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What is kardia app? Kardia works with the FDA-cleared KardiaMobile, KardiaMobile 6L, or KardiaBand personal EKG devices, which can detect the most common arrhythmias in just 30 seconds. The Kardia app is designed to make managing heart care from home easier than ever, giving you the ability to seamlessly record EKGs, share heart data with your doctor remotely, keep track of your health history, and more.

Capture a medical-grade EKG with your Kardia device anytime, anywhere—no patches, wires, or gels required. Get an immediate result from Kardia's Instant Analysis of normal, possible atrial fibrillation, bradycardia, or tachycardia. For additional analysis, you can choose to send the recording to your physician or to one of our partners for a Clinician Review by a cardiologist (US, Australia only) or cardiac care physiologist (UK, Ireland only).

The Kardia system is recommended by leading cardiologists and used by people around the world for accurate EKG recordings. Track your heart health data from home with the medical accuracy your doctor can trust.

NOTE: This app requires KardiaMobile, KardiaMobile 6L, or KardiaBand hardware to record an EKG. Get your Kardia device now at alivecor.com.

Kardia integrates with Apple Health to create a combined view of your health metrics.

NOTE: Requires KardiaMobile or KardiaBand hardware to record an EKG

FDA 510(k) numbers: K191406, K181823, K171816, K183319
CE # 0123

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App Name Kardia
Category Medical
Updated 30 March 2024, Saturday
File Size 365.87 MB

Kardia Comments & Reviews 2024

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Respected by Cardiologists!. I have Supra ventricular Tachycardia and when I went to the cardiologist he said I would need to wear a halter monitor to try to capture the events for him to analyze the problem. I showed him that I had captured multiple events on my Kardia App. He was thrilled as he could get ALL the info he needed about my heart tracings from my cell phone and the captured events. Saved my insurance company a lot of money not to mention saved me from wearing a halter monitor for days. I have recommended Kardia to several people since. The cardiologist described it as a professional grade EKG. I am a huge fan! I also can make decisions about ER visits with the help of my cardiologist by sending a copy of my EKG and they can advise on best course of action during an event ( ie taking meds or ER visit)

DO NOT BUY-update. From Terms of Service, “You irrevocably and forever waive any rights you may have regarding your User Content being altered or manipulated in any way that may be objectionable to you. You must accept this when logging in via the internet. At first you could be somewhat anonymous. No more. They DEMAND access to microphone. They DEMAND PII personal ID information. They make every effort to collect data on you including meds. PB. And more. Just check the news on Facebook and GOOGLE privacy violations before you consider this app because I have to believe they run under radar to sell info to the likes of these companies. Follow up. Kardia responded and clearly stated they do not sell data. Neither did Facebook, until they were caught. They said microphone was for inaudible signal transmission. Funny, some time ago, I used the EKG monitor with microphone off and it worked fine. My Kardia pad did not change, so I view this as suspicious response. And now when I try to check heart rythm it let me do it once then said it is sending to pro for review - and I cannot repeat the EKG test or see the results. It is useless. I spent $99 on the Kardia Mobile and now the app does not work. So I say again, DO NOT BUY. If you buy the KadiaMobile your a fool. But that’s just my opinion based on my experience.

Diary Awkward, Data transfer better. First of all, this device correctly diagnosed AFib following a heart valve replacement. It happened on Sunday. I sent the EKG to my surgeon. He concurred with the diagnosis arranged an appointment the next day with my cardiologist. I got on blood thinners and beta blocker and had a Cardioversion two days later. I’ve had one other episode since then and we adjusted my medication. This is the latest version of the app that just came out. The data transfer with my OMRON BP monitor works much better. Transfers first time, every time. I have both the 1-Lead Kardia Mobile and I just got the 6-Lead version. Easy to switch between the two or to choose 1L or 6L on my 6L device. The diary has gotten awkward. The Meds, BP, weight, are all in a big list. You must scroll through the list to find the item you are trying to mark. I’d recommend having the diary items items back in groups, EKG, weight, BP, Meds, etc. Also, there should be a way to mark Meds taken by groups- Morning, Noon, Dinner, Bedtime. Finally, with COVID-19 going around, it would be nice to have diary entry for body temperature. Also, for diabetics, an entry for Blood Glucose level, with averaging/graphing functions. That would make this app a one-stop shop.

Why all the money?. I’m a internist and I purchased this to use during the COVID outbreak for EKGs in patients to calculate qTC intervals. I’m also a consumer and like to check my EKG. The device is great, super easy, user friendly and nice tracing to send to a doctor. BUT here is the bad side. “Premium” program. It seems every business these days is trying to what I believe rip off the consumer with monthly charges. First BP apps were free or you paid $1.99 to buy. Now you pay $1.99 or $6.99 per month for the privilege of what are limited benefits and those that do benefit, represent a tiny portion of users. It’s looks greedy and in very poor taste and occupies valuable app screen space. At the very least, keep it out of the app. Have some class. And price your product appropriately since no one really need a monthly subscription for EKGs. And please tell that to your entire industry.

Afib reading. i have Cardiomyopathy so i bought this device to gain peace of mind after already having a brief run of ventricular tachycardia spotted on a two week monitor. Anyway i’m a 4 day period using Kardia i had four (4) reading that i was in Afib. This prompted me to use the clinical review option which costs $25 to have a board certified cardiologist look at your EKG. After spending $100 dollars in a panic to find out if i need to go to the emergency room on two separate occasions in that 4 day span. The doctor results came back and each rhythm was NORMAL. So Kardia mia diagnosed Afib 4 times. Warning to anyone this happens to. Seeing Afib come up on a screen will put you into a panic and will more then likely make your symptoms much worse after you being battling the gripping anxiety of decided whether to rush yourself to the ER or not. This device is not accurate in its detection on Afib.

Stellar Device!. Just received mine and put it right to use. Works well. It’s simple and the guided instructions should help even the technophobes amongst us. After retiring as a Paramedic in NYC I truly appreciate how this whole system works. While there is a premium plan there’s no obligation to buy it but it seems like a decent add-on for those without medical experience. I’m ordering a few more to give as gifts. The device itself is a great looking design. I just wish it came with a carry case included. Sorry this sounds like an ad but I’ve been disappointed by medical devices bought online before and I can’t help but be overjoyed at how this exceeds my expectations. Using with an original iPad Pro.

Diagnosed my intermittent atrial fibrillation. Have had intermittent attacks of chest pain that I thought was due to GI problems. I was diagnosed with an ulcer. After it was healed I still had several of these attacks. I noticed my heart was beating unusually. Because it happened at night or on the weekends I decided to buy the Kardia. It was the best thing I have done because on the last attack I was able to record what was happening. I was shocked that it told me I had possible atrial fibrillation. The attack lasted several hours but was gone in the morning. I called The cardiologist and was seen that morning. The EKG was normal and has been ever since. I don’t know when it will happen again,but now I can send the recording directly to my doctor for evaluation. Because of this device I can receive the treatment to prevent future episodes. I strongly recommend this device for anyone who has issues with their heart especially if it occurs intermittently.

Need to fix integration with Apple Health. Love the new watch app and constant heart rate monitoring with a couple of noted issues: 1) The watch app in its default exercise mode constantly shows that you are fully exercising every second you wear the watch in the Apple Health app so that your daily exercise totals show that you basically run a marathon every single day even if you do no more than walk to and from your car and around the office. 2) The Apple Health app records your heart rate every couple of seconds all day long and the data can not easily be erased and grows substantially in size on your iPhone. In a few months of daily use the data storage will grow into a size which will likely become unwieldy, slow down the Apple Health app, and occupy a great deal of space on capacity-limited iPhones. I don’t know if it’s possible but somehow the Kardia app needs to stop (or limit) communications with Apple Health - it already makes the exercise monitoring functions mostly useless and will ultimately overwhelm the storage in most iPhones by recording tens of thousands of heart rate readings each day.

Why is so buggy now?. When I first purchased this in August 2021 it worked quite well..When you deleted a reading it deleted the one you were trying to delete. There were very few unclassified readings. Now using the delete option is a crap shoot; almost never does it delete the reading you are trying to delete and it almost a guarantee if there is an A-fib or Wide QRS reading, that will be the one deleted even if it is up to 4 or 5 readings below the one you are trying to delete. Also the number of unclassified readings indicates that there is definitely a problem with the app. Either that or my heart beats very differently than the norm. Please fix the delete function or at a minimum the option to reverse the delete action. This app is now so screwy I am now researching similar products to replace this one. It isn’t worth the aggravation and I don’t really trust the readings anymore.

Time Out. I have had atrial fibrillation for a number of years. During that time if I felt anything “off” I went to the ER. After relaxing and working with meditation all the symptoms went away every time. The doctors seemed to be as surprised as I was. There were many false alarms. At the hospital I was routinely checked-out. With 20 minutes of meditation all the systems were normal. My cardiologist was pleased with how I was being proactive. He showed me the Kardia app and I purchased it that day. The app gave me such peace of mind. I could use it to determine if I was having a heart event and needed to relax and check again to determine if I needed to go to the ER. Now, which is two years later, I have done routine daily readings and I’ve had no sign of a-fib except two times. I sent the results for an immediate reading and feedback. 20 minutes later—but using meditation and quietly coping whatever was going wrong had already resolved any concerns before my results even had been reported back to me. I keep my yearly check-ups and I’m doing great. Given my experience I recommend the Kardia app. It’s a great tool in your fight with heart disease. It’s peace of mind and no false alarm trips to the ER. It’s a huge piece of what I do to stay well and deal with my heart irregularities in a very wise way. Best of luck to anyone reading this post.

My Review. I am very pleased at how easy and accurate the Kardia works. When I showed it to the Doctors, they couldn’t believe how close it matched there equipment. My problem started several years ago when, for no apparent reason, my heart started beating fast to the point I had to lay down in order to slow it down. This became a random event that could come on at any time without any warning. So I bought this device to see what was going on. When I went to the Cardiologist, I new I had Tachycardia. He confirmed it in more detail saying I had paroxysmal supraventricular Tachycardia and Premature ventricular complex. In order to fix the problem for ever, I had a Cardiac Ablation procedure performed and to this day, it never came back. I still use the Kardia Mobile to check my EKG and Blood Pressure every day when possible. It saved my life.

Good only if you pay or are trained in ECG interpretation. I’ve used this since 2019 with good results. I am a trained medical professional and I can quickly look and my friends, family or my own ECG tracing using the KardiaMobile device. In 2023 I purchased the KardiaMobile6L and now after 3 months of use, I find myself using the old single lead device. The 6 lead tracing with out amplitude adjustment overlaps other leads. The device is more flexible which adds additional artifact the algorithm can not remove and I get possible a-fib alerts. Also the device routinely stops recording or throws the error electric interference. Overall I like the idea, and it’s a good product if you subscribe to their service or are medically trained. If you are not, you are subject to mis-interpretation. I do not have a-fib or ever been diagnosed but commonly get a possible a-fib warning. I do however have PVCs and the app has never interpreted them as anything but a NSR. With an irregular HR I do get unconfirmed. But as a lay person do not use this to diagnose a heart condition. In closing wish they would integrate more blue tooth device partnerships as with the b/p. I have scales but must enter my weight manually.

Excellent device, but your $150 only buys access to half the data capable. It’s a great little device, still disappointed it requires $100 a year just to access all 6 of the leads in the hardware we have paid for. I have a cardiologist who can read them, so paying another $1,000 over a decade just to be able to access all the data it’s already capable of is really disappointing and a waste all around. If the $150 device purchase price can’t cover the price of maintaining the software then perhaps $10 or $20 a year for allowing all the data would be reasonable. And if someone needed a rapid cardiologist’s reading that could be ala carte? BTW my cardiologist said the data that I do get is of decent quality. This is a solid, simple, tiny and beautiful device. I like the 6L device. It’s incredibly expensive but a worthy addition to my healthcare devices. I live in America and the privatized medical/insurance juggernaut makes doctors so unreliable that people are often forced to diagnose and treat illnesses such as heart, stroke, and other cardiovascular issues by themselves, even with insurance.

My cardiologist’s response “EXCELLENT”. I purchased the Kardia because I have a history of tachycardia. I am on a beta-blocker to control my heart rate. Recently, in spite of the beta-blocker, my heart started racing. I ran an EKG on my Kardia and was shocked to see I was having tachycardia. I took three recordings before going to the E.R. My tachycardia was resolved by the time I reached the E.R., so they sent me home. I uploaded my Kardia EKGs to my cardiologist. He was simply amazed at the quality of the strip and called the report EXCELLENT. He was happy to be able to see “clearly” what had happened during my tachycardia episode. Based on my Kardia EKGs, he was able to diagnose Paroxysmal Afib. He adjusted my treatment based on that new diagnosis. I highly recommend Kardia. If I hadn’t captured my EKG recordings prior to going to the E.R., all I would have had was wasted time that night. You can easily upload a Kardia recording to your doctor using the MY CHART app.

Experience. Update: 5/Stars on customer support! Company got back to me and explained iPhone X model I had was in conflict with APP and equipment and they “offered refund”. I was able to use Kardia on my wife’s iPhone X model so I Kept it. They said they would let me know when the issue was resolved and I could use the App and equipment. They emailed me today (January 30th) and told me new IOS would correct issue. They were right and now I am able to use Kardia on my iPhone X!! Kudos to AliveCor Support for keeping “my” issue on the back burner and get back to me when the issue was resolved. Upgraded support to 5-Stars!!! Called when they had phone number listed and lady had me do a bunch of steps to try and make it work with my iPhone X. No dice. She said they will look into it and get back with me. You guessed it, no one called after month. I had to email (few times) and asked for phone call, and all I got a response that basically had me do same things lady had me do. They paid NO ATTENTION to what I had written, only gave me a list of preprogrammed things to do. I wrote again asking for call/Support, no response.

Great app! Could use some improvements.. In general, the app is easy to use and very intuitive. However, the Care Plan function could use some improvements. As currently designed, if you take several medications at the same time, each time you tap on a medication in the Care Plan you are presented with a screen to record the administration of that particular medication. That becomes cumbersome if you take several medications. A better approach would be to allow multi-select of all the medications taken on a particular time and record the administration of all selected medications simultaneously. Developers, please consider for future upgrades.

Bought this device just in time. In late December/early January. I noticed when I was laying in bed that I could hear abnormalities (I.e., skipping beats) in my heart pattern. I bought this device to see what was going on. Initially, it was saying normal sinus rhythm, and did so for a couple of weeks. But then, in mid-January, the rate began to increase and it was beginning to diagnose Atrial Fibrillation. By January 23, my heart rate was up to 156. I went to the hospital at that point, was admitted, and on February 3, had open-heart surgery where they replaced the right atrial valve, did three coronary bypasses, and performed a cardiac maze procedure. I was discharged from the hospital on February 15, and I dare say I’m doing infinitely better than before the surgery. Prior to the surgery, my ejection fraction was beteeen 10-15%. Now, it’s over 45%. No wonder I’m feeling better now, right? I’m glad this device gave me the early warning!!

A True Personal Health Tool. I was having heart palpitations and brief rapid heart rate episodes lasting any where from minutes to hours. I went through the regular cardiac tests..... stress test, blood work, EKG, echo, and 48 hour mobile heart monitoring. The palpitations and rapid heart rate did not surface during these test. How discouraging, because my symptoms were real but not solid proof. My cardiologist was concerned but not convinced there could be a problem. I mean after all doctors work with concrete facts. I remembered I had a Kardia, AliveCor Mobile EKG which I had purchased a year or so before these symptoms to help with my mother's heart tracking. I started monitoring my palpitations with the view to sharing the results with my doc. I also used the device when I started to have longer rapid heart rate episodes which were sporadic and usually occurred when the Doc's office was closed. (Who can run to the doctor at a moments notice and get in? Not me) Bingo! Proof that my symptoms were real. I printed out the EKG records I had taken with my Kardia, faxed them to my cardiologist, and received a call the same day with the diagnosis of Afib. I truly believe a correct diagnosis came about faster, without a possible emergency room visit, and in the comfort/safely at home only because of this fabulous device and easy to use app. For under a hundred dollars it's the BEST investment in my and my family's health I have made.

Excellent App!. My heart had been pounding off and on monthly for over a decade. Every time I saw the doctor, "you're fine." If it wasn't for Kardia, I would not have known I had proxsysmal atrial fibrillation. I sent my doctor the ECG and his office called me to see him the next day. I've had Kardia for about 6 months and pay for the premium service for the saved history. Once I have the ablation and monitor myself for a while, I'll probably drop it. It a little spendy for my budget. But a great service. I would like it if they're Insights page could be more dynamic and allow for more date adjustment options. Next update please I'll still give AliveCor 5 stars!

Sleep Medicine Specialist. We have used the Kardia App on a separate iPhone for evaluation of office patients who were at risk or who had examination evidence of Atrial fibrillation and other cardiac arrhythmia. One EKG was collected on a woman sitting next to me at a soccer game, who had spontaneously discussed with family, seated around me, a syncopal episode with an MRI documented subdural hematoma, but no cardiac diagnosis after two trips to the Emergency Room. She had an abnormal Kardia rhythm strip taken while she sat at the soccer game; with a wide QRS complex that suggested Bundle Branch Block. Her husband stood up, took her to another ER evaluation with the suggested cardiology consultation; which was followed by a pacemaker implantation. Syncopal episodes disappeared.

I like the new ui. Cleaner and easy to use. There is a bug where if you register the single lead device and then register the 6L. You’ll be prompted to select which device you’re using to record heart rhythm. You’ll need to delete and reinstall the app so that only one device is listed. I do wish that you could just launch the app and then use the device without having to tap on the record your EKG button. The idea is that you want to use the device and record the event you’re encountering right away. If you have to fiddle with the app it’s precious time wasted thereby running the risk of not catching the heart arrhythmia. I hope the developers can figure something out.

Suddenly Electical Interface is everywhere!. When I originally got this device and used it with the app it was great. But the problem I keep having is suddenly every time I go to use it it’s always getting electrical interference. I bought this device 6 plus months ago. I used it sent information to my doctor and then my heart palpitations basically went away for a few months so I stopped using it. Then recently they started happening me again so I’ve been trying to use the device. Now every time I go to use it either get a message saying there’s electrical interference or it takes too long to calibrate or communicate with my phone or halfway into the reading it just loses my heart rate and stops the reading. I don’t know if it’s a software issue but this thing went from being great to hardly been able to get a reading. I’m very careful about where I place it when I do the six lead readingBut I’m even having issues with the single lead reading. I will place my fingers on at the same way I’ve always done and it doesn’t even register my finger pressing against the device. The battery say they’re full so unless that thing is reading incorrectly maybe I need a new battery. IDK, it’s just very frustrating.

Poor customer service. The watch band was a Christmas gift and I installed this app the day after Christmas. The very first thing I noticed was only 8 days left in my trial period, they advertised a 30 day trial. About me, my heart function due several heart attacks and ultimate quad bypass surgery. Every EKG done on my heart SHOWS AS ABNORMAL DUE TO THE DAMAGE. Every ekg done with the app shows a normal result which was very suspicious. I contacted support twice asking about the accuracy of their app, each time i was referred to my doctor. My doctor has nothing to do with your app or Apple Watch band. In my opinion if in fact this was an ekg done on my heart it should have at least show that my heart is in fact damaged but the app always says normal which leaves me to believe only normal is all the app is capable of displaying. Normal is NOT a word associated with my heart owing that my heart function is less than %30. My heart damage is caused by exposure to agent orange while is south vietnam. Now the trial period, in my opinion the trial period should start when the watch and app are installed not when the bans was purchased. As stated i had a 7 day trial, not near enough time for a fair or valid assessment of the app or watch band. If the app and band are even close to accurate it would show an abnormal EKG. THIS SYSTEM IS DANGEROUS and not very well thought out. And once more 7 days not near enough time for a proper evaluation . Dewey Pollock in central Florida

Great small east machine. I have the mobile (credit card) version. It still does not fix any issue, make AFIB disappear or help me lose weight. What is does do is give me peace of mind. I found my AFIB at my regular physical - and am not sure how much earlier in the year it started as didn’t notice symptoms. This meant I may not know if/when it comes back. I use the reader each morning. It gives me my heart rate, some some crazy squiggly lines and that one sentence I want to see - no abnormal heart rate detected. Also allows me to send to my doctor if needed - great device and well worth it. Know each day the heart is still beating normal, peace of mind and a lot less worry

My Kardia Mobile 6L sent me to the ER quickly. Thank You.. Bought this device to confirm the optical readings of my pulse-ox electrically. 18 days ago was sitting at my computer and I felt my heart. My Kardia Mobile 6L confirmed a pulse of over 170bpm, suggesting possible atrial-fibrillation. I quickly went to ER asking them to quickly take an EKG/ECG where the Kardia Mobile’s suggestion was confirmed via 12 lead EKG/ECG. I am now being treated for a-fib. Thank you AliveCor. Thank you ER. I now check my heart two or three times a day. My cardiologist is still in charge. We had previously used monitors, etc, but never caught anything. Now we have caught it, and I have a stress test scheduled to determine why. I was in hospital for two nights while the hospital treated my atrial fibrillation. A few days ago, I signed up for the extra interpretation service on a monthly basis. My initial investment was a small price to pay for the help identifying my heart problem, which was priceless.

Easy to use (I’m not a doctor). Easy to use device and software. Provides good reporting and can track weight, blood pressure, heart rate, and medications. (Integrates with Apple Health.) Easy to record symptoms via tags and user can create his/her own symptom tags. Battery lasts a long time. Quality of analysis has been validated in independent trials. I don’t keep mine on the back of my phone because it’s a bit awkward for my hand size. Premium service is essential for history and to maximize value. I wish the notation function were more robust. Also would like to see some type of summary or recap of AFIB for periods longer than 30 days. Maybe a stacked bar graph with percents by category?

Watch app is useless for Kardia 6L. The Kardia watch app (iOS) can’t be used to initiate an ECG reading from the handheld 6L Kardia. Instead, you have to be next to your iPhone, at a table or desk, with a place to sit, while holding your Kardia 6L, with the Kardia app open on your phone when symptoms strike. The problem is that symptoms of arrhythmias can be quick and fleeting - such as during or after exercise, when I’m often outside without my phone. That makes the Kardia device useless in those common scenarios. Even if I could keep the phone and Kardia on me at all times, I’d need a third hand to juggle both when I’m not near a table, desk, or similar. In fact, starting an ECG recording from the Kardia phone app has been so impractical for me that I’ve stopped using Kardia for the last year and have starting using Apple’s ECG exclusively. My Apple watch is usually on me and in 2 quick taps I’ve got an ECG (thank you Apple!). This is unfortunate though because I would prefer to be using the 6L if I could for better data! I hope the Kardia team will consider looking at ways for Apple Watch users to initiate a 6L Kardia Ecg with a tap on the Kardia watch app (instead of having to use the Kardia phone app exclusively). For those of you who experience symptoms while sitting at your desk, the phone app seems to function well overall and it might suit you. But do not plan to use the Kardia device on the go when you’re out running errands or exercising!

First impressions good…. ..although setup was a bit mystifying. - I got the basic KardiaMobile device. I’m not sure why it required microphone access as it already requested Bluetooth access. I don’t like apps having access to my microphone… I’d have liked there to be one of those plastic insulating pull tabs on the battery so that I could be confident that the battery was fresh - especially because my first attempts at pairing failed consistently - leading me to suspect a flat battery. It eventually paired after I kept tapping the device, moving it around and had removed and re-inserted the battery - however, the signal has never been stronger than “weak”. Also, the battery cover was VERY difficult to get back on and required excessive force. I had to use a screwdriver to nudge it into place and I thought I was going to break it… The app is easy enough to use, but as I am using an iPad I would REALLY appreciate a “Landscape” mode… While it’s good to see your ECG results and the test for 3 conditions, I think there should be a less expensive way / one off payment to get the results for the other 3 conditions it says it can detect but won’t give results for unless you upgrade to what appears to be a $10/mth rolling subscription… There needs to be a “mid-ground”…

Works mediocre. I’m clearly having PACs due to a heart blockage and it either reads as nothing is wrong or inconclusive if my hearts beating in the 40s. I’ve taken numerous readings with the same results only once did it pick up bradycardia and never picks up my episodes of bigeminy. The only way you get the real reading is to pay the $25 fee to get it read through them. On those readings that showed nothing according to the device when I’ve payed for the review I get the real results. I’ve gotten 1st degree heart block, 2nd degree 2:1 block, bigeminy, and Bradycardia, none of them were noted in the results of this application. So this is a moneymaker for this company. I’ve printed out the readings and had my cardiologist read them and he even found some more 2nd degree heart block that their cardiologist missed! So my advice if you know your having an episode print out the reports and have your own cardiologist read them or go to the ER. I’m now getting referred to an electrophysiologist for a pacemaker. I can’t stress this enough DO NOT depend on this device for an accurate assessment!!

Works great even without the subscription. Some people were complaining that the ability to save multiple readings requires a paid subscription after the first month trial period, which is true. But that can be easily overcome without the subscription expense. Specifically after each reading you are given an option to create a PDF file of your last reading which you can then save at your favorite location, whether on your phone or in your own personal cloud account. Subsequently you can create an entire library of PDF recordings for future use. You can also forward that PDF to another person via email or text. Overall I am happy with the hardware and the app. Work well, no issues with actual measurements.

Wow! So disappointed, do not recommend.. I was very excited to use this as a tool to help monitor my heart issues, since my symptoms are not always consistent this made me feel better about having the ability to record an EKG at the precise moment I was having symptoms. TO MY EXTREME DISAPPOINTMENT I found out that my expensive band is just that! Unless I pay EXTRA for the “premium” subscription, I can’t even record an EKG to send to my cardiologist for his review. To make matters worse, the customer service I received was ridiculous. First, she wouldn’t answer a question without me giving her my contact information (I just had a question, why is my information needed to just answer a question), then after clarifying that my Kardia band will only work if I PAY EXTRA for their premium subscription. The rep attempted to “pacify” me stating, “you didn’t have to buy the watch, sorry you didn’t see this on the website prior to purchasing the band”. This is all aside from the fact that the app drains my watch battery and takes over the face of the watch making it difficult to use other features on the watch. I FEEL LIKE I WAS SCAMMED! I bought this to help my health NOT CAUSE MORE STRESS! I will definitely be telling people about this experience.

Must have if A Fib. I went for three years after my initial A Fib episode without a reoccurrence. At times I would wonder if this app and device really worked. Then right before I was going to be leaving town for two weeks I felt a little different and the app told me I was having A Fib. I checked it several times over the next hour and then called my cardiologist and emailed him through the app. I then met him at the emergency room and he did a cardio Version and thanks to this device an app I was able to leave town with a clear mind instead of dealing with this in a strange city. To be able to know on my own what is going on with my heart is worth way more than the price of this incredible device and app

Still waiting for Apple Pay. I don’t have medical issues now, fortunately. I shelled out the $200 for the Kardia band and I do like the product based on the 30-day free trial. I like the idea of getting notified if something develops. So, I am willing to subscribe to the premium service, but I’m a long time ago done with entering my credit card into everybody’s website, not when Apple Pay offers such better security. I contacted Alive Cor to suggest that they offer an Apple Pay option and meanwhile kept the KardiaBand just waiting for them my reasonable request to accommodate more methods of payment. That was three months ago and I’m still waiting. Customer support did reply back the next day and tell me that my request was forwarded to the developers. Two more versions later and I’m still waiting. Can’t believe it’s that hard to put an Apple Pay button and really can’t believe that Alive Cor doesn’t care about getting more subscriptions.

Great device, but-. I loveee the Kardia device!! It takes beautiful recordings and if you do it right, there is minimal artifact. It’s a great tool for patients to catch episodes and abnormal rhythms for their doctor to see. However, the “clinician review” Kardia offers is NOT worth it!! I work with a Cardiac Electrophysiologist (cardiologist who specifically specializes it heart rhythms) and we tested a theory; I sent in some of my own abnormal rhythm strips (obviously my doctor and I already knew what they showed) and both times the “Clinical Analysis by a Board-Certified Cardiologist” was incorrect! And very far off from the correct diagnosis too. A cardiologist may be able to differentiate between basic/common rhythms, but they are not well versed in the arrhythmia world. If you are paying to have your EKG reviewed, it should be by an Electrophysiologist! Otherwise, it’s a waste of money IMO and you may get a wrong diagnosis back.

Very Clever but Room for Improvement. My wife bought me the KardiaMobile and I was impressed by her judgment when a week later my Electrophysiologist approved and showed me how to save the EKGs as PDF files. But when I first tried to collect and send a week’s PDFs to him through his practice’s portal (a University medical system portal) I spent hours and hours saving each EKG, emailing it to myself, opening it on my computer, downloading it, renaming it, moving it to the folder I had for cardiac issues. After doing that, one EKG at a time, a total of 15, I then divided the EKGs into two groups (the hospital portals allow only 2 attachments to any communications) and attached them to a message and sent them to my doctor. In retrospect I could have put them all on a single group. It took me a very long time, including a call to Kardia support, to figure out the necessary procedure. Presumably the PDFs generated on my phone are saved somewhere but I was not able to find them directly. If I knew the secret it might save a little time. Hard to imagine that AliveCor would not have designed the software on your phone to make it simple to send your doctor a pack of EKGs in a more streamlined and user-friendly way. My cardiologist and my EP are part of two different university health systems respectively, each of which uses variations of Epic. Conclusion: very good but room for improvement!

Requires a subscription!!!. So I purchased the hardware heart rate monitor and the app allows you to check for atrial fib (irregular heartbeat)And this functionality works just fine. Cardia recently sent an email saying they have added three different heart disorder conditions that this device is now capable of detecting but they expect you to pay $100 a year to unlock this new feature. Well it makes sense to me to have subscriptions for things like new content that they have to continually develop, it makes absolutely zero cents to have to pay a subscription to unlock a new hardware feature that does not require any ongoing cost to the company. This particular feature should be unlocked with a one time in app purchase if anything. When I spend money on a hardware device I expect the company to stand behind their device and continually update refined the software without forcing additional cost onto me as the consumer. It’s not like this is a completely free app and I haven’t given them a good chunk of my money already. This is nothing but a money grab. No one should pay a monthly subscription to unlock a hardware feature.

Kardia is very good. I recently had a stress test, and before starting was telling the cardiology crew about Kardia. They hadn’t heard of it, and asked me to give them a demonstration while hooked up to their monitors. The readings from the Kardia device matched their monitors exactly- they were astonished to say the least. If you haven’t heard from the cardiology department atMercy Fort Smith yet, I bet you will be very soon! In addition, I really like the ability to print off my readings to take with me to doctor appointments. I also like the capability of sending the readings to a cardiologist or specialist for monitoring. I have an appointment coming up soon with an electrophysiologist, and am looking forward to showing off your product to him!

An amazing device. I actually bought this device from my sister-in-law about two years ago she has microvalve prolapses Proximately 3 1/2 months ago I wound up in the emergency room with a fib, she wasn’t using a device so I took it back and then I check my heart to her three times a day I’ve had two more events that require hospitalization, and one event that I treated at home I could feel the a fib, but have you confirmed that it started and more importantly that it stopped was most important the last time I was in the hospital I was in a fib for about 30 hours and they give me some new medication and I was eating a small light meal when all of a sudden I look at my wife and said I just converted so before calling the nurse I got my little device out put it on the table top bingo sinus rhythm. I don’t know where absolutely nowhere without that on my person, there’s also a very convenient flap that you can put a couple of what I call in the pocket pills that I can take when I go into a fib to help stop it best $89 I have ever spent in my life I’ve spent twice that thank you

CARDIO CONCIOUSNESS. KARDIA is a remarkable tool that utilizes the incredible computing power of The IOS operating system. In other words, the device itself is a relatively simple Bluetooth sensor, however the software included provides algorithms that can uncover and warn against unusual heart rhythms. Upon receiving a questionable finding, the user can quickly email the findings ones physician...or call upon KARDIA reps to interpret finding for you. The price of the service runs 10 to 20 dollars per finding—or you can sign up for PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP that sends you weekly reports by mail. In my experience, the $10 clinician report is sketchy and hard to understand. For $20, I’d just assume see my own doctor. For those with diagnosed arythmia concerns, the device can be a lifesaver. While fascinating and helpful, I for one would not count on KARDIA to take the place of a cardiologist. Still, for under $100, it is a useful tool that will make the user more aware of cardiovascular health and may even prompt the user to go see a cardiologist for the first time. Highly recommended for obese, sedentary, heavy drinking smokers, etc who need to be proactive about their health. KARDIA is a great place to start.

Bait & Switch: Downgraded to useless without premium subscription. I bought the Kardia band to be able to take ECG on the Apple Watch; with the new version, all the watch app does is display a screen saying “This is a premium feature...” What a joke! The whole point of buying the band was that feature. If they want to offer subscriptions to evaluations by physicians, etc. that’s fine; changing basic functionality into premium subscription-only functionality after a purchase has been made, that’s unacceptable. Apple should have strict rules against that in its AppStore terms. Hope AppleWatch 4 kills their business, given their bait and switch tactics, that’s utterly deserved. Good riddance! Update: the developer answers this with a hollow, useless response. Answer the one question, or don’t answer at all: Why sell a KardiaBand, promising users the ability to take an ECG with the AppleWatch, just to go and castrate the software in a subsequent release? I paid for a functionality, and was then, post purchase, robbed of that functionality. It’s called “bait and switch”. I now have an AppleWatch accessory, that I can only use with my iPhone, and that unreliably. Horrendous! AppleWatch 4 pays for itself relative to what a few months of the bait-and-switch subscription service costs. Someone should file a class action suit against Kardia.

Peace of Mind!. This app, along with the sensor, is a must have for anyone who has experienced a cardiac event. It is extremely accurate, readily accessible, and easy to use. Without this device, if you feel a cardiac event you are left with waiting for a doctors appointment or a visit to the ER to obtain an EKG reading. By the time you get there the event may not even be measurable. With this device, you can take a measurement immediately upon recognizing the event. This app allows you to show the results to your doctor via email or by printout or you can, for a small fee, elect to submit your reading electronically to a board certified cardiologist for a quick analysis! I if you are looking at this app, you should probably give it a try!

Great Tool - ICU RN gives thumbs up. 30+ years in Critical Care nursing, and w/ a few health issues of my own now, I can only say “Wow!” This is a great tool for those wishing to know if they are having Atrial Fibrillation episodes so they can get prompt treatment. Treatment of A-fib is vital in preventing strokes, death, and disability. I was able to determine my skipped beats were not PVC’s from coffee consumption but PJC’s and probable culprit taking more levothyroxine than my thyroid levels warrant (plus my old pal, caffeine). Got my thyroid levels checked and Bingo! The intrinsic interpretation function will not give you that kind of diagnosis (only gives normal or not, a-fib or not options) unless you pay for an expert interpretation ($19) or get Premium package. If you can read ECG’s already, then this can help identify PSVT vs rapid A-fib, and many other dysrhythmias. No substitute for going to your provider, but the ability to share your rhythm strip is REALLY INVALUABLE. Option to carry it on your phone is brilliant because folks always have phones on their person to capture evrnts. I have added it to my first aid kit. Home health agencies should be using these and anyone doing wellness checks on older adults. I wonder how many lives this tool has saved, and how many strokes it has prevented? Amazing! Thank you!

Excellent Tool. Was the only tool at my disposal to diagnose my Super ventricular Tachycardia. EKG’s and Echo’s at the doctors office couldn’t diagnose the problem unless I was actively having an episode, so this app and the mobile EKG let me send some data to my doctor that finally let me get a diagnosis. It was very useful and much more convenient, as episodes could happen randomly, even at school, and especially at sports practice. My only complaint is the constant advertising for premium status, and the free version made it very hard to keep and send EKG’s to my doctor. Often times I couldn’t take an EKG at all, due to poor connection, which made it very stressful to figure out while I was actively experiencing rapid heart palpitations.

Helps for anyone you started getting palpitations (PVCs) because of the vaccine.. Peace of mind and life saving to get doctors and friends and family to take you seriously. Don’t need to keep going to the emergency room (out of panic, you should still go if you need to) or schedule special visits to doctors just so they can say they couldn’t pick up anything on their EKG. Great app and device. Would recommend 100%. Take control of your own health with detailed information. These are tough times. Good luck to everyone. Hope this post doesn’t sound or seem controversial. Wasn’t trying to make it that way. Just stating my experience. Find me on socials for anyone who has a similar struggle and wants to figure things out. Wishing good health for everyone.

The best in its category.. This is the precursor of the medical field innovations that bring into your home a quick and powerful diagnosis of your heart and it’s functions. As one of the early adopters I can only say that my faith in this Kardia working, was not mislaid. Kardia diagnosed me suddenly with a dangerous Atrial Fibrillation caused upon by the addition of an injection issued to “supposedly” keep my diabetes under better control. My specialist doctor who prescribed me the treatment for diabetes was “sceptical” because of the “Kardia” test and did nothing for 3 months during which time I had regular periodic fibrillations until I was scheduled for my cardiologist for my ongoing treatment of blood pressure checkup who took an ecg test and confirmed the fibrillation and started a medication course that possibly saved my life. I heartily recommend this to anyone over the watch band and with the new incoming introduction of the new Kardia which will be able to take 6 lead tests leading the way for a better future for people to be better aware and take care of themselves. Lastly, I paid for all devices that I gifted to friends and needy people and the one that I use myself and no inputs what so ever from the Kardia team or management and this is my own review prompted after almost 3 years of use and MUCH before its prominence thanks to Apple recognizing medical research in homes as the future.

Had to turn OFF Bluetooth for Kardia to work. Spent very frustrating 1/2 hour trying to take my first Kardia reading with the Kardia app telling me “it could not connect to my (iPhone 7 iOS 12.1.2) microphone and to kill all apps that used the microphone or speakers”. After killing 5 or 6 apps one after the other, was still getting error message. I wear hearing aids connected to phone via Bluetooth so took a wild guess they might have something to do with the issue although I do not think they access the microphone. But after turning off Bluetooth, Kardia measurement went smoothly. Hopefully, this might help someone else if everything suggested by Kardia app fails. Rated 4 stars initially since Kardia app did take first reading successfully BUT should have suggested Bluetooth OFF option to enable first (& future?) readings.

New Look. I am excited about the new look, but don’t own an Omron BP cuff, I no longer can manually add my BP, nor my A1C. It’s frustrating also that it won’t let me check off the boxes when I take my meds. I think a tutorial would be justified as I had to figure out how to add my meds, dosage and time to take. I was perfectly happy with the old app, but I know things change. Thank you for getting back to me on this issue. It was helpful. Although I am already in contact with a support tech about my not being able click the squares to show I took my medicine. Kardia is worth the money!

Safety and comfort. Kardia Mobile gives me the safety and comfort that I need to reassure myself of what my current condition is all about. It allows me to recognize when my heart is irregular and then I take the break that I need to bring my heart back into normal rhythm. Kardia Mobile is like having a doctors voice in my ear and telling me how I should proceed. This is my second Kardia Mobile that I have owned and rely heavily on it, day-to-day, and especially when I participate in a extremely dangerous sporting activity. I guess Kardia Mobile is just my life link and so thankful for the thoughtful people and intelligent people who have invented and designed this beautiful device.

Very Good but Could be better. I really like this app, however, in the medications tab there is no way to input multiple tablets, ie take 2 pills twice a day. I also don’t have the option of a tablet that is twice the dose. So with minor change, could be better. Also in the blood pressure, it suggests an Omron monitor, which I have, but it won’t connect to it wirelessly, yet this wrist monitor will connect to another app. So I have to enter data manually, which takes away so of the benefits that wireless connection gives. I tried to purchase the premium subscription in the app and it was difficult. Instead of the subscription it purchased another device which was around the same price point. I had to cancel the order before it was shipped. Why is it so hard to order the subscription? If these issues were fixed, I would give this app five stars.

INACCURATE READINGS. During a break in a nuclear stress test, I felt I was in Afib. Had the Kardia bar with me and it confirmed Afib 7 times in a 40 minute period when I was not attached to cardiology equipment. I showed the readings to my cardiologist and he said it was superventricular ectopy, not Afib. I complained to Kardia; it took them 4 days to get back to me after a review by “their team”. No indication that team included a cardiologist and their decision was the reading contained interference that would have skewed the results. Didn’t interfere with my cardiologist interpreting the reading! As other users, I depend on this device to confirm whether I need to take further steps to ensure I receive health care when needed or medication administered. Adding insult to injury, I am paying monthly for “advanced determinations”. I think all users need to know who comprises “the team” reviewing results. Do you only get a cardiologist review if you pay the additional fee even when there is a problem with the device’s “advanced determination”? I’ve lost confidence in the accuracy of the readings and the supposed support team.

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Instant information. Fabulous for checking for Afib, tachycardia and the like. You don’t have to think you’re imagining it - the data are there before your eyes and can be sent immediately to your cardiologist. A tiny device, great for travel. I recommend it for peace of mind.

Always There. I rely on my Kardia to check on my heart. It is really helpful, especially in the middle of the night, when considering whether it is necessary to call an ambulance.

Finally found the problem!. My heart kept doing funny things that I would try to explain to my cardiologist, but by the time I got to the hospital and hooked up to an ECG, it went bashful. Flutters and squidgy things, and knock-you-off-the-sofa things. Now I’ve got some good tapes of it that match up with what I can feel it doing. Already paid for itself in reducing the anxiety associated with “what the hell is going on?”

Not so happy with this. I’m using this for my opd patients. The apps can’t diagnose anything if the heart rate is more than 100; very disappointing experience.

App ceased to open after upgrade. I have been using this app for just under 2 yrs. I was impressed until it ceased to open. I suspect it has upgraded and is no longer backwards compatible. Poor when it is a medical device.

Helpful. It’s very helpful with my heart condition

A life saver!. Essential for anyone with a cardiac issue/S.

Garbage. Honestly a complete waste of money. Apart from the fact that only picks up AF (one type of arrhythmia) there is constant issues with the ECG readings. Most of my readings are unreadable due to ‘electrical interference’ but that’s just rubbish as I have followed the instructions to the letter and still get the same error message over and over again.

Review. Very consistent and reliable device I am in AF presently but Cardiologist does not appear to be interested in Kardia information Would be useful if you could provide for bp etc information to be auto download from bp device to smart phone to integrate with Kardia ecg and then produce chart of data Thanks. Robert C McAllan

Waiting for signals. Still searching . I don’t understand how it works ? Can any one help me

Kardia review. Easy to use, and while not the most accurate nor in depth analysis, plays a good role in identifying an issue and seek more advice

Review. I find it very handy to keep an eye on my heart having had an attack three years ago. I would recommend it to anyone in a similar situation. Leo

Very poor service. I am unable to “upgrade” to Kardiacare for some reason, I just get an error. I have contacted customer service 3 times with no response.

Really accurate. I’m an RN and completed coronary care qualification. It picked up I was having PAC’s. On another occasion I was experiencing a feeling of pounding fast heart rate when I did the ecg it stated AFib which is exactly what it was. My husband who has real tradies hands can’t get a good reading on it, kids get a good one. It’s given an early confirmation of something very treatable which I am obviously grateful for. 😎

For my atrial fibrillation. Impressive and helpful technology. Thank you

A waste of money?. This was recommended by my heart specialist to try and catch my heart condition. It has been very hard to catch, and now that we finally have the document cannot be accessed. On top of already purchasing the $200 Kardia heart monitor, the app is telling me I must upgrade to premium to view my history. I made a PDF file and it made me password protect it, but now I can’t access the file even after putting in my password. This is honestly very frustrating, how do I access this PDF? This is a very serious heart condition and I need to be able to send it to my specialist. Would not recommend.

Poor filtering, no better than Apple Watch. Spent a fair chunk of $ to get this on advice of cardiologist but it’s even less accurate than my Apple Watch Ultra 1. Poor DC potential filtering, too much HF noise in the signal. The only thing it really does is capture the QRS waveform so you can calculate HR. The P-wave and T-wavs are Ill-formed and almost not identifiable. Waste of money for me —especially if you already have a Apple Watch.

Pricing model?. The app works well but the pricing model isn’t very responsible as you lose your history of ECGs if you don’t buy the premium product. Commerce trumps ethics there.

Kardia app not working. It used to work but now it jumps from no signal to great signal constantly Mary

Lack of history.. After a month of free usage, you have to pay 12.99 a month for premium. Without it, even basic features like history of ECGs are not available. Since the device that comes with the app costs over $100, this is bad. Expected more. Look for another option.

ECG Review. The Kardia is easy to use and read, it gives a clear trace and with minimal education will save lives and reduce the incidence of stroke by indicating cardiac risk

ECG does not work. This function, which should be the mean one, does not work in Apple Watch as the developer promise.

Current version of Kardia. The current version is rubbish. Unnecessary changes to it. Email icon switched to the bottom and email title does not appear like the previous version. Just change the layout as it was. Disappointed!

Not connecting. Since update on my iPhone 11pro max the app will not connect to the kardia device. Sometimes it shows green connection for a split second. It’s totally useless now. Emailed support days ago a video and no response yet. To be if I am having flutters or mild attacks and not knowing it because my device no longer works!

Extortion. I wasn’t aware when I downloaded the app I was on a 30 free trial for “premium”. I recorded a reading last night that was abnormal and I wanted to save for my cardiologist, as my free trial had ended the reading didn’t save, it didn’t flash up that it would not be saved. I then paid for premium hoping my last recording would then appear in my history but it seems it was not saved at all. This cost me $200 and yet I have to pay monthly to record my readings???? What a joke.

My cardiologist recommended KardiaMobile. Kardia was recommended to me by my cardiologist just before I got my first afib episode. I had it for a couple of weeks and did not set it up. Then early one morning I felt funny so I quickly set up Kardia and tested myself. It was my first afib episode. I went straight to my GP who did an ECG and sure enough I had my first apisode of afib. With very high readings. Which was resolved buy mid afternoon. I have also used it on my family and friends just to show them how easy it was. I have detected some unusual activity on one of my friends and she ended up at a cardiologist. My husband also gave me an unusual reading. So he came along to my cardiologist. That was two years ago after a stent was put into his heart and now we have an appointment to see our cardiologist after detecting his first afib episode. Several tests later, he’s in for a quadruple bypass. So three years later we are all still alive thanks to my cardiologist who recommended Kardia. Kardia is small enough to carry in my purse and test when I need to.

Awesome Kardia & AliveCor. Awesome. I was an early adopter of the AliveCor ECG devices, years ago. Along with the Kardia App it is the best technology ever! I use it every day (often) and manage my extreme neurocardiogenic condition, includes extreme Vasovagals, PVC's, PAC's, Junctional, SVT etc. with the device/App. I also have a Pacemaker & the combo works just fine. 👍👍😃

Great app with great potential. Great app, but has some minor flaws that could easily be fixed. The optional medications appear to be US only, so this feature can't be used internationally. Some common cardiac medications aren't an option, such as Ivabradine (known as Coralan in Australia), and even Aspirin 100mg isn't listed. Perhaps medications could be manually entered by the user? Being able to play the ECG in time with the voice recording would be beneficial. This would allow the user to identify exactly when they were experiencing certain symptoms. Another cool feature would be to log a record of your blood pressure if you have your own monitor.

Recordings not available after 1 day. I recorded some data yesterday and went to review them this morning but they don't show up in the Journal. Is there a new version of the app coming soon? This feels like a buggy 1.0 release.

Love my kardia device.. This app is good but I found 1 problem. fails to be discovered as a source in my Health app.

Mixed feelings. While the idea of this app is great, it doesn’t always work. Despite having a clear signal (“great signal” according to the app) there have been lots of occasions where nothing happens when I put my fingers on the pads. The screen just stays blank. This is pretty bad given you might need to record a fleeting sensation/also paid hundreds of dollars for a device that really should work every time. Also not happy about the monthly fee to save these recordings, when AliveCor are also using your data for their own purposes...what a double whammy. I’d pay a one-off fee to be able to save them but no way am I paying monthly! It feels like a money grab (and data grab!). When it works, it’s great, but overall I feel like I’ve been somewhat taken for a ride.

Great, but.... The technology of this thing is superb, very clever, but not being able to save your ECGs to the journal after the trial period is social injustice, unless you can pay $13AUD a month. Yeap, storing and retrieving your samples from your own phones storage is blocked. You need to reassess your pricing model guys, especially when the device costs more than $200 (whilst treating us as a data commodity). I'd prefer to pay $20 for the app and have this feature native than pay subscription rubbish charges to do something as basic a save you own ECGs. I used to recommend this until the trial period finished.

Excellent. It works great, it’s reliable.

Critical real time feedback. Kardia gives me critical real-time feedback about my health and heart performance which is very reassuring given my medical history.

Needs Update. Great app when it works, just tired of redownloading it constantly since it crashes when I open it. Got newest iPhone version and phone, might need an update to stop issue

Device reliability. Device often struggles to connect to app. Also cites ‘electrical interference’

Expensive. Given the initial price of the device, I don't understand why I should need a premium account to save my recordings. Most people buy this to keep recordings for their doctors so the history feature is quite necessary. Only way around this is to email recordings to self after taking them, but really you should have made this clear when purchasing. I paid $200 and now have to fork out more to save a recording. Little bit unfair... The app is great irrespective of this, but I strongly feel that since this is a product designed for people with health problems, a premium account is dumb.

The device is garbage. Don’t waste your money

Pricing. The pricing is ridiculous especially after the upfront cost of the device.

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Prévenir le pire !. Ceci mémo s’adressent aux gens en santé qui soudainement ont des malaises au cœur persistants. Le moniteur d’ECG décode les anomalies! De plus avec un plan optionnel aux frais de 9.99$ ou 13.25 CAN (2023)) l’anomalie de l’arythmie est classifiée. Il est très facile d’annuler le plan mensuel. L’application vous fournit en PDF, les résultats que vous désirez montrer à votre médecin ou futur cardiologue.

Glitch when reviewing history. All good except for the App. Once reviewing history, I cannot tap on the "x" at the top corner to close the history I am reviewing and requires app to be closed. Please fix!

Great Product. I have been using this product for some time and have found it to be very useful and accurate.

Not working all the time. Some days it’s ok but 50 percent of the time it will not work because it will not have any signal

Assurance. Appreciate having assurance that any chest discomfort is not related to an arrhythmia

Money Grab. By the device and all it asks is for more money. Go to your local pharmacy.

Tom. Peace of mind relieved to see results great little machine for anyone with afib

Interférences. De plus en plus on dirait que l'appareil a de la difficulté à capter les fréquences. Souvent obligé de recommencer l'enregistrement. Il mentionne souvent "interférence".. Alors que depuis deux ans je suis toujours au même endroit pour faire les tracés. ( Chambre sur le lit ou salon sur le sofa) La première année ça fonctionnait très bien. Depuis quelques mois 3 fois sur 5 il y a un problème d'interférence. Et aucun appareil n'est proche à l'exception de mon cellulaire pour enregistrer le tracé.

Nice app. The one thing I’d like to see is the app using either the fingerprint or face recognition of the iPhone to log in.

Envoi ECG par Hotmail. Je n’arrive plus à faire parvenir mon pdf de ecg à mon adresse hitmail, pourquoi?

Works Awesome!. Connected to all my devices perfectly, and provided me with a PDF file to give to my doctor. I would like to see app FAQs though— Such as how to delete items, single readings.

Can’t cancel Premium Account. I have tried numerous times to cancel the premium account within the App and have still been charged twice. I can’t even delete my credit card info. Be aware of the up sell.

Possibly saved my life. It’s common to get an EKG at a cardiology clinic that shows a very normal pattern and then, when at home, an atrial fibrillation episode may start with no way to show healthcare providers. However, with KardiaMobile’s ability to record an EKG at the very moment an episode occurs, I was able to give my doctor numerous reports revealing my serious case of AFib for which he prescribed a medication (Bisoprolol) that totally stopped it within a few hours. One day, I thought I might die at any moment; the next day, I didn’t feel my heart do anything but beat normally. In the app, I’ve found one annoying behaviour and one bug. However, I feel bad mentioning them because overall, the device and app are fantastic.

Language. I am travelling and the app automatically switches to the local language😔

Too much electronic interference. In general, good device. However it pick up too many external electronic disturbances

ECG reader. I find when I’m having a cardiac event it has difficulty getting a reading as my fingers are usually very cold and a bit blue. Then if I can get a reading it says unclassified. So not very useful to tell what’s happening with my heart.

Not a good user interface.. You are forced to create an account and login to the account, even if you are not using there up charge service. There is no apparent reason to need the account other than for Alivecor to store and use YOUR data. Only supports landscape when taking a reading, and when viewing a trace. Very specific to get into landscape. Trace results r hard to view as they overlap and blend together. It takes some getting used to in order to navigate about the app. Prominent advertising for the paid Kardiacare service. An OK app with room for improvement.

Bug. Can’t delete recordings. This is a bug. The error message is: There is currently a Teleconsultation appointment exists for this EKG, so you may not delete it. There are no “Teleconsultation” appointments set up. Please fix.

Overcharged and poor customer support. Alivecore Kardia had me on a monthly plan to start and deducted monthly fee from my bank account. But when I wanted to change to yearly plan, they deducted the yearly amount twice from my bank account, continued the monthly withdrawals and when I told them of their mistake, they cancelled my subscription completely. Very poor business support. I will be writing a letter to the CEO to resolve this matter.

Ok mais payant. Comme le dit le titre

I wish it could sync with Apple Health. The app is pretty good but I wish it could sync with Apple HeathKit. This seems like a pretty basic feature in this day and age.

Latest update. Not happy with latest update. No longer shows the 3 readings …just the average. Also wiped out all previous info in history except for the average reading.

Update. I use to like this app. It was perfect for this old man. Everything was on the one “page”. Not anymore. You have to go hunting. It doesn’t remember your meds or import them. Now negative reviews are being deleted. I understand changing a business model but it’s frustrating to go from ease of use to overly complicated. #2- this was a great app. It was simple and used daily. As a “Premium” member it’s saddens me to abandon this app. I have logged out for the first time. Deleting reviews and overly complicating this simple app is not what I want/need. Apple Watch will do. Good luck. Update: bugs seemed to have been ironed out. I just use the EKG and blood pressure and that seems to work well. I don’t track my meds or any other “care plans”.

Kardia. Works great if you have your phone in the right location.

Detected Afib this morning. My heart was feeling strange this morning so I did a Kardia test and it said I had atrial fabrilation. I went to the hospital and that diagnosis was confirmed. The nurse rolled her eyes when I first showed her the test result, but she then did her own testing and confirmed it to be true. She said she had doubts about it before, but not anymore. Anyways, thank you Kardia!! PS- I am a real guy writing a real review here, this thing might have saved my life today. I recommend this product to anyone middle aged and beyond.

KardiaMobile. This device has been amazing to help track my husbands heart progress. Recommended by the cardiologist.

Excellent!. Facile à installer et à utiliser. J’ai pu envoyer mes ecg à mon infirmier clinicien. Merci!

What happened??. How do I get the version that works back? Can’t figure out how to record my Omron BP! This new version is a major step back. Not even sure a 2 isn’t too high. At least the ekg works. Get simple! Update - Response from Alivecor was helpful. Still think the earlier version was quicker ( one tap, not 3 to get BP) but the addition of weight from my Renpho scale is good. Maybe it has always been there- can’t recall. The joys of being old! So it’s now a 4.

Good app...usually. But the last update fried the functionality of the device. Hopefully, a fix is in the works.

Bad support. Pretty disappointed as you need to subscription to detect pvcs even after spending 200$ for the machine, as well as I’ve tried connecting to apple health and it will not show my ecg, messaged support and it’s dead air.

Excellent tool. I am able to make adjustments to my life style and see changes in my EKG. Great way to get feedback. Wish could to the same with my blood work.

Ne suis pas à date. Quand je prend ma pression j’ai de la difficulté a ramené l’écran pour faire un ecg

Garbage. The app crashing and cannot connect to bluetooth. And if you want détails analyse you have to pay 10$/ monthly if not you have a basic analyse like an apple watch or other gadget less expressif. I return this to the shop and ask for a refund.

Two-lead Kardia Mobile works well. Bought the 2-lead Mobile. It uses a high-pitched audio signal to send signals to your phone, so it is sensitive to noise and electronics. But when you can be in a quiet place and sit very still and breathe slowly, the signal is quite clean and readable, according to my cardiologist. The main advantage of the Kardia Mobile is that the button-cell battery can be replaced, meaning that the device should last for years. The app is easy to use, and can record an unlimited number of 30 second samples. Drawbacks are minor, but I hope they address them: 1) after the recording it gives you your average heart rate, but no measure of your heart-rate variability. Healthy hearts beat in a mildly irregular rhythm. No variability and too much variability can be problematic. Give us statistics that our physicians and scientists can use! 2) the 30 second recording may be too short for useful variability measures. Offer a longer recording period for variability studies! 3) provide a way for exporting the signal in a compressed numerical format, perhaps in CSV or a simple text string compressed using open source software.

Cochonerie. Odi sa veux pas décoller sa marge ps trop temps pour réussir à le garé marcher je n’aime pas

Kardia. Amazing to in helping track episodes

Account Required - Deleted and Returned. Any hardware that requires an account and requires you to log in to use hardware you own, especially with health data should be outlawed. Deleted app and returned the product to Costco. No thanks. Can only hope this company goes belly up for shady practice.

The best. This is an awesome system . So easy to use . I would recommend everyone have one !!

Amazing technology. Kardia helps me identify a fib symptoms so I can report them. My symptoms are hard to differentiate from just getting old , like tiredness, shortness of breath. I didn’t know everyone doesn’t feel their heart beating. It’s an amazing tool that allows me to manage health

Afib. Works great

Kardia Mobile. Great device, tells me what is going on inside A decade ago I had a stent put i, successfully, still it is nice to know the heart is still working ok. It’s just too hot outside, “Tach—-“ Still have to inform my doc.

Jim Scholefield. This machine works great! The only thing is the deceptive way the people at Kardia Mobile don't tell you that you need a monthly or yearly subscription to use it! Tell people up front please!

Two brand new 6L EKG devices, still can’t connect to the App.... My cardiologist requested that I purchase this device. I then could not get it to pair to the App. I purchased new batteries and a special screwdriver to change it, still no success. I read every trouble shooting tip and tried it to no avail. After contacting the company they promptly sent a new device but guess what??!! Still won’t pair with my phone/App. When I go to “Settings>Privacy>Bluetooth the App does not appear. I am supposed to “allow it to connect” but it’s not an option. Please fix this problem!!!!

My Kardia. A comforting home check. Wish I had one years ago. Got two for my daughters .

Crash City. Since the update the app crashes within 15 sec of startup, now useless. Please fix

Doesn’t work on IOS 16. Had problems with the app saying I have to provide Bluetooth access but no way to do that. I’ve reinstalled the app and it can no longer recognize my device so I can pair it again.

Almost a hit. Only 3 stars, took a star away due to 1. Battery not user changable 2. Even after dumping a couple of hundred bucks they want more in perpetuity to get full usage of the devices measuring capability. Each point cost a star

Connectivity. Constantly this device drops while testing, it seems connectivity issue thus, the device connected on a strong base wifi, then it drops repeatedly to no connectivity. This case the patient frustration resulting on an incorrect heart BPM test reading!

Ok, but…. If you have an Apple Watch - or plan on getting one, there is no need for this device. The watch will do exactly the same thing, anytime you want it to. Additionally, you will not have to pay $100 a year to get the six lead. With that, this device does work, but I would recommend just a Apple or other fitness watch which will do the same test as this device.

Not quite right. It doesn’t allow you to know if email has been sent. If you make a mistake on putting in an email you can not fix it. Not every Doctor wants updates, this is why I question whether information is being sent. The fact that you have to purchase a program. It should be mentioned when you purchase the product, that a program is mandatory as it more than doubles the price. However the Kardia is easy to use.

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How Kardia Saved my life. I received my Kardia for Christmas! I wanted one because I’m a retiree RN with multiple years in ICU, ER , and Flight Nurse experience. January 14-15, I started experiencing chest pain that was relieved with nitro tabs. Started tying to get into a cardiologist to be checked out. The pattern the Kardia was giving me was a LBBB with tombstone and grave patterns. 12 lead was normal, nuclear stress was normal, chest pain continued! I requested an arterial gram, which reveals three blocks. On February 8, I had open heart surgery with three bypasses ! I7 Days postoperative, am doing great! I do recommend the Kardia, I feel it saved my life! Thanks. Francis Carson

Kardia. I love Kardia it gives me comfort because before I never knew when I was in AFIB. The only things I don’t like about Kardia is a lot of times it takes so long to get a signal and I hate when it says your ekg is unclassified but your heart rate is in normal range but it says it’s probably unclassified because it’s out of range Other than that I think it’s great. I think if you pay $100 for the finger pad premium should come with it not just basic that is way to expensive but you have to pay it because who doesn’t want a history of their EKGs ? That’s the whole point of having it.

Love the device, last SW update fixed the problems. I have used this for over two years now. I record both my EKG and blood pressure using an Omron monitor. Recording the BP has always been difficult but the last update has made it very difficult. I usually end up unpairing and repairing the monitor. Edit: the last update fixed the issue and now the app works better than before. The BP recording is consistent and smooth and the EKG is more solid. Great job. Just a note for hearing aid wearers, you must disconnect them to take an EKG. Not a big deal but an interesting point.

No way to access microphone, which is required. I downloaded the app onto my iPhone 14. During set up, when it asks you to allow microphone access, I get no pop-up to grant access. If I go into settings, privacy, microphone, I do not find Kardia as an app that has requested access to the microphone, so there’s no way to turn it on there either. Without the microphone you cannot get any EKG readings. So essentially this is useless on my phone. I downloaded the same app on my iPad and had no problem with microphone access. Getting access to the microphone. Something is screwed up on the iPhone 14 with this app. Very frustrating since I want to be able to use it on my phone which is more mobile.

User. App seems ok, been using it for almost a week now. However, unless and until the app stops popping up on my watch every time I want to know what time it is, I will not use it. Wondering why the developers won’t fix that annoying issue? Or I am doing something wrong? UPDATE: no one in support cares about app issues. Will not respond to simple request for help This app is getting worse and worse by the minute. Can it be rated zero stars? Update #2. Got help on previous issue. However, band does not pick up PVCs- obvious PVCs are shown on ekg, but shows normal- which it ain’t. be careful relying on this to tell you whether PVCs are present. You have to know what they look like on ekg, because band says all is normal when it’s not

App has become more restrictive. This app has become more restrictive with useless premium features that are insanely expensive. I am a practicing physician in the USA who has been using AliveCor (Kardia’s older name) for the last 4 years. If you have palpitations or chest pain please go to the ER or call 911 and have a 12 lead EKG taken. These single lead readings from Kardia like devices do not give the full picture and are notoriously dependent on the user’s ability to record without interference. Its FDA approval was based on non-clinical testing of algorithmic performance and not real world patient testing. No one yet knows if measuring EKG readings this way actually improves patient outcomes. Poor job Kardia, by dumbing down the app and monetizing it you have made it less useful for the professionals who actually use it more than real patients.

BEWARE KARDIA BAND REQUIRES FEES!!. The Kardia Band which is the band that attaches to the Apple Watch is pretty much useless unless you pay for their premium monthly or yearly service. I understood that I could take basic EKGs with the Kardia band with the basic service, but that is not the case. You get one EKG and that is it. I can do nothing useful with this device now related to EKG/ECG. Do not waste your money or time, unless you want to be stuck paying a monthly fee. What a joke! This information is not readily available or clear when first signing up. When comparing the basic to premium membership, they even show that you get an EKG recording. This is misleading because technically it is only ONE EKG for the lifetime of the band. Bait and switch just as all the other users have noted. Wish I would’ve read the reviews! I am not happy! 😡

Inconsistent readings. I can record a reading with Kardia and get 2 or more unclassified readings before it reads l’m inrythym or even though it appears to show I’m in sinus rythym, they’re record unclassified. Response from cardiologist did not come in a personal email or even as a notification. Finger pads are too sensitive to pressure or a slight flinch, recording stops. Compared to my 🍎 watch, I have way fewer inconsistent readings and my health app records and stores both Kardia and 🍏 watch readings! I have considerably more data from 🍎 that’s part of the health app than Kardia. The watch sync’s with other apps and shares my 💜 rates with them as well. Although, as of this writing, 🍎 doesn’t have cardiologist support as Kardia does.

Life Saver. After having episodes of racing heart for over for 17 years, Kardia Mobile showed the first proof of my Arrhythmia. I had worn the Holter monitor and had stress tests in the past, but did not experience episodes of racing heart during that time. I decided to purchase Kardia Mobile. A month ago, my doctor reviewed my Kardia report summary which contained 38 EKGs recorded during my episodes. He diagnosed me with SVT on the spot. After a bit more testing, I quickly underwent a procedure to have it fixed. I am so grateful to AlivCor, to finally have received a diagnosis, so I could get the treatment I needed. Now I no longer have to live with the discomfort of SVT! Thank you!

Rotatable Version Please. Only complaint is that the app does not rotate to landscape mode when your tablet is set up that way. Would sure be nice to get a version that rotates with the device. My tablet spends 99% of its time in landscape mode and it would be nice not to have to turn my head sideways when using this app! :) Other than that, this is areat tool for monitoring cardiac health and they do improve it from time to time. You do need a Kardia device to make the app work but these are worth the price and very compact and transportable.

The best. I was one of the lucky first users. I bought it after my doctors were unable to catch my atrial fib with 4 different monitors. I think they thought I was crazy, but I was sure there was something wrong because I had episodes that felt like a moth fluttering in my chest. I bought Kardia Alive Cor and was able to document my AFib. I showed it to my doctor who said “that’s cool!”. I finally got the treatment I needed. I use it all the time, can email my recordings to my doctor, and save them for my next appointment. A great reliable easy and affortable system! AH

Drains battery when used with iPhone. This is a great product for those needing to monitor their Afib. I currently take a reading when I record my BP with an the OMRON app. I noticed immediately that once I started using the Kardia Mobile device, my phone battery would not last a full day. I assume this is because the app activates the microphone to record the ekg. I resolved the problem by manually closing the OMRON app after I use it. Hopefully this will help others using the app. This warning should be stated in the instructions. I’m not sure if the same problem occurs with the kardia Mobil app.

Worked then…. I am undecided so far. When I received the Kardia it worked perfectly for approximately a month. iPad had an upgrade, then it would not receive a signal. So that’s where I am today. Could not get any, idea of a time Kardia would support the new version. First I need to be able to have an ekg, second this is too much money for a months use. Of course the first thing I tried was battery even though voltage measured like new battery, then the trouble shooting things, nothing worked. Then I checked supported versions and iPad was one above. IPad does a lot of new versions, even if they do catch up, will this happen with future new versions? 🤬

Dr. Recommended. I was having infrequent rhythm problems we could not diagnose because it was short-lived and always stopped before I went to the cardiologist. Even a stress echo test did not reveal anything amiss. Finally my doctor suggested a Kardia device. I was able to record an ECG right when I was having symptoms and we were finally able to determine that I was suffering atrial fibrillation events. Now, with a diagnosis in hand we are finally able to move forward with treatment. Though these devices are amazingly affordable, my insurance actually covered the purchase price!

I Love My Kardia 6L. This is an amazing device, I have been using Kardia’s products for the past 20 years and they are not only accurate but they are getting better and better! When I have an arrhythmia I show it to my ElectroPhysiologist and they diagnose from my 6L device and confirm with their ECG at the office. It gives me help when I need it to know if what I am feeling in my heart is anything to worry about or not. I recently wore out my device and got my new replacement with their replacement program and it is awesome!

Saved me from a pacemaker. The best purchase I’ve ever made!!! I have permanent a-fib. Based on doc office EKGs my EP said I needed PM with AV node ablation (and would be PM dependent) or I would soon go into heart failure. Kardia proved him wrong! I had Kardia history saved on my phone and showed him what my heart was actually doing on a daily basis. He said the Kardia is reliable and when he read my history said, “This changes everything.” It’s been two years now. No PM and no heart failure and I continue to monitor my rate with Kardia. Again, best purchase I ever made!

Priceless. Since this product first come onto the market I’ve been on board. This equipment has taught me when and how long my afib appears. Now I can sense when this comes on and plan accordingly, I am new with afib for about 5 months now and have been cardio verted 3 separate times. I am scheduled for a catheter ablation in 10 days from now. Crossing my fingers this procedure works. If this doesn’t I am comforted that I have a tool that can measure what state my heart is in. Thanks to the inventor of Kardia mobile I have a accurate tool that has not failed me yet...

iOS incompatible. I upgraded my iPhone SE 2020 to iOS 14.3 today and the Kardia app now crashes without taking a reading. I restarted and also deleted the app and downloaded the fresh version. None of this worked. I installed Kardia on my iPad which I had not upgraded to 14.3 and it worked correctly (Can’t carry around the iPad though). I would also say that the app is rather difficult to use in a number of ways. It is almost impossible to download the readings two somewhere as a group. I cannot export all of my readings. I have to do each one individually.

Product manager review. I’m glad you lost the case with Apple. If you purchase the device you need to use it to full potential not by paying subscription. Ok let’s say I got the subscription, I don’t get a invoice and I need to call your customer care to get it every single time so I can use it for reimbursement at my work for wellness. And your customer care is like old people who don’t want to work at all. No wonder how you guys are unable to innovate and grow in this space. I wish Apple or Medtronic beat you to the market. If you have a mission stick to the mission not to subscription revenue. Remember people paying for you is already under pain of not sure what is happening with their heart and need some proof to navigate broken American health care. You are making them pay $9 to detect even PVCs?

Omron pairing frustration raises blood pressure !. Please fix this. The process of pairing the omron evolve blood pressure monitor is so frustrating, my blood pressure skyrockets. It goes through the process of pairing, correctly identifies the unit, then claims the monitor is not present when it’s done. There appears to be a race condition with the iOS pairing function as the iOS pairing message pops up and disappears before you can click the pair button. On the 8th try, I finally timed it right and was able to pair. Using iPhone 12 Pro, iOS 14.4. The ECG functionality works just fine. I have had the system for a few years now and the issues have been the same: ECG no problem, but pairing the EVOLVE BP monitor is the pits!

Lifesaver!. Never thought I’d need something like this, but since I have Afib my wife (a nurse of 35 years)bought it for me for Christmas. I use it daily, usually several times. It has shown me that I am in Afib most of the time. My previous cardiologist acted like it was nothing to worry about. My family doctor did an x-ray and discovered I had an enlarged heart and mild congestive heart failure. I now have a different cardiologist and I am encouraged that something can be done. This device has proven to be valuable way beyond the small price!

Need to fix integration with Apple Health. Love the new watch app and constant heart rate monitoring with a couple of noted issues: 1) The watch app in its default exercise mode constantly shows that you are fully exercising every second you wear the watch in the Apple Health app so that your daily exercise totals show that you basically run a marathon every single day even if you do no more than walk to and from your car and around the office. 2) The Apple Health app records your heart rate every couple of seconds all day long and the data can not easily be erased and grows substantially in size on your iPhone. In a few months of daily use the data storage will grow into a size which will likely become unwieldy, slow down the Apple Health app, and occupy a great deal of space on capacity-limited iPhones. I don’t know if it’s possible but somehow the Kardia app needs to stop (or limit) communications with Apple Health - it already makes the exercise monitoring functions mostly useless and will ultimately overwhelm the storage in most iPhones by recording tens of thousands of heart rate readings each day.

Needs HRV and export function. Most reviews cover the app nicely, but the post processing of the EKG signal is somewhat rudimentary. Brady/tachycardia determinations are so basic that one does not need a gadget to know that one’s pulse is slow or fast. Detecting AFIB is useful though. The real strength of this app+gadget is being able to collect a high-resolution 6 lead EKG signal - however the app does very little with it. It shows the heart rate, but not the heart rate variability. It could also compute the metrics of the EKG wave complexes, and compare those to age references - but does not. Even worse, one cannot even export the raw signal in standard format to perform one’s own analysis - disappointing.

Product great, support not so much!. PROS: Love the band, really easy to use and comfortable! Looks nice too. The app is great! Looks nice, easy to use, and awesome ability to get data to my cardiologist. App pairs with Omron bp monitor. CONS: Doesn’t pair or allow sync with other brands, such as Qardio (my pref) or withings. Cannot pay for service through Apple Pay. Seriously. CUSTOMER SUPPORT EXPERIENCE I’d rate it five stars if it wasn’t for the lack of actual customer service I experienced. Customer support was not responsive. Took ages to get replies... and even longer to finally get it up and available, never really understood why. ***The device does NOT actually “work” right away because it’s suspended until their cardiologist reviews your first EKG and releases it.*** I signed up for the service when I ordered the band, so two weeks of my free trial was wasted with the shipping time and then waiting longer for the review by their Cardiologist. Despite multiple inquiries, the delay was lengthy and largely without any resolution. By then my trial expired, and no response to multiple requests to amend my trial period to begin once I actually had access to use it. Buyer beware I guess.

Tom S.. I would like it if when you redesign your app that it be easier to use not more complex than before, medication tracking isn’t user friendly now I have to save the dose and quantities each time? Once dose and quantity are prescribed it’s not likely to change till my next appointment. I don’t need separate reminders for each med that is taken at the same time. I gave you 2 stars because you should warn users of the changes coming with app previews so you can address issues before they are thrown at you. Liked the old version better!

Love it! Peace of mind.. Im a recovering drug addict And I started getting severe anxiety I would sometimes feel a skipped beat or durning panic attacks my hr would go through the roof and I would feel them more than usual I convinced myself I was dying and figured I’ve must’ve done irreversible damage and didn’t even wanna hear what the doc was gunna tell me. But all my reads came back normal even durning the times i would feel my heart skip after that I wasn’t so freaked out to go the the doctor and get everything checked out and everything’s fine.

Not for me. The device does not seem to work for me. The 6 led ekg vary rarely gets a signal from my knee or my ankle. I have some extra heart beats that I want to capture but the software is useless. It would have been perfect to allow to capture data continuously for long periods of times more than 5 mins) but only save the last 1 minute after you disengage. This would have allowed me to capture an extra heartbeat. The app is geared towards marketing and making money. Not complaining about that, it is just that it is not well thought of what someone will want to use it for. How awesome would have been to allow to save profiles for my family. I can do this with tags right now, but like I said, this is made for making someone rich.

Costly, mediocre app and device. I got this for keeping an eye on PCM tachycardia. Initial cost was huge, then to find out you need a subscription to see if you have any matching patterns to know diagnostics. Being able to have a cardiologist look at your chart on the weekend is nice though. Issues with canceling service prior to the end of the month after you already paid, so they may be double charging for results depending. Issues with giving information on medications, I can’t enter in any of mine because it isn’t on the recognized list, so not great for a cardiologist you hire to not have that info on your profile. No way to tie in your doctors to existing files. Good idea, not in practice though for many reasons.

A must for cardio patients. Easy application and device to use. A must if you are under a doctor’s care for rhythm related cardio issues. An accurate ekg with built in instant analysis for Afib or normal readings, heart rate at time of ekg and will synchronize your continual heart rate if you have an Apple iWatch. Continual data is stored for your physician’s monthly Kardi report giving a one page summary of your ekg readings, blood pressure, weight that can be message or emailed to anyone. An individual ekg can be message or emailed as well. Money well spent.

This device diagnosed my Afib. I saw the commercial on tv and decided to buy one, not because I thought I may have an issue but because I am headed for 70 years old. I did my first reading and it was normal, however, hours later I felt the familiar fluttering in my chest which no doctor had ever been able to diagnose. I did another EKG and, surprise, it indicated Afib. I headed to the ER and they reconfirmed it. They also congratulated for being so smart and buying this device!

Kardia. The Kardia was recommended to me by the cardiologist after he did my EP Study. I had always been dx with SVT but the pathway for my arrhythmia ruled out benign SVT and I went into aFib 2x in the lab and needed to be cardioverted. The Kardia has offered me peace of mind during exercise and everyday activity and I am now controlled by meds and very grateful. This tiny cardiac diagnostic tool has determined I do not qualify or even need an ablation for aFib! My brother bought his after I told him what Dr. Joy had recommended for me. His Kardia dx his aFib episode, he went to the ER, was admitted for 2 nights and he feels Kardia saved his life... he had suffered a previous heart attack and needed bypass. Thank you Kardia.

SAVE YOUR MONEY. I suckered for one of the Kardia devices, they do updates quite often. The updates are ONLY for those of you who are willing to to pay money every year. Yes you can run EKG and save on your phone. SOME of my medical doctors think it’s an Ok device and app. My professional Heart physicians from a dedicated heart hospital aren’t impressed. Would rather me have the blood pressure cuff. The very basic one that will connect to your phone is fine or no phone connect at all since the good BP cuffs save their own info and are small and portable it can go to the ER with you to show the doctors a history of need be. But the Kardia is mainly improved to entice you out of your money one way or the other. Save Your Money !

Excellent Tool. Was the only tool at my disposal to diagnose my Super ventricular Tachycardia. EKG’s and Echo’s at the doctors office couldn’t diagnose the problem unless I was actively having an episode, so this app and the mobile EKG let me send some data to my doctor that finally let me get a diagnosis. It was very useful and much more convenient, as episodes could happen randomly, even at school, and especially at sports practice. My only complaint is the constant advertising for premium status, and the free version made it very hard to keep and send EKG’s to my doctor. Often times I couldn’t take an EKG at all, due to poor connection, which made it very stressful to figure out while I was actively experiencing rapid heart palpitations.

App has gotten worse. To take an EKG, write a note about it, and e-mail it to yourself now takes about 20 taps. And it no longer includes any notes you wrote in the e-mail. It only includes the first few words in the PDF which trail off with an elipses. The new app also continuously shows me an ad for the watch band. It also as of the other day had a notification that said, "Time for your medicine," when I have never before used this app for medication reminders. I don't know how this device and app received FDA approval. The company is non-responsive and negligent. I would encourage anyone who has had to visit a doctor due to malfunctioning of this device or receiving equivocal results to submit an adverse medical device report to the FDA, something this company does not do automatically when it receives a complaint (which it is required to by law). There must be very loose regulations that let this device slip through the regulatory process. It can work at times, but when it doesn't work it may cause more problems than it helps. Just a brush of air past your iPhone's microphone can change the results.

New Look. I am excited about the new look, but don’t own an Omron BP cuff, I no longer can manually add my BP, nor my A1C. It’s frustrating also that it won’t let me check off the boxes when I take my meds. I think a tutorial would be justified as I had to figure out how to add my meds, dosage and time to take. I was perfectly happy with the old app, but I know things change. Thank you for getting back to me on this issue. It was helpful. Although I am already in contact with a support tech about my not being able click the squares to show I took my medicine. Kardia is worth the money!

Great way to check your sinus rhythm.. I have a friend who was told about Kardia Mobile so he ordered one. He bought one and the day he got it he was not feeling well. He used it and found out he needed to get to the hospital. He was in afib so he called 911. He stayed in the hospital for 5 Days. Kardia Mobile saved his life. I love the fact that as a fire Dept Chaplain I often am on the scene before EMS. I can have the person needing care to use it and as a guest it will still chart and give me Pulse and tell me if the guest is in a normal sinus rhythm or has a problem. This way I can let the incoming EMT the information. Great devise. Thank You Kardia Mobile.

Mixed feelings. I have mixed feelings about my Kardia. Even though it has a record voice comments option it is too sensitive to even the slightest noise with/without the voice option. The sensitivity causes the Kardia to not complete the sessions. I have converted many times before I could get it to work. It is also not compatible with my doctors software ( which is not Kardia’s issue) which is somewhat frustrating. Overall I am glad I have it and when I am in a strong signal area I have a 50 percent chance of successfully recording my afib episode.

Great tool. I love this app, I’ve had it for a short while and it’s proven very useful. If you’re interested in this app then you’ll need a Kardia ECG unit. The membership fee isn’t too bad at $9.99 a month and you get access to extra features such as clinical review of an ECG. It also store all of your ECG’s so that you can show them to your Dr. The app also allows for a guest as well if you want to track another person. I would gladly give this app 5 stars except once I do an ECG, I can’t close that feature by pressing the x in the upper right hand corner. I’ve got to close the app and reopen it, small nuisance so I give it an overall rating of 4.5 stars.

Diagnosed my Afib after years of suffering. I’ve had episodes of what I later found out was afib since my mid-20s, but it never lasted enough to be detected on a holter monitor. Received Kardia as a gift & was able to record and share my ekg with the cardiologist and get a diagnosis. Had an ablation and almost 5 years later I am still afib free. Diagnosing afib is the hardest part of treatment. This device & app was the best thing to happen to me! Note: use in a quiet place (trying to use in the car or next to a loud appliance caused interference).

Impressed!. I’m really impressed with this app and the kardiamobile 6L. These EKG readings seem to be pretty accurate as I’ve been in EMS for over 20 years and have a great deal of experience with cardiac monitoring. I got this device because I’ve had PVCs for about 10 years now but they are random and I’ve never been able to get them on an EKG. Now I can hopefully catch a visual when they happen. The only request I have is to add audio cues with each heartbeat in a future update. It’s nice to have those cues when you’re not looking at the screen. Thank you!

Generally works well. I (a cardiologist) have used a single channel KardiaMobile device for 18 months. The tracing quality is usually good-to-very good, though occasionally very poor. Warm fingers with sight residual moisture coupled with practice at appropriate pressure help optimize tracing quality. The tracing interpretations are generally accurate, but will somtimes be perplexing to the non-professional user, classifying normal rhythm as “Unclassified” or “Possible Atrial Fibrillation”. I’ve no experience with the Upgrade but expect it would be helpful to many.

KardiaMobile. I bought KardiaMobile after speaking with my Primary about an occasional shortness of breath. I choose KardiaMobile over other Kardiacare products because it is the easiest to carry with you on trips. The results after 1 months testing got me a referral to a Cardiologist. He often recommends KardiaCare products. His interpretation of my readings differed from the algorithms used by KardiaCare on KardiaMobile. 1 of my 3 electrical pulses does not work. The Cardiologist is going to do other tests to get a full baseline. He is fully supportive of me doing daily testing. I am thankful KardiaMobile is available as a resource.

Learn more about this review when you upgrade to KardiaCarr. Congratulations! Learn more about why the app is annoying by subscribing to our KardiaCare. Be sure to click upgrade so you can see your EKG for this $80 item that the Apple Watch does better, but with more hassle and offers to benefit you the customer by interfering with your need to know if you are having atrial fibrillation! So many buttons and colorful text passages for you to accidentally press! Lucky you! But wait! There’s more! Subscribe and let us identify several other forms of fibrillation that you thought you paid for when buying the device but now realize aren’t provided without a subscription on top of it! Maybe during the use of the software you’ll discover a new heart condition from trying to use the app!

Strange Account Policy. Rating only 4 stars due to account policy. This device and app was recommended to us by a pediatric cardiologist for our 12 year old daughter. She is not the first patient for whom he has recommended this device. Unfortunately, I had to sign her up as a 21 year old because the policy for an account is at least 13 years old (that didn’t work either, hence the 21 yo entry). The reason age is entered is to allow positive identification by a physician (according to the registration page), so we now have to be clear with school staff to include her ACTUAL DOB in an email when submitting an EKG. This was not clearly thought through. We paid $99, I think I should be able to enter her actual age.

Awful app and device is nearly useless without expensive paid subscription. The app is practically nothing but an effort to get you to upgrade to a premium membership. There is no way to turn off the ads in the app except to pay $10/month or $99/year. Also, something I think would be a critical feature - the ability to store your own health records on your device - is not available. You can only store the history of your heart rate and EKG if you pay for the aforementioned premium membership and are willing to store the data in the cloud. So you can't share the history of your recordings with your doctor unless you pay extra. Very disappointed. I recommend getting a HeartCheck device instead.

Difficult to get a reading. I received an Alivecor KardiaMobile device as part of an AFIB study I’m participating in. I’m finding the device very difficult to use to get a good ECG. My troubles are I put my fingers on the device and nothing happens. I talked to the support staff and they suggested wetting my fingers. With my fingers moistened with a couple drops of tap water, it’s better. I still have to move my fingers around to get a good contact to get the device to light up on my smart phone app. Usually it takes 2 or three tries to get a recording. The device breaks contact and restarts the ECG recording. Maybe it’s the dry Las Vegas weather that’s causing the problem, however, I have no difficulty getting a recording with my iPhone 4. That works every time.

Disappointed. I have had device for two days and I am so disappointed. My heart rate is normally around 100 and I have occasional aFib. I purchased this device to determine if I am in aFib or not. However since my heart rate it out of the normal range everyone of my readings is unclassified because my heart rate is over 100. This limitation was not revealed during my analysis before purchase. This will probably be returned unless someone with customer service can change something. Also the unit heart rate is always 5-6 points higher than my finger monitor and blood pressure monitor. Why is that??

Life changing device. This little device is one of today’s greatest easy to use at home, life saving devices. Life saving because of its accuracy to detect abnormal heart rhythm. I felt there was something about my heart rhythm that was concerning enough that I bought this device. Concerned with what it had detected I scheduled a appointment with a cardiologist. First thing I asked the Dr. Was “did I waist my money “. He knew the device and highly recommended it. Three months later I had a heart ablation, due to PVC,s which was consistent with what the KardiMobile 6L was detecting. Grateful customer. Chaplain Daniel B

Hard to use. I have the more expensive version of the Kardia. It is hard to get complete connection with your fingers and placement either on your left knee or ankle. Usually I get an error message of electrical interference or unreadable. Maybe 1 out 5 tries the unit works. When it does work you get an EKG and information as to whether you may have a problem. It has been accurate and agrees with my Cardiologist’s readings. Kardia indicated that I may have afib as did the cardiologist. After a procedure it reads normal sinus rhythm as did the cardiologist. When you are able to get a reading it does appear to be accurate. If it weren’t for the multiple tries to get a reading I would give a 5 star review.

My Cardiologist Loves It. My cardiologist sent me to a different doctor thinking he would prescribe a monitor that goes under the skin and lasts up to a year because other short term monitors had failed to catch the worst of my heart problem. He said “you already have a long term monitor”, pointing to my Cardia Mobile device. He then asked me to send my Cardia Mobile info directly to his email once a week. With my doctor’s EKG and my Cardia Mobile, I was diagnosed with A-Fib and am now getting great care. Thank you Cardia Mobile!

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 5.37.0
Play Store com.alivecor.professional.aliveecg
Compatibility iOS 13.0 or later

Kardia (Versiyon 5.37.0) Install & Download

The application Kardia was published in the category Medical on 06 January 2013, Sunday and was developed by AliveCor, Inc. [Developer ID: 546535893]. This program file size is 365.87 MB. This app has been rated by 90,801 users and has a rating of 4.8 out of 5. Kardia - Medical app posted on 30 March 2024, Saturday current version is 5.37.0 and works well on iOS 13.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.alivecor.professional.aliveecg. Languages supported by the app:

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Kardia App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

The Kardia app is designed to help you get the most out of your Kardia devices, and now it’s more powerful than ever. We’re always working on improving the app, here’s what’s new: • Ability to switch from a monthly to an annual membership • Bug fixes and performance improvements

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