Coin Master

Coin Master [Games] App Description & Overview

Join your Facebook friends and millions of players around the world, in attacks, spins and raids, to build your Viking village to the top!

Do you have what it takes to be the next Coin Master?

** Spin to earn your loot **
Spin the wheel to fall on your fortune, be it attack time, loot, shields or raids. Win your loot and build strong villages in the game and move up towards higher levels. Win shields to guard your village from other vikings trying to attack you. Become the Coin Master with the strongest village and the most loot!

** Attack and Raid fellow vikings! **
Attack or raid friends and foes to save enough loot to build your village. Fight back and come out victorious against your enemies. Take revenge on those who have attacked your village and take what's rightfully yours!

** Collect all the Cards! **
Collect cards to complete sets and move onto the next village. With every village you conquer, your wins will be greater.

** Play with friends! **
Trade your cards with our online community to collect them all! Join our fast growing interactive Facebook community to meet new viking friends, earn big rewards, and trade treasures!

● Battle your way to be the next Coin Master with your friends by your side.
● Join in millions of players worldwide!
● Coin Master is free on all devices with in-app purchases.

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If you need help, please contact us in the game by clicking on the Menu > Settings > Support, or visit our help center:

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Coin Master Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Thanks for playing Coin Master! In this version, we’ve implemented updates to improve your overall experience. Enjoy a world of fun, thrills, and huge rewards right at your fingertips. Be sure your game is up to date so you can truly experience all there is to offer. Invite your friends to play Coin Master & get your FREE REWARDS! We also recommend joining our community on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more fun & excitement. Enjoying Coin Master? Leave a review :)

Coin Master Comments & Reviews

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- Haha I am the best coin master player

I love this game

- Crashing constantly

Worked great on my Android. Contantly crashes on my iPhone

- Coin master


- M


- this is dodo

total dogs hit


AMAZING 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

- Stupid

Annoying ads and just dumb dumb game

- V

I loved it

- So fun

This is addicting!!!!

- Gamergirl27

Great game

- Love it

Love this game except sometimes it glitches plus takes long to get more spins other than that it’s addicting lol

- great

great game! very addicting

- Great

Very nice game

- Coin Master


- Love

I absolutely love this game.

- loving this game

Would love it even more if “friends” didn’t have to be Facebook friends.

- Omg I wanna play this game all day long

Thank goodness for this game Love this it

- Good game


- Eriel

If you don’t mind tell roblox May I have 3M robux

- Evanjlen


- Rashmi👩am🧠

I enjoy this game so much and my mom thought that this game was for grown ups but it’s not thankfully

- Coin Master

This game fun

- I love it

It good for people

- Amazing

Such a good game it’s not hard but not easy


Every day I’m more and more addicted to this amazing game.. thanks coin master Family for bringing us so much fun 🔥🔥

- Coin Master

Perfect game to play when you are bored.

- Good

I’m having fun but not that fun it’s kind of boring but it’s awesome to!

- Killing time

Killing time

- It’s the best game I love to play it all the time on a daily basis 😍😍🥰

😍I love it 😍

- Love it😘💯

. Best game ever

- Mindless Fun

Fun to rad and build

- Amazing

This game is super addictive

- Love it

I don’t know if it’s just me but this game is it it is so so fun and I have not gotten eny ads

- Love this Game

Addiction at its best 🤩

- So much fun

It’s nice to be into a game and enjoying it it helps for me to distract me for a little

- Thank you

I really love playing coin master 💚

- Noemi😇

It is a good game to pass time

- Cheater

Sometime though I feel like they cheat you ~ I’m every time I get up to winning 1000 or more free spins something happens and several times it has skipped when I should attack or raid ~ it’ll come up but it won't change over so you can actually perform the task

- Fun I got 50,000,000$


- Great game! No flaws

This game is so fun! And it is my favorite f Game thank you for this game!

- Excelente app

Acaba con el aburrimiento del COVID

- Game is addicting

Very addictive once you start you can’t stop.

- Awesome

Great game and the kids love it 😊

- I love your game


- It’s a fun game it makes me happy

THIS IS A REALLY GOOD GAME! Roblox is a vary good game and I like roblox more but this game is soooooooo amazing that roblox I’m sorry but WOW I love this game give it 5 stars 🌟 ty for reading bye bye! ✌🏻

- Amazing

This is one of the best games I have ever played

- Addicting

I’m sure a study will come out one day on how bad this game is

- Hello

It’s so much fun to play. And it’s really addictive

- Coin Master wins!

I don’t play games on my phone because they rarely hold my interest, but the more I play, the more I want to play! Well done!

- Camel


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- Complaint

Coin master is a fun game but they need more places

- Fun and all but

This is a fun game and all but the ads are crazy and ive been playing this game everyday for a week and only twice have gotten the “calendar” reward and for “1st day” only? Doesn’t make any sense.

- Crack


- Good but stop

So my sister showed me the game, I love it but whenever I’m out of spins the game just pops up with a million things to try and make me spend money, for spins and bundles. but I’m guessing is most of the players are kids like me and they don’t have money. So to shorten it down is to reduce the amount of pop ups on the screen

- Great

Great way to loose yourself for a few

- Coin Master

Is the best game ever I love it so much 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🤣😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😍😘😍😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😍

- Epic Game

No Epic Fail here! A complete Epic Sail!

- I love it

Fun game especially when you raid family and they get mad

- Unfair age rating

This Game is fine for twelve plus because it’s not a social media it offers for you to put in a Facebook.

- So fun!

I never write reviews on games but I had to this time. I’ve been playing for 30 minutes now and can’t put it down!

- Amazing app

This is an amazing app and I recommend

- About you

I need more more more power I love y’all pls reply

- Best Game Ever

I am so glad I downloaded Coin Master! It’s the best game ever! I love the challenges and have made many new friends! It great especially calming as we experience this quarantine time!

- Its fine

𝕀 𝕝𝕚𝕜𝕖 𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝕘𝕒𝕞𝕖 𝕓𝕦𝕥 𝕚 𝕕𝕠𝕟𝕥 𝕨𝕒𝕟𝕟𝕒 𝕙𝕒𝕧𝕖 𝕥𝕠 𝕔𝕠𝕟𝕟𝕖𝕔𝕥 𝕥𝕠 𝕗𝕒𝕔𝕖𝕓𝕠𝕠𝕜 𝕔𝕒𝕦𝕤𝕖 𝕚 𝕕𝕠𝕟𝕥 𝕙𝕒𝕧𝕖 𝕚𝕥

- Nice


- Favorite Game Ever

I have never enjoyed a game so much! Each village is so adorable and creative. I wish I could go back and view our completed villages. Sometimes I have to complete so fast to keep from getting raided that I don’t have time to enjoy the details. Well Done!

- Super bueno 😍

Me encanta este juego 😍🥴

- Poop

This game poop bro like stop

- Coin master has me HOOKED!

This is such a great game for those who are in a break at work or and looking to spend time winning! This game is full of levels and LOTS of upgrades! So fun! Not a dull moment!

- Lora_manuel

Very good

- Honesty

At first I didn’t think I was going to enjoy this game much, but it loved me wrong and I love this game

- Thank

Good game

- This is SO fun

I love how it’s battling and not just the wheel spinning! I’m so glad this was invented!! So over all I give it a 5!

- Love this !!!

This is such a fun and addictive game !!! It’s my favorite for sure!!

- So fun!!!!!

Such a fun game ,but if you have no spins or money you can’t do anything other than that best game I have ever played 👍.

- Its gret

Its amazing to play and i cant stop

- It’s a grea5 game

It’s a super fun game to compete against friends

- Game

I love the game it’s very addicting

- Very addictive can’t stop playing

I love this game can’t stop playing. It kills the time when all you have is time 😁

- Love it

Love this game!

- Good for passing time

My 11-year-old introduced me to this game. It’s ok.. it passes the time.

- GetGoodGammer

really fun and interactive game!

- Fun-Tastic and a Fav Daily Game

I enjoy this game tremendously and I also like how challenging it can be at times. I love the imagination that has gone into the themes and the daily tournaments. Love it! Play routinely every day !

- The best game!

you can win great prizes and many surprises!! recommend it 100%💖

- I would recommend this game...

I play this game every day. It is such a GOOD GAME. I love it so much!

- Nice

It’s a cool game and enjoyable

- So much fun!!!

Revenge is my fav part

- i cant stop playing it

i really enjoy it because i can play with my friends and have a friendly feud against each other and it’s great. the only tweaky thing about the app is when i run out of spins my screen will freeze for about 3-5 seconds and then pop up like 4 different adds. i know what adds are for and it’s not that i don’t care for those, i don’t like my phone geeking like that.

- So fun it’s addicting

This game is so awesome that there should be a Coinmaster’s Anonymous for all of us addicts!!!

- Love love love

I totally love this game😍

- Get app

Great fun!


Rlly fun and I can play for a while forgetting about everything around me

- 10/10

Super addictive. Fun game to play against family

- Best game ever

It’s an awsome and fun game to play while on the go and in a hurry in ride home to house or really any where this game is amazing

- COIN MASTER!!!!!!!!

Coin master is amazing😍😍😍😍. It is SO fun🤩🤩🤩🤩

- It is a good game

I thought that it is a fun game the all ages can enjoy

- Great game

Great game. Thanks so much

- Great

Great game

- BigDaddy231465

It’s fun to wreck your friends.

- Wow

It shows you how to invest before they steal all your money!

- Coin master

It’s the best game ever 😍😍😍😍

- Fun game but frustrating!

The game is great but very frustrating at times!! Very hard to complete cards!! Always getting the same cards... you spend your coins on a magical treasure box and don’t even get a golden card. And if you do it’s a duplicate. Wait an hour to get spins is long!! It’s shows they want you to spend money!!! Fun game but not impressed!!!

- Awesome


- Good game if you only like to play for 5min every hour

Wasn’t a bad starting game till I reached the second village. Don’t get enough spins to do anything; only 5 per hour. By the time I get enough spins to gain enough coin to build my second village the coins get stolen so I basically almost have to start over. This game is very annoying and frustrating if you don’t want to spend actual money. Only 5 spins an hour which last about 2 minutes. And if you think you’ll get more spins in yours spin? Ha good luck

- William

Bon jeux gratuit

- Tye

Love it

- 💕💕

really addicting

- Awesome game

I lovvvve it

- Amazing

Best game I ever played

- Good game

Good game

- I love it

Its good 5/5

- I love this game so much

Coin master

- Very fun

Very fun and enjoyable game !

- I love


- Awesome app

Love the app best yet

- No stars if I could

It always says no connection when my wifi is on. I never got to play NOT get

- Mr


- Coin master

I love the game but when I invited someone but did not get ten more spins

- Oke


- played this game for 2 weeks

wow i’m already at dino land i love this game!

- I love the game but

We always need spins and im about to hit 1000 spin in the event but i never have ennouf spin but the game is fun

- Lost connection - bug

Dont play has bug in it. When attacking a friend who just attacked me i always get a lost connection error. But my connection was never lost. Its a bug they cant fix. Makes the experience and fun drop to zero.

- It’s good

I like the pets, the raids, the attacks, the villages, it’s just not a normal casino game. That’s what makes it fun for all. But it should give more spins on the play mode. It’s a very good game.

- Super fun

I like it

- Game isn’t working.

It works until I get to raid or attack then the game always loses internet connection and to retry. It still doesn’t work when I close everything down and restart.

- Coin master

Love it, and gets to destroy others what pressure it is.

- hd


- Coin master

Love you

- Omg

Itssss soooo gooodd best game ever

- Crash crash and more crash

Every single attack I get. Says I lost connection to internet. Even though I have 4 bars of wifi. Forcing me to close the app loosing my spins and my attack.

- Best game

I’m not usually a gamer but I’m addicted to Coin Master 🙌🏼

- 👍

Lots of fun!

- Great app

But you have to wait long to get some spins so you can raid someone’s village or attacks someone’s village but I like it and I definitely recommend it

- Its Fantastic!

Awesome great game!!!

- This is a great game

This game is just like all the adds except I don’t have Facebook so I can’t have the full experience but I really do recommend this game for you guys 😁

- I keep getting booted out!

I like the game but every time I get a raid or attack it boots me out! I want to keep playing but it would be nice if you guys can fix the problem!

- Charge for spins and didn’t receive them

I have contacted Apple to request a refund for some spins that I was charge for but didn’t receive unfortunately they were only able to refund one of the purchases and suggested I contact coin master to get a refund from them ! but other than leaving a review it is not way to be able to communicate with them 💔 I love the game but this really sucks ..

- Coin master

Very fun game

- Josh

This is fun

- Coin master

Coin Master has a very slow loading time even when the internet has full bars. The game is fun to play but just takes a very long time to load when attacking or raiding or feeding pets.

- Wonderful Addicting time

I love this game. There are a lot of prides and collecting the cards adds CoinMaster. I would recommend this game to all.

- Fun

Fun except I wish I could feed my pet more often. 24 hrs is too long of a wait

- Too much

There is way too much pop up adds and too much of the game telling me to buy thing that sometimes I accidentally purchase. You should really fix that please Form: player😉

- Very bad

The game actually very good at the beginning but when you get to level 8 or 9 it keep you get you out a game when you hit 3 pigs or the hammer even my internet very strong with the VPN turbo . Make me very uncomfortable , recommend don’t play this game

- Miguel18181818


- I love


- Game worse

you play the game stops and you lose the reward. I am at the point I want to delete this game. NOT HAPPY and I pay to play!!!

- Coin Master

Meilleur jeu du monde

- Best game ever

Your missing out

- Kkjh

Le commencement c’est trop cool on peut attaquer beaucoup de village et surtout vos amirs

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- Good

Good game

- Great Game

Enjoyed the game

- Coin Master

At the first look of this app I didn’t think of getting it and most of the people in my life had it and told me about it.And I will highly recommend this app to anyone looking for a great game and I am surely addicted and I am sure you will be to

- Gets boring

I was enjoying the game. It was biding time, then you get a little addicted. I’d got so far a few times, I’d have collected 300+ of those things you need to get the lives & it would suddenly delete it all & I’d be back to square one. Annoyed me massively. So deleted it. The game only wants money. It wants you to buy the lives etc. So if you have money to give away, this is the game!

- Top


- G

Very nice and addictive game

- Addicted

Literally addicted to this game! Only game I play

- Nothing beats it!

Bloody excellent!!

- Great game

You’ll get addicted in no time

- Coin Master

I love this game so much Play it all

- A fab game!

Highly addictive, really enjoy playing this game and has kept me sane over the last 8 weeks!

- Coin master

Good game just to tap along to whilst watching tv.

- Coin master review

A good game when it works properly but after so many glitches and it not giving me the raids I spin and kicking me out of the game I have now given up and deleted it.

- Great Game

Good to pass some time and have some healthy competition with friends.

- Coin master

My son in law got me on coin maser we have such fun it’s a must have app

- Great

Great game wish it was easier to get cards you wanted

- Hooked

My grandson got me on to playing this game and now I really am hooked on it, great game.

- Coin master

I don’t no if any one else is having the same trouble as me but I can’t get my spins or coins sometime when open this app on my page I get nothing is there any thing I can do to help please other than this I love the game I recieved a reply from you but I am still not getting coins or spins it’s when I open the first link it goes to this page and I don’t get anything but when ie goes to collect I get

- Mr wei ko

Exciting game

- Real Rewards

Coin master needs to infuse monthly real life rewards.

- Could fix a little

The game is good but I hate how you have,to wait 1 hour to spin the wheel and after one hour you only get five energy bars which is rlly annoying but I rlly love the game

- How I Raid this game

It’s A nice game for little little kid and big kids The ones that Facebook I rate 10 out of 10

- Epic

The first day I played this game I loved it 🤩

- Coin master

Realy fun and enjoyable

- Good game

Brillent game

- great

coin master is such a great game i love it but i wish that spins would ahve a quicker timer when you run out!

- 1/5 star

I don’t like this game ONLY because they give me too many free things to make me play the game for a long period of time I should be playing this game for about 5 minutes but then I end up playing it for 20-30 minuets which makes it boring

- I had 14,000 spins it played up and they went 😭😭😭😭

Pls fix it

- It’s alright but with some glitches

I was addicted to coin master like 1 year ago. Me and my step dad used todo compositions to see who could finneshed there village first but after a while 1 it got pretty boaring 2 my step dad spent alot of money on this game and it was pretty bad 3 the last time we played it he spent money and it totally glitched out and it wouldn’t let him play and he waisted like 50 pounds on something he couldn’t even get:( So yeah it’s a good game and I think it is realy good but yeah at the same time I think u should lower the prices on getting stuff cos this can make people get addictions :( so yeah ...

- ꧂꧁꧂꧁꧂꧁꧂꧁☟︎☟︎



Love the game so much but there is one problem you need to add more levels because I have got to the highest level and I cannot get up anymore so please add more levels. Thanks For Listening! Sophie Xxx

- Review

Great game

- 🤩

Great fun, easy to pick up and understand!


This game is so fun even if your just playing as a guest it’s great and funny you can also play with friends . Note to game makers :I think you should add that friends can join your world 😀

- 👍🏿

I stopped playing coz everytime i have a chance for attack & raid my phone turns off i think it has virus already since everytime also the trading for cards automatic on the game. Please check the application since really all my chances was gone😭& the reason for me to be not interested to play anymore😢

- Best game

Truly amazing can’t stop playing

- The best Game


- Coin master

I love this game so much it’s so fun so I don’t get bored haha so fun

- Very good game when on the toilet and bored I recommend a 5* review

Good game

- Coin Master

its so fun

- Fix bugs

This game is fun and entertaining but too many bugs... I suggest you fix it... I’ve spent some money on this game...

- Mad Player!

I get so frustrated because it keeps reconnecting!

- How to raise downloads by 10 timaes?  

service, daily installs can reach 3000+. Ping me at Skype and Whatsapp: +8615282351612 . Every one can get a test promtoin fot 3 days now!

- Amazing

Best game I have played this year

- Bad reveiw

Every time I load the game it instantly kicks me off and I am unable to play it. It used to work really well and I’m on a really high level but I can’t play it at all as it just loads then kicks me I don’t get to play at all!!!

- Very good fun exiting love it!!!!!!

I love it

- Fun


- IhChahbeha

Wnjrne no

- Hooked!!!

During this lockdown, this game has been my saviour!!! THANK YOU!!!

- Type of question

I love playing coin master so when I got my new phone I downloaded the app once more but I’ve not really been able to play as the app keeps closing I lost 150 million yesterday can u tell me causes of this so I can try fixing this I’ve already tried uninstalling and reinstalling twice now

- Too much data consumption

I love the game so much that i play it for hours everyday. But the problem is that it consumes to much data. It will be very much ok if it can consume less data. Good job to the developers

- Great game, full of adventures

Great game, full of adventures 👍🏼

- Boom

Best revenge game

- Awesome


- I love love love

Coin master connecting people all over the world.

- Very good game.. only if you can reduce the time for spins refill

Very nice game though

- Mimie.o

I love d game

- Spin

You guys I love this game but I think you should work on the spin so we can as well we receive as much as we bet to spin. Cus I noticed that when I have up to a thousand spin,I place a bet and am gonna really spin for very long time to get a raid or a harmer or three symbols and that’s not fair.

- Coin master

Amazing game. I love it

- Interesting

Very interesting


I like the game but, sometimes it very Ann wen I get raid or attack, the app just closes by itself and i don’t get a chance to play my raid or my attack and my spin just goes like that. Please I’m using money to buy spins. If it happens again I will delete this game🤯

- Long hour just to get 5 spin

I just started playing this game and I am really enjoying it but I think 1hr is too long just to get 5 spins .. pls adjust this thank you

- @Mr_Baraje

I am stuck. Someone HELP‼️

- Mr

It’s fun I love it

- Hamzy112

So interesting

- Addictive

I’m hooked!!!

- Coin master

It’s nice game and very entertaining

- My review

Very annoying, this is not a game but an ads app . Can’t imagine how they kept on disturbing you with ads over and over as you play

- Brown


- Inability to access my game fully

For about a week now in the process of playing the game an error message copulates saying “please check your internet and try again” I’ll have to log off and log on again to continue. But now I can’t even open the game again....same error message is preventing me from accessing the game. PS the error message has nothing to do with my network is perfectly ok. Kindly rectify as soon as possible. Thanks

- Perfect

I enjoy the game.. but I don’t know how to invite friends from Facebook. Please help

- I don’t receive my bonus

I don’t receive my bonus spins when someone registers with my invite link and it’s very sad

- Bad server

The game keeps on exiting by itself

- Amazing

I just love coin master. I am always excited to get it running first thing when I wake up and last thing I do,before I get to bed. It’s a really nice game . Thank you for this .

- Awosome

A great game to pass the time

- RayJ’s Trend

Game is superb and really addictive and I absolutely love it

- Nice name

intrestiong and Its Saved me from Being bored

- Review

Great game

- Loving this game

I’m addicted to coin master

- Best game

I love it


I love the Viking quest

- Game of the year

So lovely fun filled and challenging

- interesting

this game is very interesting

- Amazing

This game is addictive

- Interesting

The game is very entertaining and interesting

- The game is fun

I love it

- It’s an addiction

I’m so addicted to this game... It even got me spending money just to keep playing. Love the game

- Obaseun

Lovely to play especially cause u get to interact with real people.

- Mukky 1

It’s a nice game

- Superb

Great game

- It is really getting annoying

Hello,this game is really annoying because I can remember I reported the freezing and closing up issue on time like that but got worse since the last 2 weeks that yesterday I had to uninstall in & reinstall in hoping for it to be better but it got really worse but if it doesn’t stop I am going to uninstall it permanently because it’s not nice at all & it usually freezes when I want to attack or raid that it will freeze & close up.

- So sweet and interesting

Interesting game

- Mr

Awesome game

- Udara

I love this game like crazy

- Omokunibieni


- Nice

Fun and funny

- Cool


- Annie

Great game.

- Review

Really nice game

- Not fair

I made a few friends download so i get free spins but i never did scam😩

@coinmaster_spin Love coin master

Play Coin Master with me!

@coinmaster_spin: 👑 rewards spins link is back😎 To claim free spins follow all steps bellow 1 follow us 2 like and retweet this post…

Juega a Coin Master conmigo!

Me va dar azúcar con el pinche coin master

@coinmasterfree1: 💗 Congratulations 💗 If you want to Reward coin master free Spin links 👇💥👇Follow all step 1. Follow 👉 @coinmasterfree1…

Join na kayo coin master :( sendan ko kayo link HAHAHAHA i need spins grrrr

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Coin Master iphone images
Coin Master iphone images
Coin Master iphone images
Coin Master iphone images
Coin Master iphone images
Coin Master ipad images
Coin Master ipad images
Coin Master ipad images
Coin Master ipad images
Coin Master ipad images
Coin Master ipad images
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Coin Master (Version 3.5.110) Install & Download

The applications Coin Master was published in the category Games on 2010-12-11 and was developed by Moon Active [Developer ID: 470556954]. This application file size is 268.09 MB. Coin Master - Games posted on 2020-05-24 current version is 3.5.110 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

Coin Master Advisories: Frequent/Intense Simulated Gambling

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