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What is coin master app? Join your Facebook friends and millions of players around the world, in attacks, spins and raids, to build your Viking village to the top!

Do you have what it takes to be the next Coin Master?

** Spin to earn your loot **
Spin the wheel to fall on your fortune, be it attack time, loot, shields or raids. Win your loot and build strong villages in the game and move up towards higher levels. Win shields to guard your village from other vikings trying to attack you. Become the Coin Master with the strongest village and the most loot!

** Attack and Raid fellow vikings! **
Attack or raid friends and foes to save enough loot to build your village. Fight back and come out victorious against your enemies. Take revenge on those who have attacked your village and take what's rightfully yours!

** Collect all the Cards! **
Collect cards to complete sets and move onto the next village. With every village you conquer, your wins will be greater.

** Play with friends! **
Trade your cards with our online community to collect them all! Join our fast growing interactive Facebook community to meet new viking friends, earn big rewards, and trade treasures!

● Battle your way to be the next Coin Master with your friends by your side.
● Join millions of players worldwide!
● Coin Master is free on all devices with in-app purchases.

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Privacy Notice:
Questions about the game? Contact us in the game by clicking on {the menu > Settings > Support}
Our support is also ready and waiting at:

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App Name Coin Master
Category Games
Updated 22 January 2024, Monday
File Size 247.91 MB

Coin Master Comments & Reviews 2024

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I’ve been loving this game BUT….. I keep getting limited to only X3 on bets even when my spins are full at 100. It’s frustrating and trying to earn anything at X3 takes forever. I was stuck on that for 2 1/2 days. Then when it did change now the bets are crazy from 1,2,3,5,10,30,60,100. What happened to 20,40,50,80???? Today, a new wheel appeared on the bottom right hand side of my screen - Thor’s wheel. There’s no information posted on this anywhere on your FB, IG, Google, and even my team players are unaware. There’s a timer to it as well. I started out with 69 hours and now down to about 62 hours but I can’t do anything with it. When you click on the wheel another page pops up and it states “We are holding onto your ⚡️for you - they’re only available when Thor’s wheel is on” - Can someone please tell me what this is about and do I have to wait for the timer to end before I can use it?? Information should be posted somewhere for your players. It’s frustrating. And yes I did contact support regarding the limited x3 bet and followed everything they instructed me to do and I was still stuck on x3 bet max. Please fix this glitch ASAP as it’s not worth spinning on x3 to get nowhere. Thank you

Love the game but……. Normally I don’t write reviews I just do the star rating however I have been playing this app for years and for the most part I absolutely love it. However recently when I spin the wheel that takes tokens to play whatever I land on I haven’t been receiving because the game glitches and won’t allow me to go back out of the game to the spin screen to collect whatever I have won. It will make the clicking sound like I am clicking the buttons but it freezes and I have to close out of the game completely and when I reopen it I will have lost my token I used to play and whatever I had won. I just lost a chest due to this also when I Have bought and paid for a bunch of spins I will start spinning have it set to the highest bet and once I start spinning it will drain my spins for instance I could have 5,426 spins and have it set to x250 and I’ll spin one time and it drops me down to 176 spins like I had spun multiple times. I had contacted support about this and they came back telling me what I had purchased and what I had used but again I spun one time and lost as if I have my multiplier set to x5250 instead of x250 and it won’t have raised the amount of coins I have or anything else and this just started happening after I updated the game two updates ago. Other than that I love playing this game but I won’t be wasting anymore of my money buying spins when I end up losing them without the benefits that should be gained by paying for spins.

Could be better. I’ve been playing this game for over a year. I’m on village 144. The game does get addicting and is fun to play although the events are getting harder & harder. You don’t make any spin profit from them anymore. Instead they keep creating new events which you will lose just about all of your spins on. Villages are way too expensive. I had to move up 20 villages just to unlock the next set and STILL haven’t reached village 145 after trying for months! If you have too little friends you’ll never get the coins you need, if you have too many friends you’ll never be able to keep your coins stacked without it all being raided. You’d think the amount of money this game makes and how many people are playing it they can at least give us more than 25 free spins daily and a lousy 3 million coins! What makes me hate this game the most is how cheap support is when you get cheated during game play, sometimes they’re glitches and you don’t get back even close what you’ve lost.... it’s like 5%. If you have a problem during game play the support team is the worst, takes months to hear back from someone and even then it’s like they don’t believe your claim. As you play you’ll learn chests are everything without buying them you’ll be stuck with 30 sets that need all gold cards. All I have to say is good luck! Play at your own risk 😂

Very angry Player from the beginning. I’m done with your game I’ve been playing since y’all first opened your app and I still have 10 sets from the early stages not completed I spent hundreds of dollars to try and get a joker to complete the sets that I cannot complete unless I go to Facebook and beg people for the cards that I need and I want to point out that we very seldom can even beg for the gold cardsBecause you hardly give us the option to trade them so we are stuck not completing sets apparently for years and I’m not about to go to a Facebook sight and beg for gold cards anymore not after I spent hundreds of dollars on your site Today I had it it took me over 2500 spins to get my first set of hammers and that was after I spent $25 to get more spins and then you do these complete sets and you get all this extra stuff yeah you won’t give us the cards to complete the sets hence why I’m still on the same sets from the early on stages I will be sure to let everybody on my Facebook page know that your site is a rip off because there’s no reason why I should have to beg people for cards to complete a set or spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars to still not complete sets five years later!! I rated your site before a five star I have now change it to a one star and I wish I could put a negative star on it!! Very disappointed in you guys and how you set your app up to rob people!!

Amazing game!! Although... Wow! This is an extremely addicting game! There is some good sides and back sides to it though. Here, how about we start off with good! 1. The game is extremely fascinating with endless levels making it harder! Most of us love challenging games like this! Also, it’s fun you get to join teams and invite friends! Attacking people villages can also take your anger out of you or someone else! To add to this, you can turn this game into another game! Let me explain to you to rules or my game I play with this and my friends. Everyone puts there phone in the middle of the circle. Whoever gets a notification first can’t touch the phone for 30 seconds. Meanwhile the other get to get their phones and attack their village. Now let’s move on to the bad. This is kinda a pay to win game. Here me out. Every single time I run out of spins, the games keeps telling me to buy more or wait. Speaking or waiting, to get 5 spins you need to wait an hour! I’m not trying to be a Karen but this game is amazing and your stopping us players from playing with your long waits! I’m asking you make this wait time shorter. Next why can’t we pick who we raid? But we get to pick who we attack? It would but fun if we could pick who we could raid! That’s all I have. Please help the game a bit!

Unlucky? Or Bad RNG?. I love this game alot and love to play it, but one thing i found was that this game has a lot of bad “rng”. I say this because i was completing a set of cards and i needed one more card with a 2 star rarity, so then i asked my crew to lend me the card, obviously before doing that i bought loads and loads of magical chests hoping i would get it but no luck, eventually somebody gave me the card, then, all of a sudden i was getting this card over and over again so many times that currently i have +129 of that same card i requested, I don’t know if this is intentional or not but based on what I’ve experienced it is coded this way. Its not just the cards either, its also the spins and bets, i always bet small when i dont have many spins and some of the time i get an attack or raid, like normal, but when i bet like x50 or more it seems like it gets lower and lower, and I understand that obviously its going to be that way but when i dont get it until after like 15 spins i lose a ridiculous amount of spins requiring me to either purchase spins or wait 24 hours when they are refilled. I love this game based on what its about but these little things are what make it bad.

“Coin Master” Masterer. Coin Master is one of my TOP favorite games to play! It’s fun to see what will come next, what prizes I will encounter, the sub games we see every few days which I try to be number one or at least top prized numbers! It helps with my anxiety which is severe and uncomfortable; with this game I can toon out the noise of this corrupt and disappointing life and just focus and have fun and win prizes such as spins, coins, snacks for your pets(don’t forget about them, they certainly help you even when you don’t know it and they help get you more coins or block attacks from other players so keep that in mind)xp for your pets to level up and so much more! Everyone and anyone can and should try this game and see how you like it because I’m sure you will if you just give it a chance! And if you learn it’s not your cup of tea, that’s completely understandable and you just delete the app, no harm no foul because it is free(unless you want to buy in-app purchases which I have multiple times because they have good deals on certain things and like I said it’s one of my favorite games). So just try this game if you want to and I guarantee most will like it enough to keep playing it and level up quickly!! Have fun players and I wish those who do enjoy the game all the luck. See you in the game 😎

Issue with spins. Well I just wanted to say that my son and I absolutely love this game and unfortunately last weekend I won 25,000 spin and was never rewarded. My son is special needs and he looks forward to playing this game with me after school and then on the weekends. These are one of the games where if he doesn’t do anything correct I say well then I’m not gonna play the Coin Master with you. LOL but unfortunately I spent a lot of money probably a few hundred dollars just in the last month or so maybe a month and a half but it’s not about the money and I don’t want my money back I just wanted to be rewarded with my spins and I even took pictures of when I won. I tried making complaints I tried writing emails and I don’t like to complain but again you guys are great when I had my first issue five months ago. But I joined Facebook and joined a bunch of different groups all to get my son extra spends in to get more cards. But I am just very disappointed that I did not receive those spoons and I kept spending money on purpose just to win though Spins hopefully I can get those bins back because spending this kind of money and not receiving what I one kind of stinks and really it let my son down. Sorry again for the complaint but I just had to be said because it’s really bothering me

I might be quitting.. It is nearly impossible to get enough spins to play when you reach the higher levels. I have paid for spins, but I can’t afford to do this any more. I don’t mind spending a few bucks here and there, but my funds are limited. Every time I turn around, I’m running out of spins. When you need 3,600 tokens to reach a goal, and you only have 4500 or 5000 spins to begin with, you’re not going to make it. To reach a goal of 3600 tokens to get a reward, you’d need approximately 7,200 or more to begin with. This isn’t a tech problem. It’s a greed problem. It’s a problem of the owners wanting people to spend money to play a game that is as addictive as gambling. I think it’s unfortunate that I have to stop playing for days until a more approachable goal is presented, but that is what I have to do. I belong to a team, and I request spins and cards, but that doesn’t help enough. I’m on the verge of saying, “I really don’t need this crap right now,” and just quitting for good. Your prices are too high. Also, to complete a village on a higher level, you almost have to play until you can complete your village in one time period. If you stop to eat or sleep, someone will steal your money and wipe out all your buildings. It takes a long time to achieve a high enough Elephant level to gain the protection you need. I like eating and sleeping occasionally. I’m thinking this isn’t the game I should be playing. I’m sorry I started.

Several double charges, without receiving the stuff you bought. Recently I have been going through my bank stuff, wondering where my budget could have been off, and noticed many, and I mean MANY double charges, and sometimes even triple charges.. VERY FRUSTRATING. I love this game, and still play it! This game has all the intricacies to be something great! A casino slot style interface with the addictive village building, upgrade platform. I loved this game when I first started playing! But as I progressed I realized that the game is rigged to be a cash cow for the developers. I will try to keep this short, although I have many things I’d like to say. 5 spins an hour? Absolutely rediculous.. Gold cards? Try trading them. Literally impossible unless they unlock two, that’s right, two cards to be traded. This only happens once a weekend, or even every other weekend. Out of spins and have some extra real money to throw at them? Don’t worry, the slot machine becomes even more rigged when you were playing with the spins the game provides. The reels will be sure to literally land on the same 5 things and you’ll maybe receive one “raid”, “attack”, or any other objective in the game. Also, if you have a complaint about something that has happened in the game, for instance, I had thousands of spins disappear one day when I multitasked to another application, they will not provide any response, compensation, explanation, or even a breath in your direction.

Utilize your assets. Do not buy your way to the endless number of villages and cards. As a free to play enthusiast I have been playing Coin Master as what a real world money coin master would be like. Sure your spins are addictive and fun, but letting your spins replenish naturally back to 50 and max betting x3 gets you natural coin flow. I’ve spent my coins entirely on progressing the system, and with the raid feature any access coin after making all the spins is spent on card chests. I almost completed my first card collection and getting close to village 6 after 4 days of free to play grinding, logging in every 8 hours or so, and utilizing your assets strategically. Do not fall victim to spinning a wheel, this game is great if you realize shields do not matter when you log off from the game with only 300,000 or less coins left, (enter every session with full max spins available, accumulate your coin horde through raids, and spend your coins immediately on progression of your villages. Let progression happen naturally! This game is great if you truly buy into the thought of playing Coin Master like a true master of your own coins, and absolutely do not spend! Regardless if you are on village 2 or village 324 take what the game gives you but don’t spend money to progress.

Glitch fix. You know I love this game and been playing for a very long time. But there comes a point when consumers are feeling as if their being robbed. I’ve spent so much money this week trying to complete my village and yet here we are again with game crashing before you can even spin, or get your raid or attack rewards and Viking quest just won’t open the doors before kicking you out. People are annoyed. There’s no need to run a diamond tournament, Raid& or attack along with Viking quest. Yes it’s fun but only if you can actually reap joy from getting your rewards. The pop ups are outta control. Your making yourself look greedy. I’ve wasted my whole day trying to play and yet still at the same place I was days ago. And you really need to come off with some gold cards at some point. Without your 5 million followers you wouldn’t be successful. Your profiting millions a day yet it seems to still not be enough. Your going to lose so many of those followers and there goes all your hard work and success out the door. The five spins a hour is ridiculous and then on the reward links people don’t want coins we want/need spins. Please compensate me for something as your going to lose a financial supporter with me.

Karen Blair. This game is a lot of fun but the spin thing always go on the money then it goes to the whatever that thing is all 3 coins three jugs three whatever symbol is playing at that particular time on that level you don’t get enough good stuff to pass by!good winning thing to help you get your villages when you get on up there it’s very hard to get more moneyTo get enough to buy a village like you do in the beginning which I understand it supposed to get harder I get it.. extremely hard by the time you buy a village you’re part of the village you can go back to playing a game & when you come back here is wiped out we have to start all over again and you get less . this game is a lot of fun but the spin thing always go on the money then it goes to the symbol like i said whatever that thing is all three of them three money things 33 coins three jugs three whatever reason is playing at that particular time on that level you don’t get enough good stuff to pass by and make you you don’t get enough good winning thing to help you get your villages when you get on up there it’s very hard you get more money but you get less stuff . with the higher levels it takes forever to complete a village! i really enjoy this game and it’s very relaxing for me . stress reliever

Thumbs up ..... If you can overcome the frustration of the constant repetitive, loud, pop up notifications within each opening of the app, zeroing out spins or coins, or at any possible point they can sneak one in- it’s the sort of game that keeps you coming back to throughout the day and has interesting challenges that rotate on a regular basis keeping it challenging and fun. Just enough strategy needed to keep me hooked and just enough opportunity to take some harmless revenge out on siblings and cousins who I am not around enough to pick on like I can with repeated attacks and raids. Love ya sis but you better not let your guard down!! For the developers -Please, please, please - find a way to minimize the number of pop up screens!! Their repetitive nature is only motivating to keep the app closed, not purchase a package. I hate to run out of spins, not because they are gone but because the punishment is between two and six pop ups every single time. That’s overkill on the marketing. I will happily read through a screen of messages once daily and am fully aware of all the options for buying, earning or sharing more spins. You are beating a dead horse and it’s gonna be what ultimately will lose my business. My other favorite game keeps a screen available of all that pertinent information available at all times on a list in an INBOX. It doesn’t require me close a hundred screens a day to get to the fun part. It’s a much preferable option. Thanks

Starts off as a good game. When I first started playing coin master about 2 months ago , I really loved the game. Was generous with spins. Was fairly easy to complete sets, about a week ago when I hit level 50 (just hit it ) I opened 1 billion dollars worth of chests and DIDNT GET 1 NEW CARD. Contacted support through email and they told me that cards go based off levels , if I just level up a couple levels the cards will start coming out of the chests again. So I did , now I’m level 79 and was only able to COMPLETE 1 SET . I am only level 80 out of 1000+ and it seems close to impossible to get the card you need. I already have 30,000* stars from my cards. Which is absolutely insane. And as mentioned before as soon as you use the little 50-70 spins they give you (usually not enough to do anything ) 8 pop ups to buy spins and chests with real money pops up . Would be an absolute gem of a game if it didn’t seem like these people NEEDED you to pay to play. Hopefully they fix this soon because I like the game just feel like I get nowhere fast . Needs to focus on letting people collect sets and not trying to get everyone to send them money. People will always buy regardless if they have the money and ran out. But to make the game seem like you can never win and have MULTIPLE people saying it , something needs to change .

Was Impressed at First, But Then.... As I got to higher levels in the game, (I’m on 30) it seems that the shields to protect my even more expensive villages, are harder to get! Each item for the village is more expensive, but it’s next to impossible to earn enough to pay for them because you are constantly being raided. I’ve paid for “snacks” to keep my two low level pets “working” and I’ve had little protection from attacks. And by the way, I really don’t want to attack my FB friends. That’s a great way to lose real friends!! Then there’s the whole “card collection” ridiculousness. I now have EIGHT sets of cards, where all I need is a gold card. Most of them, only ONE card! You cannot be gifted gold cards from anyone, you have to find them. They had some sort of a gold card exchange, but those two were cards I had neither of. Didn’t help me ONE bit. I’ve spun for coins and “bought” chests, even bought the magical chests when I won extra coins, but the cards in them are the same low level junk that I’ve been getting since the first level. If I keep buying chests, I have no village. With no village, I earn no stars for my pets, etc. Whatever the developers did to tighten up the wheel when they crashed a week or so ago, it seems to have effected the ability to get shields. And the whole “multiplier” of spins to win jackpots ALL the time, has gotten REALLY, REALLY old. I’m soooo ready to delete this AP!!

Update question. I was wondering what the “awesome new features” are for the update the game keeps pushing me to do? Every time I enter the game is asks me to update now for awesome new features which it has said in the past almost every time it asks me to update but I can’t find it on this page or can’t or don’t see or get the “awesome new features” every other time I update when it asks me to update. So could you tell me specifically what these “awesome new features” would be so I know what I am to be looking for please??? I feel like I’m being lied to by you guys telling me that every time and I have yet to see any “awesome new feature added to the game whats so ever. I thought the awesome new features might be 5,000 spins on my account for updating or something like that since I didn’t notice any feature that was awesome appear after updating and of course I didn’t get 5,000 spins for updating so please could you be so kind as to tell me specifically every “awesome new feature” that you all are referring to so I’m not let down by this game and it’s updates yet once again just as I have been let down by this game on several occasions and you guys don’t seem to care not one bit. Thanks for your time and I will re rate this game at the conclusion of your reply. Have a “awesome new day” to go along with these “awesome new features” I can not wait to see once I know what they are!

Love this game but... I love this game I started to play Coin Master about 3 days ago and it is good and entertaining but I feel like the attacking somebody’s village gets blocked every time but then when I get attacked my shields don’t block it that’s a big mistake u have to fix. Also what’s not fair is that somebody can take all ur MONEY do u know how wrong that is to that is to take all of somebody’s money like for example, like 5 minutes ago I got to raid somebody’s village and they only had 350,000 so I got all the digging spots with money and I looked on how much money I had it was the same amount that I raided from that person and I was like OMG I took like all there MONEY! I felt so bad!!! Also the spins I think are also rigged. Cus u barely get shield or get to attack somebody’s village and when u do it always gets BLOCKED which I think IS RIGGED TO THE T! Okay now the good stuff. It is really fun to play and u gain a lot of money from the spins WHICH I LOVE TO THE T! Never change that there is money in the SPINS NEVER CHANGE THAT!! Okay another good thing is that when u see the progress of ur village u feel so proud and like when u there revenge on somebody IT FEELS AMAZBALLS no joke. So this is my opinion on Coin Master! STAY SAFE in this pandemic with the Corona Virus!! Stay at home stay safe and when u do go out wear masks and gloves and DONT GO NEAR THE PEOPLE THAT HAVE CORONA VIRUS! BYEEE!

Love this game but.... I love this game a lot and when started playing it I just loved it more and more but the more I played it I felt like the spins are rigged in a way or I feel like i just get unlucky every time but then I notice it happens every time to where if there is something going on and you can get a Raid or an attack and get 2 for per a hit attack and 3 for a block and then 4 for a raid and 5 for a perfect and it’s X’s what ever you bet soon as you get both it’s like impossible to get another one of either I was betting X10 and had 1200 spins from the tournament I won and I only got I believe two attacks and one raid out of all the spins and I understand it’s probably set up a way but I feel like if stuff like that happens it makes the game not as fun because you put in the time to get all theses spins but when you use them you barley get anything and then the second thing is when your playing and say I have 55 spins and and I’m betting 30 then I don’t win any thing so now I have 25 spins every thing to get more spins pops up and it does it every time and it get frustrating when you just wanna play I would understand if it did it when you completely run out but every time is just over kill and also makes me not as interested in play as much but besides the two things I love the game and I feel like if it weren’t for these things it be by far my favorite game

Used to be a good game, no help and bad connection issues affecting game play. Getting more a more frustrated with this game. Customer service repeats the FAQ to you in all of their replies instead of actually looking into the problem you’re having. I have gone back and forth with them 3 times about not receiving spins when a friend joined the game through my link (YES, he did all the steps in one sitting like I have reiterated over and over) and I get the same automated looking message just outlining the steps he needed to have taken for me to get the spins with no actual help. The daily wheel spin almost always never works for me, it’ll get stuck between two numbers and I don’t get any money out of it. And the game always loses connection while I’m doing a spin and it takes those spins and doesn’t give them back to me when it reconnects! I can never play on WiFi, doesn’t matter where I am or what WiFi I am on, it always loses connection midway through playing and steals my spins— or I’ll be raiding someone’s village and it’ll dig forever and then take me back to the home screen without getting any coins. I’m almost to level 100 and it’s getting too difficult to advance to new levels, the amount of money needed is insane and the amount of spins and rewards given don’t reflect that. I have someone raid my village every time I’m in the middle of spinning trying to get something crazy like 200 million for one village piece.

Coin master Rocks. This game is the free simple wheel spinning game, but the graphics and bonuses keep it very exciting. I play and keep up with the fan Facebook page several times a day. The Fb page is a nice way to grab free gifts. I also like this new daily gift thing. The daily bonus wheel is a jerk around. The levels are so detailed and visual nice to watch as I level up. I do spend money on some of the packages from time to time as a well worth it gift to myself. I enjoy looking at the leader board to watch my friends progress, and the map of knowing what’s up next. I also like being able to send gifts to multiple ppl and not just one at a time. I’m really not a fan of the card bonus feature because completing a set is so far and few in between its kinda a waste of space, plus they take away from perfect raids. I’ve been paying for months, on the card Fb page, spend money on packages, and buy chest with spare coins and I’m only 4 or so completed sets in. The quest feature is dull as well, I go there to loose coins so others won’t get them in a raid or to get a couple breathe minutes where I won’t get raided. Other than that this game rocks and the other version of this style of game does not compare.

Please leave a message after the tone: *beeeeep*. you’ve reached Joshua, I’m currently playing coin master... so please don’t leave your number, just leave me alone thanks! Have a good day! This game... wow where do I start!? I feel like we have been in a committed relationship for a while now and I’ve met my soulmate.. the love of my life! This game can change one of the worst days I have come to experience yet in life and take me from anxiety ridden to a new reality where I can just escape, relax and have fun leaving everything else temporarily behind until I am mentally able to deal with it. Not one game of any other game at all has ever kept my attention through one day of play until I came across this game 7 months ago... no really I put my phone down to shower and this is just until I figure out how to shower with my phone without causing water damage so I don’t ever have to stop playing! All jokes aside, this game is fun, exciting, capturing your attention while giving back to us fans giving us opportunity after opportunity to win awesome prizes that help your progress in the game! As that wasn’t enough they keep that fun and entertaining by staying interactive on multiple social media platforms. Miles ahead of the rest hands down, no comparison that I’ve come across yet.. I’d say coin master gets 10’s straight across the board!

Good but.... I like the game, gets addicting but after a while it is ridiculous. Ads are WAY, WAY too many. You would think that after a purchase of a pack or whatever, you would have less or no ads at all? Nope, ads just continue and get worse in frequency to the point that it isn’t even fun because I’m closing ads more than playing. 1hr wait for 5 spins is a little ridiculous, maybe like 30minutes but an hour is way too long. Contests seem to be rigged or something because a contest can like JUST start and two or three players will be well over the any rational number, like 200+. However even with over 500 spins, doing 3 or 5x per spin, I may get three or five of the Thor Hammer/helmet or whatever is the required prize to get the contests stuff so how others have enough spins to get well over like 1000, even betting more than 5 spins is ridiculous. On top of it, it seems that it is rigged because during non-tournament things, I get a massive amount of attacks with little addition of more spins/raids/etc. however, like the tournament that is on now, some guy has like 10k+ emeralds and no matter what I spin, I’m not getting any attacks? I had 1000 spins from the last tournament and out of that 1000 spins, I got five attacks. I was doing the 5x bet through the whole thing too! It’s getting ridiculous and it seems that the more you play, the more you’re going to pay to keep playing!

Please Be careful and research before downloading.. My last review is not posted. I'll check if this one is. First, I would never buy an in app purchase from this game. This game charged my Apple account for an unauthorized purchase. In other words, I did not purchase a package deal. A matter a fact I uninstalled the game the day it claims I made an in app purchase. I don't know what was included in this unauthorized in app purchase because it is uninstalled at this time. The last round I played I received my daily reward. I had about 70 spins. I still didn't have enough money to buy any upgrades on my village. I bet my coins won in some other sketchy round it provides for a limited time. I used up my coins until I could no longer bet. I had less that 700,000. Then I uninstalled the game. I have been playing this game long enough to know it's rigged. I bared with it for awhile as a past time. The last time I downloaded it. I thought this is ridiculous. I uninstalled then gave it a bad review, which is not posted here. Then an unauthorized in app purchase appears on my account. I don't accidentally click on things. The reason I wouldn't make an in app purchase is that I believe that the game would use it up. I would probably get a couple lucky spins; then get sucked dry. Before installing this game please research it. I am going to. I think I will find a lot of complaints and scams. I screenshot this in case the developer doesn't post this review. My last review wasn't posted.

Pop Ups Are Aggravating. The game is great for passing the time if you’re bored and have nothing else to do but I find it extremely irritating that you’re bombarded with the pop ups of whatever event is going on or with the invite friends thing or the inbox. Every time you run out of spins these pop up and it’s so annoying because I’ll run out of spins and go to build what I can before my money gets stolen, but I have to click out of 6 different things just for me to do that!!! It’s extremely irritating!! I know you guys have to promote whatever event you have going on, but it shouldn’t be in my face every time I run out of spins, especially the one that tries to get you to pay for more spins! This feature should be taken care of because it is making me want to not play at all, the games becomes annoying not relaxing. If you want them to pop up, do it when the game first loads, they’re on the sides of the screen if people get curious they can just click them. And they’ll pop up when you progress anyway (if there’s an event your progress bar shows up). But having all of these windows pop up every time, especially if you win spins and then run out, lose them run out etc. while playing in one sitting, you’re basically getting these pop ups 4 or 5 times. It’s annoying. It’s not that serious because it’s just a game, but this is constructive criticism. Hopefully you guys will do something about this in the next update.

Warning to others. I’ve been playing this game for well over a year, I’m on level 158 and it was fairly enjoyable for the most part. In the past few months I’ve noticed a decided change- you hit a certain point, you will get attacked constantly by bots or people using cheats so you can’t get any revenge past the random and friend choices; if an event requires you to progress by only getting raids or attacks your chances of getting raids and attacks drop to about a 25% chance (I once went through 5k in spins with only 1 attack); customer service is non existent (I’ve sent 3 messages over the past year and have never had a response back); do t even bother wasting spins to catch balloons for more spins (the most I’ve ever received were 5); probably the most frustrating of them all is the constant glitches. I am constantly having to restart this game and every single time I have to go through all the stupid pop ups (yeah, we get it, you want us to buy crap and annoying our friends with invites). I think the game can be fun but the company is shady and are constantly finding ways to make the game frustrating enough you want to spend money, which even I’ve been guilty of being susceptible to. Just a heads up to those who are starting out- it’s not worth spending a single dime on and when you get to my level, it’s not that even entertaining.

Game is not always accurate!. Good game but there are some inconsistencies! One of them is the fox that I feed to help me dig up treasure. I feed it and it’s supposed to be active for 4 hours but 10-20 mins later it’s back to sleep. Seams as if a robot or computer keeps bombing my island and not actually people. How is it that the same person is able to bomb my island 7 times in a row and steal my money twice all in a matter of 3 mins!?!?!? I’m never able to bomb anyone more than once while playing let alone back to back to back to back!!! Too May pop ups about purchasing things once your spins are low which allows others to either bomb you or steal your money while ur busy trying to close about 8 different purchasing options!!! It does this way too often! For instance, if I’m using 15 to bet per spin and I have 20 spins left it will say I’m out of spins even though I have 5 spins left, then I have to close 8 different purchasing options. Now I can only bet either 1-5 per spin, so if I choose 3 it again says I’m out of spins and I have to close yet AGAIN the same 8 different purchasing options, now I have 2 spins left and if I choose to bet 1 spin after my spins are gone…you guessed right!! ANOTHER SET OF 8 PURCHASING OPTIONS!!! This is very very annoying and I don’t have time to even spend the money to build my island cuz people are stealing it while I’m trying to close soooooo many purchasing options that come back to back to back!!! 😤😤😤

Loved the game, but now losing interest. The concept of the game is fun but the way the game is created you will not get very far in the game. I don’t understand why you would make the game that way it makes your players lose interest. Spinning you can have full 50 spins and still won’t get a shield, raid or attack. This happens for days. Next issue when building your village it’s hard to complete when you have to fix an item multiple times after it was completed because you keep getting attacked. It will be really great if once an item is completed that item can not be hit. Maybe add “Miss Attack” option for picking an item that was completed and the reward can be the amount of Blocked Attack. Another BIG ISSUE is the cards. What’s the point of still getting cards from sets that you have already completed, you can’t get the rewards twice. If the set is completed you should not continue to get those same cards. For Gold Card event why all gold cards are not trade able. Again you can only use 1 card for your set what’s the point of having 15+ of the same card. I really hope you start listening to your game players and all that I have said has been a problem for most players. There are many villages to complete so those few changes will not stop players from playing I’m sure you will get players back.

I feel scammed. I’ve done everything possible to get my rewards for inviting two more friends to download and play. I was so happy I got two more invites. I already had 7 invites. After the two started playing I didn’t receive my rewards. I’ve emailed and they said have my friends I invited email with my ticket number. So they did and explained. It’s like your talking to a computer or robot. In my friends it told them to take a screenshot of their accounts. Then after they did they was told we don’t see nothing wrong with your accounts. What!!?? That wasn’t the issue. I keep sending emails explaining everything it seems over and over and was told nothing is wrong with my account. No there is something wrong with my invites of friends because I didn’t get credit for two invites. Oh and also sent me the rules and max you can get on invites of friends. Well I’m not even close to that number. I guess after 7 invites you don’t get rewards anymore and it says your reward goes up higher with the more invites. That’s a lie because i did not and emailing support is very stressful because it’s been 3 days and they emailed me yesterday saying so if you have any other problems besides this one then get ahold of support but this one is done. What!! Yeah good luck trying to talk to someone if there’s a problem. I sometimes buy spins but no not after this. I refuse to spend with them. Maybe that’s the problem they won’t give hoping I just buy spins.

To the DEVELOPER/CREATOR. I’m 50/50 on this game I enjoy playing coin master but, it’s a game that was created to attack your friends which some take too seriously , it becomes a competition. It’s very competitive and frustrating. My issue is that they don’t raise the daily spin amount based on the level you are on which is ridiculous when you have amounts in your village that costs close to 1 billion for a PIECE OF IT and while you spin the wheel you risk someone raiding you because you’re not protected but desperate to spin that wheel regardless hoping for a huge amount to fulfill whatever earning you made for that one piece of the village. Another complaint is the actual spins - what the hell???? How do expect us to choose your options of 10x20x30x40x50 x100x200 with 60 spins? If you as an app developer cared about the ones that are actually playing your game for WHILE and want to keep us playing RAISE THE SPINS BASED ON LEVELS - I don’t get it!!!!!!! You do it for the XP’s (the higher the XP’s the higher the percentage of winnings) Do it for the spins as’s only logical. You took over a year to add 2 more attack shields and you’ve seen a hike of the amount of people who are playing now. BASICALLY RAISE THE BAR BASED ON LEVELS FOR ALL CATEGORIES. And please don’t reply by telling me to call or reach out to a department. Just send the message to the developer and make this happen.

Good game but has a big issue and spam!. I enjoy playing this game and am around village 20+ so I've played for a bit of time. This game will spam the crap out of you with purchase prompts, ads and more. I'll breakdown the spam here: Load game- get attacked with 2 event pop ups and a package pop up. While playing, your screen may get a random ad out of nowhere you'll need to close (4 pop ups so far). Now while doing your spins if you dare increase bet past 1 and your spins is not evenly divisible by your bet (spin 2x for 11 spins, this happens at 1 spin left while spinning at 2x), the game will give you 3 pop ups, one to buy more spins, then a package, then a prompt to watch and add for A SINGLE spin. But if you got to this point by not doing 1 spin, you have probably 1 or 2 spins left, you need to use them so when you run out, now you get THREE MORE POPUPS!! This totals 10 pop ups. For the issue of this game: Cards are massively flawed. I have like 12 sets I have not fully collected, yet ever super rare chest (you barely get them besides upgrading village) I receive literally the same card duplicate. I have over 5 copies of the same card when there are over 10 more 1 stars I could get that I don't have!!! Nope here is a duplicate! If you play, an event to trade duplicates for chests to get cards appear but if you do this, you simply removed your 5 copies to get 1 of the same copy because the randomness is not random for cards!!

Fun, relaxing and a bit competitive at times.. I have been playing Coin Master for over 4 years now, it’s a really fun and relaxing game at times but I will warn you, once you get passed a certain level it gets crazy hard to get anything. The cards are the most frustrating part about this game. After level 160, getting cards is SUPER rare. You can barely get the none gold cards so the gold cards have become a rarity. I have spent well over $150 on this game and let me tell you, DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY. The rewards are no where near as good as they should be for paying real money. The game started out so well, even the daily gifts have become ridiculous. How is anyone going to get anywhere with 10-25 spins? I have spent 20 BILLION coins on cards and did not receive one new one. I want to tell you to play this game but don’t get too involved. You’ll end up hating it. Most players delete the game after level 160. Coin Master, you use to be so amazing. Your daily gifts use to vary and sometimes you would give us 50 spins! What happened? I really wish I could get back all the money I’ve spent on this game but that’s the catch with people looking for money. Do better, sincerely a beloved player.

Very disappointed right now. Up until this past week I would have given this game 5 stars! But things change when you get cheated out of coins and spins. Twice this week now. I was first cheated out of spins. I won 1500 spins from one of the either attacks or raids, can’t remember which one. Well, I was continuing to play and had to go do a couple of things and was not able to get back to the game until the next morning, I still had about 800 spins left when I stopped and when I came back the next morning they were all gone! All I had was the 50 spins you get. That was very upsetting I haven’t seen anywhere that I know of where it says that you lose your spins if you don’t use them the same day! The second thing was today, I did a raid and stole about $6,000,000+ coins and I had been betting 5 with my spins so that $6,000,000+ should have been multiplied by 5. That was not the case and as a matter of fact, I didn’t get any coins at all!! For these reasons I’m really starting to dislike this game!!! Prior to this, like I said, I would have given it 5 starts. I have spent a lot of time and money playing it to be cheated out of my coins and spins like that!!! 😡

Master of coins !. By far one of the best games I’ve played on my phone . Been playing for almost a year and I love almost everything about the game . Only flaws o think could help support the game would be is The ability to use multiple pets at one time as long as they have food. It’s hard to have foxy and the rhino active at the same time and can only reap benefits of one pet. If they are both fed they should be able to enter change without having to switch Trying to get a joker card should be able to purchase or have more questions to obtain them . It’s so hard to complete sets when we obtain the same cards on a repeat cycle I do love the fact that we have teams and can help each other out . Maybe change some requirements other than having money to start a team like inactive players can’t request cards unless they give a card or have given a card or has helped with spins I think there should be a contest to get people to spend $ and give them the opportunity to create a level once they reach maybe level 500 or 1000 I’m-excited and looking forward to many more levels keep up the great work

Unenjoyable game. A while ago I discovered a game that I absolutely LOVED! I began to play it religiously and couldn’t wait for my spins to renew. During my game playing ventures I found a bunch of individuals that found the same joy in it as myself. However, after playing for quite some time Coin Master started making many modifications. One would think when making such changes it would enhance your game playing experience. This is not the case. The events offered are far from enjoyable and you don’t get much benefits as a player any more. Also, people who mentored me in the game are being punished for beating such levels and achieving the spin bonus. But, now are not allowed to play in the events because they have too many spins. They earned the spins fair and square but now are being punished. How is this fair? Again, I loved the game so much that I used to (key word used to) pay money so I could keep playing. Now, I won’t spend a dime for these waste less events. Plus, what’s the point in putting money into it, if I’m going to be penalized, like my fellow players have? I sure hope that Coin Master figures out these glitches and bugs very soon or I’ll be deleting the game. It’s not worth my time any more!

So many things discourage people in this game. This would be a great game if you weren’t always trying to get money out of us. Those purchase pop-ups are getting ridiculous. It’s especially annoying when you have low spins and are trying to do anything in the app and those dumb windows pop up. I wish there was a way to NOT attack my team members. Stealing money is ok but attacking their village isn’t helpful. We are on a team and should be working together. Also, there is no way to message an individual to get their attention. You just have to hope they open the app and go to the team page. Inactive members should be automatically booted from the team quicker. The messaging feature needs to be more robust. Some cards are so difficult to get that everyone on the team needs them. You can’t exchange gold cards and that’s frustrating. There is not a lot of tips or tricks listed in the app. You have to go find info and that can be discouraging for people. It’s so hard to get spins sometimes and that is discouraging. It’s not fun to play a game that is constantly putting obsticles in your way. I understand that you’re a business and you want to make money off of us but I just won’t pay to play so at some point I’ll be so frustrated that I leave. Like many of my former teammates. There’s a fine line here.

Love but .....Rewards. I love playing this game . Once my children ( I have 3 but 2 are special needs ) go to bed , it’s the only time I can play it . My days are constantly busy and going from one specialist or therapist to another . 5 days a week . I don’t get a moment for just me so when I do , I play CN for about 15-30 mins . My only complaint is that as the levels get higher , the rewards ( I.e spins and coins ) remain the same as they do for lower levels . Building takes ALOT more coins than it does for lower levels and if you increase your spin count for better odds , you run through them within minutes . It would just be nice to get bigger rewards as you level up . Getting cards is the same , I have 30 duplicates of a lot of cards but am unable complete my sets because I keep getting the easy cards . Trading them can be tricky as some people don’t want to give up a card even if their sets are completed . We cannot purchase the harder cards ( it gives the easy ones - you have to have a lot of coins to keep buying and that could take 20 times before you get a new card - not the gold ones either - ) The Gold cards we can’t “ ask “ for either . I love the game , but it can also get frustrating. :/

Game Okay until glitches happen and customer service is contacted. I have been playing this game now for a couple of months because my kids asked me to do so. In May I won a lot of gems, spins and coins and went to make a purchase that cost me 500 pink gems. I lost all my pink gems but 84 when I had a total of 984 gems. I reached out to the service team and the guy told me I must have vision problems 🤬 who in their right mind would say that to a customer. Keep in mind I have like an idiot spend actual money on this game. I asked for a supervisor but nobody has issued any type of customer service. They keep saying it’s my connection. Fast forward now to June I was winning more pink gems after another cash payment and I sent them screenshots that it did not give me my 50 pink gems and just the same they refuse to give me my earnings and said I got most of the stuff so it’s not their problem. Don’t get hooked on this game and DO NOT spend any money they lack customer service and refuse to send you anything regardless of the proof you have. I’m totally disgusted with this game and their representatives. ****Response to Developers ****** I have been emailing your support team since May and they have yet to be of any assistance to me or show me any customer service skills so I highly doubt they will assist me in any way. I’ve been contacting them and I’m still lacking the help from support.

I love this game.... I would just like to leave one more suggestion: I noticed that you are constantly improving the challenges and prizes of the game and this is great but for example, in the case of spin to earn money, ( Daily bonus) I have been playing for a long time and I never hit the prize of 1.5b just small prizes, this is awesome for building village...and the question of animals used for defense, finding treasure, for why I cannot use more than one at the same time if I have food for they? in the case of the card collection? I have only one card missing in sets and I buy chests to win this card and spin to complete my village and it never comes, it discourages a little. Now i want to praise the things i liked, the round that when you turn the roulette wheel and if a figure comes out you get the points for prizes and great, and the part of the incentives when you can win two prizes if you reach the amount of points. I loved the balloons with money and spin at the same time. and I also loved the discounts for building the villages, so there are a lot of things I think and ideas. this is by far the best game I have ever played.

Love it... but. even if youre on frequently, in between gaining more spins or waiting to feed your pet for extra help- theres hardly a way to stay on top of things (without buying alot of package deals- regularly) You cant save enough shields to prevent the onslaught of attacks /stolen coins without spending real money. In fact, you could blow through the given spins in 15 mins and have to be done the game until you wait to accumulate enough spins to play again for 10-15 mins.. every few hours . or pay cash. It begins to be - like most of these games, a bit costly. Every time theres time away from the game, youre attacked , and you backside,when you do accumulate enough spins to play, you are stuck having to build up coins just to get back to where you left off- then possibly move on.. if you have anything left over OR of course real money to spend. If you dont have a lot of cash, nor a lot of patience to slow eek up the star/level scale between beatdowns, then this game will just be the next old abandoned game (as several of my ‘friends’ villages are) . I did give it a fair shot- both with real cash and playing without adding- its costly. The constant *BAM *BUY THIS pop ups in hits of 3 that slam onto the screen, plus a dozen more- is a huge overkill. It would be nice if you could maneuver your village contents, decorate .. but everything you add is preset .

What did you do coin master?. Seriously? You have really out done yourself this time. 10 minutes away from the game. Your thieving bots steal billions of coin. Then attack the billion coin villages we build within the next ten minutes? Are you really trying to drive paying customers away? If so you sure are doing a great job of it! Also your staff at moon active really needs some serious training. What do you pay these people? 29 cents an hour? Because they really don’t even read the emails I send. I used to love this game and had multiple accounts and spent a lot of money. But now it will be gone just like the coins I used to have 30 minutes ago. You really out did yourself this time. Bad play there coin master. Bad play moon active. Also. Thanksgiving day. Another bad update mixed up rewards. Really. I have a spin multiplier x200. I don’t even have 150 spins available! Get your stuff together. Also ya screwed me out of the Viking quest on 2 different accounts 600,000,000 coins and cAnnot get more than 1/2 of the required 250 million in the bonus wheel. Like I’ve said befor. A person better know how to cheat the game because I will never put one penny towards this rip off game

I love this game. 1 love this game a lot and when started playing it I just loved it more and more but the more I played it I felt like the spins are rigged in a way or I feel like i just get unlucky every time but then I notice it happens every time to where if there is something going on and you can get a Raid or an attack and get 2 for per a hit attack and 3 for a block and then 4 for a raid and 5 for a perfect and it's X's what ever you bet soon as you get both it's like impossible to get another one of either I was betting X10 and had 1200 spins from the tournament I won and I only got I believe two attacks and one raid out of all the spins and I understand it's probably set up a way but I feel like if stuff like that happens it makes the game not as fun because you put in the time to get all theses spins but when you use them you barley get anything and then the second thing is when your playing and say I have 55 spins and and I'm betting 30 then I don't win any thing so now I have 25 spins every thing to get more spins pops up and it does it every time and it get frustrating when you just wanna play I would understand if it did it when you completely run out but every time is just over kill and also makes me not as interested in play as much but besides the two things I love the game and I feel like if it weren't for these things it be by far my favorite game

It’s fun but....... I like to play this game to pass time but there are a few issues. First, you only get 5 spins every hour, at that rate it takes 10 hours to get your 50 spins. If you don’t play for 10 hours you get raided, lose all your money and shields. Then you have to spin in order to “fix” your village. Then you have to spin some more to upgrade which each upgrade for each piece costs in the millions. It’s really hard to get that much money when you are constantly being raided or attacked. I think that we should get 10 or more spins per hour if it’s going to take that long. Second, the daily spin always seems to rip me off. It will almost stop on the 40 million or some other big number and then it slowly moves over to the small number instead. Thirdly, the amount of pop up ads that happen every time you open the app or run out of spins. I am trying to spend whatever money I have in order to not lose it. But it takes extra time having to close all those ads. Lastly, our pet should last longer. If I leave the app after waking them up they go back to sleep. I’m not staying on the game for 4 hours with nothing to do. I just think these are a few issues that could be fixed. I will not spend real money on any game.

RIGGED. I don’t even know how to rate this game because it is fun. BUT it is sooo rigged and unfair in many ways but I continued to play. Except now I think I’m over it. I find it fun how you can attack each other’s villages and there’s a “revenge” option to choose who you want to attack back. BUT how is it that I have the same person attacking me back to back in secondsss up to where all my shields are gone and I end up having to pay for more spins/coins so I don’t get my village damaged. But how is it that when I have 500+ spins, I don’t get to attack that same person who keeps attacking me! I get maybe 2 attacks on them and the rest of my attacks are on random people. The person I’m trying to get revenge on, is not even on the “revenge” list! So then I log off for about an hour, and again that person has the chance to attack my village and damage it and plenty of raids involved too. Up to 10 attacks and raids he gets to do to my village and I only get about 2 on their village. Again, this game doesn’t give me the chance to attack or raid the player nearly as much as they attack and raid my village. And I have played plenty of money to get 500, 1k + spins and for nothing! Not to even mention that when I have foxy activated I barely even get much raids when it’s activated. This game is rigged and it just robs you. Therefore even tho it is really fun to play when it’s acting right and fairly, I will be deleting the app.

Please respond to this developers.. So I’m a ten year old boy and at first I loved this gam rob been playing in ever since 2021 started. And I loved the new villages you could unlock after completing the one your on and all the other things that make the game awesome. It was so awesome I wanted my mom to play it with me so me and my mom were friends on coin master. And it was fun to get the bonuses and the daily rewards to get more coins and spins it was so fun. But for the bad news it started yesterday I logged in like every other day but then it just was glitching everything I press or moved would be super slow and glitch and I thought it was nothing so I just exited out of the game and went back into the game but it was still glitching like crazy so then I thought it might be my iPad so I restarted my iPad but still the game was glitching so I still thought i did something to my iPad but all the other apps I had on it weren’t glitching at all and was running normally. So I texted my mom about the news and she said I should un stall it and then reinstall it so I did but I went back to the first village and the village I was on before all this was the Wild West village witch took me along time and days to get two next thing I know it my village is destroyed nothing left my user name was coin master to try and be funny. But please I just want a respond to this I’m really sad.

Extremely lazily made game with terrible game mechanics. The games design can be summed up in a sentence or two “ you get coins to build an area from a slot machine , you can attack others for more coins. And you progress to the next area once you’ve fully upgraded everything” that’s it that’s the entire game . But the game is so boring and extremely slow that it practically forces you to pay money to proceed at a somewhat bearable pace . You can get 50 spins on their little slot machine a day barely giving you enough coins later in the the game to upgrade a single thing . So you can pay INDIVIDUALLY 5 dollars EVERYTIME you run out of spins or wait 5 hours for 5 MORE SPINS. That is nowhere near enough and seeing as 50 is often not even enough most of the time . I assume there are people who are in their retirement just playing this game and spending the money everytime they run out of spins which IS PROBABLY every few minutes cause they have nothing else to do with their money . Which is exactly the people this game was made for . It’s not so cheaply made that you just look over it but it’s exactly the colorful FarmVille esque art style and world builder that will pull in people ( usually older people) Who don’t care. So they can wring them out of as much money as possible . While also being the bare minimum of what the definition of a game is seeing as it only has 3 PRIME MECHANICS

HATE the pop ups, LOVE the game.. Honestly, I really do enjoy this game but I DESPISE that every time you’re out of spins, EVERY SINGLE “Special” pops up IMMEDIATELY. You can’t just go to your team or your village without waiting through at least 5 pop ups. It’s excessive. Have them pop up once. It’s enough. The icons are there if someone wants to click on them to purchase anything. Seriously several people that used to play the game with me, quit because of the pop ups and they weren’t nearly as bad then. My only other negative points would be it’s kind of hard to get the big spins (unless you purchase them), the dance thing only ever gives you the lamest prize and to get ANY other chances you have to pay, and the daily coin spin NEVER lands on big coins. Like I get you want people to spend money, that’s cool, just don’t make it challenging/annoying to get anywhere in the game without spending money. I do also wish there were more random people for raids so I’m not always raiding the same two people, I feel bad about that for my friends. Other than that (LOL) the game is fun. The graphics are nice and I love the team feature. It’s a great way to spend time when you’re waiting somewhere or on lunch at work. I really do enjoy the game despite these things, which is why I still play.

Not able to comment on the FB fan page anymore:(. I really love this game, it’s addicting and I’ve spent an embarrassing amount of money on this game, I am however a little upset about not being able to comment on the coin master Facebook official fan page anymore, I can click on links for free gifts, and I can click on links to be rerouted to Twitter or Instagram whenever there is a post about it, and I can look at the comments on a post, I used to be able to comment, but now I don’t have that option, whenever I would go to CM Facebook page it would say liked and following at the top , now it only has a bar that says saved and if I click it, it unsaves, I’ve never written anything inappropriate, or harassing, I’ve never been rude or tried to get cards from people, I’ve actually sent many cards to several different people just to be helpful, and didnt ask or receive anything in return.. I’m frustrated with this only because I’m not able to comment on the posts where you do a giveaway and are going to choose random winners ... I spend a TON of money on this game, I’m sure I spend a lot more than some people.. and I feel as though I should be able to be in these giveaways just like anyone else. Coin master if you can figure out what the issue is and make it so I can like and follow your page and not just save or unsave it , then I will gladly come back in and change my review to 5 stars, because other than this issue, the game deserves 5..

Predatory game play. It’s virtually impossible to play this game without having to spend a fortune on it. I’m a retiree on a fixed income. My assets are supposed to go towards living expenses so I can’t afford to play much to advance in the game. But I found Piggy Go. You can spend all day playing it without spending too much money. WAKE UP COIN MASTER. You might rule the universe, for now anyway, but there are fun games like Piggy Go that offer you the opportunity to play without getting soaked and losing sleep over buyers remorse for dumping your money into this game. I guess I’m just angry because there’s another game that offers deals but you’re not spending a small fortune just to play. I just want inform app gamers that there are better choices than Coin Master. You can play all day without spending a dime. I’m putting this comment here for unsuspecting potential gamers. The game seems to be rigged. The more money you spend the more free add ons you get. I only play for free. Once I’ve run out of options I go back to Piggy Go. I have already posted this review to Piggy Go’s comment section in hopes ( in vain, though) I’ll play every couple of hours until I get 32 spins. In their generosity they give you 16 spins every hour. You can’t do much with 16 spins and I’m not going to keep dumping my little money into a predatory game. Try Piggy Go and save your bank account from needlessly bleeding to death.

I LOVE IT… but I have a suggestion. I absolutely LOVE Coin Master, but there are a few things about the game that if they were changed would make me want to play it even more. #1: When you’re betting spins, sometimes if you get sent spins your number doesn’t match the amount you’re betting and even if you have like 13 spins left but you were betting 15 the annoying pop ups for buying more spins and such pop up. I have two ideas to make this situation better. You can make it to where you still have the pop ups, but only when you ACTUALLY are at zero spins. Another way you can fix this is to make the player be able to set a specific number they want to bet with like a movable bar or something. Sometimes I have 7 spins and I just want to bet them all instead of switching my bet to 3 and then setting it to 2 t spin twice. If I have only a few spins I want to get the most out of them. I hope this made sense and for the developers, please take my ideas into consideration. I know they’re small but they would make the game SO MUCH BETTER. If you’re wanting to get the game, you should. Even though these little things that caused me to even write this review are quite annoying it’s still a GREAT game and it’s probably one of my favorites. Thank you for taking the time to read this and have a good day!! 🙂

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Good but there needs to be a lot easier way to get spins without spending money. I absolutely love the game, there is a lot more things to do in the game but I hate how if you were to run out of spins and you don’t spend money on the game, you either have to wait for about 3 days for a 25/75 chance to get more spins or for me personally to spend 18 billion coins and couldn’t get one new gold card, other than that, I love the game but hopefully coin master you see this review and think this guy is onto something here!

COIN MASTER YOU HAVE GONE DOWN HILL. I use to love this game and spent a good amount of money playing it actually it's the only game I have ever spent money on and I didn't mind $3 here $7 there because it was fun and fair but now it's mad it so hard for 99% of people you never get any cards you need everyone needs the same cards and they have people fighting over a card!! you poor people like me swapping all there good cards that they spent money to get for one card they need and you send all your cards and the person who your swapping with blocks you and your life with nothing coin master doesn't care but is happy to keep taking money for you, they put competitions on there Facebook page 2,000 to 2,000,000 people comment and they give 2 or 3 people a prize creators and team of coin master your number one game has gone down hill !!!

Review. Once your out of spins and $$ there’s is nothing to do you can trade cards every 24 hours for a chest then spend 25M to trade more of your own cards for another chest but once you’ve done that and your daily spin & gifts there’s no way of getting more spins you guys do have a rewards system linked but i only get about 45 spins a day doing that and using your social media posts for free spins it would be awesome if you guys could make more ways of getting free spins maybe including watching ads for stuff

Really addictive. I only just started playing, but so far so good. I’ve been avoiding this game thinking it was going to be boring, but I finally decided to try it and see for myself. It’s quite a lot of fun, probably not for the people who don’t enjoy their work ruined or their coins stolen though XD The lucky spin system can get annoying when you run out of spins, but what’s a game if it just hands everything to you. I think it misses some extra activity. Simply spinning for money or raids and upgrading villages to max gets kind of menial after a while. This game is pretty addictive though and I’m glad I decided to play it :D

Purchases paid for but not recieved!. Iv paid for so many items then didnt end up recieving my purchases iv been in contact with apple support who hav told me to report a problem iv done that n evn requested refunds which keep getting declined. I think its very sad this has hapened on many occasions n i keep getn th run around frm one developer to th ofher n getn no wher n jus losing $ in th end. Today woz th final straw i tried making purchases few days ago that wer declined but then i woz told by apple support to pay th $ n id recieve my purchases but once again disapointed n let down n lost another $50 as i didnt once again recieve th items i pad for. Iv spent a fair bit of $ on this game n its pretty poor that this has hapened n no one wants to take responsability for wot has gone wrong n jus declined me asa loyal paying customer.

My rating. The game is fun. I play it on car trips or when I’m bored and it always manages to occupy me. it is one of the best mobile games I have played there’s pvp there’s different lands/Islands there’s pets and much more that makes this game fun and entertaining. I have played a lot of different mobile games but I love this one. There’s a reason this game has good reviews and 5 stars I think we both know why. Thank you for making this game you definitely deserved me putting my time into making this statement. Anyway, see you next time I get the option to make another. Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 😊

Cannot login previous account + Useless Support Staff. Cannot login previous account connected with Facebook. Redirects me back to login page after selecting “continue” to connect to FB account. Advice on the issue was all the usual bs and standard procedures, and even worse, staff blamed Facebook, internet connection, and device and software not up-to-date. Checked and everything except the Coin Master app was working perfectly fine. The issue was remained unresolved after freaking 10+ emails. Asked staff to escalate issue to senior IT developers or experts, staff declined my request. Asked for a refund and staff deflected the request, and goes on with the bs. Claimed that the game uses the most advanced technology, which pisses me off even further. Telling me the game uses the most advanced technology does not do much for me if it doesn’t freaking work! What the hell?! Every freaking games on app store uses the most advanced technology. And all of them work perfectly fine on my iPhone X and iPad Pro except Coin Master.

NOT AS FUN AS IT USE TO BE. So i use to love this game and spent a-lot of my time and money playing it! All events were fun and fair for everyone to progress in without losing a ridiculous amount of spins but in the last month it has changed dramatically all the events have gotten a-lot harder for people that have spins saved up even thought I've spent a year trying to accumulate my spins as the villages are more expensive as you get higher up in villages, just because i have more spins it shouldn't mean that my target amount should be more then everyone else's! I have lost over 19k spins in the last month from these changes and have sent multiple emails to customer support with nothing being resolved or no compensation what so ever, don't play on playing anymore until these issues are fixed and i am compensated for my issues

Great game needs a lot of work. Compatibility: works on this phone. No it’s doesn’t! Continuously crashes when game is loading and even more frustratingly when spins awards a raid or attack which doesn’t register when you reboot the game. Also does the same thing when spending a lot of gold on card cheats. Not to mention the best part of the game; Viking quest never works the game crashes. Sometimes I’m lucky enough after the game has crashed 10-15 times Viking quest will finally load but most of the time it’s impossible to open. I’ve played this game for over a year and I have had enough. I quit until the game can actually run properly.

Contacted support and no help. Same problem past 3 days as stated below!. Are use aware that there is huge problem right now with the app crashing since yesterday? So many ppl including myself have posted about it on the Facebook wall. Have lost hundreds of spins and coins. Half the time we can even get past the pop ups at start of game b4 it crashes. In middle of an attack crash in middle of a raid crash in middle of a spin win crash we can’t even get a solid 20 seconds of gameplay b4 we are booted out. Just posting this review as a 1 star but would of made it a lot more if it didn’t have a bug in it. Seems to have started when the Viking game came available. Be great if use could investigate as many ppl have spent quite a sum of money on this game to buy extra spins and coins. Thank u in advance.

Confusing.. Great game and fun when you get the chance to play. A few issues I have had are: 1. You can only play for a maximum of five minutes with the free spins and coins to build a village unless you spend a tone of money for more coins or spins. 5 free spins each hour is a bit ridiculous. Maybe 30 spins per hour would make it worth my time? 2. My final spin each time doesn’t end up rewarding me my coins or spins that I had won, instead showing the ‘out of spins’ message and asking me to buy more. My final spin at 2x winning got me over 1.5 million coins and before it put those coins in my account showed the messages and never gave me the coins. Same when I have won free spins on my final spin. Every single time. 3. The amount of people that can attack or raid your village in the matter of half hour prevents people from processing forward in their villages instead knocking them down and forcing coin purchases and spin purchases as all winnings go to ‘fixing’ their village attacks. Don’t think it’s worth people’s time unless they have a tone of $ for the app and love wasting their hard earned money!

Didn’t get my rewards and game is predictable. To get extra coins or spins they give you the option of downloading and playing other games up to certain levels. I played one of these games to level 11, which took a while and I never received the promised 120 spins. I reached out to the support center and all they told me was to check if I did it right but for some reason the application that takes you to the site where all the quests are listed was just gone after my complaint and hasn’t returned yet, meaning that I have no chance of getting extra coins or spins. I send an e-mail explaining that and they told me to check if any updates have to be download (the answer is no) and that’s all. Also whenever there’s a special challenge in the game like stealing as often as possible you’ll unfortunately find yourself being much less likely to be able to steal. Same thing with the fortune wheel. Applying easy maths every section of it should have the same possibility for you to end up on but in my case I get 650K 4/10 times and less than that for the rest. Hadn’t ever had more than 1,2 million coming out of it even though there’s sections with much higher win. I get that that’s the way of keeping players busy but it’s just too obvious and unfair. I’d recommend playing the game for the first 10 levels but after that it’s playing you. And I’m highly disappointed in the way they handled my complain.

Crashes. I’m finding I have to continuously delete the game and reinstall it as it freezes. I have found it also changes your bet to a lower one and it doesn’t always pay out your rewards I was number 5 on the joker and didn’t get the rewards I should have got, this has happened more than once I enjoy the game but these things are very disappointing. I’m not impressed about not getting rewards it’s happening too often. This needs to be fixed!!!!!

Unfair and unbalance game. First don't waste money on this game, not worth it. I'am palying this game for few weeks now and noticed some unfair game functionality, first you spend 80-$100B of coins and never get a new which you can accumulate those coins if you spin thousands which unfair for user, you spend tons of spin and coin gain nothing which basically unfair for user. Then you win thousands of spins then you get nothing much even bet higher spins which I found it weird logically when you bet higher probabality should increase more on getting either a good combination but instead nothing comes out ever speding 8k-10k of spins with bet as much as 500 per spin which again is unafair for user. I have long list but that would be for next part of my review with this unfair and unbalance game. Mu suggestion review the magic chest purchasing logic, the spins logic for higher bet and be fair for user some are spending and still got nothing, that is a scam game. I will continue playing this game to point out function and features which are unfair for user for improvement and benefit of the user. Someone should police and review this game so the can improve and provide fair game.

Good game. I really like this game, got it from Superwog and from an add Ever since the first time I played it, it turns out I was getting addicted to it, but no regrets for this is legit the best game i have ever played. I rated a five star because the title of the game “Coin master” Its gameplay is exactly what it sounds like in the game, Telling u now, everyone who has NOT downloaded the game is absolutely missing out, Just saying now that this is all my opinion don’t get offend by it if you do not like the game maybe it’s not your style I’m just writing this to inform people to NOT ATTAK MY VILLAGE, and enjoy the game (:

Not worth your time. Looking at everyone else’s reviews, I’ve come to notice that the issues that everyone is having with this app are the exact same issues I’m having. The reviews show that the game has set you up to lose and to spend your own money and I don’t see any reason why I should spend anymore time playing this game. The concept of the game is great and can be a fun game, however when you’re stuck on the same level for days on end and not making any progress because you are never awarded shields, attacks, raids, food for your pet, cards, etc. and you have to wait ridiculous amounts of time to fill up your spins, there is really no reason to continue with the game, you’re just set to lose. Another thing, it keeps suggesting that I have been gifted a few 10k coins or free spins, however I never have the option to collect which is so frustrating and annoying to look at. It also shows that the developers do not plan to make any changes to these issues either, considering that these similar comments have been appearing for months. Not developed to suit the needs and interest of the consumer so not worth it 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

Caution!! Only rich can afford this game.. I really loved this game but after reaching at a higher level it gets really tough to complete a village and you would not have an option but to purchase as you only get 90 spins a day which is peanuts to complete a village that costs more than approx $1.5 Billion. It would take really long time to pass a stage. You have an option to get more spins by collecting cards and completing cards set. However, they have golden card and to trade these golden card it is only possible occasionally and it is only as per the app developers choice of golden card. Total waste of time and a money sucking game. The game developers should atleast let people trade cards freely and show some empathy considering recent times, instead of prompting them to make purchases more than required by limiting the per day spins to higher coins required to complete a village.

annoying. Pop ups are SO annoying. My spins were low and my bet was too high and there were balloons giving spins on my page. Although I still had spins but couldn’t use them with the high bet I had, all the pop up ads came up saying I was out of spins. Not only one but like 5. Because of that I missed all the balloons. So frustrating exiting out of 10 ads every time you open the app or run out of spins. It’s unnecessary. Also the cards are a joke, I had billions of coins and would by 8 packs at a time, very rarely would I even get a new card after buying 80 cards. I will not spend real money on this game because there is no point when it doesn’t even give you the cards you need but will give you 500 frog servant cards, what is the point of that!???

Max Mullins review. The people who are saying this game is not fun, or costs money, it costs nothing, I started playing after my friends told me to start, I looked straight at the reviews and it was saying it was costing people money and problems, but I downloaded and I’ve been playing for 3 or 4 days now and im actually enjoying it, tip: come back to the game every once in a while and you’ll have spins, the biggest thing is to save instead of spending at the start, you need to build up money and spins no matter how long it takes don’t blow all your coins and spins straight away or on 3x. Good luck and enjoy 😊

Love it!. Omg! I love this game, it’s so addicting and is a real time killer. I love how you can raise your bet when you spin because it gives people good opportunities to receive coins, spins, shields and much much more. And I love how when you raid a village, if you only got two out of three prizes, your pet will dig it up and that makes it more enjoyable. My only concern is how maybe you should put food for your pets into the spin so players can keep their pets fed ready for a raid if need be. Overall I just absolutely love this game, definitely worth downloading and definitely one of my favourite apps. 🥰✌🏽

Used to love this game until you get to higher levels. You only get 50 spins at a time which sometimes you only win 4,000,000 with all 50 when you need 8,000,000 to complete a build by the time you wait 10 hours for your next 50 spins the 4,000,000 you made has been stolen. This makes me think there in not very many players left as you would not need to be stolen from so often if there a lot of other players. Need to be more maximum spins. I love love loved this game on the lower levels but now it is getting impossible to pass. Also gold cards are impossible to get so sets are impossible and you never get rewards which I must say are pretty big. I am on map 20 at star level 704 I wonder if may people have gotten much further without spending real money??

Dodgy. I think for the time you have to put in making sure you have shield so you don’t get attacked and make sure you’re hitting quest targets and weekly mission, trying to get new cards when you get a new card for ever like 300 chest you buy been so many times that I have brought chest to try and get new cards and have got over 500 cards but no new ones, I don’t think that’s very fair at all, maybe something to fix in the game especially if people are buying the advertised Packages it’s not fair that there is rarely any new cards for the normal set not the card challenge, I’m so tired of never getting a new card makes me no longer wanna play the game, so many times I have brought chest to the equivalent of 500+ cards and never a new one, this should be fix

Not happy 😡😡😡. Ok now I know this game looks really fun I n the ads but it’s not. For starters if you have no spins or little money there is nothing to do also when you spin for some reason I have one spin left it pops up saying get more spins and spins for money. Another reason is that if you don’t sign in with facebook you can’t get a photo on your avatar. Another thing is that this game always glitches and then comes up with a bunch of weird stuff like things you can get in the name. Next is that you can’t complete the whole game because you hardly get any money to complete your village. Finally in the ads you can choose who’s village you attack but you can’t, when you spin it just says a random name and photo and if you get three pigs or three hammers you attack a random. From my point of view do NOT and I repeat do NOT download this app. Not happy player 😡 😤 😠 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻🙅🏼‍♀️🙅🏼‍♀️🙅🏼‍♀️🙅🏼‍♀️🙅🏼‍♀️🙅🏼‍♀️🙅🏼‍♀️🙅🏼‍♀️🙅🏼‍♀️🙅🏼‍♀️🙅🏼‍♀️🙅🏼‍♀️🙅🏼‍♀️🙅🏼‍♀️🙅🏼‍♀️🙅🏼‍♀️🙅🏼‍♀️ You can’t fix this maker

Idk. So this was an amazing game when I first got it then I slowly started to get bored of it and now the only times I really play is when I have lots of spins or if u have sent my coins but now I still get a notification say we just sent you coins and spins and I will go on but now I don’t receive them is this a glitch or are you just doing that to get me to play? Like today we just sent you 37 million coins and 100 spins I go on and I get nothing and you have probably claimed to have sent me like 200 million coins which I have not received😢 plus it’s getting really hard to complete villages now and I’m not spending money on a game that I never play. I’m actually thinking about deleting it because it’s just using up storage. Very disappointed😔 😤😡🤬

Love love love. I’ve been playing this game for a while now and I can’t get enough. I find my self going on this app multiple times a day making sure to use my spins and collect any free rewards. If I had any issue with it is that it’s hard to find a dedicated team that’s as dedicated as I am to complete chests and finish challenges. I also find that the service team dedicated to giving you a good experience on this game will reply with speedy action as I’ve never had to wait more than 24 hours with out a response or solution. it’s a great app and an awesome time killer with an amazing community of fellow coin masters with multiple Facebook groups helping to complete card sets and give handy tips to optimise your game play. So if your on the fence about getting the game don’t hesitate a great experience awaits you. P.s coin master admins if you love my rating and review I wouldn’t say no to some free spins 😂

Coin master review. I mean I love this game so much, I play it at Least 7 times a day. The good thing about it is that you can connect with friends, the events that are on every couple days and all the rewards and gifts that are collected. The thing that annoys me about this game is that I just spend money on chests now because when I build my village it gets destroyed the next day. It’s so silly that coin master can’t even give out shields in their spins once in a day. I feel like there should be a certain number of times 1 person can attack ur village because once was person knows u have no shield they will keep attacking to collect more money for themselves. So from this I don’t build anymore, I just buy chests to collect cards with gives a big amount of rewards. The other thing that annoys me about the chests is that ever level the chests become more expensive and is harder to buy. Even if I do buy magical chests which have more of the new cards I only get 1 every 2-3 chests which is so silly considering how much money is spent on there. I think this game needs to read there players reviews and comments and fix up the game big time. A lot of people have stopped playing for these silly reasons and more. It’s only upto you guys running this game to change it to keep ur players playing. But just wanna say thanks for a fun game at times and for all the gifts u guys post on ur page. !!!!! - jacinta (16)

Too hard to progress. I spend real money on this game and a lot of it! Too many things go wrong in this game. You provide screenshots of missing coins that have just disappeared into thin air and still the support team don’t do anything about it. Also how can I progress with only 50 spins at a time? The higher up you go the more minimum spins there should be. It’s also annoying that I can’t collect and save my spins that my friends have sent if I have more that the 50 minimum. It makes it hard to save up for events that get you anywhere in the game. Some of the events like jackpot bingo are a complete waste of spins and coins. I enjoy collecting the cards more so than playing the game now but even that is becoming a joke with limited gold cards in the chests. I spend billions on chests at a time when I can and I don’t even get any new cards! I have to rely on complete strangers to help me with cards that I need. And I have to add them on my personal Facebook account for them to be even able to help me! I have literally more than 200 of certain cards in a set and then can’t even get the card that I need out of a chest. This game frustrates me to no end. I hope it improves or I think I will be giving up soon.

This game is a RORT! Wanna be ripped off ... please install it. Where do I start, they expect you to spend a tonne of money and ask you to be a VIP, so you think wow they reward loyalty..... no! They make the game a lot harder and expect you to spend 3 times more. Then they have vouchers of 200% more, 300% more and even 400% more. So you think ok why not and you spend a bit more than you normally would. Do you get the extra % of coins or spins ...... Nope! So you contact support to be told “our records show you were given that” why would you waste your time if you got what you paid for????? So if you want to be totally ripped off, receive 0 “customer support” then please install and play. But you’ve been warned. Who records every second of game play on a game. You stupidly trust it’ll do the right thing. Nope accused of lying because “our logs show” well umm …. That’s not what happened on this occasion yet they can’t comprehend that sometimes logs are wrong. Time to take it further because they are truly just scamming your money from you and then “support” say no you’re lying.

is this for real?. i was honestly addicted to this game when i first got it. once past the third villiage i’ve progressed significantly however there are some issues that make this game frustrating and not worth playing. i understand that the point of things in villiages getting more expensive is to make it more of a challenge but when you’re only getting 5 spins an hour it’s extremely difficult to progress past a certain point. it doesn’t help that i go days without shields and get attacked relentlessly. shields should be in a store so at least you have a chance. another issue is after using all of my spins trying to save to get enough money to complete a star and watching all the ads allowed to, getting raided over and over. you shouldn’t be allowed to raid or attack people whom are not on your friends list, the same people i don’t know attack me relentlessly for no reason with no shields to help. there should be a cool down with how many times you can get attacked/raided seeing as i’ve gotten raided 4 times in 5 minutes while i was spinning first thing in the morning. if these issues don’t start sorting themselves out many people are going to abandon this game as it’s not progressing as an app.

Won’t admit there’s glitches in there game. Tried inviting a friend to play the game. The reward is meant to 35 free spins. Since I personally set up my friend to the game i followed all the correct steps. I read through their support page before contacting them through email. Since I followed all steps correctly I decided lets contact them so they can fix the glitch and provide me my spins. Instead they copy and past from section i read before contacting them. Then i email them again then i get another response saying i may have invited too many people to the game. No i just joined. If they looked at my account they would know thats not the case. Also in email they clicked someone else’s link? No... they didn’t as i had said all steps followed correctly which i told them 3 times like a broken record. I told my friend who informed its happened to her heaps. So whatever issue you have with the game goodluck on getting them to resolve it. Instead a rude email blaming the user. If i could id give the game a zero.

Far too many pop up adds to pay to play. I understand that you can play for free which I do I am not about to spend money on playing any phone game , but there is far too many pop ups like you do a short round of play and you get anywhere between 3 to 5 pop ups asking you to pay cash to play longer or increase your chances of winning more. I don’t think it’s very appropriate I think 2 pop ups are enough but 3-5 minimum is crazy . The game itself is fun though so I would rate it 3/5. I also just want to add after reading the reviews that the developer barely acknowledges anything like you either say thank you or you have some generated auto response saying contact support I hope your reading the messages that your so called support team isn’t doing much. So maybe they need a lot more training in customer service and dealing with responding rather than giving people automated responses or none at all.

Spending a lot money and get nothing. This game is fun for the beginner, first few level is enjoyable. But when it comes to higher level, more raids, more attacks but more money you will spend on it. They changed the quest, now you will get higher spins but this is how they fooled on you. I spend in the game for only the quest around 90 billions of gold coins. I came to the last round, 27B on bonus wheels. The thing is they’re controlled the system so you don’t get chance to see the bonus wheels. That’s the first thing, second thing they’re controlled on the bonus wheels so when the wheel spinning you don’t get x20 or x25, the only thing you get is x2, x5. They want you to bet higher, the higher you go, the coin is running fast. Then you will spend your real money to buy more spins to raid for more coin. This game is good but the developers just want to ripped off your own money. Don’t make the mistake that I make. They’re also charge double times for me. And sometimes the money they’ve charged is different from the amount I see in the game. Farewell coin master, I deleted it today to stop spending money in this. Don’t be fooled by them.

Coin master. I love playing coin master, because it’s really exiting when you come back the next day and the game has awarded you 1.5 million coins to build up your village. Also every day you get 50 spins and if you complete a village you will get 25 extra spins then you will get awarded with 1:5 million cont and ten spins. If you run out of spins or coins you can buy 5 million coins for 2$ and 100 spins for 5$. But say you don’t want to pay and you run out of spins, the game will give you 5 spins per 58 mins. And that’s all I’ve got to say🤩

Free to Pay?. This was a very fun, exciting and addictive game to play but there were so many notifications in the app every time I used all my spins such as “Join Facebook to play with friends” or “You’ve run out of spins, buy some for $”. This was getting very frustrating for me as well as the situation the pets. You are given 3 free food but when that runs out, you have buy more? This is ridiculous! But what’s worse is that as soon as you get into the app, more notifications show up including joining Facebook. Again. Finally, another thing that upsets me is that when I tried to get into Coin Master, it said that I needed to PAY for the app when I got it for free in the App Store a month ago. I’m not sure if it’s a hack or if there was an announcement but I am very disappointed.

Not Happy !. While I do love playing this game I have not in the last month . Excessively attacked by the same person who I removed from my Facebook friends list as instructed by your support page , this person is still able to attack me .. what happened to your up to 24 hours for them to disappear off my list ??? I know all it’s all part of the game but this person is the only one attacking me , doesn’t even give anyone else a chance !!! I am unable to attack her back as I get a connection error if I choose her in the revenge list as she still shows up there . One very unhappy player here at the moment .. need a new update to rectify this immediately!!

The game is a scum. Coin Master is a mobile game that can be enjoyed by beginners with its easy-to-understand gameplay mechanics. However, as you progress through the game, it becomes apparent that the developers have implemented a number of monetization schemes that can be frustrating for players. One such monetization scheme is the offer to purchase spins for real money. While this may seem like a harmless way to progress through the game faster, the cost of purchasing spins can quickly add up, especially if you find yourself repeatedly needing to purchase them to progress. Another aspect of the game that can be frustrating for players is the digging game, where you have to guess where the spins are hidden. This can quickly become expensive, as every dig requires a purchase of $3 or more, and the cost of each dig increases with each attempt. Overall, while Coin Master can be an enjoyable game for beginners, the game's heavy emphasis on monetization can be off-putting for more experienced players. If you're looking for a game that offers a fair and balanced progression system, you may want to look elsewhere.

THIS GAME CHANGED MY LIFE (MIND BLOWING STORY). I used to be a crippling gambling addict who used to go to the pokies every day, it got so bad I started dealing gear to fuel my addiction for money just to get endless more money just to feel the satisfaction of seeing the slots move. Would rate 15 stars if I could, but even Apple can’t comprehend how amazing this game is I personally would make an exception to the rating system just for this game IT IS THAT GOOD!!!! WHY ARE YOU STILL READING AND DEDICATE YOUR LIFE TO ALL 482 LEVELS I HAVE COMPLETED ALL OF THEM AND AM WAITING FOR THE NEW UPDATE SO I CAN CONTINUE TO FUEL MY ADDICTION TO THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

This games sabotaging us. This app is amazing and it’s fun to play the only thing that I am bothered by is that every time I am about to get some coins attack or raid someone the game kicks me out and sends me to my home a screen I am not sure wether it’s my phone or the game but I am pretty sure that it’s the game because no other app just sends me to my Home Screen and out of the app. The first time I noticed that it was kicking me out it was always when I started getting good things and loads of coins. I think when you get at a certain point in the game it starts kicking you out because you’re getting to far or to good.

Avid player, love the game but get annoyed. I love this game. I play daily (and have played on and off over the last 8 years) but don’t think you get rewarded for being loyal or purchasing any extras spins/coins (spoiler alert: you don’t!!!). The quests are pointless - not sure why the bonus wheel has anything above x8 - have never been “lucky” enough to get them (despite spending like $20B in one quest level - I kid you not!!!) The pop ups are also soooo annoying. Especially if you’re betting say 150 spins and you have 100 left. You get all the pop ups. Then you reduce your spins to use the remaining ones, when they run out you get allllll the pops up again. My suggestion is to make the pop ups appear when you have no spins left. Stop spamming us. Super hard to move through the levels (I’m at 172) as all the builds are super expensive. You can’t leave your coins sitting there to save them as you will just get raided. Also, NEW cards are super hard to get. You can spend BILLIONS buying cards and only get 1 new one, if that. Just about ready to delete the app.

Good game can do with a few fixes. Been playing for around 3 years now an love the game except for a few minor things that could be done better. Firstly the cost of card chests increasing in cost when levelling up. The amount they increase is crazy I currently pay over 1 billion for a purple chest. So new players buy as many cards as u can. The spin clock should also increase when leveling up, unless u have money bankers as friends it get almost impossible to complete villages. Lastly bring back VIKING QUEST. I haven’t had one for months now.

DON’T BOTHER!!!! You will regret it for the rest of your life!!. This game is so rigged against you it is unbelievable!! Problem is they take your hard earned money and the more you spend the less you will get for it, always!! They think they have you hooked and you will sell your most prized possessions to them….. if you don’t spend you are not hooked !!! And I thought AI STOOD FOR ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE but you won’t find ANY INTELLIGENCE HERE it’s all just ARTIFICIAL! STAY AWAY!! I wanted to be totally sure I was right about this game being worse then the worse pokie game before I left this review .. I don’t think the internet would accept my review if I wrote what I truely feel! IT’ S So Much Worse Then Bad! (Note to CM:- if you decide to try fair play anytime I think you would be on a winner!!)

Support helpIs useless and ignorant 😡. Very disappointed and upset. I spend lots of my own money on this game and only to be ignored and ripped off repeatedly. I have had issues with events and raids not working and instead of giving you things, they are taking them off you. I have sent email after email and just get ignored!!! How is that any way to treat a paying customer. And as I’m pretty sure you won’t let other people see this review, I have already posted this in quiet a few CM trading/sharing/fan groups to let people know what been happening. Not that I’m surprised by any means there has been plenty of interest and plenty more comment and stories very similar if not the same as mine. People are starting to delete your game because of the lack of effort of help revives by the support team at CM!!!

Probably the best game ever. I LOVE Coin Master. So simple yet so addictive. It’s really refreshing to find a game that you can play and level without the need to spend heaps of money on it. The developers should give themselves a pat on the back as they have the balance of this game down perfectly. Loads of free rewards and great competitions, yeah ok I’m never going to win the competition or get the top prizes but I still get enjoyment out of the game. Yes if you want to spend money you will level quicker and also get bigger up the ladder in the challenges but you can still get great rewards without the need to spend. Definitely 5 stars from me :)

Great game BUT...!. This game is great, a lot of fun for sure!!! There is 3 things that really annoy me with the game though and that is firstly, all the pop up adverts that show up when you open the game, I feel like I’m continuously tapping the little x button to get rid of all the pop ups, that a lot that aren’t necessary, the other thing that is extremely frustrating and the biggest flaw of this game is not being able to give/trade golden cards to friends, if you can’t gift them away to people you shouldn’t be getting so many duplicates of them!!! Very frustrating for sure!! The last thing is not being able to choose to revenge on raids, very inconvenient at times!

NEEDS to stop with the connect with friends. this is a really good game but the ‘connect friends’ is annoying me a lot whenever i join the game it shows all the new stuff and keep on popping on ‘connect friends’ over and over i know im hyperbole i little to much but please make new stuff with a bit and please stop putting connect friends because everyone knows there is always a button to connect but why is there a reason for it to keep popping up i know it’s fine once or twice but more is not ok but overall i love this game.

Sub par. I was really into this game when I first got it and still play all day everyday! It takes up so much of my time and I’ve even squandered lots of my hard earned cash into it. It has become so competitive that I receive messages from people or even get blocked for raiding. But I’ve come to learn the some people are finding loop holes so in order for myself to progress I have had to do the same. It is so sad that the makers of the game don’t respond to all emails because the spins run out so fast and the games get so expensive that you just get stuck and don’t even want to play it anymore. I’ve stopped spending my money on this game because it’s not that I’m a “sore loser” we just aren’t getting anything from spending our money on this game and I’m almost in village 90 and I still can’t win these challenges to get gold cards. At least give a gold card trading more often because it’s ridiculous. So many card sets are almost done and I still can’t get the last chest.

I love it so much. Find you so much money you can buy more houses you go on the next levels but I’m on the second level is so fun because it’s the best game in the world and even you if you know that that game is the best go to the channel and it will be good and it’s really fun because you can tag people villages be some people friends I got 133 friends and what I did also give you some water money in your account so download it and you’ll be fine so bye and have a good day play all day long until it’s bedtime untilKnow that that’s got a game so if you want to download the search grandmas the game give you money so much and so yeah so download it and do it

Very addictive. Love this game...haven’t come across any glitches really...I’m just finding it impossible to get a few of the golden cards for the lower level collections so I can finish them off! I’m finding the Viking challenges really fun but completely impossible. On a number of occasions, I’ve collected over 600 spins, only betting like 10 a spin and I’ve only got raid up once, if at all! So frustrating when you are trying to build up coins to complete Viking challenge. Then when I have a reasonable amount of coins, the odds of a winning spin is not good at all! I went through over 250,000,00 and only got bonus spin once...failing the challenge. Anyways, would be great if the odds were a little better. Specially for people who just can’t afford to spend hundreds of dollars real money to play.

Dear coin master. I don't like how u are playing this game with me. Today and this year I have been playing coin master but then I had 10 billion dollars and I also had 50 thousand spins that I won but then when I was playing the turkey chicken event I completed the entire event and a friend told me that I would win 50 thousand spins and I did not receive and then one day I got to village 110 and then it took me to village 60 when I finished village 110 and lost all my card i had and had to restart the entire card collection from pet which I finished and made me really disappoint and I also lost lots of money when buying chest and am a really disappointed in you and your work I want everything I said in here back since I have lost lots of things. Thank you Regards Cesar Lopez Player in Coin Master

Really fun! ( beginning). Hi! I just started playing Coin master I was reading the reviews that when you get up to a higher level it get more challenging and you get more attacks. But I think that that’s the point of the game because it starts easy and gets harder. ( hope it doesn’t sound a bit weird that I went straight to something else )I actually played a little bit on my old IPad but I don’t really remember to much about it. I have not got one single attack yet on the game but I’m sure I will get one sooner or later today or tomorrow when I play more and get up to a higher level. 𝐼𝑚 𝑟𝑒𝑎𝑙𝑙𝑦 𝑏𝑒𝑒𝑛 𝑒𝑛𝑗𝑜𝑦𝑖𝑛𝑔 𝑦𝑜𝑢𝑟 𝑠𝑒𝑝𝑡𝑎𝑐𝑢𝑟𝑎𝑙𝑒𝑟 𝑔𝑎𝑚𝑒!!

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Cheaters. I was about to receive more than 15k spins in an event, and they froze it. I can see it on my screen but not allowing me to play. Also when contacted the support team it’s been hours and they are not even replying to the complain. Full waste of time and energy on this game.

Unable to play: CRASHES. I have been playing COIN MASTER for months. Loved it. I am on level 97 and it won’t let me play anymore. I have deleted the app and logged in through Facebook probably 10 times. Always says “no internet” and then o can’t play. It’s NOT my wifi or cellular . PLEASE HELP OR I WILL DEMETE IT FOREVER

now its boring. i love this game but now its boring there is nothing in this game only spin loss there no tournament for profit in my id only loss no viking no attack master nd nothing at all if u want me with ur game then give me profit tournaments or convert me invip ids now i am on strike

Coin Master. Très bon jeu

Trash. It’s fun until random bots steal your money and attack you. Like idc you should just let real people attack. You can tell when random bots are attacking you cause of the dumb profile picture they think we will believe

👉👌. If I see one more coin master ad I will kill myself

Not even a step to good.. Even right at the beginning it has to kick me out of the game I couldn’t even get a chance to play this game it should be much better like kick a person out when the just download the game. Plzzz make it better next time it’s not ok . I just wasted my TIME thanks to coin master 😠

Coin Master. I like all the features and villages you can build, working with and against other’s it’s pretty fun

Boring. Just one word... BORING Not a real gameplay. Just a slot machine and the others options give nothing, you can’t really custom your village and not the impression to attack a real other player... stop spend money by hire celebrity and hire real developers.

Very disappointed with the CM support. I had an issue with buying the underwater wonder package I reported it , ticket number 19792132 only to be asked to send the receipt over and over ( which I did ) and the id number from settings ( which I did ) to no prevail. It wasn’t explained that u had to keep spending your spins to keep the bar full The package gives u 55 “forks” I only got to use 3 when I got the shark and was suppose to spend more spins to fill the bar again. I asked for my money back. That was all I am so tired of the run around I will be leaving CM when I run out of spins

Pay to play... it’s slots but with bad odds. Delete and shame on @jenniferlopez and not surprised by @kardashian life. I am surprised how much stupid money I spent on here. It’s a scam for your friends, and rewards exponentially decrease with play. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!

Killer game. Love it

so bad. I saw all the adds about the game and it look nice until I download the game😕it said I needed to connect with facebook but what told you everery body have facebook😑. What I mean is that like for example me I don’t have facebook so I can’t play and I don’t whant to have facebook. Pleaze fix this! I am going to erase the game😐. But maybe if you fix that I am going to download it again. Please reply and fix the problem cause now also most people have instagram and not facebook or any of those so you lose a big clientele.

Me. Amazing love it. So much

Comment. The advertising for this game are so repetitive (and annoying), they’re the reason I will never play. I’ve downloaded the game so I could send you my comment. Now I can erase it.

Great game but.... I really like this game but I’m only giving 3 stars because of the amount pop ups that happen every time you run out of spins or when you log in on a new day. It’s usually about 3-4 pop ups. They should limit them to pop up only once!

Scam. This game is fun to play but it scammed me.It told me if I shared the link to other friends it would give me 50+ spins.But it didn’t give me so for that I will give 1 star.

😀. Love the game but I never get new cards and I buy

Good. Is pretty good

Coin master. The game is really fun but it gets annoying when 10 ads show up when you are out of spins

Annoying adds and crashes. Never seen a game crashing so much. And yes I have the latest version, etc. etc.

Rip off. The game is fun however don’t give them any of your money. Paid the $1.39 for an extra Dance spin, they withdrew $19 and change from my account!! They had done this before, thought they fixed it, apparently did not.

U. This game is so boring I only got it because of all of their ads

🅿️. Great game

Terrible. Do NOT waste any money on this game, it constantly glitches and crashes just as you are about to get rewards or bonuses. Customer service is terrible and never helps, just gives vague automated excuses. Such a waste of time!

>:(. Really. At this point I feel like the reviews get SPAMMED by the devs and others. Also CHILL with the ads, If u want people to play make like one ad a year Not like 5 Ads in 3 MONTHS! also this game is like a casino because your odds of getting something good are so low that people will just spend money cuz they think they were so close (when in reality they weren’t close). Lastly For my opinion part I don’t find the game that fun just spin like 5 times and wait for the next day.

Awesome game. This game is so much fun! I play with my niece and we enjoy attacking and raiding each other villages haha ... so worth the download and time spent playing!

Stopped working. I cannot play anymore it doesn’t allow me to raid, attack, feed my pet, or update my village. Please fix this!

Coin master. Was away from internet for two weeks and really missed playing this excellent game Chuck

Coin master review. I like playing this game but it isn’t working properly anymore . My phone glitches out EVERYTIME I get something I need for example whenever I need to get attacks and I land on the hammer it will say “ connection lost “ . Right now , all I need is one raid , I’ve landed on it 10 times and used all my spins and everytime I landed on it , it took me off the screen stole my spins and didn’t let me raid someone . A huge piss off .

It fun. It the cool game

👎👎. Il faut absolument payer pour avencer dans le jeu alors sa ne mérite même pas une Étoile

Great game!. I normally play games if I need to kill time but I genuinely look forward to making time to play this game!

Yes. Enjoy so much

Emazing. While playing made 17ml raid!!!!!

Amazing game. I started and now I can’t stop I love the game play amongst my friends

So Annoyed. Never played, just writing a review to say I hate this game because they advertise way too much. Seems like every second I have the Kardashian’s on my phone with an ad for coin master. Will never play because the constant ads have completely turned me off of ever trying this game...

.. The constant ads drive me away from playing this game.

Scam. This game works until you spin a ‘raid’ or ‘attack a village’ - all of a sudden you lost internet connection, and you lose out on that chance to do it. Waste of spin. Waste of time and money.

Great game. Love it

Too Many Ads. This Game is So Annoying There is To Much Advertisement All I Here Is “PlAy CoIn MaStEr NoW” Just Stop.

Coin master. This game is so fun

Trop de truc pop quand on ouvre. En entrant dans l’application ou même juste en ayant fini nos tours il y a des millions de trucs qui s’affiche c’est tresssss fatiguant

It’s fun, but you don’t advance far with what they give you. Expect to spend $$$. While the game is fun, addictive even. It’s a ploy to get you spend ridiculous amounts of money. If you do spend money, it doesn’t even get your far. The “rewards” on the free play are pathetic and you’d not make it far. I will be looking at removing it, as will the family members that downloaded it. Sad as it has potential. I’ll stick to my other games that I don’t need to pay nearly as much for, or have constant pop ups when I’m out of spins that remind me I can spend $20.99 for 150 spins. Save yourself and find a better game.

Crash Master. Game always crashing

Annoying. The only reason I got the game was because I thought that if I got it that maybe the MILLIONS of ads would stop spamming my phone. I just would appreciate if I didn’t get an ad every 3 seconds for this game. If you want people to get this game don’t spam so many ads. :/

Gambling for kids. Designed to make you spend money. So just to be clear it’s a slot machine and you use your winnings to upgrade your village until you level up. The entire gameplay is spinning the slot machine and then pressing buy. You will use all of your spins and you will always be slightly short of what you need to encourage you to purchase their in game money to get to the next level. The game is full of sketchy programmer tricks like delaying their ads a few seconds so when you tap the screen the ad pops up and it forces you to click it. The game is designed to force you to spend money. You will always be just shy of moving forward and it will always seem like coincidence but it isn’t. What you receive from your spins is pre determined. coinmaster is simply an extremely aggressive ad campaign with less substance than downloading a live wallpaper

Coinmasterisannoying. I wish there was a half star rating but I really hate the ads because of the Kardashian’s I see every time

Amazing. Most addicting app ever i invited my cousin now I'm beating the absolute crap out of him

Not a fan.. I played this once or twice because of the ads but the game is such low quality and I feel like it was rushed or something. This is literally a money eater with overpriced spin things and I am not happy.

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End up not getting reward!!. I️ love this game it keeps me entertained at night before going to bed. But recently the app has been crashing during the tournaments. I️ was 37 spins away from reaching the reward of 3300 spins. I️ was betting at 50x. Had 7 minutes left to play before the tournament ended I️ was looking at the timer because I️ was so close and I️ had to pay attention. Once I️ got to the 2900 points I️ needed for the reward the app crashed, I️ closed it and once I️ was back it said time had gone and I️ didn’t receive my reward!!!!!! I️ still had 7 minutes and I️ completed it it’s not fair. Anyways I️ was playing last night and I’m playing to get 5k spins. I️ reached the 3900 points I️ needed and the app doesn’t refresh it totally froze and I️ didn’t get my reward again. I️ took pictures and a video because this has been happening too often. Thankfully I️ closed the app and once I️ opened it again the reward was there but it is still not fair that the app does this. I️ reached out to customer support they said im wrong and that the app is just fine. But it’s not. I️ showed proof of what happened yesterday. Idk what to do. Might just have to delete this app once I️ run out of spins.

Frustrated. The game is a good time killer and bank account depleter. I have spent hundreds of dollars “my fault entirely” been double and triple charged at times “not my fault. Have reach level 123 and spend billions spin billions of coins with no progression. No VIP status even though I have played 9 months daily. I do have nearly 3000 Trick or Treats yay me. You get the same Bet Blast and Village Master which are useless when you can not build spins and close sets. I have also sent in 3 help tickets over the last 9 months without a response from any of them. So do not seek help there is none out there. I belong to several CM groups and am admin in one. Help other players as much as possible considering my game is stuck in dried cement and has been for 4 months. Gold trade is usually a card everyone has copious amounts of and the other very few have them so they are traded for ridiculous values or people buy of EBAY. I refuse to buy cards of EBAY. Let’s not forget the 6 to 8 pop ups every time I go into my game. Not good. You can go on main CM page and get a few spins daily or coins, but big celebrations they hipe up are not different than daily giveaways after 1-2 days. To the readers of this review do not build villages buy chests with coins and keep open sets to a bare minimum or you will be dead in the water as well and no hope ton progress.

Was confused at first. I was confused at first but as time went on and I spent about $20-$30 (it’s never required to spend $$ because you get 5 spins every hour). I started to understand the game more. The more I understood the game, the more fun the game began to be, especially after level 3. And as with any other game the higher levels began to be more difficult. But I was not deterred. The game was not going to get me down to where I didn’t want to play the game anymore. It’s also fun to play a few minutes at a time when you have some downtime. I’ve had a lot of fun playing this game and I hope that this helps other people to stick with the game because it’s a lot easier to understand after you get past level three. Level three is where you start to get all the goodies such as pets and three times worth each spins if you click on the lightening bolt. Good luck to all who want to find a very fun game and with a little hard work you’ll enjoy it as well. And again, I hope you find this explanatory. And most of all have fun.

This game is so fake. Don't put your bank card or no sort of credit-debit card so have been playing this game for over 3years spending money on this game am a game addict person so I never question my bills yet until earlier this year around match I quit the game for a while cause I was going through stuff however I noticed am getting charges on my debit card then I started to observe them so I said, to myself am going to make a purchase and see if they were going to charge me again for the month and don't ask they did it 3times for the month I call my bank to claim it they were telling me all sort of nonsense they can't take back the money we then start to investigate and some of the time they charge me I didn't even play in the month cause I went back to check my monthly report so I blocked them from my card on another end one day I was playing they were giving away some free spin I was in number 1 of the top10 to collect 3k coins 42 second remains the game flip the amount of spin disaper I stood there and watch it I wasn't playing or anything just waiting for the seconds to finish so I could start again the screen just shuffle and different things came on just play for fun as I started doing no purchase nothing over there am playing it for 3years With my money now am just for the fun

Coin master. I still absolutely love this game but as I go higher in levels it gets completely, ridiculously difficult to get even one new card, whether it’s one I need or not. It’s so hard and frustrating that it feels like I am dreading getting on it! But I can’t give up because when you have spins and coins it’s SO MUCH FUN!!! I have a lot of severe mental, emotional and physical issues and this game will bring me back to reality and keep me focused and grounded…. My husband has sometimes had to immediately buy me spins and turned the volume up and somehow I come out of the bad place and back to real world….. but y’all have made the game too impossible and no more fun!! A player on my team has said that the game is turning into a money maker and that the creators are only wanting the players to buy spins, coins, and chests in order to play. Many of them have quit and started a new game that is like this one… I’m not whining over this or if I am then I’m one of many!! I have not gotten a card I actually need in months!! Cmon now!! Bring the fun back!!!

Fun but extremely difficult to progress in the game. This game could be so much better just by doing a few things; 1. Don’t make us wait 1 hour for 5-6 spins. 2. The villages are super expensive to buy and it takes forever to progress because I can only save up so much and lack the rest of the money I need due to so few spins available and when I come back to play after spins being refilled of course all my money is gone and I have to again fix my village! Coin Trip has a great set up where you have a time frame for protection!! 3. Not fair that the same person can attack you over and over and over but when you go to revenge it just downloads! 4. Offers cost way too much ($6.99 to spin the wheel when you likely get the lowest prize anyway!) I really am about ready to delete this game seriously. It’s just become way to expensive and I’m sick of putting money into it and I can’t even get anywhere... at least provide some interaction game time with better offers or something! Oh and the cards!!! I am on level 76 and I still need one last card from the very first card set!!! I have duplicates up to 12+ and why am I still getting card offers for completed sets!!! You’re going to draw people away with tactics like this.....

Make your game more enjoyable please. I’m about annoyed with CM. Three times I have purchased chest then I get crashed out. My coins are not refunded and I don’t get the chest when I start the app again. Also I notice that when there’s an event I’m not getting any spins coins or anything when I’m in the middle of building my village. This is beyond annoying. I know it’s a game but come on you telling me out of 2000 spins I can’t get anything but a couple of thousand here and there. Not even enough to do any building. I submitted a ticket weeks ago with proof and I never got it resolved. Then there are not enough spins to start out with. Even if you win 600 during their events they are gone in less than 2 minutes. This game is so rigged. During events they give you more hammers if it’s a raid event and vice versa. I feel for people to enjoy this game way more we should start out with 500 spins and 25 each hour. Also this card situation needs to change why give out so many of the same cards. I have so many like over 500 of a basic card. Please make this game more enjoyable

Fun game, but..... Waaaaaaaaaay too many pop-up ads. Pop pop pop popup ad ad ad ad popup ad popup ad, wow there’s a lot of pop up ads. Every time, every chance you get, at least four ads pop up and sometimes as many as 9 or 10 ads pop up, usually when balloon frenzy is going on so you can’t collect any balloons because pop up ads keep popping up pop pop pop enough already! You always say you’ll do something about the number of ads that pop up but it never stops. Pop pop pop all the dang time.... POP!!!!!!POP!!!!! STOP!!!!!!!!!!! Annnd, can I please be allowed to raid a treasure of more than a few hundred thousand coins? I’m usually rolling along at ten-times bet, with Foxy ready to dig, and I see a treasury of 35 million coin appear, but then it immediately rolls off to a cheap and tiny horde of a few miserable coins, three or four or five times in a row, every session. But when I’m sitting on 150 million and trying to raise enough coins for another over-priced level up, boom! I get raided. How is that fair? Your system is horrible. Especially when I have to sit thru dozens of pop up ads, ten at a time, every time I run low on spins. Pop! Pop pop pop! It’s ridiculous.....

Foxy and Tiger. Absolutely LOVE this game!!! I’ve been addicted to coin master during the pandemic and it has got me through some rough times!! THANK YOU Also just wanted to add that it would be nice even if on a temporary basis or somehow a limited time we were able to use both our foxy and tiger, that would so awesome!! I feed them both and switch from one to another but sometimes it seems when I choose one it always lands on the opposite IDK if it’s just my luck or if that’s how it’s set up. understand that the purpose is to make money but we’re also trying to have fun and I’ve dropped a pretty penny on this game and it’s just getting so expensive to level up and the rewards don’t seem to be In par with the higher levels… I’m still hooked but certainly a huge turn off when it’s so obvious that we’re being held back and forced to spend money. I understand we shouldn’t complain about gifts but the rewards are different since we really are earning those and Higher levels should mean higher rewards

The Game. Coin master game is the only game that I have ever played that has held my interest. I think because of the variety of the different features it provides the players. You can be aggressive and seek revenge against your friends and family, teammates and enemies. Or you can play more passively. The constructive aspects of building villages accumulating wealth and status or just occupying your time with a positive activity that does not involve the worries of Politics, global warming or the threats ,we face from each other, with a safer break from a threatening world the biggest worries here may be “ how am I gonna get more spins “ Thank you Coin Master and your Team for providing us with a safer break from the real hopes and fears lying just outside of our own doors. Also become more familiar with people among us like Devon Rodregous the gifted artist from TicTok and Facebook fame and the sincere work of charitable organizations like Animal Recues, the other givers like Positive Views of People. Looking out to help others when help is needed. And all the others not mentioned trying to make a better World for us all. That's what Coin Master is. I think. Thank You. Kirk

Account is gone with thousands of cards. There always seems to be a glitch or problem and customer support doesn’t really seem to care. I have 2 accounts and on my main account I have thousands of cards because I have a Facebook cm group. I went on it was fine. I went on a few minutes later and my baby account was on my phone which is always on my iPad and main account on phone. I’ve changed my password twice and deleted and reinstalled cm 5 times and my baby account with no cards is still coming up on my phone. I don’t know why there is no number to call. I basically spend 18 hours a day with group and now all of my cards are gone and I can’t get on to my main account. I don’t know why there are so many problems. With my baby account my friends list was gone for days. I want my main account back now. This was a year ago actually over and no one even contacted me. Coin master has turned into a disaster with each new update. I know tons of people who have left the game and more and more are leaving each day. Now with Vikings costing so much, tiger giving us less than half for an attack and only being able to send 5 cards a day you are destroying your own game. I thought you would be smart business people. Worst move you ever made

Feels Rigged and has way too many pop ups.. I’ll start off by saying this game can be fun and addicting at times but those moments are few and far between for me as there will be times where you’ll have tons of spins and will be zooming through levels and making tons of coins but then you have the times where you have no spins at all and the worst part is that the spins the game gives you feel rigged as you get a lot of random combos and most of the time don’t get anything good as well as the daily spin that lures you in with those big rewards but always land on the lowest reward usually 50k coins and then tells you you can get more by spending $4.99 to “upgrade” your spinner. Then when you are out of spins you get i kid you not like 4 or 5 pop ups in a row that leave me getting frustrated every time I open the app and every time I’m run out of spins to the point that I just close the app and don’t come back until my spins are full it’s fun but just feels a lot like a cash cow where the game is so grindy that they pressure you to buy different packs to get coins and spins to progress through the levels and that grind only gets worse over time.

Advertising to much. It’s a good app, I like it, but the only thing is that the app keeps asking if I want more spins to buy it and when I press x it tells more to get more things and I press again same thing but then it stops and it’s the same thing every time the exact same thing it wants me to get. Glitch: Just wanted to say that I also found a glitch to get free coins. The glitch only works .when you have no spins left. So once you have no spins, press the x for every add thing that tells you to get more spins and on the left it says the mini game button for free coins and once you finish the game you get the coins right? So after you get the coins you would expect that you can only do it once but if you keep pressing the spin when you have no more spins press x for the ads, you can do the mini game all over again and just keep doing it over and over and over again. There is no limit for that glitch. Just wanted to alert you so you can fix it and please can you take away the part where it asks to get more spins once you run out it’s super annoying

:) (GREAT GAME ONE SUGGESTION!). I like the game a lot and I think it should do more events as it’s doing now. (Now from the real me: The game is good, though it should give you a daily coin thing. Like on day 1 you get coins, on day 2 you get coins but a little more than before, day 3 you can get coins but also a little more than before, same thing for day 4, and when you hit day 5 you get a gift/prize/reward. And then for day 6 you do the same thing as day 1-4, but when you hit day 7/a week you get a small gift/prize/reward. And then for 8-9 it’s the same thing as 1-6. And when you hit day 10 you get a bigger gift/prize/reward. And so on a so forth. But when you hit a week or for example day 30 you get gifts/prizes/rewards, and they get better and better the more you play. But the prizes/gifts/rewards are better on for example day 10, 20, 30, you get it, then on full weeks. I hope you understand all that I know it’s a lot. And also you don’t have to do it, it’s just a suggestion.)

Love this game!. My family and I are having a ball attacking and raiding each other’s villages! It is so much fun! However, I only gave 3 out of 5 stars for a few reasons. 1. Spins definitely do not regenerate fast enough! 2. I think the spins do not land equally on the different options. For example: I had over 1800 spins and only 2 times in that many spins did I win more spins?!? How on earth does that seem fair?? In 1800+ spins only landing on more spins twice?!? Not even remotely statistically correct! Yet, I land on shields every 3-5 spins, when I don’t need them! Doesn’t seem quite right. 3. Seems like the only way you get to enjoy the game as much as you like, you are forced into purchasing more spins and I don’t think that’s fair either. And my last criticism: I have so many open card collections, yet I have only been able to close out 2, despite having over 1000 stars and being on village number 50 or more. How come I am unable to get the few cards I need to close out my collections, this far into the game? Yet, I get repeat cards over and over again! Seems a little unfair to me! If not for the fact that my family and I are getting a kick out of beating each other’s villages up, I would give it 1 star!

Inept customer support. I have literally let loose things in the toilet that have a better customer response than the support of this game. They are just plain arrogant and rude. I inquired about 5 “hammers” I wasn’t awarded when in fact I should have been, and within 8 minutes of my submitting my complaint I received a message that nothing was wrong on their end. It was literally my last spin that I had made, so I figured they could possibly check somehow. Even though you can tell the spins are rigged, and a 10 year old can figure out exactly how they are rigged via a simple algebraic equation, Its a fun game. Even though you can almost guarantee how the remainder of your last 30 spins will position you for the next time you play, it’s still a little entertaining. I spend money on many other games, and I would have spent it on this one too, but for them to basically call me a liar over 5 hammers which would have net me nothing is beyond absurd. If their goal is to scare away people who don’t drop money immediately, then they are doing a great job. Customer retention through properly answered concerns will build a bigger paying fan base, rather than curt rude answers. You already spent the time and money building the game, take that last step and your profits will be ten fold what they currently are.

Disappointed right now. The app keeps crashing I absolutely love this game but the crashing is making me not wanna play it at all. If I get a raid it crashes then it I don’t get my coins & then it will happen when I have fed foxy so I don’t get to raid coins with her also it tells me someone tried to attack my village when they actually did attack it’s starting to get annoying. I’ll put my other two stars I guess when the problem is fixed. 😩🤦🏾‍♀️ I’ll give it a five this time. Because I absolutely enjoy playing this game. But it’s not loading for me to play & I have internet service but yet it keeps saying connection lost & retry over & over. Meanwhile people are raiding me before I could spend the coins on my village & they keep attacking my village & I know it not their fault it’s part of the game but my issue is I can’t even play to build my shields up because the app keeps crashing. I’m kinda disappointed by this. Is there anything you all could do to fix this problem.

Good game but needs improvement. I love the game and it’s easily addictive however some little things are there that makes you not want to play anymore. The main one being the tournaments, I don’t like how it’s set up, you’re just playing against random people and that’s annoying. It would be nice to only be playing against your friends so you can see who you’re winning or losing to. Also every time I find myself in first place on those tournaments two minutes later somebody random just comes out of nowhere with double the amount of points you have and I feel like they do that purposefully to get you to spend money on this game and it’s very annoying. The next thing is the overkill on the pop ups. We know there’s somewhere to buy spins and we know what options we have when we run out of spins. If you show us something one time it’s fine but you don’t need to keep showing it every 2 seconds that’s just so annoying. I can understand for new comers but for someone who’s at village 120 I think we get the gist by now. Other than that it’s a great game to play.

Coin Master. Hi! I’m addicted only having played 2 weeks. Have around 3230 stars and I’m on Village 96. I bought (estimated) 30 of the $39 million dollar Chests that gave 12 cards instead of 8. I got 4 new cards 1 new gold. That is why I gave you 3 star rating. The spins go so fast in order to win more Spins I’ve had to use all my spins (4-5 K)to get 4-5 more. I’m in a team of (was 50) now it’s 43 I think. I’ve given cards but have received 1 that I asked for. Why can’t we send Gold Cards every once in a while. Maybe Once a Week for 3 to 4 hours send Gold Cards??? Let everyone know before hand. I was told I could get cards from Facebook or Meta but I would like to know how??? I’ve asked from CM and sent to FB but nothing. I need Holy Monk from Legends but don’t know how to get it. Like I said earlier; I bought around 30 large chests today. I also would like to know how to trade my 4K cards for Chests??? I know where it is in the CM card page but when I try for the 75 cards they only give 2 cards to trade from. I exited out. The 750 to trade didn’t give me enough cards so I exited. I’ve done that several times. I think that’s enough for now but please answer me on my questions Barbara Rezabeck

Pros and cons. This game is great but there are several bad areas along with the good. Ex. It’s great as a war game per say and also very addictive it keeps me wanting to play but if you are like me you would want to be shown the gratitude of gaining in game perks like getting pets more often and (my biggest con) getting useful characters to complete sets. I’ve been playing for some time now and have spent hundreds of millions in coins on crates JUST to get a beast card but only get cards that are useless. It’s a great game but if you spend real money it’s not worth it. Spins are rigged to an extent because during an event where you’ll have to get so many torches you will get them very often to get coins but when the free spins come up it takes forever once you’ve passed several turns.(ex). To win 1000 free spins you’ll need to get 350 torches, but unlike in the beginning of event the wheel basically teases you where in the beginning 1out of 5-6 will be torches or raid or attack to advance you closer to the set goal but not in rounds where the stake are higher. Ok enough of my ramblings. Please creators make some changes after all you made it for us to ENJOY not be frustrated.

Too many problems. I use to love playing this game! But now my spins disappear, ones I purchased, ones I have won, it glitches, it has become a daily issue, when I emailed support, I was told they couldn’t confirm my issue! Which is complete bs because tons of people have the same complaints yet it never gets fixed! I woke up today , to over 300 spins just missing, the other day over 1600 missing, two weeks ago it was 800 spins that I won, once they got awarded, and I hit 5x spin, all of my spins where gone except 60. This happens regularly and nothing is every done to resolve it! And god forbid we actually win the card sets, ive had to start buying chests to win cards because I didn’t win a single new card 45 levels. Edit: so I got and mail directing me to the help center! The help center doesn’t help at all and I was recommended to update my review! Your app glitches too much, of steals our spins, when we raid a level we don’t get the coins as if it never happened. And this happened regularly, maybe you should give back all the spins that the game stole back, and all the coins maybe then I’ll update my review. Because 1600 coins doesn’t cover the amount of spins that the game stole from me!

Fun but, expensive!. I don’t play games too much but, I came across this one and decided to try it. It’s really fun. However, I have become so addicted to it that I’ve spent WAY too much money just to keep playing and stay in competition with others in tournaments. If you want to reach the goals to win spins and coins, you have to buy packages, otherwise, you will never reach the larger prizes. Yes, it’s my fault for buying so much. Additionally, I’m someone that has NEVER purchased anything in app before. I will no longer be purchasing anything because I have noticed that the higher the levels, the less you seem to get on your spins and raids and attacks don’t come up as much. And also, when you do get a raid, you don’t get as much. Even when you are playing x100. I went out of the game the other night, I had over 1,000 spins. When I went on the next day, it showed I only had the standard 50 plus 35 spins. I contacted them about it. While they got back with me pretty quick, they said I used them. Which I know I didn’t because i went straight to bed. I guess I’m playing it in my sleep. Couldn’t give five stars because the packages are too expensive for what you get.

Game is not working!!!. Honestly, the game is not really that fun at all. Yes I'm playing a “game” but it’s more than that. When I’m doing, “okay” in the game I get some kid of little reward. That rewards leads to a bigger reward meaning the more a person wants. When getting close to a bigger reward, I do take notice of one particular thing. Algorithm. With weeks of studying patterns of the game. The patterns in which one person gets close in “winning” big prizes, the game’s algorithm knows it has all the “chances” on a person making a purchase when close on winning. Game is obviously programmed in making sure they get the right sales, close to “$200,000 A day” the game makes. In one single day. And the game makers won’t make any progress in updating any of that, because one day worth of sales is worth more than 20 years of my labor work in the fields feeding America. The game doesn’t want any of the public to know the danger one has in wanting a bigger prize. Wether the game changes to “600% sale” WOW OH MY GOODNESS!!! I can’t wait to spend all of my money on manipulated gaming algorithm!!!” If you really want people to keep playing these free games, why not make real adds promising prizes instead of a flood of pricing to just get to the top. Really disappointings

Great Game but MANY Glitches. This would easily be a 5 star game if the multiple glitches were fixed this is my favorite game i play it all day but every event that goes on where u collect your attacks or raids or both till u get an award it is the worst!!!! Right now there is an attack event going on i have 5/6 attacks and i will spin the wheel get 3 attacks and it was will say “Connection Lost” ONLY WHEN I GET THE RAID OR ATTACK THAT WILL HELP ME WITH THE EVENT. and sometimes i will spin the wheel and get 3 attacks but it wont bring me to anyones village it will just pause till i spin again. i do not get my spins back when these glitches occur NOR am i getting coins. it is very frustrating i should be multiple villages ahead rn if this glitch did not occur. a friend of mine stopped playing because of the glitches and was spending $ on the game to get back the spins they lost from this. sometimes after game glitches i am not even able to get back on the game. it is not my connection that was lost. my wifi is always 3 bars. and all my other apps work. app is also very slow at times. please fix glitches it is not a coincidence it is the app not wanting me to complete events.

Awesome fun game but needs 1 thing. I love this game first 2 maps I didn’t really like it all that until I started to really understand and get it I made about 60 or more people get this app 2nd app I’ve done that for and it still wasn’t that much people. It’s jus when you’re out of spins and money there’s really nothing to do and you have to wait an entire hour jus to get 5 more spins which is finish In no time especially with the bets so I really hope coin master fixes that but I really enjoy playing this game with friends and family . :) and I don’t usually do reviews either so you know I either really want something fixed or I just really love the game or hate it. In this case I really love the game and want something fixed badly so I hope coin master owners see this and considers it. And personal request/idea I believe if we’re able to send our friends more spins and coins that would make this game more fun. But I guess that wouldn’t benefit the owners in some ways but it would get more players and downloads and lovers :) Thank you !

Phenomenal Character and Phenomenal Game. Great people and game. Phenomenal all-around. I did a level 25 village in 7 days and the experience was excellent. I feel like their people are very good & genuine. Thank you so much for the great experience. Game is excellent, just a couple of issues: Getting chests when the coin/energy balloons come up - I missed 5 of them a couple of times, likewise when upgrading my buildings it happened once as tried to get back after upgrading 1 building. Maybe pause the balloons when these things happen. Phenomenal game, 1 of the best games I have played as you can trade animal cards and use your animal once a day for free, also can join a club and so many free spins and coins on their Facebook and Facebook groups also if you need animal cards. Phenomenal character from the makers of this game with this offer/ the offer speaks volume of their character. So many people enjoy playing this game and continue to after the offer from online threads. Great game. Thank you so much for the great experience. Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you & you all.

Good but.... The game is good. It obviously keeps you coming back for more. It definitely has just enough rewards to make the gamer come back. HOWEVER. The amount of ad’s you have to exit out of when you enter the game or run out of coins is excessive. Which is sad because you would expect that from a less developed game. The spins are totally rigged. You would probably have a lot better chances at a casino or game room if you want to win. It makes it impossible to win things that you need to keep building. Most likely to force the gamer to BUY spins, coins etc. for example: I have had over 500,000 coins to try and win at the quest (not bought) and still couldn’t get the spins I needed to move forward. So when this tournament is up I basically forfeit all the progress I’ve made to start over again. It’s super aggravating! I’m not going to continue a playing a game I have to keep putting real money into to get no where with it. OH and back to the ad’s. THE AMOUNT OF TIME THIS TAKES OUT WHILE YOU HAVE COINS THAT COULD BE STOLEN. BRO. That’s super shady. Like a random can just jack your coins because you’re over here exiting out of ad’s. I just think they could step it up.

More spins. Fun game until you get further into the game. You get stuck on villages because you can’t get enough coins to build it. The game needs to give WAY MORE than 60 spins. When it cost 7-10billion coins or more to build your village, you need to 1. Give us more spins and 2. Change the amount of coins we get when we spin to larger amounts. Next, when we buy chests we shouldn’t have to spend billions of coins and not get any new cards, gold or white. I bought tons of chests and spent billions upon billions of coins and NEVER got and Armstrong card, had to buy it elsewhere just to have it. This is a game, it’s supposed to be fun, it stops being fun when you can’t advance and get stuck because the game is designed for you to lose/fail. Next, once you complete a card set, you no longer need cards in that set. I’ve completed the first 30 card sets and STILL get cards the go with the very first set, WHY??? I can’t get cards for the set I’m in but still get tons of cards for the lower sets, WHY???? STOP GIVING THOSE EARLY SET CARDS!!!! Gold cards need to be more easily got, there is zero reason a player should be on a card set for 8 or more months and can’t get the cards, gold or white, the game isn’t fun anymore at that point!!

Attack and raid. When I first started playing this game it was good. I gave it two starts for two reasons. First of all, I like the game but I’ve been experiencing some issues lately. When I get “attack” or “raid” the game all of a sudden says “internet connection lost”. My WiFi works just fine, it doesn’t say internet connection lost when I’m spending coins or spinning, until I get attack or raid. It’s seems like it’s from the app and not the internet, because why does it only do that when I get attack or raid? It’s been going on all day today and yesterday. I’m on level 40 and had over a thousand spins so imagine how many times I got the attack and raid. I had to close the app and start it again several times, also had it on bet 20 to 80 and the most annoying part is, they take your amount of spins based on your bets, and not return it. This alone just makes me want to uninstall the app. Second reason is, every time you run out of spins, a bunch of offers pop up, it’s really annoying, the fact that you know you’re out of spins and they ask you to buy, won’t let you click on anything until you click on the X button on several offers popping up on your screen. So I give it two stars. Please fix this, and most importantly the attack and raid.

Enjoy the game, with the exception of one issue. So I love this game, and I’ve been playing for 2 years. That being said, my issue with it is that as new FB friends join in, they are given an unfair advantage with attacks in comparison to their friends that are further in the game. As an example, a friend of mine recently joined and I kid you not, within the matter of 18 minutes my village was attacked SEVENTEEN times, I did have 5 shields so technically only 12 items were destroyed, but still… they’re given an attack towards me 1-3 times per minute. My phone was blowing up. I went on, and scored 900 spins. Literally, not a single attack was directed at them. I got a few attacks, but it didn’t direct it to the SINGLE person that destroyed essentially my whole village. It doesn’t make sense, because their lower level things only cost millions, but my level things cost BILLIONS. Why is it fair to put me behind? Put us all on an equal playing field. I love the game, but it’s hard to advance when lower level players are able to attack us at a higher frequency

Spins keeps giving me no money. I enjoy the game but out of 50 spins at least 5-7 don’t pay out and I have had raids and revenge attacks that don’t pay either, it also didn’t pay out my snack either. At first it only happening only 1-2 times but it’s ruining the game. It’s sad because before this I played all the time, now I only play 2 times a day to “eat up” my spins and see what damage has been done to my village. Is this the was it’s setup that some spins don’t pay out the further up you go? You should be able to purchase pet snacks. Since I have been playing I have only gotten them 3 times. I realize you need the revenue and getting people to pay for such items is necessary but make the available maybe a little more often “special” the chest or when you raid. Offer them in a special once in a while on spins for 1 hour make them 2 hour snacks. Offer them in the ballon pops in 15 minute increments. The villages are so expensive as you go further up the line too. I understand that it should be harder the further you go but the cost is exorbitant. There should be a trade off for getting that far, the expense, being able to protect your village. Maybe offer additional spins or shields in exchange for added cost or having to meet some challenge. Just a thought.

There’s a problem. The problem I’m having is that now when I’m playing, (I think it’s a one time thing), where you raid or attack and someone’s, “village” and you get these fish things that help you win rewards, and you get the right amount as fish as you’re supposed to in order to win the reward at the end. Still, I think it’s a one time thing but, you needed to know that for what I’m about to say, to make sense. I had to many spins like around 400 and a full bar of 50 spins on top of that and after I FINALLY finished my 400 spins I didn’t have a full bar of 50 anymore, (which is ok for that the fact I just had so many spins) but whenever I spin and get shields and I already have 3 ready to go Ig that it’s just supposed add some spins to your bar but instead it takes about 10 spins away instead EVERY TIME or it will take my whole bar. I will be honest it does get quite frustrating. But I still like the game I would still rate it a 4 star game because it’s pretty great. But developers can you please take this into consideration?🤝

Most cheating game out there!. I use to spend at least $100 every 2 weeks in this game just to throw it all away to stay with a certain amount of spins because like other people have said this game cheats when it comes to using spins you have won due to your hard work all of a sudden u can’t hit nothing and can literally waste away 100 thousand spins! Like it’s nothing! It’s ridiculous and than when u do it’s so overpriced there’s no way to purchase one thing to get back up u have to spend like $100-$200 to have fun in this game and I got tired of giving them my $ just to enjoy the game I finally erased it a few weeks ago and have been spending that $ on like 5-6 other games topping out on all of them because of how overpriced coin master is same amount of $ tops u up on like 5 other similar games so what does that tell you! Don’t play this game or you will go broke while they get richer and the other messed up thing is they have a timer on joker cards which is the biggest freaking joke! It’s so hard to get one of those and if u don’t use it in 24 hours it’s gone?! Give me a break! Just like the ads you have to be a celebrity to enjoy this game cuz you have yo be rich in order to do so! Im done

I have some ideas for the game. It’s a good game, except that have so many adds but when I was reading reviews the developer response just say contact the support team. I really like this game and the competition but another thing is that I have to sign into Facebook to play. This is why I am starting to lose interest in this game. My friends and I would probably play together but we don’t have Facebook. I also would like if you could actually interact with the things in your village. Like if you have a field you can plant crops in it. Another idea is that the buildings would not be so expensive. I also would like if the pop up ads would go away every time I open the game, like 5 or 6 ads show up. Please someone respond to this!😢 I’m getting frustrated with this game! And since the game is new I think they have a great start to it. Btw you should add a way to send money to your friends or create like a group with your friends like a clan and you could battle other clans. Just an idea. Another idea is mini games to earn coins. I think it is a great game. Also great work on the Ads they always show up on every video I watch and I love how you pick celebrities to be the main characters! Remember to keep trying with this game! I bet it will be great!

Awesome Game. Dear Developer I had enjoyed this game when it first was offered about a year to year and a half ago. I do like the new add in’s to the game, this time around, thank you The reason why, I left the game before was I had achieved all of the fixes, except for one or two fixes, to complete the village. I come back to find, now I have 4 maybe 5 more fixes to complete the village, I dislike to say this, but what or who swiped my fixes that I had achieved??? There has again, been another issue, I receive 8 million in coins, the game buffers then I see that I didn’t receive the achieved amount of coin? My apologies 💟 it’s a great game, but this has become a disappointment, hopefully these glitches can be fixed thank you, for your time. I’d love to come back, rate and tap it to five ⭐️’s Hello again it states that you had responded to my message I wrote to you about my disappointing experience, that your response is on the app, Thank you for your time, but I can’t seem to locate or to get to read your response 🥺

It used to be great. I really like coin master game. For me it’s a stress reliever. It allows me to escape from day to day adulting. The game is a card collection, destroyer game with a casino twist. You would not think those got together but it does. When you start the game they tell you about cards they invite you to join a community of other coin master players. Some cards are rare and hard to get so you use this community to trade cards get tips and friends that play the game like you. There a chat rooms where people communicate about strategy game play events. They event invite you to add friends for spins. This is where it gets bad. So before in the game you could play with 20 people and they would rotate as your coin master. You steal coins from your coin master. Recently for some reason they stop the rotation and leave it on the same two coins masters for months. So that means you are stealing from the same person over and over and over again. Which defeats the purpose of the coin master community. So now I have all these friends I cannot play with these people that I have join a group with. I have reached out to support to get this resolve and it has not changed. Therefore I have to change my rating of this once great game. I hope they resolve this small issue just give people more that the same to coin masters.

Such a fun game!. This game is awesome! It has so many features like when you get to village 90 you get a gem feature where you can buy chests with the gems. Coin Master has so much variety too! Say you get to buy something off of the game chances are you get a lot of extras there is a one plus one you buy one thing you get a few extras and there are also endless event you buy something there is a slight chance you can get 5 extra packs! Now for the not so positives, when you get higher in the game it gets so expansive my dad plays this too but he’s over village 200 so it’s like over 100 billion coins for him! And if you save for the village you will get raided there is no way to avoid the raids! Back to the positives when you get to I think it’s village 10 when you unlock groups they can help you get cards and get spins oh and you can get stuff for card collections! Anyways I’m done with this review my hands hurt. -some random lady

Not much of a game. There’s no point to this “game”. The whole idea is to buy the 5 set items for your village then upgrade them to move on to the next village and do the same thing there. The coins are “won” via slot machine that the player has no control over and the only thing you can do with them is upgrade the very random items for each village. You can’t interact with anything in the village nor can you choose to “raid” another village or search for coins on at another village. It’s all determined by the slot machine and you have no choice or control over which village you are sent to for either raids or stealing coins. Same with others coming to your village and doing the same. It takes an insane number of coins to upgrade your items and you can’t move to the next village until you have upgraded everything in your current village. At the same time when you finally build up your coins you get a random notification that some player you didn’t know existed stole your stash and you have to start over. There are shields to block raids from destroying your village but you can only get them via slot machines so it’s not like you have any control over their use.

My game has been frozen 4 days now. I only got this game because of another app I have. It has it’s times when it’s frustrating because I don’t get shields and I’m close to finishing my village but then I get attacked until I don’t have much of a village left so now I have to build it back up again, which usually takes days if not weeks. Now to make matters worse, I was gifted over 100 spins by the app and about 20 million coins (which had never happened to me before). After getting through a few spins and accumulating over 90 million coins, my game has been frozen for 4 days straight. I can get the annoying ads off the screen but I can’t click anything on the actual game screen. I’m trying to prevent deleting this app but if the game is going to be frozen, I will delete it and I will not get it back because when I finally get a good amount of coins and spins, I’m just going to think the same thing will happen, so I hope you fix things soon or I will not be playing the game anymore. And I’ve checked millions of times to make sure I didn’t miss an update for the game and I didn’t, so if you do decide to respond to me please don’t say that because it is updated to the most current version. Don’t tell me to go to the help center either because I can’t get to it at all.

Sitting on the fence. I’m right between 2 1/2 and 3 stars at the moment. It can be fun but very frustrating also. As you progress through the game everything increases in the amount things cost drastically but the increase in the number of spins you get are very minimal. It’s definitely all about them wanting you to spend money. You can sometimes collect extra spins from their page but you also get messages that you have collected them but didn’t because of a glitch in the programming. So that’s frustrating. You can buy cards like I did when you get 50% more for your coins but mostly you will get cards you already have. For example I spent $50,000,000 for each chest, bought about 70-75 chest with 12 cards in each chest and received maybe 9 new cards. You do the math. Not a good return. For these reasons and a few more I’m saying 2 stars. If some of this is fixed I’ll re-do my review to upgrade my star rating. Update: Don’t complain on their facebook page either. They will put you in jail so you can’t even hit like or commit on their post. And I’m sure after this I’ll be band from their page. 🤷🏼‍♀️. But like I said, if they fix the issues I’ll update to a better review.

Too Many Pop UPS. I love this game but my goodness you can’t even get right into playing it without have to click through at least 5 pop ups. It’s just unnecessary, everything doesn’t require a pop up it’s slows down the gaming experience and is irritating. I often find myself quickly exiting the game once I’ve run out of spins just to avoid pop ups. There should be tabs added about the daily specials in order to decrease all those pop ups so you can actually get to playing instead of spending time exiting out of pop ups. Also this game is Facebook Friendly and doesn’t offer an alternative way to swap cards with other players. I have way too many duplicates of cards and can’t do anything with them all because i do not have Facebook. It would be great to be able to switch or trade instead of being stuck with 10 of the same cards all because I don’t have Facebook. It would also be good to hit a maximum on how many times you can receive a card. I literally get the same ones over and over again. I don’t see how people actually complete the sets without taking a gamble and spending money to buy a chest.

Love game but have soooo many problems! 😡. I will start by saying that I do absolutely enjoy playing coin master! However, I’m lucky to even be able to play it most days! Today, just like yesterday, I have been opening coin master (close the million boxes/windows that open up when you first open the app) only to be taken back to my home screen because the app closed the very second I got out of the last window that opened. In addition to that, another feature in the game that I enjoy (probably more than anything, including coin master itself) is Viking Quest. Unfortunately, I have only been able to play the last time they had the Viking quest event going. I was so happy to finally be able to play it that I almost entirely forgot about the issue of the game booting me out of nowhere.... and just as I remember that, the dang app kicks me out and closes!!! I don’t know if the menu having support and help is a new feature, but even though I keep up with updates, being able to leave this review is the closest thing that I have found to be able to share the problems I’ve been having. I love coin master but I’ve honestly considered uninstalling the game recently because I’m so frustrated!!

Just a greedy game with no rewards/value. I downloaded the game to meet an ad/reward offer from a different game. It seemed like it was going to be a piece of cake! I ONLY needed to complete my 3rd village. It took me less than an hour to complete my first two, almost there. However, I have been stuck on the 3rd village for a week. There is no end in sight. I have been calculating my spins. I receive 1 shield per 50 spins. 4 attacks, all of which were blocked by shields. And 1 raid. Everything else was not much to write about. In my 50 spins I accrued 1.7 million coins which was enough to upgrade one item. Furthermore, I was attacked 10 times in the previous day, and raided several more times. Everything accrued in my 50 spins is upkeep and no progress. Even more aggravating are ALL OF THE POPUPS for buying spins, inviting friends from social media, connecting through Facebook, and asking me to purchase during the “sale of the day”. Every time one has one more spin and then again when one runs out they are bombarded by ALL OF THE POPUPS. I have contacted them to make them aware of their gameplay issue and have received only stock “it’s the algorithm, just keep playing” response. This game is a scam, I don’t believe anyone has made it beyond village 5, maybe, without paying to play.

The game. The game is kind of fun and times there is great strategy to earn rewards and mostly spins it’s like a game of Stratego without the damage though there are times with lotta bugs where all the advertisements keep popping up when you have played your spins when the balloons go in front of the screen and you’re supposed to hit them and instead you get advertisements and you lose all those extra Spence and other times when there are glitches when you have attack and you’re not getting points for it when little things just happen and you’re not getting the points it does it times get aggravating but on the good side of it I’d like to let you know that the part that I think it’s pretty cool is when you’re earning points for the underwater Neptune forksThat’s pretty cool. Originally I was supposed to try out the game and earn $72 when I hit level 30 that never happened I’m just appointed in that I’ve heard other people say the same thing and that’s wrong on the other side of that the game is kind of fun specially when you’ve had a hard day thank you

“Great game”, said everyone. “Prepare ye wallets”, trumpeted no horns.. I was thrust into the Coin Master world in early 2019BC (Before COVID). The lower levels, while tedious, seemed manageable to conquer without investing part of my 401K into playing it. Playing on I was looking at adjusting my entire portfolio. I’ve given it 4 out of 5 stars, as it is a fun game, once you get the rhythm down. The key to having a BLAST at coin master is the card trading, via Facebook. The high stakes and stressful trades give one the rush of sitting at the Bellagio across from the finest poker faces in the world. No need for sunglasses or hats here, since you are likely trading with Johnny or Katy and they are 13yrs old, you in your early 40’s. This is really NOT a coin game after all, it is a card trading game, a-ha! I must be honest though, more than mildly obsessed with it am I. The ideology that a single card can be worth 14 simply because it has the face of good ole’ St. Nick on it, captivates me. However, innumerable players have collected 2,000+’s of these. I have merely 22, perhaps the reason for my 4 out of 5 stars, apologizes. Thank you CM and team.

Lady Shar. The game is interesting with different twists. I would like it even more if my screen would not go to black when I’m acquiring free spins when a video comes on or when I’m getting free coins for watching a free demo/ video. Sometimes the screen even goes to a blank white screen when I’m about to watch a demo/ game to get free extra coins or extra spins. When this happens most times I have to close out the game and then click on the icon to reactivate the game and it’ll usually pick up where I left off, however I may not get the free spin or free coins. If the video showed then I would get the free coins or spins when it’s reactivated and it shows up on the screen but there’s been a few times when it had not given it to me (literally just a few times). The worst time the screen went to black or just just went to a blank white screen is when I had a raid with triple points and it didn’t allow me to continue to the raid when I reactivated the game nor did it just give me the points 🤯.Due to those mishaps I cannot give a higher rating. There are some more draw backs but that’s what makes it a game. Everything can’t be just easy without a few catches, that’s the challenge. Overall I like the game.

I never play games. But I’m legit hooked.. It’s so fun. And it’s not like other games where you have to spend money to have fun or get anywhere with it. The biggest thing for me is I hate games that you can play for like 30 seconds and then they want you to spend money. Or they give you enough to get you going but then want you to spend real money… I hate that. This game isn’t like that. In this game you get new spins EVERY HOUR and you get 5 SPINS so you can actually progress in the game and you can actually play with out putting out your own money. Some games I have tried you get a “free bonus” every 24 hours. Then they want you to spend money, but NOT THIS GAME. You don’t have to spend any money to have fun. I don’t mind putting a little money into a game if it’s super fun. But I love that you don’t have to put money in to have fun. And it’s not like you have to 24 hours to play for a minute, I don’t know if I explained that very well but download the game and you’ll get it. You instantly get coins to start your village and start having fun.

Overall play. Enjoy the game as much as jimmy1415 says and I’m on the same page as this player you’re playing enjoying the game you’re in the tournament and need 1attack it seems as though the spins are rigged to continue playing you need to purchase more spins or lose all the play effort you’ve put end and still don’t accomplish or gain any spins to win also the cards are the same one's it’s ridiculous you can purchase the cards from the collection and they’re always the same really. A waste to get the same cards each time there’s no card to complete the sets that contain more spins a lot of duplicates seem rigged to me I enjoy playing my family plays I advised them not to buy anymore of the offers you put up because it’s a cycle you don’t win only costing money and each offer increases and you still don’t accomplish your goal. Sure I’m complaining yet I enjoy playing it’s fun with my family just not purchasing any more offers can get very expensive. Tinag

Bought two packages and never got them in the app. I bought two packages in app and never Received them when I reached out to customer service via email they continue to say the purchase was from the end of January and beginning of February when I showed them other receipts showing them the payment for them dates then told them I never received the ones I purchased on February 26th they basically tryed tell me them charges were from previous purchases when I literally clicked both the packages in app on February 26th and the charges were taken from my card , and I even explained that apple takes the payment right away they don’t wait weeks to take it they never have , when I purchase in app packages they take it right away and the app kept giving me a error message to contact support they won’t refund me or add the points to my account , I’ve been playing this game for awhile and have spent plenty of money on in app purchases after I updated it I started giving me more errors and then for me to pay for two packages in app and them refusing to give me the purchases after I’ve showed them receipts and told them I never received them in app 🙄 very disappointing considering it was one of my favorite games …

Hope some one at the company has a person who actually reads these reviews!!!!. I too liked playing this game at first. But after spending weeks on trying to fix one level it’s becoming boring. I also don’t like the fact that there are only 3 slots for shields. When you have these bet max challenges and if, for example you bet 6 spins and land on 3 shields which are tripled to 6 shields but only get to keep 3 of those 6 shields (or minus any shields that are already in the slots). This is not ok. I have lost almost 20 shields because of this. And why is it you can buy spins and coins but not shields? Now for the daily spin wheel. I am sure the algorithm your team created for this part of the game only allows 1 in a million chance to actually win the 10 million coins (or something to that effect) Why put it on there at all. Plus how about increasing the coins by the same way you do with the spins (x 2,3,4...etc.). Increase the free spins to 20 every 15 minutes. This needs to match the frequency of the events you have so we have a better chance playing in the events. Thank you

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Adult Rating 17+ years and older
Current Version 3.5.1444
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The application Coin Master was published in the category Games on 11 December 2010, Saturday and was developed by Moon Active [Developer ID: 470556954]. This program file size is 247.91 MB. This app has been rated by 839,954 users and has a rating of 4.7 out of 5. Coin Master - Games app posted on 22 January 2024, Monday current version is 3.5.1444 and works well on iOS 11.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: Languages supported by the app:

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Coin Master Game Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Thanks for playing Coin Master! In this version, we’ve implemented bug fixes & performance improvements. We have also implemented our new reward calendar feature - collect your daily rewards! Enjoy a world of fun, thrills, and huge rewards right at your fingertips. Invite your friends to play Coin Master & get your FREE REWARDS! We also recommend joining our community on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more fun & excitement. Enjoying Coin Master? Leave a review :)

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