum hill is BS First, I've beaten this game many times, sometimes it's very late and I can't stay up to use the full hour of free lives, don't understand why you just can't track the use and give us an hour even if it's not all at the same time! Plus, I've been playing all weekend and can't get past the easiest levels, and it like every other play it says- no more plays and it reorganizes the board. Which says to me, it's impossible to win. And when I try to set up plays, the game seems to have its own mind and just starts kicking off all the fish, stripes, and other bonus tiles and it's really frustrating. . It would a great idea if when you buy a boost say, a color bomb, I could choose when to use it. It's not especially helpful to put it in at the beginning of play. Plus I worked real hard to set up a stripped fish, only to have it go to some unhelpful area. At the least I'd like to believe there was some skill involved. Plus I actually think I am entitled to more infinity play, thank you very much, I will be anticipating your response

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Candy Crush is constantly doing something new to their game which inevitably makes it more annoying and worse. But my biggest complaint and issue is the friends list disappearing. When bringing this up I get the same generic response as the other users. I have a updated app for both CC and FB, I have given FB permission, my friends have done the same, I have deleted and reloaded the app, etc. not only has it not worked but I have less and less friends now. Started with over 30 and now I only have 1 whom never plays! I use to love this game but with all their “improvements” I find myself picking it up less and less. Shame bc I’ve been loyal since the beginning.

Okay, probably, for most people. I really like this game, but there are some major irritations I can not get over. Specifically, the suggested moves that can not be turned off, unlike in Candy Crush. At least give people the option to disable it if they want to, there is no reason to leave them permanently enabled for all users. I’m a heavy P2W player and this is the only game I’ve played where they don’t care about user QOL at all. For a game where profits are made off of in app purchases, you’d think they would care about things that make the player put the game down. But they said literally was “well, guess you should uninstall it then”… not even a respectful, “that’s a great idea, I’ll pass it along!”. Basic customer service responses 101. How representatives of a company treat their patrons says everything about them.

Good game but…. I don’t know about everyone but I could care less about the events in this game. When I opened the game and after I loaded my progress, I was bombarded with events that I couldn’t exit out of half the time. I honestly don’t see the point in these events, especially if they prevent you from playing the game because you’ll have to wait for like 5 minutes for them to pass. This is just my personal preference though but the events should be removed. This is why I love Candy Crush. Candy Crush is simple and when you open the game, you can play immediately. The event pop ups aren’t terrible but they’re tolerable. Just like I said in the other Candy Crush review, you don’t need to spend money on anything in this game to play it.

Very disappointed. I have played this game for a while now and have, for the most part enjoyed the game, but of late I am having issues and no matter how many times I have written explaining the problem, I get no help. This is just not right. When I use all my moves and the game gives me the chance to get a few more moves by watching a video, I click to watch the video and the screen goes black and has an X up in the corner. It does not give me a video to watch, and when I click the X, it tells me that I can’t get extra moves, because I did not watch the video. Well, how can I watch a video that isn’t there and you penalize for your problem. PLEASE fix this issue. The game is not enjoyable anymore, when I can’t play the it’s suppose to be played. You keep updating the game every week, but you ignore me and don’t bother to fix the issue.

Used to be fun. The gameplay is great- the crap thing is when you spend money to get bars to continue. It used to be 10… for 10 moves. Now it’s starts at 10 for 5 moves. The prices have raised and all it is now is a pay to succeed game. Sure you have an option not to purchase perks- but when you are literally within 10 moves of clearing a stage and receive 5 moves for a 1.99 to lose your progress and be knocked down a few tiers, it gets super frustrating. Especially on a competitive level. So candy crush soda, and all of the candy crush universe- today I bid you my final farewell as I choose to purchase a two dollar game with no ads or pay for perks that is just as fun and way less frustrating. To the person who chooses to download this game. Do not get hooked on paying for perks- they really aren’t worth it in the long run.

Still a mess - no help from support. Contacted support 2 weeks ago - zero help and no fix still - game insists there’s no Internet connection, can’t add boosters, can’t update progress can’t spend money on it (you’d think that would make the developers Jump to fix it). Just before this I Was prompted to add a password to “save” my game and progress and since then I’m getting error messages that there is no connectivity- can’t use the store, can’t update races...makes the game unplayable. Contacted support who always seem to send you through hoops for a whole day sending screen shots and info and then nothing. Based on other reviews I think it’s obvious there are tons of issues with this release. Until it’s fixed don’t bother downloading it. I’m on level 3288 watch them tell me I have to delete it and reinstall - and since it clearly didn’t save my password info(says no internet) I’m out of luck and would have to start over. No thanks.

The BEST Crush.. As someone with ADHD, most games like this just make me lose interest when they get challenging WHILE a lot of other elements start of the game lose their charm. Not this one though, somehow this game always finds a way to make the challenges fun & satisfying*, even when you lose. There are SO many free boosters and tricks to finding your way through new challenges that it never gets boring. I play it every day and actually make it a priority so I don’t lose that unlimited play, obvi. 🫠 *The way things pop and move, even with the sound off all the time, is just so.. satisfying. That’s the best word for it. Never experienced it in any other game. It’s almost tactile.

Scammers. Beware of this app skipped right over it. People just skipped over it !!!! It's great to see that I'm not the only one that realized that they definitely want u to spend your money. I noticed once you spend even just $.99 forget it you're done it's over for you to be able to just beat a level without using boosters. This is how they get you to spend your money. It's a rip off the scammers I don't care what they say. They can't control games and things like that. That's a bunch of bull think about it if you have no moves before you even have a chance to exit the game or start a new game they were ready. Got it fixed for you because they know when you have no moves that's weird think about it anyway they can say whatever they want. They are in your games so I am going to delete this game also.

Money Hungry. Stop cheating on the game. It’s getting ridiculous. This game is so rigged now that it’s highly popular, that any special candy formed including the fish don’t even pop the special candy AND the fish at times doesn’t help clear the board at all. They just roam around “swimming” around the board looking stupid. If l wanna watch fish just swim, I’ll go and buy me a darn fish tank and watch them swim all day. This game is set-up so that millions of people will spend money just to buy extra moves or candy to clear the board because the game itself isn’t doing what it’s supposed to do (like it used to back to when l very first started playing this game years ago. Even (sometimes) when l match a striped candy with a candy wrapper, they just “pop” instead on moving in a “t” direction. I’ve been paying since 2014, and I’m almost over this game to the point of UNINSTALL……..PERMANENTLY….like the tip of a ball point pin patience left…..Oh, and it’s “0” stars-not 1. Good day.

Daily Streaks. I love the candy crush games , but lately I’ve been losing my daily rewards streaks. I didnt understand why because I logged in within 24 hours . After losing my daily rewards streak for the 4th time in the past 4 months . I decided to contact support to see what could be done and why the game keep glitching when I get to above 30-45 days on my daily rewards. This time I got to day 40 and it disappeared again . Support tells me it’s nothing they can do to reset my streak but gives me 50 gold bars. ( everybody knows 50 Gold bars is NOTHING compared to Your daily rewards ) you’ll spend 50 bars just to get a days worth of rewards . Not to mentioned they’re unlimited for a set amount of hours so that did not satisfy me at all . I continued to question why it happened in the first place and Giselle and Allison just continued to dance around the question . Long story short please don’t waste your time trying to keep up with these streaks. They purposely glitch your games so that it cancels your streaks so you have to start over and spend more money. I’m saying stop playing just saying don’t spend as much or put so much time into it because the company doesn’t give two ducks ( you know what i mean) about you they just want your money . ✊🏽

Issues with later versions. This game was fun but later versions freeze up frequently and the screen turns black way too often. I play several of the games almost daily for years now and this one is jacked up. Update to previous review… I downloaded it again when they claim to have sent me 10 gold bars. I’ve received emails before for various king games where they give you free gold bars, but they never show up in your account. I went ahead and downloaded the game again anyway, and all it does is turn itself off over and over again. The game won’t start up at all but it does recognize my credentials. I’ve deleted it again. There are way too many games to play that you don’t have to fool with one that doesn’t work very well.

No internet issue on game. This is the only game I have this issue with! Having said this, I have a ton of games including Candy Crush Friends and none of them have shown any issues with the internet. I have a good strong set of bars on my tablet (iPad) and even Friends works beautifully, but Soda keeps telling me I’m offline and can’t give me bonuses or points to my team effort. It does this and then will go back to being online for a while then repeats! This is very irritating and has no other reason for it’s behavior than some glitch in this app. I turn my tablet off regularly (usually in the evening for 5-10 minutes) to let it “sleep” and reset. I also checked to see if there was any updates I had missed. If there’s anything else it could be on my end, please let me know so I can attempt to cure it’s issues.

Haven’t been able to connect since last update. I love this game! I’ve never had a problem until the last update…and now I cannot connect to the internet! I’ve done all of the things it’s said to do: restart phone, clear cache, etc. but nothing! My other candy crush games are fine! They connect. But, I can’t log in to my profile from this game (but I can for the other ones) because it says it cannot connect at this time. What’s going on? I’ve tried to contact y’all, but that’s almost impossible. Please help fix the problem! Please?!? It simple says…”cannot connect to the internet, please try again when you are connected”…and I am connected to the WiFi, but this game wont connect for me!

Amazing app!. I love the regular candy crush but when I saw this it brought back so many old memories! You see, I forgot about candy crush for a while so that makes it even better. I just have one request, and that is to add the purple candies back. The video for the app shows the purple candies but they aren't in the game. But besides that it is a super fun game! There are many different game styles per round. For example, honey gummies, bubble gummies, pop the bottles, ice gummies, and more! I can play this for hours and hours without getting bored! Also no adds! Which I'm a huge fan of. And if you want to buy a boost you can use in-game money! So please buy this app.

Deleting game. I’ve played this game for a very long time. Approx 10 years. Since updates, I don’t like the incessant reminders that 195,000 people used boosters to win. I hate the teams they put you on (my team players are always worthless), I don’t like playing against others to win a pittance of gold... I want my relaxing single player game back! I realize the developers do these things to pressure us into buying add ons, however, they have gotten too greedy. The algorithms have made it nearly impossible to win any hard levels unless you buy boosters. I did so a few times and was charged twice for each purchase. No response from app support or apple, I finally had to file a dispute with credit card co. Im done. As of today, I have had it up to here. I am deleting the app and will find something else, or maybe do other things that make me look at this phone less! Good job developers, you lost another player.

Just no fun anymore. I used to love this game but not anymore. The daily bonuses stink. You don’t get anything to keep or build up to play the harder levels. It’s 2 hrs of this or that and if you don’t have that kind of time to play you’re screwed. The mini games like fishing and bubblegum hill were a nice diversion when you couldn’t get past a level and gave you a chance to win gold or boosters. They’re now gone! Don’t even get me started on that piggy bank, one of your reviewers was right and we built up all that gold under the premise we would win all the goodies and imagine my surprise when I had to PAY $5.99 to open it?!? Needless to say mine is still full and will stay that way. I used to spend a good bit of money because the game was fun and there were incentives to beat these levels. Not anymore. There are a lot of other games out there so I’m done with candy crush.

Rescue buddies is in poor taste. I’ve been playing rescue buddies for a while now, but I have quit. The more I play it, the more I find it disturbing to see a young bear held hostage for days on end. I see it less of a bear and more of a child. It reminds me of some of the horror stories of child abuse. The child that was wrapped up in a blanket and shoved in a closet while the rest of the family went on vacation. (Ohio) The autistic student who was left on the time out room. Everyone went home for the night and forgot him until parents began looking for him. (Idaho) I know that it’s just a candy bear that is trapped in fictitious bubble gum, but it’s children that come to mind whenever it comes up. Please discontinue. I don’t know how much longer I can continue to decline to play rescue buddies. I may have to give up candy soda crush entirely.

Faded Love. For years, I would have given Soda Saga 4-5 stars. I played when it first came out but eventually, moved on to other games. Last winter I got bored, and re-discovered my love of Soda & Jelly Sagas. HOWEVER, since about two months ago, I literally cannot play Soda. If I'm able to get past the initial screen without a crash. then it crashes when I click on the level I'm playing. Rarely am I able to get the level loaded, and on those rare occasions it generally crashes during the game ... losing a life and whatever booster(s) I may have chosen. My love has faded like upholstery in a sunny window. Most days I don't even try anymore. When I do try ... crash, crash, crash, frustration and anger. (N.B. I have re-set my iPad Mini 100 times which used to help for a short while but now makes absolutely no difference). So Soda Crush goes back onto the ash heap of discarded games. "With every heartbeat I still think of you, and remember our faded love"

Used to love, now just makes me angry. I Play, five versions of Candy Crush religiously. It helps calm anxiety. Soda has always been my favorite, but recently, it has only caused me frustration. The reason is that the levels have become almost impossible to beat without paying for extra lives. Even the regular levels take me days to get through and I can’t finish them without using boosters. I usually pay extra for the additional prizes for the seasons that last three weeks. This time, two of the three challenges was to get purple candies. However, I had about 20 to 30 levels without any purple candies. I only got to use a few of the prizes because of that as soon as the season was up the next level had purple candies. I’m almost out of boosters and I will not give any more money to this app.

The best of the three Candy Crush games. I can still remember when This game began as a soft launch in limited countries in 2014. That’s how excited I was for this game because I loved the original Candy Crush Saga. The graphics in this game are so colorful and I love the new characters. The New Soda dynamic adds a unique touch to the franchise. The new Coloring Candy is also pretty cool. The best part about Soda Saga is that it’s not too difficult. When I played the original Candy Crush, I came across some very difficult levels /land it was frustrating. I played the newer Candy Crush Jelly Saga and I found it to be a boring game. There’s no reason for it’s existence. But Candy Crush Soda Saga is just right.

Super fun, very addicting, exceptional customer support!!. I’ve attempted a few times to discontinue playing this game by deleting the app, either due to frustration not being able to pass difficult levels, or because it was consuming too much of my time. I even emailed King a few days ago asking them to permanently delete my account. Ha! Yeah, like that would stop me. Lol I’ve been in contact with the company a couple years ago with an issue, as well as recently, and every single time, their customer support team has been outstanding with prompt replies, followup, detailed/clear instructions, and resolving issues!! I am beyond pleased with this company and will continue enjoying playing Soda Crush. 🥰

Apps fail you lose what you earned and what you bought. Don’t expect any response from contacting support. There was a “connectivity” issue with all King games. Supposedly it was fixed almost immediately. It was not. Several hours later they announced all games were back up. The 3 Candy Crush games were still unable to connect- the solution “Delete the app and reinstall it but be advised you’ll lose all boosters”. That’s not a solution! Many of those boosters were earned over the past 2 years but many were bought and paid for. I’m reporting all my purchases from the last 90 days as unfulfilled via Apple and Google bc I’ve yet to receive any reply from King when I requested an ingame credit for 2 purchases made within hours on one and minutes on the other of the apps crashing. Lesson learned! This is the third (and last) time there’s been issues like this. I won’t give King another penny!

Pretty good game. I don’t have any app crashing issues that other people are talking about and I play several times a day. Some levels are really hard and it takes several tries to get through them but if they were all easy, that would be boring. I would have given 5 stars if you could implement 1 thing. I’d love if when I receive a reward… land on the key, a chest my team has won, etc… if I could have the option of not claiming it right away and it just kind of sits there until I claim it. Even if you want to give some sort of claim within 24 hours or lose it, that would be better. I have plenty of times when I only have 10-15 minutes to play and I get some reward for the next 2 hours. It ends up being a waste.

Very Addicting. This game is addicting, pretty much. I loved Candy Crush franchise games since it’s so original but I don’t know what to say but this game just attracts millions of people in some way by swiping and it’s just satisfying. However, I encountered only one bug in this game. After when you complete a level, of course Tifi pops out of the screen with soda filling up the whole background but instead she appears without the soda filling up. It’s kind of weird but this bug doesn’t bother me at all. Otherwise, I would say thank you for all your hard-work effort that you put in this game and King, you are one of the most original game developers out there among others. Thank You!

Tracking your movement OUTSIDE the app!!. Until yesterday, April 28, 2021, I would have given this app and the Candy Crush Soda 4 stars. But since they now are REQUIRING you to allow them to track you OUTSIDE of the app, it’s 1 star. That ‘cute’ message in your game says they need your permission to do so but THERE IS NO WAY TO OPT OUT OF IT!! You either agree by tapping the ‘Let’s Go’ button to play the game or you leave the app. I have chosen to delete those two apps from my iPhone and my iPad. I will not be tracked for any purpose. I consider that bullying and have contacted their legal team over it. More of you should do the same since it is a form of your freedom being taken away. They do not have the right to track us without our permission. That stupid notice they put up at the beginning of the game is ludicrous since it DOES NOT allow you to opt out.

Fix the crashing issue PLEASE?!?!. I’ve loved Candy Crush Soda for awhile now and especially love how many extra mini games there are! There are various ways to earn boosts, extras and even gold bars. The only thing that gets me is the game CONSTANTLY crashing. I can’t respond to a text, check the weather, use *any* other app or function on my phone or it crashes. Sometimes if too much time has passed since I started playing a level it crashes. And I definitely can’t take a photo -even from the Lock Screen- or it crashes. I’ve restarted my phone hoping that would help but it didn’t. I recently deleted and reinstalled the app and all that did is take away all of my saved boosters. The app now crashes in the middle of me playing a level! I’ll make a move and it crashes. It’s happened a handful of times in the past 24hrs alone. I then lose my rainbow road boosts and have to build them back up. Again. 😤

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Candy Crush Soda Saga Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Rules

What do you think of Candy Crush Soda Saga app? Can you share your complaints, experiences or thoughts about the application with King and people?

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Candy Crush Soda Saga 1.235.5 Games Screenshots & Images

Candy Crush Soda Saga iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 1.235.5
Play Store com.midasplayer.apps.candycrushsodasaga
Compatibility iOS 10.0 or later

Candy Crush Soda Saga (Versiyon 1.235.5) Install & Download

The applications Candy Crush Soda Saga was published in the category Games on 2014-11-11 and was developed by King [Developer ID: 526656015]. This program file size is 321.46 MB. This app has been rated by 625,870 users and has a rating of 4.7 out of 5. Candy Crush Soda Saga - Games app posted on 2023-01-25 current version is 1.235.5 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.midasplayer.apps.candycrushsodasaga. Languages supported by the app:

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Candy Crush Soda Saga Game Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Sodalicious! We update our game every week with exciting levels, improvements to the game, and fun new features. Download the latest version to check it out! Joining us after a break? Welcome back! New to the game? You’ll be a pro before you know it!

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Find this site the customer service details of Candy Crush Soda Saga. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

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