CSL Plasma App Reviews


CSL Plasma App Description & Overview

What is csl plasma app? Key Features:
• Get the latest Updates and Promotions
• Manage reward points and prepaid debit card
• Provide direct feedback to CSL Plasma
• Find a CSL plasma center

CSL Plasma, headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, upholds a tradition of innovation and customer focus. We are committed to our work because people's lives depend on us. CSL Plasma is a subsidiary of CSL Behring, a global biotherapeutics company and a member of the CSL Group of companies. The parent company, CSL Limited (ASX:CSL; USOTC:CSLLY), headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, employs more than 25,000 people, and delivers its life-saving therapies to people in more than 70 countries. For more information about CSL Plasma please go to www.cslplasma.com.

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App Name CSL Plasma
Category Medical
Updated 01 February 2024, Thursday
File Size 51.29 MB

CSL Plasma Comments & Reviews 2024

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Confusing process for new donors. I'm a new donor. I downloaded this app to make my first appointment and register so that I could save time before coming in. I scheduled my first visit in the app and showed up to the location 10 minutes early, just to be told that they don't take appointments at all and they are "walk-in" only. The infuriating part is that nothing I did in the app counts towards my registration as a new donor. The staff told me that I couldn't donate today because they were closing soon and registration takes 2-3 hours for new donors. What a weird process. What's the point of the app?

Can’t Access Rewards! Please Update App!. Can’t Access Rewards! I’m on iPhone 12 and the letters in the app are too big and when you select the rewards button it freezes you cannot redeem rewards points because you cannot scroll don’t or backup to the home page of the app from the rewards page! Please Fix!

Stop changing the app so much!. The original app was really bad, but the update they did about a year or so ago was amazing. So easy to use, everything was step by step. Awesome job. However, this newest update is absolute garbage. Sometimes updating your apps aren’t the best route to take. And in the case of this one, it’s proven more than true.

App not working. The past week I have had several problems with the app. When I attempt to complete my after donation survey, the app glitches and only gives me a white screen. If you tap the bell, it completely crashes. I also cannot access my funds because the website won’t load.

Csplasma. I went there around 5 pm first time in Jackson Michigan. I go in to donate and finally after this rude lady looks at me yells at me to get mask on . The place didn’t have sign saying to wear one so I put one on then got back in line then she says what you doing here said was told to come down she gets mad and says oh no you can’t get donated today all rude about it think lady should b fired .. I said no problem b here tomorrow said yeah come tomorrow all mean like and make sure here after 7 am so that first appearance at cslplasma will see tomorrow

The payment card is so so terrible. To be clear, CSL itself (including this app) is fine. This is a review of the payment card which I’m leaving here as it directly effects donors and they should know. PaySign card: Doesn’t even work at almost all ATMs. Has worked twice at my banks ATM and then just stopped. Got a new card, didn’t help. The ATMs suggested by the co. are out of commission. I’ve been to four locations and all of them had signs that said they’ve been decommissioned. Support is useless. Saying to visit their ATMs (the ones that are decommissioned) and/or get a replacement card (even though I’ve already done that). They just keep repeating that. Literally just keep going back to that even though I’ve said that’s not the issue, as I’ve already done that and still am having issues. So support is no help whatsoever. Even using it to just get gas, I have to walk into the store and prepay…guessing how much will fill my tank because prices are constantly changing. So never being able to top off my tank. This card is nothing but problems and I’m literally done donating plasma, unfortunately until they switch cards again and stop cheaping out. Sorry CSL, but do better. PaySign, no hope for you.

Terrible. I hate the app. It works when you get it but it malfunctions when you try to download obtain money from rewards points. I had 18,000 points and received $250. However I got another 7000 points and when I submitted it for $70, it never came. That was a week ago. I didnt even get my plasma payout until I made a complaint last week. No one could help me with my rewards issue. Not corporate. Not the center. Not the customer service line. CSL Plasma is the WORST if you have an issue.

Not functional. I like the app and how it’s set up. But I’m unable to get the set up appointment screen to load. I have to keep closing the app so I’m able to access it again or it’s stuck in a loop. Sometimes have to click on icons multiple times before it works, odd angles with thumb, finger.

Decent but iffy. The actual donation center in orange city is great but the app itself is touch and go, for some reason the app is always saying service unavailable. They say contact support to report the issue but theres no where to report app issues on the contact support section smh get it together please.

Hard Working Employees. The Winchester Road location Lexington, KY Your employees are excellent in providing services for your donors. You have a great group after a mass exodus. You need to buy them lunch or gift cards to show appreciation. Hard work will never go out of style. Take Care’

Scam!. We made appointments through the app, drove an hour for our appointments only to get told that they don’t accept appointments, only walk-ins, and they can’t see anything that is done through the app. But they won’t let us be a walk-in for our first time donating unless it’s during very specific hours. We called customer service through the app, and the person who answered was completely useless and not helpful at all (borderline rude, and seemed annoyed that we called in the first place). She herself stated that the app is not useful and we would be better going directly to the place to discuss when to go and what is needed . I also never received my bonus for referring 3 different people. I highly do not recommend this app. Don’t waste your time, gas driving there, or effort.

Add a Banking option to app PLEASE. Over all I have had a great interaction with donating. However, it would be great if we could attach our cards to our app, see the balance and connect our bank accounts and transfer the money that way. Also it would be great if there was an area that showed us who all used our referral links and when. ❤️

The app was great…. Until it wasn’t.. Just yesterday I started experiencing problems with the app. I’ve been donating for months, and I opened the app and found myself logged out. Then, when I logged back in, it has me listed as a new member who has never donated before. My points appear to not exist, and I don’t know who to get ahold of to report this problem. There isn’t even an option for me to take the health screening questionnaire on the app. Something’s not right with this. I sent a form yesterday, so I’m hoping I hear back today. Please fix this problem.

This one bug. The app works really well. I like the new update. The only problem is the app won’t go up on my donations soo I don’t know if I’m in gold yet or still in silver. It been stuck at 65 for over a month now and I can’t see how many donations I am from platinum. Please fix this so I can know and keep up with my donations!

Amazing service. From the time you walk in until you leave the service at CSL is comforting especially for first time donors. They make sure you are fully informed and make you as comfortable as possible the staff was extremely friendly everyone was professional and they really make the best of your time ensuring you feel like you are in great hands!

Handy! Useful!. This App is great! It keeps all of your donation history in one place and is easy to access. Plus you can monitor everything from your iGive points to your health history. It doesn’t have all of its features active yet but it’s already a useful tool.

No app support. I’ve used the app to over a year now. It’s been great. Doesn’t offer to much, but gets you what you need. First off, it always says I have an unread notification. No matter how many times I read them all, still pops up every time I open the app. However, what really has me on the bitter side is support for the app. I speak with support and they refer me to the center to remove a deferral. I speak with the center and there is nothing they can do. They don’t show any deferral and refer me back to app support. I’m sorry, but god made me human and I refuse to be your monkey. All I wanted was to see my next eligible donation time. I look forward to when CSL can play nice internally together and support their customer. Until then, I will just call and waste CSL staff time answering my questions over the phone.

Was great, but now pointless. The app was great because I could check in and do the questionnaire ahead of time, but now because they’re greedy for more information, they require a social media login before doing the questionnaire. Ok, whatever, it’s worth the time I save when I get to the center, I guess. Well, I give them the info they covet, and the questionnaire doesn’t even work anymore. I guess I’m done donating.

App issues. It rarely works properly, right now when you click on the notification bell in the top right the entire app crashes, it doesn’t show specials for returning donors (which y’all should take more seriously), the rewards system is broken. It takes way way way too long to get any kind of decent reward. Heck they took the $5 away which paid THE ATM FEE THEY CHARGE. lol what a joke. I donated here on a regular. Last 2 years I was a platinum donor. Come back in this year (2023) and was a gold donor… I never got my points right, I never received a platinum card with the “platinum bonus”. The entire CSL including the app is a scam.

CSL Donor. Trying to download the CSL app and it isn’t giving me the options to look up balance-past donation information- do survey- or questionnaire for next donation. Trie to call the Racine CSL for 2 days and no answers. Submitted the problem and haven’t heard back. Very frustrating! Trying to get the updated version as of Monday February 20th before going to donate at 6:00am. They said I have to delete the app off my phone. Was on a chat for over 2 hours then I was told I would have to wait till my donation day. So I waited Now when I get the app won’t let me do questions or any of my information. Even linked to a new email account like suggested. Very very frustrating!!!!

Stole money from me. I referred my wife and after donating I never received my bonus . I called customer service and the representative and I believe got confused with my problem and told me there was no way to fix it. She then started yelling aggressively with me. She pretended she couldn’t hear me and hung up. I called again and another representative said she couldn’t do anything about it . I asked to speak with a supervisor, and she said I would get the same answer, but she wouldn’t mind transferring me. Why does she have to make such a bad comment? Why can’t she just transfer me like I asked. After a brief whole time, she answered the phone again, and apologized and said something can be done about it after all! So while she was processing my bonus again the call dropped ! I never received my bonus and me and my wife stopped going for good. On top of all this I never received 2500 points I was supposed to have. BPL plasma and Grifols pay more anyways. And Grifols has WAY shorter lines than CSL. Don’t even waste your time and if you like your money.

Notifications are very glitchy. This app, though somewhat useful is prone to glitches and misinformation. Telling you your next payout is higher that what it actually ends up being, and the notification more often than not give you an error message when you click the ‘more’ button to see the complete message. For a company with such huge profits, you’d think they could hire a better team to manage their app.

🙄 so so. Ok I’ve been doing plasma donating for 4 years What I did in the past was check my debit card to see if I’d been paid yet Well finally after getting tired of having to use the card to see if I got my $$$ I downloaded the app Seemed ok at first now it does show in my pay the bonuses I suppose to get Like this week I went in & since this week all my donations are suppose to get the extra $ for each one Now the card does show the bonus,but the app doesn’t 🤔 ???? I got another one to do this week and I’ll bet the bonus $ doesn’t show in my donation history like it should 🙄 forget about contacting CSL through the app it’s a waste of time they don’t read what you send in their form, so no sense wasting time filling out the form and sending it cause no one is going to read it So it’s getting a 3 ⭐️ rating for now and I’ll see if the app gets fixed but not 🤞🏻 on it will be fixed

Do not recommend. I do not recommend CSL as they do not own up to their malpractice in their facility. They caused harm to a loved one of mine because their employees are careless and only see you as a meal ticket for them. You voice your complaint or call them out for it, they don’t apologize, they permanently ban you in order to hush you. If you want better customer service and a better reward program with good actually trained associates, go to Biomat/Grifols

It’s ok. Ok if you guys are supposed to give us points on our donations then instead of Indian giving let us know after a certain period of time they expire. I never got to use mine and 2 times they took a chunk from my points!!!! I have kids to feed and provide for if this happens again I will call corporate and I’ll let them be aware of your lousy reviews and then I’ll go somewhere where my time isn’t wasted on people who can’t stick clients properly and cause defers.

App and Center. It would be nice to actually receive the refer a friend bonus as promised. I have sent 4 new donors only got money for 2. Then I started as a new donor in June I was to receive 1000 for that month but the 1st 2weeks I was shorted on 4 donations. So that bad odds. I’ve called several times to try and allow them to correct the issues. I’ve emailed. I never got anyone to correct it. Center claims they don’t do back pay? You shorted me like $200. I’m sure your making plenty off the fluids that I donate. That is bad for business and I don’t trust the center to pay me to recruit my friends anymore. It’s sad that your doing it to help people but the center that’s collecting the plasma is shorting the donors. Can’t make it right with you and don’t even give you a reason. I guess they don’t care about nothing but the money they make off your plasma. Nothing you can do but stop donating and people that need the medication will pay even more for it because we all know the less their is the more it costs.

Can’t use app. I haven’t been able to use this app for 2 months. It shows me as new donor and doesn’t have any of my information saved. I can’t do my questions on it, it doesn’t save my account information. I have tried to delete and reinstall and still nothing. I’ve had people at the center try and help on many occasions and no one can figure it out or get it to work. Not sure why it just logged me off one day and haven’t been able to use it since. It’s worthless!

The app is very well set up, although slightly buggy at times. When I downloaded the app I was able to find things very quickly and it had a good range of information accessible, however on occasion certain features have not worked for me such as the find nearest location feature and the feature to see approximate wait times. Over all a lot nicer than I was expecting and is a convenient and easy to navigate app!

They lie and cheat you. I had a referral that I brought in and was told I would receive $25, then after he was done they said I would receive it in points for the app, I have been waiting and asking repeatedly when I would receive the points and keep getting the run around on top of them getting an attitude with me. My referral has donated about 4 times since then and I still haven’t received any kind of compensation. We both are going to start donating at octapharma plasma starting next week, and I suggest anyone who doesn’t like being played or lied to should not go to CSL plasma on Tropicana in Las Vegas,NV.

Pathetic. They don’t want to do their jobs, because if you stick people more than once, if they’re uncomfortable in one hour, that means they have to pay you, my daughter was uncomfortable and kept complaining, and now they try to do for us. I had just had to take the situation to the Better Business Bureau because they lied and said we were recording when all of us were around them. This is a very unprofessional place.

Very handy and time saver. I love being able to do the questions ahead of time and the quick review to get extra points. Did anyone else get like a few hundred dollars worth of free points a couple years ago? I’d love to know what I did to trigger that.

Great place to go. They are very friendly and I appreciate when I’m there that they take care of me. Especially John and Xavier (not sure if that’s spelled right) they do a great job with the draw.

CSL Plasma has a very professional environment. The CSL Plasma Center that I went to was extremely organized. They have the perfect amount of employees working at once, not cutting corners with less employees. I am very impressed by the professionalism of the CSL Plasma Center on Columbia Drive in Decatur, GA, just outside of Atlanta. I also was pleasantly surprised when I noticed all of the employees wearing face masks. The Center was very clean. I can’t say enough good things about CSL Plasma and I have nothing negative to say. Well done CSL Plasma!!!

Scheduling is not upheld. Scheduled a first time appointment and was denied because they “do not uphold appointments” and it was “too close to closing time” for us to donate. I am so confused why they would let you pick that time slot if the fact that you scheduled an appointment doesn’t matter and if it is a 2.5 hour process for your first time so why would you have a slot for an hour before close open?

Only 1 problem. I can’t seem to change my donation center! I keep deleting the 1 I had & trying to add another so I make an appointment & no matter what I do it keeps trying to make my donation center at the old 1. Other than that I’ve found no other problems with the app. If y’all can get that fixed I’d highly appreciate it😊 & I’ll change my rating to a 5 ⭐️

App is worth it. This app is pretty nice and provides a lot of helpful information about your donations, earnings, patients treated by donations, and even a history of your vitals from visits. One of my favorites is a display of the best times to donate based on how busy they are. It does a good job and getting you to want to donate again. I’d love to see the amount of plasma I gave and the time it took added to my visit summaries, since this will help me see how efficient I am. I’d also love the health questionnaire to be integrated to the app and not just a link taking you to another link. Still, I really like how much they’ve put into this app and it makes me want to stick with CSL!

Still needs work - also cosmetic bug. Using latest version as of this review date July 18, 2022. I see no place to submit a bug report or suggestion for the app. I recall this in previous builds but if it exists, it is not in the same or obvious location. Reward points show a comma when they should not. Example I have only 107.5 reward points display this: “1,07.5”. Also they still are not including other metrics that should be viewable: Blood protein and hemoglobin

Problem with my rewards.. I had 500 points in my rewards and I recently redownloaded the app. I’m already logged in and it’s telling me that that I have to log in. I complied and it’s not showing me any information from my past plasma donations not even yesterday’s. I’m upset about this because not only do I donate for a good cause but I’m also a single mother who is homeless with my children and I rely on the funds to take care of my children.

pretty worth it all things considered. definitely a beneficial thing for regular donors. I like getting able to see all my information easily, and the added benefit of the points adding up towards more money. my biggest complaint would be then taking out the option to exchange 500 points for $5. It takes so long to get up to 1,000 points for $10. I understand from the company’s pov, they want people to have an added incentive to donate more. but considering a significant amount of their “customers” are low on finances, it would just be something nice that they could’ve kept for those of us that struggle a little more & could use an extra $5 every now and then. Other than that, love the app!

Love it but needs a tweak.. This app has been a big help and it is very helpful but there are two things it needs to clean up. 1. How much money you should receive at your next donation. - All places are different the money that say on the app is different than at the station. That needs to be fixed or get rid of entirely. That way you don’t feel cheated and the places won’t seem like a fraud. Ex: I received 100$ for my first donation and the station was upfront and walked me through there pricing. They earned my trust. The app says I should have been payed 125$. You see my problem. 2. When picking out your times it is not a set appointment. - when you are working your Calendar it says that they notify your CLS but the thing is that they receive NO notification. This needs to change. It would help me if there was a way to do this. I think it could be a big help in the long run. The moral of the story is Call you CLS plasma place they will tell you on there times correctly. Don’t try to set appointments or trust the time frames. Other than those two things the app is really great and it has been a big help to my family so far.

Don’t go to lakeside Richmond Virginia center. They are ghetto and rude. Most come in with attitudes and one person is extremely loud when he crack jokes but the short Hispanic lady is mean and talk about people. I heard from one of the workers that she purposely suspended somebody eligibility because she thought they were sleep. The older coworkers like the foreign lady and the other older ones they are the nicest ones just hope you get one if them

CSL Plasma. Between the app and website their technology and integration are zero stars if I could give one…App glitchy doesn’t update info well for one. When first signed up asked me questions before first visit figured ok cool save a little time nope get there they tell me oh no we can’t see any of that so they hand me a sheet and it’s the exact same questions just answered before came so complete waste of time to use app first. Then next issue comes up about next visit try and answer the health questionnaire app offers well it takes you to yet another page that needs another login or says use the app which the app takes you to the site so that makes no sense 🙄and I work for a tech company so I’m used to technology and app integration at least some use of technology to make things easier not waste time or make it more difficult

Such an upgrade!. The upgrade to the app was absolutely necessary. I'm glad it's finalized. All the information donors normally have for the medical screeners, nurses, and phlebotomists are answered on the app. What a convenience. The only thing I wish was different was no hyperlink when trying to check your debit card balance. Otherwise, amazing! Well done.

Next Donation Date Availble. My app will not update my next available date to donate. Everything else updates and I have the most up to date app downloaded. Other than that. I love the app and questionnaire to speed up the process

Broken. Updating my review after few months. It hardly ever works. Even when it does, it is very buggy and crashes a lot where it kicks you out of just says there is an error. I occasionally get notifications about surveys and stuff but I either cannot login due to error. Or when I do login, I get an error whenever I tap on anything and nothing loads. I can’t even login to use the link to see how much money or pints i have on my account. I’d say to use the website but that just provides same result

Needs Additional Features for Improved Customer Service. The app is OK to simply track your donor history and schedule a time. Scheduling a time is meaningless it gets you no benefit at all. There is no ability to get in line before others who may have just walked in. In reality the center is completely walk in basis. If I schedule a time but now the center is showing a long wait time a notice should be pushed letting me know. The donor360 questions should be an integrated part of the app not taking me to a website. That is rather annoying. I have to log into separate websites to check payment on my card and any bonuses received. Technically this is now a 3rd login. Push notifications regarding center status would be extremely helpful. I filled out questions at home drive to center only to find it full of people who could not check in and systems appeared to be down. Had I known there was an issue I would not have driven to the center instead I would have planned around the centers issues. It wasn’t worth my time to wait for an unknown amount of time waiting for system to be up and running and all the other people waiting at 7:45am to be checked in.

The app doesn’t have any information plus has bugs. The buttons at the top on the home page don’t work at all. So you can’t see whatever it is those icons represent. There also is no option to fast track the process by using the app to watch the videos you need to and expedite the time you spend on your first donation at the center.

Scam!!!. The app when first downloaded advertises that if you weigh over 200 pounds and donate 2 times per week for for weeks that you can earn $700 for new donors. This is false advertising. I met the above criteria and got paid $75 for my first 5 donation, with $46 on my sixth donation. The app showed no special programs to be in to get the $700 for the first month. After speaking with my center’s manager about this, they stated you had to be in a special program but could not prove what it was. Plasma is worth millions to people that need it, but the donors are getting shafted.

Glitches. Every time I try to look at notifications , your app kicks me out. It’s been happening about 4 months now. Trying to relog in the app can be a nightmare. Constantly getting error try back later. Makes it a little difficult to do the questions before heading over to donate. Not sure what bug fixes you’ve done but those weren’t it. Not quite sure why I’m being logged out anyway as I’m a regular user.

Not syncing. So I’ve downloaded this app deleted and download it again a number of times… I gave my plasma on my first donation, and this app is not showing any donations… There’s no way to find your donor ID… Plus apparently you’re supposed to be able to answer the pre-assessment questions through the app, and there’s no way to do that either… Unfortunately, this is the only amps Csl uses for a plasma donation and this issue isn’t resolved

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App doesn’t fit on screen. This app doesn’t fit on my iPhone 7+ screen and I’m unable to click the login button. Kind of a problem since you want people to register and access information through the app.

Broken. Latest version of the app opens up, flashes the main interface, then displays an empty white screen on my iPhone 6S. Kill the app and restart, same thing. Uninstall and reinstall, same thing. Never had a problem with it until yesterday.

Doesn’t load.. The app will never refresh. It always has old information for me about my donations. It will give me a notification saying that I have an unread notification but when I click on it, it won’t load. And I try to refresh and it just sits there doing nothing.

Donor. The app itself is nice. It doesn’t update the payout amount, previous donations, or donations within 35 days. Other than that can’t wait for future updates.

Donation review. Although the wait was long, they were very pleasant and apologetic. Always a smile and a Ty from the staff!

Crap. Absolute crap. Kicks you out and when you do everything it prompts you to do….entering all your info and entering the codes sent to get back into your account….it tells you that it’s invalid. Everything you do correctly that it tells you to do comes back invalid! Absolute crap!!!!!!

Can’t see it!!. Not sure what was wrong with the last version app but the new version isn’t working for me!! When I open the app the Home Screen pops up for about half a second then the screen turns white?? I hope you are working on this!!

Non-functional. Quite literally does not work at all, in any context. Cannot pre-answer questions, cannot register for rewards, can’t even attempt to book a donation session. App should be delisted and a competent dev should be hired for a replacement, because the team behind this app are clearly not competent.

Frustrating. I got signed out and now when I go to forgot password it says no account found. I tried to register again and it says I have an account. Local center can’t do anything. I have almost $200 in rewards points I can’t get to. There no tech support. The CSL site is useless. I just want back into the app.

CSL App. Your App needs to be updated immediately. You can donate all year no bonus, can’t cash in points and is showing under the amount of donations. I’m 126 donations in while your app shows 106? Tighten up CSL!!!!! Update at the App Store. Reinstalling doesn’t work.!!!! Consumer complaints at A.G. Office will tighten your policies…

Most recent update. App is easy to use and helpful, when it works. After the most recent update, I’m having a display error that completely prevents the use of the app.

Good for you. Great for life.. I love this app 10/10 would recommend giving plasma!

Chat room window cuts off words on right side,. Chat room window for support cuts off words on right side, making it useless. Plus, did not send chat details to email, so just wasted my time, sucked my vital life energy for an exploitative compensation.

I have a different screen. My Home Screen is not wat is shown on preview it really don’t tell me much. I’m guessing I have the out dated version. Even thought I just downloaded it. Not to mention my boyfriend also has app and it accurately looks like the pictures on previews what’s the explanation for this?

Nice clean place, well organized.. This location is extremely clean, and the staff is nice! The only thing I would say is bring a jacket because it’s cold! 🥹

This app needs work. I can be login in for a few days and automatically logout and than told my info for my account is not accurate or not found it’s frustrating dealing with this app on weekly basis it need to fix badly .

Won’t log me in. I’ve triple checked my credential for log in and it keeps telling me they aren’t correct checked with my center also all the same info. Tried to register as a new donor. I’m just confused why it won’t work since I’m and current donor and have been for close to 2 years

New donor app. Please review this app as when you go into do the questions it does nothing. Just keeps bringing you back to entering your birthday and last 4 of ssn. A total waste of time and when you get to the center to do the questionnaire they only have one kiosk working properly.

TERRIBLE!!. This app runs like it's the cheapest app in the entire app store. Every couple months they make updates that makes have to make new profiles, but this cheap doesn't even send confirmation codes, and when you try to get the cores resent, it times you out. This app makes me want to donate somewhere else!

Notification button. Whenever I hit the button to view notifications, my app crashes and closes

Donor 360 won’t let me log in. Tried to log in to donor 360 so I can do the online questionnaire it won’t let me log in I also tried to reset password it won’t send the reset link please fix this immediately

was convenient before it stopped working. it was convenient for 2-3 weeks, but then the app stopped offering me the questionnaire so I HAVE to use the kiosks when I go… which is kind of gross because they don’t wipe them down after each person like the vital stations, especially during a pandemic.

Doesn’t Update. Love the app, needs some bug work. Doesn’t update Previous Donation Past 35-days Monthly payouts

Won’t pull up my info. I try to put in my donor number but it won’t pull up my info. Authentication Failed is what comes up each time. So frustrating! I am a new donor who has donated one time so far and then got rejected the second time due to bruising from my first donation. Bruising can take up to two weeks to go away! Good feeling gone🥺

In center promotions not working. For some reason my In Center Promotions just went down now I cant access any of the benefits I gained from donating. All it says I have no location saved while I actually have 2 saved. Please help because without it I cant get my rewards.

CSL profile not working. Who can I contact if having an issue with the application and website? My profile is no longer updating.

It does not work. Those who say this application does not work and the members of CSL do not know how to help and always tell you, try later. Twelve my name but when you go to do any of the actions that it offers it says never to be able to identify you my experience in CSL has been good, only the application does not serve as it should

Pretty gud. Plasma hah People complaining about “only” making $50 an HOUR for sitting and twiddling their thumbs should probably find something else to complain about.

Covid. I’ve been going to donate at a csl plasma place for the last couple of months and the locations I go to, they do not inforce the covid 6 feet distance whatsoever. Instead they allow people to be on top of each other, hovering over other people like they’re animals. I highly recommend no one to donate if they’re not helping with the distance on they’re donors

Donate Complaint. Waited 10 minutes for a 1-person line. Waited 15 to get a needle in my arm. Had to go to the bathroom, and stopped early - but i donated as much as a skinny person. Only got $10 for that. Making me reduce blood oxygen levels for 1.5 hours, activating mild narcolepsy with the warmth; this is my payment. I love when pharmaceutical companies take advantage of the poor.

Amazing!!. I have always wanted to get a CSL Plasma app and to have everything in one place rather than going online and doing everything!!

Love the app. I love that we finally have an app to track our donations. I’ve been donating for a while and it’s nice to have all my info on my phone.

Lack of IT support. After the last update I’m not even able to open the app and there is not IT support to report it. Tried to delete the app and re install it and nothing.

Necessary. Amazing updates on how many donations you have done. What rewards you’ve earned, and what special events there are.

The money ain’t worth it!!!. I feel like y’all can give more money than y’all give. I mean y’all get a lot of money for our plasma, and all y’all give Us is $25.°° bucks?!!! That’s not right, y’all get $400.°° bucks for every plasma container y’all get from Us?!!! So why do y’all check Us out of at least a decent amount of money!!!???

Not Working. It’s a great app but I just did the last update and all I get is a blank screen. I rebooted and hard reset my iPhone, uninstalled and reinstalled the app with no success. Please fix.

Buggy!. The app is good for historical info and to make quick use of dollars, the problem is the app only works when not at the CSL Plasma center. You can’t login to the app once you arrive at the plasma center to complete the health questionnaire. The app also has difficulty seeking you out as a donor when providing you donor ID.

Can’t make an appointment. There is really only one task someone needs to do on this app. Make/cancel/change/view an appointment. As far as I can tell there is no way to do this. I’ve looked everywhere. Literally in every part of every page. It needs to be ON THE HOME PAGE. Everywhere I look there’s nothing but ads ads ads. Fire the entire UX team.

CSL DONOR. They are very fast and very professional They show that they care about every donor Today was my first day and I highly recommend CSL Plasma

Scheduling bug. Every time I try to schedule my first appointment it tells me there’s no automatic reminders and then does the loading spinning wheel.

Please fix bugs. For weeks “Plan your next visit” has not worked properly. Today it doesn’t even show correct dates for Sept 2023. Otherwise, it says, “Unavailable contact your local CSL Plasma center.” Notifications show “Donation Reminder” 3 times… but clicking “Read More” leads to a blank box with “OK.” Geez…

Fix the App for real time. App is not updated as it should be I log in and it continuously tells me I’m a first time donor and doesn’t give me updates information or how much I will get or any extra bonus I might get. I have asked many times for someone to help and also contacted customer support but still nothing.

Save a Life with CSL Plasma. Fast, Friendly, and very helpful. Staff is very welcoming and makes you feel apart of the team. Outstanding service. Thank you to the CSL Team!

Ok app. Can’t check balance for blue/black prepaid.. For some reason I can’t check my balance on the blue/black prepaid card. When I click login, it comes up with an error message.

Plasma review. It is worth the wait in line because this is a very worthy cause. And the staff is very friendly and helpful.

Login problems. Once you login and when you update your phone it will automatically lock you out and it will not let you login even if you delete the app and re-download it. I have tried everything and this app has become worthless and a waste of space. Fix your app it's a pathetic app for a professional company.

Easy process. The probably staff will take care of you and make sure your experience is pleasant.

Crap. It was working great, I did the latest update & it erased everything I had on there. I can’t use the app at all. I put my info in & it says it’s already in use but won’t bring up my info. What a crap update to fix the bugs that it installed

Can’t get into app. I’m having trouble getting into the app, I can’t do my questionare and rate my experience there. So please help !!

Fast and functional every time.. Thank you for developing this time saving app that allows me to avoid wasting time on a separate internal line after waiting to enter the facility.

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 3.39.102
Play Store com.cslplasma.cslplasmadonorapplication
Compatibility iOS 12.0 or later

CSL Plasma (Versiyon 3.39.102) Install & Download

The application CSL Plasma was published in the category Medical on 24 July 2020, Friday and was developed by CSL Plasma [Developer ID: 1503641893]. This program file size is 51.29 MB. This app has been rated by 882 users and has a rating of 3.5 out of 5. CSL Plasma - Medical app posted on 01 February 2024, Thursday current version is 3.39.102 and works well on iOS 12.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.cslplasma.cslplasmadonorapplication. Languages supported by the app:

EN Download & Install Now!
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CSL Plasma App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Minor bug fix - User experience enhancement

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