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Zen Match - Relaxing Puzzle [Games] App Description & Overview

What is zen match - relaxing puzzle app? Playing Zen Match for 10 minutes a day sharpens your mind and prepares you for your daily life and challenges!

Enjoy this tile-matching mahjong game, have a moment of peace throughout your day to calm your mind and boost your brain. Sharpen your mind with a series of tile matching levels that gradually increase puzzle difficulty. Relax and enjoy beautiful background sceneries and use your creativity to decorate your very own zen room to relax!

Challenge yourself with this addictive mahjong-inspired game where your goal is to match 3 tiles and clear the board. If you love Match 3 puzzles or mahjong, you will love the challenge and relaxing effect of Zen Match. Match tiles, clear the board, decorate your own relaxing room and find your peace in Zen Match!

Come back to it every day, as there are always new daily tile matching mahjong puzzles to explore, which allows you to care for your very own house plant and become a mahjong master!

Our new generation mahjong game will have you addicted to solving tile matching puzzles, reaching new levels and becoming the master. There's never a dull moment when you're playing our unique tile-matching puzzle game!

► Match Tiles - Challenge your brain through thousands of mahjong puzzles. Puzzles start with low difficulty and become challenging fast!
► Create a Calm Experience - Solve addictive yet always evolving tile matching mahjong puzzles in a unique and calm experience.
► Relax and Have Fun - Take your time to solve the puzzles and clear the board. They are simply for your entertainment and will relax your brain.
► Create Your Own Designs - Decorate your own relaxing Zen Space to escape and find your balance.
► Explore - Discover unique and relaxing sceneries that are displayed in the background while you match tiles.
► Make Unique Collections - Collect relaxing rooms, stunning backgrounds, and various Zen tiles.
► Care for Plants - Solve daily puzzle challenges which allow you to care for your very own house plant.

Zen Match is a modern mahjong tile match game that has a user base of over 10 million people! It is the highest-rated tile-matching game for puzzle lovers. If you are the master of games like match-3, blast, jigsaw, crossword, or other tile matching puzzles, then you’ll love Zen Match.

Increase mindfulness, exercise your brain, and take control of your daily life through meditative puzzle games and a world of Zen design. Start your Zen journey today!

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Zen Match - Relaxing Puzzle Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Zen Match - Relaxing Puzzle Version 1.3.025 May 2022

This new update brings you a new way of enjoying Zen Match, spend your time in a journey featuring various sceneries, brand new icons to play with and many more to come! Features: • Re-Designed journey experience. • New themes to play with and unlock as you play. • New tile icons to add variety to your gameplay. • Many more Zen Rooms added for you to design..

Zen Match - Relaxing Puzzle Version 1.2.606 April 2022

This new update brings you a new way of enjoying Zen Match, spend your time in a journey featuring various sceneries, brand new icons to play with and many more to come! Features: • Re-Designed journey experience. • New themes to play with and unlock as you play. • New tile icons to add variety to your gameplay. • Many more Zen Rooms added for you to design..

Zen Match - Relaxing Puzzle Version 1.2.202 February 2022

This new update brings you a new way of enjoying Zen Match, spend your time in a journey featuring various sceneries, brand new icons to play with and many more to come! Features: • Pass levels in a row to earn increasing rewards with FORTUNE PATH! • Re-Designed journey experience. • New themes to play with and unlock as you play. • New tile icons to add variety to your gameplay. • Many more Zen Rooms added for you to design..

Zen Match - Relaxing Puzzle Comments & Reviews 2022

- Perfect Zen Puzzle 🧘‍♂️

As a woman at late 30s, I've never been a big fan of mobile games. I've found this game on app store recommended page and decided to download it to pass time at my free time. Unlike other games I've tried, there is something unique about this game. It's making me very calm and relaxing. I can say that playing this game is like a meditation (and a very fun one). Also, don't forget to play it with the sound on! Musics are one of the best part of this game. I hope they will add more multiplayer features in the future so that I can compare my scores with my friends :) Anyway, I'm going back to today's daily puzzle (it's a hard one).

- Impressive! (July 26, ‘21)

Ok I’m totally rewriting my review. After reading some other very negative reviews let me clear some things up. 1) the game was actually what the ad was for. Ok maybe lev 51 wasn’t a full board (as someone else noticed) but it’s the same sort of game play. That’s a big plus since most ads are totally fake! Not worth giving it a negative review. 2) yes there is a timer but only for the daily CHALLENGE!.. C’mon guys it’s meant to be a challenge! Normal games are not timed. 3) ok if you get stuck and decide not to use undo, and your tile tray gets full then yeah.. you lose a heart. So plan your moves. Take your time. It’s really not hard. 4) yeah the ads did pick up significantly but it’s a great game very relaxing and tons of fun. Backgrounds to get and tiles to collect and rooms to decorate. I still have not run into any bugs. Great game and I totally recommend! EDIT: I’ve been stuck at level 35 for days. Used all my hearts a few times now. And can’t get coins so when I’m stuck I’m stuck. Tried playing the daily ones and those don’t work now for some reason. Tap tap tap and nothing. So the best I can hope for is to magically pass 35 :/ hope the bugs get worked out. Could be from recent update. Nice job 🙄

- Don’t bother

The actual game-play is so-so. They don’t explain at all how to play, but you get the gist through trial and error. I’m only on level 15, and have run across a couple of glitches already (like, you can’t change the backgrounds even after “earning” them). And there are ads after every level. Eew! I’d gladly pay a small fee to eliminate the ads, but there’s no menu/option to do that…. Which leads to my BIGGEST complaint: there’s NO place in the app to get ANY help or to contact the developer. I found their website through the App Store, but this game isn’t even listed there; and there’s still no way to contact them. Same results with their FB page. Not thinking I’ll keep playing, and I certainly won’t pay money if there’s nobody around to help.

- Second background

I am enjoying the game, but the second background you get is the “rainforest”…………… I think...... no matter what it is called..... it has quick lightening flashes which triggered my migraines because I did not know they were there until after it was on the screen. You should take out the flashes or put a disclaimer that the flashes are there. I was unsure of how to change the background, because I had just started playing the game, so I quickly rushed through until I got the next background.

- Glitch, please!

Fun if it works, but glitches all too common. Example: Countdown clock for next life hit 0 while I watched it, I pushed "restart" and lost the life without getting to play. Want to play the daily timed levels? Go ahead, and pray you don't have to sit thru an obnoxious advertisement only to be returned to the homepage, unable to launch the level because of glitches. 30 minutes between lives is ridiculous, especially when the games glitches and basically steals your lives, or does not actually give you the bonus coins you sat thru an ad to get. No obvious way to contact game developer about concerns. Booooooo!

- Just one complaint

This game is awesome and relaxing and most of these complaints are kind of petty, but my one complaint is that when I complete the gift boxes I don’t really get new stuff like it says. I got the new themes but then after I completed all of them I just win the same ones over again. I have only won one new tile, and since then I have been winning the same tiles I have already had. Maybe there should be more new ones because that’s what’s exciting about the gift boxes.

- Amazing

I was prepared to have ads every three seconds, but it's the complete opposite! There's no ads (so far) except for the ones that are at the bottom of the screen. This game is enjoyable, easy but not too easy. Love it, keep up the good work!

- Dailies

Just started playing this game a few weeks ago. I enjoy playing the daily challenge because the puzzles are a bit more intricate. I didn’t finish 07/31 on that day, I thought I’d try again on 08/01 but it seems to be locked. I can push the play button all day and I can’t access it. I think I’d enjoy the game more if it had more of a challenge rather than the daily you can only play on the current day.

- Excellent game with some bugs

I really enjoy this game, but there’s a bug that’s driving me crazy. Multiple times now, I’ll get a puzzle almost finished and then I get the “out of space” message even though I’m clearly not. The last time I actually didn’t have a single tile in play. Can this be fixed please?

- Love it!

⚠️ PLEASE READ! NOT LONG ⚠️ This will not be long but I dislike the second background with the rain. I understand it’s the RAINforest but maybe not the rain. In my opinion it’s kinda distracting and a little annoying but other then that, it’s super addicting! I love it!

- Okay

I honestly downloaded this game because I saw an ad for level 51 being the whole page, but it’s not. I know I shouldn’t of fallen for it but whatever. Games pretty decent, limited ads which is dope. Add a full screen level!


I just downloaded this game and I’m already in love with it. I expected a tacky mobile game with ads every few seconds, it’s anything but that! The puzzles are so much fun and the rooms you can color is such a fun addition!

- Omg if u love ads u will love this game

Great concept and fun to play for a level. Then the 45 seconds of ads, then 1 level and another 45 seconds of ads. If I wanted to watch ads for an hour I would turn on the tv. Either make a paid for app and get rid of the ads or reduce them to 15 seconds every few rounds like most free games. Unfortunately I will have to delete this app and play ones that are not so annoying.

- Zen match has issues

So, I tried app support found nothing on the website for that so I am trying this. 1. When I buy coins, that pack disappears and doesn’t come back no matter how many times I come back to the game. 2. I tried using the 3x coins for watching a video a couple times - it didn’t work. 3. There’s no in app communication which is why I am here…which is really annoying. 4. I can’t see how many coins I have when I am playing the game to know if I can use any of the *help* buttons. I really hope the bugs get fixed because I am loving this game otherwise! Thanks!

- Super fun game

I love this game! It’s super relaxing and addicting. It’s really fun and I could probably play for hours, I love it so much, it’s so fun! I recommend it :)<3

- Good

I love the matching parts and the home design But some the colors that I have to choose from are positively revolting and I would not even use them in my own house and nor would my Dad or brother . Please offer more color choices

- Not too relaxing

This started out great! I loved it and was quickly getting addicted to it. Then I hit the wall. You know the level where things get hard and the only way out is … cash of course. I had to replay one level in order to get to the hard level. After umpteen times, delete. Good luck.

- Please create a full version to pay for no adds

So I love the game, I really do. But once you get past a certain level (a pretty early level) there's an add after every level. I wish there was an add on or full version to buy for no adds. Please add ❤️❤️

- 3 stars

The fact that you lose a life every time you restart and you’re only allowed to have 5 lives per hour or whatever is absolutely retarded.

- Great game but……

I love this game but I would like to have more backgrounds and more rooms to color! Thank you!

- Game crashes with no way to report losses

The game crashes randomly and sets my lives to zero. Bugs happen, but not having a way to report bugs and losses due to crashes within the app is unacceptable.

- Too many glitches

I like the game a lot, but the daily puzzle constantly glitches. I watch the ad but then it doesn’t let me play. Please fix!

- Game

Good game to play

- App issues

Love the game. But the app keeps crashing and it won’t play videos to go back and play daily games that I’ve missed. Rather annoying and tempted to delete it all together.

- Broken after update

Since last update I cannot do daily puzzle. Ad will play then go back to calendar

- Too many bugs

It’s literally unplayable. As soon as I get into a level, it crashes and I lose one of my 5 lives. Every time. If a new update fixes it, I’ll change my review.

- Skipping

It would be nice to choose a harder round. A 5 year old could play the first 20 or so rounds.

- Hate the ads

Love this game but HATE the ads. And NO option to pay to turn them off. I would gladly pay but now will find something else to entertain me.

- No-Ads version

I love this game but really hate the ads!

- Zen Match - Misleading title!!!

“Running out of time” (what happened when I played this game) is NOT a Zen concept!!! I will be deleting this game as soon as I finish posting this review.

- Ridiculous

What you show is not what we get! Level 51 is not the full screen….dissatisfied

- Games

Starts out too easy then zip too fast

- False advertising

Game is extremely basic and not like the ad, not a challenge in the slightest.

- annoying

calming but glitchy. if you are looking at out of lives when it hits 0, it takes away the life as if it wasnt there. waiting period is too long for it to actually be calming long term lol

- App add

unfortunately this app doesn’t -lay like it advertised so I uninstalled it

- Fun

Good fast game!

- Re

Great game

- Omg

Most amazing zen game ever and evet ❤️🤩

- Zen

Very enjoyable

- Fun

Lots of fun

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- Fun but glitches and takes lives??

I really enjoy this game, and the added room design stuff is really cool. However, there’s a lot of times where I’ll have 2 or 3 lives left, and suddenly after completing a level I’ll have 0? It’s pretty annoying, but other than that the game is p good. Also idk what others are saying abt it being impossible. I’m on lvl 590 and I don’t really use coins that much.


I absolutely love the game play it many times a day but it’s very frustrating because it seems to steal lives I never get the full 5 lives everytime and it really grinds my gears because I think I have more lives than I thought and it tells me I’ve run out Some of the levels are to head to beat because my lives get taken away there has to be a better way to get coins also because I refuse to pay for them anymore because they just take my lives anyway Other than that it’s a addictive game and I can’t stop playing it STOP TAKING MY LIVES I also haven’t even seen the full screen play where the heck is it how do I get to play it I’m up to level 350 or so and haven’t even found where it is I what to give it a shot but no chance when it’s not available for me to play GRR 😠

- Nothing “zen” about this game

I really hate false advertising and think its shameful to attract an audience this way as it’s already a good game as is. The problem i have is it’s impossible to complete some levels without coins, Ive been stuck on the same level for 2 days now and i dont want to pay real money to win. You dont get many lives and they’re often randomly taken away if an ad glitches out or something. The tiles are randomised every level so im not seeing a purpose for lives, Ive had the game for a few days now and everytime i get stuck on a level it takes days to complete and the lives take too long to regenerate when i play for 5 minutes. Its just a effortless made game that uses micro transactions (coins). The devs are probably laughing in their chairs because they’re making easy bank.

- Lives - Be more generous

Can we please revise the amount of lives given? Alternatively, reduce the time to receive new lives? I love the game; but I will use another app if this issue with lives continues… it’s super frustrating. The levels have tiles randomly, sometimes you get lucky with matches early on, then sometimes it’s impossible within the first 3 moves. I love this - it’s great variety & keeps it from being boring - but not when we have restricted lives to this extent. It just doesn’t make sense for it to be that restrictive if the levels themselves are random. I’d rather pay for the game & have unlimited lives. Can this be an option?

- Very Zen but for one ad :(

Playing Zen Match is so relaxing - but the ad for “Merge County” is NOT. Please remove this ad from your game. I completely understand your need for ad revenue but when the blaring horns and sirens on this PARTICULAR app start out of nowhere, I’m pulled right out of any ZEN I may have been experiencing. I actually feel my blood pressure go up. It makes me wary of completing any levels when there’s a possibility this horrible ad will pop up at the end. Please, please get rid of it so I can get my Zen back! Yours is the only app of its kind, truly worthy of 5 stars, and I don’t mind any of the other ads but this one is horrible!!

- Love it but the lives???

Don’t get me wrong, I love this game and it’s pretty enjoyable but the lives are a whole other story. There’s a maximum of 5 lives which personally I think that isn’t too bad but it takes 30 minutes for one life. 30 MINUTES???? They go pretty quickly (the lives) and it’s just not that fun to play, especially when you barely even get the chance to play the actual game. The concept is really cool as well and I feel like it’s just kind of potential down the drain. Despite this, I’d still recommend it - if you’re patient enough.

- This game could be good!

I have to admit I’m pretty addicted to this game right now…. It can be really relaxing but the fact that they make the game impossible to beat without spending coins is beyond annoying! I’ve been stuck on the same level now for a whole day and because I have no coins I can’t beat it….. as you can’t see the tiles it ends up being a game of chance and of course it doesn’t work in the players favour…. It’s just another game made by money hungry people trying to make it so you spend money on their game. Will likely give this game up soon….. it’s too frustrating, what a disappointment.

- Fun but annoying

A very fun and addictive game, however some ads freeze so you have to exit the game and watch another ad again in order to play. There are too many ads too often and sometimes you’re shown and ad but the game won’t actually start when it finishes, again, causing you to watch another ad in order to play, which gets annoying. Most games are totally randomised, with the exception of daily puzzles so you need to have a lot of coins if you want to have any chance at completing the more difficult levels which is really frustrating. There also seems to be a bug with the daily puzzles. When you go to play a date, the “play” button often doesn’t even work. You have to tap it a lot to get the game to start a majority of the time and it becomes really frustrating.

- The lives system is incredibly tedious to deal with

If the blatant cash-grab mechanic of the lives system wasn’t in the game, this review would be 5-stars. It ruins the experience to be halted to a stop when playing the game. Maybe the lives system could only come into play on the daily challenges? Asides from the irritations that come from the more money-seeking elements of the game. It’s incredibly relaxing to play, and should the flaws be ironed out I would recommend this experience.

- Faults need addressing

Great game but there’s a few things that need fixing. 1: If you lose a match and don’t exit, and your life timer ticks over, it doesn’t add the life back so you need to wait another 30 to play. 2: Some ads play OVER the matches such as daily matches. Making the timer run out. 3: I finished a game with zero tiles left right on the buzzer. It cleared the tiles but said I had lost the game.

- It’s a good game just annoying things

I like the game itself but what’s annoying is it says you start with 5 lives but you don’t it’s only 4 for some reason? I thought it may have been when ads came I would quit the app and then go back in but it’s the same without doing that. It takes 30 minutes for one life which takes forever and just makes you not want to play it when it takes so long.

- absolutely great

There’s nothing I can say about this app everything isn’t good enough to describe it because it’s just to good. There is one thing you could add though, adding lives and teams. That means during events your team could win some coins and stuff and your team can give you lives. (I am addicted to your game)

- Great but too many ads

Fun and easy to play but there are way too many ads. I can see that this is the kind of game that I would get hooked on pretty quickly so I would rather be prompted to buy lives or boosters than be bombarded with ads. Deleting the app for now but might reconsider if the developers change their approach to ads

- Zen match flaws

i like the game and it’s very satisfying with designing rooms but having to wait 30 minutes for one life and in total 2 hours 30 minutes for full lives that can just be used up less than 30 minutes. Also something I don’t understand is if you lose you can pay for another life (if you ran out for) 200 coins but you can play on for 60. There’s flaws in the game that shouldn’t exist.

- Fun game but too many issues

This game is really fun but there are a number of issues/bugs and no way to speak to support, give feedback or lodge an issue - the app often lags - sometimes it doesn’t give you lives when it’s supposed to - the ‘zen place’ portion of the game is pointless to play: please add some game bonuses to make it worthwhile - the game will restart if you switch to another app so you lose your place and rewards

- Beautiful Relaxing Game

So relaxing, so aesthetic and so fun to play! The adds aren’t too intrusive and it doesn’t force you to pay to win! It’s genuinely so fun and relaxing and the little quotes when loading the game brighten my day and are so lovely! Would recommend this to ANYONE who likes puzzle games. This is the best quality one I have on my phone!

- Debatable

While I enjoy playing this game, it’s a bit rich to call it a zen game when you only get 5 rounds and it takes half an hour for one to revive. You’d think the point of a zen game would be that you don’t get worried about how many lives you have left. Would sit around playing for ages if I could. Also user interface needs a little improving but not to the point it’s not worth playing lol

- Great game . Few issues

Good game ! Very addictive but there’s a few flaws For example I was on the app waiting to get a new life. Time finishes and I never get my life. And I had just gotten 150 tiles which should have given me 15 minutes infinite life and that just disappeared and didn’t work. There’s also no where to contact support on the app.

- Good but too many clicks to close ads

This game is enjoying to play but having to click so many time to clear the ads when they are done is getting very annoying especially as they pop up after every level. Can not justify $10 for this game to make it ad free game $5 maybe. So I will move on to something else until you fix the way ads play or reduce the cost.

- Where’s the challenge game?

I like this app but really it’s the same thing over and over. In your ad, there is a Challenge Yourself screen with a full page of icons. Where is that in the game? I’ve done hundreds of levels and haven’t seen it. I tried styling the room in case that made it appear. I’m either not getting the full app or your advertising shows pages that aren’t really there.

- Good game but…….

I think this is a good game that I would play more, but as you progress you need coins to play, the levels are too difficult if you don’t pay which is a shame. I would mind waiting for lives if there was a way to get more coins without having to resort to payments.

- It crashes and I swear it’s done on purpose.

I watch ads to get more rewards but the game has to crash right when I get the reward, or I finish the ad. Also when I complete a level flawlessly it crashes and I have to replay that level. Don’t do that on purpose, or why even call it zen, not helpful. There are so many games that do a better job for zen. The start was great until I was moving smoothly, what happened?

- Great game but freezes

Overall it is a great game but it will quite often freeze it’ll be really annoying because I’ll be so to matching something and then the game stops and I have to wait sometimes minutes to be able to do anything else

- Amazing

I love this app it is so callming only 1 problem though sometimes when i finish a level it wont give me a continue option i only gives me a home option so i have to press home then continue but its still a great game

- Says so much about society

This game is absolutely the best. It says so much about society. The rich, get richer and the poor must work 10x more than the rich just to get by and if you don’t….. you eventually lose all your lives. 10/10 would recommend

- >:(

How is 15 min infinite lives a good reward? And when the it runs out your lives aren’t refilled, you have the same amount you had before!! Sometimes the ad before a level glitches meaning you have to restart the game thus losing a life!! The design colour choices are limited and the whole grow a houseplant thing is a joke. Also the tile perspective means i can see one the looks like its 1 layer below, but when i take the top one off i see that its much further down!!!

- Please fix a couple of things!

Love this game… but: -Please add a pause option (for daily match) -When you complete the daily match with a second or two left it doesn’t recognise you’ve removed all the tiles and says you’ve run out of time.

- Needs fixing

The game itself is good but the zen rooms are so boring. Lives go missing all the time, I have sat there while the timer counted down to renew a life and then when you go to play it still says you have 0 lives.. also it is extremely pricey to buy coins if you want them and they have just changed the cost of refilling lives from 200 to 400 coins which is ridiculous!!!

- Great game when it works

Really enjoyable game however it is constantly freezing multiple times a day, crashes & takes a life which are not easy to get unlike some other games.

- Not a good “zen” game 👎🏼👎🏼

The game is fun until you loose or run out of lives and then that makes the game not very zening at all and then you have to wait around an hour for all of your lives to fill up again. I wish that you go like 7-10 lives because they run out so fast and when you have to go do something and you are in the middle of a game you leave the screen on then it goes it sleep and then it makes you leave the game then u LOOSE A LIFE!!! And that is annoying! Another reason why I deleted this game was because there are to many adds and it makes you go because to the home screens and when you just want to continue you can’t 👎🏼👎🏼

- Lives system makes game unplayable

Limiting lives is frustrating. I’ve only had the game two days and find it disappointing that I’m forced to a standstill where I can’t play unless I fork out more money after already paying to remove ads. The pricing for your coin structure is also very off putting - $15 for not even enough coins to get a full set of lives is frankly ridiculous

- The adds are annoying

The price to remove the adds is absurd! And the adds are persistent and annoying. They come up way too often and I have to “cross” them off several times through the one add, and some adds automatically open the App Store even when not clicked to do so.

- Glitches constantly

I enjoy playing this game apart from the fact that it glitches all the time and I lose lives and coins as a result. I have kept the app updated however it doesn’t help. I am about to delete as I’m sick of the ads and the glitches. Very rarely does it work properly. So much wasted time. Funny that you call it a relaxing game…more like Frustrating!

- Heaps of bugs and glitches

I love this game and it is so addictive but it seems to be riddled in bugs and glitches. Every time I try and play a level it freezes or closes the app, resulting in another life lost. Not fair as you need every life you have as they take them away unfairly. Otherwise very addictive and enjoyable game.

- Good game but keep getting ripped off with lives

Love the game but it doesn’t renew lives like it should after 30 mins , so frustrating , have to keep waiting over and over until the app doesn’t glitch , needs fixing !!

- So So Disappointing

I started off loving this game, so much so I even paid the $10 to get rid of the ads! How I wish I hadn’t bothered!!! There is nothing “zen” about having to play a level over and over again. There is nothing “zen” about trying to clear a board on a timer. There is nothing “ zen” about the frustrations this game causes. The ads for it are totally misleading and should be reported for advertising false information. I do not recommend this app.

- Fake amount of lives

Overall an enjoyable game however there are many glitches with the amount of lives you have. I have been playing on and off for the past few days and have realised that on multiple occasions it will say I have 3 lives and once I fail 1 game, it says I’m out of lives. I think this is a glitch in the game and needs to be resolved.

- Great but lose lives which is frustrating

Love the game, can be addictive at times. Frustrating that ads are freezing so have to exit game and when I return I have lost a life. It has happened on quite a few occasions

- Getting frustrating now !!

I loved playing this game but I’m currently on level 279 and it keeps crashing on me EVERY time I play ….. it’s annoying the hell out of me and is really disappointing that I can’t seem to play it anymore. Pity as I really enjoyed it.

- My lives disappear!!

The game is super addicting and it’s fun but I play two games then all my lives go when there should be 5! Also when my phone goes to sleep for a second it then reverts to the opening page and once again all my lives disappear!! If that could be fixed it would make me play it more often!!

- Ads have appeared!?

Where have the ads come from!? They were never there before and today they’ve popped up. I loved this game mostly because it had no ads. It’s marketed as a relaxing game but the ads do the absolute opposite with their blaring sounds and absolute horrible contexts!! Might need to give up the game which is unfortunate. I have been enjoying it so.

- Great game but . . .

This is a great game and I really enjoy playing it but I’m a little disappointed that it’s not exactly what I was expecting. The Advert for this games shows a puzzle where you have to clear the board, nothing like the actual game. Little disappointing.

- Keeps crashing!

I’m way more addicted to this than I should be, but it keeps crashing! I’m in software version 15.1. It’s very frustrating when I’m just about to finish a level and suddenly the game crashes and I have to start it all over again :(

- Lives vanish

I love this game however it constantly takes life’s away you will have one life left and when you go to play it that life vanishes very frustrating seems like a tactic to get people to pay

- Can’t reset

I have been playing for a while now and I have come to a point where all the levels are getting harder but I don’t learn from them because they are to hard to pass and now I want to reset the game but I can can you at a new reset feature

- Takes off lives

I think it shouldn't take off lives because if we choose to play the game we shouldn’t then be forced to go play something else. Either than that good game but could use different music, annoying.

- Disappointing

I loved this game to start with but then you get to a point in the game where you can’t win without spending money, as others have said in their reviews. And it’s not, as the ads show, a relaxing game of clearing the board. Very disappointing! But the concept is great and I would definitely play it if the developers deliver what they advertise.

- Misleading Advertising.

I enjoyed playing this game, however, found extremely disappointing and misleading that the advertising that promotes it contains two different clear the board games. This was my expectation … once it became apparent that this was beyond the 160+ levels that I persisted for, I stopped playing the game.

- Keeps Glitching

While I love the game it keeps glitching and taking lives half way through the game. For example just start the game then move anywhere from one to a few tiles in freezes. Then when it we starts it has taken a life off you. Very disappointing in what would have been a great game.

- Love it but also hate it

I love this game, but I didn’t know how to use it at first, and wasted all my coins instead of lives. Now on the later levels I need those coins, but can’t get them. I tried to delete the app to start again but it’s impossible. Why???

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- It’s fun but

I wish there was a way to play the big puzzle like the one in the publicity and in the pictures, otherwise it gets slightly boring

- Always Freezes

Great game, but after playing for about ten minutes it freezes. I close it, reopen and play another five to ten minutes and it freezes again. Too frustrating to keep playing unfortunately.

- X-rated ads

You say your game is made for 4+. Yet I just watched an ad for a “KingsThrone” game that shows three cartoon women taking their close off and suggesting they have a foursome. A bit much don’t you think. Should really screen your ads. Otherwise I do enjoy the game.

- addicting but kills my phone lol

i love this game but can’t play more than ten minutes bc my phone overheats, then the game freezes and crashes on me midround :( i have an iphone 7+ so it’s kinda old but i noticed other reviews saying similar things… if i didn’t love the game so much it would be rly annoying honestly

- False advertising

Not only is it not zen( cause it frustrating as F$#@) your tile amount is not like advertised, barley increases. Also become so hard at only level 100 that you will use all your lives on one game and not progress at all. convenient I’d think since they ask u to pay if u want more lives without waiting. The decorate a room part is sad in deed, you get 4-5 colour choices and they are mostly brown all beige- grey colours and that’s all you get to do is colour with their small choices. BORING!!

- Open your wallet

It just seems to be a way to get you to spend money to buy more coins/points/whatever in order to have the ability to ‘cheat’ your way through the higher levels. I get it, they want to make money and I guess the advertising revenues are not enough for the company that put this game out. Not a very zen game… after level 100 it gets frustrating… unless you pay for the ‘power ups’… but why have advertising in the free version? I guess these folks want it all… I voted with my feet and deleted it… I won’t be back.

- after level 100 can’t play

After you reach level 100 it’s impossible to play without losing every time. This game sucks

- 3x coins

It pisses me off that you got rid of the 3x coin option. 10 coins every time you finish, and then it costs more than 10 coins for some of the boosts, you basically have no chance of ever getting passed certain levels. It is really annoying.

- Zen Match

I was hoping that a big part of this game wasn’t pure luck. I don’t like that it’s pure luck if you reveal a hidden object that you need. I deleted it after 2 days.

- Very glitchy

Started out really fun, but then started because very glitchy and laggy. Screen will often just turn black and eat your lives or if you watch an ad for more coins, at the end of the ad the screen will go back so you’ve watched an ad for nothing. Will be looking for an alternative now.

- Very zen game

This game is just what it says it is I recommend it

- Good game the Zen is ruined quickly

Fun game, I was hoping to get that board like in all the ads but it is basically Mahjong - which I still like. Speaking of ads - boy do they make sure you see them. After EVERY game an ad pops up and you have to close it 3-4 times every time. It’s a bit much. I don’t mind that they use ads to keep this game free, but having to close them 3-4 times every time after every game gets pretty annoying. Also, the app reloads if you move away from the app even for a moment. Kind of sucks when you are far along on their ‘fortune path’ and they reset it on you checked a text or had to take a quick call. :( I ended up deleting this app because of these issues.

- Money grab

The game has too many adverts, and is a bit of a money grab!

- Too Hard (Impossible without Powerups)

The game is fun until level 100, after that it’s impossible to pass without using (paying for) powerups. Daily puzzles are also too hard and there’s not enough time to finish. please add difficulty settings and this game would be great.

- Too hard past lvl 90

Levels after you reach 90 are so hard that I’ll be lucky if I succeed even just one level. And that’ll be after using all 5 of my lives and most of my help thingies (like the undo, mix the tiles and stuff). Maybe I’ll even have to wait for my lives to refill and then use them all again to actually pass one level. Also, like someone else said, the choices for the design part of the game are kinda sad.. :/ There’s not many choices and it’s mainly the same colours that aren’t that pretty or don’t really fit well together, I’ll try so hard to change colour combination but I usually still end up thinking it looks weird.. My issue is mainly that it’s too hard now, I can’t progress at all

- Constant crashing

Ads freeze up the game way too often.

- Frustrating timer

Is it just me or the timer for the lives doesn’t work very well ?! Actually it’s very annoying !!

- stupid game

it’s nothing like the ad. it’s boring and it gets too hard too quickly. it’s not even fun just frustrating.

- The fact cheats

The timer starts before all the tiles have been placed and before you can even begin to play. Also, the colour options for the “zen” seriously lacks choices.

- Rigged

Ever since they did that stupid competition a game that use to be relaxing and enjoyable has become clearly rigged and about money! All they want now is for you to spend money to buy more coins and they make the first level easy and the second nearly impossible. I’m done it’s a waste of time and stresses me more than it relaxes me now

- Glitches?

no because it was so good before but now when you run out of lives it starts the countdown until the refill will occur but you go back like half an hour later and you still have zero lives and the countdown has restarted itself. also you used to be able to force close the app when you ran out of moves and then go back in without it counting as a heart lost but now you can’t do that and it just lowkey makes it less fun bc you can only play for like 5-10 minutes at a time before you have to wait again

- Game becomes unplayable after 75 levels

The beginning levels are easy, and you can zoom through the first 50 without wasting any lives. Once you get past level 75, the game becomes purely based on luck and it becomes impossible to win, even if you have a high skill level. Its basically winnable with the right lucky combination or if you pay for the shuffle feature. Its too bad because it was fun when it was actually a challenge but it is simply not possible to play it when you get to the higher levels and its not based on skill.

- Love it

This game is pretty damn addictive. I’m on level 320 😅. You get to lightly colour design a room with rewards you get from completing levels. I love this game.

- Super fun

I really enjoy this game it helps pass the time and it’s enjoyable

- So satisfying

This helps me come down whenever I’m stressed out it really helped me get through my exams I think that it really is one of the most satisfying games I’ve ever played

- Not that great

The higher levels are impossible to win. The game is nothing like the ad for it either.

- Wrong game

It’s not the game I signed up for this is for a. Child

- Commentaire

Ou est le puzzle qui est présenter sur la page lors du download?

- Not challenging

Way to easy, but I do like the game

- gets really hard

the first couple were painfully easy, and then you got some challenge and it was fun. after level 100 it becomes too difficult. like you have to waste 5+ lives on each level and you basically cannot win unless you use power ups. kinda annoying bc i really enjoyed this game

- too many ads

Can you pls don’t show too much ads, it very long time….

- Just stop

STOp giving me ads about this game I hate and if you don’t stop I will sue you people.!!.!

- Enjoyable matching game….. but problems!!

I enjoy the game however the adds are irritating. I understand that it is a free game but adds will pop up at the beginning of a level and will play through without having the option to pass for 10 seconds. When I am finally able to skip the add the timer on my level was not paused becuase the level had technically started when the add popped up. So I basically just took a 10 second penalty for repeating the level. Makes me close the app so fast when it happens. Very frustrating.

- Lovely

Fun, relaxing, satisfying.. everything you want in a chill, matching game

- Great game

Steals lives. When u play the timed game an ad shows up and by the time it’s done I have 20 seconds to complete a puzzle please make us so ads play after the game.

- After lv100 you’ll need to pay

You can get to level 100 fairly quickly. After that the challenges will need you to shuffle the board - which cost coins aka real money. Not worth it. Also, the ads are disgusting and offensive.

- Bad

Not a good game, don’t get it

- They make purchases without your consent

I have seen them make a purchase on my account without my authorization. SCAM gaming company!! Be warned!!!

- Not very Zen!

When you wait for the programme to load and then try to open it twice and it crashes both times it isn't very zen. I deleted it and now I feel better!

- Ridiculous cost

Your coin prices are absolutely OUTRAGEOUS. 13 dollars for 350 coins which doesn’t even give you enough to refill lives. Stupid and a complete rip off.

- They have

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- Worst game n/a

Too many ads, incredibly boring, do not buy this

- Need to pay to play past level 100

It’s a great game up until about level 100 and then it was impossible to move onto the next level without paying. I think I probably lost about 15 games straight without a win. And it’s frustrating to have to wait 30 minutes for a new life between losses.

- Too hard!

It feels like the only way you can play is to buy cheats

- Okay game

I like this game but it’s not really what I expected it’s just a card game it doesn’t really have any fun stuff it’s just a matching card game

- Good at the start

It started out decent enough but without paying it’s almost impossible to progress at the higher levels

- Nice game but…

Takes too long to get enough points to decorate…not enough variety of colors…

- Fun when it’s not glitchy, messing up phone or ad bombardment

Very glitchy and any calming vibes gets squashed by the constant ads

- best worst game ever

perfect 10/10 in being boringggg

- Expensive

Game gets boring and it’s expensive.

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Zen Match - Relaxing Puzzle 1.3.0 Screenshots & Images

Zen Match - Relaxing Puzzle iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Zen Match - Relaxing Puzzle iphone images
Zen Match - Relaxing Puzzle iphone images
Zen Match - Relaxing Puzzle iphone images
Zen Match - Relaxing Puzzle iphone images
Zen Match - Relaxing Puzzle iphone images
Zen Match - Relaxing Puzzle iphone images
Zen Match - Relaxing Puzzle Games application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

Zen Match - Relaxing Puzzle (Version 1.3.0) Install & Download

The applications Zen Match - Relaxing Puzzle was published in the category Games on 2021-07-07 and was developed by Good Job Games [Developer ID: 1191495496]. This application file size is 270.01 MB. Zen Match - Relaxing Puzzle - Games app posted on 2022-05-25 current version is 1.3.0 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.exoticmatch.game